AnimortisCan anyone tell me how to get ProFTPD to start automatically on booting my system?01:02
sorenThat is all.03:15
sommerthanke, that's insightful03:16
sorenI mean... *really*, *really* hate.03:17
sommerhehe... you should form your rants into a form of monolouge like lamont does from time to time :)03:18
sorenI just spent 4 hours staring at iptables rules, scratching my head, wondering why the bloody thing wouldn't do what I told it to. It didn't make *any* sense.03:18
sorenWe ran out of ideas and rebooted the switch, and everything worked. Even the script we had 4 hours ago.03:19
sommerheh, ya it sucks when that kind of thing happens03:19
sorenI've *never* seen anything like it.03:20
sorenThe guy I'm working with here finally found it prudent to point out "Hm... That Cisco switch has done odd things before. Try rebooting it."03:20
sommerehehe, that's even worse, when someone might have known the solution sooner03:21
lamontsommer: always glad to entertain.04:22
xinelah hah here we go04:26
xinelthe server room :)04:27
xinelone question: if im setting up a postfix mail server do I also need to set up a dns caching server?04:27
sommerlamont: heh, it is... it is :)04:33
sommerxinel: nope not necessarily04:33
lamontxinel: totally separate questions.   no need to set one up04:34
xinelah i c04:34
xinelthen my postfix problems lie elsewhere04:35
xinelthanx everyone04:35
* xinel goes to do a whole lot more reading :P04:35
lamonthrm... if he was still here, I'd point out that resolv.conf does get copied into the chroot..04:55
lamontoh well.04:56
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fairyeneriedhola forces XD06:28
fairyeneriedi need help configuring a graphic interface to a small server06:28
fairyeneriedsomebody can help me?06:28
forcesfairyeneried, hi!06:28
forcesonly english here06:28
fairyeneriedyes i can see06:29
fairyeneriedonly english and a channel06:30
fairyeneriednobody here?06:30
n6rejanyone awake to help with a minor samba problem?08:05
n6rejI need to change my working smb.conf file so that users don't have to authenticate08:05
osmosiswhat is with the absolutely horrible JeOS documenation08:07
n6rejosmosis: did you read the tutorial?08:10
osmosisn6rej: its not difficult..it just seems like bad examples.08:10
osmosisn6rej: but no biggy, i decided to stick with the standard server install anyways.08:11
n6rejosmosis: oh well its brand new so thats not surprising.... the docs for breezy and woody were pretty bad too08:11
osmosisn6rej: I was just being told before that JeOS is built for use with KVM, but I dont get this whole appliance thing the docs are talking about.08:11
n6rejosmosis: well an appliance is typically a function dedicated variant.08:12
n6rejosmosis: like my wrt54g is a "linux appliance".  Yes it runs linux, yes it CAN be updated, but it is dedicated to a specific function.08:12
n6rejosmosis: a car is an Appliance... it wouldn't make toast very well, but it will sure eat a hole in your wallet08:13
n6reji can't figure out why flyspray won't show me the upload attachments settings08:17
n6rejgod I hate when I'm stupid08:17
n6rejcan anyone tell me why "ntpdate pool.ntp.org" in cron.daily/ntpdate doesn't work?08:35
incorrecthello, what is the choice ftp server these days?13:59
krautincorrect: vsftp is nice, but proftpd also14:07
krautdepends on yourself14:07
incorrecti've used vsftp for a long time14:08
incorrecthowever these things go in and out of favour14:08
* delcoyote hi14:40
sommerhey all, just wondering if anyone was working on bug 17568918:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175689 in samba ""Share Folder" in right-click menu does not share ntfs drive folders" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17568918:49
sommerI'm setting up a test environment at the moment, dapper sharing some ntfs folders on a second drive > will then upgrade to hardy... just fyi ;)18:50
sommernxvl: have time to check it out also?18:50
sommerwoops, after reading the other bug, it's mostly fixed :)18:58
SyntuxHello, I'd like to know if it's possible to use ubuntu-server as a home server to route the internet and have a users/groups for internet access, limit the bandwidth to certain groups?19:00
nxvlsommer: you need me to test or not anymore?19:06
sommernxvl: I don't think so, if you look at Bug #214714 comment 4, slangasek mentions that part of the bug is solved19:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214714 in samba "Upgrading to Hardy destroyed my network shares and when I try to recreate them I get this long complicated error message (dup-of: 175689)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21471419:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175689 in samba ""Share Folder" in right-click menu does not share ntfs drive folders" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17568919:09
nxvlsommer: :D19:09
sommernxvl: I think I'm going to give it a test though, since I've just finished installing Dapper :)19:09
nxvli'm working now on Bug #20250819:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202508 in openssh "ssh -X no longer works" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20250819:10
nxvlsommer: i have a dapper install already19:10
sommerand it kind of relates to the Samba doc work I've been doing in the wiki19:10
sommernxvl: ah, cool that bug is probably a good one to solve before release19:10
nxvli was working on Bug #189616 so i have a virtual dapper here19:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189616 in dovecot "connection problems under load with hardy dovecot" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18961619:11
nxvlso if you need me to test it, just ping me19:11
nxvli have everything here to test, even a ntfs partition19:11
sommernxvl: cool, thanks I'll give it a try and let you know19:11
* nxvl HUGS sommer 19:11
AnRkeyi am having problems connecting to my imap server with outlook express20:10
AnRkeythunderbird is fine though20:10
AnRkeyis there something i should know about OE?20:10
sommerAnRkey: are you using dovecot?20:10
sommerAnRkey: I think there is an option you need20:11
AnRkeyi get this in OE20:11
AnRkey   Account:
AnRkey   Server:
AnRkey   User name: jmitchell20:11
AnRkey   Protocol: IMAP20:11
AnRkey   Port: 14320:11
AnRkey   Secure(SSL): 020:11
AnRkey   Code: 800ccc0320:11
AnRkeyyou have any clue as to what the option is?20:12
AnRkeyor how to find it20:12
sommerAnRkey: try uncommenting this if you haven't in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf: imap_client_workarounds = outlook-idle20:12
sommeryou'll need to restart dovecot after chaning the config20:12
sommerer changing20:12
AnRkeysame problem20:14
AnRkeyand they refuse to use thunderbird20:14
AnRkeyi wish i had something to work with20:15
sommerAnRkey: which release are you using?20:15
AnRkeyit's a windows 2k server20:17
AnRkeyi have oe 6 and tb2 on it20:17
AnRkeythe server is ubuntu 7.1020:18
sommerAnRkey: are you using maildir or mbox?20:20
sommerAnRkey: you might check out this post: http://my.brandeis.edu/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0001es20:23
sommerAnRkey: if you search on the error code 800cc03, there are a lot of hits in google20:23
AnRkeyi have been working through them20:24
sommerah, ya it seems to me to be some OE weirdness20:24
AnRkeyit's driving me nuts20:30
AnRkeyi have to have this working soon too20:30
KirokAnyone good with IT law, I'm basically wondering if theres a definitive right or wrong answer to this http://angrygeek.org/cw3-08a.doc or if its about your individual argument.21:11
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ScottKKirok: I think it's about doing your own homework.21:47
AnRkeyand I just got asked to leave the installation22:10

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