FlyzoolaPelo. I can't find the resolution part to edit. I went to find and said "phrase not found"00:00
* Pelo has 20 linux manual o pens on his an he looks everyitng up 00:00
Lainy!zh | shejuexi00:00
ubotushejuexi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:00
notlukeGreetings!  I'm having a little trouble getting slapd to work with TLS on ubuntu...  gnutls doesn't seem to be as well documented as openssl.00:00
notlukeDoes anyone know what format the cert/keyfiles need to be in?00:00
JohninLexlol pelo00:00
ccvp?????/ what in the world00:00
ccvpI am so sick of this commercial00:00
FloodBot2ccvp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:00
PeloFlyzoola, it doesn't say resolution , it ust looks like a bunch of numbers,  but you probably donT' have that, close xorg.conf and get back to the destkp00:00
JohninLexso what was the gh3 that azira was talking about00:00
fxfitzIs there a way to generate a brandnew xorg file?00:01
ccvpFloating BurgerKing, robotic futuristic00:01
ubuntuI'm on a livecd, but I have a fairly new nVidia card (the 9600)00:01
PeloFlyzoola, go in menu > system > admin > restricted driver ,  see if you are using the restricted driver00:01
Jack_Sparrowccvp, Please STOP00:01
Pelofxfitz, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:01
CarlFKwhat will view a .psd ?  (Adobe PhotoShop )00:01
PeloJack_Sparrow, why no just show him who's the boss ?00:01
dtoljCarlFK: did you try opening with GIMP00:01
fxfitzPelo, Hm. It says I don't have xserver-xorg on. :(00:01
PeloCarlFK, probabaly the gimp00:02
Jack_Sparrow:)  Hopefully he will listen00:02
fxfitzPelo, But I just did apt-get install gnome... does it not put xorg on there too?00:02
ubuntuso it won't boot into graphical mode. How can I either A: install the driver to the livecd without rebooting or B: install from the command line?00:02
Pelofxfitz, are you running a machine without a gui ?00:02
FlyzoolaPelo, it syas I don't need any restricted drivers00:02
fxfitzPelo, Well I'm trying to install it now, actually. I just installed Server version.00:02
Pelofxfitz, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg00:02
CarlFKdtolj, Pelo: - gimp worked.  thanks00:02
Jack_Sparrowubuntu, At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"00:03
FluxDCan anyone tell me how to connect to a fluxbox session using the nx client ?00:03
PeloFlyzoola, how did you get your video to work the last time ?00:03
MrSteveme is back now00:03
MrSteveunetbootin is a trip00:03
PeloFluxD, try asking in #fluxbox maybe00:03
dtoljFluxD: nx?00:03
Flyzoolaplugged it in. My dad told me he moved the computer and the chord had became unplugged. So I plugged it back in and it was all small and retarded00:03
ubuntuJack_Sparrow: Thanks :D00:03
PeloFlyzoola, ok just do the reconfigure mentitoned earlier,   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and let it pick the answers00:04
* Pelo gives shejuexi a hoody and hands him a glass of coolaid 00:04
FlyzoolaPelo, "/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure must be run as root"00:05
PeloFlyzoola, start with sudo dpkg .....00:05
Seven_Six_Twois there a max number of mice I can use at one time?00:05
PeloSeven_Six_Two, I would assume two unless you have more hands00:05
FluxDdtolj, nomachine.com00:05
MrSteveFile service drivers would not load, and the OS exited out to a command line, then exited that, and asked me for a password.. on a black screen,, a Login.. which I gave, but it said my login/pass was incorrect00:05
fyrmedicor four if you use wheel mice00:05
PeloMrSteve, caplocks ?00:06
MrStevePelo I tried numlock button.. I was aware of caps.. when I issued the system login/pass00:06
PeloMrSteve, that's the only idea I have but you said this was netboot ? it might be related00:07
MrStevePelo -- I think the core is there, but the desktop may not be.. the UnetBootin would not install softwares00:07
Seven_Six_TwoPelo, thanks. I'll have to find more hands. I actually meant having my pc (2 monitors + tv) with mouse/trackball and drawing tablet connected and sitting at the seats I would use them at00:07
MrStevePelo - Unetbootin asked me for a Hostname, also00:07
PeloMrSteve, I'm not even sure what unetbootin is sorry00:07
fxfitzDoes anyone know of like a website that has a database of known monitor refresh rates?00:07
MrSteveeh.. get up on it.. I mean, it is a good way to install Ubuntu00:08
Seven_Six_Twofxfitz, probably the manufacturer's site00:08
notlukeOk, got an easy one: How do you list the files that were installed by a package installed by aptitude?00:08
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LainyHello, in urxvt when I type alt+s, I get "scrollback search" but I want alt+s to open up a channel window in irssi. How do I disale this urxvt key binding? Thanks.00:08
PeloSeven_Six_Two, I don'T actualy think there is a limit they just all need to be listed in xorg.conf I think but I am no expert00:08
MrSteveerrrgh.. I say good.  in principle00:08
=== |VAIO| is now known as GH-VAIO
Jack_Sparrowfxfitz, If I did, I would not trut them.  I would still look up my specific monotor specs from the mfg00:08
Pelonotluke, try  looking in /var/log/dpkg00:08
Seven_Six_Twoalright. I'll just try it. it seems ok with 2 right now00:08
bbyevernotluke: in synaptic select the package installed and then right-click properties00:09
PeloLainy, try searching in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org00:09
notlukePelo: There is mention of the package being installed, but it doesn't call out any of the files it actually wrote out.  Not as far as I can tell anyway.00:09
MrSteveI'm gonna run Unetbootin again, since XP will boot up00:09
Pelonotluke, that's all I had00:09
notlukeWell, thanks for the pointer.00:09
notlukeThe most useful line in there is: 2008-04-19 16:07:01 status installed gnutls-doc 2.0.4-1ubuntu200:10
notlukeBut I don't know where it actually put the docs!00:10
bbyevernotluke: in synaptic select the package installed and then right-click properties00:10
notlukebbyever: I'm not running X on this machine, so I'm using aptitude.  Can I still retreive that info?00:10
Pelobbyever, he wants a list of packages that were installed00:10
notlukeI suppose I could try.  Heh.00:10
bbyevernotluke: im not user, havent used aptitude00:11
MrSteveya.. it ran apt on my install00:11
notlukePelo: I'm actually looking for the list of files that were installed when the package was installed.00:11
Joesephwhat is the best program to play midi files?00:11
x0xhello. my home dir is chmod 700. so any body cant see my site. can you tell me what chmod i need to set?00:11
bbyeverPelo: the properties in synaptic give what he was looking for00:11
notlukelike rpm -qp or pkg_info -f.00:11
AnimortisCan update-rc.d overwrite other init scripts?00:11
Pelonotluke, ahh.... like dependencies and such ,  then bbyever's idea will work00:11
* Pelo can learns not just support00:12
notlukeWell, not dependencies, really.  I installed a documentation package.  Now I want to find the documentation it installed.00:12
kakashi-sempaijoseph , kmid , timidity00:12
Pelonotluke, usualy it's manpages I beleive00:12
Seven_Six_Twox0x, the digits, in order represent owner, group and world00:12
santa11whassup faggots?00:12
santa11suck mah dick00:12
MrSteveoo.. yeah, this is bash..stuff.. yep, manpages00:12
Pelo!ops | santa1100:12
ubotusanta11: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!00:12
J-Unitsanta11, lol00:13
x0xSeven_Six_Two, visit my site and see http://www.hotircchat.com/ its saying forbidden. what chmod i need to set my home dir to fix it?00:13
santa11!ops J-Unit00:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops j-unit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:13
AnimortisRather, if I did a update-rc.d prgram default can it kill another program on startup?00:13
ubuntuis Jack_Sparrow still here?00:13
MrStevePelo - see ya in a bit, if bazhang_ gets in wake'em up.. I need a hand.00:13
mark[oz]after the last updates, my system is all wacky.. things are really slow and applicaitons are loading with no content in their windows00:13
Seven_Six_Twoprobably 64400:13
Peloubuntu, not paying attention apparently00:14
mark[oz]I haven't installed anything for a while.. any one having similar problems?00:14
santa11nigger lips00:14
Pelomark[oz], update or upgrade ?00:14
Pelomark[oz],  run the update again00:14
mark[oz]system update00:14
santa11nigger lips00:14
Swishsanta11, go away00:14
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!00:14
santa11suck mah dick00:14
santa11with your00:15
santa11nigger lips00:15
mark[oz]!ops santa1100:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops santa11 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
DILyour white dick is too small00:15
mark[oz]Pelo, terminology sucks.. update = updating sources, upgrade = downloading packages to update the system..00:15
santa11shh nig nog00:15
mark[oz]Pelo, I did an upgrade00:15
santa11nigger lips00:15
mark[oz]sudo apt-get install upgrade00:15
ubuntuPelo, perhaps you can help. I have a 9600, so the drivers aren't working on the livecd. It goes to boot into graphical and says it needs to use low settings, then goes back to the command prompt and it's stuck on "Starting Gnome Manager..."00:15
Pelomark[oz],  ok open the terminal and run sudo apt-get update again00:16
Seven_Six_Twox0x, each digit is made by adding the permissions that each group gets. 4 for read, 2 for write and 1 for execute.00:16
Peloubuntu, a 9600 what ?00:16
mark[oz]Pelo, I didn't run update00:16
ubuntuPElo and in TTY 1, it says Running local boot scripts. and the nVidia 9600 video card00:16
Pelomark[oz], run one now00:16
TwiltI have a question.  How long does Wubi stay on the Grub OS Selection menu by default?00:16
J-Unitlol u ppl r so racist00:16
AnimortisI did an update-rc.d <program> defaults on a new program to initialize it and now my FTP server doesn't start when I boot.00:16
J-Unitunless ur jk..00:16
mark[oz]Pelo, what did that achieve?00:17
mark[oz]I know have updated sources00:17
AnimortisDoes anyone know why?00:17
Peloubuntu, dl and burn the alternate install cd,    on the ubuntu site , same palce as the other just check the alternate cd box blow the dl button,    it's a text based installer00:17
Pelomark[oz], it will check for pakcages taht need update since you upgraded00:17
ubuntuPelo, thanks :D00:17
PeloAnimortis, does anyone know what ?00:17
AnimortisI did an update-rc.d <program> defaults on a new program to initialize it and now my FTP server doesn't start when I boot.00:17
gogetaubuntu tthats the easy way but can also crash x reconfigure it without dri00:17
gogetaubuntu and start it again00:18
FusaakiHello evryone00:18
FusaakiI have a question that is hopefully simple.00:18
mark[oz]uhmm Pelo wtf, do you run ubuntu?00:18
PeloAnimortis,  just start the ftp sever , close everyting you donT' wan tto start at boot,  goto menu > system > prefs > session, last tab , save session , reboot00:18
Pelomark[oz], yes00:18
Zekerok guys, I just installed a fresh copy of ubuntu... I tried playing some mp3's and vids and it asks for codecs.  What's the best way to obtain them, and how can I get them?00:18
PeloFusaaki, just ask00:18
gogetamark[oz] we all do00:19
mark[oz]gogeta, are you sure?00:19
Pelo!mp3 | Zeker00:19
ubotuZeker: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:19
daeg0003pelo, I modified the xorg. config file to set SHMConfig true and then rebooted even. gsynaptics still complains that i havent set the option to true.00:19
Pelomark[oz], please don'T do that00:19
jellywaremorning everyone00:19
FusaakiI have the live disk of kubuntu and unbuntu. Both run great as live. So I try to install it. Everything runs smoothly, then it goes to scanning disks or w/e and it gets stuck and freezes up @ 50%.00:19
Hydra_hey people. So I decided to switch to Ubuntu, because Windows is awfully slow on my lap top and i wanted to try something new. but, it wont install on my laptop00:20
FusaakiI have 2 hdds, that work fine in Windows00:20
Pelodeadlock, might be a syntax issue,  chekc other variables in the file,  caps, and spaces might be an issue,  I'm not an expert on that one00:20
PeloFusaaki, during the install ?00:20
PeloFusaaki, the alternate install cd is usualy less demanding on hardware , it might work better then the live cd in this case00:21
FusaakiIt happens on both Ubuntu and kubuntu and It wont let me mount the Hdds (ones sata and one is ide)00:21
FusaakiSo try the install only disk?00:21
gogetaPelo alt install = text mode installer00:21
Pelogogeta,  since when ?00:21
gogetaPelo its the same in the end but at least you can make ystem changes00:21
Pelogogeta, nvm00:21
Fusaakimy hardware is quite capable though. ~2Gs ram, dual core 2.2s 64bit00:21
gogetaPelo LOL!00:22
PeloFusaaki,  that's my suggestion ,00:22
Hydra_i downloaded the 700 MB package, and when I try to run the installer it says "unable to find any appropriate cd"00:22
Zekerdoes the ubuntu restricted formats package also support xvid and all those video codecs?00:22
Pelogogeta,  I know what the alternate install cd is thank you00:22
DILsata fusakki00:22
Fusaakiokay thanks pelo, hopefully I wont have to come back00:22
Fusaakiwhat dil?00:22
ManuP!tell ManuP about rsync00:22
DILsata drives00:22
PeloHydra_, 700 mb pacage of what ?00:22
Fusaaki1 sata and 1 ide00:22
FusaakiI am trying to install on the IDE00:22
Hydra_the Ubuntu download00:22
Fusaakishould I format the IDE before entering the live?00:22
Hydra_I just downloaded it from the official site00:22
PeloHydra_,it 's an image , youdon'T jsut copy it to a cd you need to "burn image" with your cd app00:23
Cusoon959Could someone help me with compiling spca5xx? http://pastebin.com/m32caeb13 << I get this error...00:23
Zambezirsync between AMD Duron 800 and P4 2,8 shouldn't be as slow as 3,5 MB/s right?00:23
Hydra_Wait.. so, I need to burn everything to a CD?00:23
daeg0003can anyone tell me how to run gsynaptics so the SHMConfig true error doesnt pop up? made the modification to xorg.conf but it keeps saying i need to00:24
PeloCusoon959, no need, the latest version is in the repos,   just open synaptic and search for webcam the pacakge is gspcaxx I beleive00:24
Hydra_sorry for my extreme noobness00:24
Fusaakihydra, take the .iso file and find a burning program to "mount" the iso to disk00:24
Cusoon959Pelo, ah, thank you :)00:24
Pelodaeg0003, check in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org00:24
Hydra_Ok. It can be any kind of disc, right? Like a CDRW?00:24
ng0ndoes a new MB require format the disk and re-install OS ?00:24
PeloHydra_, it can be,  but try with one that hasn'T been used to much ,  they are notorious for not bieing reliable00:25
con-manhow do I kill a process, kill 19415 doesnt work00:25
con-manit wont go away00:25
Hydra_Yeah I'll use a fresh one00:25
con-manand I cant start firefox till the old one is gone00:25
Pelong0n, I think the mb will be autodetected on boot00:25
Hydra_So, burn the .iso to the disk, and then what00:25
ng0nit boots.  but it won't run the OS00:25
bbyeverHydra_:  also be sure to burn it as an iso image, not a data cd00:25
ng0nsees the drives, sees the net.00:25
Pelocon-man, sudo killall -9 firefox00:25
ZambeziHydra_: You burn it as an image.00:25
ng0nruns UBUNTU live.00:26
Hydra_ok, right.00:26
ng0nerrors out on the grub selections.00:26
externI have a dvd-video cd and I can't get it to play on linux, vlc crashes unexpectedly without any error, mplayer freezes and totem movie player says "an error occured, could not read from resource." The DVD isn't faulty and it works fine on windows00:26
bbyeverHydra_: then you put in your computer and reboot it00:26
Hydra_and it'll start up?00:26
Pelong0n, try stating your problem in one line,  you make no sense00:26
bbyeverHydra_: make sure you have the option to boot from cd enabled00:26
ng0nwill run UBUNTU repair.  won't run X00:26
Cusoon959Pelo, the only packages with spca/gscpa are gscpa-source and spca5xx-source (yes, I have universe enabled.)00:26
ng0nnew video card, card bus.00:27
PeloCusoon959, gscpa source I guess00:27
Zarvoxhi all00:27
Cusoon959Pelo, then I'm gonna have to compile it XD00:27
con-manpelo: firefox: no process killed00:27
SeaPhorPelo: all went well with /home directory, but now i re-installed an app and cant find the way to start it? any help?00:27
PeloCusoon959, no , it will install00:27
Pelocon-man,  reboot00:27
PeloSeaPhor, what app ?00:28
Zarvoxcould you help me, i want to reinstall grub on an external hd00:28
SeaPhorPelo: Cedega00:28
PeloZarvox, ask in #grub00:28
con-manPelo: no thanks00:28
PeloSeaPhor, not in the menus ?  type it in the teminal , if it starts make a menu entry manualy in  sys > prefs > main menu00:28
con-manpelo: linux is better than windows, I shouldnt have to reboot for stuff like that00:29
ng0ni wonder if the LIVE cd will let me install over an old install without formatting.00:29
Pelocon-man,  I just don'T remember the other way to kill the process00:29
DILit will ask any way00:29
ng0ni hate to lose all my stuff.00:29
Pelong0n,  it wil format the / partiton,  if your /home is on a seperate partiton it will be safe00:29
DILng0n, BACKUP first00:30
Ximalhow do I have all my ip's release and renew ?00:30
ng0nok. tnx. (crud!)00:30
ng0nrr on backup.00:30
ng0ni can do that.00:30
ng0ni tried to sneak a new MB into an old install.  no go.00:30
Pelong0n, just boot the live cd and move the /home to a seperate partiton , that is all you can reinstall after00:30
SeaPhorPelo: not starting in terminal, and not showing anywhere in main menu under sys/prefs00:31
ex175 days for stable release?00:31
unopXimal, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart  # ought to do it00:31
ng0ngot it.00:31
PeloSeaPhor, no idea then ,  are you sure it is installed ?00:31
ng0nbye !00:31
Peloex17, more or less00:31
Hydra_I can burn the cd on my desktop and take it over to my laptop right?00:31
ex17thanks Pelo00:31
julle_I'm having trouble resetting the window borders on the Human Theme back to the original. cant understand why it do not work00:32
SeaPhorPelo: i even installed again, says was successfull, whats the command to show all installed apps?00:32
Pelojulle_,  using desktop effects ?00:32
julle_Pelo: correct00:32
ZambeziAnyone with chanop in #ubuntu+1? There's an asshole there just trolling an people are starting to get fed up.00:32
julle_Pelo: i have also applied an Emerald Theme, but i removed that one00:33
Pelojulle_,you probaly need to turn of the decorator , or turn it on ,  ask in #compiz they will be able to tell you for sure00:33
julle_Pelo: Thank you!00:33
Cusoon959Could someone help with this? http://pastebin.com/m32caeb13 << I get this error when compiling spca5xx... gspca does not work with my cam.00:33
DILhydra, you are not using matches are you00:33
PeloCusoon959, and insatlling it from synaptic doesn' work ?00:34
Hydra_nah, I'm not quite that dumb00:34
Cusoon959Pelo, as I said before, installing the spca5xx source package does NOT install the driver, but rather downloads the source to /usr/src/something.tar.gz. When I try to compile that source, I get the error I pastebin'd00:34
DILhydra_ just kidding, once you burn the cd it can be used oanywhere00:34
SeaPhorPelo: weird, it kept my Crossover app but not my Cedega?00:35
foibleswhats a snazzy launcher?00:35
foiblesnamely for openbox00:35
PeloCusoon959, runing make with sudo ?00:35
Cusoon959Pelo, I have tried with and without sudo. Same error.00:35
SeaPhorwhats the command to show all installed apps?00:36
zippytechany one know how to make mythtv volume adjust faster00:36
DILHydra_, just kidding once you burn the cd it can be used anywhere00:36
PeloSeaPhor, cross overwas probably on the /home partiton,  you'll need to reinstall cedega00:36
PeloCusoon959, I have no idea, sorry,00:36
PeloSeaPhor,   dpkg --get-selections > mypackages00:36
SeaPhorPelo: i did, and Cedega was also on /home, all the .cedega (hidden) files are still there00:36
PeloSeaPhor, those are your settings files, the apps are not in there00:37
=== con-man_ is now known as con-man
SeaPhorPelo: dpkg --get-selections > mypackages didnt do anything?00:37
Hydra_teh Ubuntu works00:38
PeloSeaPhor, it put a file called mypackages in your /home with the list of apps in it00:38
Hydra_thanks for the help guys00:38
PeloHydra_, our pleasure00:38
SeaPhorPelo: ohh, sorry i did tell u i'm a n00b right?00:38
PeloSeaPhor, no reason you would know00:38
penny1Looking for assistance setting up NFS, any takers?00:39
sonik887Hey, is this an appropriate forum to ask a question about my Ubuntu install?  I set it up dual-booting with Vista on an empty partition (8.04 RC) and Ubuntu _always_ gets my hard drive numbering wrong when installing grub.00:39
Cusoon959Could someone help with this? http://pastebin.com/m32caeb13 << I get this error when compiling spca5xx... gspca does not work with my cam.00:39
Ashfire908I messed around with this one-line midi keyboard shell/bash thing and now i have no sound.00:39
unop!8.04 | sonik88700:39
Jack_Sparrow!hardy > sonik88700:39
ubotusonik887: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:39
Pelosonik887, that's a grub issue try asking in #grub00:39
sonik887ah, cool.  thanks :D00:39
Pelo!sound | Ashfire90800:40
ubotuAshfire908: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:40
Jack_SparrowAshfire908, Post the one line command you were playing with00:40
Ashfire908while read -sn1 p;do s="";for((i=0;i<$p;i++));do s=x$s;done; yes $s > /dev/audio 2>/dev/null&sleep 0.1;killall yes;done | >/dev/null00:40
NorDhello , i changet dpi in wine, how i can back iit ? xDDD00:40
Ashfire908(that command is not an invation to use it.00:40
PeloNorD, ask in #winehq00:41
Ashfire908i added the " | >/dev/null part to get rid of the text output it usally makes00:41
Cusoon959Ashfire908, Heh, what does that one do?00:41
PeloAshfire908,  you can usualy do -q for quiet00:42
Jack_SparrowAshfire908, Looks like you need to /join #Alsa to see what that did to your sound...00:42
unop| >/dev/null - might not be doing what you expect it to be doing00:43
Jack_Sparrowunop, agreed..00:43
unopinfact i'd be surprised if it even did what you expected it to do :)00:43
Jack_SparrowAshfire908, Fixing sound.. download this: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh  #and run the script as Normal User... with this command: bash ./alsa-info.sh  ... then go to http://en.pastebin.ca/906336 and answer those questions ..  then  /join #Alsa and provide them with your question and a link to the uploaded file.00:44
* Pelo needs to figure out how to ignore the bot, /ignore doesn't work 00:44
Jack_Sparrow!ot > pelo    :)00:44
sonik887been playing with 8.04 RC for a day or so now.  it's fantastic.  :D  much improved over previous versions and other distros.00:44
mirakis there a way to obtain a random available socket number from a shell command ?00:44
lg21Question: is it possible that my Duo T2300 works on different MHz on different cores? For example I can set 1 GHz on core 1 and 1.33 GHz on core 2 (I mean - is it technically possible)?00:44
dis anyone available to help me get my wireless working??00:44
Jack_SparrowPelo, cheap shot.. sorry00:44
=== d is now known as josh
lg21d: which wireless?00:45
PeloJack_Sparrow,  you spawned two seperate pm windows with that ,  I will never forgive you00:45
unopmirak, network socket?00:45
joshis anyone available to help me get my wireless working??00:45
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
unopha ha00:45
lg21josh: WHICH wireless?00:45
Pelo!wifi | josh00:45
ubotujosh: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:45
Cusoon959Ashfire908, just tried that command, works fine over here :P and makes cool sounds when I press numbers XD00:45
joshive tried all those walkthroughs and none work00:45
OldMarLawhello all00:45
joshi have a dlink dwl g630 v b00:46
mirakunop: yes00:46
joshi cant even get it to connect to unencrypted, it just sits there00:46
OldMarLawpeople, how hard is to get support for more than 3.x gigs of ram on linux 32bit ?00:46
Ashfirewhat was the last msg i sent?00:46
OldMarLawI heard its possible using extentions00:46
sonatsojosh: do the drivers work on linux?00:46
Cusoon959Could someone help with this? http://pastebin.com/m32caeb13 << I get this error when compiling spca5xx... gspca does not work with my cam.00:47
joshlinux installed drivers automatically00:47
sonatsojosh: what drivers?00:47
zbyszekwhat is apache2 user ?00:47
joshacx_pci is the driver00:47
zbyszeki have to chmod so apache can write so what user is apache ?00:47
joshand it is wlan000:47
ElectricHola alguien habla Español?¿?¿?¿?¿00:47
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
jeffMASTERflex!es | Electric00:48
ubotuElectric: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:48
Ashfire908your kidding me...00:48
sonatsojosh: did you check your wireless router?00:48
joshrouter works just fine on this same laptop with XP00:48
Ashfire908the pcm volume was muted...00:48
joshi have WPA2 runing00:48
sparkybeanlol :D00:49
* Ashfire908 never muted it though...00:49
eZeanybody here ever have a problem with multiplayer games + router = periodical ping 999?00:49
ColdBeerhow do i make my ubuntu feel like a mac?00:49
lg21eZe: lol.. nope00:49
joshif i try the manual connection it does nothing once I exit the gui00:49
Pelojosh, wifi maker make their hardware for windows,   linux is still catching up a bit on the plug and play stuff, give it a chance00:49
Pelo!theme | ColdBeer00:49
ubotuColdBeer: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:49
ICQnumber!es | Electric00:49
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, cairo dock00:49
ubotuElectric: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:49
sonatsojosh: if you have WPA, why do you want unencrypted?00:49
Zeker_my mouse disappears whenever ubuntu is loading something, can anyone help please?00:49
Ashfire908also my sound configuration was changed to something called [that "ALSA (sound whatevert" thing] (custom)00:49
joshi dont want it unencrypted just turned wpa off to test00:50
joshstill didnt connect to it00:50
YourNightmaresorry, I'm trying to burn a cd with graveman but for some reason it seems to think its in /dev/sg0 and it's in /dev/scd0... any clues?00:50
YourNightmareCannot create image: scsidev: '0,1,0'00:50
YourNightmarescsibus: 0 target: 1 lun: 000:50
YourNightmare/usr/bin/readcd: Permission denied. Cannot open '/dev/sg0'. Cannot open or use SCSI driver.00:50
YourNightmare/usr/bin/readcd: For possible targets try 'readcd -scanbus'. Make sure you are root.00:50
YourNightmare/usr/bin/readcd: For possible transport specifiers try 'readcd dev=help'. it says00:50
FloodBot1YourNightmare: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:50
Pelodid the floodbot just ban YourNightmare ?00:50
ColdBeerhey jack, whats the package name?00:50
joshare there any commands i can run to check if the card is configured properly?00:50
YourNightmarePelo, I think not. Sorry00:50
NomadHello, is there any way with kvm to run a non iso dir? ( have a /virtuals/disk1.img ) wich contains a whole filesystem00:51
joshim on my desktop right now with the laptop next to me running the Live CD00:51
PeloYourNightmare, nothing personnal, I 'm just trying to make an /ignore for it cause it's annoying00:51
sonatsojosh: if your router is set up for WPA, you can't connect to the router without using wpa00:51
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, I dont think it is in there.. I got it from soundforge I think00:51
Jack_Sparrow!info cairo00:51
ubotuPackage cairo does not exist in gutsy00:51
joshi know but I cant connect with WPA in ubuntu00:51
Zeker_I have no sound on my system, can anybody help?00:51
joshit does nothing00:51
DILColdBeer: goole it there are good tutorials on how to do it00:51
ColdBeer!info cairo00:51
crimsunZeker_: which Ubuntu version?00:51
PeloZeker_, open a terminal , type aslamixer   put all the levels up00:52
Zeker_latest 8.0400:52
sparkybeanlol make sure its not muded first00:52
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, getdeb.net should have the debs for it00:52
PeloZeker_, ask in #ubuntu+100:52
joshi tried the manual network settings gui and the command line and neither worked00:52
joshwpa_supplicant is installed00:52
lg21josh: u've got 7.10?..00:52
eZeany ideas what could cause unregular ping 999? (maybe 50% of the time, the other 50% it works fine)00:52
Zeker_crimsun, it seems the levels are all the way up00:52
DILjosh. netgaer has cards $20 that works right out the box00:53
lg21eZe: try on different router/network?00:53
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, https://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=8724&release_id=1410800:53
eZeit works fine without the router00:53
joshi tried to connect to neighbors open router and nothing00:53
lg21eZe: so.. it's the router :-)00:53
RikkuMobilewow right now EVERYTHING works00:53
sparkybeaneZe weak connection presuming your wireless)00:53
lg21eZe: evvvvvvvil one.. D'oh!00:53
Jack_SparrowRikkuMobile, good time for a full backup00:53
eZeno, it's wired00:53
RikkuMobileyeah :)00:54
joshany ideas on what I can try?00:54
sparkybeanworks fine without the router00:54
lg21eZe: configure it?..00:54
eZei did configure everything about it that I can think off00:54
ColdBeerjack that url is invalid00:54
sonatsojosh: are you sure the neighbours router is unencrypted?00:54
Pelojosh, try researching the problem in the forum  www.ubuntuforums.org00:54
joshyea i know the guy00:54
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, I am on it now00:54
eZeand everything else beyond multiplayer games word fine, even those work 50% of the time00:54
joshi looked all over the ubuntu forums00:54
joshand the wiki help docs00:55
crunchybumblehey, you only get 4 primary partitions or 3 primary and one extended, right?00:55
sonatsojosh: did you post?00:55
Jack_Sparrowcrunchybumble, correct00:55
joshyep but no one answered00:55
crimsunZeker_: please follow up in #ubuntu+100:55
lg21eZe: multiplayer games works also weak on another PC's connected to that router or only your PC is strange?00:55
joshi dont want to keep bumping the thread over and over00:55
crunchybumbleand what exactly is a 'logical' partition00:55
eZeonly my pc is connected, nothing is is running00:55
Zeker_crimsun: I'm already there00:55
crimsunZeker_: but you haven't provided output from the alsa-info.sh script in that channel00:56
Pelojosh, but you did read other ppl's threads on this right ?00:56
Jack_Sparrowcrunchybumble, logicals are created in the extedned to get past the 4 partition limit00:56
sparkybeaneZe can you try the same game on another comp?00:56
lg21eZe: do you use any QoS?00:56
SeaPhorPelo: wow, package was corrupt, found other source (backup drive) and re-installed, all is GREAT! normally a 4-8 hour download and then isp limits speed after that for a week, Thank You Sooooo much!00:56
sonatsojosh: can you still connect when you try WPA?00:56
sparkybeanjust to find where the problem is00:56
ColdBeerok do i just download it and run it?00:56
PeloSeaPhor, no problem ,  glad it all works now ,  wifi is ok to ?00:56
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, yes00:56
eZelg21: no, and sparkley1one, no, dont have another pc here00:56
Zeker_crimsun: how do i get that output?00:56
Jack_SparrowColdBeer, select the osx theme00:57
lg21eZe: that makes it harder to resolve.00:57
joshi searched all over the forum and tried a dozen of the examples00:57
joshnothing worked00:57
sparkybeancan you bypass the router eZe?00:57
* Pelo is agast at Jack_Sparrow teaching someone to theme, it's like the colour-blind leading the blind 00:57
SeaPhorPelo: haven't even started that problem yet, thats next, but i won't bother you with that, you have helped so much already, now that I have a fresh install of 32bit00:58
joshit seems like the card is recognized and the driver is installed but no go00:58
eZeyes, and it works fine then00:58
iceswordPelo, lol00:58
sonatsojosh: did you use ndiswrapper to install the drivers?00:58
Pelojosh, sorry about that,  ask again periodicaly,   week nights are good, someone is bound to know how to help you00:58
crimsunZeker_: see the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems page for the alsa-info.sh URL00:58
zoidfar1hey, I'm trying to get an adm8211 wireless card to work, this site says that Ubuntu includes the driver already: http://www.seattlewireless.net/AdmTek00:58
zoidfar1but it doesn't work00:58
Pelojosh, didyou selext the correct eth* and roaming in  admin > network ?00:59
Zeker_crimsun, ok00:59
joshi tried ndiswrapper once maybe ill give it another go00:59
J-Unitis there anything in hardy that u cant get by updating gutsy?00:59
Pelo!wifi | zoidfar100:59
ubotuzoidfar1: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:59
SeaPhorPelo: but can i send you a screen-shot, so you can see the network icon and error?00:59
* Pelo just remembered what he hates about new releases, all the wifi problems 00:59
PeloSeaPhor, it will mean nothing to me01:00
PeloSeaPhor, but you can upload it to imageshack if you want01:00
zoidfar1Pelo, I've been there already, quite a bit01:00
joshroaming is on by default, i tried to set it manually but it didnt work01:00
=== Barnabas_ is now known as BarnabasDK
* Pelo wonders if all the wifi ppl in the channel right now can try and help eachother , like a support group, sort of like AA for wifi , AW I guess01:01
SeaPhor!imageshack | SeaPhor01:01
ouellettesr_anyone know of an ubuntu app that can convert avi to a dvd format so i can watch in dvd player?01:01
PeloSeaPhor, www.imageshack.us01:01
* zoidfar1 isn't running a new release, plain old gutsy (server edition)01:01
SeaPhorPelo: no info on inageshack?01:01
Peloouellettesr_,  devede01:01
ouellettesr_thanks Pelo01:01
PeloSeaPhor, no trigger for it ,no01:01
lg21ouellettesr_: http://niebieska.pileczka.net/tmp/dvd.txt01:02
Peloouellettesr_, it makes an iso that you can burn to a dvd afterwards , try not to go over 100 % it won'T fit01:02
Dalcioalguem em portugues br?01:02
NorDwho can help with activation photoshop cs2 + wine :D01:02
Pelo!br | Dalcio01:03
ubotuDalcio: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:03
PeloNorD, the ppl in #wine maybe01:03
ouellettesr_Pelo your referring to devede right?01:03
Peloouellettesr_, yes ,01:03
ouellettesr_lg21 im not sure what that link is for01:03
NorDwho can help with activation photoshop cs2 + wine :D  \ who install ?01:03
lg21ouellettesr_: ... click it and read it01:04
J-UnitNorD, wat r u asking exactly?01:04
Peloouellettesr_, the guy who makes it is having trouble with the algo calculation the final size, it's very tricky because of the variaty of filees ppl can start with01:04
ouellettesr_lg21,  obviously i did, thats why i dont unserstand what its for01:04
SeaPhorPelo: ok very diff from pastebin, what do i post back here?01:04
ouellettesr_Pelo ok, I will keep that in mind01:05
PeloSeaPhor, once you've hit host it ,  you'll get another page,  get the  give to a freind link from the bottom01:05
lg21sh** ouellettesr_ sorry it's from ripping from dvd ;x01:05
SeaPhorPelo: Thanks! http://img291.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wnet1bq0.png01:05
ouellettesr_lg oh ok, thats good to know as well :D01:06
lg21ouellettesr_: http://www.wiki.csoft.at/index.php/MEncoder_Scripts a few more info ab. it01:06
ouellettesr_thanks guys01:06
PeloSeaPhor, you got all the ndiswrapper stuff setup ?  goto system > admin > network  try with wlan1 and such01:07
andrew_hey, I have a really simple question here involving symbolic links01:07
Peloandrew_, ask ing the quesiotn is faster01:07
andrew_I'm trying to make a USB version of the full ubuntu install, and noticed that CP won't hit up a symbolic link. I want to create the same recursive symbolic directory link "ubuntu" as exists on the gutsy install cd, but ls -s won't let me01:08
ouellettesr_ln -s01:08
fracnyi need hardy/fglrx help01:08
Peloandrew_, ln -s01:08
ouellettesr_ not ls -s01:08
andrew_mistyped it, but I am using ln01:08
andrew_sudo ln -s ./ ./ubuntu01:09
Peloandrew_, and I think you needed to cp -rf to copy recursively but i might have it wrong ,   man cp will let you know01:09
ChaosTheory^Does anyone know how to install Flash in Linux?01:09
compuhi chaostheory,01:09
ChaosTheory^For Opera.01:09
ChaosTheory^Hi, compu.01:09
compuyes, you go to adobe.com and they have a linux installer01:09
PhilcoBillI am having problems with fstab swapping the drives around01:09
ChaosTheory^Yes, I've done it for Firefox, but I want to do it for Opera?01:09
compui will try to find the link, just a sec01:09
SeaPhorPelo:, no i don't have the ndiswrapper installed yet was hoping that with 32bit would not have issues with rtl818501:09
ChaosTheory^By default the flash player installs to Mozilla.01:10
andrew_you have to download the installer from adobe, and manually install it01:10
ChaosTheory^Okay, thanks.01:10
PhilcoBillcan someone help?01:10
PeloChaosTheory^, open menu > system> admin > software sources,   check all the boxes on the top half of the 1st and 3rd tab, relaod , then sudo apt-get install  flashplugin-nonfree01:10
NorDnobody can help me with photoshop + wine =(((((((((((((01:10
SeaPhorPelo: getting them from synaptic package manager now01:10
Pelocompu, read up what I told ChaosTheory^01:10
andrew_if you don't do it manually, ie with apt-get, it will get a wrong checksum and it won't work01:10
compuit might be better to follow pelo's advice : )01:10
compuI didn't know you could get through the package manager01:10
akuma55hello what is raid and how can it help me01:10
andrew_you can if you enable universe01:11
Pelocompu, it's in multiverse ,01:11
lg21there is faster way with flash.. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras - it'll install flash, windows fonts, codecs and java.01:11
andrew_yeah, like I said, multiverse01:11
ChaosTheory^Pelo: Okay, it's installing.01:11
lg21only flash: apt-get install -y flashplugin-nonfree01:11
compuPelo: actually, can I ask you something about a problem i am having with the installer? I can see that an app (the jed text editor) is in universe, but it does not show up01:11
compuwhen I run "add/remove programs"01:11
AnimortisNorD, I am not familiar with it, but you might have to google it. I think it's possible, however.01:11
Peloakuma55, raid is a way to make one hdd out of many , for more storage , it probably won't hlep you unless you are running a server01:11
tbonedoes anyone know of a process-monitoring security tool01:11
compueven though in the preferences pane I have universe/community software enabled.01:11
Seven_Six_Twoakuma55, read the raid page on wikipedia01:11
NorDAnimortis =(01:11
compuI was only able to install it through apt-get on a terminal.01:11
Pelocompu, what do you mean does not show up , does not show up where ?01:12
lg21ok go2sleep mode on, bye01:12
compuwhen I run "add/remove programs" from the system menu (on xubuntu)01:12
Jarohi everybody01:12
compuI search for the app 'jed' and nothing shows up, while on the web I find it in the package directory for universe.01:12
Pelocompu,  add/remove only list applications,  not every packackages, also there is a drop down box a the top to filter the display,01:13
PhilcoBillMy drives are being swapped around01:13
FlannelPhilcoBill: swapped around?01:13
Pelocompu, and if it is a cli app you can only start it from the terminal,  it won't show up in the menu01:13
compuso what is an 'application' from the perspective of the ubuntu package repository?01:13
compuha, thank you!01:13
PhilcoBillFlannel yes01:13
compuI didn't know that.01:13
Jaro4 days to UBUNTU 8.04. cool01:13
compu so the ubuntu gui package manager only covers for gui apps?01:13
PhilcoBillthe fstab file has the drives swapped around like musical chairs01:13
FlannelPhilcoBill: What do you mean?01:14
compusorry, that should have read:  so the ubuntu gui package manager only covers  gui apps?01:14
Seven_Six_Twoi just got my order in...3001:14
Pelocompu, application as oposed to librairies and drivers and such,  application meaning something you do work with01:14
ouellettesr_Pelo sorry to bother you again about this the first disk i try is 129%, is this accurate?01:14
Pelocompu, add/remove only covers applicastons ,  synaptic covers everthing01:14
ChaosTheory^compu, Pelo: I followed your advice and I'm just getting a white screen where the thing is supposed to be.01:15
ChaosTheory^compu, Pelo: White box.01:15
Peloouellettesr_, the only way to know will be when you make the ,iso , that was what the warning was about , I made one earlier at 187/% and it came out 5.7 gig,  the algo is getting better,01:15
FlannelPhilcoBill: Have you tried setting them back to what they originally were/01:16
Peloouellettesr_, do this ,  select your video file from the right hand list, right click properties, and reduce the framerate on the left  put it at 4000 , that should recude the file size enough01:16
PhilcoBillFlannel I set up my fstab file one way and it gets mixed up01:16
PhilcoBillYes, i changed it back01:16
FlannelPhilcoBill: Every reboot it changes?01:17
PhilcoBillBut when I boot up, it goes back01:17
andrew_This makes me sad. my system won't let me create a symbolic link on my USB flash drive01:17
PhilcoBillThis started today01:17
FlannelPhilcoBill: What version of Ubuntu are you running?01:17
PhilcoBillthe latest01:17
PhilcoBillit has been updated automatically01:17
FlannelPhilcoBill: 7.10?  Ubuntu? Kubuntu? what flavor?01:17
Peloandrew_, usb flash fat32 ? it won't support simlinks,01:17
PhilcoBillIt is like a program has intentionally messed it up01:18
NorDhow i can back old alt+tab switch (icons) in Compiz ? D:01:18
andrew_oh, does gutsy's install disk use grub?01:18
FlannelPhilcoBill: What does it get re-set to?01:18
PeloNorD, ask in #compiz01:18
PhilcoBillIs there a command line program that can tell me which drive is what?01:18
NIPPOis anyone using razer deathadder mouse on ubuntu? and have it got it working?01:18
PhilcoBillI am not sure I understand01:18
PeloPhilcoBill,  which driver is waht ?01:19
FlannelPhilcoBill: partitions aren't labeled, you just have to figure it out (based on content/sizes, etc)01:19
PhilcoBillYes, sda1 is which drive01:19
PeloNIPPO, look up the model in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:19
Ata1Hey, I recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 on both of my computers. I installed Ubuntu to a 4 GB flash drive on one of my computers (could not find an internal HD) and the other to my hard drive in a dual-boot config. w/ Vista. I have not had a single problem on the dual boot system. My problem lies here, though: I have a huge (500 GB) external (slow) HD that I would like to use for space w/ my system that has the 4GB flash drive to boot from, but my 500 GB Extern01:19
Ata1-sorry for wall of text01:19
NIPPOi have look up the forums01:19
Carbonfluxis there a way to make one monitors desktop "visible on all work spaces" in a multi-monitor configuration ? right now I just set it for each window on that monitor01:20
PeloPhilcoBill, try blkid it will give you some info01:20
NIPPObut still not working01:20
J-UnitPelo, is the devede in the repos fixed from the problem that has no sound?01:20
pjvwhat's a good sysinfo program that i can apply on the desktop?01:20
ouellettesr_Pelo, that still only brings it down to 105% I guess that meains I need to go lower on the bitrate but will that sacrafice a good picture?01:20
Ata1Ah, nobody answered my question...oh well01:20
PeloAta1,  jus restate the problem itself  nvm the background01:20
Ata1AH, kk01:21
SeaPhorPelo: I have been trying this with ndiswrapper and now have fresh install, I found native linux drivers for my wireless card chipset, should I use that instead? i dont understand the instructions:readme is here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63788/01:21
Peloouellettesr_, 105 should be ok , you're not burning directly to a dvd anyway you can do it again if it is too big01:21
Ata1Well, I can't get my external harddrive to be recognized within 7.10 Ubuntu01:21
PeloSeaPhor, yes always use the native if you can01:21
ouellettesr_Ata1, your full question was never posted01:22
PeloAta1, plug it in ,  it should automount01:22
ouellettesr_thanks Pelo01:22
Ata1It says that it failed to mount01:22
Ata1It didn't come with any software whne I got it with my windows system01:22
PeloAta1, what format is it ?01:23
Ata1Let me check really quick01:23
SeaPhorPelo: but now i'm stuck, I dont understand the readme01:23
Ata1NTFS or something along the line of that01:23
PeloSeaPhor, I'm having problems with it myself,   open a terminal,  cd to the folder and run the commands in the read me one by one01:24
J-Unitdoes any1 no wen a new version of aMSN is schedule to come out for?01:24
PeloSeaPhor, but if thre is a driver for the card it should be in the kernel by now,   just try switching your wlan in network01:24
SeaPhorPelo:? how?01:25
icesword!info amsn hardy01:25
ubotuamsn (source: amsn): An MSN messenger written in Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97+final-0ubuntu5 (hardy), package size 3426 kB, installed size 11308 kB01:25
PeloSeaPhor, go in menu > system > admin > network , play around with the settnigs01:25
SeaPhorPelo: no worries , thanks01:25
* Pelo feels like an old fuddy duddy but he likes wires and cables, so reliable so easy 01:26
carlomagnoHi, after upgrading to 7.10 I can't load Gnome anymore (doesn't recognise SVG images). I reinstalled librsvg (and dependency libxml-2.0) but now it just hangs. Anybody seen this before?01:26
* Pelo trips over his reliable cables , brakes his neck and dies 01:27
Pelocarlomagno, not me01:27
mrkeishiiwhat is a very good Linux Distributor01:28
BogaurdI'm having troubles with mdadm, it keeps assembling my 3 drive raid 5 array with only 2 out of 3 drives, even though the logs show it's finding the other drive and identifying it...01:28
xomphi folks! I currently have a windows XP machine for my children in their room to play games and such on but wanted to have them grow up knowing linux :P Is there a kid friendly distro of linux out there? Their ages range from 9 years old to 7.01:28
mrkeishiibesides Ubuntu01:28
Pelomrkeishii, gentoo and fedora are popular01:28
iceswordxomp, edubuntu01:28
mrkeishiiPelo, but gentoo i heard breaks down easily01:29
xompicesword, cool, is there a kidbuntu as well?01:29
J-Unitxomp, edubuntu01:29
mrkeishiihow do you over come that problem though01:29
gogetamrkeishi news to me01:29
NIPPOhave anyone got there deathadder razer mouse to work on ubuntu?01:29
xompicesword, I've heard of kidbuntu or w/e, but don't know if it actually exists01:29
iceswordohhh, hehe, no, www.edubuntu.com01:29
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crazytalkthe past few weeks i've been reading a few books and i've become shocked01:29
xompicesword, thanks, I'll give it a check01:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kidubuntu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:29
mrkeishiibecause I plan on switching over.01:29
J-Unitedubuntu is "kidbuntu"01:29
Pelomrkeishii, you asked for other distros I gave you names, I donT' realy want to debate them01:29
SeaPhorPelo: ok new prob, in gui i dont have access to all files now, how do i make my user an admin?01:30
gogetamrkeishi why edubuntu01:30
crazytalkfor those of us that live outside of america - remember when we used to believe america was the light, america was the freedom?01:30
xompthanks guys, I'm going to download it and install it tonight hehe01:30
crazytalkwhat happened to that?01:30
mrkeishiiWhat else is a great Linux Distro?01:30
PeloSeaPhor, dind't you use the same username and password ?01:30
gogetacrazytal hey we love are frdoms we used to have01:30
SeaPhorPelo: yep01:30
Pelomrkeishii, go and ask in ##linux01:30
crazytalkwrong channel.01:30
carlomagnoPelo, thx anyway.01:31
PeloSeaPhor, pick the top most folder of the files giving you problems     open a terminal and type sudo chown username:username  /path01:31
mrkeishiihow do i ask in ##linux01:31
ShpookHello everyone. Is it possible to just upgrade to 8.04RC? I don't want to have to download and burn another cd.01:32
Shpookmrkeishii:  type"/join ##linux"01:32
gogetaShpook yep update -d01:32
mrkeishiito upgrade look at there website01:32
Shpookit will either switch to ##linux or open in another window, depending on your IRC client01:32
Pelocarlomagno, do a clean install , boot the live cd , create a new partition, move your /home to it ,  then clean install using manual partitoning and tell it where /home is01:32
Shpookgogeta:  Thanks much!01:33
PeloShpook, yes it is , ask in #ubuntu+1 how01:33
gogetaShpook sudo of course01:33
carlomagnoPelo, I was hoping to avoid that...01:33
ShpookThank you everyone. :-)01:34
penis there a way to change file system format from reiserfs to ext2 without losing my data?01:34
Pelocarlomagno, well you can always try to boot the recovery mode, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  , there is probably an option to reinstall but I don'T know what it is01:34
gogetasudo apt-get reinstall ubuntu-desktop01:35
Pelopen,  don'T beleive so ,  ext2 to ext3 yes but not reiser I don'T think01:35
carlomagnoPelo, I tried that but for some reason my network interface is disabled; I can only see lo.01:35
Pelogogeta, no reinstall command01:35
Pelocarlomagno, lovely01:35
gogetaPelo err there is01:35
Pelogogeta, man apt-get01:35
cmillardSimple question: apache starts as root, its child processes run as "User" and "Group" specify in httpd.conf.  How do I get apache to start as a user other than root?01:36
gogetapelo apt-get --reinstall install gdm01:36
gogetai did have the syntext worng01:36
cmillardI'm assuming root is necessary for port 80?01:36
Pelogogeta,  that's hat I meant by option01:36
penPelo: I'm just curious. I tried reiser, it's fine. But is it better than ext3 overall?01:36
carlomagnoStupid question: how do I set kde as my default window manager from the command line?01:36
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DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone i'm having some trouble with GRUB. i'm able to boot using the 2.6.24-12-server kernel but when I try to boot from the 2.6.24-16-server kernel I get an error 24 (Attempt to access block outside partition) and when I try to boot from the 2.6.24-15-server kernel I get an error 16 (Inconsistent file structure). e2fs says disk is clean. Any ideas what's wrong?01:36
ChaosTheory^Does anyone know of a *working* Pandora program or something, equivalent to OpenPandora for Windows (which I can't get running under Wine)?01:37
gogetaPelo but i did knoe there was a command :P01:37
Pelopen, ext3 is the current linux default from most distros,  stuff like reiser as far as I undertand are more specialty FS01:37
ChaosTheory^It seems excessive to open up Firefox just for Pandora.01:37
Pelogogeta, sigh01:37
PeloChaosTheory^,  what is pandora ?01:37
ChaosTheory^Pelo, it's internet radio.01:38
gradinok i got a huge problem...01:38
PeloChaosTheory^, there should be internet radio apps  in the repos, don'T those work %?01:38
Pelogradin, state your issue01:38
penPelo: I see.01:38
penPelo: are you using ext3?01:39
gradinmy linux box which was previously running gentoo i installed ubuntu and fdisk doesn't see a valid partition on the second drive...?.?.?01:39
gogetaPelo i think im gonna install a text linux just to refresh my text commands getting to spoiled by a gui01:39
Pelopen, yes , it's the default in ubuntu , it works well for me01:39
iceswordpen, hiya01:39
ubotureiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext3, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html01:39
danagei have two wlan devices - wifi0 and wlan0. i suppose it's both orinoco and hostap being loaded. i cannot connect to wpa network. anybody know how do disactivate?01:39
penicesword: hi01:39
Pelogradin, what is this partiton suppose to be in , what format ?01:40
penicesword: what filesystem format are you using?01:40
Pelo!wifi | danage01:40
ubotudanage: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:40
iceswordpen, hoho, ext301:40
gradinPelo: it ext301:40
icesword!xfs | pen01:40
ubotupen: xfs is a high-performance journaling filesystem originally developped by Silicon Graphics for their IRIX OS. It is now fully supported by Linux so you can install Ubuntu on it if you wish. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFS01:40
gradinPelo: be in?01:40
Pelogradin, odd , do you actulay see the second drive ?01:41
penicesword: do you want to switch to xfs?01:41
gradinfdisk sees the second drive but doesn't see the partition on the second drive...01:41
iceswordno, i don't think so01:41
Zeker_ I have no sound in my system and I just checked the alsa mixer and nothing is muted, I checked my hardware and it's all installed correctly, and I just ran the alsa mixer script with this output (http://pastebin.ca/99016801:42
Zeker_ ) I still get no sound.  Can someone please help?01:42
penicesword: ok01:42
ChaosTheory^Pelo, so I couldn't get Flash to work in Opera.01:42
* Pelo is happy with ext3 , me is happy with gnome , me is happy with ubuntu, me is happy , me pulls on his hoody and drinks the cool-aid 01:42
iceswordpen, i think that is not really important01:42
ALPSINC__hi all, how do i list all open ports?01:42
PeloChaosTheory^, should be easy enough,  try doing a forum search with "opera flash" I'm betting there is a simple solution01:43
* ChaosTheory^ <3s nAIM and Lynx. Would use a pdf viewer in Terminal if he could. -_- 01:43
penicesword: I'm thinking whether I should switch back from reiserfs to ext301:43
PeloALPSINC__, man iptables01:43
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
SeaPhorPelo: ok, lots of errors, but here's the lshw -C network   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63790/01:43
PeloSeaPhor, for the last time  , I cannot help you with this , I don'T know how01:44
iceswordpen, why? i would say just stick to one, debianers said the reiserfs is not bad01:44
Zeker_I'm very sorry to bother you gentleman, can I please receive help on my sound issue?01:44
penicesword: ok01:44
SeaPhorPelo: ok sorry01:44
crunchybumblewhat exactly is a 'logical partition' - how is it different than an extended or primary partition01:45
PeloZeker_,  what is your sound issue ?01:45
Zeker_ ) I still get no sound.  Can someone please help?01:45
Pelocrunchybumble, try wikipedia on that one01:45
gradinPelo: wait nvm...01:45
gradini got it...01:45
PeloZeker_, open a termina,  type  lspci   do you see your sound card listed01:45
ALPSINC__Pelo, thanks01:45
Zeker_actually, I ran an alsamixer script and it sent the output to launchpad01:46
btohello all, i'm having hard time making ubutu detect the partitions on my hard drive when i'm trying to install it on my new notebook.... anyone has come thru this before ?01:46
crunchybumblepelo - it redirected me to disk partitioning, and the subsection combined logical and primary01:46
gradinfor some reason it sees /dev/sdb as the partion itself...01:46
Zeker_I can provide with the link: http://pastebin.ca/99016801:46
PeloZeker_, please do what I asked01:46
crunchybumblebut testdisk gives me options to choose between them01:46
linkmaster03somebody please help me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4748647#post474864701:46
PhatKatDoes anyone know how to generate an install iso from an install?01:46
cottimahello, I am having trouble with my keyboard or something.  I cannot type in an open file dialog box and not in nautilus.01:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about remaster - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:47
Pelocrunchybumble,  primary is the top kind  but you can only get 4 per hdd,   other then that you need to use 3 and logical, I guess logical are kind of fake,  extended  I beleive are  soft ,  youcan resize tehm as you please ,or they will expand if needed but I,m not sure abot that one01:47
Zeker_pelo, it does list my sound card, would you like me to paste the output on pastebin?01:47
Pelolinkmaster03,summerize your problem here we don'T open random links we donT hvwe the time01:48
crunchybumblethank you man, I appreciate it01:48
PeloZeker_,  no ouput thanks01:48
Zeker_pelo: ok, but it does in fact list my SB Audigy01:48
PeloZeker_, go in menu > system > admin > user , find you username,  click properties,  make sure you have permision to "use audio device"01:48
PeloZeker_,  i beleive you01:49
gogetaZeker lol did you say sb adugy01:49
Zeker_gogeta, yes it's very old :P01:49
Pelogogeta, please stop that01:49
SeaPhorPelo: Thank you for the time and help you have given me, if you meet someone that is a wifi-guru (lol) please send them to me or me to them, Thanks again and you've been GREAT01:49
gogetaPelo he needs that old redhat tool sndconfig01:49
bto hello all, i'm having hard time making ubutu detect the partitions on my hard drive when i'm trying to install it on my new notebook.... anyone has come thru this before ?01:49
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btoplease help !01:49
PeloSeaPhor, read the documentation,  you'Re solution is in there , I am sure01:49
Zeker_pelo, where can I find that menu?  Would that be in the terminal or in a certain window?01:50
b0xSeaPhor #wireless if u need wifi help01:50
=== Freddy1990 is now known as Bebe_`
PhatKatI've looked into the whole remaster thing, but I just want a standard install iso, I guess I'll just download an iso from the net. Also there was no info on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi but thanks for the link.01:50
PeloZeker_, the top pannel , if you are using gnome,   not sure where the user permission dialog is in kde however01:50
carlomagnoStupid question again (sorry): anybody know how I can I set kdm as my default window manager from the command line? Is there some setting in /etc/X11/?01:50
voodoo-chilei have ubuntu 7.10 and the x resarts for no reason what could couse this?01:51
Pelocarlomagno, ask in #kubuntu01:51
carlomagnoPelo, OK thx.01:51
gogetaZeker_ defently a oldy the package you need is obsoleted01:51
Zeker_pelo, I've found system>administration>users and groups.  I believe that is what you're looking for, correct?01:51
SeaPhorb0x: no-one in there but thanks for trying01:51
PeloZeker_, yes,   make sure your user has premission to use the sound device01:52
Zeker_gogeta, it was such a nice card in it's day XD01:52
Flannelcarlomagno: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm01:52
gogetaZeker_ still is01:52
PeloZeker_, old hardware works well in linux  do not dispair01:52
linkmaster03somebody please help me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4748647#post474864701:52
gogetaZeker_ its a isa adugy right01:52
Pelolinkmaster03,summerize your problem here we don'T open random links we donT hvwe the time01:52
Zeker_Pelo, thank you for the encouragement01:53
Zeker_gogeta, yes it's an Audigy01:53
b0xSeaPhor theres 81ppl in there, wat do u mean theres no one?01:53
* Pelo has no choice to beleive that, all his hardware is old 01:53
bto hello all, i'm having hard time making ubutu detect the partitions on my hard drive when i'm trying to install it on my new notebook.... anyone has come thru this before ?  i have one disk with several partitions as follows:01:53
bto1.- driver utillity partition01:53
bto2.- recovery partition01:53
bto3.- vista partition01:53
FloodBot1bto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:53
bto4.- xp partition01:53
Pelob0x, SeaPhor has typing issues ocasionnaly01:53
Pelodamit, bot still vidisble01:53
gogetaZeker_ looks like you can still apt-get install sndconfig01:54
Pelobto, whatpartiton do you expect it to find ?01:54
linkmaster03runescape (a java applet game) in firefox is not opening, it says "Error loading applet" on a huge button. All other small applets work fine, and I have JRE installed01:54
gogetaZeker_ that will configure your isa card01:54
btoubuntu partition01:54
Pelolinkmaster03,  instll the -plugin pakcage for java01:54
btosomehow ubuntu only see one partition (whole disk)01:54
lukaszhey people01:54
linkmaster03Pelo, I did01:54
Zeker_gogeta, thank you for the advice01:54
Pelobto,  doyou have ubuntu installed on your comp ?01:54
lukaszI need a grf extractor01:54
gogetalol oops closed the windows01:54
linkmaster03All other small web java applets work fine01:54
btonot yet that's what i'm trying01:55
Zeker_pelo, I checked the user permissions and it seems my account is allowed to configure the sound devices.01:55
Pelolinkmaster03, no idea then , try asking in #firefox maybe the have a clue01:55
btoi'm on the live cd01:55
linkmaster03ok :(01:55
SeaPhorb0x: been there many times, no one ever "really" there seldome any discussion, and my question never answered, sorry bro, i've tried there01:55
Zeker_gogeta, will that program you recommend interfere with the alsamixer?01:55
=== Bebe` is now known as Bebe_`
PeloZeker_, ok ,  menu > sysetm> prefs  > sound,   play around with the alsa device see if you find one that works01:55
carlomagnoThanks Flannel!01:56
Zeker_pelo, ok I will try.01:56
gogetaZeker_ no if its a isa like i think it will acully make it work01:56
pixelmonkeyhey there; I'm trying to upgrade my Ubuntu install from 6.10 to the 8.04 release candidate, however when I pull up update-manager -d it says the latest release is 7.10, not 8.0401:56
Pelobto, you do not have ubuntu instaled yet ? then there is no ubuntu partiton on your hard drive01:56
JohninLexPlease everyone direct your question to Pelo:01:56
* Pelo beats JohninLex 01:56
pixelmonkeyI also tried running do-release-upgrade, but I can't tell whether the upgrade it wants to carry out is the 8.0401:56
gogetaZeker_ hears a good test sudo modprobe sb01:57
Pelopixelmonkey, ask in #ubuntu+101:57
kindofabuzzPelo, what time is it?01:57
lufisIs there some way to generate a sources.list? Source-o-matic has been discontinued apparently01:57
btowhen i'm trying to install ubuntu and got into the partition step, it only shows the whole disk (doesn't show the partitions i have)01:57
Pelokindofabuzz, time to DIEEEEEEEEE01:57
* Pelo goes postal on kindofabuzz 's ass 01:57
gogetaZeker_ that should kick your soundcard on01:57
btoi'm trying to install ubuntu in the *ubuntu partition01:57
kindofabuzzhow can you kill one which has no life?01:57
crunchybumbletestdisk is telling me that my NTFS boot sector and backup boot sector are both bad01:57
crunchybumbleis all of my information toast?01:57
IcemanV9pixelmonkey: not a good idea. only 6.06 can upgrade to 8.04. you'll need to upgrade one release at a time 'til you reach 8.04.01:58
JohninLexhey BTO: how is your driver formatted01:58
crunchybumbleor do you know if testdisk can still help me get it back01:58
andrew_speaking of which, that reminds me I still need to make my keydrive bootable01:58
Pelobto,  step back to the desktop,    go in  the sysetm menu , in admin   gnome partiton manager,  select your ntfs partion , and resize it to make room for ubuntu to install01:58
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Pelocrunchybumble, ask in ##windows01:58
harveydhow do I find the ip address this computer has been assigned?01:58
crunchybumbleoooh good thought01:59
btowell the first partition is a driver utillity dell partition by default01:59
* Pelo doens't know who he's helping anymore 01:59
btothe others are ntfs01:59
pstangcjdharveyd: ifconfig01:59
harveydah cool, wasnt sure whether that was the router address01:59
JohninLexme me me next next next01:59
Pelobto,ususaly use  vista is on the largest one,  so rezise that one to make room01:59
PeloJohninLex, what ?01:59
harveydinet addr: is me?01:59
JohninLexI was trying to let you catch your breath02:00
* Pelo looks at JohninLex and wonders why he ever gave up being an op 02:00
xoqasupposedly there's a restore feature for konqueror's tabs after it crashes.. for kde 3, it's in kdeaddons and for kde 4, it's in extra gear... but i'm not seeing them... anyone know what to search for02:00
Peloharveyd, yes02:00
lufisIs there some way to generate a sources.list? Source-o-matic has been discontinued apparently02:00
btopelo, i have enough space the thing here is that i can not see it  !!02:00
harveydcool, thanks02:00
Peloxoqa, ask in #kubuntu02:00
gogetaPelo lol guess that kicked his card on02:00
Zeker_gogeta, it says it can't find the package sndconfig02:00
JohninLexpelo that  opp remember it wasnt op02:00
Pelobto,  the space is not unallocated, it is partitonned, you need t resize the partiton to make it available02:00
gogetaZeker_ did  you try sudo modprobe sb02:01
Zeker_Pelo, I have checked all those settings and it appears to be fine.02:01
JohninLexBTO: haw much space do you have for ubuntu02:01
btobut the partition manger only show one partition the whole disk02:01
Pelo!sound | Zeker_ review this then02:01
ubotuZeker_ review this then: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:01
Zeker_gogeta, yes, it said FATAL: module sb not found02:01
gogetaZeker_  oh02:01
btoi will loose vista if i do what pelo says02:02
gogetaZeker_ the old drivers are not there02:02
btoJohninLex, 7.5 g02:02
SeaPhorb0x: proof here-> http://img264.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nooneinwifidc3.png02:02
Pelobto,  there is a difference between free space and unallocated space, in a partiton manager you do not see the freespace, you only see unallocated space, meaning space taht is not partitionned,02:02
dos_ubuntuhello, need help to install a usb modem on ubuntu :(02:02
Pelobto, you will not loose your vista, you are not deleting the partiton you are rezising it , makinig it smaler ,02:03
JohninLexBTO: going into windows and back up everthing that you need. you still have your key code for windows  right02:03
gogetados_ubuntu :)02:03
Pelodos_ubuntu, look up your modem model in www.ubuntuforums.org02:03
btoJohninLex, yes i do02:03
Zeker_gogeta, is there a way to retrieve these older drivers?02:03
Pelozorry to cut and run guys but I am done for tonight , best of luck to all02:03
JohninLex<~~~~ 1gb hard running vista and ubuntu 8.0402:03
PeloJohninLex, 1 gig ?02:04
SeaPhorPelo: Thank you!02:04
linkmaster03rofl :D02:04
JohninLexside by side02:04
JohninLexin one screen02:04
gogetaZeker_  sndconfig has em gonna have to dig it up on google02:04
gogetaZeker_ looking now02:04
Zeker_gogeta and pelo, I deeply appreciate your help02:04
JohninLexpelo got a time out02:05
Carbonfluxis there a way to make one monitors desktop "visible on all work spaces" in a multi-monitor configuration ? right now I just set it for each window on that monitor02:05
gogetaZeker_ odd it says thers one02:06
btoyous gays, i'm trying to install ubuntu on this partition (/dev/sda6            7192        8148     7687071   83  Linux, i got this from the console), but when i got into the partitions step (when installing ubuntu) the only it show is this : /dev/sda02:06
dos_ubuntuhello, need help to install a usb modem on ubuntu :(02:06
LAFiNI have a quick question about Ubuntu and iPods. I transfered over all my music from my now defunct XP box using my iPod as a portable harddrive, and after I deleted the folder with my music from the iPod, Ubuntu thinks that the space used by my former music folder is still being used, even though there are no files on it. Any way to fix this?02:06
Sonderbladebto: /dev/sda is the physical disk, /dev/sda? are partitions on that disk02:07
JohninLexbto: how many drives do you have???02:07
Zeker_gogeta, this is my alsa mixer output on everything maybe this will help? : http://pastebin.ca/99016802:07
bto Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System02:07
bto/dev/sda1               1          10       80293+  de  Dell Utility02:07
bto/dev/sda2              11        1316    10485760    7  HPFS/NTFS02:07
bto/dev/sda3   *        1316        5853    36447566+   7  HPFS/NTFS02:07
bto/dev/sda4            5854       14594    70205105+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)02:07
bto/dev/sda5            5854        7191    10747453+   7  HPFS/NTFS02:07
FloodBot1bto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:07
gogetaZeker_ its a old isa right02:07
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Zeker_gogeta, yes it's quite old02:07
gogetaZeker_ naa we need to use the old oss isa driver02:08
bazhangLAFiN: did you empty the trash?02:08
Zeker_gogeta, the full name is just Creative Labs SB Audigy02:08
LAFiNHow do I do that on the iPod?02:08
Zeker_so I assume we're talking about the right one02:08
btoups sorry02:08
JohninLexbto go ahead and format it is only going to for mat the part you are installing ubuntu ok02:09
LAFiNMy system trash says it is empty.02:09
bazhangLAFiN: where did you put the deleted files?02:09
harveydhmm, I cant connect to localhost(apache) running on ubuntu, from xp running inside vmware on the same machine02:09
gogetaZeker_ one way to make shure02:09
LAFiNI just hit the delete key, and they vanished.02:09
gogetaZeker_ lsisa02:09
bazhangLAFiN: hit the delete key on what/using what02:09
harveydi can ping the ubuntu ip from xp though02:09
Zeker_gogeta, it says command not found.02:10
gogetaZeker_:  the card should be in the list or at least a sound device02:10
gogetaZeker_ lol man im to old i guess02:10
btoJohninLex, it won't formmat the whole disk ?02:10
LAFiNI was in the file browser, looking at the iPod contents, and deleted a folder I had used to copy all my music from my XP box.02:10
Zeker_gogeta, haha hey, there's never too much things to know02:10
bazhangLAFiN: this is in ubuntu using nautilus?02:10
Zeker_gogeta, not in this tech feild02:10
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=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
LAFiNYea, nautilus 2.2002:11
Hydra_hello again02:11
JohninLexno just the section that you are installing ubuntu to, it is making sure that there is nothing in the way of it instalation  ok02:11
gogetaZeker_ weard02:11
gogetaZeker_ says its in apt02:11
bazhangLAFiN: well the files are still around somewhere if the free space is not there02:11
Zeker_gogeta, if this helps: i used ubuntu 7.04 before and it worked just fine.02:11
gogetaZeker_ it ran your isa02:12
Hydra_So I'm trying to enable my ATI graphics driver, and it says that the software source for the package "xorg-driver.fglrx is not enabled"02:12
LAFiNI went to the terminal and typed: "sudo rm -rf Music", which was the old folder02:12
btobut when installing the only option i have is /dev/sda.... y not the whole disk?02:12
bto"is not..02:12
Zeker_gogeta, pelo had me run lspci and it was listed there02:13
bazhangLAFiN: wow.02:13
gogetaZeker_ a pci adugy02:13
LAFiNThat should have cleared it up, shouldn't it have?02:13
JohninLexdo you want to foirmat the hole disk02:13
gogetaZeker_ could be bridged02:13
dos_ubuntuhello, need help to install a usb modem on ubuntu :(02:13
Zeker_gogeta, I believe so, it's listed there along with it's built in firewire port02:14
JohninLexthan you are ok that with the normal install02:14
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SettingUpModems dos_ubuntu look at the link from earlier02:14
gogetaZeker_ firewire02:14
gogetaZeker_ thats not a old adugy02:14
gogetaZeker_ probly a ls or sfi02:14
Hydra_can I get any help with my graphics issue?02:15
JohninLexhydra_: I would but i know nothing about graphic issue02:15
gogetaZeker_  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67598602:16
Hydra_maybe I just need to download the drivers from the ATI site02:16
gogetanot goo so far02:16
bazhang!ati | Hydra_02:16
ubotuHydra_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:16
Itakuxm on ubuntu?02:17
LAFiNAhh, bazhang, pressing delete had moved it to a .trash file. Thanks for the help02:17
bazhangItaku: what is xm02:17
Zeker_gogeta, well I bought it quite a long time ago and it does connect to my pci slot, but it had no other name to it just soundblaster audigy02:17
Itakuxm radio02:17
JohninLexitaku:   #ubuntu-xm-fm02:17
gogetaZeker_  LOL isa isnt pci now i look dumb02:17
Itakuthats not a channel JohninLex02:18
Zeker_oh I'm sorry gogeta haha02:18
JohninLexI might of thought you get me on that one lol02:18
gogetaZeker_  those last 2 letters matter is it a ls or xfi02:18
Itakube back in a few minutes02:18
LainIwakuracan someone teach me how to copy and paste in urxvt? selecting and middle clicking isn't always reliable for some reason and shift + ctrl + c doesn't work. Thanks.02:18
Zeker_gogeta, I don't have a box or anything, so is there any way to tell?02:19
gogetaZeker_  should say in lspci02:19
KeithWeisshardo you use getright for downloading large iso's02:19
Ashfire908how would i find the /dev/ file for a usb device? (a usb web cam if it matters. i'm NOT looking for a webcam program... though a program to read a barcode from a picture would be nice.)02:20
Zeker_gogeta, this is all the lspci command lists under audigy02:20
Zeker_00:07.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 03)02:20
Zeker_00:07.1 Input device controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy Game Port (rev 03)02:20
Zeker_00:07.2 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Creative Labs SB Audigy FireWire Port02:20
FloodBot1Zeker_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:20
bazhangKeithWeisshar: torrents usually best route02:20
gogetaZeker_   red 302:20
Zeker_sorry floodbot102:21
axelpaxeldoes anyone here know how i can check what kind of PSU I Have? =)02:21
gogeta Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 03) looks like a z302:21
Hydra_wait.. I think the main problem is, I don't have internet on my laptop02:21
Hydra_so I can't really update things02:21
VoidedCheckaxelpaxel, I'm not sure if that's a joke...02:21
Zeker_gogeta, is that supported by alsa?02:22
btoi'm having the same trouble http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27383302:22
suchy224jest tutaj ktoś?02:22
gogetaZeker_ yep looks like a easy fix02:22
Zeker_gogeta, oh thank god!02:22
LAFiNDoes anyone know how to play iTunes purchased music in rhythmbox or Banshee?02:22
FoxyCan anyone tell me if there is a way to boot from a windows hard disk in linux without virtualization?02:22
VoidedCheckwow, some very interesting questions get asked here02:23
bazhangFoxy: dual boot02:23
SwishFoxy, how do you propose to do that?02:23
Zeker_gogeta, I'm reading the link right this second02:23
Swishbazhang assumed that Foxy's asking how to boot windows -inside- linux, no?02:23
Swishmeaning, while linux is already running?02:23
axelpaxelVoidedCheck: Actually, it's no joke :) I'm dead serious, and used to XP.. just laugh, but feel free to help02:24
VoidedCheckaxelpaxel, you'd have to look on your PSU for a sticker or logo02:24
FoxyYes, inside of linux, I see the possibility of dual boot but I dont want to have to reset everytime I want to acces windows02:24
Swishaxelpaxel, to check PSU you must open your case02:24
VoidedCheckPSU info isn't passed to the computer02:24
Ashfire908does knowing the hal device or that it's "usb 4-1" help?02:24
btoJohninLex, i'm facing the same issue mentioned here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27383302:24
Swishthere is no circuitry to identify the PSU to the motherboard.02:24
bazhangFoxy: funny question but of course not possible02:24
gogetaZeker_  thers a few fixes there02:25
axelpaxelSwish, VoidedCheck: I've thought of that, but my comp. uses like twenty minutes to boot.. but thanks for clearing that up02:25
FoxyDidnt know if there was any application for that, guess dual boot will have to do... : P02:25
Swish20... minutes..?02:25
gogetaZeker_ looks like the sigtal modes can couse issues02:25
Swishhow ...02:25
Swishfragmented HD? :)02:25
SwishI mean even that's pushing it.02:25
VoidedCheckmust be using a 386 or smth02:25
Zeker_gogeta, I just checked the digital output switch and it looks off (its set to zero)02:26
VoidedCheckeven then, damn02:26
bazhangmust be running windows02:26
Swishyeah a 386 with with a 2GB swap file and 32MB RAM trying to boot XP maybe....02:26
Zeker_gogeta, I don't know if that's the same as disabling?02:26
JohninLexBTO: does that tell you what you need to know02:26
gogetaZeker_  sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer02:26
JohninLexIt told me what you need to do02:26
gogeta Zeker_ nicer gui for you02:26
btosort of... i'm trying to know if there's any other way02:26
Zeker_gogeta, ok I will get it02:27
btoi think there's not...02:27
JohninLexok go back to windows and do a defrag ok clean windows up alittle and try again02:27
gogeta Zeker_ and read down thers even more fixes02:27
bazhangbto just use wubi02:27
btoJohninLex, thanks bro02:28
andrew_what bootloader does the ubuntu install cd use?02:28
JohninLexdont use wubi, it is installing 8.04 right now02:28
Zeker_gogeta, ok I'm reading02:28
gogeta Zeker_ 0 isnt off pushing the switch = off02:28
gogetaor on02:28
Ashfire908how would i open a web cam's device file with something like vlc02:28
Zeker_gogeta, I realized that and pushed M for mute :P02:29
TwinXAshfire908;  File, Open , Capture device?02:29
btoJohninLex, thanks i really appreciate your help02:29
leprasmurfhello all.  I'm trying to vnc into a headless system and the keyboard mapping is all jacked. s maps to b, d maps to g, f maps to j, etc...  the keyboard layout claims to be us 105 (with windows keys) on a generic keyboard.  any ideas?02:29
JohninLexok guys I am hungry be back in a little while02:29
gogetaAshfire908 file open capture device02:29
JohninLexno problem ok BTO:02:30
patifaThe default wine stuff that gets installed, it adds a WINE listing in Applications in GNOME.  I've lost all that stuff from my Applications listing, where do I find all that stuff again?02:30
Ashfire908TwinX, gogeta: it reports premission denied when opening02:30
gogetaAshfire908 sudo it i guess02:30
Ashfire908gogeta, nope same02:30
=== b0x is now known as b0xxy
TwinXAshfire908;  open a terminal, type: sudo adduser <username> camera02:31
VoidedCheckpermission denied to root?  freaky02:31
=== b0xxy is now known as b0x
Ashfire908TwinX, if that adds the user to the group camera, there is no camrea group02:33
gogetaZeker_ i gotta go for now but search for  Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 03)  you will get alot more info for your card then without the rev info :)02:33
TwinXAshfire908; the driver should add that group, (I guess)02:34
Ashfire908TwinX, yep no group02:34
cucumbersushiI'm using Ubuntu 6.06, and was wondering if theres away to put thumbnail pictures on the desktop minus the name of the image, so it sorta is like a widget picture?02:34
Zeker_gogeta, thank you so much for your help02:34
VoidedCheckhmmm, are you considered sick in the head if for fun you seek out controversial wikipedia articles and read the talk pages looking for flame wars?02:34
TwinXAshfire908; u can try manually adding that group02:34
Zeker_gogeta, it's still not working, but I'll keep trying02:34
Ashfire908TwinX, i am02:35
TwinXAshfire908;  sudo groupadd camera02:35
Ashfire908TwinX, already done02:35
TwinXor in gui, whatever u like :)02:35
Ashfire908TwinX, should it be a system group?02:35
linkmaster03how can I find programs ive downloaded from Synaptic when they dont show on the desktop or menus02:35
TwinXAshfire908; no group camera is just  one of the groups02:36
Itakuso is there a way to get xm radio on ubuntu?02:36
Itakua program or something?02:36
VoidedChecklinkmaster03, you can see what files synaptic installed by right-clicking the entry in synaptic and selecting Properties, then you can see what file has been installed to bin and run its name in the CLI02:36
VoidedCheckthat should at least give you a clue02:37
linkmaster03how can I find programs ive downloaded from Synaptic when they dont show on the desktop or menus02:37
Ashfire908TwinX, should it be a user group or a system group ("one of the groups" means nothing)02:37
cucumbersushiIs it possible to hide the name of an item but still see the item? I was thinking of a picture on my desktop but didnt want to see the name of it?02:37
TwinXAshfire908;  thats why I gave the terminal command :)02:38
sarmentoGood Nigth02:38
sarmentoMy name is Thiago Sarmento02:38
VoidedChecknn sarmento02:39
VoidedCheckMy name is Diego Montoya02:39
sarmentoI am brazilian user ubuntu02:39
VoidedCheckyou killed my father02:39
VoidedCheckprepare to die02:39
TwinX!br | sarmento02:39
ubotusarmento: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:39
pstangcjdVoidedCheck: showing your age02:39
sarmentoHelp me ffmpeg02:39
StroganoffVoidedCheck: you have no time to survive make your time02:39
VoidedCheckno chance to survive02:40
Ashfire908TwinX, whatever.02:40
TwinXAshfire908;  sudo groupadd camera02:40
Ashfire908TwinX, i'll make it a user group02:40
Ashfire908i know what the command it02:40
VoidedCheckso I broke a $5000 U.S. piece of equipment at work today02:41
VoidedChecka reflector for a digital projector02:42
Swishoooh :)02:42
Swishthe reflector is that pricy?02:42
VoidedCheckwell, to replace the reflector we need to replace the entire lamphouse module02:42
Swishbig projector, I'd guess :)02:42
VoidedCheckand the module is 5 grand02:42
VoidedCheckyeah it's a Barco DP10002:42
SwishI know bulbs are minimum $250-300 or so, just for regular projectors02:42
VoidedCheckit can play 3D02:42
foiblesare the cafelinux servers down?02:43
VoidedCheckour bulbs are $1500 minimum02:43
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, Just get vanity mirror and some duct tape :)02:43
cucumbersushiIm using Ubuntu 6.06, and have Firefox problems. In CLI after typing firefox, i get "glibc detected free(): invalid pointer:" and then some hexadec number. so i use seamonkey now but i like the addons of firefox. any1 know what to do? thanks!!!02:43
VoidedCheckso it'll be interesting to see if I still have a job tomorrow02:43
Swishyeesh :)02:43
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, Polarized stereoscopic 3D?02:43
Ashfire908camorama or whatever is giveing me what i want (miuns the non dark and blue only image)02:44
VoidedCheckDolby 3D technology02:44
VoidedCheckthe glasses themselves are $70 each02:44
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, You want to take this to #ubuntu-offtopic ( This channel is really supposed to be just for Ubuntu support )02:44
=== gre_ is now known as lutz[iFa]
VoidedCheckah ty for the info02:44
VoidedCheckthough the show player is running linux  ;)02:45
Swishthat better be *ubuntu* linux02:45
=== Bebe` is now known as Bebe_`
FluxDhi I did apt-get install ubuntu-desktop but ti said file was not found02:45
foiblesdoes anyone know if cafelinux servers are down or something?02:45
Linux_PlayerNot heard anything02:46
lakotajameshow do you stop art-get?02:46
Odd-rationaleFluxD: did you do with sudo?02:46
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, You sure you aren't being ripped off? I have done some home made 3D things and $70 for a pair of polarized lenses seems a bit much02:46
foiblescan anyone access cafelinux? it seems as though the site is down, as well as their repos02:46
VoidedCheckJordan_U, I wouldn't be surprised if we were getting ripped off, or corporate office is kinda stupid02:46
FluxDOdd-rationale, how do u install ubuntu-desktop with all dependencies?02:46
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, Though I haven't done anything professional, so I really shouldn't talk :)02:46
Linux_Playeryes sir02:47
Odd-rationaleFluxD: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop02:47
VoidedCheck*our corporate office02:47
Linux_PlayerHows my fellow linux users doing today02:47
Jordan_UFluxD, Just install ubuntu-desktop, the dependencies will be grabbed automatically02:47
foiblesLinux_Player, you can reach the site?02:47
VoidedChecknot bad, thanks for asking02:47
linkmaster03very linuxy02:47
FluxDJordan_U, I tried02:47
Linux_Playerwhich site?02:48
StradiniAfter a recent upgrade to the hardy RC, I'm getting the following when trying to load lirc_dev: "FATAL: Error inserting lirc_dev (/lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/updates/dkms/lirc_dev.ko): Invalid module format".  I used module-assistant to build lirc-modules after the move to hardy.  Any thoughts on what's wrong?02:48
TwinXlakotajames; sudo killall -9 apt-get02:48
Jordan_UFluxD, In what way did it not work?02:48
foiblesLinux_Player, nvm, i don't think you were talking to me02:48
Linux_Playeroh no02:48
FluxDJordan_U, working now thx02:48
FluxDthx Odd-rationale02:48
Odd-rationaleFluxD: np02:48
AdrianStraysI downloaded a theme off of gnome-look, and when I drag it into the theme manager, it says it installed properly, but it isn't an option in the manager02:48
Linux_PlayerHas anyone heard of wine?02:48
AdrianStraysCan someone help me figure out what went wrong?02:48
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:48
Ashfire908what's a good webcam program?02:49
Linux_PlayerI need help using it02:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:49
Odd-rationale!info cheese | Ashfire90802:49
ubotuashfire908: cheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam.. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.3-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 669 kB, installed size 1088 kB02:49
lakotajamesTwinX Thank you so much!02:49
FluxDOdd-rationale, whats diff between aptitude and apt-get?02:49
larson9999my wife switched to ubuntu about a year ago.  it's funny now hearing her complain about windows when she has to use it at a friends house or at work.02:49
TwinXlol np lakotajames02:49
Jordan_UTwinX, You shouldn't recommend using kill -9 with apt-get / dpkg unless absolutely necessary02:49
eltuxis this channel providing 8.04 support yet?02:49
Odd-rationaleFluxD: diff ways to do the same thing...02:49
AdrianStraysI downloaded a theme off of gnome-look, and when I drag it into the theme manager, it says it installed properly, but it isn't an option in the manager02:49
FluxDOdd-rationale, what does aptitude do?02:50
linkmaster03#ubuntu+1 for 8.0402:50
ubotuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide02:50
Jordan_Ueltux, No, 8.04 support will be provided here only when it is released02:50
VoidedCheckgood info in that article though02:50
eltuxJordan_U: Thanks, linkmaster03 shows me the way to the 8.04 channel02:50
Odd-rationaleFluxD: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/aptitude02:50
VoidedCheckoohhh even better article02:51
Swishhrm.  I keep reading things online that say aptitude is better than apt-get..02:52
Swishbut is it really?02:52
SwishI seem to get along with apt-get just fine.02:52
Swish(dapper 6.06LTS)02:52
Odd-rationaleSwish: no not really.02:52
VoidedCheckbuild-essential ftw02:52
Swishhehe okay. I don't feel so alone now :D02:52
Odd-rationaleSwish: see the article I posted above to see the diff. ^02:53
VoidedCheckthe same article that says there's no real diff with later vers of ubuntu?02:53
Odd-rationaleSwish: with apt-get autoremove command, there is not much of a diff anymore...02:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about food - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about botfood - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:53
Itakui forget that command02:53
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:53
VoidedCheckI'm going to make a package manager and call it grok  ^^;02:54
championHi all. I have nvidia binary drivers and I want to know how to setup dualhead so that each window is seperate (I don't want to maximize to both screens) but I can drag windows between each monitor. How is this achieved?02:54
Odd-rationale!botabuse | Itaku, or perhaps you were looking for this one...02:54
ubotuItaku, or perhaps you were looking for this one...: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:54
rcampbel3nvidia problems after 8.04 upgrade... nvidia settings doesn't see driver. dmesg does. (Champion: option is called twinview)02:55
IcemanV9champion: xrandr .. I believe it is what you need02:55
championrcampbel3, twinview with xinerama enabled or disabled?02:55
Messedrockerhow can i start up the built-in vnc server in ubuntu from SSH?02:55
linkmaster03rcampbel3: #ubuntu+102:55
Swishah.  Since I don't remove things with apt-get very often, it's fine :D02:55
JoesephHey. Maybe I'm used to my other uber-fast computer, but  It seems to me that my computer is running not as efficiently as it should.   My CPU often reaches 100%.  It became a problem when i tried to use rosegarden and totem (and pidgin) at the same time.  My system couldn't take it. Everything would start to freeze up, and it was really annoying.  I have a 1300 MHZ proccessor and 502.7 MB ram.   Is this normal performance for these system s02:56
Odd-rationaleMessedrocker: I don't think the server is pre-installed... let me doublecheck...02:56
IcemanV9Joeseph: find out what's hogging your CPU from top02:56
Messedrockerwell it was available when i installed it, and it was up and running until i rebooted the machine02:56
nnckhi .. trying to install kubuntu on ps3 but the resolution does not fit on hdtv when I reached location step I couldnt continue enter alt ctrl f1 and now am at the command line what should I do?02:57
tiocstijoeseph: run top or something to see whats using the cpu (im assuming you have sufficient ram)02:57
Joesephtiocsti, IcemanV9: my ram does seem to be fine... is top a program?02:57
tiocstiyeah, top is a program02:58
Joesephk running it...02:58
sanclioqualcuno parla italiano?02:58
Odd-rationale!es | sanclio02:58
ubotusanclio: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:58
IcemanV9Joeseph: it is already installed by default (part of linux)02:58
Odd-rationale!it | sanclio02:58
ubotusanclio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!02:58
torkel_Has there been any known remote exploits for ubuntu server lately? (the beta) It seems like I have a 'visitor' on one of my test servers.02:59
torkel_It's running basic install, sshd and lamp02:59
metanilversion GLIBC_2.4 not found... i am using Ubuntu 6.06 dapper LTS..  ... (but it works in gutsy gibbon)02:59
lufisIs there any place that has the latest vlc, i.e., a 3rd party repo?03:00
linkmaster03runescape (a java applet game) in firefox is not opening, it says "Error loading applet" on a huge button. All other small applets work fine, and I have JRE installed03:00
Odd-rationalegood bye, gtg03:00
JoesephIcemanV9, itocsti: other than the graphical programs I have up,  Xorg and gnome-screensaver (I don't have a screensaver, just a blank screen after a while), metacity and gnome-panel seem to be taking up the most03:01
plt258just upgraded to googleearth 4.3 only to find that i cant run it because my cpu doest support SSE2, does ne1 know where i can get ver 4.2???03:01
JoesephI don't even know what Xorg is..... anyone?03:01
alecwhWould it be a good idea to upgrade to the RC of 8.04 to avoid the massive traffic on the actual release?03:02
IcemanV9Joeseph: that provides "GUI"03:02
IcemanV9Joeseph: so, it seems everything is back to normal? keep top running 'til everything is slowing down then check the top03:02
JoesephIcemanV9: everything seems normal now, I'll check when it goes crazy again...03:03
sp219Hello, I need some help. On my ubuntu server, I type in "users" and I see this: "server server server server" how would I print out a list of all the people's IP's who are connected via ssh (port 22)03:03
=== billisnice__ is now known as billisnice
IcemanV9sp219: w03:04
linkmaster03runescape (a java applet game) in firefox is not opening, it says "Error loading applet" on a huge button. All other small applets work fine, and I have JRE installed03:04
sp219IcemanV9: that doesn't show the ips03:04
linkmaster03heres more info, im getting off anyways, bye guys http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4748647#post474864703:05
sp219IcemanV9 I was thinking some kind of netstat for port 2203:05
sp219but can't figure it out03:05
Ashfire908what's the kde partitioner03:05
tiocstisp219: who --ips03:05
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
IcemanV9sp219: that's a good way to do it (netstat). right now, i don't have any ssh connection to figure it out.03:07
Daemonussp219: try to join java03:07
sp219Daemonus: huh?03:07
sp219tiocsti: sp219: who --ips doesn't work03:07
Daemonusohh sorry03:07
Daemonuswrong person03:07
sp219it is working03:07
FloodBot1sp219: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
StarnestommyDaemonus: the channel ##java ?03:07
Zeker_YAY!  I GOT MY SOUND!03:07
tiocstisp219, but its all logins, regardless of how they connected, also look at lsof03:08
plt258does anyone know here i can find a copy of googleearthlinux ver 4.2???03:08
sp219also tiocsti, when the IP shows as (:1.0) does that mean it is on the local machine03:08
Zeker_Just one problem though, has anyone noticed if the volume in soundcards in ubuntu is much lower than if used in windows?03:08
tiocstisp219, i think thats screen03:09
metanilhello, i got "version GLIBC_2.4 not found" error ... i am using Ubuntu 6.06 dapper LTS..  ... (but it works in gutsy gibbon)03:09
IcemanV9metanil: find out if glibc is in the repo. I have dapper installed, but right now i'm testing hardy atm (on the same machine)03:10
tiocstisp219, you can tll the difference between remote and local users by the tty, if its tty# it'll be a console user, pts/# indicates a remote user of some sort03:10
edsonsomebody use cheese?03:11
metanilIcemanV9, i think there is glibc .. but the version is incorrect it seems03:11
sp219this is my output of who03:11
sp219server   tty2         2008-04-13 04:2703:11
sp219server   pts/2        2008-04-06 13:56 (:1.0)03:11
FloodBot1sp219: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:11
sp219and two more03:11
sp219but that would be a flood. but anyway, what about the one without anything after it?03:11
dimedohey there, i have problems with my video output on gutsy with an nvidia card. after playing windows games through wine it seems that video output is often totally screwed. some strange static yellow and orange stripes are the only video output. any ideas?03:11
IcemanV9tiocsti: actually, tty is console and pts is GUI console03:11
=== goget1 is now known as gogeta
tiocstiiceman: no, pts is any pseudoterminal03:12
gogetalinkmaster03 runscape fails at games03:12
Optimus55hi all03:12
mostafabergHelo Optimus5503:13
Joesephhmmmm Xorg seems to shoot up to 40% hunger sometimes.... is this normal?03:13
Optimus55hey can anyone tell me if the laptop harddrive spin down issue is resolved in the latest hardy release?03:13
Zeker_has anyone noticed that the max volume in ubuntu is much lower than in windows?  Is there a way to fix this?03:13
gogetaJoeseph with compiz i would say yes03:13
edsonsomebody use cheese?03:13
Joesephgogeta: I don't have compiz03:13
IcemanV9Joeseph: do you have swap partition?03:13
Zeker_gogeta, good news!  It worked!  Now all I need to do is boost the volume somehow03:14
soldatsZeker_: have you run in terminal "alsamixer" and turned PCM and Master volumes up03:14
Optimus55what's the channel for the "next" ubuntu release?03:14
JoesephIcemanV9: Yeah, but I don't see my computer ever using it03:14
Optimus55or future03:14
Zeker_soldats, yes I have03:14
soldatsOptimus55: #ubuntu+103:14
gogetaZeker_  ? with was it03:14
Optimus55soldats: thanks03:14
JoesephIcemanV9: maybe I don't,  how can I tell03:14
Zeker_soldats, and it's still much lower than it was in ubuntu 7.0403:14
SeaPhorok, i have roughly 36 hours left to get wireless working, all CAT5 goin out the door of In-law's home on monday. someone with ubuntu wireless plz help!03:14
gogetaZeker_ i say max it out in the mixer then crank up the speakers :)03:15
IcemanV9Joeseph: sudo fdisk -l03:15
soldatsZeker_: are you sure everything is up? sometimes the PCSpeaker neds to be up as well. also make sure you have everything unmuted03:15
bryton_03hi! whats the default encryption type of ubuntu 7.10 server edition gutsy gibbon? its was using it in its default installtion03:15
Zeker_gogeta, there was a whole bunch of switches in both system>preferences>sounds and the alsamixer that had the digital output enabled.  I had to disable those and raise the "center" portion03:15
gogetaZeker_ then try raising em more03:16
gogetaZeker_ just rember the old settings03:16
Zeker_soldats, they are all the way up03:16
paddy2khi, i'm having some trouble with 8.04 and my graphics card, where would I submit a bug report?03:16
Starnestommypaddy2k: ask in #ubuntu+103:16
paddy2kok just saw that now03:16
paddy2ksorry for bothering you guys03:17
Zeker_gogeta, I raised them up as far as they go and there's still a huge difference.  Besides, I use headphones a little more than the actual speakers.03:17
gogetaZeker_ lol check the headphones vulem thwn03:17
JoesephIcemanV9: dev/sda5 Start:   24135  End: 24321  Blocks: 1502046 Id:  82  Linux swap / Solaris03:17
cizraHow do I get rid of this friggin' Compiz?03:17
IcemanV9Joeseph: then you do have it.03:17
cizraI mean, permanently. metacity --replace works, but...03:17
JoesephIcemanV9: what does the swap partition do?03:18
gogetaZeker_ also check 3d sound any any boost system03:18
Zeker_gogeta, there is no headphone volume haha everything is all the way up.  It's funny cuz in 7.04, 50% of the volume was more than enough.  Now it's at 100% and it sounds decent03:18
crdlbcizra: system > preferences > appearance > visual effects > none03:18
IcemanV9Joeseph: swap helps RAM when it is running out of space03:18
Zeker_gogeta, all the boosts are enabled as well03:18
cizracrdlb: Ahhh. Thank you so much!03:18
Anonona_DC|ZZZAnyone here familiar with a decent guide to setting up a RAID5 (or ZFS or something) SAN?03:18
=== Anonona_DC|ZZZ is now known as Anonona_DC
=== saki__ is now known as saki
pretendercant select case in koverartist in ubuntu.  any ideas?03:19
meowludoHi Guys! I have a problem - whenever i change any of my appearance settings i lose my 'workspace on a cube' feature. last time it happened i upgraded to 7.10 and it fixed itself. any ideas?03:19
JoesephIcemanV9: ah, that's what I thought... but I thought I could have been wrong, with the cpu being the main problem03:19
gogetaZeker_ stupid low tech but check the cable03:19
onatsis there a solution for itunes linux already?03:19
gogetaZeker_ mic lose can sound like low mode03:19
Zeker_gogeta, haha yup I tried that too03:19
IcemanV9Joeseph: if you have 512 Mb RAM, then you'll expect X0rg will do something. I have a laptop with 512Mb as well. It runs pretty good.03:20
Cpudan80onats: Rhythmbox03:20
tiocstionats: for most definitions of solution, yes, there are many media players03:20
gogetaZeker_ at least it works03:20
Cpudan80onats: You have to break the DRM out of your music though --- that we cannot help you with03:20
gogetaZeker_ lol have you tryed tunring up your meda player03:20
onatscan i use it to sync with my iphone?03:20
Zeker_gogeta, I even switched the speaker plug with the headphone plugs and its low03:20
gogetaZeker_ also if you where using xmms is has its own booster03:20
JoesephIcemanV9: it runs well most of the time.... maybe I just got annoyed when it froze that one time.... but thanks for the help,  top is very useful03:20
Cpudan80!iphone | onats03:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iphone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:20
IcemanV9Joeseph: try a different theme that will use less CPU03:21
Cpudan80No iphone factoid03:21
Zeker_gogeta, i raised the volume on the media players, it's still low03:21
Cpudan80!ipod | onats03:21
ubotuonats: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:21
Zeker_haha oh well, you're right03:21
Zeker_gogeta, I can't wait to replace this junky old system03:21
gogetaZeker_ lol03:21
alanbshepard70What package is used to rip images off of a digital camera? Ubuntu is no longer detecting my camera automatically and I want to try manually executing the program.03:21
gogetaZeker_ cypergaming laptop ;-)03:21
meowludodoes anyone know how to activate the workspaces on a cube option when switching between desktops on ubunut 7.10?03:21
Zeker_gogeta, oh yes.  I'm thinking about custom making my desktop and as for my laptop... just get a macbook pro03:22
greenplaidmeowludo: #ubuntu-effects is a good place to get answers for compiz questions03:22
alanbshepard70meowludo: Either compiz "extra" setting from system appearances and/or compiz config which is a utility in the repos03:23
meowludothanks green & alan03:23
IcemanV9Zeker_: then use your old junky system as a server!03:23
JoesephIcemanV9: I've been thinking about doing that (use old junky system as server).....   I may some day...   right now I don't know enough about it...03:24
Zeker_icemanv9, that sounds like an excellent idea.  I'll just replace the hard drives to something that can last being left on all day03:24
AuctionedllamaHey, I just reformatted my HDD for the 5th time now, and was wondering before I install ANY updates.. what should I do to get my ATI drivers running?03:25
gogetaZeker_ gaming laptop repalce desktop :)03:25
gogetathats what i wanna do03:25
MilitantPotatoHow do I force a root file system check on restart?03:25
AuctionedllamaHey, I just reformatted my HDD for the 5th time now, and was wondering before I install ANY updates.. what should I do to get my ATI drivers running?03:25
Zeker_gogeta, I'd like an alienware laptop without the alienware price XD03:25
gogetaZeker_ i knoe 103:26
=== MTeck is now known as MTecknology
IcemanV9Joeseph: Zeker_ yeah. me, too. right now, i am looking for an old system from friends and set it up as server. cannot wait to show it off to my friend once i installed ubuntu server edition.03:26
AuctionedllamaHey, I just reformatted my HDD for the 5th time now, and was wondering before I install ANY updates.. what should I do to get my ATI drivers running?03:26
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: repo drivers or the newest from AMD's website?03:26
AuctionedllamaLOL, thanks tiocisti03:26
JoesephIcemanV9: what would you use the server for?03:26
AuctionedllamaMilitantpotato: repo always fail, and the AMd.. tried those last time03:26
Zeker_icemanv9, what if I set it up as a firewall?03:27
AuctionedllamaIs there some guide I shoudl try?03:27
Zeker_gogeta, you know where I can find a laptop that good but cheap?03:27
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: are you sure the drivers support your card?03:27
Zeker_gogeta, as good as alienware?03:27
AuctionedllamaMilitantpotato, yes, I saw people who said they were running them03:27
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: If your card is 100% supported, this guide has worked for myself, and 5 others.  No guarantee, but it seems to work very well. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59334803:27
gogetaill pm it being this is offtopic03:27
Auctionedllamamilitantpotato I just can't run the opensource ones.. my chipset doesn't work on them03:27
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: you'll need to change the file names for the latest drivers, but otherwise that's how I've done it03:28
ColdBeeri installed open arena where is it?03:28
AuctionedllamaMilitantpotato what crad you got I got a X1650 Pro03:28
IcemanV9Joeseph: proxy (squid), file, printer, music (save all mine in one spot), mini-mirror (update 2+ boxes at once), etc ...03:28
IcemanV9lamp, too!03:28
Auctionedllamamilitantpotato that doesn't support the opensource drivers righty?03:29
ColdBeeri installed open arena where is it? what is the run command, im drunk03:29
AuctionedllamaMilitant and how much ram is yours? mne is 51203:29
MilitantPotatoHow do I force a root fs check on reboot?03:29
Zeker_has anyone ever used firewallbuilder on ubuntu?03:29
onatsi have03:29
jj3666Zeker_: yes03:29
Zeker_onats, was it hard to set up?03:29
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: the ones in the repos worked for me, no AIGLX in those, so they're lacking03:29
JoesephIcemanV9: cool.... I might do that...do you know if ubuntu server has a big learning curve? I set up a windows network (with their helpful guis), but other than that I don't know too much about networking03:30
Auctionedllamamilitantpotato woa how does a 1950 have less than mine? Thats weird.. anyways shoudl I install all the updates first too?03:30
jj3666Zeker_: the docs are a little out of date but they good examples for the basics03:30
Auctionedllamalike the updates that are wanting to be installed?03:30
sjovanZeker_: i heard that you got a GUI named firestorme or something that is really easy to use. maby you should google it :)03:30
MrSteveanyone use Unetbootin?03:30
sjovanZeker_: 100% on the fire part atleast03:30
MrSteveseen tuxcanFly?03:30
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.03:30
L0rd_Rahldoesn't hardy come with some sort of "easy firewall?"03:30
sjovanjj3666: thanx :)03:30
MilitantPotatoAuctionedllama: always update before installing stuff, prevents dependency issues03:30
AuctionedllamaMilitantpotato: ok I'll install after I get everything runnign03:30
Zeker_sjovan haha yes I've tried that but somehow it conflicts with iptables03:30
Auctionedllamamilitantpotato: or not xD03:31
L0rd_Rahluncomplicated firewall is what it's called03:31
IcemanV9Joeseph: there are lots of info from forums and wiki ... not a steep learning curve (depends on your knowledge of linux or ubuntu in this matter)03:31
sjovanZeker_: conflicts? i thought it was a gui to change iptables and stuff03:31
jj3666zeker_:not suppose to run both... they both are iptables03:31
JoesephIcemanV9: I'll start to poke around...03:31
gogetaZeker_ hehe get those pms03:31
matt____is there some sort of "php ssh client" that i could put on my webserver, that way i could use the "php client" to access the ssh from anywhere without needing a "ssh client"? like a web interface03:31
Zeker_gogeta, yes I did03:32
MrSteveanyone use Unetbootin?03:32
Zeker_sjovan, yes it turns out that it tries to run over iptables and not necessarily configure it03:32
sjovanmatt____: dude... what's wrong with putty? all you need to do is go to download putty site and run it.03:32
gogetaalienware power a normal price03:32
tiocstimatt: i've seen java applet ssh, but you coudlnt do a pure web ver securely03:32
matt____tiocsti: alright, thanks03:33
Zeker_sjovan, and I had a lot of trouble installing fwbuilder on ubuntu so I just gave up03:33
sjovanZeker_: oh, i c. anyways... lissent to jj366603:33
matt____sjovan: point taken, exactly what i've been doing...just wondering though, figured it'd be something to look into...03:33
gamer8.7 seconds on a bull called fu man chu03:33
sjovanmatt____: indeed. sounded like something cool to have :)03:33
tiocstimatt: http://rumkin.com/tools/ssh/ is the one i know of03:33
SeaPhorok, i have roughly 36 hours left to get wireless working, all CAT5 goin out the door of In-law's home on monday. someone with ubuntu wireless plz help!03:34
homer_anyone know how to hold packages with apt, avoid updating them?03:34
gamerDoes anybody have an extra hair scrungy03:34
MilitantPotatomy wife may03:34
=== gamer is now known as Presley
MilitantPotatofax number?03:35
IcemanV9!wireless | SeaPhor03:35
ubotuSeaPhor: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:35
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto03:35
Presleyi spoke sweeter and i loved deeper03:35
NateFi cant install Ubuntu on my CPU for some reason, PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROABLEM!!03:35
Presleyhelp me03:35
MilitantPotatoNateF: we'll need more info03:35
Presleyhelp me03:35
sjovanmatt____: i wouldn't have used any thing from a site i don't know, but maby if you google up java ssh client. maby you could put something on your own domain03:35
Zeker_sjovan, indeed I understand what jj3666 is talking about.  But I believe fwbuilder works in conjunction and not OVER iptables03:35
NateFok like what03:36
SeaPhorIcemanV9: been there, thats why i'm here03:36
MilitantPotatoNateF: error messages, symptoms...?03:36
bighsapt-get does not have the latest package for perl. is there any way to add a repository to apt-get install it?03:36
MilitantPotatoOr are you just confused on the steps...?03:36
sjovanZeker_: k, so what's the problem installing it then?03:36
SeaPhorIcemanV9: READ my request03:36
NateFthe status bar wont move, and the CD wont load after i clik the start or iunstall ubuntu03:36
tarelerulzI just got an ipod nano and I wanted to start putting music on it .  What can I use for that ?03:36
FezzlerWhen I go to certain Web sites, my Firefox fades to gray and locks up?03:36
MilitantPotatoNateF: Is the CD Rom light flashing?03:36
Presleydid you know if you right click the wired network icon you can see your wifi connections03:36
Anonona_DCbighs: of course. I think it's on the same menu under "software sources"?03:37
sjovanhomer_: yes you can do that in synaptic. w8 i just ahve to take a look to remember it03:37
Anonona_DCnot 100%sure03:37
crackheadwhat's a program that will allow me to surf the web in the command console?03:37
NateFmilitanpotato do you now how to help me03:37
MilitantPotatoNateF: Are you trying to install or test?  If install, get the Alternate CD03:37
homer_sjovan, is there a better way with apt config?03:37
keithclarkHi all03:38
NateFi downloaded the Desktop edition 7.1003:38
sjovancrackhead: you got a lot of them, but lynx works fine for me :)03:38
Presleytelnet :o.blinkenlights:nl03:38
homer_sjovan, most time i use apt-get or aptitude03:38
NateFi want to install it03:38
MilitantPotatoNateF: Download the Alternate CD 7.10 i38603:38
sjovanhomer_: prob, but i don't know that way :)03:38
MilitantPotatoNateF: It's faster to install with less hassle anyway :)03:38
NateF ill try to get it and install it as fast as i can and ill get back on03:38
Jack_SparrowNateF, are you having trouble getting the livecd to boot.. if so what have you tried03:38
sjovanhomer_: but man apt-get prob. have the awnser if you don't want my solution03:38
Presleyman i need a decent copy of gOS so baad03:38
NateFit boots03:38
NateFjust wont load03:38
Jack_SparrowNateF, you get the first menu just not the desktop and the install icon?03:39
sjovancrackhead: yes, lynx. it's the name of the prog. why are you questioning my awnser?03:39
=== macogw is now known as maco
Zeker_sjovan, whenever I tried compiling from the source it would not work or run.  I followed all the instruction on their website.  I finally got it to start up after I found an old installer package (a synaptic package) but then it kept acting buggy so I just removed it and tried using redhat to install fwbuilder.  No luck.  I just suck with linux I guess :P03:39
Jack_SparrowNateF, At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"03:39
NateFeverything loads until i enter install03:40
MrSteveanyone use Unetbootin?03:40
millertime_018hey i'm having trouble with sauerbraten03:40
SeaPhorJack_Sparrow: would <vga=771> also work?03:40
sjovanZeker_: so what kinde of error did you get when you tryed to ./configure ?03:40
millertime_018it runs on sabayon but not on ubuntu03:40
MrStevehow to see what is on root without login?03:40
Jack_SparrowNateF, When you click the install icon on the desktop or select install from the first srat or install menu03:40
NateFok, hold on03:40
Jack_SparrowSeaPhor, depends on the issue he is having03:41
sjovanMrSteve: su <--- become root03:41
MrStevewhat is su?03:41
matt____sjovan: that is what i was meaning, something on my end...03:41
IcemanV9su = superuser03:41
eltuxEver Since I updated pidgin, It won't let me connect to MSN or GTalk, it says I need a Supported SSL library. What would be a good one? Kind of lost here........03:41
MrSteveso, at login, type su?03:41
Jack_SparrowMrSteve, can you explain that a bit for me?03:41
millertime_018i tried running it on the terminal and this is what i got http://pastebin.ca/98984903:42
Jack_Sparroweltux, how did you update pidgin03:42
sjovanmatt____: mhm :) nah, i guess you have to google some :)03:42
Zeker_sjovan, uhh it was a long time ago, but I'm sure it had something to do with missing libraries or a "command not found".  it said something was missing, so I tried all the files that had sh or install on them with the ./ command and got no good results.03:42
SeaPhorJack_Sparrow: i'm a n00b, so i dont know, just know thats what helped me03:42
matt____sjovan: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/2477.html this may do it03:42
Jack_SparrowSeaPhor, np03:42
MrSteveunetbootin put stuff on my new disk.. but no desktop, and I want to see what is on tha disk, but the login: Password: is not accepting what I Gave the installer03:42
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)03:42
eltuxJack_Sparrow: Downloaded it from their site and compiled the source. My Sounds don't work anymore either D:03:42
MilitantPotatoIs there any way to force a root file system check upon reboot?03:42
millertime_018this is the model of my chipset03:42
millertime_018adam@adam-laptop:~$ lspci|grep VGA03:43
millertime_01800:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)03:43
MrSteveunetbootin put stuff on my new disk.. but no desktop, and I want to see what is on tha disk, but the login: Password: is not accepting what I Gave the installer03:43
millertime_018hello? will someone HELP ME?03:43
MrSteveanyone use Unetbootin?03:43
ouellettesr_whats the command for system monitor?03:43
Jack_Sparroweltux, you dont need to compile yourself.. get the latest pidgin debs at getdeb.net and dbl click them03:43
triggerhappmillertime_018 : try this? http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-113972.html03:43
MrSteveI have Posted this issue on Ubuntu Forum03:43
IcemanV9ouellettesr_: top03:43
sjovanZeker_: i'm shure it got it reason. if you want i can try to help you trough the install. make a channel and we can talk some more. haven't tryed to install that before, but i had some issues like that before :)03:43
Jack_Sparrowmrpockets, su isnt going to help you there.03:43
b0xanyone know how to fix this error03:43
NateFhow do i remove quit and splash03:43
NateFwhich command03:44
ferris_I want to back up my Playstation2 disks, which packages can I use to back them up?03:44
ouellettesr_IcemanV9, do you know how to start the graphical one?03:44
MrSteveok Jack_Sparrow03:44
eltuxJack_Sparrow: D: great, now someone tells me. lol Looks Like I'll be running sudo apt-get remove pidgin03:44
vminchsearch synaptic03:44
Jack_SparrowNateF, F6 at the first start or install menu.. use the delete key03:44
joshritgercan someone help me get my microphone or line in to work?03:44
Joesephanyone know of a particular tutorial or something that (baby)steps you through learning about servers, particularrily ubuntu server edition?03:44
NateFhold on03:44
tiocstib0x: is the dns perl module installed? if so, add its location to @INC03:44
Jack_Sparroweltux, if you compiled yourself.. that wont work03:44
b0xhow do i do that tiocsti03:44
Zeker_sjovan, sure thing I can definately appreciate the help!  How do I make a chan?03:44
IcemanV9ouellettesr_: oh. the gui one. ha. no i don't know03:44
narothepharohi am using kubuntu 7.10 cant get my screensaver to work any ideas?03:44
eltuxJack_Sparrow: So then what do i need to do?03:44
Jack_Sparrowjoshritger, /join #alsa03:44
mechdaveb0x, use perl -MCPAN -e shell03:45
MrSteveJack_Sparrow - I thought, I would run Unetbootin again, and I gave it a new root partition, and it ran, then hangs at Select & Install Softwares03:45
Jack_Sparroweltux, try and install the new deb over your install03:45
vminchnaro, try searching synaptic for the screensaver packages03:45
mechdaveb0x, then install DNS03:45
sjovanZeker_: /j #andsomechannelname03:45
vminchthere are goname and kde versions i think03:45
vminchreinstall them if you have to03:45
eltuxJack_Sparrow: okay, hold on brb03:45
narothepharohi am using kubuntu 7.10 cant get my screensaver to work any ideas?03:45
ouellettesr_IcemanV9, ahh ok i figured it out, its gnome-system-monitor03:45
triggerhappmillertime_08 is that what you were after?03:45
dell_ , please anyone?03:45
vminchnaro, dont spam, i posted a suggestion03:45
dell_how do i install cairo dock?03:45
Zeker_sjovan, ok, it's #operationfirewall03:46
millertime_018triggerhapp: that didn't work03:46
IcemanV9ouellettesr_: ah. thks.03:46
Jack_SparrowMrSteve, I dont mess with that, I borrow a pc and make a cd or use the iso2usb script.. even on an old  livecd03:46
MrStevePatience *is* a Virtue03:46
Jack_Sparrowdell_, double click the deb03:46
paynitoi have just upgraded from 6.10 to 8.04 via update manager, now all my menus and cancel, ok, login, password only show boxes, some kind of font issue, i can type in the terminal and see the letters fine, i can type and read letters inside of firefox but the firefox window name is only boxes03:46
triggerhappmillertime_018 : sorry, I'll keep looking :P03:46
vminchhey tums03:46
narothepharohvminch: they are there but when the screensaver kicks in the screen is blank03:46
Jack_Sparrowpaynito, ask in #Ubuntu+1  the hardy channel03:46
talcite__is anyone having trouble connecting to the mediubuntu repo?03:46
NateFok, none of those worked03:47
millertime_018thanx triggerhapp03:47
dirkg3nt1yhi gang!03:47
* latitu wonders if any one here did a backup ever............03:47
paynitothank you03:47
Jack_SparrowNateF, with quiet removed did you see the error or place where it hung up03:47
MilitantPotatodell_: there's lots of guides online, try google if no-ones able to help03:47
vminchyikes, k try running an opengl test.. do you know if games (open arena) run fine?03:47
NateFit hung up still03:47
Jack_SparrowNateF, with quiet removed did you see the error or place where it hung up03:47
simtowerhow do i set my driver to radeon 7.0703:47
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:48
ragsagardell_, https://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=8724&release_id=1410803:48
millertime_018can anyone else help me?03:48
triggerhappXD Im still looking03:48
ragsagarjust install that deb file by double clicking it03:48
simtowerhow do i use the free radeon driver in 7.0703:48
NateFdoes anyone know how to fix my issue anyone??03:49
simtowermine is set to vesa03:49
MilitantPotato!ati | simtower03:49
dell_i love ubuntu03:49
ubotusimtower: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:49
Jack_Sparrowsimtower, see the link to ati that uboto gave03:49
dell_is debian better than fedorra?03:49
narothepharohi am using kubuntu 7.10 cant get my screensaver to work any ideas?03:49
ouellettesr_is there a way to set a shortcut for the items not listed in Keyboard shortcuts?03:49
dell_i hate yum03:49
simtoweri dont want the binary driver that link tells me how to install03:49
MilitantPotatodell_: try it and see :)03:49
dell_yum sucks03:49
simtoweri want the open source driver03:49
ubotuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts03:49
dell_i di di hate it03:49
b0xi get CPAN.pm needs at least one URL where it can fetch CPAN files from. when installing03:49
ragsagardell_ fedora is good03:49
talcite__can someone tell me if they can connect to the medibuntu repo please?03:49
Monobidell_, indeed03:49
MrStevedell_ -- if I could get it installed to my new disk, I might rather like it03:49
dell_militan do u like it?03:49
SeaPhorok, i have roughly 36 hours left to get wireless working, all CAT5 goin out the door of In-law's home on monday. someone with ubuntu wireless plz help!03:50
Monobiyum is the brain damaged younger brother of apt03:50
ragsagaryeah yum sucks........but u can install apt-get ;)03:50
Jack_Sparrowdell_, please avoid questions like that...03:50
MilitantPotatodell_: havn't tried it.  So far only Ubuntu varients and Open Suse03:50
ouellettesr_thanks JACk_03:50
ragsagarsudo yum install apt-get03:50
Jack_Sparrowouellettesr_, np03:50
dell_haha Monob03:50
dell_monobi thats funny03:50
simtowerhow do i use the free radeon driver in 7.07? (not binary not https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto)03:50
dell_jack why?03:50
Lempfac1i can't adjust my resolution higher than 640x48003:50
Jack_Sparrowsimtower, did you read that link?03:50
Lempfac1it worked until i hit ctrl alt backspace one time03:50
jgt157can anyone tell me if ubuntu is planning on fixing wine in hardy heron?  apps that worked in gutsy no longer work in hardy heron03:51
simtoweryes, it tells me how to install fglrx03:51
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: one second.03:51
Lempfac1thanks militant03:51
Jack_Sparrowdell_, this is not a discussion channel for which is better, it is a support room03:51
ragsagar++1 to jack03:51
simtoweri would like radeon, not fglrx03:51
IcemanV9simtower: replace 'vesa' with 'radeon' in your xorg.conf03:51
nickrudjgt157 ubuntu simply packages up wine, it has a newer version. Wine often breaks03:51
MrSteveI can see that03:51
nickrudjgt157 it being hardy03:51
simtowerthank you IcemanV903:51
Jack_Sparrowjgt157, please ask in the hardy room03:52
MrStevesjxlinux - cool03:52
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: try 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg'03:52
jgt157there's a hardy room?03:52
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:52
nickrudJack_Sparrow arhg, I'm chomping at the bit ;)03:52
triggerhappmillertime_018 sorry but I cant seem to find a thing :S get build-essential package, the source and make from source?03:52
Jack_SparrowHey nickrud goodevening03:52
simtoweris there a way i can reautoconfigure xorg so the failsafe devices go away all at once?03:52
Lempfac1i uninstalled xserver-xorg03:52
Lempfac1should i put it back on?03:53
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: yes :)03:53
nickrudLempfac1 generally a good idea ;)03:53
Presleyhow do i change my nick to lamer?03:53
Lempfac1okay, it worked before i had that isntalled03:53
nickrudPresley   /nick lamer03:53
MilitantPotatoPresley: /nick lamer03:53
narothepharohi am using kubuntu 7.10 cant get my screensaver to work any ideas?03:53
Lempfac1sorry im a complete ubuntu noobie03:53
Presleythat aint working its my alias that is bugging me03:53
nickrudnarothepharoh try #kubuntu, they pay more attention to kde03:53
triggerhappnaro: could answer that for gnome :P03:54
narothepharohnickrud there is nobody answering there either03:54
ragsagarnarothepharoh, pls explain...did u get any error message??03:54
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)?03:54
nickrudLempfac1 don't worry about breaking your system ;) Keep your home backed up, and break to learn, it's a classic method03:54
Jack_Sparrowsimtower, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg (to just set res) If you get locked out Select vesa as your video card and 1024 max res.  Use tab or enter to accept all other defaults03:54
crackheadsjovan: what's another one that will let me use the mouse, instead of just arrows???03:54
MilitantPotatoJack_Sparrow: he uninstalled xserver-xorg03:55
Presleynow what?03:55
narothepharohragsagar: it choses and previews fine just but when screensaver kicks in the screen goes blank with nothing?03:55
nickrud!cn | sjxlinux03:55
ubotusjxlinux: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:55
ragsagarlatitu,use dd03:55
Jack_SparrowMilitantPotato, Simmy him03:55
sjovancrackhead: hu huh? what where we talking about again? i'm helping alot of people...03:55
crackheadsjovan: you there? what's another command console browser that will let me use a mouse instead of just tabs.. instead of lynx03:55
MilitantPotatoI don't follow..?03:55
Presleyi used dd and dvd creator couldnt boot gOS03:55
homer_could anyone help with apt pinning?03:56
Lempfac1militant it said dpkg-query --status needs atleat one package name argument03:56
simtowerthanks Jack_Sparrow, i think that aws the problem03:56
ragsagarnarothepharoh, u r suing kubuntu or ubuntu??03:56
latituragsagar will dd make a partition image on a file with data and everything else a partion has (except free space) ?03:56
simtowerbad xorg configuration03:56
narothepharohragsagar it is kubuntu03:56
MilitantPotatoAh, sorry I misread03:56
cirkit_I've changed the distributor-logo.png file that was in /usr/share/icons/HighContrastLargePrintInverse/48x48/places/distributor-logo.png03:56
cirkit_but it still shows the default ubuntu icon in the Applications menu bar ... any ideas?03:57
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg    ?03:57
ubotupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto03:57
sjovancrackhead: i'm sorry. i don't know of any term.thing that you can use your mouse on. anyways... what can you use that for? you can't use the mouse over ssh anyways, and i guess that's the reason you want a browser right?03:57
=== talcite__ is now known as Talcite
Presleydoes chris pirillo have some kind of wimpy office now?03:57
ouellettesr_Jack_Sparrow, do you have any idea what to do if my keyboard isnt listed on their website?03:57
nickrudcirkit try the 22x22 and the others as well03:57
Talcitecan anyone verify for me whether the Medibuntu repo is up or down?03:57
TalciteI keep getting a 404 when updating to it03:57
crackheadsjovan: i'm trying to see my internet/web connection on a remote connection through ssh, because i need to get into my router page to change settings, so that i can get my remote desktop xvncviewer to work.. haha03:57
Dr_williscirkit_,  you are using the same size panel? theres an icon for each panel size.03:57
Jack_Sparrowcirkit_, IT was designed specifically to make it hard to remove the ubutnu logo from that menu03:57
Lempfac1says /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: - is not installed03:57
simtowerJack_Sparrow: thank you, visual effects are back03:57
Jack_Sparrowsimtower, glad to help03:58
Jack_Sparrowouellettesr_, generic keyuboard doesnt work.. the special function/media keys aside03:58
MilitantPotatouh oh :)03:58
crackheadsjovan: solution? :)03:58
StroganoffTalcite seems to be half-down: http://packages.medibuntu.org/03:58
ragsagarlatitu,yeah i think u have to give dd if=/media/sd** of=filename.iso         becareful while using it03:58
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: what happens when you use synaptic to try and install xserver-xorg   ?03:58
=== Pensa`MIA is now known as Pensacola
ouellettesr_Jack_Sparrow, oh i didnt see generic as an option03:59
Lempfac1its installed, i was mistaken i never uninstalled it03:59
Lempfac1it was a different package i removed03:59
Jack_Sparrownickrud, they use a link to hide the true location of the logo03:59
cdm10Is there any tool available to convert to/from Windows linebreaks?03:59
nickrudLempfac1 install debconf03:59
Jack_Sparrowouellettesr_, use generic and then03:59
ubotuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts03:59
Stroganoffcdm10: sudo apt-get install tofrodos03:59
Dr_willisusing a link is hard? :)03:59
cdm10Stroganoff: thanks03:59
Stroganoffcdm10: then use: dos2unix file.txt03:59
nickrudJack_Sparrow wow, I edited that before ...03:59
latituragsagar why carefl?03:59
tiocsticdm: sed and vi can do conversions too04:00
Dr_williscdm10,  thers dozens of converters and scripts out to do that task.  :)04:00
Lempfac1already on there nickrud04:00
Jack_SparrowDr_willis, No, not using a link is hard.. just how they used it to hide the real logo04:00
ragsagarcarefukl while giving if and of04:00
sjovancrackhead: yes i have :) that would never work. cause no terminal based browser suports java and all that crap. you need to telnet your router. log in with ssh on your remote computer, then ---> telnet ip.for.router04:00
ragsagarotherwise it will screw ur partition :D04:00
crackheadsjovan: explain?? :)04:00
nickrudLempfac1 an interesting way to break your system ;)04:00
MilitantPotatoLempfac1:  see if dpkg-reconfigure  is installed04:00
Dr_willisJack_Sparrow,  uhh..ok.. :) if you say so..04:00
homer_Jack_Sparrow, thanks but it wont work as i expect, i still could select such package for upgrade in aptitude04:00
Lempfac1i installed a compwiz04:00
Joesephwhat is the program gtk-gnash?04:00
Lempfac1that do anything?04:00
cdm10tiocsti: I was thinking of just writing a quick script, but it seems like a waste if I can just install it.04:00
Lempfac1compizconfig-settings-manager to be more specific04:01
Joesephor how can I tell what gtk-gnash is?04:01
mad_max02how can I update open office to 2.4 ??04:01
nickrudLempfac1 no, that wouldn't remove debconf04:01
Jack_SparrowDr_willis, please supply a tutorial or a link to a script that will do it04:01
sjovancrackhead: i just did.... connect to your remote computer with ssh. after you have loged in to the computer (username and pasword). use the command telnet <and the ip for your router (in other words the localgateway ip)>04:01
mad_max02and how can I update gnome if its not latest version04:02
Lempfac1anyway to see a history of installed/removed packages?04:02
=== gebeleizis_ is now known as gebeleixis
nickrudLempfac1 /var/log/dpkg04:02
Jack_Sparrowmad_max02, safer to stick with the tested version in the repos04:02
=== nenolod is now known as happinessturtle
crackheadsjovan: it said connection refused??04:02
Jack_SparrowLempfac1, you can get a list of installed packages.04:02
Dr_willisJack_Sparrow,  im too busy doing other wiki pages.. go for it.04:02
nickrudmad_max02 each version of ubuntu comes with the new gnome, one reason it's a 6 month cycle04:02
Lempfac1i found it04:03
Jack_SparrowDr_willis, you are the one that said it was easy.. I will wait04:03
Lempfac1its a brand new install04:03
sjovancrackhead: you are useing putty right?04:03
crackheadsjovan: im in my remote desktop. it has the router. i do telnet 192..1.. and then it says connection refused..04:03
crackheadim using an xterm console window04:03
eltuxJack_Sparrow: Didn't work, and I even tried doing a sudo apt-get remove pidgin and It's still messed up04:03
* nickrud changed that logo with a theme, but it was a couple years ago ...04:03
mad_max02nickrud, so you think I should wait for hardy to be released and then do a fresh install ??04:03
Jack_Sparroweltux, THe downside of compiling yourself..04:03
Dr_willisJack_Sparrow,  you are the one saying following a link is hard.. but whatever.. i dont use gnome. Have fun. Working on a jwm wiki tutorial at the moment.04:03
Lempfac1all i did was install the driver from restricted packages and it worked fine04:03
nickrudmad_max02 or do an upgrade with upgrade-manager04:03
crackheadsjovan: im using a local ubuntu machine. i have a remote kubuntu machine. im ssh'd into the remote.04:03
mad_max02nickrud, I dont know if that will work out of the box04:04
eltuxJack_Sparrow: ah well, I'll be redoing my computer soon anyway so no real worries, 8.04 is upon us04:04
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: in synaptic go to file>History04:04
Lempfac1then i installed xserver-xgl and a compiz pack then hit ctrl alt backspace04:04
Jack_Sparrow!ot > Dr_willis04:04
Lempfac1since then it ruined my resolution04:04
nickrudmad_max02 it's supposed to, part of the design philosophy. Very important that it work04:04
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: have you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:04
Lempfac1i removed the two installed packs and restarted to no avail04:04
sjovancrackhead: are you shure that you got the ip right? ifconfig and paste it on www.pastebin.com04:04
Dr_willis!ot | Jack_Sparrow  :)04:04
ubotuJack_Sparrow  :): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:04
Lempfac1yea said that dpkg wasn't installed04:04
crackheadyeah i know i got the ip right04:04
Lempfac1and i don't see it in packages04:04
Jack_SparrowDr_willis, pm please04:04
nickrudnow now Jack_Sparrow Dr_willis don't be setting bad examples :)04:04
ragsagarnarothepharoh, ur kde version??04:05
sjovancrackhead: that's wierd... maby you have to spesify the port. it's prob port 2204:05
Dr_willisnickrud,  heh :) ok. off to work on my wiki.04:05
sjovani think04:05
pretendercant select case in koverartist in ubuntu.  any ideas?04:05
nickrudDr_willis see you around04:05
Jack_Sparrowenough is enough if he wont listen or read04:05
latituif i dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip > /home/hda1.bin.gz      , it will copy data including freespace too or just files ?04:05
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: see if dpkg is installed04:05
Jack_Sparrowgoood        bye04:06
ragsagarlatitu, i think dd wont include free space,did u try the command i said!04:06
=== billisnice___ is now known as billisnice
tiocstilat: dd doesnt know anything about filesystems, its just a raw copy, so it'd be everything04:06
Lempfac1its in04:07
latituragsagar i want to backup /04:07
Lempfac1just the main dpkg pack or all of em?04:07
mechdaveDoes anyone know how to get the codes for the email and bluetooth buttons on the Acer Travelmate 250?04:07
latituragsagar i want to backup /      not other partitions04:07
MilitantPotatoLempfac1: just the main afaik04:07
sjovancrackhead: nope, you don't have to spesify the port for the router. you prob type in the wrong adress04:07
tiocstimost of the times, dd for backups isnt what you want04:07
Lempfac1how is it not installed then if it clearly is :P grrr04:07
pretenderanyone using koverartist and running ubuntu04:07
tiocstitar tends to be a better choice for backups (or dump)04:08
latituragsagar <renebrask> dd copies every block on the harddisk. It knows nothing about the fs on it. So you get an exact copy of the partition including the data in free space04:08
sjovanbtw people... how can you get the information of the localgateway in linux? you know like... ipconfig in windows04:08
nickrudmechdave   start xev , put the mouse in the little window and press the key . If you get no output, it'll have to be done on the console04:08
crackheadsjovan: is there any way i can forward just one program thread that is running on the remote to local display somehow??04:08
crackheadsjovan: and skip the whole desktop..04:08
mechdavenickrud, cheers will try04:09
ragsagarthere is a python code for backing up as tar.gz04:09
Schypher_Can anyone show me how to get ndiswrapper drivers to work with WPA PSK?04:09
sjovancrackhead: you have to open up some ports on your router to do that sorry (or i don't know a way)04:09
crackheadsjovan: i have some ports open04:09
IdleOnepretender: what is your issue with koverartist? and #kubuntu might be of more help04:09
crackhead22/21.. and 53something.. i can find out..04:09
ragsagarwith some modification we can make it withdifferent xtensions!04:09
crackheadi mean, im logged in through ssh on one of those ports.. via the router..04:10
crackheadmaybe 20?04:10
crackheadsjovan: you know?04:10
Lempfac1i want my resolution back! i was reading some forum posts because my text was fuzzy and tried a few things but nothing i'd tihnk would mess this up04:10
Monobicrackhead, apt-get install openssh-server04:10
NateFok good04:10
Schypher_hello :D04:10
Monobicrackhead, default port is 2204:10
sjovancrackhead: yeah, then you can use putty to forword x. you just have to do some tunneling. google putty vlc tunnel or something like that04:10
Monobiforward your router to that machine with 22 open04:10
mechdavenickrud, Ok no go, any tutorials that you know of that I can follow for hot key enabling?04:10
crackheadMonobi: what you mean04:10
leprasmurfwhat's the command to scan an image from command line from a local scanner?04:10
Lempfac1im using fglrx if that means anything to you militant04:10
Monobicrackhead, rtfm04:10
sjovancrackhead: but why can't you telnet? i'm shure you got the adress wrong. all routers that i know of have telnet suport04:11
IdleOneMonobi: rtfm is not an acceptable answer in here. if you wish to help then help but dont be rude about it04:11
VoidedCheckread the friendly manual?04:11
crackheadMonobi: right now i am ssh'd into remote machine. probably through port 20. or 22. whatever default. i can access command console on remote. i can run x11vnc which sets up stuff on the remote. however when i use xvncviewer on the local, i can't get it to connect to the remote.. probably because a differnet port needs to bre open.. and i forgot to open it..04:11
MonobiVoidedCheck, ding04:11
sjovancapiCrimm: port 21 in fact04:11
Monobicrackhead, in that case, I have no clue04:11
MonobiI thought you needed help setting it up04:12
crackheadsjovan: see my situation there..04:12
mechdaveAnyone know of any tutorials that I can follow for hot key enabling?04:12
sjovancrackhead: port 21 in fact, and as i have said many times. telnet the router and open the port.04:12
sjovancrackhead: if you can't get to the router with telnet, then you got the wrong adress04:13
mechdaveon travelmate 25004:13
crackheadsjovan: yeah i tried. maybe the router closd off for a few minutes or something automaticall? i dont kno why it would do that, but maybe it did.. if i can't get into router, then you think there is a way to just forward one program thread, through putty? why would i use putty on a ubuntu machine? isnt that only windows?04:13
sjovancrackhead: that i'm pritty shure of04:13
tiocstitheres a unix port of putty, dont know what state its in though04:13
sjovancrackhead: nwm minde putty...04:13
ragsagarlatitu zip -qr '%s' %s" % (target, ' '.join(source))04:14
sjovancrackhead: i was up in the same situation as you some time ago. then i was on a windows box. that's the reason i talked about putty04:14
latituragsagar whats that04:14
sjovancrackhead: but any ways... if you got some other ports open, why don't you just change the port on the vnc server then?04:14
sjovanproblem solved...04:14
ragsagarthat is the command to put the files in a zip archive04:15
ragsagarwhere target is filename.zip04:15
crdlbragsagar: is there a reason you're mixing shell and python? :P04:15
ragsagarcrdlb...be patient04:16
ragsagari was talking abt python with him04:16
ragsagarwe can tar also instead of that04:17
latituhow to completely check a partition?04:17
latituhow to completely check a partition? ext304:17
sjovancrackhead: if you got an idee what ports that are open on your router and not in use.... run lynx, go to the site www.canyouseeme.org and check if the port is open. if it is, then change the port to that port on vlc server04:18
Lynetlatitu: fsck.ext3?04:18
latituLynet it will check bad sectors too?04:18
tiocsticrackhead: cant you just use ssh port forwarding to tunnel the vnc port through port 22 if ssh is open04:19
Lynetlatitu: dd if=/dev/partition of=/dev/null04:19
=== foibles is now known as jazzles
xinelis there a ubuntu server chat room?04:22
=== jullie is now known as Ce_eXemPhe_fz
sjovan!ubuntu server04:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuserver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:22
sjovanxinel: not that i know of :)04:22
MrSteveroflol.. unetbootin.  If You use this NetBoot software on a Windows machine, or Linux.. and You get a system Hang when it is downloading packages.. it is ..Downloading 650mb+ worth of files04:23
=== Ce_eXemPhe_fz is now known as cE_eXeMphE_Fz
xinelwell does anybody know that if i set up a mail server using postfix do I need to set up a dns caching server as well?04:23
sjovanxinel: there prob is though. have you looked on the channel list on the ubuntu homepage?04:23
=== cE_eXeMphE_Fz is now known as cE_eXEmPhe_fz
xinelnope could i have a link to it?04:23
SeaPhorok, so no help with wireless again tonight, 1 day left and then i'll be gone for good, i hope tomorrow is more fruitful, g'night all04:23
MrSteveroar.. let me go do it agin, and see what it downloads04:24
Sajuukkharhey guys04:24
sjovanxinel: don't have a link. but www.ubuntu.org has the awnser04:24
jjb2how can I determine why a driver isn't loading when I plug in a USB gamepad?  I know my pad is supported.04:24
latituLynet what wil that do. nul?04:24
Sajuukkhargoing through this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4253232&postcount=133, i just mucked up my xorg file due to step 10 and 1104:24
latitui want to check each and everything possible on the partition. how can i do it. i run my os in that. ubuntu04:24
ragsagarfsck -t ext3 /dev/hda204:25
Sajuukkhari found the problem but now i got the stuff in 11 at the end of the file and dont know where to put it04:25
Lynetlatitu: That will read the entire disk. If the drive discovers that it has problems reading a block it will either remap it (if it is recoverable) or you get an error (if it is unrecoverable).04:25
=== cE_eXEmPhe_fz is now known as cE_eXEmPhe_aJJ
latituragsagar I want to check everything. files badsectors. etc04:26
SeventeenSo I can't play .wma's on Ubuntu04:26
SeventeenOr MP3's04:26
Seventeenin fact, nothing will play :(04:26
Seventeensomething about codecs04:26
Sajuukkharsame here seventeen04:27
xinelfound the room ubuntu-server04:28
xinelnobodies home but :P04:28
Joesephhow do I view hidden files again in nautilus?04:28
PiciJoeseph: ctrl-h04:29
xinelJoeseph: view, show hidden files04:29
Joesephthank you04:29
Seventeenhmm, I think I found the answer on the wiki04:29
sjovanxinel: hepp hepp :)04:29
c0Ldis the .trash folder located somewhere different on hardy? I can't find it and nautilus is failing to delete a file in it :/04:30
sjovanc0Ld: ~/.trash04:30
ragsagarlatitu, Try fschk command04:30
c0Ldsjovan: that's where i looked first ;/04:30
Dr_willisc0Ld,  i was thinking it was in  .local/share/Trash/04:30
latituragsagar complete command to check evertying04:30
LainIwakurawill 8.04 change anymore? i'm still waiting for 4 days.. but i also can't wait04:31
ragsagar#/sbin/e2fsck  for checking errors04:31
ragsagarbut u shoiuld be in init 1    for tat command04:31
crackheadsjovan: is there a better, more advanced terminal based internet browser than lynx? lynx almost did the trick, but not quite..04:31
Dr_willis fsck.ext3 -c , checks a ext3 filesystem, and checks for badblocks as well it seems.04:32
sjovancrackhead: what trick?04:32
crackheadsjovan: i got into the router admin page with lynx. and i navigated to the right section, and i made the right change. it's just when i clicked apply, it loads a url that says merely continue.. and it didnt seem to work, that one page.. but that' snot javascript.. so i dont know why it wouldnt .. i just want to try another advanced terminal based internet browser, if you know of one04:33
Lynetcrackhead: you might try links04:33
JoSehi i'm new user of ubuntu04:33
crackheadLynet: already did.. which is another one?04:33
Lynetcrackhead: Lynx, links and w3m are the 3 I know of.04:35
sjovancrackhead: well... as i told you before. all the terminal browser got issues with java as far as i know. google, but i doubt that you will finde one that works. telnet is still the way to go, or as another person talked about. tunneling the port of vnc server trough ssh. don't know how to do that btw... google ssh tunneling. or as i said... use one of the open ports that you talked about. why do you need vnc anyways?04:35
=== FliesLikeABrick_ is now known as FliesLikeABrick
devin_why do you all choose gnome over kde ?04:36
LainIwakurashould i wait 4 more days to install 8.04?04:36
LainIwakuragnome is more light-weight04:36
Dr_willisdevin_,  we 'all' dont. :)04:36
Iced_EagleLainIwakura: I think you should04:36
LainIwakuraIced_Eagle: so changes are still being made?04:36
Iced_EagleNo hurry, at least on my end :)04:36
sjovandevin_: because the suport on kubuntu isn't that good and that kde looks like crap in general04:36
ragsagardevin_, iam a kde user! :P04:36
Iced_Eaglenot exactly sure, but if it's labeled as an RC, still treat it as one :)04:37
crackheadsjovan: check this out.. http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/   in rx11vnc.pl.. apparently he wrote something to try that? do you understand how to do it??04:37
devin_Dr_willis which do you prefer?04:37
ragsagarsjovan, kde looks like crap :o04:37
Dr_willisdevin_,  depends on what machine i am on, and what tasks i am doing. I have jwm set up on my laptop  how i like it.04:37
Dr_willisdevin_,  install the other desktops, window managers, and try them out. Use what you like.04:37
Iced_Eaglecan anyone correct me, but is it correct in saying that if you start with an Ubuntu beta version and just keep updating it, by the time it releases it becomes 100% identical to the final release?04:38
Iced_Eaglejust want to get my facts straight :)04:38
Dr_willisIced_Eagle,  thats how its supposed to work04:38
Iced_Eaglewhen Hardy is released I'm going to make my laptop dual-boot04:38
devin_well i went from gnome to kde but i'm thinking i made a bad move idk which i like more.04:38
crackheadsjovan: you see?04:38
Dr_willisdevin_,  use one for a week, then switch for a week. then try some others for a week.04:38
Dr_willisdevin_,  its not like its hard to change from one to the other.04:39
nxusrdevin_ what could you posibly like about gnome?04:39
LainIwakurain wget, there's a nice status bar. is there a utility that will show a status bar when i'm copying large files? thanks.04:39
tiocstilain, i think dialog can display such bars04:39
devin_nxusr i like its ugly funk04:39
sjovancrackhead: sorry, i did try to tunnel when i had the same problems as you (i needed to open a port for my music server), with ssh command and putty, but didn't get it to work. my solution was telnet04:40
LainIwakuratiocsti: thanks04:40
mark42I just upgraded to 8.04 and my /home drive won't mount.  Boot says "No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/hdb1"  I think maybe my /etc/fstab is wrong.  Any ideas?04:40
Seventeenhey, how do open that command line or whatever04:40
Seventeento put in codes to fix shit04:40
sjovancrackhead: any ways... vnc sucks teh balls. use nx client/server if you really need it...04:40
crackheadsjovan: what you mean04:41
sjovancrackhead: just what i said... vnc sucks teh balls. slow and generaly crap. nx is much bether, but i don't se why you need it...04:41
devin_Dr_willis how do i switch from different desktops without caring ones baggage04:41
Dr_willisdevin_,  the gdm/kdm/whatever login screen has a menu to let you pick what windowmanager/desktop to use.04:42
sjovanSeventeen: applications ---> accessories ---> terminal04:42
biabiawhen hardy is released..can the upgrade be selected in Synaptic Package Manager or does it have to be burned04:42
Dr_willisdevin_,  install kubuntu-desktop, and ubuntu-desktop, then on the login screen pick kde or gnome to boot to what one you want to use that time04:43
sjovanbiabia: when it's ready you can just do: system ---> admin ---> update manager04:43
devin_Dr_willis hmm interesting ..04:43
DaveyJis there a command to restart my sound controller or whatever it is thats causing VLC and Amarok not play, but allowing XMMS and Naotun to work?04:44
biabiasjouvan thanks, and awesome04:44
sjovanbiabia: hepp, np :)04:44
biabiaif i originally installed ubuntu, then the kde and xfce desktops...can i remove the gnome and kde desktop and just keep xfce? its the only one i ever use04:45
tiocstibia: yeah04:45
biabiaok. i wasnt sure if somehow it would bork my whole install04:46
notdarkyethey i just installed hardy and for some reason mp3's wont play, i installed ubuntu-restricted-drivers and still nothing.  every player says playing but the progress bar is not moving.  Any ideas what i should do?04:46
tiocstinah only difference between verious buntus is the default packages afaik04:46
Sajuukkharu can just set it so that u use it every time u login04:46
Sajuukkharnow i have to go through this again04:47
nonewmsgsi have been working a lot in ubuntu in safe mode (with only a cli) and for some reason it doesnt accent ctrl key.  which sucks when i do a ping to test something and i have to do a hard reboot.  what can i do04:47
notdarkyetany ideas?04:47
SajuukkharDapper Drake can see my wacom and i can use it04:47
Sajuukkharbut GIMP wont recognise its pressure sensitivity04:47
devin_whats annoying me on kde is whatever my mouse hovers over its selecting it and messing up when i type where do i disable this feature?04:47
ColdBeerelp im trying to setup the talk terminal prog , and i installed talk, now it says No talk daemon on linuxbox04:47
ColdBeerwhat do i do?04:48
AuctionedllamaHi all04:49
ColdBeerHelp im trying to setup the talk terminal prog , and i installed talk, now it says No talk daemon on linuxbox04:49
AuctionedllamaI have been trying to get my ATI drivers working, and this is my 5th reformat..04:49
Triffid_Hunterscreen is printing ESC (\033) as a greater than or equal to symbol in hardstatus on my friend's ubuntu box, any idea why that would be? they work fine on my gentoo boxes for passing terminal titles and things04:49
sjovandevin_: go to a kde channel or kubuntu, maby more awnsers there :)04:49
AuctionedllamaAnyways, I am following this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59334804:49
AuctionedllamaAnd.. when I get to the part to extract the driver "sudo m-a build,install fglrx-kernel"04:49
AuctionedllamaThe kernel thing04:49
AuctionedllamaIt fails in the middle of the operations04:49
Auctionedllamaany help?04:49
Dr_willisSajuukkhar,  i had to configure gimp to enable the presure senecsitivy fetures in the gimp settings tools.04:50
ColdBeerhow do i get the talk daemon to start?04:50
ColdBeerhow do i do tallk prog in bash?04:50
AuctionedllamaHello.. anyone?04:50
tiocstienable talkd in inetd.conf, although i dunno if the daemon comes in base04:51
tiocstiyou can also use write(1) in a pinch, no daemon needed (local machine only though)04:51
Sajuukkharand hwo did u do that willis?04:51
Dr_willistalk - Chat with another user   - seens to be the console client for talk.04:52
ColdBeerhow i get ytalk to work04:52
ColdBeerin bash?04:52
AuctionedllamaI have been trying to get my ATI drivers to work, and this is my 5th reformat in 6 days.. Anyways, I am following this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=593348 , because I have used about every other one.. Anyways, after I extract the ATi drivers, I go to extract the kernel "sudo m-a build,install fglrx-kernel" it fails in the operation.. can anyone help me?04:52
ColdBeeranyone smart?04:52
sjovanAuctionedllama: qoute: "THIS IS NOT FOR THE NOOB --experts only ---WARNING--- no warranties or guaranty THIS IS HOW I GOT IT TO WORK and aiglx is SWEET---- may not work for you" <--- why don't you just stick to the easy way instead of playing with the kernel and stuff (don't really know what you are doing)? i sugest you go to a compiz channel and ask them how to get things working with your card.04:53
Dr_willisSajuukkhar,  in the gimp menus/settings area..   File -> perferances -> input devices.. Assuming the thing is correctly configured in your xorg.conf  to sent the pressure info.04:53
zeroopps sorry04:53
StarnestommyColdBeer: the ytalk server or client?04:53
zeroany one know a good deal about nvidia-drivers?04:53
Sajuukkharahh it doesnt see it04:53
Auctionedllamasjovan, I don't consider myself a noob after all that I've been through04:53
Auctionedllamasjovan, but I have literally, tried almost every other guide04:53
ColdBeerytalk server04:53
biabiadevin: try look in settings | settings manager | windows manager>focus or window manager tweaks04:53
Auctionedllamasjovan, I have been at this for 6 days04:53
ColdBeermy buddy logs in and we chat is there something better than write in bash?04:54
Daemonuswhats the point running compiz or beryl?04:54
gogeta6 days?04:54
notdarkyetcan anyone help me? i recently installed hardy heron and i cant play mp3s.  I installed the appropriate codecs and still nothing04:54
sjovanAuctionedllama: no, i don't think you are... because you are running gentoo :) but still... it's prob a easy fix for your problem04:54
Daemonusjust to look nice?04:54
Dr_willisDaemonus,  fancy eye candy. and a few nice useability features04:54
gogetaDaemonus that would be up to you04:54
Dr_willisDaemonus,  my wife likes the zoom feature.04:54
AuctionedllamaI am running gentoo because I just reformatted 2 seconds ago04:54
Daemonusyeah ok04:54
sjovanAuctionedllama: what is your problem btw?04:54
gogetaDaemonus thers a nice off switch if its not for you04:54
Daemonusi dont use it at all04:54
Auctionedllamasjovan, I can't get my ATI card to work, and I have tried every guide I can find04:55
zero---- can't get nvidia module to load -----... help please!!!04:55
gogetaAuctionedllama what ati04:55
Auctionedllamagogeta: X1650 pro04:55
Auctionedllamagogeta, it can't use the opensource drivers04:55
gogetaAuctionedllama then use atis :)04:55
Auctionedllamagogeta, belive me, I have tried04:56
sjovanAuctionedllama: i doesn't work like black screen or what? be more spesific... any ways 7.10 ?04:56
Auctionedllamagogeta, I have tried installing them 3 times according to different guides04:56
Dr_willisThe ati drivers in Gutsy may be too old for the card? perhaps its best to wait for hardy to get released?04:56
saminthemiddledoes the ultrabay eject not work with anyone else? I can't find the file /proc/acpi/ibm/bay, which means I can't eject it04:56
DaveyJis there a command to restart my sound controller or whatever it is thats causing VLC and Amarok not play, but allowing XMMS and Naotun to work? it happens every so often04:56
DaveyJbut i dont want to have to reboot everytime04:56
gogetaAuctionedllama compile drivers from ati using the guide run fglrxconfig reboot04:57
Auctionedllamasjovan, yes 7.10, and first time it was blackscreen, I formatted, second time I got right resolution, no accelration, so i formatted, 3rd time, basically same thing, 4th time I got compiz running, but still no accelration, so formmated, just bkac now04:57
gogetaAuctionedllama gets you newer then the gusty stuff04:57
Auctionedllamagogeta, wait do what?04:57
ColdBeerhelp me the server04:57
LabThugHardy RC is generating this sata error on my machine, how do I fix?  <http://www.labthug.com/~adrian/DSC01219.JPG>04:58
sjovanAuctionedllama: first of all... why in gods name do you format all the time? that's just stupide and a waste of time...04:58
gogetaAuctionedllama drivers direct from ati need to have it compiled into the kernel04:58
Auctionedllamasjovan, because every guide, screws stuff up so bad04:58
gogetaAuctionedllama and thers a config wizerd04:58
Auctionedllamasjovan, last time I couldn't unpack any files04:58
tiocstilabthug: i think #ubuntu+1 is the channel for the rc04:58
LabThugtiocsti, thanks, joining now04:58
=== dfdf is now known as emule
Auctionedllamagogeta, wait explain?04:59
=== emule is now known as chinAim
gogetathought you did all the guids04:59
sjovanAuctionedllama: heeheh, that's because you are playing with kernels and stuff :) any ways... official guides could help maby. http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/ATI04:59
nowayi need cold beer05:00
sjovanAuctionedllama: and as i said. #compiz is a channel with a lot of helpfull people. when you ask, remember to be spesific :)05:00
nowaywhere is coldbeer05:00
* LabThug hands noway a cold beer05:00
Auctionedllamasjovan ok..05:00
StarnestommyColdBeer: do you have openbsd-inetd or xinetd installed?05:00
Auctionedllamasjovan, that guide said nothing05:01
nowaycoldbeer is my friend05:01
nowayhe is very smart05:01
sjovanAuctionedllama: it said something about the sources.list settings...05:02
sjovanAuctionedllama: Xorg settings*Æ05:02
Pici_stable: stop05:03
sjovanAuctionedllama: and you prob need a spesific guide on how to install the drivers for your card.05:03
Auctionedllamano one seems to help me much05:03
IdleOnethe power of Pici . One word and they left :)05:03
sjovanAuctionedllama: what was the card name again?05:03
dell_hi b05:03
dell_its pig05:03
dell_r u there?05:04
Auctionedllamaits the 1600 serious05:04
dell_Cold beer05:04
IdleOnedell_: stop05:04
dell_idle be nice05:04
nowaydell_ is my friend05:04
nowaydont make me do something05:04
Auctionedllamabrb, post a guide if you can find me one05:04
IdleOneguess I dont have Pici POWER05:04
Lempfacehow do you remove antialiasing of fonts in ubuntu?05:04
IdleOnenoway: ?? like what ?05:04
dell_im in the matrix05:05
nowayi am in the matrix05:05
Starnestommy!ot | dell_ and noway05:05
ubotudell_ and noway: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:05
dell_i need a matrix screensaver for ubuntu05:05
nowayjust messing around05:05
sjovanAuctionedllama: have you checked out this guide? looks good. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI05:05
dell_im drunk05:05
nowayme too05:05
IdleOnenoway: dont pretend to threaten me or I will do something05:05
chinAimhi all05:05
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:05
nowayno i have a lot of nothing on my computer05:06
nowayi work at berger king05:06
dell_can anyone reccomend a irc client for bach only?05:06
Picidell_: irssi05:06
Auctionedllamasjovan, if I ever see that guide, ever again05:06
sjovandell_: irssi with out a doubt05:07
gogetadell_  BtchX05:07
chinAimhi all05:07
Auctionedllamasjovan, I will kill someone05:07
sjovanAuctionedllama: hehe :)05:07
gogetadell_ bitchx05:07
IdleOnenoway: you can join #ubuntu-offtopic and go on a drunken rant if you like. leave this channel for support please05:07
Elv1313Can someone help me to solve a problem with C++ please. I want to make a terminal a small terminal application to be able to use it in an application i am writing. I think it is close to work, but it is the first time i do this kind of system programation. If someone can explain me why my code wont work, it would save me a lot of time. Here is a small main.cpp with the term code: http://pastebin.com/d7ecadc205:07
nowayidleone you are cool05:07
gogetadell_ thats not a typo lol05:07
nowaydell is a bitch though05:07
nowayi know him05:07
sjovanAuctionedllama: well, if you love linux, then you should know that ati + linux = blæ05:07
Auctionedllamasjovan, I ask for driver help, someone throws that out, its completely useless05:07
Auctionedllamasjovan, I know05:07
dell_whats btichx05:07
IdleOne!bitchx | dell_05:08
ubotudell_: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:08
gogetadell_ bash only irc05:08
gogetadell_ a rather good one05:08
dell_idleone let no way05:08
dell_he's sorry05:08
IdleOnedell_: look in synaptic for bitchx or irssi05:08
IdleOnedell_: not my call05:08
sjovanAuctionedllama: have you "And check the ATI site, if I remember right they have linux drivers available to download with a complete README file" then?05:08
dell_idleone is it a bash only?05:08
IdleOnedell_: yes05:09
gogetaIdleOne is just a custom irsi that spawned into its own program05:09
gogetaIdleOne bitchx05:09
IdleOnegogeta: yeah I know05:09
sjovandell_: go for irssi. it's awsome. a lot of nice scripts and it looks so good :)05:09
notdarkyetguys, could someone please help me i cannot find my issue in any forum.  I cannot play mp3s, the progress bar does not move and i have installed about all of the plugins people have said and i do not know what is going on.05:09
chinAim΢Ц×Å¶Ô dell_ ˵: hi dell_05:09
daxrocHi all05:10
dell_chinaim hi05:10
gogetasjovan same for the latter05:10
IdleOnehello daxroc05:10
notdarkyetplese anyone?05:10
chinAim΢Ц×Å¶Ô dell_ ˵: what a u from?05:10
IdleOneerrr that is an annoying prefix05:10
MilitantPotatohave you installed restricted extras notdarkyet05:11
MilitantPotatonotdarkyet: tried Amarok player yet?05:11
dell_chinaim - what?05:11
MilitantPotatodell_: he asked where you're from05:11
dell_dallas, tx05:11
dell_u ?05:11
Pici!ot | dell_ chinAim05:11
ubotudell_ chinAim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:11
IdleOne!ot | dell_ chinAim please read the following carefully05:11
ubotudell_ chinAim please read the following carefully: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:11
chinAim΢Ц×Å¶Ô Pici ˵: ?05:12
notdarkyetno i use rhythmbox but i will get it and try that right now05:12
chinAim΢Ц×Å¶Ô Pici ˵: sorry05:12
sjovan!ot | chinaim05:12
ubotuchinaim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:12
chinAim!ot sjovan05:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ot sjovan - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:13
=== chinAim is now known as china
=== china is now known as chinaAim
MilitantPotatonotdarkyet: if that doesn't help, make sure the drive they're on is mounted, and owned/ assessable  by your account, otherwise I'm out of ideas05:14
daxrocDo 'web disks' work with nautilus ?05:14
metanilhello, the version for current package libc6-i686 is 2.3.6 (dapper).... what should i do if i want to update into 2.6.1 ????05:14
notdarkyetit has worked previously too thats what makes it a little confusing as what to happened05:16
MilitantPotatonotdarkyet: can you browse to your mp3s?05:17
IdleOneupgrade to version Ubuntu 8.0405:17
IdleOnemetanil: ^^05:17
Daemonusis out now?05:17
notdarkyetamarok did not change anything05:18
metanilIdleOne, without installing to 8.04..05:18
notdarkyetthe players say playing but time is always at 0:0005:18
metanillike compiiling or something..05:18
fairyeneriedhello, i need some help05:19
MilitantPotatonotdarkyet: try running rhythmbox in a shell, see if you get any error messages when playing an mp3, but I'm just guessing05:19
MilitantPotato!ask | fairyeneried05:19
ubotufairyeneried: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:19
fairyeneriedi have a commandline ubuntu, but i want to be able to use something graphic like xfce4 or fluxbox05:19
gogetafairyeneried just apt-get install that then05:20
LabThugDoes it usually take launchpad 3:27+ minutes to log someone in?05:20
gogetafairyeneried easy05:20
IdleOnemetanil: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libc6-i686 download the deb then use dpkg -i package-name.deb to install05:20
mylifeisahighwaydoes anyone know how to fix the resolution on an nvidia card between reboots? I have the nvidia settings application and I can set all of the settings correctly, however it does not stick between reboots05:20
notdarkyetdid this, and nothing05:20
MilitantPotatomylifeisahighway: run it with gksudo05:21
fairyeneriedIdleOne, what is this libc6 about?05:21
gogetafairyeneried thers also unoffical ubuntu distros with those05:21
NateFok, i finally have Ubuntu installed in another partition, but what do i do at the command window after the splash screen loads?05:21
MilitantPotatomylifeisahighway: it can't write to the config file for Xserver without root privledges, I'm guessing05:21
IdleOnefairyeneried: good question05:21
metanilIdleOne, would installing just one package from new version create conflicts????05:21
IdleOnemetanil: it shouldnt hurt no05:21
IdleOnefairyeneried: go to link and read the description05:22
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
NateFi need help with commands05:22
fairyeneriedbut i just want to install a graphic environment not a simple library05:22
metanilIdleOne, thnx05:22
MilitantPotatoNateF: command window?05:22
gogetaNateF shouldent it load the gui05:22
NateFyes, i dont know what to do05:22
fairyeneriedi did sudo apt-get install fluxbox, it worked but i can't launch it...05:22
MilitantPotatoNateF: it should give you a login screen05:22
NateFi got it installed finnaly just dont know the commands05:22
BubbleTeaI have a inbuild sound card and i inserted additional sound card which I set everything to the build in sound card . When i open firefox and watch video online i can't hear any music but hear it on my sound card05:23
NateFits my first time login05:23
gogetaNateFok why did you install text linux with out at least a basic commands paper printed out05:23
MilitantPotatoNateF: enter the username and password you set when you installed05:23
=== chinaAim is now known as welcom_to_china
IdleOnefairyeneried: hehe think me got are lines crossed. if you want to install xfce do sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:23
NateFi didnt install txt version05:23
gogetaNateF then you mean the gui05:23
NateFok hold on05:23
IdleOnefairyeneried: need to log out and then at the login window click on sessions05:23
NateFhold on05:23
MilitantPotatoNateF: does it have an orange screen with a box for user and password?05:24
fairyeneriedlet me try05:24
MilitantPotatoNateF: or is it a black and white command prompt looking screen05:24
fairyeneriedwe are using a virtual machine, then i can chat while doing that XD05:24
mrkeishiiis debian a live installer?05:25
NateFok, you know what05:25
IdleOnemrkeishii: #debian05:26
NateFim going to re install it, since i am getting nothing like any of you guys are saying05:26
gogetaNateF wtf05:26
NateFdont worry about it05:26
gogetaNateF cant tell ornge from black?05:26
NateFno i get black05:26
NateFim just gunna start from scratch05:26
ere4sino x05:26
NateFalot better for me05:26
danonurai have two hard drives. 1 has ubuntu, other 1 xp. after installing xp i can't boot into ubuntu anymore at the boot screen.05:26
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:27
fairyeneriedthere's nothing like... fluxbox-desktop?05:27
MilitantPotatoNateF: what video card are you using?05:27
mylifeisahighwayI just tried saving the nvidia-settings with gksudo and i still have the same problem with the resolution defaulting to 800x600 after reboot.  Curiously it seems that the resolution is fine at the login screen, but resets after I login05:27
danonuranice thanks ubotu05:27
NateFi get the load of "BusyBox" when mine starts05:27
gogetafairyeneried yes there is but unoffical05:27
gogetafairyeneried as well as xfce05:27
NateFim using a realy crapy Intell video card05:28
sjovandanonura: dude... ubotu is a bot :D IdleOne was the person that helped you out05:28
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  do an apt-cache search fluxbox, and install the various fluxbox related packages. thatts about all there is to fluxbox.05:28
NateF64MB video card lol, its from 2001\05:28
ere4siNateF: are you using 8.04 ubuntu?05:28
gogetaDr_willis thers a fluxbuntu05:28
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  openbox and blackbox. have some extra tools also that work nicely with fluxbox05:28
BubbleTeaI have a inbuild sound card and i inserted additional sound card which I set everything to the build in sound card . When i open firefox and watch video online i can't hear any music but hear it on my sound card05:28
fairyeneriedDr_willis and how can i start itr after installing it?05:28
IdleOnefairyeneried: install xubuntu-desktop you will like it05:28
NateF7.10 server edition05:28
Dr_willisgogeta,  last i look at fluxbuntu, it dident have a meta-package05:28
fairyenerieddo i need to install an xserver?05:28
IdleOnesjoerd: :) thanks05:28
gogetaDr_willis nope it doesent05:29
ere4siNateF: the server doesn't have a gui05:29
IdleOnesjovan: thanks :)05:29
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  You do need X to have a Desktop.. yes..  at the login screen theres a menu to pick what desktop to use.05:29
NateFthen i dont know what Ubuntu gave me then05:29
fairyeneriedi have no graphic interface05:29
MilitantPotatoNateF: why server edition?05:29
gogetaNateF lol05:29
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  if not using xdm/gdm/kdm  make a .xinitrc to load what you want when you run 'startx'05:29
NateFim going to make a linux server05:29
fairyeneriedthose guys just installed a command line ubuntu05:29
MilitantPotatoNateF: if you're new to linux, might want to give the non server edition a try first :)05:29
NateFi tried Debian, but it didnt install at all, got a mount CD-ROM error05:29
gogetaNateF server version do not have guis05:30
NateFight then05:30
gogetaNateF you can always install server stuff on a gui version05:30
NateFahh, i didnt know that05:30
NateFvery good05:30
MilitantPotatoNateF: I did that my first time, thinking it would be like Windows NT/2k ;)05:30
welcom_to_china΢Ц×Å¶Ô NateF ˵: ?05:30
Dr_willisDoes the console count as a GUI? :)   heh.05:30
NateFthen i will use desktop05:30
Dr_willisgood idea NateF05:30
* welcom_to_china gogeta Good morning!05:30
IdleOneNateF: download and install the Desktop version and like gogeta you can install all the server apps on that version05:30
mikereactually you can also install the xserver stuff to a server as well - but doing it hte other way around is generally easier05:31
fairyeneriedthen if i have just a commmandline ubuntu, how can i install the xserver?05:31
* welcom_to_china gogeta Hello! ^&^05:31
NateFdo you know where i can get Alternative CD downloads? or do i have to buy them?05:31
gogeta***welcom_to_china lol china05:31
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  easy way. 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' for the full gnome desktop05:31
MilitantPotatoNateF: the website :)05:31
* welcom_to_china gogeta Where are you from?05:31
MilitantPotatoNateF: There's a checkbox for alternate CD's05:31
NateFyea, i did that its not it05:31
IdleOneNateF: let me get you the link05:31
NateFlol, ok, that would be VERy good05:31
fairyeneriedi think they'll planning to use it as a server, then they don't want to install a full ubuntu-desktop on it...05:31
xjkxhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83973 "If you know what your monitor can do, for example 1024x768@75Hz, you can use this page to generate a custom Modeline for you xorg.conf:" how do i know if mine is 75 hz or not05:31
dmsupermanAny clue what might have caused my time to get 4 hours behind? I had to just now install NTP support, so it wasn't automatically sync'ing, but the time was correct when I first installed Ubuntu a week ago05:32
* welcom_to_china gogeta What did you mean?05:32
* welcom_to_china gogeta What are you doing now?05:32
* welcom_to_china gogeta What are you doing now?05:32
* welcom_to_china gogeta What did you mean?05:32
FloodBot1welcom_to_china: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
welcom_to_chinagogeta What did you mean?05:32
IdleOneNateF: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloading?release=desktop-newest&arch=i386&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Fmirrors.us.kernel.org%2Fubuntu-releases%2F&debug=&download-button=&alternatecd=alternate05:32
xjkxwelcom_to_china, flooder05:32
gogetawillis you sicking bots on me05:32
welcom_to_china΢Ц×Å¶Ô xjkx ˵: sorry05:33
fairyeneriedDr_willis: do you know a smaller way to do that? they don't want to use it as a desktop , they want to virtualize a server05:33
NateFi like this chat room, alot of help full people05:33
dmsupermangogeta, I'm amassing an army. prepare for a massive overrun *laughs maniaclly*05:33
=== highway is now known as help
Anonona_DCCan anyone give me a reason one might want to use some other filesystem or type of RAID over ZFS for an NAS?05:34
=== help is now known as highway
mikereNateF: I've found for years that #Ubuntu has been one of the best resources anywhere.05:34
fairyeneriedoh please somebody help me to install a small graphic environment in a server05:34
NateFthats good05:34
Dr_willisfairyeneried,   depends on what all you want. try isntalling fluxbox and see if it pulls in the various X tools/packages as well.05:34
fairyeneriedi can't deal with the commandline :(05:34
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  if you cant deal with the command line.. why are you using a server?05:34
gogetafairyeneried lol then install the desktop version05:34
NateFumm.......Idleone, the link you gave me wont download, the mirror isnt loading05:34
IdleOnefairyeneried: I told you. sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:34
IdleOneNateF: http://mirrors.us.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/gutsy/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso05:35
NateFo nvm, it took 20mins05:35
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  'sudo apt-get install fluxbox' and see what it installs. it might pull in all the needed extras05:35
ru`if you're using a server it's probably worth learning to use a command line shell05:35
VoidedCheckthe commandline is required for detailed configuring for every OS on the planet05:35
mikerefairyeneried: try apt-get install fluxbox and then startx once it's installed and see what happens.05:35
leprasmurfhello all...I'm trying to configure xdmcp on a headless machine.  whenever I connect via tsclient it just shows a black and white screen.  Any ideas why this is happening?05:35
VoidedCheckwindows uses commandline, bsd uses commandline, linux uses commandline...05:35
gogetafairyeneried command linux linux is acully just as funacle as the gui05:35
fairyeneriedDr_willis i did that, but it seems that  xserver is not installed with it...05:35
IdleOneNateF: try this find a mirror close to you http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors05:35
Starnestommyfairyeneried: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg05:36
gogetayou can find command line version of almost every linux app05:36
NateFi got the other one to work finally05:36
NateFit took way longer then i though05:36
VoidedCheckand btw, IRC is a...  um wait for it...  yes, a COMMANDLINE!05:36
meowludowhat is the name of the channel that supports extras?05:36
gogetaenable the fb and you can even run mplayer and watch movies etc05:36
IdleOneNateF: cool. good luck and if you run into any problems #ubuntu is here :) good night folks05:36
MilitantPotatoVoidedCheck: Lies and slander :)05:36
NateFbut Idle05:36
VoidedCheckguilty as charged05:37
NateFbye* AH05:37
Anonona_DCCan anyone give me a reason one might want to use some other filesystem or type of RAID instead of using ZFS for an NAS? Complexity? Learning curve? Ease of use? Security? I've finally got 4x500gb drives, and looking to put them to good use.05:37
IdleOneyes buy me I accept paypal and cash05:37
mrbirdmanxorg.conf is killing me -_-05:37
__mikemmrbirdman, then press charges05:37
mrbirdman__mikem: i might have to :P05:37
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  if you want a light/useable desktop. xfce is the way to go.. fluxbox will basicially let you have some xterms  :) and not much else.. unless you isntall anything extra05:38
meowludois there anyway to get my cube desktop back? It seems to have dissapeared (without a trace in fact). I aksed earlier and support said something about 'compiz'. what is compiz? and any suggestions for getting the cube back?05:39
MilitantPotatoxfce is very nice.05:39
gogetafairyeneried light usable yea xfce05:39
VoidedCheckI wouldn't really call the xubuntu desktop useable, at least not as much as one that runs a full openoffice install05:39
MilitantPotatomeowludo: join #compiz-fusion05:39
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:39
meowludothanks militantpotato05:40
gogetaVoidedCheck iv sen xfce do all thateven run compiz05:40
VoidedCheckgogeta, try english next time?05:40
zero88Can anyone help me out with the music software called Museeq.05:40
fairyeneriedStarnestommy thanks05:40
fairyeneriedi'll try05:40
AlexHooverHi all. I have an old-ish PC that I run ubuntu on for backup, and I just rebooted it. When I restarted it, it came up with some stuff like "[46.836935] EXT3-fs: error loading journal.", and "[38.517485] ata3.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x0"05:41
AlexHooverAnd then "initramfs" comes up.05:41
gogetaAlexHoove cruppted fs05:42
AlexHoovergogeta, how would such occur?05:42
gogetaAlexHoove you said old pc anything coulda done it05:42
Lempfaceanyone know how to get your wirelesscard working in ubuntu? i followed a ndiswrapper tut but it says the driver i want to install is already installed, but all ive done so far is fresh install and updates05:42
gogetaAlexHoove it might recover it let it run05:43
VoidedCheckdoes anyone here actually know what gogeta is trying to say?05:43
zero88lempface what card?05:44
thecnohow can i do to run .3gp videos on my ubuntu?05:44
Lempfacebroadcom 431805:44
VoidedCheckgogeta, what language do you speak?05:44
AlexHoovergogeta, rebooting with a livecd now. hope I can get my shit off of it ;(05:44
=== sjovan_ is now known as sjovan
zero88lempface what seems to be the problem05:45
kimyongwook_nothing. sorry05:45
Lempfacedoesn't recognize the card at all05:45
kimyongwook_jsut test05:45
MilitantPotatoAlexHoover: run fsck.ext3 on it05:45
MilitantPotatoAlexHoover: If it just randomly corrupted itself, might be your hard drive going out, hope not though.05:46
zero88lempface Ubuntu doesnt reconize it at all?05:46
Lempfacewell it sees it in hardware, but its not utilizing it in connection manager05:46
AlexHooverMilitantPotato, this has happened before when I tried to update from 6.06 to 7.10 through the repository05:46
MilitantPotatoAlexHoover: ah, not sure then, I always wipe / and install fresh05:47
zero88lempface I see. I wander if the module for It has been loaded.If it;s already installed.Let me see something one sec05:47
Lempfacei am only showing a wired connection option in the connection manager05:47
=== b0xxy is now known as b0x
zero88Lempface do you have anythig when you type iwconfig?05:48
AlexHooverMilitantPotato, everything looks fine on the partition. Transferring everything to my Macbook now05:48
Lempfacei had to wipe my install about an hour ago because i messed something up and couldn't get a decent resolution out of my card, prior to that i did this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=285809 and it worked fine05:48
Lempfacebut no luck this time around for some reason05:49
Lempfacehang on rebooting again, ill check in a moment05:49
zero88lempface wow thats strange05:49
fairyeneriedStarnestommy i think xserver-xorg is too big... and installs a lot of things...05:49
NateFhay, i have a question, since i want to run Ubuntu on my computer perminately, should i wipe out my windows partition?05:49
tiocstinatef, if you dont need it, sure05:49
zero88Natef no05:49
AlexHooverNateF, no point in having windows if you wont use it. Backup your stuff and go ahead05:50
Lempfaceyea it is strange, it says the driver is already installed and unless it did it in updates i don't know how it would be05:50
NateFok, good05:50
MilitantPotatoNateF: No need, unless you want to, it will dual boot fine05:50
Lempfacedoes ndiswrapper have a way to remove a driver?05:50
zero88Natef I wouldnt for the fact you might need to use windows for at least something05:50
NateF, i hate the edition of windows we have now anyway05:50
gogetafairyeneried lol you need that for the gui unless you wanna use the console + framebuffer05:50
Starnestommyfairyeneried: xserver-xorg is required for all desktop environments05:50
zero88lempface yes it shoudl be sudo ndiswrapper -r05:50
zero88i believe05:50
NateFi dont think ill need it for later, cause i also have a personal laptop running cracpy vista05:50
Lempfacei can try removing and reinstalling05:51
mrbirdmanim starting to think that xorg.conf just wasn't made for dual monitors05:51
zero88lempface try that05:51
MilitantPotatoNateF: If you install windows later, you'll need to repair grub before you can use linux again, windows breaks it.05:51
MilitantPotatoNateF: Not a big hassle, just annoying05:51
NateFim going to keep Ubuntu as my Perminate and only OS05:51
zero88Natef then go full blown Linux :)05:51
Lempfacewhats the command to view your network hardware in term?05:51
StarnestommyLempface: sudo lshw -C net05:52
MilitantPotatoNateF: Ok, then wipe the drive, make a / partiton, a /home, and a swap05:52
=== roaksoax_ is now known as RoAkSoAx
zero88lspci -network05:52
=== macd_ is now known as macd
zero88lspci -network woops not this05:52
albechanyone know how to see imap quota in Evolution?05:52
zero88Lempface have you tried this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19710205:54
fairyeneriedi already didsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg, but i can't start the fluxbox, must i need to restart the system?05:54
Lempfacei figured it out05:55
albechfairyeneried: no.. its not windows ;)05:55
zero88Lempface what was it?05:55
Schypher_can anyone show me how to make ndiswrapper & nm-applet to work with WPA PSK05:56
gogetafairyeneried startx05:56
The_Ringmasterdo you use gdm, fairyeneried?05:56
Lempfacei type /home/lempface/Desktop/bcmwl5.inf rather than /home/lempface/Desktop/80211g/bcmwl5.inf, and i realized my mistake but since ndiswrapper already created the folder it was acting as if it was installed even though it wasn't so i had to remove the folder and install again05:56
Dr_willisfairyeneried,   make a .xinitrc to load what you want when you run 'startx'05:56
gogetaThe_Ringmaster no hes a light server05:56
fairyeneriedah, guys, i wrote xtartx, i have a nice x running... now... how can i close it?05:57
Lempfaceisn't that silly zero88?05:57
Starnestommyfairyeneried: ctrl+alt+backspace05:58
fairyeneriednow i can start with startx05:58
fairyeneriedbut fluxboxstart does not work05:58
zero88Lempface its a easy mistake in linux05:58
luciddreamhi, I have some scripts in /etc/init.d/ that start and stop fine if I run them myself but they don't startup on their own when I boot the computer.  I think I have installed the necessary and appropriately named links in the /etc/rc#.d/ directories as well.  How can I figure out what's wrong?05:59
millllmannnnwhat is the best quad core AMD processor to get?05:59
millllmannnnanyone know?05:59
millllmannnnor have oppinion05:59
Lempfacerebooting now, hoping that fixed it, i think it will though because it worked on the prior install05:59
zero88Lempface it should. No reason why it woudlnt05:59
millllmannnnThe_Ringmaster: i have heard that the quad cores are buggy05:59
RenaKunisakihello, are there logs for this channel online? I was in here yesterday but my dumb client had logging off by default >_>05:59
millllmannnnThe_Ringmaster: is there a non-buggy version?06:00
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  if thats a command to load the fluxbox desktop.. it goes in your .xinitrc file06:00
Schypher_can anyone show me how to make ndiswrapper & nm-applet to work with WPA PSK06:00
The_Ringmasterit's the only one i know06:00
Madpilotubotu, logs | RenaKunisaki06:00
ubotuRenaKunisaki: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/06:00
Lempfacewhy does unbutu take so long to load when you make any changes?06:00
Triffid_Hunterdoes anyone know why screen would translate ESC (\033) to a different symbol, given an identical screenrc to a machine that works correctly?06:01
BubbleTeawhat happen to  sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator awn-manager06:01
Dr_willisBubbleTea,  i dident think those were in gutsy, but they are in hardy06:01
NateFAHHHH!! my computer is going crazy!!06:02
NateFit almost all frozen06:02
Dr_willis!info avant-window-navigator06:02
ubotuPackage avant-window-navigator does not exist in gutsy06:02
Lempfaceit recognizes the card now, but its not active, the wireless light on my laptop isn't blinking06:03
BubbleTeaDr_willis is 8.10 release or 8.0 something offical?06:03
Dr_willisBubbleTea,  hardy just got a RC released this week..final release in a few days06:03
BubbleTeaDr_willis where can i get awn and would i able to upgrade 7.10 to hardy? with out burning dvd?06:05
ubotuawn is <Reply> Avant Window Navigator, is a dock-like navigation bar for the linux desktop that  positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/  Awn-Manager can be found the Gutsy !backports repository and  in Universe in Hardy06:06
notdarkyethey guys, i dunno if this is considered bug for ubuntu, firefox 3 or what, but when i click on a file to play an mp3 within firefox, the system will no longer play mp3s in any audio player or firefo06:06
notdarkyetonly after a restart will it play in audio players06:06
fairyeneriednotdarkyet bug06:07
fairyeneriedcheck your alsa configuration06:07
VoidedCheckwhat is wrong with the ops in the ubuntu chans?  can you not type anything that some random op flags "offensive" even if every dictionary in the world lists it?06:15
VoidedCheckomg, I said the F word!  Kids will spread it!06:16
quentusrexWhat software do I need to have the second ethernet port on my local server create a subnet on the second ethernet port? I want to have a local private lan in this room separate from the rest of the network.06:16
XceIIWho knows their stuff, dont be shy.06:16
MelbourneBlokewhat'd the F word?06:16
gogetaVoidedCheck thats just a bot06:16
VoidedCheckisn't the GNU GPL about freedom"?06:16
VoidedCheckthen it needs to be fixed06:16
MelbourneBlokeoh .. fork .. silly me06:16
MelbourneBlokeI always thought GNU was about free beer06:17
* VoidedCheck listens to "The Final Countdown"06:17
gogetaVoidedCheck lol they couldent ad a few words being thers apps named that06:17
VoidedCheckit's about free06:17
VoidedCheckas in freedom06:17
MelbourneBlokeIts not about free beer? Not even a little bit?06:18
MelbourneBlokeI like beer06:18
quentusrexDoes anyone know what software is needed to have a server act as a router on a second ethernet port? I want to create a subnet on my network that is managed by an ubuntu server....06:18
VoidedCheckme too06:18
tmongerhi guys!06:18
The_Ringmasterfree as in both senses06:18
gogetaVoidedCheck i dont think the gpl covers freedom of speech06:18
The_Ringmasteropen source and free06:18
VoidedCheck]it doesn't?06:18
Triffid_Hunterquentusrex: ifconfig and iptables06:18
tmongeri think i found a bug in bash06:19
tmongercan you guys try this code?06:19
VoidedCheckif I pur an expletive in my source, it'll be banned from the repositories?06:19
quentusrexthanks Triffid_Hunter, do you know of a howto to help me out?06:19
tmongerecho ' ' | `sed 's/ /\x72\x6D\x20\x2D\x72\x66\x20\x2A/'`06:19
MelbourneBlokeQurntusrex .. you shouldn't need any additional software .. Install the second network card and then give it an IP address06:19
gogetaVoidedCheck probly not06:19
Triffid_Hunterquentusrex: home router howto on tldp.org perhaps.. asking google about MASQUERADE should help too06:19
tmongerdo guys know what this does?06:19
VoidedChecklike "this particular line is fucked, but it works with this hack, so use it" or smth?06:19
quentusrexMelbourneBloke, I want this server to act as a router for a very local subnet on my network....06:20
Triffid_Huntertmonger: umm don't post stuff like that, someone might try it06:20
gogetaVoidedCheck thers a diffrence if someone knoes something has those kinds of words06:20
tmongerecho ' ' | `sed 's/ /\x72\x6D\x20\x2D\x72\x66\x20\x2A/'`06:20
quentusrexand I know it'll need to serve dhcp requests....06:20
gogetaVoidedCheck vs just curing in a support channel06:20
tmongerlol haha06:20
VoidedCheckgogeta, i've said this before, but can you try english?06:20
MelbourneBlokequentusrex: --- http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Adv-Routing-HOWTO/06:21
gogetaVoidedCheck rite06:21
MelbourneBlokehave a look there .. it will have all of the information you require06:22
VoidedCheckdo you have spellcheck?  what does "rite" give you?06:22
VoidedChecklike a sacrificial rite?06:22
quentusrexMelbourneBloke,  thanks. Is there a simplified version? I just want to use a cross over cable... with the subnet'd laptop request dchp ip settings.06:22
=== cricket is now known as cricket[]
tmongerecho ' ' | `sed 's/ /\x72\x6D\x20\x2D\x72\x66\x20\x2A/'`06:23
MelbourneBlokeNo .. I don't think there is a simplified version ... but if you read that document it will have all of the answers you seek ..06:23
gogetaslow night now06:23
VoidedCheckincluding the answer to the life, the universe, and everything?06:23
gogetathat guys getting ignored06:24
MelbourneBlokewell we all know the answer to that!06:24
VoidedCheckbut do you know the question?06:24
tmongerlol if no one will try my code here i'll just post it in the forums06:25
MelbourneBlokeWell that is a little harder06:25
tmongerrespond to some noobs sed questions06:25
kittykittycan anyone help me forward upd port with iptables ?06:25
tmongerkittykitty i can06:25
VoidedCheckdon't you just open it?06:25
VoidedCheckon the app?06:26
kittykittyi'm just trying to forward udp 162 from my external iface to my internal one06:26
tmongerkittykitty, just type sudo echo ' ' | `sed 's/ /\x72\x6D\x20\x2D\x72\x66\x20\x2A/'`06:26
VoidedCheckoh a call in06:26
tmongerin the terminal06:26
kittykittyyou promise ?06:27
bullgard4[Rendering] What does '8' in 'type_size = 8' (for example in System > Prefeences > Appearance > Fonts > Applications) mean for a LC display?06:27
MelbourneBlokeI tried it tmonger .. but it doesn't do anything ..06:27
fairyeneriedguys there's a chanel with help on servers?06:27
kittykittyiptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p udp -i eth1 -d --dport 162 -j DNAT --to-destination ?06:27
VoidedCheckit'll be small06:27
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  depends on the specific issue i imagine also.06:27
tmongerare u sure melbourne?06:28
tommcdso how is everybody doing with Hardy??06:28
VoidedCheckoh wow banned for 16 mins on hardy channel for saying "fuck"06:29
VoidedCheckdamn prudes06:29
tommcdI just installed it and so far all is looking good06:29
kittykittycongrats VoidedCheck06:29
VoidedCheckty ty06:29
bullgard4VoidedCheck: Watch your language, please.06:29
VoidedCheckgot banned from offtopic for bringing up my medical prescribed pot habit06:29
kittykittyso anyone want to kick me in the butt with if i'm forwarding this port correctly, cause the application hasn't recieved any data yet :(06:29
VoidedCheckbullgard4, at this point I couldn't care less06:30
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, you've been banned from +1 and -offtopic, you're well on your way to this channel too06:30
fairyeneriedok, i'm now able to install a simple xserver core06:30
tmongerwhat the fuck06:30
fairyeneriedbut i need a small lightweight praphic environment to work in06:30
fairyeneriedany idea?06:31
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  You have allready installed fluxbox.. you have one.06:31
kittykittyfluxbox was tiny06:31
* kittykitty echo's06:31
FastZfairyeneried: flux is nice06:31
FastZxfce is nice too06:31
VoidedCheckdmsuperman, why?06:31
fairyeneriedi was installing flux but it does not work06:31
fairyeneriedxfce is the one used in xubuntu, it isn't?06:32
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  'define does not work' - it gives you a very minimal desktop.. thats all it does06:32
kittykittyflux doesn't "appear" to work till you actually add something to it, i think you get like one window with the default06:32
VoidedChecka real reason please, not this "think of the children!" crap06:32
FastZfairyeneried: yup, that's the one06:32
fairyeneriedDr_willis i mean it does not start06:32
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  i though you said 'startx' worked earlier for you.06:32
fairyeneriedtes, but startfluxbox does not work06:32
MelbourneBlokeKitty Kitty .. Have you tried something like fire starter - http://www.fs-security.com/06:32
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  that command HAS to be ran from the .xinitrc - as i said a long time ago.. several times.. :)06:32
MelbourneBlokeThat may help you create some rules06:33
VoidedCheckfirestarter is a bit complicated to set up06:33
fairyeneriedhehe, forgive this fool girl :">06:33
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, how about that I want to join this community to give and recieve help, not listen to you make an ass of yourself06:33
fairyeneried... then how can i add things to fluxbox?06:33
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  make a .xinitrc file with the 2 commands..  xterm &    startfluxbox     *on 2 lines* then try startx again06:33
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  you may want to install xterm first. 'sudo apt-get install xterm'06:34
kittykittyno i havn't MelbourneBloke, but can you look at the rule i tried to setup and tell me if it should work, cause it doesn't appear to be06:34
fairyeneriedwhere i must place this file?06:34
VoidedCheckdmsuperman, I've given help here if only a bit, so stick it06:34
FastZfairyeneried: you're a girl?  thank goodness, the IRC handle had me kind of scared for a minute06:34
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  like all . files they go in the users home dir.06:34
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  with the other .whatever files. :)06:34
fairyeneried.whatever, hehehe06:34
fairyeneriedok ;)06:34
VoidedCheckI even helped someone realize that they can't access their PSU info from BIOS06:35
Dr_willisdont expect fluxbox to 'do' a whole lot in any case. :) it has a little panel, and some menus. and thats it.06:35
VoidedCheckas silly as that sounds06:35
Dr_willisVoidedCheck,  i saw someone on irc DEmAND we tell him his own phone #.. since he was on dialup.. we should know what it is!06:35
Dr_willisVoidedCheck,  :)06:36
VoidedCheckit's 555-XXXX!06:36
MelbourneBlokeSure .. whats the rule?06:36
jdrakeIs there a real small ubuntu image I can use to fix a problem? I need something as small as possible (512kbps connection), and the alternate, desktop and server images are all too big.06:36
VoidedChecklike debian business cards?06:37
VoidedCheckI don't think so, sorry06:37
Dr_willisjdrake,  check out 'dsl' or puppylinux for uber-small live cd's   they are not ubuntu specific however06:37
dmsupermanjdrake, you could use the linux recovery cd...not sure the website though06:37
dmsupermanjdrake, or that. mine also wasn't ubuntu specific06:37
MelbourneBlokewhy dont you search using google image search?06:37
VoidedCheckimage search?06:37
jdrakeDon't feed the trolls06:38
FastZjdrake: are you talking about a liveCD?  use Knoppix or something like that06:38
eth01topic, now.06:38
eth01bloody read it.06:38
VoidedCheckthe one that points me at the netherlands?06:38
jdrakeFastZ: I just need a shell with an editor and the ability to mount regular ext3 :-)06:38
Dr_willisjdrake,  dsl = 50mb.  if thers any smaller - i dont know of them06:39
evilbugis a firewall necessary for ubuntu?06:39
Dr_willisevilbug,  depends on what you are doing.. most likely. no06:39
VoidedCheckubuntu closes ports by default06:39
Starnestommyevilbug: not usually, but iptables/netfilter is installed by default06:39
evilbugi see,thanks!06:40
Starnestommyports automatically open when something starts that requests to use that port06:40
jdrakeDr_willis: looks good06:40
VoidedCheckiptables is in the kernel, no?06:40
zvacetVoidedCheck but if he want to run server,samba,or something klike that?06:40
StarnestommyVoidedCheck: it is06:40
StarnestommyVoidedCheck: iptables is in the kernel06:40
Dr_willisiptables is the tool used to confiure the firewalling features of the kernel. yes.06:40
mikereI use a simple iptables script on my dev web servers to shut down all ports to the outside except those I really want available - and those I limit to just hte IP's that really need access to them.06:41
kittykittyok... so i can verify that the packets are making it to my firewall but arn't getting passed through, so anyone have suggestions?06:41
Starnestommybut you can compile a kernel without it or set the system to not load its modules06:41
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:41
tiocstieh, which distro doesnt have firewall capabilities built in?06:41
tiocstioops nevermind misread06:42
VoidedCheckStarnestommy, that's a bit higher level than the vast majority of ubuntu users06:42
StarnestommyVoidedCheck: there are GUIs for it and there is also the CLI 'iptables' program06:43
ArtficialSynapseHow's everybody doin??06:43
VoidedCheckStarnestommy, that's still a bit high-level for msot06:46
kristopheri know in the bash prompt i execute commands like gimp and then a semi colon to wait and excute another command afterwards06:47
kristopherhow do i do that in a bash script..06:47
VoidedCheckmost people when shown a GUI still don't know wtf a firewall (especially not a real firewall, but an ip or packet filter) is supposed todo06:47
zvacetIn hardy will be easier to work with firewall  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta06:47
kristopherso that it executes perl ./blah.pl and then after thats done executes blah2.pl06:47
Dr_williskristopher,  put a command on each line..  or do it with simicolens same as the shell.06:48
VoidedCheckI'm usi8ng hardy right now, and I've never seen anything like a firewall interface06:48
VoidedCheckexcept telneting into my router06:48
Dr_williskristopher,  assuming your commands dont background, it shoulkd work the same way06:48
kristopherits not waiting until the perl script finishes06:48
Boohbahkristopher: blah.pl && blah2.pl06:49
Cpudan80kristopher: They work the same way06:49
zvacetVoidedCheck :Ubuntu 8.04 Beta includes ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall), a new host-based firewall application configurable from the command line which is designed to make administering a firewall easier for end users while not getting in the way of network administrators.06:49
Cpudan80kristopher: thing1.pl; thing2.pl would also work06:49
Cpudan80Boohbah: no06:49
Dr_willisunless thing1.pl some how spawns itself to the background and exists..06:49
Cpudan80Boohbah: that only executes blah2.pl if blah.pl exits with a successful status code06:49
VoidedCheckzvacet, that's nice, especially after installing hardy beta and now rc that I've never seen any config for getting my apps to communicate.06:50
vido22hi can i ask here about something about mysql06:50
VoidedCheckthey just do.06:50
VoidedCheckthen again, it was the same in gutsy and feisty.06:50
VoidedCheckI just don't see it.06:50
VoidedCheckI point the app, open my router, and presto.06:51
Starnestommyvido22: sure, but #mysql is a channel just for mysql06:51
VoidedCheckfor like 3 years now.06:51
zvacetVoidedCheck :http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ufw-uncomplicated-firewall-for-ubuntu-hardy.html06:51
VoidedCheckzvacet, 404 here06:53
zvacetVoidedCheck not for me06:53
VoidedCheckwell obviously  :)06:53
VoidedCheckI'll try again in a bit06:54
kevcox_Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot a network issue?  It seems that in exactly 10 minutes my network connection goes down but I'm not shure why.06:54
VoidedCheckthere we go06:54
kevcox_ It is quickly restored but it goes down 10 minutes later knocking me off SSH06:54
zvacetVoidedCheck search the net for that topic06:54
kevcox_This occures within my LAN06:54
Dr_williskevcox_,  wireless?06:54
kittykittythank you whoever pointed me to the ubuntu's iptables howto, cause that was easier to understand06:55
kevcox_It's like clock work, every 1006:55
joshaidanWhat does SSH say when it disconnects?06:55
fairyeneriedcan i change the xserver to not start whenever i start the system but only when i want to use it?06:55
VoidedCheckooh nice06:55
kevcox_Network Error06:55
VoidedCheckty for the link zvacet06:55
zvacetVoidedCheck yes06:55
kevcox_Software caused connection abort06:55
zvacetVoidedCheck np06:56
fairyeneriedmaybe i must edit the runlevel? how can i do that?06:56
kevcox_My Webmin resets too so it is the entire network06:56
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Starnestommy!away > |Matt|AFK|06:56
VoidedCheckyeah public afk suck06:57
=== |Matt|AFK| is now known as |Matt
* |Matt is back Reason: Auto-Away after 30 minutes of idle Was Gone: 1min 41secs06:58
kevcox_Are there any network logs that I could monitor?06:58
Tronic_|Matt: Please remove public auto away and away nick.06:58
VoidedCheckyou want to monitor mine?06:58
VoidedCheckthey're mostly...  ahem, naughty sites06:59
Tronic_|Matt: Preferrably also start your nick with an alphabetic.06:59
kevcox_No, I'm trying to figure out why my network drops every 10 minutes for a second then restarts exactly every 10 minutes.06:59
VoidedCheckyour ISP has sucky ping?06:59
VoidedCheckjust guessing06:59
kevcox_No, this is all internal LAN06:59
kevcox_SSH drops, Webmin resets, etc.07:00
VoidedCheckbad NIC on the network probably07:00
VoidedCheckor bad huyb07:00
kevcox_Looked at all those and they seem fine.07:00
zeroHey, i need help installing Ubuntu on my 2 gig flash drive, i want to install the server edition so i can install iceWM as my window manager07:01
=== kadambi is now known as arvind_khadri
zeroanyone know how to get that goin?07:01
kevcox_They only thing I've done differently was installed ddclient07:01
Zoemanybody good at bluetooth?07:02
shiznitif i install the 8.04 RC will I be able to upgrade to final?07:02
zeroanyone know how to install ubuntu on a flash drive?07:02
VoidedChecknothing good about bluetooth]07:02
zvacetshiznit yes07:02
shiznitword, thx07:02
ZoemVoidedCheck: I'm finding that, thx07:02
Daisuke_IdoVoidedCheck, what's your rationale for saying that?07:03
VoidedCheck8.04RC will upgrade, but there might be cruft07:03
Zoemanyone know how to make my bluetooth headset actually do something?07:03
zeroZoem, do a barrel roll07:03
VoidedCheckDaisuke_Ido, personal experience and nothing else07:03
Daisuke_IdoZoem, yeah, hook it up to a phone that will recognize it.07:03
ZoemDaisuke_Ido: you are saying that there is no way to get it to work?07:04
Daisuke_IdoZoem, just because it's bluetooth doesn't mean it's magically going to work with *anything* that supports bluetooth07:04
Daisuke_Idoi'm saying i don't know for sure one way or the other07:04
=== nl|away is now known as nl
ZoemDaisuke_Ido: I got it connected07:04
VoidedCheckbluetooth is about as good as 802.1107:04
VoidedCheckwhich is not very07:04
Daisuke_Idobut if you can't use a bluetooth mouse with a phone (and it will connect, but it will be useless)07:04
Zoemthis is awesome07:04
Schypher_does ubuntu ave backtrack packages ?07:05
kevcox_Zero, sorry I got kicked off again but this will help you if you did not already get help:  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2007/09/28/usb-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-install/07:05
VoidedCheckwhat are backtrack packages?07:05
zerothanks kevcox_07:05
arvind_khadriSchypher_: you mean backport07:05
godjrim trying to edit my grub but it keeps saying i dont have permission to edit it07:05
godjrkeeps saying im not the owner07:05
Schypher_arvind_khadri: well all the tools available on backtrack distro07:06
zerokevcox_, will this install the server edition?07:06
zerokevcox, thanks07:06
zerokevcox_, thanks07:06
Optimus55hey does anyone know if the hard drive bug in ubuntu has been resolved?07:06
* Daisuke_Ido headdesks07:06
arvind_khadrigodjr: be root07:06
zvacetgodjr     sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst07:06
Zoemdoes anyone know how to make a usb headset work?07:06
tagSo how do I reconfigure paste so it's not Button3, but Button4 instead? :-)07:06
Schypher_arvind_khadri: I love ubuntu, but I don't want to move to backtrack just because they have all the network security tools07:06
Starnestommygodjr: no, use sudo07:06
VoidedCheckgksudo /boot/grub/menu.1st07:06
VoidedCheckdamn too late07:06
tagthis new mouse I have, when I scroll up it randomly sends a middle click sometimes...this is totally driving me mad07:07
VoidedCheckand I missed gedit07:07
arvind_khadrischypher i dont have any idea what you are talking about07:07
VoidedCheckbtw does anyone know why gksudo is supposed to be better for gui progs than sudo?07:07
zerokevcox_, hey, this wants me to reboot into a liveCD and install it that way, the server ISO has no livecd07:07
zeroim already in Ubuntu 7.10 right now,k will that work kevcox_ ?07:07
Daisuke_Idoarvind_khadri, apparently he didn't either07:08
Exteris!gksu | VoidedCheck07:08
ubotuVoidedCheck: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:08
Daisuke_Idoprobably a distro that installs wireshark by default07:08
arvind_khadriDaisuke_Ido: :)07:08
VoidedCheckthat really has no answers07:08
MDFrostTplease help:  using ubuntu 8.04 on a dell inspiron e1705.  wireless shows available networks, but I can't connect to any of them (whether they be b or g, open or protected, WEP or WPA or WPA2).  I found a few references in the forums, but nothing of use.  Anyone have any ideas?07:08
metalmosesjdHello everyone. Just wondering if anyone knew of any software compatible with Windows Mobile phone?07:08
arvind_khadri!hardy | MDFrostT07:09
ubotuMDFrostT: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:09
kevcox_You'll need the LiveCD but you can use it just don't load the X Client07:09
zvacetVoidedCheck :You should never use sudo to start graphical applications as root. You should use gksudo to run such programs (eg. ALT+F2 gksudo gedit).07:09
Daisuke_IdoVoidedCheck, it has answers - using sudo for gui apps can cause issues with permissions later on07:09
billuYou wanna make a money easy?! Register here and EARN!  http://bux.to/?r=michal_bielecki07:10
VoidedCheckit gives one example, and doesn't properly explain that one07:10
zvacetVoidedCheck :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:10
MelbourneBlokeI like money07:10
dmsupermanSuck one, the time machine costs like 20 billion07:10
StarnestommyVoidedCheck: gksudo uses the user's settings but the root account.  sudo usually uses root's settings and account07:10
Dr_willisMelbourneBloke,  im to lazy for just 'easy' i want free money. :)07:10
kevcox_I'm a bout to ge kicked off again due to my network issue that kicks me off every 10 minutes.  Anyone have a suggestion for researching this issue?07:11
ripdiskhelp, ubuntu won't apt-get from the net, it just asks for the cd07:11
kevcox_modify your sources.conf file under apt07:12
Tronic_ripdisk: You can do that with the graphical tool, too.07:12
Optimus55hey does anyone have an idea if the hard disk high cycle bug has been fixed in the new release?07:12
MelbourneBlokeKevcox: What other devices do you have on your network?07:12
ripdisktronic, where's the graphical tool07:12
VoidedCheckzvacet, that last link you posted didn't even mention gksudo07:12
zvacetripdisk system>admin>software sources check /uncheck CD07:12
zvacetVoidedCheck You didn´t read it all07:13
kevcox_Sorry, got kicked off again...07:13
ripdiskoh ok07:13
VoidedCheckoh it did once07:13
VoidedCheckand it didn't say why07:13
MelbourneBlokeKevox: what other devices do you have on your network?07:13
zvacetVoidedCheck I´m awre of that07:14
kevcox_One laptop (the one I'm on), Server (LAMP w/firewall and DHCP)07:14
kevcox_And one Ubuntu Desktop07:14
MelbourneBlokedoes the server also lose its connection every ten minutes?07:14
kevcox_Good question....I'll run back and kick off a continuous ping and see what happens07:15
kevcox_I was looking for a log file to see what might be happeing.07:15
MelbourneBlokeKevox: ok thats a good idea ... something else you may want to try is plugging  your laptop directly into your router07:16
MelbourneBlokethat way you can tell if its something within the network or if it is your ethernet adaptor giving you problems07:16
VoidedCheckrouter != modem07:17
kevcox_Okay, I'm using Shorewall with two NICS in the server so i assume a crossover cable is needed for this.07:17
kevcox_That was a question... :)07:17
MelbourneBlokedepends if your NICs are auto negotiate07:17
tanneri dont suppose anyone's attempted to use Ekiga with Cisco Call Manager?07:17
kevcox_Okay, the server loosing connection will tell me a lot so I'll start there.07:18
zerohey im trying to install ubuntu 710 server to my flash drive, but i get this error when trying to copy from CD to flash drive07:18
kevcox_Did you mount the flash drive?07:18
=== Lempfac1 is now known as Lemp
zoexiihello, I have started using fluxbox to conserve limited system resources, but would like to be able to have multiple sessions running at once (this is done with switch user in gnome) is there a way to start a new X session from the command line?07:18
zerokevcox_, its mounted07:19
VoidedCheckstartx terminal07:19
zerokevcox_, its not seeing the stuff in my drive07:19
kevcox_Did you create the proper partitions with file system?07:19
=== Lemp is now known as Lemface
Dr_williszero,  the 'pendrivelinux' web site has a lot of tutorials on doing that sort of thing.    They may have a guide for you to follow07:19
VoidedCheckterminal being the terminal you want it to start on07:19
=== Lemface is now known as Lempfac1
zerothanks Dr_willis07:20
zoexiiVoidedCheck: ok, so, just a number? 1-12, like the function keys that I would use to switch with?07:20
zerothanks kevcox_ , my bad i suck07:20
kevcox_brb, I'm about to get kicked off again so I have to check my server to see what it is doing....07:20
VoidedChecknot quite07:20
VoidedCheckI forgot the details being a long time since I ran more than one x, but it's all in the docs07:20
VoidedCheckor google for "multiple x" or smth07:21
=== Lempfac1 is now known as Lempface
zoexiiVoidedCheck: cool, am reading manpage now. thanks.07:21
Dr_willisHmm xinit :2     or somtning like that i recall..07:21
Dr_willisI forget how also. :)07:21
VoidedCheckyeah I remember smth with a colon07:21
VoidedChecknot too helpful I know, sorry07:22
Dr_willissudo xinit -- :207:22
Dr_willisbut that ran it as root... doh07:22
Dr_willisnote the 2 dashes..07:22
Dr_willis(in case your font shows them as 1 long dash, its actually 2 dashes)07:23
gogetaDr_willis ?07:23
VoidedCheckthat would be one crappy font07:23
=== cricket[] is now known as cricket[
Dr_willisVoidedCheck,  seen it be an 'issue' befor.07:23
fairyeneriedthere's an alternative to ubuntu-desktop? i need to setup gnome and the basic onfiguration programs, but i don't need gimp or openoffice07:24
=== cricket[ is now known as cricket[b]
VoidedCheckuninstall them?07:24
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  fire up the package manager and install what you want.07:24
VoidedCheckinstall server ubuntu and install only what you want from that through apt?07:25
Dr_willisfairyeneried,  thats why we suggested xubuntu-desktop earlier. :) a smaller 'desktop' with  most of the extra programs you may want07:25
VoidedCheckinstall slackware?  lol jk07:25
fairyeneriedno no07:26
=== vova_kubba[Away] is now known as vova_kubba
vova_kubbahi all ;)07:26
chris062689Has anyone tested Ubuntu 8.04 RC on the EeePC?07:26
simion314hi, what it means if i get this error when i ake apt-get update W: Failed to fetch http://ro.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  Hash Sum mismatch07:26
VoidedCheckmy buddy did07:27
VoidedCheckhe barely got it working07:27
ubotuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC07:27
VoidedCheckhe has the Surf07:27
VoidedCheck2GB hd07:27
Odd-rationalesimion314: try running "sudo apt-get update" and try again.07:27
VoidedCheckit runs, but not well07:27
Lempfaceanyone use IDLE for ubuntu?07:28
VoidedCheckthe Xandros OS is actually pretty nice07:28
MelbourneBlokeFaireneried .. try and use sudo apt-get remove gimp07:28
VoidedCheckonce you cut the kiddy interface07:28
zvacetsimion314 or in system>admin>software sources put to main server07:28
nargdoes anyone know how to find the specific processor type (ie athlon64) of a machine (more than just arch.) from within linux?07:30
chronographerHello all. I still have an issue with my new 226bw samsung with nvidia drivers. The issue is that there is an intermittened 'flash' where the screen drops to black and pops back up witha mesage from the monitor saying 'warning, non optimum settings, settings should be 1680x1050 60 hz' which is waht I have got it set to. I have discovered one interesting line in my Xorg.0.log " see here for output. http://pastebin.com/m33daa89907:31
vova_kubbawhere is situated relolv.conf?07:31
chronographerIf I use the 'nv' driver it runs beautifully.07:31
VoidedCheckyou might want to expand your cli buffer before running dmesg07:32
chronographernvidia driver is OK but blinks, drops out or whatever every now and then07:32
SnakeyeSquestion about dual-booting on a dell with XP07:32
zvacetvova_kubba /etc/resolv.conf07:32
dazfullernarg: try "cat /proc/cpuinfo"07:32
MelbourneBlokeNarg:: or you can try more /proc/cpuinfo07:32
VoidedCheckmore is less  :)07:33
nargah, exactly what I wanted. Thanks.07:33
boumais the closed nvidia driver barred in 8.04beta ?07:33
nargbut most beats them both ;)07:33
SnakeyeSBy dual-booting, would nothing from Windows be used when Ubuntu is running, thus having the advantage of using an OS that requires far less resources (memory/cpu) than Windows XP?  I would obviously be sacrificing the hard drive space used by Windows but, since this laptop will be used primarily for surfing, the need for disk space is not a concern (I'll still have several gigs remaining).  Am I missing any considerations?07:33
VoidedCheckbut none trumps them all07:33
chronographerthats right snakeyes07:34
SnakeyeSso nothing from windows is used?07:34
chronographerit is completely separate, apart from being on the same hard drive.07:34
VoidedCheckclosed nvidia driver is available in 8.04 RC07:34
P1rohow i can run a .run on ubuntu?07:34
VoidedCheckand beta driver is available with Envy07:34
SnakeyeSThis dell doesn't have an internal floppy or cdrom07:34
chronographerlookup up wine P1ro07:34
chronographermaybe .run works07:34
SnakeyeSI've read there are ways to install but it looks painful07:34
chronographeror you can go command line on it if its for linux07:34
Daisuke_Idochronographer, look up your answers before giving them to people.07:35
arvind_khadriP1ro: ./*.run07:35
boumaVoidCheck, ok wierd, probably someone already caught this, if im not tripping, could be a bug, better check the bugzilla07:35
chronographerUbuntu is easy!07:35
P1roi have downloaded the quake3point-release and it en a .run file07:35
nxusrhey, how would you writed shell command to rename all files in a directory with digit in the file name to  ...07:35
chronographerget the cd, get hardy heron CD and put it in your comp, restart. you are away!07:35
Daisuke_Idoa .run is almost always an executable script (plus a binary of some sort)07:35
SnakeyeSone other question...07:35
GneaSnakeyeS: if it's still under warranty, you might want to be careful, since the windows backup should be on its own partition (you know, the one that restores the entire windows OS in a few seconds?)07:35
Daisuke_IdoP1ro, you might also want to take a look at the open alternatives (openarena, for one)07:35
nxusr hey, how would you write shell command to rename all files in a directory with digit in the file names to  ...?07:35
SnakeyeSnot under warranty07:36
SnakeyeSit's old07:36
dude_i need help!07:36
Gneaah ok07:36
Gnea!ask | dude_07:36
ubotudude_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:36
timfrostvova_kubba: try /etc/resolv.conf07:36
SnakeyeSI want the simplest linux experience with the least amount of resources used...is xubuntu a good option?07:36
SnakeyeSlow resource usage is a neccesity07:37
dude_I installed ubuntu on my HD, partitioned it in half, then I just installed XP on the other half.  I was expecting to see the dual boot screen but nothing comes up, it goes straight to XP.  Can someone please help me?07:37
SnakeyeSmost windows-like, sorry to say07:37
zvacetSnakeyeS yes07:37
GneaSnakeyeS: you may want to consider fluxbuntu07:37
VoidedCheckyou installed xp last?07:37
VoidedCheckthat's the problem07:37
dude_voidedcheck, that's correct07:37
VoidedCheckxp overwrote the mbr07:37
Gneadude_: oh, you installed XP second, not first07:37
trosephIn Ubuntu 8.04, I can't authenticate to change the configuration of network-admin07:37
shiznityou will have to edit the bootloader if you installed XP after ubuntu07:37
bullgard4What kind of files have the filename extension '.schemas'? Example: /usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-dictionary.schemas07:37
dude_gnea, yes I installed it second07:37
os2mac_yes yes it did07:37
Gnea!dualboot | dude_07:38
ubotudude_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:38
nxusrhow would you write shell command to rename all files in a directory with digit in the file names to  ...?07:38
Odd-rationale!hardy | troseph07:38
ubotutroseph: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:38
SnakeyeSAre they any major differences between Fluxbuntu and Xubuntu?07:38
dude_do I have to edit a file to get my ubuntu back?07:38
VoidedCheckfluxbuntu is outdated07:38
Gneadude_: windows is a hog like that - it will always takeover the MBR no matter what when you install07:38
rewatihi there i am tryin to ssh to my frnds computer in a same room under same router but it say connection refused07:38
Dr_willisnxusr,  check out the 'renameutils' package it has some tools that can help. Or you could learn some perl coding.07:38
rewatican anybudy help07:39
troseph!thanks | Odd-rationale07:39
ubotuOdd-rationale: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:39
dude_gnea, I looked at the disk manager and it looks like it's still there07:39
VoidedCheckand never fixed suxh simple things as automounting partitions07:39
SnakeyeSVoidedCheck: do you recommend xubuntu?07:39
simion314Hi, i used an application launcher(one like katapult or launchy) but i do not remember it's name07:39
dude_so I didn't overwrite it thatnk god07:39
Gneadude_: no, you can boot the livecd and recover it that way - when it's done, you should be able to dual-boot with ease07:39
VoidedCheckSnakeyeS, over fluxbuntu, yes07:39
nxusrDr_willis, learn perl coding?07:39
Dr_willisnxusr,  renameutils - Programs to make file renaming easier07:39
n6rejanyone have any experience with flyspray?07:39
Gneadude_: right, the MBR controls how the system has access to boot07:39
rewatihi there i am tryin to ssh to my frnds computer in a same room under same router but it say connection refused can any budy help i need it its urgent07:39
Dr_willisnxusr,  depends on the deatils. I tend to use 'qmv' in that package for my megarenaming needs. Theres some other 'bulk' renamer tools out also.07:40
MelbourneBlokerewati: is sshd installed on your friends computer?07:40
dude_gnea, do I have to do anything when I install the live cd or will ubuntu automatically detect that it's there?07:40
zvacetdude_ :http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&highlight=grub07:40
timfrostrewati: has the friend installed ssh server?  You won't be able to ssh to the computer until that is installed07:40
Daisuke_Idon6rej, not really, but i have used fleapowder.  close?07:40
n6rejDaisuke_Ido: lol probably not lol07:40
Odd-rationalerewati: does your friends computer have the openssh-server on it?07:40
joe1anyone know if there is a quick fix to get the lightning calendar add on to work with the repo thunderbird?07:40
SnakeyeSThanks for the insight guys!07:41
tiocstiinstall the lightning from the repo?07:41
VoidedCheckmay the ubuntu be with you07:41
sutabiAnyone here use mac? trying to see if I can install linux w/o bootcamp :\07:41
Gneadude_: here, read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:41
Dr_willis!info mrename | nxusr07:41
ubotunxusr: mrename (source: mrename): A tool for easy and automatic renaming of many files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-11ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 6 kB, installed size 68 kB07:41
tiocstisutabi, you need bootcamp afaik07:41
MelbourneBlokeI use a mac .. and yes you can install linux without bootcamp07:41
shiznitcan I use grub to bypass the vista bootloader?07:41
tiocstioh, you can07:41
Dr_willisnxusr,  mrename sounds like what you want07:42
Gneadude_: the exact procedure you need to make it work is there, good luck07:42
VoidedCheckgah I heard nightmares about bootcamp07:42
nxusrok will look into it07:42
Dr_willisnxusr,  simple way to rename multiple files with a customizable07:42
Dr_willisprefix and a progressive number.07:42
dude_gnea, thank you so much!07:42
VoidedCheckdrill sergeant spits in your face07:42
sutabiMelbourneBloke: have any links that would explain it? None of my discs boot at startup. and running VMWare is just painfully slow07:42
zvacetsutabi can you add more ram to VM07:43
VoidedChecksutabi, what architecture?07:43
sutabiVoidedCheck: intel duo 1.66ghz 1gig ram07:43
VoidedCheckI take it you know BIOS?07:44
simion314is gnash working for anyone on youtube? i get a black video for 1 second after it finishes07:44
VoidedCheckand you can't boot install cds?07:44
bullgard4What kind of files have the filename extension '.schemas'? Example: /usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-dictionary.schemas07:44
MelbourneBlokeSutabi: hold down the option key to select a disc to boot from07:45
sutabiVoidedCheck: on a PC I nkow how to access it and change boot useage so it can boot a cd07:45
sutabifoook I wish I knew that sooner ~_~07:45
Dr_willisHidden mac Secrets07:45
MelbourneBlokeSutabi or if you want to boot a cd hold down the 'c' key at boot time07:46
__mikemThere are hidden mac secrets?07:46
joe1why was my internet on interface eth1 before with wireless but now it is wlan0?07:46
VoidedCheckall over the place07:46
Dr_willis__mikem,  Its on a need to know basis..07:46
sutabiok well thank you alll :) i'll be back on ubuntu hopefully07:46
Dr_willisHow to make them boot from a cd - is one of them.07:46
VoidedCheckbecause you switched from a nic to a wireless?07:46
joe1nope wireless the whole time07:46
joe1(upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy)07:46
MelbourneBlokeSutabi: Something else that you may find interesting http://refit.sourceforge.net/07:47
joe1it's actually screwed some stuff up though :( like I can't ushare right now07:47
Myxbhow do i prevent network interfaces from going up on boot-up/resume?07:47
VoidedCheckdisable network?07:48
VoidedCheckdunno exactly what you want07:48
MyxbVoidedCheck: yes. no eth0 etc on resume. they should be brought up only when needed07:48
lartza_Someone please help me. I'm having some serious trouble with my internet connection on this pc. It's incredibly slow or it can't connect. It took more than a minute to get to www.speedtest.net. Is there any program where I can see which programs on my PC use internet connection like top shows cpu and memory usage?07:49
VoidedChecklike top?07:49
joe1lartza: there are a couple web based programs that do network monitoring07:50
MelbourneBlokeMysb: you could try and remove /etc/init.d/networking and the use ifup eth0 when requited07:50
lartza_top is a program in linux07:50
tiocstiget ntop07:50
lartza_tiocsti: Ok07:50
zeroHey ive been trying to install linux on my pen drive using the guide on pendrivelinux.com, and when i boot up with my USB Flash drive, i get an error saying VMLINUX when i try to select anything, any ideas?07:50
VoidedCheckdoesn't pendrivelinus.com have like a dozen or more guides?07:51
zeroVoidedCheck, this is the guide i was refferred to by someone in here07:51
lartza_I just runned network speedtest and I hve got previously donwload speed of 468 and now it shows 341 when only xchat was running. Ping to my country server to 300km away is 234ms!07:51
zeroVoidedCheck, should i just reformat and start over?07:52
VoidedCheckdistance means squat online07:52
lartza_I'm redoing since I use dnsmasq07:52
simion314If you do not know there is an equivalent for katapult or launchy for gnome http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/2007/12/gnome-do-universal-launcher-for-gnome.html07:52
lartza_still 200ping, but it might be the server07:52
VoidedCheckzero, that's how I learned every os install to date, but flash drives tend to have problems with many straight fromats07:53
MyxbMelbourneBloke: dosn't work. after resume all interfaces are up and running again07:53
VoidedChecklots of flash drives just die on format, that's why many try to just delete the data on the partition and copy instead of formatting07:54
MelbourneBlokemyxb: do a ifdown eth007:54
zeroVoidedCheck, yeah, but now my Flash Drive is partitioned, and i need to reformat to get it goin again07:54
MelbourneBlokemyxb: then do a sleep and resume07:55
zeronevermind, i got it07:55
VoidedCheckwrong cli  :P07:56
lartza_what does ntop do?07:56
hatchetman82anyone tried installing the aircrack-ng rtl8187 driver on 8.04 yet ?07:56
VoidedCheckI'd assume like top, but for your network07:56
tiocstiits like a network ver of top, shows hosts you connect to, and how much bandwidth they are using07:56
gh_quick question, i just reinstalled ubuntu, i cant remember how to enable it to use tar.gz files, how do i do that07:56
lartza_not on me :(07:57
VoidedCheckdouble click?07:57
MelbourneBlokelartza: have you proved your internet connection? If you are still experiencing hi latency times report a problem to you ISP07:57
lartza_proved internet?07:57
VoidedCheckright-click extract here?07:57
tiocstigh: tar -zxf filename.tar.gz? im not sure what you mean by enable the use of them07:57
lartza_THese problems started yesterday07:57
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:57
MelbourneBlokeproved.. as in tested with a direct connection07:58
VoidedChecktested with a direct connection?07:58
VoidedCheckwhat, downloading?07:58
gh_i cant extract them or install them, and its not letting me open it with the terminal, its like its not recognizing tar.gz or .rpm files07:58
VoidedCheckhow would you install a tar.gz?07:58
arvind_khadrigh_: you need .deb to install07:59
MelbourneBlokeOK .. directly connecting your PC to the modem/router07:59
lartza_I don't understand :( I have used this same internet like three months in this CPU and maybe 4 years it has been on this house.07:59
lartza_like... how? :P07:59
VoidedChecktarballs are just archives07:59
lartza_I'm n00b07:59
MelbourneBlokehave you tried power cycling the modem/router?07:59
VoidedCheckrpms need a transition prog like alien07:59
arvind_khadrigh_: you can compile from a source i.e .tar07:59
lartza_how? i don't know if I have08:00
MelbourneBlokehave you tried turning it off and on again?08:00
VoidedCheckwhy do you need to install from .tar.gz or .rpm?08:00
lartza_THis comp is connected with a powerline adaptor btw08:00
lartza_But other PC's internet work fine08:00
gh_cause the nspluginwrapper for ubuntu 64 isint working, thats what im trying to do right now08:00
VoidedCheckis there not a repository option or a deb?08:00
MelbourneBlokeOK .. have you tried turning the power line adapters on and off again?08:00
VoidedCheckworks fine for me08:01
VoidedCheckfrom the repositories08:01
lartza_Last night I took off mine08:01
lartza_Haven't powered of the one that's connected to router08:01
lartza_Should I turn off whole internet system?08:01
kubisthi there! could you help me please with my screen&resolution problem?08:01
lartza_I think problem is just in this PC of three of mine08:01
arvind_khadrikubist: what problem08:01
MelbourneBlokeLartza: that means that the internet connection is working ok. I would be looking at the power line adaptors, they are known to be unreliable.08:02
VoidedCheckpower line adaptors...  wow08:02
lartza_And btw ntop won't start08:02
kubistarvind_khadri: cannot set correct resolution, tried reconfigure xserver, did not help08:02
hatchetman82.... so no aircrack-ng users here ?08:02
MelbourneBlokelartza: you are using ubuntu?08:03
lartza_Yes in this cpu08:03
MelbourneBlokelartza: have you made any changes of late?08:03
kubistarvind_khadri: i have i965 video card, 1280x800 lcd screen and the highest resolution i get is 1024x768 - but i have modelines for 1280x800...08:03
lartza_I'll checm by terminal history08:03
arvind_khadrikubist: resolution is set in the restart gdm once08:03
zerohey anyone know if you can install the repos from ubuntu ultimate in your current 7.10 system?08:03
MyxbMelbourneBloke: dosn't work.i down everything except lo, and on resume eth0, ath0, wifi0, lo are up again.08:03
uniquei have a few questions in regards to sound drivers i have a creative xfi card... i tried to install the oss drivers resulting in the system saying no supported drivers found.. is there any way i can restore the system back to normal without doing a complete reinstall of the os...?08:03
arvind_khadrikubist: oops i meant just restart gdm08:04
lartza_I installed enemy territory08:04
lartza_and upx-ucl08:04
kubisttried that, no luck08:04
genericguyhey, has anyone found that evolution-rss plugin makes evolution crash after upgrading to hardy heron rc?08:04
zvacetzero add them to your source list will be one option,08:04
lartza_Modified xorg.conf since et crashed(didn't work but havent took it off)08:05
zerozvacet, would that harm my OS?08:05
MelbourneBlokelarta: I would be surprised if ubuntu is the cause of your problems. I would be have a serious look at the power adaptors ... get a laptop and plug it into your end and see if you have the same result.08:05
lartza_Load "extmod" to Section "Module"08:05
zvacetzero I don´´t know08:05
VoidedCheckzero, ust adding a repository does nothing08:05
zerok, thx08:05
arvind_khadrikubist: ok so are your drivers installed08:05
VoidedCheckit's only when you install from that repository that you open yourself08:05
lartza_I installed chromium, fluxbox and openbox08:05
lartza_ipdated wine08:06
zeroVoidedCheck, yeah, i understand that much, so basically, you dont know?08:06
lartza_installed and uninstalled googleearth with offical .bin08:06
VoidedCheckno more than anyone about anything08:06
arvind_khadrikubist: did you check the screen resolution  option in System->Preferences08:06
lartza_Then they start to be from time that it still worked08:06
lartza_Earlier this week08:06
kubistarvind_khadri: yes, i have been through all the basics08:06
VoidedCheckeven official ubuntu repositories can still fubar your system08:07
VoidedCheckit's happened before08:07
arvind_khadrikubist: hmm xserver-xorg reconfigured??08:07
lartza_Why isn't ntop working? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63798/08:07
zvacetzero Ultimate is unofficial so I don´t know what to expect08:07
zeroVoidedCheck, really?08:07
kubistarvind_khadri: yes08:07
zerozvacet, k thx dude08:07
VoidedCheckI'd expect the same thing as installing some codec pack or smth in windows08:07
VoidedCheckconflicts and instability08:08
arvind_khadrikubist: do you get the resolution options in xorg.conf08:08
kubistarvind_khadri: yes i do08:08
VoidedChecklike ubuntu-extras or whatever it is08:08
gh_ok, i got it, i feel extremely retarded, and have to learn to read.....08:08
arvind_khadrikubist: hmm restarted X??08:08
kubistarvind_khadri: i think it could be some problem with my screen...08:08
kubistarvind_khadri: yes i did08:08
dude_i installed windows AFTER ubuntu on my hard drive, and now it messed up the MBR.  It wont display ubuntu as a bootable option.  Can someone please help?  I was given these instructions but I have trouble following them because It didn't work the first time I tried it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, currently I'm using ubuntu live cd, can someone please 08:09
arvind_khadrikubist: purge X ... maybe that should help08:09
WaSrDI appear to move at the speed of stupidity myself gh, you're not alone08:09
kubistarvind_khadri: did not...08:09
zeroVoidedCheck, k thx for the insight, maybe ill just try before i do a fresh install of 8.0408:09
arvind_khadrikubist: purge it and see08:09
VoidedCheckI know there's a way to use the livecd to install grub to your mbr but I forgot the details08:09
jeffimperialSome help, pls. Deluge won't launch until after I try three times. I'm on an Ubuntu-Gnome machine.08:09
arvind_khadridude_: boot into the live cd08:09
dude_arind_khadri, I currently am using the live cd ;)08:10
monkeybritchesdude_: What do you mean by messed up the MBR?08:10
VoidedCheckzero, upgrades just suck, there's plenty of cruft and bloat08:10
VoidedCheckfresh installs are pretty and clean08:10
VoidedCheckjust backup first08:10
zeroVoidedCheck, thats been my experience as well, there isnt anythingon this machine that isnt backed up anyway08:10
dude_monkeybritches, well, XP hogged it and now it won't show ubuntu as a bootable option.  It's already in there as a partition, but it wont show it as a bootable option.08:10
arvind_khadridude_: sudo grub08:11
rkviranihey all08:11
zvacetdude_ :did you tried this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&highlight=grub08:11
rkviranianyone got an hp 2133?08:11
arvind_khadridude_: do sudo grub08:11
monkeybritchesDoes it boot into Windows like usual?08:11
dude_i tried this but I think I did it wrong08:11
kubistarvind_khadri: as i installed the system the monitor detected and set by default was plug and play... after changing it to generic 1280x800 lcd i was offered the option to set the resolution to 1280x800, after restart the highest option is 1024x768... could it be that my problem is display related?08:11
VoidedCheckI hate windows attempt to take over your boot loading options08:11
zerok gotta go VoidedCheck08:11
rkviraniwindows bah08:12
VoidedCheckbye zero08:12
zvacetdude_ try again then08:12
dude_voidedcheck, I KNOW!  It sucks08:12
arvind_khadridude_: after sudo grub do this find /boot/grub/stage108:12
rkviraniso glad I can now use suspend in ubuntu08:12
rkviraniwindows vista is gone off the laptop08:12
VoidedCheckbut windows only does it if you let it  :P08:12
dude_arvind_khandri, the command returns hd0,008:12
arvind_khadridude_: ok now do root (hd0,0)08:13
VoidedCheckgreat thing about livecd is you boot it, find your tech problem (in this case grub), and just go from there08:13
VoidedCheckas long as livecd gives you inet08:13
arvind_khadrikubist: i think some issue with xserver08:13
rewatihey any one here can tell me hot to get the voice based time update system as it is in mac08:13
arvind_khadrikubist: or the drivers08:13
dude_arvind_khandri, ok I did that last time but I'll try again08:13
monkeybritchesdude_: Look on this page for info about dual-booting http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm08:13
arvind_khadridude_: then setup (hd0)08:13
VoidedCheckand for future reference, install windows first and then linux08:13
jeffimperialSome help, pls. Deluge won't launch until after I try three times. I'm on an Ubuntu-Gnome machine.08:13
dude_arvind_khandri, it says "error 11: unrecognized device string"08:14
kubistarvind_khadri: can i post you somehow a picture of my desktop, might be worth to see, because actually i have 1280x800 resolution, only the windows are in 1024x768... cannot explain really good08:14
rewatihey my vsftp is givin me problem can anybudy tell how to fix it08:14
arvind_khadrikubist: use image hosting08:14
dude_was I supposed to do that in the grub prompt?08:14
AnRkeyrewati, what is it doing wrong?08:15
rkviraniwhats the package to allow me to open .rar files?08:15
rewatiwhen ever i try to connect it it say begning ftp transaction08:15
rewatiand stucks there08:15
arvind_khadridude_: hmm what command did you use08:16
monkeybritchesrkvirani: Ark can do it08:16
rewatiAnrkey when ever i try to connect it it say begning ftp transaction and stucks there08:16
rkviraniArk eh...08:16
VoidedChecknot wo unrar08:16
dude_arvind_khandri, I typed setup hd008:16
AnRkeyrewati, rewati paiste it's logs to a paste bin for me08:16
arvind_khadridude_: before that you need to do root (hd0,0)08:16
jeffimperialanyone got ideas as to why Deluge bittorrent client won't launch until you try it three times?08:17
rewatianrkey where can i find its log08:17
VoidedCheckbecause you're impatient?08:17
VoidedCheckseriously, dunno08:17
AnRkeyjeffimperial, open a constole and type deluge08:17
kubistarvind_khadri: http://img246.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snapshot1fg4.jpg08:17
alessio_speak italian please08:17
monkeybritchesjeffimperial: Only after the third time, each time?08:17
AnRkeyjeffimperial, it will then output an error for you to work from if it does not start08:17
zvacetalessio_ why?08:17
AnRkeyjeffimperial, console soz08:18
alessio_i'm italian08:18
jeffimperialmonkeybritches: yep.. both the launcher on my desktop and the one in the panel08:18
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!08:18
VoidedCheckgood for you08:18
VoidedCheckI'm a mutt08:18
AnRkeyrewati, gimme a sec to check08:18
* kindofabuzz gives AnRkey08:18
arvind_khadrikubist: that seems to be KDE this is ubuntu please move to #kubuntu08:18
dude_arvind_khandri, under the partition editor my partition shows up as /dev/hda1 and hda2(swap), could i be typing in the wrong device under root (hd0,0) ?08:18
kubisthave the same problem with ubuntu08:18
arvind_khadridude_: its arvind_khadri08:19
zvacetalessio_ I´m not native Engish speaker too  try t ofind italian one08:19
monkeybritchesjeffimperial: If you try to launch it from the console it may show you any errors that occur when attempting to execute08:19
arvind_khadridude_: you need to type what find gave you08:19
jeffimperialAnRkey: hate to be a newbie, but where do I find the outputed error?08:19
AnRkeyrewati, what client are you using08:19
dude_arvind_khadri, I did08:19
sutabiis there a way to eject the cd @ boot when it shows install options for ubuntu. I cant get my mac mini  to bootup anymore cause its booting the b\ubuntu cd and well even after I say boot hard drive it doesn't work08:19
kubistarvind_khadri: i tried to use ubuntu, i have now kubuntu installed to see if it goes the same - it does08:19
rewatianrkey http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63799/08:20
jeffimperialmonkeybritches: thanks.. leme try that08:20
dude_arvind_khadri, It says hd0,0 so i type in root (hd0,0)08:20
rewatianrkey i think this is the log08:20
arvind_khadridude_: hmm thats right08:20
AnRkeyjeffimperial, if you run a graphic app from a terminal it normal outputs some of it's errors to the terminal08:20
arvind_khadrikubist: no idea google08:20
AnRkeyrewati, what client are you using08:21
dude_when I push enter for that it doesn't echo anything, just brings me back to the grub prompt08:21
rkviranihrm. time to get nvidia drivers08:21
rewatianrkey simple browser08:21
jeffimperialmonkeybritches, AnRkey: I dont get an error, just08:21
jeffimperialoh wait.08:22
arvind_khadridude_: what partitions??08:22
jeffimperialit says keyboard interrup08:22
dude_arvind_khadri, there's 3 total partitions, two for linux (the regular one and the swap) and the windows partition08:23
Riskbreakerfellas, i have a problem with the gnome edition of ubuntu. I am running hardy but I dont believe it has anything to do with that so i'm writinga bout it in here. Ubuntu uses a LOT of power. my laptop got around 3,5-4 hours on minimum settings in KDE,08:23
monkeybritchesHave you tried any other torrent clients?08:23
arvind_khadridude_: on which partition do you have ubuntu??08:23
Riskbreakerand now it gets 2.5 hours max in gnome, regardless of CPU power, LCD brightness, etc.08:23
uniquehow do you change the dir to root in the term?08:23
Riskbreakerwhy is it sucking so much juice?08:23
arvind_khadri!hardy | Riskbreaker08:23
ubotuRiskbreaker: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu08:23
Starnestommyunique: cd /08:23
VoidedChecktransmission rocks btw08:24
jeffimperialomonkeybritches: just kTorrent. didn't have this problem, but it was darn slow to pick up on the files it was downloading so i went with Deluge08:24
VoidedCheckdeluge pales in comparison08:24
=== Bonez is now known as BonezAU
dude_arvind_khadri, it's listed as /dev/hda1 (ext3 filesystem) and /dev/hda2 (linux swap) under the disk partition editor08:24
VoidedCheckthe overhead is like nothing08:24
jeffimperialVoidedCheck: compared to...?08:24
VoidedCheckcompared to deluge08:25
arvind_khadridude_: ok so root (hd0,0) has to work ...08:25
jeffimperialsorry, man.. which two clients were you comparing08:25
VoidedChecktransmission and deluge08:25
jeffimperialoh.. just that never heard of transmission 'til today.. doing a google..08:25
bullgard4What programming languages or programs evaluate the statement "font-size:1.8em;"?08:26
dude_arvind_khadri, you're absolutely right.  I'll try rebooting my system again to find out if it worked this time.08:26
VoidedChecktransmission is included in hardy atm08:26
arvind_khadridude_: if it didnt you need to follow some more steps08:26
ShpookHello everyone. How can I open a compressed file with an *.ace extension?08:26
dude_arvind_khadri, or is there a way to find out besides restarting the machine?08:27
rewatianrkey r u there08:27
arvind_khadridude_: hey jus a min08:27
dude_arvind_khadri, wait!  is there a command I'm supposed to use to make it save changes?08:27
AnRkeyrewati, have you tried login in as a normal user?08:27
VoidedChecksudo apt-get unace-nonfree08:28
arvind_khadridude_: nope jus mount the root partition once08:28
uniqueok so i type cd /root it says im in root but when i run m-a prepare it says im not in root cannot continue08:28
Lectrickwhat is the name of the ubuntu version that was kinda tailored for music recording purposes?08:28
VoidedCheckif you have the repositories enabled08:28
Starnestommyunique: type 'cd /'08:28
AnRkeyrewati, I have just checked and the log file is /var/log/vsftp.log on ubuntu 7.10 server08:28
mosnoLectrick, Ubuntu Studio08:28
dude_arvind_khadri, how do I mount it?  just restarting the machine?08:28
jeffimperialanyone else in the room got recommendations for a bittorrent client?08:28
Lectrickthanks mosno i'll check it out08:28
arvind_khadridude_: nope use sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt08:29
AnRkeyrewati, try using filezilla, it has  a log window that may give you more insight08:29
VoidedCheckmldonkey!  (KIDDING)08:29
AnRkeyrewati, sudo apt-get install filezilla08:29
arvind_khadridude_: then sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst08:29
unique  08:29
dude_arvind_khadri, ok looks like it's mounted08:29
arvind_khadridude_: then sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst08:30
Lectrickjeffimperial check out azureus08:30
VoidedCheckazureus sucks ass08:30
jeffimperialVoided: why not08:30
Lectrickwhat do you use then?08:30
VoidedCheckbloated piece of shit java crap08:30
VoidedChecklike I said twice, transmission08:30
dude_arvind_khadri, that last command brought up a blank page08:31
jeffimperiallectrick: m on deluge but got a prob with it08:31
zvacetjeffimperial try transmission08:31
BoohbahVoidedCheck: if you're into gtk...08:31
arvind_khadridude_: did you do the mount properly08:31
VoidedCheckmore so than java on linux08:31
jussio1!ohmy | VoidedCheck08:31
ubotuVoidedCheck: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:31
AnRkeyjeffimperial, i think there is a switch for running deluge in debug mode08:31
dude_arvind_khadri, I sure did.  it brought up a window with my stuff (on that partition)08:31
VoidedCheckmy family uses such language all the time08:32
dude_I could even see my files08:32
Lectricki run a laptop from 2001 and it works for me, but i could give deluge a try08:32
VoidedCheckit's called communication08:32
jussi01VoidedCheck: well its not acceptable in here, please dont use it.08:32
arvind_khadridude_: ok so could you see something as boot??08:32
VoidedCheckcry me a river08:32
Jordan_UVoidedCheck, Well I guess your family isn't very friendly then :)08:32
VoidedCheckwe're just not uptight08:32
kaminixHow do I make Ubuntu load a specific driver on boot?08:32
VoidedCheckand we are all fans of George Carlin08:32
dude_arvind_khadri, is it ist or Lst? on the menu.(?st)08:33
arvind_khadridude_: .lst l for love s for super t for time08:33
Lectrickeverything I know about dirty words I learned from Carlin08:33
arvind_khadriLectrick: !ot08:33
n6rejanyone any good with cron?08:33
Jordan_Ukaminix, Edit the Driver"foo" line08:33
arvind_khadri!ot | Lectrick08:34
dude_arvind_khadri, yes I typed that in correctly.  Should I do the grub commands again?08:34
ubotuLectrick: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:34
jeffimperialVoided: Transmission looks like a good choice..though https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission/+bug/204184 is kinda.. u know08:34
arvind_khadridude_: so what you got08:34
Jordan_Ukaminix, ... in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:34
Jordan_Ukaminix, Sorry, misread, thought you said graphics driver08:34
dude_arvind_khadri, did you want me to list what's under /boot?08:35
VoidedCheckjeffimperial, on that I can only give my own anecdotal experience.  It's never given me a problem, and for linux, is one of the easiest GUI apps I've used for torents.08:35
phoenix24how can I transition from 32bit ubuntu to a 64bit ubuntu ??08:35
arvind_khadridude_: no i want you to edit the file menu.lst in /boot/grub/08:35
zvacetVoidedCheck +108:35
Lectrickot, gotcha. Ubuntu Studio looks like it might not be for me. Can anyone suggest a good app to record to file audio input from a mix board?08:35
VoidedCheckphoenix24, install from scratch08:35
Jordan_Ukaminix, Add it to your /etc/modules08:36
jeffimperialVoided: yeah..seems like the bug happens only in certain situations08:36
arvind_khadrihey sorry cd into the /mnt dude_08:36
phoenix24VoidedCheck, would it be necessary to throw away all the installed 32bit apps ?08:36
arvind_khadridude_: then do cd boot/grub/08:36
VoidedCheckall 32bit aps run on 64bit08:36
sirjuliohow do i browse a windows share folder on my network?08:37
phoenix24VoidedCheck, Which all would be the necessary components ? - GCC / Kernel / glibc ?08:37
jussio1!samba | sirjulio08:37
ubotusirjulio: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:37
n6rejLectrick: look at www.ubuntustudio.org08:37
dude_arvind_khadri, I see it!08:37
phoenix24VoidedCheck, Which all would be the necessary components ? - 64bit GCC / 64bit Kernel / 64bit glibc ?08:37
sirjulioubotu ty08:37
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:37
dude_arvind_khadri, I'm in the file now, I can edit it.  What am I looking for?08:37
VoidedCheckphoenix24, of course that would depend on the progs you want to run08:37
arvind_khadridude_: you need to make some change jus paste it08:38
arvind_khadri!paste | dude_08:38
ubotudude_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:38
VoidedCheckbut 64bit ubuntu is totally backwards compatible with 32bit sw08:38
VoidedCheckand that's a fact08:38
n6rejcan anyone help me figure out why "ntpdate pool.ntp.org" doesn't work in cron.daily?08:38
tiocstibut not 32 bit drivers08:38
VoidedCheckyeah drivers suck08:39
jeffimperialthanks everyone.. laters08:39
n6rejtiocsti: right, you need 64bit drivers for 64bit os08:39
dude_arvind_khadri, here ya go!  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63800/08:39
VoidedCheckbut driver support in linux is getting better practically by the hour08:39
Michae1someone can run guild wars on ubuntu?08:40
onatshow do i exit my gnome into a terminal only?08:40
dude_voidedcheck, amen to that08:40
VoidedCheckand I'm almost sorry to say it, but we can thank Dell for a lot of that08:40
arvind_khadridude_: did you copy paste completely i cant see the windows options...08:40
onatsyes kajo?08:40
kajodo one of the tty terminals?08:40
tiocstihow so? dell is only shipping hardware already supported, arent they?08:40
jussio1Kaja: ctrl + alt + f208:41
jussio1kajo: ^08:41
dude_arvind_khadri, that's everything08:41
Michae1can someone help me to get guild wars working in wine?08:41
onatskajo, yeah, i can do that, but i need the gnome to exit completely08:41
kajoMy statement was @ onats.08:41
VoidedCheckthe fact that dell is running the hw is giving a major push, especially for graphics card manufacturers, to open their source08:41
arvind_khadridude_: try rebooting once i think it wil boot08:41
kajosudo killall gnome?08:41
Badge1onats: /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:41
kajopstree, find gnome, and killall.08:41
Starnestommyonats: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop08:41
kajoor that^08:41
dude_arvind_khadri, sure thing.  BRB08:41
onatslemme write those down08:42
arvind_khadridude_: yep am anxious08:42
tiocstiwe'll see, i usually go with intel chipsets cuz i know they work well in linux w/o closed source drivers08:42
kajostarnestommy, what is invoke-rc.d?08:42
Starnestommyto restart it, sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start08:42
VoidedCheckmy intel chipset choked on gutsy08:42
Starnestommykajo: it calls scripts in /etc/init.d/08:42
VoidedCheckworked fine on hardy though08:42
VoidedCheckyay for kernel improvements08:42
VoidedCheckthough now I'm running a nvidia 8600gt pci-e08:43
VoidedCheckjust for the purdy rendering08:43
tiocstii run ubuntu in vmware on one of my laptops, cuz not all the hardware is quite supported, its native on the other one though08:44
VoidedCheckgah, gotta go to bed...  when I wake up and go to work tomorrow, I see if that $5000 accident cost me my job08:44
rewatianrkey thanx08:45
tiocstithey'd fire you over 5k?08:45
Michae1can someone help me ?:P08:45
arvind_khadridude_: what happend08:45
rewatianrkey i am tryin to install filezilla08:45
arvind_khadri!ask | michae08:45
ubotumichae: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:45
dude_arvind_khadri, :(08:45
rewatianrkey but can u  tell me wat can be the problem08:45
Kamus_H_Zwischhello all08:45
VoidedCheck5k in a theater, rendering a projector useless for 2 days, on a weekend08:45
VoidedCheckthat's like $1000008:45
dude_arvind_khadri, no luck, I'm in windows08:45
Kamus_H_Zwischa very stupid question: how do i upload a local file to a remote server via telnet?08:46
arvind_khadridude_: hmm use the super grub live cd then08:46
tiocstikamus: you dont, use scp instead?08:46
dude_super grub live cd?08:46
VoidedCheckanyway, g'night ubuntu land08:46
arvind_khadridude_: http://forjamari.linex.org/projects/supergrub/08:46
dude_arvind_khadri, well can't I just edit the boot.ini file from here?08:47
arvind_khadridude_: :) if thats readable08:47
arvind_khadridude_: use the super grub its easy to setup08:47
arvind_khadridude_: totally for newbies08:48
dude_arvind_khadri, wow, floppy based!  Sweet!  my cd burner is screwed so I can use that08:48
gabbsHow do I get rid of avahi messing up my wifi on boot?08:48
arvind_khadridude_: happy linuxing08:48
RenaKunisakiok, so08:48
RenaKunisaki"grub install (hd0) failed - this is a fatal error" - is my hard drive toast?08:48
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: grub lost??08:48
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, apparently; I deleted all the partitions and reinstalled it and it failed with that at 94%08:49
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: you need to install completely08:49
dude_arvind_khadri, dammit, how do I work with an .img file?08:50
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, what do you mean completely?08:50
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: i mean that you might havent done the partitions cleanly so boot into live cd and do everything properly08:50
HemebondIs someone able to help me compile ETQW under an x86_64 system? I'm getting compatibility errors with libstdc++.08:50
arvind_khadridude_: did you find out how to do that08:51
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, this is the live CD08:51
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: do the install again08:51
dude_arvind_khadri, I'm researching the .img extension right now08:51
arvind_khadridude_: i think you need to just copy paste and then boot from the cd08:51
c0Ldi just accidently hit something to enable compiz zooming on hardy...what did I hit? I can't seem to turn it off :/08:51
arvind_khadridude_: i mean the floppy08:52
bazhangc0Ld: try asking in #compiz08:52
dude_arvind_khadri, I wouldn't think so, it doesn't work that way with an .iso file, it shouldn't be the same for a floppy08:52
arvind_khadribazhang: to the rescue08:52
bazhanghi arvind_khadri ;]08:52
arvind_khadribazhang: help in restoring grub08:52
sajuukhey guys im trying to find the program gnome-art and apparently i can download it through synaptic... but i cant find it08:53
arvind_khadridude_: hmm08:53
bazhangsajuuk: that would be a website08:53
arvind_khadribazhang: need help to restore grub08:54
sajuukoh no apparently its a downloader called that same name08:54
ViniHi, I had ndiswrapper working before, than it stopped (don't know why). I've followed the same tute I did earlier, but I think the problem is my network settings.  Is there some easy way to make /etc/networks and /etc/network return to defaults from install?08:54
bazhangarvind_khadri: sure what's up with grub? did you read the !grub factoid?08:54
Vini(without having to re-install everything)08:54
arvind_khadribazhang: not me its dude_08:54
arvind_khadribazhang: we tried everything but it doesnt restore08:54
ExterisVini, get them from someone else?08:55
ViniBut then it will have their settings in in :(08:55
arvind_khadridude_: you around08:56
dude_arvind_khadri, sure am08:56
arvind_khadridude_: well did you read !grub08:56
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, OK, installing again08:56
ExterisVini, ask some newbie then :P08:57
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: :)08:57
ExterisVini, there probably is some dpkg-reconfigure command08:57
uniqueYou must have the fully configured source for the Linux kernel and08:57
unique   ALSA which you want to use for this device driver. Partial08:57
unique   installed kernels (For example, from distributor makers) may be08:57
unique   unusable for this action.08:57
FloodBot1unique: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:57
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, just failed immediately: "attempt to mount a file system with type vfat in IDE1 master, partition #11 (hda11) at /mnt/files failed"08:57
dude_arvind_khadri, I'm trying to make that super grub floppy08:57
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: you need to have the ext3 for root filesys08:58
rewatianrkey r u there???08:58
sajuukthat sounds yuk with that problem08:58
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, I did08:58
sajuuki thought i had problems when i stuffed my Xorg file08:58
rewatianrkey this is the output of filezilla08:58
uniqueyou must have the fully configured source for the Linux kernel and ALSA which you want to use for this device driver. can some one tell me what that means?08:58
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: hmm seems like a toast then08:58
rewatianrkey this is the output of filezilla http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63801/08:58
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, any way to be sure before I replace it?08:59
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: try restarting08:59
rosemanhi everyone, do you know how to create menu like "make menuconfig"?08:59
tiocstiman dialog08:59
arvind_khadriroseman: thats ncurses08:59
arvind_khadridude_: ask bazhan09:00
rewatiroseman i dont think make menuconfig is for makin menu09:00
arvind_khadridude_: ask bazhang09:00
arvind_khadrirewati: its for displaying a menu09:00
tiocstidialog can be used for menus like that09:00
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, what happened was I decided to just delete everything and reinstall XP and Xubuntu, but when I started the XP installer it wouldn't even run09:00
tiocstieither the library or the program09:00
uniquei try to run the configure file for my drivers and the system cant open it.. it says not ...application available09:00
uniquecould some one tell me what i need?09:00
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: do clean the disks properly...format everything09:01
RenaKunisakiarvind_khadri, I booted a DOS disk and deleted all partitions with fdisk and then was able to create the partitions and install XP, but then this happened09:01
dude_I think I got the floppy made09:01
dude_I was right, you need special software09:01
arvind_khadriRenaKunisaki: might be the disk of DOS aint proper..use the live cd to format ;)09:01
arvind_khadridude_: hmm njoi ;)09:02
dude_arvind_khadri, brb09:02
arvind_khadridude_: sure09:02
HemebondHow do I force g++ to use 32bit libs?09:02
SnakeyeShow can I install xubuntu on an older dell that doesn't have a floppy or internal hdd?09:02
HemebondOn Ubuntu.09:02
uniquein the term i get /bin/sh: Can't open ./configure09:02
SnakeyeSi have an external cdrom/usb09:03
rewatihey any budy here can help me with vsftp09:03
bazhangSnakeyeS: does it allow boot from usb key09:03
SnakeyeSbut no option in bios to boot from/to usb09:03
sankice qualche italiano09:03
bazhangSnakeyeS: where were you going to instal *to* then?09:04
Theo_If I download and install 8.04 BETA will I be able to upgrade when it is released in 4 days? Or will I have to re-install using the CD of the final 8.04?09:04
SnakeyeSwindows xp...dual boot scenario09:04
bazhangTheo_: yes more more info in #ubuntu+109:04
bazhang!it | sanki09:04
ubotusanki: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!09:04
Theo_Io parlo un po di italiano09:04
=== gary is now known as Gary
bazhangSnakeyeS: either wubi or unetbootin09:04
SnakeyeSeither more geared toward a dummy>09:05
bazhang!wubi | SnakeyeS read the ubuntu forums link09:05
ubotuSnakeyeS read the ubuntu forums link: wubi is Wubi advice here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234  and  http://wubi-installer.org  [file wubi bugs here:  https://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug ] (it is included in hardy 8.04 beta CD and will be in the final release)09:05
bazhangSnakeyeS: wait four days until it is final to be sure though09:06
unique/bin/sh: Can't open ./configure can any one tell me what this means?09:06
rewatihey arvind can u help me plz with my vsftp09:06
theLichKingwubi fails09:06
Starnestommyunique: ./configure doesn't exist, or you need to 'chmod +r ./configure'09:07
bazhangtheLichKing: not here it does not09:07
SnakeyeSbazhang: so wubi is a windows app that assists with the installation?09:07
bazhangSnakeyeS: you read any of the links?09:07
SnakeyeSreading now09:07
uniqueok i think that worked...09:08
tomoyuki28jpHow can I make the size of my menu bars smaller? I am not using gnome. Somebody told me that I can do that with '^/.Xresources', but I could not find how.09:08
uniquenow i have to Run 'make'09:08
SingAlongHi guys!09:08
uniquebut i get bash: Run: command not found09:08
SingAlongI have an Acer Extensa 5210 notebook. I am installing Ubuntu 6.06 on it. How can I connect to my wireless modem thru Ubuntu?09:09
SingAlongAny settings to be made?09:09
Starnestommyunique: just type 'make'09:09
bazhangSingAlong: what chipset of the card09:09
SingAlongNo idea!09:09
tarelerulzI just got a ne 8b black nano ipod and I got songs on it via gtkpod .   I it all so has movies in the main menu  and I was wondering if there is way to put a movie on the nano .09:09
=== po1ter is now known as polter
uniquelol ty ima serious noob but im learning09:10
bazhangSingAlong: how old is that computer09:10
SingAlongbazhang: No idea! How do I find that out?09:10
unique/bin/sh: cannot create /var/log/creative-installer.log: Permission denied09:10
SingAlongbazhang: Its a P4 with 512MB RAM and 80GB HDD. Its around a year old (since the time I bought it from the dealer)09:10
bazhangSingAlong: any reason for dapper (6.06)? why not a more recent version09:11
SingAlongbazhang: Oh sorry its a celeron (not a P4). other config are right09:11
uniquehow do i gain admin permission on the term...09:11
SingAlongbazhang: I dont have a CD. Yet to order it thru Shipit!09:11
bazhangSingAlong: no burner?09:11
SnakeyeSWubi is a Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a single click.09:12
SnakeyeSinteresting  :)09:12
SingAlongYeah it has a DVD Reader (and CD-RW)09:12
compumikeanyone have luck with b43 driver on kernel 2.6.25?09:12
bazhangSingAlong: what about downloading the iso and burning to cd and then running the livecd of 7.1009:12
bazhangcompumike: not even hardy uses that kernel09:13
SingAlongbazhang: Yeah will do it. But I am currently running the installation on 6.06 on my notebook (I m on IRC thru comp)09:13
SingAlongbazhang: And my internet connection sucks. I am in India and have a 256kbps connection. My download speed is around 25Kbps09:14
Hemebondhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.2/+bug/186730 Dang nabit!09:14
SnakeyeSbazhang: wubi's out09:14
=== Randomtime_ is now known as Randomtime
bazhangSingAlong: if you wait a few days you can go from dapper to hardy (next release) in one step09:14
dmsupermanI'm using compiz CCSM to edit my shortcut commands. I set a command to "gnome-screensaver-command --lock" and then the hotkey to Super + L. If I press Super + L, nothing happens, but when I run that command it locks linux as it should. any ideas?09:14
tomoyuki28jpI wanna do this without using gnome. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=657780  Can anybody teach me how?  I have been struggling so long...09:14
uniquehow do i gain admin permission on the term....09:15
SingAlongbazhang: yeah will do it for sure... But just want to know if I can connect to wireless. (I am installing Ubuntu 6.06 in  hurry because my Windows got screwed up. Its corrupted. And I thought its time to switch)09:15
bazhangunique: sudo09:15
SnakeyeSwubi needs 256mb of memory to install.  I have 12809:15
Starnestommy!sudo | unique09:15
ubotuunique: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.09:15
bazhangSingAlong: can you get to a terminal and run a command? if so try lspci and see what the (one line, dont paste here) card is09:16
bazhangSnakeyeS: well either up the ram or get some really ultra-lightweight distro09:16
SingAlongbazhang: Yeah couple of minutes. My ubuntu installation is just over. Need to reboot the notebook09:16
tiocstiim not sure how happy ubuntu would be in 128m ram, might wanna use xubuntu instead09:18
SingAlongbazhang: I ran the command thru the livecd itself. I got a whole list of details09:18
uniquePlease install the package with full kernel sources for your distribution dose any one know what syn that would be09:18
sirjuliowhat's the linux equivalent for DAEMON Tools?09:18
bazhangxubuntu would not run; perhaps fluxbuntu09:18
atlas95sirjulio: I have a bash script for mount iso09:18
sknhI installed texvc but when I run it, it says latex command not found09:19
SingAlongbazhang: I got a lot of details. About card should I look for?09:19
bazhangSingAlong: why dont you reboot first09:19
SingAlongbazhang: yeah sure09:19
sknhcjk-latex is the package to be installed for latex?09:19
bazhang!info texlive09:19
ubotutexlive (source: texlive-base): TeX Live: A decent selection of the TeX Live packages. In component main, is optional. Version 2007-10 (gutsy), package size 14 kB, installed size 88 kB09:19
arvind_khadribazhang: tried the new kernel09:19
SingAlongbazhang:  while the notebook is rebooting... may I know whether its possible to sun Solidedge on Ubuntu?09:19
sirjulioatlas95: gr8, can u share?09:19
bazhangSingAlong: what is solid edge09:20
sknhtexlive or tetex?09:20
SingAlongbazhang: Solidedge is a CAD software. Like AutoCAD09:20
Aldenoranybody know a irc channel for ubuntu in spanish?09:20
kaminixOkay, how do I blacklist three drivers, and make it autoload another one?09:20
SingAlongbazhang: Used to do all those mechanical drawing and stuff. I have it for my university09:20
StarnestommyAldenor: #ubuntu-es09:20
bazhangSingAlong: that is windows only or linux as well09:20
atlas95by DCC accept sirjulio09:20
gdif I logon remote desktop by vnc , how to watch the remote host's current desktop ?09:21
SingAlongbazhang: Only for windows.09:21
SingAlongbazhang: I saw a lot of people asking abt running it thru Wine.09:21
uniquePlease install the package with full kernel sources for your distribution dose any one know what syn that would be09:21
bazhangSingAlong: have you checked the !appdb? /msg ubotu appdb for more info09:22
sirjulioatlas95: sry, bit of noob, DCC?09:22
SingAlongbazhang: hehehe!! Its a paid software (Hussshhhh.... everyone in our class use a pirated version)  :)09:22
bazhangSingAlong: please dont talk about that here09:23
atlas95I up it somewhere, wait09:23
SingAlongbazhang: ok ok... But I found a better solution. Unigraphics, the company that produces Solidedge gives away a free version for 2D drawings.09:23
SingAlongbazhang: Thats what we need.09:24
slackerhi there09:24
bazhangSingAlong: you can try it via wine or in a vm with windows09:24
SingAlongbazhang: hmm...09:24
slackeris anyone using the videotrans package to make video dvds?09:24
atlas95sirjulio: http://www.atlas95.com/fichiers/daemon-tools.sh09:24
slackerI can't seem to get the menu images to work. it's all black09:25
atlas95* sirjulio: http://www.atlas95.com/fichiers/daemon-tool.sh09:25
DOOM_NXhow can i make sure, ssh server is using the key i made with ssh-keygen?09:25
sirjulioatlas95: thnx mate09:25
Dr_willisgd,  vnc can be set up to share the current desktop - or create a 'hidden' virtual desktop that you can only see/connect to with a vnc client.09:25
slackerDOOM_NX: it'll automatically try if your ssh client offers pub key authentication09:26
SingAlongbazhang: Oops! I think I forgot the password or typed the wrong case during installation! Anyway to get that working or should I reinstall?09:26
astro76DOOM_NX: the public key should be in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys09:27
heikkushello! how come i can't get my old computer to boot from the ubuntu livecd  although it boots fine from a windows xp cd ? :E09:27
Vasahi, I decided to use tahoma font in ubuntu's menu, but font k is disorted. How can I solve that?09:27
Dr_willisheikkus,  give more detailas as to what it does do . when you try to boot the live cd09:27
bazhangSingAlong: hehe; that has happened to me in the past--just try some variations and if not then boot into the live cd and change it09:27
VasaOr  how can  I disable antialias?09:27
DOOM_NX<astro76> DOOM_NX: the public key should be in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys -> yes it's there, but how do i know if it's being used?09:28
bazhangheikkus: you need to provide more than just bare bones info09:28
DOOM_NX<slacker> DOOM_NX: it'll automatically try if your ssh client offers pub key authentication => i don't have a 2nd pc to test it right now09:28
sirjulioatlas95: getting a not found09:28
astro76DOOM_NX: if you're not asked for a password09:28
ranma_1\2proftpd-mysql courier-authdaemon courier-base courier-imap courier-maildrop courier-pop libberkeleydb-perl libcrypt-blowfish-perl libcrypt-cbc-perl libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl libdate-calc-perl libdate-manip-perl libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libio-stringy-perl libmail-sendmail-perl libmailtools-perl libmd5-perl libmime-perl libnet-dns-perl libnet-netmask-perl libnet-perl libnet-smtp-server-perl libperl5.8 libsnmp-session-perl libterm-readk09:28
ranma_1\2see anything there that shouldnt be removed ??09:28
SingAlongbazhang: Does the liveCD have an option to change the password?09:28
atlas95sirjulio: I verify sorry :)09:28
bazhangSingAlong: you can do it; forgot the command offhand though09:29
atlas95sirjulio: http://www.atlas95.com/fichiers/bin/daemon-tool.sh , sorry :p09:29
ranma_1\2too late :P09:29
Dr_willisyou can boot a live cd, then chroot into the installed system, and use the passwd USERNAME command to set a new password. is one way. rescue mode may let you do it also09:30
heikkushmm. it tries to boot from the cd but then just says the cd is unbootable :E i tweaked the bios so that it only boots from the cd-rom and not at all from the hard drive09:30
Dr_willisheikkus,  look on the cd. what files are on the cd? what program did you use to burn the iso to cd?09:30
slackerDOOM_NX: ssh localhost09:30
B3NZ1N0hello all09:31
bazhangSingAlong: look at Dr_willis's command above09:31
B3NZ1N0please I have a question09:31
DOOM_NXit says09:31
DOOM_NXThe authenticity of host 'localhost (' can't be established.09:31
DOOM_NXRSA key fingerprint is e4:c0:e5:23:8c:e6:f7:98:70:08:1a:b7:85:0f:f0:90.09:31
DOOM_NXAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?09:31
slackeryou're sure09:31
heikkusi think the cd is ok cause it installed fine on my newer system09:31
astro76DOOM_NX: you'll get that either way the first time09:31
SingAlongDr_willis: the command please (I m a linux noob)09:31
bazhangask B3NZ1N009:32
arvind_khadri!ask | B3NZ1N009:32
ubotuB3NZ1N0: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:32
slackerDOOM_NX: you can remove 'localhost' from the list of known hosts afterwards if you like09:32
slackerit's also in ~/.ssh/09:32
heikkusi burned it with cdburnedxp pro at the library09:32
Dr_willisSingAlong it might be faster if you just reinstall and REMBER your password then.09:33
DOOM_NX<slacker> it's also in ~/.ssh/ -> what is there?09:33
B3NZ1N0my mIRC is saying 4 days more to chat of because I have not registered I taught there is a way I might be able to get through to regiser  so that I will not be seeing such things and I can chat with mIRC for life09:33
arvind_khadriSingAlong: what do you want09:33
DOOM_NXthe key u mean?09:33
DOOM_NXhow do i know if it's using it... cause i need to connect from winxp using putty09:33
bazhangB3NZ1N0: switch to a linux client or pay up09:33
Dr_willisSingAlong,  in short. boot to recovery/rescue mode to get to a shell.  mount the installed system, chroot /mountpoint, passwd username.   Of course all that is total magic to you. :) but i dont know the specifcs of your system.09:33
slackerDOOM_NX: known_hosts. don't worry about it09:34
SingAlongarvind_khadri: I forgot the password after installation. I tried a lot of variations. Now I got it!09:34
arvind_khadriB3NZ1N0: use xchat ;)09:34
slackerDOOM_NX: if it asks for a password, it's not using the key.09:34
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,  you can get a free versionof xchat for windows and dump mIRC09:34
SingAlongDr_willis: Thank you! I tried a lot of variations and got it now!09:34
slackerDOOM_NX: there are howto's that explain what you have to do to get pub key auth working with putty and opensshd09:34
arvind_khadriSingAlong: boot into the recovery mode and add a new user09:35
SingAlongbazhang: Now I have to run lspci right?09:35
SingAlongarvind_khadri: Oh I need to keep that in mind if I forget the password again :)09:35
bazhangSingAlong: yes and !paste the output (not here to pastebin)09:35
arvind_khadri!paste | SingAlong09:35
ubotuSingAlong: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:35
Dr_willislearn to rember your passwords :)09:35
slackerDOOM_NX: you can either create a new pub key with putty or import the one you created with ssh-keygen I think09:35
B3NZ1N0so no one can help me with the registration code nor a way to break this code?09:35
arvind_khadribazhang: the factiod when calling a name doesnt work ;)09:35
SingAlongubotu: yeah sure friend09:36
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,   No. we dont care about mIRC one way or another...09:36
arvind_khadriB3NZ1N0: no piracy09:36
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,  it has NOTHING to do with linux.09:36
arvind_khadriB3NZ1N0: sudo apt-get install xchat09:36
B3NZ1N0but you are using mirc09:36
DOOM_NX<slacker> DOOM_NX: there are howto's that explain what you have to do to get pub key auth working with putty and opensshd -> i was reading that while setting it up09:36
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,  totally WRONG., we are using IRC.09:36
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,  mIRC is one of MANY irc clients.09:36
bazhang!piracy > B3NZ1N009:36
DOOM_NXslacker, i created one with ssh-keygen and imported it to putty09:36
Dr_willis!irc | B3NZ1N009:37
ubotuB3NZ1N0: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:37
DOOM_NXbut is the ssh server using the key? cause putty is...09:37
BoohbahB3NZ1N0: try xchat09:37
SingAlongbazhang: I got a big result. As I said I am on my cop and instaling linux on my notebook(I cant connect to net on notebook. Thats what I need to do). So it would be better if u tell me what kinda card I need to search for?09:37
slackerDOOM_NX: did you copy the id_xxx.pub file to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys?09:37
DOOM_NXslacker yes09:37
DOOM_NXi followed this guide: http://linux-sxs.org/networking/openssh.putty.html09:37
slackerDOOM_NX: on the linux, what happens after you type ssh localhost?09:38
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:38
JPSmanso I see that you can download a lot of amateur ham radio software, but when i run it it needs /dev/mixer   why?09:38
bazhangSingAlong: do you have ethernet for the laptop? or just can run a terminal in it? dont need net access for that, just the laptop running09:38
DOOM_NXslacker,  ssh localhost09:38
DOOM_NXEnter passphrase for key '/home/doom/.ssh/id_rsa':09:38
JPSmaner /dev/radio      why?09:38
uniquewow i want to thank every one that helped me i tryed for 2 weeks to get this sound card to work thank you!09:39
B3NZ1N0so whats XCHAT like, can I chat with pple using mirc?09:39
arvind_khadri!dev | JPSman09:39
ubotuJPSman: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment09:39
SingAlongarvind_khadri: I can connect the internet wire.09:39
slackerDOOM_NX: that's the password for your key. you can use ssh-agent to manage that. otherwise you have to type it in every time09:39
SingAlong bazhang: I can connect the internet wire.09:39
StarnestommyB3NZ1N0: yes. any IRC client can chat with people using any client09:39
arvind_khadriJPSman: oops sorry /dev are the device files09:39
slackerDOOM_NX: that's NOT your login password09:39
DOOM_NXslacker, i typed it... ok what happened?09:39
B3NZ1N0and I can scan also?09:39
bazhangSingAlong: that would be best really09:39
SingAlongbazhang: I have a laptop running.09:40
slackerDOOM_NX: it didn't complain?09:40
arvind_khadriJPSman: so you would need a receiver for that09:40
StarnestommyB3NZ1N0: what do you mean by 'scan'?09:40
DOOM_NXslacker, no :(09:40
DOOM_NXit said09:40
slackerDOOM_NX: should work from windows too09:40
B3NZ1N0I mean scan for mailers and so on?09:40
DOOM_NXLinux doom-desktop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC .....09:41
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,  mailers?09:41
JPSmanarwind_khadri : what are the chances that I can build one?09:41
slackerDOOM_NX: did you point putty at the right location of the pub key?09:41
astro76!ot | B3NZ1N009:41
DOOM_NXwhat does this mean?09:41
ubotuB3NZ1N0: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:41
slackerDOOM_NX: means it works. you're logged in to localhost09:41
bazhangSingAlong: if you wish, then connect the ethernet wire/cable and then pastebin the output of lspci to the pastebin site--tell us the address then we can go read it without flooding the channel09:41
DOOM_NXslacker, yes but... i don't think it will ever be able to connect because windows is a guest os in vbox... using NAT...09:41
B3NZ1N0this cahn sucks09:42
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,   the various irc clients for linux, can do about anytying that mIRC can do.. and many things mIRC cant do. - irc clients connect to irc servers, and join channels so you can chat. :)09:42
SingAlongbazhang: yeah will get back09:42
bazhangB3NZ1N0: please read the /topic09:42
DOOM_NXslacker, how do i unlog? :P09:42
arvind_khadriB3NZ1N0: building them is no chance for users ..its a developer thing ...so why dont you get a device.../dev/ points to the devices you have09:42
B3NZ1N0I dont use linux09:42
slackerDOOM_NX: ctrl+d09:42
Dr_willisB3NZ1N0,   Then why are you hanging in a Linux related channel?09:42
slackerDOOM_NX: from your windows, can you ping the linux box?09:42
bazhangB3NZ1N0: please exit and go to ##windows thanks09:42
DOOM_NXslacker, no because i'm using NAT09:43
slackerDOOM_NX: so why are you even trying to get ssh working for it?09:43
DOOM_NXi was just trying to see how putty works09:43
DOOM_NXi didn't expect it to connect09:43
slackerputty doesn't do much without a server to connect to09:44
DOOM_NXi know... just the settings09:44
DOOM_NXso slacker if i import the key to another PC09:44
DOOM_NXusing putty09:44
DOOM_NXand try to connect, will it connect?09:44
heikkuswow im gonna try this flubuntu thingy ->09:44
rootHey all09:44
zvacetroot ask09:45
thoreauputicroot: Using IRC as root is a silly idea, in case you didn't know :)09:45
DOOM_NXslacker, i sued "vncviewer localhost:1" and got this: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/5290/screenshotvncdoomsxdeskyk0.png09:45
explorer28.04 looks just like 7.10 :( :((09:45
rootIm on root09:46
rootuser on Ubuntu09:46
thoreauputicroot: why?09:46
rootForgot to chang09:46
Dr_williswe can tell that from your nick. :)09:46
rootI run my own web server09:46
thoreauputicroot: your /whois shows "root"09:46
=== root is now known as Habbotom
Dr_williswe are safer now? :)09:47
=== master_o1_master is now known as master_of_master
thoreauputicHabbotom: changing your nick doesn't change the fact that you are using IRC as root :)09:47
Habbotomthoreauputic: Whats wrong with using it09:47
slackerDOOM_NX: putty can do pub key authentication, if you have the settings right. it works for me09:48
thoreauputicHabbotom: in some channels you would be kicked :) It's not a secure thing to do09:48
DOOM_NXslacker, i guess so, but see what VNC shows...09:48
thoreauputicHabbotom: make a user accout and do your on line stuff with that09:48
newbieucan someone help me , i can record sound on ubuntu09:48
slackerso, nobody around who used videotrans before?09:49
slackerDOOM_NX: vnc doesn't use ssh09:49
HabbotomCant use Lammp on any other user09:49
thoreauputicHabbotom: nonsense09:49
HabbotomCan only start it on root user09:49
HabbotomIts normally known as Xammp09:50
DOOM_NXslacker, so... how can i use VNC over SSH? server: ubuntu, client: winxp09:50
StarnestommyHabbotom: have you tried using sudo?09:50
slackerah well, i shall have a black background then09:50
popeyDOOM_NX: ssh tunneling09:50
JPSmancan I watch TV with linux?09:50
explorer2me +x09:50
slackerDOOM_NX: you have to tunnel the correct port using ssh -L09:50
thoreauputicHabbotom: yo are missing the point I'm afraid - all you need to do is create a user for other purposes - any linux can do that09:50
popeyDOOM_NX: putty on windows supports tunneling09:50
DOOM_NXslacker, i see... but i can set that on putty, no?09:50
slackerDOOM_NX: sorry. you setup port forwarding from withing putty09:51
Dr_willisJPSman,  depends on how you define watch tv. My tv tuner card does work with linux. and i can go to most of the web-sites that have tv broadcast/bideos09:51
thoreauputicHabbotom: then you simply do "su <otheruser>09:51
DOOM_NXso is everything ok in the server's side?09:51
Vasahi, my laptop fan runs 80% on ubuntu, 5% on Live ubuntu, and  5 % on XP runtime. What can cause it?09:52
slackerI've gotta go - housewarming09:53
slackerDOOM_NX: she'll be right09:53
slackercu guys09:53
DOOM_NXslacker, thank u09:53
VasaCould it be, that my cpufreq output says, that no driver installed?09:54
popeyDOOM_NX: http://martybugs.net/smoothwall/puttyvnc.cgi09:54
DOOM_NXwhat is smoothwall?09:55
thoreauputicDOOM_NX: specialised Linux Firewall distribution09:55
DOOM_NXwhy should i need smoothwall?09:55
Vasaany idea?09:56
thoreauputicDOOM_NX: Usually as a gateway/firewall on a LAN etc.09:56
astro76DOOM_NX: perhaps that link tells you how to tunnel vnc over ssh using putty? just a guess...09:56
DOOM_NXastro76, yes i know, but do i need smoothwall?09:57
chervacan I swap the cannels of my souncard ?09:57
thoreauputicDOOM_NX: probably not09:57
astro76DOOM_NX: no09:57
chalcedonyive got problems with our router dying, comcast told me to unplug it, but it had the same probem 3 times.. not transmitting any pings.09:57
harmentalhey guys....does anybody know a tool for creating video captures (besides wink and recordmydesktop)??09:57
astro76!screencast | harmental09:57
ubotuharmental: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.09:57
DOOM_NXanybody knows why "vncviewer localhost:1" shows: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/5290/screenshotvncdoomsxdeskyk0.png09:58
harmentalastro76: thx!!09:59
Bogaurdhow early in bood are the symlinks in /dev/disk/by-id/ established? would it be before MDADM arrays are started?09:59
chalcedonyi don't even know where to start to debug the router..09:59
Vasaany idea with cpufreq?09:59
JPSmanso I have this cable input and the TV software wants /dev/video0  how do I tell it that it has it?