oklinuxhow is vista basic compare to xubuntu ?00:34
Stroganofftough question00:39
Stroganoffxubuntu is faster, thats for sure.00:39
TheSheepit's also cheaper :D00:40
brynjolfto make xubuntu look like vista (to take one example) you need to use config files00:45
siggjenvista doesn't have as fance 3d desktop either00:45
johnnyluwhy doesn't my ubuntu boot but instead eject the cd at system reset?00:46
TheSheepjohnnylu: to remind you to remove the livecd from the drive00:48
johnnylui'm not sure i understand00:49
TheSheepjohnnylu: once you install ubuntu from the livecd and restart the system, you want to boot from the hdd, not from the cd, so it ejects it so that you are not surprised when your livecd boots again00:50
johnnyluthesheep, ok, but mine linux doesn't even boot00:53
mfeThis OS rocks!03:23
mfeThanks one and all03:23
Stroganoffit rocks even more in hardy (faster IMHO)03:24
mfeI'm still pinching myself03:24
mfewhat's wrong with the new release?03:25
mfeyou mean it gets better?03:25
mfei mean... wow03:26
mfei can't wait til the Gnash project gets up to speed03:26
mfedo they take donations?03:26
Stroganoffi think so03:27
Stroganoffor maybe not03:27
mfewhat's the best place to get a game of chess?03:30
Stroganoffthey have real-time and max3to14 days per move03:30
mfei like real time speed chess03:31
Stroganoffthey call it "blitz chess"03:31
mfethat's the one03:32
mfewill i be able to install hardy over a network connection?03:32
mfedo tell...03:33
Stroganoffuse the upgrade manager in your settings menu03:33
mfeyer kiddin03:33
StroganoffYeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.03:34
mfewhy, Stroganoff are you being sarcastic?03:34
Stroganofflinux folks are used to upgrading over internet since al gore invented it ;)03:35
mfeyou mean that Penguin lover?03:36
mfetake care stroganoff03:40
Stroganoffi'm trying03:41
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)?03:45
adudehow do i lock the screen?03:50
Stroganoff If you search the forums for partimage.org you'll find another solution was to press the scroll-lock key every .5 or 1GB or so. latitu. it sounds strange.03:50
adudenever mind i figured it out.03:51
Stroganoffadude, the logout button should offer screen locking03:51
latituStroganoff the error comes in the start03:52
latituif i dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip > /home/hda1.bin.gz      , it will copy data including freespace too or just files ?04:09
latituhow to completely check a partition? ext304:19
zekeanyone ever get a "Buffer I/O error on device sr*" when trying to install?06:27
=== zeke is now known as gnub_daemon
GregoryPewhow do I change the system font size.  all my text has freaked out and dropped to size 4 or 6?06:29
gnub_daemonI think it should probably be under the Settings tab in the maun menu...not positive on that tough06:30
gnub_daemonsp due to typing with a cig in one hand06:31
GregoryPewchnging the font in the desktop setings only changes the font size of the desktop icon, and only when I tell it to ignore the system font.  Changing it in windows manager font size only effects window titlebars.06:32
GregoryPewUser interface doesn't efect it either.06:32
gnub_daemonoh...I haven't the slightest then...I really only use xubuntu for mythtv06:34
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Banan_wiihi all11:19
Banan_wiiis it possible to install printer without having root privileges?11:19
TheSheepBanan_wii: yes, just use the settings->printing dialog11:41
Banan_wiiit shows me only small window with ListBox with 2 obj : None and CUPS .... no preferences button there11:42
Banan_wiiopenoffice shows no printer installed11:43
nikolamBanan_wii, Not in System menu. Look for it in Settings menu. Settings>Printing11:43
TheSheepBanan_wii: not the 'default printer', but the 'printing'11:45
Banan_wiii have only something like "settings of printing system"11:45
Banan_wiiand HPLIP Toolbox11:46
Banan_wii6.06 ver11:46
TheSheepthat's so old11:46
TheSheepI think the printer config was added alter11:46
Banan_wiiits LTS .... is there any way to install this?11:48
TheSheepI guess you need root to enable configuration by an user11:49
TheSheepnote that xubuntu doesn't even have normal commercial support by canonical11:51
owen1just installed xubuntu and i love it!12:12
owen1it's just like gnome but awesome.12:12
owen1is it safe to apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop ?12:13
ere4sidid you install xubuntu-desktop?12:13
owen1ere4si: yes12:14
ere4siowen1: then yep - updates will be fine12:14
owen1ere4si: what do u mean?12:15
ere4siowen1: having no *buntu-desktop can bork updates  sometimes12:16
owen1ere4si: so i should keep ubuntu-desktop ?12:16
ere4siowen1: if you have xubuntu-desktop it will be fine - most likely would be fine either way - just being careful here :)12:17
owen1ere4si: ok12:18
owen1ere4si: how do u change the alt+F2 function to be different key combo? i couldn't find it in the shortcuts section.12:19
owen1(and it was possible in gnome)12:20
TheSheepowen1: in keyboard settings12:20
ere4siowen1: I don't use keyboard shortcuts sorry - have a bottom panel setup as a dock for apps12:20
TheSheepowen1: note that not everything that was possible in gnome is possible in xfce, and vice versa12:20
owen1TheSheep: got it..i really want to replace the alt+F2 with something else...i did it in gnome...12:22
TheSheepyeah, you get used to personalized shortcuts12:25
owen1TheSheep: can i accomplish it from the CLI maybe?12:27
TheSheepowen1: settings->keyboard settings->shortcuts12:28
owen1in Xubuntu it's in settings->settings manager->keaboard->shortcuts. the problem is that i can't see there alt+F2...12:29
owen1alt+F2 is the combo that opens the 'run application' form.12:30
owen1it's much faster than katapult.12:30
ere4siwhy change it?12:31
owen1ere4si: since i use it so often, i like to open it with the window key. it's faster for me.12:31
owen1ere4si: if i don't find it i switch back to gnome.12:32
TheSheepowen1: click on the plus button to create your own set of shortcuts, then you can edit it12:35
owen1TheSheep: i know, but there is no 'run application'.12:48
owen1TheSheep: wait...12:49
owen1TheSheep: i think i found it12:49
bebrawdoes xubuntu (hardy) recall which programs were open the last time you closed it?12:55
TheSheepbebraw: only if you check the 'save session' checkbox when closing12:57
TheSheepbebraw: and only with the programs that actually uspport sessions12:57
bebrawTheSheep, cool. that's the ~one~ feature keeping me in kubuntu :)12:57
TheSheepit doesn't work perfectly12:57
bebrawhardy should come in a couple days, right?12:58
TheSheepyes, but this feature is in xfce since like 2 years12:58
owen1TheSheep: you are right. it's there. the problem i have is it doesn't recognize the windows key!12:58
owen1TheSheep: windows+a works, but windows alone does not...12:58
bebrawTheSheep, does hardy handle changes in screen configuration (change one screen to two on the fly) fine?12:59
TheSheepowen1: I think you need to edit the ~/.config/xfce4/shortcuts/XXXX.xml manually and put Super_L in there12:59
owen1TheSheep: ok, thanks!12:59
TheSheepbebraw: there is no gui dialog for doing it, but you can do it with xrandr just fine13:00
bebrawalright. great13:01
owen1under 'session and startups' there are 2 checkboxes:launch gnome services / launch kde services. which one (if any do i need)?13:02
TheSheepowen1: you don't need any of them, but you can check them if you want the gnome/kde apps to startup faster13:03
TheSheepowen1: it will startup some gnome/kde helper programs on startup. otherwise they are started when you start an application that uses them13:03
ere4siowen1: you used to have ubuntu which uses gnome so choose gnome13:03
owen1ere4si: cool13:04
owen1ere4si: is xfce being updated often? i guess it's less known since the default is gnome.13:05
ere4siowen1: I couldn't say - I only experience it through xubuntu13:05
TheSheepowen1: xfce is updated very unregularly, as it's a hobby project13:06
TheSheepowen1: gnome on th other hand is updated every 6 months13:07
owen1TheSheep: i wonder why is it faster than gnome? what makes it fast?13:07
TheSheepowen1: it does much less and in simpler ways13:07
TheSheepowen1: also, it's has better internal structure, because it was designed, not "grown"13:08
TheSheepgnome pretty much just happened :)13:08
TheSheepalthough there is a lot of effort to clean up gnome13:08
owen1TheSheep: i was surprised that the default for doc is not openoffice. abiword is faster!13:11
TheSheepowen1: yeach, xubuntu tries to choose the faster/smaller programs, although it's often at the cost of less functionality13:12
TheSheepowen1: for example, Thunar can't browse windows network13:12
TheSheepowen1: not by itself, you need to use smbfs fr it13:13
owen1TheSheep: so if i have windows machine in my intranet i need samba?13:14
TheSheepat least if you want to use the windows's built-in file transfer13:15
owen1is there a shortcut to 'places'?13:33
TheSheepafaik no13:34
sprauekrautI seem to be having a problem with my wireless connection. I have a broadcom and have to use a restricted driver (43xx). Lately my connection has been dropping about every hour, if i go into the system network settings and uncheck/re-check the checkbox next to my my wireless device, and submit the changes, it works again.  Xubuntu 7.1014:00
sprauekrautsome more useful information, i use WEP and static IP14:01
sprauekrautso, would anyone know why it drops connection periodically, and how to fix it?14:02
S0210Hi! I have Xubuntu 8.04 beta and found a file named /etc/boa/boa.conf although I do not have boa at all. Is it meantto be like this?14:05
TheSheepS0210: did you uninstall anything?14:07
S0210A few things... But I never had boa.14:10
TheSheepmaybe something used it14:16
TheSheepdid you uninstall it with the --purge option?14:16
S0210TheSheep: I can't answer. I use(d) Synaptic and I (un)installed quite a few applications. None of which required a webserver to best of my knowledge...14:19
S0210TheSheep: But if anybody else has the same directory/file then probably that is what happened14:20
TheSheepS0210: no, no boa.conf here14:22
TheSheepS0210: synaptic doesn't list anything under 'Not installed (residual config)'?14:23
S0210Ahm... there is something14:26
S0210It says boa is bot installed although under properties at the "installed files" tab I can see a few files. Including the one I mentioned above...14:28
S0210bot = not14:28
S0210How to modify the menu? I open Xfce4-MenuEditor but the menu.xml doesn't have the already existing items.14:46
TheSheepS0210: they are automatically generated from the installed programs14:47
TheSheepS0210: but you can add your own14:47
TheSheepS0210: just create the submenus and items you want, they will be merged together14:47
S0210How to create submenu?14:48
TheSheepS0210: add new item and select 'submenu' as the item kind14:49
S0210TheSheep: I nthe Xfce4-MenuEditor?14:50
S0210TheSheep: For /home/<user>/.config/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml?14:50
TheSheepS0210: um, you click on the "+" and select 'Submenu" from the "Type:" dropbox14:52
S0210Oh, I see14:54
S0210Is there a way to modify the other menus? (E.g. mouse-right-click on desktop menu)14:56
TheSheepmake sure you create the submenu entries *above* the include14:56
StroganoffS0210 you can add custom user actions14:57
S0210OK, it would be fine this way...15:04
S0210Another question... in case of pluging a pendrive into the USB I see something strange15:05
S0210For tail -f /var/log/messages I got the following messages15:05
S0210Apr 20 16:03:26 zsofiandris-desktop kernel: [14307.488549] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] 3963904 512-byte hardware sectors (2030 MB)15:05
S0210Apr 20 16:03:26 zsofiandris-desktop kernel: [14307.488914] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Write Protect is off15:05
S0210Apr 20 16:03:26 zsofiandris-desktop kernel: [14307.490110] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] 3963904 512-byte hardware sectors (2030 MB)15:05
S0210Apr 20 16:03:26 zsofiandris-desktop kernel: [14307.490447] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Write Protect is off15:05
S0210(sorry for flooding)15:05
S0210Doesn't it means that it thinks that I plugged two pendrives? Why is it comming twice?15:06
Stroganofftry my custom user actions: http://home.arcor.de/stroganoff/uca.xml15:07
Stroganoffcopy this to ~/.config/Thunar15:07
TheSheepS0210: arent all the extract* actions handled by the archive plugin automatically?15:08
Stroganoffyeah i haven't that installed15:08
Stroganoff(that archive plugin)15:09
Stroganoffyour usb problem is strange, i dunno15:09
gar1hi peeps!  anyone remember the name of that program for accessing a ntfs drive?15:23
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE15:25
gar1ntfs-3go the bot told me15:26
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!15:30
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:44
CriSiSi have a problem with compiz17:32
CriSiSi installed it and it works 100%17:32
CriSiSthe only matter is that i loose the window decoration17:32
CriSiSi mean i don't have window bar with buttons to close, enlarge, minimize and so17:33
CriSiSbut if i install emerald i have it all...17:33
slimjimflimhello if i wanted to start from scratch w/ sound card drivers and/or mixers, other than alsa, amixer and xfcemixer is there anything else important i should be deleting/removing?19:09
slimjimflimto clarify, i'm not trying to avoid those programs, just trying to figure out what to delete19:10
slimjimflimfor now19:10
mikubuntui think i found a bug in the rc of xub 804 alt installer, are there devs in here to speak to about it?20:19
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:20
nikolamIf I want to make *.rar archives? What should I use? rar archiver in repository is non-free but says it will stop working after 30 days. Do I reely need rar for vobsub compresiion like stated in dvd::rip program?21:23
slimjimflimnikolam `sudo apt-get install rar`21:27
slimjimflimi think21:27
slimjimflimand unrar21:28
slimjimflimunrar is non-free21:28
PsynoKhi0hey, any ideas about good GRUB options to prevent USB from crashing on a pre-2000 PC? so far I have "noapic nolapic pci=noacpi pci=biosirq acpi=off" without those I don't even get automount of USB sticks21:32
PsynoKhi0xubuntu gutsy btw21:33
PsynoKhi0the above options worked well once...21:33
owen1when changing the keyboard layout, i loose it after restart.21:35
nikolamslimjimflim, Thanks, but it is saying that rar will stop functioning after 30 days..21:35
nikolamPsynoKhi0, Hey, if it is working eith those settings, why to change it?21:36
PsynoKhi0nikolam: because it workED once21:37
PsynoKhi0i.e; not anymore :)21:37
nikolamhmm, on gutsy?21:37
nikolamhm, so that is the same install, same hardware but ..21:38
slimjimflimnikolam? for real?21:39
nikolamslimjimflim, yes, it is saying like that in synaptic. there is both free and non-free unarar but rar is only non-free and 30 days limited on linux, i think.21:40
slimjimflimi've never had any non-free software stop working21:40
slimjimflimlemme see if mine still works, i've had it longer than 30 days21:40
nikolamslimjimflim, 40 days, not 30 days ;)21:41
nikolamPsynoKhi0, Does Usb is crashing but the rest of the system works fine?21:43
nikolamMaybe you should look what modules kernel loads for that USB21:44
PsynoKhi0nikolam: yes21:44
nikolamtry lsusb lspci etc21:44
nikolamto figure out what usb controller it is21:44
nikolamMaybe you should try to also recompile cernel and use it temporeraly before you find solution based on loading modules21:45
nikolamAlso,. try to use older kernel selecting it from grub21:45
nikolamIf it works with previous kernel image (before some gutsy update) maybe you should post bug report about newer one..21:46
PsynoKhi0nikolam: ok my bad, maybe my sentence was confusing21:46
nikolamIf it works after clean gutsy install with those options but not after updates of gutsy, than it`s a bug for report i think21:46
PsynoKhi0when I said "it worked once" I meant really, once, like... booted after changing the GRUB options, all went fine... reboot again, crash21:48
nikolamslimjimflim, I misread it, it is needed to only register it after 40 days, maybe it will keep working after that, too..21:48
PsynoKhi0didn't work in Feisty either21:48
slimjimflimmy file roller handles it so i don't mess w/ rar much21:48
nikolamdid you try some other linux distro, maybe problem is ubuntu-related?21:48
PsynoKhi0nikolam: only thing I've tried is PuppyLinux, which broked too21:49
nikolamslimjimflim, yes, I use file-roller too. And i don`t make .rar`s anymore. But dvd::rip want to have it installed so i was thinking..21:49
slimjimflimhave you tried to rip anything yet?21:50
nikolamPsynoKhi0, Try to figure out first what usb controller /on mb is that , then maybe u can use it to trace solution for your usb. I suggest that maybe some Bios option is broken or usb itself, ot Linuxes ;,)21:51
nikolamslimjimflim, I will try ;)21:51
PsynoKhi0the USB controller is marked as VT83xxxxx UHCI USB 1.121:51
PsynoKhi0oops VT82xxxxx21:52
nikolamso it`s via21:52
PsynoKhi0yes, MVP3 chipset, Super721:52
nikolamHmmm mvp3 is known to have ALl sort of problems, Even on Windows I remember that Super7..21:53
nikolamthat is pentioum 1 MoBo, If I can remember..21:55
nikolamor p2..21:55
PsynoKhi0running a K6-2 500 on it21:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 51771 in linux-source-2.6.15 "crash when plugging in a USB device with the USB 2.0 driver (dup-of: 50610)" [Undecided,Invalid]21:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 50610 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Kernel hangs on USB-devices without panic" [Undecided,Fix released]21:59
nikolam"As you can see from bug #50610, this behaviour only occours when ACPI BIOS is disabled."21:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 50610 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Kernel hangs on USB-devices without panic" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5061021:59
nikolamYou can reopen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/5061022:00
nikolamif you want22:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 50610 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Kernel hangs on USB-devices without panic" [Undecided,Fix released]22:00
PsynoKhi0hmmm... from the description, sounds like the whole computer hangs... not really my case22:04
PsynoKhi0brb trying something22:16
jcphi, i'm kind of confused by xubuntu's terminal. when i try to use the terminal from applications, all it does is log me out. does anyone know why this happens?22:39
jcpseems like xserver is crashing and restarting22:42
nikolam? jcp Ctrl+Alt+F7 is X server22:45
brynjolfHow do I list my fonts in xubuntu+_22:51
jcpi'm not sure off the top of my head, but check synaptic for a font manager22:53

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