matgatehi there09:45
matgateI am a new migrated to ubunto, and have some problems, can someone guide me?09:45
matgatecan someone have to time to help me out, i will be really thankful09:46
matgate* anyone here interested to help me?09:47
juliuxtry #ubuntu for general ubuntu support09:53
matgateok thanks09:54
primaryhiya our terminals do not recognise usb devices all users have usb privilages etc10:14
Muhammad_SaadHello, How do I recover damaged Thunderbird profile? Is there any channel on this server where I can get an answer?18:14
nixternal_anyone feel like providing an Edubuntu talk at OpenWeek next week?19:37
nixternal_we are trying to fill the TBDs on that page19:37
nixternal_it would be a great time to let people know of the changes with Edubuntu -> Ubuntu Education Edition19:38
nixternal_ogra and RichEd ^^ :)19:38
ogranixternal_, i already told jorge i'm only available f it really is urgent ...19:39
ograi mean really really urgent19:39
* nixternal_ will make it urgent :)19:39
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ogralike life saving for anyone ...19:39
ograi'm totaly exhauseted, working through the nights since two weeks19:39
nixternalogra: voluntell someone to do a talk :)19:39
nixternalya, I hear you there19:39
ograwell RichEd would surely be the best person to talk about the name changes but not sure thats enough for openweek19:40
ogratheer s usually a lot of tech related questions19:40
nixternalRichEd could talk about the new direction though :)19:44
sandrossvedubuntu use GNOME, KDE ... ?20:35
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