Riddellnosrednaekim: yo, translations, all that needs done it 1) bind a gettext domain that isn't already used (just a string, I think 'desktop-effects' is already set but suspect that's already used by another app) 2) mkdir po; xgettext --language=Python *py -o po/domain.pot00:00
nosrednaekimso how do you bind a gettext domain?00:01
nosrednaekimI looked around for like 30 minutes for a tutorial...00:01
Riddell      gettext.bindtextdomain(localesApp, localesDir) gettext.textdomain(localesApp)00:02
Riddellif DesktopEffectsKDE.py is anything to go by00:02
nosrednaekimso desktop-effects-kde should be open?00:05
Riddellseems like a good choice00:05
nosrednaekimin the second command, domain should be replaced by desktop-effects-kde then?00:07
Riddellshould be the first argument yes00:08
nosrednaekimso it would be "mkdir po; xgettext --language=Python *.py -o po/desktop-effects-kde.pot"?00:10
Riddellshould be00:11
nosrednaekimRiddell: ok, did that, but some of my strings are being translated.. I gotta rewrite some code....00:35
nosrednaekimor write some period...00:35
Riddellnosrednaekim: like what?00:39
Riddellyou mean they don't appear in the .pot file?00:39
nosrednaekimyeah.. I wasn't calling the translate function for stuff in the UI00:42
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nosrednaekimRiddell: all done... uploading01:32
Riddellnosrednaekim: where is the branch again?01:40
nosrednaekimhere is a bug that should be fairly easy to fix as well... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktop-effects-kde/+bug/21973101:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219731 in desktop-effects-kde "Missing dependency on python-qt4" [Undecided,New]01:41
Riddellok, let me know when you commit01:42
nosrednaekimRiddell: commited01:50
nosrednaekimuhh oh... don't make a package... just a moment01:50
nosrednaekimRiddell: uhhg stupid indent errors...01:55
nosrednaekimRiddell: ok.... done!02:00
Riddellnosrednaekim: want to add a changelog?02:02
nosrednaekimuhh, sure..... how?02:04
Riddellnosrednaekim: dch -i02:04
Riddellbzr commit02:04
Riddellinstall devscripts to get dch02:04
nosrednaekimcall it 0.4?02:05
nosrednaekimdone :)02:07
Riddelluploaded, thanks nosrednaekim02:17
nosrednaekimyou are welcome. Sorry I haven't been working on the printer config... I had to take placement tests for the Uni.02:18
Riddellgood luck02:18
nosrednaekimdone now..... what needs to be done most? I can't do samba because I don't have anything to test with.02:20
Riddellmore printer config02:21
nosrednaekimso  like page size and such?02:22
Riddellmost of it is hidden in hardy02:22
Riddelland add a printer needs work still02:22
* Riddell snoozes02:23
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* yuriy is in Chicago : )03:00
Jucatomeeting up with nixternal03:01
Jucatooh wait, he's at Penguicon (where is that anyway?)03:01
ScottK2Somewhere in Michigan.03:04
mluser_any other hardy gamers having problems running world of warcraft with the latest ati driver updates?05:44
ScottK2mluser_: #ubuntu+1 is probably a better place for that question.05:52
mluser_ScottK2: thanks, I already asked there and got no reply, thought I'd try here too :)05:54
ScottK2mluser_: It's really quite off topic for a development channel.05:56
mluser_ScottK2: Well.. it pertains to hardy which is a development version and my problems started with the latest fglrx drivers from two weeks ago05:59
ScottK2mluser_: It's late and I'm tired, so I'm not going to get in an argument with you, but "Is anyone having this problem with the development version" is what +1 is for.  No here.06:01
mluser_ScottK2: Thanks for the tip.. I'll ask again there06:02
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Tonio_hi there08:00
Tonio_Riddell: still time for a latest kdesudo upload ?08:10
Tonio_Riddell: I fixed the last little issue we talked abouand took time to test everything, should be okay now08:10
\sh /whois Tonio_08:10
* \sh needs to make a <nick> <-> <real name list>08:11
\shTonio_, aren't you core dev? :)08:11
Tonio_\sh: what is the problem ?08:12
\shTonio_, I'm always forgetting realnames for the people I know actually :)08:13
Tonio_\sh: :)08:15
* \sh 's getting old08:15
Tonio_\sh: is is the missing "ubuntu/member/tonio" for my realname that sounds strange ?08:15
\shTonio_, no...this cloaking is not the problem...but I really thought you're already core dev because of kubuntu08:16
Tonio_\sh: I am core :)08:18
\shTonio_, so upload ,)08:19
Tonio_\sh: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh !!!!!!08:19
Tonio_\sh: hehe, yes but sometimes I prefer to ask Riddell, depending what moment in the dev cycle we are ;)08:19
\shbreak kde ;)08:19
\shTonio_, you mean, if you made a mistake, but riddell uploads, we could blame him? ;)08:20
Tonio_\sh: true that :)08:20
\shok...new coffee and another smoke..before our scrum daily08:21
Tonio_\sh: and also since the archives are frozen, that's a polite way to say "hey, don't forget to approve the upload, dude !!!!!!!!"08:21
etretyakHi everyone!08:49
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davmor2Riddell: I'd forgotten that dapper was the bubbly background :)14:40
Riddelldavmor2: kwwii made that in a day, what a genius14:46
davmor2Riddell: :)14:46
davmor2just doing upgrade tests at the mo just started on the kubuntu ones :)14:47
* jpatrick sees encrypted HDs in installer14:55
Riddelldavmor2: how are you upgrading from dapper?14:56
davmor2haven't got that far yet let you know shortly :)14:57
* jpatrick looks at http://www.kubuntu-es.org/ and headdesks15:01
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nixternal_oi oi!16:25
davmor2Riddell: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core && sudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release seems to be working :)16:42
Czessiryanakca: ping17:29
nixternal_hey, anyone here that would like to do an OpenWeek talk?19:28
nixternal_I have scheduled myself for a Kubuntu Development, KDE 4, and Documentation talk19:28
nixternal_apachelogger or jpatrick: either of you feel like doing a kde4 packaging talk for OpenWeek?19:30
nixternal_davmor2: you have been going crazy with ISO testing right?19:31
davmor2nixternal_: currently running an update fro dapper kub to hardy but yes why?19:31
nixternal_never mind, I see you are already doing an OpenWeek talk on just that :)19:31
davmor2nixternal_: I'm involved in 2 if you look closely :)19:32
nixternal_ya, just seen that :)19:33
davmor2nixternal_: yes we spoke about it at the last QA meeting and decided it was a good idea to do a session and I was asked if I could help out cgregan with his talk too as I'm testing mobile on xephyr19:35
nixternal_rock on!19:36
davmor2nixternal_: plus the pressure is off us for about a month then anyway :)19:36
nixternal_that is true19:36
nixternal_jjesse: wasabi!19:36
jjesseheelo nixternal_ on confrence call19:38
nixternal_fun fun fun19:38
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jjessetheres nothgin more fun then a day of confrence calls20:17
nixternalso you think, Penguicon! nuff said, scary, freaky, so wrong in many areas, yet such a blast20:18
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Tm_Thummm, koffice2 is not installable?20:49
ryanakcaCzessi: pong20:49
Czessihi ryanakca20:49
Czessiryanakca: what is the status of the new kubuntu.org theme?20:50
ryanakcaCzessi: it's done, I'm just waiting for a sysadmin to finish installing the drupal site.20:50
ryanakcathe branch is on LP if you want it20:51
stdinTm_T: tried "koffice-kde4" ?20:51
Czessiryanakca: yes, then i can start to work for the new kubuntu-de.org site. thanks20:52
Tm_Tstdin: yes, installed IIRC20:52
Tm_Thmm, from where is this koffice2 package, I wonder20:53
Riddellfrom koffice20:54
Riddelloh, the koffice2 binary might be obsolete20:55
Tm_Tit's there anyway20:55
Riddellunknown package for me20:55
Tm_TFilename: pool/universe/k/koffice2/koffice2_1.9.95-0ubuntu1~gutsy1_i386.deb20:55
ryanakcaCzessi: cheers :)20:56
Tm_Tfailing to meet dependencies20:56
stdinin gutsy-backports/universe20:56
ryanakcaTm_T: *shrugs*, not here, maybe wait for the mirror to update/apt-get update20:56
ryanakcaoh, gutsy-backports, nevermind :)20:56
Tm_TI'm in Hardy20:56
Czessiryanakca: have you the lp link by your hand?20:57
stdinTm_T: well ~gutsy1 is a clue ;)20:57
stdinTm_T: check your sources.list20:57
ryanakcaCzessi: no, but kubuntu-website -> code -> kubuntu-theme-v220:57
ryanakcaI can look, just a second20:57
Czessiryanakca: ahh, kubuntu-website ;)20:58
ryanakcaCzessi: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-website/kubuntu-website/kubuntu-theme-v220:58
Tm_Tstdin: aww, true, didn't notice that, must be something what I did mess at some point20:58
* Tm_T hides20:58
Tm_Tshould be preparing a show for release event20:58
ScottKsmarter: Would you have a moment to look at Bug 220324 and see if there's any urgent lesson there for us to learn for Hardy.21:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220324 in kde-guidance "Guidance-power-manager stopped working after upgrade to Gutsy " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22032421:01
smarterScottK: looks like a HAL problem, I'll ask the reporter to try with Hardy and/or gnome-power-manager21:10
ScottKsmarter: Would you please.  I'm a bit tied up with $WORK and motu-release right now.21:10
Tm_Thmm, white text in KDE4 in places where that shouldn't happen, known?21:13
Riddellsomething to do with our qt package21:15
Tm_Tah, I see21:15
Riddellor rather oxygen's interaction with it21:15
Tm_Tso atm I don't mind or should I try something?21:15
seelenixternal: that's not a real picture is it?21:24
* awen_ really wants HAL to behave nicely!21:40
nixternalseele: kind of..I gimped Jono's head onto the body...have you ever seen Tron guy on Jimmy Kimmel or Jay Leno? that is the owner of the body in that picture21:40
nixternalTron guy was at Penguicon and I think the only picture with me and Tron guy jcastro has (I hope)21:41
nixternalJono has the "look at nixternal partying like a drunk country music singer"21:41
sahin_hWhy there is no default helper application in firefox-3 on Kubuntu Hardy?21:42
ScottKawen_: Did you see bug 220324 ?  smarter said he thought it was HAL.21:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220324 in kde-guidance "Guidance-power-manager stopped working after upgrade to Gutsy " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22032421:42
nixternalwhy does KDED keep crashing on me? anyone else having this problem?21:42
ScottKsahin_h: Because Firefox isn't part of the default installation maybe?21:42
ScottKWe didn't change that did we?21:42
awen_ScottK: haven't had time looking into it ... what are "we" crashing at?21:43
sahin_hScottK: Ok. I accept it. However any possible solution? Or where can I ask this question? What is the proper channel?21:43
sahin_hScottK: Maybe #ubuntu+1?21:44
ScottKawen_: Dunno.  Didn't look closely.  Just hoping someone will look and see.21:44
ScottKsahin_h: Yes.21:44
sahin_hScottK: Ok21:44
awen_ScottK: right now im looking into bug 218889 ... how can one single button press issue 4 calls from 3 different devices in HAL, horrible21:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218889 in kde-guidance "[hardy] HAL reports multiple button presses when brightness keys are pressed only once" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21888921:44
ScottKIt's almost as bad as working on sound stuff.21:46
awen_hehe... what a cheer-up21:46
Czessiryanakca: is the new site available via http so i can take a look?21:47
ryanakcaCzessi: yes :)21:48
awen_ScottK: from the back trace in bug 220324 it looks like we are relying on an "self.*" variable being avaible that is not written during initialization22:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220324 in kde-guidance "Guidance-power-manager stopped working after upgrade to Gutsy " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22032422:01
crimsun(well, it depends which sound stuff)22:02
crimsun(app stuff tends to be more tolerable than crackarse audio codec manufacturer quirks)22:03
Nightrose\sh: *g* great @ last blog entry - I was thinking similar stuff about some of his other postings22:21
ScottKcrimsun: I was thinking of the crackarse audio codec stuff.23:59

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