poseidonoldmanemu, I'm dualbooting xp and kubuntu.  I'm using the same reutor and usb wireless adapter right now in xp00:00
szakulec_I'm sure I'm missing something but Strigi is a slow unresponsive slug on my machine00:00
oldmanemuposeidon: I have the same setup, and I get less signal on kubuntu than i do in windows00:03
oldmanemuposeidon: not sure why!00:04
DarkShinigamiIs there a way to grant an IRC user access to only one server/channel and can only PM admins?00:06
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juliehi I donl;t have ./kde/config00:10
julieany ideas00:10
juliewhere is my kde conjfig00:11
julieI can#'t find00:11
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Signilhi.. my acrer orbicam isn't detected! pls help00:12
julieisn't there anyone to help me fix this problem00:13
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julieI need to change the lang back to englihs00:13
julieI have spent hours00:13
juliekubuntu sucks00:14
INIT_6no it doesn't00:14
INIT_6Resolved an issue I was having. Thought I would share the result.00:14
INIT_6When trying to setup video. I had all the drivers installed but for some reason couldn't get my resolution past 640x48000:15
DarkShinigamijulie: First, it's ~/.kde00:15
INIT_6it's because it was going through a KVM switch and giving the wrong info to kubuntu00:15
juliewhere is the config file00:16
DarkShinigamiLook through your directory00:16
INIT_6pluged right into the mointer everything worked like a charm. just thought I would share.00:16
DarkShinigamiINIT_6: Weird. I'm on a KVM and I don't have any resolution issues.00:17
Stepa1i need help enabling the Monkey Audio (ape) plugin in K3b00:17
Stepa1I used the instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=380394 and got no errors, but it still does not work00:18
INIT_6Dark, You might have a better KVM switch00:18
juliewhat do i do00:18
julieshoudl there be a kde config file out there?00:19
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INIT_6DarkShinigami: I also understand my issue wasn't a problem with kubuntu or anything like that it was a end user run time issue00:21
Stepa1can anyone help me with K3b00:21
julieshould there be a kde config file in /.kde00:21
Stepa1I Need Help With K3b00:23
tiberius1701hey i just install the compiz stuff the compiz kde and the compiz manager, but cant get the desktop effects to work???00:23
szakulec_Stepa1: what do you need?00:24
Stepa1szakulec_: I am trying to get the Monkey Audio plugin to work00:25
juliewhat can I do?00:25
Stepa1I followed the instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38039400:25
Stepa1got no errors, but i still dont see the plugin listed00:25
juliehelp help00:26
szakulec_so when you go to the menu, the plugin isn't listed?00:26
Stepa1szakulec_: thats corrent00:26
Stepa1szakulec_: any ideas?00:31
szakulec_if you give me a few minutes, I can try to install it here, and tell you if it worked00:31
Stepa1szakulec_: sure, thanks a lot00:31
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klobsterso what's up with this remix thing?  This doesn't jive with the realease guidelines as I am familiar with them.  Are we forking?  Does this have something to do with the LTS release schedule?00:37
Odd-rationaleklobster: kubuntu won't be lts this release00:37
klobsterso why the fork?00:38
tiberius1701hi i running gutsy, and you know where you enable desktop effect and it says like normal and extra, well my kubuntu does not have the option to enable desktop effects, where is it?00:38
Odd-rationaleyou have a choice between rock solid kde 3.5.9 or community supported bleading edge kde400:38
tiberius1701so your saying i dont have kde 3.5.900:39
ISS_StudentBy default 3.5.9 is installed00:39
Odd-rationaletiberius1701: not on gutsy.00:39
SlimeyPetetiberius1701: I don't think it's anywhere. I don't have kubuntu to hand at the moment but I don't think the desktop effects stuff is available by default.00:40
ISS_StudentOn Hardy Heron you have to choose to install KDE 4 after the install00:40
SlimeyPetecompiz and kde don't always work well together00:40
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion00:40
domhas anyone managed to get the rtl8180 chipset to work with wpa?00:41
SlimeyPeteI ran compiz on kubuntu for a while - it worked OK but I lost window decorations00:41
SlimeyPetewhich didn't bother me but would annoy most people00:41
ISS_StudentI like Hardy Heron so far but I'm still kind of mixed on feelings about KDE4 I like some aspects but can't stand others00:41
klobsterthats silliness, I had the option to install kde 4 in gutsy, why make a prepakage?00:42
szakulec_Stepa1: it's compiling now, so hopefully I'll have an answer for you00:46
Niklasis 8.04 still scheduled for april 24?00:46
Odd-rationaleNiklas: so far!00:46
PhilTrunkISS_Student: I suspect that once kde 4 gets all the customizability we're used to from 3.5, we'll all be able to love it again00:46
Niklasall righty00:46
ISS_StudentPhil You're probably right I am liking it more as I use it. It took forever to get knetworkmanager to work for me00:47
ISS_StudentThe best part of Hardy for me is they got the realtek sound to work00:47
DarkShinigamiIs there a way to grant an IRC user access to only one server/channel and can only PM admins?00:48
PhilTrunkISS_Student: do you mean kde 4 knetworkmanager? is it better than the one in kde 3? I didn't find the kde 3 version useful at all00:48
NiklasDarkShinigami: give him a customized client00:48
Stepa1szakulec_: okay, thanks a lot00:48
DarkShinigamiNiklas: How so? I am thinking the settings are app-related.00:49
ISS_StudentPhil I didn't know there was a kde4 knetworkmanager I was refering to the one on the taskbar00:49
PhilTrunkISS_Student: ok, the kde3 one then, I guess00:49
NiklasDarkShinigami: give him a restricted irc client00:50
JucatoDarkShinigami: you would need to own the IRC server, and create a new IRC app.00:50
latituwhere can i see alternative apps of windows? what is the alternative of ms frontpage in linux?00:50
DarkShinigamiHey there, Jucato00:50
Jucato!alternatives | latitu00:51
ubotulatitu: To change the default applications system-wide, use 'sudo update-alternatives --all' in a terminal.00:51
DarkShinigamiThere isn't a current method for limiting the channel/server on the client side (app)?00:51
Jucatoer. sorry00:51
Niklaslatitu: amaya00:51
Jucatolatitu: kompozer, quanta, to name 200:51
JucatoDarkShinigami: nope00:51
szakulec_Stepa1: I got it to show up in the plugins window00:51
DarkShinigamiBack to the drawing board. Thanks Niklas and Jucato00:51
Stepa1szakulec_: hmm, do you think it might be because I am using Ubuntu and not Kubuntu00:52
ISS_StudentIs there a appthat allows me to play m4a files from itunes?00:52
latituNiklas Jucato thx . any web where a list i can see for others?00:52
szakulec_Stepa1: the only change I made was to grab the plugin from k3b.org instead of the kde-apps page00:52
Jucato!equivalent | latitu00:53
ubotulatitu: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant00:53
szakulec_latitu: try http://www.osalt.com/00:53
Jucatolatitu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeSoftwareAlternatives and KDE-oriented: http://docs.kde.org/kde3/en/kdebase/userguide/migrator-applications.html00:54
klobsterDarkShinigami: look into java web-based irc clients.  They have the customiazation you are looking for.00:54
Stepa1szakulec_: What is the link on the k3b.org site00:54
szakulec_ISS_Student: these aren't from the iTunes store are they?00:54
DarkShinigamiklobster: Thanks. Will do00:54
ISS_Studentszakulec it's my itunes library some purchased and some ripped00:54
szakulec_Stepa1: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/k3b/k3bmonkeyaudioplugin-3.1.tar.bz200:55
Stepa1szakulec_: let me try that one out00:56
spirooHow do I upgrade to 8.04 RC without the dist-upgrade-devel command which not is working for me.00:57
spirooI got this "error": "python: can't open file '/tmp/kde-spiroo/adept_managerXwytgb.tmp-extract/dist-upgrade.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory"00:57
Jucatospiroo: #ubuntu+1 please00:59
spiroowhy not here? :P01:00
Jucatobecause this is not yet the channel for Hardy questions01:00
spiroookay, sorry01:00
Stepa1szakulec_: still does not work01:00
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yao_ziyuanhow do i change root's kde theme settings?01:04
Jucato"kdesu systemsettings"01:05
Jucatoand change the theme from there01:05
latituwhats difference b/w WYSIWYG html editor and html editor ?01:06
geniiWYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get01:06
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jhutchinsUsually the code created by a WYSIWYG html editor is amazingly bloated crap full of empty definitions.01:11
jhutchinsThe code created by a decent html editor may be crap, but that's due to the operator.01:11
jhutchinsA good editor will provide easy mark-up functions, intelligent tag completion, things like that.  Quanta's not bad.01:12
jhutchinsI've tried to take code created by MS HTML editors, WordPerfect, and Apple stuff and clean it up - it was easier to view it in a browser, copy the text, paste it as plain text and mark it up manually.01:13
* genii hands out a round of coffees01:18
LimCorejhutchins indeed01:18
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linuxguymarshallWhere are the icons for programs located?01:35
Odd-rationalelinuxguymarshall: try /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps01:36
Dr_willislocate .png can find a lot of other icons laying about also. :)01:36
Dr_willisor was it 'locate png'01:36
linuxguymarshallHow can I access my file manager with root access?01:42
loki_how do i enable the desktop effects in the latest RC of kubuntu with kde401:42
PhilTrunklinuxguymarshall: kdesudo konqueror01:42
PhilTrunkI think01:42
linuxguymarshallPhilTrunk: That did not work. I also tried sudo dolphin01:43
Jucato"kdesu konqueror" would do01:43
Jucatoloki_: #kubuntu-kde4 please01:43
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PhilTrunkJucato: ah, cool - what's the difference?01:45
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JucatoPhilTrunk: kdesudo is a version of kdesu that works specifically with and like sudo (kdesu originally was just for su, except it was later modified to include very rough support for sudo)01:46
PhilTrunkJucato: gutsy has kdesudo as default, right?01:47
Jucatokdesudo started to become available in gutsy only. when it is installed, kdesu links to kdesudo, so that kdesu actually calls kdesudo. that's why I personally recommend just using kdesu instead01:47
PhilTrunkgood knowledge :-)01:47
Jucatoso that whether or not kdesudo is installed, you'll be able to get admin access one way or another :)01:47
* PhilTrunk needs to walk home before it gets too dark - bbiab01:47
Jucatotake care!! :)01:47
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linuxguymarshallWhyen I close Dolphin I get this error : Unable to save bookmarks in /home/mwilliams/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml. Reported error was: Permission denied. This error message will only be shown once. The cause of the error needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, which is most likely a full hard drive.01:50
linuxguymarshallAny ideas? I have 50+ GB on my HDD01:50
Dr_willislinuxguymarshall,  you ran the file manager as root at sime time in the past. thus making that file owned by root and not the normal user.01:50
Dr_willisdelete that file - is one fix.. OR change its ownership/permissions01:50
linuxguymarshallDr_willis:Can this be fixed?01:50
Dr_willisthis is linux.. of COURSE it canbe fixed. :)01:51
linuxguymarshallDr_willis:lol. Thanks01:51
Dr_willissudo rm /home/mwilliams/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml01:51
Dr_willisis one way01:51
Dr_willisOne of the many reasons i always suggest to NOT ever run the filemanagers as root. :)01:51
linuxguymarshallThanks. I will keep that in mind01:52
geniilinuxguymarshall: Since earlier you said you ran sudo dolphin, now you know why you shouldn't do that anymore01:52
Dr_willislinuxguymarshall,  I knew this answer..because last week we spent part of a day troubleshooting this for another guy. :)01:52
linuxguymarshallgenii:Yes I do.01:52
Dr_willisNow'   kdesudo dolphin just MIGHT of not had that problem01:52
linuxguymarshallNow is there anyway to change the Konquerer background to a custom image without too much trouble? Because the font colour I use is gray and that is hard on the white background01:53
Dr_williswith gui apps rember to always use kdesudo (or was it kdesu now?)   under gnome it would be somthing else..01:53
Dr_williswe need more 'whatever-su' commands! :)01:53
theunixgeekwhat's the name of the program that controls the panel?01:53
linuxguymarshallDr_willis: I belive it is kdesu01:53
Dr_willisI think kde4 has kdesudo , I just go old-skool and use 'sux' :)01:54
linuxguymarshallWhat is sux?01:54
Dr_willis!info sux01:54
ubotusux (source: sux): wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-3.2 (gutsy), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB01:54
Dr_willisIf you ever get where the app you are running becuase of display not set, or somt other error.. its the X security stuff kicking in. :)01:55
Dr_willisthis is whats keeping some other user from sshing in, and running an app on your desktop.01:55
latituwhy ipcop dont exists in ubuntu? how can i install ipcop?01:56
linuxguymarshallIs there an advantage of running a text system besides the system requirements or for a server?01:57
p_quarleslinuxguymarshall, the fewer applications you run on a server, the less likely one of them will enccounter an exploit01:58
Daisuke_IdoDr_willis, i'm | | this close to dumping amarok :\02:07
Daisuke_Idobecause it's bothering me that a major break like cover fetching no longer working has been completely and utterly ignored for gutsy (hardy has the new version) - i was under the impression that there's still another year of support for gutsy02:08
Daisuke_Idoi compiled my own, and that works alright, but i keep getting bugged to "upgrade" from to 1.4.802:09
p_quarlesDaisuke_Ido, there is, but only major bugs are going to get fixed after the release02:09
Daisuke_Idop_quarles, that's pretty major, it breaks a fairly important chunk of amarok's functionality02:10
Daisuke_Ido...and hardy hasn't been released02:10
Daisuke_Idoi keep hearing a fix is coming, so i'll be patient :)02:10
p_quarlesDaisuke_Ido, that's a packaging issue -- you could probably fix it by building a custom package (the "upgrade" bit, thatis)02:10
p_quarlesDaisuke_Ido, it's "major" for some people, but it's not a remote exploit02:10
Daisuke_Idop_quarles, the upgrade thing is a minor annoyance02:10
Daisuke_Idop_quarles, again, hardy hasn't been released, we aren't to "bug-fix only" status with gutsy yet02:11
p_quarlesDaisuke_Ido, well, the RC just came out, so that's getting the most attention right now02:12
* genii keeps an eye on gutsy-backports02:12
Daisuke_Idogenii, i've been keeping an eye on it for a week now02:12
p_quarlesin any case, a good bug report on launchpad can get some results02:12
familyHello.  When attempting to boot, Kubuntu Fiesty won't boot.. after doing a troubleshoot session - startkde fails.. .xession-errors is pretty long.  it's looking for some files in /var/dbus, can't find them(the directory isn't there) - however, if you "startx" - it will work... any ideas?  can i just re-configure kde4?02:15
Daisuke_Idowell, it is considered low urgency02:15
Dr_willisi would consider album art  low urgency. :)02:16
Dr_willisI dont need all the Kenny. G. album covers.. I got the posters hanging on the wall anyway. :p02:16
p_quarlesit is low urgency; plus, my understanding is that bug-fixes in KDE 3 can be difficult -- cleaning up the code base was part of the reason for KDE 4, to make things easier to track and fix, etc.02:17
Daisuke_Idop_quarles, ah, but it was fixed (hence - it wasn't amarok that broke, amazon changed their api02:18
p_quarlesah, ok02:18
p_quarlesI never liked the fact that Amarok uses Amazon anyway -- why not AMG or something? /ot02:18
Daisuke_Idothere's a deb of a patched 1.4.7 available from some random user's webspace, and that's why i chose to compile my own :)02:18
Daisuke_Idop_quarles, you make a good point, offtopic or not :)02:19
p_quarlesI've been pulling the art off the web manually for some time now anyway, given Amarok's low hit/fail ratio02:19
Daisuke_Idomakes me wonder how tough it would be to write a script to pull covers from AMG02:20
Ch1ppyhey, I'm trying to play a game, but every minute or so X is spiking in cpu usage (using BOTH cores) for 10+ seconds and rendering the game unplayable.. can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?02:20
p_quarlesgood question, Daisuke_Ido -- there might be one on kde-apps.org already; I've never bothered to look02:21
Ch1ppywhen I'm not playing anything, X spikesto 2-3% cpu usage at about the same frequency, but in game it takes over the entire cpu02:21
Daisuke_Idonor have i, think i probably should :)02:21
p_quarlesCh1ppy, which game?02:21
Ch1ppyp_quarles: Trackmania in wine, but I've had the same issues with native games as well; it seems to be an issue with 3d games in general02:21
familyWhen attempting to "startkde" - i get a boatload of errors, and they scroll off my screen.  Where can I find an error log so I can google the errors for KDE4?  Kde3 starts fine.. it's just kde4.02:22
Arrowdoes anyone know if Hardy has the Phenom TLB fix applied?02:22
* Arrow has a new one and does 'not' want that...:/02:23
familyDoes anyone know where the KDE4 error log is so I can find out why it's not booting?02:26
p_quarlesDaisuke_Ido, this is a script that gets covers from a Chinese database: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/AutoFetchCover_CN?content=5760402:29
p_quarleschanging the site it searches shouldn't be too hard, I'm guessing02:30
nosrednaekimfamily: where are you typing in startkde? raw command line?02:30
familyit's too late now.  I just erased KDE4.. and going to try again.02:31
familyBut yes, I was typing it in a troubleshooting session because kde4 won't start, but kde3 will.  kde4 wanted /var/dbus/ files, but the directory wasn't even there.02:31
nosrednaekimfamily: how did you install it?02:32
familyI installed it with apt-get.. Probably two months ago.02:32
familybut it was crashing, and I couldn't figure out why.  I did some updates 2 days ago.. I guess they broke the installation?02:33
nosrednaekimfamily: is this gutsy?02:33
familyWhat's the command to activate my eth0 connection ?02:35
nosrednaekimfamily: what repository are you using?02:35
familyThe one that was on kubuntu's website.02:35
familycopy and pasted, verbatim from it02:36
linuxloverhi room, i want to know more about KCorn task scheduler, can anybody help me by proving any website?02:36
Odd-rationalelinuxlover: try "man cron" in terminal. kcron is a graphical frontend to cron02:37
Dr_willisrember to use 'full path to commands' in your cron jobs.. :)  I learned that the hard way once...02:37
familyHow do I enable eth0 to connect to my router ?  it's an ifconfig command.. but I can't find it on google.02:38
familyUgh.  I can't even enable it.02:39
nosrednaekimfamily: sudo dhclient eth002:40
linuxloverThank you Odd-rationale for your response. I am actually new to linux and do not understand the man pages well. I need any help line by which I can use this GUI of corn. By the way of pdf books or html pages anything, i need how to use it. Man pages are tough for understanding for novice like me, pls. help me02:40
nosrednaekimor maybe sudo ifconfig eth0 up02:40
nosrednaekimlinuxlover: whats the problem?02:41
linuxlovernosrednaekim: I need tutorial for KCorn (using Kubuntu)02:42
Daisuke_Idolinuxlover, it's pretty self-explanatory02:43
Daisuke_Idoyou enter a command02:43
Jucatodoesn't kcorn come with a Handbook? (Help -> Handbook)02:43
Daisuke_Idothen tell it when and how often it should execute02:43
nosrednaekimwhats Kcorn? you sure you don't mean Kcron?02:43
Daisuke_Idonosrednaekim, yes, kcron02:43
JucatoI want it to be kcorn :)02:44
Jucato(well, korn is taken already :P)02:44
Daisuke_Idoyeah, by a terrible band02:44
Jucato!info korn02:44
ubotukorn (source: kdepim): KDE mail checker. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1 (gutsy), package size 183 kB, installed size 632 kB02:44
Jucatono, actually by that ^^^^02:44
Daisuke_IdoJucato, yes, but02:45
Daisuke_Idotrust me, the band korn *IS* terrible02:45
Jucatoand offtopic (which is why I redirected it to the korn package)02:45
nosrednaekimthey are probably korney (like that joke)02:45
Jucatoyeah, nosrednaekorn02:45
linuxloverJucato: Yes, I have found that handbook. Thank you for your help. Now I can read it for its details. Thank you room for providing such a nice help.02:48
ubuntuhey i just update from kubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 hardy, i enabled desktop effects, i rebooted and got that white screen, any ideas on how to fix this02:51
Jucatoubuntu: #ubuntu+1 please02:51
ufuk_khello, when will we install kde4 base files and applications under kde name?02:52
ufuk_kwill it be split like kde/kde4 for a long time?02:53
Jucatowe're planning to go KDE 4-only next release (Intrepid Ibex). Though you will still be able to install KDE 3 apps. so I think there will be a kde/kde3 split by that time. (still under discussion)02:54
ufuk_kthanks you, I asked this because I plan to stick with kde (3)02:55
ufuk_kbecause kde still too buggy for me02:56
ufuk_kkde4 i mean02:56
Jucatosure. you still have about 6 months (and even then, you can still probably stick to KDE 3)02:56
familyHey, this may sound stupid.. but is there a way to have a system generated fstab?  Like the one created when you originally installed.02:57
ufuk_kJucato: I just couldn't use only kde4, do you agree with this, using kde4 only?02:57
ufuk_kthere are missing menus everywhere, and can not configure settings properly02:58
Jucatoufuk_k: with the current stable release (4.0), it's impossible (no KDE PIM, unfinished Plasma). by KDE 4.1 (July or August), it would be possible already, but still some popular 3rd party apps are not yet ported to KDE 4.02:59
Jucato3rd party and KDE Extragear (Konversation, K3b, Basket)02:59
ufuk_kJucato: so what about other distros, any other ones think plan to use 4.1 default ?03:00
ufuk_kydo you know about this?03:00
Jucatoanyway, keep on using KDE 3.5 as long as you like (but don't expect new features or even bug fixes regularly from KDE). KDE 4 discussion in #kubuntu-kde403:00
ufuk_kok thank you03:00
Jucatoufuk_k: Kubuntu will, by October (probably 4.1.2 or 4.1.3)03:00
Jucatodepends on whether the distro will release a new version after 4.1 is released03:00
ufuk_kI mean I want kde 4 as soon as possible, but not with this bugs and this shape. Do you think there will be a problem when moving 4.1 as default after using 3.5.9 ?03:02
ufuk_kabout upgrading I mean03:02
tommy540UUID=c8dc0299-8ed7-4d10-9074-9a845a50b4eb / ext3 defaults, errors=remount-ro 0 1 <<--- is there anything wrong with this? fstab generates an error for this line.03:02
ufuk_ktommy540: did you format a partition ?03:03
tommy540No.  I mean, it works.. but if I start in recovery mode, fstab gives me an error.. says line 3 bad.  but i mean, it mounts..03:03
ufuk_kif it mounts03:04
tommy540I mean, hey, it mounts.. just those errors look ugly in red :)03:04
ufuk_k then there is not a problem with UUIDs03:04
ufuk_kwhich partition is this, the mount point?03:05
tommy540It's /..... hda1.03:05
ufuk_kcan you pastebin /etc/fstab?03:06
tommy540hold on!03:06
tommy540hehe, any idea?03:09
ufuk_kno problem in fstab03:09
ufuk_kI dont see any problem03:09
tommy540thanks brother!03:10
ufuk_kdo you dual boot with Xp or another03:10
tommy540No, thank goodness.  I moved away from Windows almost a year ago!03:10
ufuk_kanother distro?03:10
tommy540Not at all.03:10
ghittsumI have edgy edge how do I edit repository settings in adept manager?03:11
Jucato!repositories | ghittsum03:12
ubotughittsum: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:12
Jucatoguide is there (near the bottom for older versions)03:12
linuxloverroom mates, I asked some newbie question for KCron. I am interested to know that using KCron, what can I do --can only run a program only? I need to start and stop my ongoing downloads using Ktorrent Clicent. Can I do that?03:12
Jucatolinuxlover: there's this thing called "dcop" in KDE which allows you to control KDE apps using simple commands or scripts. maybe you can use those with kcron to start/stop ktorrent03:13
Jucatoguide about dcop: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/dcop.html03:14
Jucatoyou can browse possible dcop commands using "kdcop"03:14
linuxloverThank you Jucato, my best regards to you.03:15
Jucatoan example of a dcop command: "dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0"03:15
Jucatothat will open up the K Menu wherever your mouse is03:16
linuxloverJucato: yes.......listening to you03:16
Jucatoheh just read :)03:16
GeekFarmhey folks, anyone got time to help out a newbie with some kubuntu troubles?03:17
linuxloverOk I am trying it of my own03:18
Jucato!anyone | GeekFarm03:18
ubotuGeekFarm: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:18
GeekFarmeheh thanks jucato... anyway my adept updater failed while I was updating kubuntu last night and now it just boots to a command prompt. I've been trying to reinstall packages but it tells me files are write protected even if I use chmod to change their status....03:19
Jucato!aptfix | GeekFarm03:20
ubotuGeekFarm: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:20
GeekFarmthanks jucato!03:20
GeekFarmi will try that out03:20
GeekFarmjucato - it doesnt seem to help anything - it simply displays "/var/lib/dpkg:"  -- but I also typed "$path /usr/bin/sudo fuser -fki /var/lib/dpkg --configure -a" instead because it told me the path did not include sudo's location... is that why it failed perhaps?03:31
Jucatohm.. what was the first command you actually entered?03:32
JucatoGeekFarm: can you try this command first? "which sudo"03:32
GeekFarmit says nothing in response :)03:33
Jucatoouch :/03:33
Jucatohow about "whoami"?03:34
GeekFarmheh "the command could not be located because /usr/bin is not included in the path"03:35
GeekFarm$path /usr/bin/whoami says "root"03:35
Jucatoer... how are you booting into Kubuntu?03:36
Jucatoif you are root, you don't need to use sudo for commands...03:37
Jucatobut why/how are you root? :)03:37
GeekFarmIt still brings up the menu of bootable systems it just fails to load after03:37
GeekFarmI'm not sure, I'm not used to the command prompt.. I've always used the desktop environment03:38
Jucatook.. do this.. reboot your Kubuntu, then in the menu of bootable systems (GRUB), choose your normal system. where does it stop?03:38
GeekFarmIt shows the kubuntu loading screen, fills the meter about halfway then starts showing a bunch of data, then ends up in the command prompt telling me to manually run dpkg --configure -a03:39
GeekFarmbut that runs me into the read only problem03:40
GeekFarmwhich chmod doesnt help03:40
Jucatono, don't chmod stuff03:40
GeekFarmI thought your command was going to be it for sure, but maybe it's totally mucked up from the failure?03:40
GeekFarmheh yeah that was probably a hasty move huh...03:40
Jucatohold on03:40
GeekFarmheh will do jacato03:41
JucatoGeekFarm: so you are dumped into a command prompt immediately? are you still asked for your username and password?03:41
GeekFarmit doesnt get that far03:41
greegi keep getting the KDE crash handler on random occations (about 45-60 intervals)  when runnign konqurer.03:41
JucatoGeekFarm: does the prompt end with a # or a $ ?03:41
Jucatoah ok..03:41
JucatoGeekFarm: run "fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock" first03:42
Jucato(no need for sudo. you are temporarily root already)03:42
GeekFarmah yeah that name came up.. ok brb03:42
Jucatothen "dpkg --configure -a"03:42
greegis it wise to apt-get remove konqueror ?03:45
stunatrawhy do you want to remove it?03:45
greegi want to reinstall it03:45
GeekFarm"unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system"03:45
greegi keep getting the KDE crash handler on random occations (about 45-60 intervals)  when running konqueror03:45
stunatraWhat exactly is the problem with it?03:45
Jucato!patience | greeg03:46
ubotugreeg: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:46
stunatraIs the system updated?03:46
greeglike every 30 seconds03:46
greegthe crash handler keeps coming up.03:46
stunatraReport the bug.03:46
greegstunatra: 7.10 fresh installation. few days old03:46
stunatraIt could be a bug.03:47
greegi dont want to report the bug (too much work).  i want a working version of linux.03:47
stunatraTry updating the system.03:47
greegapt-get update ?03:47
JucatoGeekFarm: ok... take note of the 2 commands I gave (fuser and dpkg), then reboot, but this time choose the "Recovery mode" option in the GRUB menu03:47
greegis it ok to purge konqueror.  then apt-get install it ?03:47
Jucatogreeg: sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:47
Jucatono it's not ok03:47
GeekFarmok will do jacato, thanks.. I'll be right back03:48
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
crazy_busis there any way to have a virtual filesystem (or something similar) so that I can browse files contained on different dvd's at the same time in konqueror (or anyother program?)03:54
BioVorEhaving 2 dvd's mounted at the same time and seeing them as 1?03:55
Jucatocrazy_bus: you can make an ISO out of the DVDs, then mount those ISO so you can browse them even if the DVD's are not there03:56
Jucato!iso | crazy_bus03:56
ubotucrazy_bus: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:56
Jucatoto create an iso: dd if=/dev/foo of=filename.iso (where foo is the device name for your DVD drive)03:57
GeekFarmsorry jacato - I'm still having the same problem. when I run "dpkg --configure -a" it tells me it's "unable to access dpkg status area: read-only file system"03:57
crazy_busno, that not what I'm looking for.  I just want a list so I can remember what things I've yet to view, but have had to burn to disk for space reasons03:58
GeekFarmanyway I'm going to call it quits for tonight but thanks alot for the help jacato!03:58
=== GeekFarm is now known as GeekFarm-away
BioVorEcrazy_bus: You could make a database of file on each disk I guess03:59
crazy_buswould that enable me to browse though folders and have it tell me which disk to insert when I click on a file BioVorE?04:00
BioVorEtechnical on could write a program to do that.. But mosty people just keep a file that contains the file and the volume (dvd) is on.04:01
BioVorEmake a file for each volume..04:02
BioVorEthen use grep to search the files..04:02
BioVorEI don't think there is any gui tool for that atm.04:02
crazy_busis there anyway to copy a dvd's filesystem and store each file as a 0 byte file that I can move around?04:03
* PhilRod imagines it's two lines of shell script04:04
PhilRodfind /mount/point -type -d - exec mkdir -p '{};'04:05
PhilRodfind /mount/point -type f - exec touch '{};'04:05
BioVorEyup that would work..04:05
PhilRodwell, that wouldn't work, but something not dissimilar04:05
Jucatohow about "tree"?04:05
Jucato!info tree04:06
ubotutree (source: tree): displays directory tree, in color. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 27 kB, installed size 92 kB04:06
BioVorEcould do that..04:06
Jucatocd to the DVD's mount point, enter "tree > filename".. filename will contain the contents of the DVD in a tree heirarchy04:06
BioVorEI would just have 1 textfile with the following format.  <DVD Volume Name> : <file path >/<filename>04:07
BioVorEand do it for every file on all you dvd's04:07
crazy_busI already do this ls -R /media/cdrom0/ >> /home/philip/Desktop/cdrom.txt but what I want is folders containing empty files with the same names as the real files04:07
BioVorEthen you can just grep <file of interesst> <database txt file>04:08
greeghow long does this dist-update take ?04:08
BioVorEpossibly a while..04:08
Jucatofresh install? maybe quite a while...04:08
greegprobobly wont even fix konqurer04:08
greegwe'll see04:08
BioVorEIs there something borked on konquer?04:09
Jucatowho knows. first time I heard of someone having problems like that in Konqueror, even on a fresh Gusty install04:09
BioVorEyeah.. konqueror only crashes on my on some websites because of a pluggin doing weirdness04:10
PhilRodcrazy_bus: the recipe I suggested will do nearly that04:10
PhilRodyou'll need to add the oupt path to both before the '();' and also check the manpage of 'find' to make sure I got the exec syntax right04:11
crazy_busPhilRod: so I just type find /media/scd0 -type -d - exec mkdir -p ~/Desktop/cdtest'{};'04:14
PhilRod"-type d" and no space between the dash and "exec"04:15
PhilRodI think the rest is correct - to test it, put 'echo' before the mkdir04:15
PhilRodthen it'll just tell you what it *would* do, instead of doing it04:15
crazy_busPhilRod: so this? find /media/scd0 -type d -exec echo mkdir -p ~/Desktop/cdtest'{};'04:17
PhilRodcrazy_bus: yes, I think that's correct04:17
crazy_busI get this error, find: missing argument to `-exec'04:17
PhilRodyou should check the manpage before running commands from random strangers on IRC though :-)04:18
PhilRodcrazy_bus: find /media/scd0 -type d -exec echo mkdir -p ~/Desktop/cdtest'{}' ';'04:21
PhilRod(The ; has to be an oargument on its own - the way I gave it to you initially, there's just one argument ~/Desktop/cdtest/'{};')04:22
PhilRodthe extra space makes it its own argument, which is what find requires04:22
crazy_busthe /media/scd0 is only in system:/ how can I input the correct address?04:23
PhilRodtype 'mount' to see what's mounted04:24
crazy_busit says /dev/scd0 on /media/HST110 L01-26 type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev,noatime,uid=1000,utf8) but bash says /dev/scd0 is not a directory04:25
crazy_busdo I have to input /media/cdromname everytime there's a different cd?04:26
PhilRod /media/HST110 is the mount point04:27
PhilRodthe output of mount is "device" then "where it's mounted in the file system"04:28
crazy_busso there's no static address for the dvd drive I can use?04:28
PhilRodI assume it would get mounted to the sam place every time - it depends what app you're using to mount the drive I guess04:28
crazy_busit's a shame because konqueror use to mount all dvd's to /media/cdrom0 but now it's a different address everytime depending on the dvd's name.  Is there anyway to go back to having a static address?04:33
crazy_busalso thanks PhilRod, I also used find /media/HST110\ L01-26/ -type f -exec touch ~/Desktop/cdtest'{}' ';' and it works perfectly04:34
PhilRodnp, I can never resist a chance to find a one-line way of doing something in the shell :-)04:35
crunchybumblehow would I remap my capslock to escape?04:36
PhilRodI wouldn't be surprised if there's a way to get konqueror to mount things to the same place - if you're using kde 3, konqueror uses hal-based tools to autmoatically mount things, so you might be able to configure those to get the mount point the same each time04:36
=== kilrae-laptop_ is now known as kilrae-laptop
crunchybumbleand do it in a fashion that I can stick in the bashrc (or just some way to make it persistent)04:37
PhilRodcrunchybumble: first look in system settings -> regional & lang -> keyboard layout04:37
PhilRodthere are a whole bunch of options for remapping various keys there04:37
PhilRodif that doesn't  have what you want, use xmodmap04:38
crunchybumbleah. awesome04:38
PhilRod(which is something you can easily drop in .bashrc, although you'll actually want to put it in a *.sh script in ~/.kde/env)04:38
crunchybumblewhat is ~/.kde/env the locale for04:39
crunchybumble(not a directory i've ever had reason to touch)04:40
PhilRodany scripts you put in ~/.kde/env which have the extension .sh will be sourced at kde startup04:40
crunchybumblethat's good info, thanks04:40
PhilRod(sourcing means that any environment variables you define in the scripts will propagate to the whole of the kde session)04:40
PhilRodparticularly useful for things like ssh-agent04:41
crazy_busPhilRod: just to let you know I found the problem.  cdrom0 was pointing to the wrong address, so I fixed it04:45
hicronhey guys, why am i not finding the -fno-stack-protector switch in gcc-4.1?04:50
Agent_bobummm just a guess, but; maybe gcc was compiled without it?04:51
=== narg_ is now known as narg
hicronsorry i'm a bit of a noob... i have the option to compile with -fstack-protector04:51
hicronand it seems like that's the default04:51
Agent_bob?  -fno-stack-protector != -fstack-protector  ?04:52
hicron-fno-stack-protector should disable SSP04:53
hicronwhich is what i want to do... SSP is keeping me from smashing the stack properly04:55
Agent_bobi was just thoumbing through the man page but, it's not forth-comming with info on that.   plenty about limiting stacks   -fno-stack-limit  and such tho.    so, idk.  maybe there's a #gcc or something?   or even ##linux might be helpfull05:01
Agent_boband i answered a spook again.05:04
=== Hydrogen is now known as f-bomb
edoceoWhere does KDE keep the list of programs to autostart?05:41
Hikejinxedoceo: /home/yourhome/.kde/Autostart05:41
Iced_EagleHey everyone, I'm a new Linux user so I'm still deciding my desktop environment... Just curious but is Kubuntu in any way treated as an inferior version? Or is the real difference only in that it uses KDE?05:43
edoceoAnd some other stuff in .kde/share/config05:43
HikejinxIced_Eagle: kubuntu is not regarded as inferior.05:44
HikejinxSome may argue that, some argue ubuntu as inferior, but that is more of a KDE vs. Gnome debate.05:44
Iced_EagleYea I don't want to start a kde vs gnome debate as that's something I want to decide.05:44
Iced_EagleBut is everything besides the desktop essentially the same and kept up with what's in gnome ubuntu?05:45
Iced_EagleCool, thanks. :)05:45
Iced_EagleFrom everything I've seen and what KDE has in the future, I'm going to give that a try. :) KDE 4 looks like it has a bunch of cool stuff in it, with a lot of it forward-looking.05:46
Iced_EaglePlus from the screenshots, it seems to have a better "feel" than gnome. Though I guess that's what I'll try out later this week when Hardy is released05:47
kaminixIs there no way to link arts to phonon somehow yet? Would be kinda cool if one could use the same audio interface for both of them, remember last time in 4.0.3 i couldn't control the KDE4 apps sound level through the KMix interface06:01
Rominahow can I force kubuntu NOT to show the splash screen?06:12
RominaI want to see the text output06:12
Rominahow it was years ago in times of debian06:12
RominaService .... [OK]06:12
Agent_bobboot with option "nosplash" in place of "splash"06:12
RominaService .... [failed]06:12
Rominathank you Agent_bob06:12
Rominasee you soon, I try it out06:12
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
Rominawell he left *g*06:17
intelikeyim still here.06:17
Rominaif there is someone else:06:17
Rominaintelikey, are you Agent Bob?06:17
Rominawell it did not show me a splash screen ...06:17
Rominabut it also did not show the text-output06:17
intelikeytry adding a vga=   to that line      vga=normal   maybe.06:18
Rominaoh dear I just did a workaround on that06:18
Rominathen I removed radeonfb from the the drivers blacklist06:18
Rominaand loaded radeonfb  manually06:19
Rominabefore,  I had to wait over 5 minutes until kubuntu booted06:19
Rominaand while these 5 minutes I only saw "black"06:19
intelikeytest with.  vga=0x0f0506:19
Rominamay I please ask you to explain that06:19
intelikeytextmode  80x30 non-frame buffered06:20
Rominabtw. with my vga=792  solution  it still looked wired,  because the Kubuntu logo  (splash screen)  was too wide on the right bottom side06:20
Rominahum OK I try it out06:20
Rominathank you so far06:20
Rominaintelikey, will you keep this nickname?06:20
intelikeyfor a while06:20
Rominaat least for the next 5 mins?06:20
Rominasee you soon06:20
leileiloldang the ubuntu channel is loaded06:21
leileiloli'm worried my new version won't make it to the new version's repository :(06:21
intelikeyi need a mid-usa isp....   looking at q-west   but wondering if anyone has any sujestions ?06:27
RominaWell it worked =)   Thank you very, very much!06:29
Rominawhere did you get this value from?06:29
intelikeyRomina human ram06:29
RominaI would have some some questions concerning some applications which make problems but the devolopers of these apps pointed me to this channel because they think its a problem of the  ubuntu-package06:30
intelikeyRomina but there is a web page that lists them all.  google can find it for you.06:30
RominaI will search google on than06:30
Rominafor example xchat is one of this applications ... there are 2 different view types06:30
Rominaone if  "tabs"  for tabs at the bottom of xchat06:30
Rominathe other channel switcher view mode ist "tree"06:31
Rominato show a tree on the left side06:31
Rominanormally,  a channel tree entry turns red if someone says something in the channel06:31
Rominaand turns blue if your own nickname was highlighted by someone else06:32
Rominayou know what I mean?06:32
Rominaxchat 2.8.4 does not change the color any more06:32
intelikeyRomina ummm xchat is default in ubuntu   not kubuntu   might ask in there   /join #ubuntu     i don't use a GUI hardly at all.  and havent seen xchat in years.06:32
Rominaxchat-gnome is a different program06:32
Rominathats what they come up with afaik06:32
Iced_Eagleintelikey: I used Roadrunner when I lived in Wisconsin. It was decent... Though if you have the cash, try to get Fios ;)06:32
Iced_EagleVerizon Fios. Fiber optic06:33
Iced_Eagleessentially, it boils down to blazing fast :)06:33
Iced_Eaglebut pricey06:33
Rominai c =)06:33
intelikeyIced_Eagle fo is out of reach   but thanks for the reply.06:33
Rominathx =)06:33
monkeybritchesMakes for mad wicked ping time06:33
Iced_Eaglehaha yea06:34
Iced_EagleIt's such bullshit though. I live in Bellevue, right across the street from microsoft and we don't have fios06:34
intelikeyping time like ...icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=0.183 ms ?06:35
intelikeythat's a lan ping.06:35
monkeybritchesThat would be nice06:35
monkeybritchesI would prefer a ping that comes back to me before I send it06:36
monkeybritchesLike, before I even type 'ping'06:36
monkeybritchesNow *that* would be fast06:36
Iced_Eaglewould make playing online games a hell of a lot more fun ;)06:36
=== f-bomb is now known as Hydrogen
monkeybritchesYeah, you could really rock those muds then06:37
intelikeymy ping to google is a bit slower tho   icmp_seq=4 ttl=242 time=231 ms06:37
=== zeke is now known as gnub_daemon
Iced_EagleI'm getting ~75ms to google06:37
Iced_Eagleusing Comcast06:38
intelikeybut i'm on dialup06:38
monkeybritchesI have a dozen gerbils on bicycles powering my connection06:38
monkeybritchesIt's really hard to get them to stay on the bicycles...06:38
intelikeyuse shock collars06:39
monkeybritchesThat makes them blow up in little tufts of fluff06:39
intelikeyjust dont clap your hands at them.    they'll all bounce 8.34 inches high at once06:40
intelikeygerbils are really fun that way.06:41
monkeybritchesFlighty little things...06:41
intelikeyvery easy to startle.  but quick to calm down.06:42
intelikeyi used to think it quite amusing to walk into the room where they kept the gerbils and clap, watch all 22 cages of them bounce in uniscen, then turn to see what it was that startled them....06:45
monkeybritchesWhat were the 22 of them powering?06:45
intelikeylol a sciense department.06:46
intelikeyi never did quite get the connection... they used "white rats" and "black gerbils"      ???06:49
intelikeynever mind.06:49
kaminixHas something been done for dvd playback in Hardy or is it just my imagination that .vob (dvd) playback looks better now?06:56
kaminixMight of course be the video drivers too, Intel 915 chipset.06:56
intelikey-:- kubrick.freenode.net  Sunday April 20 2008 -- 22:58:21 -07:0006:58
intelikeyso the -07:00 means what ?06:58
kaminixIsn't that some time zone thingie?06:59
kaminixJust a guess.07:00
intelikeyi'm thinking so.   but would that be gmt+7 ?07:00
intelikeyGMT+7 i mean.07:01
kaminixIf you're GMT I'd suppose it's GMT -7, considering the - and all. :p07:01
kaminixStill, I'm only guessing.07:01
intelikeykaminix you're no fun,   "only guessing" and all...07:01
kaminixThough GMT-7 would be 00:00, no? Was the connection an hour ago?07:02
alixthedarki tried to put in a third party source in adept and i cannot open it now. how do i fix that?07:02
intelikeykaminix i really wanted to rant about the bug in the "tzconfig" app    you have to set tz to GMT+7  to get it to subtract seven hours from gmt  for your local time.07:03
intelikeyif you set it to GMT-7  it adds seven hours.07:03
intelikeyi.e.  in tzconfig   - is farther east and + is farther west07:04
ds187alixthedark: what is it you can't open?07:05
alixthedarkall adept07:05
intelikeyby what i call logic that's backwards.07:05
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:05
alixthedarkadept manager mainly07:05
intelikeyalixthedark ^07:05
sat437any one try ubuntu in vmware07:05
intelikeymany have.   i'm not one of them.07:06
sat437im doing it now07:06
sat437just want to know if tany one has had problems07:06
sat437i love ubuntu but i like have windows and other os's at the same time07:07
intelikeydual boot ?07:07
sat437any one else tried this07:07
alixthedarki love linux but i want the games and programs that are in windows07:08
sat437me to07:08
jerknextdoorsat437: i did at one time.  but i hated vmware so that's why i switched to virtualbox.07:08
sat437i think linux is better then windows and beter then os X07:08
sat437but i still need windows07:08
alixthedarklinux is the best07:08
alixthedarkAll hail Tux!07:08
intelikey"need windows"         </gag>07:08
sat437and im not shure if my linux system will get messed up from VMWARE in windows07:08
sat437steam cs bf2 WOW07:09
sat437yep i need windows07:09
jerknextdoortry to keep this a support channel.  #kubuntu-offtopic07:09
sat437WINE + games ?07:09
jerknextdoori havent tried that.  i've heard mixed things about wine and games.07:10
jerknextdoormostly bad07:10
sat437any one use wine07:10
alixthedarki do07:10
sat437im going to install it07:10
Nyadwhy would it be bad???07:10
intelikeyi have.   it's slow07:10
alixthedarkit is a waste of time07:10
intelikeygames are a waste of tiem07:11
NyadRuns decently07:11
sat437im upgrading to 7.10 now07:11
sat437i cant get beryl to install07:11
kaminixI agree with intelikey on that.07:11
sat437help please07:11
sat437never mind07:12
sat437i give up07:12
alixthedarkhas anyone seen the beryl setup?07:12
sat437thanks for the help guys07:12
DreadKnightsat437: dude07:12
kaminixYou're quick to give up :p07:12
sat437yes i em07:12
sat437thanks guys bye07:12
DreadKnightsat437: 8.10 release in 3 days, compiz / desktop effects by default i think, at least very stable / easy to activate07:13
intelikeykaminix but he "needs windows" !07:13
sat437im using vmware to run ubunty07:13
sat4373 days ?07:13
sat437how big is the upgrade07:13
DreadKnightsat437: on 24th07:13
intelikeysat437 full system07:13
sat437is there a site about the new distro07:13
DreadKnightsat437: info on www.kubuntu.com lol07:13
intelikeyyou mean "new release"07:14
DreadKnightsat437: i'm running it for quite some time, it works great07:14
sat437KDE or GNOME for new os07:14
DreadKnighti use KDE07:14
kaminixlol intelikey, I could see reasons for needing Windows really :p07:15
sat437can i upgrade from gnome to kde on new 8.107:15
DreadKnightsat437: yep07:15
intelikey ^ ^07:15
sat437will i loose my data07:16
DreadKnightsat437: not really07:16
sat437not realy ?07:16
kaminixsudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop is all he needs, right?07:16
DreadKnightsat437: but on 24th ubuntu/kubuntu etc get upgraded... (so gnome too)07:16
sat437can i change to kde now07:16
jerknextdoorsat437:  you won't lose any data.  you just need to upgrade and then install kde.07:16
intelikeycaution!    with any upgrade/update/install/reload there is always the possability of loosing data.07:17
DreadKnightsat437: you can, but it's a bit harder to remove a DE.07:17
intelikeythere is no substitute for "backups"07:17
sat437thanks there is better support here thn there is over at microsoft07:17
DreadKnighteven if something goes wrong, you reinstall and don't lose data07:17
sat437bye thanks for the help guys07:18
DreadKnightlol? he was using konversation xD07:18
intelikeyDreadKnight in a vmware07:18
kaminixKonversation is teh shit. <307:18
DreadKnighthe was on gnome haha xD07:18
DreadKnightKonversation FTW!07:19
kaminixSo? Why couldn't he use Konversation? :s I switched to KDE when I started noticing most of my apps were KDE apps :p07:19
intelikeyhow do we know he was in "gah-no-me"07:19
DreadKnighti like gnome apps, but don't really want them in kde etc07:19
DreadKnightand gnome has a 'wrong' feeling for me, i mean the desktop itself..07:20
kaminixI don't much mind the Desktop except it's ugliness :p07:20
intelikeyyou mean the default setup of gnome07:20
DreadKnightsomehow ugly and don't like the default setup no more07:20
DreadKnightwell, looking forward to kde4.107:21
intelikeyintelikey rule #43 "leave nothing default"07:21
DreadKnighti hate how the nautilus gui is configured in the 1st place07:21
* DreadKnight has kde as default xD07:22
intelikeywhen i start a gui it's usually blackbox and i just use what ever app stricks my fancy at the time.07:22
intelikeydid they get twm debugged in the hardy release ?07:25
kaminixintelikey: What are you doing in #kubuntu then? :p07:25
kaminixAh. :p07:28
intelikeyanyone used twm in the hardy ?   does it's menu update propperly now ?07:28
kaminixWell, school time. ^^07:28
DreadKnighthammer time!07:29
DreadKnightintelikey: what the heck is twm ? O_o07:29
intelikeytiny window manager07:29
intelikey!info twm07:29
ubotutwm (source: twm): Tab window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.3-2 (gutsy), package size 105 kB, installed size 372 kB07:29
DreadKnightoh >_<07:29
DreadKnighthaha tab :P07:29
intelikeysize 372 KB07:30
intelikeythat's the whole window manager.    compare to kde-core07:30
Daisuke_Idocompare to kwin07:31
Daisuke_Idothat's a little more fair07:31
emilsedghcompare to kwin, right07:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kwin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:31
intelikey!info kwin07:31
ubotukwin (source: kdebase): the KDE window manager. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2.2 (gutsy), package size 1039 kB, installed size 3360 kB07:31
emilsedghkde is not a window manager anymore.it includes a window manager07:32
intelikey10 X07:32
DreadKnightyeah xD07:32
emilsedghthats tiny! thats designed to be tiny07:32
Daisuke_Idoemilsedgh, but it *has* a window manager07:32
intelikeybut you can't install kwin alone07:32
intelikeyyou can twm07:32
Daisuke_Idoif you're going to compare a window manager to part of kde, it would be wise to choose the window manager07:32
Daisuke_Idoand the point still stands, kwin is 10x the size07:32
emilsedghintelikey: kwin features are 10x of that tiny probably ;)07:33
emilsedghintelikey: btw, you cannot install twm alone too.sure it has many dependencies07:33
emilsedghprobably gtk stuff, right?07:33
DreadKnightsudo apt-get install twm | sudo apt-get remove kde07:34
intelikeyemilsedgh yes you can.   install xorg and then adding twm depends on nothing else   can't say that for kwin.07:34
Daisuke_Idoit requires nothing you don't already have installed07:34
Daisuke_Idono gtk or qt required at all07:34
Daisuke_Idoit really is friggin tiny]07:34
emilsedghintelikey: so, what is the purpose of doing so? a window manager to use xclocks?07:34
Daisuke_Idoemilsedgh, lightweight = fast07:35
Daisuke_Idoslow machine + twm = faster machine.  slow machine + kde != faster machine07:35
intelikeyemilsedgh or mozilla-suite ...07:35
emilsedghbut then you should use xfce.not kde07:36
intelikeyemilsedgh why use xfce when twm can do all i want done ?    it's all about choices anyway.07:36
Daisuke_Idoreplace kde in the last statement with xfce07:36
Daisuke_Idotwm is still a whole lot lighter and faster07:37
intelikeybut my question was and is,  have they fixed twm ?07:37
DreadKnightkde4 is damn slugish07:37
emilsedghi dont think that a window manager affects speed a lot07:37
alixthedarkcan someone help with adept? i put in a custom third party source and now it doesn't open.07:37
DreadKnightalixthedark: restarted pc?07:37
intelikey!adeptcrashfix | alixthedark have you tried this ?07:38
ubotualixthedark have you tried this ?: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:38
DreadKnightalixthedark: edit sources.list and remove 3rd party stuff..07:38
intelikeywhat is the char before  sudo and after -a supposed to be ?07:39
intelikeynot counting space07:40
flaccidit shouldn't be there07:40
flaccidnot part of the command07:40
intelikeyflaccid i mean what do you see there ?07:40
alixthedarki did what ubotu said and it says i have an apt database error07:41
intelikeyi see the cap A and two small arrows07:41
flaccidcomes up as a square on this client and font07:41
intelikeyalixthedark you need to fix /etc/apt/sources.list  then.07:41
intelikeypastebin it and we'll see.07:42
intelikeypasting file /usr/local/bin/pastebin07:44
alixthedarki do not have permission. how do i get permission?07:45
ubotuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:45
alixthedarki am using kate to edit it07:46
intelikeylike i said ^ kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list07:46
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.07:47
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:47
alixthedarkthanks intelkey!07:48
alixthedarkit worked07:49
intelikey(ubuntu default user) == (root jr.)     and anyone that gains access to your user can own you.   (if they know what they are doing)07:49
alixthedarkcya guys thanx!07:50
NyadDoes anyone know of a Desktop Environment that looks exactly like the standard XP one, since I am not used to KDE,GNOME or XFce08:14
emilsedghNyad: xpde :)08:15
emilsedghNyad: but its dead i think.you could configure your kde to look like windows08:15
Nyaddead :(08:16
jerknextdoornyad: i'm sure there are plenty of tutorials out there08:16
NyadSo KDE is that configurable?08:16
emilsedghNyad: KDE is much more customizable than what you think :)08:17
Nyadbut that would mean compiling it from source?08:17
Iced_EagleNo, you can download themes for it.08:17
emilsedghyou know, KDE, could be like itself, but could look like win, osx, gnome or itself or combination of them08:17
Iced_EagleTry this: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=149908:17
emilsedghNyad: no, no you dont need to compile it08:17
Nyadso just fidling around in System Settings can do the trick? I must have missed a lot when I was configuring my system08:19
emilsedghNyad: almost yes i think.also please install the dekorator and some XP-like themes for it08:20
Iced_Eaglewell, doing things through GUI can only do so much... To get the best you need to go into script files, which is fairly advanced. Unless you are advanced, stick to GUI, or try pre-made themes08:21
* intelikey wonders if kde can look like twm 08:21
Nyadwhat extra things could I do with the scripts?08:21
intelikeyright click everything08:21
NyadIced_Eagle,  what extra things could I do with the scripts?08:25
intelikeyhmm    "JavaScript support is not enabled."    does elinks do javascript ?08:27
intelikeyclaydoh:   i have an issue.    when i start xorg the keyboard stops working propperly08:28
intelikeyoh<<<  i have an issue.    when i start xorg the keyboard stops working propperly08:29
intelikeystupid nick completion.08:29
=== intelikey is now known as _2
taricrisI need help to install .BIN file!!!!!!!!!108:50
flaccidtaricris: sh ./file.bin08:50
flaccidor you might need to chmod _x ./file.bin first08:50
Nyadflaccid, that makes it executable right?08:51
taricrisI trying install RealPlayer11GOLD.bin file to lisen web radio.08:51
flaccid!real | taricris08:51
ubotutaricris: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:51
_2if it's a shell script wrapped around an archive (as most of them are) it doesn't need to be executable.   but you should probably use bash and not sh.    bash path/to/blah.bin08:52
flaccidtaricris: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealPlayerInstallationMethods08:52
flaccidit depends what file  RealPlayer11GOLD.bin is08:53
Nyadflaccid, I've seen people use chmod u+x filename   ,  what difference is there?08:53
_2yeah i said "most"  not "all"08:53
=== yanchao is now known as yanchao__
flaccidexecutable for the file owner08:54
pukyohi i want to download from rapidshare,09:09
_2pukyo download what ?09:10
jussio1pukyo: why cant you?09:11
pukyowindows = rapget09:11
pukyoI search the same apt for linux09:12
gromozekinHi there. Can you help me, how to admit to login as root? I have already setup root password but when i see logon screen, i type root ad then my password and it said that It`s prohibited to login as root09:13
flaccid!root | gromozekin09:14
ubotugromozekin: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:14
gromozekinsudo passwd root09:14
gromozekinwhat is it?09:14
gromozekinso so09:14
flaccidthat changes root's password under sudo09:14
gromozekinbut i need to login as root09:15
_2gromozekin you can set a root passwd.  you can even enable the gdm/kdm to allow root login if you want09:15
flaccidthen do so09:15
flaccid_2: its bad practice to use root in a DE09:15
gromozekinyou can even enable the gdm/kdm to allow root login if you want09:15
gromozekinbut i dunno how to do it in kdm09:15
_2flaccid don't lecture me.   please.09:15
_2gromozekin edit the config file09:16
flaccid_2: i wasn't aware that i was lecturing. i was correcting.09:16
_2but i wasn't incorrect.09:17
jussio1!supportroot | _209:17
ubotu_2: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)09:17
flaccidtrue, you were just advising a bad practice09:17
* gromozekin think that slackware rocks, but it has no sky2 working09:17
ds187gromozekin: why do you need to login as root?09:19
jussio1where does openoffice store its templates ?09:19
gromozekin<ds187> cause its much comfortable09:19
flaccidever heard of sudo -i if you want to feel 'comfortable' heh09:20
gromozekinyeah yeah yeah09:20
gromozekinso please shut up, cause its your own opinion and its my own opinion09:20
gromozekinif you dont like it just ignore09:20
ds187jussio1: in ~/.openoffice.org2/user/template09:20
jussio1Ok, please leave the root discussion right here. We dont support it so there is no need to discuss further.09:20
flaccid!language | gromozekin09:20
ubotugromozekin: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:20
flaccidplease refrain from being negative09:21
jussio1ds187: thanks09:21
ds187jussio1: at least that is the place where you would save your templates. the "build-in" templates are somewhere in /usr/lib/openoffice09:24
jussio1ds187: yeah, thats what im after :)09:24
=== gserg is now known as gserge
gsergehello all09:25
gromozekinhello nigga09:25
gsergejussi01: he russian, as a am. This normal :)09:28
E_mEhi, im trying to compile kdesvn but keep getting the following errors: /bin/sh: MSGFMT-NOTFOUND: not found   -- make[2]: *** [po/es.gmo] Error 127 --09:32
E_mEmake[1]: *** [po/CMakeFiles/translations.dir/all] Error 209:32
E_mEmake: *** [all] Error 209:32
E_mEdoes anyone have any ideas?09:32
SilentDishello :)09:32
SilentDisI see that 8.04 went RC.  I'm running 7.10 now.  I'd like to go to the 'remix' version with KDE4.  is such an upgrade path possible, or would it be better to go to 8.04 'normal' then add a package for KDE4?09:33
jussi01SilentDis: #kubuntu-kde4 and read the topic, there is a link there that helps with this :)09:34
SilentDisthanks jussi01!09:34
_2ok gromozekin got his kdm.conf file edited... now he can login as root.....      i wonder how long before he drives that off in the ditch...09:37
Jackubuswhat is a good swap size on a machine with 4 GB ram ?  do i need it at all?10:09
llutzJackubus: depends on your pc-usage10:10
flaccidllutz: 4GB i would do. linux manages memory correctly only using swap when needed10:11
Jackubuslutz: don't think I'm gonna use huge amounts of ram.  desktop usage10:11
llutzJackubus: then you hardly will need any swap. Just keep in mind that you always can add swap-space with a swap-file, so no need for a partition (imho)10:12
flaccidif you have the space for a swap partitiont then make one. in the rare case your desktop uses all 4gb ram which is quite possible, the swap is there10:12
Jackubuswhat happens if there is no swap ?10:14
flaccidnothing until you max out the ram10:14
flaccidi hope its easy :)10:15
flaccidyeah looks easy, except it will probably take a long long time on my p2 300mhz10:16
Jackubusok, thinki'll just make a 4GB swap then, just in case.  if I would ever need more i can always add a swapfile or mount another swap...  does it matter where on the disk?  better in the middle or maybe better on another sata controller?10:16
flaccidoops wrong channel for my last message10:17
flaccidwell messages10:17
llutzJackubus: if possible on separate disk (performance10:17
flaccidJackubus: yep so, just use free -m to seek how much real mem is being used and how much swap is being used at any time. you will see it won't use swap until ram is maxed out10:19
legacyhow to change default window manager?10:22
legacynot using graphical log in10:23
llutzlegacy: starting with "startx"? use ~/.xinitrc10:24
legacyi can't find it10:27
Jackubusthanks guys!10:27
ubuntucan it be that 64 bit does boot but not installs ? i tried to install but when i in the process it shutdown my notebook10:50
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ActionParsniphey all11:06
me_i am cocoail11:21
me_i finally got it working lol11:21
me_now do i make sure its coming for iinet servers with all the updates11:22
me_ok my gfx suck11:29
me_how do i change it11:29
me_and does anyone get a blank screen when they boot there system up11:29
me_and have to take the power cord out11:29
me_then put it back in the monitor11:29
me_to get it to work11:29
me_or have a message saying optimal resolution 1200 by whatever it say ?11:30
me_is anyone out there11:31
x-X-xi keep getting " no suitable demux plugin " when trying to play radio streams on amarok, i have installed libxine-ffmpeg (which replaces libxine-extracodecs) and all other xine packages but i still get the " no suitable demux plugin "11:32
x-X-xhow i solve this ??11:32
me_doesnt seem like anyone is out there11:33
me_ive been asking questions aswell11:33
me_do u know anything about the gfx side of linux11:34
me_i just install it11:34
me_and install the 6600 GT nivada drivers11:34
me_but im getting shit resolution11:34
x-X-xdude u install the drivers recommended to u from ubuntu ?11:34
x-X-xf*k that :P just install the official drivers u get best 3d and all round support for your gpu11:35
me_i got it from driver manager11:36
me_the button it has here11:36
me_hardware drivers manager11:36
x-X-xuncheck it11:36
x-X-xdownload that and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS11:37
ds187envyng is also in adept_manager11:37
me_wtf is this11:37
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »11:37
x-X-xubotu u NOOB11:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about u noob - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:38
flaccid!nvidia | me_11:38
ubotume_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:38
me_it said currupt11:38
me_saving this will result in a corrupt file11:38
x-X-xlmao ubotu u a jker i never knew bots were so noobish :P11:38
me_what do i do now11:38
flaccidx-X-x: the no demux problem you have is a problem with shoutcast. its intermittant, you can click it again and it will eventually connect11:38
me_flaccid can u help me ?11:39
x-X-xflaccid thnx man11:39
flaccidme_: follow the above link i pasted, don't use envy. please read what ubotu says11:39
flaccidnp x-X-x11:39
x-X-xme_ type " /j #nvidia "11:39
x-X-xme_ u play games ?11:39
flaccidx-X-x: no need to. the wiki advises the steps for the nvidia driver11:40
me_i dont understand11:40
x-X-xflaccid the "safe risk free" driver sucks for bleeding edge gamin11:40
me_yes i do play games11:40
me_im such a nob11:40
x-X-xif u play games DONT INSTALL THE RISK FREE DRIVER11:40
flaccidx-X-x: i've never heard of a 'safe risk free' driver11:41
flaccidx-X-x: don't shout11:41
me_what the hell do i do11:41
me_last time it install with out a hitch11:41
x-X-xflaccid the one in the repo is the " safe risk free driver "11:41
me_gfx was good11:41
x-X-xflaccid: sorry :P11:41
me_im using the same kubuntu11:41
flaccidno its the binary prop. driver from nvidia11:41
me_how do i do11:41
flaccidby reading11:42
me_do i write it in koncole11:42
me_i read it11:42
me_i dont understand11:42
x-X-xlast time i tried install the binary from nvidia manually i ended up with breakage11:42
x-X-xenvy solves all that while u get yourself a coffee11:42
flaccidme_: what specifically do you not understand?11:43
me_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT] (rev a2)11:43
me_i did the command11:43
me_i installed the driver from manager11:43
me_but still have rubbish resolution options11:43
flaccidx-X-x: well that doesn't mean that the problem was the driver, it could of been something else. thousands of people don't have a problem with it.11:43
flaccidme_: pastebin glxinfo please11:44
x-X-xme_ if u play games get the official driver " 169.12 "11:45
x-X-xnot 97.xx11:45
me_VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT] (rev a2)11:45
me_how xXx11:45
me_its been a while11:45
x-X-xu used gnome before ?11:45
me_since i messed around with linux11:45
flaccidme_: run kdesu restricted-manager-kde and make sure the driver is enabled, then reboot11:46
x-X-xie did u install the binary driver with " Ubuntu " ?11:46
caris_mereHow can I fix this: "kernel panic-not syncing VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0"?11:46
linuxloverhi room, I am trying to learn KCron. I am adding a task using Edit-->NewTask. In the program field I am writing konsole (with a view to it will open a terminal) and specifying the Month as April, Days of Month as 21 and Hours as 16pm, Minutes as 0. But when my computer clock reaches to 16:00 pm it actually do not opening any konsole program for me. What mistake I am doing? I am a newbie.11:46
x-X-xflaccid he plays games dont give him 97.xx11:46
flaccidmost people don't have a problem with that driver and games11:47
flaccidx-X-x: have you got a URI saying otherwise?11:47
x-X-xMost games tell u to install the official11:47
x-X-xflaccid lol11:47
djouallahi am downloadin kubuntu8.04 just for wubi11:47
flaccidthere are thousands of games on linux x-X-x11:47
djouallahis it possible to11:47
x-X-xme_ what games u play ?11:47
me_what is the command to run it flaccid11:48
djouallahmake boot option in a flash disk usb11:48
flaccidme_: i've already given it to you.11:48
me_once i get this resolution sorted i can read lol11:48
djouallahso my boss can not see it11:48
me_it didnt work11:48
djouallahplease help11:48
me_can u write it again11:48
x-X-xme_ NO commands just go to restricted drivers and check it11:48
me_where is it11:49
ds187<flaccid> me_: run kdesu restricted-manager-kde and make sure the driver is enabled, then reboot11:49
ds187there it is11:49
x-X-xme_ its just if u gonna play games like quake wars or ut3 when its out on linux u WILL need the official drivers but i doubt your gpu will support those games anyway11:49
flaccidme_: please read our help, otherwise you are wasting everyones time11:50
me_me@me:~$ run kdesu restricted-manager-kde11:50
me_bash: run: command not found11:50
me_i can hardly read this screen11:50
flaccidme_: goto alt+f2 and enter https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:50
flaccidand enter  kdesu restricted-manager-kde11:50
x-X-xtype " kdesu retricted-manager-kde "11:50
flaccidme_: if you had of read the link we gave you and followed the directions, you wouldn't be asking x6 times11:51
me_command not found it recons11:51
linuxloverhi room, I am trying to learn KCron. I am adding a task using Edit-->NewTask. In the program field I am writing konsole (with a view to it will open a terminal) and specifying the Month as April, Days of Month as 21 and Hours as 16pm, Minutes as 0. But when my computer clock reaches to 16:00 pm it actually do not opening any konsole program for me. What mistake I am doing? I am a newbie.11:51
flaccidkdesu restricted-manager-kde11:51
me_sorry :(11:51
x-X-xkdesu retricted-manager-kde11:51
x-X-xkdesu retricted-manager-kde11:51
x-X-xtype that11:51
flaccidwe were missing the 's' in restricted11:51
x-X-xoh yeh11:52
x-X-xkdesu restricted-manager-kde11:52
flaccidme_: if you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto#head-792c267f08a2bf078f9ec923b65d0ac07d48a6b7 you will find you don't need a command11:52
x-X-xyeh no commands needed but just enter them anyway11:52
x-X-xits faster11:52
me_maybe my kubuntu is a old version11:53
flaccidme_: thats details in the link we gave you11:53
caris_mereHow do I fix this? kernel panic-not syncing VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,011:53
x-X-xgo to terminal and type       kdesu restricted-manager-kde11:53
me_i know11:53
flaccidcaris_mere: try google11:53
me_there is not there11:53
flaccidme_: what version are you using?11:54
x-X-xu sure its kubuntu u using then ?11:54
caris_mereflaccid: I have been trying for a long time11:54
me_command not found !11:54
flaccidcaris_mere: submit a bug and launchpad and see if one exists already11:54
flaccidme_: run this sudo apt-get install resticted-manager-kde11:54
flaccid!info restricted-manager-kde11:54
uboturestricted-manager-kde (source: restricted-manager): manage non-free hardware drivers - KDE frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.33.1 (gutsy), package size 64 kB, installed size 288 kB11:54
me_command not found11:54
x-X-xflaccid: it should already be installed11:55
flaccidthe standalone is optional i believe. thats why the wiki says to goto the system settings...11:55
flaccidnegative. see how it says optional11:55
me_ Couldn't find package resticted-manager-kde11:55
flaccidmaybe im wrong11:55
flaccid[20:54] <flaccid> me_: what version are you using?11:55
me_how do i find out what version of kubuntu i installed11:55
x-X-xme what version of kubuntu ?11:55
flaccidme_: lsb_release -a11:55
linuxloverKCron Probelm!!! I am trying to learn KCron. I am adding a task using Edit-->NewTask. In the program field I am writing konsole (with a view to it will open a terminal) and specifying the Month as April, Days of Month as 21 and Hours as 16pm, Minutes as 0. But when my computer clock reaches to 16:00 pm it actually do not opening any konsole program for me. What mistake I am doing? I am a newbie.11:55
x-X-xomg u noobcake11:55
me_Description:    Ubuntu hardy (development branch)11:56
me_Release:        8.0411:56
me_Codename:       hardy11:56
x-X-xwhy hardy when u a noob ?!?!?!11:56
flaccidme_: The easiest way to install binary drivers is to use the built in Restricted Driver Manager from System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager in Ubuntu .11:56
me_i hard it was the shit11:56
x-X-xinstall gutsy not hardy11:56
flacciddamn thats gnome11:56
x-X-xhardy is BETA11:56
me_i know11:56
emilsedgh!language | me_11:56
ubotume_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:56
me_how do i upgrade11:56
x-X-xsoxz caps11:57
me_to the rc ?11:57
flaccidme_: please goto System Settings -> Advanced -> Restricted Drivers <<-- do this11:57
flaccidme_: you shouldn't of installed the beta, but a bit late now11:57
Jucatome_: you are already in the latest (unstable) version. you just need to do regular, normal updates. #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions11:57
me_i can uninstall11:57
pjvis it normal for ktorrent to use a lot of memory?11:57
x-X-xme_ u in wrong channel u should be at #ubuntu not #kubuntu u using gnome11:57
me_they said yesterday i should get it11:58
me_GOD DAMN11:58
me_but i download kubuntu11:58
x-X-xpjv no11:58
me_i want kubuntu11:58
Jucatome_: please watch your language11:58
x-X-xpjv yes if its " allocating disk space "11:58
flaccidx-X-x: you don't know if hes on ubuntu or kubuntu, it doesn't say in lsb_release11:58
me_kubuntu is better11:58
x-X-xubuntu hardy not kubuntu hardy 8.0411:58
me_it must be kubuntu11:58
me_its kubuntu beta11:59
me_its got a K on the start menu11:59
x-X-xthen its kubuntu11:59
Jucatox-X-x: lsb_release does not indicate whether it is Ubuntu or Kubuntu11:59
Jucatoit always says Ubuntu11:59
x-X-xjucato flaccid kk11:59
flaccidx-X-x: like i said it doesn't say kubuntu in lsb_release11:59
me_and i started irc and its default channel was kubuntu11:59
x-X-xi take that back then11:59
pjvx-X-x: so it doesn't matter what client i use if it's allocating disk space, it would still use a lot of memory?11:59
me_so what am i using lol11:59
linuxloverProblem KCron!!! I am trying to learn KCron. I am adding a task using Edit-->NewTask. In the program field I am writing konsole (with a view to it will open a terminal) and specifying the Month as April, Days of Month as 21 and Hours as 16pm, Minutes as 0. But when my computer clock reaches to 16:00 pm it actually do not opening any konsole program for me. What mistake I am doing? I am a newbie.12:00
Jucatome_: Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy12:00
flaccidJucato: is restricted drivers in system settings | advanced in hardy?12:00
x-X-xpjv no, but u can change that in settings did u enable full preallocation ??12:00
me_so what do u recommand me using ?12:00
Jucatoflaccid: should be. unless kubuntu-restricted-manager isn't installed12:00
pjvlet me check12:00
Jucatoflaccid: not sure about the package name btw12:01
ds187linuxlover: from posting your question over and over again it is not getting solved faster12:01
flaccidsee http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/restricted-manager-kde12:01
me_what should i be using guyes12:01
me_what are u people using12:01
me_i dont mind reinstalling and downloading12:01
flaccidme_: gutsy which is the stable12:01
me_is that what your using ?12:02
pjvx-X-x: no i haven't12:02
me_ok cool ill download it12:02
x-X-xpjv if u enabled full prealloctaion and dont like it useing alot of memory then uncheck it and check " disable diskspace allocation" but then it wont save diskspace and u will get more fragmentation12:02
me_because i remember it never used to be this much trouble to my drivers working last time i installed linux12:02
x-X-xpjv whats your memory ?12:02
flaccidme_: after download, goto the kmenu, system settings - advanced | restricted drivers and then enable the driver.12:02
pjvx-X-x: 2GB12:02
me_i have to uninstall this peice of rubbish first yes ?12:03
flaccidme_: well its not. its very simple, but you don't seem to be able to get to it but 3 clicks12:03
linuxloverI am extreamly sorry12:03
me_there is no way to down grade lol12:03
flaccidme_: downgrade would be pointless and hard12:03
x-X-xpjv lol i using 1.5gb and im not getting any high mem usage, what version of ktorrent the repo version or the bleeding edge ?12:03
me_or should i just presisting with this beta version ?12:04
me_and read more ?12:04
me_why is it so unstable ?12:04
pjvbleeding edge12:04
x-X-xme_ becouse its still in testing12:04
flaccidits not finished thus the beta status12:04
x-X-xpjv its the repo version its been optimized to work well with kubuntu12:05
me_so serious now ill download gusty yeah ?12:05
me_its for the best hey12:05
flaccidme_: thats what we recommend12:05
me_nuff said12:05
flaccidbeta is for devs...12:05
x-X-xme_ u use 64bit ?12:05
pjvx-X-x: ok thank you12:05
me_sorry for being so annoying lol12:05
flaccidtesters and devs of the distro12:05
x-X-xlolno it was fun :D12:05
flaccidme_: all good12:05
x-X-xflaccid: devs and ppl who wanna brag to their mates :P12:06
flaccidbut what you brag about heh. it runs kde4, oh yay heh :p12:06
flaccidactually does it even have kde4 can't remember12:06
me_whats festy12:06
me_the even older version ?12:06
x-X-xi cant wait for full opengl plugins for kde4 then i can uninstall compixz which is giving me problems with kicker12:07
me_desktop or alternate ?12:07
me_what do u recommand ?12:07
flacciddesktop, me_12:07
me_which is faster to install12:07
flaccidjust boot into the livecd then click the install icon and off you go12:07
DreadKnightme_: faster to install is alternate, because you don;t boot in it12:08
x-X-xme_ install gutsy in  1 month and a few days hardy will be finished12:08
me_then i can upgrade12:08
flaccidyou can do alternate like DreadKnight said as its faster, but its text-based which may not suit you12:08
me_can i burn from this peice of rubbish12:08
x-X-xu should be able to12:08
flaccidyes burn the iso12:08
me_im not that dumb its just im not very exspeinced in linux12:08
me_do i need to mount anything12:09
x-X-xme_ yeh i was just like u 1 month ago12:09
me_what software do i use12:09
x-X-xu get used to linux12:09
flaccidme_: download the iso and burn it12:09
x-X-xme_ type cd burn in add/remove software12:09
x-X-xor install acetoneiso12:10
x-X-xbut thats not inrepos so do the first12:10
flaccidme_: you can burn in k3b if you are using hardy12:10
x-X-xoh kl12:10
DreadKnightk3b on kde, bracero in gnome (hardy preinstalled already)12:10
DreadKnightyou can burn in k3d in pretty much any kubuntu, not just hardy :P12:11
me_ok might need to download and burn12:11
x-X-xanyone here using creative xmod ?12:11
me_i found a cd i had a while ago12:11
flaccidi said that because me_ could be downloading it on another OS12:11
me_its kubuntu 7.0412:11
me_dont use it12:11
x-X-xdownload kubuntu 7.1012:12
me_i am12:12
me_just thought ild ask12:12
x-X-xoh ok12:12
me_but u can upgrade it once u install a older version12:12
me_isnt that right12:12
me_u know what i mean12:12
x-X-xyeh but some ppl get problems with that12:12
flaccidme_: it would take longer and not necessarily be easy12:12
me_better not then12:12
me_im still noob12:12
me_i want to be a linux master12:12
me_its interesting12:13
me_i get bored with windows and all the viruses12:13
me_and how it slows my computer down12:13
me_i sometimes feel like smashing the keyboard12:13
x-X-xi have a feeling u gonna become a linux zealot and slaughter all who use msdos12:13
flaccidhopefully nobody uses msdos anymore12:13
x-X-xwin vista i mean12:13
me_i may install vista on the other hd though lol12:13
me_my friend said its good12:14
me_i dont need that rubbish ?12:14
x-X-xjust install linux and if u need bleeding edge game support then pay for cedega12:14
flaccida lot of friends don't know what they are talking about, particularly windows users12:14
me_if i learn linux right i should be able to do everything on linux anyway hey12:14
flaccidnot everything, but it depends on what you do12:14
me_i look at alot of porno lol12:14
me_naa i build websites and stuff12:14
DreadKnightme_: you can install 7.04 and upgrade a few times.. like i do12:14
x-X-xme_ anything if u code apps that windows has but that are not on lin12:15
me_play a few game12:15
DreadKnightme_: if you have good internet connection that is12:15
me_well i download it from my isp's ftp server12:15
me_coz its free downloads12:15
me_doesnt go towards my quota12:15
DreadKnightme_: it's free from official site dude...12:15
x-X-xyou isp gives u porn ?12:15
me_and someone told me yesterday iinet does host software for linux12:15
me_i know12:15
me_what do u mean12:15
me_it doesnt go towards your download quota12:16
me_in australia we get shaped12:16
flaccidyou are in australia, me_?12:16
me_u guys probably dont have a download quota12:16
flaccidg'day mate, im in sydney heh12:16
x-X-xwtf  you isp hosts pron ?12:16
flaccidwell iinet might have a mirror12:16
me_i think they do12:16
me_i am download gusty from there mirro now12:17
me_or ftp12:17
fildo_flaccid fildo.org12:17
me_i should be able to download software and rubbish from iinets mirror too12:17
flaccidfildo_: pardon?12:17
x-X-xme_ i think there must be an unlimited isp in australia12:17
me_i would like to run windows apps on linux too12:17
x-X-xme_ install wine12:18
=== fildo_ is now known as joinfildo
me_yeah but it costs alot of $$12:18
me_i did that last time i installed linux12:18
=== joinfildo is now known as joinfildo_org
me_its a bit dicky12:18
flaccidno unlimited isp anymore not in soho range12:18
me_i didnt mean wine cost money12:18
x-X-xwine is FWWWWEEEE12:18
me_i know12:18
me_i tried to play steam on it12:18
me_wasnt too good12:18
me_i got upto install the fonts12:18
me_and then it crashed12:18
me_and crashed again12:18
flaccid!punctuation | me_12:18
ubotume_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:19
me_then i got drunk and beat the missus lol12:19
x-X-xme_ and when was that app bug fixes go Forward not backwards12:19
=== joinfildo_org is now known as fild
=== fild is now known as fildo
x-X-xme_ lmao12:19
me_i seen linux xp12:19
me_u have to pay though12:19
x-X-xme_ steam support is soooo much better now12:19
me_no bugs12:19
flaccidme_: stop flooding.12:19
x-X-xme_ what version of wine did u use ?12:20
me_i cant remember12:20
me_i use the enter key like a full stop sometimes lol12:20
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:20
flaccidyes. stop doing it please me_12:20
Signilhi I am trying to play a cd.. but I guess it has scratches on it .. it gets stuck right int the middle.. kaffeine and vlc refuse to play any further :s12:20
flaccidSignil: check dmesg to see if it has read errors etc.12:21
DreadKnightSignil: try jumping over that section...12:21
x-X-xsignil check it with k3b12:21
SignilI tried.. jumping over that part.. but I cant12:21
flaccidnot much you can do about physical damage12:22
x-X-xsignil pirate dvds ??12:22
Signilumm yeah12:22
x-X-xwhat a guess12:22
flaccidcan we stay on -topic and don't do !enter12:22
x-X-xflaccid kk luv12:22
x-X-xsignil i want to say how u can fix that problem of yours for free but that will go against this channels rules of piracy12:23
x-X-xso signil just buy the movie u watching ;)12:24
Signilhmm x-X-x u can always om ;)12:24
x-X-xlol ill get raped12:24
Signilnah I will protect ya12:24
me_ok downloaded12:25
me_so what do i do to burn it again12:25
flaccidme_: use k3b12:25
flaccid!burning | me_12:26
ubotume_: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto12:26
me_thanks guys your bloody do a good job here12:27
x-X-xits comes with being a nix user12:27
me_do i make a data dvd12:27
me_i dont see a iso option12:27
x-X-xu have a cd oto ?to burn r dvd12:27
me_its in12:28
flaccidme_: read the link above!!! ffs12:28
me_k sorry12:28
x-X-xtypo u have a cd or dvd to burn to ?12:28
x-X-x* gives flaccid a chill-pill *12:28
x-X-xthen yeh make a data dvd12:28
flaccidhes aussie, the 'f' will make him do action12:28
me_r u sure it will boot12:28
flaccidif you burn the iso, the iso is a bootable image12:29
me_f ?12:29
x-X-xme_ do it it will work12:29
mhphello all12:29
me_k when i come back ill be better12:29
x-X-xheya mhp12:29
me_im just nervious thats all12:29
x-X-xme_ didnt u burn 7.04 o.O??12:29
DreadKnightme_: hey you can always watch an installation video guide/tutorial12:29
mhpi just tried out the latest kde4 spin. kde4 has made a LOT of progress since the last time i saw it!12:30
flaccidme_: ok so burn the dvd, boot and install then change driver then come back if you have a problem12:30
x-X-xmhp yes but its still too unstable to recommend12:30
DreadKnightkde4 is slugish anyway12:30
mhpyeah..a few things do hinder it's adoption though12:31
x-X-xkde4 in noobs eyes = kde + compiz12:31
x-X-xbut yeh im looking forward to kde412:31
x-X-xflaccid where u from ?12:32
x-X-xmhp whats your gpu12:32
wesleykde4 is great but not as complete as kde312:32
flaccidcapital of australia12:32
mhpan ATI Mobility X30012:32
x-X-xflaccid lol why u say that thing about aussies then12:32
flaccidwe swear alot12:33
x-X-xthats hard to imagine12:33
x-X-xwe british swear a f*k lot12:33
x-X-xso bad tourism has gone down12:34
flaccidyeah we are on par with that really12:34
mhpnow that I have installed 8.04 KDE4 spin, is there a way to go back to the trusted old 3.5.9 desktop without downloading a whole new ISO?12:35
x-X-xmhp if u install hardy then it must have been for a reason12:35
mhpyeah..distro tourism ;)12:36
flaccidmhp: maybe better asked in #kubuntu-kde412:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sms - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:36
x-X-xubotu u noob12:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about u noob - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:37
ICMike5is 8.04 final due out this week?12:38
mhp3 days i think12:38
naught101on the 24th12:38
x-X-xi thought still 1 month to go12:38
ICMike5no it was due late this month, last i read. i just wasnt sure of the date12:39
mhpnah..fedora is the one that keeps getting delayed. k/ubuntu keep pumping out distros every 6 months like clockwork12:39
x-X-xme too12:39
mhpso do you guys know of an apt-get install ___ command to keep the rest of kubuntu and replace kde4 with kde3?12:42
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
mhpthe rest of the OS seems pretty solid12:42
mhpi think i might just try:12:48
mhpapt-get install kdebase-bin-kde312:48
clau30is there amarok 1.4.9 for gutsy available?12:49
mhpclau: i'm guessing there should be12:50
mhpsorry..that's 1.4.712:50
mhpand apparently (acc to distrowatch) the latest release is 1.4.812:51
ICQnumberwill new kubuntu come out with kde3 or kde4 by default, or both versions of them?12:53
mhpkde3 by default..and a kde4 spin for the adventurous!12:53
sahin_wclau30: Based on the packages.ubuntu.com hardy contains the following amarok version: amarok (2:
sahin_wclau30: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/amarok12:54
clau30sahin_w: I currently have gutsy ;) and version 1.4.812:54
clau30but it's not that important, 1,4,9,1 has only cover fetching fix12:55
clau30on medibuntu is a 1,4,9 version, but uninstallable due to other dependancies12:55
sahin_wclau30: Yes, is a cover fix only.12:55
clau30I can live without it for now :)12:56
sahin_wclau30: And if you going to upgrade/install hardy you will got the version. Few days left... ;-)12:58
|Dreams|when is kubuntu 8.04 released?12:58
sahin_wOn 24. April. I guess...12:59
|Dreams|oh right thought it might be different12:59
clau30yep, thursday12:59
sahin_wI hope this version won't be a thursday child! ;-)12:59
|Dreams|will you all be upgrading?13:00
|Dreams|will it be worth it13:00
sahin_wI'm always reinstall my system. I have a separate /home.13:00
sahin_wHowever that's my practice.13:00
|Dreams|thats a good idea i never thought of that before so i dont lose all my documents and dont have to backup 200gb13:01
|Dreams|going to take me a while to back it up13:01
sahin_wBackup always a good idea!13:01
shadowboxgood morning all13:01
sahin_wI have a separate /home, however I'm going to backup my system first.13:01
shadowboxcan anyone suggest a good avi-mpeg/divx converting program?  is Devede anygood?13:03
sahin_wshadowbox: If  you familiar with cli (don't affraid of konsole ;-) ) try xvidenc13:05
sahin_wshadowbox: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xvidenc13:05
sahin_wshadowbox: I used to xvidenc in the past...13:06
naught101anyone know why a kdenlive crash like this:13:07
naught101Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 0xb3859b90 (LWP 8807)]  0xb607f7c8 in ?? () from /usr/lib/mlt/modules/libmltsdl.so13:07
naught101would cause kde to logout?13:07
=== makina-corpus is now known as makina-corpus__
cimmahi @ all13:13
cimmawhen i start my ubuntu there ist only a black screen. after autostarting the x the screen is ok. mybe the resulation is wrong?? sombody can help me13:15
freq_fraqHello. I'm relatively new to linux and I'm trying the kubuntu live CD, with two problems. 1) when KDE loads it wants a username and a password. what are they? 2) for some reason my mouse is not responding (it worked perfectly with ubuntu 7.10 live CD).  any ideas? thanks13:22
flaccidfreq_fraq: which iso did you burn? or where did you get it from. standard desktop cd has no username/password in kde13:24
flaccidit should boot straight into kde13:25
freq_fraqflaccid: weird... downloaded kubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso when followed link from kubuntu.org. even the md5 matched (ae9b209fe4b9caf545fa2011631de797).13:26
flaccidfreq_fraq: its asking for password in kdm?13:31
JucatoDesktop CD username: ubuntu; Password = "" (blank)13:33
crackerhi all13:33
freq_fraqflaccid: one moment. I think I've found a picture...13:34
freq_fraqflaccid: here, a window like that http://tinyurl.com/4wztxd (but the left white box is empty, with no users to choose from)13:35
flaccidi've had that bug as well the other day freq_fraq13:37
flaccidit did it to me on my gutsy flash drive13:37
flaccidfreq_fraq: you could check !bugs or perhaps try the alternate cd. its unfortunate13:37
freq_fraqwhat does !bugs mean?13:38
ds187freq_fraq: here is someone with the same problem.....quite old but he solved it by downloading the iso again: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3131813:39
flaccid!bugs | freq_fraq13:40
ubotufreq_fraq: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:40
freq_fraqthanks. my guess is that downloading the file again will make no difference (the md5 was right, so I didn't download a bad file). maybe I'll install from the alternate CD, or install ubuntu first and then install the kubuntu package. thanks anyway13:42
flaccidyeah its a bug13:44
papa_hi all13:46
papa_i got a short question concerning kubuntu... if I install rc now will can i simply upgrade it into release in three days?13:47
flaccidpapa_: yep13:48
ds187.oO( short question , short answer )13:49
papa_next time ill be online here13:50
papa_ill be on 80413:50
Jucatoand you'll mostly stay in #ubuntu+1 until the release day13:50
flaccidJucato:  you seen that login screen/no user bug before?13:51
Jucatoflaccid: not at all13:51
Jucatobut the username for all live cd's are ubuntu13:51
flaccidyeah, no usernames come up in kdm and kdm loads which it should not :(13:51
papa_you guys tried kde4 remix?13:51
flaccidit did it randomly to me the other day13:52
papa_i want to use kde4 productive on my main notebook... is it tooooooo unstable or will it somehow work?13:52
* stdin *only* uses KDE413:53
flaccidpapa_ well technically need to wait for stable/prod release13:53
papa_stdin: stdout >> nice13:53
Jucatowhat's KDE 3?13:54
papa_flaccid: but for webbrowsing and so on it will be okay or won't it be?13:54
flaccidpapa_: sure, but always the risk of a problem. people are reporting fairly good stability however13:55
stdinnothing stopping you from using KDE 3 apps on KDE 4 either13:57
papa_flaccid: okay i think i'll give it a try13:57
ryyHello, I cannot connect to a wireless network since I upgraded to Gutsy.  In Feisty I was using ndswrpaper and everything worked fine.  When I upgraded to Gutsy the wireless did not work but I was asked if I wanted to enable restricted drivers.  Enabling restricted drivers made the wifi light come on but I can't connect.  The connection fails while the machine is establishing an IP.  Does anyone know what I should do?14:09
flaccidthat usually indicates wrong key/phrase. is this a secure or unsecure network, ryy/14:10
flaccidyou are selecting it via knetworkmanager?14:10
flaccidie. the icon in tray?14:10
ryyYes, through the icon tray.14:11
flaccidok sweet. can you please pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces14:11
ryyI am sorry I don't understand what would you like me paste?14:12
flaccid!pastebin | ryy14:13
uboturyy: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:13
flaccidgoto the above url, paste the /etc/network/interfaces file and then paste back the return URL14:13
ryyIs this what you wanted?14:15
flaccidyes thanks, which interface is the wireless?14:16
ryyI know that the eth0 is wired I dont know the rest! sorry14:17
flaccidryy: can you check iwlist scanning for the interface14:17
flaccidiwlist scanning <-- konsole command14:18
ryyLet me try14:18
ryyI typed int iwlist scanning.  I and pasted the result on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63918/14:19
flaccidcool so its eth114:20
flaccidis one of those APs, the one you want to connect to, because they are secure14:20
ryyI can see a Belkin router through my icon tray.  Thats mine and currently unsecured.  Thats the one I would like14:21
flaccidryy: whats the ssid of that AP, also please pastebin ifconfig -a and also lspci | grep -i network && lspci | grep -i ether  <-- into one pastebin is fine14:23
flaccidsorry to go in depth, but i wanna check a couple of things first14:23
FrauHansenHi. I'd like to use my webcam. when i plug it the following is added to /var/log/messages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7663/14:27
flaccid!webcam | FrauHansen14:28
ubotuFrauHansen: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras14:28
kblinhi folks14:28
kblinis there an alternative to ekiga that doesn't force me to install evolution?14:29
ryyflaccid: Threre you go. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63919/14:29
FrauHanseni tried luvcview - d /dev/video014:31
FrauHansenUnable to map buffer (22)14:31
FrauHansen Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal14:31
flaccidryy won't be a sec14:31
flaccidFrauHansen: identify your cam and look at the support first14:32
FrauHansenflaccid: my cam is a cheap silvercrest. that brand isn't even listed under "supported cams" list14:33
flaccidFrauHansen: thats probably why14:34
flaccidwhat does it come up as in lsusb ?14:34
FrauHansenflaccid: thats why i posted the /var/log/messages if anyone can judge the chances i got here14:34
flaccidit doesn't help14:35
flaccidit indicates it can set a device but a driver may still be required14:35
FrauHansenah ok.14:35
FrauHansenlsusb:  Bus 003 Device 003: ID eb1a:2820 eMPIA Technology, Inc.14:35
flaccidFrauHansen: you can go through http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=eb1a:2820+eMPIA+Technology,+Inc.&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-814:36
flaccidFrauHansen: hmm that vendor id looks like video capture only14:36
FrauHansenflaccid: it's just a cam without a mic... if it's that what you mean14:37
flaccidi'd say they use that for the video component. you could google with all the related keywords FrauHansen but it doesn't look good14:37
FrauHansenok. thank you so far14:38
flaccidthere is no standard webcam protocol, so it depends on the vendor making a driver for their product for linux :(14:39
ryyflaccid: Do you think there something I can do?14:44
flaccidsorry got caught up14:45
flaccidim checking the support now14:45
flaccidwebsite seems to have gone down14:46
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:47
flaccidis that down for you too ryy?14:48
ryylet me try again14:48
to_I can read http://www.kubuntu.org/ , but not https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ and neither http://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ14:49
geniiTiming out for me14:49
ryyflaccid: no its still up http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63919/14:49
flaccidim talking about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:50
ds187flaccid: seems down14:50
ryyflaccid: you are talking to me right? The link I pasted is up.14:52
flaccidthe wiki is down ryy14:53
flaccidi think they are fixing it14:54
toYes, Viagrid is helping to fight flaccid problems14:55
ryyOK. Is this is a common problem? Should I come back later or should I wait?14:56
flaccidryy: http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=ubuntu+BCM94311MCG&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-814:56
flaccidlets look at it a bit further14:56
ryyOk I will try them. Thank you for all your help.14:58
flaccidlol i was still helping14:59
tohttp://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs it's working now !14:59
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ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:03
philipp__konqueror kann nicht googlen seit ich auf wlan umgestiegen bin15:07
flaccid!de | philipp__15:08
ubotuphilipp__: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:08
flaccidumgestiegen ?15:08
flaccidi think that means transferred hmm15:09
ghostcubehiho :) someone updated from gutsy to hardy rc1 ?? and could tell me if it works fine :)15:10
ds187flaccid: he changed from wired to wireless network i would guess15:10
ghostcubeor should i wait for final in 3 weeks15:10
flaccidah ok danke15:10
flaccidghostcube: #ubuntu+115:11
ds187and now i'm leaving......see u later15:11
ghostcubewhy ubuntu if im on kubuntu15:11
flaccidbecause there is no #kubuntu+115:12
ghostcubeprob is kubuntu is no lts15:12
flaccidwhat do you mean15:13
jpatrick!khardy | flaccid15:13
ubotuflaccid: Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 3 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported15:13
flaccidi don't see what the problem is then15:14
flacciddapper LTS was woeful15:14
flaccidlts can be a disadvantage15:14
geniiDapper LTS is still good til 201115:22
flaccidstill good in what respect but genii ?15:22
flaccidmost people find a bug or dependency a reason to upgrade15:23
flaccidor usually a requirement15:23
flaccidi mean i've had to continually advise people that dapper can't d what they want15:23
flaccidespecially considering ubuntu server is way behind in terms of software available in repos. you have to go to hardy to get some certain php mods for example15:24
rohanrhudolphin isn't create new file what do solution ?15:25
flaccidrohanrhu: what do you want to do?15:25
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Cupidosanyone here?:)15:28
flaccidnobody is here15:29
Cupidosi have this question, and i was hoping someone can help me ?:)15:29
jerknextdoorthat's what we're here for, Cupidos .15:30
flaccid!ask | Cupidos15:31
ubotuCupidos: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)15:31
rohanrhuflaccid: i'm want create whichever empty file but dolphin is give error message: "could not create new file" in the bottom15:31
geniiflaccid: My usual practice is to go from server LTS to server LTS so I'll wait 3-6months after 8.04 release for comfort, then migrate the 6.06.2 boxes over. They don't use any strange php mods etc15:31
flaccidgenii: thats well and good if you are simpleton that uses basic and old server software15:31
Cupidoscan i use adobe photoshop, and illustrator & indesign, whit linux ?15:32
flaccidrohanrhu: where are you trying to create it15:32
flaccidCupidos: to some extent yes. using wine.15:32
flaccidyou can check the winedb via google, Cupidos15:32
Cupidosflaccid: wine? iam kinda noobie :)15:32
flaccid!wine | Cupidos15:32
ubotuCupidos: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.15:32
makdaknifeCupidos: better than wine is CrossoverOffice but its commercial software and you pay a nominal amount to install it15:32
flaccidcxoffice or cedega or wine extensions in the commercial realm15:33
flaccidor wine = are wine15:33
rohanrhuflaccid: home folder15:33
flaccidrohanrhu: ?15:33
Cupidossounds kinda hard;D15:33
flaccidCupidos: its not exactly straight forward15:33
flaccidCupidos: it can be as simple as installing wine, then just running your windows executable under the command wine15:34
flaccidproviding default support for the particular is good15:34
makdaknifeCupidos: its actually very easy if you use cxoffice as it has a nice gui that guides you through installing software and integrates with your window manager menu15:35
flaccidmakdaknife: please don't plug commercial software here15:35
Cupidosooh okey ;D15:35
Cupidosthen, how do i get it?;D15:36
makdaknifeflaccid: I have no connection with cxoffice... I'm just providing advice from my personal experience15:36
jerknextdoorcupidos:  I believe this is the walkthrough http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Photoshop-CS2-on-Your-Ubuntu-PC-77260.shtml15:36
flaccidmakdaknife: ubuntu is not commercial15:36
makdaknifeflaccid: the wine project does happen to spin off from cxoffice anyway15:36
flaccidmakdaknife: its the other way around. cxoffice extends wine base15:36
Cupidosnågon svensk här elller ?:)15:37
flaccid!sv | Cupidos15:37
ubotuCupidos: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du pa #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se15:37
rohanrhuflaccid: my home folder namely: /home/rohanrhu but no problem in konqueror15:37
flaccidrohanrhu: if thats the case, i guess you could lodge a bug for it15:38
flaccidit seems to be application specific rohanrhu15:38
rohanrhuflaccid: ok, thanks15:41
* Scrounch is now away: off15:49
gromozekinhi again. i have one problem with opera browser.15:51
gromozekini would like to delete it15:51
flaccidgromozekin: how did you install it?15:51
flaccidwhats your problem with it anyway?15:52
gromozekinfrom deb package15:52
flaccidthen remove the package15:52
gromozekini type: apt-get remove opera15:52
flaccidunder which user?15:52
gromozekinroot of course15:52
gromozekini am using russified de15:53
gromozekinE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:53
flaccidwhat is russified de?15:54
flaccidthat doesn't look like the full error output either15:54
gromozekinKDE with Russian Language15:54
flaccidfair enough15:54
gromozekincause i got russian version. but i will try to translate15:55
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:55
flaccidthere is a channel for you15:55
gromozekinthanks a lot guyz15:55
* Scrounch is now away: off15:58
stdin!away > Scrounch15:58
ubotuYou should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubotu Guidelines»15:59
Picistdin: I warned him about it earlier in #ubuntu, and just now did a remove with a note.16:00
me_can anyone help a newb, I installed LinuxMCE on a Kubuntu, durring install it removed all my package managers how do i get one back>?16:20
nosrednaekimme_: "sudo apt-get install adept_manager"16:20
me_nosrednaekim: you are the man, thanks!16:22
LoevborgGuys, how do I change engery options in Kubuntu? I know how to do it in gnome, but not in KDE.16:22
flaccidwhats engery?16:22
LoevborgSpecifically: don't lock screen on resume; hibernate on power button16:22
LoevborgMind you, I don't have a laptop, so no "battery" icon.16:22
nosrednaekimLoevborg: install kpowersave16:24
flaccidyeah powersave and kpowersave16:25
Signilwhy isnt my cam showing up on lsusb??16:26
flaccidis it supported, Signil?16:26
flaccid!webcam | Signil16:26
ubotuSignil: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras16:26
makdaknifeSignil: you might want to see what messages are being reported by dmesg when you plug your cam in16:26
Signilwell its an inbuilt acer orbicam16:27
flaccidits unlikely to be supported but check the doc above16:27
makdaknifeSignil: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32221816:29
Signilmakdaknife: I did what they mentioned there still not working!16:31
flaccidSignil: what does it come up on lsusb as?16:31
Signilthe only thing I get is16:31
SignilBus 005 Device 002: ID 5986:010016:32
SignilBus 005 Device 001: ID 0000:000016:32
SignilBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000016:32
SignilBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000016:32
SignilBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000016:32
SignilBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000016:32
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:32
flaccidSignil:  if the device is 002 then its not a logitech cam which means the driver won't work16:33
flaccidSignil: see http://www.google.com/search?q=webcam+5986%3A0100&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-816:34
flaccidSignil: http://ivangarcia.org/blog/?p=1316:34
flaccidSignil: http://linux-uvc.berlios.de/16:35
flaccidSignil: http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=482967 that should be enough16:36
papa_i'm now on 804rc16:37
Signilok flaccid tx16:37
nosrednaekimpapa_:  #ubuntu+1 for that then :)16:37
papa_how do i enable proprietary 3d drivers?16:39
trappistpapa_: nvidia or ati?16:40
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:40
trappistoh, I guess that was a spurious question :)16:40
trappistbut at least I got an opportunity to use the word 'spurious'16:40
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:41
trappistand I used it wrong :/16:41
papa_btw: is there a way to get rid of that new start menu... it takes ages to get to programs16:42
trappistwhat new start menu?16:42
papa_in kde4 rmx16:42
papa_i forgot to mention16:43
jussio1papa_: please use #kubuntu-kde416:43
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djouallahdo kubuntu support wubi like ubuntu ?16:52
spantherdjouallah what is wubi?16:53
djouallahinstalling ubuntu on windows partition16:54
djouallahand i have to say thanks u ubuntu for doing that, thanks thanks thanks16:54
spantherjust search in google :)16:54
spantherwhy are you so pleased about this feature? :P16:55
djouallahi was expecting a live experience16:55
djouallahcause i am in work, no right to touch the dd16:55
spantheri see16:55
djouallahso they they make my dream true16:55
spantherso wubi is a liveCD like base?16:55
djouallahbut it is persistant16:56
rickestdjouallah: yes, kubuntu and ubuntu are virtually identical except what packages they install by default. you can even switch between them from the same insatll16:56
djouallahrickest,  i was asking just to be sure16:56
spantherubuntu and kubuntu has the same repository16:56
rickestspanther: wubi is a single file on a windows file system that internally represents a whole linux filesystem16:56
stdindjdarkman: the question you need to ask is does wubi support kubuntu16:57
spantherrickest nice :D so no repartitioning anymore and i ever can backup this file so that i never have to reinstall and ever have all my made settings?16:57
spanthergod this rocks !! XD16:57
rickestspanther: correct16:57
* djouallah is downloading kubuntu16:57
spantherthats awesome lol xD16:57
spantherbut it wont run in a window it will run for itself right?16:58
rickeststdin: wubi is WAY underneath Desktop Env and Window Managers, it doesn't matter16:58
djdarkmanstdin: ?16:58
stdinrickest: wibi is a windows app16:58
rickestspanther: yes16:58
djouallahspanther, yes of course16:58
spantherthats nice :)16:58
spantherbut i dont have to boot windows to start it then or ?16:58
djouallahi understood it make a live virtual disk16:58
djouallahit is like ubuntu but with a fat partition16:59
spantherwubi = next step into virtualisation and just owns :D16:59
stdinwubi (as I understand it) will install the OS in windows then modify the windows boot loader to boot from that16:59
rickeststdin: that's correct16:59
spantherah okay hehe that really sounds nice :3 i'll use wubi now lol17:00
stdinthat has been possible for a long time but wubi automates the process17:00
stdinso the question remains, does wubi support kubuntu ?17:00
* djouallah is searching to make the boot choiser in usb flash so he can't be caught by his it administrator17:00
rickestyes, knoppix has done that for years and several other distros, but as you say not as automatic17:01
spantherits just that when i have changed my system harddrive or repartitioned it linux was away again so i could backup it and only would have to install it one time then i could use it forever configured as it is :)17:01
DreadKnightwubi lets you choose DE (ubuntu flavor) when installing17:01
stdinthere's the answer then :)17:01
rickeststdin: do you mean "is there a wubi installer that runs in KDE"?17:01
stdinrickest: no, I meant what DreadKnight said, does it let you choose Ubuntu/Kubuntu17:01
djouallahi want to have a bad surprise, it work with kubuntu 8.04 !17:02
djouallahi meant i don't ;)17:02
rickeststdin: yes, it's a full blown distro running on a virtual file system17:02
spantherand how does wubi work ? does it install while started over downloading all required files or does it need a whole download (700mb) before installing is possible?17:03
Dorwin6where can i download nvidia driver for kubuntu ? :)17:03
stdin!nvidia | Dorwin617:03
flaccid!nvidia > Dorwin617:03
spantherDorwin6 use system -> restricted driver management17:03
ubotuDorwin6: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:03
* djouallah is dancing a local dance17:03
spantherthere you can choose nvidia proprietary driver :)17:04
spantheroops wait its kde... lol sorry17:04
DreadKnightDorwin6: the restricted manager will install it for you as far as i know :P17:04
ubuntusomebody speaks french here17:04
spantherdjouallah lol nice ! xD17:04
ubuntucoment va tu17:04
ryyflaccid: are you still around17:04
DreadKnightje n'ais pas parle francais xD17:05
spantherDreadKnight this manager is inside of gnome i think or isnt it? :317:05
djouallahbut not on public17:05
Dorwin6DreadKnight : where is restricted manager under system ?17:05
flaccidsystem settings | advanced | restricted drivers - Dorwin617:05
DreadKnightthere you go :-)17:05
DreadKnightspanther: inside kde too17:05
spantheri know what ubuntu and kubuntu and other distros really need :D an online manual for newbies where to find everything and then direct help to known problems this all at one place without need to search :)17:06
DreadKnightDorwin6: it detects the video card automatically and let's you choose if to install the proprietary driver or not17:06
eagles0513875do we have any compiz users in here17:06
Dorwin6yeap it deletec nvidia acceleted graphics driver, however, i can click on install after clicking on administrator mode17:06
DreadKnightspanther: ubuntu/kubuntu have very good online documentation, especially as wikis17:06
flaccidryy: i am here17:06
ubuntudjouallah i use a live cd17:06
* djouallah will use linux, in the office, fuck my it admin ;)17:06
ubuntuthere is some restrictions17:07
flaccidspanther: ubuntu doc team believe they are doing the right thing heh17:07
ryyflaccid: After all that I still couldn't get it work. I noticed that only the password protected connections showed up on one pages you had me post.  Does that have anything to do with the problem? Do have any ideas for me?17:07
stdin!ohmy | djouallah17:07
ubotudjouallah: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:07
spanthernaaah i dont say there are no manuals :)17:07
flaccidryy: your ssid did not come up in the iwlist17:07
djouallahjust i want to say it before it make me happy now17:07
spantheri mean there is a need for a real visible tree list so that newbies can learn where to find things at the menus :)17:07
flaccidim writing a kubuntu manual17:07
DreadKnightdjouallah: one beer coming right up ... xD17:07
spantherand explaining which menu parts can change what settings :)17:08
ryyYes, none the open connections did.17:08
flaccidryy: huh17:08
djouallahDreadKnight,  u are devieus u know i don't drink ;)17:08
ryyThere are two connections in the area that do not require passwords.17:08
DreadKnightdjouallah: we are um 80-90% water xD it's best to drink 2L of liquid daily17:08
spantherDreadKnight wrong! :D17:09
spantherits proven that this is not right17:09
flaccidryy: do they appear in iwlist scanning ?17:09
DreadKnightspanther: well?17:09
spanthernewest researchmends found out that its not needed to drink 1 or 2 liters per day just drink when you are thirsty17:09
djouallahDreadKnight, i like to be sobre17:09
flaccidryy: well if its not your AP then they could use MAC filtering17:09
ryylet try again17:09
DreadKnightdjouallah: you get drunk from 1 beer? haha17:09
spantheryour body reacts if you are thirsty just drink but there is no mark you "have to" :) its proven wrong what they believed before17:10
DreadKnightspanther: well, yea... :P17:10
eagles0513875any compiz user im guessing not17:10
DreadKnighteagles0513875: what's the matter?17:10
djouallahDreadKnight, my culture assume if i drink i'll go to hell ;)17:10
spantherDreadKnight i'Ve seen this in tv they said this (doctors) so yeah know it since 2 months now is very new information :)17:10
eagles0513875DreadKnight: i want you to help me test something17:10
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:10
DreadKnightdjouallah: what culture is that? O_o17:10
spantherso yeah where to download wubi? ^^17:11
flaccidnot kubuntu culture thats for sure17:11
flaccidspanther: google17:11
spantherdoes wubi work with vista?17:11
DreadKnighteagles0513875: some plugin or reproduce a bug? xD17:11
djouallahspanther,  it is in the last distribution by default17:11
DreadKnightspanther: have you googled? xD17:11
spantherDreadKnight *gg* meanie17:11
DreadKnightit has its own site with .exe download17:11
eagles0513875DreadKnight: try this for me install compiz prior to installing kde4 then let me know if it works17:12
spanthergoogle are spy's so i hate them :P17:12
eagles0513875!offtopic | spanther17:12
ubotuspanther: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:12
ryyflaccid: no the unsecured connections do not show up when I do iwlist scanning.  But I can see them through the icon tray.17:12
DreadKnighteagles0513875: i use kde3....17:12
=== mifauna_ is now known as mifauna
flaccidryy: thats interesting17:12
djouallahubotu,  sorry17:12
ubotuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.17:12
DreadKnightspanther: google is your frind17:12
eagles0513875dread nm17:12
DreadKnighteagles0513875: it's a plugin that works just in kde4 or what?17:13
=== ubuntu is now known as FelipeFloripa
djouallahbut thanks really guy u made me literraly dancing when i read i could use this wubi thing17:13
eagles0513875!compiz-fusion | DreadKnight17:13
ubotuDreadKnight: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion17:13
eagles0513875DreadKnight: thats what im talking bout17:13
* flaccid rolls his eyes17:13
spantherDreadKnight wubi is beta? :(17:13
DreadKnighteagles0513875: i think i have it installed in kde3 (i run hardy)17:13
eagles0513875u have cube effects setup17:14
DreadKnightspanther: well, yes xD17:14
DreadKnighteagles0513875: custom settings don't display me any configuration dialog from what i've seen..17:14
eagles0513875DreadKnight: humm not the exact problem im experiencing though17:14
DreadKnighteagles0513875: so i can manually choose the plugins like in gnome/ubuntu17:14
DreadKnightso... kwin effects for the win17:15
flaccidryy: check your logs after selecting the AP from knetworkmanager17:15
spantherlol sourceforge doesnt work wubi wont download :( any other source site?17:15
flaccidspanther: this is kubuntu support17:16
DreadKnightsourceforge and berlios are damn ugly17:16
spantherflaccid okay so where to get real linux support then not specialised at little parts of it?17:16
flaccidspanther: what is 'real linux support' ?17:17
ryyflaccid: where do I check logs? Sorry :(17:17
* DreadKnight stabs flaccid17:17
flaccidryy: /var/log/syslog  and /var/log/messages and17:17
spantherflaccid support without barriers like "thats not our business" more like "its all linux" :)17:17
* DreadKnight ~ back to (re)watching Conan The Barbarian xD17:17
flaccidspanther: kubuntu doesn't support wubi. maybe you should be asking wubi this question17:18
flaccidwubi has a support page..17:18
flaccidbarrier != scope17:19
DreadKnightkubuntu doesn't support nothing, the community does so17:19
flaccidor does it :p17:19
spantherDreadKnight right :)17:19
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:19
flaccidmaybe that will help17:19
spantherbut why not one community for every linux question so no switching between channels17:19
flaccidspanther: you didn't try ##linux ?17:20
DreadKnightwubi = a way of installing kubuntu17:20
flaccidgood luck there...17:20
flaccidDreadKnight: im sure official support doesn't advocate wubi17:20
DreadKnightomg, you are spamming the channel uselessly17:20
flaccidarent we all?17:21
* djouallah is going to kubuntu-offtopic17:21
DreadKnightflaccid: so why ##linux would be more suited then?17:22
DreadKnightwubi is a windows application after all17:22
flaccidits a general linux about channel17:22
DreadKnightyou are missing the point :-)17:22
flaccidspanther was asking for linux support, not specialised at little parts of it?17:22
flaccidwhat is the point DreadKnight17:23
flaccidtechnically anything is related to kubuntu17:23
flaccidi am17:23
flaccidso why doesn't this channels support me?17:23
ryyflaccid: nope no new entries made. Sigh :[17:23
DreadKnightwubi = related to kubuntu; you are not really helping17:23
flaccidDreadKnight: do you know what UoD is?17:23
flaccidi use kubuntu therefore i am related to it, but that doesn't mean this channel supports me17:24
spantherlol DreadKnight you're fighting for me? xD17:24
DreadKnightflaccid: i could ask you the same about some random 3 letters put together xD17:24
* DreadKnight stabs spanther xD17:24
flaccidexactly my point DreadKnight17:24
* flaccid rests his case17:24
flaccidthanks for that.17:24
spantherouch :( lol17:24
DreadKnightspanther: if you are some hot naked chick, i don't care xD17:26
spantherDreadKnight LOOL17:26
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:26
* flaccid sits patiently17:26
amerigohelp need17:27
flaccidamerigo: ask a specific question17:28
amerigoI have download a game> vega trike17:28
spantheroh and for all askers YES inside of wubi you can choose between ubuntu kubuntu kubuntu-kde4 and xubuntu as desktop environment :)17:28
DreadKnightyou forgot edubuntu :P17:29
amerigobut because the game was too slow i-ve decided to change video card17:29
spantherDreadKnight no edubuntu isnt inside17:29
amerigoresult--- geme is more slow17:29
DreadKnightamerigo: video card drivers issues? :P17:29
amerigoand the keybord seems to be krazy17:29
DreadKnightspanther: yey17:30
amerigovideo card is a geoforce fx 520017:30
amerigoit is recognized by kubuntu17:31
flaccidamerigo: which driver are you using?17:31
amerigobut at this point i-ll try to reinstall driveer17:31
flaccidok cool amerigo17:32
DreadKnightamerigo: install the proprietary one from the restricted manager..17:32
flaccida driver must be in use to use the card and X17:32
flaccid!nvidia > amerigo17:32
DreadKnightuse |17:32
julieI have still not fixed my error..17:32
flaccidno DreadKnight17:32
amerigokubuntu recognize like 0000:01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)17:32
eagles0513875julie: did u get it upgrade or not yet17:33
flaccidamerigo: follow the binarydriver howto17:33
DreadKnightamerigo: open source drivers used by default i think, but you really need the proprietary ones for gaming..17:33
julieeagles0513875: that is a new problem , I have two more in total.17:33
amerigook thanks for all17:33
eagles0513875julie: what problem u have17:34
julieeagles0513875: I did upgrade now the resolution of my sreen in higher than the reolution of my monitor17:34
julieeagles0513875: go to that link17:34
amerigostill another question> why my keybord now won-t work correctly_17:34
flaccidamerigo: did you check the support of vega trike?17:35
flaccidamerigo: they have support on their webpage17:37
amerigobut now vega strike it-s off , and I have not question mark, no semicolon , no vertical bar17:37
amerigoit-s a bed dream17:37
flaccidamerigo: contact vega strike authors as vega strike is not a part of kubuntu17:37
flaccidactually it is in repos17:38
flaccid!info vegastrike17:38
amerigosee you17:38
ubotuvegastrike (source: vegastrike): 3D space combat game. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.3.debian-1ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 4582 kB, installed size 11824 kB (Only available for i386 powerpc sparc mips mipsel s390 alpha arm ia64 hppa amd64 ppc64 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64)17:38
flaccidamerigo: did you install from repos or the website?17:38
amerigoor not___17:39
flaccidwell which is it?17:39
amerigoa have done ! game17:39
flaccidhow did you install the actual game, amerigo?17:39
DreadKnightamerigo: bought a new video card just to play that game?17:39
amerigoand then i-ve download from page of ubuntu17:39
DreadKnighthow touching T_T17:40
DreadKnightamerigo: sudo apt-get install vegastrike17:40
flaccidDreadKnight: its already installed17:40
DreadKnightfrom some unkown source? :P17:40
=== ubuntu_ is now known as FelipeFloripa
amerigono from ubuntu page17:40
flaccidwe don't know yet, amerigo has not specified17:40
flaccidamerigo: what did you actually do to install it17:41
amerigo! game17:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about game - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:41
DreadKnight:)) cool17:41
flaccidamerigo: !game doesn't install anything17:41
amerigoyes i know17:41
flaccidyou are not helping yourself17:41
amerigobut in the page there-is the relative links17:41
flaccidamerigo: feel free to search or submit a bug for vega strike according to your behaviour: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=19507&atid=11950717:42
=== drsatyri is now known as majorglitch
majorglitcheveryone enjoying this fine kubuntu day17:49
majorglitchin 8.04 land17:49
eagles0513875majorglitch: lol yep17:50
eagles051387564 bit here17:50
majorglitchthey should call it kd-EASY yuck yuck yuck17:51
majorglitchanyway, anyone know anything about the kernel module for rtl8187?17:51
flaccidmajorglitch: #ubuntu+1 this is for gutsy and below17:51
llutzmajorglitch: rtl8187.ko17:51
ubuntu_i do not want be nicknamed "ubuntu_"...17:52
majorglitchno i know which one it is, im talking about recent changes to it17:52
majorglitchseeing if it was fixed17:52
flaccidmajorglitch: that should be on launchpad if its ubuntu specific17:52
pagubuntu_, erm.. so change your nick?17:52
majorglitchyeah it is, just didnt see any real news17:52
llutzubuntu_:  /nick newnick17:53
ubuntu_<llutz> thanks!! )))17:53
majorglitchim using ndiswrapper + win98 drivers myself, so im fine; id just like to see it work with the stock kernel17:53
=== ubuntu_ is now known as k-user
majorglitchat least the vanilla :/ tried that too for 2.6.2517:53
Johnson_man what happend to abbatoir and intelikey those guys were legit17:54
DreadKnightflaccid: ~2 days and this is for hardy too... lol17:54
majorglitchi guess ill find a kernel hacking room or something then17:54
majorglitchany suggestions?17:54
=== guillaume is now known as blackmail
majorglitchpref ubuntu specific obviously17:54
flaccid!enter | majorglitch17:54
ubotumajorglitch: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:54
blackmailI have a few problems, i don't have any sound on my newly installed Kubuntu17:55
flaccid!sound | blackmail17:55
ubotublackmail: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP317:55
blackmailgracias flaccid17:55
flaccidblackmail: what card is it17:55
majorglitchi got yelled at17:55
geniiblackmail: Is it some Intel HDA? There are specific instructions for them17:55
blackmailgenii:  yes17:56
genii!intelhda | blackmail17:56
ubotublackmail: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto17:56
majorglitchi feel grateful my intel worked out of the box17:56
blackmailmy laptop is a dv6585EF, there are some stuff on the forum, but nothing works17:56
blackmaileither i can't compile Alsa or i have other problems17:56
blackmailthanks for the link genii17:57
geniiblackmail: np17:57
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
flaccidif you have probs with the howto above then let us know blackmail17:58
k-userпипл! аре ю реали хелп!17:58
flaccid!ru > k-user17:58
llutz!ru | k-user17:59
ubotuk-user: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:59
majorglitchso, wheres a good place to talk about this realtek module (rtl8187)?17:59
flaccidmajorglitch: launchpad or the mailing lists18:00
majorglitchand what information should i prepare? im guessing dmesg + lsusb, but am i missing anything?18:00
flaccidmajorglitch: you said there was an entry in launchpad already?18:01
amerigohey boy vido card seems to work perfectly...18:01
amerigothank to everybody18:01
flaccidnp amerigo18:01
majorglitchwell there is, but its triaged. the bug still exists though.18:01
amerigobut keyboard won-t work18:02
amerigo- this is the question mark18:02
k-useryes-yes, thanks for all18:02
majorglitchi can check for duplicates; if i remember correctly, there were a few18:02
flaccidamerigo: as i said you can report a bug18:02
amerigothere is no way to set it again_18:02
flaccidmajorglitch: you can re-raise it or create new i think18:02
amerigothe last symbol is a question mark18:02
ubotuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts18:03
majorglitchill just make sure i post it in the right place; should i post any additional information?18:03
flaccidmajorglitch: maybe its entry in lsmod18:03
juliedid you mange to look on at the link eagles051387518:03
flaccidand yeah uname -a is good majorglitch18:03
majorglitchyeah for my kernel gotcha, thanks a lot18:04
eagles0513875julie: not yet18:04
eagles0513875julie u have the same error18:04
amerigoperfect... i was looking for it in hardware>>keybord18:04
julieeagles0513875: there is no error as such just cant change the system lang back to english18:05
amerigoand so it do not work18:05
flaccidjulie: this may help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38189618:05
sparr_I have many hard drives.  I would like to spread certain folders over multiple drives, so that I don't have to manually manage free space on each drive.  Is there a [much] less destructive solution for this than RAID?18:06
trappistsparr_: raid is destructive?18:07
flaccidsparr_: there might be but i don't know. raid is designed to be the opposite of destructive like raid 518:07
sparr_trappist: building it is.  and equally so if you try to use one of the drives without the rest18:08
flaccidif you have the right requirements and do it correctly and don't have the data on the disks, how can it be destructive?18:09
trappistsparr_: I sure don't know of a solution where you could get away with removing one of the drives18:09
julieeagles0513875: that is not my problem it dosen't solve my issue18:09
sparr_trappist: i don't want anything that "breaks" the normal readability of the drives18:09
trappistsparr_: except raid518:09
flaccidthe easy solution is to buy a SAN and hot swap without worry heh18:09
flaccidwhat is normal readability?18:10
sparr_flaccid: i want to do this with my current storage, which is full18:10
sparr_ive already GOT a TB of data.  i don't have anywhere to keep it while i set up RAID18:10
trappistflaccid: I think he means he wants to be able to access data on one of the disks without going through raid18:10
flaccidthere could be something. maybe fuse can do something but i aint heard of it18:10
flaccidnah its like a wrapper for a vfs18:11
sparr_right now im using bind mounts18:11
sparr_to put hda2/movies and hdc1/movies in the same place18:11
sparr_the problem comes when i try to copy new stuff to /movies18:11
sparr_it all goes to one of those two drives, and when that drive fills up it errors, instead of going to the other drive18:12
flaccidsparr_: i can only see prop. solutions like disk suite from Sun18:12
trappistsparr_: http://www.linux.com/feature/118645  <-- I don't think that's non-destructive, but it's the only non-raid solution I know of18:12
sparr_ok, well thanks18:13
flaccidi didn't know lvm can do that hmm18:13
trappistflaccid: me neither until I asked google just now :)18:14
flaccidlooks like you can merge into a volume group18:15
RickKnightWHen I upgraded my notebook PC from Feisty to Gutsy, my battery monitor in the task bar quit working. Can anyone tell  me how to get the monitor back?18:21
flaccidRickKnight: run the command: `which guidance-power-manager` &18:24
RickKnightflaccid: I get /usr/bin/guidance-power-manager returned.18:25
trappistRickKnight: did you use the backquotes?18:25
flaccidRickKnight: well you can just run guidance-power-manager18:25
flaccidthat should do18:25
flaccidi think they are back ticks :p18:26
trappistor back ticks :)18:26
RickKnightflaccid: no, missed the quotes. Triead again with them. Lot's of output.18:26
flaccidif it doesn't give you the icon back, pastebin the output18:26
RickKnightflaccid: I just pasted the output of the command. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7689/18:31
RickKnightflaccid: It looks like it's getting some errors from something. I do have a battery installed and I do have a power supply connected.18:32
flaccidRickKnight: why are you running it under sudo?18:33
RickKnightflaccid: It's also showing "no powersave method found"18:33
almel*cry* Someone here with ATI experience who have 10-20 minutes on their hands...18:33
RickKnightflaccid: Yes, I ran it as sudo.18:33
flaccidRickKnight: huh?18:33
flaccid!ask | amerigo18:33
ubotuamerigo: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)18:33
almelKubuntu newbie here, and I cant make things work according to the guides on the forums... Running the latest 8.04 rc18:33
flaccid!ask | almel18:34
ubotualmel: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)18:34
flaccidalmel: goto #ubuntu+118:34
flaccidnewbies shouldn't be using the beta18:34
RickKnightflaccid: I assumed sudo was appropriate as it is usually a startup item, I think. I ran it again as a regular user with identical results.18:35
flaccidsudo is not for startup items18:35
flaccidRickKnight: run killall guidance-power-manager.py; guidance-power-manager & and if you get same output submit a but18:35
flaccidthis is assuming you upgrading without a problem and did it correctly..18:36
RickKnightflaccid: Same results again. I'll guess I'll head on over to launchpad. Thanks.18:37
=== Odd-rationale_ is now known as Odd-rationale
mkultrashey what's the bottom panel program called in kde4 ? mine isn't showing up18:48
mkultrasi guess i have tro try and start it manually or something18:48
trappistmkultras: per the topic, KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde418:48
mkultrasok thx18:48
Odd-rationaleIs there a way for kdesudo to "lockdown" on the focus, keyboard, and mouse like gksudo does?18:49
flaccidOdd-rationale: i havnt seen it, but #kde might be able to confirm18:50
ScorpKinghi guys. my nvidia drivers has gone mad again. nvidia-glx-new doesn't work so i'm using the binary driver. i boot to recovery mode, install the driver and all is fine. as soon as i reboot i get a black screen. Xorg.0.log shows "Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!" amongs other things. any ideas?18:53
flaccidScorpKing: reinstall the driver via restricted manager18:53
flaccidafter booting into the desired kernel via the option in grub18:54
ScorpKingflaccid: tried that but doesn't work either18:54
flaccidwhich card is it18:54
ScorpKingflaccid: NVidia 8800 GTX18:54
ScorpKingthe binary driver i use is NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.09-pkg1.run18:55
flaccidright well i can only help you with the drivers in the repos18:56
flaccidis that ok?18:56
ScorpKingflaccid: sure. :)18:56
phoenixzDoes kubuntu (7.10) out of the box  support files > 2GB? lets say, files of 7GB?18:57
ScorpKingphoenixz: yes18:57
Piciphoenixz: Yes.18:57
PiciFor the most part, linux oriented file systems have good limits on filesize and partition size18:57
ScorpKingflaccid: i suppose i must uninstall the binary drivers right?18:58
flaccidScorpKing: well can you remove that driver and then launch restricted-manager, but before rebooting, check dpkg -l | grep nvidia for me?18:58
ScorpKingok one sec18:58
trappistphoenixz: the filesystems do, but some apps are compiled without support for it.  for example I don't think you can wget a file > 2GB18:58
ScorpKingflaccid: ii  nvidia-kernel-common  20051028+1ubuntu718:59
ScorpKingflaccid: how do i start the restricted manager from cli?18:59
ScorpKingah nvm19:00
flaccidScorpKing: i dont see nvidia-glx r nvidia-glx-new installed to go with teh common19:00
flaccidand the common must match your running kernel version..19:00
ScorpKingflaccid: ok one sec. installing19:01
flaccidman i must be wack atmm..19:01
ScorpKingflaccid: ii  nvidia-glx-new                             100.14.19+ and ii  nvidia-kernel-common                       20051028+1ubuntu719:01
flaccidwhat you got in uname -r ?19:02
flaccidright, so did you just install that, now just need to reboot?19:03
flaccidalso is the free nv driver removed and any other nvidia drivers?19:03
ScorpKingi don't see nvidia-glx19:03
ScorpKingi removed the binary drivers yes19:03
flaccidwell nvidia-glx-new is a binary driver as well, so is nvidia-glx19:04
ScorpKingah ok19:04
ScorpKingso if i only have nvidia-glx-new it should be ok?19:04
flaccidso you just installed nvidia-glx-new?19:04
flaccidwell you should be ok on reboot if thats what is configured in xorg.conf and those 2 packages are installed correctly which they look like they are19:05
phoenixztrappist> wget  can not download files of > 2GB?19:06
phoenixzthing is, I AM wgetting a file of 7GB.. :P19:06
trappistphoenixz: I've run into it before with wget on ubuntu, but I just checked on hardy and it does have largefile support - not sure about gutsy19:07
ScorpKingflaccid: sorry i'm confused. i only need nvidia-glx-new and nvidia-kernel-common? what must the driver be in xorg.conf? "nv" ?19:07
flaccidScorpKing: um nvidia19:07
flaccidor have i got it the wrong way around19:07
ScorpKingah ok. right, checking it now19:07
daemon3It seems like baghira only works for a fw applicatoins.19:07
trappistphoenixz: if it's not going to work, it'll bail at 2GB19:07
flaccidScorpKing: "nvidia" it is as per GNU diff3 not found19:08
flaccidoops i mean https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto#head-3bce99fcdcae50501735bd4e639c85acc115c4c819:08
ScorpKingflaccid: ok it's "nvidia"19:08
ScorpKingflaccid: i'm on dialup and this connection is so slow it takes 2-5 minutes just to open a webpage19:09
ScorpKingflaccid: can i reboot now or is there something else?19:09
ubotusource-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.19:10
dhqhow do i update my system to hardy19:10
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:10
flacciddhq: goto #ubuntu+119:10
flaccidoh and that19:10
ScorpKingflaccid: all done?19:11
flaccidyeah those packs is all you need ScorpKing you should reboot and see19:14
BluesKajthose ba*tards at google earth have removed all previous version links that worked and are forcing the beta on all users. It's fine if you have a fancy gaming pc but it runs like crap on a regular one with onboard graphics19:19
Signilflaccid: I followed the steps here http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=48296719:19
Signilbut the last step aint working19:19
NeaturaLizeRrohanrhu: hi (:19:20
flaccidSignil: whats the problem with it19:20
Signilwell i run make19:24
Signiland i get error19:24
flaccidwhich is?19:24
hydrogenthats irrelevant!19:24
hydrogenBluesKaj: use marble...19:24
Signilshuld i copy paste it?19:25
Signilflaccid: pm?19:25
flaccidpastebin please Signil19:25
BluesKajhydrogen:  no thnaks ...that's not good advice for someone needing help19:25
hydrogenBluesKaj: if proprietary software doesn't work.. then suggesting a free alternative that does is bad advice?19:26
hydrogenI GET IT19:26
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: i kicked the power cord and after restart it still has the same problem19:27
BluesKajif some one wants advice for a specific peice of software suggesting a personal choice free or otherwise isn't what most ppl want '19:28
flaccidScorpKing-Lost: purge the packages and make sure the free driver is not installed still. then install the prop. driver via resticted manager. in theory that should work19:28
flaccidBluesKaj: maybe you should be asking google19:29
hydrogenBluesKaj: well, unfortunatley theres no way to "support" propriatery software that bumps the version requirements..19:29
hydrogenunless you'd rather me tell you "get a better computer"19:29
Signilflaccid: http://pastebin.com/d77f3df0719:30
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: the free driver?19:30
flaccidone sec19:30
flaccidScorpKing-Lost: what does dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia return?19:31
hydrogenBluesKaj: especially considdering marble was developed from the beginning so it would work without opengl and on low end hardware...19:31
flaccidScorpKing-Lost: this package should not be installed xserver-xorg-video-nv19:31
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: ii  nvidia-kernel-common 20051028+1ubuntu7  NVIDIA binary kernel module common files19:31
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: it's not ;)19:32
flaccidScorpKing-Lost: purge them and reinstall them via restrictedmanager. the mod probably needs rebuilding19:32
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: ok done.19:33
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: can i just start a new session on tty8 to see if it's working?19:33
amerigo! VEGASTRIKE19:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vegastrike - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:34
flaccidnot sure, they have always said reboot instead of X restart but i thought that was only when the free one was installed19:34
amerigo! games19:34
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php19:34
ScorpKing-Lostflaccid: ok i'll see if it works. i might have to load the modules though19:34
flaccidwell sudo depmod nvidia loads the mod iirc19:35
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
Signilflaccid: ? :(19:39
flaccidi gtg crash19:39
Signil:'( gnite19:40
flaccidits 4:42am here19:41
flaccidi just look at your thing first19:42
flaccidSignil: do this sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev19:42
flaccidthen try make again Signil19:42
Signil:D tx!!19:43
zenohi its saying theres an apt lock but i dont have any package managers running19:43
flaccid!adeptfix | zeno19:43
ubotuzeno: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »19:43
DigWeed<-- ScorpKing (need to ghost my username)19:44
DigWeedflaccid: still the same problem. can't event get to tty1. gonna do some reading online19:44
zenoflaccid: nope still saying "Couldn't lock list directory..are you root?"19:44
jussio1!ghost > DigWeed19:45
DigWeedthanks jussio1 :)19:45
jussio1zeno: you sure you used the sudo ?19:45
=== DigWeed is now known as ScorpKing
ScorpKingah thants better :)19:46
ScorpKingthat's *19:46
flaccidzeno: what command you running?19:46
jussio1flaccid: go to bed!19:46
* ScorpKing goes to google..19:46
flaccidlol yeah19:47
zenoflaccid: also su is saying "Authentication failure" (and i know its the right password i changed it)19:47
zenoflaccid: sudo aptitude install eterm19:47
jussio1zeno: try: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a19:47
zenojussio1: i just ran that19:47
jussio1zeno: and you have adept and all other apt frontend closed?19:48
zenojust xterm running19:48
flacciddo a sudo passwd root; kdesu adept_manager19:48
flaccidlike in konsole and see what problems you have19:49
zenoim root and its saying i couldnt lock list directory19:50
flaccidzeno: and the command whoami returns root?19:51
jussio1sounds like you are not in the sudoers group. is this the first user or a subsequent one?19:52
flaccidSignil: unlucky. http://www.google.com/search?q=Init+v4L2+failed+!!+exit+fatal&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-819:52
flaccidjussio1: apparently hes root19:52
Signilflaccid: unlucky? :s19:53
flaccidSignil: well your install seems ok but its a runtime problem now in the app/driver19:53
jussio1Signil: sorry I missed your issue, could you give me a 1 line summary?19:54
flaccidSignil: check dmesg also and google the errors19:54
Signilhmmm ok19:54
zenoflaccid: sure does19:55
Signilhmm jussio1 well I cant get acer cam to work..19:55
zenoalmost to the point of doing a new install :(19:55
jussio1Signil: ahh. whats the lspci entry for it?19:55
flaccidjussio1: its all in http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=482967&page=219:56
jussio1flaccid: thanks19:56
jussio1flaccid: now off to bed with you :P19:56
zenojussio1: im root19:57
zeno(just to make sure its not a sudoers problem)19:57
zenocould i just get rid of the lock somehow19:57
jussio1zeno: what happened to cause this, adept crash?19:58
zenojussio1: gf hit the breakers cause there was a short in another room19:58
zeno(and package manager was running)19:59
flaccidjussio1: have you tried reboot?19:59
flaccidops i mean zeno19:59
jussio1flaccid: lol19:59
* flaccid nearly asleep19:59
zenoflaccid: yeah (and dont stay up for me its cool =p20:00
flaccidi had too much caffeine heh20:00
ScorpKingflaccid: just btw, i found this. looks like my problem - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=598780 ;)20:00
zenome too20:01
zenoa entire french press20:01
jussio1zeno: can you log in as a regular user and use sudo?20:01
zeno(with frangellica yum)20:01
zenojussio1: yeah (although i did that initially)20:01
flaccidScorpKing: ah s its a bug really. did the fix wrk?20:01
jussio1zeno: do other sudo based items work?20:02
ScorpKingflaccid: i'm gonna try it now but it makes sense. i'll manage from here. thanks for all your help :)20:02
zenojussio1: yeah20:02
* ScorpKing hands flaccid a warm cup of tee and sends him to bed..20:02
flaccidthanks guys20:03
flaccidtake it easy20:03
ScorpKingright its rebooting time. cheers guys20:03
jussio1zeno: that in my opinion takes teh prize for weirdest issue of the day :/20:03
zenoyeah sorry man20:03
jussio1zeno: dont be sorry, its intriguing20:04
zenoill put this off and try to get my internet workin20:05
djdarkmancan someone tell me how to restart alsa in kubuntu?20:08
djdarkmanIt seems like impossible20:08
zenokillall alsa;alsa?20:09
acemodjdarkman: try "/etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart"20:11
djdarkmanacemo: tried but didn`t work, and skype does something to my soundcard20:13
jussio1djdarkman: what error did it give?20:14
DigWeed!compiz | me20:14
ubotume: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion20:14
DigWeedugh.. :( silly bot20:15
djdarkmanjussio1: no error just my microphone not working as if it didn`t existed on skype, but sometimes it works20:15
DigWeedhmm.. blond me. hehe20:15
djdarkmanit`s realy frustrating20:15
jussio1!msgthebot | DigWeed20:15
ubotuDigWeed: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.20:15
jussio1djdarkman: ouch20:15
djdarkmanis there a working cross platform voip client?20:15
jussio1djdarkman: skype works perfectly here :/20:16
acemoi think i killed my flash player20:16
acemoi can only see 1 second of a flash movie then it stops20:17
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
djdarkmanI don`t get it what do developers use for communication?20:17
acemodjdarkman: what developers n to communicate to who?20:18
jussi01!bug | djdarkman20:18
ubotudjdarkman: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:18
djdarkmanacemo: I meant as in talking to each other20:22
jussio1djdarkman: #kubuntu-devel20:22
djdarkmansorry, I meant voip20:23
djdarkmanI can`t believe that skype has no free counterpart, that actualy works20:24
hydrogenmumble isn't bad, from what I've heard20:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about voip - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:24
=== _Czessi is now known as Czessi
Davieydjdarkman: If you use stun.. it's normally ok20:25
djdarkmanstun? what do you mean?20:25
Davieygoogle stun :)20:25
DavieyIt helps the software determine what type of firewall you are sat behind20:26
acemo!flash | acemo20:40
Tm_Troot: are we rooted now?20:42
=== calimero is now known as Calimero
Calimeroanyone knows why any attempt to run anything on hardy CDs lead me into a black screen with a blinking _ ?21:07
Calimeroi'm just trying to install kubuntu, but something's going wrong21:08
DarkestHourwhich CD are you using? the regular desktop?21:08
Calimeroi've tried both, desktop and alternate21:08
Calimerosame result21:08
DarkestHourare you getting to an installer at all? or just nothing?21:09
Calimeronothing at all :(21:09
Calimeroi see a popup "loading linux kernel" with a progress bar going up to 100%21:09
DarkestHouris there nothing else after that?21:10
Calimerothen comes the black screen of death with a blinking _ and the system is completely frozen21:10
djdarkmanI don`t have pulse audo server installed in hardy, isn`t it supposed to be installed by default?21:10
DarkestHouri believe if you hit f4 at the screen where it asks if you want to boot into a live enviroment or not, it'll let you select failsafe, can you try that for me?21:11
Calimeroof course DarkestHour i've been trying for days now :) thanks for the tip, i'm trying right now21:11
DarkestHourdjdarkman Kubuntu still uses alsa. so it does not ship with it.21:14
djdarkmanbut why DarkestHour ?21:14
DarkestHourAlsa is what KDE works with the best, so thats what it's primary backend is for sound. You can install pulseaudio if you want to, i have done it in the past.21:15
djdarkmanbut what about phonon?21:15
DarkestHourThats in KDE 4.0 i believe, thats a different story. They finally upgraded.21:17
=== calimero is now known as Calimero
DarkestHourI dont think i'm quite suited to answer it fully though djdarkman21:18
Calimerohmm... Still nothing, DarkestHour21:18
Calimerosame results21:18
DarkestHourCalimero: you dont even get the kubuntu loading screen after it loads the kernel?21:19
Calimerono i dont :(21:19
Calimeronothing at all...21:19
Calimeroi can't run anything from the cd boot menu... Everything leads me to a complete freeze21:20
Calimeromaybe this has something to do with my hardware ?21:20
DarkestHourdoes 7.10's live cd work?21:20
DarkestHourand also, do a CD integrity check.21:21
CalimeroAs a matter of fact, i tried one a few weeks ago, wich leaded me to the same results21:21
Calimeroi thought i could benefit from waiting the next release...21:21
Calimeroi can't even run the CD integrity check from the menu21:22
DarkestHourwas it a version 7.10?21:22
Calimerobut i run several MD5 checks from the command line and i'm pretty sure the CD isn't damaged21:22
Calimeroit was a 7.10 yes21:22
DarkestHourok, so what hardware do you have?21:22
Calimeroas suggested on the forums, i tried burning at lower rates, with same results21:22
Daisuke_Idothe alternate cd is another option21:23
FrederickIs kde4 oki to use?21:23
Calimeroi have an asus P2-P594GCX barebone with intel Q6600 CPU, 4GB DDR, and a LG DVD drive21:23
Daisuke_IdoFrederick, sure, if you want to21:24
FrederickDaisuke_Ido: im isntalling it21:24
Frederickto check21:24
DarkestHourdo you have an add-on video card Calimero21:24
RochJerI have a question - which one is better - ubuntu or kubuntu?21:24
Calimerono DarkestHour, i use the chipset default card (which is some kind of intel iirc)21:25
DarkestHourok, let me look at this hardware reak quick, and Daisuke_: Calimero has tried the alternates as well.21:25
Daisuke_IdoRochJer, that's a flamewar inspiring questino and is completely off-topic21:25
RochJerokay I'll go to kubuntu offtopic21:26
DarkestHourCalimero: there is very little information on your barebones system there, lol, but there is one thing i want you to try as i've had luck in the past with it.21:27
Calimeroi've read on the forum that some users seem to have experienced similar problems with an LG drive too21:27
DarkestHourIn the boot menu for the live cd, press f6 and enable noacpi21:27
DarkestHourthen boot with that.21:28
CalimeroDarkestHour: go right ahead, i'm listening carefully.21:28
DarkestHourdo you have another drive to try in place of the LG?21:28
DarkestHourthe dvd drive would more likely cause corruption issues though from my point of view.21:29
Calimeroyes i did... I tried with a sony, with same results21:29
Calimerothough that drive seems to be defective, so i throwed it away21:29
DarkestHourhmm, well see if you can give it a try with the noacpi option i talked about, there are a couple other options in there to try as well. none of them would hurt your machine.21:30
Calimeroit's ok DarkestHour, it's a brand new machine... I really want to install kubuntu on it to restore an old kubuntu setup i had before.21:31
DarkestHouryou may have to press F6 twice now that i remember.21:31
Calimeroi'm trying right away. Thank you very much21:31
sahin_hWhy there is no default helper application in firefox-3 on Kubuntu Hardy?21:35
=== OFFICE\tc is now known as tchough
payamcan anybody conet my to offtopic channel21:38
payamcan anybody cennect me to offtopic channel?21:38
DarkestHourclick on #kubuntu-offtopic21:38
=== calimero is now known as Calimero
CalimeroDarkestHour: congrats, thanks to you i'm moving forward21:41
Calimeronow i 've been able to see the kubuntu loading bar for a few secs21:42
DarkestHourand what happens after that?21:42
Calimerobut it's rebooting quickly21:42
Calimeroall i get is an error message like this one : PnPBIOS: Resource structure does not contain an end tag.21:42
Calimeroi'm trying to search whatever that means.21:43
djouallahhello, i just installed kubuntu 8.0421:43
DarkestHoursame here.21:43
djouallahusing wubi21:43
djouallahbut it is very slow21:43
DarkestHourCalimero: in your bios, there may be an option about the PnP Bios, i would check your bios settings and see if there is anything of the sort.21:47
DarkestHourand also on the next live cd boot, also enable safe graphics mode21:47
CalimeroDarkestHour: i've tried playing around with this option, but it didn't do any good21:49
Calimerobut i will try with safe graphics anyway21:49
Calimerowhat stumbles me is that everything _is_ ok with the dapper i'm using to chat with you right now :/21:49
DarkestHourThat IS very wierd, is it a live cd as well?21:50
Calimeronot at all, it's an installed one and everything went fine21:50
DarkestHourmight you try a dist-upgrade? from there?\21:51
Calimeroin fact this is the reason why i want to reinstall21:51
Calimeroi'm stuck half-way through with a broken dist-upgrade21:51
Calimeroi've encountered similar problems before (apt-get complaining with locale, etc...) and i did not want to fix it the hard way again (besides, i don't remember how i did the previous time, hehe)21:53
Calimerofortunately my system is still stable enough to allow me to browse the web and ask for your help... otherwise i would be alone in the dark.21:54
DarkestHouryeah. unfortunately i'm at a loss as to why it is locking up, one last thing i can thing of to try, now that we get to the kubuntu loading screen is hitting Ctl+Alt+F1 when it gets there several times to see if you can watch where it exactly starts having the problem.21:55
Calimerothat could be a beginning21:56
DarkestHourgettings as many errors to look at would be good :)21:56
CalimeroI hope i could see that loading bar again (dunno why, but i only managed to come up this far once)21:56
DarkestHourI'll cross my fingers.21:57
Calimeroanyway, i will try. See you soon wherever it works out or not :-)21:57
Calimeroand thank you very much21:57
DarkestHourok, lol21:57
DarkestHourIt's no problem.21:57
=== fabi is now known as aceta
tzdhow do i add rss feeds from Firefox to akregator please?22:11
ubuntuis anyone here?22:12
=== ubuntu is now known as papermoon
DarkestHourI am here.22:12
papermoonYou know about kubuntu?22:12
DarkestHouri know enough to get around. lol22:13
DarkestHourWhats your question i'll see if i can help22:13
papermoonA little while ago I used this Live CD and when I used another live cd I get this really bloated desktop22:13
papermoonUsing up 500 MB of RAM22:13
DarkestHourhmm, i'm not quite sure what your question is22:14
papermoonThe desktop environment on this 7.10 LiveCD  is  not the same as I used before22:15
papermoonThe entire theme is different.22:15
DarkestHourahh, so you are looking for the other theme?22:15
tzdpapermoon: is it KDE 4?22:15
papermoonYes I'm looking for the other theme.22:15
papermoonHow do I check which KDE version it is?22:15
tzdright click panel and choose "help" about kde22:16
tzdpapermoon: does that work for you?22:17
papermoonChecking now.22:18
papermoonK desktop environment release 3.5.822:18
DarkestHourtzd: your question earlier, this may solve it, http://porpoisehead.net/hi/?q=node/2522:19
tzdpapermoon: how did it look before? Did it look like this: http://kde.org/announcements/4.0/desktop.php ?22:20
tzdDarkestHour: mmm I wish it did, have tried that one already :/22:21
DarkestHourwhats the problem your getting with it? it just not working?22:21
papermoonno lemme find a screen of whwat it looked   like22:21
DarkestHourtzd: are you using firefox 2.0?22:22
papermoonhmm weird22:22
papermooni remember it looking just like ubuntu just blue22:22
papermoonmaybe im just an idiot22:23
tzdDarkestHour: im using
djouallahu guy that u made kubuntu possible, thank u, u will all go to heaven22:23
DarkestHourtzd: have you tried any of this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31390622:23
papermoonhey guys22:24
papermoonwhats the difference betweek kubuntu and ubuntu?22:24
tzdDarkestHour: haha that was he page i had up... I'll try that one as well although it looks really similiar to the first solution! brb22:25
DarkestHourIt's the different desktop environment, Kubuntu uses KDE and ubuntu uses Gnome22:25
DarkestHourpapermoon: your probley used to gnome, you might want to download that and give it a try.22:25
djouallahplease who is the guy that made wubi possible, he deserve many hugs from me22:25
DarkestHourdjouallah: http://wubi-installer.org/22:26
djouallahhis nick ;)22:26
DarkestHourlol, heck if i know22:26
* djouallah has installed kubuntu in his office pc22:26
djouallahand did not touched the partition22:27
DarkestHourawesome, how's the performance? i havent had a chance to try it myself yet.22:27
djouallahDarkestHour: my pc is 2 gh with 256 mb22:27
djouallahbut it is slow22:27
djouallahanyway i can use konversation22:28
djouallahas u can see22:28
DarkestHourit'd probley be enough to fart around and get used to the os, which is cool22:28
djouallahDarkestHour: i am a linux fanboy22:28
tzdDarkestHour: aah now i know why i never tried the second link: "It doesn't work if you use akregator integrated into Kontact"... Thansk for your help so far by the way! Any other suggestions perhaps?22:28
DarkestHournot sure, let me look around.22:29
djouallahbut i am stuck in work for 2 months and no way to use linux22:29
djouallahand then come wubi to save my soul22:29
stdindje_: I think it's xivulon (not 100% though) see https://launchpad.net/wubi22:29
tzdcool thanks! Googling seems impossible though for my issue.22:29
DarkestHourtzd: so your akrgator is the one in kontact?22:30
tzdWhile I'm here, I have another issue with d3lphin. Sometimes when i run split view my left side tend to mess up. The size info in Gb resizes itself and flickers?22:30
tzdDarkestHour: yep, only using the one in kontact22:31
* djouallah is using opensuse in home !22:31
tzdDarkestHour: i had it working somewhat until i upgraded firefox22:31
=== solid_lia is now known as solid_liq
=== solid_liq is now known as solid_lia
=== solid_lia is now known as solid_liq
Nyadhelp. I edited my xmodmap file by hand don't have a backup. How do I make a new one?22:37
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:38
Nyadhelp. I edited my xmodmap file by hand don't have a backup. How do I make a new one?22:39
stdinNyad: please don't repeat22:39
stdinNyad: try purge/reinstall xmodmap; "sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall xmodmap" it may work22:39
NyadE: Invalid operation xmodmap22:40
stdintry "sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install xmodmap"22:41
DarkestHourtzd: seems the only way to do it is via stand-alone akregator22:44
Nyadstdin:  thank you so so much22:44
daemon3Are there any mac-like icons for the KDE?22:45
stdinkde-look.org is your friend22:45
daemon3stdin: I know.22:45
Nyadthat command seemed to create a backup of the original xmodmap file instead of replacing but it just allowed me to get it to work :)22:45
daemon3I didn't see anything.22:45
DarkestHourtzd: they are the same though, so if you just dont have kontact open when you add the feed with those scripts they would still show up in kontact22:45
rodrigo__get a fuck!!22:45
stdin!language | rodrigo__22:46
uboturodrigo__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:46
Nyadhow would I use the commandline to make a backup file become the real one and also make the current real one into a backup?22:46
stdinNyad: copy it "cp file file.backup"22:46
tzdDarkestHour: hmm ok... are there any ways to run both simultanously without having them interacting?22:46
stdinuse sudo if you need to be root22:46
Nyadstdin: tnx22:46
tzdDarkestHour: never mind my previous question. I'll manage :)22:47
DarkestHourtzd: belieave you disable akregator in kontact.22:47
DarkestHourtzd: alrighty, lol22:47
tzdDarkestHour: yeah that's what i thought but then i suddenly realised the only reason why i ever started using akregator was due to the implementation into kontact ;) Hopefully it'll work with FF322:48
tzdDarkestHour: otherwise I'll just add everything manually... Thanks for your time and help though!22:49
DarkestHourtzd: i think it is a problem with kontact and akregator respictively, akregator has a way to pass the command through, kontact has no way to pass it to akregator that it runs as a sub-app.22:49
DarkestHourtzd: no problem.22:49
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:50
* djouallah is astonished no firefox in kubuntu 8.0422:51
nexanoanyone really bored, feel like helping me setting up twinview on my allready weird setup?22:51
=== nexano is now known as Nexano
stdindjouallah: why would there be?22:51
stdinwe have a browser already22:51
* djouallah don't like religieus dispute about what is the better browser22:53
tzdfirefox wasn't in 7.10 either right? I'm pretty sure i installed it later.22:53
jussio1djouallah: its simple, kde has its own browser, so we use that :)22:54
* djouallah is a former opensuse user, he use kubuntu since 1 hour22:54
stdindjouallah: not saying which one is best, just saying it's pointless to have two pre-installed browsers22:54
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:54
* djouallah is just deceived because he has a crap net connexion, so installing firefox is a problem now22:55
enrique i am Enrique I am from Mexico I speak Spanish, send please page of lang spanish22:55
enriquehola como me conecto al canal de spañol22:55
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:55
Nexano!no Nexano22:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about no nexano - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:55
ubotuHvis du vil diskutere Ubuntu paa norsk, venligst gaa til #ubuntu-no. Takk!22:55
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
djouallahstrange only irc work here23:03
nosrednaekimdjouallah: kill the "Network Status Daemon"23:04
djouallahdone already23:04
djouallahi am in a lan23:05
djouallahi don't need it i guess23:05
nosrednaekimdjouallah: kill knetworkmanager then23:05
djouallahnosrednaekim:  done, but don't worry my net connexion is bad23:05
* djouallah think with his pc perhaps he need xubuntu better23:06
* djouallah my pc is 256 mb23:06
Administrator_kubuntu tukish channel ??23:06
tiberius1701does anyone know why my sound would quit working all the sudden, last thing i did was install compiz23:06
stdin!tr | Administrator_23:07
ubotuAdministrator_: Turk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.23:07
Administrator_ubotu teşekkürler23:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about teşekkürler - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:07
lotficome installare kiba dock su ubuntu 8.0423:09
szakulecI love summer of code day23:11
latituwhere can i see the last installed apps??23:12
bent_Hey #kubuntu, does anyone know of a usb wireless card that works out of the box? (I'm running 8.04, by the way... if that changes stuff.)23:13
snikkerwhen i  insert a cd-rom, don't start the option windows...23:14
szakulecof the ones that are in stores now, I couldn't tell you for sure, but I've had good results with the netgear wg111v223:14
snikkerwhen i  insert a cd-rom, don't start the option window (for select the application)..23:15
szakulecsnikker: there's an option at the bottom of the window that says "Do Nothing".  there should be another option that says "remember this choice"23:15
snikkerszakulec: how can i show this window again?23:16
szakulecsnikker: you mean once you have chosen to hide the window?23:19
wesleysuperkaramba says i dont have PyQT installed when enabling lwp but i installed all that should the searh result to PyQT gave me but still dont work in kde423:21
Nyadanyone know of a channel where I can discuss embedded devices?23:21
Nyadmore like handheld devices23:21
nosrednaekim!hardware | bent_23:24
ubotubent_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection23:24
tzdis it possible to have files automatically saved in the upper right corner on the desktop instead of the default upper left?23:25
snikkeri've lost cd-rom and cd-rw devices (/dev/hda /dev/hdb), how can i restore it?23:26
tzdsnikker: i think you need to mount them again23:27
DarkestHourtzd: it seems that there is no way, but it is definately an interesting option. i'd like it too now that i think about it, lol23:27
snikkertzd: ?23:28
tzdDarkestHour: haha yeah that was just one thing that i noticed the other day... i use gimp on my left side and i always need to move the files before in case i want to drag them to gimp. there's a super easy workaround for my problem but still... it's linux so i should be able to modify it ^^23:29
tzd!mount cd | snikker23:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mount cd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:29
tzdgah... my usual luck23:29
tzdsnikker: have you used the terminal before?23:30
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter23:30
snikkertzd: yes, but i've lost the device (i don't have /dev/hda nomore), i can't mount the cd without it23:31
tzdsnikker: oh now i get it, sorry! Hmm, i really don't know what to do then I'm afraid23:32
snikkertzd: ok,thanks23:32
tzdsnikker: only thing i could think of is to restart the computer and see if that helps but I guess you've already tried that23:32
snikkertzd:  i've aleady do it without success23:33
tzdsnikker: do you see the devices when you type: "df" in terminal?23:35
snikkertzd: no, i can't see it23:36
tzdsnikker: hmm that cmd only displays mounted devs so it won't help you.. sorry... i really don't know what to do in your case :/ Have you tried google?23:36
DarkestHourDo the drives show up in bios?23:36
snikkertzd: i'm tring to googling... :)23:37
Jucatosnikker: sudo fdisk -l23:37
tzdbios sounds like a winner imho ;)23:37
Jucatoinstead of "df"23:37
snikkerDarkestHour: yes, the drives are show in bios and items are present in fstab, but /dev/hda and /dev/hdb are deleted23:38
tzdJucato: do you have a sheet with all useful cmds or do you just know?23:38
* Jucato is wondering if the hda got turned to sda, etc23:38
snikker /dev/hda and /dev/hdb are cd-rom and cd-rw23:39
Jucatotzd: just in my head... :/23:39
tzdJucato: that's some serious skill. You always seem to know your stuff23:39
Jucatosnikker: you can use "sudo fdisk -l" to see the available devices and partitions.23:39
Jucatotzd: heh... it takes practice :D23:39
Jucatoand spending your waking ours in #kubuntu :D23:40
tzdJucato: how long have u been using *nix?23:40
snikkerJucato: but fdisk is not only for hard disk?23:40
Jucato2.5 years23:40
azzcoHi guys, anyone messed with jabber jingle (gtalk voice) and kopete? I got the impression that I only need to install the jingle lib..23:40
tzdfair enough ;)23:40
DarkestHourhmm, hda and hdb should point to a hard drive? should you be looking for... scd should be for cd rom dirves23:40
nosrednaekimazzco: its a ton harder than that23:40
DarkestHourfor example on my system it has /dev/scd0 as my cd drive23:40
Jucatosnikker: hm.. right... are you sure your cd drives were hda and hdb before?23:40
nosrednaekimazzco: I messed with it and gave up23:40
Jucatoazzco: you might want to ask in #kopete23:41
snikkerJucato: yes i'm really shure...23:41
azzconosrednaekim: I've messed with it before... thoguht I'd give it another try, I'll keep my hopes low then, thanks for the warning23:41
azzcoWas about to go there anyways Jucato ;)23:42
snikkerthere is not a way to detect the hardware?23:43
=== hydrogen is now known as Wasserstoff
Jucatosnikker: "cat sys/dev/cdrom/info" what does the first line say?23:46
* Jucato taps fingers on table impatiently...23:48
snikkerJucato: no such file23:49
snikkeri've got /sys/devices23:49
snikkerbut not cdromsubfolder23:49
Jucatoer sorry23:50
Jucatosnikker: cat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info23:50
snikkerJucato: no files or directory23:50
Jucatook... I'm running out of clues...23:51
snikkerno cdrom subfolder under /proc/sys/dev/23:52
szakulecI'm sure this is a silly question, but what happens when you insert a CD into the drive?23:52
snikkerszakulec: nothing happen23:53
Jucatosnikker: can you insert one. then run the command "dmesg". then can you use pastebin and show the last 10 lines of the output?23:54
snikkeralso k3b is unable to find cd cd-rw device (buth yesterday they worked)23:54
DarkestHouranother command to run would be "sudo lshw"23:54
snikkerJucato: ok, now i try...23:54
Jucatooh right.. I forgot about lshw :/23:55
tsb_Hello. I noticed I have -386 and -generic packages installed. I looked in apt and also found linux-686 but it sais "dummy package". So I'm a bit unsure which package to use for my intel core 2 duo system.23:56
daemon3See you.23:57
snikkerJucato: maybe i've found something.. .now i pastebin it23:57
DarkestHourtsb_: the regular packages will work just fine.23:57
tsb_DarkestHour: I understand, however if I can get a 0.3% gain by just using the right image I will :)23:58
Jucatohm.. I thought core 2 duos were dual 64-bit...23:58
Daisuke_IdoJucato, they are23:59

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