sparrwhen i see the Configuration File Changed (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) prompt...00:00
sparrwhat does synaptic do?00:00
cwillulilkreen, still there?00:00
cwilluteamcobra, :/  just checked the changes for 2.6.24-13, nothing in there stuck out as related00:00
chrisasjoshjosh,  perhaps you can boot a different kernel ?00:01
teamcobraI missed the ones inbetween -12 and -1500:01
nugz1212wine-doors + 8.04 = smooth or does it have problems?00:01
lilkreenpoking around dpkg-reconfigure, it doesn't offer any display reconfiguring anymore, heh00:01
teamcobradoesn; work in the newest either00:01
joshjoshit was working fine under gutsy. i did an update-manager install and now it's all completely distorted. did the kernel change?00:01
nugz1212i get a huge list of errors when i launch winedoors00:02
chrisasjoshjosh,  yes the kernel changed 3 versions up00:02
nugz1212normally its just "preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000"00:02
chrisasjoshjosh,  but you can / should be able to choose the old ones @ boot00:02
nugz1212only about 600 times00:02
cwilluteamcobra, so it works in -12, doesn't in -15, and you're not sure about -13 or -14?00:03
nugz1212then it launches but doesant install stuff00:03
chrisasjoshjosh, just to check, but its bullshit to run with the old kernel00:03
joshjoshchrisas, i'll give it a shot.00:03
chrisasjoshjosh,  if the problem persits you should go to the kernel guys @ #linux00:03
joshjoshyeah. i might be switching distros if this is hard to fix. i'm getting kind of worn out on ubuntu.00:03
cwillulilkreen, does it do it constantly, or only (for instance), after you haven't touched the computer for 10 seconds or so?00:03
joshjoshi'm going to try out a different kernel. be back, hopefully hah00:03
nugz1212anybody got wine-doors running fine on heron?00:03
lilkreenconstantly straight from the progress screen before logon00:03
lilkreenmy the output screens when I logoff and such are completely useless, I can't read anything on them00:04
cwillulilkreen, just on a hunch, can you disable 'dim on idle' in the power management settings00:04
lilkreenHAL doesn't report any brightness control to anything, the button hasn't worked since they broke it00:05
JediMasteram I right in thinking the AMD64 and i386 distros run two different kernels? as I'm getting IO-APIC panics on an i386 live install cd and not on the amd64 (noacpi on the kernel line "fixes" it)00:05
lilkreenit works just after GRUB loads though so I change the brightness there00:05
nugz1212has anyone in here got wine-doors running successfully i need some help with it00:05
chrisasJediMaster, differently compiled kernels but from the same version i think , i got  2.6.24-16-generic on 64bit00:06
JediMasterchrisas: thanks, just seems odd that one kernel panics and the other doesn't00:06
nugz1212i dont know if its a wine problem or something else00:06
peter77akk: top?00:06
nugz1212keep getting ""preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000""00:06
JediMasterchrisas: yes, that's the exact same version I got from uname -a in the live cd on i38600:07
peter77akk: could compiz cause overheating?00:08
* nugz1212 needs wine-doors help on 8.0400:08
burnernugz1212: happy holiday ;)00:09
akkpeter77: I don't know, but top will show the top cpu users00:09
* burner just guessed at something from the nick00:09
nugz1212good god00:09
burneras for wine doors, que es una problema?00:10
burnerinstall from source and it works here00:10
nugz1212i keep getting "preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000"00:10
nugz1212about 600 times when laucnhed in console00:10
burner0.1.2 or 0.2 development?00:11
nugz1212i installed it from the .deb00:11
lilkreenCwillu: hrm... turning off the dim backlight seems to keep it from shimmering00:11
lilkreenit's never done what it's suppose to though00:11
nugz1212uhm 0.1.200:11
burnernugz1212: i'm sorry, i'm not sure what to say... try dumping your .wine-doors prefs?00:12
cwillulilkreen, it's new afaik00:12
nugz1212and i do that how?00:12
peter77akk, compiz doesn't seem to use a lot of system resources at all00:13
nugz1212im gonna try a purge then reinstall from source00:13
cwillunugz1212, you don't have preload installed do you?00:13
burnernugz1212: there is a hidden directory in your home directory called ".wine-doors"    just try removing it00:13
lilkreengah, now the screen's garbled on unsuspend00:13
nugz1212wats preload00:13
akkpeter77: It might have been someone else telling you something about compiz, I know nothing about it myself00:13
cwilluteamcobra, what chipset was it again?00:13
insomninjaeach time I start firefox, it says that four new addons have been installed, language packs by the looks of it, but there seems to be no way to dismiss the window so it won't come up the next time I start firefox, help?00:14
cwillunugz1212, synaptic has a description00:14
burnernugz1212: wine-doors from the .deb just worked here00:14
wingerUgh.  8.04 RC deleted /media/cdrom :P00:14
nugz1212i dont have preload, would that help?00:15
nugz1212if i installed it00:15
cwilluno, just checking00:15
cwilludon't install it00:15
cwilluteamcobra, https://launchpad.net/bugs/184600 _might_ be related00:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184600 in linux "ssb error while loading wifi module b43" [Medium,Confirmed]00:15
peter77akk: I just wondered if it could cause conflict etc00:16
cwilluor https://launchpad.net/bugs/8524700:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85247 in linux-source-2.6.22 "bcm203x firmware will not load" [Medium,Fix released]00:16
lilkreenCwillu: it doesn't shimmer now that the dim while idle is off, but it doesn't come back from suspends anymore. mode's screwed into something it doesn't support.00:17
cwillulilkreen, since you turned off dim-while-idle?  that sounds odd00:18
cwillui.e., it works if you turn it back on?00:18
lilkreenI'm trying that now, rebooting so I can see what I'm doing, heh00:18
cwillubecause I'm doubting the two are related :p00:18
phoulHey all, I was wondering if anyone here has messed with kde400:20
mooboo1Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" is in only 3 days!00:21
wingerI never did take a linking to KDE...00:22
wingerliking, that is.00:22
cwillugnome has a saner setup out of the box I find00:23
Miinetichrisas: jockey-gtk isnt much of a help00:23
wingerAnd I like Xubuntu even more.00:23
cwilluI can tweak kde to nicer than gnome, but I hate tweaking a box for an hour before I can start to use it :)00:24
cwilluI'm told xfce is getting nice these days00:24
wingerexcept the bugger deleted /dev/cdrom when I upgraded00:24
cwilluoooo, new cgroup related emails?00:24
wingerxfce is heavier than I would like... but hell, the memory upgrade was $20.00:24
wingerSo screw it00:25
DanaGI suuuure hope they FIX that scheduler issue by then!00:25
lilkreencwilu: same thing, maybe it's related to that inital dpkg setting... I hope I don't have to trade flicker for suspend, heh.00:25
cwilluDanaG, I've just been echo 10000>/sys/kernel/uuid/1000/cpu_share, but there's still a latency problem switching between user domains00:27
LibertyShadowUgh I want the XPS M1330... but I see so many bad reviews...00:27
LibertyShadowwrong channel00:28
julieI can't change the system language back to english its stuck00:33
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGeth1, Linksys USB10T Ethernet Adapter, 30:01:00:00:00:0000:33
DanaGWTF kind of MAC address is that?00:34
DanaGThe sticker on the device says 00:E0:98:7D:4C:7E00:34
akkSome net cards start out with zeroes, then set the real mac address after loading firmware00:35
akkthough I think that's more common for wifi than for wired00:36
_Rambaldi_does anyone use wifi-radar with wpa-psk00:36
akkDanaG: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/153727 has some discussion (and pointers to other things written about it)00:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153727 in debian "Ethernet device's number increases by one after every reboot" [Undecided,New]00:37
teamcobracwillu: hrm, looks like I shall try rolling my own 2.6.25 deb w/ restricted modules and see if I can make this an easy thing for those w/ bcm4311s ;)00:39
teamcobracwillu, thanks for the heads up on the launchpad bug, at least now I can make a workaround, I am sure a lot of people have these cards00:39
teamcobraI have 2 laptops w/ them myself ;)00:39
DanaG"If the LSB red is 1"00:40
DanaGcolor red?00:40
DanaGAnd isn't the 30:01 completely invalid?00:41
cwilluteamcobra, as long as your rolling your own, you'd make a few people happy if config_fair_cgroup_sched was enabled and _user_sched was turned off in the kernel config :p00:41
DanaGOdd... I triggered rfkill, and iwl3945 actually seemed to unload itself.00:42
DanaGturn on kill switch00:42
DanaGa few of:   MAC is in deep sleep!  WARNING: Requesting MAC access during RFKILL wakes up NIC00:42
teamcobracwillu: will make a note of that, as I am making a custom hardy spin for my business00:42
teamcobra(which will be distributed all over, and credit given to ubuntu on both the dvd/sleeve00:43
DanaGPCI interrupt disabled.  PCI interrupt up.  Writing back config space.  Radio disabled by RF Kill switch.  PCI interrupt disabled.00:43
aLeSDhi all00:43
aLeSDI just installed the 8.04 RC00:44
aLeSDand I have got a prblem with X00:44
aLeSDI have a nvidia card :00:44
aLeSD01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200 64M] (rev a1)00:44
cwilluteamcobra, well, let me know (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/188226 is the bug in question)00:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [High,Triaged]00:44
aLeSDand Xorg are using nv driver I think ... and fonts are smoked00:45
aLeSDvery smoked : it's hard tio read00:45
aLeSDI'm tring to load the nvidia driver but I got this error00:46
aLeSDmodprobe nvidia00:46
aLeSDNot loading nvidia module; not used in /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:46
akkI had a font problem when I upgraded to hardy, but supposedly it's been fixed00:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212669 in x-ttcidfont-conf "newly installed fonts don't show up in hardy" [Undecided,Fix released]00:46
teamcobraaLeSD: edit your xorg.conf using sudo to be root when you do it00:46
aLeSDin the xorg.conf I found that there is nothing in Card section00:46
aLeSDteamcobra: have a look00:47
teamcobraaLeSD, hmm, add your own line then, and use the driver nvidia00:47
aLeSDSection "Device"00:47
aLeSD        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"00:47
teamcobraweird, I have to run, pick my friend up from work00:47
cwilluthat's the new way of doing things :p00:47
cwillujust add the driver "nvidia"00:47
aLeSDis the new Xorg configuring itself on tyhe run ?00:47
doofy_does anyone know how to get a bluetooth headset working in hardy with pulseaudio? I have it connected, but the option to put sound through it doesnt show up in skype00:48
wingerSorry, doofy_. nope.00:48
teamcobradoofy: install pavucontrol (its a package)00:48
teamcobrawill help you route things around in pulseaudio00:48
teamcobrabrb all00:48
mooboo1plz put 2.6.25 in repo00:48
aLeSDcoming back00:49
teamcobramooboo1: I am rolling my own 2.6.25 debs, will announce them when they;re done00:49
wingerHmmm.  I upgraded t the release candidate... how will I upgrade when the 8.04 is actually released?00:49
teamcobrafor all of the people that need them00:49
mooboo1teamcobra, awesome00:49
doofy_teamcobra, doesnt look like its showing up00:49
teamcobraweird, I installed it last night w/ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol00:50
doofy_no pavucontrol is there but the device isnt00:50
teamcobrahmm, not sure offhand00:50
cwilluwinger, normal update-manager00:51
wingertoo easy :)00:51
wingerthanks, cwillu00:51
peter78my computer is freezing/ overheating whilst playing iplayer (by adobe flash) in full screen00:53
DanaGI wish they'd fix that damn scheduler.00:53
DanaGAnd what's with that screwy MAC address?00:54
cwilluDanaG, well, I wish they had merged swap-prefetch :p00:54
aLeSDhi all00:57
aLeSDnow it is using the vesa driver00:57
aLeSDI remember something somewhere that banned the driver ..00:58
aLeSDI really don't know where00:58
aLeSDsomeone has a nvidia ?00:58
Miinetiwhatd i do, when my restricted manager doesnt realize the fritz wlan stick?00:59
aLeSDit says failed to load nvidia driver : module doesn'r exist00:59
aLeSDah ah00:59
climatewarriorcan anyone give me a direct link to download kubuntu 8.04 kde 4 remix by torrent?00:59
climatewarriorhavent found it on the net and the offical page is so slow00:59
aLeSDstrange I'm pretty sure that I have nvidia modules installed01:00
spirooHow do I upgrade to 8.04 RC without the dist-upgrade-devel command which not is working for me.01:00
spirooI got this "error": "python: can't open file '/tmp/kde-spiroo/adept_managerXwytgb.tmp-extract/dist-upgrade.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory"01:00
doofy_ive got this bluetooth earpiece connected, but i can not get it to show up in any applications for use01:01
ISS_StudentSo when the offical release happens will I need to do much if I am running the beta?01:02
DanaGdoofy_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=473178201:02
DanaGYou can make it always do the pactl stuff by putting it in /etc/pulse/default.pa01:03
doofy_Failure: Timeout on the first one :-/01:04
climatewarriorcan anyone give me a direct link to download kubuntu 8.04 kde 4 remix by torrent01:05
wingerISS_Student: I was informed you update through update-manager01:05
odioushi guys. just wondering if i install the beta, can i just use apt-get dist-upgrade to the release when it's out in 3 days?01:06
icanhasodious: sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , yes01:07
odiousthanks guys01:07
Amaranthodious: it'll be a somewhat large download though01:08
doofy_DanaG, no luck with those commands, i just tried restarting too... any other ideas?01:08
odiousAmaranth: i suppose every package has a new version on release?01:09
Amaranthodious: No, not every package01:09
AmaranthJust half the desktop install :P01:09
odiousAmaranth: heh right :)01:09
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ISS_StudentThanks Winger01:23
susanooanyone here on a PS3 ?01:23
ikoniasusanoo: hardy isn't ported to ps3 yet01:24
ikoniasusanoo: there is a ps3 ubuntu site01:24
ikoniasusanoo: that should give you the latest updates of what's going on01:24
ISS_StudentWell it's nice to know that with Hardy Realtek sound is working!01:24
susanoowhere is this site ?01:24
susanoolink ?01:24
susanoogood job ikonia01:25
susanookeep up the good work01:25
* Dr_willis wakes up. and sneezes.01:27
Sergeant_Ponybless you01:27
icanhasSergeant_Pony: that's a bit religious for here01:28
Dr_willisWe need to put 'Yes you can upgrade to the final if you install now...' in the topic/faq :)01:28
Sergeant_Ponylol and I'm not the religious type01:28
Lunar_LampI have frequency scaling on my cpu set to "ondemand" - how do I change that to "perfomance"?01:30
RAOFLunar_Lamp: As in "no scaling at all"?01:31
dannyhey :o01:31
Dr_willisinteresting  - i am seeing in dmesg output.01:31
Dr_willissky2 eth0: rx length error: status 0x5ea0100 length 151001:31
Dr_willisIs that someone sending me some bad packets? or potential driver bug?01:32
dannyi can't get my broadcam wireless to work, it won't show up in hardware drivers or anything :/01:32
ikoniaDr_willis: knowing sky driver probably driver issue01:32
boumahi, i get an error asking for libstdc++.so.5 under ubuntu8.04, can i apt-get something to help ?01:32
RAOFbouma: Yes.  libstdc++5 :)01:33
boumaok so, sudo apt-get install libstdc++501:33
ikoniaRAOF: I don't think thats the package name is it ?01:33
boumaRAOF: btw can i use a different apt-get parameter, so it asks for permission01:33
Dr_willisikonia,  first ive ever noticed te messages. I am grabbing some iso torrents.  :)01:33
ikoniabouma: so what asks for permission ?01:33
RAOFikonia: No.  libstdc++5 is the package they want.01:34
ikoniaDr_willis: I've had on / off problems with sky drivers (marvel cards arn't they)01:34
boumaikonia: so apt-get asks01:34
Lunar_LampRAOF: yes, thats what I want, but I've discovered the tool now. :-)01:34
ikoniabouma: asks for what ?01:34
RAOFLunar_Lamp: You can twiddle some gconf keys: /apps/gnome-power-manager/ui/cpufreq_show will give you a UI option.01:34
ikoniabouma: it only asks for user/pass 1 time per session01:34
Lunar_LampRAOF: I just use cpufreq-selector :)01:34
boumaikonia: asks (Y/n) before going and downloading and installing01:34
RAOFikonia: Well, actually once/15min.01:34
boumaikonia: im not worried about the sudo part01:34
ikoniabouma: thst update01:34
ikoniaRAOF: is that time related, thats interesting01:35
boumaikonia: ok so, sudo apt-get update libstdc++501:35
ikoniabouma: install01:35
ikoniaas RAOF suggested01:35
bouma:D, its all working01:37
RAOFbouma: apt-file can be your friend in future (apt-file search libstdc++.so.5 will return the package(s) containing that file).01:38
boumaRAOF: thanks01:38
boumaok, i added eclipse, but eclipse didnt install java, so im looking at the choices for jre, there is a the java 6 web start with 5 stars, is this preferable ?01:39
tonyyarussooh lordy.  Epiphany crashes whenever I close a tab.01:39
teamcobrabrb, quick reboot01:40
vbabiy-laptopHey is this version of gnome is there any way to set the brightness of the screen depending if you are on battery or ac power01:41
cwilluvbabiy-laptop, just set it, it'll remember01:41
cwilluvbabiy-laptop, just set it, it'll remember01:42
vbabiy-laptop_cwillu: sorry I missed what you said i got disconnected01:42
cwilluthat's what I said :p01:42
cwillui.e., set it, unplug it, set it again,01:42
cwillureplug it, notice it goes back to the original value01:42
vbabiy-laptop_cwillu: it doesn't :)01:42
cwilluit should01:43
vbabiy-laptop_I don't think that is working for me01:43
cwilluweird, it doesn't anymore01:43
vbabiy-laptop_hmm.. that looks like a BUG01:43
vbabiy-laptop_hey any one using a m153001:44
jscinozi wish either gnash worked better or adobe flash stopped crashing firefox >_<01:45
vbabiy-laptop_also any know why they removed the custom setting in visual effects01:46
jscinozvbabiy-laptop_, its still there, just wont show up without compizconfig-settings-manager installed01:46
susanooikonia, but the ubuntu 8.04 RC been released for the ps3 yet ??01:46
redwhitewaldoIn "hardware drivers" I have chosen to enable device driver for "ATI accelerated graphics driver". how do i know the driver file name or application was downloaded and installed?01:46
ikoniasusanoo: I don't think so01:47
ikoniasusanoo: from what I've seen the ps3 release normally lags a bit behind ubuntu01:47
susanoowell that suck01:47
RAOFjscinoz: Or moonlight killed flash dead? :)01:48
vbabiy-laptop_jscinoz: is that the same package as the advance Desktop effect setting01:48
ikoniasusanoo: why does that suck ? ubuntu 8.04 is not yet stable, why should people bother porting a product thats not even released01:48
RAOFredwhitewaldo: You don't, I think.  It'll have been the 'xorg-driver-fglrx' package and linux-restricted-modules if you did'nt already have that installed.01:48
ikoniasusanoo: put it in perspectiv01:49
jscinozRAOF :P btw i finally got my first 2 packages into debian :D01:49
RAOFjscinoz: Yay!01:49
jscinozRAOF, hopefully they can get synced for intrepid :D01:49
jscinozvabiy-laptop_ one second i'll check01:49
redwhitewaldoRAOF: is there a way to check+01:49
shingalatedHow can soundcards be reconfigured in hardy?  As of this morning I get "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." When I click the volume control applet.01:49
vbabiy-laptop_jscinoz: I have that package and it not showing the custom option01:50
RAOFredwhitewaldo: Check what?  I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.01:50
susanooif i download the ubuntu 8.04 LTS daily build alpha , would i be able to upragde it trought terminal later on ? when the final stable releases ??01:50
RAOFsusanoo: Yes.01:50
redwhitewaldoRAOF: i want to know what files were installed when i chose to install "restricted driver".01:50
susanooikonia , you do remember me right ?01:51
ikoniasusanoo: I don't, sorry01:51
ikoniasusanoo: I assume you where the silly user who had issues with flash/java on his ps301:51
jscinozvbabiy-laptop_ hmm not sure, you can just run "ccsm" to get the same thing?01:51
susanoohmm ?01:51
susanooguess again01:51
ikoniasusanoo: ok01:51
RAOFredwhitewaldo: Hm...  I don't think there's an obvious GUI way of doing what you want.  'dpkg --listfiles linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) xorg-driver-fglrx' will give you a complete list.01:52
vbabiy-laptop_well I know that but if I try to turn off compiz then I can't turn it on to my custom setting with resetting them alll01:52
SmegzorAny idea when Wine 0.9.60 will be available in the repos?  I read that its being held back due to the impending release of Hardy.01:54
twb/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:55
twbAny idea what I can do about this?01:55
twbcf. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=474423001:56
Dr_willis!info ipcom01:56
Dr_willis!info ipcop01:56
ubotuPackage ipcom does not exist in hardy01:56
ubotuPackage ipcop does not exist in hardy01:56
richie_Network manager asks for a keyring pass.. can I get rid of that?01:57
jscinozvbabiy-laptop_ sorry I couldn't be of more help01:57
vbabiy-laptop_jscinoz: don't worry about it01:57
cwilluvbabiy-laptop, you mean the fourth option that shows up in appearances (as opposed to the advanced control panel itself, which I presume is working)01:58
cwillunevermind then01:58
RAOFSmegzor: Chances are that it won't appear in the archives, given that we're post RC.  Wine has a standing freeze exception though, so there is a (small) chance that it will appear.01:59
cwilluSmegzor, it'll probably be out after, or perhaps in a backport01:59
albert23vbabiy-laptop_: If you install the package simple-ccsm, you will get the custom option back02:01
vbabiy-laptop_o okay02:01
susanooam downloading the buntu 8.0402:01
Smegzoryeah I'm expecting to see it in backports eventually.02:02
shingalatedHow can soundcards be reconfigured in hardy?  As of this morning I get "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." When I click the volume control applet.02:03
cwillualbert23, weird, any idea why they broke that?02:04
redwhitewaldosound is no longer working on my comp.can someone help me troubleshoot? I don't know what happneed02:04
AutoMatriXwhich is the best method to synchronise an outlook express and an evolution address base ?02:05
albert23cwillu: No idea. I had to look for that option some time ago and found the new simple-ccsm02:06
AutoMatriXoops sorry guys, off topic here :s02:06
Nirivenwhy does it keep sayin gi need to do a partial upgrade, and how do i resolv if?02:07
Niriven*resolve it02:07
=== icanhas_ is now known as icanhas
SmegzorI just heard about something called Unity on the Linux Action Show.  I Googled it, but didn't find much about it.  Is it part of VMWare?02:08
bazhangSmegzor: for Macs; to offset parallels' coherence feature02:10
twbI've determined that sun-java6-jre cannot be installed inside a chroot.02:10
twbAnybody know why?02:11
SmegzorYeah I finally found better info about it.  I use VirtualBox and seamless mode is great :)02:11
Smegzoralso I don't use a Mac so nevermind.02:11
ethana2Niriven: let it do its thing02:11
Nirivenethana2, What?02:12
ethana2Niriven: some packages were removed from ubuntu for whatever reason02:12
ethana2just let it do what it needs to02:12
Nirivenethana2: Hmm, ok.02:12
Smegzora couple of times that partial upgrade got stuck for me (it would cancel automatically).  I found that I could cancel the dialog and grab the other updates so that was all good.02:12
ethana2Niriven: happens all the time pre release02:12
SmegzorOne thing about the partial upgrade dialog that bugs me, it prevents me from browsing the list of updates unless I cancel the partial.02:13
ethana2Smegzor: agreed02:13
linkmaster03where could I find a list of changes/new features from 7.10->8.04?02:14
SmegzorHow soon do we expect to see the new linux kernel?02:14
sparr_which new linux kernel?02:15
RAOFSmegzor: You mean 2.6.25?  In hardy?  Never.02:15
bazhanglinkmaster03: there are several dozen on the web look around02:15
Smegzoryes 2.6.2502:15
Smegzorthats quite a while.  So it'll be in 8.10 instead?02:16
ethana2It bugs me that fedora uses rpm02:16
Smegzorthe new kernel sounds very nice.02:16
ethana2...because fedora probably will have it02:16
RAOFSmegzor: Unless Intrepid has 2.6.26, yes.02:16
ethana2in two years, we simply will not have 'gpu drivers'02:17
Smegzordo new kernels come down via backports?02:17
ethana2i find that awesome, with gallium and kernel mode setting and whatnot02:17
RAOFSmegzor: No.02:17
RAOFSmegzor: kernels are explicitly disallowed in the backport documentation.02:18
susanoodoes Ubuntu surpasses windows in capabilities when running on a PC machines ?02:18
ethana2susanoo: heck yes02:18
ethana2susanoo: I dual boot windows02:18
RAOFsusanoo: Malformed question :)02:18
ethana2haven't used it in a year02:18
icanhasby a zillion percent, 2 zillion if you're talking vista :P02:18
Seeker`susanoo: it depends on how you define capabilities02:18
icanhasyeah, ubuntu SUCKS at mounting xfat partitions ;)02:19
susanoowould it run games such as supreme commander , warcraft 3 etc etc ?? as better as a window ?02:19
Dr_willissusanoo Linux has more capabilities in the general term.02:19
ethana2xfat?  what's that?02:19
n0nam3vlc when maximized is putting a green line of pixels going across horizontally .... why is this???????02:19
ethana2susanoo: probably not yet02:19
RAOFsusanoo: Ubuntu isn't as good at running Windows programs than Windows.02:19
ethana2susanoo: but eventually, like a year or two from now02:19
RAOFethana2: And almost certainly never.02:19
ethana2RAOF: ...what???02:19
Smegzorsusanoo: Have you heard of Wine?02:19
ethana2moves fast, RAOF02:19
susanoour right about that RAOF02:19
RAOFethana2: True.  But games move fast, too.02:20
Dr_willis But for a given 'job/task' you can most likely find linux apps to do whatever job needs to be done.02:20
ethana2I can deal with that, what about the API's they use?02:20
ethana2...'cause that's what matters for compat02:20
RAOFethana2: So I'll agree.  It's entirely possible that in a year or two Wine will run games that are out now better than Windows.02:20
Dr_willisif you   Want games.. stick to windows..    thats the easiest way02:20
RAOFethana2: I'm sceptical that it'll run contemporary games faster/better than windows.02:21
icanhasIf you want games, buy a game console, looks better on a hi-def tv anyway02:21
ethana2And once we get there, we'll have spun DirectX out of WINE onto gallium02:21
ethana2RAOF: it already does some02:21
Dr_willisDosbox runs the old dos games quite well. :)02:21
ethana2icanhas: game consoles are evil02:21
ethana2that should not be encouraged02:21
susanoobest thing about linux is that you wont be easy to hack02:21
susanoobesides that02:21
icanhasethana2: uh, no they aren't. actually they are great comunity tools and have some really wonderful games that are fun for the whole family02:21
ethana2susanoo: note that if i can get you to 'su and say' something02:21
susanoowindow is better02:21
ethana2just by asking, then you have a serious security problem02:22
ethana2and you should look into it02:22
RAOFethana2: I seem to recall some wine developer saying that DX on gallium wouldn't be a particularly useful thing.02:22
susanooethana2 ??02:22
ethana2...it was a joke, susanno02:22
ethana2it'll only be as secure as you are as a user02:22
ethana2but that's good enough for me02:22
yuri_hey guys, i have a few questions about HH. 1) does it come with gnome-do by default 2) will a distro upgrade from 7.10 break anything 3) when is the release?02:23
susanoowel what if people knows ur root and pass ?02:23
RAOFyuri_: 1) No. 2) No (hopefully - we've tested and tried to ensure nothing breaks) 3) Soon.  27th, I think.02:23
n0nam3so can anyone tell me why vlc has a green band of pixels going across the screen please ? :)02:23
Smegzorsusanoo: Currently off the top of my head I run Battlefield 1942, Halo Combat Evolved, TrackMania Forever, Thief 2, Battlefield2, World of Padman, Wolf ET, Oblivion, HalfLife2, Counter Strike etc, anything in Steam really., Bandits, and a few minor games all running in Wine flawlessly.02:23
icanhasyuri_: no, which should be obvious, no reason to believe it will, and the 24th02:23
Dr_willisn0nam3,  at the top/edges?02:24
yuri_thanks guys02:24
n0nam3it's at the bottom02:24
=== icanhas is now known as compiz-fusion
bazhangsusanoo: you back?02:24
=== compiz-fusion is now known as icanhas
n0nam3it's i pixel inheight .. and is a green line going across the whole picture02:24
Dr_willissome videos have a bit of overscan video area that many players trim out.  ive noticed befor02:24
n0nam3hrmmm... i've done it w/ about 6 avi's now02:24
Dr_willistotally across the bottom.  Does it do it with EVERY video? or just some?02:25
Dr_willisMay be some oddity with the video drivers, or player. try gmplayer perhaps.02:25
yuri_more questions: 1) will there be a grub splash screen 2) will fsck run everytime I do a hard shutdown?02:25
RAOFn0nam3: Options include: 1) That's actually in the source video 2) Compression artefact 3) Xv driver problem.02:25
n0nam3yeah.. across the whole bottom02:25
RAOFyuri_: 1) No, 2) No.02:25
RAOFyuri_: Well, kinda on 2).02:25
icanhasyeah i was going to say, lol02:25
Dr_willisyuri_,  its best to let it check when it wants to.:) i have noticed you can hit escape to cancle the fscks now.02:25
n0nam3well, i don't think i had this problem before doing the package update for vlc 2 days ago02:26
n0nam3almost 99% pos i din't have the problem02:26
numcan i safely use emerald with ubuntu hardy?02:26
yuri_Dr_willis: as long as you can hit escape, its ok02:26
Dr_willisn0nam3,  ive noticed similer things on the top/side on some vidoes02:26
Dr_willisyuri_,  hiting escape is a BAD habbit. :)  and yes.. ive caught myself doing it also.02:26
NirivenSo anyone here switch from gentoo or freebsd?02:26
thompaim having a new problem. I cant burn cds anymore02:26
Smegzorevery time I cancel fsck, it won't let me login to my home.  Only when fsck is allowed to complete.02:27
susanoobazhang, did i ever left ?02:27
akkSo, my upgrade failed because plucker didn't install the /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/PyPlucker files02:27
yuri_Dr_willis: i know, but it adding an extra 4-8 mins to my startup time is not an option. this is a laptop02:27
akkso now when I try to apt-get anything, it says I have to run dpkg --configure -a02:27
akkbut if I run dpkg --configure -a, it just tries to run this plucker script that refers to all the nonexistent files02:27
akkHow do I get out of that loop? (dpkg remove plucker just tells me it needs dpkg --configure -a)02:28
=== danny is now known as dny
Dr_willisyuri_,  4-8 min? egads.. wyhat size hd ya got?02:28
n0nam3Dr_willis: if it has something to do w/ the package update for vlc ... since i didn't have the problem 4 days ago... would a reinstall potentially fix it?02:28
thompaanybody else cant burn cds anymore? usb is totally broke also. sound is iffy02:28
yuri_yet more questions:1) will it come default with a one-click solution like automatix 2) will kubuntu use kde402:29
Dr_willisyuri_,  it should only be trying to scan every 30 remounts/reboots or so.. or after a bad crash. Depends on how imporntant your data is i guess. :)02:29
n0nam3mplayer has no problems w/ the video02:29
yuri_Dr_willis: it scans every single time i have to do a hard reset. im on 7.10 right now02:29
Dr_willisn0nam3,  'remove/reinstall' fixing things..is a windows-mentality thing. :)02:29
SmegzorLinux can have a bad crash?  NO!  I don't believe it! :)02:29
thompayuri_: it is already almost one click02:29
Dr_willisyuri_,  what is with the hard-resets? why are you doing those?02:29
Exilantyuri: kubuntu comes with kde4, but kde3 is default02:29
Dr_willisI was thinking there was a kubuntu kde4, and kubuntu kde3 install cds02:30
thompain my case i may need to reinstall02:30
Exilantso you'll have to install kde4 separately (and last i tried it was rather unstable)02:30
yuri_Dr_willis: crashes, endless loops, bugs, etc.02:30
Dr_willisyuri_,  if you are having major crashes like that.. i would be making some backups  quickly.02:30
akkNobody knows how to fix apt-get and dpkg?02:30
n0nam3jeese ... ff b5 is leaking somewhere ... i only have 3 text based webpages open and it's using 200mb of ram02:31
Dr_willisI dont recall ever having to do a hard-reset on my laptop under hardy.  and boy do i push it.02:31
Dr_willisn0nam3,  it may have allocated the ram from earlier and just not released it.02:31
yuri_Dr_willis: i have many, and i kjeep all my documents on a separate partition and backed up to many redundant external discs. ive crashed for too many systems over the years and learned enough hard lessons02:31
Geoffrey2speaking of FF, since a final release of FF 3 won't be out prior to 8.04 going live, will the default browser be FF 2 until the new version is released?02:33
yuri_final question: can i upgrade to HH beta right now from 7.10?02:33
RAOFyuri_: Yes.  update-manager -d02:33
Dr_willisGeoffrey2,  I installed FF2, and the firefox2 command still launches firefox3 :) figure that out02:34
yuri_time to upgrade then02:34
Dr_willisGeoffrey2,  looke to me like they will beusing FF3. unless they changed their minds recently02:34
taconeshould hardy upgrade set my fstab mounts to relatime or should I do it myself manually ?02:34
Geoffrey2Dr_willis: which would mean...beta 5?02:35
Dr_willistacone,  i dont see any 'relatime' options in my fstab on a clean install.02:35
Dr_willisGeoffrey2,   looks that way. Unless they do some real big changes here soon.02:35
taconeDr_willis: I don't see it on my upgraded machine but I see them on my virtualbox  hardy beta02:35
Dr_willisaha - firefox-2 does NOW launch firefox2 like its supposed to. :)02:36
Dr_willistacone,  i dont see it on any of my hardy machines. add it if you think it will help i guess.02:36
taconeok, thanks :)02:36
Dr_willisi dont recall ever needing or using thsat option02:37
Geoffrey2I will, however, be happy when FF 3 is available...I like using Yahoo mapping, and FF2 and the cairo implementation in Ubuntu just don't play well together02:38
sarixei'm having a problem with samba: when i share something on ubuntu, it's not accessible from other computers.02:38
Dr_willisIve been using ff3 for ages it seems. :)02:38
Dr_willissarixe,  i normally manually install the 'samba' package, and give the users a samba password with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME' THEN i edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file to enable the home shares. That way I an get to the users whole home dir. :)02:39
Dr_willisive had such issues with the kde/gnome 'share stuff via this gui tool' feature.02:39
sarixei get: "\\<server>\<share> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network name cannot be found."02:39
Dr_willisIt always seem to miss a step/forget somthing.02:39
sarixewell i can see the share fine02:39
sarixebut it can't open it02:39
Dr_willissarixe,   try the 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME' thing then perhaps02:40
sarixewhat username should i use...? the windows one or the linux one?02:40
Dr_willisthat will give the user a samba password you enter on the windows box.02:40
Dr_willisthe linux users  :) since you are giving the password to the linux users account02:40
ubuntuROXGrown men should not love an operating system as much as I love Ubuntu :) Thank all you guys for making this a great product, and an awesome community.02:40
Dr_willisfor just some quick and dirty/fast one time file transfers. I tend to use ssh on linux, and winscp on windows.  its a bit easier to do.02:41
sarixesame error...02:41
Dr_willisIF you want to always be able to get to files on the ubuntu box. learning about samba, and seting uop the home shares is a good idea02:41
sarixewell i don't want my whole home to be shared02:41
sarixejust this one folder02:41
sarixeDr_willis : should i edit that conf now?02:43
Dr_willissarixe,  dependson what you want to share exactly. I always set up the homes to be shared02:43
Dr_willisI perfer it that way02:43
Dr_willisits VERYpossible you dont have the samba package installed ' sudo apt-get install samba'02:44
sarixei do, i know i do02:44
Dr_willisi recall the gui share thing. supposed to install that befor.. and often it just dident do it.02:44
Dr_willisthe gui tools 'should' of added a new share entry to the end of the smb.conf file.02:44
Dr_willisbut that wont do much good if samba isent even isntalled.02:44
ampexhow do I go about upgrading 7.10 server to 8.04 ?02:45
IdleOnewhere does rythmbox keeps it's playlist?02:45
sarixeDr_willis : i have samba, and i used the gui thing, the share shows up in windows, but there is no share in the conf.02:47
RAOFsarixe: Before you go too far down the rabit hole, I presume you've tried simply right-clicking on the folder you wish to share and selecting "sharing options", right?02:47
crimsunsoc: hi?02:47
sarixeRAOF : yes02:47
sarixebut i also have samba installed02:48
sarixeso that's definitely not the problem02:48
RAOFAnd you selected "share", and "guest acces"?02:48
ampexany word on whether the RC will become the final release?02:48
RAOFAnd when you connected from the windows machine, it asked for a username/password?02:48
ampexany last minute bug fixes?02:48
RAOFampex: 3 days, give or take.02:48
sarixeRAOF : no, it just gave an error02:48
RAOFHm.  Awkward.02:49
RAOFThat worked for me (but with a Mac connecting to the share, so it's not directly applicable).02:49
sarixeRAOF : i can connect to my samba server, it shows all the shares, but if i try to get to a share, it fails02:49
RAOFHm.  It's possible that windows has cached some incorrect authentication data?02:50
sarixeerm, well it's a common problem among several other machines02:51
AlienXhardy supports install time disk encryption, right?02:51
ubuntuhey i just update from kubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 hardy, i enabled desktop effects, i rebooted and got that white screen, any ideas on how to fix this02:52
RAOFAlienX: Yes, but only from the alternate CD I think.02:53
AlienXRAOF, sweet. I need it for work and didn't want to get caught in a bind :)02:54
Amaranthubuntu: you should not manually install your fglrx driver02:54
AmaranthI don't even remember the fix now, just the cause02:54
AmaranthHaven't run into that since edgy02:55
Who_I am struggling with video drivers: I can't use nvidia because I can't get suspend to work and I can't use nv because...well... I can't seem to make it work - the screen has 'dots' all over it a bit like when old OSs tried to make things 'greyed out'.02:55
RAOFubuntu: I think the other option is to uninstall xserver-xgl, if you've got it installed.02:55
AmaranthWho_: So nv doesn't work with your card (not surprising) and nvidia breaks suspend (also not surprising)02:57
Who_to be honest I am not even sure that the nv driver _is_ loaded: While xorg.conf says nv, lsmod | grep nv renvidia               4718832  002:57
Who_agpgart                34760  1 nvidia02:57
Who_i2c_core               24832  1 nvidia02:57
tannewtHi all, I have a strange bug, when I move my mouse the pointer does not move but gets moved when I click02:57
wastrelnice one02:57
RAOFWho_: That's perfectly normal; the nv driver is totally userspace and doesn't load a kernel module.02:57
Who_But the Amaranth: shouldn't I get some very basic functionality from nv no matter what?02:57
AmaranthWho_: I don't02:57
RAOFWho_: Bwa ha ha!02:57
Who_hmmm. How frustrating!02:57
AmaranthWith nv I get some really awesome banding that makes the whole thing unusable02:58
RAOFWho_: It'd be nice to think so, wouldn't it.02:58
AmaranthWho_: you could try nouveau :)02:58
ubotuNouveau is an experimental open-source nVidia driver, aiming for full 3d support.  Homepage at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/ - EXPERIMENTAL packages at https://launchpad.net/~raof/+archive02:58
RAOFAmaranth, Who_: But you've probably got a new card (geforce 8xxx or greater) which isn't well supported by nouveau yet.02:58
Who_I have a pretty modest laptop card here - from years ago: I really don't want much - I just don't want the Windows 9x 'greyed out' feel to my whole OS02:58
Who_FX Go 520002:59
AmaranthRAOF: see, not a new card :)02:59
RAOFWho_: Oh, in which case nouveau will rock the pants off nv.02:59
Amaranththat's NV3x, right?02:59
Who_Amaranth: got a good way for me to check?02:59
RAOFI think so, yeah.02:59
Amaranthnouveau should have full 2d acceleration02:59
AmaranthWho_: was a question for RAOF really :)02:59
RAOFProper multi head...02:59
RAOFWho_: I find the easiest way to check is to use nouveau; the drm module prints out your GPU model to dmesg :)03:00
sarixewhy not just use the propietary one?03:00
Who_ROAF: so I really ought to gett some love from nouvea?03:00
RAOFsarixe: Because it doesn't work.03:00
Amaranthoh, nouveau will totally break suspend too03:00
Who_sarixe: breaks suspend - deal breaker03:00
RAOFYeah.  I just thought of that.03:01
Amaranthso if that's your only problem with nvidia just use nvidia03:01
Amaranththe windows nvidia driver breaks suspend on my laptop :)03:01
RAOFWho_: Sorry, we're leading you down a rabbit hole; nouveau doesn't do suspend (but it's a GSoC project, IIRC).-03:01
Amaranthbut it actually works in linux, surprisingly03:01
Who_Amaranth: and avoid suspending?03:01
AmaranthWho_: I guess03:01
Who_I had hoped that the increasing number of 'I fixed nvidia suspend' articles would work for me - is there a difinitive one somewhere, I can play about some more?03:02
tannewtanyone know why the mouse would not visibly move but X would track it?03:02
AmaranthWho_: you're using hardy?03:02
Who_Amaranth: gutsy03:03
sarixeawesome, i got samba working when i disabled guest access03:03
Who_Amaranth: no... Hardy03:03
AmaranthWho_: Then you're not even in the right channel03:03
AmaranthAnd now I'm confused03:03
Who_Amaranth: stupid naming conventions. I do numbers faster than letters03:03
Amaranth8.04 RC03:03
Who_Amaranth: yea - I am on 8.04 :)03:03
AmaranthWho_: Then I have no idea, all my suspend tricks stopped working/being needed in hardy03:04
Who_Hmmm. I know WUBI promises broken Hibernate - could my suspend issues be related to that and not the hardware?03:04
AmaranthYou're using wubi?03:05
Who_(I used WUBI to installl)03:05
AmaranthOh hell03:05
AmaranthYou should not expect power management to work at all :)03:05
RAOFAmaranth: Oh, because the swap is difficult to find?03:06
Amaranthyour filesystem is running in userspace03:06
Amaranthuserspace, uh, stops running03:06
Who__grrr. I have a dodgy internet connection - sorry. Is there a way to see what I missed?03:07
AmaranthWho__: You should not expect any of this stuff to work in wubi03:08
Amaranthwubi is meant to test ubuntu, not use it long term03:08
pestilenceever since i upgraded from hardy beta to hardy RC, network-manager doesn't seem to be working very well...it takes a long time to reconnect the wireless after resume from suspend to ram, and it doesn't show wireless signal strength after reconnect03:08
pestilencehow can i fix this?03:08
Who__Amaranth: I know. This is testing ;)03:09
pestilenceoh yea, the applet shows my wireless connection as a wired connection after resume03:12
pestilence(before it shows it as a wireless connection with signal strength)03:12
Spenc3anyone know how can I trigger the SCIM on ubuntu? Seems like the Compiz-Fusion is catching all the key bindings before it hits SCIM, so I can't change my input method :(03:14
Who__Amaranth: would the noapic kernel parameter in grub be likely to help?03:14
AmaranthWho__: No03:14
AmaranthI real install of Ubuntu is likely to help03:14
RAOFWho__: A problem is that your whole filesystem is being run by something in userspace, including your swap.  Which is a problem since, when you suspend, the kernel freezes everything in userspace...03:15
boumacould anyone help me, i cant find nvidia-settings, ive got the close new nvidia driver03:16
RAOFbouma: I'd suggest installing the nvidia-settings package, then.  It's been split from the rest of the driver package now.03:17
boumaRAOF: ah thanks03:17
Who__RAOF: makes sense... but my logs show the system _does_ come back from suspend, but then compiz and gdm segfault. I tried with only mentacity - but I haven't looked in detail at those logs - it failed, obviously...03:17
jgooHi everyone - sudo mii-tool returns no link03:18
jgoohowever, this is only in Ubuntu - when I boot to the other OS the network works03:18
Who__RAOF: If it is the case that suspend should not be expected to work with Wubi then the FAQ should be updated - as many people will likely be using Wubi to decide whether to install... Right?03:18
jgooso, does this mean that the network card isn't properly configured ? this is a new system, on board everything. During live session the network worked, only after install it doesn't03:19
RAOFWho__: Possibly.  It's also possible that the problem might be the nvidia driver assuming that it can write something out to swap, which is incorrect03:19
jgooInterestingly it defaulted to 'roaming' mode when I booted up... isn't this a mode usually for wireless ? (embarrassingly if there is onboard wifi on this freakshow PC I don't even know about it)03:20
RAOFWho__: It's certainly worth mentioning on the Wubi page that Suspend/Hibernate may well not work.03:20
Who__RAOF: yea, I can see I'm in a pretty big pile of uncertainty :) I'll try and get some partitioning done and then try again03:20
jgooWhat would be my next step - basically, I've checked that this cable does work (after replacing the connector anyway)03:21
jgoosudo mii-tool returns not connected, I can set a static IP, but ping and arping fail.03:21
Who__Last question: The display looks really weird when it tries to come back on - backlight is on and it looks like the display has just been 'left' pathces of white emerge, lines, whatever. I was worried first time I saw it. Is that what others see, or just me?03:21
RAOFWho__: Just you, I think.  Although that sounds like what you can get with an incorrectly programmed LVDS/DVI interface.03:22
RAOFjgoo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingNetworkManager?highlight=%28Debugging%29%7C%28CategoryDebugging%29 or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection?highlight=%28Debugging%29%7C%28CategoryDebugging%29 might help.03:23
Who__RAOF: I wish I could do something useful with that info :P03:23
RAOFWho__: Basically, your flat-panel is getting stupid input, and so it shows stupid output.03:24
Who__RAOF: and on that note I think I will try one more thing, then go to bed. Thanks for the help.03:24
jgooRAOF: Ok I will use network mangager to look at this - will that repoll the hardware? How can I ask ubuntu to remove and repoke around to find my network card?03:24
RAOFjgoo: You might want to work out what driver should be loaded, rmmod it and then re modprobe it?03:25
jgooAlso - can anyone verify that is I am given a 'Roaming' option, this is because it thinks my card is wireless?03:25
RAOFjgoo: No.  That's the default "autodetect everything" mode.03:26
jgooRAOF, NetworkManager will help me find which driver? It says on this Debugging page that it won't03:26
jgooaah ok, so that is for normal cards03:26
gunashekaryou can roam wothout wirel.   ess too03:26
jgoohrm.so 'no link' on an otherwise healthy card is usually the driver than?03:26
jgoo*then. So how do I work out the driver? modprobe will list them? I will man modprobe and read a bit03:27
RAOFjgoo: No idea; this has never been a problem for me.03:28
RAOFjgoo: So, lsmod will list the drivers currently loaded.03:28
RAOFjgoo: You may also wish to check dmesg to see if there's something obvious from your driver.03:28
jgoook thanks. Never been a problem for me either, in about 8 versions of linux, 4 of which ubuntu03:29
Fritzelwhere do you change pointer themes in gnome? I don't see it in appearance03:32
jgoook, lsmod gives me usual stuiff... snd, firewire, and ipv603:34
jgoothat is the only network sounding thing on there, but hardly a device driver for a network card03:34
jgoodmesg had nothing except a few lines about failing to reserve some memory space03:34
wastreljgoo: do you see your card with lspci?03:34
jgooRealtek Semiconductor... gigbit ethernet controller03:35
Who_So, suspend works with vesa and 'standby' not 'mem' for the standby mode -  and unlike nv, vesa does the normal working display stuff too :)03:35
jgoowastrel, so lspci sees it - but I am not sure the driver is loaded, I'll google anyone else having problems with this in 8.0403:36
wastreljgoo:  ok so use that to find the name of the kernel module that supports the card03:36
Who_Which is nice, I just have to live without Compiz - which I can surely manage :P. Amaranth, RAOF: thanks for your help. Are there any major limitations of using the vesa driver that I should know about, compositing aside?03:37
wastreli miss compiz when i'm at work.03:37
wastrelring switcher and the expose thing03:37
AmaranthWho_: No 2D acceleration03:37
jgoowastrel, how would I do that? google? or just look for something that sounds like realtek?03:37
RyanPriorHow come libflashsupport is no longer installed by default?03:38
wastreljgoo: i would google for it with the specific version number and perhaps keywords like "kernel linux driver module"03:39
wastrelnot necessarily all at once03:39
RyanPriorBeing able to pause my media player and play a YouTube video is really central to my normal web browsing flow, so I really miss being able to play Flash audio via PulseAudio...03:39
Who_Amaranth: well, this laptop is _so_ much speedier than the alternative (1.4 Celeron vs 366 PII) that I think I'll cope :P03:39
jgoosidenote: Google are really getting worse.03:39
wastrelthere's probably a systematic way to find that sort of thing03:39
jgoosidenote: I used to have to click the logo, then click google in english, then search, now it defaults to google in english, but ignores that on my results, now I need to click 3 times to get english only results!03:40
AmaranthRyanPrior: pulseaudio was updated to run on top of dmix03:40
AmaranthRyanPrior: So apps using alsa (like flash) don't need to be routed through pulse03:40
RyanPriorAmaranth: well, I uninstalled libflashsupport when it become auto-removable and my flash audio stopped working when I had Banshee playing. Kill banshee, flash audio plays -- and I reinstalled libflashsupport, and now I can have both at once.03:41
RyanPriorAmaranth: So this new system must be broken, I think.03:41
AmaranthRyanPrior: Or you didn't accept the pulseaudio config change03:42
AmaranthOr the pulseaudio package didn't get uploaded yet03:42
crimsunAmaranth: it hasn't been uploaded yet03:42
RyanPriorAmaranth: Assuming it's the first one, how would I go back and accept the config change?03:42
jgooAs of 27 May 2007, in kernel, you may experience the issues with the r8169 driver if you dual boot Windows on some systems. Windows by defaults disables the NIC at Windows shutdown time in order to disable Wake-On-Lan03:42
AmaranthRyanPrior: It's the second one03:43
Amaranthjgoo: eww03:43
crimsunAmaranth: we're working very carefully over every corner case03:43
jgooSo windows is screwing the crap out of my machine... If this DAMN computer company had shipped a blank disk to me as I asked, this wouldn't be a problem! Damn damn damn damn damn stupid computer company03:43
RyanPriorSo, they deprecated libflashsupport but didn't upload the replacement? Seems a little premature.03:43
Amaranthcrimsun: Does that mean I can still get package updates into hardy too? :)03:43
AmaranthRyanPrior: It is not a final release, you should expect problems :)03:43
jgooI feel dirty, Vista is installed in the same room as me.... must... grab... EM pulse device...03:43
crimsunRyanPrior: it's not at all premature.  This is a fairly major audio infrastructure change.03:44
crimsunAmaranth: probably ;-)03:44
Amaranthcrimsun: Cool, because compiz cube is broken :)03:44
RyanPriorcrimsun: It's been working great for weeks, though. It seems like waiting for Intrepid for a major audio restructuring might have been a little bet less premature. :-)03:44
AmaranthRyanPrior: Don't do that03:44
wastrelcube is broken?03:44
icanhasAmaranth: Cube is broken?03:44
jgooOK, that is a gotcha... to fix my Ubuntu network... I have to enable wake on lan from windows... this is epic fail for windows...03:45
AmaranthYes, cube is broken03:45
numif i wanted to use emerald do i have to add emerald --replace to the session manager?03:45
AmaranthIt doesn't do a final damageScreen at the end of rotate so everything looks blurry03:45
icanhasAmaranth: oh.. just the plugin or some part of compiz? i'm fully updated and i'm not having an issue with it03:45
AmaranthIn some conditions03:45
wastrelmmm blurry03:45
Amaranththis was a regression in 0.7.4 that got fixed a couple days after the release03:45
crimsunRyanPrior: it's not a restructuring.  It's an attempt to 1) prevent Flash from crashing Firefox so darned often; 2) effecting the change in PulseAudio to prevent a major regression from /every/ supported Ubuntu release to effect (1).03:46
crimsunRyanPrior: this is bug 192888 if you want to follow.03:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288803:46
RyanPriorcrimsun: Thanks for the info, and for your willingness to work under so much deadline pressure!03:46
AmaranthI hate it when people are having temporary problems with something and their suggestion is to disable the thing because this is an LTS release03:47
AmaranthOr when a small handful of people are having a problem and they want to make the experience worse for everyone else so they won't have to deal with the problems03:47
icanhasWell someone has to make the decision.. and generally that person isn't getting paid to do it, heh.03:48
jgoo"Your browser is incompatible with the Heroku editor.Firefox 2 is currently the only supported browser. "03:48
jgooI love that error message (except it exposes the fact that xchat opened iexplorer...)03:48
Amaranthjgoo: Heroku editor is about to lose all of its users03:49
wastrelwhat's heroku editor?03:49
Amaranthno clue03:49
jgoohaha :-) it is a hosted rails application server and online IDE for RoR03:49
Amaranthbut if it doesn't work with FF3 it is dead03:50
RyanPriorYup, the world is moving to IE7 and FF3.03:50
jgoogotta try it, I like google apps (aftering hacking a JSON / javascript / google spreasheet / google base application of my own)03:50
RyanPriorHeroku Editor better get on the ball.03:50
jgooAmaranth, I think it will work fine, they should put a + after 203:50
RyanPriorThough, it will be interesting to see whether a WebKit-based browser ends up competing with IE and FF. (And hope it's not Safari!)03:52
* DanaG is back now.03:53
DanaGA ghost?03:53
icanhasDanaG: Celing Cat, obviously.03:54
RAOFRyanPrior: Maybe Epiphany? :)03:54
RAOFicanhas: You can train ferrets pretty well, too.03:54
DanaGOh yeah, I think I figured out my compiz+azureus crash.  It's my NIC doing it.  Damn e1000.03:55
* jgoo thinks all NICS should be put in their place03:56
DanaGI'm now using the USB ethernet adapter.03:56
RyanPriorRAOF: if Epiphany runs on Windows, maybe. If it's Gnome-only, it probably won't get serious market share anytime soon.03:56
jgooI am going to buy a USB NIC and taunt my onboard with it03:56
DanaGMAC address somehow set itself to 30:01:00:00:00:0003:56
DanaGinstead of03:56
DanaGthe sticker says: 00:E0:98:7D:4C:7E03:56
DanaGdamn pegasus.03:57
wastreli know your mac address03:58
RAOFMuch good may it do you.03:58
Peloevening folks03:58
jgooI am already hacking his lolcat collection and compositing it with rick astley facial images03:58
icanhasThere are pieces of software you can install on most routers to change your mac addy03:58
* DanaG doesn't HAVE a lolcat collection.03:58
jgooDanaG, You  *think* you don't have one... haha are you getting a surprise *tappity tap tap*03:59
jscinozis it possible for the icedtea-gcjwebplugin to output sound at all?03:59
jgoochances of my onboard ATI card supporting compiz? (with its 128mb shared ram... yes, I know, fail)04:00
PeloI need little help with xorg.conf, I found this edit for my trackman marble fx mouse , it's suppose to work for gutsy , but I'm on hardy now and it causes my x to go ape and puts me back down to 800x640 ,  instead of just fixing the mouse,  I'm not even sure it fixed the mouse cause I haven't realy been able to try it out04:00
Pelothis is the fix  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21294604:00
user0423help please... I just installed the rc and all of a sudden the nvidia drivers do not work04:01
DanaGhttp://  -- that's my other stuff collection.04:01
Pelojgoo, with the binairy there is a chance, even with the restricted04:01
DanaGDis bread -- it ermine.04:01
Pelouser0423, donT' you have to change nvidia for nv in xorg.conf ?04:02
Peloor is that the old thing04:02
DanaGRAOF: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rss-glx/+bug/12914204:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129142 in rss-glx "Really Slick Screensavers use 100% CPU" [Undecided,New]04:02
jgooDanaG, what is gnump3d?04:02
user0423Pelo: when i change to the "nvidia" driver x locks up now04:02
Pelouser0423, that's probably not it then04:03
DanaG!info gnump3d04:03
ubotugnump3d (source: gnump3d): A streaming server for MP3 and OGG files. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0-2 (hardy), package size 619 kB, installed size 2540 kB04:03
jgoook google would have helped there... /me quits to fix network04:03
jgoothanks ;-)04:03
DanaGRemember that !info thingy.04:03
balleynein attempting to upgrade from gutsy to the hardy release candidate, I have encountered a problem... After the download, just as the install was starting, I received an error message which said it couldn't continue and told me to run dpkg --configure -a. I ran it, nothing happened, then I stupidly did a apt-get upgrade04:10
balleynenow, when I run update-manager --devel-release, it tells me the tool doesn't support an upgrade from 'hardy' to 'gutsy'04:10
balleyneany advice? is there a way to revert?04:10
dannyafter installing hardy haron, and runnin the 480+ updates, my panels are gone, and i have no idea how to get 'em back :x04:14
WaSrDbeing virgin ubuntu 804 user....what should I expect to happen when I plug in a hot swap storage pair formated from longhorn x64 NTFS?04:16
icanhasWaSrD: generally speaking your brain melts04:17
WaSrDthat's normal04:17
icanhasNo, it should mount fine honestly04:17
WaSrDok, so mounting tutorial link somewhere? I can't find much on raids :(04:18
WaSrDspent 6 hours yesterday trying to boot from raid pair with ubuntu04:18
WaSrDended up with something....not sure what04:18
WaSrDappears to be jbod in stripe04:19
WaSrDso may have to wipe again when I do figure out how to install ubuntu onto raid pair properly04:19
Spenc3anyone know how can I trigger the SCIM on ubuntu? Seems like the Compiz-Fusion is catching all the key bindings before it hits SCIM, so I can't change my input method :(04:20
balleynetrouble upgrading from gutsy to hardy, and it won't let me run a partial upgrade (which update-manager suggests) because it says it doesn't "support an upgrade from 'hardy' to 'gutsy'"... anyone have any ideas?04:23
Flannelballeyne: try fixing it manually04:23
balleyneFlannel: what do you mean?04:24
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?04:24
bullgard4(There is no modules.conf.)04:24
Flannelballeyne: double check your sources.list points to hardy stuff, then (assuming you have proper metapackages), sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:24
RyanMHas anyone happened to run into garbled soun dissues when upgrading from Gutsy?04:24
jscinoz*cries* swfdec is soooo close to being able to finally replace adobe's flashplugin.. but I cant get it to output sound via pulseaudio, is this possible? and if so how04:24
phoulHey all, Is there a good way to disable services from running at boot, Im on the kde4 remix cd.04:25
phoulIm assuming it defaults to runlevel 4, So would i just chmod -x the ones i dont want running? Or...04:25
balleyneFlannel: ah, thanks! I tried apt-get upgrade and do-release-upgrade without any luck, but apt-get dist-upgrade seems to be running fine. Thanks!04:26
DanaG!info swfdec04:26
ubotuPackage swfdec does not exist in hardy04:26
RyanMNobody's hit that issue yet? :(04:27
DanaGI don't even HAVE a 'swfdec'04:27
phoulAnyone at all04:28
kahrytanWhat does everything think of Hardy thus far?04:30
Some_PersonI am happy to say that I am impressed with the improvements in Hardy-RC.04:31
jgoowow. when Microsoft screw something up, theyu go all out, no expense spared to make sure they really screw it up.04:31
jgooNow WINDOWS doesn't even wake up the network card.04:32
jgooCan anyone quote a security / power reason why Microsoft would basically control the network card and break dual boot? sheesh.04:32
jgooor is this just a way of screwing up people's installs?04:32
Some_PersonI am surprised and extremely happy that I no longer have the effects of the annoying nvidia-compiz bug causing white title bars04:32
kahrytanjgoo->  I've always had that problem in Windows.04:32
kahrytanjgoo->  It doesnt wake up my network card in XP04:33
jgooAccording to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4586020 people are reinstalling XP just to fix this issue... wtf... ;_;l04:33
jgooI just want to get on coding... it is 6:30 am04:33
kahrytanYou must live on the otherside of the earth from me04:34
kahrytan5:30pm here04:34
Some_Person10:34 PM here04:34
jgooPerhaps we are at antipodes... let's start stamping our feet at the frequency tesla used in his experiments and see if we can destroy the earth? muahahah04:35
kahrytanSome_Person->  East coast?04:35
kahrytanSome_Person->  Central time then?04:35
Iced_EagleWest Coast is where it's at ;)04:35
kahrytanSome_Person-> Daylight is on?04:35
kahrytanSome_Person->  thanks ... We dont do DST here04:36
DanaGSun Apr 20 20:36:29 PDT 200804:36
Some_Personand i hate it because i have to set all my clocks, then 2 weeks later, they auto-set due to the old DST time, so I have to fix them04:36
kahrytanSome_Person->  No DST in Hawaii. No clock set backs04:36
RyanMAnybody have issues with garbled sound in Hardy?04:37
Some_PersonDST is pointless. It should be taken away.04:37
RyanMIntel SDA card?04:37
kahrytanSome_Person->  then your governor.04:37
DanaGWhoever changed the date needs to be slapped.04:37
DanaGMultiple times.04:37
DanaGVery hard.04:37
Some_PersonRick Perry? He won't listen, he's a Republican.04:37
kahrytanSome_Person-> Hawaii Gov is repub but democrats love her.04:38
DanaG... and then forced to try recording something during the OLD date change, on a VCR.04:38
kahrytanSome_Person->  and we shouldnt be talking politics.04:38
Some_PersonSorry, but I couldn't help it.04:38
DanaGDST is almost universally reviled, isn't it?04:38
DanaGBy everybody except those who make the rules.04:38
kahrytanDanaG-> What is the purpose of DST?04:38
Some_PersonDST was originally to give farmers more time to work.04:39
Some_PersonBut now it's just that annoying thing we have to deal with.04:39
DanaGTo make people get up earlier and turn on their forced-air heaters, instead of staying in bed where it's warm.04:39
kahrytanlike Labor day04:39
DanaG.... and thus "save energy?"04:39
kahrytanNow every state does DST so I am assuming states can change it.04:40
Some_PersonNot every state.04:40
kahrytanyeah Not*04:40
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?04:40
bullgard4(There is no modules.conf.)04:40
kahrytanhttp://www.gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=160 (The best hardy splash screen ever)04:40
kahrytanthe top ones04:41
DanaGbullgard4: edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist04:41
DanaGadd 'blacklist whatever_module_name' on a new line.04:41
kahrytanI know something Ubuntu could work on...04:41
ethana2kahrytan: NICE04:41
kahrytanSeemless transition between Usplash->GDM->Gnome04:42
DanaGNow try it on a CRT...04:42
kahrytanethana2->  I like them too... I use red one. Orange one should be ubuntu default... that is login screens of same color04:42
Some_PersonUsplash --> GDM looks better in Hardy04:42
ethana2I hate anything longer than green04:42
Some_PersonGDM --> GNOME is not bad04:43
ethana2..but I haven't figured out how to add theme stuff to my initial customization scipt04:43
kahrytanSome_Person->  I mean the transition period when one loads, other stops04:43
wastrelcompiz just locked up on me04:43
wastrelctrl-alt-backspace unresponsive04:43
Some_PersonYou mean make make it faster?04:44
kahrytanSome_Person-> No. In stead of black screens or solid colors, add a smoother transition period04:44
kahrytanSome_Person-> Kinda like *cough* Windows does.04:44
Some_PersonWell like I said, they did improve the usplash --> GDM transition04:45
Some_PersonBut I still get a blinking _ for a short time04:45
DanaGwastrel: next time try alt-sysrq-k04:45
kahrytanSome_Person->  best way for GDM to Desktop is to load nautilus wallpaper behind  GDM04:46
DanaGI wish companies would give ACCELERATED FRAMEBUFFER!04:46
DanaGCan't do that on nvidia.04:46
DanaGI think you can do it on ATI, though.04:46
wastrelDanaG: there is zero chance i will remember that04:46
Some_PersonI think it should all fade. GDM fades out, Wallpaper fades in04:46
kahrytanand ati doesnt work so nicely on linux04:46
DanaGNeither does nvidia.04:46
DanaGFor me.04:46
kahrytanSome_Person->  i was thinking little more .. simplish04:46
Some_PersonRemember, the background comes up before GDM, so you can't load the wallpaper first04:47
ethana2kernel mode setting will fix all this04:47
ethana2don't worry04:47
DanaGBest splash screen ever:04:47
DanaGthrobber only.  Nothing else.04:47
ethana2Ibex will be perfectly polished from power up to power down04:47
DanaG.... i.e. as in Vista.04:47
Spenc3anyone know how can I trigger the SCIM on ubuntu? Seems like the Compiz-Fusion is catching all the key bindings before it hits SCIM, so I can't change my input method :(04:47
DanaG(I'm being facetious)04:47
kahrytanSome_Person->  I mean.. there must be some way to preload wallpaper while GDM is front.04:47
Some_PersonI suppose you could load everything behind GDM, but that would use up a lot of RAM in lower end or legacy systems04:48
Spenc3anyone know how to get SCIM working when i have compiz-fusion on?04:48
kahrytanSome_Person-> Or after gdm is done, behind with default sesson load.04:48
saminthemiddlehey guys04:48
Some_PersonIsn't that already what happens?04:49
kahrytanSome_Person->  Instead of stopping processing .. keep going04:49
Some_PersonGDM ends, nautilus loads04:49
kahrytanLogin first then desktop04:49
Some_PersonI still think it should simply fade. I think that would eat up less RAM04:50
bullgard4DanaG: There does not exist /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist!04:50
DanaGAre you sure?04:51
kahrytanSome_Person->  that would require screenshot of gdm login and nautilus desktop.04:51
DanaGFade through black?04:51
bullgard4DanaG: I have checked my statement using mc.04:51
saminthemiddleSome_Person: fading to black requires something to fade from04:51
gusnanIs there a graphical installer for Hardy?04:52
saminthemiddleSome_Person: kahrytan: unless of course it's using something like opengl04:52
kahrytangusnan->  yes04:52
cwillugusnan, the live cd is a graphical installer04:52
DanaGUsplash does fadeout, gdm does fadein.04:52
RAOFSome_Person: Yeah, this sort of stuff is being discussed; as I understand it you require a composite manager as a part of GDM to make this work well.04:52
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  then you have to deal with restricted drivers.04:52
gusnanAh, I was meaning like Debian's "installgui" option - non-live-cd using graphics.04:52
DanaGI wish nvidia would make a **** accelerated framebuffer driver.04:52
Some_Personwell you don't want to force a composite manager on every user04:52
saminthemiddlekahrytan: that and unfriendliness to laptop users04:52
RAOFSome_Person: Well, you might.  It's not like they're performance intensive.04:53
saminthemiddleSome_Person: forgive me, but what's the problem with taking a screenshot04:53
Some_PersonAlthough, the background that comes up before GDM on my system fades in. How does that work?04:53
kahrytanUbuntu only defaults open source software.04:53
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)04:53
RAOFYou would need some way of cleanly handing off from one CM to another, though.04:53
DanaGHow can there be no 'blacklist' file?  Did you remove it?04:54
DanaGIt's there on the default system.04:54
Some_PersonRAOF: well, they are. some compiz effects are already not smooth on this system, and the darn compiz didnt even work well until hardy04:54
DanaG(It's not an executable.)04:54
* DanaG force-quits every time he closes Firefox, because it takes too damn long.04:54
kahrytanHas anyone done about:config in firefox 3 yet?04:54
RAOFSome_Person: How about metacity?  How about xcompmgr?  xfce4?  kde?  Compiz performance is not necessarily indicative of compositors in general.04:55
cwillukahrytan, about 7 months ago :p04:55
RyanPriorkahrytan: I have. Why?04:55
nemohey folks, I'm still getting pinged by my oh-so-patient mom on the fact that Hardy broke her wireless...04:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217809 in linux "iwl3945 does not associate in Hardy" [Undecided,New]04:55
Some_Person"This might void your warranty"?04:55
kahrytanRAOF->  Metacity has compositor builtin in hardy now04:55
nemoanyway. I'm looking into how I can get more info into that bug04:55
Some_Personhmm, metacity works fine on my system04:55
kahrytanI found ff3 about config funny04:55
RAOFkahrytan: Yes, I know.  I'm not sure why you said that :)04:55
Some_Personkde I haven't extensively tried04:55
nemoI note that the kernel sources dump a lot more info with #ifdef CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEBUG04:55
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I have done it, but I didn't change anything04:56
Some_Personnever tried xfce and never heard of xcompmgr04:56
nemoerm. ignore the ifdef :)04:56
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  worried you might void the warranty?04:56
nemoanyway. I was wondering what the package was to fetch a full set of kernel sources under ubuntu04:56
Some_Personkahrytan: metacity has compositing?04:56
RAOFnemo: linux-source04:56
kahrytanSome_Person->  yes04:56
nemoRAOF: thanks04:56
RAOFSome_Person: Yeah: /apps/metacity/general/comosite_manager04:56
Some_Personkahrytan: what does it do with it?04:56
cwilluSome_Person, kahrytan, metacity has a hacked version of xcompmgr build in04:56
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I was planning on changing the location of the cache file to a ram disk, but then my friend noted that running more than one cache from more than one profile in the same directory was a security risk, so I mounted tmpfs systems on the various caches that firefox made04:57
kahrytanSome_Person->  small effects ..shadows ..transparency04:57
cwilludoes server or client side compositing, basic fades, transparency and shadows04:57
Some_Personkahrytan: hmm, will look into it tomorrow04:57
saminthemiddlekahrytan: firefox has a warantee :-P I want my money back04:57
Some_Personfor now, goodnight, it's 11 PM04:57
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  You might want to change oneconfig to reflect FF RC04:57
cwillumost useful for no-effects at all though (avoiding redraws)04:57
RyanPriorkahrytan: If you're running Hardy, it's literally a few mouseclicks to enable it.04:57
saminthemiddlekahrytan: it's okay, it works the way I have it set up04:57
DanaGserver? client?  How does that apply to compositing?04:57
kahrytanMetacity compositor is beta and slower then compiz04:57
RyanPriorkahrytan: that comment was directed at Some_Person, sorry.04:58
saminthemiddlekahrytan: it's just to keep firefox from trashing my hard disk when it's in laptop mode04:58
DanaGspindown never works for me.04:58
dannyhow do i get to the compiz settings in hardy?04:58
RAOFkahrytan: Heh.  Depends on your drivers whether metacity is slower than compiz or not, basically.04:58
DanaGAt least, if I set it to 5 seconds, or even 15 seconds, it never ever spins down.04:58
kahrytansaminthemiddle-> change this config in ff urlbar.maxrichresultsand reduce it to 6.04:59
saminthemiddlekahrytan: what does that config do?04:59
kahrytansaminthemiddle-> urlbar.maxrichresults ... FF3 RC changed it. It' reduces numbe of live results in url bar04:59
nemoRAOF: hey. since you seem familiar. I installed linux backports out of hopes it would fix my iwl3945 issues04:59
nemoRAOF: was there anything further I needed to do?04:59
DanaGI hate that freezing.04:59
jgoooh man. the whole point of buying that machine was to stop using this crappy dev machine, and port over - but I can't because Microsoft Vista, an OS I would never ever buy, was shipped on this machine by this crappy coimpany I told them not to use, and now I've disabled / enabled everything in vista to stop it screwing my network card but to no avail.04:59
nemoRAOF: linux backports would overwrite existing iwl3945 driver right?05:00
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  instead of the default 12 in url bar search, there is 6.05:00
saminthemiddlekahrytan: oh, so that will save my disk by not looking up as many live results, huh?05:00
RAOFnemo: Yup.  That should be all you need to do.05:00
jgooI am just going to bring in my laptop to the office, and screw it. they can let it gather dust05:00
nemoRAOF: durn then it didn't fix it :-/05:00
T1m0thyIs the FF flash problem fixed yet? :|05:00
kahrytansaminthemiddle-> it will tell ff not to do so many results05:00
jgoo4gb ram, 4400+ dual core pile of unusable malware05:00
saminthemiddlekahrytan: but I don't mind lots of results05:00
DanaGIFREEEEEZE do mFREEEEEEZEind the freezing.05:01
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  just saying, Firefox 3 RC changed it to 6.05:01
saminthemiddlekahrytan: what I don't like is FF waking my disk every time I load a webpage, and it's not a problem anymore because I made the cache in a tmpfs partition05:01
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I see, so I should expect a change. Thanks05:01
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  turn off cache?05:02
nemoRAOF: also. an odd thing.  $ ls -l /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/updates/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko05:02
nemo-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 110516 2008-04-10 13:13 /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/updates/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko05:02
nemooops. didn't mean to include ls -l05:02
nemoand -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 106148 2008-04-11 09:11 /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/ubuntu/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko05:02
nemoboth of these have timestamps from over 10 days ago05:02
nemo1) I installed the linux backports yesterday05:02
saminthemiddlekahrytan: not a good idea to turn off the cache, the cache really is good to have. When you are browsing a website most of the content is static anyway. It really does increase surfing speed to have a cache. Besides, it's good manners as it doesnt stress the hosts bandwith as much05:03
DanaGbackports has a new iwl3945.05:03
nemo2) I thought the 2.6.24-16 linux backports was released later05:03
nemoDanaG: really?? so I *am* out of date!05:03
kahrytansaminthemiddle-> Someone did same that there is a way to change profile location05:03
DanaGNew iwl3945 only matters for enterprise-level security, I hear.05:03
DanaGfirefox -ProfileManager05:04
saminthemiddlekahrytan; yeah, you don't want to change the location of the entire profile though05:04
saminthemiddlekahrytan: remember, you don't want your bookmarks and such to go bye-bye every time your reboot ;-P05:04
nemoDanaG: well, WPA-PSK hasn't worked for me since iwl394505:04
nemoDanaG: actually, I believe my experiments with WEP failed too05:04
nemoDanaG: dude in the  bug said linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-16-generic  fixed his issue, getting my hopes up05:05
DanaGI have wpa2 with AES, and it works for me.05:05
DanaGdd-wrt router.05:05
nemoDanaG: WPA, not WPA205:05
DanaGAnd backports-modules is installed.05:05
saminthemiddlekahrytan: don't worry about it, I fixed the problem by adding a line in my /etc/fstab creating a tmpfs in the Cache directory in my Firefox profile05:05
saminthemiddlekahrytan: now firefox doesn't wake the drive. Except when it's just been opened and still loading libries and other stuff05:05
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  share that with everyone else05:05
nemoDanaG: I could try dropping to WEP, but I don't think it helped.05:05
saminthemiddlekahrytan: sure, I'll do that05:06
DanaGHmm, try manually setting "encryption type"05:06
nemohm. says I'm already up to date on linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-16-generic05:06
DanaGThat is, AES-CCMP or TKIP05:06
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  Some one else might want same thing05:06
saminthemiddlekahrytan: well, I'm working on a big how-to on making Ubuntu play nice with a laptop. It will be part of that05:06
nemoDanaG: in /etc/networks/interfaces ?05:06
nemoDanaG: or on the router?05:07
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  every use google sync?05:07
nemoDanaG: I think it is TKIP on the router05:07
saminthemiddlekahrytan: to give you a preview, I brought my laptop's power consumption down from 20W to 12W05:07
saminthemiddlekahrytan: nope, what's google sync?05:07
kahrytanOh crap ... I cant use ff305:07
DanaGAre you using networkmanager?05:07
DanaGI am, and it works through there.05:07
saminthemiddlekahrytan: fore more reasons that that it's super unstable with flash?05:07
kahrytanGoogle toolbar/sync dont work in FF305:08
nemoDanaG: I try to. however ubuntu hardy has completely broken network manager for remote admin05:08
nemoDanaG: is unusable using ssh -YC or nxclient05:08
DanaGNo ncurses UI for it.  Sucks.05:08
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  Google Sync is bookmark sync between computers/oses05:08
balleyn1sound problems after upgrade to Hardy... not quite sure how to diagnose the problem or where to start. Any suggestions?05:08
nemoDanaG: that stupid stupid polkit05:08
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I could do 10W if it weren't for a bug that got introduced in Hardy that prevents the backlight on my computer from going down below 20% (I filed a bug report on that one)05:08
saminthemiddlekahrytan: nope, I just use this computer. it's a laptop05:08
nemoDanaG: lemme see if my mom will let me through on vnc :-/05:09
DanaGsaminthemiddle: I tweaked my dsdt to replace the lowest brightness level with zero.05:09
saminthemiddlekahrytan: and I use a Dvorak keyboard too, hate using other people's computers because of it :-P05:09
nemoDanaG: anyway. were you referring to a setting in network-manager or on the router?05:09
DanaGMy screen is so dim, I can see it better in direct sunlight than in the shade.05:09
DanaGIn NM.05:09
saminthemiddleDanaG: do tell how05:09
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  call me quirky but i prefer qwerty.05:09
saminthemiddleDanaG: yes, that is one of the reasons I want to tweak mine05:09
DanaGIt should ask for key somewhere, and there's the "encryption type"  (default is Automatic)05:10
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)05:10
DanaG!find /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist05:10
ubotuNo packages matching '/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist' could be found05:11
DanaG!find blacklist05:11
ubotuNo packages matching 'blacklist' could be found05:11
balleyn1anyone able to help me with sound issues in hardy? (not sure where to start really...)05:11
DanaGWTF?  It's been there on 100% of Ubuntu computers I've ever used.05:11
homeslicemy pulseaudio only works with one device at a time, so If I'm using rhthymbox I can't hear anything from a WINE application.  any suggestions?05:11
bullgard4DanaG: Yes. Me too. But in Hardy it's different.05:12
DanaGIt's still there for me in Hardy.05:12
DanaGwhat IS in modprobe.d05:12
mohamed_install gnome application on kubuntu and the opposite this normal or can affect the system ?05:13
magnus|mscis there something in 2.6.24 reducing the ram ??05:13
saminthemiddlehomeslice: make sure that all the apps are using the sound server, the sound server is just like any other app when it comes to the alsa layer or whatever you are using for sound contol. Without the mixer (pulse audio, in this case) your devices can only run a single source at a time. Therefore if another app is occupying the device pulse audio can not. Thus it will seem that you can only run one of the apps at a time thou05:13
saminthemiddlegh the pulse audio sound server05:13
balleyn1mohamed_: you can install GNOME apps in KDE and vice versa, if that's what you're asking, but it'll install all the appropriate libraries if you don't have them already05:14
edoceoIs it possible to rename my user?05:15
edoceoMy account is now 'alan' and I want it to be 'bill'05:15
saminthemiddleDanaG, when you modified your DSDT file, did it stay permanent? I notice that my DSDT file is in /proc and that clears on each reboot05:15
mohamed_balleyn1,  this is what i'm asking for , only i ask to know if this can affect performance ?05:15
saminthemiddleedoceo: you can change the long name easily but the short name is hard to do05:16
DanaGYou have to copy it somewhere, dissemble it with iasl, edit it, recompile it (iasl -sa), and then copy to:05:16
DanaGYes, caps.  Odd.05:16
edoceoSo whats the hard way?05:16
cwillumohamed_, you'll increase disk usage (which won't matter at all to most people), and you'll also be using a bit more memory05:16
edoceoSingle user mode, rename directory, had edit passwd and shadow?05:16
magnus|mscedoceo: you can simply add a new user and move the home directory i think05:16
saminthemiddleedoceo: you might break stuff, the best way to do it is to make a new user and cp over your files05:16
edoceoThat freaking easy?05:16
saminthemiddleDanaG, thanks. Big help, I hope the Ubuntu team fixes the problem though.05:17
mohamed_thx, balleyn1 , cwillu05:17
DanaGbug 12183305:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183305:17
DanaGA shame it gets the percentages wrong.05:17
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  i guess that bug DanaG  pointed is for you.?05:18
DanaGyeah.  That's the issue I've had.05:18
balleyn1anyone able to help me diagnose sound issues in Hardy? (I have no sound)05:18
saminthemiddlekahrytan: no, that's not my problem. My issue is the backlight *won't* turn off. And DanaG gave me the solution to it (I hope)05:19
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  do you use compiz on laptop?05:19
saminthemiddlekahrytan: god no, compiz takes too much power05:19
DanaGsaminthemiddle: you can also try installing kde-guidance-powermanager05:19
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  I figured as much05:19
DanaGIt's much smarter about brightness.05:19
saminthemiddleDanaG: the KDE power manager? I even tried xbacklight and that won't even turn down the light05:20
doofy_how do i choose which track my computer records from by default?05:20
DanaGOdd.  Does it not change levels, or does it just not turn off on lid close?05:20
saminthemiddleDanaG: it will turn it down to a level but then won't go down past 20%05:20
nemoDanaG: oh. hey. um. I was using network-admin - the default gnome tool05:20
nemoI suppose network-manager is the applet that calls that?05:21
saminthemiddleDanaG: hold on, let me look up my bug05:21
DanaGThat thing is not the same as networkmanager.05:21
DanaGBut networkmanager has no console UI.05:21
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  I dont want a laptop05:21
nemoDanaG: erm. ok...05:22
saminthemiddleDanaG: the bug I have is #21871205:22
DanaGbug 21871205:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218712 in ubuntu "Backlight brightness on Lenovo R61 won't go all the way down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21871205:22
nemoDanaG: how do I get network manager? open for any options.  I also checked in wifi-radar - no option to set encryption type05:22
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  How long does the battery last currently?05:22
saminthemiddlekahrytan: a little over four hours on my R61 with a 6-cell05:23
DanaGOdd.  I don't know what to do, then.05:23
DanaGsaminthemiddle: try unloading 'video' to let just the thinkpad-acpi module work.05:23
nemohum. well. let me at least try changing the encryption type on the router. can't hurt to give that a shot I suppose05:23
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  you want more eh?05:23
DanaGOh, and the reason for the "100 100 20 25 ..." is this: the first two are default brightness when on battery and AC, respectively.05:23
nemocan also try WEP05:23
saminthemiddleDanaG: unloading video? I don't have a video module loaded05:24
DanaG'video' -- it's an ACPI module.05:24
DanaGNot a video driver.05:24
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I do all day computing when off the grid: I'm thinking of getting an additional 3-cell ultrabay battery or a 9-cell main05:24
nemodurn. don't think this router lets me set the encryption to anything but TKIP05:25
DanaGI don't know what to do, then.05:25
saminthemiddleDanaG: oh, thanks, how do I unload the video module of ACPI05:25
DanaGI've had one router that simply REFUSED to give me an IP address.  Ever.05:25
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  which bigger one be better?05:25
DanaGsaminthemiddle: sudo modprobe -r video05:25
saminthemiddleDanaG: here goes nothing05:25
nemoDanaG: no dhcp I could work around. is more the issue with all the driver errors in dmesg that keep me from even getting that far :-/05:26
Xaroonubuntu 8.04 MSI S430 notebook support ?05:26
saminthemiddlekahrytan: they both give the same amount of life, but 6+9 is bigger than 6+3 if you don't mind carrying a loose spare05:26
kahrytanXaroon-> better question is .. does linux support the chipset05:27
saminthemiddleDanaG: now it won't set the brightness at all, let me edit the /sys file directly05:27
DanaGYou could also try 'sudo modprobe video no_automatic_changes=0"05:27
kahrytanIm gonna have to switch to FF 2 cuz of Google's slowness in bring their extentions to FF3 standard05:28
phynixanyone else had a problem updating compiz. I keep getting size mismatch whenever I try to update05:28
saminthemiddleDanaG, all that did was to make the screen brightness change slowly...05:28
atlefkahrytan: which extension?05:29
sparr_why are there xmms-* packages but no xmms package?05:29
sparr_we have xmms2 and xmms2-foo, and xmms-foo, but no just plain xmms05:29
DanaGOdd.  I don't know what to do, then.05:29
kahrytanatlef->  toolbar/sync05:29
DanaGThe only thing left is mucking with the dsdt.05:29
atlefkahrytan: oh, for gmail and such?05:29
kahrytanatlef->  ewww  i hate gmail.05:30
atlefkahrytan: ok, thought you meant google toolbar05:30
kahrytanatlef-> The interface is ummm drab and dull. Y! mail or Live mail excels over google in web based mail interfaces05:30
kahrytanatlef->  I said Google Toolbar and Sync. Not Gmail.05:31
atlefkahrytan: Y!mail, yay05:31
atlefkahrytan: ok05:31
DanaGBut they seriously do need to re-add the 0% option.05:31
saminthemiddleDanaG: thanks, I'm going to muck with the DSDT. Do you know if it's supposed to go all the way down in the first place? I know that in Ubuntu 7 I could use xbacklight to bring it down to 10% which was perfect for lecture halls and dropped the power I needed by about 2 watts. I would like to get those watts back :-P05:31
DanaGAs it is now, it reports the WRONG numeric percentages.05:32
kahrytanatlef->  Y! mail interface is nice.05:32
sparr_uhm, wtf05:32
sparr_where is xmms in hardy?!?05:32
kahrytansparr_->  use audacious?05:32
saminthemiddleDanaG: so you think it's one of those "features"05:32
kahrytansparr_->  its the same thing05:32
atlefkahrytan: just make sure you have separate profiles, as ff3 can screw with your ff205:32
DanaGIt's probably related to my bug 12183305:32
sparr_no, it's not05:32
saminthemiddleDanaG: they keep adding features and I'm going to switch to Gentoo05:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183305:32
saminthemiddlebug 12183305:32
kahrytansparr_->  Audacious is a fork of XMMS. All skins and plugins work in it05:32
DanaGThey've now hard restricted it to those brightness levels reported in the dsdt.05:33
DanaGAnd now it gives WRONG numeric values!05:33
kahrytanatlef->  ubuntu does that05:33
DanaG100, 85, 71, 57, 42, 28, 14, 005:33
DanaGReal levels: 100, 87, 75, 67, 50, 37, 25, 1205:33
DanaG42 is not 50!05:34
DanaGAnd 12 is not zero!05:34
atlefkahrytan: i have finally accepted ff3, after finding substitutes for some of my extensions05:34
saminthemiddleDanaG: I see, sounds like a "feature" to me. I noticed another "feature" is they removed optical disks from the "media devices" preferences in Gnome. Now I have to deal with Rhythmbox opening every time I want to play a CD05:34
nickrud42 is more meaningful, however05:34
DanaGsaminthemiddle: now that stuff is in Nautilus05:34
saminthemiddleDanaG: thanks05:34
DanaGIt's not correct.05:34
kahrytanatlef->  I use Google Sync .. I dont trust anyone else with my bookmarks05:34
sparr_a linux release without xmms05:34
DanaG42 is not what's given in the dsdt.05:34
DanaGAnd 12% is not 'off'05:34
nickrudDanaG sorry, that's the meaning of life :)05:34
atlefkahrytan: ah, so that's what it is for05:35
DanaGZero implies 'off' to me.05:35
saminthemiddlesparr_ apt-get install xmms05:35
DanaG20 ≠ 0.05:35
Daisuke_Idosparr_, since xmms is...  obsolete?  it's not such a bad thing05:35
atlefoohh, sunrise05:35
kahrytanatlef-> and many others things i dont use05:35
sparr_saminthemiddle: no longer exists05:35
DanaGAnd there's no way to actually GET zero.05:35
sparr_saminthemiddle: gone in hardy05:35
goodhabitHello. When I am using media keys for changing vilume (with nice indicator) sound changes, but not that in tray, how to fix it?05:35
DanaGxmms is long dead and obsolete.05:35
saminthemiddlesparr_ beep media player replaced it after xmms went depricated05:35
kahrytanAudacious is XMMS replacement05:35
DanaGMy only valid use for xmms: tone generator.05:36
atlefkahrytan: couldn't you use greasemonkey scripts?05:36
kahrytanatlef->  I never understood how that worked05:36
saminthemiddleDanaG: I need a tone generator: more like a whitenoise generator05:36
atlefkahrytan: or am i way of05:36
sparr_long dead?05:36
sparr_xmms had a release like 5 months ago05:36
DanaGsaminthemiddle: there's speaker-test05:36
sparr_that's nothing unusual05:36
atlefkahrytan: i can take a look05:36
saminthemiddleDanaG: heh, misappropriating applications, thanks05:36
kahrytanatlef->  what?05:37
edoceoSo, copied my account to a new name and tada!  I'm back baby05:37
kahrytansparr_->  why not use XMMS forkA?05:37
* DanaG uses quodlibet05:38
DanaGIt's one of the few apps to still have working media-control keys.05:38
edoceoOnly, the startup programs are asking to be run as the previous user...05:38
atlefkahrytan: seems no one has written a script for google sync05:38
saminthemiddlesparr_ oh, by the way, you might want to look into Quod Libet, best_media_player_ever05:38
DanaG.... except when it stops showing any files.05:38
=== Hydrogen is now known as f-bomb
sparr_saminthemiddle: or i might want to look into xmms05:39
sparr_kahrytan: there are many xmms forks.  i dont want them.  i want xmms.05:39
DanaGRather annoying.05:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155348 in quodlibet "Filesystem browser stops listing files with GtkWarning" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:39
kahrytansparr_->  why>?05:39
mc-georgeHi there, I can't seem to install vmware on ubuntu05:39
saminthemiddlesparr_ suit yourself, but if you have lots and lots of media like I do, it really helps to have regex search capability05:39
mc-georgeI'm trying to follow this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=748715 but it won't work05:39
sparr_up until today i could count the number of audio files i had played on my PC on one hand05:40
saminthemiddleDanaG; huh, I haven't suffered that bug05:40
kahrytanatlef->  Google should their extensions w/ RC release05:40
kahrytanshould have*05:40
DanaGIt started happening once I selected a "collection" folder.05:40
saminthemiddleDanaG; must be becasue I don't use filesystem view. The whole point of Quod Libet is to use tag sorting. At least for me05:40
DanaGBetter way to describe the point:05:41
DanaGIt's to let people CHOOSE either way!@05:41
DanaGI like filesystem view.05:41
saminthemiddlemc-george: vmware is crunk, try KVM and QEMU05:41
mc-georgeare they just as easy?05:41
kahrytansparr_->  Why mustyou use XMMS?05:41
mc-georgeis there a guide for hardy to use windows vistually?05:41
mluser_any other hardy gamers having problems running world of warcraft with the latest ati driver updates?05:42
saminthemiddleme-george: super easy and much much faster, as KVM gives you hardware accelerated processor emulation05:42
mc-georgesaminthemiddle, is there a guide?05:42
DanaGNo mouse integration.  :(05:42
saminthemiddlemluser_ there is WOW for ubuntu?!!05:42
mluser_saminthemiddle: running under wine..05:42
sparr_kahrytan: why NOT?05:42
saminthemiddlemc-george: yeah, google it, I lost my bookmark for the guide I used, sorry05:43
kahrytansparr_->  There is better choices, ihmo05:43
saminthemiddlemc-george; but it's only a few commands so it's super duper easy05:43
mc-georgesaminthemiddle, am I only installing one or both?05:43
saminthemiddlemluser_ oh05:43
RAOFmc-george, saminthemiddle: Or you can use virt-manager, and have a nice GUI around it.05:43
sparr_saminthemiddle: i have lots and lots of media.  not to get into an e-peen fight, but probably more than most people... but i never use it.  i have a terabyte of porn that ive never watched, and as much music that ive never listened to.  i just decided a few minutes ago that im going to start playing some music while i code, and i went to install xmms, and it wasnt there05:44
DanaGSo, what makes xmms special?05:44
saminthemiddlemc-george: both, just do what the guide says. KVM and QEMU are complemary. I don't think KVM works w/o QEMU but QEMU works w/o KVM as long as you don't need the hardware acceleration05:44
sparr_it's been something like 8 years since i used an audio player, and xmms is what im used to05:44
JawshieHello everybody!05:44
mc-georgesaminthemiddle, I can't find the guide05:44
sparr_and yes, i get the Bleep and Audacious are forks with as many and more features05:45
RAOFmc-george: You want the virt-manager and libvirt-bin packages.05:45
sparr_but we are beyond that point in the discussion05:45
sparr_now it's the principle of the matter05:45
sparr_why NOT xmms?05:45
saminthemiddlesparr_ wow, that's a lot of porn...05:45
sparr_not really05:45
RAOFsparr_: because it's gtk 1.2 :P05:45
mc-georgeraof: thats all, then insert xp cd?05:45
JawshieI just set up the RC for 8.04 and installed it as LTSP. I tried to connect other machines to it and it works, it gets an IP and starts with a Ubuntu loading screen but then goes to something called Busybox. I was under the impression that it would work out of the box. What do I need to do to get a desktop on my diskless machine?05:45
voidmagefigures, the day apport is turned off, firefox segfaults like 8 times05:45
sparr_ive got ten times that on CDs.  i had nothing better to do in college than apply 20 megabit of pipe to a site-local usenet server  :)05:45
saminthemiddlesparr_ because XMMS is one more package that the devs have to maintain and it has been obsolete for years after it has been abandoned. Other projects have taken over for XMMS where it left off (and are decentants) such as Beep Media Player05:46
RAOFmc-george: Then you'll want to insert the XP cd, and start Applications->System Tools->Virtual machine manager.05:46
mc-georgeok, thanks05:46
sparr_saminthemiddle: nix "abandoned".  as mentioned already, xmms had a release less than six months ago.  i can name some distros that havent had releases since then...  :)05:46
RAOFmc-george: Select the "localhost" entry (because you can also administer remote VMs), and hit the "new" button.  You'll get a nice druid to guide you through the process of creating your VM.05:47
saminthemiddlesparr_ and if you want XMMS so much that you absolutely must have it even though it's an unmaintaned piece of garbage at this point. There's this cool program called GCC.05:47
mc-georgeraof, thanks05:47
saminthemiddlesparr_ it's still obsolete05:47
mc-georgeraof: I put the cd and went to the manager, now what?05:48
kahrytansparr_->  Why don't you talk to xmms developers and get them to produce a hardy package05:48
kahrytansparr_->  or do it yourself05:49
sparr_its still packaged for debian05:49
sparr_the debian package maintainer was the gutsy package maintainer05:49
NotSureHi, Anyone know what pkg. name to look in synaptics for app. named LSongs (CD PLayer - & Burner) - Can't find it under a search of "lsongs"?05:49
saminthemiddlesparr_ so use Debian05:49
kahrytantalk to -motd then and stop complaining.05:49
RAOFmc-george: You want to select the 'locahost (user)' thing there.05:49
NotSureDid google serach not coming up with much.05:49
mc-georgeraof: i don't see that05:50
RAOFmc-george: Double clicking on it will 'connect' to it.05:50
RAOFmc-george: ... oh.05:50
RAOFmc-george: Have you installed libvirt-bin?05:50
mc-georgeraof: I don't see anything to connect to05:50
mc-georgeraof: yes05:50
sparr_im going to email him and ask why he is abandoning ubuntu  :(05:50
RAOFmc-george: Hm.  Try running "sudo /etc/init.d/libvirt-bin start".05:51
mc-georgeraof: done05:51
RAOFmc-george: Something showing up in vitual machine manager now?05:51
mc-georgeraof: no05:51
kahrytansparr_->  Debian packager?05:52
RAOFmc-george: :(05:52
RAOFmc-george: Maybe try restarting, although that's really silly :(05:52
RAOFsparr_: xmms is removed from Sid.05:52
mc-georgeraof: I went to the option to make a new host, its working05:52
RAOFHeh, OK.05:52
kahrytanRAOF-> that would explain the missing xmms.05:52
RAOFYes, it would, wouldn't it :)05:53
kahrytanRAOF->  Since Ubuntu imports from debian05:53
cwillusparr_, I might note that slackware ditched xmms05:53
RAOFThe great gtk 1.2 purge is nearly complete.05:53
mc-georgeraof: it won't let me select the cd05:53
sparr_RAOF: hmm, that news has not reached my debian box yet...05:53
saminthemiddleRAOF, kahrytan: when Debian abandons it, it's freaking obsolete :-P05:53
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  I use Audacious .. XMMS port05:54
RAOFsparr_: It never will.  Just because it's no longer in the archives doesn't mean that dpkg will magically uninstall it.05:54
RAOFsparr_: But if you install a new Sid you won't be able to install xmms.  Oh, unless you're on kfreebsd, apparently.05:54
saminthemiddlekahrytan: I use Quod Libet, but if I were to use an XMMS type of player I would use BMP. I need Quod Libet's organizing as I have tens of thousands of classical music tracks05:54
RAOFmc-george: Damn, that sucks.  I've never actually installed from CD - I've always been installing Debian netinst isos :)05:55
sparr_RAOF: well, im more thinking of future library upgrades causing it to break, and a new version not being available05:55
mc-georgeraof: ok05:55
RAOFsparr_: Heh. gtk1.2 library updates?  That'll soon be in the same boat ;)05:56
kahrytansaminthemiddle->  So .. do you program?05:56
RAOFmc-george: I seem to recall some form of bug report about this;  maybe you should browse launchpad?05:56
sparr_sounds like a package in need of a maintainer...05:56
sparr_ive been looking to adopt a package, this might be the right time05:56
mc-georgeraof: I'm downloading a xp sp2 iso now05:56
RAOFsparr_: What, gtk 1.2?  There's a big push to get rid of that from Debian, too.05:57
kahrytansparr_->  Adopt it for Debian.05:57
RAOFmc-george: Don't you have a CD there?  Just pull that iso off the disc :)05:57
Andre_Gondim witch language pack, may I change to translation channel source?05:57
mc-georgeraof: its an nLited disc05:57
sparr_RAOF: xmms05:58
RAOFsparr_: It'll involve porting xmms to gtk+ 2.05:58
sparr_or adopting gtk1.2 as well05:58
DanaGWhy bother? Seriously, why "MUST" you have xmms and nothing else?05:59
sparr_because i like it05:59
sparr_nostalgia, if nothing else05:59
RAOFsparr_: No.  gtk1.2 is *going away*.05:59
saminthemiddleDanaG: because sparr_ is a fanboy who likes complaining05:59
sparr_RAOF: libraries should never go away because of age06:00
sparr_that just makes building old shit even harder06:00
DanaGBut gtk1 is fugly under any modern desktop.06:00
nemofigured out what the friggen problem was with wifi06:01
RAOFnemo: Killswitch?06:01
sparr_or i guess i can just use audacious06:03
saminthemiddlenemo: well, don't leave us hanging, what was it?06:03
sparr_but im still angry06:03
saminthemiddlesparr_ :'(06:03
kahrytansparr_->   Yeah .. come over to Audacious side.06:03
sparr_on a high note, audacious is surprisingly fast to add 27000 files to the playlist through recursive directories  :)06:03
cwillusaminthemiddle, don't be sad, just dump him in your ignore file where he belongs :p06:04
saminthemiddlesparr_ :''''''(06:04
sparr_now, an experiment in chance...06:04
sparr_how long until i hear something that ive heard (elsewhere) before06:04
saminthemiddlecwillu: oh, I'm just being nasty at this point06:04
kahrytansparr_->  shuffle mode?06:04
sparr_yes, but i said elsewhere06:04
sparr_like, on the radio06:04
sparr_ive heard a few hundred different songs on the radio06:05
sparr_and most of them are on this playlist06:05
cwilluI have nothing against nostalgia, I'm playing railroad tycoon deluxe right now in dosbox :p06:05
sparr_im more a transport tycoon guy.  especially now that OpenTTD is really starting to shine06:05
sparr_and available on handhelds  :)06:05
kahrytanFirefox 3 doesnt have Google support06:08
saminthemiddlekahrytan: what do you mean?06:08
kahrytanno Toolbar06:09
sparr_who uses that??06:09
kahrytanI do06:09
sparr_anything i put in the address bar that's not a URL gets sent to firefox06:09
kahrytanand Sync06:09
sparr_err, to google06:09
saminthemiddlekahrytan: google toolbar? have you gone completly mad?06:09
kahrytanI use form completing in it all the time06:09
sparr_form completing?  elaborate please06:11
kahrytanas in .. not having to fill in form elements myself06:12
sparr_doesn't firefox already do that for you?06:12
andre_plwhats the preferred way to do dual-displays w/ hardy. the detect-display button didn't pick up my TV on svideo06:13
xtknightthoughts on Bug 21254606:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212546 in pidgin "pidgin no longer flashes/notifies on taskbar upon receipt of message" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21254606:14
JohnPhysxtknight:  I don't know if it's a bug or a feature change, but I don't like it06:15
xtknightJohnPhys,  could you please comment?  only a few days until release :)06:15
JohnPhysxtknight:  I have my own favorite bugs I'm trying to get someone to package, such as bug #195052 :)06:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195052 in inkscape "Latex formula does not work on Ubuntu Hardy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19505206:16
xtknightJohnPhys, oh what needs to be done? fix released?06:18
JohnPhysxtknight:  that "fix released" covers the inkscape source and fedora, but not the ubuntu package06:19
JohnPhysIt's annoying, since the hardy package was uploaded to gutsy backports with that bug06:19
xtknightwell you will have to file for a freeze exception in order to get it in Ubuntu06:19
JohnPhysgranted, that feature didn't work by default in gutsy anyway, due to a conflict between pstoedit and gs, I think06:20
JohnPhysyeah, I'm trying to get ahold of a dev for that to occur06:20
xtknightdevs hang in #ubuntu-motu and  (more privately) #ubuntu-devel06:20
JohnPhysyeah, there's one specific one that said he'd look at it (he uploaded the last inkscape package to hardy), but I haven't heard from him in a while06:21
redwhitewaldoHi, folks. i'm using firefox (ver 3 beta 5) and clicked on a link that is "audio/mpeg". Firefox is presenting me with 5 plugin choices.Media plug-in for Gecko browsers06:22
redwhitewaldoTotem Mozilla plugin06:22
redwhitewaldogxine starter plugin06:22
redwhitewaldoVLC Multimedia Plugin06:22
redwhitewaldoMplayer-Plugin for Mozilla06:22
redwhitewaldoHow in the world should one choose? What should one choose? What are the differences between the 5?06:22
cwillujust pick totem06:23
xtknightwell i can make a debdiff for it06:23
xtknightis that the patch that was committed, do you know?06:23
xtknightseems to be..06:23
cwilludid you go on an installing rampage at some point in the past?06:23
redwhitewaldocwillu: why do you say totem?06:24
redwhitewaldocan you tell me the diff between them?06:24
JohnPhysxtknight:  yes, that should be it.  It's just a change in the python script that makes an svg out of a latex equation, so the fix should have no effect on anything other than that package (which might satisfy some "get in during the freeze" requirements)06:25
cwilluredwhitewaldo, totem is what is supported, the rest you wouldn't want to use unless you already preferred one over the other in general06:26
redwhitewaldocwillu: i have no preference06:26
cwilluyes, that's why I said to use totem :)06:26
redwhitewaldocwillu: are you saying that the others are not supported?06:26
cwilluJust Do It. :p06:27
redwhitewaldoi'm on xubuntu 8.04 beta by the way06:27
redwhitewaldocwillu: i want to understand.06:27
redwhitewaldoand not just do it. 8-)06:27
* cwillu shrugs, others have written far more thought out comparisons (easily discoverable by google) than he would be able (or willing) to write in a chat channel :p06:28
redwhitewaldoi c06:28
redwhitewaldoi'll search it out06:28
d-bosis there a command to remove everything but the metapackage06:28
d-bosi wanna start over06:28
cwilluyou'd have to purge everything as well (to remove the config files)06:29
jgooSo, I figured out the issue with the network. 3 fold06:29
d-bosso how would i do that?06:29
jgoo1) idiot who wired RJ45's screwed one up, 2) It worked in Vista anyway 3) Vista shutting down network card, so I fixed those and now it works (I am in ubuntu)06:30
jgooJust to ask a dumb question: I tried enabling advanced desktop effects - so it tried to grab ati driver - but now it is doing a partial upgrade...06:30
jgoois a partial upgrade normal?06:31
jgoodownloading 532 files..06:31
nemoRAOF, saminthemiddle - sorry. was working over it with mom06:31
saminthemiddlenemo: oh, don't worry about it06:32
nemoRAOF, saminthemiddle: the damnable /etc/network/interfaces and/or network-admin did NOT like having a quote  in the password or a space.06:32
saminthemiddlenemo: :-P I'll remember that!06:32
nemoI noticed this only when I swithced to WEP and got an error like iwlconfig - unterminated string06:32
nemothen,  when I removed the quote, an error about unknkown parameter (for part of the password) due to the space06:33
nemoas soon as I made pass pure alnum, worked fine.06:33
nemothat was a gigantic waste of time.06:33
xtknightJohnPhys, i'll post a debdiff for his patch ( a debian version of it, making the process faster ).  in the meantime you can write up the freeze exception paperwork for the bug per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-4bba384c89c09d141f4e2cc06816d0405593db5c06:34
xtknightthis thing's stil compiling so ill have to do that tomorrow06:35
=== f-bomb is now known as Hydrogen
twbWhere are the libdvdcss and w32codecs packages that mplayer recommends?  packages.ubuntu.com thinks they never existed in Ubuntu.06:45
twbMore specifically, I want (via gecko-mediaplayer) users to be able to watch stuff on e.g. apple.com/trailers06:45
twbgnome-mplayer complains about not having the appropriate codecs.06:46
Daisuke_Idotwb, they never existed in ubuntu06:49
Daisuke_Idohowever, they are in medibuntu06:49
Nergarwhere can i check current bugs targeted for final release?06:49
bazhangwww.medibuntu.org twb06:49
nemoDaisuke_Ido: aren't those  packages added if you try to play a proprietary codec in totem?06:50
nemoDaisuke_Ido: outside of the totem plugin I mean - totem plugin just whines about codecs but doesn't offer medibuntu option06:51
Daisuke_Idow32codecs and libdvdcss are only in medibuntu06:51
twbSo Ubuntu can't, on its own, play non-Free codecs or encrypted DVDs?06:51
RAOFtwb: Correct.06:52
bazhangtwb read the link I gave you06:52
twbHuh.  I must remember wrong.06:52
RAOFtwb: Well, not entirely.  You can play almost all media types with just gstreamer plugins found in Ubuntu.06:52
twbbazhang: I'm not too keen to add random probably-broken third-party repos to my sources.list06:52
RAOFtwb: You can't play encrypted DVDs because that's illegal almost everywhere.06:52
bazhangtwb no need to add repos; if you *actually* read the link you would know that06:53
twbOh, medibuntu isn't a medical imaging subproject06:53
twbIt's just debian-multimedia for ubuntu06:53
twbThat makes more sense06:53
cwillutwb, have you looked at ubuntu-restricted-extras?06:54
bazhangyou're welcome twb06:54
cwilluI don't think medibuntu is needed more much anymore06:54
twbcwillu: mmm, that's what I was trying to think of06:54
twbcwillu: trying it now06:54
cwilluthat should cover most of the codecs06:55
RAOFcwillu: Yeah.  Only libdvdcss is really needed from there.06:55
cwilluand the libdvdread3 (installed by u-r-e) has a shell script to enable decss06:55
RAOFcwillu: Yeah, but you might as well just get the prebuilt (and more recent) package.06:56
twbcwillu: what package magically makes embedded videos work in firefox, via gstreamer (since that's what the plugins seem to be for)?06:56
cwillutotem should work06:56
cwillutotem has an embedded player :p06:57
twbAs part of the main package?06:57
* RAOF would suggest totem-gstreamer-firefox-plugin :)06:57
twbRAOF: seems to be called totem-mozilla now06:58
twbZounds, that wants to pull in 130MB06:59
twbTime to make a new scratch06:59
twb70MB for openjdk-6-jre-headless07:00
cwilluRAOF, re playing dvd's, in most countries, it's the distribution of the tools, not their use, which implies the intent and is therefore illegal07:00
twbIs icedtea-gcjwebplugin an "adequate" replacement for sun-java6-plugin?  I mean, if I install it, will my users come and whine to me because their favourite applet doesn't work?07:02
cwillupeople have favourite applets?07:03
cwilluI thought that was only flash07:03
twbI don't know.  I'm going through layers and layers of management07:03
twb"Firefox MUST support java applets" is what I was told07:03
cwilluthe vm probably works flawlessly07:03
cwillubut that's not where the problems ever where07:03
cwilluI don't know whether the classpath is anygood07:03
twbEh, I'll use openjdk until they complain, since it's easier.07:04
cwilluibm's implementation + libs was good enough to run eclipse years ago (unsurprising, I guess)07:04
simion314Hi, my gnome panles are invisible,  what can i do?07:06
simion314i restarted X but is the same07:06
twbsimion314: is gnome-panel running?07:07
kahrytanFirefox 2 doesnt work with Preferred Applications07:07
simion314twb: hoc can i see that? with ps or do you know the command to start gnome system monitor from terminal?07:07
bazhangecubuntu: what does lspci say about that card07:08
twbsimion314: pgrep gnome-panel?07:08
ecubuntulet me see07:08
ecubuntuitel mobile 945gm07:09
bazhangecubuntu: that is the video card07:09
simion314twb:  pgrep gnome-panel command  output nothing07:10
twbsimion314: try running gnome-panel by hand07:10
ecubuntuoh oh07:10
kahrytanThey need to add firefox-2 to preferred applications07:11
bazhangecubuntu: should be either 3945 or 496507:11
ecubuntubazhang, inte corporation pro/wireless 3945ABG07:11
ecubuntusorry about that07:11
simion314twb: it sais that is not installed(gnome-panel) and i do not remember uninstall it07:11
RAOFcwillu: Sadly, where I live (.au) it's both the distribution and use of the tools.07:11
simion314i uninstall evolution components07:11
kahrytanWhere would file a bugfor Preferred Applications and lack of support for firefox 2?07:12
DanaGArgh, WINE IS SO BROKEN -- you hit shift once and it gets stuck in caps.07:12
DanaGlike the following:07:12
twbRAOF: and/or lookin' at the MPAA in a funny way07:12
DanaGhello, I"M STUCK IN SHIFT MODE07:12
bazhangecubuntu: what does ifconfig show; three entries or two07:13
ecubuntubazhang, eth0 - lo - wlan0 - wmaster007:14
simion314twb: Thx for your help07:14
bazhangecubuntu: you have a open wifi spot to test this on?07:14
ecubuntuyeao bazhang07:15
bazhangecubuntu: what does sudo dhclient wlan0 return07:15
kahrytani guess that little bug will go unfixed in hardy07:15
LynoureDanaG: seems you can get out of it, too...07:15
bazhangdhcp lease or no dhcpoffers07:15
DanaGActually, I was demonstrating it... I'm not wine'ing my IRC client.07:16
DanaGI keep having to click out of the wine'd app, and then click back into it.07:16
DanaGIt's essentially unusable.  Period.07:16
ecubuntuno bazhang07:16
bazhangecubuntu: are there restricted drivers for that card; and was this upgrade or fresh install07:17
LynoureDanaG: report a bug.07:17
ecubuntuwait wait bazhang07:17
ecubuntui forgot sudo07:17
kahrytanDanaG->  WINE works for utorrent07:17
DanaGAnd my mouse and keyboard keep getting permagrabbed by VirtualBox.07:18
DanaGThe only way to break loose: shut down the guest.07:18
DanaGEither that, or enable a hotkey to break grabs in X, but that's a big security hole.07:18
ecubuntuDHCPDISCOVER on waln0
ecubuntuno dhcpoffers reciver bazhang07:18
bazhangecubuntu: that is fine but you want a dhcp lease07:18
bazhangecubuntu: this was fresh install or upgrade from gutsy--any restricted drivers for that card07:19
ecubuntufresh install bazhang07:20
RAOFtwb: Hey, MPAA is USA.  We have worse laws, in some respects.07:20
ecubuntuno restricted drivers for any card bazhang07:20
bazhangecubuntu: could you pastebin your sources list07:21
bazhangecubuntu install pastebinit then cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit07:21
kahrytanHow do forcible empty trash for a user?07:22
ecubuntubazhang, http://pastebin.com/f59b3998707:23
bazhangecubuntu what kernel do you have? did you install the restricted modules07:24
ecubuntuno bazhang07:24
bazhangecubuntu: no to what kernel?07:25
kahrytanHow do forcible empty trash for a user?07:25
ecubuntuhow bazhang07:25
bazhanguname -r ecubuntu07:26
ecubuntu2.6.24-16-generic bazhang07:26
kahrytanNo one knows how to empty trash?07:26
ecubunturight click an empty trash kahrytan07:28
Iced_Eaglekahrytan: I just do right-click empty07:28
bazhangecubuntu: this is odd; I have the same exact card, also running hardy, and it works flawlessly--trying to remember what I did to get it working--does lsmod show the iwl or the ipw for that and can you iwlist scan with that wlan007:28
kahrytan But it wont empty.07:28
kahrytanI need it to be forced to delete filesi n it... ie root kill items07:28
Iced_Eaglethat was something wierd i had in the beta, a restart seemed to fix the icon07:28
kahrytanWhat is the user trash folder kept?07:28
Iced_Eagletry this command actually07:29
Iced_Eaglerm -rf ~/.Trash/*07:29
kahrytanIced_Eagle->  doesnt exist07:29
kahrytanI looked for that folder .. oh wait. i got an idea.07:30
ecubuntuyes bazhang07:30
Iced_Eaglecan you cd to ~/.Trash ?07:30
bazhangecubuntu: and the second question?07:30
Iced_Eaglealso try the rm command with sudo and see if that makes a difference07:30
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)07:31
kahrytanHow do forcible empty trash for a user? Right click-> Empty Trash doesnt work07:31
ecubuntubazhang, wlan0     No scan results07:31
bazhangecubuntu: what does the nm-applet show (the gui)?07:33
ecubuntui can see my home network but i can not conecte bazhang07:33
kahrytanAnyone got any ideas on my problem?07:33
wastrelkahrytan: delete /home/username/.Trash07:34
kahrytanwastrel->  doesnt work07:34
wastreland -- fun fun  /home/username/.local/share/Trash/07:34
kahrytanFolder doesnt exist07:34
wastrelkahrytan: there's 2!07:34
wastrelone hidden and buried07:34
wastrelit's a beautiful thing07:34
ecubuntuno baz07:34
topylikahrytan: you probably have roots's stuff there. need sudo in that case07:35
wastrelwhat's up with this  ~/.local/share/Trash/  anyway?07:35
kahrytantopyli->  considered that.07:35
savvassomeone has a .torrent file handy? right click on it > properties - is the mime type application/x-bittorrent ?07:35
ecubuntuoh yes bazhang07:35
bazhangecubuntu: have you configured that card to connect to that essid?07:35
ecubuntuno thath way bazhang07:36
topyliwastrel: no idea. they thought it would be smart to make gvfs look in another place than gnomevfs did07:36
ecubuntui have config my router with mac address only bazhang07:36
kahrytanwastrel->  I got it .. as root.07:36
topyliwastrel: took me a while to realize i'm backing up my trash07:37
kahrytanwastrel, topyli-> Thank you07:37
RAOFwastrel: It's the XDG location for the Trash, which should allow KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc to share the trash.  Also, the specification tells how to make it posible to _restore_ from trash, or handle multiple files with the same full path, etc.07:37
bazhangecubuntu: what do you mean your router? to filter via mac address? what does that have to with this? you need to configure your wireless to connect to that essid--how good are you with cli (command line)07:38
wastrelbetter for gui, harder for cli07:38
RAOFwastrel: Not appreciably harder for CLI.  And the CLI doesn't interact with it, anyway :)07:38
wastrelusers interact with it on the cli07:38
topyliyeah the standard puts everything in .local07:38
wastrelnot appreciably harder no, as long as you can find it :]07:38
ecubuntuyes with filter via mac bazhang07:39
ecubuntubazhang, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3068/2430729544_3ece5194a2_o.png07:39
bazhangecubuntu: how about turning that off while we are doing this07:39
RAOFwastrel: Yes, but none of the cli programs to manipulate files move things to teh trash.07:39
ecubuntuy connect with cable bazhang07:40
kahrytantopyli->  do you like hardy?07:40
bullgard4kahrytan: You could try to call Nautilus with sudo privileges and Location > trah: And remove all files there visible. Or you can remove all files in the ~/.Trash directory using the sudo rm -r ~/.Trash command.07:40
zero__hey, if i installed 8.04 beta would i be able to easily upgrade to the stable when its released?07:40
topylikahrytan: sure, hardy is nice07:40
bullgard4zero__: yes.07:40
bazhangecubuntu: but your wireless has a different mac address then the one you assigned?07:40
topylizero__: yes, you won't even notice it07:40
zero__topyli, rock on thanks07:41
kahrytanbullgard4->  Actually, Root has it's own trash.07:41
Sonjatype  update-manager -d to upgrade to 8.04?07:41
ecubuntuno because is the same card bazhang07:41
kahrytanbullgard4->  I had to delete the user trash folders in sudo07:41
bullgard4kahrytan: Well, that may be. But I was referring to something else.07:41
bazhangSonja: aye07:41
Sonjadoes 8.04 support ati hd video card?07:42
JohnRobertxmms (ver 1) not in hardy?07:42
bullgard4JohnRobert: No onger by default.07:42
bazhang!info xmms07:42
ubotuPackage xmms does not exist in hardy07:42
kahrytanJohnRobert->  you are second person to ask that and no. XMMS isnt in Debian Sid so not in Hardy07:42
bazhang!info xmms207:42
ubotuxmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2DrJekyll-4ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 10 kB, installed size 56 kB07:42
RAOFSonja: Yes.07:43
ecubuntubazhang, soo when i install hardy i get new mac or what?07:43
JohnRobertone thing I liked about xmms was it's simplicity...that's now gone then :(07:43
kahrytanecubuntu->  Why would you want new mac>07:44
bazhangecubuntu: no that is hardwired into the nic07:44
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:44
kahrytanJohnRobert->  Say hello to your new best friend .. Audacious07:44
topyliJohnRobert: if you liked xmms, use audacious. it's pretty much the same07:44
kahrytantopyli->  beat ya07:44
topyliJohnRobert: except it's actually maintained and works well07:44
* kahrytan uses Audacious allot for single mp3 plays07:45
ecubuntubut my mac is on wireless mac filter bazhang07:45
Sonjame too, audacious07:45
ecubuntui just asking kahrytan07:45
Sonjait's like winamp :)07:45
JohnRobertlooks good, ta07:45
kahrytanAudacious uses XMMS Plugins and Skins and old Winamp skins'07:45
JohnRobert(ta = thx in england btw)07:45
topyliJohnRobert: xmms2 on the other hand has absolutely nothing in common with xmms07:45
ecubuntui know you can not get different mac address just for install new os kahrytan07:45
JohnRobertno, xmms2 seems like a headache07:45
kahrytanecubuntu->  I hate macs.07:46
JohnRobertI like emacs07:46
ecubuntuwhy kahrytan07:46
bazhangecubuntu: how good are you using the command line?07:46
kahrytani really hate emacs07:46
kahrytanecubuntu->  you meant MAC address?07:46
ecubuntuno soo good but i can try bazhang07:46
topylihe did say mac address kahrytan :)07:47
ecubuntuyes kahrytan07:47
kahrytanlol MAC address is hard wired.07:47
JohnRobertyeah, I'm liking this audacious07:47
kahrytanJohnRobert->  Welcome to your new best friend...07:47
ecubuntuis better WPA kahrytan07:47
bazhangecubuntu: let me get you a link howto cli wireless and let you take a look; if you have any questions I will be around for a bit longer07:48
kahrytanuse MAC addres to tie to the router. It prevents other cards from using it.07:48
ecubuntuok bazhang07:48
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 ecubuntu07:48
kahrytanecubuntu->  use WPA/WPA2 to connect wirelessy and set router to only accept your MAC address07:49
kahrytanJohnRobert->  gnome-look.org .. xmms themes work in audacious07:50
JohnRobertthis is really good07:50
JohnRobertdoes what it says on the tin07:50
JohnRobertdoesn't not work07:50
DanaGMAC address filtering isn't really any security at all.07:51
DanaGNor is hidden ssid.07:51
DanaGHidden ssid gives two options:07:51
NotSureHi, Trying to find " ghamachi - or - hamachi" in Synaptics but can't find it - also searched undder "remote desktop, etc." - Anyone know what name I would use to find this in Synaptics?07:51
DanaGRouter shouts SSID to the world around it, or computer shouts SSID to the world around it.07:51
bazhangwpa2 is more than enough; mac address can be spoofed07:51
DanaGWhich covers more area?  The latter.07:51
kahrytanJohnRobert->  you like your double negatives dont you?07:52
kahrytanDanaG->  and now you know why I dont use wireless07:53
kahrytanDanaG->  I simply dont trust other people with my info07:53
DanaGJust don't use HomePNA -- it's worse.07:54
kahrytanDanaG->  I do have SSID but I wrote it like a password.07:54
NotSureCan't find Hamachi in synaptics - someone know what to search using?07:54
JohnRobertI don't not like them kahrytan07:54
DanaGIt's like a hub.07:54
kahrytanDanaG->  especially in a condo building07:54
DanaGMy SSID is simple, but my passphrase is *************************07:54
DanaGwith mixed case, and punctuation.07:54
bazhang!info hamachi07:54
ubotuPackage hamachi does not exist in hardy07:54
DanaGNo package; have to find hamachi online.07:54
JohnRoberthow can I turn off the gross red glow of everything in compiz (or whatever it is)07:54
kahrytanDanaG->  i use Alphanumeric and Specical Chars07:55
DanaGThen remember to upx -d /usr/bin/hamachi07:55
NotSurebazhang: Will give it a try - thx07:55
DanaGRed glow?07:55
JohnRobertyeah, all my windows have a strange red fuzz around them07:55
kahrytanDanaG->  So it could be like D_an^23G^7807:55
JohnRobertor purple07:55
DanaGOnly _, !, and .07:55
DanaGunderscore, exclamation, and period.07:56
DanaGBut it's still obscure enough that nobody can guess it.07:56
kahrytanDanaG-> If SSID was truely hidden.. that would make for one hard guess07:56
NotSure!info hamachi - was a no go - no return - any idea's - I came across it the other day and was not ready to install it yet.07:56
ubotuPackage hamachi does not exist in hardy07:56
kahrytanDanaG-> I want WPA207:57
kahrytanWPA2 at least has AES encryption07:57
Daisuke_Idoand i want a beer.  trade?07:57
NotSureummmm bot say's no hamachi - so it used to be in an earlier version of ubuntu didn't it?07:57
DanaGI'm going to bed.,07:57
DanaGHint: get a dd-wrt-able router.07:57
kahrytanDaisuke_Ido->  I dont have beer, nor like it.07:57
Daisuke_IdoWRT-54gs is a good bet07:58
kahrytanDanaG->  those are hard to find07:58
kahrytanarent made anymore07:58
Daisuke_Idothe GL is still made07:58
hadsWRT54GL is07:58
kahrytanWGR-614 here07:58
Daisuke_Idoi thought the GS was still using the old hardware specs as well, or did they switch07:58
hadsAnd OpenWRT has less worrying licensing that DDWRT07:58
hadsDaisuke_Ido: The GS switched.07:59
kahrytani dont need wifi anyways08:00
Daisuke_Idokahrytan, then what in the eff were you demanding WPA2 for?08:01
kahrytanWhen I do need it08:01
bazhangecubuntu: try installing linux-ubuntu-modules and see if that helps08:01
Daisuke_Idoeither you need it or you do not08:01
Daisuke_Idoi would say that if you use it, even occasionally, you would need it08:02
Daisuke_Idoin that case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683312419008:02
Daisuke_Idothat's a good option08:02
Daisuke_Idobetter to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it08:03
Daisuke_Idothat philosophy is great...  and is also the reason my closet has a spare parts bin08:03
bazhangbetter to have it period08:03
Daisuke_Ido"just in case"08:03
bazhangecubuntu: also try unhiding the essid in the router08:08
kahrytanMy Hardy Screenshot _>http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png08:09
kahrytanWho likes my screenshot?08:13
kahrytanNo one>?08:14
kahrytanoh the silence .. its killing me08:17
Iced_Eaglekahrytan: IT looks good :)08:19
m0u5efor some reason, hardy seems to be a little slower on my computer than gutsy08:24
m0u5ei wonder if it is because i upgraded, rather than clean installed08:25
savvasi hate red :p08:25
m0u5eand does anyone else have the issue with plugins no longer working in firefox2?08:25
savvasm0u5e: that's normal, about the plugins08:26
savvasexpect a lot of them not to be working :)08:27
m0u5eno i don't mean the 2.0 plugins don't work in 3.008:27
m0u5ei know that08:27
m0u5ei mean, the 2.0 plugins don't work in FF2.0 either08:27
savvastheir developers should make them compatible to 3.008:27
m0u5ei currently have both installed08:27
m0u5esince, hardy installed FF3b508:27
savvasah you mean..08:27
savvasi noticed that problem08:27
savvastry enable them in ff208:28
m0u5ei did.. they don't work -__-;08:28
savvasfile a bug :)08:28
savvasand i'll back you up and confirm08:28
savvasjust check if there's one reported already08:29
m0u5ewhoa bizarre, now whenever i load firefox208:29
m0u5eit just loads ff3b508:29
m0u5e... it didn't do that before -__-;08:29
m0u5edoes anyone else have the "cannot type" weird bug too?08:30
m0u5efor some reason, sometimes randomly, my keyboard just "stops" working08:30
m0u5eand when i reclick the window, or play around with it, it suddenly starts working again08:30
liketoknowAre there other repositories I need to add in Synaptics?08:30
liketoknowFresh install with updates of Hardy Heron.08:31
m0u5eliketoknow: just press alt+f208:31
m0u5eliketoknow: then type update-manager -d08:31
m0u5ecan anyone else confirm the weird no-typing bug? :D08:33
=== Syntux_ is now known as Syntux
liketoknowSay's everything is updated. - When I first installed had 532 updates - Will there be less updates to install if I used a an install cd of the final release CD?08:34
liketoknowIs final release on 4/24?08:35
m0u5eliketoknow: if you upgrade from a cd?, no there will be an equal amount of updates08:36
m0u5eliketoknow: thats the schedule i believe08:36
kahrytanIced_Eagle->  hey?08:36
kahrytanAnyone else like http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png ?08:37
m0u5esavvas: how do i publish a bug... xD is it on launchpad?08:37
liketoknowThanks - So new Final release - will be mute point on install - ok08:37
m0u5eliketoknow: i usually like to do a clean install08:37
m0u5eliketoknow: hardy kinda breaks some packages :/08:37
kahrytanm0u5e-> I did clean install too08:38
m0u5eokay i figured out the stupid keyboard problem... it has something to do with compiz-fusion08:38
m0u5ekahrytan: i haven't clean installed yet... i'm waiting for hardy gold to come out xD08:38
kahrytanisnt RC gold?08:39
m0u5ekahrytan: no its still RC, it'll be officially released on the 24th08:39
liketoknowm0u5e: What do mean "Clean install" - This is a dual boot with windows - Hardy is new install from CD on second partition?08:39
savvasm0u5e: yep http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu :) click report a bug08:40
kahrytanm0u5e->  you mean, you wont install till release?08:40
m0u5esavvas: awesome thx :)08:40
m0u5ekahrytan: no, i'll just reformat my hardy parition with the cd :D08:40
m0u5ekahrytan: i'm running hardy now, but its kinda messy since i upgraded08:40
liketoknowm0u5e: It is the Hardy Heron Beta 8.04 - but that's ok right?08:40
savvasm0u5e: be sure to include info such as version of the packages you are currently using: apt-cache policy firefox-2 firefox-3.008:40
m0u5eliketoknow: no, on the 24th the official release will be out, currently you're using hardy RC08:41
liketoknowm0u5e: So will there be that much difference?08:41
m0u5esavvas: i can't even get firefox-2 to run though... i just did an aptitude reinstall08:41
m0u5eliketoknow: thats a good question, i dunno :D i'll find out on the 24th lol08:42
kahrytanMark uses Hardy on his production laptops08:42
liketoknowm0u5e: yep - guess so .....08:42
kahrytanthats why I decided to upgrade before release08:42
m0u5esavvas: huh... weird, i can't get firefox 2 to run08:42
m0u5esavvas: are you still able to run firefox 2? is it just that the plugins don't work08:42
savvaslet me install it again08:44
DistroJockeym0u5e: make sure you don't have FF3 running (trying to run FF2 while FF3 is running will result in another FF3 windows)08:44
liketoknowm0u5e: I plan on doing another new install with final as well. Will have a FAT32 partition of about 10gb's or so to transfer files between windows and Hardy.08:44
m0u5eDistroJockey: ugh, duh xD i had it running in another workspace08:44
liketoknowShould be safer way of file transfer correct?08:45
m0u5eliketoknow: ubuntu's been able to read ntfs for a while... :D08:45
m0u5eliketoknow: oh you mean your /home?08:45
* kahrytan doesnt use Firefox 3 and removed it.08:45
m0u5eliketoknow: no, i usually just leave my /home there... my config files migrate over usually without too much trouble08:45
liketoknowoh ok08:45
m0u5ekahrytan: i rather like ff3, i've definitely noticed a performance difference08:45
savvasm0u5e: hm.. you're right, plugins don't work08:46
m0u5eliketoknow: up to you though08:46
kahrytanm0u5e->  It's nicer but Google Sync/Toolbar  is no go for me08:46
liketoknowyea i might try that this time - save allot of extra work08:46
kling0ndoes anyone have a suggestion for figuring out what is making my gnome panels inactive for 1-2 minutes after login ?08:46
kahrytanI need Google to catch up to FF3 before I use it08:47
savvaswow, this could really mess it up for users that want to use firefox-2 :P08:47
m0u5esavvas: yeah -_-;08:47
m0u5esavvas: all but like 1 plugin works in ff3 currently08:47
m0u5eat least for me08:47
m0u5ekling0n: inactive?08:48
kling0nm0u5e:well ... unresponsive is more like it08:48
savvasm0u5e: don't expect too much though, they'll probably tell you to install firefox manually in a separate directory heh08:48
kling0ncan't click on menus or shortcuts08:48
kling0nand no highlight on mouse over08:48
kling0nbut i think it's probably specific for my profile :)08:48
liketoknowkahrytan: have you tried running Opera?08:49
kling0nprobably some sort of garbage in my session startip08:49
m0u5esavvas: mm how would one do that? is there a way to specific directories with aptitude / apt-get?08:49
kahrytanliketoknow->  I use that too but Firefox is better for browsing.08:49
m0u5ekling0n: try opening up a terminal and type "killall nautilus"08:50
kling0nm0u5e: it's working now... it just takes a minute or two08:50
kling0nwhich is the strange part08:50
mrtimdogkling0n: deskbar applet sometimes causes a delay on my panels at startup.08:50
savvasm0u5e: actually, you could try it: download firefox from www.firefox.com and extract the tar.gz to your desktop and run firefox from there08:50
m0u5ekling0n: maybe you have a process that's sucking up your CPU?08:50
liketoknowkahrytan: So you uninstalled ff3 and installed ff2 and using that instead huh? does flash work well in that version? (ff2?)08:50
kling0non a core 2 duo with 2 gig ram08:51
kahrytanliketoknow->  It always did work well.08:51
m0u5esavvas: wouldn't that work though...? since i'd be running FF from that directory? it wouldn't have all my plugins (i'd have to reinstall them)08:51
liketoknowkahrytan: Opera is ok - but kinda clunky to get around in sometimes.08:52
savvasm0u5e: exactly, but they are probably trying to "push" firefox-3.0 instead of -2 :)08:52
kling0nwhere are gnome's panel shortcuts stored? in the gconf dir in /home/username ?08:52
savvasm0u5e: nevertheless, file that bug, i think it will receive adequate response08:52
m0u5esavvas: that's fine, but when usability is comprimised....08:52
savvasm0u5e: give me the link to it when you're done08:53
m0u5ekling0n: i think they're stored under /home/user/.config08:54
Sonjaaajdpre g ialqk ;dd kjd mdlf Z(08:54
m0u5esavvas: okay08:54
m0u5esavvas: still playing around with firefox-2 xD08:54
m0u5esavvas: when you try to click "enable plugin" does it just not click?08:55
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)08:55
m0u5ebullgard4: you mean after return from standby? or once in a while 3139 isn't loaded properly?08:56
kahrytanIt's sad that Hardy doesnt include cx18 driver for HVR-1600 cards08:57
savvasm0u5e: mine seem enabled, just not compatible :P08:57
Fritzeldoes anyone know if its possible to sync ipod touch contacts with anything installable on Ubuntu?08:57
Sonjaaai cant see te ubuntu menu bar!!08:57
bullgard4m0u5e: I mean after a reboot. But the situation is the same after hibernation.08:57
m0u5esavvas: for mine, some can be re-enabled, for others i try to click the button, but it doesn't do anything08:58
savvasSonjaaa: press  Alt-F2 and run this: gnome-panel08:58
topyliSonjaaa: si the whole panel missing or just the menu?08:58
m0u5ebullgard4: is it random? does it sometimes work, sometimes doesnt? ... does it not work even when the module is loaded, etc?08:58
savvasm0u5e: hm.. i click "enable" and it doesn't do anything08:59
m0u5esavvas: yeah, thats the same for me08:59
m0u5esavvas: except for this one plugin "user Agent Switcher" ... i cliked enable and it actually worked!08:59
hyperairdoes anyone know why "recommended" packages aren't installed by default?08:59
topylihyperair: because they're recommended, not required09:00
hyperairas of now, since recommended isn't installed by default, there is no difference between recommended and suggests09:00
m0u5ehyperair: probably just to make update process easier and more sane on the developers...09:00
topylihyperair: there is a difference between a recommendation and a suggestion :)09:00
hyperairwhat's the difference?09:00
hyperairif both aren't installed by default then there is essentially no difference09:01
bazhangone starts with 'r'09:01
* hyperair headdesks09:01
m0u5esavvas: hey speaking of bugs, have you tried the new resolution / multiple screen setup?09:01
m0u5esavvas: they consolidated the two different utils into one, but it still doesn't work proplerly (at least for me)09:01
bullgard4m0u5e: The LAN connection works always for a certain period of time after a reboot or hibernation. Both modules are loaded. "etc." is no exact description.09:02
topylihyperair: a recommendation means "many people find this useful, you might want it" and a suggestion means "this package is related and can be used with the software you're installing"09:02
savvasm0u5e: "screens and graphics" ? it broke my login screen :)09:02
topylihyperair: if you don't like the labels, file a bug :)09:02
m0u5esavvas: yeah it does that for me too09:02
savvasm0u5e: if you have nvidia, better you gksu nvidia-settings09:02
m0u5esavvas: it tries to default to the largest monitor, but it fails at doing so09:02
savvasbetter *use09:02
rohani read this news item -- http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-8.04-lts-desktop , but ubuntu release is still 3 days away, right?09:03
m0u5esavvas: no the funny thing is i'm on an i84509:03
hyperairtopyli:  what package would i file it on?09:03
m0u5esavvas: considering intel releases its video drivers, theres no excuse for it not to work :/09:03
rohanoh, my bad.. that article does mention that it'll be released on thursday09:03
savvasm0u5e: no idea then :)09:03
rohancould anyone confirm that this time too, the RC iso was re-released as final? like they did last time for gutsy09:03
topylihyperair: probably the distro as a whole, or dpkg. i don't know. furthermore, it would likely be a debian bug as well09:04
SmegzorI compiled kernel 2.6.25 but had a few issues.  Went back to 2.6.24 and now I can't get the proprietory NVidia drivers working properly.  What is the cleanest way to fix my graphics issues?09:04
hyperairdebian installs recommends by default09:04
hyperairbut not ubuntu09:04
hyperairso i've been told09:04
topylihyperair: it's a setting in your apt preferences09:04
hyperairi see09:04
rohanhyperair: that's because debian has the new apt, which does it by defaul09:04
hyperairthat makes sense09:04
hyperairso intrepid will do it by default then?09:05
topylihuh? apt does what it's told09:05
kling0nSmegzor: install module assistant and then "sudo m-a a-i nvidia-kernel-new"09:05
Sonjaaathanks it worked09:06
topyliif debian's apt is set to install recommends by default and ubuntu's is not, that's a distribution default. it's hardly hard-wired into apt09:06
=== Sonjaaa is now known as Sonja
savvasrohan: what do you mean that they released it as a final?09:06
hyperairtopyli: exactly where are the settings?09:07
Sonjathanks guys, i can see the gnome panel menu thingy now09:07
Sonjai had to type that09:07
savvasn/p Sonja09:08
topylihyperair: oh i don't know. one would assume apt.conf or something like can be found in /etc09:08
Sonjais that a known bug for some upgraders?09:08
hyperairtopyli: nevermind i found it.. /etc/apt.conf.d/01ubuntu09:08
Smegzorkling0n: it said this..  "nvidia-kernel-new, what is nvidia-kernel-new?"09:08
savvasSonja: you could file it, but i think that if you logged out and logged in again, it should show it09:08
kling0nSmegzor: sorry it's: nvidia-new-kernel :)09:09
rohansavvas: i mean that the rc iso was renamed to the final one, and released09:09
Smegzori thought the message was funny :)09:09
savvasrohan: where?09:09
rohansavvas: last time, during gutsy release09:09
savvasrohan: you mean that they used the release candidate?09:10
rohansavvas: yes09:10
savvasrohan: well.. no one can confirm that :)09:10
hyperairwell if the RC is determined to be bug-free enough then they just use the RC i suppose?09:10
Sonjasavvas it's confusing to a n00b. it should reload the gnome thingy automatically. a n00b wouldn't know how to type it to make it appear.09:10
savvasrohan: hyperair answered :)09:10
m0u5eSonja: gnome is usally pretty good at reloading itself...09:11
Sonjathanks everyone!09:11
savvasSonja: great, file the bug at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu report a bug09:11
savvasi bet 50 euro that she's not going to file a bug :P09:12
m0u5esavvas: well i'd love to file more bugs09:12
m0u5ebut i feel stupid when i do09:12
rohansavvas: yes, that's what i wanted to know, whether they're going to do the same for hardy this time :)09:12
m0u5ei'm not a comp sci major or computer programmer... and i'm not even sure what i'm doing half the time, so i feel a little hesitant at filing bugs09:13
savvasm0u5e: filing bugs is as simple as providing a "how to" guide09:13
m0u5esavvas: the part that scares me is the debug information xD09:14
m0u5esavvas: okay, so do i just paste my apt-cache policy information into "Description" or do i need a copy paste bin09:14
savvasm0u5e: 1. install firefox-2 package 2. close any instances of firefox 3. run firefox-2 as a command 4. notice that the plugins aren't working :)09:14
m0u5esavvas: firefox-2 is installed by default after an upgrade though09:15
m0u5esavvas: i haven't tried that... i've tried reinstalling the package09:15
savvasah an upgrade09:16
savvaswell.. file the bug i think they'll consider removing it by default :)09:16
Sonjai get no sound in youtube09:16
Sonjabut video is fine09:16
Sonjai have to upgrade flash or something?09:17
savvasSonja: menu > applications > add/remove > search for this: ubuntu restricted extras09:18
rohanhttp://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-8.04-lts-desktop ---> shouldn't it say "Myth TV, the open source TVR," PVR instead of TVR?09:18
savvasSonja: check the box beside it and install09:18
m0u5emm anyone else unable to type in xchat whenever you unfocus and refocus the window (compiz-fusion) ?09:18
Sonjait was already checked09:18
rohanor DVR09:19
savvasSonja: maybe there is no sound then?09:19
Sonjaubuntu played the feel-good drum jingle when turning on09:20
savvasSonja: close and re-open firefox09:20
m0u5esavvas: so do i paste my stuff directly into "description" ?09:20
savvasm0u5e: the apt-cache policy i gave earlier? yeah09:20
savvasyou also mention what distribution you're using09:21
m0u5esavvas: yeah i was just wondering if i need to use a pastebin, or if posting it directly into description is fine (sincei ts kinda long)09:21
Sonjaaudacious won't play either09:23
Sonjabut when i go in system > sounds, i can test the system sounds no prob09:23
ecubuntubazhang, i try everything and nothing i just can't connect my wireless09:23
zernyI posted a prob on the #ubuntu. I will repost here09:23
zernyI have the new hardy (installed from beta and upgraded) but have found a few problems. The new gvfs will now mount any usb devices. I have tried with two flash drives and a sata->usb. using mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt works fine. Any body else experiencing this? I have not found any bug reports about it on launchpad09:24
zernyI am also experiencing some weird behaviour when transfering files over ftp with nautilus09:24
KLessouHi sometimes Xorg Freeze on my macbook (with Hardy) I don't understand why. Where can I search ?09:26
rohanUbuntu is the first distribution to include Open JDK from Sun as an option. ---> huh?! fedora 8 already had it!09:28
zernyNo one else has problems mounting drives with nautilus?09:33
kling0nzerny: what is output from dmesg?09:34
FritzelI'm looking here at the the searching options in tracker and I came across indexing options where two options are listed, Indexing and Watching, I'm curious what the difference is09:35
bullgard4adduser created a new user. Opening this account will show a brown background and a stylish heron on it. I did not yet add any files there. How many disk space does this account occupy?09:36
m0u5ehas anyone tried the game batle for wesnoth yet? its really good :D09:36
m0u5eoh man... if only they made it mmo...... we'd have on our hands a flock of new linux users09:36
zernykling0n: it loads the mass usb driver and then prints09:37
zernyUDF-fs: No partition found (1)09:37
zernyISOFS: Unable to identify CD-ROM format.09:37
zernykling0n: the output of parted is:09:38
zernyNumber  Start   End     Size    Type     File system  Flags09:38
zerny 1      16,4kB  16,1GB  16,1GB  primary  fat32        boot, lba09:38
zernyfor the drive in question09:38
zernythe error dialog from nautilus is "invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume XXX"09:39
zernyI can try repartitioning the drive, but it seems odd that it should cause an error, no?09:40
zernyshould I file a report on it?09:40
rohanyes, zerny09:40
zernywhat information would be essential to such a report?09:41
kling0nzerny: at the very least a dump of all related dmeg output09:52
kling0nzerny: lspci and lsusb output might be helpful two09:52
tininHi, how do I know wich version of the tk library i'm using?09:53
tininI'd like to use the latest one to get some features in amsn09:53
zernykling0n: ok. should that just go in the report or should it be attached?09:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about amsn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:54
DistroJockeyzerny: I usually see things like that attached09:54
goodhabitHello. There is volume control from media keys on keyboard with popup volume bar. But it not affect same volume meter @ system tray. How to fix it?09:54
Andy80hi all09:55
JohnRobertdoes anyone else find that flash-nonfree locks up their sound card, or won't have sound if something else is using sound in hardy?09:55
Andy80I noticed a thing with the new Firefox 3 beta 5: in my gmail account, the "chat" feature is not available anymore! Even in the options.... while I can access it with Firefox2, why? Is this a known bug?09:56
rohani'd say it's a firefox bug, not a ubuntu one09:56
JohnRobertAndy80: I noticed ffox3 has really heavy chaching, try clearing your cache, restarting the browser09:56
JohnRobertthen see09:56
Andy80ok, I try now09:57
goodhabitAndy80, why you are not using jabber client? Pidgin is pre-installed one.09:57
JohnRobert^ yeah, do that09:57
JohnRobertmuch, much nicer09:57
goodhabitJohnRobert, :o)09:57
Andy80JohnRobert: just cleared the cache and restarted Firefox3, chat is still not available :\09:59
DistroJockeyAndy80: Gmail Chat in FF3 looks fine here09:59
Andy80goodhabit: I would like to understand why it doesn't work09:59
Andy80DistroJockey: are you using beta 4 or beta 5?09:59
DistroJockeyAndy80: b509:59
zernyhmmm. one can only attach a single file for a bug report. thats a bit irritating :/10:00
JaymacJohnRobert: just got bitten by the same sound issue10:00
DistroJockeyAndy80: Hardy RC, clean install10:00
JohnRobertyeah, I did earlier today setting up php on apache10:00
JohnRobertit kept trying to give me the php page as a file10:00
JaymacJohnRobert: plus FF just crashed when I killed my music app, and reloaded the flash file10:00
JohnRobertit's annoying, because it worked fine in gutsy10:00
JaymacJohnRobert: restarting FF fixes it10:00
JohnRobertyeah, but that's not a solution10:01
JaymacJohnRobert: I believe it was intentional to try and make flash more stable...10:01
Andy80DistroJockey: uhm... I've upgraded to Hardy RC, not using a clean install..10:01
JaymacJohnRobert: and this is a side effect10:01
JohnRobertyeah, it sucks.10:01
JohnRobertany idea how I can make it unstable but working again?10:01
DistroJockeyAndy80: add one more reason to why I don't upgrade :)10:01
JohnRobertI tried altering the firefoxrc file in /etc/firefox3.0/ etc.. so that it used esd/auto, but that didn't make any difference10:02
Andy80DistroJockey: eheh10:02
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." Ich möchte gern verhindern, daß eins der 2 Module geladen wird, weil nach einer Weile nach einem Neustart meines Computers er immer seine LAN (u. damit auch ADSL)-Verbindung verliert. Wie verhindert man, daß z. B. 8139cp zur Startzeit geladen wird?  (modules.conf existiert nicht und  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist auch nicht.)10:03
goodhabitAndy80, there is some standarts for browsers. That jabber interface is written on ajax with active components. You must understand - it is not bug totally, it is possible feauture.10:03
DistroJockeyAndy80: It didn't drop into Older Version mode did it?10:03
void^bullgard4: you can create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.10:04
topyliJohnRobert: well, three days ago flash still simply crashed firefox. i think this is better :)10:04
bullgard4void^: What is the preferred way to create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist?10:04
void^bullgard4: a text editor10:05
Andy80DistroJockey: I've the "Standard" version enabled...10:05
DistroJockeyAndy80: I have a choice between Older Version and Newer Version10:05
DistroJockeyAndy80: Older has no Chat, Newer does10:06
Andy80DistroJockey: where do you have this choice? in my case Gmail is in italian language...10:06
DistroJockeyAndy80: Top left (next to my email address and the Settings link10:07
DistroJockeytop right^10:07
kahrytanWho likes the Human Icons?10:08
Andy80DistroJockey: uhmmm....... "English" version has the chat -.- but I can assure you italian version had chat till yesterday :P10:08
goodhabitWhat is default hardy style?10:08
goodhabitHuman, human murrine?10:08
DistroJockeyAndy80: no idea sorry10:09
Andy80ok, no problem ;)10:09
kahrytangoodhabit-> Human10:09
topyligoodhabit: human. human-murrine and human-crearlooks are there as options too10:09
kahrytangoodhabit-> but Human Clearlooks and Murrine are installed by default10:10
kahrytantopyli-> beat me10:10
kahrytantopyli-> I use Human Looks10:10
* topyli looks human10:10
kahrytanHuman looks isa GTK theme that allows for color change in title bar of Human10:10
kahrytantopyli-> http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png ?10:11
kahrytanWhats the name of those fonts that are open equivlant of MSfonts?10:12
topyliwhy do you blur the path to your current directory kahrytan?10:12
kahrytancuz i want to>?10:13
topyliit's not like we're going to find and steal your desktop backgrounds :)10:13
zniavrehow it's red  :-[10:13
kahrytanIt's red .. and Yahoo is green. reminds me of something10:13
kahrytanzniavre-> http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=160 .. Top 5 .. pick your flavor. GDM equivalent is available10:14
kahrytanThe creator did a darn fine job making some really nice usplash themes for Hardy..10:15
Almindoranyone else here is getting "microfreezes with disk activity" lately?10:15
zniavreim usualy darker than colorfull10:15
Almindorsince not so long ago, my disk starts going really high, CPU also 100% (soft), but I can't find the culprit via top or gnome system monitor10:16
Almindorusually intervals, and it really "stucks" things10:16
kahrytanzniavre->  you must have hated those original imacs10:16
Almindoreven basic stuff, window repaints can get stuck10:16
zniavrekahrytan: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/show.php?content=7232810:17
Almindorany way to see processed by disk activity in top?10:17
kahrytanzniavre->  i dont mind dark but it hurts me eyes to view white bgs10:18
DistroJockeykahrytan: I like green :) : http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/6463/screenshotzs4.png10:18
kahrytanYou people and your Gnome Menu bars10:19
kahrytanGnome Main Menu is better10:20
DistroJockeykahrytan: work in progress ;P10:20
kahrytantakes up less space10:20
DivineSpectrumwhy emerald themer don't start ?10:20
DivineSpectrumsorry for my english10:20
bullgard4void^: I created /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and put in it a line "blacklist 8139cp". I rebooted. "~$ lsmod | grep 8139" still shows 8139cp and 8139too. So this was of no help. dmesg shows a lot of error messages but at the moment I have Internet access yet.10:22
DivineSpectrumthe themes of emerald don't start..wht can i do?10:22
afiefkahrytan, I agree:) and scales better. I have a one panel setup, 48 pixel bottom and my window list has two rows(I wish the default style had that)10:23
crimsunbullgard4: check if it's in your initramfs, then:  regenerate the initramfs by passing the verbose switch to update-initramfs -u, grep for 8139cp, then take appropriate action10:23
topylikahrytan: it also adds clicks for places and system menus10:23
topyliplaces menu being probably the most important anyway10:24
topyliin fact i would probably add the places menu to my panel if you could get that alone. right now i have no menu10:25
kahrytanafief->  I use two but top one is transparent and designed for quick launch10:25
kahrytantopyli-> I dont goto system menus that often10:26
topylikahrytan: yeah gotta have a quick launch button for thunderbird, pidgin and xchat. how many times a day do you launch them?10:26
kahrytanlol more times you want to know10:26
kahrytangimp is there too :-P10:27
kahrytantopyli->  It's funny. I've always been reluctant to use gimp and now I use it allot10:27
topylii launch them zero times. chat and mail are in the session10:28
kahrytanI dont keep my apps open ..10:28
kahrytanI like a clutter free desktop/panel10:29
topyligrrr you're one of those annoying people who're online on jabber when YOU have some business with ME? what I want to talk to YOU about something?10:29
topylii wait for when you bother to come online?10:29
* kahrytan doesnt use jabber10:30
kahrytanI use to have pidgin/aim on all the time though10:30
goodhabitGuys, how I can set-up 5.1 sound?10:33
goodhabitI have purchased 5.1 soundsystem.10:33
goodhabitBut dunno how to setup it.10:33
kahrytanIt wouldnt be OS specific.10:34
zernydoes anybody know of a prebuilt deb for vmware-player on hardy?10:35
kahrytanBrowser Appliance?10:35
kahrytanthat uses Hardy?10:35
Fritzelok what just happened, somehow konversation just started uploading something by itsself, where can I disable what would have done that10:36
goodhabitzerny, I think it will be out after hardy release.10:37
kahrytanFritzel-> Why you using kconversation?10:37
zernygoodhabit: ok10:37
Fritzelbecause I don't know of a gnome alternative, I've used kde for forever10:37
goodhabitFritzel, konversation is the best. KDE too )10:38
Fritzelkahrytan: that said do you know the solution to the problem? these files cannot be shared10:38
FritzelI like konversation ^^10:38
kahrytanXchat is best, imho10:38
goodhabitUnder gnome xchat is the best.10:38
LSD|Ninjano, under any DE irssi is best :P10:39
Fritzelregardless, how can I disable it?10:39
kahrytanturn off DCC10:40
=== Fritzel` is now known as Fritzel
Fritzelthat turns off all file transfers, I just want to disable triggers10:41
Fritzelactually nevermind I'll give xchat a shot10:41
LaibschHi, I believe it is very important that bug 181406 is fixed before the release10:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181406 in aptitude "aptitude crashed with SIGSEGV in pkgRecords::Lookup()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18140610:42
LaibschIs there a way to mark it RC?10:42
bullgard4What did crimsun mean at 11:23 GMT+1 by "check if it's in your initramfs"?10:43
FritzelI do have a question though, how do I choose what server and channels I want to open on startup with xchat10:44
LSD|NinjaFritzel: In the optios for hte servers you connect to iirc10:44
LSD|Ninjayou can tell it what servers to connect to at startup and in the options for those servers your IDENTIFY string and the channels you want it to join10:44
Fritzelok I got the channels all set, but there is one thing I'm not seeing, how do I choose which server to connect to when xchat launches?10:48
LSD|NinjaFritzel: iirc, it was a checkbox on the server properties. "Connect on startup" or something10:49
kahrytanFritzel-> Auto Connect checkbox in Edit10:49
Fritzelyeah I don't know how I missed that, got it thank you10:49
kahrytanFritzel->  a Doh moment eh?10:50
Fritzelkahrytan, pretty much ^^10:50
kahrytanYou can change the channel list to buttons on bottom or top10:50
kahrytanhehe .. Now this is more usable gmail .. basic html10:53
goodhabitJohnRobert, about flash locking sound.10:55
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
goodhabitTry to redirect it to pulseaudio server.10:56
Keulehi there!10:57
Keuleis it possible to preload the start-menu while the systemstart?10:58
cpk1are there any extra steps needed to play dvds?11:00
kahrytanSo .. Preload gnome main menu while system is booting?11:00
kahrytancpk1->  you need libdvdcss11:00
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs11:01
Keulekahrytan: yepp - i think it could be possible when logged on - isnt it?11:01
topyliKeule: the menu is started with your gnome session. you can't start it before that11:04
topyliit's a gnome panel applet after all11:05
Keuletopyli: i know - thats ok  - but when i klick on it the first time.... it lasts 2-4 seconds till it starts11:05
topyliyeah :(11:05
topyliit reads all your .desktop files and loads all the icons11:05
Miinetiwhat would you recommend as a wlan receiver on an USB port for hardy? as my last doesnt work anymore. should be as stable as possible and speed and low cost shouldnt hurt, too ;) thanks, very much :)11:05
kahrytantopyli->  dont ya think it load those files at gnome startup?11:07
cpk1kahrytan: thanks, tdidnt realize there was a script i needed to run to install it11:07
kahrytanJust goto Medibuntu website. and followthe repos howto.11:07
topylikahrytan: doesn't seem that way11:07
kahrytantopyli->  that was idea11:08
topylibtw the "plain text passwords" article on the pidgin site has an impressive list of IM clients, none of which "provide real password security". i didn't see gajim in the list and took a look. sure enough, it's the only one to use gnome-keyring11:11
kahrytanDoes pidgin?11:13
topylipidgin stores them in plain text11:13
kahrytanI knew there was a reason I didnt store password11:13
Volkodavis there Compix/Beryl in Xubuntu?11:13
white_eaglehardy will be released with fx 2 or with fx 3.0b5??11:13
kahrytantopyli->  I bet that is because Pidgin is cross platform11:13
topylikahrytan: well, random people can hardly read your files in the first place11:14
kahrytangnome-keyring doesnt exist on Windows11:14
topyliwindows does have an equivalent i bet11:14
DistroJockeywhite_eagle: FF3b5 as of now11:14
kahrytanerr probably does it.11:14
kahrytanprobably does not have it11:14
white_eagleDistroJockey: why release a stable distro with an unstable browser11:15
* DistroJockey shrugs11:15
kahrytantopyli->  then Pidgin developers would have to make two different clients for Widows and Linux11:15
white_eaglevery stupid11:15
goodhabitwhite_eagle, actually ff is very stable for now. Possible that version will come as stable.11:15
DistroJockeywhite_eagle: works fine here11:15
white_eagleff 3.0b5 crashes like hell on me, and is very slow with my internet connection11:16
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  Better question: Why release a distro with browser with dozens of unsupported extensions for it11:16
topylikahrytan: no, they would implement support for keyrings on all systems, and it would be enabled at compile time11:16
kahrytanXP doesnt have one.11:16
topylikahrytan: also, if they finished gnome-keyring support first, for example, it would be enabled only when compiling for gnome.11:17
white_eaglefor an example when I pass my bandwith limit, my internet connection slows down to 5-10 kb/s and firefox (2.0 or 3.0 betas) hardly even open a web page11:17
white_eagleand opera opens them really slow, but it opens them11:17
topylikahrytan: when they implement a solution for window, the compile option would be enabled there11:17
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  you are capped?11:17
white_eaglekahrytan: ??11:17
white_eagleto 10 GB11:17
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  i feel sorry for you11:17
goodhabitwhite_eagle, try to use konqueror browser. Imho it is best browser ever.11:18
whitehawkff3.0b5 has lot's of problems11:18
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> FF2 is in Repos.11:18
white_eaglegoodhabit: yes konqueror is also fast11:18
kahrytanthats KDE11:18
whitehawknot rendering correctly and such. It might be the problem of badly coded pages too, but developers didn't adapt yet, so it can lead to a poor experiece11:18
kahrytanEpiphany is best for Gnome11:18
* goodhabit happy kde4 user.11:18
* white_eagle happy gnome user11:19
* kahrytan happy gnome 2.22 user11:19
DistroJockeygnome ftw ;)11:19
white_eagleyes, firefox hardly even opens google.com11:19
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  seriously, i feel sorry for you and ISP capping behavior.11:19
white_eaglenah, its ok11:20
kahrytanDSL companies dont do that as much.11:20
DistroJockeykahrytan: better to be slowed than charged $ per MB11:20
white_eagleyou are right11:20
kahrytanCable companies cap more, DSL companies are more relaxed.11:21
kahrytanWhy is that?11:21
hyperairdoes anyone find that networkmanager keeps prompting for a network key when the accesspoint disappears?11:21
Miineticause theyre rich?11:21
white_eagleis there any webkit linux browser (if we count konqueror as a KHTML browser)?11:21
Miinetihyperair: yep11:21
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  its coming.11:21
hyperairMiineti: bug isn't it?11:22
white_eaglekonqueror just crashed on me11:22
topyliahh the pidgin team does know there's a XEP for jabber PGP support, and there's even a bug about that: http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/28811:22
white_eaglekahrytan: what browser is comming11:22
Miinetii often find things buggy, which are sposed to be weird :D11:22
Keuletopyli: is there a solution for preload the start-menu?11:22
DistroJockeywhite_eagle: Midori11:22
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  the broswer11:22
topyliKeule: i don't know. i don't use the menu so i'm not terribly interested11:23
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> http://software.twotoasts.de/?page=midori11:23
topyliwhite_eagle: epiphany-webkit is on the way, and they're dropping gecko support altogether in the future11:24
kahrytanand by coming, i mean early stages of v0.0511:24
kahrytantopyli->  I was wondering about that11:24
kahrytantopyli->  It would be nice to have linux use different rendering enginers.11:25
kahrytanFirefox, Opera, and Webkit. just need ie... nahhh11:25
topylilinux uses no engine :)11:25
white_eaglewho the hell needs IE these days11:25
kahrytanIt must uses horses then?11:25
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> hence nahhh11:26
white_eagleall of my friends are happy with either firefox or opera11:26
white_eagleis there a release party for hardy?11:26
kahrytanWeb Designers should shut out IE users.11:26
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> Only if you bring the champagne.11:26
white_eagleand "trident" what name  is that11:26
white_eagleit suxxorz11:27
Miinetiill get vodka11:27
Miinetiand my collegues :)11:27
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> http://live.gnome.org/Epiphany/WebKit11:27
MyKelSilverJust downloaded the image of the live CD. I know there must be a method to verify the authenticity of the image (sort of CRC or key check) ? And where can I find this key to compare with?11:27
white_eagleI know11:27
kahrytanI dont drink beer or liquor.11:27
white_eaglekahrytan: I know about epiphany11:27
white_eagleand webkit11:27
MiinetiMyKelSilver: use md5sum11:28
kahrytani like the new gnome design11:28
kahrytanits clean11:28
MyKelSilverah yes11:28
white_eagleis webkit fast? never tried it11:28
white_eagle :p11:28
MyKelSilverBut this md5sum is not placed on the ubuntu site.... Any link ?11:28
kahrytanwebkit is Safari engine isnt it?11:28
topyliwhite_eagle: fast enough for nokia's mobile browser11:29
white_eaglenokia's s60 or s40 browser11:29
MiinetiMD5: c7aea4a4898a16fc0704e0c9e40c7097 *hardy-desktop-i386.iso11:29
MiinetiMD5: d513e3ac7ec0b6e4678e12d4bd52a94e *hardy-desktop-amd64.iso says http://www.livedistro.org/release-announcements/gnu/linux-releases/ubuntu-8-04-lts-hardy-heron-alpha-111:29
kahrytanisnt firefox open source?11:29
white_eaglei think it was called netfront11:29
white_eagleor something like that11:30
white_eaglekahrytan: it is11:30
Miinetioops, thats the alpha11:30
MyKelSilverThank you very much ! :-)11:30
kahrytannot under gpl. Mozilla license11:30
VolkodavChecking for Composite extension: not present <== I am getting this error when starting compiz ?11:30
Miinetithats not the rc :)11:30
white_eaglebut it is open source11:30
MyKelSilveroeps mmmm11:30
topyliwhite_eagle: http://www.s60.com/business/whatss60/builtinapplications/webrowser/11:30
Miinetithere ye are :)11:31
topyliwhite_eagle:  no it's ingeniously dubbed "web browser for s60", or "web" as we affectionally like to call it11:31
white_eaglei hate apple for not releasing safari for linux11:31
kahrytanIt took me 4 tries to burn Hardy RC cd.11:31
MiinetiMyKelSilver: youre dling the rc, not the beta, right?11:31
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> I love Apple for not doing that11:31
kahrytani hate it on Windows.11:31
MyKelSilveryes the latest release C11:31
MyKelSilverI have now the 7.04 and will try it in VirtualBox11:32
MyKelSilverYes, my current is 7.0411:32
Miinetik :)11:32
MyKelSilverAnd the downloaded is 8.0411:32
kahrytanI, however, miss iTunes a little11:33
kahrytanmore and more people are startingto use it for podcasts11:33
white_eaglestupid xchat crashing on me11:33
Miinetiwhy xchat? O_O11:34
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  you sure it was xchat or jsut nqo (pun)11:34
MyKelSilverIt was an advise from a unix nerd....11:34
kahrytanMiineti-> cuz xchat ownz11:34
Miinetiooooh, kewl, since when?11:35
MyKelSilverhis advise11:35
kahrytancmdrtaco .. i remember that name ... hes the editor somewhere.11:35
MyKelSilvero didn't know that11:35
* Miineti only once had a taco usin cmd11:36
white_eaglexkcd kicks ass11:37
Miinetidilbert kicks ass! :P11:37
white_eagledinosaur comics also11:38
MyKelSilverwell... I'm ready for the jump to 8.10... First on VirtualBox ... Very curious......... Great feeling :-)11:38
jaffarkelshacwhat other text-based apps are there that run in terminal (like mp3blaster, alsamixer)..11:39
kahrytanso whose cmdr taco?11:40
Miinetigedit? :P11:40
Keule how can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....11:41
BelisarivsHi all. I'm experiencing crashes on GMA950 when compiz enabled. Coudl you please helpme to fill useful bug report?11:41
kahrytanxchat has python too11:41
kahrytanBelisarivs-> Run Compiz in console and report the error when it crashes.11:43
Belisarivs<kahrytan> I cannot. Mea culpa. Those aren't crashes, but freezes.11:44
kahrytanerror reports are useful11:44
BelisarivsMouse works, but that is all. I have to resort to use SysRq11:44
white_eaglectrl-alt-del (the comic) ruined my day this day11:44
Volkodavmine says Checking for Composite extension: not present11:44
VolkodavI have Composite "1" in xorg11:44
kahrytanBelisarivs->  upgrade to graphics card?11:44
Belisarivs<kahrytan>Not all of them are usefull.11:45
white_eaglecheck out the latest xkcd comic11:45
Belisarivs<kahrytan>I use Intel GMA950 on notebook HP530.11:45
BelisarivsDriver is intel 2.2.111:46
kahrytani always thought graphics chipsets sucked at opengl11:46
BelisarivsCompiz works for me pretty well.11:46
BelisarivsIt didn't even freeze in GG. Now it does.11:46
BelisarivsI'm not sure where is problem.11:47
white_eaglehey, if I upgrade to hardy RC now, will upgrading to final not take long?11:47
BelisarivsWhether it is compiz or intel driver.11:47
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  cuz then all you got is package updates11:47
kahrytanlike the 12 today11:47
topyliwhite_eagle: you will be stealthily upgrade to the final during the week11:48
topylijust keep installing the updates11:48
white_eaglehow big (in MB) is the RC update?11:48
white_eagleI am using gutsy11:49
topylias big as your gutsy installation11:49
bazhangvery big11:49
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> Imagine installing Gnome 2.22 and it's extras11:49
white_eagle700 MB?11:49
topyliall packages will be updated, no?11:49
white_eaglei thought it would be smaller11:49
Lamegowhite_eagle, it is the equivalent to a full install11:50
white_eaglewell, I need to pay for the internet, so my download speed to get higher11:50
white_eaglethen I will update to hardy11:50
topyliit's probably more than a full install since you've installed extra goodies after installing gutsy11:50
Keule how can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....11:50
kahrytanthat darn cap11:51
Belisarivs<white_eagle>All packages, you have, are to be upgraded. Therefore big download.11:51
kahrytanYou keep running into that cap, white_eagle11:51
white_eagleIt won't take longer than 8 hours I think11:51
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  ever considered isp change that doesnt cap?11:51
kahrytanJust download the iso11:52
white_eagleI don't have an ISP which doesn't cap11:52
GInhow to upgrade to the rc verison? I don't want to wait any more11:52
white_eagleit does have an Isp which doesn't cap11:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ugrade - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:52
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes11:52
white_eaglebut its too expensive11:52
white_eagleand its cable11:52
white_eagleI hate cable internet11:52
GInthere is no info about upgrade to Hardy on that page11:53
lummmost cable isps also shape the shit outa hell11:53
kahrytandont you have dsl11:53
white_eagleI am using wifi now (don't laugh its pretty fast)11:53
white_eagleits pretty fast when I don't go over the cap11:53
kahrytanYou could contact LoCo if anyone can spare a cd11:53
LamegoGIn, check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto11:54
white_eagleIf I want a package for internet which doesn't cap, it costs ~40$11:54
kahrytanthats an idea .. LoCo could make copies of release cds that are downloaded.11:54
white_eagleand thats expensive for m11:54
lummu can request them for free11:55
white_eagleI will upgrade soon, don't worry11:55
white_eaglesoon = tommorow11:55
lummlets see if i can remember my shipit.com axs11:55
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> I got DSL, Unlimited Local and LD, Caller ID,  for $56/month11:55
lummcould need 1-2 hardy orginaql cds as well=)11:55
white_eagleI have a shipit account11:55
white_eagleand I have ordered a cd11:56
kahrytanshipit does hardy now11:56
white_eagleand I have joined a translators group11:56
lummwill req mien now11:56
white_eaglei'm doing good for now11:56
lummlets see how long it will take11:56
kahrytana month11:56
lummguess they have lots of work this days11:56
lummgutsy i got after 2 weeks :>11:56
white_eagleI got gutsy about 2.5 weeks11:57
kahrytanFinal CD is preparing uploaded to manufacturer like the 22nd-23rd11:57
white_eaglewhat will 8.10 be called?11:57
kahrytani forgot. its named11:57
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:57
kahrytanIntrepid Ibex is 8.1011:58
lummbtw if u setup a crypted lvm with alternate cd and then update to lvm2 root partition isnt mounted anymore after bootup..:S11:58
white_eagleoh, and do you happen to know when will gnome 2.24 be released11:58
lummdunno if its a bug11:58
lummi get an error will post it later11:58
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  let11:59
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  lets hope before Ibex.11:59
topyliwhite_eagle: september 2411:59
GInneed to dl about 600MB to upgrade, basically the hardy iso12:00
white_eagleon september 29 is my birthday12:00
white_eagleI would have liked it :D12:00
kahrytanI wonder how many people realize the version numbers in Ubuntu mean something.12:00
white_eagleto be released on my birthday12:00
white_eaglethey do12:00
Keulehow can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....  Prelink istn necessary since feisty.. but my starmenu ist damn slow12:01
GInkahrytan: not many ppl know the meaning of the numbers12:01
white_eagleI do I do12:01
kahrytanIn October 2010, it will be 10.1012:02
gluerwonder what it will look like in 202012:03
kahrytanw/o bash i hope12:03
kahrytaneventually, it will have to go. and no doube people will drag their feet12:04
white_eaglein 10.10 windows will fall :D12:04
topylionly three new modules proposed for gnome 2.24 btw. conduit, empathy, hamster-applet (whatever that is)12:04
kahrytanwhite_eagle-> Windows will in 2014.12:04
topylinot sure if conduit will be mature enough in time. i would love to see empathy get in though12:05
kahrytanwinn fall12:05
GIngnome should "fix" their browse dialog window first.12:05
kahrytanwhite_eagle->  it takes M$ 6-7 years for new release. So it will fall with Windows 712:05
topyliGIn: new modules don't interfere with fixing existing modules12:05
white_eaglewindows will fall on 24 april12:05
gluerwhen is gnome menu system getting a facelift?12:05
topylignome has no chat client, and since one is proposed now i'm glad it's based on telepathy12:05
white_eaglebye guys, of to school12:06
kahrytangluer->  when you install new one?12:06
topyligluer: which menu?12:06
kahrytantopyli-> the gnome main menu applet12:06
kahrytangluer->  you should see Linux Mint12:07
topylii haven't heard of plans to change it12:07
gluerkahrytan: is it good?12:07
kahrytangluer-> http://linuxmint.com/screenshots.php12:07
topylii think they entertained the idea of a slab-based menu but reason won12:07
GInthe gnome menu is fine.. using the one on Linux mint, takes more time to get to an application12:08
kahrytantopyli->  the linux mint menu is the main reason i want to learn python12:08
kahrytanLinux Mint doesnt use gnome main menu12:09
topyliGIn: well, using a menu in general increases the time to actually launch an application :)12:09
kahrytantopyli->  typing it in console increases time to actually launch and appl.12:09
kahrytanEspecially those who type slow.12:10
glueri dont want to type everything12:10
topylideskbar-applet or gnome-do search for application names12:10
kahrytanIt would be nice if they ported Mint menu to ubuntu12:10
topyliwant a text editor, type "text" and the app is probably already there12:10
topylikahrytan: mint is based on ubuntu, i bet the menu will run just fine12:11
kahrytantopyli->  the new menu feature in deskbar in hardy is cuz of me.12:11
topyliwhat new menu feature?12:11
kahrytanMint Menu is tied into the distro oh-so-wel.12:11
Miinetihow tis, MyKelSilver? :)12:12
topylikahrytan: no it's not, it's just a package. iirc there's also a library you need12:12
MyKelSilverJust want to step by to say: Great Work fellows! Nice12:12
kahrytantopyli-> Window Behavior for Deskbar12:12
MyKelSilverVery happy12:12
kahrytantopyli-> Mint menu packages requires Mint Desktop package12:12
glueri want a floating dock that has main icons, that i can scroll through with the mouse scroller then select12:12
topylikahrytan: windo behavior? i don't see what you mean12:12
kahrytantopyli->  Deskbar>Preferences>General tab12:13
topylikahrytan: oh. so install it12:13
MyKelSilverThe only drawback is that it have to reboot :-)12:13
kahrytanYou have to install Linux Mint for the mint menu12:13
MyKelSilverHad my machine always online12:13
YetiszafWhat do I do if hardy crashes every now and then and SysRQ is not working?12:13
topylino :(12:13
Kanohi, why is it not possible to install sun-java-plugin? just tested kubuntu kde4 live mode12:13
MyKelSilver7.10 has never failed to me12:14
topylikahrytan: the "stick to panel" thing? that's the original behavior. the window decoration was a momentary lapse of reason i think12:14
MyKelSilverBut I definitely go to this version12:14
kahrytantopyli-> Yeah .. and I filed a feature suggestion.12:15
Svishis it possible to get the ctrl+alt+f1 terminal to automatically log in and start something when i boot up ubuntu?12:15
topylikahrytan: great12:15
kahrytanWhat is wrong with ubuntu Date and Time12:15
MyKelSilverthx 2 all adios12:15
kahrytanit cant keep time12:15
Svishmine works perfectly12:16
Miinetimine does nearly12:16
kahrytanThere is no UT preference anywhere anymore12:16
topylioh ok, hamster is a time tracker tool12:16
topylikahrytan: you probably want to sync with a time server. pc clocks are about as reliable as humans12:17
kahrytancant... no hst server12:18
kahrytannor will it allow me too.12:18
kahrytankeeps saying to install ntp... duh.. i did12:18
topylikahrytan: hst? your timezone? time servers don't care what timezone you're in12:19
kahrytanyeah but server should be local should nti?12:19
YetiszafSvish: take a look at /etc/event.d/tty*12:19
SvishYetiszaf: no such file or directory12:20
YetiszafSvish: is /etc/inittab there?12:20
jaffarkelshacis there a straight forward way to find out what command launches certain progams? so far i add it to panel and right click properties to find out, is there an easy and straight forward way?12:21
topylikahrytan: no it doesn't need to be local12:21
SvishYetiszaf: no, but /etc/event.d is. and when I ls I get tty1 and tty2 and so on12:21
SvishYetiszaf: but no tty12:21
kahrytantopyli->  it sends timezone during request?12:21
Lamegojaffarkelshac, you can look at /usr/share/applications12:21
YetiszafSvish: well, that's why I wrote tty*. Take tty1, thats the first terminal.12:22
Svishoh, hehe, sorry12:22
SvishYetiszaf: but how do I use it?12:22
topylikahrytan: i guess they speak in UTC, your system takes care of adjusting to timezone12:22
Svishit says stuff like start on stopped rc2, etc...12:22
Svishstop on runlevel 012:22
Oli``How can I downgrade firefox to v3 beta 4? I need firebug for my livelihood =)12:22
Ngjaffarkelshac: there's a menu editor in System->Preferences which you can use to examine all the menu launchers12:22
jaffarkelshacLamego, so all icons are .desktop12:23
Lamegojaffarkelshac, yup12:23
YetiszafSvish: There should be a line in tty0 starting with getty. That's the one starting the login. If you modify that to run the program you want ...12:24
kahrytantopyli->  Ifthey speak UTC, then computer adds -10 to the time12:24
kahrytanfor me12:24
SvishYetiszaf: there is no tty0, and in tty1 there is no line starting with getty12:25
SvishYetiszaf: the first line of the file is "# tty1 - getty"12:25
kahrytanOli``->  you can install FF212:26
YetiszafSvish: is there a file called /etc/event.d/tty012:26
SvishYetiszaf: http://pastebin.com/d3cf4a85f12:26
SvishYetiszaf: no such file no12:26
SvishYetiszaf: just tty1 to tty612:26
Oli``kahrytan: I'm happy with FF3. Beta 4 was perfect. I thought there was a way to go back to a previous version using apt12:27
Miinetino my clock insists, that its 2 hours earlier than it is :S12:27
YetiszafSvish: good. now lock at the last line in tty1.12:27
Svishyeah, the exec line?12:27
kahrytanOli``-> I dont know .. if you do. lock the package in Synaptic12:27
kahrytanOli``->  that will keep it from being updated12:27
YetiszafSvish: exactly. it calls getty to tty1. That line is what makes the login-prompt appear.12:28
kahrytantopyli->  I see no one considered to add warning msg to tty (ctrl-alt-f1)12:29
SvishYetiszaf: hm... so, the lines after respawn is what happens when I press ctrl+alt+f1, kind of?12:29
YetiszafSvish: now you should look at the manpage for getty and then build a wrapper which dumps all priviledges and runs at the UID of the user you want logged in and then calls the program you want to run.12:29
YetiszafSvish: Not exactly. when you press C-A-F1 you tell your OS you want to see a the virtual console 1.  The line happens when you boot the system and everytime you exit a shell on the console 1.12:30
SvishYetiszaf: it only talks about modem stuff though... not sure how to go about this :p12:32
kahrytanin case no one seen -> http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png <- my take on hardy12:33
Keulecan someone tell me how i use preload or similar12:37
YetiszafSvish: well ... it thinks your Terminal is one ...12:37
Keulei only get a manual console tag.... how can i make a script for startup....?12:37
SvishYetiszaf: weird...12:37
SvishYetiszaf: so anyways, could I then just add an exec top for example to get a top running on that consol? or?12:38
YetiszafSvish: Nope, Oldschool.12:38
YetiszafSvish: We have a set of PCs running that are in an office without a copymachine. On those PCs tty1 has the Line "exec /sbin/getty -n -l /usr/local/bin/copy.pl 38400 tty1" inside, that just starts a perlscript which copys on the press of the "c"-button.12:39
YetiszafSvish: for linux, it does not matter whether the console is local and virtual or serial or remote or via modem. It's all the same.12:40
Svishso I could change that copy.pl to something else? like top? just as an example12:40
Svishor ls for that matter12:40
Svishjust, something simple that does something :p12:41
Svishtop is probably a better example since it doesnt stop running12:41
YetiszafSvish: No, you should never ever do something like that.12:42
YetiszafSvish: top would be running as root, and you don't want that.12:43
SvishYetiszaf: hm... :p ok...12:43
SvishYetiszaf: how can I get it to run as something else then? like my normal user12:43
YetiszafWhat you want is a little script that dumps all priviledges to either nobody or a user created to run that script and secured enough to not give people access.12:43
SvishYetiszaf: and in english that would be? :p sorry, im not too familiar with linux stuff yet...12:44
YetiszafSvish: you want something that does not open the root-Account. You want something that sets the active user to someone with less rights.12:46
SvishYetiszaf: and how do I do that?12:46
Svishi dont even have a clue how to start on that, hehe12:46
YetiszafSvish: take a look at "rungetty". that should do most of the work for you.12:49
SvishYetiszaf: ok. will do :) thanks for the help12:49
Keulehow can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....  Prelink istn necessary since feisty.. but my starmenu ist damn slow - theres is preload in repros - how can i add that to startup?12:50
DistroJockeyKeule: sounds like the following:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/4400212:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44002 in gnome-panel "Trivial actions are not appearing immediately" [Low,Triaged]12:52
ricanelitehello and good morning everyone12:53
naught101has anyone using kdenlive seen it log you out of your desktop?12:53
DistroJockeygood evening ricanelite12:53
kahrytanricanelite->  what time is it there?12:54
KeuleDistroJockey: sounds so - how can i use "preload" for startup?12:55
DistroJockeyKeule: no idea, sorry12:55
Keulei can type sudo preload oowriter12:55
Keulebut thats manually - i want to have this at startup :(12:55
kahrytangnome sessions, Keule12:58
ricanelite8:00am est12:58
ricanelitei live in Virginia, USA12:59
ricanelitei just installed Hardy12:59
kahrytanricanelite->  aww .. I was there once upon a time. then i moved to HST12:59
jimqode_Hello. I'm trying to install a package with libgsl0 dependancy. libgsl0ldbl seems to replace it and package work fine with that. But package manager sees the package as broken dependencies and want to remove it12:59
ricaneliteit is awesome that the Compiz-Fusion Plugins like 3D windows is already in there12:59
Keulekahrytan: ok and sudo works? - is that the correct way? or would it be correct otherwise12:59
jimqode_how can I set that packages state to installed instead of broken12:59
ricanelitewish the screen saver like flying windows was in there by default12:59
ricaneliteis there a howto to get that screensaver in there13:00
kahrytanKeule->  but then it would ask for password13:00
ricanelitecause I'm fairly new to linux13:00
kahrytanricanelite-> there is of flying ubuntu logos13:00
ricanelitethere a screensaver that is flying windows13:00
ricaneliteit is past of the compiz-plugins13:00
kahrytanricanelite-> Screensaver Prefs13:00
kahrytanricanelite->  called Floating Ubuntu13:01
Keule kahrytan i know - isnt it possible with scripts or does preload in a other way? im not so familar with that13:01
ricaneliteno it is on the ccsm settings13:01
kahrytanKeule->  dunno13:02
ricanelitelike the fish in the transparent cube13:02
kahrytanbut thats not screensaver, ricanelite13:02
ricaneliteoh okay13:02
Keulekahrytan: dunno?13:02
ricanelitedo you know where there is a howto to get that on there13:02
ricanelitebut the ones i found is really hard to understand13:02
ricanelitebeing that im not good with the terminal13:02
ricanelitebut willing to learn13:03
ricanelitethis was the post i loved13:03
ricanelitebut for some reason i cannot get in there no more13:03
kahrytanricanelite-> what?13:03
ricanelitewhere it has all of the 13 compiz plugins and was a awesome step by step howto13:03
kahrytanYou dont have ccsm?13:04
ricanelitei have ccsm13:04
ricanelitebut there is certain plugins i don't have13:04
kahrytani dont use compize13:04
ricanelitelike the snow flakes plugin13:04
=== topyli_ is now known as topyli
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kahrytanSome of them wont work in ubuntu13:04
ricanelitewell all of them did13:05
ricanelitewhen i followed the instructions13:05
ricanelitei will find a howto somewhere13:05
kahrytanAlbum Flip ripoff of itunes wont work I think13:06
kahrytano h wait.. it was the pop out windows in 3d cube13:06
kahrytanthats the one i wanted13:06
kahrytanand it  is in Hardy13:10
kahrytanAnyone awake?13:17
Andy80how can I rename the connection created with "Connect to server" in Ubuntu?13:18
Andy80in Ubuntu 7.10 I could specify a nem for the connection... now the default name is "ftp as myuser@myhost.com"13:19
=== mvo_ is now known as mvo
kahrytanBreak News only on News Channel 9; New Viruses Spreads. Silents many users of Hardy heron in #ubuntu+1. More at a 11.13:23
kahrytantough crowd.13:23
jtravnicktrying to figure out if its 11am or pm when the more news is going to be on13:25
Miineti11 WHERE?13:25
kahrytan11pm ..13:25
Miinetiecuador? malaysia? NZ?13:26
kahrytanAnnounced at 6'oclock news, more at 1113:26
kahrytanEvening news joke13:26
jtravnickoh well see thats past my bed time as an old fart im lucky to be awake till 10pm13:26
kahrytanits 2:30am here13:26
Miineti:P bad joke13:26
kahrytanand still have been to bed13:26
kahrytanthen again, i didnt wake up til 4pm13:27
kahrytanthats cuz i stayed up til 5am previous day13:27
* kahrytan needs to find work.13:27
jtravnickI tend to have to do that all winter so glad spring is finaly here13:28
kahrytanjtravnick->  It's Hawaii, its Spring all year long13:28
Miinetii tend to never sleep :S13:28
kahrytanMy father has a joke13:28
kahrytanabout the weather her13:28
Miinetikahrytan: can ye rent me some space at yours?13:28
jtravnickkahrytan, northern wisconsin here get two sesons snow and spring13:29
kahrytanTempature is 80-90degrees, Raining somewhere on the island, there is fire somewhere in hawaii, and the surf is either up  or down :::waving hang loose hand:::13:29
kahrytanMiineti->  the studio I live in is 550 sq ft. Normally rents for $1100 a month. I get it dirt cheap cuz my parents own it.13:30
kahrytanMiineti->  Ultilties included in Condo unit... Cable, A/C, Water. Elec.13:30
jtravnickA/C whats that?13:31
kahrytanAir Conditioner.13:31
kahrytanCentral A/C13:31
jtravnickwhats it do?13:32
Amaranthjtravnick: err, you must live somewhere really cold :P13:33
kahrytanjtravnick->  What1? you live in a third word country?13:33
Miinetiit makes the air comfy13:33
* Miineti faints13:34
* orvokki hugs Miineti 13:34
Miinetimarry me!13:34
jtravnickhey were lucky if we get three weeks a year over 80s13:34
kahrytanjtravnick->  where?13:34
jtravnickkahrytan, northern wisconsin13:34
IdleOnemight as well be in Alaska13:35
orvokkiMiineti: The letters 'N' and 'O' popped up into my mind for some reason.13:35
jtravnickhave more deer than people in this town13:35
kahrytanI know someone who has a 1mil contract offer to work in Alaska for 3 years13:35
Miinetion what?13:36
orvokkiI'm sure you're a nice guy but maybe still no. =^_^=13:36
kahrytan1mil 3 year contract off to work in alaska13:36
IdleOne3 yrs for a million13:36
IdleOnekahrytan: doing what? hunting seals???13:36
kahrytanIdleOne->  would you take it?13:36
IdleOnekahrytan: would depend on what the job is13:37
* Miineti is a girl13:37
kahrytanPharmacist job13:37
Miinetii get 36k per anno in pharmacy13:37
IdleOnekahrytan: nope. they have enough drug addicts in alaska dont need me giving then more13:37
Miinetithey gotta have much too much money over there, eh?13:37
Miineti36k euros, though13:38
IdleOneMiineti: so about 52000 US a year13:38
kahrytanPharmcist avg pay is 100k13:38
Miinetiwhat kind of pharmacist are ye speakin about? O_O13:38
jtravnickMiineti, na its just hard to get people to move out there13:38
IdleOnehmm more like 58000 US13:39
kahrytanthats 700k more to work in Alaska.13:39
Miinetiowner of parexel like?13:39
kahrytanIdleOne->  Salary.com wage13:39
orvokkiMiineti: Whether a guy or a girl, I still don't know you. :)13:39
Lynourekahrytan: never guessed you were a pharmacist...13:39
kahrytanLynoure->  it's not me13:39
Miinetiif i can harass my gf to go to alaska, ill come :D13:39
Miinetiorvokki, actually i wanted to marry kahrytan, btw ;)13:40
kahrytanEveryone would love to be in Hawai`i13:41
orvokkiMiineti: Thank God.13:41
LynoureI wouldn't. :)13:41
jtravnicknot me13:41
Miinetiwhat island you live on?13:42
kahrytanthe one where close to million is on.13:42
jtravnickhad a chance to go there when i was in the army turned it down to go to germany instead13:42
longtimeuserGreetings all13:42
kahrytanjtravnick->  slap yourself.13:42
longtimeuserdoes touchscreen work in this ubuntu version ?13:42
LynoureMiineti: not on an island, just a slightly different culture preference :)13:42
kahrytanjtravnick->  cuz hawaii is far better13:42
jtravnickkahrytan, nope loved my time over seas13:42
kahrytanThere is big difference between Hawaii people and US Mainland people.13:43
longtimeusercan touch screen work guys ?13:43
kahrytan^ anyone answer him?13:43
longtimeuserright now im on my tablet and touch screen doesnt work on 7.10 , and battery consumtion is 4 times windows13:43
jtravnickkahrytan, not for a G.I couldnt hardly afford to go off base back than13:43
Lynourekahrytan: Not necessarily to a foreigner with a goofy sense of humour :)13:44
kahrytanLynoure->  people here tend to live the ALoha spirit.13:44
kahrytanLynoure->  thats like, living Ubuntu spirit but much better13:44
longtimeusercan ubuntu be drugged?13:45
Lynourekahrytan: If you want me to explain, I can, in a message :)13:45
kahrytanLynoure->  i accept.13:45
Miinetilongtimeuser: unfortunately the only yet implemented is cigarettes13:45
Miinetiand coffee13:46
jtravnickafter watching that dog bounty hunter seams to me most are on crack over there13:46
longtimeuseri knew it , freaky questions gets the geeks attention , now please tell me can touch screen work with 8.04?13:46
IdleOne3 times the average yearky salary to go to Alaska for 3 years isnt bad. I would take the offer ( if single and no kids )13:47
Miinetilongtimeuser: may be13:47
bazhanglongtimeuser: some can yes13:47
jtravnickIdleOne,  lets see wife and kids? heck theres two resons for me to go lol13:47
IdleOnejtravnick: hehe I hear ya13:48
longtimeuserim getting married soon13:48
IdleOnedont do it!13:48
jtravnicklongtimeuser, im sorry to hear it13:48
Miinetimy girlfriend wants to stay :S13:48
IdleOnerun RUN DAMN YOU  run!13:48
longtimeuserim slick with plans13:49
Miinetilongtimeuser: my compassion13:49
longtimeuseri will make her high all day13:49
longtimeuseri will cook for her and make her tea everyday , but with my mixture13:49
kahrytanlongtimeuser->  congratulations to the end of your know life.13:49
longtimeusermy magic mixture13:49
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu+1. Controversial topics, which always turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)13:49
longtimeuserw3ed is drugs13:50
longtimeuserdidnt know that13:50
bazhangwhy not take this to offtopic?13:50
longtimeuserno need i dont like to smoke i just like to cook , ;) im a cook13:50
Miinetiwhat was the name of the offtopic chan?13:51
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!13:51
Miinetiyou cook with pot?13:51
longtimeuseri will have to start cooking with pot when i get married lol13:51
bazhangMiineti: will call ops if you do not stop13:51
Miinetisry :)13:51
longtimeuserthis channel is great13:52
longtimeuseri feel like quaking all over13:52
longtimeuserwhere is the frags13:52
longtimeuserhey bazhang i got you , a 11 second prediction that was soo sad of you to fall on my rocket13:52
jtravnickspeaking of frags anyone playing doom3 on hardy yet?13:53
longtimeusertalk about UT313:53
bazhang!ot > longtimeuser13:53
longtimeusernever mind13:53
longtimeusertake care all13:53
_Lucretia_how I find out which version number of the catalyst drivers are installed?13:54
IdleOnebazhang: that topic is ot in all ubuntu channels13:54
kahrytan_Lucretia_->  ati?13:54
reverHi I upgraded my Gutsy install to Hardy on Friday, Everything seemed to go fine except my CPU usage is always very high. Compiz.real and xorg are always between 60-9013:54
_Lucretia_kahrytan: yeah13:54
reverThis is on a Intel T7700 with Nvidia 8600GT13:54
kahrytanSynaptic would tell you what deb version is installed13:54
_Lucretia_kahrytan: fglrxinfo only shows the GL version number13:54
IdleOnebazhang: SEE>>> longtimeuser (n=abdulla@auh-as27174.alshamil.net.ae) has left #ubuntu-offtopic (requested by Seveas: "out.")13:55
longtimeuseri thought offtopic can speak about anything lol13:55
bazhangIdleOne: certainly is; but the general chitchat should be in ot channel13:55
_Lucretia_kahrytan: yeah, but I want to know which ATi version number it is, i.e. Catalyst 7.12, 8.3, 8.4, etc.13:55
IdleOnebazhang: yes you are right. I did not realise I was in here when chatting13:55
longtimeuserso offtopic is not for free talks ?13:55
geuHi i wanted to install the ubuntu-xen-desktop package on my hardy system, but xenman is simply missing http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/base/ubuntu-xen-desktop?lang=de thats the reason it cant be installed, does one of you know a way to install xenman on hardy and afterward simply run apt-get install ubuntu-xen-desktop again?13:55
Seveas!o4o > longtimeuser13:56
kahrytan_Lucretia_->  find what deb you got installed13:56
zublongtimeuser: in OT you can speak only about war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, suicide :))13:56
kahrytanzub->  more like .. cant talk about those things.13:56
longtimeuseri can speak ?13:56
IdleOneSeveas: I already showed him the factoid. didnt help him much13:56
longtimeuseri talked about drug they kicked me13:56
Seveaslongtimeuser, behave in here and no offtopic talk or they'll kick you from here as well13:57
IdleOne!coc | longtimeuser read the follwing it explains13:57
ubotulongtimeuser read the follwing it explains: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/13:57
baudelaireQUESTION: Can anyone tell me the official reason why webmin isn't in the repositories?  I can't seem to find it.  Thank you!13:57
reverAnyone else having issues with High CPU Usage in Hardy?13:57
jtravnick longtimeuser dont feel bad i was signing a song and they baned me13:57
Seveasbaudelaire, because it's unsafe and unmaintained13:57
_Lucretia_kahrytan: linux-restricted-modules-
longtimeuserno im not feeling bad13:57
baudelairesorry, Thank you, Seveas13:58
longtimeuserim thinking how to talk with those brains13:58
longtimeuserso they are gentlement13:58
bews1I'm trying to produce a workaround for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/197209 in time for Hardy, but gnome-power-manager isn't cooperating13:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197209 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] fglrx + compiz fusion won't resume" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:58
geucan i use a source tarball to install it? btw. what is a source tarball?13:58
Seveaslongtimeuser, last warning. no offtopic chitchat in here13:58
_Lucretia_kahrytan: xorg-driver-fglrx 1:7.1.0-8-3+  <<-- I take it the 8-3 means Catalyst 8.3?13:59
Lamego!compile | geu13:59
ubotugeu: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)13:59
longtimeuserSeveas, how to work touch screen on my tablet13:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tablet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:59
bews1_Lucretia_: that's what it means13:59
_Lucretia_bews1: thatnks13:59
_Lucretia_bews1: I'm running the compviz stuff (nice) and 3D overlays dunt werk!14:00
bews1_Lucretia_: sorry, I don't even know what a 3d overlay is14:00
_Lucretia_bews1: well showing 3D in a window on the desktop14:00
bews1ATI did release an 8-4 driver though14:00
bews1_Lucretia_: if you are using XGL, that will fail.14:01
_Lucretia_bews1: no idea14:01
_Lucretia_bews1: how do I know?14:01
_Lucretia_bews1: or...find out, even :D14:01
bews1I think pgrep Xgl'14:01
bews1I mean 'pgrep Xgl' will tell you.14:01
_Lucretia_bews1: don't you have to grep a file or something?14:02
bews1ps waux | grep Xgl14:02
bews1same basic idea14:02
_Lucretia_well pgrep Xgl brought back nothing14:02
* _Lucretia_ has never used pgrep before :/14:03
_Lucretia_that's a new one14:03
bews1Then I have no hints other than "aticonfig --overlay-type=xv" which is in all the HOWTOs14:03
bews1\me learned pgrep yesterday14:03
* bews1 learned it but not how to use the slash key14:03
_Lucretia_yeah I did that command yesterday, but it did nothing14:03
_Lucretia_doesn't actually change anything14:04
longtimeusercya all14:07
kahrytanWhy do people still use ati in ubuntu?14:09
kahrytanI heard so many horror stories about ati in linux ... has it gone away?14:11
bazhangyou have an issue with ati kahrytan or just want to chat14:11
=== bandit is now known as banditul
kahrytanbazhang-> has ati issue in Linux been fixed?14:13
_Lucretia_for the 3D desktop stuff, should I have AIGLX enabled in the xorg.conf?14:13
bazhangkahrytan: what is your specific issue; what have you done what card and how did you install the drivers14:13
kahrytanbazhang-> I use nvidia .. curiosity.14:14
bazhangkahrytan: so you just want to chat?14:14
Miinetikahrytan is just bored14:14
bazhangthere is a channel for that iirc14:14
spinikeri did a dual boot of ubuntu and xp,however i cannot edit my grub,so that i could choose the boot order,any thoughts14:15
kahrytanbazhang->  Every once awhile people do need help here. And I try to help when possible.14:15
bazhangspiniker: cannot edit grub? what did you try to do and what errors did you get14:15
kahrytanspiniker->  why not?14:15
kahrytanspiniker->  By boot order, you mean choose which one is booted by default? or change the order in grub list?14:16
spinikerwell i cant access it,i didnt partition it on one disk,i have two hard drives,ubuntu and xp..14:16
kahrytanGrub config is /boot/grub/menu.lst14:17
kahrytanspiniker->  Boot Ubuntu then edit the file. but have to be careful14:17
spinikeri used gedit14:17
kahrytanspiniker->  it is root owned.14:18
kahrytanspiniker-> so sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst14:18
spinikerwell thats what i did..wait ill try and gt back to you14:18
spinikercommand not found14:19
spinikerthats what it says on my terminal14:19
jbroomedon't include "so"14:19
spinikeryeah i didnt include it..14:19
kahrytanspiniker-> " sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" without ""14:19
spinikeryep without " "14:20
spinikersame thing14:20
kahrytancan you open gedit?14:20
dany_21aspiniker, try sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst14:20
kahrytanspiniker->  try sudo gedit by itself14:20
kahrytandany_21a->  that works too.14:21
spinikeris it posible since the os are separated on diff drives that i dont need to edit grub anymore14:21
dany_21aspiniker: or "kate" if you are using kubu...14:21
kahrytanspiniker->  I use twodifferent drives. too14:21
spinikerah ok wiat ill try ur suggestion14:21
spinikercommand not found14:22
jbroomethat's odd14:22
spinikersudo gedit worked,but the document is empty14:22
kahrytanspiniker->  try to open sudo nautilus14:23
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:23
kahrytanPici->  yeah yeah doh me.14:23
dany_21akahrytan: maybe he is using lilo ?14:23
kahrytandany_21a->  but ubuntu uses grub.14:23
jbroomeapparently not on his machine14:24
spinikeryeah, i am using ubuntu14:24
kahrytanspiniker->  try gksu gedit14:24
dany_21aunder certain events it may install lilo (xfs on /boot eg)14:24
kahrytandany_21a->  lol14:24
kahrytandany_21a->  i didnt know that14:24
spinikerstill blank document14:24
kahrytanspiniker->  you use grub?14:25
spinikergksudo grub you mean?14:25
kahrytandoes menu.lst file exist?14:25
spinikeri dont really know where to look it up..sorry14:26
kahrytanuse nautilus .. /boot/grub14:26
jbroomels /boot/grub/menu.*14:27
kahrytanor jbroome idea14:27
bazhangspiniker: this is ubuntu or ubuntu-based14:27
amortvigilhey what programs do i need to burn nrg files?14:28
spinikeri did try gksudo gedit/boot/grub/menu.lst  it says bash: my password:command not found14:28
jbroomeamortvigil: looks like nrg2iso will convert for you14:29
Kanoamortvigil: how about installing  nero for linux?14:29
kahrytanspiniker-> gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst14:29
kahrytanspiniker->  space between gedit and path ?14:29
amortvigiljbroome thanx it works fine :)\14:29
jbroomeamortvigil: i did an 'apt-cache search nrg' to find that14:30
kahrytangedit is the command, /boot/grub/menu.lst is the path to file.14:30
jaffarkelshacanyone installed lightscribe? i got the deb from lightscribe.com but when i install i cant find where it is14:30
spinikergot it..14:30
spinikeri guess the space was the problem..thanks14:31
kahrytanspiniker->  d'oh moment eh?14:31
spinikeryeah..i know..14:31
kahrytanspiniker->  try troubleshooting more..14:32
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: type lightscribe in terminal to start it up. probably does not add an entry to the menu though14:32
spinikeryeah i guess i ought to anti up the reading more14:32
jaffarkelshaci tried that nothing,  command not found14:33
spinikerwait which line should i change?14:33
W8TAHhi folks: was using xchat latest last night on hardy heron dev release - along with pidgin in the gnome desktop everytime i tried to dcc recieve it crashed all of gnome and i had to reboot -- any ideas or suggestions?14:33
vbabiy-laptopHey guys is there a way to set the primary monitor in the nvidia setting?14:34
kahrytanspiniker->  what?14:34
kahrytanspiniker->  what do you want to do14:35
spinikerthe boot order,id like to change it..xp loads as default,since im not just the one using this pc14:35
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto14:36
kahrytanspiniker->  look for default h14:37
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: dpkg -s lightscribe what does that return?14:37
jaffarkelshacit returns details about the package lightsribe, install status which is ok IdleOne14:38
spinikerok then?14:39
spinikerim looking at apcmag dual boot instructions14:39
spinikerit says i should change the default 0 to 414:40
spinikeris that ok14:40
vbabiy-laptopHey guys is there a way to set the primary monitor in the nvidia setting?14:41
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSection/linux/index.aspx?id=815 install this it should then work but I am not certain :/14:41
jaffarkelshacthats the package i have IdleOne, downloaded it twice but still nothing i will give up for the moment14:42
IdleOneread the note at the bottom14:43
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: install this http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSection/linux/index.aspx?id=81414:43
kahrytanoops i lost spiniker14:43
IdleOneneed both those files14:43
jaffarkelshaci have that as well14:43
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: like I said I am not sure about this as I never used lightscribe and dont have the hardware to test14:44
jaffarkelshacits fine, thanks for the help anyway.14:44
W8TAHhi folks: was using xchat latest last night on hardy heron dev release - along with pidgin in the gnome desktop everytime i tried to dcc recieve it crashed all of gnome and i had to reboot -- any ideas or suggestions?14:45
jaffarkelshacmy keyboard keeps changing layout when i restart. how do i nip this in the bud14:45
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: in terminal type LightScribe ( case sensitive )14:46
kahrytanjaffarkelshac->  what layout?14:46
kahrytanjaffarkelshac->  are you qwerty type or the modern devorak?14:47
jaffarkelshacnah IdleOne it just wont work.14:47
IdleOnejaffarkelshac: sorry ;/14:47
jaffarkelshacits qwerty14:47
kahrytanjaffarkelshac->  and changing too?14:48
jaffarkelshacits the symbols that change not the letters14:48
kahrytansee... now provide more details when asking for help14:49
jaffarkelshaci choose united kingdom default, everytime is fine, i restart and the symbols have all changed.14:49
kahrytanis  anyone having trouble accessing help.ubuntu.com?14:51
jbroomeIt is my dream that help.ubuntu.com has crashed because so many people were looking up their questions before asking here14:52
jbroomekahrytan: failed to connect for me14:52
kahrytanjbroome->  umm ubuntu server crashed/rebooted or updating?14:55
jbroomebeats me14:55
kahrytanOh crap ..3 days to go.14:55
kahrytanHow fast days flies14:56
W8TAHhelp.ubuntu.com is up here for me14:56
kahrytanNow iti s14:56
kahrytanit wasnt before14:56
W8TAHjust trying to help14:56
kahrytanjbroome->  up for you?14:57
kahrytanHiccup perhaps14:58
kahrytanUbuntu Help pages needs a redesign14:58
simion314hi, my system frezed, i had to reboot. is a log somewhere to search the cause?14:58
kahrytanmay the force lead you to /var/log , simion31414:59
kahrytanIt may also lead you too Administration>System Logs15:00
kahrytanI can be funny sometimes15:00
hwildefunny sometimes, you can be15:02
jbroomeI'm still waiting. :)15:07
* kahrytan doesnt even like star wars.15:07
* Miineti gets her darth vader sword of pappemache, the neighbors kid gave her15:09
* kahrytan is a trekker15:09
DanaG[ 3937.659139] uhci_hcd 0000:00:1d.1: host controller process error, something bad happened!15:09
DanaG[ 3937.659151] uhci_hcd 0000:00:1d.1: host controller halted, very bad!15:09
DanaG[ 3937.659181] uhci_hcd 0000:00:1d.1: HC died; cleaning up15:09
DanaGHappened last night..... and then my USB devices shut down.15:10
kahrytanDanaG->  did you look at logs?15:10
kahrytanDanaG->  Did you lloook at those logs last night?15:10
* x1250 wants intrepid ibex15:11
* kahrytan wants Vista to die15:11
DanaGWell, I went to bed, and came back to lack of internet.15:11
* kahrytan sharpens a two edged sword15:11
DanaGI was using a USB ethernet adapter for the sake of testing.15:11
DanaGI guess it just can't handle doing torrents on the USB ethernet adapter.15:12
topylikahrytan: oh noes. if vista dies, my lady will have no system and she'll ask for support!15:12
kahrytantopyli->  Then you get more one on one time?15:12
DanaGBut then, if I leave my system torrenting while compiz is active, various things happen depending on what network adapter I'm using.15:13
kahrytanUSB isnt really good for torrents anyhow15:13
DanaGBuilt-in e1000: complete hard-lockup of the system.15:13
ghostcubehi guys is this the place for kubuntu gutsy to hardy questions too ?15:14
DanaGWireless iwl3945 -- seems to have no issues, but my dad is paranoid and insists on having wireless disabled.15:14
kahrytanghostcube->  you mean kubuntu to ubuntu hardy?15:14
ghostcubekubuntu hardy rc115:14
DanaGCardbus xirc2ps_cs: xorg locks up, and takes magic-sysrq to kill.... and then comes back in utterly-crap mode (seemingly completely unaccelerated).15:15
_Lucretia_has anybody got full 3D desktop with an ATi card (mines an X1950XT) and also has video and 3D working in a window as well as fullscreen? If so, can you paste your xorg.conf so I can compare with mine? Thanks.15:15
x1250DanaG: as I see on google, it might be hardware related, but It might be some nasty bug. Is the bug consistent?15:15
kahrytanI guess if there is no kubuntu+1 then i guess its yes15:15
DanaGUSB 'pegasus' device: USB controller dies.15:15
* kahrytan does allot of guessing ^15:15
kahrytanghostcube->  realy question is .. KDE3 or KDe4?15:16
ghostcubeheh no i meant to bring kubuntu gutsy to kubuntu hardy is there any known probs which are known15:16
* DanaG switches back to onboard.15:16
DanaGI think those are likely hardware issues.15:16
kahrytanghostcube->  There is two releases this time and its not LTS i believe15:16
=== Webspot_ is now known as Webspot
DanaGIf I play HL2DM in Windows, online, with my onboard ethernet device:15:16
kahrytanis Kubuntu LTS this round?15:16
x1250Probably hardware related then, I guess15:17
ghostcubekahrytan: yes i know 18 months for cd1 kde3 and community for kde4  but i thought there were anny known issues maybe so i shouldnt upgrade to the new version but if not i would give it a try15:17
ghostcubestill on kde3 i dont like the kde4 for now15:17
ghostcubecause im fusion support so no need15:17
kahrytanKDE4 is brand new .. probably why they opted for KDE315:17
DanaGKDE4 is ugly to me.15:18
kahrytanProbably waiting for next version15:18
ghostcubei dont like the vista start menu they brought to it15:18
DanaGIt's the only desktop environment I've ever seen that manages to make a 17" notebook feel like a 12" notebook.15:18
ghostcubebut if u set all normal like on xp to 2000 it works fine15:18
kahrytanghostcube->  gonna have to get used to it eventually15:18
kahrytanKDE4 is like brand new OS.15:19
kahrytanoops operating environment15:19
x1250I like KDE4, but its too inmature right now. I used it as my only desktop from 3.96 till some weeks ago, on debian.15:19
ghostcubeyes and therefore a bit buggy15:20
DanaGHeh, nearly 100% of the time, when I close Firefox 3, I force-quit it because it's too slow,15:20
kahrytanKubuntu 8.o4 w/ KDE3 is LTS?15:20
ghostcubeyes afaik15:20
ghostcube Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 3 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported15:20
kahrytanbut not KDE4?15:20
ghostcubeis from #kubuntu15:20
kahrytanI understand15:20
jpatrickkahrytan: no, neither will be15:21
kahrytanI  bet  by 9.04, KDE4 will be primary15:21
kahrytanjpatrick->  Niether?15:21
kahrytanjpatrick->  thats what i originally though15:21
jpatrickkahrytan: 8.10 will (hopefully) have KDE 4.115:21
kahrytanthats why I said I bet by 9.0415:22
LynoureGetting my mother to move to KDE4 will be interesting...15:22
kahrytanif not by 8.10, most likely 9.0415:22
x1250I bet for 9.04 also15:22
kahrytanIt would depend on KDE people15:22
DanaGMy parents are too stubborn to use anything but their Windows XP.15:22
kahrytanDanaG->  i feel your pain15:23
DanaGThey've had their systems randomly "break" sometimes.15:23
kahrytanDanaG->  but its not XP, it's worse. Vista15:23
DanaGI've never had my Ubuntu system randomly break, in ways not brought on by myself (such as by using development versions).15:23
ghostcubeis it true that there is no kcontrol in hardy kubuntu or is this only the kde4 version cause systemsettings are very painful15:23
kahrytanDanaG-> They say Vista is faster then ubuntu 7.10 *rolls eyes*15:23
DanaGDad's nForce4 (with integrated video) motherboard has a lovely "feature" of causing random filesystem corruption, it seems.15:24
kahrytanDanaG->  it doesnt like ntfs?15:24
DanaGI think nvidia's hardware, or their drivers, are just crappy.15:24
kahrytani wouldn't either .. defragging for hour or so.15:25
kahrytanWhat would you rather have -- hour or defrag or like minute of fschk ?15:25
jpatrickDanaG: I've successfully forced my family to use Ubuntu15:25
x1250jpatrick: my mother uses debian :)15:26
kahrytanjpatrick->  Im trying to do the same15:26
kahrytanMy biggest issue I have to fight over is OSS for them.15:26
kahrytanOSS being bad for business and why should they trust OSS comunity  and security issues.15:26
kahrytanie.. Whats stopping some anonymous person from making security hole into it15:27
savvaskahrytan: a community that proof-reads anything before being imported :)15:28
kahrytanAnyone got good response to that15:28
kahrytanmybest answer is that software maintained  and monitored by dozens, hundreds of people at once. So slipping security hole into it would be hard or impossible to do.15:30
savvaswhat did i say? :P15:30
kahrytanAnd Companies do sell OSS software.15:30
kahrytanCDs dont have to contain the source either15:31
kahrytanCD has binary form  but customer can ask for Source code when requested.15:31
kahrytanam i right or wrong?15:32
savvaseh that's "monitored" free, not free :)15:34
kahrytansavvas->  huh?15:34
savvasasking for something means that you have to enable them to access the source code = monitoring15:35
kahrytansavvas-> i was following up  on bad for capitalism/business15:35
savvasoh ok :p15:36
kahrytanHow can a business profit from the sale of OSS software?15:36
kahrytanand keep capitalism alive15:36
savvaswell.. after several hundred thousands of free cds, i see canonical still alive :)15:37
BalaamsMiraclekahrytan: A business can make revenue on the support15:37
kahrytanthough, OSS is Free in Freedom of Speech, not Free Software15:37
savvasor on a special "enterprise" version15:37
kahrytanby the definition, One can sell OSS software.15:37
kahrytanhence SUSE Linux.15:38
kahrytanIt is OSS software but have to pay for it.15:38
savvasopensuse vs. suse :)15:38
kahrytanWouldnt the source code for SUSE be available?15:39
kahrytanOpenSuse =! SUSE15:39
kahrytani don't think it is possible to always include source on the cd. Software could be to large to fit both binary and souce. For example, games.15:41
andyBHI, I've got a recent problem with 8.04 ... I think it happened in the last few days of upgrades.   The audio volume has gone very low ( almost impossible to hear) .... checking the puleaudio meter it's showing high output .... but the output I can here is very low - any ideas ?15:42
kahrytanBalaamsMiracle->  How would you prorpose how a business can profit from OSS besides support?15:42
LogicalDashandyB: try right-clicking the volume manager on your toolbar and selecting Open Volume Control--often that sort of thing is caused by one of the various preamps being set too low15:43
kahrytanLogicalDash->  DOUBLE click it15:44
andyBLogicalDash ... thanks - been through all of those and set them to max15:44
kahrytanLogicalDash->  double click .. better15:44
LogicalDashandyB: are all of them displayed? try command line: alsamixer, it'll show *all* devices15:44
LogicalDashkahrytan, thanks15:45
kahrytanLogicalDash->  didnt know that trick?15:45
LogicalDashkahrytan, ehhhh no15:45
kahrytanLogicalDash->  that shaves second or two off that one for ya15:46
andyBLogicalDash - checked via commandline - all at 100%15:46
MikeCulverI have 8.04 installed on a laptop in a dual boot config.  When starting 8.04 from a cold boot, everything is fine.  However, after resuming from suspend, I can no longer write to my ext3 part.  I can, however, read and write to my NTFS part.  How should I go about fixing this?15:46
LogicalDashandyB: sorry, that's about the extent of my expertise :-)15:46
andyBLogicalDash Thanks Anyway :)15:46
nemomemory lapse - what's the debian command to identify which package a file belongs to?15:47
kahrytanMikeCulver->  sounds like ext3 is being remounted as read only.15:47
LogicalDashHey, in Gutsy I had a startup command, alltray thunderbird -na, that would put Thunderbird in my systray and have it alert me to new mail... now in Hardy, Thunderbird always opens a window, which I don't want it to do, and it seems to have a habit of randomly evaporating from the systray without killing the Thunderbird process, which for some reason causes pretty severe slowdown. Help?15:47
nemoneed to figure out what to file a bug against15:47
Picinemo: dpkg -S /path/to/file15:48
kahrytanPici->  wow. i didnt know that and that is useful15:48
nemohm. so wireless-tools15:48
MikeCulverkahrytan: I'm rather green to this.  Is there a script I should look at to fix this?15:48
nemoDanaG: my wireless problem is solved btw15:48
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
PiciAlso: apt-file search /path/to/file  (but you need to install apt-file first, and the package need not be installed then)15:48
kahrytanMikeCulver-> sorry .. thinking outloud about your issue.15:49
nemoDanaG: stupid stupid stupid bug.15:49
nemoDanaG: you might have missed the first part due to disconnecting :)15:49
andyBAnyone else an expert ( not that it takes much to be more expert than me ) on pulseaudio and /or audio systems ?15:49
kahrytanPici->  does hibernate umount drives?15:49
DanaGI missed whatever happened, because just after I switched to my onboard ethernet..... I got a hard lockup.15:49
nemoDanaG: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/217809 note the last couple of comments :)15:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217809 in linux "iwl3945 does not associate in Hardy" [Undecided,New]15:49
nemoDanaG: ouch :(15:49
DanaGMy iwl3945 works fine for me.15:50
trefferhi, I've just replaced a vista home basic with ubuntu 8.04rc and had a problem with b43: the automagic install worked on the live cd but freezed the real install... is there a known bug? I can't provide too much information as it's not my notebook and not here15:50
nemoDanaG: yep. so does mine *now*15:50
DanaGAnd then I booted... and had to fsck.15:50
kahrytanPici->  Suspend umount patitions?15:50
DanaGHmm, anybody else notice how far off-center (vertically) the progress bar is on the usplash theme?15:50
nemoDanaG: flaw was not in the driver. there is a bug. it is just an idiotic one :)15:50
DanaGIt bothers me.15:50
Picikahrytan: I dont know, sorry.15:50
DanaGTry booting without 'quiet'15:50
nemoDanaG: basically the reason one would do:  echo "don't forget to quote me"15:50
nemoDanaG: clearly someone is not passing "  "  to iwconfig15:50
kahrytanPici->  MikeCulver problem15:51
nemoDanaG: ubuntu will break if your passphrase has any quote marks or spaces15:51
nemoor possibly other special chars15:51
nemoDanaG: I should start an internet cafe with the passphrase ;rm -rf ~15:51
nemoor rm -rf /15:51
MikeCulvernemo: oh noes!15:52
Picinemo: Please dont.15:52
Picinemo: Please refrain from posting such commands here.15:52
DanaGhow about 'cat /dev/urandom'15:52
nemoPici: you think someone in #ubuntu+1 wouldn't know what rm -rf does??15:52
nemoerm. sorry then.15:52
nemopeople. don't execute random commands you don't know what they do without any context.15:53
Picinemo: There are many people here who I dont think should be running Hardy, so yes.15:53
kahrytannemo-> new people do use Ubuntu15:53
nemokahrytan: and found #ubuntu+1 ...15:53
MikeCulvernemo: Actually, I have only a vague understanding... but it sounds like a recursive remove15:53
kahrytanPici->  but I know better about that.15:53
nemokahrytan: so. they use ubuntu, and irc, and beta/alpha software and have no clue about the cli  :)15:53
nemokahrytan: yeah. they're screwed.15:53
kahrytanHardy isnt Beta any longer though15:54
nemokahrytan: still beta for 3 days15:54
PiciIts not released either.15:54
kahrytanRelease Candidate15:54
nemooh really.15:54
nemook. fine.15:54
nemoof course, I didn't say it was a command15:54
nemoso they'd also have to be executing random bits of conversation in IRC :)15:54
kahrytanUbuntu 8.03 Release Candidate... Meaning ..we think it's ready but not sure. Mind testing it out for us?15:54
nemoanyway. is a legitimate flaw in the tool.15:55
MikeCulverAnyway... After resume, a filesystem is no longer writeable that was writeable.  What could cause this?15:55
nemoas soon as I figure out where to put it, going to write it up properly15:55
nemoMikeCulver: needs an fsck probably.15:55
MikeCulverDoes suspend actually umount the fs?15:55
MikeCulverI've done one, but same results15:55
nemoMikeCulver: your suspend wasn't clean I guess.15:55
DanaGAnybody else notice the ugly offcenter progress-bar in the usplash?15:55
MikeCulverDanaG: No.15:56
MikeCulvernemo: This is a consistent problem.  It's not just a thing that happens sometimes or under certain conditions... at least it happens under all conditions the system works in.15:57
kahrytanDanaG->  no but  i try to ignore it since hwinfo says  my hardware doesnt support widescreen, which is a lie.15:57
MikeCulverIs there a script that handles the filesystem after resume that could cause this?15:58
kahrytanMikeCulver->  check your logs.15:58
* nemo nods15:59
nemoMikeCulver: there could be something damaged on your disc - or your swap partition since that is where you are probably resuming from15:59
kahrytannemo->  agreeing?15:59
nemokahrytan: yep :)15:59
nemokahrytan: say, if you boot off a CD, does that screw with resume?15:59
DanaGI mean this:16:00
kahrytannemo-> I wouldnt know16:00
DanaGthe progress bar is not centered between the logo and the textbox.16:00
MikeCulverwhich logs?16:00
DanaGThat's regardless of harware.16:00
kahrytanDanaG-> I dont like Usplash for Ubuntu16:00
kahrytanMikeCulver-> System Logs.16:00
DanaGI wish Ubuntu would use fbsplash.16:01
kahrytanDanaG-> http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png16:01
kahrytanDanaG-> My GDM and usplash have similar images as wallpaper16:01
MikeCulverah... all of them then16:02
MikeCulveri'll get reading.16:02
DanaGOoh, red.  Interesting.16:02
kahrytanMikeCulver->  Device related logs16:02
kahrytanDanaG->  there is other colors.16:03
kahrytanDanaG-> Blue, Green, Orange.16:03
W8TAHran into a problem last night -- i was using pidgin, and xchat on hardy RC, a friend tried to dcc me a document, and upon receipt, my screen and keybaord locked -- could not ctrl alt backspace, could not switch to a different console, could not ctrl alt delete, nothing -- i could hear alerts from messages (both in pidgin and xchat) arriving but no change on the screen paint - -any ideas???16:04
DanaGColoring looks bad on 16-bit.16:04
kahrytanIf they make black one.. it might fit well in Hardy release.16:04
kahrytanW8TAH-> Translation: nautilus or gnome locked up on you16:05
kahrytanW8TAH->  did you try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace?16:06
MikeCulverkahrytan: there isn't anything obvious complaining about a problem.  All the procedure in the resume talking about "sda" says either succedded or good, etc.16:06
kahrytanMikeCulver-> I can't really help .. but i am interested in the solution.16:07
DanaGalt-sysrq-k to kill Xorg often works even when ctrl-alt-backspace does not.16:07
MikeCulverkahrytan: thanks for your help thusfar16:08
DanaGArgh, what is this pdflush that keeps abusing my hard drive?16:08
kahrytanMikeCulver->  but try troubleshooting..16:08
ampexdoes 8.04 have no inittab?16:09
W8TAHkahrytan: i THINK gnome locked16:09
W8TAHand yes - -repeatedly16:09
kahrytanW8TAH->  ctrl-alt-backspace terminates X16:10
kahrytanW8TAH-> and thus logs you out. and terminates anything that needs x.16:11
W8TAHkahrytan: yes, i know this - it didnt work - -no input was being accepted from the keyboard16:11
W8TAHkahrytan: yes - ive used it on many occasions16:12
^^malajenho^hi everyone16:12
^^malajenho^I've updated my gutsy gibbon to hardy heron, but now when I try to login, it doesn't start session, anyone has the same problem ?16:12
kahrytanW8TAH-> what did you try to figure it out16:12
W8TAHi tried switching to an alternate console to kill the xchat process - -16:13
W8TAHno luck16:13
kahrytan^^malajenho^->  aw... i heard that one .. before.. someone will know16:13
W8TAHi tried ctrl alt backspace -- no luck16:13
W8TAHthe mouse would move16:13
W8TAHbut couldnt affect the screen at all beyond that16:13
W8TAHclicking to close windows did not bring up the offer to wait or force quit box16:13
kahrytanW8TAH->  look at logs?16:13
W8TAHwhat program do i look at?16:14
kahrytanW8TAH->  Its amazing the stuff you learn if you troubleshoot16:14
W8TAHim not disputing that either -- i am asking for a bit of help in knowing where to begin16:15
kahrytanW8TAH->  look at System Logs applet16:15
andyBW8TAH;  I had a similar thing a couple of days ago - unfortunately I couldn't see anything in the logs ( seemed to lock apart from the mouse moving )16:15
kahrytanAndy80->  D'oh16:16
Andy80kahrytan: tell me16:16
W8TAHkahrytan: ok - that makes sense -- for which program? -- i dont have hours and hours to read the entire log for all installed software --16:16
kahrytanAndy80->  oops..other andy16:16
DanaGW8TAH: remember alt-sysrq-k -- it should work even if ctrl-alt-del does not.16:16
nosrednaekimW8TAH: yep... my freind is having that problem as well.... its related to selecting items on the taskbar16:16
Andy80ok :)16:16
kahrytanandyB-> You have wonderfully timing16:17
W8TAHDanaG: sysrq?16:17
W8TAHnosrednaekim: i didnt touch anything in teh task bar at all16:17
andyBKahrytan:  :)16:17
kahrytanandyB, W8TAH, and nosrednaekim's friend should have a troubleshoot party.16:17
andyBParty :) :)16:17
W8TAHthe trigger in each case was the attempted receipt of a dcc file16:18
kahrytanW8TAH->  in what program16:18
andyBnot in my case - although I did have pidgin open16:18
W8TAHi had xchat and pidgin open using the gnome desktop - -fully updated (less than an hour before) hardy release candidate16:19
W8TAHim using the nvida driver16:19
kahrytanW8TAH->  soomething to do with xchat though16:19
W8TAHit was an xchat dcc receive when it yappened yes16:19
W8TAHxchat help told me to come here16:19
kahrytanW8TAH->  try duplicating it?16:20
W8TAHhappened 3 times last night16:20
kahrytanw/o pidgin open16:20
W8TAHsame circumstances in each case16:20
kahrytanNarrow it down16:20
kahrytanThen once you find it, report it :-P and make work around16:21
kahrytanYou know, the never end job of pre-release users.16:21
kahrytanDanaG->  like my red desktop?16:22
W8TAHkahrytan: im not a programmer - im a network admin --16:22
W8TAHi'll be glad to report, but im not able to program a resolution16:23
kahrytanW8TAH->  I want your paycheck.16:23
W8TAHin a private tuition supported chruch sponsored school16:23
W8TAHtrust me - you dont want my paycheck16:23
kahrytanW8TAH->  a joke.16:23
kahrytanW8TAH->  but it sounds like the money is a joke16:24
_Lucretia_I take it nobody has managed to get an ati card working with 3D desktop and playing gl apps/movies in windows?16:24
kahrytanW8TAH->  arent network admins paid nicely?16:24
W8TAHif i was here for the money i wouldnt be here16:24
kahrytanW8TAH->  You do it for the love of the job?16:24
W8TAHin church circles we call it ministry16:25
W8TAHin essence yes16:25
kahrytanW8TAH->  That too but no religion speak :-P16:25
W8TAHim the middleschool science and comptuer teacher, One man IT Shop -- director to tech, registrar, webmaster, DBA and Network Admin16:26
W8TAHlets say it keeps me hoppin16:26
kahrytanW8TAH->  Sounds fun16:26
W8TAHweve got about 110 workstations and 10 servers or so16:26
mc-georgehey guys, anyone know of an ftp program that supports SSL encryption?16:26
W8TAHit is - i love it16:26
W8TAHmc-george: server or client?16:27
nemomc-george: you mean sftp? :)16:27
mc-georgeits just to download from an ftp16:27
W8TAHid definatly try filezilla16:27
kahrytangftp i think does16:27
W8TAHim not positive but thats a good starting point16:27
nemoI was just curious what he meant by SSL encryption16:28
nemodoes FTP have a TLS spec?16:28
W8TAHthanks for the help folks - bbl16:28
www2hi all16:28
nemoor did he mean sftp over 2216:28
www2I heft today install ubuntu 8.04 AMD64 and after install a text 2 speechs under wine. i play some music and read some text in that progam but i get some error that the program can not accest alsa16:28
primskianyone has asus eee with hardy on ?16:28
kahrytanmc-george->  I did a simple google search on gftp and sftp... allot of results there16:28
mc-georgekahrytan, installed gftp16:29
www2is this a bug in wine or alsa?16:29
jbroomefilezilla is great16:29
kahrytanmc-george->  connect via SSH with gftp16:30
mc-georgekahrytan, thank you =)16:30
kahrytanmc-george->  gftp is nice program16:31
mc-georgekahrytan, I really appreciate your help16:31
* x1250 wants intrepid ibex16:32
kahrytanjbroome->  I like gftp better16:32
* kahrytan wants Vista to die.16:32
* x1250 likes filezilla16:32
jbroomekahrytan: your opinion is different than mine. Obviously, you're wrong. :)16:32
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:32
kahrytanjbroome->  I choose not to argue.16:33
kahrytanKinda reminds me of the old Mac vs PC days...16:34
kahrytanback before Steve Jobs took over Apple.16:34
kahrytanI just realized a one way for good transition period between GDM-> Desktop16:35
kahrytanGnome Splash at fullscreen.16:36
www2Can some one tell me how to can run a text to speech program in wine and play music under amarok with alsa under 8.04 (AMD64/x68-64)?16:36
kahrytanbut activate at login16:36
jbroomeI think The Steve started apple with Woz16:36
kahrytanjbroome->  yeah .. and got kicked out.16:36
kahrytanjbroome->  and Apple bought his new company out.16:36
x1250www2: I don't think you can do that with alsa, maybe with pulseaudio...16:37
kahrytanjbroome->  did you know Apple owns subsidiaries?16:37
papa_hi i'm now on 804rc16:37
papa_looks nice16:37
jbroomekahrytan: I choose not to argue16:37
papa_you guys know how to enable proprietary 3d drivers?16:38
kahrytanjbroome->  Mind .. how am i wrong?16:38
m1ri wonder where did that nice orange stripe went from left side of main menu ?16:39
m1rwhen i installed beta2 it was there , and after several upgrades , now is gone, is there any options to set it back ?16:40
kahrytanm1r->  Someone  higher up said they didnt like it?16:40
kahrytanUbuntu Community perhaps16:40
m1rkahrytan: i see :/16:40
kahrytanpeople thats over Ubuntu Artwork team16:41
Andy80how can I rename the connection created with "Connect to server" in Ubuntu 8.04?16:41
m1rso is there a way to get it back ? :)16:41
www2x1250: it not working16:41
x1250m1r: it dissapear for ever, it seems16:41
x1250it was a bad call, orange stripe was awesome16:41
kahrytanx1250->  I just wish they would change the darn usplash screen16:41
m1rso that means i must look in beta for that option and try to get it back?16:41
m1ryes, orange stripe brought life to gnome menu16:41
kahrytanx1250->  or better ya, make firefox default start nicer.16:42
x1250I don't use usplash, I hate it (I'm a debian guy)16:42
* kahrytan curses x1250 for enternity.. doomed to live debian lifestyle. 16:42
topyliso debian people hate usplash by definition? :)16:43
x1250its possible :)16:43
m1rso, does anyone know where that option could be hidden for that nice orange stripe ?16:43
kahrytantopyli->  I thought Debian hates Ubuntu users by definition?16:43
topylino they don't16:44
kahrytantopyli->  or is thet exclusive to #Debian16:44
topyliubuntu is good for debian16:44
x1250and debian for ubuntu16:44
kahrytanNot when Linspire switches from Debian to Ubuntu16:44
x1250they're like lovers16:44
x1250the make love every night16:44
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x1250Oh, wait, I think I need some sex16:44
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!16:44
m1rand fight every day ? x1250 ?16:45
topylikahrytan: what does that have to do with anything? linspire is good for debian too16:45
x1250m1r: what fights?16:45
kahrytantopyli->  ubuntu seems to stealing Debian's thunder at times16:45
x1250I never fight ubuntu people16:45
Odd-rationaleSo if I'm running the RC, upgrading to final version is as simple as running aptitude dist-upgrade on the release date?16:45
kahrytanDebian community does allot of work and Ubuntu still needs them16:45
PiciOdd-rationale: Yes.16:45
x1250In fact I come here to give free support for ubuntu users (debian users dont need ubuntu support :)16:45
kahrytanDoes Canonical fund Debian development?16:46
topylithere never was a "debian thunder", and no need for such16:46
Odd-rationalePici: Thanks!16:46
x1250kahrytan: debian guys make the big work16:46
x1250withouth debian there would be no ubuntu16:46
topylikahrytan: ubuntu development is debian development too16:46
kahrytanx1250->  hence my question, Does Canonical give funds to debian development16:46
x1250kahrytan: nope16:46
x1250or not that I know16:47
kahrytanI guess ubuntu improvements is imported into Debian ?16:47
PiciBut even if they don't, we give stuff back to upstream16:47
topylikahrytan: canonical funds ubuntu development, which is then used in debian proper when desired16:47
kahrytanPici->  that answered my ques16:47
kahrytanUbuntu does upstream as well as downstream16:47
m1rso guys , anyone know how to get that orange stripe back on main menu ?16:48
kahrytanm1r->  why?16:48
m1rkahrytan: cause i like it very much, gives life to colorless menu16:48
kahrytanm1r-> Sounds like it's a Theme issue.16:48
topylikahrytan: ubuntu does encourage the creation of derivatives, if that's what you mean by downstream16:48
kahrytanm1r-> Look at the old packages for themes16:48
m1rthx kahrytan16:49
_Rambaldi_how can i change the color brown on every window to other colors16:49
kahrytantopyli->  by downstream, I mean Ubuntu imports Debian Sid etc etc16:49
PiciThats upstream.16:49
topylikahrytan: in that case, ubuntu _is_ downstream16:49
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  The force says try Human Looks theme at Gnome-Look.org16:49
kahrytanPici-> or downstream form Debian point of view?16:50
bipolarAre there any special tools for preparing an ubuntu install for cloning?16:50
kahrytanPici->  thats how i meant it16:50
_Rambaldi_i had a feeling i had to download theme, i thought there was a colour bar or something to change it kahrytan16:50
kahrytanDownstream from Debian, but then Upstream back to debian16:50
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  Human Look theme allows for use of Color tab in Appearance.16:51
x1250synchronization is one-way. Debian->ubuntu16:51
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/Screenshot/Hardy-04_20_08.png <example16:51
_Rambaldi_thanks kahrytan16:52
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  I love the human looks theme16:53
www2i heft found my problem it is the compination of wine and pulsaudio16:53
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Humanlooks?content=7390516:54
kahrytanwww2->  May I introduce you to launchpad.net ?16:55
bipolareverything changing to uuid's has made cloning an installation difficult.16:56
mdfrosttI'm using 8.04 on a dell inspiron e1705.  the default network manager (network-monitor?) can see all available wireless networks, but I couldn't connect to any of them (whether they were WPA, WEP, or open).    I switched to Wicd, but I'm having the same problem (fails at "obtaining IP address).  Is this a problem with the intel 3945 or a beta os?  is there a workaround?16:56
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  get my link?16:58
www2then i post a bugreport.16:58
_Rambaldi_i did, but human link was already installed kahrytan16:59
kahrytanwww2-> and make sure wine dev know about it16:59
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> like my screenshot?16:59
www2i hef read on the wine site about this problem.17:00
_Rambaldi_under appearance the i can customise it but not the brown titile bar kahrytan17:00
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  You customize the theme, colors tab17:01
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  change controls to humanlooks17:01
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> Under colors, its Selected Items, left color17:02
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> got it?17:03
kahrytancube->  What?17:03
cube3 more days17:03
kahrytancube->  tick tock ...17:03
* kahrytan wants Vista to die in 3 days.17:04
www2And i think that the problem lie's in the alsa wraper of puse audio.17:04
* kahrytan sharpens two edged sword17:04
_Rambaldi_that only as suggested only changes the color of the selected items. the color i want to change is the color on top of windows (where min max close) kahrytan17:04
kahrytan_Rambaldi_-> Again, the color you want to change is Selected Items.17:04
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  that changes the title bar color17:04
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  Also menu selections elsewhere too.17:05
^^malajenho^hi everyone17:05
^^malajenho^I've updated my gutsy gibbon to hardy heron, but now when I try to login, it doesn't start session, anyone has the same problem ?17:05
cubeis the release candidate the same as whats gonna be available in 3 days17:05
kahrytancube->  with side effects.. but will silently upgraded to final  next the 3 days.17:06
cubeso same thing with my beta i have?17:06
Lamegoif you are getting the upgrades, you are at the RC level17:07
ubotuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.17:07
kahrytancube->  Mark Shuttleworth uses it on his main laptop...17:07
afallenhopeheyy.. is there a reason why after I uninstall something from wine it still shows up in the  start menu?17:07
cubeyep  0 new packages17:08
cubecool thanks guys17:08
kahrytanI read that in his blog or somewhere where he said it17:08
dannyafallenhope: It did that to me, but I had to go through the menu editor to get rid of the stuff it left. :/17:08
afallenhopedanny: where's the menu editor lol17:08
kahrytanafallenhope->  that happened to me in Gutsy17:09
kahrytanafallenhope->  right click main menu for editor17:09
afallenhopeyeah I'm running Hardy Heron17:09
nibsa1242bHow are HH RC installs/ upgrades going? Any major issues? I'm trying to figure out if I should install now or wait.17:09
jbroomeunless you've got some really freaky HW, i think you'd be ok17:10
kahrytannibsa1242b->  On my old system, Clean install went nicely17:10
kahrytannibsa1242b->  by old, I mean old 478 socket w/ sis chipset17:10
afallenhopekahrytan: yeah I did that but there's only one thing I want to remove from the wine menu17:10
kahrytanWhere is the menu dir?17:10
dannyafallenhope Click the wine subcat, then uncheck wwhat you want to removee17:11
afallenhopehaha didn't see that17:11
mdfrosttI'm using 8.04 on a dell inspiron e1705.  the default network manager (network-monitor?) can see all available wireless networks, but I couldn't connect to any of them (whether they were WPA, WEP, or open).    I switched to Wicd, but I'm having the same problem (fails at "obtaining IP address).  Is this a problem with the intel 3945 or a RC os?  Is there a workaround?17:11
dottedmagIs there rsync server or xdelta files for upgrading Ubuntu CD images?17:12
kahrytandanny->  that doesnt remove it though. Hides it.17:12
afallenhopeyeah was gonna say.. it only hid it.. I want to remove it17:13
nibsa1242bjbroome: kahrytan I've got some HW that tends to be moderately uncooperative, upgrading to 7.10 required me to spend two days chrooting to fix a broken install; 6.06 required me to use the alternate install cd b/c of graphics issues... I guess I'll try out the live cd for now17:13
afallenhopeI uninstalled it... just still in the menu17:14
kahrytannibsa1242b->  then I guess clean install is your best bet?17:14
kahrytannibsa1242b->  just put /home on separate partition17:14
nibsa1242bkahrytan: yeah, I've already got a sep part for /home17:14
kahrytannibsa1242b->  then no biggie on clean17:15
_Rambaldi_kahrytan, my laptop was being naugty, it was not changing when i selected different coulours i restarted and now the color change is imediate. thanks kahrytan17:15
afallenhopekahrytan: do you know how to remove it completely?17:16
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  did that to me.17:16
kahrytan_Rambaldi_->  logout fixed it17:16
edugonchHello, How can I install the java plugin I have 8.04 in AMD 64 and firefox 317:16
nibsa1242bkahrytan: and /var and lots of other sep parts for that matter... (nothing like having log files fill up your drive to make it unbootable to make you understand to make /var its own partition)17:16
hwildewhen I do an lsmod, I see modules wlan, wlan_scan_status, wlan_wep,    how do I find what packages provide these modules?17:17
_Lucretia_well, however much I like the 3D desktop stuff, I think i'll stick to 2D so that the GL & movies work in windows.17:18
kahrytanafallenhope-> I feel the force saying look at /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged17:19
kahrytanafallenhope->  force also says backups....17:19
hwildecmon this should be an easy question everyone should be ! at me17:19
hwildewhere is the mapping between modules and packages?17:19
kahrytanPici said you can find a package relateing to file.17:20
hwilde!find wlan_wep17:20
ubotuNo packages matching 'wlan_wep' could be found17:20
kahrytandpkg blah blah17:20
hwilde!find pcmcia_core17:20
ubotuNo packages matching 'pcmcia_core' could be found17:20
=== whitehawk is now known as wh|gone_home
kahrytanhwilde-> Apr 21 04:47:58 <Pici>nemo: dpkg -S /path/to/file17:21
kahrytanhwilde->  maybe that will help?17:21
hwildethat works17:22
kahrytanhwilde-> pici gets the credit17:23
Piciand the pings to my name....17:23
hwildedmesg says:   [251334.389223] cs: pcmcia_socket1: cardbus cards are not supported.17:23
hwildebut I have pcmcia-cs installed17:23
kahrytannow pici gets to help17:24
afallenhopekahrytan: there was nothing in there17:24
hwildeI also have pcmciautils installed17:24
kahrytanafallenhope->  there is wine.menu for me17:24
spinikeris there anyway that i could just let my awn applet stick on the desktop17:24
kahrytanspiniker->  the force is drawing a blank for me...17:25
afallenhopebut there's app there17:25
kahrytanafallenhope-> what?17:25
spinikeri mean i would like it to stay in bar even if i close the program,the icon should still be there17:25
kahrytanYou mean like quick lunch program?17:26
spinikersorry kahrytan,promise once this query is done ill keep quite..17:26
afallenhopekahrytan: there's no programs in the xml file17:26
* kahrytan doesnt use awn17:26
penwhat is your favorite icon themes? type it out and share with others ;)17:26
spinikeri already know how to quick launch it..17:27
kahrytanafallenhope->  no wine.menu file?17:27
spinikerjust make the icon stick at the bar,even after quitting the program17:28
kahrytanafallenhope->  and its not xml.17:28
afallenhopekahrytan: it's a .menu file however it's XML17:28
topylipen: human! :)17:28
kahrytanafallenhope->  Looks like it but falls menu.dtd specs.17:28
pentopyli: human series? cool17:28
kahrytanpen->  mac4lin icons17:29
penkahrytan: I knew that one. cool17:29
kahrytanpen->  thats cuz i like the app icons17:29
topyliwith my own lion-look i use the foxtrot icons17:30
penhave you guys heard of powered icon?17:30
kahrytanafallenhope->  try looking down .config in ~/user17:30
topylicustom desktop files are in ~/.local/share/applications17:33
lintelmy TV-card for the cardbus causes "failed to initialize HAL". Is this still common?17:34
kahrytantopyli->  talkingabout Wine menu in Main Menu17:35
kahrytanlinas->  It easier to get help if you say what card17:36
mopheadis there an irc room for openofice.org?17:37
ZambeziIs it common that USB-keyboard won't work during boot? So you can't press ESC and change kernel. Cause I have 386 now and it's without sound, but generic works perfectly.17:37
kahrytanmophead-> did you goto openoffice site?17:37
mopheadkahrytan: the site links to the room?  ok, my bad17:38
Zambezimophead: I think so. #openoffice ?17:38
kahrytanmophead-> d'oh17:38
mopheadfound it, thanks!17:38
kahrytanmophead-> where?17:39
kahrytanmophead->  found where?17:40
afallenhopeokay I found out where the menu is... now it's in the menu in ubuntu *17:40
kahrytanmophead-> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/IRC17:40
topyliafallenhope: where is it then?17:41
kahrytanafallenhope-> where17:41
* kahrytan is beaten by topyli again17:42
mopheadI went to #openoffice and it  had a link17:42
kahrytanmophead->  the link has other channels17:42
Killeroidhi, if anyone is wondering about how to install hardy heron on a usb drive, i wrote a tutorial here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4759330#post475933017:44
=== mophead is now known as mophead_
kahrytanafallenhope->  Throw me and topyli  a bone here.17:48
* kahrytan starts gnawing at arms and leg bones...17:49
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore17:51
kahrytanIs anyone around?17:53
jamalHi, is there any documentation on how to set up a secondary screen on Hardy? As I understand, you're not supposed to mess with xorg.conf with xrandr or something like that, is that correct?17:53
piedoggieI'm wondering what happened to open-vm-tools?17:53
kahrytanjamal->  try pluging in one and seewhat happens?17:54
piedoggieTrying to install 8.04 RC as a virtual machine and the virtual kernel has its own kernel modules which make the VM workstation Guest tools refuse to install17:54
piedoggiebug reports on this problem (as far back as 7.10) refer to this open-vm-tools as the long-term solution17:54
jamalkahrytan, Nothing happened when I plugged in the second monitor (I am on a Laptop)... After restarting, it has been detected and it clones the main screen.17:55
jamalRunning the xrandr command only shows one screen though.17:55
kahrytanjamal->  you mean shows same screen on both monitors?17:55
piedoggiesame screen on both monitors sounds like it's still controlled at the BIOS level17:55
jamalkahrytan, It currently is. I'd like it to be a secondary screen.17:55
piedoggiethat's the mode you use when running a big screen display for a group17:56
jamalpiedoggie, Its not the same screen, the second screen only shows output when X is running.17:56
kahrytanjamal->  I miss those days... run the cursor across thedesktop17:56
piedoggiethere should be a mode switch on your keyboard and one of those modes might put you in two screen mode17:56
Cheesasaurus_RexHello, I'm having a problem with DVD playback. I get the message "Could not read from resource" when I try to play my DVD. I've already run /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh, but this did not fix the problem.17:57
jamalpiedoggie, The mode switch just makes the second screen flicker.17:57
doodoodo you guys know if final 8.04 will support the wireless cards that come with xps 1330 (dell 1505. manuf. Broadcom)17:57
jamalkahrytan, Run the cursor across it? ... I don't understand what you are telling me to do.17:58
kahrytanjamal->  by desktop, i mean physical one.17:58
jamaldoodoo, I'm running on a laptop with a Broadcom wifi card. It works ... okay.17:58
kahrytanjamal->  I had dual monitors once upon a time17:58
piedoggieone of the modes should turn Off the second screen17:58
jamalpiedoggie, I understand what you mean but it isn't17:58
doodoojamal, does ubuntu detect it automatically or did you have to install the drivers manually ?17:59
piedoggiedid you ever try the multiscreen under Windows?17:59
kahrytanjamal->  you might have to xorg it out17:59
jamaldoodoo, Detected automatically but I had to install the firmware manually.17:59
jamaldoodoo, If it doesn't work, run the command "dmesg" in terminal and you should see a link there.17:59
jamalkahrytan, Alright, I'll try that. I wasn't usre if I'm supposed to mess with it.17:59
kahrytanoh wait18:00
piedoggiewell, I need to get back to sully my virtual machine problems.  I have already wasted two days on it and it's a bit frustrating18:00
piedoggieto solving my...18:00
Comp_tech_lksdI am running Ubuntu 8.04 RC on a Lenovo T60 laptop that has a finger print reader, I upgraded from 7.10, under 7.10 if I typed my username it would then pop up to scan my fingerprint for my password, under 8.04 after I type in my username and press enter the window manager restarts and takes me back to the login screen... anyone have an idea how I can fix it and logon?  If I boot to a terminal or switch to one I can logon fin18:01
kahrytanI wish i had second monitor18:01
doodooso does anyone know if hardy heron will support wireless drivers from xps 1330? (dell 1505 - broadcom manfu)18:03
kahrytanShoot, i had jamals help already18:03
shirishhi guys, I got a usb thumbdrive which has two partitions, how do I format it?18:04
kahrytanshirish->  Didn't you get the message from the force?18:05
shirishkahrytan: what force?18:05
doodooso does anyone know if hardy heron will support wireless drivers from xps 1330? (dell 1505 - broadcom manfu)18:06
kahrytanshirish->  it's asking you tried gparted?18:06
shirishkahrytan: nope, didn't try gparted.18:06
kahrytanshirish->  I am on this who Force thing tonight (star wars)18:06
kahrytanshirish-> I keep responding in force this and that18:07
shirishkahrytan: thought as much, Obi wan ;)18:07
kahrytanthat reminds me .. i need to try that program on hardy18:08
shirishkahrytan: this is strange, its reading only the ntfs partitions, and not the ext3 partitions at all :(18:09
shirishkahrytan: also didn't see the usb partitions as well :(18:09
kahrytanshirish-> gparted never seems to work for me period18:10
shirishkahrytan: it worked for me :)18:10
kahrytanIt sits there .scanning18:10
TuxOtakuhey guys, question, are there a LOT of changes between the RC and the release version of Hardy coming out on Thursday?18:10
kahrytanscanning.. scanning... did the same in gutsy18:11
kahrytanoh wait.. works now18:11
topyliTuxOtaku: who knows? maybe some of the bugs will be fixed :)18:12
kahrytanoh crap18:13
sroeckerTuxOtaku: see for yourself: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hardy-changes/2008-April/date.html18:13
kahrytantopyli->  Does Beta always have so many freakin updates?18:13
kahrytanand RC18:13
TuxOtakutopyli, got a link to a list of known bugs with the RC?18:13
topylikahrytan: yes18:13
kahrytan18 just poped up18:13
topyliTuxOtaku: no, but i bet launchpad does18:13
kahrytantopyli->  Feels like WIndows Update again18:13
kahrytanoh wait .. not Windows Update. thats always bare.18:14
CapaHWhat types of major issues (if any) are there that should prevent me from getting the release?18:14
kahrytanSo many bugs, so few updates for Windows.18:14
kahrytanPici->  im poking fun of windows18:15
Milos_SDHi, all... I think that there is a bug in amarok on Hardy... It is doing Update of collection every few minutes :S18:16
kahrytanMilos_SD->  Let me show  you  to my friend, Launchpad.net18:17
Milos_SDI don't know is that a bug or feature :D18:17
kahrytanshirish->  gparted worked for me on usb partitions18:17
Milos_SDso I want to ask you here :)18:17
kahrytanMilos_SD->  Ubuntu isn't Windows. Bugs are features.18:18
shirishkahrytan: same here, but if I try to allocate them into new ones, I'm not getting them. Dunno why18:18
kahrytanMilos_SD->  Ubuntu isn't Windows. Bugs are not features.18:18
kahrytanI messed up that joke18:18
Milos_SDkahrytan, if you don't want to answer my question, don't write anything than18:18
kahrytanhey .. I havent slept all night18:18
LunksWired network works only with "sudo ifup eth0" on a terminal window. For Wireless, it seems it has disappeared from network manager. =\18:18
LunksHow to make it show up?18:19
Milos_SDYes, I know that bugs are not features :)18:19
kahrytanMilos_SD->  then tell me what you done to duplicate/fix?18:19
kahrytanshirish->  I am glad gparted works now18:19
=== mophead_ is now known as mophead
kahrytanshirish->  Did you delete old partitions?18:20
Milos_SDbut maybe that is not a bug, maybe that is what they wanted to do :)18:20
kahrytanshirish->  then Allocate news one, then click Apply.18:21
kahrytanMilos_SD->  like they have a mind of their own?18:21
shirishkahrytan: I did a stupid mistake, I didn't unmount the volumes from nautilus18:22
kahrytanMilos_SD->  Who should I call skynet is alive>18:22
shirishtht's why I had issues18:22
kahrytanshirish->  go ahead. say it. d'oh18:22
LunksWired network works only with "sudo ifup eth0" on a terminal window. For Wireless, it seems it has disappeared from network manager. =\18:23
LunksHow to make it show up?18:23
kahrytanshirish->  thanks for reminding me of trying gparted18:23
shirishkahrytan: welcome, btw do you know how do I give names to them (labels)18:23
sykeI've been having a problem on my amd64 hp pavilion laptop where flash apps (pandora) hang18:24
sykeit seems that this is related to when my monitor dims due to the powersave mode I have it in18:24
unenoughhi, i have major problems with wifi on my amd64  laptop18:24
Lunkshelp, help, help =D18:24
sykeit also happens when powermanager is in dynamic mode as well18:24
unenough(atheros 5007EG)18:24
afallenhopeokay sorry about that people I'm back went out for lunch. Okay..... in my wine menu it shows a file that I removed... it's in the menu editor18:24
sykecan someone test this?18:24
shirishkahrytan: right now they're staring at me like 1.3 GB media and 698.2 MB media (2 paritions18:24
afallenhopelike in the gnome menu editor it still shows but I deleted it.18:25
kahrytanafallenhope->  probably needs a refresh?18:25
kahrytanaka rebuild18:25
afallenhopekahrytan: and I do that.... by...18:25
phoenix64plz, anybody can tell me why ubuntu 8.04 completely locked my root account? sudo always fails (don't know why though), su fails because no password is set. Anything I can do without rebooting?18:25
kahrytanphoenix64-> check sys logs?18:26
CapaHIf I install Hardy, as there are updates/bug fixes they will automatically download/install until the final release and then everything will be current right?18:26
sykecapah: correct18:26
CapaHHow do I do that?18:26
kahrytanphoenix64->  by log, i mean auth.loh18:27
sykeyou'll see the little udpate icon in your tray, click on it, enter your passwd, and the updates will download and isntall18:27
phoenix64well, "permission denied" ^^18:27
sykethat is, ubuntu will let you know when there are updates18:27
phoenix64bbl, rebooting (livecd)18:27
kahrytanCapaH->  RC updates are delivered constantly and you get Final as they come.18:28
CapaHsyke: Sorry, I mean -- how do I go to Hardy18:28
CapaHswitch from Feisty to Hardy18:28
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes18:28
CapaHcool thanks18:28
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu18:28
sykecapah: don't forget to back up your homedir first :)18:28
CapaHsorry -- Gutsy to Hardy18:28
CapaHand good idea syke18:28
kahrytanCapaH-> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HoaryUpgradeNotes18:28
Picihoary, eh?18:29
kahrytanoops my bad18:29
LunksWired network works only with "sudo ifup eth0" on a terminal window. For Wireless, it seems it has disappeared from network manager. =\18:29
PiciCapaH: /topic18:29
LunksHow to make it show up?18:29
kahrytanPici->  where is that18:29
Picikahrytan: /topic18:29
* kahrytan slaps himself18:30
phoenix64ah,ok, found it, I broke the groups -.-18:30
unenoughany hints on getting atheros wifi to work??18:31
unenoughon a 64-bit system18:31
kingvok does any one know if xps 1330 wireless card by broadcom will be supported and automatically detected/installed by 8.0418:32
kahrytanPiCi, Do you think Vista is causing more people to look at alternatives?18:32
Picikahrytan: It wouldnt surprise me18:32
kahrytanPici->  Ill give it two years tops. When Xp support ends for good18:33
bicyclist1@kahrytan: well vista was my final push for a complete switch18:33
kahrytanbicyclist->  ditto18:33
kahrytanbicyclist->  but i dual boot with xp18:33
bicyclist1and my wife is now finally using her computer. in fact she likes ubuntu way more than xp18:34
kahrytanbicyclist->  I use xp for dvd authoring. i love ulead.18:34
bicyclist1kahrytan me too, the only thing still left to xp18:34
atlefi just showed vista over to a old and slow disk and let hardy take over18:34
kahrytanYet another Ubuntu artivle ->http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7358483.stm18:34
atlefthe new and fast disk18:34
kahrytanbicyclist->  You realized that Linux doesnt have good dvd author program yet?18:35
almelIf someone has 10 minutes to help, can they please PM me. Im attempting to get ATI to work on the latest 8.04 RC18:35
kingvok does any one know if xps 1330 wireless card by broadcom will be supported and automatically detected/installed by 8.0418:36
bicyclist1true. kino is quiet ok, but i love the quick authorimg aspects of ulead18:36
kahrytanbicyclist-> and animated menus.18:36
dannyerr, i wish the del.icio.us toolbar worked with the new ff :[18:36
bicyclist1yes, thats always impressive for my friends18:36
kahrytandanny->  FF2 is atill available in repos18:37
dannyeh, i like everything else, though.  i can't decide between downgrading or going without the toolbar. :/18:37
kahrytandanny->  niether is google stuff too btw18:37
bicyclist1well with the final version hopefully all the plugins will be made available too18:38
kahrytanbicyclist->  When FF3 is done, yet18:38
kingvok does any one know if xps 1330 wireless card by broadcom will be supported and automatically detected/installed by 8.04???18:40
kingvanyone? :S18:41
kahrytankingv->  Try the live cd.18:41
mattikHello, When I removed fglrx and I selected ati, I got white screen instead of gnome desktop with kubuntu-kdm418:42
kingv710 doesnt. but i havent tried beta or rc of 80418:42
mattikkdm-kde4 I mean18:42
bicyclist1kingv at least ndiswrapper should work....18:42
kahrytankingv->  you know you want to. It's tempting you, drawing you ever so near.18:43
kingvbicyclist, thanks man18:43
kingvkahrytan, are you inviting me to a gangbang?18:43
kahrytankingv->   now now. no need for that18:44
sykeI entered my bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22031718:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220317 in ubuntu "flash hangs when screen blanks on laptop with hardy" [Undecided,New]18:44
kingvkahrytan, it's ok. just tell me. :) i have friends to bring with18:44
ompaulkingv, please don't continue with that18:45
kahrytankingv->  Keep it family friendly18:45
mophead!language | kingv18:45
ubotukingv: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:45
sykeif there's any info I can/should add to help debug, let me know18:45
dannyhaha :o18:45
kingvlanguage? i have not said anything offensive ppl. take it easy and chill18:45
mopheadI find it so odd that ubuntu only seems to want 18+ involved, yet wants to keep channels family friendly18:45
mopheadkingv: I'm not offended.  I'm just warning you so you don't get in trouble18:45
kingvmophead, thanks man. but if i get in trouble for saying gangbang, mind as well put me in jail18:46
ompaulkingv, not open to debate please drop it now thank you18:46
kahrytankingv, but the ubotu said family friendly channel18:47
kingvompaul, u just jealous cuz you're not invited. /dropped18:47
ompauledge push don't ;-)18:47
topyliedge pushing. ur doin it wrong18:48
mopheadtopyli: *rong, not wrong18:48
topylihmm if i mistype rong, is that right or rong?18:49
atlefanyone using lastfm and rhythmbox. the song seems to come long before it actually changes18:49
atlef*the song info18:49
topyliatlef: last.fm knows more about your playlist than you do18:49
mopheadtopyli: cat macros have their own distinct language and spelling, so it would be "rong" not "wrong" ;)18:49
kahrytanatlef->  to latter, i dont see it18:50
kahrytanatlef->  you mean playing last.gm?18:50
ompaulatlef, it uses mysql as a backend I remember reading about them looking to hire mysql people18:50
topylimophead: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/03/25/funny-pictures-constructive-feedback-ur-doin-it-wrong/18:50
atlefompaul: thank you18:51
ompaulatlef, yw18:52
mopheadtopyli: that's funny, I could have sworn it was spelled "rong."  Anyway, we're way off topic.18:52
atlefskip does not work either, so i just installed lastfm and use that instead of the rhythmbox plugin18:52
dannyhi :]18:53
atlefamarok also had som issues with lastfm, they said it would be fixed in 1.518:53
Assidso the carnage began yet?18:53
ompaul!hardy | Assid18:54
ubotuAssid: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu18:54
dannyatlef: is there a way to love/tag tracks for last.fm in amarok?  i could never find one.  :/18:54
dannyhow? :o18:54
kahrytanI couldnt get Rhythembox to play last.fm18:54
atlefdanny: but never checked if they actually gets loved/banned18:55
Assidyeah i know. but knowing how many people out there want it BEFORE the next guy.. i wouldnt be surprised if its hectic already18:55
ompaulAssid, isntall the RC and sudo apt-get update = its as good as the next guy18:55
atlefdanny: need to bee in context somrthing on the lefthand side18:55
atlef*bee *something18:56
Assidompaul: true.. but if you were here for the last release.. or rather in the release party.. it was nuts.. everyone wanted the iso18:56
atlefman, and i'm not even dyslectic18:56
Piciwhat about dyslexic?18:57
atlefright, see18:57
atleftired maybe18:57
ompaulAssid, ehh been in this house since hardy heron18:57
kahrytanI upgraded to Hardy before release so I didnt have to get in line for release :-P18:57
ompaulkahrytan, its just a shorter line18:57
ompaulnow get behind me ;-)18:57
kahrytanHow about side by side?18:58
ompaulthat will do18:58
ompaulsudo apt-get running shoes ;-)18:58
ompaulright I have gone too far off topic - better do something else18:58
kahrytanI never know update manager gets so crazy pre-release18:58
kahrytanI've seen about 26+ updates in 24 hours18:59
kahrytanI will still download Final ISO but I won't be running like crazy man forit19:00
ompaulkahrytan, you can expect to see a lot more coming up on a beta or release candidate19:00
kahrytanRC is up.19:00
bicyclist1kahrytan that is true , quiet a lot updates so close to release19:00
kahrytanit's RC->Final now19:00
ompaulkahrytan, yeah, but in terms of churn on the way19:00
kahrytanYou mean.. allot more updates to come?19:01
mopheadkahrytan: at least you get updates!  My sda2 partition is too small to update anything, until I back up all my data, resize the partitions, and then put all the date back on the computer19:01
kahrytanShould I just set it to automatically update?19:01
mnemodid the 2.6.25 kernel roll out as a hardy package yet?19:02
kahrytanI got it to download by default.19:02
Picimnemo: no, and it wont19:02
mnemopici: hmm ok19:02
kahrytanPici->  you saw that second one coming.19:02
Picikahrytan: indeed19:02
kahrytanPici->  can you predict next lottery numbers for me?19:03
Picikahrytan: not reliably19:03
unenoughi'm sure it will involve one of the digits, 0-919:03
mnemobasically, I had sound working all through hardy but then just a couple of days ago I got this 2.6.14-16 kernel which tells me I ain't got my soundcard at all?19:03
_Lucretia_is there an option for a hw mouse cursor for fglrx? I have enabled compiz, but playing gl apps or movies in a window produces massive flickering. if I go fullscreen for the movies it works until I move the mouse which results in bad flickering.19:04
Sonjai get no sound in most appz.19:05
=== os2mac- is now known as oswmzc
=== oswmzc is now known as os2mac
cvd-prhow the hell i unistall the VitualBox.sh? apt-get remove VirtualBox = E: Couldn't find package VirtualBox19:06
cvd-prbut the command to run it is VirtualBox19:07
kahrytancvd-pr-> use the package name19:07
Flannelcvd-pr: When you install stuff that isn't a package, you can't remove it like a package19:07
lummisnt package name virtualbox-ose?:P19:08
kahrytanHello Flannel19:08
FlannelHowdy kahrytan19:09
cvd-prhow i unistall that?19:09
Flannelcvd-pr: right, that's not a package.  Depending on how the run file is setup, it may or may not be easy to remove, you'll have to consult whatever documentation came with it19:09
Flannelcvd-pr: How about documentation on the website you got it from?19:10
wastrelis compiz still going to be crashy in the release?19:10
atlefcvd-pr: the one in synaptic is 1.5.619:11
kahrytancvd-pr->  its referencing gutsy but here http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?p=1874919:11
kahrytanthe VirtualBox Guest Additions installation script does not provide that functio at the moment. But you can deactivate the additions. Just be sure that all vboxadd* modules will not be loaded during startup, and remove vboxvideo and vboxmouse from your X configuration.19:11
dhqhow do i update to hardy19:11
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:12
kahrytandhq->  pici says /topic19:12
Sharpiewhen i have a media player running, i don't have any sound when i try playing flash videos (let's say on youtube). to get sound working i have to stop the media player and restart firefox. any solution to that?19:12
kahrytanmophead->  remember .. /topic19:12
Picikahrytan: no need to put my name in everything, it pings me and I think that I'm really needed in the channel19:12
kahrytanPici->  am i annoying you. sorry.19:13
mopheadkahrytan: hmm?19:13
kahrytanmophead->  upgrade method is in topic.19:13
mopheadoh, hey, whaddaya know19:13
kahrytanmophead->  If it was a snake, it would have bitten us by now.19:14
osmosisthe icon for xchat-gnome is broken after first installing, but is fine after a reboot.19:15
osmosisit was this way in gutsy, and appears the same in hardy.19:15
kahrytanosmosis->  try logout/login?19:16
Sharpiekahrytan: best. tip. ever.19:16
osmosiskahrytan: not specifically, but that may have worked too.19:16
kahrytanSharpie->  saves time :)19:16
kahrytanI bet reloading nautilus might work?19:17
Sharpieuse irssi19:18
kahrytanbah CLI.19:18
kahrytanCLI is like a disease to me19:19
Sharpiewhen i have a media player running, i don't have any sound when i try playing flash videos (let's say on youtube). to get sound working i have to stop the media player and restart firefox. any solution to that?19:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pulse - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:20
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions19:20
mopheadSharpie: I'm not sure what the solution is, but I did see a page on it today - try googling something like "flash and media player simultaneously" or something19:20
crimsunSharpie: is libflashsupport installed?19:22
Sharpiejust installed it, yup it fixed it19:22
Sharpieprobably the simplest and weirdest solution to any problem ever19:22
crimsunbe aware that libflashsupport may expose a lot of instability in Firefox19:22
crimsunthat's why it's no longer a dependency of flashplugin-nonfree19:23
mopheadcrimsun: what do you mean?19:23
crimsun(bug 192888)19:23
DanaGDo the nspluginwrapper thing.19:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in pulseaudio "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288819:23
Sharpiei don't think the ubuntu firefox can get more unstable than it already is19:23
DanaGCrashing every 3 YouTube pages... that's what.19:23
atlefcrimsun: thank you for that tip19:23
_Lucretia_Sharpie: I've not had any problems with FF, but my gutsy install, the FF was uber-crap19:23
mopheadDanaG: I hear you.  youtube is hopeless for me right now19:24
Sharpie_Lucretia_: yup19:24
kahrytancrimsun->  thats ff3 or ff2?19:24
DanaGDo the libflashsupport thing mentioned in that report.19:24
Sharpiemy firefox crashed 600mbs into a 690 mb download :P19:24
crimsunkahrytan: it doesn't matter.19:24
mnemointeresting, I've actually never seen my FF3 crash on hardy19:24
kahrytanI dont use ff319:24
_Lucretia_Sharpie: on gutsy, constant hangs, usually JS related19:24
mopheadProcessing triggers for libc6 ...19:24
mopheadldconfig deferred processing now taking place19:24
Sharpieflash causes most of my problems19:24
mopheadE: Directory '/var/log/apt/' missing19:24
Sharpiemophead: sudo mkdir -p /var/log/apt19:25
mopheadSharpie: yay! thanks.  now it just says I don't have enoughs pace19:25
* mophead sighs19:25
kahrytanSharpie->  Now thats a good one19:25
mnemoSharpie: haha =)19:26
kahrytanSharpie->  that is the best.tip.ever19:27
Sharpiewell it did solve the problem, kinda19:28
mopheadyeah, it did19:28
hwildeit solved that specific symptom, probably not the underlying problem19:28
doofy_anyone know what the latest update to the bluetooth stack and bluez adds?19:29
Sharpieonly the flying spaghetti monster knows how it got deleted in the first place19:29
mnemoi usually see like 16 modules when I do "lsmod | grep snd" but now I got this latest updates on hardy I get zero results back when I do "lsmod | grep snd" so where did all my modules go and how can I get them back?19:29
kahrytanmnemo->  they are hiding from you.  I see them fine here.19:30
ArelisIs there anyone here who is running the latest upgraded version of Hardy?19:30
rskArelis: i am19:30
mnemoArelis: yes19:30
kahrytanArelis->  Let me get back to you on that okay?19:31
ArelisHow is it? How is the Firefox 3 Beta 5?19:31
rskit's ok19:31
SharpieArelis: it's foxy19:31
rskno problems19:31
Arelisi am running the Release Candidate right now (fresh install)19:31
kahrytanArelis->  Limited Extension support.19:31
darthanubisbug 22032719:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220327 in eggdrop "*** stack smashing detected ***: ./eggdrop terminated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22032719:31
bicyclist2arelis running hardy since the beta and i like it19:31
bicyclist2did an upgrade19:31
DanaGDang, now I want soup.19:31
kahrytanDanaG->  go get some and share with the group19:32
Sharpiei did an upgrade which caused my graphics drivers to malfunction, so i had to format and reinstall =[19:32
Milos_SDHere Firefox 3 Beta 5 need few seconds to exit ... I don't know why, on Beta 3 it quit immediatly19:32
DanaGFF3 sucks at quitting.19:32
kahrytanQuestion: When FF3 is release, hardy gets final update?19:32
bicyclist2i have a problem with fspot not quitting19:32
Sharpiebicyclist2: kill it19:32
crimsunmnemo: dpkg -L linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r)|awk '/snd().*ko/'|wc -l19:33
bicyclist2sure that works but that is not the way19:33
bicyclist2i expect it19:33
kahrytanbicyclis1->  run it in CLI and look for an error.19:33
bicyclist2i couldn19:33
bicyclist2i did but there was no error19:33
Sharpiebicyclist2: are you sure you're pressing the X button and not the minimize one?19:34
crimsundoofy_: it readds hidd and pand.19:34
mnemocrimsun: returns "160", what does that mean?19:34
crimsunmnemo: it means the modules certainly exist19:34
bicyclist2i am very sure, also tried exit from menu19:34
crimsunmnemo: now, `lspci -nv|grep -A1 040[13]'19:34
kahrytanDoes FF3 B5 get automatic update to FF3 full release?19:34
mopheadIs there any way I can clear some space on my sda2, until I have a chance tor epartition?19:34
mopheadI already did sudo apt-get clean19:35
mdfrostthow can a network manager see all available wireless networks but not be able to connect to any of them (whether they be WPA, WEP, or open)?  I've used both Hardy Heron's default network manager and Wicd, but they both fail on obtaining an IP address.19:35
bicyclist2mophead you could check for large files you no longer need19:35
DanaGstupid baobab: doesn't show files!19:35
mopheadI don't know which ones I need, though19:35
DanaGI use filelight instead.19:35
bicyclist2i had quiet some archives19:35
doofy_crimsun, im trying to get a bluetooth earpiece to show up as an audio device. i get it connected, but it doesnt show up as an option in skype for audio19:36
mnemocrimsun: it returns: 00:1b.0 0403: 8086:284b (rev 03)19:36
mnemoSubsystem: 103c:30cc19:36
mopheadsda2 only has my OS and I beleive that's it19:36
kahrytanI guess no answer me :(19:37
mopheadbicyclist2: my home folder is on a seperate partition19:37
crimsunmnemo: what happens when you `sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel'?19:37
Arelisrsk, mnemo, kahrytan: When you guys open a terminal, is it's background light yellow?19:37
DanaG!info filelight19:37
ubotufilelight (source: filelight): show where your diskspace is being used. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 608 kB, installed size 1740 kB19:37
rskit's black here Arelis19:37
DanaGI only use two KDE/QT apps:19:37
DanaGfilelight and VirtualBox.19:37
kahrytanArelis->  My is default color, whie19:38
Areliskahrytan: weird. I think that the upgrade has turned my terminal yellow19:38
kahrytanArelis->  try different monitor?19:38
mnemoArelis: i have black background in terminal (i changed it)19:38
Areliskahrytan: it's not my monitor.19:39
Arelisyes, it's set to "Black on light yellow", which is at the top of the list19:39
ArelisMaybe they changed the default19:39
PiciWell thats ugly19:40
ArelisPici: try it19:40
PiciArelis: I prefer white on black19:40
Killeroidgreen on black19:40
bicyclist2'illeroid me too19:40
ArelisPici: Yes, it's good. But then, the whole screen is not black, still bright.19:41
kahrytanPici, Will FF3 be updated to final when it's released for hardy?19:43
Arelisthe upgrade i'm doing right now is very big. is it gonna be this big everytime something changes?19:43
Picikahrytan: I'm thinking it will be in 8.04.119:43
bicyclist2arelis only for major upgrades19:43
kahrytanPici->  you are funny19:43
Arelisbicyclist2: so what i'm doing now, is a major upgrade?19:44
Areliswhat is it upgrading to?19:44
bicyclist2you upgrade from what?19:44
kahrytanPici->  Are you saying yes?19:44
mnemocrimsun: you fixed by sound now, thanks a million.. I was infact missing the linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-386 package just as you suspected19:45
Picikahrytan: I'm saying maybe, I'm not a developer19:45
Arelisbicyclist2: Release Candidate, This is my first update since first install19:45
kahrytanArelis->  and you will get allot more updates19:45
bicyclist2first install was what?19:45
ArelisPici, kahrytan: isn't it upgrading to the final version? (distrowatch says somewhere that the final version was "released" today but CD's won't be available until 24 april)19:46
PiciArelis: No... Hardy is not released until the 24th.  We have a release candidate out now though.19:46
BravewolfHello all! Is there anybody who installed Hardy RC and was able to update acpid? I receive an error in the post install script.19:47
Gokee2I am installing the latest xubuntu 8.04 and when doing "Prepare partions" (manually because it would not tell me what it did by itself) it pops up a msg saying some of the partitions you created are too small please make / 1.5 G (If I counted the numbers right.  But I have / at 39 G already.  Any idea whats wrong?  I think I will just tell it to go on anyway19:48
nemoGokee2: erm.19:49
bicyclis1Eine Musik-Nachrichten-Sitzung wurde angefragt. Bitte klicken Sie das MM-Icon zum Akzeptieren.19:49
nemoGokee2: someone complained about that in here once before.19:49
nemoGokee2: and they had screwed up and confused MiB with GiB19:49
DanaGOoh, Minefield fixes the godawful long close time for FF3.19:49
nemosooo. be sure you aren't creating a 39MiB partition :-p19:49
Gokee2nemo, Ya...  its 39028 MB19:50
bhsxpretty cool, has anyone checked out mibbit.com? it's ajaxifide irc client....  i'm an xchat kinda guy myself but this is pretty cool... anyway...  firefox keeps crashing on me in rc1 and a lot of odd quirks that didn't seem to be happenning til the 'release'... anyone else notice this?19:51
Gokee2I would take a screenshot but don`t see any way to in this installer19:51
bhsxFF crashes specifically when using flash19:51
bhsxsometimes at youtube, sometimes at southparkstudios.com19:51
Gokee2Hmm also while I am at it how can I make sure network is working?  Install always seems a little messed up if setup can`t get on the internet19:51
bhsxsometimes it doesn't crash...19:51
Gokee2Hehe vt`s are here :)19:52
dannybhsx: yeah, it's always one that for me.  usually if its been open for a couple hours.19:52
Gokee2For my flash in FF crashes and I need to restaert FF to get flash back19:53
kahrytanbhsx-> is it bug 192888?19:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in pulseaudio "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288819:54
JawshieHello guys! I set up 8.04 RC and installed it with LTSP described here:    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall  . I was under the impression that I should boot a thin client immediately... when I try I do boot but its to something called "Busybox." What do I need to do to get a desktop on my thin clients?19:54
mopheadWhy are varlock and varrun/ 1009M in Ubuntu? do they need to be that large?19:55
kahrytanbhsx->  you still there?19:56
homer_why are ATA disks in 8.04 are mapped to sd ?19:56
Picihomer_: They've been like that since at least Feisty19:57
mnemoGokee2: to make sure networking works you can ping a server on your LAN or use something that requires internet access (like for instance you can open the update manager and press "check")19:57
homer_Pici, realy? ok sorry not seen this in feisty, maybe don't look at it :-)19:58
Gokee2mnemo, I booted in installer mode so I was wondering where I could put in a command...  I found the vt`s though :)19:58
mnemoGokee2: ahh okay19:58
nemoGokee2: hitting printscreen should take a screenshot :-p19:59
Gokee2Hmm  And where would I get to the screenshot at?20:00
kahrytannemo->  I just now realized that today.20:00
Ben_Cs i use hardy. installed ntfs-config. when i run it, when trying to add V's the apply button turns gray. i looked at the exec line and it says: gksu ntfs-config, but i don't get asked for a password. i tried gksudo. i get asked for pass word but still can't change a thing. please help!20:01
nemoGokee2: well. it should tell you...20:01
BravewolfI search the BTS and I discovered the same problem (#219886)20:01
Gokee2nemo, Did nothing as far as I could tell20:02
Gokee2Well...  nothing exept freeze the installer....20:03
GNUtoohello, is ubuntu hardy  installation supposed to work in qemu?20:04
Ben_Csanybody please?20:05
GNUtoocause i have problem with the ata...ata1: port slow to respond, please be patient (Statux 0xd8)20:05
GNUtooand then it reset the drive...20:05
GNUtooBen_Cs, what's the problem?20:06
Ben_CsGNUtoo:  i use hardy. installed ntfs-config. when i run it, when trying to add V's the apply button turns gray. i looked at the exec line and it says: gksu ntfs-config, but i don't get asked for a password. i tried gksudo. i get asked for pass word but still can't change a thing. please help!20:06
Gokee2OUCH!  I pressed the power button real quick to see if I could have the installer exit nicly and a loud steady beep came from my computer until I held down power!20:06
Ben_CsGNUtoo: it's as if i don't have a full access or something?20:06
GNUtooBen_Cs, mabe that's app armor? i realy don't know here...20:07
GNUtooBen_Cs, and i don't know app-armor at all...(i only know selinux a little bit)20:07
GNUtoobut were you asked for your password BEFORE?20:08
GNUtoobecause once you are granted the right to be root you have it for other things...20:08