mrooneyhmm what about bug #220037, that isn't a bug is it, has everything just transitioned to sda?00:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220037 in ubuntu "ata harddrives are listed as scis sda" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22003700:15
Nafalloit is not a bug indeed.00:16
mrooneyI did some googling but couldn't find anything explaining authoritatively what happened00:17
mrooneyall all hard drives sda?00:17
Nafallono, but we're getting there.00:19
mrooneyoh, are there any blog posts or anything. you say "getting there", so is there somewhere explaining why the transition is taking place, that I can use00:19
Nafalloalso, http://linux-ata.org/faq.html00:22
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bdmurraycalc: pong01:17
calcbdmurray: bug 218793 can you see it?01:19
ubotuBug 218793 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/218793 is private01:19
bdmurraycalc: nope, why?01:20
calcits supposedly a OOo bug but its hidden from me still01:21
jarlathIn hardy, is migration-assistant a part of ubiquity or debian-installer? packages.ubuntu.com only references gutsy and says it's in debian-installer.01:36
bdmurrayjarlath: you only seen m-a in ubiquity not in debian-installer.01:43
jarlathbdmurray: Thanks.01:44
bdmurrayno problem01:44
mroone1oh me oh my, that was the fourth or fifth hard lock-up in three days, with Hardy03:15
mroone1I have never had this before, I have no clue what to do about it :[03:15
mroone1how do you debug something like that?03:15
RAOFCheck the system logs, see if anything stands out?03:16
RAOFhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash may also help.03:17
DShepherdhello everyone04:11
DShepherdcan someone help find someone that can fix bug 4818004:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48180 in control-center "System -> Prefernces -> About Me does not work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4818004:12
bdmurrayDShepherd: does not work with which release?04:19
DShepherdi know it doesnt work for gutsy.04:19
DShepherdbdmurray, do you have hardy?04:19
bdmurrayDShepherd: why yes I do04:20
DShepherdbdmurray, do you have this problem also>04:20
DShepherdin hardy of course04:20
bdmurrayI'm still reading but I can input data w/o any problems04:20
DShepherdbdmurray, the title is a bit misleading..04:21
bdmurrayYou could change it then04:21
DShepherdif you save an email address in work and close it.. it comes up in home when you reopen it04:21
DShepherdbdmurray, how do you I go about changing the title?04:21
bdmurrayclick the pencil by "Bug description"04:22
DShepherdbdmurray, should i open another bug and mark this one as a duplicate?04:22
DShepherdbdmurray, indeed...04:22
bdmurrayI think I can confirm the e-mail addresses being transposed04:24
DShepherdbdmurray, so... do you have this problem too?04:24
DShepherdin hardy too bdmurray ?04:25
bdmurrayI'm double checking with a different account / system04:25
DShepherdbdmurray, ok. i will do the same04:25
DShepherdbdmurray, it seems to be a problem for another account i have on this system04:28
bdmurrayDShepherd: I put the package version I tested with, but I think the package is wrong04:33
bdmurraynope, by bad the package name is right04:33
bdmurrayThe only bug I observed was the work and home e-mail addresses being transposed04:34
DShepherdbdmurray, well.. here's another....04:34
DShepherdbdmurray, after entering information and clicking the close button all inputted info seems not to be saved.04:34
DShepherdbdmurray, is that the same for you?04:34
bdmurrayno, that is not the case on Hardy04:35
DShepherdbdmurray, ... well in gutsy no matter what change you make and then you click the Close Button at the bottom right of the dialog. the information is not saved04:36
DShepherdbdmurray, you say that this is not in hardy?04:37
bdmurrayThat is correct, that bug does not exist in Hardy.04:37
DShepherdbdmurray, what version gnome is hardy runng?04:37
bdmurrayI put the package version in the bug04:37
DShepherdbdmurray, ok04:37
DShepherdbdmurray, ok. I am currently talking to ivazquez in #gnome or gimp.net. I want to check to see if this is an bug is upstream too04:39
DShepherdbdmurray, do you know ivazquez?04:39
bdmurrayno I do not04:40
DShepherdbdmurray, ok04:40
DShepherdbdmurray, do you know what i can do to kinda push this bug to be fixed?04:43
bdmurrayforward it upstream for Ubuntu 8.10, for 8.04 it depends04:44
DShepherdbdmurray, by the way, does your help button do anything?04:45
bdmurrayHelp where?04:46
DShepherdbdmurray, on the about me dialog. does the help button do anything?04:47
bdmurraythere is no help button anymore it seems04:47
DShepherdbdmurray, oh ok04:47
DShepherdbdmurray, how do i go about forwarding it upstream. Excuse my ignorance. I am quite new to this part04:51
bdmurrayDShepherd: We have some documentation on that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Upstream/GNOME04:53
DShepherdbdmurray, thanks for your patience and your time. I will give that a read04:54
bdmurrayno problem I'll be a around for another 30 minutes or so if you have any more questions04:54
DShepherdis bug 182356 some sort of duplicate  bdmurray ?05:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182356 in gnome-control-center "The gnome-about-me application erases information on reboot." [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18235605:07
JohnPhyskees:  Did you ever get a chance to look at Bug #195052 ?05:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195052 in inkscape "Latex formula does not work on Ubuntu Hardy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19505205:11
bdmurrayDShepherd: I think it might be a different issue05:11
DShepherdbdmurray, ok05:12
bdmurrayI haven't tried rebooting and can't very easily05:12
bdmurrayWhile the other one should be about transposing the e-mail addresses05:12
techno_freakbdmurray, i feel that bug is valid in hardy, i remember filling up personal details and everything is gone now05:12
DShepherdbdmurray, yeah. its a weird bug. I just tried switching tabs before i close the about me dialog after putting an email address in home. On reopen both home and work have the same email address05:13
bdmurraytechno_freak: okay, it would be best to test it with a specific package version and add that to the bug05:16
techno_freakbdmurray, ok05:16
bdmurrayUh, I mean test it and the package version to make it more complete05:17
DShepherdbdmurray, i have filed a bug upstream but it has not been 'approved' should I wait until its confirmed before I make a note on launchpad?05:22
techno_freakrebooted, all details seems to be intact as it was :)05:22
ubotuGnome bug 529147 in about-me "The home address in the About Me dialog overrides the Work Address" [Normal,Unconfirmed]05:23
bdmurrayDShepherd: no, you should create a bug watch in Launchpad now that will point to the upstream bug report see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Watches for details05:25
DShepherdbdmurray, ok05:26
bdmurrayI'm updating that Gnome page I pointed you to to reflect that05:26
DShepherdbdmurray, ok05:27
DShepherdbdmurray, wow, can launchpad grow fruits and vegetables too?05:28
bdmurrayNo, that would feed the bugs. ;)05:29
DShepherdbdmurray, that's if for now?05:31
DShepherdbdmurray, anything else i need to do?05:31
bdmurrayI think updating the title would be helpful05:32
bdmurraytechno_freak: okay, we could close that bug as Fix Released since it is fixed in Hardy05:33
techno_freakbdmurray, ok :)05:33
bdmurrayI'm heading out, thanks for helping out techno_freak and DShepherd05:36
DShepherdbdmurray, thanks for the help too05:36
techno_freakciao bdmurray05:36
DShepherdbug 4818005:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48180 in control-center "The home address in the About Me dialog overrides the Work Address" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4818005:36
DShepherdshould i say something nice..05:37
DShepherd? :-)05:37
DShepherdlike i changed your title and description?05:38
DShepherdor.. the bug has been reported upstream?05:38
DShepherdbdmurray, sorry if I am keeping you..05:38
DShepherdanyways.. I am out. I'll try and drop by sometime tomorrow05:41
techno_freakciao DShepherd05:42
DShepherdtechno_freak, take care05:42
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jfcgauss_greetings. i have xubuntu 7.10 amd64 desktop on a dell core2 laptop. i have postgresql-{,client-,doc-,server-dev-}8.2 installed, and nothing else from any other version of PG. pg_config reports incorrect results that belong to v8.3 instead of v8.2. thx...09:31
techno_freakwhat he did? :s09:46
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RochJerHello - I wanted to know if I can report one simple bug in here15:21
jarlathI don't know what package to assign this bug. The bug is the lack of installed help for users and groups in xubuntu.15:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220255 in ubuntu "no help for xubuntu "users and groups"" [Undecided,New]15:33
jarlathEven if I knew the package, the bug is that it's not included as opposed to the package itself so can anyone tell me what to assign it to?15:34
pedro_xubuntu-system-tools maybe?15:36
pedro_works fine with gnome-system-tools on hardy though15:37
seb128they use gnome-system-tools directly nowadays no?15:37
seb128pedro_: they might not have yelp installed though15:37
jarlathI could just assign it to xfce4 and let those guys decide where to go with it?15:40
mr_pouitxubuntu-meta seems to be a better idea15:42
jarlathAh, very good.15:44
affluxmorning :)16:43
pedro_re :-P16:43
IulianOups, this is the right channel.16:44
bdmurrayhello all16:45
affluxhey bdmurray16:45
IulianHi bdmurray16:46
pedro_morning bdmurray!16:46
* afflux wonders whether ubuntu release is an excuse for getting some free days from school: we probably have lots of bugs to triage :)16:46
bdmurrayafflux: I'll sign something for you!16:47
affluxthanks! I'll tell my teacher. He uses linux on the school machines btw., but it's suse 10.1 :(16:47
bdmurrayNow, really is a critical time though.  We have lots of bugs coming in and need to identify the most important ones.16:47
affluxyeah right. though I've the impression that we got far more reports after alpha releases than after the RC16:50
bdmurrayI'm checking the graphs, that's weird.16:54
affluxyes, it's really only an impression I had, I didn't check any numbers ;)16:54
bdmurrayyou might be right, I'm not certain how to interpret it though16:55
affluxI think either all major problems are known or they even have been fixed :)16:56
bdmurrayI hope so!16:56
james_wHi all.17:29
james_wCan anyone reproduce https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aalib/+bug/218868 ?17:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218868 in aalib "libaa1-dev uninstallable; causes FTBFS in other packages" [Critical,New]17:29
bdmurrayjames_w: I'm checking17:30
hggdhjames_w: so am I :-)17:32
hggdhjames_w: successfully installed libaa1-dev. Hardy, AMD6417:33
james_wthanks for testing17:33
bdmurrayI was able to install it too, is that really the bug though?17:33
hggdhit does seem to be the issue. The autotest log shows the failure17:36
james_wmaybe this has been fixed by something else then.17:36
hggdhand on an amd64...17:36
affluxhuh. bug 22029817:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220298 in ubuntu "/usr/bin/X11 is a reference to ." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22029817:36
hggdhnow, I looked up my aalib.info, and it seems correct (i.e., without the space in front of the '* AA-lib' entry17:37
affluxcan confirm the X11 thing, but I think this is quite... weird :) /usr/bin/X11: symbolic link to `.'17:38
james_wafflux: it's intentional17:38
affluxoh. Right, just found that in NEWS.Debian17:39
thekornhello all!17:52
bdmurraythekorn: hello17:52
thekornhi bdmurray17:53
thekornis there a list of all known bugs in the RC of the different flavours somewhere?17:57
stgraberthekorn: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/report18:06
stgraberthekorn: that'll be hidden tomorrow when the first final candidates will be released though18:06
stgraberthekorn: We don't have a way to access our archives yet :(18:06
thekornstgraber, WOW, that's exactly what I was looking for, much better than the views in launchpad18:07
bdmurraythekorn: its nice having the counts there too18:07
* thekorn hugs stgraber 18:07
bdmurrayIt's also possible to look for bugs tagged iso-testing18:08
thekornmy first idea was to look here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs18:08
sykeI think I've figured out why flash apps lock up on my laptop18:09
bdmurrayright, those are bugs with approved nominations which isn't as useful I think18:09
thekornbut it's defenetly not well structured18:09
sykeit has nothing to do with the nth song playing on pandora18:09
bdmurraythe qatracker ones may not yet be nominated and approved for Hardy18:09
sykeit's when there's a powersave mode change18:09
sykeI have my policy set to powersave18:11
sykewhen the screen blanks after x number of minutes, pandora stops playing18:11
sykeand the browser screen where the flash control is goes blank18:11
sykecan someone try to reproduce?18:13
sykethis is on amd64, kubuntu18:14
sykehp pavilion laptop18:14
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sykeI entered my bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22031718:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220317 in ubuntu "flash hangs when screen blanks on laptop with hardy" [Undecided,New]18:44
sykeif there's any info I can/should add to help debug, let me know18:45
bdmurraysyke: it isn't clear to me what to set in gnome-power-manager to test this18:46
sykebdmurray: I'm using kubuntu, so it's kpowermanager here18:47
sykebut I right-click, policy->powersave18:47
sykebdmurray: find it?18:51
ograbdmurray, g-p-m doesnt allow to set the cpufreq governor deliberately, you wont find options like powersave/ondemand/performance there18:53
ograwe default to ondemand for everything because powersave forces the lowest speed the cpu offers (in my case 133MHz for example which will likely break sound playback as the CPU cant handle the sampling rate)18:55
ogra(see /etc/init.d/powernowd)18:56
ograthe bug here is that kpowersave allows you to select such a mode18:58
bdmurrayogra: thanks for that information, that's really useful!19:00
sykeogra: dynamic also triggers the issue here19:02
sykefor me, "powersave" is 800mhz19:02
ogralucky you :)19:03
ograsyke, for many people its not ... thats why we use ondemand by default :)19:03
sykeyou could probably still test19:03
ograi dont have kubuntu available here19:04
sykedynamic == ondemand19:04
sykeI don't think it's a kubuntu issue19:04
ograwell, ubuntu doesnt offer any UI element to do what you do there19:04
ograit might technically be an issue, but ubuntu users wont experience it19:05
* syke sighs19:08
sykeif it defaults to ondemand19:08
sykeas you say19:08
sykethen, likely they will19:08
sykesince the issue occurs in that mode as well19:08
sykesorry if I wasn't making that clear19:08
osmosisthe icon for xchat-gnome is broken after first installing, but is fine after a reboot.19:15
osmosisit was this way in gutsy, and appears the same in hardy.19:15
sykeis there anything else I need to add to this bug?19:18
sykeshould I contact my canonical support rep to try and get some attention?19:19
bdmurraysyke: I'm still not clear on how to recreate it in Ubuntu but I set laptop lid is closed to "Blank screen" and am listening to music from pandora.com with the lid closed19:22
sykeyea, the lid itself doesn't do it for me either19:22
sykecan you try setting the powersave mode?19:28
ograsyke, you said it is occuring during mode switching only19:30
ograthere is no way to switch modes in ubuntu19:31
sykeI don't mean when manually switching the policy19:31
ograunless you use the commandline and know what to do19:31
sykeI mean when the CPU/input has been idle, and the CPU and display power down further19:31
ograthey wont in ondemand19:32
sykeACPI modes, or whatever they are called these days19:32
sykethey will in ondemand19:32
ograondemand will always give as much CPU as needed19:32
sykeI have this problem with either policy19:32
sykeit switches modes to do that19:32
ograthe thing is that you say it only occurs when you swith modes19:32
ograwhich doesnt happen in ubuntu19:32
sykeI think you are confusing the powermanager/cpufreq policy19:33
ograit doesnt switch from ondemand to anything ese ever19:33
sykeand the actual changing of power modes in the hardware19:33
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Arbymvo_: I've been looking at bug 216907 some more, got time to discuss?20:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216907 in update-manager "update-manager does not accept debian proxies" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21690720:12
mvo_Arby: yes20:15
Arbymvo_: I set up apt-proxy and then tried running update-manager -d in a VM pointing at the proxy20:16
Arbyhaving removed all none proxy lines from sources.list20:16
Arbyas you suggested in the bug report20:16
mvo_ok - what happens then?20:17
Arbyu-m still disables the proxy repos20:17
Arbyand inserts it's own20:17
mvo_Arby: could you please put your /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log online? I would like to have a look (or sent it to me by mail)?20:17
Arbysure, I'll have to re-run the test first, should have saved that log file, oops :)20:18
Arbyback in a few minutes20:18
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Arbymvo_: main.log http://paste.stgraber.org/267620:31
ArbyI think my proxy might be messed up20:31
Arbybut I don't know why20:32
ArbyI have no experience with apt-proxy until now20:33
mvo_Arby: yeah, that is actually a feature you see here :) if no package source that works can be found it will add one for oyu20:33
Arbymvo_: ok, so I need to work out what's up with the proxy20:34
ArbyI can ssh between the two machines so connectivity is there.20:34
ArbyOK I think I'll start over20:34
Arbymvo_: would you mind looking at my apt-proxy config file http://pastebin.com/f3f7780b420:52
ArbyI'm getting errors about 'no suitable backend found'20:53
Arbywhen running apt-proxy-import20:53
Arbyand I can't work out why20:53
mvo_Arby: what does your sources.list look like? apt-proxy expectes something like deb http://server:9999/ubuntu I think21:01
mvo_Arby: hm, did you try (just for the fun of it) to remove the trailing "/" from your ubuntu/ source entry?21:02
Arbyno but I can do21:03
Arbymvo_: I'm at the step before that working from this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy#head-be0e5f3cd615e9100d4bd6d75dc57d2b19d2919a21:03
Arbytrying to import from main apt cache to apt-proxy cache21:03
ArbyI've just found a bug report saying this is broken21:04
Arbyand likely to remain so21:04
Arbybut having read the report I don't think this function is critical21:04
Arbyso I'll bypass that step and see what happens21:04
mvo_Arby: please try without the "/" after ubuntu21:05
ArbyOK I will21:05
Arbymvo_: all seems to be working now with trailing '/' removed21:26
ArbyI get a dialogue saying 'No Valid Mirror found. Would you like to proceed. Clicking yes will change all gutsy to hardy'21:27
Arbyor words to that effect but a bit more verbose21:27
Arbymvo_: would u-m be expected to work if the machine running the proxy had no internet access and only a dvd as a repo21:29
mvo_Arby: sort of, it would hang for a long time at startup though because it tries to connect to the net21:34
ArbyI'm just thinking that the reporter on 216907 implied that none of the machines had access to the outside world21:35
Arbycomment 3 just after your first comment21:35
Arbyand I was wondering what the solution is there21:36
Arbymvo_: do you have any plans to teach u-m to test for an available network and behave accordingly in the future?21:38
Arbyit's something that comes up often in the bug reports21:38
mvo_Arby: I have a pending upload that shorten the timeout considerable (from 120s to 20s) - this should improve it a lot21:39
mvo_Arby: its not ideal currently but there is no reliable way to tell is there is a network currently (hopefully network-manager will provide one in the future)21:39
mvo_but its definitely something that should get fixed21:39
Arbymvo_: ok, I might test a dvd-via-proxy update tomorrow21:40
Arbyit's a bit of a corner case but 216907 implies it does happen21:40
* mvo_ nods21:41
Arbymvo_: last question I promise :) , is deb file://path/to/dvd.iso a valid entry in sources.list? just to save dvd's21:43
mvo_Arby: most likely not, you could mount the iso there (using -o loop) I guess, but there is apt-cdrom add for this :)21:44
Arbyfair enough21:45
bdmurrayjames_w: ping23:08
james_whi bdmurray23:09
bdmurrayI used 'bzr revert -r 87' and then want to get back up to date is 'bzr revert -r 88' the right way to do that?23:09
james_wI think so23:10
james_wplain "bzr revert" should do it as well I think23:10
bdmurrayI tried a 'bzr pull' and that didn't work which makes sense but isn't intuitive to me at least23:11
keesjames_w: "bzr revert" alone will bring you all the way back to "now"23:18
kees(I do this for generating CVE stats)23:18
james_wthanks kees23:19
blueyedkees, james_w: be careful, it deletes files that have been added (or rather backs them up as "*~X~", but symlinks get removed)23:32
bdmurrayjames_w: I'm looking at bug 219209 and I'm not certain that is supposed to work.  Did it ever?23:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219209 in oem-config "United States keymap suggested for United Kingdom" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21920923:42
secretlondonthe one in debian installer *has* marked for uk keyboards23:44
secretlondonalthough it didn't in previous releases23:44
secretlondon-marked +worked23:44
secretlondonit asks you for the position of @ and " I think23:44
bdmurrayjames_w's bug is really about ubiquity I think since that is what comes about after running oem-config-prepare23:45
secretlondonah okay, I thought oem was done on the alt cd23:46
bdmurrayHmm, that's interesting I think it changed23:48
bdmurrayNo matter what I pick it defaults to a US layout23:50

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