DShepherdhello everyone04:10
DShepherdwho can i talk to about about bug 4818004:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48180 in control-center "System -> Prefernces -> About Me does not work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4818004:10
AmaranthDShepherd: why is such a bug not forwarded upstream?05:29
DShepherdAmaranth, i just did that05:29
dholbachgood morning06:11
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seb128pitti: any idea about bug #219689? that's not likely a gvfs issue but I'm not sure where to assign it10:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219689 in gvfs "[Hardy] After hibernate, removable drives appear twice with one invalid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21968910:28
pittiseb128: seems to be another duplicate of bug 101845 ?10:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 101845 in sysvinit "Automounted Volumes mount points change" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10184510:30
seb128pitti: isn't that one supposed to be fixed now?10:30
pittiyes, it is, since last Monday10:30
seb128ok, let me add a comment10:31
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Top0RSomeone somewhere has a problem with installing Linux ubuntu 7.10?14:37
Top0RBuffer I\O error on device logical block 014:37
cody-somervilleTop0R, Check the integrity of your CD14:43
cody-somervilleAnd see #ubuntu for further support14:43
Top0Rthis error again14:45
Top0Rwho can to help me?15:00
crevetteTop0R, <cody-somerville> And see #ubuntu for further support15:00
crevetteTop0R, look at the topic, user support in #ubuntu15:01
Top0RAt all channels to ask me speak in a another place15:02
pittiwow, so now ffox offers gnash, swfdec, and the proprietary adobe plugin; what a choice :)16:06
crevettepitti, add an entry in prefered application for flash playerin GNOME :)16:09
seb128mvo: do you have a dapper install handy?16:41
mvoseb128: if a VM is good enough, then yes16:41
seb128mvo: could you look what Icon is used in firefox.desktop?16:42
seb128mvo: I updated one of my box and the gnome-panel launchad had no icon, it was still using mozilla-firefox as icon apparently16:42
seb128I'm wondering if that was pre dapper install, I'm not sure now16:43
seb128having to keep compatibility icons suck16:43
mvoseb128: let me check16:44
mvoseb128: thunderbird changed icon names16:44
seb128mvo: btw I also got an update-manager crash report about os not being defined, known issue?16:45
mvoseb128: what is the easiest way to find out about the icon name (where is the desktop file?)16:47
mvoseb128: was that with the last update-manager in dapper/gutsy (the one in -updates?)16:48
seb128mvo: /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop16:48
seb128mvo: yes16:48
mvoseb128: could you please paste me the bugreport somewhere?16:48
seb128mvo: ok, need to turn to box on, one minute16:48
mvoseb128: Icon=mozilla-firefox.png16:48
seb128ok, thanks16:49
seb128asac: ^ dapper upgrades will have a broken firefox icon on the gnome-panel, known issue?16:49
asacnot known16:49
mvohrm, another duplicate of the scrollkepper crash16:50
mvoasac: same for thunderbird IIRC16:50
asacyeah, but i don't see a cure for that now16:50
seb128asac: compat symlink16:50
mvoseb128: do we have a master for the scrollkeeper crash?16:50
asacwas the .desktop file renamed?16:50
seb128asac: no, but a copy is created in the user directory and it uses this icon16:50
seb128mvo: no, a zillion of bugs which should probably just be dupped16:51
mvook - fair enough16:51
asacseb128: didn't you eplain to me that gnome doesn't copy things?16:51
asacor is that just for recent gnomes?16:51
seb128asac: I didn't? I'm not sure now, I need to ask to vuntz16:51
seb128asac: the default config has just the .desktop name, but I think on the first startup the gnome-panel copies the desktop to the user directory16:52
asacseb128: you did explain to me ... i checked that it does that for gutsy->hardy upgrade16:52
asacso probably a deficiency in dapper gnome16:53
seb128might be16:53
asacwe can add a compatibility symlink16:53
vuntzseb128: mmh, what is copied?16:55
vuntzseb128_: don't try to run away when I speak ;-)16:56
vuntz17:55 < vuntz> seb128: mmh, what is copied?16:56
seb128_vuntz: I don't, I just started IRC on an another computer16:56
vuntzif it's the desktop files, they're only copied when the user edits them16:56
seb128_vuntz: the launchers you have in the default profiles, are those just refering to the system .desktop or does the panel do a copy to .gnome2/panel.d/default?16:57
seb128_vuntz: ie, will it pick system changes or keep the static copy it had on first run?16:58
vuntzseb128_: the gconf config only contains firefox.desktop16:58
vuntzseb128_: the panel then searches in .gnome2/panel.d/default:/usr/share/applications16:58
vuntz(well, in XDG_DATA_DIRS not just /usr/share)16:58
seb128_vuntz: ok, so I do a dapper installation, log in, upgrade to hardy, what firefox.desktop is used?17:01
vuntzseb128: /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop (since you didn't modify it, so it doesn't exist in .gnome2/panel.d/default)17:03
seb128ok, so I might have edited the panel one by some way17:04
seb128I had a version is .gnome2/panel.d/default17:04
vuntzyeah, it means you edited it17:05
seb128ok, thanks17:05
seb128asac, mvo: ^17:05
mvo*sigh* fat fingers17:06
asacseb128: ok. so we are sure that dapper already did that. fine17:08
asacdo we still need that image linked?17:08
seb128no, don't bother17:08
asacok thanks17:08
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