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crimsunsuperm1: negligibly more latency than direct/raw (hw:0), but that's not the primary concern - introducing the regression of inaudible audio for a significant use case (non-Free Flash) is unacceptable by default for an LTS.00:59
TheMusocrimsun: Any thoughts on the dnsoop issue reported?01:07
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crimsunTheMuso: it's likely because his usb speakers don't expose any capture; I asked for verification.  We can wrap the module-alsa-* portion in .nofail if that's the case.02:34
TheMusocrimsun: Right.02:34
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superm1if the section needs to be overridden just for a single binary package compared to what it is now, should I do an upload to change this, or is that ignored and an archive admin needs to override the section?05:10
superm1i thought it was the latter, but wanted to make sure05:10
StevenKThe latter usually happens first05:11
superm1so at this stage in the game, maybe do an upload that fixes it, subscribe ubuntu-archive and ask for it to be properly overridden when it's released?05:13
dholbachgood morning06:11
xtknighthello.  i'm wondering about Bug 212546.  this seems like something that'll be universally annoying to people (change in behavior from gutsy)06:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212546 in pidgin "pidgin no longer flashes/notifies on taskbar upon receipt of message" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21254606:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212546 in pidgin "pidgin no longer flashes/notifies on taskbar upon receipt of message" [Undecided,New]06:17
pittiGood morning06:44
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StevenKMorning pitti06:45
warp10Good morning06:46
pittihey StevenK, moin warp1006:47
warp10hey pitti!06:47
geserGuten Morgen pitti06:55
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tkamppeterpitti, hi08:22
Siliciumhi all08:22
mantienahi all08:26
mantienaare there any plans to update language-packs before final release ?08:27
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pittihi tkamppeter08:47
pittihey geser08:47
pittiRiddell: can you please have a quick look at bug 60448?09:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 60448 in xorg ".xsession_errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6044809:05
Siliciumis there a bug with grub on preseed?09:07
Siliciumor a change in the installer between beta and RC ?09:08
mantienapitti: maybe you could tell me if there are any plans to update language-packs before final release?09:16
\shSilicium, what doesn't work?09:16
Siliciumgrub install09:17
pittimantiena: again? They were just updated over the weekend09:17
pittimantiena: so, no; those are the final packs09:17
Siliciumi have commented out the grub lines in preseed and test again09:17
pittimantiena: we have plenty of time to update them post-release09:17
mantienapitti: you are not right, language packs aren't updated in this weeked, latest language-packs-gnome are 20080415 :(09:18
pittimantiena: right, that's the latest export that LP provides09:18
pittimantiena: exported on April 15, langpacks built on April 18, uploaded on April 1909:18
pittimantiena: I meant that they were built on the buildds over the weekend09:19
Siliciumgrub cannot install in /target/09:24
Siliciumlets debug :/09:24
Siliciumthere is a new feature :)09:25
Siliciumpublish debug logs09:25
mantienapitti, so, you are misleading translators :(09:26
mantienapitti: LanguagePackTranslationDeadline date is April 17 at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule09:26
mantienaour team did lots of hard work in April 16 - April 1709:27
pittimantiena: the confusion seems to be that translators think that they can update strings until April 17, but from the distro side we need to have the packages ready in the archive at this date09:27
pittibut we have some 5 days turnaround time for that09:28
mantienapitti: is it so hard to update language packs now ?09:28
pittimantiena: well, it isn't lost, we'll update translations maybe two weeks after hardy's release09:28
pittimantiena: as I said, a complete turnaround takes 5 days; next LP export is available Thursday morning, and building/uploading/buildd'ing the packs takes another 209:28
pittiso it's not hard, it's impossible09:29
Siliciumlooks like a pkgsel problem09:29
pittimantiena: we should really clarify that in the wiki docs, I agree09:29
thomSilicium: might be better in #ubuntu-installer09:29
tkamppeterpitti, I have done a small fix in foomatic-rip on Ricoh's request, bug 12999909:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129999 in gasp-code "Bad things happen when setting the background color in begin_graphics()" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12999909:39
pittitkamppeter: I saw it; IMHO that should go into -updates, though (SRU)09:39
tkamppeterSorry, bug 21999909:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219999 in foomatic-filters "foomatic-rip does not handle enumerated-choice options with choices "True" and "False" correctly, leading to Duplex on most Ricoh printers not working" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21999909:39
tkamppeterpitti, what about the crasher fixes on s-c-p of last week? Will they go into Hardy or are there also an SRU?09:41
pittitkamppeter: those were uploaded earlier, they might make it09:42
seb128pitti: I've uploaded a gedit-plugins new version on the upstream request (the current version was setting an incorrect translation domain and breaking some gedit translations when installed), the package is in universe and I'm granting the GNOME exceptions there, so please accept the update ;-)09:45
pittiseb128: yessir09:45
* seb128 hugs pitti09:46
seb128danke ;-)09:46
pittiseb128: done09:47
mantienapitti, it's a pitty if there are no way to include our work in final release :( about 7-8 people traslated lots of strings from our team, I see simmilar situation in other teams too, look for example at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/firefox-3.0/+pots/firefox - about ~20 teams improved firefox translation after April 1509:51
pittimantiena: it will be in -updates, and in the point release, too09:53
mantienayea, I understand this, but we though, that we are in time to have good translations in 8.04 release :)09:54
highvoltagemoral of the story, keep an eye on the release cycle dates!09:54
mantienahighvoltage: hehe, we followed official ReleaseShedule09:54
seb128highvoltage: they did, the schedule is not clear09:54
\shSilicium, -server daily from yesterday worked like a charm...(standard install)09:55
highvoltageseb128: ah, I see09:55
mantienaseb128: maybe I can simply add note, that real translation deadline is 2 days before LanguagePackTranslationDeadline in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule ? Also it would be wise to fix UbuntuReleaseSchedule template, if there are such10:01
seb128mantiena: better to speak to slangasek or pitti rather and let them do the required changes10:01
mantienapitti: so, you will change https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule by yourself ?10:03
pittiI clarified it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LanguagePackTranslationDeadline10:03
mantienapitti: I think it's not enough to clarify this on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LanguagePackTranslationDeadline - lots of translators already have read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LanguagePackTranslationDeadline and they will look only on ReleaseSchedule10:06
mantienaI think it's not hard to add small note10:06
mantienain https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule10:06
ln-what are those empty squares you are outputing?10:06
dholbachstgraber: are you going to update iso.qa.ubuntu.com with new ISOs? :)10:07
seb128dholbach is iso testing addict now ;-)10:07
mantienaln-: I don't see any squares :(10:07
dholbachseb128: hardly ;)10:08
Fujitsumantiena: You're using Pidgin?10:08
ln-mantiena: what are those things in the begin of your line, before my nick?10:08
pittimantiena: done10:08
seb128dholbach: iso will changes again no? is there a point to do a round of testing on the current ones?10:08
dholbachseb128: 20080421 fixed a bug I found in an earlier ISO ;)10:09
mantienapitti: thanks10:10
mantienaFujitsu: yes, I don't found any other IRC client in Ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD10:11
FujitsuRight, that'll probably be Pidgin trying to tell us he's typing a message.10:12
ln-... ... .... well that's exactly what i wanted someone else's Pidgin to tell me.10:13
ln-sounds extremely stupid behavior.10:14
Fujitsuln-: Right, it's stupid for IRC. Other Pidgin users that I've seen have trailing inverted Is, rather than leading spaces.10:14
* laga doesn't see it in irssi10:14
FujitsuIt doesn't happen for many.10:15
FujitsuMust be some strange plugin.10:15
ln-it appears the character is "ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE", so depending on the font it may show as... zero-width space.10:15
lagamaybe pidgin can become the new MS comic chat? :)10:15
ln-and apparently the font i'm using doesn't have that character.10:16
Fujitsulaga: It's about as comical and ridiculous.10:16
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stgraberdholbach: the release managers usually add the ISOs as they build them :)11:22
asacogra: ok, i recovered from the work-grave and could do classmate image testing now. appreciated?11:33
pittiasac: "grave"? I hope you mean "rave"? :-)11:56
asacyeah ... indeed it was a rave in the grave ;)11:57
dholbachstgraber: ahhh ok :)12:19
sladen2002 era fashions: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7358483.stm12:29
Keybuktkamppeter: meh, spoke to soon12:36
Keybuktkamppeter: even after removing the firmware, I get about 1-2 prints before the printer fails12:36
Siliciumpitti: you are here?12:41
* pitti jumps over to "there"12:41
Siliciumi have a problem installing pgsql in preseed12:42
Siliciumso then i have created a post install script running while preseed12:42
ograasac, absolutely12:42
Siliciumthe setup is sucessfully12:42
Siliciumbut another pakage using the pgsql as depency does not correcly install12:43
Siliciumcause cant connect to the database12:43
pittiSilicium: so you have a cluster created? (check with pg_lsclusters)12:44
Siliciumcjwatson saays you are the maintainer of pgsql so i ask you12:44
Siliciumso i have a syslog from preseed12:44
pittiSilicium: hm, then it obviously didn't work12:44
pittiSilicium: do you see anything like "/dev/null: permission denied" in the log? that's one common reason of failure which i saw in hardy12:44
pittiSilicium: hm, can you show me the log? does it have the package installation output?12:45
Siliciumsee query for the debug url12:45
pittiSilicium: I didn't get a /query; you need to be registered to send /querys on freenode12:46
pitti(at least to other registered people)12:46
Siliciumi kno12:47
Siliciumi know12:47
Siliciumnow you get a qry :)12:47
Siliciumso is partially german, if needed i can re run the setup in english12:49
pittiSilicium: did you get my response?12:49
pittioh argh; seems I haven't been registered either since my server rebooted, sorry12:49
Siliciumsame here12:50
* Hobbsee waves12:53
asacogra: throw instructions at me then13:06
ograasac, well, install it, use it :)13:06
ogratest susend/resume13:06
asacogra: throw instructions at me :)13:07
asaci forgot the procedure13:07
ograasac, install you mean ? they are at the top on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/classmate/images/8.04/13:08
asacogra: ok, will test after lunch (~1h from now)13:09
ograteake your time :)13:11
pittiogra: ugh, devilspie??13:17
pittiogra: LTSP installs unsupported packages by default, hmmm13:17
pittiogra: there is no bug # in the ltsp changelog, so hard for me to judge approval13:17
ograpitti, --kisok is by no means used by default, promoted or anything else :)13:18
ograits an extra plugin you need to specify13:18
ograpitti, same as the mythbuntu plugin, just seeit as universe part of ltsp :) it doesnt install any deps if you dont attempt to create a dedicated kiosk chroot13:19
ograpitti, and its for a regression in that plugin that has no bug number ... just a nice to have (else firefox will run windowed on kiosk systems)13:20
pittiogra: ok, thanks13:21
highvoltagethat's interesting.13:21
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amitkbryce: what would be the best place (package?) to add custom config options to xorg.conf?13:40
alex_joniis a line "Build-Depends: foo | bar, baz" acceptable?14:29
ScottKAs long a foo is a real package and not a virtual package, yes.14:30
alex_joniI am trying to add a Build-Depends: for lyx-qt|lyx14:31
ScottKShould be fine then.14:31
alex_joni(that package changed name from dapper to hardy)14:31
ScottKWhich is the hary one?14:32
alex_joniScottK: it's complaining that the package is not found..14:32
TheMusoasac: After seeing the latest feedback on bug 192888, I'm not at all willing to upload that change.14:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288814:32
ScottKalex_joni: I'm not sure.  I'd expect that to work.  Packaging questions are generally better asked on #ubuntu-motu.14:35
alex_joniScottK: cool, will move to there14:35
elmosbuild will chose the first of an or'ed dependency14:35
elmoif you're targetting the package at hardy, use the hardy name first14:35
ScottKalex_joni: ^^^14:36
alex_jonielmo: it's targeted at both hardy & dapper14:36
alex_jonidapper likes lyx-qt, hardy lyx14:36
alex_joniok, then I'll work around this14:36
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asacTheMuso: yes, I agree its too risky to take for final .. we should try hard to fix this for 8.04.114:39
TheMusoasac: Agreed.14:39
ograwho knows probably someone comes up wit a fix to libflashsupport in the meantime and the prob is moot :)14:40
asacTheMuso: milestoned for 8.04.114:41
asacogra: i am pretty sure that nobody can fix libflashsupport :)14:41
ograasac, someone will14:41
ografedora uses it all over the place14:42
asacogra: well. good for us ... they are insane then ;)14:42
ograwell, that means someone will try to fix it at least :)14:42
asacogra: libflashsupport implements a contract from years ago ... who knows maybe they completely miss to implement some symbol14:42
ograi dont care about their sanity :)14:43
AstralJavaWell, even NTFS is writable these days... /me shrugs14:43
ograthey use nspluginwrapper everywhere though14:43
asacogra: after release we will talk to adobe to sort this out. the real solution is to use ESD14:43
ograso the problem wont be exposed as much14:43
asacogra: right ... that fixes the crashes of firefox, but flash crashes anyway :)14:43
asacbut yes, we should use nspluginwrapper as well.14:44
asacthats sane ;)14:44
ograwell, it points the user to the acual problem ...14:45
asacthe real problam is that you blow libflashssupport into adobes house :)14:46
asacso the problem is libflashsupport :)14:46
ograhich is wrong as well, since its pulse code now ... but they get warare of it at least14:46
cr3where's the process for getting something into hardy at this point?14:49
nebajothI doubt there IS one14:49
Hobbseecr3: new package?14:49
nebajothits going to be released in days14:49
cr3Hobbsee: just an update14:49
cr3Hobbsee: patch even14:49
Hobbseecr3: does it fix a release critical bug?14:49
Hobbseeor is it otherwise very very important?14:49
cr3Hobbsee: I'm not sure what constitutes "release critical bug". is fixing a bug from people saying  "Wow! This pisses me off!" and "I don't tolerate this kind of !@#$" release critical?14:50
Hobbseecr3: depends.  bug #?14:50
seb128cr3: what is the issue exactly?14:55
cr3Hobbsee: bug #20133614:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201336 in hwtest "report contains package information" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20133614:55
cr3seb128: personal information such as packages and versions are being submitted without the knowledge of the enduser14:56
cr3seb128: so, I have simply added a summary page before submission to at least inform the user about this14:56
seb128cr3: is the packages list something really required?14:57
cr3seb128: according to the launchpad folks responsible for the hardware database, yes14:57
ograseb128, that info shall be made available to you as bug triager t some point (if teh user allows this) ... would you like to have that info ?14:58
seb128cr3: if you add a non translated dialog nows there is some users who will get angry14:58
seb128ogra: no, apport already has those informations14:58
cr3seb128: between having something done behind the user's back and having not translated, what do you think might be more important?14:58
ograusers will be able to link their hwtest info to bug reports in the future ...14:58
seb128cr3: I would remove the "include packages informations" rather14:58
ograwith a simple checkbox14:59
seb128to be honest I don't think hwtest is really ready to be used but that's an another topic14:59
seb128my preferred choices would be14:59
seb128- don't include those informations14:59
seb128- show a summary14:59
seb128- do nothing14:59
seb128but I'm not the one deciding there14:59
seb128you want to talk to slangasek or pitti14:59
ogrado nothing as in "leave as is" ?15:00
seb128ogra: yes15:00
cr3seb128: that's in order of preference, right? I actually tried to negotiate your #1 with the LP folks, specifically, I suggested having a checkbox to give the choice to the enduser whether they want to send package information or not. However, the LP folks said that information was required and I believe their relaxng schema enforces it anyhow.15:00
Mithrandirit doesn't sound RC, if anything it sounds like something that can be fixed in an SRU.15:00
seb128cr3: yes15:01
cr3Mithrandir: if you guys say so, I'll go with it. just wanted to bring this to your attention :)15:01
seb128we should just not use hwtest in 8.04, fix it and use it in 8.04.115:01
cr3it currently sends useful information though, that'd be unfortunate :(15:02
seb128we have a similar application for years, I'm not convinced it does anything useful so far15:02
seb128and the thing really lacks a maintainer15:03
seb128almost all the bugs are untouched on launchpad apparently15:03
* TheMuso sighs. Users wanting us to ship paviewcontrol.15:03
* TheMuso can't remember why we chose not to...15:03
ograseb128, but hwtest has a maintainer (a whole team even) i dont think hwtest now is worse than hwdb ever was, its an improvement in any case15:05
seb128ogra: maybe they should start looking at bugs then ;-)15:05
ograrather at the schedule :)15:06
ograits not easy to grasp and know when you can do what if you dont work with it regulary15:07
cr3seb128: point well taken, I should be more regular in my bug triaging :(15:07
seb128cr3: anyway better to ask pitti or slangasek about it when they will be around still, better to avoid bad comments from some users because we didn't consider the bug15:07
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cr3seb128: yeah, I'm fine either way with their decision. thanks for the advice and for the kick in the butt about checking my bugs :)15:08
seb128cr3: that's alright, I just noticed that this issue has been reported some weeks ago, and it would have been easier to deal with it before the freeze, but everybody has lot to do, etc so it's easy to be behind on triage15:09
cr3seb128: hwtest is more of a personal project and I work on it mostly evenings. however, these days, I've even been doing my usual work evenings. this will get better soon :)15:10
seb128cr3: alright ;-) The comment was not against you, but since we ship it by default we should have somebody in the team looking at the issue, you don't have to be this somebody ;-)15:12
cr3seb128: heh, don't worry, this project is something that is close to my heart so I actually enjoy the opportunity of maintaining it. I also appreciate the privilege of having such user feedback, it's always good to hear from folks even if it's to complain :)15:14
seb128cr3: btw in case you didn't notice I did the category change we talked about in hardy15:15
cr3seb128: yeah, your revision update kinda surprised me, I already had an update poised for hardy with the category: GTK;System;Settings;15:17
pittihi cr3; what's up?15:18
cr3pitti: just wanted to bring your attention to bug #201336 for hwtest in which a user says: "Wow! This pisses me off!" and "I don't tolerate this kind of !@#$". I have a fix for this where I simply display a summary of the information about to be submitted.15:20
seb128cr3: you were not on IRC and the change was really needed15:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201336 in hwtest "report contains package information" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20133615:20
james_wcould a buildd admin give back lvm2 on powerpc please? It was hit by the ntpdate problem on saturday, and hasn't been kicked yet. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lvm2/2.02.26-1ubuntu9/+build/56600915:20
cr3seb128: agreed, thanks for that :)15:20
elmojames_w: done15:21
james_wthanks elmo15:22
cr3pitti: if you don't think that's critical, I'm fine with submitting an update after the release. if you think this could make it before release, I think this would be appreciate by some folks.15:22
pitticr3: that sounds like a feature freeze/UI freeze/string freeze exception?15:23
cr3pitti: UI freeze, it was more than just a string change15:24
pitticr3: yes, I mean all of those15:25
cr3but there was no additional windows and the user experience is exactly the same, except that the user won't get so pissed off :)15:25
cr3pitti: heh, I thought it was a question :)15:25
cr3pitti: I don't want you to spend too much time on this unless you think it's worthwhile, we're all crazy busy nearing release. do you think 8.04 or 8.04.1?15:26
pitticr3: my gut feeling is .1 to not rush this in and break things; a package list isn't that private, is it? at least not more than your hardware/system identification?15:27
pitticr3: but displaying the report before makes sense indeed; it's just very late for that :/15:28
cr3pitti: if I know you're running a kernel with an exploit because you haven't done updates, that could present a problem :)15:28
cr3pitti: it's a very simple report, no details at all: The following information will be sent [blah blah]. Distribution details, Device information, Processor information, Packages installed, Test results.15:30
pitticr3: can you please ping someone from the doc team about it, whether it's ok for them to change this right now?15:31
cr3pitti: a more detailed report would've required major work which I wouldn't dare submit for an exception.15:31
cr3pitti: where would I do that? #ubuntu-doc? :)15:32
pitticr3: ah, I see; if the doc team is fine with it (maybe because they did not document hwtest at all), then we should consider it15:32
pitticr3: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc is the ML15:33
emgentops wrong window.15:33
pitticr3: yes, IRC is fine as well, if you can catch someone15:34
cr3pitti: just to make sure I understand, if ubuntu-doc documents the shortcoming of hwtest then that'll be fine. otherwise, we should consider the bugfix in hwtest. is that right?15:37
pitticr3: I mean if ubuntu-doc is fine with making that change now; i. e. it won't break documentation (or they'll update it)15:38
seb128I think it's late for this cycle15:38
cr3pitti: ah, thanks for the clarification. much appreciated :)15:38
seb128you will break translations in any case15:39
pittiyeah :/15:39
pittiogra: just curious, why does ltspfs have debian/patches/? isn't ltsp maintained upstream in bzr?15:46
ograpitti, yes, but not the packaging15:48
ograand we're in deepfreeze, i dont introduce new upstream versions :)15:48
pittiogra: oh, surprising15:48
pittiogra: that's fine :)15:48
asacogra: ok classmate image is booting ... lets see15:49
ograwith hardy i pulled debians package for the first time, i think vagrant just wanted to be polite and added dpatch15:49
asacogra: ill use german install?15:49
asacor plain english for now?15:50
ograas you like15:52
amitkogra: ping regarding team ppa for cmpc15:57
ograamitk, what team should that be ?15:57
amitkogra: do you already have a cmpc team in launchpad?15:58
ogranope, but i need one anyway to put the cmpc packages under as upstream15:59
ograamitk, i meant how do you wat the ACL to look like :)16:00
ograamitk, ok, i got a general cmpc-developers team https://launchpad.net/~cmpc-developers16:04
* ogra hugs pitti 16:08
tkamppeterpitti, bug 220041 is a one-line-fix, can we still get this into Hardy?16:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220041 in system-config-printer "CUPS Printer Setup dialog deceiving" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22004116:08
asacogra: classmate image is broken for me16:10
asacogra: after install i get UUID= ... and are asked to enter maintenance shell16:10
ograasac, in what way ?16:10
asacfsck.ext3 ... unable to resolve 'UUID='16:11
amitkogra: I applied for membership. Could you also activate the PPA for this team..16:11
asacogra: ill reboot and try english install i guess :)16:11
ograasac, you dont have a UUID value at all ?16:11
asacogra: image is hardy-classmate-20080417.1.img16:11
asacogra: let me boot again to look in fstab16:11
mathiazslangasek: could you check why the latest version of likewise (0ubuntu3) hasn't been published ?16:12
ograasac, dont have a second USB key plugged in there or so during install. right ?16:13
pittimathiaz: because I accepted it from unapproved like 2 minutes ago16:13
asacogra: no i don't16:13
asacjust the one from the image16:14
asachitting ctrl+d makes it boot properly though16:14
asaccurrently logging into desktop16:14
ograamitk, accepted and activated  https://edge.launchpad.net/~cmpc-developers/+archive16:15
asacogra: ok in fstab there are /boot /live/cow and /var with a valid UUID16:15
ograasac, right16:15
asac /home has none though16:15
ograand in menu.lst ?16:15
ograoh ?16:15
ogralet me check16:15
asacits juust UUID= /home ext3 ...16:16
ograthats indeed wrong16:16
amitkogra: perfect. I'll upload a kernel there later. Meanwhile, don't forget to add that archive to sources.list :)16:16
mathiazpitti: great ! thanks :) - it will be published in the archive within a few hours then.16:16
ograamitk, i wont, for sure ... thanks :)16:17
ograasac, can you mail me /var/log/cmpcinstaller.log ?16:17
asaclet me try wifi to get net :)16:19
asacok NM works ;)16:19
ogramy reference install of this image definatey has a UUID for /home16:20
asacogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/767616:20
amitkogra: have you published the scripts that you use to roll these classmate images? I need it for another customer...16:20
asacogra: anythin else you need?16:22
asacill keep it running for now. let me know16:22
ograasac, fdisk -l output for /dev/sdb16:23
ograamitk, see pm16:23
asacogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/767716:24
* ogra scratches head16:24
amitkogra: what pm?16:25
ograamitk, the one i just sent :)16:25
=== kirkland` is now known as kirkland
asacogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/767816:25
ograasac, yes, the formatting fails already16:26
asacmaybe because there was edubuntu installed before? :)16:26
asacogra: let me know if there is something i can do to help you ;)16:27
asaci could retry :)16:28
ograyes, i bet it works the second time ...16:28
asacogra: so do you need more info from this broken install?16:28
asacogra: how do those uuid get generated?16:28
ograasac, vol_id <devicename>16:30
ograthe prob is that there is no vol_id if the formatting fails16:30
pittitkamppeter: I'll have a look16:30
asacogra: ok retry?16:33
* asac restarts classmate to do another install16:34
asacogra: i have three USB devices wen selecting boot device:16:35
asacUSB:M-Sys uDiskOnChip16:35
asacUSB:Generic Storage...16:35
asacUSB:Corsair Flash ...16:35
asacthe latter is my disc16:35
ograGeneric is the SD reader16:36
ograM-sys is the internal disk16:37
asacogra: ok i try German again ;)16:37
ograi suspect the sync call after fdisk fails16:38
ograso this install should wrok fine16:38
asacogra: but that should be reproducible?16:38
asacwhy would it fail the first time and not now?16:38
ograif the ioctl fails you dont have the new partition table available ... after a reboot you will ... hmm, actually no ...16:39
asacogra: so did the layout change from previous hardy install i made?16:40
ograthe installer zeroes out the partition table before it starts fdisk16:40
ograyes, /var got its own partition, /home moved one down16:40
emgenttseliot: :)16:43
tseliotemgent: hi16:43
asacogra: ok reinstall helped16:51
asacogra: ill leave it to you how to fix it now ;)16:51
ograasac, right16:51
asacmost lkely ou need to change partition layout to test that on my system again :)16:51
asacif you have a fix we can figure something out :)16:52
ograasac, well, i guess i need to virtually re-plug the device16:52
ograi'll think about something16:52
ograHobbsee, did you notice that your shermans-aquarium fix requires a fix in libgai0 as well ?17:02
Hobbseeogra: yeah.  thought it got synced too, dammit.17:02
mlindseb128: still around? could you take a look at bug #21169317:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211693 in gnome-mount "nautilus cannot eject ipod while eject(1) does" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21169317:02
Hobbseeogra: requested the sync now17:03
seb128mlind: what about it?17:03
Hobbseeogra: i got more concerned over LP dying for 14 hours over the weekend.17:04
seb128mlind: ETOOMUCHTODO17:04
mlindseb128: lol, maybe for point release then :)17:05
tkamppeterpitti, thanks for taking the s-c-p fix in.17:29
pittitkamppeter: no problem17:40
james_wdoes anyone know of a change that may have "fixed" bug 218868?17:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218868 in aalib "libaa1-dev uninstallable; causes FTBFS in other packages" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21886817:40
james_wsomeone has tested for me and says that the installed file doesn't have the space which has been accused of causing the problem.17:40
bryceamitk: depends on the config options...  generally these days we've been trying to set default options in the drivers themselves, however it is also possible to set them in dexconf in the xorg package.17:51
bryceamitk: if the option is important, it's usually always better to set via the driver, since xorg.conf is only generated on fresh installs or if the user deliberately reconfigures17:52
superm1pitti, an archive admin needs to override the section for a binary package that's already in place right?17:52
pittisuperm1: right17:53
superm1okay i'll just subscribe ubuntu-archive then to a bug17:53
pittisuperm1: but it should be fixed in the package at the next opportunity, too17:53
superm1i did in the package already, but it didn't take effect17:53
superm1so i assumed that was why17:53
pittino, it won't17:53
cjwatsonbryce: do please remember to add patches to debian/patches/series if necessary ;-) just fixed xkeyboard-config ...18:12
cjwatson(or quilt push -a; quilt import or whatever)18:13
amitkbryce: I want to enable SHMConfig to allow for synaptics control18:25
mjg59amitk: By default?18:26
amitkmjg59: no.. for a classmate image18:26
ograamitk, oh, why do we need that ?18:26
mjg59amitk: I really wouldn't recommend shipping anything to anyone with that set18:26
brycemjg59: am I remembering correctly that SHMConfig presents a security concern?18:27
amitkogra: mjg59: Is there a better solution for keypad locking?18:27
mjg59Yes. Implement XInput properties.18:27
amitkogra: sorry.. not classmate. I am confusing my vendors here....18:28
* ogra doesnt really understad what amitk is doing there18:28
mjg59amitk: But if you mean with existing code, then no. There's no secure way of implementing it.18:28
bryceamitk: there was a bug (with a patch) on adding SHMConfig by default, but the memory access situation was determined to be a  security issue, so the patch was not accepted18:29
keesamitk: err... I thought the synaptic controls had already been added to the mouse controls (by mjg59)18:29
mjg59kees: No, only a subset of them18:29
amitkmjg59: It has to be existing code. We can't devote a whole lot of time to this one.18:29
mjg59amitk: Then it's not possible18:29
sykecan someone with an amd64 laptop help me try to reproduce something?18:30
mjg59amitk: SHMconfig generates a shared memory segment that's world writable. Any user can alter the coordinate mapping on the pad in order to trigger mouse presses at arbitrary points on the screen18:32
mjg59amitk: And if you enable this for anyone, I swear that I will write an exploit for it :)18:33
mjg59Oh, also it'll utterly fail in the fast user switching case18:33
amitkmjg59: point taken. I'll enable it with the warning 'mjg59 is out to get you' :)18:34
mjg59amitk: Seriously. It's not in the slightest bit acceptable for this to go in anything that ships to anyone.18:34
bryceogasawara_: 36978 looks like a kernel bug (can't ping the machine).  Can you take a look?18:35
ogasawara_bryce: sure18:35
jdongmjg59: is there a better method of implementing a touchpad-keyboard interlock that doesn't come with the implications of SHMConfig?18:35
amitkmjg59: ok. I'll inform the vendor.18:35
mjg59jdong: Yes. Implement XInput properties.18:35
amitkTeTeT_: discussion with mjg59 ^^^18:36
* jdong googles xinput properties18:36
bryceamitk: there was also a follow on patch to the bug I mentioned earlier, which the submitter claimed did not have the security issue, but I don't think that was reviewed.18:36
mjg59jdong: They don't currently exist. It's analagous to the xrandr properties18:36
amitkbryce: do you have a bug number?18:36
mjg59jdong: Essentially, allow input drivers to provide properties18:36
bryceamitk: one sec18:36
mjg59Then they can be runtime configured within the confines of the existing X security model18:37
bryceamitk: 15593718:37
brycemjg59: I'd love to get your thoughts on the follow up patch in that bug.18:38
bryce(although it's too late for hardy, and hopefully xinput will be ready to go by intrepid...)18:39
tjaaltonaltough synaptics is dead upstream18:40
=== TeTeT_ is now known as TeTeT
mjg59bryce: Yeah, that's an improvement. However, it still means that remote X clients can influence the input stream in a way they currently can't18:41
mjg59Also, that any user with admin privileges can screw everyone else. Though given sudoers, that's a given.18:42
mjg59I dislike tying desktop functionality to an admin group, though. It encourages people to make normal users admins18:42
brycemjg59: thanks, yeah I suspected as much.  I'll update the bug.18:44
sykeI entered the flash bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22031718:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220317 in ubuntu "flash hangs when screen blanks on laptop with hardy" [Undecided,New]18:44
sykeif there's any info I can/should add to help debug, let me know18:45
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
ogragrumble ... where is dholbach ?19:41
james_wslangasek: hi. I'd like your opinion on bug 218868. It's milestoned, but no-one seems to be able to reproduce at the moment.19:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218868 in aalib "libaa1-dev uninstallable; causes FTBFS in other packages" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21886819:48
slangasekjames_w: looking19:49
james_wThere is a proposed patch, but I have no idea if it is correct as I can't reproduce. Normally I would just mark it incomplete, but as it is milestoned I wanted your input.19:49
cjwatsonIIRC install-info got made more sane19:50
slangasekjames_w: right, hadn't tried to reproduce that yet; assumed it was really there because the symptoms are very familiar19:50
slangasekcjwatson: in the time since infinity's most recent autobuild test, though?19:50
cjwatsonthough, hmm, yeah, that can't be right, that bug is recent19:51
slangasekinfinity: need more info on bug #218868, it seems no one (incl. me) is able to reproduce this with a current hardy19:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218868 in aalib "libaa1-dev uninstallable; causes FTBFS in other packages" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21886819:55
elmoinfinity's sick today19:55
slangasekwho else might have an inside view of the pkgautotest framework?19:56
elmoso not using that19:56
elmoit's a dak buildd setup19:56
slangasekok then19:56
elmoI can give the package back and/or manually install libaa1-dev, see if it's reproducible, I guess19:57
cjwatsonaalib.info in the archive has:19:57
cjwatson* AA-lib: (aalib).              An ASCII-art graphics library19:57
cjwatsonnone of that leading space business19:57
cjwatsonmy guess is that it breaks when rebuilt19:57
cjwatsonthe autobuild test uses its own output ...19:57
elmooh, right, yeah, we're doing opportunistic use of rebuilt binaries now19:57
slangasekjames_w: ^^ does that help?19:58
cjwatsonso this comes back to install-info changes in dpkg19:58
cjwatsonor possibly makeinfo/whatever changes19:58
james_wslangasek: probably, yes. I'll test that now.19:58
elmoI have the built deb19:59
elmoand confirm it has the sapce19:59
elmocan provide it/url to it anyone if that's useful19:59
=== RadiantFire_ is now known as RadiantFire
james_welmo: thanks, but rebuilding locally shows the issue, so that's enough for me.20:01
cjwatsonjames_w: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=45126820:02
ubotuDebian bug 451268 in texinfo "librep-doc: confusing INFO-DIR-ENTRY makes postinst fail" [Grave,Open]20:02
cjwatsonscroll down towards the end20:02
cjwatsonand also Debian #45774120:03
ubotuDebian bug 457741 in texinfo "please make makeinfo behave as before wrt drientries" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/45774120:03
cjwatsonjames_w: basically suggests that this is a texinfo bug20:03
cjwatsonjames_w: ... except also that it's a mistake in texinfo files, since the patch installed by upstream reads:20:04
cjwatson+      /* The zsh manual, maybe others, wrongly indents the * line of the20:04
cjwatson+         direntry in the source.  Ignore that whitespace.  */20:04
james_wok, so I should send this patch to joeyh?20:05
cjwatsonjames_w: I just linked the already-fixed Debian bug to the LP bug ;-)20:05
james_wcjwatson: thanks20:05
cjwatsonso either merge if appropriate, or consider it as a backport from unstable if not20:06
cjwatsonjames_w: would a bzr-git import and a cherry-pick be appropriate?20:08
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
james_wcjwatson: I'm not sure20:36
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
jdstrandslangasek: would you mind looking at the penultimate comment in bug 15594720:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "libnss-ldap: calls to initgroups() causes boot to hang when using 'bind_policy hard'" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15594720:47
jdstrandkirkland: ^^20:48
slangasekjdstrand: nss_initgroups_ignoreusers -- ah, lovely nss_ldap20:49
kirklandjdstrand: looking20:49
jdstrandso *finally* I found the cause20:49
jdstrandthe question is the solution20:49
jdstrandslangasek, kirkland: I had 2 thoughts20:50
jdstranda) update ldap.conf to list the different users20:50
slangasekpatch libnss-ldap to know to skip all users with uid < 1000?20:51
jdstrandb) use a modified pre 251-6 solution that will add a file to /var/run when a successful lookup is found.  if this file does not exist, all lookups are soft, if it does exist, libnss-ldap honors bind_policy in /etc/ldap.conf20:51
jdstrand'b' seems appropriate, as if /var/run doesn't exist, no big deal, boot continues20:52
jdstrandslangasek: yes, that would be c)20:52
jdstrand(I thought of that too)20:52
slangasekc) seems correct to me per se20:53
jdstrandslangasek: currently the bind policy defaults to hard20:53
slangasekyes, which is the sane default for it20:53
jdstrandI thought so too, but it horribly breaks things right now :)20:53
kirklandjdstrand: you and i have discussed (c) previously20:53
jdstranddo you see any problems with c)20:53
slangasekbecause of peripheral bugs, not because the policy of 'hard' is wrong20:53
* jdstrand nods20:53
kirklandjdstrand: now, it seems, you've got a lot more evidence behind why that would solve this20:54
* jdstrand nods again20:54
slangasekI don't see any problems with c); I do think that this is .1 stuff, AIUI this is not a regression and this should get some testing before it's thrust at users20:54
kirklandslangasek: well, it could be argued that this is a regression introduced by gutsy20:55
kirklandslangasek: gutsy was where this problem surfaced20:55
jdstrandslangasek: it is actually a regression for dapper -> hardy20:55
jdstrandslangasek: it was a feisty -> gutsy regression that never got fixed20:55
kirklandslangasek: and there is the angle that jdstrand mentions, dapper -> hardy installs could be rendered un-login-able20:55
slangasekstill, I think deferring until .1 is the best course of action here20:56
highvoltageogra: hmm, how do I force a shutdown on the cmpc? I installed the latest image, and when it said "rebooting", I pulled out to fast and now it has a kernel panic :(20:56
* jdstrand worries about all those dapper desktops upgrading to hardy20:56
kirklandslangasek: bind_policy soft hack in the mean time?20:56
slangasekI believe the general plan is that dapper upgraders will be suggested to wait until .1 before upgrading20:56
slangasekI don't think a soft bind policy is any better, release-management-wise20:57
slangasekkirkland, jdstrand: looking at it from the other side, then - how soon do you guys think you could have c) implemented?20:57
jdstrandslangasek: well, hmm, I totally see your point, but this is a real bummer for enterprise environments...20:57
slangasekand will there be a configuration setting to turn off this check?20:58
kirklandslangasek: it's definitely a hack.  but what is going to be our recommended course of action, when users complain about this?  those that do upgrade from dapper -> hardy on day 120:58
jdstrandslangasek: I think I could have a patch for c) either today or early tomorrow20:58
kirklandjdstrand: i can help with that, and the testing thereof20:59
slangasekjdstrand: incl. a new config option to control the behavior?20:59
jdstrandslangasek: that would take longer... and would break string freeze20:59
slangasekI'm not talking about a debconf /question/ about it20:59
slangasekjust that it be configurable at runtime by editing the config file, not just a compiled-in setting21:00
jdstrandslangasek: well, that would make it easier I suppose21:00
jdstrandslangasek: as I do have other things I'm working on, I'd say end of day tomorrow?21:00
slangasekthat's the safest way I see to ensure that we haven't mis-estimated in thinking that no one in their right mind would need to reference system accounts through LDAP ;P21:01
jdstrandslangasek: if I don't make it (or my patch stinks), it could still be .121:01
slangasekjdstrand: ok, I'll accept it if it's end-of-day tomorrow (and passes muster too, obviously)21:01
jdstrandslangasek: I think that is totally reasonable-- we can add a note in there about hard bind policy, etc21:01
jdstrandslangasek: ok thanks21:03
brycebdmurray: this report seems to not be getting generated:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/reports/gt5subscribers/xorg.html21:15
brycemario_limonciell: on bug 199455, you said you were able to reproduce it.  AMD is interested in taking a look but has trouble reproducing it.  Would you mind describing what you did to trigger it?21:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 199455 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 () from /usr/lib/dri/fglrx_dri.so" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19945521:18
Amaranthah, attentive upstream binary driver, that's new21:19
bryceAmaranth: indeed21:20
ograasac, ping21:36
ograasac, can you open that page  ? https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=LTSP  ... it makes my FF error out with XML error21:36
ScottKOpens on my Dapper desktop FWIW.21:37
ograhardy with latest firefox21:37
ograi get a cert error for the self signed cert first and then it drops me to an xm error here21:38
asacogra: what version of language-pack-gnome-XX-base?21:38
SEJeffogra, WFM21:38
ograno idea, i upgraded today, checking21:38
SEJeffDid you restart ff after upgrading?21:39
ograSEJeff, it didnt tell me to21:39
asacogra: 20080415ubuntu1 you need21:39
asacogra: let me know21:39
jdongzul: yo, trying out xen in hardy and finding bug 151327 well and alive... :-/21:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151327 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] binary graphics drivers don't load with Xen (2.6.22 and 2.6.24)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15132721:40
jdongunknown symbols kmap_prot and a few others21:40
ScottKogra: Works with current Firefox-3.0 on Hardy Kubuntu.21:40
SEJeffogra, Ditto for hardy ubuntu21:41
ograyeah, apparently ...21:41
tseliotjdong: a Xen developer should modify the firegl_public.c in order to fix that bug.21:46
tseliotjdong: a patch can be found here: http://ati.cchtml.com/show_bug.cgi?id=53121:48
ubotuati.cchtml.com bug 531 in Installation "ATI drivers don't work under FC6 with Virtualization enabled (XEN)" [Major,Resolved: duplicate]21:48
jdongtseliot: I believe that patch is added21:49
jdongtseliot: the problem is that the xen hypervisor doesn't seem to export a few needed symbols to the kernel symbol table21:49
jdong[   61.480621] fglrx: Unknown symbol xen_invlpg_mask21:49
jdong[   61.480809] fglrx: Unknown symbol kmap_prot21:49
jdong[   61.481570] fglrx: Unknown symbol kmap_atomic_prot21:49
jdongspecifically, those three21:49
zwnjdput-ing a new package in my ppa, i get this error:  Unable to find bicon_0.2.0.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution.21:54
zwnjcan someone help me on this please?21:55
mario_limonciellbryce, i can reproduce it yes21:58
mario_limonciellbryce, i don't have any other use case outside of using mythtv to do it though.22:00
mario_limonciellbryce, and it's just a matter of starting myth with the driver active22:00
bryceok, is it just ... ah ok22:00
mario_limonciellbryce, followed by watching a show for a little bit22:00
mario_limoncielland then quiting22:00
bryce 22:00
mario_limoncielland it crashes on the quit22:00
Lightkeybryce, maya, 3dsmax, renderman22:01
mario_limonciellthey do the same thing?22:01
brycemario_limonciell: I think lightkey was giving a list of 3d apps ;-)22:02
brycemario, ok thanks that should be sufficient.  I bet they just hadn't tried running from myth22:03
lagamario_limonciell: to make it easier reproducible, is it sufficient to run mythtv /some/video/file.avi ?22:03
mario_limoncielli'm not sure that will reproduce it22:04
laganot sure if the ati guys want to install a mysqld :)22:04
mario_limoncielllaga, i'd be reluctant to think that it would be sufficient.  the whole DRI surface might (and probably) is only made when the mythfrontend app is made rather than when just the video playback is started22:07
lagagood point.22:08
brycemario_limonciell: unrelated question...  I'm debating about upgrading my mythtv box, vs. a clean install + manually moving my programs over.  How robust do you think the gutsy->hardy mythbuntu upgrade process is?22:14
bryce(I'm going to do a full backup either way, but want to take the approach that consumes the least amount of time/effort)22:15
mario_limonciell bryce there is only one known issue with the upgrade afaik right now22:16
mario_limonciellbryce, that being that if you had vnc4server installed22:16
mario_limonciellyou will need to 'reconfigure' vnc in the new upgrade22:16
mario_limonciellit migrates you over to x11vnc22:16
mario_limonciellsince vnc4server crashes the x server22:16
brycegood, I don't have any vnc on it22:16
brycehmm, bug id on that?22:16
mario_limonciellthere is a cx88 LUM bug too, but there is a fix already on its way for it22:16
mario_limonciellbryce, yeah bug 18061922:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180619 in vnc4 "Xorg module VNC cores on keyboard input" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18061922:17
brycebtw, I don't know if kees mentioned it already but he did an upgrade last weekend and discovered a bad xfs issue22:18
mario_limonciellits because the integrated xserver-xorg is old22:18
lagamario_limonciell, bryce: if /var/lib/myth* is on nfs, the postinst scripts will fail AFAIK22:18
mario_limonciellkees, didn't mention it to me..22:18
mario_limoncielloh yuck22:18
mario_limonciellis that the one bryce ?22:18
keesbryce: it's not "an XFS issue".  XFS is it's own issue, I just got very unlucky.22:19
brycemario_limonciell: ok.  I think he narrowed it down to being a very xfs oriented error, not mythtv's fault per se22:19
brycekees, ah ok22:19
lagamario_limonciell: in the alt disk, when install the master backend task, i get "apache2-mpm-prefork: collies: apache2-mpm", "apache2-mpm-worker: collides: apache2-mpm". apache2-mpm doesn't seem to be a package?22:19
keesbryce: I could have very well just happened to do a regular gutsy update and it could have eaten me.  it's just that XFS happened to barf in the middle of the libc update.  *roll eyes*22:19
mario_limoncielllaga, are any of them explicitly dependent?22:19
bryceah..  <kees> bryce_: heh, well, it's not really myth that's the problem.  XFS ate libc :(22:20
mario_limonciellkees, ooh that's rough22:20
jdongcan someone look at the patch on bug 192605 please?22:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192605 in virt-manager "virt-manager does not detect bridge br0" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19260522:20
lagamario_limonciell: apache2 | httpd on mythweb, but i'm not quite sure where it comes from. i do blame mythweb ;)22:20
jdongthat bug still affects Hardy :-/22:20
keesmario_limonciell: yeah, I'm rather proud of myself for getting it fixed.  nasty.22:20
=== nenolod is now known as happinessturtle
megabyte405_hey folks - fixing the little packaging issues with abi if anyone's following that bug.  Should I re-roll abiword-2.6.2-0ubuntu1 or make abiword-2.6.2-0ubuntu2?22:26
mario_limoncielllaga, well do you suppose the issue may be transient?22:30
mario_limonciellalso remeber your diskless fix didn't show up until after last night's disk was made22:31
lagano. we've had some reports about this being broken.. i'm not sure if the cause was the same22:31
lagai'm doing some more tests now22:31
lagamario_limonciell: i've got the full, non-engrish error message now.22:42
laga"the following packages have unmet dependencies:" \n "apache2-mpm-prefork: conflicts: apache2-mpm" \n "apache2-mpm-worker: conflicts: apache2-mpm"22:43
lagaand then comes the usual "E: broken packages" \n "tasksel: aptitude failed (100)"22:44
lagai'll upload it.22:44
lagamario_limonciell: http://www.pastebin.ca/99252422:47
mario_limoncielllaga, hm22:48
mario_limonciellwhat apache stuff is in the seeds right now, any?22:49
lagamario_limonciell: i'll take a look, but we've got prefork and worker debs on the disk22:49
mario_limoncielllaga, i'm not sure that information is very complete to the true problem22:50
mario_limonciellapache2-mpm isn't even in apt these days22:50
mario_limonciellis it perhaps really freaking out at22:50
mario_limonciellApr 21 21:38:44 in-target: E:22:50
mario_limonciellApr 21 21:38:44 in-target: Couldn't find package language-pack-en22:50
lagaand i think the meta package itself installs w/o a problem22:50
mario_limoncielloops sorry flood.22:50
lagamario_limonciell: the frontend task works22:50
mario_limonciellso tasksel oddities then22:51
lagathe seeds for ship lists apache2-mpm-worker22:51
mario_limoncielltake a look at how ubuntu server gets around this maybe for their apache task22:51
lagawhich provides apache2-mpm22:51
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: that language-pack-en error shouldn't matter22:53
cjwatsonlaga: what task is trying to be installed here?22:53
lagacjwatson: mythtv-backend-master22:54
lagai wonder if http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.hardy/revision?start_revid=adconrad%400c3.net-20060914004830-b39703af5ab366e7&filter_file_id=lampserver-20060725122202-f0300b6c185376b6 might be related?22:54
cjwatsonpossible, but what's trying to install apache anyway?22:56
* cjwatson pokes at germinate output22:56
lagacjwatson: mythweb most likely22:56
mario_limonciellmythweb comes in as a recommend22:57
mario_limonciellwhich depends on apache probably22:57
cjwatsonah, recommends: mythweb22:57
cjwatsonapache2-mpm-prefork    | apache2        | libapache2-mod-php5                 | Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com> |          229690 |             50422:57
cjwatsonapache2-mpm-worker     | apache2        | apache2                             | Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com> |          233498 |             51222:57
cjwatsonlibapache2-mod-php5 explicitly only works with prefork or itk22:58
cjwatsonI suspect a similar seed workaround will work, but am checking22:58
lagayes, i can see these debs on the disk22:59
cjwatsonlaga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7707/ does the right thing23:04
lagacjwatson: your ability to make things work by adding a simple line continues to amaze me.23:05
jdongsoren: poke on bug 192605; the connection.py patch solves the bug for me and is bitesized. Probably not release critical but still good to have for 8.04.x23:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192605 in virt-manager "virt-manager does not detect bridge br0" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19260523:05
cjwatsonlaga: so much more efficient that way. :)23:05
sorenjdong: Yeah.. What I completely fail to grasp is why it works for me without the patch.23:11
jdongsoren: odd :-/23:12
jdongother than that one anomaly, libvirt/virt-manager has treated me quite well. I am impressed23:13
lagajdong: just wondering - can you enable KVM after creating a qemu VM in virt-manager? i couldn't find a button for that23:13
jdongsoren: is there any reason why the virt-manager GUI doesn't offer a way to connect to qemu:///system rather than qemu:///user?23:13
jdonglaga: I don't see a GUI button for that either23:14
jdonglaga: that's probably still a matter of editing the .xml file23:14
lagaalso, the network dialog was greyed out for me, but i didn't RTFM.23:14
lagaa nice piece of software, though.23:14
sorenjdong: No particular reason, no.23:16
jdonglaga: you needed to start virt-manager -c qemu:///system23:16
jdonglaga: by default it starts ///user, which can't config networking23:16
jdonglaga: it's not in TFM either.... :)23:16
jdonghence the question I just posed :)23:16
lagaoh. nice.23:16
jdongyeah, a bit of suffering in the UI dept23:17
lagaand in the FM dept ;)23:17
cjwatsonlaga: would you mind also applying http://paste.ubuntu.com/7712/ for me? In the course of fixing bug 218604, I'm trying to get rid of the cdimage hack I installed for mythbuntu, and this gives it enough metadata to know that it needs to suck everything in desktop into the outer tasks23:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218604 in tasksel "networkless expert install offers tasks which aren't on the CD" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21860423:26
ogracjwatson, he just said goodnight in #ltsp23:30
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: can you help with the above?23:30
cjwatsonI can maintain the code but would rather not23:31
mario_limonciellcjwatson, yeah i can do that23:36
mario_limonciellcjwatson, okay it's committed23:39
jdonglol bug or feature: gnome-terminal allows detaching a tab from a window with a single tab23:45
jdongin which case it just closes the current window and makes a new one with the same session attached to it.23:45
SEJeffjdong, How did you pull that one off?23:46
jdongSEJeff: tabs->detach tab23:46
SEJeffjdong, Nice. probably worth filing an upstream RFE to fix23:46
mario_limonciellwhoops jdong.  Looks like reproducing your bug took my ssh session that connects me to IRC w/ it :)23:56
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: great, thanks23:57
cjwatsonI'll prod the cdimage code to match as soon as I've tested it23:57
mario_limonciellcjwatson, this won't break the disks in tonight's build though right?23:57
mario_limoncielloh.  okay.23:57
cjwatsonI'm hoping I'll get it committed in the next six hours, yes :)23:57

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