ubotuNew bug: #220049 in ubuntu-docs (main) "Tech Report For migratingdata.xml" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22004900:30
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rohanhttp://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-8.04-lts-desktop ---> shouldn't it say "Myth TV, the open source TVR," PVR instead of TVR?09:19
rohanor DVR09:19
yeager|have the Firefox start page in hardy been changed?11:02
yeager|to http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/11:02
yeager|mdke, do you know anything about the Firefox start page?11:33
cr3hi folks. I would like to submit a change to hwtest before release and pitti suggested I come here for your approval.15:33
cr3the problem is that the current release of hwtest submits information such as installed packages without the knowledge of the user.15:34
cr3this has resulted in bug #201336 in which someone says "Wow! This pisses me off!" and "I don't tolerate this kind of !@#$".15:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201336 in hwtest "report contains package information" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20133615:35
cr3so, I have fixed the problem by showing a summary of the information before submission. this is nothing detailed, just a simple summary: The following information will be sent [blah blah]. Distribution details, Device information, Processor information, Packages installed, Test results.15:36
cr3what pitti needs from you folks is basically your approval (or disapproval :) to get this change into hardy :)15:52
sommercr3: this channel is usually pretty quite, you'll probably have more luck sending a message to the doc ml15:59
sommeradditionally some key members of the doc team aren't on irc very much, if at all15:59
cr3sommer: thanks for the tip, I have just sent a message to the ml16:02
cr3(time is of the essence :)16:02
sommercr3: ya, usually this channel has the most traffic after business hours in Europe and North America :)16:04
jjessehello sommer16:05
sommerhey jjesse16:05
cr3sommer: nice, dedicated folks working after work :)16:05
jjessewe actually have no life :)16:06
sommerheh, I concur16:07
sommercr3: just read the email, your proposal looks good to me16:07
jjesselooks good to me16:08
sommerprobably want to wait for someone who knows more about translations than I do though16:08
sommerI'd think that'd be the biggest issue at this point... so close to release and all16:08
cr3sommer: that's not really my call whether it should be included so late in the release, but I thought that pissing people off might be worth mentionnning16:11
sommercr3: heh, sure16:12
cr3sommer: if I had to choose between not having a summary of the submitted information and not having translations for that summary, I'd go for the latter. It's not the best kind of situation but I think it limits damages the most :(16:14
sommercr3: I agree, makes sense to me16:15
kirklandmdke: fyi, i worked on the doc search a little more this weekend, fleshing out the wiki page, launchpad blueprint, etc.17:27
kirklandmdke: I also created a FF/IE browser search plugin, installable from the search page17:27
kirklandmdke: and customized the Ubuntu logo for some eye candy ;-)17:27
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bamedmatt, you there21:07
mdkebamed: yes21:55
mdkekirkland: cool will take a look21:55

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