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xivuloncjwatson, when you have 2m can you please have a look at the logs from Hippu in bug #216161?10:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216161 in wubi "wubi, unable to install 8.04 Beta " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21616110:08
xivulonError: Partition number 1 not found in /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=sda10:09
xivulonMETAGET partman-target/no_root Type10:09
tjaaltoncjwatson: ping, re: 8.04 installation docs not on help.u.c :)10:28
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SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/pam_smbpass.so)11:09
SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM [error: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]11:09
SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM adding faulty module: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so11:10
Siliciumi got this failure in the syslog11:10
Siliciumwhile preseed a package11:10
cjwatsonSilicium: that's not your problem.11:40
cjwatsonSilicium: based on #ubuntu-devel, you are apparently starting out from a beta image. I'm afraid you can't do that; the beta image has been broken by necessary changes in the archive since then. Use RC images instead.11:41
Siliciumcjwatson: i use the RC images11:50
Siliciumi have rebuiled today with the actual images11:50
Siliciumcjwatson: if you want i can gice you the syslog file11:51
cjwatsonplease put it on a pastebin11:58
cjwatsonthe smbpass error above is purely cosmetic.11:58
xivulonis it possible to have the exact .disk/info that will be in the final of ubuntu/xubuntu/kubuntu/kubuntu-kde4?12:02
xivulonneed to doublecheck the parser12:02
Siliciumcjwatson: mom12:07
Siliciumis installing12:07
Siliciumcjwatson: http://beta.rsa-systems.de/12:12
Siliciumi think i found the failure12:18
cjwatsonno obvious reason why it failed to start there ...12:21
Siliciuma bug in my post install script :)12:22
Siliciumalready same problem12:36
Siliciumcjwatson: can you check the syslog again?12:39
Siliciumso is already not work12:39
Siliciumbut the udev bug is fixed in the actual image12:40
Siliciumi have used the rc-server image12:40
cjwatsonask pitti (postgresql maintainer) if it's something he recognises; beyond that I'm afraid providing support for custom images is all but impossible12:40
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r506 casper/scripts/casper-bottom/19keyboard: separate options with commas, not spaces14:50
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r507 casper/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.13114:53
mario_limonciellevand, it would appear that cjwatson's fix for preseeding the keyboard isn't working in noninteractive.  I preseeded 'd-i console-setup/localecode string cn' in the preseed file, but still ended up with USA selected in oem-config (Using Ubiquity 1.8.5)20:25
evandargh, ok.  I'll take a look at it once this ISO finishes downloading.20:26
evandmario_limonciell: is it working for you in the gtk frontend?20:27
cjwatsonoem-config may well be busted in its own right20:27
cjwatsonconsider it separately ...20:27
mario_limoncielli'll redo an install w/ automatic and see if it turns out right20:27
cjwatsonalso have a look at /etc/default/console-setup after installation but before rebooting to oem-config and see what it has20:29
cjwatsonoh, huh20:29
cjwatson-                ['^console-setup/layout', '^console-setup/variant'],20:29
cjwatson-                {'OVERRIDE_ALLOW_PRESEEDING': '1'})20:29
cjwatson+                ['^console-setup/layout', '^console-setup/variant'])20:29
cjwatsonI suspect I forgot to transcribe that one20:29
CIA-1oem-config: cjwatson * r454 oem-config/ (debian/changelog lib/components/console_setup.py):20:31
CIA-1oem-config: * Set OVERRIDE_ALLOW_PRESEEDING=1 while calling console-setup to force it20:31
CIA-1oem-config:  to allow preseeding (LP: #188492).20:31
cjwatsonI'm going to do an opportunistic translation export for that upload20:31
cjwatsonand also want to wait to see if I'm going to upload console-setup20:31
CIA-1console-setup: cjwatson * r67 ubuntu/debian/changelog: * Rebuild against xkeyboard-config 1.1~cvs.20080104.1-1ubuntu6.20:39
CIA-1console-setup: cjwatson * r68 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.21ubuntu820:41
mario_limonciellevand, using the gtk frontend (via automatic-ubiquity instead of noninteractive on the kernel command line) I see XKBLAYOUT="us" in /etc/default/console-setup21:00
mario_limoncielli booted into recovery mode before letting the oem config dm take over21:00
evanddespite using cn, correct?21:01
mario_limoncielli dont preseed any variant code under the assumption the default gets used21:02
xivulonis the console setup issue only for preseeding or also for boot parameters?21:11
xivulondo I need to change anything on my side?21:11
mario_limonciellxivulon, i'm preseeding in a file21:58
mario_limoncielli'm not sure if boot parameters were also affected21:58
cjwatsonxivulon: don't worry about it, not wubi's problem22:04
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: hoping my casper and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu changes earlier today will have cleared this up22:04
mario_limonciellcjwatson, okay great :)22:06
cjwatsonI stress "hoping"22:09
cjwatsonactually, it's not entirely clear why it would22:10
cjwatsonpreseeding won't affect /etc/default/console-setup in the running installer, only (at best) after reboot22:11
cjwatsonbecause of the buggy way that preseeding is implemented in casper22:11
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: I'm interested in whether /etc/default/console-setup is correct after reboot22:11
cjwatsonas in, after the first reboot, once ubiquity has run22:11
mario_limonciellcjwatson, that is what i tried using the RC DVD (20080417.1).  the difference however may be that oem-config-prepare is ran before that first reboot.  i'm not sure console-setup related items are touched by it or not (haven't looked)22:14
cjwatsonerr, you mean in /target?22:19
cjwatsonanyway, oem-config-prepare doesn't touch that kind of thing, it mostly just fiddles with init scripts22:20
cr3will udeb packages specified under tasksel be retrieve from any of the mirrors, either specified as mirror/http/hostname or local[0-9]?22:20
cjwatsoncr3: EQUESTIONMAKESNOSENSE, tasksel doesn't install udebs22:21
cjwatsonare you asking about udebs (i.e. anna) or tasksel (i.e. debs)?22:21
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well i intercepted the reboot and grabbed it in recovery mode22:23
mario_limonciellso at that point it was / not /target22:23
cjwatsonso that's not oem-config-prepare being run before the first reboot. I think I'm confused22:24
cr3cjwatson: I was wondering about udebs specifically because I'm currently doing wget in early-command which prevents me from benefiting from the priority, eg 7000 for pkgsel22:24
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well in our late scripts it runs oem-config-prepare in /target22:24
cr3cjwatson: d-i preseed/early_command string anna-install some-udeb22:24
mario_limoncielli'm saying i intercepted the reboot to see what /etc/default/console-setup looked like22:24
cr3cjwatson: aha! it's well documented in the pressed example :)22:24
cjwatsoncr3: apt-setup local repositories are handled much later and don't affect anna22:25
cjwatsonmirror/http/hostname etc. is honoured22:26
cr3cjwatson: darn, so only one udeb repository can be specified22:27
cjwatsonnet-retriever isn't smart enough to grab from multiple ones22:28
cr3cjwatson: I'll workaround that, this is a tiny corner case anyways22:30
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: oh, right22:33
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: I'm simulating it now by poking console-setup/layoutcode=cn into the debconf database before starting ubiquity22:35
joshkare there any 'nightly' desktop-i386 ISOs?22:41
cjwatsonwill daily do?22:41
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: seems to be OK in my minimal test; please try with a current image?22:53
mario_limonciellcjwatson, sure i'll grab the last daily and give it a run22:54
bdmurrayIs bug 219209 expected behaviour?23:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219209 in oem-config "United States keymap suggested for United Kingdom" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21920923:59

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