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crimsuntiming: please follow up on the bug.03:01
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osmosisWhat is different in the -virtual kernel ?04:28
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?04:33
bullgard4(There is no modules.conf.)04:34
crimsune.g., echo blacklist 8139cp|sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist04:45
bullgard4crimsun: There is no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.04:54
sn9then you're not running ubuntu04:56
bullgard4sn9: "~$ cat /etc/issue: Ubuntu 8.04 \n \l"05:00
sn9then you have /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist05:01
bullgard4sn9: Your statement is false. I have checked that by using mc.05:02
sn9pastebin ls /etc/modprobe.d/05:03
bullgard4sn9: "~$ ls /etc/modprobe.d; aliases, alsa-base; arch; arch-aliases, blacklist20080116; blacklist.dpkg-dist; blacklist-framebuffer; blacklist-modem; blacklist-oss; blacklist-scanner; blacklist-watchdog; bluez; fuse; fuse; ipw3945; isapnp; libpisock9; libsane; lrm-video; nvidia-kernel-nkc; options; toshiba_acpi.modprobe." 05:08
sn9type: sudo dpkg --configure -a05:11
bullgard4sn9: "~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a" does not produce an output. A following "~$ls /etc/modprobe.d/" obtains the old result.05:15
sn9why is there a "blacklist20080116" and a "blacklist.dpkg-dist" in there?05:16
bullgard4I have made a backup file "blacklist20080116" on 16th of January 2008 because my Gutsy did not work properly with my framebuffer console. Subsequently my framebuffer console did work all right. --  I do not know why there is a 'blacklist.dpkg-dist' file. May be I knew but if so, I have forgotten.05:20
sn9the filenames are ignored -- the fact that it's in that folder means it gets used05:22
bullgard4sn9: I am sorry but I do not understand your message. Pleas say it in other words.05:23
sn9your renaming from "blacklist" to "blacklist20080116" did nothing, because the name of the file does not matter05:24
sn9it's still in that folder, and that's what counts05:25
sn9touble is, you have two of them now05:25
sn9you should delete both, and immediately reinstall the pkg that owns it05:26
bullgard4sn9: In January 2008 I made a backup copy of the 'blacklist' file then. 05:27
bullgard4The original 'blacklist' file has gone.05:27
sn9but that was gutsy, and you're on hardy now05:27
* sn9 refrains from yelling "do as i say!"05:28
bullgard4Yes, and I have not changed anything in the /etc/modprobe.d directory by hand myself.05:29
sn9except making the backup05:29
sn9that was a change, and one you shouldn't have done05:29
bullgard4sn9: I have made the backup in January 2008 and changed the 'blacklist' file subsequently. But this was under the Gutsy reign.05:30
sn9if you need to add additional blacklist entries, you should always create a new cfile for them, not edit existing ones05:30
bullgard4Hm, if I made a mistake in Gutsy, how can I repair this faulty Hardy configuration now?05:32
sn9i just told you05:32
sn9you should delete both, and immediately reinstall the pkg that owns it05:32
bullgard4I do not understand what you mean by "the package that owns it". What DEB program package do you mean?05:34
sn9sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist20080116 /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.dpkg-dist ; sudo apt-get --reinstall install module-init-tools05:35
bullgard4I have done so. Now "~$ls /etc/modprobe.d does not show a 'blacklist' file either.05:44
sn9it redownloaded and reinstalled, right?06:15
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bigcx2hey all09:22
bigcx2i'm trying to do a custom kernel with the hardy release candidate live cd09:22
bigcx2and i've gotten it to boot but i get hung on:09:23
bigcx2Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1, 0)09:23
bigcx2and i've googled the crap out of it09:23
bigcx2i get a bunch of answers like09:23
bigcx2enable X in your config and it will work, etc.09:24
bigcx2but I can't get anything to fly09:24
bigcx2i was hoping the pro's might have some ideas09:24
bigcx2here's my config:09:24
bigcx2if anything is glaringly obvious i would appreciate the help 09:25
bigcx2my e-mail is ccole2@mix.wvu.edu09:26
amitkbigcx2: have you recompiled l-u-m on the live cd?09:28
sorenbigcx2: unknown-block(1, 0) smells like a problem loading your initramfs.10:31
sorenbigcx2: Oh, live cd, you say?10:32
sorenbigcx2: Remastered live cd with your own kernel, is it?10:33
amitksoren: he proabably left out unionfs/squashfs10:34
sorenamitk: Probably, yeah.10:35
Kanohi, why do you use old drivers for pdc old? it would work fine with new pata ones. also when can we expect merged?11:44
amitkKano: will not be merged11:47
Kanowhy not? as update?11:47
amitkonly important fixes will be cherry picked11:47
Kanosee no reason to do that11:47
amitkKano: we have some reasons - chief among them being avoiding introducing more regressions11:48
Kanois there a power pc iso somewhere?11:53
maks_ppc ubuntu is dropped afaik Kano 12:12
Kanobut there is still a powerpc part in the kernel?12:12
BenCKano: there are still ppc iso's12:15
BenCKano: look in ports on cdimage.ubuntu.com12:15
BenCKano: And in regard to, we don't have the luxury of being able to merge without concern...regressions are a real issue (we've had them before because of .y updates)12:17
Kanowell is used or not?12:18
BenCKano: we are at .3 + cherry picks from .y12:18
BenCWe'll probably look into a full sync for 8.04.112:19
BenCwhich is just a little more than 3 months away12:19
Kanois there a way to sync it manually?12:19
BenCCheck out our git and pull from 2.6.24.y :)12:20
Kanohave to look into that how that works...12:20
BenCBasically git-clone of our tree, and git-pull of the 2.6.24.y stable git URL12:20
Kanowill try that now12:21
Kanois there already a 2.6.25 git for u?12:23
Yetiszafis there something more powerfull than SysRQ for debugging? I currently have a fresh hardy-install that crashes randomly so hard that SysRQ is not responding any more.12:31
KanoYetiszaf: fglrx used?12:32
YetiszafKano: Nope. 12:33
Yetiszafit's using madwifi and nvidia, but it has to be madwifi then.12:33
Yetiszafand I can't get any information out since it virtually stops at zero.12:34
Kanoi guess so, try blacklist ath_pci12:34
Kanoand use ndiswrapper instead12:34
Yetiszaf'k. I'll try that when I'm home.12:35
Yetiszafanything known about special Cards crashing?12:35
Kanoor disable it using the restricted modules tool12:35
YetiszafAnything else that can be done to get more information from the kernel?12:42
KanoBenC: well a "trivial" merge does not seem to be possible12:42
KanoBenC: http://paste.debian.net/124012:42
alex_jonicjwatson: ping13:06
BenCmjg59: ping13:26
FlorobHi, I was wondering how the prepare-ppa-source script in git is meant to be used, because it just deleted my git branch twice (my branch is in linux-2.6.24 and the script does "rm -rf ../linux*")13:31
cjwatsonalex_joni: pong13:37
alex_jonicjwatson: short question, if it's not a bother.. do you remember where the /etc/apt/sources.list for an installed system gets created? (I need to add a custom repo, and don't seem to remember - it was something casper related iirc)13:39
cjwatsonalex_joni: apt-setup13:48
cjwatsonalex_joni: in the case of a desktop installation it's borged into the ubiquity package, /usr/lib/ubiquity/apt-setup/13:49
alex_jonicjwatson: oh, that's right.. thanks13:49
alex_jonicjwatson: and that is used both when installing from the Live system and when using the boot option to install?13:54
alex_joninifty :)13:58
cjwatsonBenC: did you get anywhere with that hang during installation?14:18
BenCcjwatson: I'm writing up a summary of what I've done over the weekend14:18
Jeeves_Can anyone here form an answer on my last question in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/58170 ?14:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 58170 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Kernel race condition if nfs mounts present on real or virtual nodes [kernel BUG at lib/radix-tree.c]" [Undecided,Confirmed] 14:45
sn9is help.ubuntu.com down for anybody else?14:51
sn9i was in the middle of editing a page14:53
elmoit should be back now14:53
mjg59BenC: Hi15:34
BenCmjg59: hey, have you looked into kernel mode setting at all?15:39
Jeeves_I guess not?15:43
tjaaltonBenC: is .25 or .26 planned for Intrepid? kernel mode-setting might make it in .27 AIUI15:43
BenCtjaalton: .26, but we might consider pulling in the feature15:44
rtgtjaalton: no firm plan yet, but likely .2615:44
tjaaltonyeah, that's what I had in mind too..15:44
=== amitk changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: "Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.24-16.30 | Latest news: Intrepid plans open: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/UDS/May2008 | Next meeting: April 22, 16:00 UTC | Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com"
mjg59BenC: To what extent?15:49
BenCmjg59: I'm interested in the feature in general, but haven't had a chance to look at it other than the simple article I read15:50
tjaaltonbryce said that keithp hopes to rewrite it within a month or so :)15:51
tjaaltonbut this is second hand information..15:51
mjg59BenC: The model is basically to move the code in X that bangs the hardware into the kernel15:53
mjg59BenC: I'm not sure that the userland API is nailed down yet, so it probably won't hit mainline for a little while yet15:54
BenCmjg59: right, but I'm looking at the benefit of cleaner boot screens, vt switching, and linux BSOD type stuff15:54
BenCespecially the latter15:54
mjg59The BSOD stuff hasn't been implemented yet15:55
BenCThat's what I figured...sound like a good project for ubuntu though15:55
BenCthe improved suspend/resume was another bonus15:58
BenCeven if this is all just for intel gfx at the moment15:58
bigcx2_hey all16:07
bigcx2_how would i call debian/rules if i just wanted to build unionfs and squashfs 16:08
bigcx2_for l-u-m16:08
bigcx2_or even all of the fs/16:09
Kanoyou would need to change the config, but usally you should build sound too16:12
bigcx2_i don't need sound16:13
amitkbigcx2_: just edit debian/config/i386 to your liking16:14
bigcx2_Kano: which config are you talking about16:14
Kanothe default config has no sound card support16:14
bigcx2_it's failing on d-i stuff16:28
bigcx2_which i don't want16:28
bigcx2_No module interdependencies found. This probably means your modules.dep is broken.16:28
bigcx2_If this is intentional, touch /usr/src/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/d-i-i386/no-modules16:28
bigcx2_which i did16:28
bigcx2_i touched it16:28
bigcx2_but somewhere along the line it got hosed16:29
bigcx2_this is my command: debian/rules binary-arch arch=i386 flavours="386"16:30
tseliottjaalton: did you have a look at Bug #36625?18:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 36625 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "can't remove nvidia-glx" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3662518:14
tseliotit looks like adding a simple || true to the end of the lines would solve the problem18:15
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tjaaltontseliot: hmm, to the end of which lines?18:58
tseliottjaalton: have a look at this file:19:06
tseliotand compare it with the original file19:07
tseliot´╗┐tjaalton: of course you will have to patch the debian/nvidia-glx.postrm.in of the linux-restricted-module instead of that file.19:08
tjaaltonah right19:09
sorenI'm still working on the hang-until-key-pressed thing in kvm. If you have any ideas at all, please don't hesitate to share them..23:38

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