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katkinjuliux: hi10:38
juliuxhi katkin 10:39
katkinjuliux: how are things?10:39
juliuxafter this working week i will have 5 off;)10:40
juliuxkatkin, will you be at uds?10:42
katkinjuliux: unfortunately not :(10:42
katkinjuliux: maybe I will make it to one some time soon, I guess there would have to be a need for a Canonical Marketing update from everyone :D10:42
juliuxkatkin, you send me some flyers about ubuntu training, server certification and so on, for linuxtag in berlin?10:43
katkinjuliux: I don't think Gerry is going no10:43
katkinjuliux: yes, I can definitely send you some marketing materials for Linuxtag10:44
katkinjuliux: what are your plans for the event?10:44
juliuxmaking a big party;)10:46
juliuxwe don' t know exactly because we don' t know how your booth will look10:47
juliuxbut the plan was to have the booth in the form of the ubuntu logo10:47
katkinjuliux: just to give you an update, Canonical won't be having a booth at LinuxTag10:48
katkinjuliux: however, I am here to give you any help/support that you guys might need10:49
juliuxkatkin, i now10:50
katkinjuliux: ok, well, I'm assuming you have put in your CD request to Ship it?10:56
katkinhow come?10:56
juliuxi put my cd request to torsten;()10:56
juliuxhe said cds will be there10:56
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rjianhello beuno 11:51
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Mirvboredandblogging: could we have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Campaigns/HardyRelease updated regarding the status column so we get confirmation that you have actually received our translations? and is the joint multi-lingual press release going to be done by canonical or not?17:50
Tm_Thi kids19:44
linuxcrypttM_T: what's shakin?20:03
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Hattoryboredandblogging, ping21:56
Hattorybeuno, ping :D21:59
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Hattoryboredandblogging, I've translated the press release... Can I send you it?22:33
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boredandbloggingHattory: please do22:52
Hattoryboredandblogging, perfect...22:53
Hattoryboredandblogging, Can you give me your contact please?22:54
boredandbloggingHattory: nali @ ubuntu22:55
Hattoryboredandblogging, done23:04
boredandbloggingHattory: tahnks23:05
Hattoryboredandblogging, I'm going away... see you! ;)23:09

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