HelloWorld10hello, where can i download ubuntu-mobile?00:52
HelloWorld10i meant the exact url...00:53
HelloWorld10ouch, nobody is around.00:54
HelloWorld10well, i should ask whether hp rx3417 is supported?00:56
dholbachgood morning06:11
inkynoobgood night!06:19
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davmor2What's going on with with the images?  The current image doesn't match it's own md5sum anyone any ideas?10:35
davmor2plus on full kernel there is no ume-xephyr-start command :-/10:38
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davmor2davmor2@smegal:~$ md5sum menlow.mic.tar.bz2   634fc9008cb793ca4d18696f20eb1350  menlow.mic.tar.bz2  is what I get from the image and currents md5sum is d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e *- 10:45
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looldavmor2: A couple of days ago, there was an issue with some package which was completely empty; I think it was corwn-beach-config15:03
looldavmor2: This should be fixed though15:03
loolStevenK: It seems the dailies are borken says davmor2; could you look into this?15:03
davmor2lool: this is on full kernel.  ume-xephyr-start command not found.15:04
looldavmor2: You have a config package pulled in?15:06
looldavmor2: Usually it's in ume-config-common15:07
davmor2lool: no idea hangon15:07
loolWhich is pulled by ume-config-samsung-q1-ultra and ume-config-crown-beach for instance15:07
StevenKIf the md5sum doesn't match, the image probably failed to build.15:09
StevenKIt was probably due to pidgin-maemo not being installable which I fixed todayu15:10
davmor2lool: I'm running menlow in full kernel mode as the crown-beach-kernel mode never works.  On Friday there were no icon and today it just doesn't start15:10
davmor2that would answer it then :)15:10
davmor2StevenK: is there a new version then somewhere?15:11
StevenKdavmor2: Um, let me kick off a build.15:14
davmor2StevenK: many thanks15:15
davmor2Just out of curiosity should both of the targets run?15:17
pofI got an HTC shift UMPC with ubuntu 8.04 installed15:49
pofi'm interested in trying the mccaslin build15:49
pofof ubuntu-mobile, should i use the usb image? 15:50
pofdamn i have just lost the ubuntu & vista installation :P16:18
pofit automatically fdisk'ed my HD 16:18
pofdidnt allow me to choose in which partition to install16:19
inkynoobThe wiki says the next meeting is on April 17th, is there another meeting already planed? I'd like to attend if possible16:24
agoliveirainkynoob: Yes, it's every thursday, same time.16:37
inkynoobok, thanks16:39
inuka_deskping lool17:44
loolinuka_desk: pong18:22
inuka_desklool, As you noted I am having issues creating tar balls.... , did you see my e-mail?18:26
inuka_desklool, why doesnt debuild -S -sa allways seperate the debian directory into a diff file18:28
loolinuka_desk: Sent you an email18:30
loolinuka_desk: It needs the upstream tarball to do so18:30
loolinuka_desk: If you run a regular debuild, you should see how it should be named for debuild (well dpkg-source really) to find it18:31
loolinuka_desk: I've sent you detailed instructions on how to name tarballs manually or on using uupdate which should do everything for you in this case18:31
loolinuka_desk: Let me know if these aren't clear enough! :)18:31
loolinuka_desk: Or we can chat over the phone if you want18:32
inuka_desklool, thanks... no that was very clear thanks.18:32
loolinuka_desk: Cool18:32
loolinuka_desk: In the case of crown-beach-config, it should be easier than for the other ones18:32
loolinuka_desk: Just make sure you check carefully the resulting .dsc and .deb you upload for the next updates; you can open the .dsc file and see whether it lists the .diff.gz for example18:33
loolAnd you can "debdiff" the .dsc or .deb before and after your changes to make sure the packages aren't regressing18:33
inuka_desklool: thats a good point, thanks give me a little better understanding of what is going on18:34
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looltremolux: OMG cheese 2.23.119:24
looltremolux: Ah no "axel" filed it, sorry19:36
looltremolux: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21763719:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217637 in cheese "cheese application "delete file" causes segmentation fault" [Undecided,New] 19:36
tremoluxlool: ah, these are moblin folks19:38
loolOh ok19:38
loolMy bad then19:38
tremoluxlool: it's funny, "assign to loic who is the owner of cheese."   :)19:39
looltremolux: Probably because I'm French19:45
tremoluxlool: haha19:46
loolHmm cheese crashes when you unplug the webcam below it19:48
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