ftaasac, i don't know if it's flash or wine but my sound was stuck, i had to kill and restart pa00:16
jetsaredimasac: you around?04:55
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jetsaredimasac: ping07:23
mlindasac: you're probably busy as hell, but would you mind taking a peek of bug #202343 and bug #218594. Thanks.07:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202343 in opensc "mozilla-opensc firefox plugin not visible in FF3 (bad install directory)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20234307:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218594 in firefox "firefox-2 install symlinks against wrong nss" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21859407:36
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mdkeasac - fyi I've tested with Italian, firefox is translated properly but both startpages still show in English (offline and online)08:15
asacmlind: that symlink thing should be fixed now.09:29
asacmlind: everything else has to go through -proposed now i guess09:30
asace.g. mozilla-opensc09:30
asacmdke: the offline page will always be index-$LANGCODE.html if that file exists09:31
asacbug 21958709:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219587 in cairo "03-turn_on_buggy-repeat_handling.dpatch causes slowdown in Evolution" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21958709:38
mlindasac: thanks09:42
mlindasac: about the symlink thingy, one of the links is still broken unless you uploaded 0ubuntu2 recently09:58
asacmlind: which one?10:03
asacoh the softtoken one10:05
mlindasac: yeah10:06
asacmlind: doesn't seem to break anything here10:07
asac(at least)10:07
asacMirv: didn't we have a bug id for this error page breakage in fi, de?10:11
asacmdke: online page for it workd10:44
Mirvasac: bug 21884810:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218848 in firefox "XML error when going to site needing certificate exception when using fi_FI.UTF-8 or de_DE.UTF-8" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21884810:44
asacmdke: ok offline page is broken. thats because of a mismatch of the lang code used by ffox and the one used by -docs10:50
asacmdke: why do we use it_IT ?10:50
asacmdke: anyway, i think the real fix would be to use the accept-language and not the locale langcode10:50
asace.g. use the same behaviour that we have for online page also to detect the offline page10:51
asacthat would also fix the bug that you can only see a translated offline page if you have a langpack installed10:51
fta2asac, i've left a comment on the buggy-repeat bug10:55
asacfta2: thanks11:02
asacha ... i closed ~70 bugs of firefox :)13:05
asacwhat a joy ;)13:06
asacdown to 880 bugs ;)13:06
asac(from 950)13:06
asacmaybe i should close another 300  ;)13:08
asaci am sure we can close 80% of the firefox bugs as "wont fix" and 60% of the firefox-3.0 bugs as invalid :)13:12
asachmm maybe we should reset the crash bugs now that flash is not using libflashsupport anymore13:14
asaca waste of resources to triage all crashes properly especially since 90% are probably due to this.13:14
asace.g everything that has native windows involved is almost certainly a flash crash13:15
asaclike StacktraceTop:gdk_window_impl_x11_finalize (object=0xae171a0)13:15
asac(from bug 215639)13:15
ubotuBug 215639 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/215639 is private13:15
asac133 crashes so far :)13:17
asacin firefox-3.013:17
* asac lunchtime13:39
jetsaredim_asac: ping13:56
asacjetsaredim_: yes?14:15
jetsaredim_new firebug branch in my code area14:24
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asacjetsaredim: thanks. does it fix the crashes?14:28
jetsaredimI never had any crashes - so I really don't know14:28
jetsaredimbut for me the thing just didn't work at all14:29
jetsaredimand this new version fixes that14:34
jetsaredimgoing from 1.1.0 -> 1.214:34
asacjetsaredim: dont we ship 1.2pre ?14:39
asace.g. b11/12?14:39
jetsaredimnah - that's a beta of 1.1.014:41
asacok ... should go to backports then14:44
asacjetsaredim: if its really broken we can shove it to - updates as well14:48
armin76/usr/bin/xulrunner-1.9: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/libxul.so: undefined symbol: _ZN19nsACString_internalC2EPcjj <- anyone knows that that means?15:04
asacarmin76: reference to a hidden symbol?15:08
asacarmin76: you most likely did something wrong ;)15:08
asacwhat are you trying to do?15:09
armin76opening a firefox window :P15:09
armin76from thunderbird15:09
armin76i think i got it...missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH15:09
asacarmin76: well ... missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH is most likely the wrong approach ;)15:10
asactbird should reset the LD_LIBRARY_PATH before starting i guess15:10
armin76its not tb15:11
armin76its xul15:11
asacarmin76: xul doesn't need LD_LIBRARY_PATH15:11
asac(at least 1.9)15:11
asacarmin76: here it works15:12
asace.g. open new window from within tbird + open first window15:13
armin76/usr/bin/xulrunner-1.9 linked to /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/xulrunner-bin, not to xulrunner15:14
armin76to xulrunner works15:15
asacarmin76: why does firefox start the xulrunner binary?15:15
asacthat won't work anyway15:15
asacfor us firefox has its own binary15:15
asac/usr/lib/firefox-3.0b5/firefox for instance15:15
* armin76 tries15:16
asacarmin76: anyway, the link is wrong .we have: /usr/bin/xulrunner-1.9 -> ../lib/xulrunner-1.9b5/xulrunner15:16
asacso you might wanna fix that in any case15:16
fta2armin76, oh, you're back ?15:21
armin76back? i never left :P15:21
fta2nothing from you between Apr 13 and today ;)15:23
armin76well, i added ff3 and xul1.9 to the main tree in gentoo, after all the important bugs where fixed15:24
armin76and it worked fine15:24
armin76so, after that, i focused on other things15:24
armin76i was here but no doing any mozilla stuff :)15:25
armin76well, i did and still waiting for sm and tb15:25
ftaasac, the sound in rhythmbox is awful today (since the pa patch)20:22
asacyeah. that patch won't make it anyway. too much negative feedback so far20:27
asacfta: did you update to latest PA patch?20:27
ftathe one from yesterday20:27
asacthe one we tried yesterday still works pretty perfect here20:27
asaccrimsun added an updated patch20:27
ftakillall pulseaudio gconf-helper ; pulseaudio --daemonize  solved it20:28
asacis that freesoftware?20:46
asac500000 users every day ;)20:46
asachmm win only20:48
[reed]and mac20:48
asacHow Can I Help?20:50
asacAs a developer of free software, nothing would make us happier than to see PicLens used by everyone on the internet. You can help by simply telling your friends, bloggers, social networking contacts, and other about PicLens. We truly appreciate your support.20:50
asacfree as in beer i guess :)20:50
asacmac == win for me ;)20:50
asace.g. the other side of the river ;)20:50
asacfta: why did you need to kill gconf-helper?20:52
fta /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper20:52
asacprobably pulse bug now :)20:53
asacbuffer digestion20:53
ftamy rhythmbox was on pause since yesterday20:54
asachmm ... maybe dangling socket resources?20:54
asacno idea20:54
asacif you need a day to reproduce its probably hard to spot20:55
asacfta: sure it wasn't rhythmbox?20:55
ftasame after a restart20:56
ftahm, so hardy final will ship with xkeyboard-config 1.1~cvs.20080104.1-1ubuntu620:57
asacwhats the issue with that?21:02
ftaRight Control using french layout21:03
ftaBug 19875921:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198759 in xkeyboard-config "Right CTRL don't work" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19875921:03
ftamozilla bug 42792721:16
ubotuMozilla bug 427927 in Preferences "AutoConfig doesn't work with Trunk / Firefox 3" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42792721:16
[reed]asac: I hope you and caillon know you're about to get screwed21:32
[reed]though, it's mostly your own faults ;)21:32
fta[reed], ?21:39
asacfta: builds are shut down ;)21:39
asacauto builders in mozilla for 1.8.021:40
mdkeasac: thanks for your msg. it_IT is used because there are other countries where italian is spoken ;) But the mismatch between ff and -docs is because the -docs filenames are based on the old ff langpacks, I guess. Is there no way for languages to be first on a specific country code (e.g. it_IT) then fallback to a general langcode if that isn't found (e.g. it)?21:55
asacmdke: well. its easy do fallback from specific to general langcodes, the other direction i am not sure22:05
asacmdke: we would need a mapping file, e.g. adding more complexity ;)22:05
Jazzvaasac: Is it late for packaging fixes? For example, moving out "Iceweasel/Iceape/Seamonkey" from descriptions and stuff...22:07
asacJazzva: yeah ;)22:07
asacif they are of not Release Critical importance we probably cannot update them22:08
JazzvaOh, well ... Holding out for interpid... (I always want to say interrapid)22:08
asacit would create too much work for relesae team if the threw everything on them now ;)22:08
JazzvaI unterstand :)22:08
asactaking a look at every single upload is not really fun ;)22:09
JazzvaI suppose :). I just hope that teatime and gnome-voice-control fixes will get in.22:11
asacJazzva: if you care much you can always go through -updates if you want to fix important bugs22:12
asacor -backports otherwise22:12
mdkeasac: fallback from specific to general sounds more sensible though - perhaps for intrepid we can ensure that the translations in -docs are general by default. Dunno how to fix this for hardy though - any ideas?22:13
Jazzvahmm, that might be a solution. The latter fixes a bug which prevents g-v-c from starting. (Someone changed the source modifications, but didn't document in the changelog, so the program didn't work *sigh*)22:13
asacJazzva: we could start on the tools to do the mass extension maintenance ;)22:14
Jazzvaasac: Yay :)22:15
asacmdke: ship links to tie break the general to specific case ;)22:15
mdkeasac: have we got time for such an upload?22:17
asacmdke: if its that unintrusive we can try22:17
mdkeasac: is there any way to get an official list of what symlinks are required?22:18
Jazzvaasac, fta: What should those tools do? Check for new version (which is check-extensions.sh, iirc), download the sources if newer version exists, check for source modifications in debian/patches, overwrite the old source, try to build, report to the maintainer if there are some problems, or just to check the newly built extensions... right?22:19
asacmdke: no, but to produce one, it should work to look at the directory and collect those that don't have general language22:19
asacJazzva: it should assist the maintainers to update the bzr branches and so on22:20
mdkeasac: I don't have much time at the moment, but I'll see what I can do - will you test and sponsor an upload for me?22:20
Jazzvaasac: Right, branches update :)... that part I skipped. Well, at least that should be automatic (at least for the upstream branch)22:20
asacmdke: yes i will review and upload22:20
asacJazzva: what i imagine an automatic upstream branch + a branch layout that defines what is maintained where ;)22:21
mdkeasac: do we need an "en" or does it fall back to "C"?22:22
asacJazzva: for instance we need debian branches for every stable release that is still supported and ships an extension22:22
JazzvaSo, we will support debian with extensions, too? :)22:22
asacJazzva: on top of that we need -backport branches that might diverge from on different ubuntu versions ;)22:22
asacJazzva: sorry. debian == ubuntu :)22:22
JazzvaRight :)22:23
asacJazzva: if they get their thing right we can also take them too :) ... they just have unstable + stable. so just two more branches ;)22:23
JazzvaOk :)22:23
asacbut well. step by step ;)22:23
asacmdke: en is not needed.22:25
Jazzvafta, could you post a comment on bug 190547 that teatime works for you now :)?22:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190547 in teatime "teatime doesn't play sounds" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19054722:26
asacmdke: but doesn't hurt for consistency reasons22:26
Jazzvaor fta2 ^^ :)22:26
ftaI'll check.22:28
ftabtw, did you find out the conf bug ?22:28
JazzvaOk, I'm building again, just to be sure22:28
JazzvaNo, I haven't looked at it today... school + fixing g-v-c last night22:28
ftaasac, damn you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7701/ ;)22:29
Jazzvabtw, the upstream stopped the development of teatime, so, there will be no more upstream updates22:29
ftaasac, why does it have to die there? I have no way of shipping those xpi anyway22:31
fta[reed], isn't ff3 string frozen yet?22:40
ftano change allowed at all ?22:40
[reed]nothing that will break localizers22:41
[reed]no added/removed strings22:41
ftaok, i can bump on my side then22:41
[reed]strings can be changed still, though (for example, to fix typos)... just can't add or remove any, as that would break all the locales22:41
mdkeasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7704/ works for me22:42
mdkeasac: i got the list of languages by eye though. I've tested it for Italian22:42
ftaasac, you do like to unnecessary write complex code...22:46
ftaasac, you do like to write unnecessary complex code...22:47
asacfta: depends ;)22:47
ftash -c "cd debian/ && zip lp-export-xpis/en-US.xpi install.rdf", why sh -c ?22:47
fta$(shell cat debian/translation-support/install.rdf.in ....), why $(shell) ?22:48
mdkeasac: package for testing at http://doc.ubuntu.com/~mdke/22:48
asacmdke: do you have the sources?22:49
mdkeasac: the only thing that concerns me is if adding extra symlinks might affect mozilla-firefox-locales-all with all that script stuff that iwj put in place for the alternatives22:49
mdkeasac: yes, I've pushed the change to the bzr branch so the best way is to get that. but from a canonical machine, as the branch is pretty large (200MB ish without history)22:50
mdkenot quite pushed yet, actually22:50
asacdo you have branch url?22:51
asacfta: no idea. would have to look at the specific case22:51
mdkeasac: it's at lp:ubuntu-doc/hardy - I'll tell you when the revision is pushed up22:51
ftaasac, i don't get this: ifeq (,$(findstring $(EM_TRANSLATION_VERSION), $(shell echo $(DEBIAN_VERSION) | tr -d '~')))   it should be s/DEBIAN_VERSION/DEBIAN_UPSTREAM_VERSION/22:52
ftahow could it work today?22:52
ftaoh findstring22:52
asacno idea ... works ... is that from the lp-export thing ? or po2xpi ?22:53
asaci guess the .mk in mozilla-devscripts22:53
ftano, binary-post-install in xul22:53
ftai'm trying to fix my xul.head now that you force a ftbfs22:54
asaci force a ftbfs?22:54
asacah because of lang yes22:54
asacyou need to bump the language ;)22:54
asacmaybe consider to update langpacks once22:55
asacthat should be enough as we are in freeze now22:55
asacaeh mozilla is in freeze22:55
asacfta: anyway, for head its ok to bump that version22:55
asacits actually intended now that i think of it22:56
ftabut the way to do your test, I can't use 1.9.* as you asked22:56
ftas/to do/you do/22:56
asacwhere did i ask?22:56
asacfor now just bump to 1.9pre22:56
fta# bump this to 3.0.* once firefox is at hard string freeze22:57
asacwe will bump to 1.9.* _after_ final is out22:57
asaci don't trust the policy and its far too dangerous22:57
asacfta: hard string freeze from our perspective22:57
asacfta: there is no law-enforcement to breach the freeze upstream. so lets better be conservative ;)22:58
mdkeasac: ok pushed now. it's revision 379922:58
ftaeither way, pre is dropped, 1.9~cvs20080421t1157+nobinonly22:58
mdkeasac: I'm off to bed but will catch any issues in the morning if you hilight me22:58
asacmdke: thanks.22:59
ftanm, i'll fix this22:59
asacfta: you can just use 1.923:00
asacgo ahead ;)23:00
asacfta: you can just use 1.9cvs23:02
ftai still want to expose 1.9pre inside the xpi, not 1.923:02
asacfta: 1.9b5 < 1.9cvs < 1.9pre23:03
asacthat works well :)23:03
asac(for now)23:03
ftadone. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7706/23:04
asachow much did you relax it now?23:05
asacfta: why do you make unnecessary changes ;)23:06
ftaless bits, it's good for the entropy23:06
asacbut more diffs :-P23:08
ftawhy exit 110 ? does 110 has a meaning ?23:11
asacyeah ... it means: something special has happened23:12
ftaused by something ?23:12
ftainstead of "echo foo ; exit 110" I would have preferred $(error foo)23:13
asacsounds good23:13
ftabut if you really need 110...23:13
asac110 is the emergency number here in germany ;)23:13
asac00:14 -!- CheGuevara [n=CheGueva@cpc2-nott7-0-0-cust125.nott.cable.ntl.com] has quit [Read error:  110 (Connection timed out)]23:14
asac         ^^^23:14
asacso we already have two meanings :)23:15
asacthats how the world goes. without irony the sky would fall down :)23:16
asacno, really i personally have no affection to that particular piece of code. feel free to change as much as you like. It can be beautified for sure.23:17
asacthis is a hack and i treated it as such :)23:17
asacanyway ... i should have been more proactive for the .head branch, not putting that work on you. granted.23:18
ftacat foo | sed -e .. | sed -e .. | ......... | sed -e ..23:24
ftaanother waste of cpu cycles23:24
ftased -e ... -e ... -e ... -e ....  foo23:24
asacfta: you could at least have indented the sed expressions one more level23:45
ftawhen you build, it's indented23:46
asacbut not in code23:47
ftaif you want.23:49
asacyes, please :)23:50
asacjust the -e lines23:50
asacthe stdin/out things i don't mind ... either like now or one more push23:50
asacthen everyone is happy \o/23:51
ftaI still an uninstallable package: openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us23:56
ftawell, not upgradable23:56
asacfta: is that an _all package?23:57
asacis it not available or does upgrade fail?23:57
ftaThe following packages have been kept back:23:57
fta  openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us23:57
ftaand if I try to remove it:23:58
ftaThe following packages will be REMOVED:23:58
fta  language-support-en language-support-fr language-support-writing-en language-support-writing-fr23:58
fta  mozilla-firefox-locale-en-gb mozilla-firefox-locale-fr-fr openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us23:58
asacyeah mos tlikely its an arch all and your arch package is not there yet.23:58
ftait's been there for a while23:58
asacfta: i don't have that package23:58
asacapparently it was removed at some point23:58
ftafta@ix:~ $ apt-cache madison openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us23:59
ftaopenoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us | 2.3.1-2ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages23:59
fta    hyphen | 2.3.1-2ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Sources23:59
ftaI have 2.3.1-1ubuntu223:59

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