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sirbobhas anyone set up a DCH341601:11
SadaraxHello? I have a problem getting my Hauppauge PVR 150 to work in Mythbuntu 7.1002:02
matookewhere can I find a comprehensive howto to get the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 remote working?02:07
famicomtry the mythtv wiki02:12
a1famy audio is choppy.. i think its related to DMA02:36
a1facan you not enable DMA on SATA disk?02:36
tgm4883_laptopa1fa, no you can't02:38
tgm4883_laptopAFAIK, it's not configurable02:39
a1faso what do I do about choppy audio02:39
tgm4883_laptopwell i would assume that it is not the hard drive and you should look elsewhere02:39
tgm4883_laptopwhy do you think it is the dma?02:39
a1fai had the same issue before on my 80GB hard-drive02:40
a1faenabling dma solved that problem02:40
a1fa DMA modes:  mdma0 mdma1 mdma202:40
tgm4883_laptopa1fa, SATA?02:43
a1fano sata02:46
a1faold one was IDE02:46
a1fathis sucks :(03:01
tgm4883_laptopa1fa, I believe that SATA is locked to UDMA 5 while sata was configurable03:06
a1faUSDMA is03:07
gnub_daemonanyone know if Harmony remotes are supported?06:52
gnub_daemonor compatible...configurable...or otherwise usable in mythtv06:53
superm1yeah its just a matter of what you have them emulate06:53
gnub_daemonhmmm...there a tutorial for that anywhere?06:56
superm1well it depends on what ir receiver you have06:57
superm1most people i've heard end up emulating a mceusb206:57
gnub_daemonI guess I've got some reading to do...right now I have a wireless keyboard/mouse setup with a usb cable running under the rug07:01
superm1well do you have an ir receiver at all then right now?07:02
superm1oh that's a functional enough solution.  i lived on that for ages07:02
superm1until a mceusb2 fell into my lap07:02
superm1then i started to use that07:02
gnub_daemongotta love it when things just fall into your lap07:03
superm1but if i could do it all over, i'd use the wireless BT keyboard (Apple aluminum) currently on my desktop instead07:03
gnub_daemonmine's just a cheapo MI from wal-mart07:03
superm1well if you can find yourself a mceusb2, that's the way to go emulation wise, otherwise there is things like building a serial ir receiver07:04
gnub_daemonI do have a remote from the X-Fi bay drive...07:07
gnub_daemonbut the receiver for that is in the drive itself07:07
gnub_daemonwould that be usable if I got a proper usb receiver?07:11
superm1well that actually has a lirc driver if its the same as the old style audigy2 remote07:12
gnub_daemonhow might one find out such a thing?07:13
superm1try it (tm) ;)07:14
gnub_daemonheh...usb or serial receiver?07:15
gnub_daemonor does it matter?07:15
superm1its a special device on its own07:16
superm1it should be expicitly listed07:16
superm1and have its own driver07:16
superm1i had horrible luck with my old audigy2 though07:16
superm1so dont get your hopes up too much07:16
gnub_daemonwell, I'm trying to buy a house so what I have now might just have to last a few more years07:18
superm1yeah if you are looking for the easy solution, just go buy a mceusb207:19
superm1and when you've settled down07:19
superm1then come back and play with this07:19
superm1your 35 dollars will save you a heck of a lot of trouble07:19
gnub_daemonI also wanted to do the whole projector thing and have the setup beside/behind my couch to save space...but their cost is exhorbitant07:19
gnub_daemon$300-$500 for a lamp...07:20
superm1same thing on a DLP too07:20
gnub_daemonthat why HD always looks "wiggly"07:23
gnub_daemonI bet DLP price makes regular projection bulbs seem like ginger beer...07:25
superm1yeah that's why i think normal ole' LCD or Plasma are the way to go07:27
gnub_daemonI didn't know what DLP was so I watched TI's video07:27
gnub_daemonpretty interesting stuff07:28
gnub_daemon"DLP sets are usually lower in price than plasmas and LCDs, and they tend to have a better picture."07:30
gnub_daemonthat's just crazy talk07:30
superm1lower in price initially07:30
superm1told cost to own is higher07:30
gnub_daemonOh I see now...dlp is only projection07:32
gnub_daemonor not...I'm tired and confused now07:36
abarbacciaanyone using hardy and having issues changing volume during playback11:40
abarbacciai think alsa is giving me some issues - possibly related to pulseaudio11:40
v0lksmanhey all...I read the faq but it doesn't really say if there is a "best" way to upgrade (7.10 -> 8.04) is update-manager -d a good way?  will it update the software and keep my DB in tact?13:01
munzlilooking for dvb-s card, any good recomendations? seems like a hauppage nova-s or pinnacle card are the best supported?13:40
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Ptit_NicoHello all :)17:43
Ptit_NicoAll apologies for my english i m french17:46
Ptit_Nicoi had RTFM and STFW but i have some questions ^^17:46
lagathen ask :)17:47
Ptit_NicoI m running Kubuntu here and all my media are in this computer, i had a small pc for my tv17:47
Ptit_Nicothis PC will be frontend only17:47
Ptit_Nicoi suppose i will put the backend on my PC here (Kubuntu)17:48
Ptit_Nicoso my question is :17:48
Ptit_Nicocan i install only "mythtv-backend-master"17:49
Ptit_Nicoand running a mythbuntu installed allready on my small PC near my tv17:49
lagayes, that'll work17:50
Ptit_Nicook :)17:50
Ptit_Nicoso it seems i understood the mythtv functionnement ^^17:50
lagamais oui :)17:50
laga(disclaimer: thaT's the only french i speak)17:50
Ptit_Nicobut i see there s a lot of dependencies (apache,mysql,.....)17:51
Ptit_Nicolol laga :D17:51
lagaPtit_Nico: mythtv needs mysql, yes17:51
Ptit_Nicobtw a lot of deamon will run :/17:51
lagaPtit_Nico: mythtv-backend-master recommends mythweb, which is why it installs apache17:52
Ptit_Nicoi m not intersted by any web services17:52
lagayou don't have to install it, but i don't know how to avoid it17:52
Ptit_Nicojust watching movies, listen music17:52
lagaPtit_Nico: then install mythtv-backend mythtv-database17:52
lagaand something ntp-ish to keep your time in sync, unless you already have that17:53
Ptit_Nicommmmm good idea :)17:53
Ptit_Nicoi check dependencies ;)17:53
Ptit_Nicolaga:  omg ! good job, only 17 dependencies (mysql actually)17:54
Ptit_Nicoso i suppose i will create my database media with this packet and read it from my frontend only on my small pc mythbuntu installed17:57
Ptit_Nicono ?17:57
EvilGuruCan anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=475213118:02
JoeyJoeJois there a certain server I need to add to my sources.list in order to install .21?19:11
rhpot1991_laptopJoeyJoeJo: what version of mythbuntu/ubuntu are you running19:12
rhpot1991_laptopbackports should do it for you19:12
JoeyJoeJoOk.. I'm unfamiliar with backports... is there a guide to it somewhere?19:13
rhpot1991_laptopdescribes a few different ways of doing so19:14
sabhainI've got a frontend processor question for any hardware experts here.20:00
sabhainI see repeatedly that P4 x 3.0 GHz is the minimum for frontend HD playback on mythtv20:00
sabhainThough a lot of the comments are somewhat dated (2006 / early 2007).20:01
sabhainAm I better off w/ a Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz over a 3.0 GHz single core?20:04
sabhainThis would be for dedicated front end systems w/ no backend jobs.20:05
sabhainI see that the newest mythtv build enables configuration for dual processors, so I thought it might.20:05
sabhainDo you think that I can go to the slowest / cheapest core 2 duo and still be better off?20:06
sabhainTrying to get my front end costs down to ~$300 .. and it's a struggle.20:06
rhpot1991_laptopI would think so, but without having one I can't tell you for certain20:06
sabhainI've setup a test combo frontend/backend that's 1.8 duo core and it seems to do ok .. but all I have at the moment going through it are DVD rips and analog live TV20:08
sabhainthanks for your input20:10
rhpot1991_laptopnp, you could see if someone could get you a HD sample or if you can find anyone with that cpu on the mailing lists20:11
darthanubisanyone with a working mythtv-export?20:12
darthanubisI get no output20:12
darthanubisnuvexport works, but won't use the recordings name from the database so that the file is a human readable format20:13
rhpot1991_laptopdid you run it by hand or as a user job?20:13
darthanubiswell both as user jobs20:14
rhpot1991_laptopdid you check your backend logs?20:14
rhpot1991_laptopanything in there?20:14
darthanubisit said mythexport completed successfully20:14
darthanubisthe output dir is owned by mythtv20:15
darthanubisits weird20:15
darthanubisI'd love to get this working20:15
darthanubisI'm running out of HD space20:15
darthanubisand shows I want to watch are expiring20:15
darthanubisI can't keep them all20:16
rhpot1991_laptopadd " debug" to the end of your user job20:16
rhpot1991_laptopand run it again20:16
rhpot1991_laptopthen pastebin the results from your backend logs20:16
rhpot1991_laptop!pastebin | darthanubis20:16
ubotudarthanubis: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)20:16
darthanubisfor what its worth I'm doing exactly as this page instructs20:17
rhpot1991_laptopmythexport isn't really meant for replacing your recordings currently either, its more or less meant for getting them in a portable format (but you can bump the numbers and use it to replace recordings, will need to do some scripting on your own to get it to replace them though)20:19
rhpot1991_laptopin time it could get that functionality, but I haven't had the time20:19
darthanubisI realize that20:19
darthanubisbut if I have it in a smaller readable format20:20
darthanubisit'd be easier to download/faster20:20
rhpot1991_laptopalright, get the debug output and let me see what that looks like, also do a ls -la on the folder you are exporting to20:20
darthanubisand I could delete the original20:20
darthanubisnothing is in the folder20:20
rhpot1991_laptopwell the folder itself20:20
rhpot1991_laptopI want to see its permissions, should be 2775 I think20:21
rhpot1991_laptopmythtv:mythtv as well20:21
darthanubisdrwxrwxr-x 2 mythtv mythtv     6 2008-04-19 02:19 .20:21
darthanubisdrwxrwxr-x 4 mythtv mythtv 24576 2008-04-21 15:18 ..20:21
rhpot1991_laptopthat looks ok, lets see the debug output20:22
rhpot1991_laptopalso is there enough free space?20:22
darthanubiswhere would that debug output be, in the log?20:24
rhpot1991_laptopbackend log20:25
rhpot1991_laptopjust copy everything from when it starts the job till it finishes20:26
rhpot1991_laptopit will pump out the commands instead of running them20:26
darthanubisgot it20:26
rhpot1991_laptopdarthanubis: see the line that says "USING nice -n19 ffmpeg"20:31
rhpot1991_laptoprun that, but cut out the USING part20:31
rhpot1991_laptopand see what happens20:31
rhpot1991_laptopso it should be "nice -n19 ffmpeg -i /home/....."20:31
rhpot1991_laptopdon't need the  2>&1  at the end either20:31
darthanubisyou mean edit the mythexport script itself not the job line right?20:33
rhpot1991_laptopno, just run that line by hand20:33
rhpot1991_laptopand see if it works20:34
rhpot1991_laptopyou should go into the directory you are exporting into before you run it as well20:34
rhpot1991_laptopas it will dump the file there20:34
darthanubislooks to be working20:35
darthanubisits encoding20:35
xukunWhen play dvd from the harddisk it does not play fluently. I have no idea where to look or what to change to get this wright. My hardware is good enough so that is not it. I have intel centrino whith ati x300 latpop.  I,m using the ati drivers20:36
rhpot1991_laptopdarthanubis: you can stop that from running, if thats working then it should work from the script20:36
rhpot1991_laptopdid you enable the user job to run?20:37
darthanubiswhat do you mean?20:37
xukunI somebody can point me the wright direction that would awesome20:37
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:38
xukunif somebody..20:38
rhpot1991_laptopdarthanubis: in the wiki it shows a checkbox saying "Allow 'User Job #1' jobs"20:39
rhpot1991_laptopdid you check that20:39
darthanubisrhpot1991_laptop, where is the "USING" come from20:39
rhpot1991_laptopfor whichever user job20:39
darthanubisthats how I have the nuvexport job setup20:39
rhpot1991_laptopthats the command it runs, when you put debug in there it just shows you the command instead of running it20:39
xukunWhen I play the movie from the disk its like its going very slow motion20:39
rhpot1991_laptopI'd remove the debug from your user job run it again and check the logs when it done20:40
rhpot1991_laptoppastebin that to me20:40
darthanubisrhpot1991_laptop, http://pastebin.com/d7de6947c20:46
rhpot1991_laptopare you positive mythtv has permissions on /home/anubis/store/mythtv/video/mythexport/20:48
rhpot1991_laptopdo a sudo su mythtv20:48
rhpot1991_laptopthen navigate to /home/anubis/store/mythtv/video/mythexport/20:48
rhpot1991_laptopand do  'touch test'20:48
rhpot1991_laptopthose errors normally happen if the permissions are wrong and ffmpeg cannot make a file, then everything else yells about the file not being there20:50
darthanubisI'm doing all this from remote, so appreciate the patience20:52
darthanubiswhy would th etest file write there is there where no permissions?20:53
rhpot1991_laptopdifferent users20:53
rhpot1991_laptopyou ran it as someone not mythtv20:53
rhpot1991_laptop(or so I think)20:54
Tuv0kI don't know the mythtv users pwd20:56
Tuv0kdoes it matter what it is, or can I change it?20:56
rhpot1991_laptopdepends what you want to do with it20:57
rhpot1991_laptopif you just want to test a command do a sudo su mythtv20:57
rhpot1991_laptopand you will change to them20:57
Tuv0ktouch: cannot touch `test': Permission denied20:58
rhpot1991_laptopTuv0k && darthanubis the same person?20:58
* rhpot1991_laptop is confused20:58
rhpot1991_laptopheh ok20:58
Tuv0kI'm on the remote box now20:58
Tuv0klove nx, but anyway20:59
rhpot1991_laptopok do this, cd ..20:59
rhpot1991_laptopthen ls -la20:59
rhpot1991_laptopand show me mythexport20:59
Tuv0kdrwxrwxr-x 2 mythtv mythtv    17 2008-04-21 15:52 .21:01
Tuv0kdrwxrwxr-x 4 mythtv mythtv 24576 2008-04-21 15:18 ..21:01
rhpot1991_laptopdid you cd .. first to move back a level?21:02
rhpot1991_laptopdo that and then only get the line that is for mythexport, so we can be sure its the right line21:02
rhpot1991_laptop. is where you are at, and a.. is up a level21:02
rhpot1991_laptoppaste the line thats for your mythexport folder21:03
rhpot1991_laptopwhile sitting in /home/anubis/store/mythtv/video/21:03
Tuv0kahh its 4077521:04
Tuv0kdrwxrwxr-x 4 mythtv mythtv 24576 2008-04-21 15:18 ..21:04
rhpot1991_laptopyou aren't giving me mythexport, keep giving me ..21:04
rhpot1991_laptopspecifically get the one that says mythexport21:05
Tuv0k$ ls -la mythexport21:06
Tuv0ktotal 2821:06
Tuv0kdrwxrwxr-x 2 mythtv mythtv    17 2008-04-21 15:52 .21:06
Tuv0kdrwxrwxr-x 4 mythtv mythtv 24576 2008-04-21 15:18 ..21:06
Tuv0k-rw-r--r-- 1 anubis anubis     0 2008-04-21 15:52 test21:06
rhpot1991_laptopya thats good, I wanted to make sure you were pointing at the right folder21:07
Tuv0kalways have a hard time changing the 2775 4775 to "2" sets21:09
Tuv0ksetuid or something?21:09
rhpot1991_laptopthose look ok to me21:10
rhpot1991_laptopthe 2775 sets a sticky bit, but that shouldn't be aproblem21:10
rhpot1991_laptopdo this: ps aux |grep mythbackend21:10
rhpot1991_laptopand see if mythtv is running /usr/bin/mythbackend21:10
Tuv0kmythtv    7757  0.8  1.2 416348 26120 ?        Ssl  Apr19  30:58 /usr/bin/mythbackend --daemon --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log --pidfile /var/run/mythtv/mythbackend.pid21:11
rhpot1991_laptopand when you changed to mythtv, you couldn't make a file in the mythexport folder?21:11
rhpot1991_laptopbut you could as your user?21:11
Tuv0kmythtv 127mythtv /home/mythtv /bin/bash21:17
rhpot1991_laptopyou are positive you were pointing at the right mythexport folder and all?21:19
rhpot1991_laptopcause mythtv should be able to do whatever it wants in there if it owns it21:19
Tuv0kI know21:23
Tuv0kits able to create files in it's dirc21:24
Tuv0kbut not the export dir21:24
rhpot1991_laptopwell what you showed me said it was the owner of mythexport dir, so unless that wasn't the right dir21:25
rhpot1991_laptopI'd wonder if maybe its from that dir living within your other user's home dir21:25
Tuv0kthe whole tree is mythtv's21:26
rhpot1991_laptopit shouldn't be that since mythtv can write to the other dirs in there21:27
rhpot1991_laptopgo compare perms between all those folders I guess21:27
Tuv0kI removed the dir21:36
Tuv0kand recreated it with mythtv user21:36
Tuv0kit can write into it now21:37
Tuv0kbut my normal user can't even with 775?21:37
Tuv0ksomething is wrong?21:37
rhpot1991_laptopwell it should be mythtv:mythtv21:39
rhpot1991_laptopwhere your notmal user is a member of the mythtv group21:39
Tuv0kwhich it is21:39
rhpot1991_laptopyour sure the dir is 775?21:40
rhpot1991_laptopand can your normal user write to any of the other dirs?21:40
rhpot1991_laptopI'm thinking maybe its not in the mythtv users group21:40
Tuv0kits in the group21:40
Tuv0kmy bad21:41
Tuv0kthe dir was 75521:41
Tuv0knot 77521:41
rhpot1991_laptopthere we go21:42
Tuv0keverything should be set now21:43
Tuv0know to run a job21:43
Tuv0kstill reporting finished before it does anything21:46
rhpot1991_laptopok do this, add debug to the end of your user job again21:50
rhpot1991_laptopand run the ffmpeg line till it complete21:50
rhpot1991_laptopmakes sure it completes21:50
rhpot1991_laptopthat could be failing for some reason21:51
acemowhen u click on the icon saying install mythbuntu in the add to ubuntu menu, is it normal to get the text "Please Wait..." and the page appears not to do anything further?21:51
acemoam using kubuntu btw if that might matter21:52
Tuv0krhpot1991_laptop, but when I ran it from cli the last time, it ran longer than the time it takes for the job to tell me its complete?21:59
Tuv0kmythtv user is running and encoding the nice ffmpeg line to the mythexport folder perfectly22:03
avon_need help troubleshooting mythtv ("Watch TV" on mythfrontend) on mythbuntu 7.10 standard installation (frontend + backend) w/ {wintv-hvr-1600 (using beta drivers), SchedulesDirect video source}.   The beta drivers for the wintv-hvr-1600 seem to work flawlessly, for example, playing analog cabletv using "mplayer /dev/video0" and changing changes using "ivtv-tune"22:06
darthanubisFile /GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/amd/1045_20080405185400.mpg does not exist for chanid 1045 at Sat Apr 5 18:54:00 2008 when trying to delete recording.22:08
presumptious85is buying the PVR 500 aany good? considering the whole analog drama coming next year in north america22:11
darthanubishow can I stop mythweb from showing me the tv show to delete that is no longer there22:20
darthanubisI have repaired the database22:21
darthanubisrestarted the backend22:21
darthanubisreconfigured the database/backend/mythweb22:21
darthanubisand the issue with nuvexport still remains :/22:22
rhpot1991_laptopdarthanubis: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Myth.find_orphans.pl22:22
rhpot1991_laptopdid the ffmpeg line ever finish?22:22
darthanubisI don't have a dual core yet:(22:22
rhpot1991_laptopsee if it ever finishes22:22
darthanubisits doing a great job so far22:23
acemowhen u click on the icon saying install mythbuntu in the add to ubuntu menu, is it normal to get the text "Please Wait..." and the page appears not to do anything further?22:23
presumptious85>is buying the PVR 500 any good? considering the whole analog drama coming next year in north america22:28
darthanubisthats up to you to make that call22:28
darthanubisno one can give you that answer22:28
darthanubisto do so would be presumptious22:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about common - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:29
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.22:29
darthanubisrhpot1991, where are the instructions for this?22:29
presumptious85well i'm confused22:35
presumptious85i currently have a HVR1600 which is useless at the moment. I watch tv from an analog cable source. So i'm looking for another tv tuner for mythbuntu. I want to get the PVR500 but i'm confused about the notice on this website http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/products/data_pvr500mce.html22:39
darthanubiswhy not just get a tuner thats got both and be done with it?22:40
darthanubisproblem solved22:41
presumptious85if i can find a working tuner that does both22:42
presumptious85and thats quality too22:42
acemo80 GB+ disk space (Backend Role)**22:42
acemodoes this means root partition 80 GB or just the home?22:42
avon_need help troubleshooting mythtv ("Watch TV" on mythfrontend) on mythbuntu 7.10 standard installation (frontend + backend) w/ {wintv-hvr-1600 (using beta drivers), SchedulesDirect video source}.   The beta drivers for the wintv-hvr-1600 seem to work flawlessly, for example, playing analog cabletv using "mplayer /dev/video0" and changing channels using "ivtv-tune".  Right now, when "Watch TV" is selected, the following is output (23:02
avon_from mythfrontend): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7705/  .  Notice the "EntryToProgram(0@Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969) failed to get pginfo".  I'm guessing the 1969 has something to do with it.  any thoughts?23:02
lagaavon_: you need to fix your clock23:04
avon_laga: how do I do that?23:05
lagai usually do "sudo ntpdate ntp1.ptb.de" to sync with a ntp server. but that might do annoying stuff because it has to jump a few years into the future :)23:07
lagaavon_: is your clock correct?23:07
avon_the clock on mythbuntu's menubar (xfce4 menubar) seems to be correct - shows correct time for US Central23:08
lagaavon_: is the year and the timezone setting correct?23:08
avon_laga: yes it shows Monday 21 April 200823:09
lagaok, might be a different issue then23:10
lagayou usually get these weird issues when the clock is off23:10
avon_laga: there is only one hwclock shared between mythtv and all other apps, correct?23:11
lagajust found that23:11
lagamaybe your database needs repairing?23:11
presumptious85did u get your HVR1600 to work?23:14
avon_presumptious85: with "mplayer /dev/video0", plays analogtv flawlessly, but not with mythfrontend23:15
lagayou can always ask on the forums if nobody knows in here23:15
avon_i've posted mythbackend.log - seems like its having trouble writing to the LiveTV directory:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7711/plain/23:16
darthanubisrhpot1991, that video finished23:17
lagaavon_: is that your only backend?23:18
lagaRunning as a slave backend.23:18
presumptious85are you able to use the remote also?23:18
avon_laga: that is my only backend, yes23:18
avon_laga: remote as in from another computer?23:19
lagaavon_: you need to configure it as a master backend23:19
presumptious85the remote of the HVR1600 card23:21
avon_laga: I just did a "Standard" mythbuntu install which, from my understanding, installs a "Primary backend" and "Frontend" as seen in the "System Roles" Tab of the "Mythbuntu Control Centre" app23:22
lagaavon_: in mythtv-setup, you didn't put in the correct IP addresses23:22
avon_presumptious85: not yet, but I read forums online where people have gotten it working...23:22
avon_avon_:  hmm... the ip address is the same machine (the one assigned by my router), what should it be set to?23:23
avon_laga: I'm running frontend and backend on same machine23:24
lagaavon_: there are two fields23:24
lagaokay, i've got to run now23:24
avon_laga: thx23:25
avon_the directory that the "LiveTV" records to - what owner/permissions should it have?  currently, I've set owner to mythtv:mythtv drwxr-xr-x.23:56

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