ikoniaPriceChild: you aware00:01
ikonia MLP> maco: if you ever call me swedish again, I will fucking murder you.00:03
ikonia23:20 < emma> Sweden has Cophenhaggen.00:03
ikonia23:20 < ikonia> MLP: careful on the language please.00:03
ikonia23:20 < MLP> uhm WHAT?00:03
ikonia23:20 < MLP> ikonia: bitch please, I know PriceChild00:03
ikonia23:20 < ikonia> so ?00:03
ikoniaaprantly mlp knows pricechild so it's ok to swear and call me a bitch00:03
ikoniathats ok 00:03
ikonia MLP> maco: if you ever call me swedish again, I will fucking murder you.00:03
ikoniamissed off the important line00:04
elky_workikonia, which channel?00:04
elky_workno, you got that there too00:04
elky_workdrat, i cant help there00:04
ikoniaooh I did00:04
ikoniano-one awake00:04
ikoniabut it's ok "he knows pricechild"00:04
ikoniabest come back I've had in a while00:04
elky_workwell, maco can report it to #freenode and hope they take his threat seriously00:04
ikoniaha ha, I don't think it was serious00:05
Seeker`ikonia: did you not point out that you know PriceChild ?00:06
ikoniaSeeker`: no00:06
ikoniabut it's a green light to swear00:06
ikoniascore !00:06
Seeker`woo! :D00:06
ikoniaplus I thought he was implying he "knew" pricechild00:06
ikoniaI don't know pricechild in that way00:06
ikoniaso it would be unfair to suggest other wise00:06
elky_workikonia, so? it might not be a genuine threat, but if it was a staffer having that said to them, it'd be a pretty hefty punishment00:06
Davieypoint not well made :(00:06
ikonia(the "bitch please" comment gave it away00:06
Seeker`Daviey: what point?00:07
ikoniaelky_work: no, I appriciate that00:07
DavieySeeker`: the PriceChild link :/00:07
ikoniaDaviey: thats odd, the language has stopped now that a member of staff has shown up.....how unusual00:10
Davieyikonia: which staffer?00:11
ikoniaoooh emma is reading the -ops log again00:11
ikoniamust be tailing it00:11
Seeker`hi emma00:12
Davieyikonia: /me not staff00:12
elky_worki wish i had time to read everything that happened in channels i'm not in.00:12
ikoniaDaviey: ooh bum00:12
ikoniaalthough that was a perhaps uncalled for on my part (last comment)00:13
elky_workabout emma or the staff presence stopping misbehaviour?00:13
ikoniaabout emma00:13
ikoniauncalled for on my part00:13
elky_worknot really. she takes offense at irseek logging, yet loves trailing us through these logs. i dont see anything uncalled in what you said.00:17
ikoniano proof or evidence, it was an uncalled for dig on my part 00:20
naliothi'd not worry about it00:21
ikoniaI'm not, but it doesn't hurt to say it00:22
macoive got a question about ops & irc since i know i'm op-able on #ubuntuforums00:22
elky_workikonia, there's plenty of proof that she reads logs, and she herself admits so00:22
ikoniaI know she does, but my comment was unfounced and uncalled for00:22
macoso if there are any irssi-using ops around that can tell me how to make an alias to op-ify in $current_channel, thatd be neat00:23
jdong19:23 Aliases:00:23
jdong19:23 cso        msg chanserv op $C00:23
jdongmaco: ^^00:23
macojdong: thank you00:23
macoi didnt think aliases could take args so i wasnt sure00:23
jdongeverything after /cso will be considered an arg00:23
macooh... is $C "current channel"?00:24
jdongfor example, /cso alone just ops you. Or you can add an arbirary list of usernames00:24
elky_workikonia, i honestly do not believe it to be either.00:24
macojdong: wait...how do you unop?00:25
jdongmaco: /cso -maco00:26
jdong-nick = unop nick00:26
LjLor one could just /deop nick...00:26
macook thank you00:27
AfterDeathjdong: if you're using irssi, an alias I've found *very* helpful is /cs = /msg chanserv $0 $C $1-00:29
jdongAfterDeath: indeed that seems useful :)00:29
AfterDeathso, if you do "/cs op" it'll op you in the current channel, but you could also do "/cs access list" which is the equivalent of "/msg chanserv access $channel list"00:29
jdongikonia: I spoke to MLP regarding the quoted statement. It was a poorly worded joke due to the language barrier and didn't come across right.00:33
jdongshe meant no harm00:33
ikoniajdong: fair enough00:39
Amaranthicanhas is being annoying in 3 channels at once01:15
ikoniaAmaranth: thats a rare tallanet01:16
Amaranthnot annoying enough to get a ban though, arg01:16
elky_workicanhas has been annoying for quite a while iirc01:16
ikoniaMyrtti: empcannon is ammusing01:37
MyrttiI prefer hellokitty myself01:37
elky_workwhy two consecutive waits in soap?01:42
ikoniawould someone do a grep on bantrack for susanoo01:52
Seeker`ikonia: what channel are they in?01:56
ikoniabut I suspect ubuntu is what he's referencing01:56
Seeker`what is their host?01:57
ikoniahe just made a comment that I should remember him, and when I said no he said "good"01:57
Seeker`ikonia: cant see anything01:58
ikoniafair enough01:58
Seeker`nothing on susanoo, Kojo, or any part of the IP more specific than 70.01:59
ikoniajust seemed odd that someone would say "good you dont remember me"02:00
ikoniano biggy 02:00
elky_worki'd be hawking him though02:01
* Seeker` gives ikonia some hawk eyes02:13
ubotuIn ubotu, Starnestommy said: what is ubotu?03:04
elky_work.... like hell he doesnt know03:25
ubotubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu (liveinteractive)07:11
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)14:18
Picioh.. nevermind14:18
ubotupici is stuck in a factoid factory! Send help!14:41
Jack_SparrowPici, had a tough weekend health wise...  will get back when I can.. back to bed14:44
PiciHrm, wiki and help down?14:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mez - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:53
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)14:57
jpatrickPici: both here, depends..14:57
PiciLooks like its back up now.14:58
ubotuIn ubotu, BalaamsMiracle said: !museek is A cross-platform SoulSeek client, written in C++15:27
PiciI dont see that in the repos, only museek+15:30
jpatrickwe have !info for that anyway15:50
Pici!soulseek | already exists anyway15:50
ubotualready exists anyway: SoulSeek clients: Nicotine (GTK), Museeq (KDE), Mucous (terminal-based) - See also !P2P15:50
Mezooh, didnt know there were SS clients ;)15:55
* Mez downloads15:55
Picihm.. Lots of mib_* users lately.16:20
PiciPriceChild: I know its mibbit, but just a lot of them with mib_* names.16:21
Mez!planet-#ubuntu-uk is Planet Ubuntu (blogs of Ubuntu developers and members) can be found at http://planet.ubuntu.com - the UK version can be found at http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org16:24
Mez!planet-#ubuntu-uk is <reply> Planet Ubuntu (blogs of Ubuntu developers and members) can be found at http://planet.ubuntu.com - the UK version can be found at http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org16:24
* Mez slaps the bot16:24
Mezsomeone please, fix that - it doesnt like me16:24
Mez<ubotu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:24
PiciDoesnt like me either.16:26
* Pici sets up a trigger for 'hardy' or '8.04' that banforwards people to #ubuntu+116:28
jussio1Pici: hehehe, shouldhave done that ages ago...16:28
stdinjust got a /msg, <irem> Merhaba Benle Dürüstce ArkadaþlýkEtmek Ýstiyorsan Arkadaþ Olmak Ýstersen €€€kelel€kell zelis_ank23@17:18
stdin[irem] (n=Ayfer|at@213-140-17-101.ip.fastwebnet.it): bilge0117:18
Picistdin: I'd report it in #freenode.17:19
Seveas!staff --^17:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about staff --^ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:59
Seveas!staff | --^17:59
ubotu--^: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)17:59
Picistdin: ?17:59
Picier, Seveas ?17:59
SeveasPici, quick way of reporting :)17:59
NeT_DeMoN_Seveas, 18:02
SeveasNeT_DeMoN_, ?18:03
NeT_DeMoN_may i speak to you?18:03
Seveasnewton_3, this channel is not for idling. Do you have anything to ask the ops?18:03
NeT_DeMoN_i was also asking if someone knew away around those dialoge boxes18:03
newton_3Seveas: 18:03
newton_3monitoring the conversation...18:03
SeveasNeT_DeMoN_, that's no reason to post links to malicious sites18:03
NeT_DeMoN_because i had important pages open in my browser18:03
Seveasnewton_3, NeT_DeMoN_ and myself are big boys, no need for monitoring.18:04
NeT_DeMoN_and i was hoping someone knew a way around18:04
PiciPerhaps at least a warning before posting the link was appropriate...18:04
NeT_DeMoN_may i be forgiven?18:05
SeveasNeT_DeMoN_, maybe come back tomorrow18:05
Seveasmalicious links like that are seriously bad18:05
NeT_DeMoN_Seveas, alright, thank you18:05
NeT_DeMoN_yeah, the owner logged on 30 minutes after and told me how to stop them18:06
NeT_DeMoN_all it does is have a box pop opne18:06
NeT_DeMoN_the text inside was just funny business18:06
NeT_DeMoN_because shes a white-hat18:06
SeveasNeT_DeMoN_, is there anything else you want to discuss?18:09
NeT_DeMoN_not really unless yall want to discuss something with me18:09
Seveasthen I have to ask you to leave, this channel is not for idling18:10
NeT_DeMoN_have a good day18:10
ompaulit was a waring18:48
ompaulwarn even18:48
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
Seveasnixternal, w.t.f.!20:07
nixternalthat is our Community Manager20:08
Seveasseriously wtf20:08
nixternalhe is going to kill me for that one20:08
SeveasI guess so :)20:08
nixternalwe were at Penguicon in Troy, Michigan this week20:08
nixternaland the Tron Guy if you ever seen him was dressed up and stuff, and Jono loved it...so I just gimped in Jono's head on the Tron Guys body :)20:09
* pleia2 laughs20:09
nixternalTron Guy and Jono is about all I remember from Penguicon....way to much free alcohol20:09
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
PriceChildPici: mib_ is the default for it20:37
PiciPriceChild: I know!20:37
PriceChildand its only recently been exempted again recently20:38
PriceChildso people are just finding about it20:38
PriceChildand also... http://www.bridgebuilder-game.com/ is tres fun20:38
=== rZog is now known as rZog|NA
ompaulrZog|NA, how can we help you ?21:42
ompaulAfterDeath, how can we help you 21:42
ompaulerrrrr 21:50
ompaulahh ad21:50
ompaulMyrtti, was that it?21:50
Myrttijust wonderign21:51
ompaulI have a long memory it was in the bad part at this stage21:51
ompaulI'll invite him back if that works21:51
jussio1Daviey: Ill be in the next game...22:50
PriceChildfyi forums are under for upgrades, its planned will be back in about an hour (for when people start complaining in #ubuntu)23:34

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