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Synclairis anybody there?03:17
SynclairI need help binding SAMBA to a M$ Active Directory in a Domain Controller03:19
Scunizisometimes you have to wait a while.. there's also #linux03:25
SynclairI know, but this question is ubuntu server admin related03:25
Scunizithey might be having dinner, sleeping.. etc.. they are all over the world.. I got help one time from somone in Isreal at 3am his time.03:26
Scunizitook him 15 min. to get to me though.03:27
ScuniziSynclair: while waiting you might check this out.. http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/118271-nt_status_access_denied-samba-problem.html03:29
Synclairfound this.. don't know if it'll work03:30
ScuniziSynclair: well.. I just looked samba up in synaptic and it's version 3.02..(on Gutsy) the link you posted says it requires 3.08 to function.. maybe hardy03:39
SynclairI'm checking out the alpha release of samba 4..03:39
Shrugzanyone know of a good flash editing program for ubuntu server and or regular ubuntu03:57
Synclairlike for you to create flash animations?03:58
Synclairwell.. you can try to use wine and run macromedia flash03:59
Synclairor use virtualbox to emulate win03:59
Synclairanyway, I'm off03:59
Shrugzyes Synclair03:59
Shrugzall the windows emulators on my pc04:00
Shrugzare damaged04:00
Shrugzand wont work for me04:00
Synclairtry in #ubuntu04:00
Synclairor in #debian04:00
Shrugzive tried04:00
Shrugzall over04:00
Synclairhere you won't get immediate support04:00
Shrugzi never get a strait awnser04:00
Synclairtry removing those packages using synaptic04:01
Synclairor apt-get04:01
Shrugzhas Komilion been in here tonight04:01
Shrugzthanks anyways man04:01
Synclairbeeen here for 45 minutes04:01
Synclairgonna take some sleep04:01
Synclairleaving off to work in 6 hours :S04:01
osmosisI dont get the whole JeOS thing.04:41
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_rubenJeeves_: still encounting weird behaviour on the dutch archive mirror when using rsync (keep getting max conns reached when it tries to download the Release.gpg files)11:16
\shOk, people....tomorrow there will be the first officially reported deployment of Hardy Server before Release on Rock Solid Production Servers...11:16
Jeeves_\sh: Hmm11:17
Jeeves_I run Hardy on the archive platform11:18
Jeeves_Doesn't that count? :)11:18
Jeeves__ruben: Hmm. Strange11:18
\shJeeves_, for canonical/ubuntu? you have to  :) but yes :)11:19
_rubenJeeves_: just tried the german mirror to see if its something strange with debmirror, but that went fine11:19
_rubenwonder whats going on .. when using http: [ 78%] Getting: dists/hardy/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.gz... dists/hardy/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.gz failed 403 Forbidden11:20
\sh_ruben, use archive.ubuntu.com directly for debmirror ;)11:20
_ruben\sh: national packets tend to go faster than trans-atlantic ones, assuming the 'real' archive's hosted in the US ;)11:23
\sh_ruben, regarding whois and my way to archive.u.c it's in GB ;)11:25
_ruben\sh: ah, never bothered to check really :)11:25
\sh_ruben, but I trust the source, not the copies ... because I had several issues with our german mirrors in the past...11:25
_rubenJeeves_: hmm .. on 2nd attempt it did work with http .. perhaps ended up on diff server11:26
* _ruben wouldnt trust german mirrors either ;)11:26
\sh_ruben, that's why I have always also a local mirror of all supported distros at home and in the company...11:26
_rubenlunch time .. bbiab11:27
_rubenWelcome to the Ubuntu Master Archive mirror rsync server.11:57
_rubenThis server is located in London, United Kingdom.11:57
_rubenIf you are not an Ubuntu official country mirror, please consider11:57
_rubenusing a Ubuntu archive mirror closer to your physical location.11:57
Jeeves_\sh: It is preferred to use the local mirror for your country12:15
Jeeves_That makes sense in every way12:15
Jeeves_Mirror admins should make sure everything works as it should12:15
Jeeves_As must I12:15
Jeeves__ruben: The forbidden messages seem to occur because of Stale NFS handles12:16
Jeeves_I'm not sure why12:17
_rubenJeeves_: ah12:17
Jeeves__ruben: I did change some things in the weekend12:17
Jeeves_Are the forbidden messages of today?12:17
_rubenJeeves_: yes, but i think i have seen them before as well12:17
Jeeves__ruben: Before is 'ok'12:18
Jeeves_I want to know if the issues are still there, since my changes this weekend12:18
_rubenheh .. the master archive is giving me also, yet other, problems .. debmirror wants to download mobile-application-service and its failing md5sum check :p12:19
_rubenJeeves_: well, first http attempt bailed out with some 404 and 403's .. next attempt went fine12:19
_rubenlets see how it goes now12:19
_rubenno problems now (with http)12:20
Jeeves__ruben: Hmm12:21
_rubenunless its doing some local caching (debmirror itself) im not aware of12:21
_rubendoubt that , though12:21
_rubenJeeves_: any plans for mirroring cdimage.u.c btw? like the jeos isos, etc12:23
Jeeves__ruben: I do mirror some of cdimage12:23
Jeeves_Where are the jeos iso's ?12:23
_rubenhmm .. last time i checked i couldnt fine em, lemme find em on cdimage12:25
_rubenJeeves_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/jeos/12:25
_rubenJeeves_: when i got http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com .. i can only see dvd images, or am i missing smth?12:26
_rubeni am missing smth :)12:27
_rubencd images are under releases .. and dvd images are under cdimages :p12:27
Jeeves_The official iso's are under releases12:36
Jeeves_dvd-images aren't official12:36
Jeeves__ruben: Jeos will be mirrored soon12:43
_rubenJeeves_: nice :)12:44
foolanoshould I open a bug in ubuntu and debian if the same bug exists in both distros or just in one of them?12:44
_rubenfoolano: both, so they fix it in debian and ubuntu can apply presure to debian, and then sync the fix :)12:45
Jeeves__ruben: Syncing as we speak12:45
foolano_ruben: ok :) i just didnt want to be a pain in the ass, repeating stuff :)12:46
_rubenfoolano: when you file the ubuntu bug, make sure to link it to the debian one (via: also affects distribution)12:46
foolano_ruben: ok, i already filed a bug in debian12:47
_rubenJeeves_: the rsync issue remains strange, just tried a manual rsync from a opensuse box behind the same nat gateway: no problems getting the file12:52
Jeeves__ruben: I've got two servers running here12:53
Jeeves_One of them is indeed busy rsyncing stuff, (x4, the limit)12:54
_rubenJeeves_: sigh .. thought i'd use the ip addresses directly to see if its one of the servers thats giving me problems .. though now both ips and the hostname work like a charm (with manual rsync)12:58
* Jeeves_ killed some rsync's13:00
Jeeves__ruben: Better now?13:10
_rubenJeeves_: 3 successful attempts in a row just now, so i guess that's a yes :)13:12
Jeeves_Good :)13:12
_rubendaily cronjob enabled ;)13:14
* _ruben wonders how many sync scripts get fired up every night at 4:25 (or whatever the default time is for cron.daily) :-P13:15
_rubenah, 6:25 on ubuntu it seems13:15
Jeeves__ruben: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/stats/cacti/graph_120.html13:22
_rubenJeeves_: probably some gmt offset there? since the spike seems to be at 7:25 ;)13:26
Jeeves__ruben: :)13:29
Jeeves_ubuntu@ftp:~/htdocs/ubuntu-cdimage-jeos$ du -chs .13:29
Jeeves_That should be jeos13:29
_rubencant wait till i get to reuse an old backup server as a san (iscsi) so i can store even more stuff like this :)13:31
binarical-ap1i need some help changing the default font size displayed on my servers cli , can someone help me ?14:28
binarical-ap1im currently running hardy, its generally a heave it hdless server , however reason being that i just added sdb and have it hooked up right now, id like to change the text size to something alot smaller. can someone point me to how i might be able to configure it ?14:30
binarical-ap1i could work around it with ssh and webmin, however ...... just for the fun of it ......14:31
binarical-ap1anyone ?14:32
DeepsOnly suggestions I have are: get a smaller screen, or ask google. Can't say I've ever tried to do anything like you're suggesting.14:32
binarical-ap1thanks deeps14:35
sommerbinarical-ap1: add vga=791 to the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.1st14:36
_rubenif framebuffer is operational that is ;)14:36
binarical-ap1okay thats......nano *14:37
binarical-ap1thanks guys14:39
binarical-ap1how can i enable framebuffer?14:40
ubotuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub14:41
_rubennot sure if that article covers everything .. involves some de-blacklisting of modules14:41
_rubenall fb stuff is blacklisted by default afaik14:42
binarical-ap1 /boot/grub/menu.1st = MENU.1ST or MENU.LST14:43
_rubenfont creators should put more effort in distinguising 1 and l :p14:44
ScottKIf someone is in an enterprising mood, there's a .1 update for courier that we don't have yet for Hardy that might be worth having.14:47
wyleyrabbitFor our server (dual xeon 3 GHz, 2 GB, 1.2 TB of RAID5) here at the office (does web, mail, spam filtering, ftp, etc.) we're using Centos 4. Would there any significant benefit to moving over to ubuntu server?15:33
emgentsupport/security/newest packages...  other? :)15:35
wyleyrabbitemgent, just reading about mail server features. Apparently ubuntu server uses Postfix. Our current server on Centos is using Sendmail. Does sendmail work in ubuntu server?15:36
lamontas well as it does anywhere15:37
emgentlamont +\15:38
emgent  sendmail | 8.14.2-2build1 | hardy/universe | source, all15:38
ScottKlamont: Do you have any interest in SE Linux on hppa?  setools FTBFS on hppa due to the usual Java situation there.15:43
lamontScottK: yes, and about 30 things ahead of it in my queue.15:44
lamontIOW, "feh"15:44
ScottKlamont: OK.  I figure I've let you know.  That's about all I can do.  Good luck.15:45
lamontit'll get fixed in intrepid, maybe.15:45
ScottKIt's one of manoj's packages, so have fun with the build system.15:45
JimmyTheGeekanyone got a good link or two for a newbie who's migrating from Windows?15:52
kirkland`JimmyTheGeek: you can use this when searching for help: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/search.html16:08
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* delcoyote hi16:30
mvocould someone please check if #112631 if that is a problem of general concern for ldap users who upgrade form dapper->hardy?17:00
bipolarugh... maybe someone in here will be able to help me...  Does anyone know of any tools for cloning/imaging an ubuntu installation? Ubuntu's use of UUID's seems to have made the job more difficult. Basicly I would think I'd need a script to run on the first start of the new system that would set the proper partitions in fstab, along with some other things.17:04
brewmaster_Is there a way to mirror the changes i make in thunderbird to my folder layout, messages, etc. on the main mail server?17:08
good_danabrewmaster_: how are you getting your mail?17:09
good_danapop3 is basically 1 way communication17:10
brewmaster_i guess i could do it with imap?17:10
Jeeves_Yes, you could17:10
brewmaster_i'm assuming that my mail server probably has only pop3 and not both17:12
Jeeves_brewmaster_: That depends. Is it your server?17:14
brewmaster_lemme check...17:14
good_danabrewmaster_: can you install things on it?17:14
brewmaster_i do have IMAP :)17:17
brewmaster_okay, so how would i sync local and remote accounts?17:17
brewmaster_i want all local changes -- move, delete, create folder, etc. -- to occur on the remote server17:18
brewmaster_originally, i just left all messages on the server17:18
brewmaster_ran into problems when a machine died and the account had +192000 messages :(17:19
brewmaster_on the serer17:19
brewmaster_am i to understand that just using IMAP will basically solve all my problems?17:24
brewmaster_looks that way...17:24
Jeeves_brewmaster_: Yes17:24
Jeeves_If you use it correctly17:25
brewmaster_jeeves_, i never knew IMAP was so good17:43
rdkl18good morning17:51
rdkl18i used ext3 as a filesystem for vmware-server....kind of slow...any thoughts?17:52
kirklandrdkl18: i use xfs anywhere performance is desired18:02
rdkl18thanks kirkland:  even with usb externals?18:09
kirklandrdkl18: as of hardy, i'm using xfs almost everywhere18:10
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NewGuyPeteI have server 7.10 installed is there any way to change it from black and white to say black and green?18:42
mactimesNewGuyPete: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/bash-shell-change-the-color-of-my-shell-prompt-under-linux-or-unix/18:58
NewGuyPeteall right thanks  :D18:59
mactimesNewGuyPete: You may also wish to look at 'man setterm'19:02
NewGuyPeteooh :D thanks again :D19:03
NewGuyPeteis it normal for it (ubuntu 7.10 server) to continue starting proccess once it displays the user log in prompt?19:25
Cahandoes it for my 7.04 server too, just hit return and you can login19:27
NewGuyPeteyeah, I was just wondering lol it dosent look very tidy :/19:27
sommerit's normal, the thought being it allows you the login at the first possible moment19:27
sommerleast that's my understanding :)19:27
NewGuyPetemakes sence19:28
zulIs it worth to have a php5 debug package based on php5-cli?19:54
sommerzul: sure, I like it19:56
zulI was thinking for segfaults and the like we can get more info for upstream19:56
zulobviously not for hardy ;)19:56
sommerah, I really only using it for php -i ...which gives you the output of phpinfo();19:57
sommerit's good and greppable :)19:57
NewGuyPeteis ther a CLI internet radio?20:21
scapegoatYou cna try icecast (www.icecast.org)20:22
NewGuyPetehmm yeah20:23
NewGuyPetehmm I wonder mplayer /internet-radio.pls20:24
scapegoatoh you want to listen to a stream, not host it?20:24
NewGuyPeteat first just listen, but I think i'll have a look at hosting20:25
scapegoatif mpg123 is still around, that worked a CLI player20:26
NewGuyPeteis there a command to eject the CD driver (the button is broken)20:26
NewGuyPetempg123, i've heard about that20:26
sommerNewGuyPete: mplayer -playlist file.pls... should work20:27
NewGuyPetegreat :D20:28
NewGuyPete mplayer -playlist http://server4.kawaii-radio.net:9000/ w00t it works :D20:35
NewGuyPetecan wine be run via the command line?21:07
ScottKNewGuyPete: You'll want to talk to YokoZar on #ubuntu-motu about wine stuff.  He's not there right now though.21:08
NewGuyPeteall right thanks ^_^21:08
JaxxMaxx_How do I reattach screens that were started by other instances of screen?22:00
JaxxMaxx_didn't necessarily detach them properly first...22:00
Jeeves_screen -rd22:02
JaxxMaxx_Thanks Muchly, Jeeves_22:17

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