Starnestommy!envy | earthmeLon and FallenAngel00:00
ubotuearthmeLon and FallenAngel: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:00
dmsupermanunop, There's 3 that use snd-hda-intel and each of those say that they're also in use00:00
errpastwhat's a good site for linux laptop compatibility00:00
FallenAngelah! that ubotu is really useful :)00:00
nugz1212ladies and gentlemen i have problems to be fixed00:00
dmsupermanunop, 3 that are used by*00:00
earthmeLonhaha, yeah FallenAngel he's right, but I still highly suggest using envy :D00:01
el_rusoerrpast what's exactly your question?00:01
McJesterikonia, it needs an application00:01
sjovanokay, i got a script ~/vcn with chmod +x. how can i make the scrit executable from any dir?00:01
dmsupermanunop, is there a way to reboot and have it not load snd-hda-intel so that I can do it that way before it gets locked?00:01
errpastwhere can I buy a laptop that will be compatible and reasonably priced, other than dell00:01
erfolikonia: board works fine with windows though, it's just a 5 year old laptop00:01
errpastI don't want to hack. I want it to work00:01
ikoniaMcJester: what ?00:01
gottatrieitHi. I just installed IRC chat and this is my use in several months.  I can't believe how easy it was! I just turned it on and here I am.00:01
Odd-rationaleerrpast: system76.com00:01
ikoniaerfol: windows is not a linux kernel00:01
McJesterikonia, I'm still trying to edit the menu.lst00:01
ikoniaMcJester: use a text editor00:01
el_rusoerrpast dell.com lol. have you tried with ebay?00:02
earthmeLonFallenAngel, also, make sure you follow these instructions: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#How_to_add_extra_repositories00:02
errpastOdd-rationale, cool. thx00:02
unopdmsuperman, well, the only sane way is to do the same for those modules too (and so on if required) .. or put the options to the module in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base  and reboot00:02
earthmeLonDoes anybody else feel like copy&paste in Ubuntu acts really weird?00:02
errpastel_ruso, Is Dell bad?00:02
McJesterikonia, I tried that too, there is not menu.lst in the boot folder00:02
FallenAngelearthmelon - cheers - you just preemted my next question00:02
earthmeLonFallenAngel, do the Manual Method, btw00:03
el_rusoerrpast i'm a dell's fan00:03
Odd-rationaleearthmeLon: nope. just highlight and middle-click :)00:03
FallenAngelwill do00:03
crazytalkwhen i input my correct video and monitor settings into xserver xorg in recovery and boot ubuntu it unchecks the box beside nvidia in system > prefs > restricted drivers. am i still taking full advantage of the card?00:03
earthmeLon    * ly repositories. These are part of the Ubuntu distribution system. This is the recommended method.00:03
gottatrieitIn what manner, earthmeLon?  I just used it a little while ago and it seemed to work fine.00:03
earthmeLonOooh! Thanks Odd-rationale and sorry #ubuntu for the spam :P00:03
dmsupermanunop, snd-hda-intel isn't listed anywhere in my alsa-base file00:03
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el_rusoerrpast actually dell computers come with ubuntu00:04
dmsupermanunop, can I add it? or is something odd going on?00:04
errpastel_ruso, thanks.00:04
unopdmsuperman, you can add it in, just make sure you follow the format of the other modules00:04
errpastI just misunderstood your lol.  Glad you recommend it00:04
errpastsystem76 looks good too00:05
el_rusoerrpast you're welcome00:05
gogetahears something i need for linux i cant find v92 modem on hold softwhere00:05
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el_rusoyeah that's roght00:05
dmsupermanunop, alright, going to reboot.00:05
pclynchAvant-Window-Navigator is working and i don't know why :(00:05
MrSteveHow to un>GZ a file?00:05
pclynchAvant-Window-Navigator isn't working and i don't know why :(00:05
OrbixxMrSteve: gunzip file.gz00:06
gottatrieitcrazytalk; my nVidia driver works fine and I've reinstalled it, or rewritten xorg at least three times!00:06
MrSteveOrbixx:  How to -- on the desktop?00:06
OrbixxOn the desktop it should just be a case of double clicking it..00:06
MrSteveOrbixx:  thanks00:06
MrGnuHi all, if I wanted to add KDE, to my new UBUNTU desktop, whats the easiest way to do this?00:07
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Odd-rationaleMrGnu: sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop00:07
MrGnuThanks Odd00:07
FallenAngelMrGnu - i think theres some packages if you search in synaptic00:07
Odd-rationaleMrGnu: or for just kde do kde-core00:07
gogetaMrGnu apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:07
gottatrieitOops! Sorry. Trying to log off.00:08
MrGnuI did the package route, problem with that is, it causes an issue with non functional splash image, so I read somewhere that you could do it through Synaptic, but i forgot how, I think Odd that your way gets me that easy set up00:08
sakallihi all00:09
FaceDeadubuntu or mandriva, what's better?00:09
n-iCedoes anybody knows a ipod manager, something similar to itunes but for ubuntu?00:09
Odd-rationaleFaceDead: mandriva you have to pay for the full version. Ubuntu you get the best for free....00:09
el_rusoubuntu for everyone00:09
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:10
MrGnuThanks all, doing it now, im gonna 'git' er done!00:10
FallenAngelearthmelon - ok, silly question, but doing a search in synaptic still shows nothing for envy, even after updating the package locations? do I have to use apt-get?00:10
FaceDeadAs set my video card to 1024x768.00:11
MrGnuOne more question, KUBUNTU currently for Gutsy is 3.5 right?00:12
MrGnuOr have we finally gotten to go to 4?00:12
el_rusokde 4, i like it00:13
earthmeLonOh, my bad.  You have to install envy from outside FallenAngel: http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html00:13
MrGnuAre we on KDE 4 now, or are we waitng for 4.1?00:13
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Signilhi .. my acer orbicam isn't detected! pls help I dl the gspca drivers..00:13
Determinist_any idea where i could grab mysql-server-4.1 for gutsy?00:13
earthmeLonFallenAngel, I clicked the Get Envy Legacy link and then opened it with the installer00:13
FallenAngelearthmelon - no worries - thanks00:13
dmsupermanunop, thanks :D00:13
unopdmsuperman, working?00:14
dmsupermanunop, probably00:14
sakallitrouble with realplayer and firefox 3 in 8.04. cant see the libtotem-complex-plugin.so plugin in the plugin folders, but when i do about:plugins it still seems to be there. if i do locate for it it finds it only in /usr/lib/totem/gstreamer and /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins/ the sound is all gorgled when i play rm through the browser. if i play the same links through realplayer they are fine.00:14
dmsupermanunop, it only had static half the time, so i can't be sure00:14
dmsupermanunop, but sound is coming from all 5.1 channels and no static00:14
unopdmsuperman, hmm, well, let's hope it works and stays put this way then :)00:14
Odd-rationaleMrGnu: kde 4.0.3 is the latest00:14
dmsupermanunop, yeah haha. Plus, the audio is playing at full volume, so that's a good sign00:15
FaceDeadWhere can I get the driver "via unichrome 9 pro ipg"00:15
dmsupermanunop, sound from exaile would be really quiet when it was doing it's weird thing00:15
longmanzzwhois -ba00:15
FallenAngelearthmeLon - thats installing now *fingers crossed*00:16
JohninLexhello all00:16
earthmeLonFallenAngel, before I installed envy, i reverted my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file back to it's originall (from my fresh install)00:16
MrGnuHi John00:16
JohninLexhello MRGnu00:17
MrGnuHi to all of those that I did not get a chance to say hi too00:17
nsandimanhi john00:17
winger Yo, MrGnu00:17
FallenAngelgood idea00:17
JohninLex1242 more people to say hello to I bee here the rest of the night lol00:17
MrGnuOk, I ll be reloading, so if I vanish, its only temporary, checking on Kubuntu now00:18
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JohninLexhello to you too nsandiman:00:18
JohninLexdid see it until now00:18
LainIwakuraHello, free -m shows that I have 13 MB out of 1 GB free...but I am hardly running any application. Also, conky shows that the % of mem in use is only 30%. This, hwoever, corresponds to the amount of mem used in the -/+ buffers/cache row in "free -m". So what does the first row of "free -m" mean, and should I be concerned that only 13 MB are free? How do I free mem? Thanks.00:19
earthmeLonI just installed firefox3 but when I run firefox, It runs as 2.  How do I run firefox3?00:19
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cwilluearthmeLon, under gutsy, firefox-3.000:20
josehay alguien que hable español00:20
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el_rusohola jose00:20
josehola que tal00:20
earthmeLoncwillu, failed to execute firefox-3.000:20
el_rusoen que te ayudo?00:20
mooboo1Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" is in only 3 days!00:20
mooboo1Gentlemen, get ready your CD's! :D00:21
josees mi primera vez que uso ubuntu00:21
el_rusoi love hardy00:21
mooboo1ya, its sweet00:21
chetnickdoes anybody know can i GET whole folder from ftp server with terminal ftp client?00:21
el_rusobienvenido al cambio00:21
el_rusode donde escribes?00:21
JohninLexI have created the perfect fix for all linux problems that people are facing typy this in a terminal            sudo cd -c format -c00:21
josede venezuela00:21
josey tu00:21
gnaunitedQuick question, is BCM4308 an auto install device with the retricted drivers manager, or do I still need the CD00:21
el_rusoestoy en yaracuy00:21
joseyo en anzoategui00:21
josepuerto la cruz00:22
el_rusoaceptame un privado00:22
kejavais power management working well for those of you trying out hardy?  (specifically suspend to RAM)00:22
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:22
joseno se como00:22
d3mitr1when is hardy spose to come out?00:22
crazytalkin xserver-xorg should i enable 'use kernel framebuffer device interface'?00:22
el_rusote llego?00:22
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josey eso?00:23
el_rusote llego el privado00:23
JohninLexyea i have no problems with power management computer sleep fine and wakes up fine00:23
d3mitr1when is it gonna be released?00:23
el_rusoubontu sorry... i trying to invite jose to private00:24
earthmeLonOoooH!  Seems I have to figure out how to install flash for firefox-3.0 manually00:24
MrStevewhere is beryl ???00:24
kejavaJohninLex, cool.  i'm still using fiesty.  having minor kbd issue when resuming from suspend.  hope it gets cleared up in hardy00:24
MrSteveearthmeLon:  - you got desktop?00:24
MrSteveearthmeLon:  -- click the file, and extract00:25
MrStevewhere is Beryl?00:25
earthmeLonMrSteve what file are you talking about?00:25
JohninLexI have 8.04 I have had no other linux programs here, but I can say that mine is working I hope like it is souposed to00:25
MrStevetar.gz installer00:25
StarnestommyMrSteve: beryl has been replaced by compiz/compiz-fusion00:25
MegaIRCcan somebody help me with a booting trouble?00:25
el_rusokejava the problem was fixed in hardy.00:25
earthmeLonMrSteve, I still have no clue what you're talking about bro00:26
MrSteveStarnestommy:  -- It's NOT in ubuntu?00:26
kejavael_ruso, have you seen the issue with the kbd before?  mine basically doesn't respond after a resume from suspend00:26
StarnestommyMrSteve: beryl is, but compiz is better and already installed by default in 7.1000:26
MrSteveearthmeLon:  - download the tar.gz file to the desktop, thenk click it, and extract it00:26
MrSteveHOW I do this?00:26
unop!beryl | MrSteve00:26
ubotuMrSteve: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz00:26
el_rusoin gnome works fine in my pc00:27
MrSteveearthmeLon:  -- I just did this, to watch utube00:27
FallenAngelearthmeLon - right - lets see if this works. Back soon!00:27
Odd-rationaleLightwieght pdf viewer? Reccomendations? Thanks!00:27
earthmeLonMrSteve, Oh, from the Macromedia site00:27
kejavael_ruso, regardless.  i'm glad you've heard it's fixed :)  i can't find any info on a work around00:27
MrSteveearthmeLon: yep00:27
el_rusokejava, i had the same problem in gutsy (with gnome) but it was fixed in hardy00:28
earthmeLonMrSteve  Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported hehe00:28
AirBenderI need dri2proto package in order to compile Mesa, where can I find it?00:28
el_rusokejava http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com00:29
MegaIRCI can´t boot ubuntu cause I get a black screnn with a blinking cursor00:29
crazytalkin xserver-xorg should i enable 'use kernel framebuffer device interface'?00:29
PeloMegaIRC, boot the recovery mode and type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:29
KOJVOdd-rationale: Foxit Reader.00:29
MegaIRCrecovery mode can´t work00:29
JohninLexthe one and only Pelo00:30
Pelocrazytalk, if you donT' know , leave the default00:30
* Pelo is actualy one of many 00:30
Odd-rationaleKOJV: for linux, i meant. i think xpdf looks good...00:30
MegaIRCI get another blinking cursor in recovery mode00:30
errpastI tried Ubuntu 7.10 on an Acer, it got stuck at "couldn't find tty"00:30
MegaIRCafter some pages of messages in the screen00:30
PeloOdd-rationale, evince for pdf00:30
errpastIs there anything I did wrong?00:31
Peloerrpast, is it installed yet ?00:31
errpastIt was a live dvd from a magzine, and I was trying it at an office store00:31
errpastPelo, no00:31
Odd-rationalePelo: evince is quite light? 128mb ram old laptop...00:31
MrSteveokay.. How do I ask to get Compiz ccsm.. and all files?00:31
errpastI was trying to find a laptop at an office store that would work "out of the box"00:31
MegaIRCI can´t even get a console mode with Ctrl+Àlt+f200:31
Peloerrpast, you might want to give the alternate install cd a try ,  get it from the ubuntu.com site,  download section, check the alternate cd box bellow the download button00:31
PeloOdd-rationale,  I just came it , I didn'T see the beginning00:32
el_rusoerrpast download your own version from ubuntu.com00:32
errpastPelo, good idea. doh.... I had that with me, and didn't think to try it00:32
pclynchwhat is the command for trash?00:32
Odd-rationalePelo: oh, ok. I forgive you :)00:32
PeloMegaIRC, pay attention,  boot the recovery mode,00:32
errpastel_ruso, thanks good idea00:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nautilus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:32
Peloicesword, what do you need to know about nautilus ?00:32
Pelo!info nautilus | icesword00:33
ubotuicesword: nautilus (source: nautilus): file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.20.0-0ubuntu7.1 (gutsy), package size 629 kB, installed size 1516 kB00:33
pclynchwhat is the command for trash?00:33
MegaIRCI booted the recovery mode, but it doesn´t work, blinking cursor after many screen messages00:33
Pelopclynch, you mean to delete ?   rm00:33
iceswordnaulitus ~/.trash00:33
FallenAngelearthmelon - it seems to have made no difference :( On restart I was back at the 'low graphics' warning, on the VESA driver00:33
PeloMegaIRC, can you type in the blinking msg ?00:33
MegaIRCno I can´t type00:33
pclynchPelo: no i want to make a to make a launcher00:34
PeloMegaIRC, do you have an old kernel installed you can try ?00:34
crazytalkPelo: ty00:34
Pelopclynch, to put on your desktop ?00:34
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KOJVOdd-rationale: from what I can tell, foxit is available for linux... http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/desklinux/00:34
MegaIRCno, I have only last one, cause I have my system updated00:34
pclynchPelo: exactly00:34
Pelopclynch, open gconf-editor , under   /apps/nautilus/desktop  you can check a box for that00:34
Odd-rationaleKOJV: ok. thanks! but it is not open source :(00:34
earthmeLonYou ran envy and installed the drivers, right?  First you install envy, then you run envy and install the drivers with it00:35
pclynchPelo: okay thanks00:35
Nexanoanyone got any experience with running 2 monitors with different resolutions using an nvidia gpu?00:35
Pelo!dualhead | Nexano00:35
ubotuNexano: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:35
FallenAngelyeah - it ran through, I saw it getting the drivers, then it prompted for a restart00:35
dmsupermanNexano, I just use nvidida-settings and it works00:35
NateFguys, when i load into text install, my computer gets stuck on "[  46.873218] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr oxo action 0x2 fr [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00 (BMDMA stat 0x24) [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00: cmd a0/01:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:080/a0 tag 0 cdb 0 ata 96 in"           and it gets stuck there00:35
dmsupermanNexano, sorry "nvidia-settings"00:35
earthmeLonWhat kind of card do you have again FallenAngel?00:35
OrbixxHow do I force a dismount on a CD drive?00:36
asininegood morning00:36
FallenAngeljust the one, no sli or anything00:36
* Pelo wonders why he's helping the rich kids with the fancy videocard and the multiple 40" lcd monitors and what not 00:36
Nexanodmsuperman: it restricts my second screen to 640x480 >:|00:36
MegaIRCisn´t there another way to recover my system than reinstall?00:36
dmsupermanNexano, then somethings' awry with your xorg.conf or your drivers00:36
PeloOrbixx, sudo umount -f /mount/point00:36
NateFplease someone help me00:36
dmsupermanNexano, try installing the latest driver from nvidia.com, i had issues with the one in the repos00:36
unopOrbixx, pmount /dev/cdrom || sudo umount /dev/cdrom  # substitute /dev/cdrom for your device here00:36
PeloNateF, do you realy think we can tell someting from that line ?00:36
dmsupermanNexano, and reconfigure xorg.conf using "sudo dpkg-configure xserver-xorg" and then "sudo nvidia-xconfig"00:37
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NateFlol heres the proablem00:37
Nexanodmsuperman: but my main monitor and drivers seems to be working just fine oO00:37
unopOrbixx,err,  pumount /dev/cdrom || sudo umount /dev/cdrom00:37
NateFi already posted it up above00:37
gogeta!ask | NateF00:37
ubotuNateF: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:37
NateF gets stuck loading from this: [  46.873218] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr oxo action 0x2 fr [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00 (BMDMA stat 0x24) [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00: cmd a0/01:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:080/a0 tag 0 cdb 0 ata 96 in00:37
PeloNateF, download and burn the alternate insctall cd,  it is text based and less fussy about hardware during instll,   you can get it from the ubuntu.con site in the download section,  just check the alternate cd box under the download button00:37
NateFi did ask the question in one line00:37
FallenAngelalso, I noticed that in the 'restricted drivers' applet the nvidia driver is listed as 'in use', but not 'enabled'00:37
NateFit is the alternative cd00:37
gogetahumm ata error00:37
bent_Hey again #ubuntu. I have a very very annoying problem with my broadcom drivers... infact, I have no interface at all right now. I have a BCM94311MCG, rev 02.00:38
MrSteveHow do I tell my pc to go to CGIT, and get a repository to install?00:38
bent_Oh, and the 43xx drivers don't work... to my knowledge.00:38
PeloNateF, waht is your computer ?00:38
MegaIRCpelo have you got anymore idea about my trouble please?00:38
kknnhi  how to configure ubuntu network optimal for home gateway?00:38
el_rusobent b4300:38
PeloMrSteve, what is cgit ?00:38
NateFan Compaq Presario from 2001, 2.53 GHZ processor 512 MB RAM 64MB video card 120GB hard drive00:38
MrStevePelo -- it is at the CompizFusion website00:39
NateFpentium 4 proccessor by the way00:39
PeloMegaIRC, not realy, boot the live cd ,  backup your /home folder and clean install00:39
bent_el_ruso: I'll try those... but I didn't think they worked when I used them.00:39
MrStevePelo - a repository00:39
PeloMrSteve, ask in #compiz then00:39
MrSteveahhh! ok00:39
MrSteveduh, me00:39
el_rusobent ndiswrapper00:39
FallenAngeli'll try another restart - I've ticked the 'enabled' checkbox00:39
PeloMrSteve,  sorry,   browser that website fro the repositoreis and put them in   menu > sysem > admin > softare sources , , 2nd tab00:40
bent_el_ruso: Tried that, no go. At all. With three different .inf files, and 4 different re-installs... and 2 compiles.00:40
PeloNateF, what video card ?00:40
el_rusohave you tried with linuxant?00:40
NateFIntegraded Intel Extreme graphics00:40
MegaIRCI boot with my live CD, I can see my documents, but in some folders I can´t read, or wirte cause I have no the permissions00:40
NateF1 AGP slot00:40
bent_el_ruso: Not yet, infact. What's that?00:41
PeloNateF, ok , is this the first tiem you install ubuntu   on this comp ?00:41
gogetaMegaIRC sounds normal00:41
el_rusobent www.linuxant.com download driverloader00:41
PeloNateF, ok we'll check the cd first,  boot again ,  from the cd boot menu , run the cd integrity check00:41
NateFcd intregrity check how??00:41
glickexcuse me, i put a data dvd into my my dvd rom drive and its not automounting?00:41
glickhow can i access the disk?00:42
NateFthe CD is fine i already checked it00:42
gogetaMegaIRC if you would like to mess with those files (probly not a good idea) sudo natults00:42
PeloMegaIRC, thsoer are the my documents of the windows install , you don'T have access00:42
MegaIRCcan I change folders/files permissions from liveCD?00:42
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glickanyone know why my dvd drive isnt automounting my disk?00:42
PeloNateF, ok the ,  anyting else instlled on this computer that you want to keep00:42
PeloMegaIRC,  not for a ntfs partition00:42
glickcan i manually mount it somehow?00:43
NateFi want to wipe everything clean and go full blown ubuntu linux00:43
MegaIRCI only want to use my password in ubuntu00:43
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gogetaMegaIRC you can move the file to another drive without issue00:43
PeloNateF, ok here is waht I suggest,   partition your hdd before you start the install and during the install use the manual partitonnint when you get to it ,     that way you will hve less formating to d and hopefully this will take some of the load off of the install00:43
MegaIRCbut I don´t know if can move/copy files without permissions00:44
NateFok, how do i re partition without any OS, its a blank HDD right now00:44
Joe_BlowHi all, i was wondering if anyone could help me with a partition table problem i've been having, i've pasted the output of sfdisk -l and testdisk into pastebin if anyone wants to have a look? --> http://pastebin.ca/99139700:44
PeloNateF, make 3 partitons,   / ext3  5-10 gig ,  /swap linux-swap  1gig ,  /home  ext3 the rest00:44
gogetaMegaIRC lol well no wonder why its blank00:44
el_rusobent linuxant driver loader works with your wificard00:44
NateFhow do i do that00:44
PeloNateF, from the install cd ,00:44
prashant___can any one help me with how to use chroot i cant understand the wiki either , i have tried whatever instruction were there but i am completely lost what to do :s00:45
wingerNateF: Just pop the CD in, and click the install icon after you get the desktop showing00:45
bent_el_ruso: Trying it out now, thanks!00:45
PeloNateF, get in the command line and type   parted00:45
Pelowinger, alternate install cd00:45
Joe_BlowIt seems my extended partition has been conflicting with one of my linux partitions, and was wondering if i deleted the extended partition, it might fix my problem?00:45
ikoniaJoe_Blow: what i the problem your having00:45
NateFhold on00:45
gogetaPelo he just said it was aruldy formated00:45
ikoniaJoe_Blow: can you explain in a little more detail what the issue is00:45
Pelogogeta, when ?00:45
wingerPelo: old hardware situation?00:45
MegaIRCgogeta: it worked very good for 34 months tills today00:45
Pelowinger, not realy , 2001 , not so old00:45
gogetaNateF: ok, how do i re partition without any OS, its a blank HDD right now00:45
NateFyes its blank00:46
Pelowinger,  weird error msg in hex00:46
el_rusobent: actually if you cannot get succesful, you can replace your wificard00:46
wingerPelo: Then he should get the normal graphical installer00:46
Joe_Blowthe debian/ubuntu installer wont detect my partition table correctly, it detects my master drive as unallocated00:46
glickanyone know what could cause me not being able to mount a dvd?00:46
gogetathat was for pelo00:46
ikoniaJoe_Blow: is this one drive, is is this a raid drive in any way00:46
prashant___can any one help me with how to use chroot i cant understand the wiki either , i have tried whatever instruction were there but i am completely lost what to do :(00:46
Pelogogeta, he does it from the install cd00:46
Joe_Blowno raid, just a single drive00:46
ikoniagogeta: what is the error00:46
NateFit says unable to mount fs on wn-block(104,1)00:47
ikoniaglick what is the error00:47
FallenAngelearthmelon - any more ideas? It looks as if the nVidia driver attempts to load, as the screen tries to change resolution 3 times before the 'low graphics' message appears, then when I check in the 'propietry drivers' applett again, the nvidia driver is listed as 'not enabled' again!00:47
ikoniaJoe_Blow: thats odd, it's showing up as not partitioned00:47
Pelo<NateF>  gets stuck loading from this: [  46.873218] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr oxo action 0x2 fr [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00 (BMDMA stat 0x24) [  46.873218] ata2.00: ata2.00: cmd a0/01:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:080/a0 tag 0 cdb 0 ata 96 in00:47
Pelofor everyone interested in the current problem ^00:47
Joe_Blowdualboot with XP and corrupt ubuntu install, cant reinstall untill i repair my partiton table00:47
ikoniaJoe_Blow: ahhh you've got no primary partition00:47
ikoniaJoe_Blow: you need at least one primary partition00:47
ikoniaJoe_Blow: I think......00:47
gogeta Pelo yea but he said he blanked it thers no recovering that easly00:48
NateFnow it has a error of: kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount fs on wn-block(104,1)00:48
gogeta Pelo just reformat the entire thing00:48
Pelogogeta, that's what I just told him to do00:48
Pelo!hi shmoolikipod00:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hi shmoolikipod - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:49
gogetaNateF yea just tell the installer to use the entire disk00:49
Pelosigh ...00:49
NateFhow do i reformat with Ubuntu if it doesnt have a reformat option or command, since the one you gave me doesnt work, come up with an error00:49
McJesterI need some help, I'm stuck at busybox, with an error "Check root =bootarg cat /prc/cmdline00:49
PeloNateF, get to the command line and type  parted00:49
NateFhow, im very very noobish00:49
NateFi did00:49
lucia_how can I install icon themes?00:49
shmoolikipodhow can i prevent from the  windows to get focus on open00:49
PeloNateF, no menu ?00:49
lucia_Where do I need to extract all????00:49
NateFi get the menu00:49
wingerNatef: can you download and burn a CD that has the graphical  installer?00:49
latituwhere can i see alternative apps of windows?00:50
wingerNatef: It will make your life easier00:50
PeloNateF, I mean the parted menu ?00:50
latituwhat is the alternative of ms frontpage in linux?00:50
NateFit loads with a splash menu type of menu00:50
Pelolatitu, nvu00:50
lucia_Where do I need to extract the icons themes????00:50
latituPelo what?00:50
joankican anyone tell me if i can get itunes for ubuntu?00:50
Pelolatitu, frontpage equivalent nvu00:51
gogetaNateF hit alt f2 type the command pelo said00:51
deserteaglejoanki: don't think so00:51
Pelo!itunes | joanki00:51
ubotujoanki: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee00:51
FallenAngeljoanki - have a look at Juk00:51
el_rusojoanki try with rythimbox00:51
joankiso i can't buy music off of itunes?00:51
lucia_joakim-,  use banshee00:51
NateFnothing happens when i hit that00:51
lucia_joakim-,  sudo apt-get install banshee00:51
PeloNateF, forget everyting,  you hve another wroking computer ?00:51
lucia_Where do I need to extract the icons themes????00:51
boumainstalled 8.04 on the weekend, only a couple of days till releasey :)00:51
NateFlol, yes but i need this to install any way possible00:52
Pelolucia_,  open the theme manager and drag drop the tar.gz file in it00:52
bent_el_ruso: Nogo, can't find it.00:52
lucia_Pelo,  I did it , didn't work tough00:52
gogetaNateF ok then use the menu acres and termnel and type it00:52
PeloNateF, download the live cd00:52
gogeta- my horrid spelling there00:52
el_rusobent what?00:52
NateFlive CD wont work, the status bar freezes and nothing happens00:52
joankilucia_, but it doesn't play itunes music does it?00:52
Pelolucia_,  ok sometimes they repack the tar to include instructions,    extract it once and look inside for another tar.gz file00:52
bent_el_ruso: Linuxant driver loader did couldn't find the wireless card.00:52
PeloNateF, are you sure this computer works ?00:53
el_rusobent: no?00:53
gogetaNateF sounds like a bad live cd00:53
thorim trying to create a script that reads some instructions from a text file and displays it into a terminal. How can i do this?00:53
NateFyes, i used it in widnows about 2-3 days agoo00:53
lucia_joakim-,  it does, it allow you to download the lastest codecs automatically it's so cool00:53
PeloNateF, type   fsck /dev/sda100:53
el_rusobent: have you tried in google?00:53
NateFok hold on00:53
bent_el_ruso: I'm going to try a restart... and yes, none of the relevant results worked.00:53
NateFon the alter CD or Live cd00:53
lucia_nothing Pelo00:54
PeloNateF, command line from the alt cd00:54
el_rusobent: oh, sorry... restart frist00:54
NateFok hold on00:54
Pelo lucia_ gimme a link to the package so I can have a look00:54
* kindofabuzz gives Pelo00:54
Pelokindofabuzz, were you tring to finger me ?00:54
lucia_Pelo, : http://ultimate-gnome.googlecode.com/files/UltimateGnome.0.3.6.tar.gz00:54
boumabtw is anyone aware of the "bug", when you install other partitions will go on eg /media/sdax but then say you physically change the hdd to hdb and add another hda, the mount points now dont make sense with /dev/hdbx on /media/hdax .. i guess there is no clean way to solve this00:54
gogetaPelo oh hes alt00:54
climatewarriorcan anyone give me a direct link to download kubuntu 8.04 kde 4 remix by torrent00:54
NateFok, i got the kernel panic error again00:55
NateFunable to mount00:55
thorHey guys, im trying to create a script that reads some instructions from a text file and displays it into a terminal. How can i do this?00:55
PeloNateF, I donT think we are goig to be able to help you00:55
NateFlol, o well, atleast ill have a 120GB hard drive00:56
NateFthanks for the help anyway00:56
iceswordNateF, unnable to mount the livecd?00:56
Pelolucia_, don'T know what the problem is , I just downloaded that file dragged it to the apperance manager and it instlled no problem00:56
boumathor: try #bash, they once helped me make a simple script that readline'ed and colourised in a loop00:56
iceswordunable to do what?00:56
lucia_Pelo,  where is the appereance manager folder located?00:57
Peloicesword, no install ,  kernel panick,   alternate cd,   bad errors during install,   effed up situation00:57
lucia_so I can extract there, do you know?00:57
Pelolucia_, ~/.Theme00:57
Pelolucia_,  sorry ~/.icon00:57
RolcolWhich do you guys prefer?  VirtualBox or VMWare?00:57
climatewarriorcan anyone give me a direct link to download kubuntu 8.04 kde 4 remix by torrent?00:58
PeloRolcol, they both have nice features00:58
Peloclimatewarrior, ask in #ubuntu+100:58
iceswordRolcol, depends00:58
KOJVOdd-rationale: okay, since I'm a casual Win user whose programming skillz is limited to QuickBasic and simple mIRC scripts, I don't care about the source being open or closed...00:58
dddenis there a link to a ubuntu developers distro?  ... i'm new here ...00:59
el_rusobent what's up?00:59
Peloddden, developer distro ?00:59
* KOJV reboots and disconnects his internal drives, hoping to install Xunbuntu to the USB drive.00:59
thorbouma: seems that averyone is afk there00:59
dddenwondering ... what distro's do the MOTU and core teams use?00:59
bent_el_ruso: Still a no. :/00:59
Peloddden, what would be the prupose of that ?01:00
Stroganoffddden they use ubuntu i guess01:00
Peloddden, developpenent/developper versions are probabaly the most handicaped distros around01:00
el_rusobent, sorry... email to your pc provider for linux drivers01:00
* Pelo imagines the hell of running a distro build for the stated purpose of triggering bugs 01:01
dddeni c ... i just want an developers environment out-of-the-box ... ubuntu is nice ... but for development ... ??  i was just wondering ...01:01
thorHey guys, im trying to create a script that reads some instructions from a text file and displays it into a terminal. How can i do this?01:01
dddenthanks ..01:01
Pelothor, grep ?01:02
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
Pelothor, http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php01:02
Peloddden, all the packages you can need to develope with are in the repos most likely ,  just intall ubuntu and then isntall the pacakges for the aps you want01:03
dddenthanks ... but there are tons of stuff missing ... ie. yacc, lex, ... standard dev stuff ...01:04
* Pelo took a few minutes to make a new theme for the default gdesklets clock that looks like the cairo clock and uses a lot less memory01:04
Maarek_ddden: you can  always add/remove the apps yuo want01:04
Peloddden, menu > system > admin > synaptic package manager ,   enable the extra repositories from the menus01:05
el_rusobent sign up linuxant forums and ask the developers for your problem01:05
dddenok ... i'm new with ubuntu ... i'll try it out .. thanks ...01:05
bent_el_ruso: Okay, I'll see where that goes... I was hoping to get this fixed by tommrow.01:06
Peloddden, to enable the extra repositories,   goto menu > sysetm < admin > software sources,   check all the boxes in the top half of the 1st and 3rd  tab , then reload01:06
Pelobent_, did you try with ndiswrapper and the windows driver for your wifi card ?01:06
el_rusobent: you can change your wifi card also01:06
bent_Pelo: Yup.01:06
* Pelo buts out 01:07
bent_el_ruso: I'm not that... crafty. And I allready lost my other usb wireless thing.01:07
dddenThanks ... that (synaptic) looks better ...01:07
Peloddden,  add remove give you only apps,  synaptic is for every package availabe,  you can also include 3rd party repos if you have them01:08
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:08
el_rusobent: are you using an usb device for wifi?01:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about extrarepos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:08
pclynchwhere can i change the settings for what programs start when the computer boots?01:08
MrStevethis is like soo nifty!  I like it01:09
Pelopclynch,  start te progs you want to start,  close those you don'T     goto system > prefs < session ,  last tab ,  save session01:09
dmsupermanWith the compiz settings manager, how can I bind a hotkey action to Ctrl + Scrollwheel down ?01:09
PeloMrSteve, ???01:09
floatingi guess the stuff that starts up during the boot are in /etc/init.d and the stuff that start when gnome starts can be found from some of the gnomes menus01:09
Pelodmsuperman, ask in #compiz01:09
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
Pelofloating, either way will work01:09
bent_el_ruso: No... but I had one a while ago (re:using a usb.)01:10
Pelofloating, probabaly better not to put any graphical stuff in init.d however01:10
MrSteveoooo, I will be working with this OS, a long time.. and Be HAPPY about it01:10
PeloMrSteve, nah,  you 'll be upgrading in 4 days01:11
=== icesword is now known as peguin
MrStevebut.. i will like that01:11
el_rusobent: contact your provider for linux support g2g friend01:11
PeloMrSteve, and with the upgrade you wonT' neven have to use compiz for compositing if you donT' care for all the eyecandy effect,   you'll get simple  shadows and transparanes from  metacity directly , for a lot less cpu01:12
=== Syntux is now known as Syntux[sleeping]
el_rusobent: try also in #ubuntu-us channel for help01:13
NateFif you have a hard drive that has a version of Ubuntu i386 can you swap that with my one thats screwed?01:13
* Pelo doesn'T get why he gets an error about line 40 in /etc/mobprobe.d/alsa-base when there is only 39 line in alsa-base01:13
PeloNateF, probably,  it will take a while to load while the hardware is rescanned01:14
NateFthen does anyone know if they have a hard drive they dont want that has Ubuntu i386 on it that i can have?01:14
T1m0thyNate, why can't you reinstall?01:15
* Pelo wallos NateF 01:15
el_rusowell, guys... gotta go... have a good night!!!01:15
NateFmy HDD is screwed for life01:15
NateFlol thanks pelo01:15
PeloT1m0thy, install issues for thelast hours01:15
T1m0thyNateF: Oh, well they aren't too expensive.01:15
NateFthe hdd's wit pre-installed ubuntu01:15
PeloNateF, check your local mom and pop computer stores ask if they have a second hand hdd01:15
T1m0thyNateF: Why does it matter if it's preinstalled?01:16
Peloyou can probably get  20 -- 40 gig for about 20$01:16
NateFdoes anyone know an online store selling pre-installed ubuntu on it that i can buy?01:16
T1m0thyNateF: It isn't hard to install.01:16
NateFwell "installed" whatever u wana call it01:16
PeloNateF, dell, system 76,   complete systems, not just  hdd01:16
NateFit is for me01:16
NateFcause my hdd is screwed and will not install01:16
T1m0thyNateF: With a new one it should be easy.01:17
NateFthat a computer with linux installed?01:17
NateFdell system 7601:17
PeloNateF, with ubuntu installed01:17
nsandimanhi, any idea how to get started developing linux device drivers?01:17
=== peguin is now known as penguin
PeloNateF, they are companies,   Dell or  System 76,  google them01:17
NateFor atleast able to install ubuntu01:17
NateFill google it now01:17
PeloNateF, walmart also sells a EEpc with gobuntu on it01:17
Pelofor 200 $01:18
NateFhow much space01:18
PeloNateF, check on their site01:18
T1m0thyLike 4 gb.01:18
NateFim checking system 76 now01:18
NateFi need atleast 100GB01:18
NateFmaybe moore,01:18
T1m0thyNateF: Can you use SATA?01:18
PeloT1m0thy, no your thinking of the asus eepc thing,  I was thinking of the walmart one,   everex01:18
NateFuhh i dont think so01:19
PeloT1m0thy, 2001  compac01:19
T1m0thyPelo, that isn't called an EEpc.01:19
T1m0thyPelo, it's a laptop?01:19
=== penguin is now known as iceeeeeeeeee
PeloT1m0thy, I made a mistake,  eepc is the asus one ,   walmart is the everex01:19
T1m0thyPelo, oh, okay, sorry.01:19
NateFahh i dont think my parents will spend 595 on a linux cpu for me :(01:19
=== iceeeeeeeeee is now known as MRpresident
T1m0thyIs this a laptop or desktop?01:20
PeloNateF, walmart  200$  everex,  with gOS on it , a ubuntu port01:20
NateFi need more then 4Gb though01:20
Peloeverex is a desktop01:20
T1m0thyNo I mean what he has.01:20
=== MRpresident is now known as MRgood
PeloNateF, 4 gig was for the asus eepc laptop01:20
linkmaster03what would be the best language to program web apps in Linux?01:20
linkmaster03Ubuntu obviously01:20
NateFhow much space for that01:20
PeloT1m0thy,  desktop I guess01:20
PeloNateF, google01:21
Pelowe donT keep all this stuff in our head you know01:21
Starnestommylinkmaster03: php?01:21
linkmaster03like a standalone app01:21
linkmaster03that is good connecting with the internet01:21
bent_Hm, hey #ubuntu again. Anyone good at making broadcoms magically work... and/or reading my mind as to where I would hide my other wireless card(s)?01:21
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:22
T1m0thyNateF: I really think that you should try something like this, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822210001 , as far as I'm informed the only reasont he install is so hard is because your current hard drive has problems. I think it would be in your best interests to just replace this drive and install it yourself.01:22
bent_Thanks, Pelo, but I've tried that.01:22
NateFah, i see ill check it out01:22
Pelobent_, did you research the problem in the forum ?  www.ubuntuforums.org01:22
MrStevewow, I am like so happy with this thing!  finally01:23
PeloNateF, make sure you have sata plugs01:23
bent_Pelo: did that too, tried more than 4 how-tos.01:23
MrStevea desktop, and computer I can use01:23
PeloMrSteve, what did you installed that made you so happy ?01:23
NateFwait, i dont think i do01:23
bent_Pelo: But, I can look again.01:23
MrSteveUbuntu Gutsy01:23
T1m0thyPelo: I chose an IDE one for him.01:23
PeloMrSteve, vanilla gutsy makes you this happy ?01:23
MrStevePelo:  uhm.. I'm working on the desktop settings01:24
PeloT1m0thy, sorry I thought it said sata at the top , I must have missread01:24
NateFi think ill just beg for the system 76 computers look nice01:24
NateFhopefully my parents let me get it01:24
MrStevemy windows wobble01:24
MrStevethey fade01:24
PeloMrSteve, look into screenlets,  gdesklets,  and www.gnome-look.org01:24
T1m0thyPelo, it was ATA. No problem, though. ^^01:25
* Pelo didn'T realise that MrSteve was an eye-candy whore 01:25
PeloCandy rots your teeth,  eye-candy rots your brain, say no to compiz01:25
ifelseifgive my shell any day01:25
NateFhay if im going to run the system32 Koala Mini as a server, how should i config it? i cant afford the servers that system 76 has01:26
Peloifelseif, would you happen to know why modprobe read a non-existing line in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base ?01:26
MrSteveI wanted multiple shells.. the hard way.. where there was no other shell.01:26
=== mia_ is now known as mayo
ifelseifnot, dirrectly no01:26
MrStevebest I could get was 4 sides..no virtual01:27
rj175anyone good with awstats?01:27
PeloMrSteve, you can have more then 4 sides in the compiz-cube , mind you it's not a cube anymore01:27
PeloMrSteve, ther is even a plugin to make it a cylinder01:28
Pelorj175, ask your quesiton anyway , someone might know the answer01:28
Dr_willisan infinitaly sided cube!01:28
AaronMTHi, how do I rescan USB ports. I turned off my wireless mouse, turned it back on and the USB port is not detecting it in the same port.01:29
PeloDr_willis, I just think it's curved sides01:29
Seven_Six_TwoI've had 12 sides01:29
rj175I've installed awstats but whenever i go to the address i get a 500 server error. im running it with virtual servers through virtualmin. any ideas ?01:29
ifelseifpelo, what none existing line is it reading?01:29
linkinxpPelo:  saludos! :)01:30
Pelorj175, what is awstats anyway ?01:30
rj175its a website statistics software01:30
boumahi, i get an error asking for libstdc++.so.5 under ubuntu8.04, can i apt-get something to help ?01:30
linkinxpbouma:  use synaptic01:30
Spartandoes anyone know how to set up an anonymous samba share01:31
Peloifelseif, warning : /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base line 40 : ignoring bad line starting with : snd-hda-intel01:31
jribbouma: help with hardy is in #ubuntu+101:32
ikoniaSpartan: use the guest account01:32
ifelseifhave you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba01:32
Peloifelseif, there is no line 40 in alsa-base it only has 39 lines,  there use to be one , I remove it ,  still got the message,   went back and put an black line,  still no go01:32
boumajrib: thanks01:32
Pelolinkinxp, hi01:32
linkinxpPelo:  how are you doing?01:32
rj175I've installed awstats but whenever i go to the address i get a 500 server error. im running it with virtual servers through virtualmin. any ideas ?01:32
shingalatedHow can soundcards be reconfigured in hardy?  As of this morning I get "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." When I click the volume control applet.01:33
ifelseifwhere you having a problem with your sound before?01:33
Spartani have set it up with guest account but the share is point to a folder on a fat32 partition an it is refusing to show when i browse the smb share01:33
Pelolinkinxp, the usual ,  troubleshooting  expensive hardware, on other ppl's computer01:33
gogetaPelo :-( cheap emergcy build main powerhouse died01:34
shingalatedifelseif: I installed some updates this morning that may have caused the problem.01:34
Peloifelseif, I never realy add sound trouble,   I had a bit of feedback on high volume and someone suggestted a linne to add to alsabase which i tried, didn't sovle the prblem I fixed it another way,  but those two lines I aded are now removed,01:34
Pelogogeta, what ?01:34
gogetaPelo my pc died i built another from parts01:35
doffoI just wanted to say that the whole Ubuntu team rocks!!!! :)01:35
gogetaPelo and a bare kit01:35
Pelogogeta, nice to to have the parts around01:35
doffoActually in the process of migrating to Ubuntu and not being forced to the Vista bandwagon. :)01:35
* Pelo should never have donated his hold pc but he didn'T know linux back then 01:35
gogetaPelo more like striping off my dead pc01:35
Pelogogeta, hey if it works01:36
ikoniadoffo: keep in mind this is a busy support channel, try to keep the un-needed noise down please.01:36
Peloifelseif, what was I suppose to look at in that linkx ?01:36
doffook, sorry :)01:36
ikoniadoffo: not a problem01:36
Peloifelseif,  nevermind, thats link was not for me01:36
justinmiller87I'm doing an essay on cheaper alternatives for a small business, and was interested in knowing more about Landscape. Does anyone in here have any experience with it and can tell me a little more about it other than what's on the info page at Canonical?01:37
ifelseifI cant remember, I had the same error when i was trying to get the sound working on a toshiba laptop,01:37
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:37
rj175I've installed awstats but whenever i go to the address i get a 500 server error. im running it with virtual servers through virtualmin. any ideas ?01:38
shingalatedIs there a way that I can have hardy redetect my soundcard as if I just did a fresh install? Like a dpkg-reconfigure or something?01:38
Peloifelseif, no worries, it's just annoing to see debug msg while booting , it's not actualy an issue,  might stpeed up my boot by 3 seconds01:38
ikoniarj175: depends how you installed and setup awstats01:38
justinmiller87ikonia, if that was for me, Landscape is a Canonical product designed to help rollout Ubuntu in an enterprise.01:38
Pelo!sound | shingalated01:38
ubotushingalated: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:38
ikoniajustinmiller87: again how is that support ontopic ?01:39
shingalatedPelo: the sound device isn't even detected any longer, so I can not select a sound server.01:39
ifelseiflol, I think I rewrote most of alsa from my desktop and then went back started to work it over fresh01:39
* Pelo ' s cmputer is only using 4% cpu atm , compared to 9% before 01:39
gogetaPelo :-( why ya care01:39
ifelseifpelo, what kind of system are you one?01:40
Peloshingalated, hmm,   look into menu > system > admin > users , make sure your username, has permission to "use audio device"01:40
Peloifelseif, asus p4p800   celeron 2.4  1gig ram,  why ?01:40
ifelseifjust looking over some forum01:41
rj175could u elaborate pleaseikonia01:41
shingalatedPelo: I am in all the correct audio groups and it says that I have permission to access the audio device.01:41
ikoniarj175: why you are geting that error depend on how you setup and configured awstats01:41
=== freelancer317_ is now known as Bret4002
Peloifelseif, don't worry about it ,  I 'm pretty sure it's got to do with me adding two lines last week but I just don't get why it is still seeing the line since I removed it01:42
rj175ok do you have any pointers?01:42
gogetaPelo i wanna find a 486 laptop that none whants :P just to install a text only linux01:42
ikoniatell me how you installed and configued it ?01:42
Peloshingalated, ok that was a guess but it happens,  can't get sound when you are not like that01:42
Pelogogeta, yo could probably run puppy linux on it01:42
gogetaPelo probly but i need more text time to spoiled w guis01:43
rj175well installed awstats with aptitude, using the virual servers in virtualmin, all my virtual server files are in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ and each site having its own file01:43
Peloshingalated, look in to menu > sysetm > admin < restricted drivers ? any drives yo need on that ?01:43
gogetaPelo could probly do ubuntu server w a basic x intall01:43
Pelogogeta, got a local computer salvage store ?01:43
gogetaPelo nope01:44
ikoniarj175: ok, so how are the stats gathered (cron ??) and the reports generated ??01:44
gogetaPelo and ebay prices for a 20 year old laptop are stupid01:44
shingalatedPelo: all that is in there is my video. Also my audio was working before without any extra drivers.01:44
rj175the cron generates every 1 hour01:44
Pelogogeta, ads in the local paper maybe01:44
Pelogogeta, those are vintage01:44
gogetaPelo yea but 200 bucks come on01:44
Peloshingalated, nvidia video ?01:44
errpasthow can I remap my ctl key to caps lock?01:44
Pelogogeta,  mind you laptop are expensive01:45
shingalatedPelo: yes that is present and enabled.01:45
=== saki_ is now known as saki
=== saki is now known as neosaki
Dr_williserrpast,  ive seen howtos on that befor.. somewhere.. :)  used to be a real common question years ago01:45
Peloerrpast, menu < syetm < prfs > keybaord shorctuts or scim01:45
gogetaPelo yea but for 200 more you can buy a new one from walmart01:45
Dr_williserrpast,  i think people wanted to go the OTHER way however..01:45
Peloshingalated, feel like trhing someting ?01:45
shingalatedPello: sure if it might help I will do it01:46
gogetaPelo that will do alot more then a vintage 49601:46
Pelogogeta, 200$ at wallmart is for a desktop01:46
gogetaPelo i said 400$01:46
gogetaPelo + 20001:46
bazhang!cn | ch_01:46
ubotuch_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:46
redwhitewaldoIn "hardware drivers" I have chosen to enable device driver for "ATI accelerated graphics driver". how do i know the driver file name or application was downloaded and installed?01:46
Quentin`Hey there :)01:46
silencedbearwould anyone know how to enable a port ?01:47
rj175as for the reports ikonia i couldnt tell you01:47
Peloshingalated,  there have been problems wth nvidia restreicted messing up soundcard , occasionnaly,  I want you to try and reconfigure xserver to use vesa and see wht happens, we can put the restricted driver back afterwards01:47
api984how good is virtualmin01:47
silencedbeari need to enable port 526701:47
richie_I have another linux pc on my network, how can I see it from its hostname? richie@richie-desktop:~/Downloads$ ping richie-laptop01:47
richie_ping: unknown host richie-laptop01:47
Pelosilencedbear, enable it whre ?01:47
rj175api984, im mid way throught testing it but so far have had problems settings up awstats01:47
gogetaPelo im not gonna give some ebay scammer 200$ for a 20 year old vintage laptop thats only gonna be a toy01:47
Quentin`Is there anyone here who know a tool which could give me the memory occupation of my c program at real time ? The goal is to get a graph, with gnuplot if it's possible...01:47
shingalatedPelo: I will give that a try, also I am or hardy I don't know if that matters (pulse audio?)01:47
ikoniarichie_: you need some sort of name resolution01:47
Peloredwhitewaldo, check in admin menu < sysem  <`ADMIN > restreicted driver01:48
richie_ikonia, how?01:48
Peloshingalated, oups01:48
Toaster`Good evening.  I'm trying to track down if there is a way to select a specific audio or subtitle track from the command line when running a DVD with vlc?01:48
silencedbearPelo, a chat program is saying that i need to enable it saying it may be blocked by a firewall.01:48
ikoniarichie_: host file, dns, nis, ldap any01:48
Dr_willissilencedbear,  there is no firewall rules by default. those high ports sould be open to any program that wants to use them.01:48
Peloshingalated,  try asking in #ubuntu+1 then there might be somethign else going on01:48
Dr_willissilencedbear,  did you enable/install a firewall? it may beyour router is blocking it.01:48
silencedbearHmm, wonder why that it's saying this than.01:48
shingalatedpelo:okay I will, thank you01:48
Pelosilencedbear, what chat program , a linux one or a windows one on wine ?01:48
rj175ikonia any ideas?01:48
redwhitewaldoPelo: i'm on xubuntu01:48
ikoniarj175: I missed your posts on setup, sorry01:49
rj175the cron generates every 1 hour01:49
silencedbearIt's for um hotornot. Java based chat client. it opens in a firefox windows. And states its being blocked by a firewall to refresh it.01:49
rj175as for the reports ikonia i couldnt tell you01:49
=== basso_ is now known as basso
Peloredwhitewaldo, are you having an actual issue or are you just looking for stuff to fix ?01:49
ikoniarj175: you need to generate the reports and the repots path01:49
silencedbearNo wine or anything. Just plain jane.01:49
ikoniarj175: then visit that file in your browser01:49
Pelosilencedbear, which program ?01:49
rj175and how would one do that?01:49
ikoniarj175: if the reports aren't setup, there is nothingto view01:49
Peloredwhitewaldo, try asking in #xubuntu01:49
silencedbearIt's not a program. It's a chat program on a site called hotornot.com.01:50
redwhitewaldoPelo: i have an issue. i can't seem to get BOTH restricted driver AND extended desktop working at the same time.01:50
lmiller_I have a laptop HDD I've temporarily placed in my desktop box01:50
lmiller_I've used debootstrap to install a basic version of hardy on it01:50
lmiller_Now I want to put a bootloader in the MBR of the laptop HDD, take it out of the Desktop machine and put it back in the laptop01:50
rj175is tht the perl awstats.pl -update -config=mysite01:50
lmiller_I think grub will be confused by that01:50
Peloredwhitewaldo, extend desktop ? is that  like the desktop effects ?01:50
redwhitewaldoPelo: no.01:50
silencedbearit's probably my dsl modem blocking it anyways. I think it only enables port 80 :(01:50
ikoniarj175: no, thats updates01:51
redwhitewaldoPelo: it's having 2 monitors working as though they were one wide one01:51
lmiller_So, the desktop HDD is at /dev/sdb and the laptop is at /dev/sda01:51
rj175how do i generate the reports?01:51
Peloredwhitewaldo, I don'T know about that ,   I think you need to research twinview in the forum01:51
lmiller_The device.map on the chroot laptop HDD has (hd0) /dev/sda01:52
Zackymc_ki have a problem with booting the live cd of ubuntu 7.10 all i get is this after the verbose boot http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/zackymcharvest/Help/photo#519149463457909413001:52
dassoukiwhere is openoffice installed?01:52
lmiller_But how do I get grub to install the MBR on the laptop HDD without hosing my Desktop MBR?01:52
Peloredwhitewaldo, have you used that site before ? cause it sounds like a trap ,  unless you manualy blocked ports in the firewall using iptables or firestarter the firewall in ubuntu it not enabled  by default01:52
redwhitewaldoPelo: wrong person?01:53
Starnestommydassouki: the executable for it is /usr/bin/openoffice01:53
dassoukiStarnestommy, how about the template files ?01:53
Peloshingalated, have you used that site before ? cause it sounds like a trap ,  unless you manualy blocked ports in the firewall using iptables or firestarter the firewall in ubuntu it not enabled  by default01:53
Peloredwhitewaldo, thanks , and sorry01:53
rj175ikonia how do i generate the reports???01:53
PeloZackymc_k, try the alternate install cd insteadd01:53
Starnestommydassouki: /usr/lib/openoffice/share/template/01:54
bazhang!xinerama | redwhitewaldo01:54
uboturedwhitewaldo: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead01:54
dassoukiStarnestommy, thanks :D01:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ipcop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:54
latitu!info ipcop01:54
ubotuPackage ipcop does not exist in gutsy01:54
redwhitewaldobazhang: i'm on 8.04. is xinerema still the way to go?01:54
latituwhy ipcop dont exists in ubuntu?01:54
blindHow can I upgrade from Edgy to Feisty then to Gusty?01:54
blindgutsy, rather01:55
mutkHeh 'Gusty'01:55
Zackymc_kPelo, ok but what i have a problem with is if this happens on the live cd will this happen when i dual boot vista and ubuntu01:55
bazhangah redwhitewaldo best to ask in Hardy channel for that--no idea01:55
geniiblind: Pretty much in the order you just described01:55
latituwhy ipcop dont exists in ubuntu? how can i install ipcop?01:55
blindgenii: i don't remember how to upgrade though. where is the button lol01:55
Dr_willis!info ipcom01:55
ubotuPackage ipcom does not exist in gutsy01:55
Dr_willislatitu,  use the source?01:56
=== Maarek_ is now known as MaarekStele
blindor how do i do it via cli01:56
latituDr_willis ./configure thing?01:56
PeloZackymc_k, the alternate install cd should detect yor video card properly and install a vesa driver if no free driver is avaialbe,  there should be no issue01:56
latituDr_willis is ipcop gui?01:56
Dr_willislatitu,  err... yes that is normally one step in compiling from source.01:56
Dr_willislatitu,  no idea.. ive neverheard of it befor.. you are the one asking about it.. you dont know?01:56
geniiblind: Check here for specific instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:57
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=638336 latitu for gutsy01:57
Dr_willislatitu,  a fast google inplies that ipcop is a linux disrto. not a program ? perhaos thats just a distro i am reading that comes with it by default01:57
rj175ikonia how do i generate the reports???01:58
Zackymc_kPelo, ok thanks do you happen to know if there is any problem with installing ubuntu on a HP tx1000 with a touch screen, im abit hesitant on installing it on my brand new laptop01:58
ikoniarj175: you set it up dynamic or via cron01:58
latitubazhang Dr_willis thx01:58
PeloZackymc_k, not off the top of my head,  you can try looking up the model in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport or doing some research in the forum www.ubuntuforus.org01:59
Stroganoffhttp://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_8_04_alpha_4_e_HP_TX1000_series Zackymc_k01:59
Pelo!helpersnack | Stroganoff01:59
ubotuStroganoff: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:59
latitubazhang Dr_willis  so i cant install it on my linux?01:59
bazhanghttp://www.codepencil.com/index.php/installing-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon-on-my-hp-tx1003au-laptop/ Zackymc_k01:59
blindwhen trying to upgrade to feisty, i get "Could not calculate the upgrade: An unresolvable problem occured while calculating the upgrade." :|01:59
Zackymc_kthanks for all the help02:00
bazhanglatitu: why bother?02:00
Pelobazhang,  you are not getting a cookie,  you need to loose some weight02:00
rj175could you explain how to do this?02:00
matthewwhat's the name of the apache server's user and group?02:01
Starnestommymatthew: www-data02:01
redwhitewaldosound is no longer working on my comp.02:02
redwhitewaldocan someone help me troubleshoot?02:02
redwhitewaldoI don't know what happneed02:02
redwhitewaldosound just stopped working02:02
Peloredwhitewaldo, was it working before you installed the nvidia driver ?02:03
redwhitewaldoPelo: yes02:03
redwhitewaldobut i'm not sure if they're related, Pelo02:03
Peloredwhitewaldo, did it work after you installed the nvidia driver ?02:03
bazhangredwhitewaldo: this is pulseaudio so gutsy fixes might not work for you02:03
Pelo!sound | redwhitewaldo02:03
uboturedwhitewaldo: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:03
redwhitewaldoPelo: it's not an nvidia driver02:03
Peloredwhitewaldo, regardless02:03
redwhitewaldobazhang: what is pulseaudio? you said "this is pulseaudio". what is "this"?02:04
bazhanghardy uses pulseaudio redwhitewaldo02:04
redwhitewaldobazhang: you're saying that what pelo is saying may not apply to me, correct?02:05
Dr_willislatitu,  you aparently barely know what it is.. :) you might want to read up on it a bit more.02:05
Peloredwhitewaldo, that is what bazhang  is saying02:05
sjovanokay, i got a big problem. i need to cut a avi in to splitt sceens. in windows i used nandub (looks like avidemux, but a bit simpler). i have tryed avidemux, but for some strange reason it messes up the sound (both video and sound is set to direct copy). so do any one have a prog to recomend?02:05
Dr_willislatitu,  I barely know what it is.. but i did find a neat page on google about it  ipcop.org02:05
* Pelo also suspects bazhang of saying that his knowledge is dated 02:05
iskaldurhi, im looking to buy an external hd for my macbook and my kubuntu desktop. will a western digital work fine with kubuntu? (in particular, im looking at the one here: http://www.buy.com/prod/western-digital-250gb-my-passport-essential-usb-2-0-portable-hard-drive/q/loc/101/206780497.html)02:05
bazhangPelo: never! ;]02:06
l23twireI'm looking for a buddy anyone?02:06
Pelosjovan, I did that as well a while back,  I recoded that avi file to mpeg4 first  and then cut that , it worked well02:06
bazhangiskaldur: best to look at reviews (hardware reviews) for that02:06
AutoMatriXwhich is the best method to synchronise an outlook express and an evolution address base ?02:06
Dr_willisiskaldur,  about any of them should work.. I would avoide paying extra $$ for ones with extra features that will not work.  such as enctyption/security/fancy backup buttons02:06
Pelol23twire, waht do you mean a buddy ?02:07
sjovanPelo: sounds like a solution, but not something i can satisfy with. you se i have a LOT of files to edit, and would just take to long02:07
PeloAutoMatriX, there is an import option in the evolution file nemen02:07
Pelosjovan, the only other thing I know is  command line mencoder02:08
AutoMatriXPelo, I know the import option, but I want to sycnhronise ;)02:08
rj175ikonia is this the command u mean02:08
rj175perl awstats.pl -config=mysite -output -staticlinks > awstats.mysite.html02:08
PeloAutoMatriX, there is a #evolution02:09
AutoMatriXPelo, tx for that, did'nt know02:09
sjovanPelo: yeah, and i can't finde a working gui for that. found this url, but most of the projects are dead :/ http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/projects.html02:09
Toaster`does anyone know how to disable subtitles in DVD from the cli in vlc?02:10
* Pelo wonders if sjovan is trying to split that Kamelott torrent into episode chunks 02:10
sjovanPelo: but how can you use mencoder to cut for exact points in a movie? you know... keyframes02:10
doctor_thunderwhat is the shortcut key that allows me to copy?02:10
sjovanPelo: nope, i'm makeing pr0n compos :)02:10
Pelosjovan, you'dd need to play the file in avidemux to note the splitpoints02:10
Zeltais there an app to use the zune in ubuntu02:10
sjovanfor torrent sites...02:10
yuri_my automounter died. I think it may have been fuseiso or something related to acetoneiso. manually editing fstab works.02:11
AutoMatriXPelo, are you sure about the name of the chanel ?02:11
sjovanPelo: yeah, i could do that. can you help me out with the command then?`or maby give me a url to a good howto?02:11
PeloAutoMatriX, I was, until now02:11
linkmaster03yeah pelo nobody is in #evolution lol02:11
=== KOJ1 is now known as KOJV2
sjovanPelo: what's kamelott btw?02:12
PeloAutoMatriX, I could swear there was one a few months ago02:12
KOJV2What is a Friend Attack and (if it's just offline messaging) why is it named that?02:12
AutoMatriXPelo, seems vaporised02:12
KOJV2How come Xubuntu has more updates to fetch than Microsoft Windows??02:12
Pelosjovan, french tv/comedy about arthur and the round table,  3 - 7 min episodes  100-50 epsiodes per seasons,  5 seeasons out so far,  it is absolutely awesome02:12
PeloKOJV2,  *buntu not only update the os, but also the applications02:13
sjovanPelo: sounds cool :D yeah, that could use some editing :)02:13
yuri_KOJV2: that depends on how you define "many." purely theoretically, more people see the source code for xubuntu, so more people can point out flaws02:14
KOJV2Pelo: ah. So, how many of the 122 updates were for the system?02:14
Pelosjovan, I actualy spent 3 days cutting it back into 3 min epsiodes,02:14
bazhangZelta: using vbox and xp you can: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4679554&postcount=3302:14
rj175anyone know how to generate the awstats reports?02:14
KOJV2So what's a good video editor for Ubuntu? Such as VirtualDub?02:14
PeloKOJV2, no way for me to tell, , but they are all for things that you have installed02:15
KOJV2Hmm, VD is available for Ubuntu, no?02:15
PeloKOJV2, avidemux02:15
Zeltabazhang: ah, need windows xp D:02:15
KOJV2Pelo: actually I haven't installed anything, just installed off a live cd.02:15
PeloKOJV2, ifi it is installed, get the updates,  they are fixes and security02:15
KOJV2Pelo: I see.02:16
Geoffrey2KOJV2: Xubuntu automatically installs a number of common applications for you02:16
KOJV2Geoffrey2: yes I know. :)02:16
unopKOJV2, it's really pointless comparing microsoft windows to anything linux.  microsoft windows does not evolve as much or as fast as most linux distros, every minute of everyday, thousands of people are updating distros to add functionality, improve security, operability, etc - the same cannot be said for windows02:16
KOJV2Is there any way to make Thunderbird or another Ubuntu mail application use my Vista Mail boxes without disrupting their structure? So that I can check my mail on both platforms without exporting/importing as I switch between OSs.02:17
VoidedCheckunop, sounds like a comparison  :P02:17
sjovanPelo: found this guide, but will it hit the keyframes? http://www.misterhowto.com/index.php?category=Computers&subcategory=Video&article=trim_or_split_with_mencoder <--- seconds doesn't look acurate enough. can't you specify with frame?02:17
KOJV2unop: oh. And I was stupid enough to believe there were thousands of people in Redmond and all over the world, working every minute of every day to improve Microsoft products... :S02:17
Pelosjovan, that's a bit over my head honestly02:18
bazhangKOJV2: you have an actual question or just wanting to chat02:18
MrSteveso.. uhm, how do i get window switching in 3d ?02:18
sjovanPelo: k, but thanx for trying. guess i have a lot of reading to do02:18
Pelosjovan, best of luck ,02:18
PeloI'm off , later folks02:18
MrStevethanks Pelo02:19
KOJV2YEs bazhang, I posted it just a few moments ago; Is there any way to make Thunderbird or another Ubuntu mail application use my Vista Mail boxes without disrupting their structure? So that I can check my mail on both platforms without exporting/importing as I switch between OSs.02:19
Bassetts_hi, I am trying to resize my / partition but obviously it is locked in gparted, will I need the livecd or is it possible to just unmount / for gparted?02:19
MrStevebazhang:  -- I DID it!  Got Unetbootin and Ubuntu02:19
yuri_Q: in my session manager, how do i make an app load in the background? for example my rss reader pops up when i start ubuntu, but i want it to start minimized in the tray. is there a "-silent" command, or something similar?02:19
unopKOJV2, i was making a point about the speed at which updates are deployed with regards to linux, it's continually evolving unlike some counterparts02:20
bazhangKOJV2: use Vista mailboxes? from within a running Vista? while running ubuntu? sounds funny but seriously doubt it02:20
bazhangMrSteve: nice work02:20
MrStevescary stuff02:20
MrSteveBut, well worth the ability to get it02:21
KOJV2unop: I wouldn't say MS softs aren't evolving... I get like ten updates every month just for Windows and Office. Anyhow, let's leave it at that and focus on my possibilities of doing most of my daily work in Xubuntu. :)02:21
KOJV2bazhang: no, I mean I want to access my Vista Mail .dbx files natively from Ubuntu.02:21
MrStevemy windows wobble, and fade02:21
unopKOJV2, you did ask why there were so many updates -- and i was pointing out why there were so many updates :) no flame-war intended, eh02:21
MrStevecan you shake your windows around?02:22
KOJV2unop: surely not. I'm just keen on discussing in general. :)02:22
bazhangKOJV2: likely not possible; funny question though02:22
MrGnuHi Guys, Im running into an issue with Kde.  I am running into an error with insur1 temporary directories are full, check installation.  I googled this, but I could not find a solution, any ideas?  I installed KDE  via Terminal, sudo apt-get install kubuntu02:22
unopKOJV2, as am i (if you are implying i was doing any different)02:22
KOJV2bazhang: perhaps I could migrate to Thunderbird @ Windows and use the same boxes both on Windows and Ubuntu??02:23
=== KOJV2 is now known as KOJV
bazhangbest to chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic KOJV02:23
KOJVbazhang: ehm... that wasn't chit-chat, it was an actual question.02:24
MrStevePersonally, I want to thank ALL the Helpers and Ops in this Room..and Certainly think that you should get more than thanks..(but I am poor) So, Thank You, and Kudos for what you do!02:25
KOJVIf I right click in Pigdin and want to abort the right-click-menu, I have to left-click twice... is there any way to fix that?02:25
StroganoffKOJV should be working. just symlink your Thunderbird/Profiles folder to your ntfs mount02:25
KOJVStroganoff: what does symlink mean?02:26
Stroganoff!symlink | KOJV02:26
ubotuKOJV: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:26
dfmrWhat can be the reason why the same cd with ubuntu 7.10 server boots on one computer and doesn't boot on another one?02:26
Stroganoffdfmr acpi=off noapic nodma etc?02:27
=== danny is now known as dny
Masochistdfmr, one is not set to boot from CD in the bios settings?02:28
MrGnuAny suggestions?  regarding my Kde failed start up situation?02:29
dfmrbut the menu with items like "start ubuntu" "command line" etc doesn't pop up. And other cd boot without any problems02:29
cirkit|lappyFor some reason im unable to play dvd movies even though libdvdcss, gstreamer, xine, mplayer, vlc are installed.02:29
MrGnuI am reluctant to do a a apt remove on it,02:29
KOJVOkay, thanks stroganoff!02:29
Masochistdfmr, does any part of the CD show up?02:29
Masochistcheck your bios settings.02:30
Masochistmake sure boot from CD is the first option,02:30
dfmrbut for exmaple windows cd starts without any problems02:30
dfmrso I assume that bios settings are ok02:31
Masochisthaven'ta  clue then.02:31
bazhangdfmr: sounds like a bad burn, iso burned as data, didnt check md5 sum or burned on poor quality media02:31
KOJVSo, where do I get Wine?02:31
dfmrbut it starts on another computer?02:32
Dr_willis!wine | KOJV02:32
ubotuKOJV: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:32
bazhangdfmr: then you may want to try the alternate cd02:32
KOJVThanks Dr_willis!02:32
dfmralternate cd of ubuntu 7.10 server?02:32
Dr_willisthe server only has an anternative cd.02:33
dfmrwow didnt know that02:33
dfmrthanks guys02:33
bazhangah right server my bad02:33
sarthorHi, i am using ubutnu gutsy, i want to confiugre pppoe server on gutsy, how can i, i am not an expert.02:33
Dr_willisdesktop = live cd with gui. Server cd/alternative installer = text based installer02:33
sarthorHi, i am using ubutnu gutsy, i want to confiugre pppoe server on gutsy, how can i, i am not an expert. need some howto.02:35
DNC_ForeverThis server was created Thu Mar  6 20:45:20 UTC 200802:35
RoxanneMhey guys , im having a hard time restoring grub after a new XP install, would someone be able to hel p me for a second>?02:36
bazhang!grub | RoxanneM02:36
ubotuRoxanneM: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:36
bosanacI am running linux ubuntu 7.10 and i need some program like " Virtual DJ On Windows OS " but i need it for LINUX can some1 help me please?02:37
KOJVAnyone got an apt-link to an Xubuntu respitory where I can download Wine? Thanks!02:37
Daisuke_Idocould you be more specific?02:38
Daisuke_Idowhat does it do?02:38
marckierun Virtualbox bosanac02:38
Lynetsarthor: http://www.freeantennas.com/PPPoE-Server-HOWTO.html looks promising02:38
bosanacmarckie: i dont understand02:38
Daisuke_IdoKOJV, http://winehq.org - use their repo02:38
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:38
yuri_bosanac: check out rosegarden02:38
linkmaster03when is the party bosanac lol02:38
MrGnuHi Guys, Im running into an issue with Kde.  I am running into an error with insur1 temporary directories are full, check installation.  I googled this, but I could not find a solution, any ideas?  I installed KDE  via Terminal, sudo apt-get install kubuntu02:38
marckiebosanac: !Virtualbox02:38
linkmaster03you asked the same thing hours ago02:38
bosanacok :D02:38
MrGnuany ideas?02:38
RoxanneMbazhang: im using that tut. but it doesnt seem to work.... i typed in this line "setup (hd0)" andit gives me the error--Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition02:38
dfmrDr_willis, ubuntu.com says "Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer." Are you sure that server version has an alternate cd as well?02:39
yuri_bosanac: that's midi mixing software, fairly advanced02:39
marckiefor my windoze needs I just use Virtualbox02:39
bosanacyuri_: how to install it can you tell me PLEASE ?02:39
marckieThough I rarely boot up windoze in it02:39
arvind_khadribosanac, you want to do some DJing right??02:39
kkserasera\join #books02:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about parallels - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:39
KOJVThanks Daisuke_Ido!02:39
yuri_bosanac: in a terminal, type in sudo apt-get install rosegarden02:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about parallel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about canoe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:40
arvind_khadribosanac, djplay is the software is the thing you should be lookng for02:40
yuri_Q: will pulseaudio kill alsa, or does it work in tandem with it?02:41
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:41
dfmrIs there any alternate version of Ubuntu 7.10 Server?02:42
marckieis there a java developer here?02:42
zero-cooli am java developer02:42
arvind_khadridfmr, what does that mean...you only get a alternative cd to install02:42
marckiethere's nobody online in #ubuntu-java02:42
MrStevehow to change the hostname of the Install via bash?02:42
ubotuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/02:42
zero-cooli am java developer02:43
KleidersackMrSteve: hostname02:43
=== digital__ is now known as _Net
marckiehi zero-cool02:43
MrStevereally?  er, wow02:43
zero-coolyes i like java02:43
marckieim studying java right now and need all the resources i can get02:43
dfmrI don't get it. So whats the difference between these two?02:43
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!02:43
StarnestommyMrSteve: you may also need to edit /etc/hosts02:43
zero-coolyou searching ide?02:43
zero-cooli develop in netbeans02:44
dfmrarvind_khadri, but is it available for server or desktop only?02:44
KleidersackHow can I manage to boot with Grub installed on sda5 (logical volume)?02:45
marckiei already have netbeans02:45
arvind_khadridfmr, for both02:45
marckiejust wondering if there are java dev in ubuntu02:45
zero-coolnetbeans is very fast02:45
marckieand if it is active02:45
marckieyeah its fast02:45
zero-coolself compiler is very fast02:45
arvind_khadriKleidersack, grub should show up when you boot02:45
Kleidersackmarckie: you eclipse could install eclipse02:45
Dr_willisdfmr,  i said the server cd - uses the text installer. since it has no X on it.. it dosent need a 'anternative isntaller cd' since it allready IS using the alternative/text installer.02:45
RoxanneMbazhang:  can you have a look at that grub tutorial there, is the line "grub> setup (hd0) #Hit <Enter> key "- correct? or should it be (setup (hd0,1)02:45
marckiethough in our class we prefer textbased ide --i use gedit02:45
marckiethen compile it in terminal02:45
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: unforunataly not...02:45
arvind_khadriKleidersack, are you sure the grub installed??02:46
zero-coolI am from croatia you02:46
marckiei haven't tried eclipse Kleidersack in ubuntu02:46
marckiei heard its slow02:46
dfmrDr_willis, ok now i get it Thanks02:46
IdleOnewhere does rhythmbox keep playlists?02:46
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: I just recieve a message, that no partition is marked as active. I installed grub to (hd0,5)...02:46
marckieim from the philippines zero-cool02:46
zero-coolyes but eclipse is oriented on web app02:47
marckiei see02:47
arvind_khadribazhang, i never had luck with those methods,feel they(grub) have changed something02:47
marckiebut we havent gone there yet02:47
Kleidersackzero-cool: Sorry? Why ?02:47
marckiewe're still in the basics02:47
arvind_khadriKleidersack, of issue fdisk -l02:47
arvind_khadri!paste | Kleidersack02:47
ubotuKleidersack: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:47
marckieI'm studying so that I can contribute in the community02:47
arvind_khadriKleidersack, they paste the output over the site02:48
arvind_khadri!ot | marckie,02:48
ubotumarckie,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:48
bliffleonly a couple days to 8.04 release - where's best ISO torrent?02:48
zero-cooli am from croatia you guys02:49
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: sorry, windows running... But I can tell you my layout: 1st prim: EISA (Media Player of Samsung), 2nd prim. WIndow XP, 3rd 8 MB reserved for Vista, 4th extended 4th 20GB ext3 with Ubuntu 6th 20GB NTFS for Data02:49
Zelta!hardy | bliffle02:49
ubotubliffle: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:49
danagehow do i list all active kernel drivers?02:49
RoxanneMcould someone give me a hand trying to get grub reinstalled?02:49
thoreauputic_bliffle: uh, the torrent file will be there in the releases on the day02:49
KleidersackRoxanneM: grub-install?02:50
arvind_khadriKleidersack, we need to check the bootable flags ...so you need to be in ubuntu...do you have some live cd??02:50
api984whats with grub??02:50
Flannel!grub | RoxanneM02:50
ubotuRoxanneM: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:50
arvind_khadriRoxanneM, hi02:50
Flannelarvind_khadri, Kleidersack, bootable flags don't mean anything to Linux, or even XP.02:50
zero-cooljust put ubuntu cd and mount hardrive02:50
RoxanneMKleidersack:  i just reinstalled windows, and im looking at that tutorial that Flannel just posted up... but it doesnt seem to work02:50
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: at the moment 2nd part is active. when i set sda5 active, the mbr-code tells, no partition is active.02:50
api984its on MBR02:50
Mega_bytehi, does anyone know, please, what is the equivalent of PREROUTING, in ipfw (ipfirewall)02:50
FlannelRoxanneM: What are you having problems with? since it's worked for many others.02:51
arvind_khadriFlannel, doesnt that mean that there is a OS in that partition02:51
blifflethanx guys.02:51
a1fahello.. can you not enable DMA on SATA drive?02:51
RoxanneMthe line "setup (hd0)02:51
zero-coolhave somebody from Croatia02:51
KOJVHow can I make Pidign login to more IRC channels at start?02:51
api984i am from croatia02:51
a1faapi984: seljak02:51
zero-coolhello api02:51
api984sta ima02:51
zero-cooli am from zagreb you02:51
a1fabok seljaci :p02:51
thoreauputic_arvind_khadri: linux doesn't care about boot flags :)02:51
Flannelarvind_khadri: No, the bootable flag is ignored except by a handful of old OSes (DOS, for instance)02:52
zero-coolevo dosao malo na ubuntu kanal posto spavaju ovi moji hahari02:52
api984a1fa sta ima02:52
marckiejust felt the love02:52
arvind_khadriFlannel, oh ok02:52
FlannelRoxanneM: what about it isn't working?  What errors does it give you?02:52
zero-cooldecki vi ste linuxasi02:52
api984a sta ces02:52
thoreauputic_arvind_khadri: possibly older versions of windows need it, don't know02:52
a1fadrkam kitu.. cant ebale DMA on my 500GB SATA drive02:52
zero-cooljel idete na razmjenu vjestina02:52
KOJVHow come there are none of the normal (Windows?) resolutions available in Xubuntu? All like random frequencies... such as 1600x1200 @ 68 Hz.02:52
RoxanneMgrub> setup (hd0)02:52
RoxanneMError 17: Cannot mount selected partition02:52
zero-coolu st02:52
api984ja sam duze vrijeme ali ga koristim virtualno02:52
arvind_khadriKleidersack, the grub doesnt show up???02:52
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: Grub not, but MBR code does.02:52
Flannel!hr | api98402:52
ubotuapi984: Odgovarajuci kanal za Hrvatski jezik je #ubuntu-hr, molimo Vas da se pridruzite tom kanalu ukoliko trebate pomoc za Ubuntu, hvala.  Croatian language support in #ubuntu-hr02:52
zero-coolimate razmjenu vjestina u st02:52
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: ...02:52
api984ajmo na ubuntu hr02:53
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: no! only when i install it to the mbr.02:53
zero-coolkoji je kanal02:53
zero-coolsamo ubuntuhr02:53
FloodBot1zero-cool: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
Flannelzero-cool: /join #ubuntu-hr02:53
arvind_khadriKleidersack, well thats what you need to do02:53
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: for the primary partitions....02:53
* KOJV wonders how on Earth he came to #ubuntu-jibberish...02:53
NateFhay guys im back, i finally got passed the ata error's, but now i see the blank blue screen with white lines at the buttom, and now its kinda frozen, is it installing now?02:53
a1faWhy cant you enable DMA on SATA drive?02:53
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: if you install grub on a partition, you have to have a bootloader on the mbr to chinload, at least - is that what you mean?02:54
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: ... i suppose, bu i'm not sure02:54
RoxanneMi really want my ubuntu back :(02:54
arvind_khadriKleidersack, the grub should be chainloading MBR02:54
RoxanneMmaybe i will just wait for Hardy02:54
thoreauputic_s/chinload/chainload  :)02:54
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: Sorry, what do you mean?02:54
Scunizialfa, isn't it on be default ?  newer technology and all that.. there's probably no way to turn it off.02:55
a1faits not on02:55
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: theoraticaly the mbr-code searches for the active partition and chainloads...02:55
a1faand I cant turn it on02:55
NateFguys im stuck on a blue screen while trying to install ubuntu02:55
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: or haven't i got it false?02:55
arvind_khadriKleidersack, well you need to write the grub above the MBR so that grub can detect everything and actually run....well grub should be on the top of geometry not inside a geometry02:55
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: umm, no - you don't needto mark "active"02:56
maco"active" partitions only matter in windows02:56
KOJVI'd like to know why two of my six Win partitions ask for my password then won't be mounted anyway?02:56
macoin linux, the bootloader will use whatever partitions it's told to use02:56
Kleidersackmaco: no, defenitly not02:56
NateFim stuck on a blue screen is ubuntu is loading???02:56
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: but then i loose the "active" feature02:56
arvind_khadriKleidersack, active feature of what,you mean a dual boot02:57
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: and how does the mbr knows, which bootsector to load?02:57
thoreauputic_Kleidersack:  for example, you can only have one partition marked with the boot flag, but grub can load 2,3 or more OSs on various partitions02:57
gogetaNateF LOL did you say blue screen02:57
KOJVHow come there are none of the normal (Windows?) resolutions available in Xubuntu? All like random frequencies... such as 1600x1200 @ 68 Hz.02:57
KOJV I'd like to know why two of my six Win partitions ask for my password then won't be mounted anyway?02:57
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: grub  works in stages - the mbr is just there to connect to the later stages02:57
Flannel!repeat | KOJV02:57
ubotuKOJV: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:57
gogetaKOJV six??02:58
IdleOnewhere does rhythmbox keep playlists?02:58
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:58
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: grub properly configured can find bootable kernels02:58
NateFyea, whats a HUGE blue screen mean after selecting the keyboard layout?02:58
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: the bios sets the first partition active, when i press the "media button" to power up my laptop... on dell the tools partition is activated by the bios in this way.02:58
IdleOneNateF: anything on the blue screen?02:59
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: it doesn't get to any state - the message i recieve is, that no partition is activated... or no operation system is installed.02:59
NateFtheres a small white line at the bottom02:59
NateFif i hit enter it ads another white line to the bottom02:59
arvind_khadriKleidersack, have you got ubuntu installed02:59
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: "no operation system is installed" sounds like a windows message03:00
IdleOneNateF: hmm sounds interesting. dont know what it is or what would cause it03:00
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: yes, but I always tell the bootloader to install to the os partition.03:00
arvind_khadriKleidersack, as ubuntu auto configures the grub03:00
NateFlol, do you know if i can send Ubuntu an email or something to tell them about the proablem?03:00
arvind_khadriKleidersack, there you did a mistake,grub is totally different from MBR!!!!!03:00
gogetaNateF im wondering abought your cds03:00
IdleOneNateF: this would be the best place to get the problem solved. you can also try searching on the ubuntu forums03:01
NateFlol, i checked tthe CD's twice03:01
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: if you do that with windows ntldr you have to jump through hoops - using grub on the mbr is much better and easier03:01
gogetaNateFif there not just no good03:01
arvind_khadriKleidersack, how can grub now boot or show up as it wont be called first!!!03:01
Flannel!bugs | NateF03:01
ubotuNateF: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:01
NateFthere CD-R's03:01
NateFok thanks03:01
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: yes, but grub in the mbr doesn't make real sense...03:01
IdleOneNateF: try burning on a brand new cd and see if that helps03:01
gogetaNateF woa03:01
NateFa new CD-R or CD+R03:01
IdleOneNateF: I know that when I have used a cd more then once I always get errors03:02
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: sorry?03:02
arvind_khadriKleidersack, oh really those were the official ways though03:02
gogetaNateF from a new iso03:02
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: yes it does - I explained earlier that only a tiny part of grub goes in the mbr - the rest is later stages03:02
gogetaNateF compared the md5 to03:02
NateFwell, i have school tomorow, so im going to start the download tehen go to bed03:02
gogetaNateF make shure its not cruppted03:02
marckiecan anybody change grub visual?03:02
NateFhow do i do the MD503:02
arvind_khadrithoreauputic_, how can grub be seen from inside of a geometry ,MBR wont detect anything other that Windows03:02
IdleOne!md5 | NateF03:02
ubotuNateF: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:02
MrGnuHi Guys, Im running into an issue with Kde.  I am running into an error with insur1 temporary directories are full, check installation.  I googled this, but I could not find a solution, any ideas?  I installed KDE  via Terminal, sudo apt-get install kubuntu03:03
NateFTHANKS ubot!03:03
NateFis that a bot or a real person?03:03
StarnestommyNateF: a bot03:03
gogetaIdleOne he has both a lice cd and server failing03:03
gogetaIdleOne live03:03
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: yes, by default it'splaced there and kicked by windows... but if you place grub to the bootsector of you linux part you can reenable it by setting the linux part active using windows program "diskpart"  without any further tools03:03
thoreauputic_arvind_khadri: the code in the mbr loads stage 1.5 of grub, or whatever the right number is (I would have to look it up)03:03
MrGnuWEll I wish I was, anyone know the answer?>03:03
IdleOneNateF: how new is this pc?03:03
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: Ah well that may be so - I don't know that method03:04
NateFumm 200103:04
IdleOneNateF: ok not hardware issue then03:04
gogetaIdleOne is if his hd is craping out03:05
NateFwell, ill re download and burn tomorow i got school tomorow :(03:05
adam__hello, i am thinking of upgrading to the beta, and i have a toshiba with the weird graphics (intel) and i was wondering if i will have to do the bios hack to get the graphics to work correctly?03:05
arvind_khadriKleidersack, grub boots first not the MBR03:05
gogetaIdleOne it was a vfs ata error03:05
NateFthe ata errors are gone now03:05
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: sounds like an inflexible method - what if you have say, a triple boot?03:05
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: MBR code is executed first... if grub is in the mbr, then it's executed.03:05
gogetaNateF if thats true start the live cd :)03:05
Scuniziadam__: without knowing specifically what the card is.. there won't be anyone answering.03:05
bmk789is a load of 10 not good?03:06
NateFlol, i did, the live CD gets stuck03:06
caveymaso1is there any way of having diff wallpapers on each of my desktops?03:06
adam__Scunizi, its the intel 94503:06
felipe__!tell me about grub03:06
gogetaNateF then thers still a issue03:06
IdleOneNateF: at what point does it get stuck?03:06
IdleOne!grub | felipe_03:06
ubotufelipe_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:06
arvind_khadriKleidersack, yeah thats what am saying ...but how the hell can MBR see the grub when it doesnt what a ext3 FS is03:06
NateFumm, when i go to install, the status bar freezes03:06
Scuniziadam__: I think that should be supported now and Hardy should be even better.03:06
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: only a tiny part of grub is installed to the mbr - the rest is where you put it :)03:06
adam__Scunizi, thank you, i will go ahead and do it tomorrow, as i will surf tonight...03:06
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: now, I have to use a bootloader, but bootloader in the mbr is a bit messy... especially for dell,ibm and verious laptops..03:06
IdleOneNateF: how long have you waited for it to unstick?03:07
=== bay is now known as disdov
Scuniziadam__: are you on the live cd now?03:07
NateFumm, about 25-26 hours03:07
adam__Scunizi, no, i am on ubuntu ultimate 1.603:07
thoreauputic_arvind_khadri: the part in the mbr knows just enough to find grub - the rest happens after that03:07
gogetaNateF lol yea stuck03:07
Kleidersackarvind_khadri: mbr doesn't care the fs - it just looks for an active partition and loads the first (boot) sector.03:07
Scuniziadam__: ah.. ok.. so are you going to beta of ultimate?03:07
IdleOneNateF: yeah that should be long enough. lol. ok go to bed and work on it tomorrow. school is more important03:07
thoreauputic_arvind_khadri: grub is pretty smart actually :)03:07
gogetaNateF i would md5 those isos make shure something isnt wrong there03:07
adam__Scunizi, no, im going to the plain ubuntu beta, 8.0403:07
NateFwell ill redownload then check all the info03:08
NateFill be back on tomorow03:08
arvind_khadrithoreauputic_, thats what am trying to prove03:08
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: grub doesn't look for "active" - it finds kernels03:08
Scuniziadam__: you might consider just installing gutsy and when hardy is released (and fully functional) just upgrade through synaptic.. it will prompt you for the upgrade.03:08
gogetaNateF sometimes they go bad realy the case with ones that have been there a wile03:08
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: in fact if you have it on a floppy you can run it that way and it will show a list03:09
cirkit|lappyI've installed libdvdcss and win32codecs, I am unable to play a copyrighted DVD movie. Medibuntu repository has been added with the necessary software installed. Has anyone seen this issue before?03:09
adam__Scunizi, nah, i want to get off of the unsupported ultimate03:09
gogetaNateF or even your download manager can do it03:09
adam__Scunizi, and build it myself03:09
Scuniziadam__: gotcha03:09
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: yes, but my problem is to let the mbr load grub, because it seems not to work with logical drives, but works fine with primary partitions.03:09
NateFhow do i make sure the download manager is fine?03:09
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: alternatively you point it at another bootloader to chainload03:09
IdleOnewhere does rhythmbox save playlists?03:09
NateFim using FireFoz03:09
adam__Scunizi, there are alot of things on this ultimate, that i dont need, use, or have a use for... so i want to dump it,streamline an install, and start fresh, windows free03:09
gogetaNateF yea i had ff cruppt one once03:09
Scuniziadam__: :)03:10
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: I have no idea what you mean - grub finds logical drives just fine03:10
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: now, if nothing works i'll let the windows bootloader to chainload grub; a bit messy...03:10
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: but i need grub to be found.03:10
_NetUbuntu comes with GCC compiler right?03:10
adam__Scunizi, thanks for your help i do appreciate it, and will see ya later,03:10
Scuniziadam__: c-ya03:10
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: i don't want put grub to the mbr.03:10
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: how on earth did you complicate matters so much? If you just follow the standard ways grub works fine03:11
drewbyHello, are there any tools available to ubuntu to determine whether or not a video is encoded in MPEG4 - Part 10 versus MPEG4 - Part 2 (in other words H.264 versus Divx)?03:11
gogetaKleidersack supergrub live cd/floppy03:11
arvind_khadri_Net, yeah03:11
gogetaKleidersack you can rebuild it with that easly03:11
cirkit|lappyNevermind it works, had to re-insert the disc after installing the necessary files.03:11
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: I cannot see what the problem is with having grub on mbr03:11
arvind_khadrithoreauputic_, :) thats whats so messy03:11
gogetaKleidersack w same disk you c an even restore the mbr to stock windows03:12
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: unfortunately it's not so simple if you want to use dell and ibm computers with it's own tools-partitions03:12
arvind_khadriKleidersack, i think #grub would be more interested in what you are doing03:12
gogetaKleidersack well i told you how to fix it03:12
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: ah, so dell do something stupid with their partitions. I see :)03:13
caveymaso1is there any way of having different wallpapers on each of my desktops?03:13
Kleidersackgogeta: the problem is to load grub from an logical drive... i have rebuilded it several times.03:13
drewbyHow can I determine the codec of a given video file?03:13
Synclairhey I have a question that it's server related03:13
gogetaKleidersack what you do is backup the dell mbr to a safe place03:13
nanotraderare there any communities of france here??03:13
TangentBuntuhow do I change the home directory of a user via command line?03:13
gogetaKleidersack thers stuff out there that can do that03:13
caveymaso1lol they need to do something about this chanel its getting to big03:13
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: not really - the bios can set the tools partition active if you ran in trouble... but unfortunatelly it only works with a standard mbr code, because grub ignores the active flag03:14
ScuniziSynclair: ask...away..03:14
StarnestommyTangentBuntu: sudo usermod -d /new/home/dir username03:14
nanotraderplease, someone, i want to tlak to french people03:14
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: How do you suppose the millions of people running linux on Dell seem to manage to configure grub so easily?03:14
TangentBuntuomg usermod03:14
Kleidersackgogeta: sorry?03:14
Synclairokey, I have a server running ubuntu 7.1003:14
Starnestommy!fr | nanotrader03:14
ubotunanotrader: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.03:14
Scunizi!fr | nanotrader03:14
arvind_khadri!fr | nanotrader03:14
TangentBuntuStarnestommy: thank you03:14
gogetaKleidersack you can backup a mbr03:14
caveymaso1diff wallpapers anyone?03:14
Scunizi!fr | nanotrader03:14
StarnestommyTangentBuntu: you may need to move the stuff in that user's old home directory to the new one03:14
Kleidersackgogeta: but i need to run it each time before running in grub03:15
gogetaKleidersack err no03:15
Synclairthe thing is that I need my server to accept people logging in from a certain domain.. It's an ADS (Active Directory) and the thing is that I need to bind samba to the domain03:15
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: loosing the possibility to activate the tools partition by bios... the same for lenovo reparation button afaik03:15
gogetaKleidersack grub will setup for other oses03:15
Kleidersackgogeta: but ignore the active flag03:16
Synclairfor example, if a client wants to download or upload certain files to the server, he would have to input his user and password from the domain to the system (then the server would authenticate with the domain controller)03:16
ScuniziSynclair: so it's really an Active Directory thing.. someone here might know.. or over at #ubuntu-server .. the guys that deal with this all the time.03:16
TangentBuntuStarnestommy: it's just to give someone an FTP account to the webserver03:16
gogetaKleidersack so03:16
TangentBuntuno files have been there in the first place, Starnestommy03:16
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: hmm - OK. I only run linux so I guess a lot of this is not relevant to me - have you tried googling for the problem ?03:16
gogetaKleidersack well i have a suggestion for you03:16
RequinB4How can I make control+alt+delte open my system moniter03:16
gogetaKleidersack a wubi install03:17
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: yes, but don't have enough keyword to get a smart result03:17
Kleidersackgogeta: sorry?03:17
gogetaKleidersack it uses both the windows partation and boot loader03:17
ScuniziRequinB4: you ought to have it pull up a graphic that says  by by MS03:17
caveymaso1has anyone been successfull with multiple wallpapers? like diff wallpapers on each workspace?03:17
Synclairno response @ #ubuntu-server03:17
Kleidersackgogeta: you mean a bootloader?03:17
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: have you tried ubuntu+dell+tools+partition+grub  for example ?03:18
gogetaKleidersack http://wubi-installer.org/ its built in 8.04 but for 7.10 go there03:18
ScuniziRequinB4: seriously.. why not just put the sys monitor on the upper bar of the screen?03:18
RequinB4Scunizi - Maybe i'll do that on another machine :P  But i'm fixing my freind's laptop and he wanted an easily accessable system moniter03:18
zutmei have an onboard soundcard and a discrete soundcard. how can i choose which one I want to use? It defaulted to my onboard for some reason03:18
RequinB4Scunizi - security, i think03:18
gogetaKleidersack all you need to do is restore the windows boot sector03:18
Kleidersackgogeta: i have already installed ubuntu03:18
ScuniziRequinB4: don't know how that would make any difference..03:19
gogetaKleidersack well you dont wanna mod it03:19
gogetaKleidersack this would work for you03:19
Kleidersackgogeta: no, not really... my windows bootsector is fine... but i don't want grub in the mbr...03:19
RequinB4Scunizi - oh, you mean on the toolbar?  That would be last ditch03:19
ScuniziRequinB4: right click bar.. select "Add to Panel" and attach it.. then you're done..03:19
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: I just tried that and got some hits that look as if they could help03:19
gogetaKleidersack readit does not use grub03:19
RequinB4Scunizi - THanks for the suggestion, but it would still be nice to get the keyboard shortcut03:20
highwayzutme, can't you just disable the on-board sound card in the bios?03:20
Kleidersackgogeta: as far as i can see, wubi is just an installer... isn't it?03:21
ScuniziRequinB4: there ought to be a way to put it in System/Preferences/Keyboard Shortcuts.. but there's lots of stuff there and no "Add" button03:21
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: another google search for you:  ntldr+boot+linux+howto03:21
ScuniziRequinB4: maybe in the conf file for that app.03:21
gogetaKleidersack ir installes in a image file inside windows and uses the windows boot loader03:21
zutmehighway, i suppose I could, but that's kind of a hack isn't it? I should be able to select it somehow wouldn't you think?03:21
RequinB4Scunizi - yeah, i asked here because the one thing i'm dissapointed about ubuntu was a lack of GUI keyboart shortcut changes03:21
lolzhey there. i'm running ubuntu from the boot disk and i am considering formating my current windows hd and using ubuntu full-time, cus it is much better. my question is, me and a friend are coding a website, ubuntu can edit .html / .php files correct?03:21
gogetaKleidersack no partations or grub03:21
danageanybody have good instructions on how to compile hostap drivers and modprobe them into the kernel? i don't know how to compile JUST the drivers...03:22
gogetaKleidersack your only other option are install it on the bootsector a floppy or a usb drive03:22
highwaythere might be another way, but if you don't need the on-board, why leave it on?03:22
thoreauputic_lolz: of course :) Any number of editors can handle those03:22
fyrmediclolz yup no problem. I think the package is Quanta or bluefish. Or you can use a content management system and not worry about it.03:22
lolzis there a application, alike dreamweaver for ubunut?03:22
Kleidersackgogeta: oh, nice idea... but my problem is to get grub running, because i don't have windows on each computer to install... but there are plenty dell / lenovo / other manufactures using the active-feature...03:23
gogetaKleidersack if you wanna avoide the primary mbr03:23
thoreauputic_lolz: closest would be kompozer03:23
thoreauputic_!info kompozer hardy03:23
ScuniziRequinB4: check this out.. http://blog.laptopmag.com/keyboard-shortcuts-in-linux-success03:23
ubotukompozer (source: kompozer): Complete Web Authoring System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.10-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 8438 kB, installed size 26008 kB03:23
lolzif i do pation my current hd. how big would you say teh smallest i could get away with ubuntu?03:23
Kleidersackgogeta: active-flag works fine for primary partitions...03:23
lolzin gigabytes.03:23
gogetaKleidersack just dont get it do you03:23
danageanybody have good instructions on how to compile hostap drivers and modprobe them into the kernel? i don't know how to compile JUST the drivers...03:23
Kleidersackgogeta: sorry?03:24
gogetaKleidersack linux does not need activ03:24
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: have you actually tried the searches I suggested?03:24
Kleidersackgogeta: the active flag tells the standard mbr code, which bootsector to load...03:24
lolzwhat's a good (preferably low) hd size for ubuntu?03:24
gogetaKleidersack you should be able to bot any partation with grub even recovery03:24
danagelolz: 2gb03:24
lolzwill 2gb do?03:25
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: you are approaching this from a totally non-linux angle03:25
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: searched for "mbr grub extended partition" before asking here...03:25
lolzalright thanks a lot guyz.03:25
RequinB4thanks much Scunizi03:25
ScuniziRequinB4: np.. :)03:25
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: an extended partition is just a container03:25
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: sorry, but i'm not going to write my own mbr bootloader...03:25
gogetaKleidersack just point it to the partation and hit enter03:25
sunyorewhois anthony03:25
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: *cough* who said you needed to?03:26
gogetaKleidersack you cant add the line eh /dev/hda303:26
tygerdoes anyone know how to install colinux in ubuntu?03:26
thoreauputic_gogeta: don't bother, he has a hearing difficulty, poor chap03:26
gogetathoreauputic_: hes fearing losing acess to recovery partations on a dell03:26
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: that's the OSS angle - you need something and can't find it? So just develope it :-)03:26
sjovancan anyone recomend a prog to finde the keyframes in a avi? avidemux sucks teh balls in linux03:27
Kleidersackgogeta: not only on dell - many manufactures works with such things.03:27
gogetaKleidersack i give up bro03:27
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:27
gogetaKleidersack read03:27
amenadohttp://mirror.href.com/thestarman/asm/mbr/PartTables.htm  <-- mbr break down to bytes03:27
gogetaKleidersack if you cant get that windows thinking tossed i hate to say it linux is not for you03:29
gogetaKleidersack grub can load any partation03:29
ng0nwhere do you guys go for VISTA help.  I know.  It sux.  Just curious.03:29
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents03:29
Kleidersackgogeta: I know... I used grub and lilo to switch master/slave harddisks and so on... but there is no feature (afaik) to tell grub to look for the active flag... or i haven't found it in the documentation03:30
gogetaKleidersack omg03:30
gogetaKleidersack you dont need to03:30
Kleidersackgogeta: what?03:30
Daisuke_Idong0n, check /dev/null for windows help :\03:31
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: your problem is this: you already think you know how it is done, and are therefore deaf to any help that contradicts your preconceived idea03:31
Kleidersackon my old pc i let grub run windows on the second harddisk simulating it was the first (swapping)03:31
gogetathat guy has no concept of bootloader03:31
PoeHave a question... when I select ubuntu from my bootload after a fresh install it goes to a black screen... and the only way I can get it going is a safe boot and launch gdm through the command03:32
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: that sound you hear is hundreds of keyboards adding you to the /ignore list, I'm afraid...03:32
Poeanyone have an idea where I should go?03:33
Daisuke_IdoKleidersack, just because that's how you did it before doesn't mean that's how it's done now, gogeta told you where to look for help with grub.  i use a dell, it works fine, end of discussion03:33
PoeI mean where I should start03:33
ricanelitewhy is that the windows are so big in Ubuntu? Like I have the right screen resolution which is 1280x720 like I have notice that in windows vista, xp there are so much smaller03:33
Daisuke_IdoPoe, at this point, no one wants me telling them where to go, trust me.03:33
gogetaDaisuke_Ido he said his grub is blackscreening lol03:34
PoeLol... im sorry?03:34
gogetaPoe i would check your menu.list03:34
Poehow and for what gogeta?03:35
gogetaPoe just sounds like its pointed to a bad spot03:35
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: Now, you are telling me to install grub to the mbr, but I don't know how to tell grub to look, for the active flag.03:35
Daisuke_Idoit doesn't need to03:35
Daisuke_Idoyou were told that too03:35
Poeshould I try a fresh reinstall?03:35
Poethis is the first time ive tried to boot it also...03:36
gogetaPoe boot safemode and looks in /boot/grub03:36
KleidersackDaisuke_Ido: can you run your tools partition from bios-menu?03:36
Daisuke_IdoKleidersack, i can03:36
Daisuke_Idono, not the bios03:36
Daisuke_Idogrub picks it up as a bottable partition03:36
danageKleidersack: there are plenty of guides in the ubuntu wiki on how to configure grub03:36
Daisuke_Idoand works just fine03:36
gogetaPoe the normel boot should point in the same place without all the options03:36
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: that's what I mean about preconceived ideas...03:36
ricaneliteis there a way to make a default window size? for all applications I open?03:36
danageyou should read some, and with the acquired knowledge, ask a qualified question here03:36
gogetaDaisuke_Ido i ran that circle with him to many times03:37
danagegogeta: do you know a good kernel recompiling guide for ubuntu?03:37
Daisuke_Idogogeta, i'm beginning to see that...03:37
Poeok... shouldnt a sucsessful install boot correctly from the beginning?03:38
gogetaDaisuke_Ido: he doesent understand his bios have knothing to do witrh it the bios are doing the same thing grub does change the bot order03:38
thoreauputic_Daisuke_Ido: There are certain people who are sort of human black holes ;)03:38
gogetaDaisuke_Ido and the line makeactiv shhhh03:38
Daisuke_Idothoreauputic_, i'm seeing that as well03:39
gogetaDaisuke_Ido if hes that conserned make a friggen backup if by some mircle 1202 people are wrong03:40
Kleidersack_thoreauputic_: if something goes wrong with the pc and i can't boot the machine, the dell hotline tells me to run the tools-partition. If something went wrong with the linuix partition I can't do this and they tell me to run there f*** tools first; i want avoid this situation.03:41
gogeta"slams hjead"03:42
* amenado provides soft pillow to gogeta03:42
gogetaamenado lol any mader and i start swaring03:42
Mex_tuxI need help!! I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and at last I could install the Broadcom driver. My question is: Do I have to type always this --> modprobe bmc43xx in order to make my wireless card work???03:43
gogetaim saying this one last time grub will load your friggen tools other dell users confermed this aruldy03:43
amenadoMex_tux-> if you know any other way, let me know.. :P03:43
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: I rarely give this as a link, but I make an exception occasionally:  http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html03:43
gogetathoreauputic_ owned03:44
shiraI'm having problems with vinagre. When I use vncviewer, I'm able to connect, but not w/ vinagre. any ideas?03:44
bhigginsanyone have any luck with soundmax on sony vgn subnotebooks? every other system component works flawlessly in 7.1003:44
mutkthoreauputic_, Didn't esr declare his allegience with Ubuntu at some point?03:44
xopeyhas anyone gotten a bluetooth phone tethered in ubuntu using pppd to dialup?03:45
javbusing ubuntu 7.10, using normal visual effects, it works very nice, but, after a while working, it starts freezing for about 5 - 8 seconds, every 10 - 20 minutes... i disable visual effects, and perfect. Any ideas?03:45
thoreauputic_mutk: didn't hear much from him since, but yes he switched from Fedora, or so he said at the time03:45
Mex_tuxIs there any way to load a module on startup?03:45
thoreauputic_mutk: I think he got involved with Linspire03:45
gogetaMex_tux yep add it to rc.d03:45
gogetacMex_tux or init.d03:45
thoreauputic_Mex_tux: the Debian Way (TM) is to put it in /etc/modules03:46
gogetathoreauputic_ linspire (jump off clif)03:46
Kleidersack_gogeta: the last time a broken ram caused an unreadable ext3 (so grub couldn't load its menu.lst). I had to restore the standard MBR to make the dell folks statisfied and send me new rams...03:46
thoreauputic_gogeta: /etc/modules is a better pot for bootup modules03:46
=== Yasumoto_ is now known as Yasumoto
gogetathoreauputic it shure is03:47
sheikpunki have a problem... with wireless conection on ubuntu.03:47
gogetathoreauputic guess im still mad03:47
thoreauputic_gogeta: heh :)03:47
sheikpunkafter conection...03:47
sheikpunkautomatic disconect..03:48
cogenoHas anyone had problems with SD Cards (or any other USB dick) giving false reports of being full?03:48
gogetathoreauputicm alsmost makes you wanna to the rm joke03:48
sheikpunk1, 2 minutes after conected...03:48
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
cogenoI've tried formatting the card, and Thunar will report that there's something like 1.3GB left, but will still say it's full03:48
sheikpunkmy laptop use chipset native rtl818703:49
Kleidersack_cogeno: do you have the permisions to write on it?03:49
sjovanokay... i just figured out the problem. this is redicules. ---> mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -ss 00:00:16 -endpos 00:16:20 -o "dfadsga.avi" "fadsfa.avi" <---- -endpos command thinks about the new time. so since it's cut from 16 seconds from the start every thing is 16 seconds off. how can i fix this?03:49
thoreauputic_gogeta: no, that one should *never* be done :(03:49
cogenoKleidersack_: Yes. It's like I can only put something like 600MB on a 2GB card03:49
gogetathoreauputic to him03:49
shiraI'm having problems with vinagre. When I use vncviewer, I'm able to connect, but not w/ vinagre. any ideas?03:49
gogetathoreauputic i  think its justfyed03:49
gogetacogeno did you partation the card lol03:50
Kleidersack_cogeno: how many files?03:50
gogetacogeno you would wanna make it just 1 and format it03:51
gogetacogeno get all 2gb03:51
cogenoGogeta: But it's saying it03:51
cogeno's a 2GB partition03:51
cogenoIt still says there's 1.3GB left on the card03:51
gogetacogeno then its not ful03:51
cogenoBut still says it's full if I try to put anything on it03:51
Kleidersack_cogeno: How many files do you want to write on your disk - there are limitations...03:51
gogetacogeno i would say bad opartation table03:52
gogetacogeno reformat the card03:52
cogenoWell, if I use my camera as the reader, I can do whatever I please with it03:52
cogenoI mean03:52
cogenoIf I record videos onto the SD card witht he camera,03:52
cogenoIt will do so no problem03:52
cogenoand I've already reformatted the card03:52
gogetacogeno humm03:52
gogetacogeno sounds like some weard driver issue03:53
cogenoand I ahd a similar issue with a 1GB card03:53
gogetacogeno may be a issue w your reader03:53
gogetacogeno aka bad buggy driver03:53
cogenoTried different installs, tried a different card reader03:54
gogetacogeno have you tryed tehering the cam and see03:54
cogenoie. It was doing this with the install before I made a bad typo with dd03:54
gogetausing it as a reader03:54
cogenogogeta: I am using the cam as a reader03:54
gogetacogeno dd error03:54
Kleidersack_cogeno: try to delete one file create a folder and place other files in this folder...03:55
cogenoNo, I mean the reason I had to reinstall was because I made a typo in dd, overwriting my HD03:55
gogetacogeno that can make all kinds of wearnedd03:55
=== Kleidersack_ is now known as Kleidersack
cogenoI've got 111 files on iyt03:56
cogenoI'll try the folder thing, though03:56
gogetacogeno lol at least you have a real issue that other buy made me wanna go burn down a ms server farm for letting such stupid users pick up a pc >:o03:58
gogetacogeno i gotta admit im stumped on that03:59
earthmeLonAnybody know if gnump3d works nicely with the ps3?04:01
gogetaearthmeLon unsupported04:02
gogetaearthmeLon thats power pc04:02
* Kleidersack gives gogeta a lighter04:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ps3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:02
gogetaearthmeLon your goona heave to search around the ps3 linux fouurms or irc04:03
velasco-keltoihello guys04:04
velasco-keltoidoes anyone know how to import an object file to python and use its functions??04:05
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jribvelasco-keltoi: #python is a more appropriate channel for that question04:07
cogenogogeta: what stupid problem04:07
gogeta+o thoreauputic_  oh no04:08
velasco-keltoijrib: sorry... wrong channel04:08
thoreauputic_gogeta: only to edit the /topic :)04:08
=== c is now known as Charitwo
MrStevethis Ubuntu can do things.. Windows cannot04:09
thoreauputic_gogeta: don't worry, I probably have the shortest ban list on freenode ;-)04:09
gogetathoreauputic_ lol did you change that just to get that guy lol04:09
Kleidersackyes, only me, right thoreauputic_ ?04:09
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: I didn't ban you :) I didn't even silence you ;)04:10
cogenoBTW, creating  a new folder appears to be working04:10
gogetathoreauputic_ oh you should04:10
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: yes, tried to make a joke, sorry04:10
dannywhat's the shortcut to open a terminal?  my panels just disappeared when i logged in :[04:10
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: no worries :)04:10
Kleidersackdanny: alt+f2 and xterm?04:10
cogenoOne nice thing about Linux: Don't have to worry about making copies of a shitload of files if I accidentally drag them a bit when adding items to my selection04:11
dannykleidersack: alt+f2 isn't doing anything :/04:11
* Pelo has been pirating ubuntu , making copies and giving them away to ppl 04:11
ericrwhello.  I'm trying to install Hardy into a chroot via debootstrap (from an existing system)...04:12
RequinB4PELO how could you04:12
ericrwand it keeps freezing on installing console-setup04:13
ericrwI've been installing all versions of debian and ubuntu via this method, until now..04:13
* IndyGunFreak thinks Pelo should be reported for pirating ubuntu04:13
RequinB4Pelo: by the way, where can I find a copy of the GPL thats embedded inside an ubuntu install04:13
RequinB4Yeah, they are cutting into canoical's profits on cd sales!04:14
PeloRequinB4, it's probably on the cd , somewhere04:14
PeloRequinB4, do a locate gpl on it04:14
gogetaPelo pirate!! im calling the dcma police!!!04:14
earthmeLonThanks.  I am using Mediatomb as a mediaserver to view movies on my ps3.  Here is an awesome tutorial for anybody interested http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/columns/upnp_mediatomb_ps3_and_me04:14
atlefcanonical should drm the iso's04:15
RequinB4Pelo - I'm afraid of the inevitable windows administrater at some cyber cafe trying to report me for giving away software04:15
fbcCould someone get me clue as to why this nautilus script does not execute? http://pastebin.ca/99155404:16
gogetaRequinB4 yea those ms police beating suck04:16
trinity93god for bid you try and sell one on ebay <giggle>04:16
PeloRequinB4, I wouldn't be surprised04:16
BassoonIs there a WINE package that is downloadable instead of accessed through the console?04:16
gogetaRequinB4 piratebay(ebay)04:17
mshadlehas anyone here had any I/O issues with disks freezing in hardy/kernel 2.4.24-16-server?04:17
gogetafunny couse it has a dubble meaning04:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wine-doors - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:17
trinity93i had a friend that sold stuff on a site called ebanned04:18
atlefBassoon: see if wine-doors is what you are looking for04:18
RequinB4well, the gpl allows people to sell the product as a service for distrubuting/compiling so long as the source code is given freely, so I suppose you could just sell it for $0.0104:18
BassoonThanks, atlef.04:18
gogetaRequinB4 iv seen those ebay scamers selling linux disk befor04:19
Joesephis there a way I can run ubuntu with just the kernel?04:19
thoreauputic_RequinB4: Open the Gnome help and type "gpl" in the search box - it's there under gpl manual04:19
gogetaRequinB4 and plenty of lame sites04:19
RequinB4I beleive that too04:19
gogetaJoeseph yes a minumal install using the alt disk04:19
gogetaJoeseph very basics04:19
fbcJoeseph, yeah I believe the server versionis about a stripped as it can get.04:19
trinity93i find it interesting though that the FSF says on there site that you only have to give the source to your customers is your selling software04:19
gogetafbc min even more so04:20
RyanMMmmm, I've a question concerning HH - anyone got a sec? :\04:20
saurabhAmarnath: u from India???04:20
fbcgogeta, yeah, I forgot about that install04:20
nethakzfrom what i understand selling things for gpl you generally charge for the support or extra parts that aren't gpl'd04:20
RequinB4thoreauputic_: thanks much04:20
fbcgogeta, could you give me clue as to why this nautilus script does not execute? http://pastebin.ca/99155404:20
RequinB4If it ever happens, i can't wait to see the look on someone's face04:21
trinity93well you dont have to make the download avaliable to any one but a paying customer04:21
gogetafbc never to gracefull with scripts04:21
nethakztrinity93, the thing is though, you open the source for one paying customer he can go around and change one small thing and make it available for frree.04:21
gogetafbc you made it executable rite04:22
trinity93well yes04:22
trinity93hell he dosent even have to change anything04:22
RequinB4nethakz - easier said then done04:22
RyanMHas anyone run into garbled sound issues on Hardy Heron?04:23
eduardo!hardy | RyanM04:23
ubotuRyanM: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:23
fbcgogeta, yeah04:23
Joesephgogeta: I just wanted to run a pure terminal once-   Xorg is crashing my system when I run some sort of gui.04:23
RyanMMy mistake, thanks.04:23
eduardono prob04:23
fyrmedicHow do I add screen resolutions to use without doing a complete dpkg-reconfigure?04:24
gogetaJoeseph if you can get to a prompt ctrl alt f1 just stop gdm04:24
eduardofyrmedic: right click your desktop04:24
RequinB4nethakz - consider crossover, whose source is freely available on the net.  Most people who know enough to compile will probably a) not re-distribute in an effort to support the devs or b) just take what they need from teh source04:24
gogetaJoeseph you will be in text mode at ctrl alt f104:24
jnetfreshmexhi i'm new here and had some questions about my dvd playback on ubuntu04:24
eduardofyrmedic: ahh, no my bad nvm04:24
fbcgogeta, I styled it exactly after an existing script, so I don't see the problem... I setup the permissions exactly like the other scripts, etc.04:25
fyrmediceduardo: no worries.04:25
thoreauputic_!ask| jnetfreshmex04:25
Joesephthanks gogeta04:25
ubotujnetfreshmex: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:25
trinity93i find the stock pkg with the wine tricks script will handel most things well04:25
gogetafbc did yea try sh scropt.sh04:25
jnetfreshmexok thanks sorry04:25
fbcgogeta, nope.. I'll try..04:25
thoreauputic_jnetfreshmex: no need - I just wanted you to know you can go ahead and ask :)04:26
thoreauputic_jnetfreshmex: that factoid probably needs a bit of editing actually ;)04:26
jnetfreshmexwhen i put a dvd in the playback is slow and fails immediately after that. i can't watch any movies on it.04:26
atlefjnetfreshmex: what player?04:27
IndyGunFreakeh.. use VLC..04:27
atlefjnetfreshmex: have you tried any other04:27
gogetafbc thats just manuly telling ash its a script04:28
fbcgogeta, it didn't work... hmm04:28
trinity93mplayer is much better04:28
jnetfreshmexno i haven't04:28
gogetafbc eh worth a shot04:28
jessidHello. I have been a happy Ubuntu user since at least 2 years. Now I realize that Ubuntu can be installed in a Xbox 360, but my question is: how useful is that? would I be able to read the original Xbox 360  dvds if i install ubuntu in that device????04:28
atleftrinity93: !best04:28
RequinB4!best | IRequinB4 would suggest VLC, but04:28
ubotuIRequinB4 would suggest VLC, but: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:28
gogetafbc pretty shure you did ./ rite04:28
ninjaslimi need to reset the configuration for my wireless network, how would i do this04:28
trinity93yea VLC is fancy gui wise04:28
trinity93but mplayer is da bomb04:28
* IndyGunFreak hates mplayer04:28
Iced_Eaglejessid: Do you have a link that the 360 can have Linux installed on it? I haven't heard of it.04:29
trinity93it will play just about anything04:29
fbcgogeta,  no i can't because I'm right clicking on a file and selecting to run the script on it.04:29
gogeta< loves mplayer04:29
gogetafbc lol04:29
Iced_EagleEven if it did, I'm sure you could "read" the discs just as you could read them in Linux or Windows now04:29
trinity93ibm 360?04:29
Iced_Eaglewouldn't be too useful I don't think04:29
kelvin911why some divx movies flick when playing in vlc or mplayer?04:29
jessidIced_Eagle you can even watch videos of ho to install it in youtube04:29
IndyGunFreaktrinity93, vlc will play everything mplayer will04:29
gogetaIndyGunFreak < wrong04:30
Iced_Eaglehm, cool I'll go check that out now. Thanks for the heads up04:30
jnetfreshmexso i would just pick one, say mplayer, and dl then install it?04:30
kelvin911those movies dont flick when i play them with vlc in windows04:30
ninjaslimi need to reset the configuration for my wireless network, how would i do this04:30
gogetaIndyGunFreak vlc cant handel rmvb04:30
gogetaIndyGunFreak mplayer can04:30
gogetaIndyGunFreak thats abought it thow04:30
atlefjnetfreshmex: use add/remove programs in the menu04:30
kelvin911why some divx movies flick when playing in vlc or mplayer in ubuntu04:30
IndyGunFreaki've never had a need for rmvb04:30
trinity93mplayer will also play cue/bin files directly04:30
gogetakelvin911 compiz can make it do that04:30
jnetfreshmexok i'll try it04:31
gogetakelvin911 enable direct rendering in mplayer or turn off compiz04:31
ninjaslimi need to reset the configuration for my wireless network, how would i do this04:31
Max_-Since I installed CCSM and turned on most of the features, I can't anymore write words in the dictionnary item in one of my panels... when I click on it, it won't focus on it... like if it wasn't there.. but I can still use the middle button to paste in it.. I just can't press enter and get a definition... another thing is I can't anymore use my mouse wheel to change desktop using the desktop grid04:31
Max_-in the panel04:31
SeaPhorfyrmedic, #sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:31
Iced_EagleHm wow, I haven't heard of that king kong shader hack in forever! Didn't realize anything ever came from that04:31
trinity93compz is a cluster f#%k04:31
thoreauputic_jnetfreshmex: it's also *just* possible the dma is not on for your cd/dvd drive ( unlikely since it is usually done automatically)04:32
fyrmedicSeaPhor; I was trying to avoid that. But if that is the only way, thank you.04:32
ninjaslimi need to reset the configuration for my wireless network, how would i do this04:32
trinity93useing it is rather unintuitive04:32
SeaPhorfyrmedic, that is with the res only04:32
SeaPhorfyrmedic, the -phigh04:32
trinity93emeriald bits even more04:32
fyrmedicSeaPhor; oh cool thanks.04:33
gogetaninjaslim if you mean the keychain you just delete it04:33
kelvin911gogeta: so it is compiz that is causing the flick?04:33
thecnowhat is the comand to join in another channer?04:33
ninjaslimgogeta: keychain no i mean configuration for my wireless internet one of the interfaces04:34
gogetakelvin911 yea mine did on anything not direct renderd04:34
kelvin911is there a way i can have compiz enabled and get good video?04:34
RequinB4thecyno /join #channell04:34
gogetakelvin911 yep04:34
gogetakelvin911 turn direct rendering on in mplayer04:34
kelvin911direct rendering?04:34
kelvin911what about in vlc?04:34
gogetakelvin911 no idea04:34
thecnon_n thanks you RequinB404:34
RequinB4hello ihmSelbst04:34
kelvin911default setting in mplayer has direct rendering diabled?04:34
ihmSelbstomg.. 5:35 am :/04:35
fluidAnyone know of a program that'll copy your ipod music to your computer?04:35
gogetakelvin911 i see some hardware option in vlc as well04:35
gogetakelvin911 pref output04:35
ihmSelbstfluid, wine >;)04:35
gogetakelvin911 and advanced you will see use hardware04:35
fluidNah.  I'll pass.04:36
RequinB4fluid - Exaile will put the music into a playlist, but really all you have to do is copy the folder from the mounted dir04:36
gogetakelvin911 video output module04:36
ninjaslimgogeta: keychain no i mean configuration for my wireless internet one of the interfaces04:36
gogetaninjaslim: wouldent that be in network04:36
craigbass1976I've got a bash script I wrote a long time ago that shrinks images.  Must have been with fedora or cent though, since there's no such command in Ubuntu as convert.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?04:37
=== kilrae-laptop_ is now known as kilrae-laptop
kelvin911when i click stop in mplayer i always get this gnome_screensaver_control() error04:37
gogetakelvin911 that just means its not stoping your screen saver04:37
ninjaslimgogeta: knetworkmanager, i changed a setting and it screwed up the wlan but i can't change it back, does it write to a config file cause if i can just delete that to rewrite config04:38
=== trinity93_ is now known as trinity93
fluidI guess I'm stingy.  I was hoping for something to rescue me.  I deleted all my mp3s.. so on the ipod, they'll be I0242.mp3 or such.04:38
dannyso, i can NOT get these panels to come back :[04:38
gogetaninjaslim i would hope so04:38
dannyalt+f2 won't open anything, i can't create a launcher or anything :/04:38
gogetaninjaslim have you trying doing to sudo04:38
kelvin911still flicking in mplayer04:38
gogetaninjaslim it should write a new config04:38
ninjaslimgogeta: no i'm asking you if you know of that file, where would it be, i'm a gentoo user i'm asking for a freind, at least for use config files are placed in conf.d04:39
gogetakelvin911 how bought dubble buffer04:39
kelvin911why when i play the game in dosbox, the screensaver will be on?04:39
gogetakelvin911 also change your render to opengl04:39
gogetakelvin911 or opengl204:39
kelvin911i have double buffering and direct rendering on04:39
kelvin911which video output is the best?04:39
gogetakelvin911 gl204:39
kelvin911openGL? direct? x11 ?04:39
ninjaslimgogeta: any ideas04:40
thoreauputic_danny: gnome-panel? Try diving into tty1 with ctrl+alt+F1, log in, and run "killall gnome-panel" , then see if they come back when you hit alt+F704:40
gogetakelvin911 opengl04:40
gogetakelvin911 if its to slow then direct04:40
dannythoreaputic_ when I do that, it says no process killed04:40
kelvin911then why the default setting isnt on openGL?04:40
gogetakelvin911 it can be slow on old systems04:40
thoreauputic_danny: are you sure alt+F2 does nothing? Sounds odd04:40
n-iCehow to remove a program completly?04:40
n-iCeapt-get remove program04:40
n-iCeand aptitude... ==04:41
thoreauputic_danny: what does "pidof gnome-panel" say ?04:41
dannythoreaputic_ doesn't do a thing, at least not that i can see.  for sure doesn't open terminal.  :/04:41
ninjaslimgogeta: any ideas04:41
gogetakelvin911 thers a good direct one to i cant rember the na,e04:41
thoreauputic_danny: if there's a number, use " kill PID number"04:41
gogetaninjaslim nope try it as su or do it wile the cards not activ04:41
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: why not "pkill gdm"?04:41
dannythoreaputic_ alright, gotta go to xserv or w/e to do that, can't open a dumb terminal :<04:41
kelvin911i try openGL2 still a bit flicking04:41
kelvin911maybe the movie is badly ripped04:42
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: because that is unnecessary.04:42
gogetakelvin911 could be04:42
kelvin911but it doesnt flick like this in windows04:42
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: and won't work without sudo anyway04:42
kelvin911at least not this visble04:42
thoreauputic_Kleidersack: and is a bazooka solution04:42
n-iCehow to uninstall and remove a package?? from the terminal04:42
gogetakelvin911 as i said thers another good direct mode xv i beleve04:42
Shadow420Kelvin what type of Video Card you have?04:42
Kleidersackthoreauputic_: sorry, I should read whole command :-(04:42
kelvin911i use xv b404:42
dannythoreaputic_ can i PM you?04:43
Shadow420gogeta sudo apt-get remove packagename04:43
thoreauputic_danny: keep it in channel so others can help and maybe learn too04:43
Starnestommyn-iCe: sudo apt-get remove packagename04:43
Shadow420n-iCe sudo apt-get remove packagename04:43
gogetanaa bad04:43
dannyalright, well what do i type to get to xserv or whatever it is?04:43
thoreauputic_danny: did you try what I suggested? In a tty ?04:43
gogeta--purge remove04:43
n-iCeStarnestommy,  there is a aptitude command, what's the difference?04:44
Shadow420Kelvin what type of Video Card you have?04:44
dannythoreauputic_ whats a tty? :x04:44
thoreauputic_danny: X runs on F7 usually - so alt+F704:44
thoreauputic_danny: the black text mode you get with ctrl+alt+F1-6 :)04:44
Starnestommyn-iCe: there isn't a difference other than that aptitude supports more options and when started with no arguments it provices an interactive text-pased package manager interface04:44
Shadow420Kelvin911 what type of Video Card you have?04:44
gogetakelvin911 best way is use the eq the direct mode that lets you use it is the best04:45
dannyalt+f7 doesn't do anything, either04:45
gogetakelvin911 i think it was xv or the other one xvb or something04:45
thoreauputic_danny: tty = Teletype ( it's a hnagover from long ago when terminals were really teletypes)04:45
thoreauputic_danny: are you in the text mode?04:45
Shadow420danny ctrl-alt-f704:45
gogetakelvin911 if its still flikering i would say driver thing04:45
thoreauputic_danny: ctrl-alt-F1 or ( F2 etc)04:46
gogetakelvin911 or maybe some compiz tqeaking04:46
thoreauputic_Shadow420: not needed from a tty04:46
n-iCeI see Starnestommy  and how do I update a package?04:46
kelvin911compiz tweaking how?04:46
gogetakelvin911 do you have the compiz confige manager installed04:46
thoreauputic_Shadow420: in fact if you use alt+aroow you eventually get back to X - try it :)04:46
gogetakelvin911 go to it and slect enable comiz for video04:46
thoreauputic_Shadow420: ctrl+alt+F* is only needed in X04:47
Shadow420thoreauputic_ true04:47
gogetakelvin911 man i cant tell you now lol04:47
gogetakelvin911 been a wile04:47
Starnestommyn-iCe: it's the same command for installing one04:47
gogetakelvin911 but i knoe its there04:47
=== adsf is now known as WootOnLinux
kelvin911i am in compizConfig Settings manager04:47
n-iCeStarnestommy,  the thing is when I try to install again says 2 to be updated, and it isn't updating it04:48
kelvin911i can only find video playback option04:48
kelvin911and it is enabled04:48
Starnestommyn-iCe: you might need to run sudo apt-get upgrade04:48
gogetakelvin911 that it04:48
n-iCeI did Starnestommy04:48
gogetakelvin911 well then try turning it off then04:48
WootOnLinuxquick question, i had recently installed ubuntu, and wired internet and wireless were working great! on my good streak.. i installed VMware and windows, and Xinetd,that worked fine, i rebooted, and my ethernet card and wireless card no longer work.04:48
WootOnLinuxis there a way i can reinstall the network drivers?04:48
jessidIced_Eagle http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/04:49
thoreauputic_danny: any further along?04:49
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:49
RequinB44 days04:49
MrStevewhat is LTS ?04:49
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.04:50
Max_-long time support04:50
gogetalong tearm supportk04:50
kelvin911it still there04:50
thoreauputic_MrSteve: Long Term Support04:50
Max_-term doh04:50
gogetakelvin911 sounds driver realted then04:50
MrSteveYAY Hoooray!04:50
kelvin911the little flick just like the framerate cant pick it up right sometimes04:50
JohninLexHey Guys I have a small question:  What is pidgin???04:50
thoreauputic_JohninLex: Instant messaging client04:50
gogetai thought you ment a flicker04:51
JohninLexhow do i get rid of it04:51
gogeta< falls off the world04:51
StarnestommyJohninLex: in a terminal, type sudo apt-get remove pidgin04:51
thoreauputic_JohninLex: uninstall it?04:51
=== narg_ is now known as narg
WootOnLinuxno one has any words of wisdom for me???04:51
JohninLexthank you for your help guys04:51
gogetakelvin911 a sound flicker just enable the sound buffer04:52
mutkWootOnLinux, Unlikely that 're-installing drivers' will fix the problem.04:52
kelvin911not sound04:52
kelvin911its the video04:52
kelvin911where to enable sound buffer?04:52
WootOnLinuxmutk: what i want to really know is why teh modules wer eturned off, they worked fine on an out of the box linux install04:52
gogetakelvin911 in sound lol04:52
WootOnLinuxmutk:  and im using ubuntu 7.10 btw04:52
dannygot it workin04:52
mutkWootOnLinux, What makes you think they have been 'turned off' ?04:53
eduardoWootOnLinux: try dhclient && aptitude update && aptitude upgrade04:53
WootOnLinuxum.. the wirless card that i was browsing the internet with like 2hrs ago no longer shows up?04:53
=== MrSteve is now known as drivetrax
WootOnLinuxand the ethernet card which connected to the internet, is now nowt connecting.04:53
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: is the nm-applet running ?04:54
mutkWootOnLinux, ifconfig  see what is up and what is not.04:54
WootOnLinuxnetwork monitor is there04:54
WootOnLinuxim fairly new to linux.. how do i run ifconfig command? sudo ifconfig?04:54
jjt009Woot: just ifconfig04:54
mutkWootOnLinux, Should be able to run it just like that - no sudo04:54
Shadow420I can't wait until hardy is released04:55
jjt009anybody know where i can go to talk about eclipse on ubuntu04:55
WootOnLinuxmutk: ok I see.. eth0, eth0:avah and lo04:55
jjt009i'm experiencing some problems04:55
n-iCeThe msgfmt command is required to build libpurple. , how can I install it???04:55
jjt009with the compiler04:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about msgfmt - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:55
mutkWootOnLinux, Does eth0 have an IP address?04:55
WootOnLinuxso the ethernet card is being picked up..but for some reason its not connecting04:55
Shadow420!eclipse | jjt00904:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eclipse - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:55
jburdjjt009: Ask your question here.04:55
zero-coolhow can i compile own kernel04:55
WootOnLinuxi dont see an IP .. no04:55
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: one possible thing to try with network-manager              sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart04:55
JohninLexanyone in here know how to write a widget scrip???04:55
jburdWhat is a "widget scrip?"04:56
WootOnLinuxThorea: let me give it a shot04:56
astro76n-iCe: if you type a command in the terminal which you don't have, it will tell you how to install it04:56
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: that sometimes gets nm working again04:56
kelvin911could that be video driver issue?04:56
jjt009jburd: ok, i'm have some problem when running code String.contains in IBM compiler (eclipse)04:56
kelvin911are there many nvidia driver just like so many of them for windows?04:56
zero-cooli would like compile my kernel04:56
jjt009it works once in a while, but not always04:56
jjt009it's extremely strange04:56
jjt009anyone aware of this bug?>04:56
JohninLexit is a active desktop image, kida like a gilf04:56
n-iCeastro76,  that was true! didn't know it thank you!04:56
WootOnLinuxI restarted it..i dont see a wireless card.. and eth0 isnt connecting04:57
WootOnLinuxcould xinetd have messed something up?04:57
mutkWootOnLinux, inet addr: NUMBER   is not there?04:57
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: you haven't given it very long...04:57
jburdjjt009: You'll need to be more specific than that.   Paste a code sample, the steps you took to reproduce the bug, what you expect, and what occurs.  dpaste.com04:57
mutkWootOnLinux, xinetd has little to do with the network inerfaces.04:57
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: Ubuntu doesn't use xinetd04:57
WootOnLinuxi had to install it04:57
WootOnLinuxfor vmware04:57
mutkthoreauputic_, It is availavle as an option though04:57
jjt009jburd: hold04:57
thoreauputic_mutk: sure04:58
WootOnLinuxin my original question i said.. i installed VMware for windows04:58
WootOnLinuxand it did a whole lot of network bridging04:58
WootOnLinuxand shortly after that i think my internet stopped working04:58
zero-coolcan somebody tell me i wanna compile my kernel on ubuntu04:58
WootOnLinuxso im assuming that is the culprit. and no the NM restart didnt work.04:58
astro76!kernel | zero-cool04:58
ubotuzero-cool: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages04:58
WootOnLinuxand there is no INternet Adr: # after eth 0.04:58
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: ah I see - hmm, don't know much about vmware, sorry04:58
mutkWootOnLinux, Check basics first then - make sure the cable is plugged in and you have link lite04:59
gogetavmware woot04:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about glib - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:59
WootOnLinuxcable is plugged in04:59
WootOnLinuxim using 2 laptops04:59
zero-cool know bu i wish teach04:59
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: I know that it sets up an annoying number of interfaces though ;)04:59
napiwhat do I need to change so a user can't get out of their home directory? Or if they can, that they can't read contents of any files on the system?04:59
WootOnLinuxone to speak to u guys w/ and troubleshooting w/ the other04:59
gogetaWootOnLinux bridging doesent liek windows04:59
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: have you tried VirtualBox ?04:59
gogetaWootOnLinux use the other workik option04:59
ClickClickBoomIs it true that ubuntu is compiled with the -fail option on to maximize the failflood count?04:59
n-iCeastro76, : You must have the GLib 2.0 development headers installed to build.05:00
n-iCeI wrote GLib but didn't tell me how to install it any idea?05:00
WootOnLinuxnah i havent tried virtual box, but i liked vmware! everything was runnig smoothly except net ;p05:00
jjt009jburd: ok http://pastebin.com/m25a10f3105:00
n-iCeHow can I install this: You must have the GLib 2.0 development headers installed to build.05:01
jburdn-iCe: What are you building?05:01
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: VB just does NAT as far as I can see - works well with Linux but I don't use windows so I don't know how well it handles that05:01
n-iCejburd,  pidgin05:01
zero-coolhave anybody in in croatia05:01
Starnestommyn-iCe: is libglib2.0-dev installed?05:01
jjt009jburd: values are there; everything was kept constant and i received different outputs for variable "addresses"05:01
kduboisn-iCe: apt-cache search glib | grep dev05:01
astro76!info libglib2.0-0 | n-iCe05:01
ubotun-ice: libglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): The GLib library of C routines. In component main, is optional. Version 2.14.1-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 586 kB, installed size 1272 kB05:01
kelvin911could that be the 50Hz refresh rate making the flick?05:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bomb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:01
jburdn-iCe: sudo apt-get build-dep pidgin05:01
kduboisn-iCe: install what looks like what you need from that list....05:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jburd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:01
jburdn-iCe: That will install everything you need to build pidgin.05:01
thoreauputic_what's the country code for croatia?05:01
WootOnLinuxthorea:  i dno.. i see alot of ppl running VMware windows on linux.. it seems to be fine.. i wonder if i did somethign wrong.05:02
jburdjjt009: One sec.05:02
WootOnLinuxmy only other option is to reinstall ubuntu05:02
jjt009jburd: np05:02
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: hint: type thore <tab>05:02
n-iCethanks jburd05:02
WootOnLinuxthoreauputic_: ahhh nice05:02
WootOnLinuxthoreauputic_:  isnt there a way to force linux to recognize hardware??05:02
ClickClickBoomhow come the distro ships with porn as the default background05:03
mutkWootOnLinux, VMware runs a service script at boot time on most Linuxes. Could stop that, and set it to NOT start at boot. Reboot the system and see if that has an effect. Although I don' think it should.05:03
ouellettesr_how can i make ubuntu viewable from a windows vista pc? they are both connected to a router.05:03
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: umm... it usually does unless it's not supported05:03
kduboisn-iCe: i didnt know you were using ubuntu, apt-get install pidgin-musictracker will do it05:03
StarnestommyClickClickBoom: it doesn;t05:03
jjt009ouellettesr_: hello05:03
jjt009Starnestommy: yuo on gnome05:03
gogetaClickClickBoom i whant porn05:03
gogetaClickClickBoom yay05:03
ouellettesr_jjt009, hi05:03
ClickClickBoomoh but it does. naked people, with an ubuntu l;ogo in the corner05:03
thoreauputic_ClickClickBoom: no more or you are out of here05:03
jjt009ouellettesr_: how are things?05:03
jjt009jburd: ready?05:04
ouellettesr_jjt009, why do you ask?05:04
gogetaClickClickBoom wow you made that op mad thats rare05:04
PengHardy final isn't out yet, right?05:04
iandeforPeng: not for a few more days05:04
ouellettesr_would someone put a leash on that bot??05:04
jjt009ouellettesr_: i have no idea05:04
ClickClickBoombut lulz hasn't ensued yet!05:04
WootOnLinuxthoreauputic_:  its just weird that it was fine when i first installd it, so i know hardware is supported...so frustrating05:04
Pengiandefor: Ok. Just making sure.05:04
jburdouellettesr_: You use Samba or SSH.  You can mount Windows network shares as mount points on Linux using Samba.  You can access Linux volumes using Samba as well.   Places > Connect To Server...  > Choose "Windows share." and fill in the details.05:04
jburdjjt009: Yes, reading the paste now.05:04
thoreauputic_WootOnLinux: sounds like a vmware issue as you say05:04
jjt009jburd: thanks bro05:04
iandeforPeng: I think it's due on thursday05:05
jjt009thoreauputic_: how'd you get to admin status?05:05
thoreauputic_jjt009: I was asked05:05
ClickClickBoomyou can't kick someone until the lulz happens!05:05
gogetaWootOnLinux change vmware from bridged to nat05:05
gogetaWootOnLinux you will be fine05:05
WootOnLinuxthoreauputic_  : gogeta, how will i do that?05:05
jjt009thoreauputic_: and who asked you?05:05
gogetaWootOnLinux power down the vm then in prefss05:05
n-iCeoh thanks05:05
gogetaWootOnLinux you will see network you can change it05:05
Greenboxhey, does anyone know a workaround for the bug that kills torrents in ubuntu 7.10?05:05
WootOnLinuxok.. let me take a look05:06
=== meisterjunge is now known as magnus|msc
Greenbox*torrents over wireless05:06
ouellettesr_jburd, im trying to make a folder on my pc (ubuntu) show up under vista media center to watch movies, i dont think I can do that with samba can i?05:06
jburdjjt009: The code doesn't answer all my questions directly.  Though, I have a suggestion:  "if (comp.trim ().equals ("a") == false && comp.trim ().equals ("the") == false && comp.trim ().equals ("some") == false && comp.trim ().length () > 2)"   Why are you trimming the value of comp per comparison?05:06
WootOnLinuxgogeta:  i dont see any options??05:06
gogetaWootOnLinux there is05:07
mutkthoreauputic_, That was odd. I must have auto ignore boofheads on. I was wondering why he was kicked.05:07
gogetaWootOnLinux on your vm itself05:07
thoreauputic_mutk: trolling, basically05:07
jjt009jburd: yeah, i guess i could set a string to comp.trim ()05:07
mutkthoreauputic_, Then scrolled up . I completely missed it..05:07
WootOnLinuxahh i c it.. k lets see if this changes anything05:07
L_infHow can I kill a process from the Terminal ??05:07
WootOnLinuxgogeta:  ur saying this will solve my linux problem?05:07
jjt009jburd: but that wouldn't solve the problem05:07
jjt009jburd: i'm thinking of just submitting this as a bug05:08
jburdouellettesr_: An Ubuntu samba volume appears like just another Windows share to your Windows network.  If you can mount a Windows share, you can mount a Samba share.05:08
jjt009jburd: it's beyond understanding05:08
magnus|mscL_inf: kill <id>05:08
gogetaWootOnLinux change all those bridges issues yes05:08
StarnestommyL_inf: "kill pid"  where "pid" is the process's pid number05:08
jburdjjt009: You'll need to answer these questions specifically:  1.  Brief description of the problem.  2. How to reproduce it.  3.  What you expected.  4. What happened instead.05:08
WootOnLinuxgogeta: ok i changed my vmware to nat.. no luck in linux tho...still cant connect to internet05:08
* Agent_bob likes killall something05:08
gogeta(Settings > Configuration Editor05:09
mutkthoreauputic_, Quite often the troll attempt is realy a method to ID who's an op.. I guess you realise that.05:09
WootOnLinuxgogeta:  Btw linux is my main OS.. the VMWare is runnign windows.. dnt know if thats diff05:09
gogetaWootOnLinux now you need to remve the bridge in linux05:09
underscorequick question: rythmbox does not save the changes to song titles when I close it and reopen it. How do I fix this?05:09
WootOnLinuxahhh i c05:09
thoreauputic_mutk: it isn't a secret :)05:09
WootOnLinuxhow do i do that? god i feel so dumb lol05:09
L_infStarnestommy: Where can I see the id number??05:09
ritalinhai2u guys05:09
magnus|mscis there a software which reduces the usable ram ???05:09
thoreauputic_mutk: just check the access list for the channel05:09
gogetaWootOnLinux i duno you set it up05:09
StarnestommyL_inf: look in System > Administration > System Monitor05:09
underscoreFor example, when I change a typo in a missnamed song, next time I start rhythmbox, the song is misnamed again05:09
ritalinhow can i get my plugins to work on firefox 3?05:09
WootOnLinuxok where would i look for the bridge?05:10
gogetaWootOnLinux i would assume in network05:10
WootOnLinuxi didnt actually set it up :P05:10
ouellettesr_jburd, ok, just to clarify, i need to setup samba on the ubuntu machine, or the vista machine? I am trying to share a folder on ubuntu for vista05:10
jburdouellettesr_: On the Ubuntu machine.  System > Administration > Shared Folders.05:11
L_infIs there a way of knowing the process id without the system monitor???05:11
ritalini need some halp05:11
ritalinhalp meh05:11
jburdL_inf: Yes, pgrep processname05:11
ritalinff3 and plugins? out of luck or can they work?05:12
jburdYou can view a process tree using pstree05:12
thoreauputic_L_inf: lots - pidof, pgrep, ps aux |grep process05:12
WootOnLinuxi dont see any network bridges anywhere05:12
gogetaWootOnLinux might ned to reboot for vmware to remve the bridge controller as well05:12
WootOnLinuxhmm ok05:12
Agent_bobthoreauputic_ L_inf pidof <name>05:12
thoreauputic_Agent_bob: well, yes05:13
underscoreRythmbox is not remembering changes to song titles. Anyone know how to fix this??05:13
On3editing /etc/fstab, how do i set it up if i have about 5 partitions with EXT3 formats?05:13
Agent_bobOn3 man fstab    it's standard format for all fs types05:14
On3Agent_bob, im trying to install quota, do i need to set it up05:14
jnetfreshmexi added vlc and my movie plays much better than with totem but the playback is sketchy and stalls a lot. the dvd is new so no scratches.05:15
yosefhow do reinstall extras in ubuntu?05:15
Agent_bobOn3 actually i've never setup disk quatas so maybe you should consult someone else on that.05:15
On3Agent_bob, okay thanks :)05:15
ouellettesr_jburd, ok, found that, the folder doesnt seem to be showing up on vista, do I have to reboot?05:16
Agent_bobOn3 for most fstab questions i can answer tho.   and your welcome.05:16
jjt009jburd: ok looks like i got it figured05:16
yosefHello guys I am a new comer to linux world !05:16
jjt009jburd: thanks05:16
jburdouellettesr_:  I don't use Windows much so I can't say.  Rebooting Windows may work (accidentally).05:16
jburdjjt009: np05:16
ouellettesr_ill give it a try05:17
gogetaWootOnLinux still around lol05:17
jnetfreshmexmy dvd playback is stalling. what can i do?05:18
On3Agent_bob, what about setting up proftpd? can u help with the set up of that?05:18
troare there any tools to help build a .deb from a set of files?05:18
Agent_bobOn3 maybe.   proftpd is pretty streight forward05:19
gogetaWootOnLinux you die on me lol05:19
drivetraxhow to install tar.gz programs?05:20
On3Agent_bob, how would i make the default directory for uploads and downloads something like /downloads05:20
guest___i need some help ... http://images.torrentmove.com/show.php?id=66e7457680f9a765dbaf05a552b36a2d05:21
Agent_bobOn3 install proftpd and edit /etc/proftpd   or what ever it's config is called anymore   and set the base (root) dir to /downloads/05:21
guest___i can't mount ntfs partition which installed windows05:22
jburdguest___: Reboot into Windows.  Run a full diskcheck on those volumes and then get back into Ubuntu.05:22
gogeta:-( where WootOnLinux go05:22
jnetfreshmexplease help with my dvd playback! i removed totem and installed VLC. still no luck tho.05:22
jburdguest___: It appears you were using Windows when a power failure occurred.  Windows locks NTFS volumes in such a scenario.05:22
Agent_bobOn3 alternatively you could edit the /etc/passwd and set the proftp user's home to /downloads/   should achieve the same end.05:22
ShoopufI don't want to wait 3 days... I've been waiting forever! If I download the current RC will I have to download Ubuntu again in 3 days when it is released? :p05:23
jburdguest___: Rebooting into Windows, running a disk check and booting back into Ubuntu should fix it.05:23
On3Agent_bob, where it has commented out DefaultRoot ~05:23
d-bosno shoopuf.05:23
guest___jburd : i can't get into windows mode ... or even save mode05:23
Agent_bobOn3 yeah05:23
On3Agent_bob, thanks05:23
balleyn1Shoopuf: nope, any changes will come through updates05:23
guest___i mean...windows must be corrupts05:23
ShoopufThanks, downloading now. :) Hope the sound works this time. :P05:24
jburdguest___: That's not news to me.  Windows does not read its own file system way too many times.  I've had to recover client data using Linux and ntfs-3g.05:24
n-iCehow can I install the musictracker to pidgin??05:24
drivetraxguest___:  did you format the windows while installing Linux?05:24
jburdguest___: You can force mount NTFS partitions though.  No guarantees there.05:24
guest___<drivetrax --- no sir05:24
Shoopufn-iCe: type /join #pidgin ... They have their own IRC channel. :)05:25
atlefn-iCe: synaptic05:25
gogeta< beats windows with a imac05:25
guest___<jburd> --- i already force to mount that partition05:25
drivetraxmbr is messed05:25
n-iCeatlef,  what plugin I don't find it with that name05:25
guest___but it doesn't work05:25
gogetadrivetrax sueprgrub05:25
jburdguest___: When you try to load Windows, what error message do you see?05:25
On3Agent_bob, just about to say it didnt work! but, i noticed hey, i didnt restart proftpd :p05:25
atlefn-iCe: pidgin-musictracker05:26
guest___<jburd> some file system couldn't read05:26
cirkit_For some reason when I put my laptop in suspend / sleep and bring it back, I lose all sound. I don't get any messages about soundcard being in use, just nothing comes out and volume is all the way up, any ideas?05:26
Agent_bobOn3 jinks.  the thought crossed my mind to remind you....05:26
On3Agent_bob, hehehe05:26
hanophix33my ibm t30's fan constantly runs and since has become very loud and grinding, any ideas?05:26
jburdguest___: Can you get the exact error message?05:26
guest___<jburd> when windows is starting ... it just reboot05:26
phynixis there an hardy channel?05:27
drivetraxchange any bios setting?05:27
jburdguest___: I'd suggest a better strategy for storing your personal data.  Don't store it in the same partition as the Windows installation.  Use a separate partition so even when you lose the OS, you can still recover data.05:27
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:27
Aldenorplease, i need a tip05:27
guest___<jburd> i'll reinstall windows then let you know again later05:27
Agent_boboh hardy is not out yet ???   i've been away too long.05:27
Aldenorhow can i uninstall the ubuntu05:27
gogetaAldenor vista is bad for you05:28
jburdguest___: read about restoring Grub back to the MBR before you do that.05:28
Aldenorno, i want to install kubuntu05:28
Aldenorwindows sux xD05:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about uninstall - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:28
jburdAldenor: sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop05:28
Agent_bobAldenor delete it's partition/s and fix your MBR05:28
guest___<jburd>--- i always do that, even my documents folder...i move to store in other drive05:28
Agent_bobAldenor oh sorry.   lag.    thought you asked how to uninstall linux05:29
gogetaAgent_bob i blame the lag05:29
On3Agent_bob, now im lost05:30
Agent_bobOn3 where are you ?05:30
boselectai'm having terrible trouble with firefox locking up or something today. is this uncommon?05:30
Aldenoris right install the KDA destkop? or is better install all the kubuntu05:30
gogetaAldenor ok windows sucks why did you ask05:30
jburdAldenor: KDE comes with kubuntu-desktop05:30
On3Agent_bob, i set the base directory to my /web/ but when i connect it gives me a folder that isnt my home directory or /web/05:30
gogetaAldenor same thing you will just have both05:30
jburdboselecta: Try running firefox from the terminal like this:    firefox-3.0 or firefox05:31
gogetaAldenor kubuntu and ubuntu05:31
On3Agent_bob, i created a directory called /secure/ in it, how would i search for this directory now?05:31
jburdboselecta: note the diagnostics if any that appear at the term05:31
Agent_bobOn3 find / -type d -name secure 2>/dev/null05:31
boselectaoh ok. it's running fine, and i'm listening to streaming radio. but like the screen isn't repainting properly.05:31
boselectaand it won't raise or get focus properly.05:32
On3Agent_bob, oh wait, its still going to my home directory...05:32
On3Agent_bob, okay so now... how would i create a new user (like FTP_USER) then add it to proftpd and when they connect it goes to /web/05:32
On3Agent_bob, i have the new user created but what about the proftpd bit?05:32
anathematicwhat's a good mp3 player on ubuntu? (looking for winamp like application)05:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bmp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:33
jburdOn3: Why are you using FTP?05:33
gogetaanathematic:  xmms05:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bpm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:33
anathematicthanks gogeta05:33
On3jburd, cause i want to set up pretty much an ISP  webserver05:33
jburdOn3: You realise that you may be opening up your network to exploits?05:34
On3jburd, except its more for training and educational purposes and will be taken down in about 2 - 3 hours once i get it installed then for actual use05:34
Sturmehand that your isp may not allow such conduct05:34
Agent_bobOn3 normally "anonymus"  is used for that.     useradd -d /web anonymus      or who ever...05:34
Daisuke_Idoanathematic, audacious05:34
maestrotechHow do i form a command line syntax to send an application to my second monitor. (:1)05:35
On3Agent_bob, oh wait how do i delete a user?05:35
Bubble_teaDoes anyone find awn working?05:35
Agent_bobOn3 userdel blah05:35
On3Agent_bob im great at this whole ubuntu thing huh? :P05:35
jburdman userdel before you do that.05:35
hanophix33how come firefox bin takes like 50 percent of cpu?05:35
jburdDebian prefers deluser instead.05:36
Agent_bobman man   before you do that...05:36
FastZBubble_tea: I find AWN working everytime i log in05:36
vio '<05:36
Agent_bobjburd yeah and adduser   but i don't much like perl scripts05:37
boumacan i change my keysused to switch consoles, so the contextkey toggles between the last two consoles ?05:37
gogetabouma whats wrong with ctrl alt f105:37
Bubble_teaFastZ where did u dl and install05:37
tavo18I need some help my machine has a fault05:37
Agent_bobbouma console or the gnome-terminal ?05:38
FastZBubble_tea: sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator05:38
tavo18at POST the machine stops when detecting hard disk drive05:38
boumaAgent_bob: console05:38
Bubble_teaFastZ Couldn't find package avant-window-navigator05:38
On3Agent_bob, my ftp server is saying anonymous requires a password except i used the command u gave me....05:38
tavo18and then it shows Verifying DMI Pool Data05:38
n-iCehow to install *** PCRE library05:39
On3Agent_bob, it shouldnt need a password05:39
boumaAgent_bob: i suppose gnome terminal is pretty good too05:39
tavo18i don't know what to doo05:39
sparr_xmms is no longer in hardy...  wtf?05:39
boumaAgent_bob: but i was asking regarding the console05:39
mrpocketsim trying to configure skype and it seems im having trouble getting my mic to work05:39
Agent_bobbouma ummm without writing a script not toggle,  but; you can use the windows keys or the like to shift higher and lower tty's   i can give you a command for it if you like.05:39
Bubble_teaFastZ E:  couldn't find pkg avant-window-navigator05:39
goodhabitsparr_, xmms is not developing any more. Audacious is replacement for xmms.05:39
Bubble_teaDoes anyone have that problem?05:40
hanophix33gkrellm shows that my gpu is at 128c05:40
boumagogeta: cause its nice to just toggle between two consoles, ie for editing and build/run05:40
n-iCehow can I search a package from terminal???05:40
gogetactrl alt f05:40
goodhabitn-iCe, $ aptitude search PACKAGE_NAME05:40
sparr_goodhabit: xmms had a release like 5 months ago, thats a lot less "not developing" than many other packages05:40
FastZBubble_tea: gimme a second.  you have to add some repos to your /etc/apt/sources.list05:40
* kindofabuzz gives FastZ05:40
_aeGIsHow do I change the default icon for specific mime type apps?05:40
gogetabouma easy switch keys i dont get it05:40
goodhabitsparr_, audacious is better not only cuz of better development.05:41
Agent_bobbouma are you sure you are not talking about that gnome-terminal that you get from the gnome menu itom named "console" (a terrable misnomer)05:41
guest___what is kubuntu?05:41
guest___is it the same as ubuntu?05:41
gogetaubuntu with kde05:41
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE05:41
goodhabitguest___, kubuntu is KDE ubuntu edition.05:41
guest___KDE ??05:41
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.05:41
FastZBubble_tea: here is a good how-to to get you started.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38598105:42
guest___um.. so kde is conpiz fusion right?05:42
fulioHow, i have a question, is there any kind of keylogger for ubuntu?05:42
gogetaxompiz fusion is x05:42
gogetaany windows manager can use it05:42
blindhave there been any advancements in bluetooth since edgy?05:42
On3Agent_bob, does anonymous have a password? or should it if i use that command u gave me?05:42
_aeGIsHow do I change the default icon for specific mime type apps?05:43
n-iCePCRE library is needed; please make sure you have the PCRE development anybody knows the package name???05:43
gogetaAgent_bob right it was intergrated in x a wile back05:43
hanophix33is it safe to say that gkrellm is accurate?  its saying im at 262 degrees Fahrenheit on mu GPU05:43
blindI thought compiz WAS a wm?05:43
On3Agent_bob, cause im trying to access the ftp with the user account anonymous but its asking for a password05:43
Agent_bobOn3 no.  passwd blah   to set one.   or   passwd -d blah   to make it passwordless.05:43
gogeta blind at first it was it evalved05:43
fulioHi everyone. Is there anykind of keylogger for  ubuntu?05:44
dmsupermanDoes anybody have any experience in using Snippits?05:44
Agent_bobfulio for what purpose ?05:44
ouellettesrjburd, I got windows to see Ubuntu, but when i try to connect and use my ubuntu usernale/pass, it says login is incorrect, any ideas?05:44
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents05:44
n-iCePCRE library is needed; please make sure you have the PCRE development anybody knows the package name???05:45
On3Agent_bob, its working! thanks heaps05:45
jburdouellettesr: man smbpasswd05:45
fulioAgent_bob, i have my little brother using the computer while im at work im thinking that he has been wathcing pr0n05:45
On3Agent_bob, linux newbie, becomes that much closer to become linux kiddie :p05:45
boumaAgent_bob: im 100% sure im talking about the real "text" (depending on kernel framebuffer settings) mode console05:45
Agent_bobOn3 welcome.   and you are learning some of the "most basic" and powerful linux commands your first day....05:46
gogetaAgent_bob what framebufer mode?05:46
On3Agent_bob, its kind of sad but ive been using Knoppix and Ubuntu on my desktop for a while, but always my Win2003 server was ok, but now i think its time to upgrade to something alittle more powerful... Go ubuntu server!05:47
khinhey guys, im running dapper and sometimes, firefox (v. just randomly quits. all my windows at once, gone05:47
Agent_bobbouma ok,   my answer stands as perscribed then.05:47
Agent_bobbouma ummm without writing a script not toggle,  but; you can use the windows keys or the like to shift higher and lower tty's   i can give you a command for it if you like.05:47
khinit doesnt happen too often but def enough to be annoying05:47
gogetaOn3 err thats weaker05:47
blindkhin: well, try upgrading firefox05:47
jburdouellettesr: Google "smbpasswd ubuntu"05:47
n-iCePCRE library is needed; please make sure you have the PCRE development anybody knows the package name???05:47
On3gogeta, what do u mean by that?05:47
gogetaOn3 server is just text ubuntu w lamp05:47
On3gogeta, lets not get into a linux v. windows battle here05:47
gogetaOn3 lol05:48
Agent_bobplay nice05:48
On3gogeta, i was meaning swapping from windows 2003 to ubuntu server :p05:48
gogetaOn3 not talking windows you said going to server05:48
On3gogeta, sorry, that was my miscommunication :S05:48
gogetaOn3 unless you whant text mode :)05:48
blindon a server you don't need much more.05:49
gogeta blind :)05:49
gogeta blind yea not mutch text mode cant do05:49
khinok. another problem: sometimes, i cannot start any programs or even shut down the computer. if i click anything in the taskbar, nothing happens. i have to do a hard shut down. honestly the environment is less stable than windows xp.05:49
khinim running dapper btw05:49
Agent_bobgogeta besides cli based linux is not pre'se "weaker" than +gui  anyway05:49
gogeta blind hell you can play a a movie in framebuffer mode if you whant05:50
blindkhin: well, while dapper is an LTS distro, there have been three upgrades since then that I'd recommend if you're having problems05:50
gogetaAgent_bob well if you wanna a gui you better w desktop + server tools05:50
HipShothey quick question, what is that new apt that automatically installs and updates video drivers for Ubuntu?05:50
khinblind, ok. i haven't upgraded mainly because i'm afraid with three upgrades at once, somehow everything will break horribly05:51
blindkhin: you can upgrade from dapper to gutsy (the latest) although I hear hardy comes out shortly.05:51
Agent_bobgogeta or server w/ gui added   same smoke stack, different brand name.05:51
chris062689Whats the channel for Ubuntu Eee?05:51
gogetaAgent_bob lol thats all desktop would be05:52
gogetaAgent_bob a server with a gui05:52
gogetaAgent_bob lol05:52
Agent_bobgogeta that's what i said    "same smoke stack, different brand name"   but we are OT05:52
gogetaAgent_bob knothing agenst it i can ran text mode like a pro05:52
n-iCeWhere can I install pcre library?05:52
chris062689What is the channel name for ubuntu eee?05:53
ubotuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC05:53
gogetaAgent_bob but we get 4 or 5 a day server installs come in with whers the gui05:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pcre - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:53
Bubble_teaFastZ how to run awn?05:53
khinblind, I think I'll wait for Hardy05:53
Agent_bobgogeta do you answer "in the repos where it belongs"  :)))05:54
blindkhin: yeah, i could be completely wrong, but i believe it comes out very shortly.05:54
Agent_bobn-iCe libpcre++-dev ?05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timeline - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
blindi forgot the command05:54
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:54
_NetHow do you make a launcher for something using a custom icon?05:54
_NetI remember doing it before, I cant seem to find out how now.05:54
blindoh, so yeah. 3 days depending on your time zone :P05:55
FastZBubble_tea: well first of all you have to have Compiz-Fusion running on your machine... then to start AWN after you install it, you just go to Applications>Accessories>Avant Window Navigator05:55
FastZBubble_tea: without Compiz-Fusion, you're AWN isn't gonna work05:55
blind_Net: same way you'd make a regular launcher, then you can change the icon05:55
_NetI can change the embelm but I dont see any where that says Choose/Browse for icon05:56
leileiloljeeeez 120005:56
n-iCeAgent_bob,  workes, thanks, where can I find the package names?05:56
blind_Net: when you click the 'properties' button (im assuming you're getting the same screen as me), do you get the icon in the top left?05:56
FastZ_Net: when you create the launcher, it should have a button with a picture of a springboard, just click on there and then navigate to where your icon is05:56
_NetOh Blind.05:57
_NetThank you sir, I didnt notice that.05:57
shadeofgreyi know this question doesnt belong here but -- my speakers for my xbox360 are on the floor and i cant reach the volu,me control - does anybody know if theres a masterr voliume  you can set from the console itself?05:57
leileilolis it too late for a package update for the openarena package?05:57
=== goget1 is now known as gogeta
On3can anyone help with a quick apache question?05:57
FastZLMAO @ shadeofgrey... the ultimate lazy05:57
shadeofgreyactually im wheelchair bound and permanently handicapped05:58
leileilolit'd really suck if 0.7.0 was just there, because that's gonna be obsolete shortly05:58
Agent_bobn-iCe several ways.    apt-cache search <something>    synaptic has a search feathure.   /msg ubotu find <something> in here works.  and there is a   http://packages.ubuntu.com   i think05:58
shadeofgreyi CANT get uo05:58
FastZLMAO @ FastZ for being a dumbass05:58
mutkFastZ, Nice one..05:58
leileilol0.7.0 isn't compatible with 0.7.6, and versa05:58
FastZI'm entitled to one idiotic response per day05:58
blindwasn't necessarily idiotic... just uninformed :P05:59
On3FastZ, do i get one :p05:59
Agent_bobn-iCe normally i use the first of those.  but i'm a CLI kind-o-guy05:59
mutkFastZ, And shadeofgrey is entitled to at least one appology :)05:59
FastZOn3: you just used it05:59
On3Fastz, Dam! lol05:59
FastZmutk: that's true, sorry about that shadeofgrey05:59
shadeofgreyFastZ, we'll get over it a lot faster if you actually know the nser -- and apology accepted...  really theres nothing to say sorry for05:59
shadeofgreyjust help me if you know how06:00
Iced_EagleFor games, I don't believe there is.06:00
shadeofgreyno i mean for the console06:00
Iced_EagleI think the console volume control is only for media06:00
mutkshadeofgrey, It actually depens on what sort of speakers they are. and what the vol control really does.06:00
FastZshadeofgrey: eh, it just didnt click that there might have been a logical reason why someone wouldnt be able to reach the volume switch06:00
Andre_Gondimdoes anyone know witch pack may i translate channel source?06:00
mutkshadeofgrey, If the vol control is for a pre-amp built into the speakers, then no there is no software accessable master06:01
shadeofgreyFasZ dude its no big deal.  a majority of the public has never interacted with a disabl;ed person before. im used to it06:01
Iced_Eagleshadeofgrey: I know. The only volume slider I know of is when you're listening to music on the 360. I think everything else just gets outputted at full volume.06:01
arquebusI got a gf8800GTX graphic card and now the ubuntu cd wont boot anymore. Anyone know what thats about? And if it will get fixed soon?06:01
tushydcan anyone help? Why does firefox crash on some youtube videos? It's weird, it happens at random.06:01
blindtushyd: which flash plugin are you using?06:02
tushydi think flash 906:02
tushydit usually happens when I first load the page. It will just close firefox alltogether06:02
blindtbh, I don't know much about the differences in all the different flash versions... i just know i went through what you're going through :P06:03
mutkshadeofgrey, Do you have the remote available?06:03
=== [r00723r0] is now known as r00723r0
arquebusI really hate to be without ubuntu, I got a partition waiting for it, so can anyone tell me why my 8800gtx card is stopping the ubuntu live cd from booting?06:03
the_alamowhen i check my system monitor it shows that i am running to sessions of gdm (one inside the other)  is that normal?06:03
tushydblind, got any ideas?06:03
blindtushyd: just try upgrading flash? also, what version of firefox? try upgrading that, too?06:04
tushydi'm pretty sure I have the newest versions of both...06:04
Agent_bobarquebus did you add a graphics card ?   i.e. two possable outputs ?06:04
blindI'm not really sure, then :\06:04
lopinAnybody know how I can convert a video out of an Xvid, and into a standard mpeg1?06:05
boumais there something like a keymap script in the ubuntu init ?06:05
blindarquebus: what exactly do you mean when you say it's stopping it from booting?06:05
maestrotechwhere is the binary "vncpassword" or "vncpasswd" ??06:05
maestrotechwhere is the binary "vncpassword" or "vncpasswd"  for ubuntu? (sorry)06:05
RodGoHi i need some help06:05
blindHi, RodGo.06:06
Agent_bobarquebus i'm with blind "<blind> arquebus: what exactly do you mean when you say it's stopping it from booting?06:06
RodGoi am using ubuntu 6.06 on my webserver06:06
arquebusI mean that after I hit enter for the live cd boot, it just hangs with a black screen06:06
RodGoand when i do a sudo apt-get update06:06
RodGoand sudo apt-get upgrade06:06
RodGoi get this error06:06
boumaAgent_bob: perhaps i should go with your offer to use the windows keys to switch higher and lower, please06:06
lopinarquebus: do you have enough ram?06:06
arquebusAgent_bob, what do you mean 2 possible outputs?06:06
blindarquebus: try checking out your bios to see if your videos going to the right spot by default.06:06
arquebusI have 2 gigs06:06
RodGoSetting up initramfs-tools (0.40ubuntu34) ...06:06
RodGoCannot find /lib/modules/2.6.15-23-server06:06
RodGodpkg: error processing initramfs-tools (--configure):06:06
RodGo subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 106:06
RodGodpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of udev:06:06
FloodBot1RodGo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:06
RodGo udev depends on initramfs-tools (>= 0.40ubuntu30); however:06:06
arquebusblind, what do you mean by right spot?06:07
maestrotechDoes anyone know how to create a VNC password file in ubuntu?06:07
Agent_bobbouma pasting file /etc/sysV/winkeys.sh06:07
blindarquebus: well, i've got my onboard card and an nvidia card.. i had to set my bios to use the nvidia rather than the onboard06:07
RodGoplease if somebody can help me06:08
blindRodGo: use a pastebin when pasting more than 1 or 2 lines. http://pastebin.com06:08
Agent_bobbouma you should probably use showkeys  first to see what the actual hex is for your specific keys.06:08
blindoh you got it06:08
arquebusblind-ok, I'll check that out06:08
Julowhat opens .rpm ?06:08
lopinAnybody familiar with how to use mencoder, or ffmpeg from the terminal?06:08
the_alamodoes the gdm usually show up in two parts in system-monitor, one as a sub-section of the other?06:08
lopinJulo: Those are for red hat linux...  Not Ubuntu, or Debian...06:08
the_alamoi don't remember how it looked before.06:09
Bax_my right hand is hurting from typing, but I need it to finish a paper.  Can i put it under ice to make it feel better?06:09
TirefrogHey everyone... does anybody know what could cause my /dev/hda1 /dev/hdb1 etc to disappear after upgrading to 8.4? Only /dev/sda1 is there. It works on the gusty live CD.06:09
lopinJulo: You might be able to use alien, but I wouldn't recommend it..06:09
blindI've had good experience with alien06:09
lopinI've not had to use it...06:10
blindlopin, there's a lot of scripts to do what you want to do... tovid is one.. i used another recently but can't remember the name.06:10
Agent_bobTirefrog scsi emulation turns all hd devices into sd devices06:10
TirefrogAgent_bob: oh, ok! never thought of that... so they'll now have sdx names?06:10
mutkThat is the second person today calling it 'gusty'. I notice the small things06:11
blindmine was a typo, mutk :P06:11
Agent_bobTirefrog prolly.   i'm still using dapper   LTS06:11
TirefrogAgent_bob: OK, thanks, I'll try it!06:11
Agent_bobTirefrog welcome.06:11
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
wuxiawhat's the right way to rebuild a ubunut package with debug symbols? (libgtk-x11 in debug mode is crashing my progs and I need to rebuild it)06:14
JohninLexhey what does this do    sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-restricted-extras06:15
chris062689It installs multimedia codecs06:16
mutkwuxia, I am not sure if Ubuntu does this - But in other distor's debug packages are sepeaate and available for install.06:16
chris062689Basicly anythig that's "restricted"06:16
JohninLexis it a bad thing or a good thing06:16
wuxiamutk: the build in ubuntu ones are crashing, which is one I need to rebuild it06:16
astro76JohninLex: it's fine... installs the stuff listed here http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ubuntu-restricted-extras06:17
mutkwuxia, Ah of course. Ignore me then :)06:17
neetowhat's a program to do video screencaps?06:17
boumaintelikey: ok so im checking out the loadkeys command, im wondering how the toggle could be done though06:17
JohninLexah thank you both astro76 and Chris06268906:18
boumais anyone adept at using loadkeys ? can i hook in a script this way06:19
JohninLexnight, and thank you all for your help today06:22
mactimesIs there any software like CamStudio for Ubuntu?06:22
boumawell everyone, agent-bob has gone, but i figured out there is a loadkeys alias called Last_console .. so thats the solution to having a key toggle between two consoles :P06:23
arquebusmactimes, yes  there is open source video screen capture software, but I cant remember the name off hand06:24
TheDukeNYHello, I was hoping someone could tell me know to extend my screen to a second monitor as opposed to having my screen cloned06:24
mactimesarquebus: Well.  CamStudio is Open Source, but it only works for Windows.06:24
mactimesarquebus: I used to have a similar software for GNU/Linux, but quality of video was truly poor.06:25
syntax_preciso de ajuda como arrumo isso E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg--configure -a'to correct the problem.06:25
On3whats the best way to secure an OpenSSH server?06:26
mactimessyntax_: #ubuntu-br06:26
arquebusmactimes, I know this is a good quality one for linux, but the forum I saw it on is gone, so I cant look it up06:26
mactimesarquebus: RecordMyDesktop?06:27
legend2440mactimes: istanbul is somewhat eqivalent. not as many features as camstudio from what i've heard06:27
mactimeslegend2440: Better than RecordMyDesktop?06:27
arquebusmactimes- no I dont think that was it06:27
bullgard4[GUI] What is the name of a field where you can select one from several items by klicking in it?06:27
legend2440mactimes: yes i think it is06:27
yoshohey, evan?06:28
mactimeslegend2440: Thanks!  I'll give it a try.  I didn't like recordmydesktop at all.  CamStudio is just _perfect_, it is OpenSource, but I don't hold enough knowledge to port it to linux.06:28
yoshodon't worry about it06:28
RenatoSilvawhat time is it?06:29
mactimesarquebus: Cankiri?06:31
Leeuwbullgard4: could it be 'radio-buttons' ?  (that's the name in windoze and some desktop config s)06:31
boumaok i can bind right-win to Last_Console, but how do i convert the showkeys output into a keycode argument (decimal)06:32
boumashowkeys gives 7F FF, for the menukey06:32
RenatoSilvawhat time is it?06:32
pipsqeek3:32 pm here06:32
boumawhat should i use for keycode x (in decimal i presume, does it go over 256?)06:32
TheDukeNYyou cant extend monitors?06:33
bullgard4Leeuw: No. A radio-button allows one to select one of severals fields as active. My question is about a single field where you can select one of several items.06:33
n-iCebye all06:33
Leeuwbullgard4: ok, thatś why I asked, y'never know, right ?   In that case i do not know, alas.06:34
Leeuwbullgard4: a roll-down menu perhaps ?06:34
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: 2:30am, are you in Japan?06:34
MysteI am trying to disable my onboard sound. I have blacklisted the modules in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. Despite this, they are still loading. Any suggestions?06:35
Leeuwbullgard4: thatś the one wizza arrow on za side, probably also not what you mean... :-X06:35
pipsqeekRenatoSilva: Australia. Sydney more specifically06:35
joetheoddHey guys, none of my GNOME windows have borders or title bars. Is this some kind of new tech, or am I experiencing a bit of a screwup? I fear the latter. :P06:36
boumawell now that ive solved my problem, how should i enter the solution into the ubuntu forums? or similar so the next person can find it easier??06:36
LSGjoetheodd: Are you using Emerald?06:37
joetheoddLSC, stock (as in, installed an hour ago) gnome.06:37
mosnojoetheodd: Compiz + NVIDIA right?06:37
boumasome particular section i should put it ?06:37
joetheoddLSC, only change I made was switched default monitors and did a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:37
joetheoddmosno, I'm not sure of Compiz, but NVIDIA yeah06:37
mosnojoetheodd: i think there's a one-liner for xorg.conf that fixes it06:38
LSGjoetheodd: Huh...that is weird... it happens to me sometimes with Emerald but i have no idea how it can happen with the native Gnome borders. Have you tried changing the theme?06:38
mosnojoetheodd: i can't check on this system tho :(06:38
joetheoddLSC, I haven't tried that.. gimme a sec, I'll do that06:38
* kindofabuzz gives joetheodd06:38
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: nice06:38
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: that's where 815 Ocean Air was from, right?06:39
markus_joetheodd: maybe you are using the nv-driver instead of the nvidia-driver. `cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nv` to verify this.06:39
joetheoddLSC, where'd the theme option go? :P06:39
LSGjoetheodd: System--Preferences--Appearance06:40
=== kclemens is now known as paradox_
pipsqeekRenatoSilva: I have no idea.06:40
=== paradox_ is now known as kclemens
MysteI am trying to disable my onboard sound. I have blacklisted the modules in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. Despite this, they are still loading. Any suggestions?06:40
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: don't you see LOST?06:40
* pipsqeek doesn't watch TV.06:41
monkeybritchesDisable it in the BIOS?06:41
joetheoddLSC, theme itself didn't do it, but changing visual effects did. That is, setting it to none.06:41
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: wow06:41
RenatoSilvapipsqeek: kkkkk06:41
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto06:41
joetheoddLSC, but I did make my gnome prettier in the process06:41
markus_joetheodd: Then it's likely you are using the non-proprietary driver.06:41
* pipsqeek just googled 815 Ocean Air and realised what you're on about.06:41
LSGjoetheodd That means you have some problem with Compiz06:41
MysteMonkeybritches: Did that, and Ubuntu is still detecting it.06:41
pipsqeekI haven't watched TV in years. too much rubbish to filter.06:41
joetheoddmarkus_, correct -- the nvidia driver06:42
LSGjoetheodd Lemme check if i can find your problem06:42
Mysteit's an AC97 chipset06:42
monkeybritchesStrange, because it shouldn't if you disable it in the BIOS...06:42
joetheoddLSC, I'm using a MX4000 I believe, if that'll help you.06:42
calI need help with root's pas06:42
calthe one I set when I installed Ubuntu isn't working06:42
joetheoddcal, what's up?06:42
swalkosudo passwd06:43
ng0ncal  use  sudo06:43
LSGjoetheodd I'm assuming you have the restricted drivers enabled, right?06:43
MysteYeah. I'm stumped.06:43
* cal tries sudo06:43
joetheoddLSC, correct06:43
monkeybritchesAre you sure you saved the settings when you exited the BIOS setup?06:43
pipsqeekcal: copy and paste the command you're trying to execute06:43
MysteIt's been disabled since the day I built this machine06:43
calpipsqeek: I just need to log in as root06:43
caland my pass isn't working06:44
pipsqeekyou don't log in as root06:44
MysteI double checked it, disabled the game ports as well just to be sure.06:44
MysteEven so, why is it loading the modules I added to the blacklist?06:44
markus_joetheodd: Try starting compiz from a terminal and post the output. `compiz --replace`06:44
pipsqeekyou log in as your user and then su to root once you do what swalko suggested06:44
gogetaMyste why not just set the defult device on linux to your other card06:44
LSGjoetheodd It's weird though, i've installed Ubuntu the other day on my sister's machine (she has an nVidia 8600 GT or something) and i had no problems06:45
LSGjoetheodd Apparently it's a well known issue06:45
calI can't get the root pass to change06:45
swalkosudo passwd06:45
swalkotype your pass06:45
calI'm lucky now06:45
calI wrote it down06:45
FloodBot1cal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:45
swalkoand then new root pass 2x06:45
kclemenswhat does rm / do06:46
MysteGogeta: Because OSS has decided that it wants to use that card and won't use my SBlive.06:46
gogetalol dont do it06:46
legend2440joetheodd: have you tried metacity --replace in terminal?06:46
acidicbasei always alias my rm with confirmation06:46
joetheoddlegend2440, pastebinning compiz --replace right now06:47
gogetakclemens melts your system06:47
kclemensa-v told me to do rm /06:47
LSGkclemens Removes files06:47
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:47
gogetaand a op will probly ban him now06:47
joetheoddlegend2440, markus_, http://pastebin.com/m28c955c06:47
n-iCeis skype free?06:47
n-iCecalls between computers06:47
zcat[1]gratis yes, libre no.06:47
pipsqeekubotu: you probably lost grub after the windows install because Windows wrote over the MBR with it's own crap.06:47
LSGn-iCe Yeah, you don't need to pay for that06:48
pipsqeeklol, ubotu is a bot?06:48
nighthawk008I am trying to install kylix on ubuntu, it sais it can not open shared object file -- anybody ideas?06:48
zcat[1]pipsqeek: actually, I 'lost' grub because I rebuilt my filesystem on a new drive06:48
joetheoddIs there any easy way to use LILO with ubuntu? Grub and I have a love-hate relationship.06:48
zcat[1]no windows has ever been on this machine06:48
gogetaoetheodd guess if you install it yourself06:49
joetheoddgogeta, I figured, I had to make sure I put "easy" in there. :P.06:49
gogetaoetheodd kik06:49
LSGjoetheodd: I've found this, i hope it helps. http://geekybits.blogspot.com/2007/10/no-window-borders.html06:49
Mysteis there a way to disable OSS so that any OSS applications will use AOSS?06:51
Mysteor am I way off track?06:52
MarupaI have a grabbee-X video device which worked fine under 7.04, but now trying to use it under 7.10, it doesn't work.  I get a blue 'no signal' screen as user, and a green flickery screen as root, when using tvtime, which is the program I used beforehand.06:52
zcat[1]bah, 'tab' in grub is giving me an actual tab, not a command-line completeion :(06:53
Marupadmesg picks it up, as it did before, so there's no change that I can tell on my end.  It works in windows, just not in linux now.06:53
Leeuwhow can I change the behaviour of deleteon a mp3-player ?  (I want to delete directly, instead of putting in a trashcan on the device itself, wich doesn't make room for other stuff; have to delete twice this way, first delete, than delete trash.100 folder; is pretty annoyingk))06:54
gogetazcat[1] e edits in grub06:54
gogetazcat[1] and c i link = command line only06:54
zcat[1]OK, root is /dev/sda2 or hd(0,1) in grub.. if I run grub-install it keeps trlling me there's no bios devices... It was installed on this drive before... what do I type?06:56
zcat[1]gogeta: sudo grub from a booted system?06:56
MysteSound Preferences shows two devices, the SBlive on ALSA mixer and the AC97 on OSS. I want to get rid of the AC9706:56
MysteOr else point the OSS mixer to the SBLive card06:57
gogetazcat[1] your trying to boot from a command line in grub?06:57
gogetaboot /dev/hda0,006:57
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex06:57
zcat[1]I'm trying to put the MBR back on my sata drive.. currently booted from an IDE one06:57
monkeybritchesDoes anyone know what comes after Intrepid Ibex? J-something... ?06:58
MarupaAny ideas for the video isue?06:58
gogetazcat[1] a nice tool for that is the grub live cd supergrub06:58
LeeuwJumbled Jay-bird06:58
zcat[1]drives that have stage1 on them are /dev/sda2 aka hd(0,1) and /dev/sdb1 aka hd(1,0)06:58
monkeybritchesSorry Marupa, no idea06:59
legend2440Leeuw: in nautilus open edit >preferences>behaviour >bypass trash option06:59
gogetazcat[1] has menus and stuff can install grub anywhere06:59
Leeuwlegend2440: thanx !  will try06:59
zcat[1]I want to fix up grum's MBR it's currently looking for /dev/sda106:59
blindjust upgraded from edgy to feisty and now q3a won't run: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63893/06:59
Leeuwlegend2440: does that go for all devices than ?   Or can I set for that device only ?07:00
zcat[1]How do I put grub back on the MBR so that it looks for stage1 on hd(0,1) instead of hd(0,0)07:00
gogetazcat[1] what did i suggest07:00
zcat[1]without burning another CD...07:00
gogetazcat[1] ubuntus only gonna install on the first drive07:00
gogetazcat[1] then make a supergrub floppy07:00
legend2440Leeuw: i think you have a choice wheter to put in trash or delete without putting in trash07:00
zcat[1]ubuntu''s not doing JACK.. I have the grub command line.. btw no floppy drive in this box07:01
gogetazcat[1] then wast a cd07:01
gogetazcat[1] its handy to keep around07:01
zcat[1]I don't have any spare CD's07:01
legend2440Leeuw: i think all devices but not positive07:01
gogetagot a pen drive lol07:01
monkeybritcheszcat[1]: Read up on grub here: http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm07:01
zcat[1]I have a bootable system on hda, I'm in it. I have the grub command line. this MUST be possible07:01
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:01
zcat[1]fscking stupid page says tab-complete... GRUB here is giving me an actual tab, not tab completing07:02
zcat[1]grub> find /boot/grub/stage107:02
zcat[1]find /boot/grub/stage107:02
zcat[1] (hd0,1)07:02
zcat[1] (hd1,0)07:02
FloodBot1zcat[1]: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
zcat[1]Now what do I do with this?07:02
Leeuwlegend2440: yeah, I found it, itś all devices, gives xtra option in contxt.menu07:03
gogetazcat[1] that tells you wehere to put grub07:03
gogetazcat[1] 1 would be your second drive07:03
zcat[1]I know where the drives are; I know where stage one is; how do I tell grub from the commandline to rewrite the mbr on hd(0,0) with looking for stage1 at hd(0,1)07:03
snarkstermy laptop continually runs at 700 Mhz instead of 1Ghz.. How do i make it run at full power when running on A/C.07:03
zcat[1]Yes, I am booted up from my second drive. I want to fix grub on my first drive07:04
gogetagrub install hd(1,0) i would assume07:04
mutksnarkster, Give it some work to do - does it increase the CPU frequ?07:04
snarksteryes when i have alot open07:04
snarkstermutk: yes when i have alot of stuff open..07:05
Leeuwlegend2440: is astrange option thoug, if I set it it deletes right away, but puts in main trashcan instead of tras-folder on device... Think something got lost in translation (using Dutch version)07:05
snarksteri wanted it to always run at full power when on A/C tho07:05
ecubuntuhey guys how have hardy, i have a question? i have my wireless network with mac adress only but with Hardy i can't connect07:06
bazhangecubuntu: what wireless chipset07:06
zcat[1]how can grub tell me stage1 is on hd0,1 and then in the next command tell me hd0,1 does not exist?!!!!\07:06
legend2440Leeuw: i've never enabled that option mysel so i don't know how well it works07:06
ecubuntuintel bazhang07:06
Leeuwlegend2440: whatever, it solved my problem anyway, thanx !  (Come to think I allways tell noobz in my day-job (work in PC-center for low-chance-people) to read help and try options, turns out I'm to lazy meself... ;-)07:06
zcat[1]GAH@!!! useless pile of crap07:07
snarksterthere are no governors in the cpu freq scaling07:07
bazhangecubuntu: meet me in #ubuntu+1 for hardy discussion07:07
ecubuntuk bazhang07:07
Chris[]Hello, I just burned a text based install of Ubuntu 6.06 Server Edition, on a CD-R at 4x speed, and apparently 'Packages.gz' is corrupt, I get an error involving md5 and this file during setup07:07
Chris[]I think 4x speed is low enough, yes?07:07
FloodBot1liveinteractive: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
bazhangliveinteractive: dont spam here07:08
liveinteractivescam or phising07:08
bazhangliveinteractive: stop now07:09
Nick123Does anyone know of a samll free parttion program i can download so i can make my windwos partition smaller so i can install ubuntu07:09
monkeybritchesParted Magic07:09
snarksternick123: gparted and or qtparted will do that for you if you know how07:10
LeeuwChris , sometimes there's 'to low'; if you use like 52x cd, the tracks in 4x get 'to deep' sort of.   Try 12x, always works best for me, better than 407:10
bazhangNick123: the ubuntu installer will do it for you--resize partition in the install process07:10
LeeuwChris[]: Chris , sometimes there's 'to low'; if you use like 52x cd, the tracks in 4x get 'to deep' sort of.   Try 12x, always works best for me, better than 407:10
Chris[]Leeuw, I've tried 4x, and 11x07:10
blindOkay, for some reason my sound won't work in certain programs. For instance, I have VBox open and Quake3 won't make any sound, neither will mpd.. but xfmedia and gxine and mplayer make sound..07:10
liveinteractivehttp://onestepdownloads.com the best website of downloading linux distros07:11
bazhang!ops | liveinteractive07:11
ubotuliveinteractive: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!07:11
mutkSomebody ban this idiot.07:11
Chris[]This also happened when I tried installing debian.07:12
snarksteri just ignored him07:12
Aces|I have a problem. First time trying to install Ubuntu and I get through the Start or Install screen and through the loading screens but once I hear the drums the screen goes black. Through reading the forums its probably my Nvidia card. I tried some of the solutions on the forums but still have had no luck.07:12
LeeuwChris[]: 11x ??  I don't think that speeds xists...   You're using the direct-burn option in Nautilus right ?   I've tried that several times, seems buggy, allways got errors.   Try installing Gnome-burner, that works like a charm, sort of a stripped down NERO, perfect every time07:12
Chris[]No, actually, I'm burning on Windows.07:12
Chris[]But I tried Nautulis before07:12
snarksterdoes k3b work in gnome? that is by far the best burner software Ive ever used.07:13
blindyes, it does07:13
blindif you've got kdelibs installed07:13
Chris[]Leeuw: It was 11.7x on Nautilus.07:14
LeeuwChris[]: hm, strange..   Maybe you used cd's from market or something (they's sometimes old stock that been in the sun or something07:14
blindAnyone have a clue why my quake3 and mpd can't produce sound, but other programs do?07:14
Chris[]Leeuw, I've burned ISO's with these before.07:14
Chris[]All the other linux-running PCs in my house used isos on these same types of CDs.07:14
LeeuwChris[]: and this one went wrong once, or all the time ?07:14
Chris[]All the time..07:15
Chris[]Not sure if it makes a difference that I'm trying to install from VMWare..07:15
Chris[]I don't think it should.07:15
LeeuwChris[ maybe the ISO's no good (try downloading again, it happened to me once)07:15
Chris[]I would, except I tried 2 versions of Debian (small iso, large iso) and the ubuntu, and nothing worked07:15
LeeuwChris[]: should make no dif07:15
LeeuwChris[]: try dif solutions, but do with RWś for time being, 's cheapurr07:16
gad0Chris[], perform a md5 checksum on iso...07:16
legend2440Aces|: are you using the LiveCD to try and install?07:16
Chris[]I've never done stuff with md5, so I'm not sure as to how.07:16
LeeuwChris[]: Read/Write cd's, erasable y' know07:17
snarkstermd5sum <file>07:17
Chris[]Wait, what? md5sum the iso?07:17
gad0Chris[], https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM07:17
snarkstersure they should provide a md5sum07:17
Guest10423/server irc.relaychat.net /j #main07:17
MRgoodhash can do it too07:17
snarksteryup yup07:17
legend2440Aces|: sometimes for certain hardware the alternate cd works better07:18
LeeuwChris[]: Try Gnome-burner, or Brasero, that solved my blank-CD eating problem (really, burning CD's with Nautilus has never worked for me)07:18
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal07:18
Aces|Ill download it and give it a try. Thanks.07:18
legend2440Aces|: ok good luck07:18
LeeuwAces|: or try Xubuntu; we had problems installing ubuntu, ubuntu alternate, Xubuntu did the trick, later added ubuntu-package, presto !07:19
ubotuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels07:19
wesleysldey Rprp o/07:20
Aces|Ok thanks again.07:20
snarksterAces|: you could also do that Kubuntu load if you like KDE07:20
Aces|This is my first run all around so Ill have to find something that works and go from there.07:21
Chris[]Leeuw: What about gnomebaker?07:21
snarksterAces| are you coming from windows?07:21
snarksterKDE is very similar to windows07:22
Fai love kde 407:22
snarksterin layout but is WAY more intergrated than any version of windows07:22
Faoh yeah07:22
snarksterkde4 just isnt stable enough yet07:22
Faubuntu with kde 4 beats xp hands down07:22
djznhi... i have a dilema... I have 2GB of RAM.... should I make a 4GB SWAP partition or a 512MB will do just fine? The most critical thing I do in this computer is convert h.264 videos to VOBs...07:22
bazhangnot true kde4 is stable07:23
Fayeah i still love07:23
gad0snarkster< KDE is very similar to windows > gnome & xfce are similar too ;)07:23
LeeuwChris[]: H :-D:-[, yeah, Gnomebaker, that's what I meant (there's no such thing as gnomeburner; well maybe myself... stup-id me)07:23
Fakde 4 still has some bugs07:23
snarksteryah KDE4 is beautiful really..07:23
Chris[]xD, Leeuw. I believe I usually use gnomebaker, I'm trying it now.07:23
Exterisdjzn, make a 2gb ram partition, in case you want to hibernate, or 1gb if you're low on disk space07:23
snarkstergad0 this is true that gnome and xfce are similar as well. but KDE almost looks like windows. Makes the newbies feel alot more comfortable I think07:24
djznExteris: I never ever hibernate... in fact, I have never used that feature in 15 years using computers07:24
Fai just can't stand gnome07:24
Leeuwdjzn: stick to 2 G, that's the most that can be managed, everything over get's lost in cyberspace...   500 will do fine, I have 4 Gig RAM, use lotsa stuff, never anything gets swapped07:24
Faxfce is ok07:24
Exterisdjzn, (i mean suspend to disk)07:24
djznno, i don't use that... either the computer is off the plug or running....07:25
mshadlehow do i force a module "e1000e" to be loaded -instead- of "e1000" ? isn't it a modules.conf or modprobe.d line?07:25
snarksterFa: I hated gnome and was a strict KDE person, just decided to push the envelope and use gnome. When KDE4 reaches 4.1 or higher Ill switch back07:25
djznbecause a 4GB swap partition never gets written.... 4GB is quite a space....07:25
Fa4.1 suppose to be out in the summer i hear07:26
Exterisdjzn, with hibernate you can suspend all ram to disk, power off, and when you boot again, all apps are restored07:26
gad0did anyone ever had problems with xine/mplayer color settings & nvidia restricted drivers ?07:26
snarksterhibernmate just doesnt work well on this laptop.. I lose sound completely07:26
djznexteris: will that feature replace the boot process in the future (is replacing?)07:27
Exterisdjzn, i don't know, but i like it, give it a try07:28
LeeuwExteris: does hibernate use the swap ?   I didn't know...   but how then can a 4G RAM sleep on 2 G swap ?   Or does it store states instead of entire RAM like Windoze ?07:28
ExterisLeeuw, you almost never use the full 4G ram for apps, a lot of it is buffer07:29
ExterisLeeuw, i have 2gb ram, 1gb swap and hibernate works fine07:29
LeeuwExteris: OK, so buffers donb't need sleep ;-) ?07:29
LeeuwExteris: but are U sure sleepfile ends up on swap ?07:30
PhatKatI'm trying to backup my system, my upgrade from 7.1 to 8.04 didn't go so well. I'm trying to use the Simple Backup Config but. For some reason no it always backs up to the /var/backup folder where I don't have enough space. I want to send the back up to a usb hard drive. Should I try and mount the hard drive as /var/backup?07:30
Exteris!hibernate | Leeuw07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:30
gad0actually its a little more complicated then tat...  Leeuw07:30
Leeuwgad0: tell me, I lovoooove needlez knowledzj07:31
djzni read that with 2GB of RAM, it is silly to have a 2GB/4GB swap partition because it never gets written.... That 512MB wil do just FINE.. if not Less....07:31
Chris[]Leeuw: The ./dists/dapper/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz file failed the MD5 checksum verification. Your CD-ROM or this file may have been corrupted. [[[Again]]] :(07:31
nsandimanhi, I have a usb infrared device that I want to use on my machine...can anyone explain to me how to go about it?07:31
LeeuwChris[]: and it's always the same file ?07:32
gad0Leeuw, i have only 1 hand so cant type much... better check on wiki page or google07:32
Ntemisi search a tool for printing CD/DVD labels07:32
Chris[]Yep. Would it matter that my processor is AMD, should I be using the other version? I don't think it matters as long as I'm not using 64-bit on a 32-bit..07:32
Ntemiswich is the best for this?07:32
bazhangChris[]: this will be a dual boot or only ubuntu07:33
Leeuwgad0: sure, no sweat, I had already scheduled it in my downtime for work this afternoon... thanx for hinting me thoug, now I know thereś a new thing to be learned, and that makes a good day, right ?   right.07:33
Chris[]bazhang: This is through VMWare07:34
Gokee2Will rm -rf /var/cache/* hurt anything?  I mean badly?07:35
bazhangChris[]: through vmware? what do you mean? you want to install from vmware onto a harddrive, or just run the distro in vmware--what is the guest os07:35
Chris[]The guest os is ubuntu07:35
LeeuwChris[]: well, maybe there is a problem with the virtual install, but my guess is the ISO if it's always same file; try a different mirror for download ?   (But use RW' s, don't spend all those blanks on tracing a problem)07:35
legend2440PhatKat: if you choose "Use custom backup settings" option you can choose where to put the backup under the 'Destination' tab07:35
Chris[]I don't have any RW's lol07:35
=== MRgood is now known as icesword
bazhangChris[]: not sure of your final goal; please clarify07:36
gad0Gokee2, wat exactly are you trying todo ?07:36
PhatKatLegend244C: Ya tried that no matter where I set it it always goes to the default /var/backup07:37
LeeuwChris[]: go get some then, before you use up your whole stock !07:37
Chris[]I currently have a system with Debian on it, and I wish to create a virtual machine through vmware. This requires that I insert an ubuntu live cd and use the client software to go through the installer.07:37
Chris[]My final goal, pretty much.. get ubuntu to install :P07:37
simon_Gokee2: aptitude clean? if you're trying to clean out your apt cache07:37
PhatKatI also just tryed to mount my usb hd to /var/backup didn't quite work out now I can't mount it period.07:38
Gokee2gad0, My hard drive is full so I need to free up a little room to let a dist-upgrade finish07:38
legend2440PhatKat: thats strange. i've only used sbackup once. i use partimage now. works very well for me07:38
chris062689OH WOW, theres a rumor The Orange Box is being ported to Linux... sweet.07:38
gad0Gokee2, then type sudo apt-get clean07:38
bazhangChris[]: was that meant for me? if you do not use my nick I will miss it; am helping another user in seperate channel07:38
Chris[]Sorry, yes it was, bazhang.07:39
PhatKatI'll try partimage is it in the repo?07:39
zero__whats the ubuntu 8.04 beta chat channel?07:39
Gokee2gad0,  apt-get dist-upgrade is in the middle of running right now so that won`t work07:39
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:39
zero__thanks monkeybritches07:39
monkeybritchesYou're welcome07:39
Gokee2For that matter I better not clear apt`s cache....  :/07:40
bazhangChris[]: you have the livecd running? or you already have ubuntu installed and want to install to another machine? not clear here07:40
gad0Gokee2, then proply del each package mnanually which isnt required by dist-upgrade... lol07:40
Gokee2Apt is the bigest thing in cache07:40
Gokee2Is there anything I can delete?07:41
Chris[]I have Debian installed, and am trying to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine, pretty much it's own partition. Kind of like a dual boot.07:41
legend2440PhatKat: i think so but in order to backup your main partition you have to boot from a cd that has partimage on it so the partition is not mounted as you back it up. I boot from system rescue cd to do backups07:41
Ntemisplease someone tell me a good cd/dvd cover program07:41
elmargolNtemis, inkscape07:41
NtemisPlease can someone tell me a good cd/dvd cover program07:41
JohnRobertis xmms not in ubuntu 8.04?07:41
friedtofucd/dvd cover?..07:41
SonjaJohnRobert ask in #ubuntu+107:42
legend2440Ntemis:  glabels07:42
icesword!info xmms 8.0407:42
ubotuxmms (source: xmms): Versatile X audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.2.10+20070601-1 (gutsy), package size 2101 kB, installed size 6292 kB07:42
icesword!info xmms hardy07:42
gad0Gokee2, you should have prior knowledge which package is required and which is not... tough07:42
Ntemislegend i saw glabels it says for bussines cards07:42
ubotuPackage xmms does not exist in hardy07:42
RussellGeexmms is replaced with xmms207:42
legend2440Ntemis: it also does the round cd/dvd labels07:42
PhatKatLegend244C: Thank I guess I'll try that to save my system. After you copy it can you remount it after a fresh install?07:43
Ntemislegent:will do for downloaded dvd/cd covers?07:43
icesword!info xmms2 hardy07:43
ubotuxmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2DrJekyll-4ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 10 kB, installed size 56 kB07:43
LeeuwChris[]: good luck, hope to hear some day what the prob waz...   have to go now. . . later !8-)07:43
Gokee2gad0, Ya...  That would take a while but I guess it would work...07:43
Ntemislegend: am inerested foe the out front and back labels of the dvd/cd07:43
friedtofudoes xmms2 still use X as its gui - ugly? :/07:43
bazhangChris[]: how about unetbootin?07:43
Chris[]Haven't tried, never done it before.07:44
Ntemissorry for my bad english i am from a night shift :(07:44
legend2440Ntemis: yes you can copy paste downloaded cd/dvd jpg's07:44
Chris[]er, bazhang* darn it lol07:44
Ntemislegend: will do frond and back labels of cd/dvd?07:44
bubooludoes anyone use AWN (avant-window-navigator)?  I'm doing the whole OS X look and I've also installed global_menu ... I read that AWN should show the "Places" and "System" menu in the menu applet, but I'm not seeing it.  Any suggestions?07:44
bazhangChris[]: /msg ubotu wubi then check the ubuntuforums link for more on unetbootin07:45
legend2440Ntemis: it does them too. but i haven't played with that much. i just make the round labels usually07:45
Ntemisi see07:45
Ntemisthanks legend07:45
gad0Gokee2, yes... the package which were listed after running dist-upgrade will be listed... so other than these packages in apt cache can be deleted07:45
Ntemisglabels in synaptic?07:46
Ntemisor i have to build from source07:46
legend2440Ntemis: in synaptic07:46
bazhang!info glabels07:46
ubotuglabels (source: glabels): label, business card and media cover creation program for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.3-1ubuntu0.1 (gutsy), package size 335 kB, installed size 1024 kB07:46
newusrupdated my ubuntu and wireless isnt working anymore with the new kern image ? tried the forums but nothing worked for me07:47
Gokee2gad0, Every pack on my system was upgraded...  I got it though I sorted by size and got rid of kde-icons and a few others now I have 106m free.  Thanks!  :)07:47
Ntemisgoodnight all!07:48
legend2440PhatKat: not sure what you mean. partimage makes a clone of the partition so if there was a problem mounting a drive before you image it the problem will still be there after you restore the partition with partimage07:48
bazhangnewusr: this is gutsy or what07:49
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)07:49
bazhangnewusr: what is the kernel--and what is the chipset of the card07:49
Chris[]bazhang: I am going to try from a torrent before I mess with that, which if this doesn't work I'll try tomorrow.07:50
newusrshall i use the pastebin ?07:50
legend2440PhatKat: oh isee what you mean. yes you can07:50
bazhangnewusr: for what? just the one line for the kernel and card chipset is fine here07:50
prashant___hi does any one know how to change the prgress screen that comes up as soon as we boot ubuntu ;) please ask if need more clearifications07:51
bazhangprashant___: the usplash?07:52
newusr07:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)07:52
bazhangnewusr: and what kernel07:52
prashant___bahzhang i dont realy know its name but u know it comes even when we boot a live cd ( the first image that we see with a progress pipe of booting status)07:53
[LMM]Iowahchy there, anyone knows a good script, which deletes folders without mp3|mp4|ogg|wav files in it?07:53
PhatKatLegend244C: OK thank I'm going to copy the whole partition do a clean install then mount it back and copy off what is need also this way I can set a local source for my repo. I just wanted to run it by someone before I went and killed my system also the system rescue is almost done downloading now.07:53
prashant___bahzhang: i dont realy know its name but u know it comes even when we boot a live cd ( the first image that we see with a progress pipe of booting status)07:53
Fivesheephttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto [prashant___]07:54
bazhangprashant___: and what change did you have in mind?07:54
newusrUbuntu hardy (development branch), kernel 2.6.24-15-generic07:54
bazhangnewusr: that is the hardy kernel, but you are using gutsy? any special reason for that?07:55
prashant___bazhang: i saw some options on gnome-look and they are nice ;) i shall switch to them . BTW when i installed kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu the splash screen reads KUBUNTU which i want to get rid of07:55
newusri just updated the system and it happened07:55
newusris it possible to get wireless working again ?07:56
legend2440PhatKat: with partimage you can only restore the whole partition. its not like drive image that had a browser where you could select certain files or directories to restore07:56
bazhangnewusr: what does lsb_release -a report07:56
PhatKatOk well I guess I keep trying to mount my usb hd in the /var07:57
bazhangprashant___: then boot using gdm and not kdm (in sessions)07:57
newusr8.4 hardy !07:57
newusrDescription:Ubuntu hardy (development branch)07:57
newusr 07:57
prashant___bazhang: yeah thats what i do ... but it still reads KUBUNTU on the progress barr07:58
masterzulubom dia08:00
masterzulualguem pode me ajudar a instalar codecs w32 para dapper08:01
iceswordenglish, man08:02
bazhang!br | masterzulu08:02
ubotumasterzulu: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.08:02
bazhangnewusr: install linux-ubuntu-modules and see if that clears it up08:02
newusri gotta quit the update manager though lots of updates08:05
bazhangnewusr: dont do that08:05
bazhangnewusr: just wait until it does its work08:05
newusryeah i will08:05
newusrbazhang, its installed when i checked the SYnaptic08:07
bazhangnewusr: also on router try unhiding the essid if it is set to that (when the updates are finished, or course)08:07
newusrversion 2.6.2208:08
newusrits not hidden08:08
newusrshall i reinstall it ?08:08
bazhangnewusr: those are not the correct modules for hardy; wait until the updates are finished then install new ones08:09
newusrwhat command shall i use or just the Synaptic08:09
newusrits ok i resumed the updates now08:10
newusram supposed to use the wired connection here at the cafe and i stole the cable and got the ip config. hehhe i guess the cafe owner is gonna kick me08:13
newusrsorry the wirelesss connection :S08:13
bazhangnewusr: on further reflection it should be updated if you already have it --best bet is to finish updates then check to see that the modules match the kernel (which will be -16 by now)08:15
OrbixxProblem: Firestarter hangs on boot, causing it to hang. I have to intervene for it to continue boot. Also, due to it hanging, my network connection remains completely down until I stop it. Any ideas?08:16
sconeI'm trying to get my computer to mount a separate partition, but the walk-through from ubuntu wasn't helpful08:16
newusrsome guys told me to remove it but i guess that am in love with it :)08:16
newusrgot a current bsd on the other laptop ;] bs is kewl but it seem like i just cant figure some stuff on ubuntu am either stupid or its way easier than bsd devel edition08:17
RainarrowHello guys, what's the best way of sharing files between 2 Ubuntu machines in a LAN?08:19
MEtaLpREsjust make the folders network shares08:19
RainarrowBecause I heard samba is best for sharing between Windows and Linux boxes08:19
Rainarrowso if I have two Ubuntu boxes do I have a better choice?08:19
MEtaLpREsthen the folders will be visable to any other machine on the network08:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about share - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:20
=== VD is now known as VanDyke
sconeI need help editing my fstab08:21
jburdRainarrow: SSH.08:21
RainarrowMEtaLpREs, thanks, but what's the CLI equivalent of the operation? Since I may want to exchange some .conf files between two my two boxes, and sudo is more convenient than gksudo for me08:22
jburdRainarrow: scp, sftp08:22
AdrianStraysAlright. I was trying to setup firestarter so it automatically began at boot.  I followed the instructions on the FAQ page only to discover I couldn't save the sudoers file.  So, I saved it elsewhere, then moved/overwrote the original with the edited one. It still doesn't work, and I can't edit it normally it says it should be "0440" when it is "0680"08:22
MEtaLpREsi dont do anything in command line unless i absolutely have to so i really dont know08:22
AdrianStraysIt should be "0440" when it is "0644"08:22
RainarrowMEtaLpREs, ok, thanks08:23
Siliciumhi all08:23
Siliciumdoes likewise support PAM?08:23
Rainarrowjburd, thanks, would you mind explain a little more? of course I could just google around if otherwise08:23
Rainarrowjburd, I've not heard anything about scp08:24
jburdRainarrow: SSH is used for secure access to resources.  scp is a tool to copy files over SSH.08:24
Rainarrowjburd, ok, so I need to setup a SSH server on one of my Linux boxes right08:24
jburdRainarrow: You will need SSH server instances on both computers if you wish to access either of them from any one.08:24
jburdsudo aptitude install ssh08:24
AdrianStraysCan anyone help me?08:25
Rainarrowjburd, ok thanks, I'll google for a howto on SSH08:25
jburdRainarrow: You can then access both computers using Nautilus or the command line.08:25
ayahJust one question right now. If I install the RC, will the update app let me upgrade to the final when it is released? Or will I have to reinstall to be completely up to date?08:25
bazhangAdrianStrays: you did all this to get firestarter to work at boot?08:25
jburdRainarrow: Try this first:  Places > Connect to Server... > Service Type: SSH08:26
AdrianStraysAdding it to just the sessions doesn't work.08:26
Siliciumpam will works08:26
boumasatelite uplink bling :P, cyaz08:26
jburdRainarrow: It will create a network mount on your Desktop.  Just click and you'll be able to copy files pretty easily.08:26
bazhangAdrianStrays: any reason to have the gui start on boot?08:26
TweakerOk, I got a quick question about Ultima. How would I get it to load on ubuntu?08:26
newusrill cut the update and try to dial out using some kinda vpn08:27
newusrits damn filtered in the UAE08:27
bazhangTweaker: ultima? is that a game or what08:27
Rainarrowjburd: I'm trying, waiting for apt-get to finish08:27
bullgard4"~$ lsmod | grep 8139; 8139cp 24704 0; 8139too 27520 0." I would like to prevent that one of the 2 modules will be loaded because after a while after booting my computer looses its LAN connection. How to prevent 8139cp from being loaded at boot time?  (There is no modules.conf and no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.)08:27
TweakerYea, a very old game. Made back in the 90's08:27
RainarrowTweaker, Ultima? the game?08:27
ayahIf I install the RC, will the update app let me upgrade to the final when it is released? Or will I have to reinstall to be completely up to date?08:27
AdrianStraysbazhang, Because as near as I can tell it doesn't start unless I activate it manually? I like to out either way08:27
bazhangTweaker: via dosbox? check www.abandonia.com for abandonware08:28
Tweakerthanks, I didnt no I could run DosBox on Linux08:28
TweakerWell I guess I'll go and check that out and happy late 42008:29
ng0nhey.. when i click down an ap.. it goes away completely !  not to the panel !?!?!?  what's wrong ?08:29
Rainarrowjburd, thanks, it works very well08:29
bazhangAdrianStrays: you know it is only the gui, right? that if the gui is running or not iptables will still start08:29
Rainarrowjburd, and it's just what I want08:29
jburdRainarrow: np08:29
AdrianStraysbazhang, either way I'd like to fix the sudoers file, how do I do that?08:30
bazhangayah: sure you can install it now (or whenever before final) and then just keep updating08:30
_2oh<  i have an issue.    when i start xorg the keyboard stops working propperly.   anyone that might be able to put a fingure on why that happens ?08:31
bazhangAdrianStrays: that sounds serious, not sure how to recommend something08:31
ayahbazhang: I see, many thanks08:31
Greenboxhey, does anyone know a workaround for the bug that kills torrents over wireless in ubuntu 7.10?08:31
bazhangGreenbox: what bug08:31
AdrianStraysbazhang, Alright, I post on the forums, thanks.08:31
Greenboxbazhang, a lot of people can't get torrents working over wireless in 7.1008:32
bazhangGreenbox: you have an actual launchpad bug number?08:32
Greenboxbazhang: let me relocate ite08:32
bazhang_2: when you start xorg? you mean when your computer starts up or what08:33
_2oh<  i have an issue.    when i start xorg the keyboard stops working propperly.   anyone that might be able to put a fingure on why that happens ?      this is an LTS dapper custom install.08:34
_2bazhang no.  when i start xorg.08:34
=== Syntux_ is now known as Syntux
bazhangng0n: click down? what exactly do you mean08:34
bazhang_2: how do you 'start' xorg08:35
monkeybritchesHow would you define 'properly'?08:35
ng0nbazhang - click down = minimize window.08:35
_2any of several ways.   startx   X & startkde     gdm      pick your take.08:36
jeffimperialHi.. how do you turn off the default "screen saver" for ubuntu?08:36
ng0nwhen i minimize i get no 'icon' in the panel.08:36
ng0nthe program just vanishes.08:36
=== hellmitre_ is now known as hellmtire
_2@ bazhang ^     sorry i didn't prefix your nick.08:36
monkeybritchesjeffimperial: Right click on desktop > Screensaver > Uncheck 'Start automatically'08:37
jeffimperialmonkeybritches: hey man.. i don't have "Screensaver" when I right click the desktop.. just "Change Desktop Backgroun"08:38
_2bazhang i can't drop back to a console from xorg without i first use the magic sysRQ to reset the keyboard   the ctrl key doesn't work from within xorg otherwise08:38
monkeybritchesSorry, I'm using KDE, so I guess it's different08:39
ng0nbazhang: when i minimize a program it doesn't go down to the panel.. it just vanishes ?  why ?08:39
monkeybritchesAnyone with Gnome is welcome to answer that :)08:39
jeffimperialmonkeybritches: Yeah.. I'm on Gnome..08:39
friedtofung0n make sure you ahve a panel that lists your task programs08:39
friedtofung0n you might have accidently removed it08:39
_2ng0n pager applet not running ?08:39
jeffimperialAnyone know how to turn off default screensaver in ubuntu-gnome?08:39
friedtofung0n try using alt + tab to see if it brings it up08:40
ng0nfriedtofu: i got a panel on the bottom of the screen with trash can, 2 screens, showing the programs in the screens.08:40
bazhang_2: that sounds really awful; what kb is this? bluetooth or MS or somesuch?08:40
_2bazhang nope.  standard 104 key   ps208:41
bazhang_2: ps2? same behaviour with a usb kb as well?08:41
friedtofung0n - so the one with the two screens is your pager/for your workstation ... try right clicking on the panel and add + and then try to find something that has something remotely with the task applications08:41
* _2 doesn't have a usb keyboard to test that...08:42
Rainarrowjeff, System->Pref->Screen Saver=>uncheck "Activate screensaver when this computer is idle"08:42
friedtofung0n - :/ sorry i cant be more specific, i'm using xfce08:42
_2bazhang idk ...08:42
friedtofung0n but does alt + tab bring up your windows you minimized?08:42
ng0nfriedtofu: no.  alt + doesn nothing.08:43
jeffimperialRainarrow: Thanks.. Why does Ubuntu regard my computer idle when i'm into a full screen game after 10min?08:43
bazhang_2: that is really odd; got a ps2 here as well as usb and no worries either way--this is gutsy, hardy or what08:43
Rainarrowjeffimperial, .....maybe all the mouse/keybd events was captured by the game?08:43
Rainarrowjeffimperial, so GNOME received no events at all during your game08:43
kevin__jeffimperial: that happened to me too, i don't know why so ijust disabled the screen saver08:43
_2bazhang dapper08:44
Rainarrowjeffimperial, what's the name by the way08:44
ng0nfriedric: i minimized rhythem box... and it still is playing..... but there is no way to get it back up.08:44
Rainarrowjeffimperial, ok I mean what game08:44
Morph3usHi.. i need some help.. i have lost my data.. my partition is ext3.. how can i recover it? it's possible? :S08:44
_2Morph3us testdisk ?08:44
taricrishi, everybody08:44
jeffimperialany game i've tried so far that uses up the fullscreen, i think08:45
ng0nrebooted.  still not working.08:45
_2!info testdisk | Morph3us08:45
bazhang_2: ah dapper; seem to recall some ancient bug related to that, though it has been a while since using dapper--best bet is to check launchpad as that sounds like a really severe bug08:45
ubotumorph3us: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.6-1 (gutsy), package size 668 kB, installed size 2624 kB08:45
friedtofuhm... yeah. i really dont know08:45
jeffimperialamaricasarmy, gl-117, battle for wesnoth08:45
kevin__it happened to me while playing tremulous, would be a good idea to see if it happens with other games08:45
Morph3us_2 i just run testdisk, but says that my disk is OK.. how can i recover my data?08:45
ng0nfreidtofu.  thanks all the same :)08:45
taricrishi guys. I need help to install .bin file08:45
friedtofung0n maybe try killall rhythmbox08:45
bazhangng0n: you deleted your pager?08:47
Morph3usubotu exists another tool better? What about sysrescuecd?08:47
_2Morph3us ?     where did you get "testdisk" ?    the testdisk app in the repos should by default give you the option to search for deleted partitions and restore them.08:47
ndavidDoes anyone know the name of the process that plays an mp3 in the background when you hover the mouse over the icon?08:47
RainarrowAnyone here running hardy? My hardy RC would occasionally consume 100% CPU by the hald-inpu process08:47
Morph3us_2 sudo aptitude install testdisk08:47
Ademanhas anyone setup zope 3 on ubuntu? i installed the zope3 package and assumed i'd be able to just navigate to localhost:8080 (the ubuntu docs suggested 9673 as well, but neither worked)  if it helps i've got apache installed and running right now, as i understand it zope has it's own http server, maybe the two are conflicting?08:47
Morph3us_2 in fact, i format my disk08:47
bazhangthe hardy channel is thataway-----------> #ubuntu+108:48
_2Morph3us then forget it.08:48
jeffimperialthanks fellas.. hope someone figures out why the screensaver prob..08:48
Morph3us_2 i am screwed?08:48
bazhangMorph3us: seems likely08:48
_2Morph3us pretty much.  unless you want to spend days searching by hand.08:48
_2for each file...08:49
Morph3usbazhang, _2 have you tested grescue?08:49
_aeGIsDoes anyone know how to change the icon associated with mime/msword and mime/rtf ?  Clicking on the icon in properties just changes it for that individual file.  Please help.  I changed the association to abiword, and it opens fine.  The only thing is it used the OO icon still.08:49
bazhangMorph3us: if the data is really important you could pay the pros to rescue it for you--not cheap though08:50
_2Morph3us on a partitioned and formated disk.   no.   but i dont know of anything that can recover that.08:50
BarbarelloHi! Is here some SLAX channal or not? Give an address please!08:51
bazhang!irc | Barbarello08:51
ubotuBarbarello: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:51
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Morph3usbazhang, in my country (Venezuela) i don't know any pros can do that (3rd world dude) xD08:51
_aeGIsDoes anyone know how to change the icon associated with mime/msword and mime/rtf ?  Clicking on the icon in properties just changes it for that individual file.  Please help.  I changed the association to abiword, and it opens fine.  The only thing is it used the OO icon still.08:52
ng0nok.. just lost the windows list - had to add it back.08:52
ng0n!#@!$#  silly me.08:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about silly me. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:53
ng0nthanks friedtoffu08:53
bazhangMorph3us: sorry, let me google for a bit08:53
Morph3us_2 i will test grescue, but, i believe you, i think that lost my data08:53
_2luck with it.   one can always hope08:54
asbjornhi guys, does anyone in here have a clever way to get a borderless workspace-switcher?08:54
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howtorecover-and-undelete-text-file-in.html Morph3us08:55
Morph3usthanks bazhang :D08:55
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery and here http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p21.html Morph3us08:56
KOJVHow come there are none of the normal (Windows?) resolutions available in Xubuntu? All like random frequencies... such as 1600x1200 @ 68 Hz.08:56
MagicDuckhi, I am having a small problem with screen refresh rate: I set everything fine with "nvidia-settings" and save the xorg.conf file, but when I login again as my user, System>Preferences>Screen Resolution apparently tells me I am going at 50 Hz instead of 75 Hz08:56
KOJVI'd like to know why two of my six Win partitions ask for my password then won't be mounted anyway?08:56
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=710375 from this link Morph3us08:56
tarandusI have Dapper in my Thinkpad T22 (256 RAM, 900MHz Pentium III M), would you recommend staying with it? Which one would work fastest and demand the least resources, Dapper, Edgy, Feisty or Gutsy?08:57
bazhangtarandus: any way to up the ram on that?08:57
tarandusbazhang: no cheap or fast ways that I know of08:57
unimatrix9hi there08:58
MagicDucktarandus: probably Dapper is fastest, if you want even lighter, install xfce08:58
unimatrix9can i black list a driver from loading when running a livecd?08:58
bazhangtarandus: then dapper (gnome) is likely the best bet; you might want to try gutsy fluxbuntu or xubuntu livecd's just to see if they can run though08:58
tarandusbazhang: for 50 euros I might be able to have 256+128 instead of the current 128+12808:58
bazhangtarandus: likely not worth it, just a bit more and you can get an eeepc ;]08:59
tarandusDapper is nice now, but it would get slower if I upgraded?08:59
bazhangtarandus: for what you have dapper is likely ideal08:59
bazhangMagicDuck: could you pastebin your xorg.conf please?09:00
rohanhow come this news item was released -- http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-8.04-lts-desktop , but ubuntu release is still 3 days away, right?09:02
MagicDuckbazhang: it's at http://pastebin.com/d2cb2ac5e09:03
bazhangthanks MagicDuck looking now09:03
gabbsUnlike debian ubuntu doesn't have kernel-patch-openvz ?09:04
bazhangMagicDuck: with the 'xinerama' is nvidia-settings the only way to do it? this is gutsy right?09:04
_2howto set the keyboard to "x-late" from some xorg startup script, so i don't have to alt+sysRQ+r each time i want the ctrl key to work ???09:05
MagicDuckhmm, I don't think I am using xinerama -- I am currently on hardy09:05
_aeGIsDoes anyone know how to change the icon associated with mime/msword and mime/rtf ?  Clicking on the icon in properties just changes it for that individual file.  Please help.  I changed the association to abiword, and it opens fine.  The only thing is it used the OO icon still.09:05
bazhangMagicDuck: you did that before the upgrade to hardy? or since09:06
_2what is a command to adjust the x keyboard map ?09:07
MagicDuckit's weird, I remember it working before - my real problem is not the system xorg.conf but the danged per-user "Screen Resolution" thingie. I wonder if there is a way to turn it off09:07
bazhangMagicDuck: there are some xorg wizards usually in the hardy channel a bit later who can figure that out--seems that xrandr or something else has taken the place of that and is much easier now09:07
KOJVtarandus: You should really consider that RAM upgrade... or why not a new machine?09:07
KOJVSo, I just re-installed Ubuntu, X flavour, latest version... is there a GUI configuration for the fourth and fifth mouse buttons yet?09:07
MagicDuckwill look09:08
JPSmanWhat music player do YOU use?09:08
bazhangKOJV: please pastebin your sources.list09:08
_aeGIsKOJV: No, look for the mousewheel script09:08
KOJVbazhang: okay how do I list / open it for copy/paste?09:09
bazhangKOJV: also your xorg.conf please to pastebin09:09
KOJV_aeGIs: okay, it's called just that?09:09
KOJVbazhang: do I use cat or what? :S09:09
bazhang_aeGIs: this is just an icon thing? the file opens fine with abiword etc?09:09
gromozekini did everything  you said09:10
gromozekinits impossible to login as root09:10
bazhangKOJV: sudo apt-get install pastebinit then cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit also the same for /etc/X11/xorg.conf please then paste the two urls here09:10
_2gromozekin sudo -i09:10
_aeGIskojv: I was mistaken... the script is enable-edge-mousewheel.sh and it's for using your mouse wheel at the edges to flip the screen... You need to edit xorg.conf for 5 mouse buttons.09:11
KOJVThat's alright bazhang, I'll do it the old way... :p09:11
gromozekin<_2> i need root-account,  not a root terminal09:11
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:11
_aeGIsbazhang: yes, I'm going to change the icon in /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/mimetypes/x-office-documents.png and see if that works.09:11
_2gromozekin for ?09:11
jussio1gromozekin: we dont support root accounts here, sorry.09:12
KOJVbazhang: here's the sources.list. http://pastebin.com/d61507e7d09:12
bazhang_aeGIs: okay! let us know if that works thanks09:12
JPSmanlol ubutu09:12
bazhangKOJV: best to listen to _aeGIs for the mouse config09:13
KOJVbazhang: xorg: http://pastebin.com/d33ea59c709:13
=== master_o1_master is now known as master_of_master
JPSmanhow can i start programming?09:13
JPSmanI want to help, but I dont know where to begin09:14
=== KLes is now known as KLessou
KOJVbazhang:  but _aeGIs says he was mistaken and I need to play around with Xorg.09:14
bazhangJPSman: using python? or what did you have in mind09:14
JPSmanuh - C09:14
JPSmanis python a front end C programmer?09:14
_aeGIsKojiroSoma: yeah, it's in xorg...  I found it on ubuntuforums...09:14
bazhanganjuta then JPSman iirc09:14
bazhangJPSman: dont let the python programmers hear that ;]09:15
_aeGIsSection "InputDevice"09:15
_aeGIs        Identifier      "Configured Mouse"09:15
_aeGIs        Driver          "mouse"09:15
_aeGIs        Option          "Buttons"       "7"09:15
_aeGIs        Option          "CorePointer"09:15
FloodBot1_aeGIs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:15
_aeGIs        Option          "Device"        "/dev/input/mice"09:15
umdebaba@JPSman: python is an interpreted scripting language09:16
gromozekinpython is not neccesary09:16
KOJVCan someone please help me? Setup my Xorg for five mouse buttons on Intellimouse Optical. http://pastebin.com/d33ea59c709:16
gromozekinwe have c and cpp09:16
KOJVaeglos__: do the corrections in Pastebin and post it. http://pastebin.com/d33ea59c709:16
_aeGIsKOJV: I posted my xorg section for you09:16
JPSmanumdebaba: which is to say a programming language?09:16
bazhangJPSman: diveintopython is in the repos fyi09:17
bazhang!info diveintopython09:17
ubotudiveintopython (source: diveintopython): free Python book for experienced programmers. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 340 kB, installed size 4220 kB09:17
KOJVWhat's a good, simple text editor for system setups like XORG?09:17
bazhangnano kojv09:18
_MaxPower_KOJV: Use vim09:18
umdebabajpsman: yes, but it is very different than c or c++. it is very good for learning programming. it will get you up to speed with the concepts used in all languages09:18
KOJVThank you bazhang but I was looking for something with menues, like DOS edit.com09:18
jussio1!editors | KOJV09:18
ubotuKOJV: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code09:18
bazhanggedit kojv09:18
_aeGIskoj: done09:19
_aeGIsThat works for me09:19
umdebabajpsman: what is good about languages such as python is that you can learn all about object oriented programming, network programming, data structures, etc without having to go through the headache of learning the c/c++ syntax09:19
KOJVDang, _MaxPower_ I had to force shut down my terminal for that... that vlm editor is some true piece of hackersh!t... :p09:19
eaxHello :) I just uninstalled DosEmu, but when I rightclick on.exe files it still shows up? What can I do? :S09:20
KOJV_aeGIs: okay, link to the pastebin?09:20
umdebabajpsman: its alot easier to learn the concepts of modern programming with python and learn to solve your own problems with it and then switch to c/c++09:20
_MaxPower_KOJV: use q to quit09:20
_aeGIsKOJV: http://pastebin.com/m1047a54409:20
bazhanggot to head out for a bit; back later09:20
JPSmanwould everyone agree with umdebaba about that?09:20
zernyhi. I have the new hardy (installed from beta and upgraded) but have found a few problems. The new gvfs will now mount any usb devices. I have tried with two flash drives and a sata->usb. using mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt works fine. Any body else experiencing this? I have not found any bug reports about it on launchpad09:21
KOJVThank you very much, _aeGIs!09:21
_aeGIskoj: no problem...  hope it helps!09:21
KOJV_aeGIs: yeah I'm sure it does... just need to find an editor to put it in with. :p09:22
JPSmanumdebaba: So does python have a supportive newbie culture?09:22
_aeGIsthat's for my Logitech mouse... it has 5 buttons and a scroll wheel (so that's 7)09:22
legend2440zerny: the help channel for hardy is #ubuntu+109:22
_aeGIskoj: use 'gksu gedit'09:22
zernylegend2440: ahh sorry :)09:22
* KOJV simply enters the file system and double-clicks xorg.conf..09:22
umdebabajpsman- i would say it does. to start with programming i would choose python or ruby. it will get you up to speed with concepts and the mindset required to program09:23
_aeGIskojv: you may not be able to save doing that09:23
umdebabajpsman: lots of good books on ruby.09:23
KLessouHi sometimes Xorg Freeze on my macbook (with Hardy) I don't understand why. Where can I search ?09:23
jussio1KLessou: ask in #ubuntu+109:23
_aeGIskojv: you need root privileges...  gksu gedit will give you that09:24
jussio1KLessou: also check out launchpad.net09:24
umdebabajpsman: i would try to learn ruby/python along side various c/c++ tutorials09:24
KLessoujussio1: thx09:24
umdebabajpsman: that way you can see the differences between the languages and how things are done differently09:24
KLessouI saw nothing in launchpad ...09:24
sjovanhow to split movies in linux (yes, it was a bitch before this script) ----> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4757165#post475716509:25
KOJV_aeGIs: yeah... thanks!09:25
KalElhow can i compile java code with ubuntu?09:26
KOJV_aeGIs: however, can I apt-get gedit?09:26
_aeGIskojv: aren't you running ubuntu?  it comes standard.09:26
KOJV_aeGIs: no I'm running Xubuntu.09:27
albuntuhey guys, can anyone tell me how or if i can add a second language option to my sessions?  i am getting a few boxes ready as gifts to central america and some of the recipients don't speak english.09:27
_aeGIskoj: ahhh...  I think you can...  try sudo apt-get install gedit09:27
woodwizzleI have to run a very complicated command to get a game to run, how can I encapsulate it into a shell script so I can run a short command instead of always copy and pasting "__GL_DOOM3=1 LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/local/games/etqw" /usr/local/games/etqw/etqw-rthread.x86 -f"09:27
fluvvellKOJV: gedit may require a few gnome extras... how grunty is your machine?09:27
KOJVThanks a lot, _aeGIs!09:27
KOJVfluvvell: grunty? Powerful? Celeron 2600MHz 1½ GB RAM.09:28
_aeGIsK0J: you're welcome09:28
fluvvellKOJV: should be fine. A few extra dependencies with gedit perhaps, I haven't looked them up.09:28
* KOJV thought all these libs required wouldn't take more than a few clockstrokes on his CPU.09:29
JPSmanI am frustrated.  If I DO write a program and compile it, in what format does it compile to?  and how do I run that?  in the terminal?  as a .bin?  (which I dont even know what that means)  I am so used to window's .exe that this linux thing is a headache09:29
=== LL00 is now known as Chiku
plurtwoodwizzle: make an alias?09:29
albuntujust not as big a headache as microsoft09:29
JPSmanalbuntu: i'll grant that once I neo out and "see the code"09:30
plurtwoodwizzle: add the alias to your .bashrc or .bash_aliases if you have that09:30
KOJVOkay, that's nice... my right side-button right-clicks and the left side-buttons does nothing. :S09:30
albuntuif you're smart enough to write programs (anywhere) you're smart enough to learn the ways of ubuntu09:30
fluvvellKOJV: probably - so why did you choose Xubuntu and not the standard ubuntu? For most, its because their system is somewhat limited in power.09:31
KOJV_aeGIs: any suggestions? I'd like to move back and forward with them.09:31
albuntuhey guys, can anyone tell me how or if i can add a second language option to my sessions?  i am getting a few boxes ready as gifts to central america and some of the recipients don't speak english.09:31
KOJVfluvvell: well I do consider my Celeron limited in power. ;)  And I want a fast system, otherwise I'd keep Windows.09:31
lachlanHi, I seem to have gotten stuck in a "zoomed-in" state, in which the viewport moves around with the mouse, and alt+control+plus/minus-ing doesn't seem to get me back into my normal res.09:31
lachlanNor does xrandr09:31
ushimitsudoki(7.10) I have 2x8800GTS512 and 3 Monitors - using NVIDIA drivers. I can get 3 screens working, and I can get Xinerama working - but can't seem to get OpenGL to work in 5760x1200? Games only use one monitor? Tried creating a metamode, but can't seem to get that work? Anyone have a 2 videocard/3 monitor setup working for fullscreen gaming across all 3 monitors?09:32
KOJVfluvvell: plus, the default theme of Xubuntu looks nicer.09:32
lachlanWell, xrandr -s 1280x1024, in any case.09:32
JPSmanwell I am not smart enough to write programs 'anywhere' but I would like to learn09:32
fluvvellKOJV: My son uses ubuntu on his 2500 AMD and it seems ok.  Well, yes theme choice is a personal thing - not knocking your decision just endeavouring to understand.09:32
KOJVAnyone has an XORG config for Intellimouse Optical to use the side-buttons for back and forward and the scroll button for maximize window? Thank you very much!09:32
JPSmanwho do python and pearl differ?09:33
woodwizzleplurt: I need to put it in a bash script or something though so that I can then call that script from a launcher and add the game to my menus09:33
imyousufdoes anybody know when GIT-1.5.5 will be available in Ubuntu??09:34
DistroJockeyKOJV: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63894/09:35
KOJVSorry DistroJockey, that's the one I had already. :-/09:35
legend2440KOJV: read #2 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87009:36
jeffimperialAnyone in the room using Deluge in Ubuntu-Gnome? Deluge won't launch until after multiple tries..09:36
DistroJockeyKOJV: *nods*  try putting a 4 5  after the  1 2 3 6 709:37
zupbhi, people, anybody use ircd-hybrid? plese, help me whith logs for user messages....09:38
gromozekinnow i can login as root09:38
KOJVOkay DistroJockey.09:38
albuntuhey guys, can anyone tell me how or if i can add a second language option to my sessions?  i am getting a few boxes ready as gifts to central america and some of the recipients don't speak english.09:38
gromozekinfirst of all i think you need to load your language pack09:38
KOJVDo I need to do something to apply new settings made in xorg.conf?09:39
DistroJockeyKOJV: yep, restart X09:40
KOJVlegend2440, that's okay I just want it to work for my own user...09:40
KOJVDistroJockey: dang.09:40
KOJVDistroJockey:  any fast command to do that?09:40
DistroJockeyKOJV:  ctrl+alt+backspace  does that (it will close any running GUI apps)09:40
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
_2gromozekin heh.09:41
titusghow do I convert ace to ogg or mp3?09:41
styxgood day...09:41
albuntugromozekin, any idea how i do that?  i lookd in synaptic but can't find anything there09:41
mnehi. I have a funny TV<->VGA converter cable so that I can use a regular VGA output with a TV set. However, xrandr tells me that the VGA port is "disconnected". Possibly because the converter cable does not "emulate" a real CRT. Is there a way I can force xorg/xrandr to enable the VGA output (although it thinks that no monitor is connected to it) ?09:41
albuntuis anybody running a BILINGUAL machine here?  izzit possible?09:42
styxis there a way i could "burn" the ubuntu installer to a flash drive so i don'e have to use a cd?? thanks09:42
ushimitsudokialbuntu: my wife's machine is Japanese/English. Works 99% fine (the Japanese IME is a bit flaky)09:42
eaxHello :) I just uninstalled DosEmu, but when I rightclick on.exe files it still shows up? What can I do? :S09:43
DistroJockeyalbuntu: check in  System - Administration - Language Support09:43
albuntuthanks guys, konichiwa anginson! :)09:44
jeffimperialHi, all.. How do I make Deluge launch just by clicking it? For it to launch a window of itself, I need to double click the launcher three or four times, and then open a terminal and launch it from there09:45
gromozekinwhere is that guy)09:45
zupbanybody have an irc server on ubuntu?09:45
techno_freakgromozekin, who?09:45
gromozekin<_2> if i`m right)09:45
_2for ?09:46
gromozekinis rocks09:46
ushimitsudokijeffimperial: i don't have that problem with deluge ... although sometimes if i restart X without shutting deluge down, or if i update when it asks on boot (instead of me shutting down deluge and then updating), I have to delete a file and restart Ubuntu or deluge won't launch (I dont' recall the file, but it is mentioned on the deluge site)...the error is something about something already being used (sorry vague, but this i09:47
ere4siI have a .deb package on a usb memory stick - how can I install it?09:48
_2ok i'm went.   shalom !09:48
mnestyx: actually you don't need to burn anything. If your network card / bios supports it, you can also boot over network with PXE. or you use an USB stick to boot off09:48
_2dpkg -i file.deb09:48
mneere4si: dpkg -i <file.deb>09:48
ere4simne - thnx I'll try it now09:48
jeffimperialUSH: yeah..i don't think that's it.. it has something to do with launching the window from its background processes to the interface..but i'll try that anyway..u leaving the room anytime soon?09:49
gromozekinso long suckers09:49
tengulreI want touch timestamp of files  in dir and subdir , how to do ?09:50
ushimitsudokijeffimperial: not sure ... working on an X problem so I might be restarting occassionally09:50
jeffimperialUSH: right.. geting to it now..09:50
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the mouse so that I can maximize windows with the scroll button? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513609:50
banditultengulre,  use touch -t file09:50
styxmne: i want to make my flash drive my ubuntu installer so i don't have to bring a drive to install ubuntu to pc's with out aa drive09:51
KOJVan anyone make changes to the monitor so that I can maximize set the screen to 1600x1200 at different various frequencies? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513609:51
eax Hello :) I just uninstalled DosEmu, but when I rightclick on.exe files it still shows up? What can I do? :S09:52
Jackubuswhen installing ubuntu on a 4GB machine.  do i need a swap, and how big should i make it?09:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about amsn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:54
matgatehello guys09:54
matgateI need a little help form you guys09:54
matgatecan u help me out?09:55
DracoZAHowdy. I have managed to get extended desktop working with 2 monitors and 1 display card but I need some help setting up 2 totally seperate desktops pls.09:55
banditultell the problem matgate09:55
olafskihello people, I'm trying to run ubuntu in 1440x900 on my Syncmaster 940BW using a TNT2, but I can't seem to get it to work using the proprietary drivers.. the highest resolution it will show is 1280x1024.. any ideas? I tried everything I could find using google :s09:56
matgatei try to run live cd on ma desktop computer, however its working fine on my laptop, but on desktop, it take me to the command line, never go to the GUI so i can install a copy09:56
DracoZAolafski are you the one that posted on the forums ?09:56
tininHi, how do I know wich version of the tk library i'm using?09:57
olafskino I haven't posted anything on the forums dracoza :)09:57
jeffimperialUSH you still in here?09:57
mrthrazhi i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tryed nndis but my led wont turn gree just stayes orange in the on position09:57
jeffimperialushimitsudoki you still in here?09:57
ushimitsudokijeffimperial: yes (you can prob use TAB to autocomplete names to I can see it better ;) )09:58
DracoZAolafski check out the forums, theres some useful info there, do a search for syncmaster. I have 2 931BW's running 1440x90009:58
matgate@banditul can u figure out wots the problem?09:58
jeffimperialushimitsudoki: thanks.love being a newbie.. hehe.. anyways, it still doesn't do it..09:58
jeffimperialushimitsudoki: updating i mean09:59
olafskiI did, tried several things.. setting the horizsync/vertrefresh, disabling some edid option.. it won't show a higher resolution, even though I'm sure the card can handle it; ancient though it may be09:59
DracoZAolafski good way to try would be with another card then, if you can get one of course, I managed to get mine working on a GeForce 2 GTS which is 8 years old now :)10:00
ushimitsudokijeffimperial: hmmm - I can only tell you that deluge works fine for me (and has for several versions), with the past exceptions of if it was not closed down properly, then that one file would need deletion and a reboot was required.10:00
banditulmatgate,  what's the error ?10:01
olafskidracoza: I'm at work, and only an intern here, I don't think they'll let me do things like that.. is there any real disadvantage to not using the proprietary drivers?10:01
matgatei did not get any error when ever i try to boot the live CD on desktop it takes me to the prompt "(initramfs)"10:02
DracoZAolafski, I didnt use prop drivers in that instance. my xorg.conf is on the forums if ure curious (p.s. I'm still a newbie btw)10:03
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position,lem anyone have similer prob10:03
matgatei dont know the command line, all i can install from GUI10:03
MagicDuckhi, is there a way to turn off the per-user resolution changer in gnome - it's giving me a world of pain10:03
guglielmoinformazioni  montaggio video10:03
GInmy hd is failing :S10:03
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem10:05
DracoZAHowdy. I have managed to get extended desktop working with 2 monitors and 1 display card but I need some help setting up 2 totally seperate desktops pls.10:05
olafskidracoza: thanks, I'm very much a newbie as well.. they have windows vista licenses here, but this pc is a bit too slow for that so I'm installing ubuntu to work with ;)10:06
matgate@banditul u there?10:06
banditulyes now i am10:06
matgatewot can i do to install ubunto on my desktop?10:07
banditulwhat command do u need10:07
Johnsonmatgate, get the install cd from ubuntu.com?10:07
matgatei just want to go to the gui mode of live cd, so i can install a copy10:07
banditulstartx ?10:07
Johnsonhas anyone had the problem of trying to hibernate but the computer just going back to a login from resume screen10:08
Johnsonmatgate boot intot he live cd10:08
matgatei have the cd, which is working fine on my laptop, but on desktop it never go to the gui10:08
Johnsonmatgate you might need an alternative cd, which is highly unlikely tho10:09
_MaxPower_Margate: are you being presented with the command prompt?10:09
matgateno @max10:09
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem10:09
DracoZAmatgate,  I had the same problem. get the alternate/text install cd10:09
_MaxPower_Margate: Boot the CD and hit ctrl alt F110:10
matgatefrom where i can get one? the alternative CD?10:10
matgatei did hit :-P as i know this short cut, but it says "wait loading...10:10
matgatethats it, never go to the gui10:10
thevoidreturnsanyone got any ideas on this problem - put my wireless card into monitor mode but its not picking up any networks at all. Thanks.10:11
matgatewell, how should i have the alternative CD?10:11
DracoZAmatgate if you know how to use torrents www.isohunt.com has the alternate10:12
matgateok, thanks, yeah i know, i am the privileged members of many educational communities10:12
_MaxPower_Margate: Refer to this forum, I have had the same problem sometime ago. If you follow the instructions you will beable to get the the xserver working http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-172980.html10:12
matgatethanks @Maxpower10:13
thevoidreturnsis anyone good with networking?10:14
DracoZAas long as its not wireless :)10:14
_MaxPower_thevoidreturns: whats the question?10:14
thevoidreturnsfair enough - got a wireless card in my laptop - ive put it into monitor mode but its not picking up any signal at all10:15
thevoidreturnsI've had this working before tho on a previous version of ubuntu10:15
_MaxPower_is the kernel module loading correctly?10:16
thevoidreturnsnot sure what you mean on that one10:16
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem10:17
_MaxPower_use 'dmesg' it will show you a heap of information about the drivers that have been loaded.10:17
_MaxPower_or if they didn't load may point you in the right direction10:17
mrthrazmaxpower: you talking to me ?10:18
thevoidreturnsahh I should explain more - I'm trialing using aircrack-ng (on my own router) - the normal drivers working fine10:18
_MaxPower_I'm talking to who ever is listening .. LOL10:18
mrthrazlol ok10:19
* DracoZA cant wait for 8.04!10:20
mrthrazit seem to work just fine on my lappy exept for wireless10:20
CausticBurning /msg ubotu etiquette10:20
JPSmandoes anyone here know how and why the Beowulf clusters project got it's name?10:21
_MaxPower_I'm sure wikipedia will tell you all about it ...10:21
JPSmanjust says that its from the character - not WHY they named it that10:21
thevoidreturnswhat does everyone think of WUBI?10:23
NateFguys, i cant find my MAIN MD5sum from the MD5sum tet document, theres a list of sums, but i need the one for Ubuntu-7.10-alternative-i38610:24
JPSmanholy - thank you _MaxPower :OD10:25
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sachaelhi, does anyone knows a program that syncs with google calendar (and is not evolution)10:26
_MaxPower_"The Beowulf cluster gets its name from the sixth-century Scandinavian hero who was famed in verse for taking down a monster named Grendel. The computer version, which was designed to slay the monster mainframes, was invented in 1994 by Don Becker while he was at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center."10:26
NateFDoes anyone know the MD5 of Ubuntu 7.10 Alternative i386 or a link where i can get it, becuase the text document i have list's ones for files inside the ISO image10:26
NateFthis is the sum i get: 9a4ae3cfd68911a861d094ec834c9b4810:27
richardalgun experto en seguridad informatica??10:29
NateFso hows everyones day going so far?10:31
_MaxPower_NateF: have a look here  http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/ubuntu/releases/7.10/MD5SUMS10:31
_MaxPower_I get the same from mirror.aarnet.edu.au10:32
DistroJockeyNateF: 9a4ae3cfd68911a861d094ec834c9b48 *ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso10:33
NateFok, so its not uncorupted10:33
DistroJockeyNateF: matches :)10:33
nxusrdoes anyone have this device working?  ; http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder_Plus10:33
DistroJockeyNateF: if you can wait 3 days, get 8.04 :)10:34
goodhabithow I can set-up 5.1 sound?10:34
goodhabit I have purchased 5.1 soundsystem. But dunno how to setup it.10:34
kane77NateF, or get it now :) I don't really thing that there will be some major changes in 3 days...10:36
Y0Gihey. I recently made a dist-upgrade that broke some stuff. now I'm looking for the older versions of the packages that were upgraded, but I fail to find them using the package index website and by manually searching some ubuntu FTP servers. where can I find those, if they are kept at all?10:36
Y0GiI had a look in my /var/cache/apt/archives, but not all packages I need are there in a lower version.10:36
richardningun "hacker"?? :$10:37
richardcomo hago para buscar otras salas sobre temas que em interesen??10:38
richardmierda!! creo que nadies habla castellano :S10:38
NateFif i burn at a speed of 1X would that be better to do then going max burn speed?10:38
DistroJockeyNateF: yep10:38
richardcomo me muevo a tra sala??10:39
NateFok, should i also verify the image file to?10:39
aseeonBut 8x whould be almost as good as 1x10:39
richardhelp me!!!10:39
_MaxPower_NateF: The only time I burn a 1x is if I have a problem burning at the fastest rate10:39
samirichard: Please!10:39
DistroJockeyNateF: wouldn't hurt10:39
richardnadie me dira como ir a otra sala??10:39
* DistroJockey agrees with aseeon10:39
NateFwell, i burnt like 3 CD's at 8X and i got error's or blank screens when i burnt that fast10:39
samirichard: Speak english!10:39
richardno :S10:40
aseeonrichard: speak english or go to your native language ubuntu channel10:40
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.10:40
babodo all mobile phone numbers start in 0 ?10:40
=== Fritzel` is now known as Fritzel
iValbabo: where ?10:41
NateFbabo: what are you talking about lol10:41
baboiVal: everywhere10:41
=== chmac7 is now known as chmac
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem10:41
_MaxPower_YOGI: this might help you http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html10:41
baboin ireland, they always start with zero. I have a form that processes mobile phone numbers and turns them into long numbers ...10:41
iValbabo: there in France they all begin with 0*10:41
NateFbabo: my mobile nomber starts with a 7 so no they all dont start with a 010:42
NateFfrench numbers yes10:42
Y0Gi_MaxPower_: thank you10:42
baboNateF: what country are you in ?10:42
NateFUnited States of America10:42
=== CausticBurning is now known as Caf_Fiend
iValand for the international you have to dial 0033+the # without the starting 010:43
LSD|Ninjano, silly, all phone numbers start with 555 :P10:43
NateFhow would i call someone in germany from the US, would i dial 1?10:43
_MaxPower_In Australia the mobile (Wireless) network starts with 04*10:43
=== msy_ is now known as Scott_Ma
=== Scott_Ma is now known as msy
iValOnce I update to 8.04, do I keep this version until the next LTS ?10:43
=== msy is now known as Scott_Ma
_MaxPower_Nate: the german international country code is 4910:44
NateFok, thanks10:44
iVal_MaxPower_: in France mobile # start with 06*10:44
zvacetiVal : if it have all you need why not?10:44
_MaxPower_so I think in the US it would be something like 01149*10:45
_MaxPower_so if you wanted to dial a mobile number in australia it would be 011614*10:45
_MaxPower_the same would apply for Germany10:46
iValas for any other country10:46
_MaxPower_as iVal said10:46
iValI've read somewhere that xChat is erased with every update of the system10:46
iValhow can I avoid this ?10:47
iValI mean with every upgrade10:47
Caf_Fiendmobi numbers in australia are +61 for country code or 0 if you are inside the country10:47
_MaxPower_Actually its +61410:48
Caf_Fiendlike if you replace a mobile number like 04xxxxxxxx with +614xxxxxxxx10:48
Caf_Fiendit will work10:48
Caf_Fiendsorry my bad10:48
NateFi have a question, if i was to call the Queen of England, what code would i use before i call the number from the US10:48
iValis there another IRC-client as xChat for Ubuntu ?10:48
LSD|NinjaWhat's the '+' supposed to mean in phone numbers? I see it all the time and it's not something you can easily enter on most phone keypads...10:49
=== Scott_Ma is now known as msy
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem10:49
DistroJockeyiVal: Pidgin is installed by default10:49
_MaxPower_the + basically means dial your international dial code10:49
_MaxPower_in the US its 00110:49
iValthe + means the international prefix or the national one$10:49
_MaxPower_in AUS its 001110:49
=== msy is now known as msy_
zvacetiVal : I don´t use it but does it have saved settings in home directory?10:49
LSD|NinjaPidgin sucks for IRC though10:49
Caf_Fiendival: LostIRC? KSirc? Konversation10:50
iValDistrojockey: pidgin is also an IRC-client ?10:50
LSD|Ninjanon-dedicated IRC apps universally suck10:50
DistroJockeyLSD|Ninja: how so?10:50
DistroJockeyiVal: yes10:50
iValDistroJockey: I did'nt know10:50
_MaxPower_good point zvacet .. you should have your settings for xchat under ~/.xchat10:50
_MaxPower_at a guess10:51
iValto get back to my question10:51
iValis it true ?10:51
NateFwhat would i dial if i wanted the call someone in the UK from the US10:51
=== msy_ is now known as Scott_Ma
DistroJockeyNateF: the operator?10:52
_MaxPower_iVal: I can't say that I use xchat, but having said that I would be surprised if an upgrade would remove it from you system10:52
HikejinxThey're phone number10:52
NateFa actuall number in the UK10:52
_MaxPower_from the US it would be 01144*10:52
LSD|Ninjayou need to dial the international calling code, the country code, the (UK) area code and then the UK number10:53
NateFwhat would it be for a UK number outside of the US, what would i dial before the UK number10:53
LSD|Ninjait would depend on just what country (and possibly carrier) you're calling from10:53
_MaxPower_LOL .. NateF are you having us on?10:53
NateFlol, i want to see if you guys know, so i can call the Queen of England10:54
caris_meremy computer says "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)10:54
_MaxPower_I think google is your friend ..10:54
iValfor every country to access the international you have to dial 0010:54
NateFo, ok thanks iVal10:54
_MaxPower_NateF: have a look at this link ... http://www.londononline.co.uk/profiles/517138/10:55
_MaxPower_Buckingham Palace's phone number ..10:55
goodhabit callv10:55
NateF_MaxPower_, thanks10:55
_MaxPower_Just ask for Liz10:55
jamsamy monitor hax max brightness and contrast, any way to adjust desktop brightness? 3rd party app maybe?10:55
jamsahax -> has10:55
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
NateFi found Buckingham Palace's number on the back of a private air plane drivers card10:56
_MaxPower_Jamsa: Have you tried the controls on your monitor?10:56
NateFalso alot of other good numbers10:56
jamsawell all are 100%10:56
jamsanot enough bright10:56
iValjamsa: do u have a laptop ?10:57
NateFi call the White house for Bush, and they give me a stupid message center10:57
SvishIs it any way I can get Evolution to always accept my SSL Certificate from my mail?10:57
jamsaold crt this monitor, everything is too dark10:57
_MaxPower_Jamsa: I know that the nvidia controls app has brightness and contrast controls ...10:57
jamsain ubuntu?10:58
_MaxPower_if you use nvidia graphics card you can try that.10:58
jamsaI use10:58
jamsawhere I can get that? name?10:58
_MaxPower_Yeah .. In ubuntu10:58
=== aseeon is now known as aseeon|afk
_MaxPower_jamsa: Look here http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html10:59
_MaxPower_make sure you back up your xorg.conf10:59
_MaxPower_located in /etc/X11/11:00
_MaxPower_its pretty straight forward these days ...11:00
iValdoes someone there watched Suzumiya Haruhi ?11:00
zvacetjamsa : sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak11:01
Svishum... how can I get firefox to not block ports??11:01
=== bolle_ is now known as bolle
idefixhow do you screencapture a single window instead of the entire screen?11:02
KleidersackSvish: How does firefox block ports?11:02
HSNewsïîäñêàæèòå ïëç ôîðìàò $ date, êàê âðåìÿ âûñòàâèòü ïðàâèëüíîå11:03
iValidefix: with which software ?11:03
Svishi dont know, first time ive seen it11:03
Svish"This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has canceled the request for your protection."11:03
Svish"The requested address specified a port (e.g. "mozilla.org:80" for port 80 on mozilla.org) normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. The browser has canceled the request for your protection and security."11:03
pucciohi,my firefox and thunderbird don't start anymore,if I launch them from console I have no output at all about possible crashes.What can I do?11:04
idefixiVal gnome screenshot11:04
peppeciao a tutti11:04
_MaxPower_idefix: try ALT+print11:04
peppedove mi trovo?11:04
idefix_MaxPower_ cool thx!11:04
iValpersonnaly I use GIMP11:04
KleidersackSvish: Firefox warns you about the SERVER using a wrong port - e.g. WebServer on the SMTP-Port...11:04
iValfor my screenshots11:04
peppequa parlate solo inglese?11:04
Ace_NoOnehi there - from the command line, how can I remove files larger than 10 kB in the current folder11:04
DistroJockey!it | peppe11:04
ubotupeppe: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!11:04
zvacetidefix: select grab current window11:05
mahmadhello narod11:05
SvishKleidersack: yeah, i know that. but I dont want it to. how can I disable that?11:05
zvacetmahmad ask11:05
idefix_MaxPower_ zvacet iVal is it also possible to select a region on your screen?11:06
iValwith GIMP yes11:06
idefixlike pixel 100,200 - 300,500 ?11:06
mahmadzvacet how are you?11:06
iValidefix: yes11:06
idefixok in Gimp but not with gnome screencapture :(11:06
idefixI just want to avoid double work11:07
zvacetmahmad :tnx for asking,but this chanall is not for off  topic11:07
iValI don't use gnome screecap11:07
iValso I can't help you11:07
JPSmanHow do you install a SINGLE desklet?11:07
iValsorry -_-;11:07
white_eaglewill hardy be released with FX 2.0 or with FF 3.0b5??11:08
KleidersackSvish: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.security.ports.banned.override11:08
jamsawhat is x server?11:08
DistroJockey!X | jamsa11:09
ubotujamsa: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto11:09
SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/pam_smbpass.so)11:09
SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM [error: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]11:09
SiliciumApr 21 12:13:36 chfn[7084]: PAM adding faulty module: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so11:09
FloodBot1Silicium: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:09
zvacetjamsa : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System11:09
_MaxPower_idefix: there is a util called xwd11:10
_MaxPower_seems like a nice little tool11:11
idefix_MaxPower_ well, what you can also do is drag your window partially out of view and put other windows over them and use alt-print11:11
Viper111hello, i want to create a vpn server so that when i connect to it from outside i will be on the same LAN and be able to view neighbor Pcs11:12
_MaxPower_To be honest I mostly use osx11:13
_MaxPower_so I'm not really the best person to be answeting I guess ...11:14
Viper111any body can help11:14
_MaxPower_but .. its alwasy nice to know11:14
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem11:14
JPSmanholy hell are these desklets a pain11:15
jeannoelhello, can i speak french11:15
mrthrazany help would be aprestated11:15
mrthrazi dont know can you?11:15
caris_mereWhat does it mean "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)"11:15
jeannoelyes i m french and my english is bad11:16
laetitiaje suis francaise aussi11:16
TRC2908hello, any experts here to help me figure out how to mount my maxtor external hard drive (i think i need a mount command but first need to edit fstab11:16
jeannoeltant mieux rires11:17
laetitiavous venez d'ou?11:17
mrthrazUnable to mount root file system11:17
jeannoelje suis du sud de la france11:17
jeannoelet vous11:17
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the mouse so that I can maximize windows with the scroll button? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513611:18
laetitiaou sa?11:18
laetitiamoi je suis de bretagne11:18
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the monitor so that I can set the screen to 1280x1024@80Hz? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513611:18
Viper111hello, i want to create a vpn server so that when i connect to it from outside i will be on the same LAN and be able to view neighbor Pcs11:18
jeannoella porte à cote.....11:18
sidelilexcuse me with an intel core 2 duo processor is it better to use a 32bit or 64bit edition?11:19
_MaxPower_viper: it sounds like you want poptop11:19
laetitiavous avez kel âge?11:20
GInsidelil: 32bit11:20
jeannoelquarante ans et toutes mes dents11:20
PriceChild!fr | jeannoel11:20
ubotujeannoel: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.11:20
Myrtti!offtopic | jeannoel11:21
ubotujeannoel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:21
laetitiaadolescente et deux dent en moins11:21
sidelilGIn, ok, thanks. I was just wondering beacuse on the shipit website it says: "64-bit Desktop Edition, for computers based on the AMD64 or Intel64 architectures (e.g., AMD Athlon 64, and Intel Core 2)."11:21
Filled-Voidsidelil, Im using 64 bit . However if you are nwe with Ubuntu I would recommend 32 bit11:21
TRC2908hello, any experts here to help me figure out how to mount my maxtor external hard drive (i think i need a mount command but first need to edit fstab  - how do i find out the mount point11:21
GInsidelil: always go for 32bit unless you know what you are doing11:21
Caf_Fiendwhat time does the new ubuntu get released?11:21
Filled-VoidThe 24th ?11:21
MyrttiCaf_Fiend: "when it's done"11:22
Filled-VoidOh sorry11:22
KOJVFilled-Void, GIn, how come 32-bit is recommended for newbies?11:22
MyrttiKOJV: less problems with flash and java11:22
Viper111any bisy can help with VPN issue11:22
GInKOJV: it is better supported11:22
laetitiavous etes déçu?11:22
_MaxPower_trc2908: you need to know what device it is.. try running dmesg | grep sd11:22
Filled-VoidKWell Im new to it and I definitely wouldnt want anyone have to go thru the process of having to force install packages to get it to work on Ubuntu 64 bit . Or have to compile wine if they play games11:22
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem11:22
Filled-VoidKOJV, ^11:23
kajohow do I change the date & time?11:23
kajo(using fluxbox)11:23
sidelilFilled-Void, ok. But would the 64bit give a much better efficiency?11:23
rethusHi q all... how can i add a BOT to freenode.net, which keeps my chat open????11:23
GInsidelil: no, probably a little bit, but not that you will notice. not worth the time11:23
_MaxPower_trc2908: then mount /dev/sd<whatever device and partiton> /mountpoint11:23
Filled-Voidsidelil, I gues it depends on what you do the most. If its regular desktop use I seriously doubt you would notice the difference11:23
mrthrazsorry for the caps11:23
Viper111any body can help with VPN issue11:23
kajoMrthraz, that is not an option.11:23
Myrttilaetitia: you've been warned before...11:24
Caf_FiendMyrtti: Does it come with a copy of duke?11:24
_MaxPower_Viper111: What exactly is your VPN issue?11:24
sidelilGIn, Filled-Void, ok thank you both very much!11:24
rethushow can i add a BOT to freenode.net, which keeps my chat open???? Like FloodBot111:24
Filled-Voidsidelil, :)11:24
kajoRightclick gives no such abilities. This is fluxbox, not XFCE or Gnome. Is there a way to manage this in terminal?11:24
Myrttilaetitia: this is the absolute final warning to stop the French offtopic11:24
laetitiano i began11:24
Filled-Voidrethus, register yuor channel and read up on eggdrop11:24
KOJVrethus: get a bouncer (BNC)11:24
Viper111_MaxPower_ i need to create  vpn server so that when i connect from WAN i'll be on teh same lan11:24
_MaxPower_Viper111:Are you happy using PPTP?11:25
Ace_NoOneSCP question: I need to transfer a file from my local machine to a remote machine - but the remote dir requires root access - I can't seem to figure this out11:25
rethusive register the channel, but what is eggdrop... how can i get info about it11:25
laetitiai don't speack very much english11:25
Viper111will it solve my prob11:25
rethuswhat is a bouncer?11:25
Viper111i want to be on the same network11:25
Ace_NoOneI've tried SCP /tmp/foo.bar me@domain.tld:/var/www/foo.bar11:25
mrthrazhi. i got a hp lappy, dv9000, i cant get wifi turned on, tried ndis but my led won't turn green just stays orange in the on position, anyone have similer problem11:25
Myrttilaetitia: then perhaps this channel isn't for you11:25
Myrtti!repeat | mrthraz11:25
ubotumrthraz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience11:25
KOJVrethus: a shell that will keep rethus online to the IRC regardless of wether your client is connected or not.11:25
TRC2908_MaxPower_, thanks fro the tip theres "sda' mentioned due you mind haveing a look at :  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63902/11:25
Viper111_MaxPower_ u knew wat ii mean11:26
kajoAlso, I anticipate changing my time will give me the error that doesn't allow me to run as sudo because of the time problem (I've had that before...); how can I change the date & time in terminal, and also how do I prevent the aforementioned problem?11:26
ActionParsnipmrthraz: can we have a pastebin of lspci and lsusb please11:26
rethusis this bouncer-shell on my pc, or in the internet?11:26
laetitiai don't know before11:26
Filled-Voidrethus, Im not sure If what I said is actually what you need but its worth a check. You could check for EWggdrop which helps you create a bot for your channel . It is also in the repos. There wa another easy en to configure btu I forgot the name >.<11:26
gsevilDid someone install and run ModelSim?11:26
mrthrazi have no i dea what your talking about11:27
KOJVrethus: on an internet server...11:27
_MaxPower_Viper111: There are several kinds of VPN PPTP and IPSEC come to mind. it all depends on what you are trying to achive. Site to SIe VPN? Single User VPN?11:27
rethuswhere can i find it?11:27
DistroJockey!fr | laetitia Maybe here? ->11:27
nxusr does anyone have this device working?  ; http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder_Plus11:27
ActionParsnip!paste | mrthraz11:27
ubotumrthraz: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:27
kajoMrthraz: When you change your time (when I have, when running gnome), it then doesn't allow you to use 'sudo' in the terminal- it gives an error about the time being too far in advance or something. I wanted to prevent that.11:27
ActionParsnipmrthraz: if you run lspci and copy / p[aste it there we can see the output11:28
ActionParsnipmrthraz: then run lsusb and copy paste that there as well11:28
mrthrazActionParsnip:hpthraz@ubuntu1:~$ lspci11:28
mrthraz00:00.0 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation C51 Host Bridge (rev a2)11:28
mrthraz00:00.1 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation C51 Memory Controller 0 (rev a2)11:28
mrthraz00:00.2 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation C51 Memory Controller 1 (rev a2)11:28
mrthraz00:00.3 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation C51 Memory Controller 5 (rev a2)11:28
FloodBot1mrthraz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:28
KOJVrethus: search for "BNC provider" on Google.11:28
kajoI wonder if he knows why he was kicked?11:29
rethusthanks a lot11:29
kajolol, mrthraz. xD11:29
mrthrazwow thats alot of strings11:29
Syntuxwhat would be the problem if you get 'Floating point exception' error when you run an application ?11:29
ActionParsnipmrthraz: yep, that all the devices in your system11:29
gsevilDo you know how to run ModelSim HDL in Ubuntu11:29
laetitiay a t'il une personne francaise?11:29
DistroJockey!fr | laetitia11:30
ubotulaetitia: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.11:30
mrthrazhow do i so that wi out flooding the chat?11:30
kajoDoes no one know how to change the time in ubuntu?11:30
ActionParsnipmrthraz: like i said use pastebin11:30
ActionParsnip!paste mrthraz11:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about paste mrthraz - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:30
mrthrazwhat is that?11:30
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:30
Filled-Voidmrthraz, go to www.pastebin.com    Paste in your message or whatever you need to show and then provide the link here11:31
_MaxPower_TRC2908: A quick look at google tells me that there maybe a bug with your host controller ...11:31
Keulei was logged out - could someone tell me about menu-preload?? who answered me?11:31
TRC2908_MaxPower_, my what?11:32
_MaxPower_TRC2908: USB Controller ... Kernel Level stuff11:32
nxusr does anyone have this device working?  ; http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder_Plus11:32
zvacetkajo : right click on time applet om upper panel11:32
mojoHow do I tell grub where to find /boot?  I installed 8.04rc in a spare partition on my boot hard disk (ide/ata) but it still points to the old install for /boot; I have a new /boot in a separate part. on another (sata) disk.  This *should* work right?  I don't want grub to re-build the menu.lst thogh.  Ideas?11:32
ricanelitemy ipod is showing up in the desktop but it is not showing up either on Banshee or Amarok11:32
_MaxPower_nxusr: Have you followed the instructions included in that wiki page?11:33
TRC2908_MaxPower_, by the way it works well on windows11:33
yahooshuayoutube doesn't work?11:33
nxusr_MaxPower_ lol,11:33
ActionParsnipnxusr: looks comprehensive enough, cant you get it going?11:33
nxusrActionParsnip, if my kernel was 2.6.2011:34
yahooshuaIt's triple 3 o'clock11:34
zvacetmojo :http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&highlight=grub11:34
ActionParsnipmrthraz: BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI11:34
yahooshuacould someone give me a high five for finally getting onto IRC11:34
ActionParsnipmrthraz: google for ubuntu BCM94311MCG and you should get a starting point11:34
TRC2908_MaxPower_, although i have to download seagate software when i rebooted it for windows11:34
djouallahhello, i am very intersted in wubi, but small question can i made the boot option in a flashdisk11:35
yahooshuaI have a degree in Tcom and just barely got on here11:35
_MaxPower_nxusr: I don't personally have that remote, however I have had a bit of experience with mythtv and if you follow those wiki guides most of the time they work.11:35
ActionParsnip$ cat /proc/hi5 > yahooshua11:35
yahooshuahave been trying to figure it out for a while11:35
yahooshuastill don't know how I did it11:35
nxusrActionParsnip, _MaxPower_ , did you see the edit on the page? it does not work11:35
yahooshuathanx actionparsnip11:35
Keulehow can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time.... :(11:35
djouallahas i don't want my IT adminastrator to know i use ubuntu in pc work11:36
ActionParsnipnxusr: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-316278.html11:36
ActionParsnipyahooshua: what client you on?11:36
nxusr_MaxPower_, I have followed all the wikis including the gentoo one11:36
ricanelitehow can i get either banshee or amarok seeing my ipod11:36
yahooshuait just got on11:36
ActionParsnip!ipod | ricanelite11:36
uboturicanelite: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:36
yahooshuavery easy11:36
ricanelitei have amarok installed in y gnome desktop11:36
yahooshuanot like pigeon11:37
yahooshuaor others11:37
nxusrActionParsnip, saw that too11:37
_MaxPower_nxusr: welcome to joys mythtv ;-) I must admit it took me a couple of years have a fully working system11:37
ActionParsnipnxusr: then you are doing what im doing as I dont use remotes, sorry bro11:37
julle_Is it possible to connect a projector and use it as Screen #2 in ubuntu?11:37
nxusrActionParsnip, at one point i had to boot with livecd cause adding th alias frozed the kernel11:37
mojozvacet: thanks11:37
ActionParsnipyahooshua: I use pidgin to trc, all chat in 1 client11:37
zvacetmojo : np11:38
_MaxPower_TRC2908: All I can find on google about your problem is that its a driver problem. All I can recommend is trying a later version kernel11:38
timelostwhat's the command to setup my xorg.conf file the way ubuntu does it when it's originally installed?11:39
yahooshuaActionParsnip: trc?11:39
timelosti don't have a backup of my original xorg.conf11:39
ActionParsnipirc = trc (typo)11:39
TRC2908_MaxPower_, the latest version of ubuntu ?11:39
yahooshuaok, I see11:39
ActionParsniptimelost: you should always backup xorg.conf before playing so it can be rolled back11:39
|ns|nR8i got a 3g wireless usb modem working in ubuntu...but randomly the computer will freeze...i tried the modem in another ubuntu pc and it will randomly freeze aswell...requiring hard reset..any ideas please?11:40
zvacettimelost  : sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak11:40
Keule how can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....11:40
jaffarkelshacwhat other text-based apps are there that run in terminal (like mp3blaster, alsamixer)..11:40
timelostthat doesn't help it's too late for that11:40
ActionParsnipjaffarkelshac: mplayer11:40
ActionParsnipjaffarkelshac: play11:40
timelosti can get it working myself, but not as well as ubuntu had it set up (i've been using linux for 8 years)11:40
zvacettimelost : what did you done?11:41
yahooshuaAnyone: help me with getting flash plugin installed refer to a wiki or forum of some sort?11:41
rethusanyone know a online botservice for irc-bots?11:41
jaffarkelshaccheers ActionParsnip11:41
timelostmodprobe fglrx, then changed the driver to fglrx and restarted gdm11:41
timelostput it back to ati, but the everything is jerky now11:41
ActionParsnipjaffarkelshac:  np duder11:41
timelostthink it was using the open source ati driver, but not really sure11:42
timelosti know there has to be some kind of command ubuntu runs during installation that originally sets up xorg.conf11:42
yahooshuaActionParsnip: do you like pigin?11:42
damo22timelost: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:43
zvacettimelost : i think it make back up automaticly,so search in X11 to find it.That is all I can think of right now11:43
DistroJockeytimelost: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg11:43
ubuntuuuuuututuuhi all11:44
timelostit doesn't backup automatically if you manually edit it11:44
yahooshuaAnyone: help me with getting flash plugin installed refer to a wiki or forum of some sort?11:44
_MaxPower_timelost: try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:44
timelostand dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg just gave a VERY basic xorg.conf that is nothing like what ubuntu had set up for me11:44
|ns|nR8everyone hanging out for 24th ?11:44
zvacettimelost : In that case no11:44
Caf_Fiendwhat happens on the 24th11:44
damo22cant wait for 24th11:45
damo22hardy comes out11:45
* djouallah is downloading kubuntu8.04 11:45
gradinanybody have a few seconds to make a phonecall?11:45
|ns|nR8if you install 8.04 beta....will it update to full version  ?11:45
timelostit'd be silly to reinstall ubuntu because of something so trivial11:45
Caf_Fiendhardy is gay?11:45
ikoniacan't wait.....wow, that seems a bit well, sad11:45
ubuntuuuuuututuuwho can tell me whay ubuntustudio 8.04 was relased before ubuntu 8.04? is it the same distro with different packages for audio&video editing?11:45
zvacetCaf_Fiend : just another day in life11:45
|ns|nR8err stable version11:45
ikonia|ns|nR8: yes, you should be able to although I would personally trust a clean install more11:45
gradini need someone to help me test my voicemail script would anybody like to volunteer to leave me a voicemail?11:45
Keulesorry that i paste it ...so often... how can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....  - does anybody having a solution?11:45
|ns|nR8yeah im still running 7.10...but ive been very tempted11:45
|ns|nR8i was just curious thanks11:46
ikoniaubuntuuuuuututuu: please show me where ubuntu studio 8.04 is released ?11:46
zvacetubuntuuuuuututuu :yes!11:46
Caf_Fiendso, is there a how to upgrade faq set up at somewebpage?11:46
_MaxPower_timelost: what video card are you using?11:46
ubuntuuuuuututuuikonia http://ubuntustudio.org/home end of page11:46
idefix_MaxPower_ the xwd utility doesn't offer a region capture just an X-window capture11:47
yahooshuaisn't 8.04 already pretty much released unofficially?11:47
kajoit is in 3 days, isn't it?11:47
zvacetyahooshua : it is not unoffically it is RC11:48
yahooshuaRC cola11:48
ubuntuuuuuututuuzvacet rc=relase candidate?11:48
_MaxPower_idefix: okay, it was worth a look at .. like I said i use osx on my day to day, I mainly use linux and BSD for servers. But having said that I still have an active intreast in gnome and kde11:48
nxusr does anyone have this device working?  ; http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder_Plus11:48
zvacetubuntuuuuuututuu :yes11:48
|ns|nR8sorry to repeat...last time ill ask11:48
|ns|nR8i got a 3g wireless usb modem working in ubuntu...but randomly the computer will freeze...i tried the modem in another ubuntu pc and it will randomly freeze aswell...requiring hard reset..any ideas please?11:48
yahooshuathe page that you can dl it from says its one last test release before the offcial release or something11:48
ubuntuuuuuututuuzvacet mmm ... what differeces between an official relase and a rc?11:49
yahooshuait seemed to me that it is pretty much done and you can dl now11:49
matt___after hardy heron comes out, will there be a reason to use the latest "server" edition on my server? upgrading it from feisty i mean...11:49
DistroJockey|ns|nR8: sounds like a bad driver to me11:49
|ns|nR8it uses the standard serial driver11:49
Svishis it possible to make ubuntu kind of... log in to for example the ctrl+alt+f1 terminal and start something automatically on startup? like, in the background?11:49
|ns|nR8i just type this11:50
|ns|nR8sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/\drivers/usb/serial/usbserial.ko \ vendor=0x16d8 product=0x628011:50
|ns|nR8and use kppp11:50
idefix_MaxPower_ but there must be some option to save a selection in Gimp, no?11:50
Keule how can i preload the startmenu after i logged on? - it lasts 2-4 secs when i klick on it the first time....11:50
|ns|nR8thanks DistroJockey..ill look into a driver11:50
GInI can't wait any more to to upgrade to Hardy, what is the cmd to upgrade to the rc version?11:50
yahooshuamatt you you would have to upgrade to 7.10 before you upgrade to hardy11:50
DistroJockey|ns|nR8: no problem, only thing I can think of11:51
zvacetubuntuuuuuututuu : not bi ,but I think it will be less bugs and it will be fixes for something11:51
ikoniaubuntuuuuuututuu: please show me where ubuntu studio 8.04 is released ?11:51
pipsqeekcan't you just update the sources.list to include new mirrors. then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ?11:51
luisdohola a todos!11:51
yahooshuaAnyone: help me with getting flash plugin installed refer to a wiki or forum of some sort?11:51
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes11:51
DistroJockeyyahooshua:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree11:52
bradley_hi room11:52
luisdoHi! someone from Spain?11:52
Lamego!es | luisdo11:53
ubotuluisdo: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.11:53
DistroJockey!es | luisdo11:53
luisdook! Thank you!11:53
bradley_any one to help with TV card configuration11:53
GInhow do I upgrade to Hardy rc1?11:53
luisdoumm, how can i connect to #ubuntu.es ?11:53
noob-africahi all11:54
=== spas19 is now known as infidel_
zvacetGIn :why don´t you wait for 3 more days?11:54
DistroJockeyluisdo:  /join #ubuntu-es11:54
noob-africadoes anyone know i am having problems with my nvidia grapphics card drivers?11:54
GInzvacet: I don't want to wait any more :(11:54
luisdojoin #ubuntu-es11:55
GInI want to try out Hardy11:55
noob-africawhen i set up the driver to be used, the xorg.conf file gets changed from nvidia to nv11:55
DistroJockeyheyya noob-africa, nope, sorry11:55
noob-africawhich is incompatible with ubunty11:55
noob-africaDistroJockey: hi. thanks.11:55
noob-africawell, at the moment i have set it to use the open source driver... if it keeps giving me problems i wonder what i'll do11:55
DistroJockeynoob-africa: make a copy of xorg.conf and change it back?11:56
_MaxPower_idefix: open gimp file -> Acquire -> screenshot then Select region11:56
noob-africaDistroJockey: do you know anything about Apache 2 administration? i have problems with joomla11:56
DistroJockeynoob-africa: to nvidia that is11:56
DistroJockeynoob-africa: not enough :)11:56
noob-africaDistroJockey: well, i always have to rechange it, locally... in recovery mode...11:56
_MaxPower_noob-africa: I didn't know .. but thanks for informing me .. it was great11:57
yahooshuaDistroJockey: thank you but that does not seem to be my problem. I have that installed and still can't see youtube and the like11:57
zvacet   GIn :          https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades11:57
noob-africamaybe if i upgrade to hardy i wont be getting this problem11:57
DistroJockeyyahooshua: with Firefox 2?11:57
DistroJockeynoob-africa: :)11:57
yahooshuaI believe so11:58
noob-africatrouble is, hardy heron comes with firefox 3, which is still in beta looooooooool11:58
yahooshualet me check11:58
ikonianoob-africa: why is that funny ?11:58
noob-africaikonia: well, not much support for firefox 3 beta...11:58