andersis there some way to make upstart verbose? trying to make it work on arch linux, but it's just doing nothing here atm07:11
andersi suppose i'll rtfm07:11
andersduh, --debug07:12
andersdang, seems like the arch scripts don't like that :)07:14
andersbleh, i give up (for now)07:30
Keybuk...with invalid argument14:32
KeybukBAD: wrong value for error.name, expected 'com.netsplit.Nih.IllegalValue' got 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply'14:32
Keybukat tests/test_com.netsplit.Nih.Test.c:232 (test_str_to_int).14:32
sadmac2Keybuk: how's 0.5 comming?16:05
Keybuksadmac2: still battling D-Bus16:07
sadmac2Keybuk: ahh. Decided on flags or profiles yet?16:08
Keybukno, not yet16:08
Keybukthat's a 0.5.x issue16:08
Keybuk0.5.0 won't have either16:08
Keybuklikewise 0.5.0 won't have states16:08
Keybuk0.5.0 will be largely complete from a service management point of view, so rc2 can be moved over16:10
Keybukwith more complex things coming throughout 0.5.x as we need them :-)16:10
Keybukright now, I'm still getting d-bus to play nicely16:50
* Keybuk has a valgrind suppressions file that covers most of libdbus now :)19:28
sadmac2Keybuk: what are you wrestling with right now wrt dbus?20:24
Keybuksadmac2: just joining all the dots up20:26
sadmac2Keybuk: yes, dots were kind of a poorly thought out feature. In the last version they used triangles. It was much more structured.20:27
Keybuk2/3 of my dbus-related test suites now pass valgrind20:27
Keybukwhich is good20:28
Keybukthough I'm convinced that two suppressions are dbus bugs20:28
Keybukand they itch, and I'm going to end up investigating them :p20:28
Keybukit doesn't look like it _quite_ cleans up the userdb cache properly in the case of shutdown()20:28
Keybukwhich, admittedly, is only a concern for test suites ... but hey :p20:28
sadmac2s3nd p4tch3s20:28
Keybukoh, patches already in bugzilla20:31
KeybukI make sure of that :)20:31
Keybuk==5778== Invalid read of size 820:32
Keybuk==5778==    at 0x4E3E05D: _dbus_connection_read_write_dispatch (dbus-connection.c:3414)20:32
Keybuk==5778==    by 0x4E3E3E4: dbus_connection_read_write_dispatch (dbus-connection.c:3491)20:32
Keybuk==5778==    by 0x404C56: test_bus_disconnected (test_control.c:384)20:32
Keybuk==5778==    by 0x404EF0: main (test_control.c:422)20:32
Keybuk==5778==  Address 0x542b880 is 8 bytes inside a block of size 256 free'd20:32
Keybukthis, I think, is my last one20:32
Keybukthat just looks like read_write_dispatch *NEVER* expects the spanish inquisition20:35
KeybukI mean that it never expects to be used to dispatch the disconnected message ;)20:36
Keybukwhich is a biiiit odd20:36
Keybukmissing ref I suspect20:36
Keybukactually, since the docs explicitly say that it terminates when disconnected has been processed, it should damned well expect the last ref to go away :p20:37
sadmac2and the world is a better place. Open source makes me tingly20:40
Keybukand patch uploaded20:44
ion_Pretty URL20:46
sadmac2my IRC client ate it21:07
sadmac2Keybuk: looks like one is fixed already. That's not too bad a response rate21:58

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