redwhitewaldoIn "hardware drivers" I have chosen to enable device driver for "ATI accelerated graphics driver". how do i know the driver file name or application was downloaded and installed?01:47
Stroganoffredwhitewaldo: glxgears tests 3d rendering01:51
redwhitewaldoStroganoff: i don't need to test it. the difference with driver enabled is plain when i turn on google-earth01:51
Stroganoffcheck /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:52
Stroganoffsection device01:52
bat21winHey guys, I'm having some problems booting Xubuntu 7.10. I've never had problems with 6.10, but for some reason none of the newer updates will work. The grub will load, I'll select standard generic boot, then it will give me a "loading, please wait message", then nothing.02:40
bat21winBlank screen. For some reason, the 'safe mode' works, but not regular mode.02:41
bat21winAny ideas?02:42
bat21winOops. Never mind. Just got it figured out.02:43
cogenoHas anyone ever had problems with SD Cards (or USB drives in general) giving false 'disk full' reports?03:50
cogenoIt will still say there's something like 1.3GB available on the SD Card, but will say it's full if I try to put anything on it03:50
cogeno(This is a freshly formatted card, BTW)03:50
gaurdrois it mounted properly?  ie with read/write capabilities.03:51
cogenoYes. this will happen after I get about 600MB of stuff on it03:53
gaurdrohmm.  what file system does it have?03:55
d-bosif i need a hand with something do i just ask04:57
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maxagazis xubuntu really fatser than ubuntu at the boot ?07:38
zoredachewhat do you mean 'at the boot'?07:40
maxagazzoredache: I mean the time it takes from the moment you start the computer until the desktop is fully open07:55
zoredacheIt may be better but I don't really think that is what xubuntu is being optimized for07:57
zoredachethe performance after the system is up and running is far more important then quick boot times07:57
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albuntuhey guys, can anyone tell me how or if i can add a second language option to my sessions?  i am getting a few boxes ready as gifts to central america and some of the recipients don't speak english.09:08
albuntuhey guys, can anyone tell me how or if i can add a second language option to my sessions?  i am getting a few boxes ready as gifts to central america and some of the recipients don't speak english.09:28
KOJVAnyone has an XORG config for Intellimouse Optical to use the side-buttons for back and forward and the scroll button for maximize window? Thank you very much!09:34
albuntuis anybody running a BILINGUAL machine here?  izzit possible?09:42
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the mouse so that I can maximize windows with the scroll button? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513609:50
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the monitor so that I can maximize set the screen to 1600x1200 at different various frequencies? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513609:52
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the mouse so that I can maximize windows with the scroll button? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513611:18
KOJVCan anyone make changes to the monitor so that I can set the screen to 1280x1024@80Hz? Thanks a lot! http://pastebin.com/d2ad1513611:18
KOJVHow to change the ugly small font of my Windows programs? In Wine.12:02
KOJVHow do I change the default font of Wine applications? It's way too small! DPI settings does nothing.12:49
homebrewcidernothing seems to be working as far as getting this nvidia card working, can it be from old xorg.config files still there interfering?13:22
gabkdllyhomebrewcider: hi13:32
gabkdllyI would think the restricted driver management tool should do that for you13:32
KOJVI cannot create a C drive for Wine. The setting won't stick as I close Winecfg. Any ideas? Thanks!13:57
totalwormageKOJV: is your hdd full?13:57
StroganoffKOJV have you once started Wine with sudo so the wine config files (in your home) now belong to root?13:57
KOJVtotalwormage: don't think so.13:57
totalwormagethen go with Stroganoff's answer ;]13:57
KOJVStroganoff: maybe so, yes.13:58
StroganoffKOJV: sudo rm -rf ~/.wine13:58
Stroganoffor no13:58
KOJVStroganoff:  did that, same stuff.13:58
totalwormageyou can better chmod the /home/user/.wine directory :]13:58
Stroganoffchown rather13:59
KOJVAaahhh... there. That feels GOO-OO-D! rm -rf me, baby! :)  Had to do it in a terminal, not with Alt-F2.13:59
totalwormagei wonder, where will the .wine directory be if you start it under user root14:01
totalwormagestill in the user's home dir or in /root/.wine ?14:01
maxamilliontotalwormage: should be /root/ but i'm not even sure that wine will run as root14:01
totalwormagei believe it will14:01
KOJVThe wine directory was in Tobbe/14:02
homebrewciderhas anybody here got a EN8800GT video card running?14:02
KOJV in /home/tobbe even14:02
totalwormageKOJV: good :]14:02
maxamillionhomebrewcider: not me personally, but i know someone who has with nvidia-glx it "just worked"14:02
KOJVOkay, so... back to my original problem. How to make Winapps use a larger font??14:03
homebrewciderhmm, I have the "new" package, wrong one?14:03
totalwormagehomebrewcider: yes, the new nvidia package doesn't support all old cards14:03
homebrewciderI replaced a different card and have had nothing but problems since then14:04
maxamillionKOJV: grab some font .ttf's (iirc) and throw them in .wine/System/Font (or something like that ... i haven't messed with wine in a while so i can't remember the exact path)14:05
homebrewciderso maxamillion, apt-get nvidia-glx?14:07
totalwormagehomebrewcider: first remove the nivdia and nvidia-settings packages with 'apt-get remove nvidia'14:08
totalwormagethen install nvidia-glx :]14:10
totalwormageand set up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf the way you used yo14:10
totalwormage(with nvidia-settings or by hand)14:11
homebrewciderhmm, I have a nvidia settings window but it doesn't seem to let me do anything14:12
totalwormagedid you run it as root?14:12
KOJVYeah thanks maxamillion!14:13
totalwormagemaxamillion: you don't mess with wine, wine messes with you!14:14
totalwormage(i don't know why i wanted to say that :-\ :P)14:14
homebrewciderI'm a liitle confused as to what you meant by "and set up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf the way you used to"14:14
totalwormageoh sorry, i thought you might have experience with configurating your X :]14:15
homebrewciderI've had nothing but problems, so I don't want to set up anything the way I used to14:15
totalwormagegood one :P14:15
totalwormagethen just run 'sudo nvidia-settings'14:15
homebrewciderERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.14:16
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA GPUs on ':0.0'.14:16
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA Frame Lock Devices on ':0.0'.14:16
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA VCSCs on ':0.0'.14:16
homebrewcider 14:16
totalwormagemaybe you should restart your X before configuring your new driver14:16
* totalwormage wants to know things for sure for a change before trying yo help someone :P14:17
homebrewcidernope, same error message14:18
totalwormageplease tell me that did help :P14:18
homebrewciderERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.14:19
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA GPUs on ':0.0'.14:19
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA Frame Lock Devices on ':0.0'.14:19
homebrewciderERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA VCSCs on ':0.0'.14:19
homebrewcidersee where it says :0.014:19
homebrewciderin my xorg.conf file it says....Identifier     "Default Layout"14:20
homebrewcider    Screen         "Default Screen" 0 014:20
homebrewcider    InputDevice    "Generic Keyboard"14:20
homebrewcider    InputDevice    "Configured Mouse"14:20
homebrewciderthat seems wiered14:20
homebrewciderto me14:20
totalwormagethat's ok14:22
totalwormagetry to do a 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' and agree with everything it asks14:22
homebrewciderok, I'm familiar with that14:22
homebrewciderrestarting x14:24
maxamillionhomebrewcider: please don't flood the channel, use pastebin instead14:28
homebrewcidernope nothing14:28
homebrewciderstill same error message14:30
KOJV3Okay, so when I press Ctrl-F4 in mIRC to close the channel window, the mIRC program window minimizes... that officially blows. :-p   How to close a channel window (or document in another program) within Wine?14:44
homebrewciderthis is what I get when I run sudo nvidia-settings      http://pastebin.ca/99189414:49
KOJV3What's the side panel's packet name?14:49
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mib_e56s548hHello everyone, I need help with a problem I'm having on an Xubuntu computer.14:56
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:57
mib_e56s548hI had a computer with Xubuntu 7.10 on it, it worked great with my broadband high-speed cable internet (it was plug-and-play, I could just plug the Ethernet cable in and Xubuntu automatically recognized the network and I could browse with Firefox immediately). I gave the computer to my friend who has a slightly different internet setup (it's DSL from Mediacom) and he tried plugging his Ethernet cable from his modem in14:58
mib_e56s548hFirefox can't find the server at www.example.com.* Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of www.example.com * If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. He called me and I tried to help but I don't know what to do. The computer has n14:59
mib_e56s548hIs there anyone there?15:01
maxamillionright, ok ... well since DSL requires a login, where as Cable does not, there is probably some configuration that need to be done15:01
maxamillionbut that would be specific to your friends internet provider and wouldn't actually be an issue on xubuntu's part ... your friend should probably get in touch with his internet provider and find out what modem configuration needs to take place to have it broadcast dhcp leases15:02
homebrewciderwell I'm stuffed if I know what to do next with this video card15:03
mib_e56s548hHe tried contacting his ISP provider (Mediacom) and they were completely unhelpful and said they knew nothing about linux computers15:04
mib_e56s548hWe tried power-cycling the modem and it didn't work, we then opened a Terminal and We typed ifconfig and got something like this: eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:10:5A:1A:DC:6515:05
Stroganoffmib_e56s548h: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ADSLPPPoE15:05
mib_e56s548hSorry, eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:10:5A:1A:DC:65 net addr: Bcast: Mask: UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 RX packets:18940 errors:1 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:2 TX packets:11554 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0 collisions:2 txqueuelen:100 RX bytes:4087250 (3.8 Mb) TX bytes:2499423 (2.3 Mb) Interrupt:11 Base address:0xd00015:06
mib_e56s548hWe then went to System / Administration / Networking and opening the network settings and changing the settings in Connections from DHCP to Static IP.15:06
mib_e56s548hIt asks for your IP address and Gateway address, and automatically puts in your subnet mask number so to find the Gateway address we typed netstat - rn in the terminal and it gave us a table that looked like:15:06
gabkdllymib_e56s548h: did you check the link from Stroganoff? it might help15:07
Stroganoffmib_e56s548h so your friend got a modem without built in router?15:07
mib_e56s548hDestination:   Gateway:
mib_e56s548hOK, I checked out the link from stroganoff15:08
mib_e56s548hit is interesting, I'll have to read up on it more15:09
mib_e56s548hI also tried asking this question in the ubuntu forums, not much help. Here's the link to the post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74056215:09
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homebrewcideranybody got any more ideas on how to get this video card working?15:19
Stroganoffhomebrewcider: http://www.albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html15:32
homebrewciderchecking it out15:34
Ben_CsSince xubuntu isn't going to have windows network support preinstalled, can anyone please refer me to the easyest guide to set windows network connection? (I have a guide, but it's tiresome to go through ALL the steps, each time i reinstall the system)15:58
Ben_CsBTW, that's the only reason i switched to linux mint xfce edition.15:58
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fusesmb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:01
totalwormfaceBen_Cs: i don't know if it's the easiest way to install but i personally enjoy the useage of fusesmb with thunar16:02
Ben_Csyes, it's the way i was talking about. rebooting the pc 3 times... Hoped there is a shortcut16:03
TheSheepactually you don't really have to reboot, it was just easier to explain to windows users :)16:04
Ben_Cstotalwormface: i play with the system and sometimes i ruin it. so doing all that each time IS tiresome16:04
totalwormfacei understand16:04
Ben_CsTheSheep: so, you don't reboot, but i do what?16:05
TheSheepBen_Cs: you have to log out once, after you add yourself to the fuse group16:05
TheSheepBen_Cs: and you need to do 'sudo modprobe fuse' after you added fuse to /etc/modules16:05
Ben_CsTheSheep: So i don't understand why rebooting is easier for winblows users?16:06
homebrewciderwho was it that told me to get envy before?16:06
* totalwormface hides16:06
TheSheepBen_Cs: less scary, I guess, than some cryptic commands on the commandline :)16:06
totalwormfacehomebrewcider: it was Stroganoff16:06
homebrewciderStroganoff, you there?16:06
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »16:07
Ben_Csthe only Stroganoff i know is the one invented: beef-Stroganoff16:07
homebrewciderwell, it got it all going with the minimum of fuss16:07
TheSheephomebrewcider: really? that's great16:08
totalwormfaceyeah envy is quite a good tool16:08
homebrewcideryes, after 2 days of screwing around, got it done in one click of the nouse16:08
Ben_CsTheSheep: ok, in that case i shall return to xubuntu happilly. Is release candidate of Hardy stable enough? I remember that release candidate of xubuntu 7.10 was very stable...16:09
TheSheepBen_Cs: I'm not sure, personally I ran hardy from the beginning and I only had occassional problems with it16:13
Ben_Csok, thanks. Going to download it now16:14
Ben_Csman the download is SLOW16:20
Ben_Csis there a faster source than: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/8.04/rc/16:20
StroganoffBen_Cs: ein großfürst eins am zarenhof, wo sonst.16:28
Ben_CsStroganoff: yeh. english would be better :)16:29
StroganoffBen_Cs: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/hardy/rc/16:30
Ben_CsStroganoff: now that's what i'm talking about! Thanks man!16:32
Ben_Csbtw, does xubuntu have a forum?16:35
Stroganoffonly http://ubuntuforums.org/16:38
KOJVWhat's the equivalent to ipconfig?16:42
KOJVHow to access a Windows network share?16:48
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.16:49
KOJVI'm following the guide17:09
KOJVBut as I try to sudo mount -a17:10
KOJVI get this: error 2 opening credential file ~/.smbcredentials17:10
KOJVI did the chmod 600 on it alright.17:10
KOJVAnyone? TheSheep?17:12
Stroganoffwrong guide17:12
Stroganoffi use this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413117:12
KOJVStroganoff, how's that?17:12
KOJVStroganoff, I follow the guide but as I try to fusesmb /media/network I get access denied.17:38
KOJVfusermount: failed to access mountpoint /media/network: Permission denied17:38
KOJVIf I add sudo I get; fuse: bad mount point `/media/network': Åtkomst nekas17:39
Stroganoffsudo chown `whoami`:fuse /media/network/17:39
Stroganoffdont use fusesmb with sudo17:39
KOJVStroganoff, chown can't access /media/network/17:40
KOJVAccess denied.17:41
Stroganoffsudo chown?17:41
Stroganoffsudo killall fusesmb17:41
KOJVOkay, now it's cleared, chown done.17:41
KOJVHow can I reset the desktop? It's hung with a hourglass or whatnot.17:42
Stroganoffkillall xfdesktop17:42
KOJVNo icons won't show.17:42
KOJVThat has no effect. :-o17:43
Stroganoffkillall xfdesktop417:43
KOJV"no process was terminated"17:44
Stroganoffdon't know17:44
Stroganofflogout :p17:44
KOJVOKay, I'll reboot then. Thanks!17:44
Stroganofflogout should suffice..17:44
KOJVStroganoff, now I get...17:47
KOJVtobbe@Texas:/media$ fusesmb /media/network17:47
Stroganoffyou dont have to run this in /media though17:47
Stroganoffit should work now17:47
KOJVStroganoff, okay, why won't I get access to Win networkshares then?17:47
Stroganoffcd /media/network && ls17:48
KOJVStroganoff, it's empty.17:48
Stroganoffshame :D17:48
KOJVPerhaps I must open something in the fw?17:49
Stroganoffyou just have to make sure that the windows firewall service is runnig17:49
Stroganoffotherwise your windows shares do not broadcast17:49
Stroganoffif there is no error message when you open "Windows Firewall" in the control panel, then it should be running, otherwise not17:50
KOJVStroganoff, running fusesmb fuxx0rs the permissions on the media/network folder.17:53
KOJVsudo chmod 777 network17:54
KOJVTHen check the folder's permissions in the file manager... everybody may write/read.17:54
KOJVThen fusesmb /media/network17:54
KOJVAnd check the permissions again... they're down to read onlyh.17:54
Stroganoffthats ok17:55
Stroganoffyou shoudln't 777 anyway17:55
Stroganoffsudo adduser `whoami` fuse17:55
KOJVOkay, the guide said so. Anyways, how come I can't see any computers?17:55
Stroganoffhave you added yourself to the group?17:55
KOJVYes, it said I was already a member of fuse.17:55
Stroganoffare you sure the firewall service on windows is running? you could check -> Run.. -> services.msc -> Windows Firewall17:56
KOJVStroganoff, other Win machines can access each other in this LAN, WinFw is not the problem...17:56
KOJVI was thinking more of the fw in Xubuntu.-17:56
Stroganoffthere is no fw, other than iptables which doesn't apply here since fusesmb is not a server17:58
KOJVStroganoff, okay so all ports outgoing are open per default?17:58
Stroganoffa port is only "open" if there is program listening on this port17:59
KOJVYeah but I meant by the system. Anyhow... hmmmmmm.17:59
Stroganoffin default setup there are no network services running. and fusesmb isn't a network to start with17:59
KOJVNever mind about that.17:59
Stroganoffthe "SYSTEM" doesnt listen for incoming packages.17:59
KOJVNeither does Window.17:59
Stroganoffyes windows does17:59
Stroganoffthere are multiple network listening services in windows default pre SP217:59
Stroganoffever wondered how SASSER could spread?18:00
Stroganoffi'm wondering though what your problem is. fusesmb works fine for me.18:00
KOJVGonna reboot again.18:02
KOJVOkay, so... how do I get sound?18:11
floatingHi. How can i edit the stuff in xfce's top panel. the application shortcuts under "Applications"18:18
floatingtheres that "menu editor" but it shows only exit help and system18:19
cl_sidHi, can anyone help me with an installation issue?18:24
lechecl_sid, just ask you question18:25
cl_sidHow can I force xubuntu 7.10 install to default to 1024x768 resolution instead of 1280x1024, safe graphics does not work (terminal session errors)18:26
lechewhere do i find the option for not turning the screen to black after an amount of time? the screensaver option doesnt work18:27
lechecl_sid, what card/driver? whats your xorg?18:27
lechepaste it somewhere18:27
cl_sidcard is an old S3 Trio64 PCI with max resolution of 1024x768.  Where do I find this xorg.conf?18:28
cl_sidLet me see if I can get it...18:29
cl_sidI'm using whatever is on the default 7.10 install disc18:30
KOJVHow do I get sound?18:30
KOJV3How do I get sound?18:37
KOJV3I've got an Ensoniq PCI card that is detected by the system, but all I get is PC speaker beeps.18:39
Stroganoffturn the volumes up in xfce4-mixer18:45
Ben_Csjust moved back to xubuntu. hardy is different indeed.18:54
Ben_Csi have a problem:18:54
Ben_Csi installed ntfs-config tool, but it doesn't let me make changes although i run it through sudo ntfs-config, why is that?18:55
Ben_Csso what do i do?19:00
KOJV3Stroganoff, it's maxed out.19:01
Stroganoffwhat card is it exactly?19:01
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KOJV3Ensoniq AudioPCI.19:03
Stroganoffdisable your onboard sound in bios settings19:16
AdysHas anyone got xubuntu 8.04 wireless working on an EEE?19:16
Stroganoffcat /proc/asound/cards19:16
StroganoffAdys: run this script: http://ubuntu-eee.tuxfamily.org/index.php5?title=How_to_use_the_ubuntu-eee_script19:17
Adyschecking it out19:17
AdysWarning: The ubuntu-eee scipt is for Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)19:17
Adyshm :)19:17
Stroganoffyou use hardy?19:18
Stroganoffoh i see19:18
Adyslooks like what i need, thanks19:19
Ben_Cswhen i first put icon theme in .icons and changed my mouse icon theme i was asked if i want to auto-start the icon-something-app at startup. i said no, but now i see that after reboot the icons i set don't take place. so i probably need that app autostarted, but i don't know what app is that. can anyone please help me with that?19:27
KOJV3 2      system error (out of memory, cannot fork, no more loop devices)19:29
KOJV3THat's what I get trying to mount something from a credentials file.19:29
KOJV3Fstab: //  /media/network/wwwroot  cifs  credentials=~/.credz19:29
KOJV3Why can't it open credz? Even if I set it to 777 (stupid).19:29
KOJV3Stroganoff, http://pastebin.com/d473e18e919:31
KOJV3Stroganoff, would device 2 be my onboard?19:31
KOJV3<font face="Titanic officer"> Is there anyone alive out there!? </font>19:33
nakorais there a complete list, which applications xubuntu 7.10 brings along?19:45
Ben_Csis TheSheep here?19:47
nakoraor somewehre else in the internet..? didnt found anthing.. might have used the wrong keywords19:48
maxamillionnakora: here's a list of the sources that are compiled together to create xubuntu http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/7.10/release/source/xubuntu-7.10-src-1.list19:49
nakorathanks alot19:50
jgamiohow can i upgrade to hardy from gutsy ?19:50
Ben_Csmaxamillion: i use hardy. installed ntfs-config. when i run it, when trying to add V's the apply button turns gray19:52
Ben_Csmaxamillion: i looked at the exec line and it says: gksu ntfs-config, but i don't get asked for a password19:53
maxamillionBen_Cs: change the exec line to gksudo ntfs-config19:54
Ben_Csmaxamillion: trying19:55
Ben_Csmaxamillion: it asks for password but still doesn't let me make any changes19:57
Adys... why is libnautilus-burn a dependency of gnome-games? oO19:57
maxamillioni've honestly never messed with that tool ... i haven't had a window partition anywhere near one of my machines in a little over 8 years19:58
Ben_Csmaxamillion: maybe it want "root"?19:58
maxamillionAdys: no clue19:58
maxamillionBen_Cs: no, it should want your password ... unless you enabled the root account, then try going back to gksu and use the root password19:58
Ben_Csmaxamillion: the root account sits beside my name in users options. amybe i should delete it completely?20:00
maxamillionBen_Cs: its up to you20:01
maxamillionall my machines have a root account and has sudo disabled, but that's a personal preference and a personal belief in security practice20:01
Ben_Csmaxamillion: will i ever need root login?20:01
maxamillionBen_Cs: if you have sudo enabled like it is in default? no, never20:02
Ben_Csmaxamillion: it says administrator account can't be deleted - it'll make the system unusable20:03
maxamillionheh ... well then20:05
maxamillioni've never tried to get rid of root ... just add it20:05
Ben_Csstill need help...20:19
Ben_Cswhat option do i disable so that compositor isn't slowing synaptic? it's a V somewhere but i don't remember where20:59
Ben_Csoh, it's: gksu-properties, and disable "grab"21:03
nonlocalCan I launch the xfce alt-f2 run dialog from the command line?21:23
nonlocalOr do I need to use something like gmrun?21:23
viddthis is a little off topic...is there a way to watch a movie dvd iso in xubuntu?23:29
zoredacheby default, I don't think so... or ate least no encrypted video23:29
zoredachethere are things you can do to make it work23:30
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs23:30
viddzoredache, i found it on google....gxine -V xv /path/to/video.iso23:38
viddof course, i needed libdvdcss2 installed23:38
zoredachevlc works too I think... on unencrypted video anyway23:39
* vidd just likes gxine23:41
viddtons better then totem23:41
viddi think i have an 8-track thats better then totem!23:42
viddunless they made drastic improvements to totem in the last year23:42
viddnow if someone could just explain what the -V and xv mean.....23:43
viddhrm...looks like it might not even need all that23:45
zoredachethe man page seems to say that -V is about choosing your video driver...23:46
viddi cut out all the -V and xv and it works just the same23:47
viddnice...very nice23:48
zoredacheOne would guess that the person who provided the example you used had to use it to get past some kind of bug23:48
viddit was a script he wrote to right-click the iso to play it23:49
viddif im reading the post correctly...but it was for a different distro...so idk23:50
viddwell...im off to watch the movie23:51
vidd(i guess i should really just get the DVD player installed on this box rather then making an iso and ftp'ing it over....)23:52
viddbut thats another story....=]23:52
viddnight all23:52
tombarhello, im trying 8.04RC and got a weired bug, i install 8.04 ubuntu RC, and then i just apted xubuntu-desktop xubuntu-defaults xubuntu-artwork xubunut-bla bla, now when i choose on gdm to log into my xfce session i just get a light blue screen ><23:58
tombarany tips?23:58
zoredacheif you press alt-f2 can you start xfce4-panel?23:58
tombarlet me try, i need to logout of my gnome session and try, brb23:59
zoredacheI would also be tempted to stop gdm all together and try doing s startxfce4 from a terminal23:59

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