pips1_RichEd: morning08:30
RichEdhi pips1_ ...08:45
RichEdgoing through the mail now ...08:45
pips1_besides writing that todo list, i haven't done anything yesterday..08:46
pips1_I'm now making notes for the download page.08:46
pips1_In the initial part of the page, we need to explain why there is now only one add-on CD and that they need to combine it with ubuntu and ubuntu server..08:47
stgraberpips1_: they will never need ubuntu server (AFAIK), they need alternate for LTSP server08:48
stgraberindeed that's something that needs to be clear in the anouncement :)08:48
pips1_stgraber: you are right08:48
RichEdpips1_ / stgraber : oliver has some clarifying text on his .ipso pages ...08:49
RichEdi'm taking that, and rolling it into the press release / announcement page08:50
pips1_RichEd: judging from last release webpage update bonanza, we are rapidly running out of time...08:50
pips1_we need at least four documents08:50
pips1_1) mail announcement08:50
RichEdthen i'll send pips1_ the text for the release, and also the excerpts for the download page08:50
pips1_2) Download page text08:50
RichEdpips1_: they will all follow from one document ... here is my approach08:51
pips1_3) edubuntu 8.04 overview page08:51
pips1_4) edubuntu 8.04 release notes08:51
RichEdwrite the announcement in too much detail ... and then separate the detail into the 4 docs ... and trim the announcement08:51
RichEdthe announcement will be a high level summary, with links to the rest of the docs08:52
RichEdTIMING: pips1_ they are talking about 12pm midday BST08:52
RichEdenough time ... this is my task this morning ...08:52
RichEdyou can hold off and do other stuff until in ping you08:53
pips1_how are you planning on getting feedback from ogra and me and stgraber (?) ... send the document around by mail? wiki?08:53
RichEd* until I ping08:53
RichEdi'll pop up chunks of text here for immediate comment as i write08:53
pips1_I see08:54
RichEdthen mail completed text to ogra pips1_ stgraber and ping here to let you know when & what to check08:54
RichEdi'll write it all and manage ... get on with your real life until you hear from me08:54
RichEd(at regular intervals)08:54
stgraberdo we have an expected time for release ?08:55
stgraberlast I heard, it was morning slangasek's time08:55
stgraberso late afternoon here08:55
RichEdstgraber: scroll back to the word TIMING08:55
stgraberoh, missed this line :)08:56
RichEd3h4min and counting ...08:56
pips1_RichEd: What will we use in terms of headings: Edubuntu 8.04 or always Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 ??09:10
RichEdpips ...09:11
RichEd[1] for page titles use: Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 : Edubuntu09:11
RichEd[2] for CD general : Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 CD09:11
RichEd[3] for a user complete install: Edubuntu Desktop / Edubuntu Server09:12
RichEdthe rebranding of the environment is a huge shirt ... has consequences on IRC channel names ... Docs .. wiki ... web site ... help ... desktop etc.09:13
RichEdso now, the CD is called Ubuntu Education Edition 8.0409:13
RichEdthat is an add-on pack to Ubuntu09:13
RichEda full install of education add-on gives you edubuntu09:13
RichEd^ does that make sense for you to judge which name to use where ?09:13
pips1_urgh, the new brand name is so much longer...09:22
pips1_'edubuntu' vs. 'ubuntu education edition'09:22
pips1_8 vs. 2409:22
pips1_ogra: RichEd Will there be such a thing as a DVD release of Edubuntu/UEE ?09:23
RichEdpips1_: not as a physical item ... ogra may build an .iso of the collection for download09:24
pips1_i ment the download09:24
RichEdnot right now under deadline, but hpoefully buy the time the phsycial CDs ship ...09:29
pips1_oh dear, wiki.u.c is dead slow09:34
stgrabererk, bad timing09:36
pips1_RichEd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Website/ReleaseTodo/DraftDownload09:38
pips1_RichEd: ^^^ outline for the download page structure09:39
RichEdchecking ...09:39
stgraberpips1_: What about using gobby for release-notes/announcement/... ? it's probably a lot faster than wiki09:40
pips1_no go for me09:40
pips1_I'm still on 6.06 LTS :-)09:40
pips1_my gobby version won't work with the newer versions....09:41
pips1_I desperately need to update to 8.04 :-)09:41
RichEdpips1_: snap09:42
RichEdstgraber: i'm taking the last release announcement and updating that ... the ubuntu one is short & brief ... ours will be as well09:43
RichEdwe'll have a fuller page as an additional09:43
RichEdhere is the ubuntu one we are modelling: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/ReleaseAnnouncement09:43
RichEdpips1_: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/804features/ <-f.y.i. we'll include that as the tour link on the sidebar menu09:44
stgraberthat whatisubuntu page rocks !!!09:46
pips1_matt asked me not to publish it though!!09:47
pips1_the url09:47
pips1_stgraber: please hold off a minute before dragging everybody's attention to it ;-)09:47
stgraberdon't worry09:48
pips1_RichEd: should I start writing copy for my Download page draft? Or will you do it? I'm just a bit worried we wont make it in time.. :-)09:49
RichEdthe wiki is already timing out ! don't make the masses whack the website into a stupor while we are trying to update09:50
pips1_I wont use the wiki anymore09:51
pips1_I will start writing text offline and start formatting it as html to insert into drupal / edubuntu.org09:51
RichEdpips1_: for your comfort, do the structure and wording you see fit ... i'll then overlay mine over yours ... that way we can simply update a working acceptable page under less stress thata non-existing one09:52
stgraberpips1_: if you are using Drupal's nodes, you can also turn the "published" flag off and directly work on the page in Drupal09:52
pips1_stgraber: sure09:52
pips1_RichEd: ok09:53
RichEdpips1_: re huh i'm talking about stgraber making a lound reference to the www web page and using the rock war cry with multiple bangs which normally provokes a reaction like the sound of a tin opener operating on a can of fish at the local SPCA or animal shelter09:54
RichEdcan any of you load a wiki page ... i'm timing out :P09:57
ograwiki.u.c has probs09:57
pips1_I gave up09:57
ograIS is pinged09:57
highvoltageit's probably not going to get any better soon09:57
pips1_I don't think so either, I'm glad I opened all the pages I need for reference earlier09:58
highvoltagesome hosting providers offer slashdot insurance. I wonder if there would be hosting providers that offer ubuntu-release insurance soon :)09:58
RichEdhi ogra ... feeling strong about the release(s) ...09:59
ograbusy with desaster recovery .... https://launchpad.net/~cmpc-developers/+archive/+build/56855409:59
ogra(witing for a fixed cmpc kernel that actually builds10:00
RichEdit is easier this time for edubuntu release now that it is part of the distro "engine" ?10:00
ograi didnt have to care so much10:00
ograand it will be even less next release10:00
ograthis time we had all the infrastructural changes fr the addon, next time i only maintain a list and three packages for edubuntu itself10:01
* RichEd smiles at ogra's use of care ... in english it means to be interested, to pay attention to ...10:01
ograso from next time on i should really have time for actual development if tools :)10:01
RichEdso "don't have to care" is along the road to "i don't give a sh*t" ...10:02
ograright :) the latter :)10:02
highvoltageRichEd: ogra's use of care is more like the hacker language care10:02
RichEdahhh ... methought it was a german /english thing10:02
ogramost of the infrastructural changes were made by colin, i actualy only had to pay attention my stuff follows up on his changes :)10:02
RichEdogra: great ... so the reorg is making sense ...10:03
RichEdback after ciggie10:03
ograi already added two specs to the team canonical page :)10:03
ogra(edubuntu-menus GUI and scheduling integration)10:03
ogra(willowng and parental control integration)10:03
RichEdi must add the easy education install categories10:05
RichEdas well as the name change and carry through across web / irc / doc / help / wiki etc.10:05
RichEdkeeping edubuntu as the name for the full education default install10:05
RichEdbut the ubuntu education as the whole set of options available for ubuntu10:06
ograon the non edu side i have: mesh networking, easy usb key installer images, lightweight kernel flavour and boot profiling,10:07
pips1_RichEd: if you need my attention, use my nick to ping... I'm too busy to follow conversation here. :-)10:07
RichEdyou mean on the non-generic h/w side ? i presume you refer to cmpc ?10:08
RichEdand have you seen the OLPC keyboard problem making waves ?10:08
ograno to my job in the platfom tem10:08
RichEdahhh ... but all useful to us in edu :)_10:08
highvoltageRichEd: which keyboard problem?10:09
highvoltageoh, OLPC. right.10:09
ogramesh networking is a cmpc spec though but falls into general networking10:09
ogralightweight kernel is rather an ltsp thing but also useful for subnotebooks ;)10:09
ograsame for boot profiling :)10:09
RichEdhighvoltage: not your keyboard problem ... a wipe with a strong disinfectant will sort that out10:10
highvoltageRichEd: thanks for the tip.10:10
stgraberogra: is that compressed swap thing also planned for the cmpc in Intrepid ?10:10
RichEdmade by ogra(tm) ... available to broader the effort10:10
ograstgraber, someone else put it on the list already10:10
ogra(compcache you mean i think)10:10
ograstgraber, i'd love to look into that especially i'd love to hear the reason why you need the go through a blockdevice instead of directly compressing all ram actions :)10:11
pips1_RichEd: ogra: question: should we advertise the availability of Moodle in 8.04 at all?10:15
ograwe did so before, if we dont advertise its removal thats fine :)10:16
RichEdogra: removal ?10:16
pips1_we did so before? where? in the announcement mail? on the website? huh?10:16
ograi'd like to look into the bug you had there yesterday for 8.04.1 ... so its probaby better to not advertise it to much in the current state10:16
pips1_for 7.10 ?10:16
RichEdpips1_: on the download page, please make sure that there is a section for each of these:10:16
RichEd* to install edubuntu desktop, you need ...10:17
RichEd* to install edubuntu server, you need ...10:17
RichEd* to install edubuntu LTSP server, you need ...10:17
RichEdand list the links needed ...10:17
pips1_what is the difference between 'edubuntu server' and 'edubuntu LTSP server' ?10:17
ograand really drop the server part10:17
ograedubuntu-server is a metapackage, classroom server is an install variant10:18
pips1_classroom server install variant gives you LTSP setup10:18
ograif you dont like classroom, call it thin client server, but please drop the ltsp10:18
pips1_why do you explicitely want to drop the LTSP?10:19
RichEdwe will add some text to flesh out a recipe level install instruction ... but for now, point people to the components they will need to d/l to get to the usual (expected) end desktops10:19
RichEdogra ... what is the difference now between ubuntu server ... and edubuntu server without ltsp ?10:19
pips1_ah, LTSP is its own thing10:19
ograhttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/HardyClassroomServer isnt enough ?10:19
RichEdany or none10:19
ograRichEd, a (currently broken apparently) moodle install10:20
ograedubuntu-server depends on postgresqul, apache and moodle to give you the content server10:20
RichEd:( what's broke ?? is the install not completing, or installing but not running properly ?10:21
ograbut pips1_ had some bad bug yesterday i'd like to look at as soon as hardy-updates is open so we shouldnt advertise it separately10:21
RichEdand how would someone recover a bad install10:21
ograi have no idea what broke, i dont have the time to look now, i'm heavily behind on cmpc and cant upload any fix anyway10:22
pips1_well, I got a nasty sound error on the command line, but moodle *seems* to run fine, on a first impression, anyway10:22
pips1_*nasty sounding error10:22
ograit threw an install errorr that needs deeper researc, even though it seemed to work after install10:22
pips1_so... on the download I simply write10:23
ograi can look next week (given the classmate kernel is done, i have ot roll the final images *today* for that)10:23
pips1_1.) to install edubuntu desktop10:23
pips1_2.) to installe edubunt thin client server10:23
pips1_ ?10:23
ograwe can add an 8.04.1 section there later and add edubuntu-server10:24
pips1_RichEd: you ok with that?10:24
pips1_RichEd: and what about the terminology? 'edubuntu classroom server' or 'edubuntu thin client server' ? (I think the latter is more accurate, since edubuntu server in the future will include a content server, etc?)10:25
pips1_for hardy+1: edubuntu-server = ltsp + moodle ?10:26
ograin "biz speak" we call it ubuntu terminal services btw http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/technologies/ltsp10:26
ograpips1_, no10:26
ogramore metapackages10:26
ograand edubuntu-server will never depend on ltsp10:26
pips1_ltsp will always remain as an install variant, but people will add metapackages to suit their needs on top of that...10:27
ogra(since i want edubuntu-server selectable in g-a-i later it would pull ltsp onto the addon CD)10:27
ograltsp is an ubuntu thing now10:28
pips1_you want ltsp on ubuntu (alternate) cd10:28
pips1_RichEd: any word from you about the wording for the "edubuntu server"? 'edubuntu terminal services', 'edubuntu thin client server', 'edubuntu server', ...? which to use?10:29
RichEdedubuntu classroom server ... as oliver has used ...10:31
RichEdwhere it makes sense, use "edubuntu classroom server (thin client)"10:31
pips1_"Install Edubuntu Classroom Server"10:31
RichEdlike headings, but don't bog down body text with the long term10:32
pips1_orga: "edubuntu classroom server (terminal services)" or "edubuntu classroom server (thin client)" ?10:33
ografeel free to choose :)10:33
pips1_well, i guess it depends on what term is more likely to be googled for...10:34
* pips1_ checks10:34
pips1_terminal services: 10'700'000 hits in google10:35
pips1_thin client: 6'410'000 hits10:35
pips1_terminal services: first link = Terminal Services is a component of Microsoft Windows...10:36
pips1_thin client: first link = wikipedia10:36
pips1_wow, really sounds like microsoft owns the term "terminal services"10:37
pips1_'thin client' seems to be more associated with open source...10:38
* pips1_ carries on10:39
=== blue-frog_ is now known as blue-frog
pips1_"Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 is codenamed Hardy Heron and is supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers."10:41
pips1_ogra: ^^^ is that correct?10:41
ograbtw, could you file a bug about moodle, "moodle tries to configure DB before postgres is up" seems to be the proper description10:43
ograagainst edubuntu-meta10:43
RichEdpips1_: i wouldn't use "code named" sounds too james bond ... just use:10:45
RichEd"Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 (the Hardy Heron release) is supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers.10:46
RichEdogra: ?? happy with that ^10:46
RichEdpips1_: terminal services is synonymous with a MS service ... has been for 10+ years10:47
RichEdthin client is generic ...10:47
pips1_so what do we use?10:47
ograthats why we call it "ubuntu terminal services" on the marketing pages all over ubuntu.com :)10:47
pips1_we might as well use terminal services ... :-)10:47
* RichEd would disagree :)10:48
RichEdthin client <- a person looking normally to save money or management time / overhead in a large install has "thin client is a slimmer cheaper solution" in mind10:48
RichEdimho ...10:48
ogratell that to marketing :)10:49
* RichEd cannot believe that ogra is taking his lead from marketing ... follow the people in sharkskin suits ? 10:49
ograRichEd, well, i wrote that text :)10:50
ograsympathising with the devil ;)10:50
pips1_ogra the marketer10:50
pips1_in lederhosen10:50
stgraber"To use Ubuntu Terminal Services during Ubuntu install use the Ubuntu Alternate CD for installation, hit F4 at the bootscreen and select "Install a LTSP server" from the pop up "Modes" menu." :)10:50
ograwell, call it as you like just dont call it LTSP in the ehadins10:51
stgraberto install "Ubuntu Terminal Services" install "LTSP" :)10:51
ograthe app is LTSP10:51
ograthe product is ubuntu terminal server :)10:51
pips1_"Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04 DVD's will be made available only a while after the initial CD release (feel free to check for availability at the following link) ..."10:51
pips1_ogra: ^^^ ?10:51
stgraberwon't people expect something similar to Microsoft's terminal server (RDP stuff) with such a name ?10:52
ogra(to be honest i was just to late to request a change for the menu entry wrt translations)10:52
ogra(should have been "terminal server")10:52
pips1_"The DVD image contains the Desktop and Server ISO's, as well as all the packages officially supported by Ubuntu"10:52
ograpips1_, DVD ?10:52
pips1_ogra: ^^^ correct?10:52
pips1_yes, should I write about the DVD, or drop that altogether?10:53
stgraberpips1_: we don't have DVD10:53
pips1_RichEd: mentioned that there might be one later?10:53
ogralet me have a look, i'm not sure we have built DVDs at all since they are actually identical to ubuntu DVDs10:53
ograoh, we built them apparently10:53
stgraberI don't have Edubuntu DVD in the list of images to test10:53
RichEdpips1_ / stgraber : ogra and i chatted a while ago about building a DVD with the whole set of edu cd requirements on it10:54
ograstgraber, it doesnt differ from ubuntu10:54
stgraberogra: we don't seem to have the i386 one though10:54
pips1_so what should i write on the download page?10:54
ograRichEd, the ubuntu DVD contains all of main (incuding the edu stuff)10:54
RichEdso e.g. if someone wants to burn & post to a disconnected user ... they can do a DVD10:54
RichEdogra: will that get them edubuntu desktop / edubuntu server / edubuntu LTSP ?10:55
ograwhat would you expect from a "edubuntu DVD" thats not covered by the ubuntu DVD10:55
RichEdif yes ... pips1_ you can make a DVD heading and point people to the ubuntu one10:55
ograRichEd, no, since we dont have any installer ntegration anywhere we dont have such modes10:55
pips1_ubuntu DVD contains what? ubuntu + u. server + kubuntu + ?10:55
ograthe edubuntu DVD wll offer exactly the same the ubuntu DVD offers10:55
pips1_what is the ubuntu DVD url?10:56
ograall edu apps are included there10:56
ograpips1_, all of main that fits plus all langpacks10:56
pips1_so what is the URL?10:57
stgraberIIRC DVD images are on cdimage, 2s10:58
ograi think its somewher on cdimage10:58
ograhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/dvd/20080423/ there is a daily build though10:58
pips1_"The DVD image contains the Desktop and Server ISO's, as well as all the packages officially supported by Ubuntu"10:59
pips1_ogra: ^^^ correct?11:00
pips1_(i never used the dvd)11:00
ograme neither11:00
ograjuliux does thogh :)11:00
stgraberogra: AFAIK it doesn't contain Kubuntu, so not exactly "all packages officially supported by Ubuntu" maybe "all packages for the Ubuntu environement" would be better11:01
ograsounds better in that light11:02
pips1_ogra: I have a heading "Older Releases" which lists Edubuntu 6.06.1 Dapper....11:04
pips1_I leave that in, right?11:04
pips1_Dapper will still be available, right?11:04
ograand supported for another year11:04
pips1_"supported until 2009" ?11:05
ograi think so11:06
pips1_oh oh, me things we have a slight problem11:26
stgraberpips1_: ?11:26
pips1_on our download page, we use this nice script from matt nuzum that will give us an up to date list of all download mirrors...11:27
pips1_but *only* for the Ubuntu 8.04 educational add-on CD11:27
pips1_I can simply reference the ubuntu.com website for the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop CD11:27
pips1_... download11:28
pips1_but what about the links for the Ubuntu 8.04 Alternate CD11:28
* pips1_ checks11:28
ograthere is a checkbox on the ubuntu DL page11:28
ograit was at the bottom in 7.1011:29
ograCheck here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.11:29
pips1_right... so i need to write that the *need* to tick that tiny checkbox on that page....11:29
ograjust link to the HardyClassroomServer wikipage ?11:30
pips1_well, you see, our download page will only provide a list of mirrors for the add-on CD!11:30
pips1_for the "other CDs", i.e. ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Alternate, I will just direct the people to the ubuntu.com website...11:31
ograso for general just link to the ubuntu DL page11:31
ografor classroom server link to the classroom server wikipage11:31
ograedubuntu addon works fine with ubuntu desktop11:31
ograno need for the checkbox, and classroom server users should in any case follow the instructions of the classrom server wikipage11:32
pips1_well, that's what i'll do... but I guess people will still get a bit confused that they need to navigate to two download pages to get a complete "ubuntu education edition"...11:32
ograthats the drawback we have to live with in the new design11:32
ograyou will always need the ubuntu base11:32
ograbut for the default a link to the desktop iso is fine11:33
ograjust make classroom server prominent enough11:33
pips1_perhaps next time round, matt can adjust the script so it'll be nice and configurable....11:33
ograso people wanting that actually see it11:33
ograperhaps next time roud we can provide shipit with the alternate CD :)11:34
ograas classroom server edition11:34
=== RichEd_ is now known as RichEd
RichEdogra: expanding this" is supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers"11:55
ogragood idea11:56
pips1_RichEd: do you have a paragraph that explains what the add-on CD contains?11:57
RichEdpips1_: not yet11:57
* pips1_ has sweat breaking loose11:57
RichEdpips1_: my buttefiles are wobbling me12:00
RichEdogra: ??12:01
RichEdEdubuntu 8.04 is a Long Term Support release (LTR) and will be supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers through our managed software repositories. The desktop package manager notifier checks automatically for security and maintenance updates / patches and prompts from the tool bar for simple selection and installation.12:02
ograpips1_, the same it contained before there were no content changes12:02
stgraberRichEd: s/LTR/LTS/ ?12:02
ogras/before/before, /12:02
ograRichEd, edubuntu is no LTS12:03
RichEdstgraber: thanks ... i'll blame those on my contact lenses which are fogged up from lack of sleep12:03
RichEdogra: ?? wasn't 6.10 an LTS12:03
ogra6.10 was12:03
ogra8.04 isnt12:04
RichEdbut the underlying ubuntu is no ?12:04
ograthats what i was told very explicitly yesterday by mdz and cjwatson12:04
ogra*EDU*buntu isnt a long term support release ...12:05
RichEdcan we say that it is based on the Ubuntu which is LTS12:05
ograubuntu is12:05
RichEdso is the concern about edu package support ?12:05
RichEdbecause all of those are in the repositories and supported for ubuntu ?12:05
ogra"the edubuntu CD operates as an addon to the long term supported ubuntu 8.04 edition" would surely be possible i think12:05
ograbut we're not allowed to call the addon LTS12:06
ograor an edubuntu install12:06
RichEdokay ... so do we support for 18 months ?12:06
stgraber18 yes, not 3 years though12:06
RichEdand the base desktop is LTS supported for 36 months ?12:06
ograyeah, thats the general hort tem support cycle for all releases12:07
ogra*short term12:07
RichEdokay ... let me word that positively ... brb12:07
ograRichEd, afaik only content of the -desktop (and alternate indeed) and -server CDs is actually supported12:08
ografor LTS12:08
ograno kubuntu, xubuntu or edubuntu12:08
RichEdogra ... any release notes of our own anticipated ?12:15
ograRichEd, beyond the changes i wouldnt know what to note :)12:25
RichEdogra: fine by me ... the more we point people back to ubuntu, the better12:26
RichEdso i have referenced theirs12:26
RichEdogra / stgraber / pips1_ : please check your mail for the web announcement text12:26
RichEdcomment here please ... no muti-email doc spawning :)12:26
* RichEd is now checking to see if it needs modification for the mail shots12:27
RichEdnote that there is now no Edubuntu announcement going out in ubuntu announce12:27
RichEdwe are referenced as an add-on feature of ubuntu12:27
RichEdwe will do our own mail shot to our lists12:28
* RichEd heads for a ciggie and will come back for comments in 512:28
ograFind out what is new in this release with a graphical tour:12:35
ogra  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour12:35
ogra  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/71012:35
ogra7.10 ?12:35
ograbeyond that looks good to me ...12:36
stgraberRichEd: checking now12:37
stgraberare these <link stuff standard in mail ? thunderbird just show them without linking12:38
ograits a txt attachment, probably TB doesnt interpret links in there12:39
ograi see it fine in evo12:39
stgraberhmm, right12:39
RichEdstgraber: that's for pips1_ to do on the web site announcement12:39
RichEdthe mail shot is a revised version for text only12:39
stgrabershouldn't the mail link to the releasesnotes for Edubuntu ?12:40
RichEdstgraber: scroll back dude ... none from ollie this time12:40
ograwell, what should i note beyond the changes :)12:40
stgraberhmm, ok :) sorry I was away for half an hour moving from school to some open wireless in town :)12:40
RichEdogra: is the LTS & support paragraph okay by you and non-offending for mdz and cjwatson ?12:41
stgraberogra: italc by default for all desktop install ? don't see any other change though12:41
ograoh, right12:42
ograitalc !12:42
ograRichEd, looks good to me12:42
RichEdogra: sweet ... tx12:42
ogra"edubuntu now comes with the fully integrated italc classroom management software" ?12:42
ograprobably as bulletpoint somewhere :)12:43
RichEdstgraber: once we have the page up ... i'll get pips1_ to add the italc line12:43
RichEdwill wax it into "managed education environment" as a leader and not just a bullet12:43
stgraberpips1_: it's not actually an Edubuntu DVD but the Ubuntu DVD containing the education packages12:44
ograpips1_, i'm not registered, looks fine to me ...12:44
ograi like the new theme :)12:45
pips1_ogra: it's been there since months :-)12:46
ograi should look there more often :)12:46
pips1_stgraber: ok, will change12:48
* ogra wonders if #ubuntu-release-party will pass the 700 user mark before release12:48
RichEdogra: what's it at now ? and is there mayhem as usual ?12:49
ogra682 atm12:49
ograbut stalled somewhat12:49
* stgraber is moving again, next wifi probably in ~30min12:50
ograhey slangasek12:51
slangasekpips1_: when do you plan to publish http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8.04-release ?12:51
ograwe're in the last touch up's12:52
RichEdogra: nope that is the download page ...12:53
RichEdpips1_: what's the node for the release ?12:53
RichEdslangasek: text & content is ready ... just getting it live12:53
ograrelease was done then, right, we should be able t publisch now12:53
RichEdwill ping when published12:53
slangaseksounds good12:54
RichEda matter of minutes12:54
pips1_ah ogra, don't publish that node publicly!!12:54
ograpips1_, 29 ppl here12:54
pips1_ok ok12:54
ogra20 of them sleeping12:54
slangasekogra: images are propagating, I'm currently doing the final link check for the announcement mail but this still blocks on the ubuntu.com website too12:54
ograah, good, so within the next hour i guess then12:54
slangasekI hope so, I need to pass out soon12:55
RichEdslangasek: i'm ready with my homer voice: "ahhhhhhhh sleeeeeeeeeeep"12:56
RichEdogra: with the add-on cd ... when you stick it in, does a prompt auto load ?12:58
RichEdor do you need to launch something manually ?12:58
ograsee the screenshots :)12:59
* RichEd shoots ogra ... gimmee da short answa dude13:00
RichEdtrying to write an accurate sentence ... not overload my firefox at the moment13:00
RichEdwhy thank you dear;)13:00
* ogra wonders if RichEd noticed that he answered yes on an or question 13:01
ograit pops up a prompt13:01
ogragiving you three choices13:01
RichEdwell review this then:13:02
RichEdIn versions prior to 8.04 Edubuntu was released as a distinct variant with its own separate Installer CDs. With the restructure you now start with the installation of an Ubuntu desktop as a base. Once you insert the Ubuntu Education CD, you will be prompted to add the Edubuntu add-on environment or opt to install education application enhancements.13:02
ograOnce you insert the Ubuntu Education CD at a running desktop13:02
ograelse its fine13:03
ograusers should be aware you cant boot of it or pop it in at the text installer or so13:03
ogra"to add the Edubuntu add-on environment" .... "to start the Edubuntu add-on installer"13:04
ogra(the button says "start add-on installer")13:04
* stgraber is back on some public wifi13:05
ograin case the wiki works for you :)13:05
RichEdjust deleted a comment i was about to send that add the add on is crap sentence structure13:05
RichEdcheck for errors while i polish the grandma13:05
* pips1_ waits for the paragraph... :-)13:05
ogra#u-r-p -> 68413:06
ogra690 :)13:06
* ogra waits for 70013:07
pips1_what is u r p ?13:07
stgraber5.2MB/s upload on bittorrent here ...13:07
RichEdogra: just checking ... stick in Cd and then a dialogue window comes up with the start button13:07
ograpips1_, #ubuntu-release-party13:07
stgraberpips1_: #ubuntu-release-party13:07
ograRichEd, with a dialog with three buttons: cancel, start package manager, start add-on installer13:07
RichEdogra: what does the boot option do ?13:08
ograboot option ?13:09
ograthere is none13:09
ograthe cd is not bootable13:09
pips1_ogra: question: I want to understand what the two options do... Does "start package manager" give you synaptic?13:13
ograwith the CD as repo13:13
pips1_And "start add-on installer" gives you the gnome add/remove thingy (forgot the name)?13:13
RichEdpips1_: ogra ... here we go:13:14
RichEdIn versions prior to 8.04 Edubuntu was released as a distinct variant with its own separate Installer CDs. With the restructure you now start with the installation of an Ubuntu desktop base onto your machine, and once complete you then insert the Ubuntu Education CD. A dialogue box will load automatically offering you a choice of "start package manager" or "start add-on installer".13:14
RichEdSelect the "package manager" option to select individual Education applications from the Edubuntu default bundle for installation onto your Ubuntu desktop environment.13:14
RichEdSelect the "add-on installer" option to install the full education environment, including the Edubuntu default application packages and Edubuntu desktop as a single process.13:14
pips1_RichEd: I think you misunderstood the options13:14
pips1_RichEd: disregard my last sentence13:14
ograRichEd, dont document the package manager"13:15
RichEdwot he sed ??13:15
ograad-on installer is all you need, it shows an entry for every whipped app13:15
ogra"Select the "package manager" option to select individual Education applications from the Edubuntu default bundle for installation onto your Ubuntu desktop environment."13:15
ogradrop that13:15
ograsynaptic is nothing i want to expose to normal users like that, its complicated13:16
RichEdme is confused ... what option do they select to get easy edubuntu ?13:16
pips1_RichEd: I *do* think you misunderstood what happens / what the options are for the add-on cd...13:16
ogralets just push for the add-on installer case13:16
* RichEd waits for learning from a higher source13:16
ograRichEd, just drop the one sentence13:16
pips1_RichEd: there is *no* option where you simply click a button and it installs every app on the add-on cd...13:16
ogra http://paste.ubuntu.com/7933/13:17
RichEdwhat option then replaces the ubuntu desktop with the edubuntu one ?13:17
pips1_you have the option to either install apps with the simple interface of gnome-app-installer, or the more advanced, but perhaps confusing synaptic package manager13:17
ogra.oO(it would have been helpful to have a look at the installation howto before writing teh text)13:17
ograRichEd, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7933/ write it like that13:17
* pips1_ same13:18
ograand drop "single process"13:18
ograits several clicks13:18
RichEdpips ... take the wording from the link pasted13:18
ograif you want link https://wiki.edubuntu.org/HardyClassroomServer13:18
ograthat describes the process exactly with screenshots13:19
RichEdi wasn't impying single click ... but one train of action13:19
RichEdas opposed to install dektop, then install apps13:19
RichEdpips1_: slangasek i going ahead ... get the -page up so it is not a dummy link and we can refine13:20
RichEdit's not wrong at the moment ... we're basically clariifying13:20
pips1_hold on hold on13:21
pips1_we still need the release notes page13:21
stgraberslangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS released!13:21
RichEdogra: so if they just want to select apps, and not change the desktop look & feel ... same button ? later choice13:21
RichEdpips1_: we have no release notes ... we reference ubuntu's13:22
pips1_RichEd: they need to choose / install the "edubuntu-desktop" package from the gnome-app-installer menu..13:22
pips1_no release notes?13:22
RichEdis the desktop selection obvious for a newbie ?13:23
* stgraber is off again for a while13:23
pips1_but anyhow... we can't publish our download page until i have the go ahead from matt... he needs to change the script for the list mirrors...!13:23
RichEdpips1_: reference the ubuntu one only for now ... we can add any we need later13:23
ograso seems we have released13:24
RichEdpips1_: can you prod matt or do i need to13:27
pips1_matt did it13:27
pips1_it works13:27
pips1_hang on13:27
RichEdgo with your page anyway ... better to have our news up than a please wait linked from the ubuntu mass announce13:27
RichEdusers can read up while they wait for mirrors13:28
pips1_ok I just put up the new download page13:30
pips1_but now i need to create two placeholders for the release notes and the "tour" that is linked to from the download page13:30
pips1_RichEd: what are the URLs you used for the "release notes" and "tour" ?13:33
ograthats in the ubuntu announcement in my mail from 10 mins ago13:33
RichEdogra: not his question13:34
RichEdpips1_: 1 sec13:34
RichEd  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/80413:34
ograRichEd, well, thats the one we need up *right now*13:34
pips1_well, anyway, we are only ready and online with the *download* page, but nothing else13:34
RichEd  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/804overview13:34
ograthousands of users click already13:34
pips1_absolutly, the get a 404 right now!!13:34
RichEdogra: pips1_ is asking about links to embed on that page ... not the url it should be at13:35
RichEdpips1_: those are sidebars ... get the landing page up as priority #113:36
pips1_phew... wo what link has been published via mail?13:36
pips1_the landing page?13:36
pips1_or has the mail not gone out yet? (i hope=13:36
ograannouncement is out since 14:1713:36
RichEdour announcement page referreced in the ubuntu-announce13:37
ogra20 mins13:37
RichEdpips1_: make this one live "http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8.04-release"13:37
ograthe ubuntu announce mail refers to http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8.04-release13:37
pips1_what text should I publish there?!13:37
RichEdthe release mail i sent you an hour and a bit back ...13:38
RichEdsorry i thought you were on top of that13:38
RichEdwe discussed the content here with ogra13:38
ograFind out what is new in this release with a graphical tour:13:39
ogra  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour13:39
ogra  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/71013:39
ograneeds fixing though13:39
RichEdogra: pips1_ the tour link is:  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/804overview13:40
RichEdhave you seen that graphical overview ogra ... very sexy13:41
ograwell, iÄm using all these apps since months :)13:42
ograthat takes away a bit of the excitement :)13:43
RichEdpips1_: you winning there ?13:45
* pips1_ is frantically preparing the page13:45
* ogra hugs pips1_ 14:01
ograthanks for that14:01
highvoltagepips1 ftw.14:01
ograthe banner at the top still says "Almost there!"14:02
pips1_ogra: I know that one is next14:03
pips1_^^ ^ that is the correct URL right?14:03
RichEdtx pips1_14:04
highvoltageis the release out?14:07
ograsince 30min or so, yes14:08
pips1_highvoltage: what was the file name of that updated banner logo you did?14:09
pips1_ogra: RichEd can you please come up with a better banner text?!14:10
RichEdpips1_: on the release page:14:12
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and the new Edubuntu add-on CD is on its way! Nearly everything is complete, release is within 24 hours!14:12
ogra"8.04 is here" "Ubuntu 8.04 and the new Edubuntu add-on CD were released on Apr 24 2008, get it at <url>"14:12
RichEdchange to:14:12
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and the Ubuntu Education Edition (Edubuntu 8.04) were released on April 24 2008. Read all about it at <url for release announcement>14:14
RichEdpips1_: and for the home page:14:15
RichEdpips1_: sorry ... leave it as "get it at" with download link <- for the announce page14:16
RichEdpips1_: and for the home page:14:16
* pips1_ listens14:17
RichEdHardy Heron Released !14:18
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu Education Edition add-on CD are now available. Get the latest Edubuntu desktop and applications.14:18
RichEdadd for an optimal education enironment.14:18
* RichEd corrects the spelling14:19
RichEdHardy Heron Released !14:19
* pips1_ waits14:19
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu Education Edition add-on CD are now available. Get the latest Edubuntu desktop and applications and Classroom server for an optimal education environment..14:19
ograwe shouldnt use the developmnet release namews in public announcements14:20
Kamping_Kaisercongrats to those who worked on it14:20
ogra(or put them in brackets at least)14:20
ograthe official release name is 8.0414:20
ogranot hardy heron14:20
* RichEd points to ogra and stgraber as the rocks of 8.0414:20
pips1_everyone, reload the page...14:21
RichEdpips1_: announce or home ?14:22
* pips1_ will change banner logo next14:22
pips1_all pages, in fact14:22
* RichEd reloads the internet14:22
pips1_highvoltage: aaargh, i can't change the logo, because only you have write permissions on that server directory..14:24
RichEdpips1_: edubuntu add-on is another term we are adding to the confusion :(14:24
pips1_RichEd: what? where? what do you want me to do?14:24
pips1_ah, you mean the text in the logo14:24
pips1_highvoltage: ping ping14:25
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and the Ubuntu Education Edition CD have been released! Grab the latest versions of Edubuntu while they are hot!14:25
* pips1_ looks for a work around14:25
RichEdUbuntu 8.04 and the Ubuntu Education Edition CD 8,04 have been released! Grab the latest versions of Edubuntu desktop and Classroom server while they are hot!14:26
pips1_oh man14:26
=== ogra changed the topic of #edubuntu to: Order: http://shipit.edubuntu.org || Edubuntu - the education version of Ubuntu || http://www.edubuntu.org | Wiki: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWiki | MEETING: every Wednesday see http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda | 8.04 (hardy heron) is released, see http://www.edubuntu.org/Download grab it while its hot !!!
pips1_I already changed it.. which one now?14:26
* RichEd reloads14:26
Kamping_Kaisernight all. hope you get some good vibes :)14:26
ograKamping_Kaiser, thanks, sleep tight14:27
RichEdthe release notes banner text is still "amost there"14:27
Kamping_Kaisercatch you later all.14:27
RichEdbye karl14:27
pips1_RichEd: reload14:28
ograpips1_, didnt update for .org14:28
RichEdpips1_: and when you have a moment to breathe ... please replace "You will never go back" with "The latest from Ubuntu Education "14:29
RichEdsomething like that14:29
RichEdyou'll never go back sounds bit like a "forget sugar ... our sweetner is almost as good as the real thing"14:30
RichEdback to what ... that implies that something else exists for education14:30
ograRichEd, its what we use on www.ubuntu.com as slogan14:30
RichEdogra: okay but ughhh14:31
pips1_i think the slogan suck too14:31
RichEdi stick by my "you'll never go back" why admit there is a competition14:31
pips1_but I don't quite understand... i have changed it...14:31
* RichEd reloads14:31
ograRichEd, i dont like it either ... especially coupled with the promise of an uninstall feature14:31
ogra(which surely users will look for and not uderstand the joke)14:32
RichEdit says "we're almost as good, and hoping that you'll think we're as good or better"14:32
pips1_so guys, is the banner ok now?14:32
ograit didnt chane on edubuntu.org14:32
ograalmost there ...14:33
RichEdthis is still old14:33
pips1_the banner logo stil needs changed to "ubuntu education edition 8.04", but I can't do anything, because highvoltage has changed the write permissions on the server14:33
RichEdso who can do something pips1_ ?14:33
ograRichEd, highvoltage apparentl14:34
* RichEd phones jonathan14:34
pips1_RichEd: what is old about the 8.04-release page? what do I need to do?14:34
* ogra still gets the old bannertext on edubuntu.org14:34
ograpips1_, the banner14:34
RichEdbanner text says almost there14:34
pips1_force reload?14:35
ograit didnt change at all on edubuntu.org14:35
ograonly on edubuntu.com14:35
pips1_Huh?! it changed for me?14:35
pips1_hold on14:35
pips1_oh. perhaps drupal cache14:35
ogra.com is fine here "your'll never go back" ....14:35
ogra.org still shows "almost there"14:36
pips1_i think it is an issue with drupal caching the pages...14:36
highvoltagehas the release happened?14:37
* pips1_ tries to remember how to flush the chache in drupal14:37
pips1_highvoltage: !14:37
pips1_highvoltage: yes14:37
ograhighvoltage, we try to tell the world atm14:37
RichEdhighvoltage: help pips1_ please14:37
ograits just not as easy14:37
highvoltageah, do I need to flush the drupal cache?14:37
RichEdchange the logo ... 7.10 is no longer hot or cool14:37
pips1_and I need you to change the logo14:37
highvoltagesorry I was on the phone with a client who wanted me to explain *everything* in the most minute detail14:38
pips1_well, we need "Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04" in the logo text, not "Edubunut 8.04"14:38
jsgotangcoflush the drupal cache and force the cron too14:38
RichEdhighvoltage: all groovy ... 'cept for a silly14:39
RichEdlogo text on http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8.04-release links to http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8.04-release14:40
pips1_highvoltage: did you just hit cron.php ?14:40
RichEdcan you make a variant for that one page ?14:40
pips1_RichEd: I don't understand14:40
pips1_what is the prob14:41
highvoltagepips1_: nope, it's cronned14:41
pips1_hihi me is totally confused14:41
ograoh, could we make the logo on the top left link to edubuntu.org instead of edubuntu-com14:41
RichEdpips1_: the logo on the edubuntu 8.04 page announcement page announces edubuntu 8.04 with a link to itself14:41
highvoltageRichEd: where should it link to?14:42
RichEdif that page can be varied ... make the logo text: ubuntu 8.0414:42
ograRichEd, that banner is shown on all sites on edubuntu.*14:42
pips1_RichEd: it can't14:42
highvoltageit can, actually :)14:42
pips1_the banner is there for *all* pages of the whole site...14:42
RichEdokay ... it's not a biggie14:42
highvoltageyou can add an exception to the block14:42
ograthere is only one where it appears to link to itself :)14:42
pips1_well, yes, if we define a rule for the block14:42
highvoltageRichEd just needs to say what should be there instead of the log14:42
highvoltagebut I don't think users will mind that, to be honest14:43
RichEdi 'spose it will only confuse the already challenged14:43
pips1_i also think it isn't a problem14:43
pips1_I prefer to get the release notes text up... instead.14:43
RichEdhighvoltage: annonunce ubuntu instead of edubuntu ... and link to the ubuntu announce14:43
highvoltagewell, they should figure it out after reading the release announcement a few times that they're getting the same page ;)14:43
pips1_let's backtrack14:44
pips1_highvoltage: can you sort out the logo text first, please?14:45
RichEdhighvoltage: let's hope none of the @nc cabinet members wear out their mouse button14:45
ograhighvoltage, only in the evening, if they notice that the links they clicked the whole day led all to the same pages :P14:45
pips1_"Edubuntu 8.04" should be "Ubuntu Education Edition 8.04" <--- right, RichEd ?14:45
* RichEd shuts up for a bit and goes to poison his lungs14:45
RichEdpips1_: banner says ubuntu education edition14:46
highvoltageogra: rofl14:46
RichEdlogo text can be edubuntu ... no problem with that14:46
pips1_all sweet for the banner, then14:47
RichEdit's an informal screamer / loudhailer add ... it can be familiar14:47
RichEdbanner is hundreds14:47
RichEddoes any other country use that slang term "hundreds"14:47
RichEdin za it means "perfect" in a casual way ... 100%14:48
highvoltageI don't have ubuntu-title installed14:49
highvoltagehmm, the exception doesn't seem to work for top-banner14:53
highvoltageRichEd: I have to tend to someone now, but will look at it again in ~1hr14:54
pips1_highvoltage: we will need to change the permissions on the server at some point... there is an edubuntu unix group already (i'm in that group), so we just need to give write permissions to the edubuntu group.14:58
highvoltagepips1_: righto14:58
pips1_that way, I can do the changes without having to pester you14:58
highvoltagepips1_: it's strange, we were both in the edubuntu group last time, but I couldn't update drupal (and the drupal files were in the edubuntu group)14:59
highvoltageeither way, I agree it's something we need to sort out with the admins.14:59
highvoltagewill be back just a bit later...14:59
RichEdpips1_: my error ... please correct15:18
* pips1_ looks15:19
pips1_ah typo15:19
RichEdalso: Edubuntu contributors:15:19
RichEdnow says: contibutors:15:20
RichEdand add to the mailing lists:15:20
RichEdUbuntu Education discussions:15:21
RichEdlast one ... add after "global mirrors"15:22
RichEd Edubuntu now comes with the fully integrated iTalc classroom management software allowing for teacher sharing, monitoring and control of networked workstations.15:22
* RichEd bows down in homage to stgraber 15:22
ograonitoring and control of networked workstations and thin clients15:24
RichEdme has sent the mails to the 3 mail lists15:27
* RichEd changes magazines and aims ahain15:27
RichEd... have to fetch my kids from school ... back in 1515:27
pips1_question: what about the edubuntu release notes?15:28
RichEdpips1_: there are no release notes ... we refer to ubuntu release notes15:29
pips1_but we were asked to provide an url for them by mr. slang asek, no?15:29
RichEdnot as far as i am aware ... he wanted a url for the release *announcement*15:30
RichEdwhich is the page you did for us that is not the download page15:30
RichEddat wun15:31
ogralooks very good now15:31
RichEdthanks pips1_ ... appreciated15:32
RichEd:) +15:32
ograwell done, thanks a lot15:37
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
pips1_ogra: for people who are still running a LTSP lab with 6.06.1 LTSP, I would like to point to a page for LTSP configuration... The link at the bottom of the 6.06 "Getting Started" is broken...16:01
pips1_Can I use: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/customizing-thin-client.html16:01
ograi dont think we have a dapper doc online anymore16:02
pips1_oh, i see16:02
ograthats definately talking about stuff thats not available in dapper16:02
pips1_so I just remove the link, or make a note.16:02
ograit fuly applies to hardy though16:03
pips1_strange how it is only available on doc.u.c rather than help.u.c16:03
pips1_"Unfortunately, there is no documentation available online on how to configure settings for Edubuntu 6.06 LTS. Please refer to the documentation that comes with your system."16:06
pips1_ogra: ^^^ is that ok?16:06
pips1_no, let's just write16:07
* ogra is digging if there is some old doc left16:07
ograsadly the wiki is a pain16:07
pips1_"Documentation on how to configure settings for Edubuntu 6.06 LTS is available in the Edubuntu Handbook, which is available in the Edubuntu System Help menu."16:09
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinClientHowto was clearly a breezy/dapper page16:09
ograbut i cnat get to it16:09
ograno, there was no handbook in dapper16:09
pips1_ah, i see16:09
pips1_ok, so I'll reference the ThinClientHowto wiki page16:10
ograi know highvoltage once did a wikipage for dapper options and there was something linked from the ThinClientHowto16:10
ograbut with the wiki timeouts i cant get the url16:10
ograleave it out until the dust has settled16:12
ograah, wait16:13
ograsomething loads16:13
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuLtsConfParams smells like a dapper page .... need to verify though16:13
ografor ubuntu dapper look at http://www.edubuntu.org/ThinClientConfig16:14
ograwhich doesnt exist16:14
ogradrop dapper16:14
ogra(there is really no point in using dapper ltsp in a new install anyway, it didnthave any features)16:15
pips1_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuLtsConfParams has loaded for me16:17
pips1_it says that these are for breezy (!)16:18
ograits for breezy16:18
ograwith a link for dapper at the bootom which links to the above page which doesnt exist16:18
ograreally, drop dapper from the notes16:18
pips1_for dapper, it references a page on edubuntu.org, which mentions the handbook.16:18
pips1_my goodness16:18
ograyay for wiki cleanups16:19
ograwell, really, i see no point for anyone to use dapper ltsp16:19
ograit has no sound or localdev support, an ugly login manager and isnt really fast16:19
pips1_well, it's more for those few poor souls out there who are running dapper..16:19
ograi doubt there are many using dapper ltsp in production, really16:20
pips1_ack, the link to the handbook on edubuntu.org is broken as well... what a mess!16:20
ograpeople wanted sound and localdev support which you could ony get from ltsp 4.2 at that time16:20
pips1_ogra: where do you want me to add the link to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall16:46
ograwell, as long as we have linked HardyClassroomServer from somewhere16:47
ograit links to the ltsp page16:47
pips1_ah, ok16:47
pips1_in that case, I think I'm done for now16:48
pips1_hey, big congrats on the new release! wooohooo! :-)16:48
pips1_have a good evening16:50
pips1_I'm off.16:50
DrXi just installed Linux and the GUI won't work and the error is "Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  At least on Device section is required."  what do u run to fix this?19:51
pips1shipit.edubuntu.org still says "I want to pre-order CDs of Edubuntu 8.04" ... and "I want to download and test the beta version..."20:40
pips1oh, and the link in the chat topic is wrong.. it should be https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu20:41
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wubrgamerwhat is the edubuntu addon cd?23:42

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