Riddellryanakca: poke poke00:15
ScottKI finally got a chance to try and hook my Dell D430 with Kubuntu Hardy on it up to an external projector today.  It was a complete bust.  No great suprise, but now I know.00:53
nosrednaekimworked perfectly for me with an external monitor00:54
nosrednaekimcourse, I booted up with it plugged in00:54
ScottKRiddell: Should we do something in release notes about xinerama being unsupported by my modern video drivers and so multi-monitor is often going to be problematic.00:54
ScottKI didn't do that.00:54
ScottKI had about 2 minutes to test, so no chance for it.00:54
RiddellScottK: can do https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyReleaseNotes00:55
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ScottK2Riddell: The first draft of my release note on X is here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64162/ - where on the page should I put it?01:45
ScottK2Other issues?01:45
nixternalScottK2: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php  <- these are the type of release notes/announcements we do for a stable release...we don't target stuff like we did during the dev cycle in our release notes01:47
Jucatodon't you just hate our pastebin not word wrapping? :)01:48
ScottK2nixternal: There was a release notes page too that had all the bad news.01:48
nixternalthat is new then01:49
Jucatodon't you mean coolo? :D01:50
nixternalthat means something dirty in my native tongue of Chicagoan01:52
ScottK2nixternal: We could use a little bit in there if there are any really exciting limitations on the KDE4 xrandr tool.  I01:54
ScottK2I've never used it ...01:55
ScottK2Back in about an hour....01:55
nixternalxrandr in kde3 works like a charm for me01:56
nixternalxrandr in kde4 doesn't do squat01:56
nixternalthat is the benefit of having Intel chipsets though01:56
* Jucato sighs... if only there were Intel AGPs..01:57
ScottK2Using the command line tool?01:57
ScottK2I thought KDE4 had some display setup thing that used xrandr01:57
ScottK2Update http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64169/01:57
nixternalScottK2: using the tray applet01:58
nixternalScottK2: it doesn't do a damn thing though in KDE 4...it just sits there and looks at you like you are stupid01:58
nixternalwhich in my case its true01:58
ScottK2Riddell: Added. https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyReleaseNotes03:06
* ryanakca wishes there was a #kubuntu-release-party ... oh well03:07
ryanakcanixternal: are those the ones to be ported to Drupal?03:07
jjessethere is a #kubuntu-release-party03:08
jjesseits full03:08
jjesseit points to ubuntu-release part03:08
ryanakcajjesse: #kubuntu-release-party -> #ubuntu-release-party :P03:08
jjessedidn't release that03:09
ryanakcayeah :D03:09
ryanakcaOh well, we can start one for October / 8.10 :D03:09
jjessecan't wiat for that03:09
jjessenew ubuntu book should be coming out soon03:09
* ryanakca nods and hopelessly continues to hope that his local bookstore will one day stock it03:10
jjesseits one of the most popular selling computer books these days03:10
nosrednaekimmy Borders has it03:11
jjessei can always find one or two copies in my local barnes and noble03:18
nixternalryanakca: no03:19
* jjesse walks the dog and beds see you all later03:19
ryanakcaAnybody know where I can find the Kubuntu (Konversation/IRC) HOWTO? I would hate to link to X-Chat...03:48
Jucatothe what?03:48
ScottKDoes it need one?03:48
ScottKIt seemed pretty obvious to me the first time I did it.03:48
ryanakcaScottK: well, so did X-Chat... imho, it would be nice to replace the Ubuntu IRC Howto link by the Kubuntu IRC Howto link on the website, but oh well.03:50
ryanakcaIt can always be added later03:50
* ScottK2 kicks nixternal04:35
* Jucato wonders if he can have seconds :)04:35
ScottK2Go for it.04:35
Jucatoit's better served when he's actually here/noticing :D04:35
nixternalno more kicking!04:36
nixternalwhy would I get kicked anyways?04:36
ScottK2nixternal: I'm recruiting on #ubuntu-motu.  Come help.04:36
* Jucato kicks nixternal04:36
ScottK2Why not in any case.04:36
HobbseeScottK2: recruiting?04:47
ScottK2Sure.  Someone looking for a project they could contribute to.04:48
ScottK2In fact, Hi miyako04:48
miyakohey ScottK204:49
ScottK2It's pretty quiet here this time of day usually as a lot of the developers are in Europe.04:49
ScottK2How's St. Louis? (I grew up in Kansas City)04:49
miyakoScottK2: not bad; I actually just moved from KC a couple of years a go, I grew up in KC as well04:50
ScottK2Where abouts?04:50
miyakoScottK2: I grew up near 40 and Noland Road, technically in KC but right next to Independence04:51
ScottK2I know where that it.  I grew up in Kansas, but when I was in High School I could see Missouri out our back window.04:51
ScottK2My Dad still lives in Overland Park, so we get out that way from time to time.04:52
miyakocool; yeah all my family is still in KC04:52
ScottK2As I understand it, we've got a lot to do here for Intrepid Ibex.04:53
ScottK2KDE4 is currently at 4.0.3.  Intrepid will release with 4.1 something, so we are planning on switching to 4.1 snapshots from svn very early in the development process.04:54
ScottK2That'll make it clear where there are holes we need to write stuff to fill.04:54
ScottK2We also need an upgrade strategy for KDE3 users to get them on KDE4 so we can start to shed KDE3 bits as rapidly as possible.04:55
ScottK2So it stacks up to be a fun release.04:55
ScottK2nixternal: Do you know much about what missing bits we'll need developed for Intrepid?04:56
ScottK2miyako: nixternal is in Chicago, but we tolerate him anyway.04:56
miyakowell, I suppose if I'm going to work on kubuntu, I should install it haha04:58
ScottK2For Hardy, the KDE3 and KDE4 systems are co-installable.04:58
ScottK2So KDE4 should work in parallel with Gnome too.04:58
miyakoyeah, only have ubuntu on my laptop at the moment, going to install kubuntu under a vm on my desktop for development purposes04:59
miyakois there an iso yet, or do I need to intall ubuntu then install kubuntu-desktop?05:00
ScottK2http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/rc/ is the RC.05:00
ScottK2There isn't much difference between that and the final.05:01
ScottK2So you can install that and then update.05:01
ScottK2I need to get to bed.  I've had a very long day.05:01
miyakog'nite ScottK205:01
ScottK2Have fun with it.05:01
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nixternalhe is from imbrandon's neck of da woods05:11
nixternalScottK2: only thing I can think of for Intrepid off hand is:05:11
nixternalPrinter applet05:11
nixternalKDE 3 -> KDE 4 migration utility05:12
nixternalAdept (or other package manager)05:12
nixternalPulseAudio I am assuming (which works well with KDE 4)05:12
nixternalhiya Hobbsee!05:26
Hobbseehey nixternal!05:26
gnomefreakdid we ever end up with amarok 2 in repos?05:58
stdinthere is amarok2 in the ppa (for gutsy and hardy) but not in the repos05:59
stdinit's still that technical preview though, so not particularly useful06:00
gnomefreakstdin: ok cool thank you06:00
=== uga is now known as uga|away
gnomefreakstdin: whos PPA its not in Kubuntu-members PPA06:21
gnomefreakah didnt know it was another team thanks06:22
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
emilsedghhttp://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KGRUBEditor?content=75442 i think it would be really cool if it goes in the kubuntu.at least in the live disc.09:22
Jucatoemilsedgh: Artemis_Fowl is already working with us on it ;)09:23
emilsedghJucato: i love you guys :D09:23
Jucatoor "with them" :)09:23
* Jucato has been lazy :P09:23
emilsedghJucato: so i could expect it for hardy+1 ?09:25
Jucatomaaaaybe :)09:25
stdinif it works09:25
smarter!info kgrubeditor hardy09:40
ubotukgrubeditor (source: kgrubeditor): graphical editor for GRUB boot manager settings. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 175 kB, installed size 552 kB09:40
smarteremilsedgh: ^ (:09:40
emilsedghsmarter: being 'included' in the default installation, or at least being present in live disc is differrent with having package...09:48
emilsedghit would be nice if it becomes like QtParted....09:48
smarterI thought you mean packaged when you said "goes in the kubuntu", sorry09:49
Riddellnixternal: where is your website branch?10:04
davmor2Riddell: attached to his website tree :)10:05
Riddellanyone got a screenshot of a basic Kubuntu KDE 4  desktop?11:15
Nightrosehow basic? - I could make one but I have a few plasmoids and stuff11:16
RiddellNightrose: that's fine11:16
Nightroseok give me a sec11:16
NightroseRiddell: http://lydiapintscher.de/tmp/kde4.jpeg11:20
Nightrosemeh I should change that wallpaper11:20
Nightroseone sec11:20
Riddellhmm, no, it needs the default background11:21
NightroseRiddell: reload please - is that the default one now?11:23
Nightroseor another one?11:23
Riddellthat's lovely tha nks11:23
Nightrose:) no prob11:23
stdinyou like your clocks eh? :p11:25
Nightrosestdin: :P11:26
Nightroseat least until I get a sutible replacement like in kde 311:26
* Nightrose needs to keep track of way too many people's timezone11:26
* txwikinger wonders if he needs to twitter now as well11:42
Nightrosetxwikinger: yes! :P11:43
* apachelogger stumbles in11:52
ryanakcahey apachelogger11:53
apacheloggerhoy ryanakca11:53
txwikingerNightrose: There you go!11:54
apacheloggerNightrose: time to switch http://aplg.kollide.net/hardypartywallpaper.svg11:54
Nightrosetxwikinger: ;-)11:54
apacheloggernp: The Slackers - I Shall Be Released11:57
ryanakcalol :)11:59
* Nightrose is listening to Sealed with A Kiss by Bryan Hyland on Love Songs [Amarok]12:00
Nightrosefits ;-)12:00
apacheloggerthat causes even more hummeling12:00
apacheloggerNightrose: can you please twitter the question?12:02
Nightrosewhich question?12:02
apachelogger_the question_12:02
Nightroseis hardy released yet?12:02
Nightrosetxwikinger should twitter that :P12:02
txwikingerUbuntu is12:03
txwikingerKubuntu - no idea12:03
apacheloggertxwikinger: go twitter that, and find out why I don't watch you12:03
apacheloggernp: Infected Mushroom - Release Me12:03
apacheloggerNightrose: http://aplg.kollide.net/pade12:04
apacheloggerwe still need someone for the radio12:04
apacheloggerbesides, I think I made the relay network explode the last time I tweaked our settings12:04
txwikingerapachelogger: what?12:04
NightroseI have to leave in 20 mins - class12:04
apacheloggertxwikinger: _the question_12:04
apacheloggerNightrose: poor you12:04
Nightroseyea :(12:04
* apachelogger gives Nightrose a cookie12:04
Nightrosebut at least it is one of the more interesting classes12:05
* txwikinger only knows _the answer_12:05
Nightrosethx ;-)12:05
apacheloggerNightrose: twitter mal über die HHP12:05
apacheloggerund am besten das wallpaper verlinken :P12:06
txwikingerapachelogger: muy bien12:07
apacheloggernp: Seeed - Release12:10
davmor2Riddell: how many people did you say we needed to beat?12:39
Riddell800 I said12:40
Riddellwhich is what I was told12:40
apacheloggerdavmor2: beat what and where?12:43
davmor2666 and rising12:43
davmor2people on #u-r-p12:43
txwikingerwho is beating up whom?12:44
stdinunless I kick more people, then I can make it go down :p12:44
* apachelogger is wondering12:46
apacheloggeris there a dj in u-r-p?12:46
txwikingerWhere is our release party?12:50
apacheloggerwith selected guests12:51
* Artemis_Fowl needs a drink then12:51
* apachelogger is wondering how to get insanity in12:51
apacheloggeroh and I should get some tabacco before the party starts12:52
Riddellour party is a non smoking party13:05
davmor2Riddell: half of them just left ;)13:08
Riddellfree booze!13:08
nosrednaekimclose to 700 people in the release party13:09
davmor2Riddell: it's okay they're back faster than they left :)13:09
nosrednaekimglad i'm all updated :)13:10
JontheEchidnaMe too13:12
txwikingerAh.. do we play the game... who can crash the server again?13:14
nosrednaekimnope. thats a painful game13:15
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
txwikingerwell.. I get almost 300kb/s on my son's computer13:16
nosrednaekimit hasn't been released yet13:17
nosrednaekimand they are getting ready :)13:17
txwikingernosrednaekim: I use update-manager .. that seems to work already13:18
nosrednaekimoh really? well, don't tell anyone that :)13:18
txwikingerok.. I won't13:19
nosrednaekimis that with the --devel-release switch?13:19
* txwikinger trolls over to twitter ;)13:19
txwikingernosrednaekim: yes -d13:19
nosrednaekimah.... well that doesn't count then to the hordes in the release party.13:20
JontheEchidnaI dist-upgraded a while back13:21
Riddelllooks like it's out13:27
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | 8.04 Released http://kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release
nosrednaekimuhhh yeah :)13:27
smarterKubuntu 8.04 will rock you!13:30
* Riddell parties13:32
jjesseyay for parties :)13:32
* apachelogger is doing the audiocheck for tha HHP13:32
jjesseoppps not found13:33
jjesseon the link on the topic13:33
jjesseRiddell: topic url is wrong for the release13:33
Tonio_hi all !13:33
jjesseshould be http://kubuntu.org/announcements/8.04-release.php13:33
Tonio_Riddell: congrats for the superb release :)13:33
Riddelljjesse: works for me13:34
jjessehrm in topic it was cutting off the .php to the end of the url13:34
jjesseis the kubuntu remix mirrored in the us as well?13:35
Tonio_and congrats to everyone !13:35
jjesseyes congrats to everyone and i'll stop being a pain in the a$$ for a bit13:36
Riddelljjesse: cdimage only has one mirror13:39
Riddellwell, the DVDs have a few but no other for kubuntu-kde413:40
nosrednaekimcould someone put a link to the HTTP download for the kde4 iso in #kubuntu-kde4 topic?13:46
stdinnosrednaekim: http? you have to be kidding :p13:46
stdinthere's no change anyone's getting a http connection for a while13:46
stdinyou'd be lucky to get the torrent file downloaded right now, it's insane13:48
Hobbseestdin: i'm only seeding ubuntu this time, sorry13:49
nosrednaekimguess so.13:49
nosrednaekimI avoid this time.13:49
stdinHobbsee: ubuntu what? torrent file?13:49
Hobbseestdin: yes13:49
Hobbseestdin: i386/amd64's, desktop/alternates.13:49
stdinHobbsee: oh, eyes were blurry I know what you mean now ;)13:49
stdinI'm seeding the kde4 and kde3 -desktops13:50
stdindon't have enough upstream for alternate but I'll switch over to them later13:50
Seregahi folks! is it time to celebrate? :)13:54
apacheloggerit's always time to celebrate13:54
Seregacongratulations and thank you guys! you rock!13:55
nosrednaekimSerega: #ubuntu-release-party  is where the party is at :)13:55
nosrednaekimyou too Serega :)13:55
apacheloggerSerega: don't join that channel13:55
Sereganosrednaekim: ah... thanks :)13:55
apacheloggeryou will be beaten13:55
Seregaapachelogger: why?13:55
apacheloggerthey were talking about it earlier13:55
apacheloggerI have no idea why13:55
apacheloggerbut I am too afraid to do a /join13:56
nosrednaekimSeveas personally kicked me :P13:56
Hobbseeonly cos you asked.13:56
* Serega is very curious about to join13:56
apacheloggerradio soundchecks are fun!13:56
Seregaapachelogger: looks like all is ok. nobody even mentions me :)13:58
apacheloggerI know that feeling13:58
nosrednaekimbetter to be not recognized than beaten :)13:58
* apachelogger is talking to himself for about an hour now13:58
Serega+1 :)13:58
Seregaapachelogger: lets talk together there :)13:59
* Serega misses he can't be present at real life release parties :(13:59
aos101The announcement on the Kubuntu website says "New in Kubuntu 8.04 RC".  I don't think the RC bit should be there.14:00
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
Seregaaos101: it is the old one14:00
stdinit shows "Rock Solid Kubuntu 8.04 and Cutting Edge Kubuntu 8.04 KDE 4 Remix Released" for me14:00
stdindon't kill the server, but refresh14:01
aos101I'm talking about the text just below the "Upgrade from 7.10 or Download the CD" title.14:01
apacheloggerthe purpose of servers at release time is to die14:02
nosrednaekimah.. new website look isn't up yep <_<14:02
apacheloggeryeah, who's fault is that? :P14:02
apacheloggerthat should be enough reason for free beating tbh14:02
Riddellaos101: fixed (when cache refreshes)14:02
aos101Riddell: Cool, thanks.14:03
KharzaHmmph... Is there a torrent available for alternate cd?14:08
MezRiddell, :( the distribution upgrade tool doesn't show the packages as it's downloading them14:08
SeregaRiddell: announcement page contains "New in Kubuntu 8.04 RC" title14:08
Jucatooh wait.. 8.04 is released? woooow :)14:09
* nosrednaekim dances with Jucato14:09
* txwikinger Jucato must be a star ;)14:10
RiddellSerega: title?14:10
SeregaRiddell: subtitle14:11
Riddelltitle says "Kubuntu 8.04 Released"14:11
SeregaRiddell: here: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/8.04-release.php14:11
Seregajust search 'RC'14:11
RiddellSerega: ah, fixed (with cache reload)14:11
SeregaRiddell: thanks :)14:12
=== _nemphis is now known as nemphis
voriancongrats on an awesome release :)14:13
* Jucato will take 1 week to fully test run Ubuntu 7.10 (ha!!) before wiping his laptop klean of kruft and enthroning Kubuntu once more14:13
txwikingerRiddell: You can upgrade from Kubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 RC14:14
txwikingerNew in Kubuntu 8.04 RC14:14
Riddellyeah, fixed14:14
Jucatotxwikinger: <Riddell> aos101: fixed (when cache refreshes)14:14
Jucatosomeone beat you to it :P14:14
txwikingerAh ok14:14
* Serega waves to Jucato14:16
Jucatoooh Serega! hello14:17
JucatoSerega: you're a Kubuntu Memeber already right?14:17
davmor2Serega: It's out :)14:17
SeregaJucato: hii!14:17
Seregadavmor2: yeeeeeeahh!!14:18
* Serega wants to celebrate here as #ubuntu-release-party is bloated14:18
JucatoSerega: why not get a fancy ubuntu/member IRC cloak to help celebrate that? :)14:19
davmor2Congrats Everyone :)14:20
SeregaJucato: :)14:20
Jucatooh.... btw, what do we do with Compiz support questions now?14:25
nosrednaekimI handle em usually, i'm decent with it :) if I don't fell like it, i'll just send them to #compiz-fusion14:25
JucatoI can't handle them personally since I don't use it. but I'm more wondering about whether to redirect them to #compiz-fusion since we now partially support Compiz :)14:26
stdinwe can say how to install/enable it I guess14:27
stdinwhich reminds me, the wiki needs updating :/14:27
* Jucato will have to update his brain in then..14:27
Jucatostdin: do you mind if I add my guide to the !autostart-#kubuntu factoid? :D14:27
stdinnope :)14:28
* Jucato doesn't really want to plug his own stuff.. but hasn't (doesn't want to?) MoinMoin-ify it yet14:28
stdinif I can have !purekde, you can have !autostart-#kubuntu :p14:28
Jucatopending finding a way to conveniently/easily convert HTML to MoinMoin... I don't want to put it up in our Wiki yet :P14:29
stdinwiki.u.c is struggling anyway14:30
JucatoI noticed :)14:30
davmor2Wiki is dead14:30
stdinit loaded here, took 20 seconds, but it loaded14:30
Jucato!no autostart-#kubuntu is <reply> To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html14:32
ubotuI'll remember that Jucato14:32
Jucatohm... can't really recommend kcontrol-autostart...14:33
Jucatobut oh well...14:33
Seregaubotu is hurt by cruel Jucato14:34
Jucatohaha :)14:34
SeregaJucato: did you seen my t-shirts?14:40
* Serega wants to brag14:41
JucatoSerega: no. where are they?!?!?14:41
SeregaJucato: http://picasaweb.google.com.ua/sergey.rudchenko/TShirts14:43
Seregadarn, I missed to upload one with the Tux :)14:43
Jucatothe awesome! :)14:44
stdinwow, Kubuntu 8.04 and Vista SP1 on the same day :p14:44
SeregaJucato: I can make couple for you :)14:44
Jucatostdin: end of the kworld? :)14:44
nosrednaekimMS would do that!14:44
JucatoSerega: heh no thanks.. gonna be hard to ship it here.. and I have some design ideas of my own :)14:45
nosrednaekimguess which one gets their mirrors hammered better :)14:45
* Jucato just needs to find a decent but affordable printing shop :)14:45
stdinI don't know why, but I seem to be on MS's announcement list14:45
Jucatonosrednaekim: lemme guess, Vista.. because users need it more desperately than us :)14:45
SeregaJucato: termotransfer paper and usual inkjet printer is enough14:45
nosrednaekimJucato: nah ;)14:46
txwikingerRiddell: If you want to integrate the link to the German translation -> http://www.kubuntu-de.org/nachrichten/kubuntu/kubuntu-8-04-hardy-heron-freigegeben14:48
* Serega goes for more beer14:50
Riddelltxwikinger: done, pending cache reload14:50
txwikingerthanks Riddell14:51
Seregaguys, you are the best!14:51
nixternalRiddell: I had a booboo last night, but I am finishing up the HOT version of the release notes14:58
nixternalI learned this though...when you are working on something in bzr|svn|whatever, commit and push a couple of times while you are working on it14:58
nixternalI was in the wrong tab and did 'rm *'14:59
Jucatohaven't you learned yet? (remember your school assignment?)15:00
nixternaland a bunch of other things as well15:01
Tm_Tanyone have torrent tracker urls? sites I try to see are all dead15:02
nosrednaekimTm_T: try hobbsee's tmp15:02
Hobbseegood thing i got them early15:02
nixternalhrmm, what's up with kde.org?15:03
Tm_THobbsee: no torrent for kde4 version?15:04
apacheloggernixternal: why?15:04
HobbseeTm_T: didn't look it up, sorry15:04
nixternalI can't connect to it15:04
Tm_THobbsee: no problems15:04
nixternalapachelogger: can you connect to kde.org?15:05
apacheloggernixternal: yup15:05
apacheloggerworks like a charm for me15:05
nixternalok, must have a bad hop then15:05
Riddellnixternal: let me know when it's ready15:05
nixternalRiddell: will do, should be within the hour I am hoping15:06
nixternalRiddell: sorry about not getting them to you sooner15:06
txwikingerHi nixternal15:06
RiddellI stole the RC ones in the mean timew15:06
apacheloggerhow about starting the HHP @ 16 utc?15:06
apacheloggerthen nixternal should also be ready for partying ;-)15:07
HobbseeTm_T: attempting to grab15:07
Tm_THobbsee: heh, I got something from se mirror, but trackers ping timeouts :-P15:08
=== smarter____ is now known as smarter
apacheloggerTm_T: what client are you using?15:09
apacheloggerhm, didn't that get trackerless support?15:10
Tm_Twell I'm working with ssh -X over now overused connection so it could have be part of the problem15:10
txwikingerIs the server already down?15:14
nosrednaekimuhhh yeah.... it was down within 15 minutes15:15
sven423where's the beer? ;-)15:24
nosrednaekimbuy it yourself.... we have freedom.... not free beer :)15:25
apacheloggersven423: opening event is @ 16utc15:25
sven423too early for the beer...15:25
apacheloggeryep :P15:25
Czessisven423: you here?15:28
sven423Czessi: apachelogger told me to join the aprty15:28
sven423and, well, ... it's a party ;)15:29
apacheloggersven423: when is Nightrose back from class btw?15:29
sven423oh, I have to look that up, one moment...15:29
* apachelogger can't think without her15:29
sven423hmm, the elcture was over an hour ago15:30
Nightroseapachelogger: just came in15:31
apacheloggerhey Nightrose15:31
apacheloggerNightrose: apparently the party starts @ 16utc15:31
apacheloggerand apparently I have to do the radio ;-)15:31
Nightrosei see15:31
nixternalhey, the encrypted filesystem stuff, that is only on the alternate CD right? it wasn't added to the live cd while I wasn't looking right?15:42
markeycongrats :)15:42
nixternalthanks markey :)15:42
apacheloggerthx markey :)15:42
markeyhardy works quite nicely here15:43
apacheloggernixternal: would say so15:43
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
nixternalargh, I can't get to websites I need to review for release notes....15:48
* nixternal kicks bad routers on the intartubes15:49
Nightrosenixternal: what do you need?15:50
Nightrosemaybe someone else can check15:50
* apachelogger suggests to abuse the TOR15:50
apacheloggerMcFossey: hey, btw :P15:50
McFosseyoh hai15:50
apacheloggernp: Flogging Molly - Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon (acoustic)15:55
* JontheEchidna downloads parteh wallpapa16:03
sebnerPARTY!!!!! wuhu xD XD xD16:08
sebnerapachelogger: ;-P16:08
* Hobbsee parties16:09
apacheloggersebner: yay16:10
sebnerapachelogger: what a lame party here xD16:10
JontheEchidnalol, for reals16:10
RiddellI believe it starts in 50 minutes16:11
Riddellwhatever it is16:11
JontheEchidnaoh, my utc to eastern converter must be off16:11
apacheloggerand currently it is lame because ye don't have my playlist ;-)16:11
Tm_TI keep sucking with torrents =)16:12
Riddellapachelogger: so if I blog, where is this party?16:12
sebnerapachelogger: We'll see16:12
apacheloggerRiddell: #kubuntu-devel ;-)16:12
apacheloggerRiddell: http://apachelog.blogspot.com/2008/04/read-me-p-r-t-y.html16:12
=== nelli is now known as onlinelli
onlinellicongratulations to the release: I just wanted to say a big thank you to all developers! Enjoy the party!16:14
nixternalI cannot hit any server16:16
sebnernixternal: I can upload a torrent file for you if you want16:17
nixternalRiddell: all I need is some images, and then I will upload so you can tweak :)16:17
nixternalsebner: thanks, but that isn't what I am trying to do :)16:17
sebnerah ^^16:17
nixternaltrying to get to the wiki for some images :)16:17
nixternalthis Ubuntu stuff must be pretty popular :p16:18
txwikingernixternal: Well, the whole Internet bounces up and down today16:18
txwikingerIt is party time ;)16:18
nixternalahh, I have wiki baby! :)16:18
Hobbseenixternal: it's alreayd declared "Ubuntu day"16:18
txwikingerpublic holiday in 130 countries ;)16:19
Tm_TRiddell: FYI we will have a release event in saturday, with several presentations, local media have been informed too, 100-200 persons expected to be in our little happening16:22
Tm_Twe will try to videorecord it all16:23
Kraplaxwhere's he party?16:30
JontheEchidnain half an hour16:30
Kraplaxoh ))16:30
Kraplaxsorry ))16:30
andysmithJontheEchidna: ahh I forgot, I'm in BST, not UTC xD16:30
* jussio1 officially hates xorg in hardy, either because it suck (unlikely) or because He doesnt know how to use it (likely)16:30
andysmithI thought it was a bit quiet... :-p16:31
JontheEchidnaDon't worry, I thought it started half an hour ago because of stupid daylight savings crap16:31
andysmithheh yeah16:31
Kraplaxheh... and how do i know what time is it in UTC if i use GMT?16:32
Kraplaxor something like that...?16:32
andysmithKraplax: GMT = UTC16:32
Kraplaxi c ))16:32
andysmithbut UK is under british summer time at the moment16:32
andysmithso an hour out16:33
JontheEchidnabritish summer time == daylight savings time?16:33
* JontheEchidna learned something new today16:33
andysmithhm, bst might be a depreciated phrase now16:33
Kraplaxwhat is BST?16:33
andysmithKraplax: when clocks go back for summer16:34
Kraplaxoh. it's automated, right? and we all have the same time, right?16:34
andysmithyeah, you know, clocks go back an hour in autumn, forward in spring16:35
Kraplaxso, why UK is the only state in the world that dont have it? ))16:35
andysmithwe do have it...16:35
Kraplaxi mean, then the party started half an our ago? ))16:35
andysmithno, starts in half an hour16:36
andysmith4pm gmt, which is 5pm bst16:36
=== nelli is now known as onlinelli
Kraplaxso, GMT changes according to season, and BST not?16:37
andysmithno, neither change - just that uk uses bst in the summer, gmt in the winter16:37
Kraplaxhm... pretty confusing... i'd rather ask wiki ))16:38
apacheloggerKraplax: GMT is UTC16:43
apacheloggerin winter UK uses GMT16:43
apacheloggerin summer UK changes to BST which is basically the DST version of GMT/UTC16:43
Kraplaxholy crap - there's also DST %)16:43
Kraplax)) now i got it ))16:44
* apachelogger restarts the router16:44
apachelogger~topic remember16:48
insanityunknown command16:48
apachelogger~topic learn16:49
apacheloggerNightrose: do you feel the tension?16:57
Nightrose;-) yeaaa16:57
* Nightrose is all bouncy16:58
apacheloggerI don't16:58
apacheloggerANYONE HERE FOR A PARTY? ;-)16:58
Kraplaxwhy not?16:58
NightroseI AM!!!16:58
sebnerapachelogger: make me proud :P16:58
illogic-ali heard tere's a party.16:58
Kraplaxyou may be proud of us!16:58
illogic-alwhere're the drinks at?16:58
KraplaxYes! There's a great party!!!16:58
apacheloggerI always like a good party :D16:58
apachelogger2 minutes16:58
a1ex_I'm in16:59
Kraplaxso, anyone got some song about the event? ))16:59
apacheloggerhoy a1ex_16:59
Nightroseheya a1ex_!16:59
sebnerPARTY!!! :D :D :D17:00
a1ex_Hey Nightrose17:00
apacheloggerletz see whether that is working :D17:00
JontheEchidna:D :D :D :D17:00
apachelogger~topic set Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com17:00
=== insanity changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com
apacheloggerRiddell: are you around?17:00
Nightrose~order beer for everyone17:00
* insanity is going to his secret storehouse to get beer for everyone - might take some time.17:00
* insanity is back and slides beer down the bar to everyone17:00
nixternalanyone here able to do 2 screenshots for me? default Kubuntu 8.04 KDE 3 theme @ 1024x768 .png17:00
apacheloggeroh, well, since Riddell is not here :D17:01
apacheloggerinsanity: heron17:01
* insanity tunes in some super cool fanfare music and places a gigantic container in the middle of the channel17:01
insanitystill only *music*17:01
insanityyes, right, *music*...17:02
* insanity harrumphs17:02
insanityLadies and Gentleman, Kubuntu 8.04 also known as Hardy Heron, has been released!!!!!!!twohundreterrone17:02
* insanity opens the container and releases 12 white herons into freedom17:02
insanityFREEDOM FOR EVERYONE! *confetti* *99 red balloons* ... it's time for the Halligalli Hummel Party :-D17:02
* insanity launches the most fabulous fireworks ever17:02
nixternalhrmm, we couldn't have created a party channel? I need some screenshots! work isn't done just because we released...now snap to soldiers!17:02
Kraplax--order beer17:02
apacheloggernixternal: #kubuntu17:02
apacheloggerI have no KDE 3 TBH17:03
Riddellwhere's the music?17:03
apachelogger~order party17:03
* nixternal will kick you in the shin!17:03
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.17:03
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!17:03
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.17:03
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com17:03
a1ex_the music is down17:03
a1ex_Dude, you've got it! :D17:03
apachelogger~order captain for everyone17:04
* insanity is going to his secret storehouse to get captain for everyone - might take some time.17:04
* insanity is back and slides captain down the bar to everyone17:04
Kraplaxis there any way to decrease the stream audio a bit - im only 64kBps ((17:04
a1ex_apachelogger: let the teufels burn17:04
Kraplaxapachelogger:  thanx!17:04
apacheloggera1ex_: lol17:04
Kraplaxyeah!! let's rock this place!!!17:05
* apachelogger takes Nightrose and starts dancing17:05
* Nightrose dances with apachelogger17:05
JontheEchidnaoh frack, I forgot to install mp3 codecs when I last reinstalled17:06
apachelogger~order beer for Gunirus17:06
* Kraplax sees the dancing people around and just feels happy.. ))17:06
insanityapachelogger: We are out of beer, you should reorder some of it.17:06
apachelogger~reorder beer17:06
insanityBilly Kay is on his way to the store....17:06
apacheloggerNightrose: so much for the stock ;-)17:06
sebnerapachelogger: rofl17:06
JontheEchidna~order foobar17:06
* insanity slides foobar down the bar to JontheEchidna17:06
sebner~order milk and cookies17:07
* insanity slides milk and cookies down the bar to sebner17:07
Riddellnixternal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta/Kubuntu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=kde3desktop.png ?17:07
Kraplax--order diet coke17:07
JontheEchidna~order magical Kubuntu 8.10 prealpha17:07
* insanity slides magical kubuntu 8.10 prealpha down the bar to JontheEchidna17:07
* illogic-al is listening to Worrisome Heart by Melody Gardot from Worrisome Heart - Single of the Week (✮✮✮✮✩)17:08
sebner~order amarok 2.0 :D17:08
* insanity slides amarok 2.0 :d down the bar to sebner17:08
illogic-alhey lookit. we have music :-D17:08
Riddell~order irn bru17:09
* insanity slides irn bru down the bar to Riddell17:09
Kraplax~order coca-cola17:09
* insanity slides coca-cola down the bar to Kraplax17:09
JontheEchidnaLolz, this background is seriously pimpin'17:09
JontheEchidnaStar Fox ftw17:10
JontheEchidna~order pepsi17:11
* insanity slides pepsi down the bar to JontheEchidna17:11
apacheloggeruhh, pepsi17:11
apacheloggerwe haz coke17:11
* sebner hugs apachelogger :D17:11
* apachelogger gives sebner his beer and scuttles to the dj pult17:12
* Kraplax sees all the glittering and sparkling of club lghts...17:12
Riddellhi apachelogger, our host!17:13
a1ex_ooohhh... how cute! ;)17:13
Nightrose\o 'lo apachelogger17:13
Riddellapachelogger: who's the best looking kubuntu developer??17:13
JontheEchidnacoke or pepsi, either is fine17:13
Kraplaxi got coke ))17:13
apacheloggerRiddell: that's not a real question :P17:14
a1ex_yeaaahhh DJ! :)17:14
NightroseRiddell: we need a proper contest for that :P17:14
sebnerRiddell: of course our host :P17:14
Nightrosewith votes and stuff17:14
* Jucato would like to nominate nixternal, with proof from penguicon :)17:14
apacheloggerNightrose: can you please setup a vote right now? :D17:14
apacheloggerNightrose: is that a yes?17:15
apachelogger~order captain for a1ex_17:15
insanityapachelogger: We are out of captain, you should reorder some of it.17:15
apachelogger~reorder captain17:15
insanityBilly Kay is on his way to the store....17:15
Nightroseapachelogger: meh you really want me to work do you? :P17:15
nixternalJucato: uh oh, which one will you use to prove I am the best lookin' dev?17:15
apacheloggerNightrose: good point17:15
nixternalI am dead drunk^Wsecksi in either pic :p17:15
Nightroseok I need names17:15
Nightrosewho is nominated?17:16
Jucatonixternal: um.. "any"? :)17:16
nixternalyes, any!17:16
Jucatobut the one w/ jcastro is probably the best :)17:16
apacheloggerI nominate nixternal17:16
sebnerapachelogger: what was that ^^17:16
nixternalI am working, don't nominate me for any more work at this time :p17:16
* apachelogger looks17:16
apacheloggersebner: where?17:16
sebnerapachelogger: your speech17:16
* Jucato read that as "don't dominate me for any more work"17:16
* Nightrose nominates apachelogger, Riddell and Jucato17:16
Kraplaxi'm no developer ((17:16
Nightroseand stdin17:16
JucatoI'm no dev :P17:17
Nightrosealthough I have not seen pics of him17:17
apacheloggernixternal: hm, right, you're not all that hot since you rm *'ed17:17
Jucatocontributor maybe, but not yet dev level :P17:17
JucatoI think it's a close match between Riddell and nixternal though...17:17
Kraplaxwell, how do we decide?17:17
nixternalthere are plenty of secksi pics of me out there, Jucato knows them all :p17:17
Nightroseok I take votes here and in PM in the next 5 mins ;-)17:17
Kraplaxvote? a haven't seen any pics either ((17:18
JucatoNightrose: +1 nixternal from me :D17:18
NightroseKraplax: then better get searching ;-)17:18
NightroseJucato: counted17:18
JontheEchidnaPeople with the name Jonathan rule, +1 riddell17:18
Nightrosehaha k17:18
* Nightrose +1's apachelogger17:18
Nightrosehaha apachelogger17:19
nixternalgreat drunk pic of me ^^ :p17:19
phxx~order AmarokBeer17:20
Kraplaxany other pics )) o i'll choose nixternal )))17:20
apachelogger~welcome phxx17:20
* insanity slides amarokbeer down the bar to phxx17:20
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel phxx. Pull up a chair and chill.17:20
nixternalJucato: let um  have it!17:20
phxxI've read the Post in the amarok blog17:20
nixternalJucato: though jcastro might not like the one :)17:20
phxxyou must have taken drugs (or the author of the post)17:20
Kraplaxphxx: welcome! ))17:21
sebner~reorder beer17:21
insanitysebner: beer has already been ordered (105.22 minutes).17:21
apacheloggerphxx: yeah, that's normal that apachelogger guy from amarok is always on drugs I think17:21
onlinelli~order Free_beer17:21
apachelogger~topic set Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' no beer right now, switch to cocktails plz :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com :: Also checkout the official party wallpaper http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/hhp/ ;-)17:21
Nightrose1 minute left to vote17:22
nixternal+1 Riddell17:22
* insanity slides free_beer down the bar to onlinelli17:22
=== insanity changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' no beer right now, switch to cocktails plz :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com :: Also checkout the official party wallpaper http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/hhp/ ;-)
sebner~order beer for everyone17:23
* insanity tells everyone that we are out of beer but a new delivery is already in progress (103.39 minutes).17:23
KraplaxNightrose: +1 for nixternal ))17:23
sebner~reorder beer17:23
insanitysebner: beer has already been ordered (103.31 minutes).17:23
Jucatobah why is penguicon taking so long to load :P17:23
sebnerinsanity: slow bot. damn you17:23
phxxapachelogger: I gues everytime someone order a beer, you will drink one ;-)17:23
Nightrosevote closed17:23
Jucatothat was 5 minutes already?17:23
apacheloggerphxx: no, only applies for captain17:23
JontheEchidnawho is our winrar?17:23
apacheloggerNightrose: plz tell me the results in a query17:23
NightroseJucato: yes17:24
Nightroseapachelogger: k17:24
Jucatogaaah! I lost the link!!17:24
apacheloggerNightrose: my opinion on links?17:24
* smarter is amused by all this activity17:24
a1ex_+1 apachelogger17:24
a1ex_whatever... i don't know anything 'cause i'm learning17:25
a1ex_fucking geek... learning on a party... damn17:25
Riddellooh ooh, who won?17:25
Kraplaxwho? who?17:25
Nightroseda Riddell won!!!17:25
Riddellaww, don't be sad apachelogger!17:25
* Nightrose cuddles apachelogger17:25
Kraplaxhip-hip-HURRAHH!!! to Riddel!17:26
jjesseit used to be Hobbsee :)17:26
Jucatonixternal:  is stil the sickiest hacker :)17:26
JontheEchidnaROID RAGING 1337 HAXX0RS17:26
apacheloggermakes it all better17:26
Nightrose~yay moby17:26
* nixternal kicks LP, bzr, and everything else in its way17:26
insanityYAAAAAAAAAAAAY  \o/17:26
* apachelogger throws away the headphones and freaks out17:26
Jucato\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ dancing girls17:26
* Jucato curses konqi 4 for stalling on him... has failed nixternal...17:26
JucatoI'll post the link anyway :P17:27
Kraplax~ice cream for winner17:28
Kraplaxoops ))17:29
Jucatonixternal: should I or should I not? :)17:29
Kraplax~order ice cream for Riddel17:29
* insanity slides ice cream down the bar to Riddel17:29
Kraplaxwhat link?17:29
sebner~order steaks for everyone17:29
* insanity is going to his secret storehouse to get steaks for everyone - might take some time.17:29
* insanity is back and slides steaks down the bar to everyone17:29
Nightroseapachelogger++ - awesome song17:30
Kraplaxyummi!!! Steaks!!!17:30
apacheloggerNightrose: a bit longish though17:30
* apachelogger gives everyone a cookie17:31
* Jucato munches like cookie monster17:31
* Nightrose munches17:31
Kraplax~order milk17:32
* insanity slides milk down the bar to Kraplax17:32
Kraplaxi need some for my cookie  ))17:32
apachelogger~welcome neversfelde_17:32
apachelogger~order sex on the beach for neversfelde_17:32
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel neversfelde_. Pull up a chair and chill.17:32
* insanity builds 4.0 cl Vodka, 2.0 cl Peach Schnapps, 4.0 cl Orange juice and 4.0 cl Cranberry juice in a highball glass filled with ice, garnishes it with orange slices and slides the cocktail together with apachelogger down the bar to neversfelde_. Voilà, your Sex on the Beach (with apachelogger) :)17:32
JontheEchidnaOh, they played clubbed to death on the matrix17:33
JontheEchidnaI thought it sounded familiar17:33
apacheloggerNightrose: I found a nu slider for long songs ;-)17:34
Nightrosemagic slider?17:34
apacheloggerpretty much17:34
Nightrose*lol* is that the "play the song faster" slider?17:35
apacheloggerdunno has no name17:35
insanityDude. NO.17:35
Kraplaxsounds somewhat fresh ))17:35
insanityhelp topics: 6 core modules: auth, basics, config, httputil, remote, userdata; 84 plugins: alias, autoop, autorejoin, azgame, babel, bans, bar, bash, cal, campcaster, chanserv, chucknorris, debug, deepthoughts, delicious, dice, dict, dictclient, digg, dns, eightball, excuse, factoids, figlet, fortune, freshmeat, genesis, googlemaps, grouphug, hardy, hl2, host, imdb, insult, iplookup, karma, kdebug, kdesvn, keywords, lart, lastfm, linkbot,17:36
insanitymath, meh, modes, nickserv, opinion, q, quiz, quote, reaction, realm, remind, remotectl, ri, room, roshambo, rot, roulette, rss, salut, script, search, seen, shiritori, shortenurls, slashdot, spell, stfu, theyfightcrime, threat, time, topic, translator, tube, twitter, unicode, urban, url, usermodes, vengeance, weather, wheeloffortune, wserver; 4 plugins ignored: use help ignored plugins to see why; 1 plugin failed to load: use help17:36
insanityfailed plugins to see why (help <topic> for more info)17:36
mathieucongrats to all the devs :)17:36
insanityKraplax has neutral karma17:37
insanityJontheEchidna has neutral karma17:37
insanitysmarter has neutral karma17:37
Riddellapachelogger: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+poll/best-8.04-feature/+vote-simple17:37
insanityVin Diesel may play Minesweeper with real mines, but Chuck Norris plays Hearts with real hearts. [score=6.309]17:37
insanity#765 (780): Man is the best computer we can put aboard a spacecraft ... and the | only one that can be mass produced with unskilled labor. |                 -- Wernher von Braun17:39
insanityFetching questions ...17:40
insanitydone, 2 questions loaded.17:40
insanityQuestion: Who is a loser?17:40
apachelogger~lart smarter for flooding17:40
* insanity puts lye in smarter's coffee for flooding17:40
apacheloggerRiddell: should I announce that ;-)17:40
Riddellapachelogger: yep17:40
apacheloggerRiddell: kubuntu memebers only, right?17:40
NightroseI can't vote17:41
apacheloggeryou aren't a kubuntu member? Oo17:41
apachelogger~topic set Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: Vote for your favorite feature in Hardy http://tinyurl.com/5e6s7k :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' no beer right now, switch to cocktails plz :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com :: Also checkout the official party wallpaper http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/hhp/ ;-)17:41
=== insanity changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: Vote for your favorite feature in Hardy http://tinyurl.com/5e6s7k :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' no beer right now, switch to cocktails plz :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com :: Also checkout the official party wallpaper http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/hhp/ ;-)
Nightroseapachelogger: :P17:41
apacheloggerNightrose: that needs to be changed17:41
apacheloggeryou made the KDE 4 screenshot after all ;-)17:42
* Nightrose is afraid17:42
Nightrosehaha apachelogger17:43
Nightrosetotally not biased :P17:43
apacheloggerI didn't do it17:44
apacheloggerthe captain is responsible17:44
Nightroseah ok17:44
Nightrosefine then17:44
* Nightrose takes away apachelogger's remaining captain17:44
apacheloggernow that song is for \sh17:44
* apachelogger looks at Nightrose17:44
* Nightrose is listening to take me to the bonuslevel because i need an extralife by pornophonique on Radio Amarok :: Halligalli Hummel Party :: http://audio.radioamarok.com [Amarok]17:44
Nightrose\sh: ^17:44
Kraplaxhey, i love that 8-bit music!! )) nostalgic...17:47
sven423~order kriek17:48
* insanity slides kriek down the bar to sven42317:48
* JontheEchidna is listening to take me to the bonuslevel because i need an extralife by pornophonique on Radio Amarok :: Halligalli Hummel Party :: http://audio.radioamarok.com [Amarok]17:49
Kraplaxoh.. it's a bit late here in Siberia... so, bye all =)17:50
Kraplaxhave a good time!17:50
apacheloggera1ex_: fix oida17:51
sebnerapachelogger: in english please :P17:53
pvandewyngaerdeis there a jigdo link for kde4-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso    ?17:53
apacheloggersebner: this channel is multilingual17:53
apacheloggeractually only en/de17:53
=== Hobbsee is now known as foo___
apacheloggerwas en/fr before17:53
=== foo___ is now known as Hobbsee
apacheloggerbut then our french guys stopped talking (french), so the germans had to fill the gap17:53
sebnerapachelogger: lol. and what's that language17:54
=== _firephoto is now known as firephoto
Riddellyeah, German, play us David Hasselhoff apachelogger!17:54
apacheloggerlast time I did this17:55
apacheloggerNightrose almost slapped me17:55
Nightrosemake me do it - I know you want it ;-)17:55
nixternalRiddell: http://www.nixternal.com/~rj/releasenotes/announcements/8.04-release.php17:55
nixternalmake sure you mouse over each lens in the eye glasses too17:56
Riddellnixternal: missing printer autoconfig?17:56
Riddellnixternal: and some of the images are missing?17:56
nixternalk, I can easily add that17:56
nixternalya, I need those 2 images and I don't have a vm setup17:56
nixternalplease no hoff!17:56
Riddellooh, Scottish!17:56
* Riddell ceilidh dances17:57
nixternaloh ya17:57
nixternalhere is Riddell's tune!17:57
nixternalhahahaha, I bet Riddell is dancing around his place singing this song17:57
nixternalhowdy Beineri17:58
apachelogger~welcome Beineri17:59
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel Beineri. Pull up a chair and chill.17:59
Riddellit's jus likes ma granny used tae sing when ah wus a bairn18:00
Nightrose~order beer for Beineri18:00
* insanity tells Beineri that we are out of beer but a new delivery is already in progress (26.37 minutes).18:00
Riddellthe bot is out of imaginary beer?18:00
apacheloggerNightrose: topic :P18:00
Nightrose~order captain for Beineri18:00
* insanity tells Beineri that we are out of captain but a new delivery is already in progress (114.92 minutes).18:00
Nightroseoh jeeeeez18:00
Nightroseapachelogger! this is unaceptable18:00
nixternalNO HOFF!!!!18:00
nixternalvery unaceptable!18:01
nixternalthe US has been looking for freedom from the hoff, please take him from us!18:01
smarter~order a new bot (:18:01
* Nightrose is listening to Looking for Freedom by David Hasselhoff on Radio Amarok :: Halligalli Hummel Party :: http://audio.radioamarok.com [Amarok]18:01
* insanity slides a new bot (: down the bar to smarter18:01
* apachelogger starts singing18:02
* Nightrose joins18:02
* nixternal MUTES!!!!18:02
RiddellI just wanted to sample authentic Germanic culture18:02
nixternalDIE! DIE! DIE!18:02
Nightrosehaha Riddell18:02
nixternaloh no, here come Pamela Anderson to save Hoff18:02
nixternalapachelogger: you sound better than the Koff18:02
apacheloggerlol, thanks :D18:02
phxxno sorry, Pamela Anderson is out of Beer18:02
nixternalI can't even believe you pirated that apachelogger :p18:03
Nightrosewho said he did :P18:03
apacheloggerI bought that!18:04
NightroseI am sure he paid for it ;-)18:04
nixternalhaha Nightrose, I bet he bought the Hoff box set18:04
Nightrose;-) right18:04
apacheloggerI even paied for the album with the next song18:04
apacheloggerwhich is18:04
apacheloggerindeed a sample authentic germanic culture18:04
nixternalapachelogger: play jono's version of the free software song :)18:05
nixternalyou can't understand a word, but it rocks!18:05
apacheloggerI'd rather play the god of freedom version18:06
apacheloggermore annoying18:06
* Riddell high fives _Sime_ 18:06
* Riddell dances with nosrednaekim 18:07
* nosrednaekim does a cartwheel18:07
nosrednaekimno nasty bugs on the install CD like last time? :)18:07
Nightroseapachelogger: OMG!18:08
Nightroseyou did not do what i think you did18:08
apacheloggerNightrose: what did I doß18:08
Nightroseapachelogger: Schnappi!18:09
Riddellyay, schnappi!18:09
apacheloggera1ex_: propose a song18:09
NightroseRiddell: you know schnappi? *g*18:09
apacheloggereveryone knows schnappi18:09
a1ex_I'm scared18:09
RiddellNightrose: das klein krokodile!18:09
Nightrosehehe yea18:09
RiddellNightrose: schnappi taught me half my German18:09
Nightrose*lol* awesome18:09
* \sh drinks a good pint of beer and congrats the whole working environment of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu/MobileBuntu/MythBuntu/WhatEverBuntuTherewillbe18:09
smarterschni schna schnappi!18:10
\shand I'm trying to fix this *censored* mysql18:11
\shtime to move on to postgresql18:11
apacheloggeremu: topic18:12
* nixternal finds this tune, I like it18:12
emutopic? BEER18:13
apacheloggerbasically, yes18:13
nosrednaekimSo i'm going to be advocating Kubuntu for the first time this weekend as a local computer show :)18:13
Riddellnosrednaekim: ooh, where's that?18:14
nixternalholy smokes, you have a damn remix of it18:14
nosrednaekimRiddell: Trenton Computing Expo..... right between Philly and New York City18:15
\shNightrose, apachelogger : I was two days now in nuernberg to fix our dc racks...hell, I'm not only drinking on the hardy release but also because I'm desperate to kill people not knowing how to design a clean and nice DC rack rack18:17
\shbut good for me, I met again with siretart and was introduced to Nobse (Norbert Tretowski) from debian...funny, that he recognized me even before I knew how he actually is18:18
\sh.oO(mindnote: blue glasses are important)18:19
\shs/how/who/ damn keyboard18:19
Nightrosehaha geeky apachelogger18:23
apacheloggerI am actually really good at doing the Qt 4 Dance ;-)18:24
apachelogger~order beer for everyone18:33
* insanity is going to his secret storehouse to get beer for everyone - might take some time.18:33
* insanity is back and slides beer down the bar to everyone18:33
apachelogger~oder party18:33
Riddellnixternal: how's the release announcement?18:33
nixternalbreaking locks on my bzr branch and will then upload18:34
apachelogger~order party18:34
nixternalI still need 2 pics and do the auto config18:34
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.18:34
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!18:34
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.18:34
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com18:34
nixternalRiddell: is there some info somewhere about the printer autoconfig?18:35
nixternalapachelogger: rock on with this song!18:35
Riddellapachelogger: ooh, good music choice18:35
* nixternal wants a credit card w/o a limit18:35
Riddellnixternal: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha4/Kubuntu18:36
RiddellPrinter Configuration18:36
nixternalman, I hit every release notes page but that one looking for it :)18:37
XanKoh, this release rocks, thanks to the devs18:37
apachelogger~order cookie for XanK18:37
* insanity slides one of world's finest cookies down the bar to XanK.18:37
apacheloggerXanK: thanks for using kubuntu :)18:37
XanKlol ^^18:38
apacheloggerNightrose: suggestions?18:40
Nightroseapachelogger: one of the new moby song?18:40
apacheloggerwhich one?18:40
apacheloggermarkey: are you around?18:40
emuapachelogger: The Presidents of the United States - Kick out the jam18:40
apacheloggeremu: you reall think I have such stuff? :P18:41
apacheloggeremu: btw, I expect a news about this party18:41
Nightroseapachelogger: "I love to move in here" or "ooh yeah"18:41
emuapachelogger: I thougt you have all music from the whole world18:41
apacheloggerNightrose: leaves me clueless18:42
emuuuuhh I know same great song for the party!18:42
emuWIZO - Der Käfer18:42
Nightroseapachelogger: disco lies!18:42
Nightrosethat song is awesome18:42
sebner~order beer for apachelogger18:42
insanitysebner: We are out of beer, you should reorder some of it.18:42
emuapachelogger: What should I write about the party?18:43
sebner~reorder beer18:43
insanityBilly Kay is on his way to the store....18:43
sebnerthis bot sucks18:43
XanKi like this song :)18:43
apacheloggeremu: only tha best18:43
apacheloggersebas: I just gave out a round18:43
\sh38% [7 kdelibs4c2a 1482752/9616kB 15%]                         40.3kB/s 8min43s18:43
apachelogger~reorder beer18:43
\shfck the hell out of de.archive.ubuntu.com18:43
insanityapachelogger: beer has already been ordered (119.66 minutes).18:43
apachelogger\sh: lol18:43
Riddellapachelogger: ask for volunteers to write the monthly team report18:44
apacheloggerNightrose: good choice18:44
sebner\sh: STOP. You are loading kde. xD18:44
apacheloggerRiddell: we should write a bot for that ;-)18:44
nixternalRiddell: monthly reports are on my TODO list18:44
nixternalI have to do MOTU, Kubuntu, and Docs18:45
apacheloggerI still think nixternal is tha hottest dev18:45
\shTeamReport April 2008 : Amarok Rocks, CDs out, Hardy Heron Rocks, End Of transmission ;)18:45
Riddellnixternal: wow, don't overload yourself!18:45
nixternalI have just witnessed a writer's block18:45
\shJesus Arse:root@server3:~# w18:45
\sh 19:46:53 up 188 days,  5:29,  2 users,  load average: 85,26, 138,34, 151,9418:45
\shand hell...dapper doesn't die ... do that with damn fedora18:47
nixternalbzr is being a pita18:47
apacheloggernixternal: don't forget to mention that Riddell has been voted hottest kubuntu dev18:47
apachelogger..in the team report18:48
nixternalheh, if you only knew what happens with those reports :)18:48
nixternalI actually learned this past weekend that Canonical actually studies those reports in detail18:48
apacheloggerdisco lies video18:49
nosrednaekimso there is some pretty female analyst wanting to come up edinberg-way now?18:49
apacheloggernixternal: so? worst thing that can happen is that Riddell gets a rise in salary IMO18:50
apacheloggerI mean, which employer wouldn't be happy to have hot employees?18:50
nixternalshoot, I would be happy with an employer whether they like me or not :)18:51
nixternalhow many bzr timeouts will I get today?18:52
pvandewyngaerdethis sounds so 90-like18:52
* nixternal sets up vm18:52
\shnosrednaekim, females are overrated18:52
nixternalso are males!18:53
\shnixternal, for sure...18:53
nixternaldamnit bzr!18:53
* \sh sends nixternal some git18:53
nixternalI can't push anything into bzr18:53
\shnixternal, overload by release error18:54
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
XanKoh my god, not shakira :_(18:58
nixternalshakira rocks!18:58
Nightrose~karma shakira18:58
insanitykarma for shakira: 118:58
* nixternal attempts to shake hips like shakira but looks like a mental case with ants on his arse18:58
RiddellXanK: send your music to apachelogger to have it played18:59
apacheloggerNightrose is doing a course on how to shake hips like shakira!18:59
* apachelogger watches xRaich[o]2x and neversfelde join18:59
pvandewyngaerdeapachelogger:  you have something from Milk inc ?18:59
apacheloggerpvandewyngaerde: nope19:00
neversfelde~order sex on the beach for apachelogger19:00
* insanity builds 4.0 cl Vodka, 2.0 cl Peach Schnapps, 4.0 cl Orange juice and 4.0 cl Cranberry juice in a highball glass filled with ice, garnishes it with orange slices and slides the cocktail together with apachelogger down the bar to apachelogger. Voilà, your Sex on the Beach (with apachelogger) :)19:00
* nixternal adds a new brainstorm idea - GET A BETTER NETWORK CONFIGURATION!!!19:00
apacheloggernixternal: that is contra producitve19:00
pvandewyngaerdeseal ?19:00
nixternal~order cabo19:00
apacheloggerIMO releases are meant to make everything go wocka19:00
* insanity slides cabo down the bar to nixternal19:00
nixternaldon't even know what it is you silly bot!19:01
apacheloggerat least the only reason amarok does releases is to bring the server down19:01
nixternal~order apachelogger19:01
* insanity slides apachelogger down the bar to nixternal19:01
emu~order beer for mcas19:01
* insanity tells mcas that we are out of beer but a new delivery is already in progress (61.84 minutes).19:01
nixternalget over here!19:01
comm_a_nderbeer for free?19:02
apachelogger~order party19:02
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.19:02
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!19:02
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.19:02
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com19:02
* xRaich[o]2x dances19:02
apachelogger~order grüne witwe for comm_a_nder19:02
* insanity mixes 4 cl Blue Curaçao and 12 cl orange juice in a glass over ice, stirs it, garnishes with a organge juice and slides the cocktail down the bar to comm_a_nder. Voilà, your Grüne Witwe (stupid german names :P)19:02
apachelogger~order captain for mcas19:02
* insanity tells mcas that we are out of captain but a new delivery is already in progress (13.07 minutes).19:02
apacheloggervery nice19:02
* apachelogger beats insanity19:02
nixternalhrmm, I can bzr branch but no bzr push19:02
mcasthx apachelogger19:02
apacheloggerpvandewyngaerde: nope19:02
nixternalarchive.ubuntu.com is shot19:02
apacheloggerI feel like singing19:03
nosrednaekimxRaich[o]2x: eh?19:04
* txwikinger returns back from dinner to the party19:04
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Wants to sing ^^19:04
* txwikinger suggests no beer tent songs19:04
guaquamore daft punk 8)19:05
xRaich[o]2x*sings* It's been a haaaaaaaaaaaaaardy night19:05
pvandewyngaerdeapachelogger:  do you have creative commons music ?19:05
apacheloggerpvandewyngaerde: quite some19:05
* apachelogger has access to the complete magnatune collection tbh19:05
XanKfresh body shop is cool, they're in jamendo19:07
\shNightrose, cacert is searching for assurers at openexpo19:07
pvandewyngaerdeis there a jigdo link for kde4-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso    ?19:07
Nightrose\sh: meaning?19:07
\shNightrose, they need people to approve the reality of other people interested in an open weboftrust for ssl certs, digital signatures etc.19:08
nixternalyay, bzr push worked finally!19:08
\shNightrose, could be, that I do two jobs at OpenExpo19:08
Nightrose\sh: ah ok ;-)19:08
apacheloggerXanK: any specific song?19:08
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Where is the radio channel?19:09
\shNightrose, if you need some points, I can assure you via web :)19:09
XanKlet me see...19:09
guaquacan someone put the torrent up somewhere19:09
Nightrose\sh: hehe I don't have anything cacert related at all ;-) - only thing I have and use is my gpg key19:09
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: see topic19:09
XanKI like tasteless19:09
guaquai don't seem to be able to download the dvd right now :(19:10
sebnerapachelogger: rocking and rolling19:10
sebnerguaqua: I only have cd :(19:10
apacheloggersebner: drumming and bassing19:10
sebnerapachelogger: that sucks xD19:10
guaquasebner: i'm only after the .torrent -file to share my bandwidth19:11
XanKapachelogger: do you have the song?19:11
sebnerguaqua: ^^. I'm also seeding :D19:11
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: yeah ^^19:11
apacheloggerXanK: preparing for download19:11
XanKthanks :D19:11
apachelogger~order party19:13
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.19:13
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!19:13
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.19:13
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com19:13
* xRaich[o]2x throw confetti19:13
nosrednaekimheh... I finally relaized that insanity IS A BOT19:13
xRaich[o]2xrrrrrrr pink! She's hot :P19:14
pvandewyngaerdeis this a live version ?19:14
* JontheEchidna is listening to Get The Party Started by Pink on Radio Amarok :: Halligalli Hummel Party :: http://audio.radioamarok.com [Amarok]19:14
apacheloggerpvandewyngaerde: yes19:14
pvandewyngaerdeget the releaseparty started !19:14
pvandewyngaerdeapachelogger:  do you have rammstein ?19:16
neversfeldeoh no :)19:17
* xRaich[o]2x thinks about ordering Jazzmetal XD19:17
apacheloggerpvandewyngaerde: oh yeah :D19:18
Nightroseapachelogger: yay for pink ;-)19:18
* xRaich[o]2x puts hands up!19:19
* apachelogger shouts around like sven väth19:19
nixternalRiddell: release notes are in my branch now, just missing 2 pics, but I can't dl a thing in order to get them ->  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nixternal/kubuntu-website/main19:20
xRaich[o]2xquiet in here....19:22
xRaich[o]2x~order party19:22
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.19:22
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!19:22
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.19:22
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com19:22
apacheloggerNightrose: I like that new slider19:24
apachelogger~topic sep ::19:25
insanityTopic separator set to ::19:25
apachelogger~topic del 219:25
=== insanity changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Halligalli Hummel Party(tm)!!!! :: To get something from the barkeeper use '~order foobar' no beer right now, switch to cocktails plz :: Radio - http://audio.radioamarok.com :: Also checkout the official party wallpaper http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/hhp/ ;-)
comm_a_nder~order bloody mary19:25
* insanity adds a dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper into a highball glass, pours 4.5 cl Vodka, 9 cl Tomato juice, 1.5 cl Lemon juice and ice cubes in the highball, stirs gently, garnishes with Celery Salt and lemon wedge and slides the cocktail down the bar to comm_a_nder. Voilà your Bloody Mary.... muhahahahah :P19:25
neversfeldemcas has stolen my bug :)19:26
xRaich[o]2x~order pan galactic gargle blaster19:26
* insanity slides pan galactic gargle blaster down the bar to xRaich[o]2x19:26
mcaswhich one neversfelde19:26
nixternalanybody have a link to the 8.04 torrent?19:26
nosrednaekimlmao at the "offical party WP"19:27
guaquanixternal: yeah, but it's timing out19:27
xRaich[o]2xnosrednaekim: Hardly a Heron ^^19:27
guaquanixternal: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/release/dvd/kubuntu-8.04-dvd-i386.iso.torrent19:27
neversfeldemcas: launchpad was to slow19:27
nosrednaekimis that what the German pharase means?19:27
guaquadownloading at 6 MB/s :)19:27
nixternalfrom where?19:28
nixternalI would rather have the CD19:28
xRaich[o]2xThat song is utterly weird O_o19:28
xRaich[o]2xBut somehow it's cool XD19:28
txwikingernosrednaekim: ?19:28
nosrednaekimhalligalli Heron19:29
txwikingerHummel is a bumble bee19:29
nixternalw00t, found the torrents19:29
apacheloggerhow to translate halligalli? :P19:29
txwikingerHalligalli is not a real word.. just means that there is a lot going on19:29
guaquanixternal: can you pass the url to cd's to me too19:30
nixternalI just did :)19:30
nosrednaekimso a "buzzing bee is gonna bit you in the butt" party?19:30
guaquajust that :S19:30
xRaich[o]2xMore Hummel!!!!19:31
nixternaljeesh, the torrents are just as bad19:31
txwikingernixternal.. we have broken the Internet ;)19:31
JontheEchidnahardon release (jackoff) party19:31
XanKthe intel video drivers won't be updated until ibex?19:32
txwikingerwho was talking?19:32
apacheloggerXanK: jamendo seems b0rkedly19:32
JontheEchidnaapachelogger is our DJ19:33
xRaich[o]2xtxwikinger: You are even more famous now ^^19:33
apachelogger<-- tha most awesome host19:33
txwikingerxRaich[o]2x: why?19:33
xRaich[o]2xtxwikinger: You are part of the most amazing radio show :P19:33
XanKapachelogger: oh wehh, thanks for trying ;)19:33
txwikingerAh... Mez is always doing that for me19:33
txwikingeror rather to me19:33
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: No!19:34
apacheloggervery good19:34
apacheloggerworld domination I am coming!19:34
* txwikinger gets his headphones in case apachelogger gets x-rated19:35
guaquai think i'm getting an actual beer soon ;)19:35
apachelogger~order party19:35
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.19:35
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!19:35
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.19:35
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com19:35
xRaich[o]2x~order pan galactic gargle blaster19:35
* insanity slides pan galactic gargle blaster down the bar to xRaich[o]2x19:35
apacheloggerguaqua: I am drinking captain cola for 2.5 hours19:35
apacheloggerI am actually too drunk to do a radio show19:35
txwikingerapachelogger: hence the headphones ;)19:36
xRaich[o]2xtxwikinger: He's still too sober ;)19:37
txwikingerxRaich[o]2x: who knows.. that can change fast19:38
xRaich[o]2xLet's observe.....19:38
* apachelogger dances with Nightrose19:38
apacheloggerMcFossey: pling19:38
txwikingerwebcam stream?19:38
apacheloggertxwikinger: I think my bandwith wouldn't last19:38
XanKfor the lulz19:38
McFosseyapachelogger: plong19:38
apacheloggerMcFossey: any music suggestion?19:39
txwikingerC&W apachelogger19:39
McFosseyapachelogger: ska is always good for party19:39
* Nightrose funks with apachelogger 19:39
apacheloggerdepends on tha ska19:39
=== illogic-al is now known as trollogic-al
apacheloggertrollogic-al ska for example is always partyable19:39
McFosseylike rbf19:39
xRaich[o]2xskaaaaaaaaaaaaaa immer nur skaaaaa19:40
trollogic-aldarn tootin19:40
McFosseymaybe some crazy german punk like "rotz auf der wiese"19:40
McFosseyvery listenable19:41
* xRaich[o]2x wants more drunk impressions of apachelogger ^^19:41
trollogic-al~order foobar19:41
* insanity slides foobar down the bar to trollogic-al19:41
apacheloggerMcFossey: lol19:41
txwikingerWell.. if you go there, than you can just go to "An der Nordseeküste..."19:41
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Yeah!19:42
* trollogic-al has a drunnk impression of apachelogger 19:42
Riddellgosh, apachelogger it sounding drunk19:42
XanKdrunk cat is drunk19:42
trollogic-alsee how one eye is lazier than the other? looks just like him.19:42
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: I guess that was drunken enough19:42
apacheloggerbut hey19:43
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: It was XD19:43
apacheloggercaptain is just too awesome19:43
apacheloggerand hardy just too much kubuntu19:43
* guaqua start pogoing19:43
* apachelogger doesn't wanna skank19:43
apacheloggerI might destroy something19:44
apacheloggeror hurt myself19:44
apacheloggertoo dangerous19:44
* Nightrose skanks with apachelogger19:44
apachelogger~order captain19:44
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola apachelogger! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...19:44
NightroseI will take care of you :P19:44
apacheloggerhrrhr ;-)19:44
Nightrosebut no more captain for you!19:44
apacheloggerwe'll see19:45
xRaich[o]2xCool song.19:47
* txwikinger thinks there are more Captains for apachelogger if he joddels19:47
apacheloggerI can't19:47
xRaich[o]2xGive it a try :P19:47
apacheloggernah, gotta listen to a sample first19:48
* apachelogger youtubles19:48
* xRaich[o]2x has a musical request ^^ Yodellogger ^^19:48
txwikingerYoddelling Herron19:51
xRaich[o]2xhahha XD19:52
xRaich[o]2xGreat :P19:52
apacheloggergracie, gracie19:52
* apachelogger collects tha flowas19:52
xRaich[o]2x~order pan galactic gargle blaster19:54
* insanity slides pan galactic gargle blaster down the bar to xRaich[o]2x19:54
txwikingertoo much information19:54
JontheEchidnaKDE4 ftw19:55
xRaich[o]2xJontheEchidna: +119:55
NightroseI did not :P19:56
xRaich[o]2xInvite Nic ;)19:56
xRaich[o]2xHe's listening :P19:56
mhbhey folks19:57
Riddellpoll results announced! https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+poll/best-8.04-feature19:57
apacheloggerRiddell: you can have some beethoven19:57
Riddellan amazing 4 votes cast19:57
apacheloggerRiddell: I already did that :P19:57
apachelogger~welcome mhb19:57
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel mhb. Pull up a chair and chill.19:57
apachelogger~order captain mhb19:57
* insanity slides captain mhb down the bar to apachelogger19:57
mhbcongratulations to all who worked hard on the release19:57
apacheloggerthat was strange19:58
apachelogger~order captain for mhb19:58
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola mhb! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...19:58
Nightroseapachelogger: meh@song19:58
Nightrose^ feedback19:58
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Translate that song please O_O19:58
apacheloggerno sense for quality19:58
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: ye don't understand it?19:58
xRaich[o]2xI heard kaiserschmarn19:58
* Nightrose understands about 75%19:59
guaquai can understand the country names19:59
guaquaand "ich bin aus österreich"19:59
* txwikinger understands everything19:59
mhbI must admit that I've read a lot of negative stuff about Kubuntu today, and we've had a rough cycle, but I'm still optimistic19:59
xRaich[o]2xtxwikinger doesn't count.19:59
apacheloggermhb: negative stuff?19:59
mhbI mean, in comparison to Ubuntu/GNOME19:59
guaquayeah, it's like perlmonger commenting about understanding perl ;)20:00
txwikingervoting is closed?20:00
mhbyou can't blame the people for saying "Kubuntu is less posished"20:00
apacheloggerif the people who mean to complain about that may do it better they can20:00
mhbeh, polished20:00
mhbyou know how everyone wants it: free and bug-less20:00
guaquawell, if the less polished is still far better, i don't consider it a bad case :)20:00
* Nightrose thinks her kde 4 is pretty polished20:01
mhbwe'll implement everything during the long UDS nights20:01
mhbwell I hope so20:01
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: ^^20:01
* txwikinger wants to know how he can install the nice weather app like on the kde.org site20:01
txwikingerCountry Western apachelogger20:02
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: ^20:02
nixternalapachelogger: anything with Sammy Hagar :)20:02
xRaich[o]2xFrom Mundstuhl :P20:02
* nixternal goes to sleep20:03
mhbso who's coming to Prague in the end?20:03
txwikingerah.. the special treat for Riddell20:03
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Wurstwasser is a parody on Rammstein ;)20:03
JontheEchidnalol, the fancy slider20:04
* xRaich[o]2x wants that slider O-o20:04
mhbRiddell: ^^20:05
JontheEchidnawhat happen?20:05
mhbRiddell: who's coming to Prague?20:05
guaquapolitics :D20:06
Riddellmhb: Nightrose !20:06
xRaich[o]2xFreeeeeeeeeeude schöner Götterfunke :P20:06
apacheloggerwell, everyone but me -.-20:07
* Nightrose wonders who of them she will see at fosscamp.. - I will be leaving on sunday evening20:07
NightroseI think20:08
Riddellalso mornfall, vandenoever, roberknight20:08
* Nightrose checks20:08
RiddellNightrose: those four^^20:08
mornfallArgh. I have to let someone know about that hotel.20:08
Nightroseyea leaving 5 pm20:08
NightroseRiddell: k20:08
emonkeygood evening and gratulations to all to the hardy!20:08
xRaich[o]2xTheInfinity: Party!20:08
Riddellmornfall: claire newman20:08
emonkey~order beer Stadtguet20:09
* insanity slides beer stadtguet down the bar to emonkey20:09
emonkeythx insanity20:09
guaquaapachelogger has gotten a lot quieter lately20:09
mornfallRiddell: Yes, yes, but I need to find out what to say first.20:09
apacheloggerguaqua: because I am lying20:09
TheInfinityi think irc partys are strange. perhaps we should ask canonical to spend us a real party weekend - especially the devs who made so much for kubuntu :)20:09
seeleoh.. that was a statement not a call20:09
apacheloggerpartly at least20:09
apacheloggerTheInfinity: yeah @ linuxtag ;-)20:10
Riddellseele: it was an exclamation20:10
seeleNightrose: i wont be there until sunday so you might miss me20:10
seeleRiddell: i see that now :)20:10
TheInfinityis Riddell or somebody else at linuxtag? :p20:10
mhbRiddell: are we going to do some late night hacking?20:10
mornfallRiddell: Wait. From exactly when to exactly when is the FOSSCamp?20:10
Nightroseseele: too bad :(20:10
apacheloggerRiddell: you totally have to come to linuxtag :)20:11
emonkeyou yeah Riddelm would be cool if we can meet you in Berlin20:11
apacheloggermeeting all the kubuntu-de people20:11
Riddellmornfall: Fri 16th / Sat 17th May 200820:11
Nightroseewwwwwwww apachelogger!20:11
Riddellmhb: not too late, 09:00 sharp start20:11
JontheEchidname ears...20:11
Riddellthe cat is in a grumpy mood now20:11
mornfallRiddell: Ah. I have been überconfused. They invitation said Mon-Fri, which was for UDS. Ooook.20:11
mhbRiddell: come on, sleeping is for meatbags :o)20:11
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Tell nic to come ^^20:12
Riddellmornfall: I think that's just jorge messing up, you're definately down for fosscamp (which makes sense)20:12
mornfallWell, I'll miss floorball, but I can be there on Fri/Sat, no problems.20:12
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: whom?20:13
mornfallWP it :-).20:13
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: He's an Ubuntu user, who's listening20:13
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: so where should he come to?20:13
xRaich[o]2xErm, the Party?20:13
Riddelllooks like Shinty20:13
apacheloggergood point20:13
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Since you are missing Ubuntu people ^^20:14
apacheloggeremonkey: I just hope ubuntu-ch is coming soon20:16
apacheloggerinsanity made fondue just for you people20:16
apachelogger~welcome gvr20:16
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel gvr. Pull up a chair and chill.20:16
emonkeyapachelogger, coming to?20:16
apacheloggertha party20:16
apacheloggerand I think we need more pop20:17
apacheloggeranyone with pop around?20:17
* emonkey is a part of ubuntu-ch ... :P20:17
apacheloggeremonkey: part20:17
apacheloggernot all20:17
JontheEchidna~order root beer20:17
* insanity slides root beer down the bar to JontheEchidna20:17
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Haha he does't believe that he was ment XD20:17
emonkeyapachelogger, feel free to invite the people in the channel ;)20:18
sebnerapachelogger: more rocking and rolling ;)20:18
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Lol he just switched to Kubuntu XD20:18
xRaich[o]2xWe shall overcome :P20:18
xRaich[o]2xblueyed: Heya20:18
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: interesting20:19
apachelogger~welcome blueyed20:19
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel blueyed. Pull up a chair and chill.20:19
apachelogger~order beer for blueyed20:19
* insanity gives blueyed a nice frosty mug of beer.20:19
blueyedxRaich[o]2x: heya!20:19
blueyedThanks! :)20:19
xRaich[o]2xblueyed: Happy Hardy day ;)20:19
apachelogger~order party20:19
* insanity gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.20:19
insanityIt is Halligalli Hummel Party Day in #kubutu-devel to celebrate the new Kubuntu Hardy Heron release - wooooohoooo!20:19
* insanity turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.20:19
insanityAlso checkout the most perfect party music on Radio Amarok http://audio.radioamarok.com20:19
* blueyed drinks20:19
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: that's Happy Halligalli Hummel day :P20:19
xRaich[o]2x~order pan galactic gargle blaster20:19
* insanity slides pan galactic gargle blaster down the bar to xRaich[o]2x20:19
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: ^^20:20
xRaich[o]2xI actually like the word "Hummel"20:20
apacheloggerof course you like it, that was my idea20:20
xRaich[o]2xYou invented the word "Hummel"?20:21
xRaich[o]2xFrom now on i shall call you "Master" O_O20:21
apacheloggergood idea20:21
* xRaich[o]2x obeys apachelogger 20:21
apacheloggersebas: rock and roll .... for example?20:21
sebnerapachelogger: but I'm ignored ^^20:22
apacheloggerthat song's name is strange20:22
sebnerapachelogger: lol. false nick ;)20:22
apacheloggerthen again20:22
apacheloggerwhy is sebas not here?20:22
yuriyyay for release!!20:24
yuriycongrats everybody20:24
apacheloggercongrats yuriy20:24
apachelogger~welcome yuriy20:24
apachelogger~order beer for yuriy20:24
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel yuriy. Pull up a chair and chill.20:25
* insanity gives yuriy a nice frosty mug of beer.20:25
* yuriy waits for the cops to take it away :(20:25
apacheloggerwe have cops in here?20:26
apacheloggercops but no real ubntus -.-20:26
xRaich[o]2xThey don't want to celebrate with the kubuntu people -_-20:26
apacheloggermakes me sad20:27
* apachelogger looks for a sad song20:27
apacheloggerbut hey20:27
TheInfinityin #ubuntu-devel theres exacly nothing20:27
apacheloggersebner is here20:27
apachelogger~order cookie for sebner20:27
* insanity slides one of world's finest cookies down the bar to sebner.20:27
apacheloggerTheInfinity: maybe they are already too drunk and are sleeping under the table?20:28
* apachelogger thinks that might happen to him as well20:28
sebner~order beer for apachelogger20:29
* insanity gives apachelogger a nice frosty mug of beer.20:29
blueyedAny chance somebody is in Berlin on saturday, too?20:29
* sebner hugs apachelogger 20:29
* apachelogger gives sebas a captain20:29
apacheloggernomnom, captain20:29
xRaich[o]2xblueyed: What are you doing in Berlin?20:29
blueyedxRaich[o]2x: release party20:29
apacheloggerblueyed: Czessi and milian are living there20:29
milianhum whats going on?20:29
xRaich[o]2xmilian: Party20:30
blueyedCzessi, milian: http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=11520:30
milianyes Czessi and me both live in Berlin, y?20:30
milianblueyed: I'll be there and in fact I'll hold a little presentation for KDE420:30
apacheloggerI already was wondering who is going to do it20:30
blueyedmilian: Great!20:31
hungerCongratulations to the new release to everybody who worked on it!20:31
apacheloggeremonkey: can I do a vidoe confernce based talk at the swiss event?20:31
apacheloggerhunger: thank you :)20:31
apachelogger~welcome hunger20:31
insanityWelcome to the Kubuntu-devel channel hunger. Pull up a chair and chill.20:31
apachelogger~order beer for hunger20:31
* insanity gives hunger a nice frosty mug of beer.20:31
miliangotta work for tomorrow - Millikan experiment is due... sorry guys - gotta leave you20:31
xRaich[o]2xmilian: Bye20:31
apacheloggercu milian20:31
hungerapachelogger: I appreciate the thought, but I'd prefer something non-alcoholic.20:32
xRaich[o]2xhunger: I'm not drinking in real life, but this is virtual stuff ^^20:32
xRaich[o]2xHave a sipp ;)20:32
xRaich[o]2x~order pan galactic gargle blaster for hunger20:33
* insanity slides pan galactic gargle blaster down the bar to hunger20:33
apacheloggerhunger: want a tea?20:33
apacheloggerwe also have coke20:33
Nightrose~order white tea for hunger20:33
* insanity slides white tea down the bar to hunger20:33
apacheloggerearl grey is better IMO20:33
Nightrosewhite tea = the awesome20:33
xRaich[o]2xGreen Tea20:33
hungerThe thing I hate about releases is that the servers are so ridiculously slow a couple of days afterwards.20:33
apacheloggerNightrose: did you ever try our white tea?20:33
xRaich[o]2xBut i actually need some white tea.20:34
apacheloggertastes awful20:34
apacheloggerno idea where insanity gets that from20:34
xRaich[o]2xNever tried it out.20:34
Nightroseapachelogger: you just didn't do it right (TM)20:34
apacheloggerhunger: at amarok that is the only purpose of releases ;-)20:34
apacheloggerNightrose: insanity is tha barkeeper -.-20:34
* hunger wonders what all the fuss about amarok is.20:34
sebner~order icetea for sebner20:35
* insanity slides icetea down the bar to sebner20:35
JontheEchidnaWhite and Nerdy by Weird Al20:35
xRaich[o]2xJontheEchidna: +1 :D20:35
apacheloggerRiddell: did I say Qbuntu?20:35
apacheloggersounds interesting though20:35
guaquawell how do those two really differ?20:36
apachelogger~order tea, earl grey, hot for guaqua20:36
guaquamy finnish pronounciation can't make much of a distinction20:36
apacheloggergerman makes it easy20:36
apacheloggerif you are a drunkenlogger it probably doesn't20:36
* insanity is replicating a hot cup of earl grey for captain guaqua.20:37
* aos101 doesn't think the Q desktop environment would be nearly as good though...20:37
guaquawell i'm approaching drunkenqua, so :)20:37
guaquathanks for the tea20:37
xRaich[o]2xThe windows-like windowmanager ^^20:37
xRaich[o]2xDoes it still exist?20:38
rakeknivenHello, I (my wife) own a dell inspirion 6400. It was delivered with ubuntu 7.04 and right now I freshly upgraded it to 8.04. Is it a big step from ubuntu to kubuntu. I really love kde and want to have it. My wife want to have it, too :-)20:38
hungeraptitude rocks: "downloaded 0B in 5:30 min"20:38
xRaich[o]2xhunger: Amazing ^^20:38
Riddellrakekniven: just install kubuntu-desktop from synaptic20:38
hungerrakekniven: install kubuntu-desktop and you are set.20:39
sebnerapachelogger: how many (virtual) beers did you already drink? ^^20:39
apacheloggersebner: in my whole life?20:39
rakeknivenSecond question: How to get rid of all this gnome stuff?20:39
sebnerapachelogger: in the last 2 hours20:39
apachelogger3 maybe20:39
sebnerrakekniven: sudo apt-get remove kde --purge20:39
sebnerapachelogger: and in RL? ^^20:40
apacheloggersebner: none20:40
apachelogger<-- only drinks captain20:40
sebnerapachelogger: good boy20:40
guaquaerr remove kde, sebner?20:40
apacheloggerbut if there is no captain20:40
Nightroseguaqua: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_tea20:40
sebnerguaqua: of course20:40
apacheloggerguaqua: he's one of the ubuntu party guests20:40
apacheloggerthe only one20:40
sebner~order caption for apachelogger20:40
sebner~order captain for apachelogger20:40
* insanity slides caption down the bar to apachelogger20:40
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola apachelogger! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...20:40
apacheloggercaption is always good20:40
smarterwhat is captain?20:41
xRaich[o]2xi haz a captionz20:41
apacheloggerquassel really needs a better autocompletion20:41
Riddellrakekniven: remove libgtk2.0-020:41
sebnerapachelogger: you can't find my nick, right xD20:41
xRaich[o]2xsmarter: Captn Morgan... aweful booze ^^20:41
apacheloggersebner: no, it is a common problem that quassel's current way to handle autocompletion is way too unintuitive20:41
rakeknivenis is busy in here today, so I will be back soon. Have a good party!20:41
apacheloggerespecially when one is used to konversation20:41
xRaich[o]2xActually the ultimate evil when i comes to killing brain cells ^^20:41
apachelogger~karma sebner20:42
insanitykarma for sebner: 120:42
apacheloggernow that is one awesome karma Oo20:42
sebnerapachelogger: First time I'm here20:42
sebner~order captain for apachelogger20:42
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola apachelogger! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...20:42
apacheloggerinsanity isn't usually here20:42
apacheloggersebner: I can't drink _that_ fast :P20:42
sebnerah k20:42
apacheloggerespecially not captain20:42
apachelogger~karma Riddell20:42
insanitykarma for Riddell: 1020:42
sebnerapachelogger: you are the captain god. you *must* xD20:42
insanityJontheEchidna has neutral karma20:43
apacheloggerRiddell: how did you get that much karma in the half year you were in .dev? Oo20:43
Riddellapachelogger: I guess it helps to be the best looking developer20:43
Nightroseapachelogger: he got karma while he was not there ;-)20:43
apacheloggerRiddell: sounds reasonable20:43
NightroseRiddell: haha true20:43
apacheloggerNightrose: really?20:44
Nightroseapachelogger: yea20:44
apacheloggerthen I should have 300 by now20:44
Nightrose~karma apachelogger20:45
insanitykarma for apachelogger: 9320:45
insanitykarma for Nightrose: 4920:45
emonkeyapachelogger, maybe :) in german or french?20:45
apacheloggeremonkey: karma?20:46
emonkeywe've got two parties20:46
apacheloggeremonkey: fernmah20:46
emonkeyone in Lausanne and one in Zurich20:46
apacheloggerlausanne reminds me something to eat20:46
sebnerapachelogger: and maybe beer?20:47
emonkeyLausanne, there ist the international olympic commitee20:47
apacheloggersebner: always beer20:47
emonkeyan Lausanne ist main Nestle corp.20:47
apacheloggeremonkey: the one that denied exile tibetians to take part in the games?20:47
emonkeyapachelogger, in Zurich they we maybe are in a romm with 360 degree projection20:48
apacheloggerthe one nestle that is killing people in poor countries20:48
apacheloggerone way or another20:48
emonkeyapachelogger, yes they both20:48
apacheloggerI will not talk at the french event then20:48
xRaich[o]2xMy linear algebra prof said that supporting Tibet it like supporting terrorists O_o20:48
apacheloggerand I like 360° protection20:49
sebnermaybe both? ^^20:49
emonkey    *20:49
emonkey      One in Lausanne on the 17.05.200820:49
emonkey    *20:49
emonkey      One in Zürich on the 24.05.200820:49
emonkeyapachelogger, but I don't know i the system can project movies or just images20:50
emonkeyI mean the 360 one20:50
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: does he say the same about kosovarians?20:51
apacheloggeremonkey: movie == a lot of images very fast20:51
emonkeyyes of yourse but I don't know what kind of machine is behind these projectors and which images can be feeded20:52
emonkeyif it's really in this room20:52
apacheloggerthe P ones :P20:52
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: dunno20:52
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: worth asking20:52
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: Yeah that band is from a town near here ^^20:54
xRaich[o]2xActually that is their best song.20:54
apacheloggerit's not like germany would be that big20:54
apacheloggeruh, that was nice english20:54
xRaich[o]2xsays the one from austria ^^20:54
apacheloggerNightrose: all that captain....20:54
sebnerxRaich[o]2x: austria rulez20:55
apacheloggerxRaich[o]2x: hey, I am living in the universe20:55
* Nightrose hugs apachelogger20:55
apacheloggerparty is fading I guess20:55
sebner~order captain for apachelogger20:57
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola apachelogger! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...20:57
* sebner makes him virtually drunken20:57
sebnerdance for us20:57
guaquabtw, does kde4 konsole support single-key shortcuts?20:57
guaqualast time i tried, no :(20:58
xRaich[o]2xEiffel 5520:59
Nightroseawwwwwwwwwwwwww apachelogger - *kiss* for that song20:59
guaquathe last comment was hilarious20:59
insanityDude. NO.20:59
apacheloggerdo we have metal fans?21:00
apacheloggerI think I have a song then21:00
apacheloggerbut Nightrose will kill me21:00
NightroseI will?21:01
apacheloggerso I better get her away from the pc first21:01
guaquadeath is underrated21:01
guaquajust play it21:01
xRaich[o]2xMätööllll :P21:01
apacheloggerNightrose: do you know my opinion on death?21:01
NightroseI think I do21:01
apacheloggerplease share it with us21:01
Nightroseit is overrated21:01
Nightroselike a lot of other things21:01
sebnerapachelogger: no metal. Rocking and rolling21:02
apacheloggersebner: for example?21:02
sebnerapachelogger: what do you have?21:02
apacheloggerevary thing except the other stuff21:02
sebnerapachelogger: just put something rocking and rolling in21:03
emonkeyapachelogger, lol21:04
=== _Czessi is now known as Czessi
emonkeycool! :)21:04
* emonkey likes Gorillaz21:04
xRaich[o]2xMe likey21:05
xRaich[o]2xDa Slida21:05
emonkeyomg no! not taht fast :P21:05
sebnerapachelogger: what about a greeting to me? ^^21:06
sebner~order captain for apachelogger21:07
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola apachelogger! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...21:07
* sebner hugs apachelogger 21:07
emonkeyapachelogger, maybe there is some stuff from aphex twin or infected mushroom?21:07
apacheloggerim is always good21:07
xRaich[o]2xAphex Twin would be great.21:07
emonkeyBeri saharof or gamma gobblins from infected mushrooms ... :)21:08
xRaich[o]2xemonkey: sounds weird O_o21:09
xRaich[o]2xWhat is it?21:09
apacheloggeremonkey: what album?21:09
emonkeyweird sound what else21:09
xRaich[o]2xWeird is good ^^21:09
emonkeyapachelogger, unfortunately unknown21:09
apacheloggercan't find them without login @ ampache21:10
sebnerapachelogger: your private collection?21:10
emonkeyhuh.. thanks :)21:10
xRaich[o]2xuuuuuuuuh nice song21:12
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: What's so weird about listening to you, you are actually playing some good music ;)21:12
Czessiapachelogger: play some gabba please :D21:13
xRaich[o]2xJapanese Gabba ^^21:13
emonkeyou xRaich[o]2x I heard these japanese gabba some time ago, this is really weird :P21:13
xRaich[o]2xemonkey: I know ^^21:14
xRaich[o]2xI hear that while coding.... maybe that's why my code sucks that much XD21:14
emonkeylol I've got a big smile if I remember21:14
apacheloggeremonkey: when I remember ... also, beri saharof sux21:15
apacheloggerI'll go with becoming insane21:15
emonkeyof course!21:16
gatewayernice =)21:16
xRaich[o]2xpositive ^^21:16
emonkey~order beer Stadtguet21:17
* insanity slides beer stadtguet down the bar to emonkey21:18
apacheloggergatewayer: mit radiö21:18
txwikingermushroom music?21:18
apachelogger~order beer for gatewayer21:18
gatewayerlol of cource21:18
* insanity gives gatewayer a nice frosty mug of beer.21:18
apacheloggertxwikinger: is that illegal in germany?21:18
txwikingerapachelogger: I don't care... I am not in Germany :p21:19
gatewayernice tunes =)21:19
apacheloggergatewayer: any suggestions?21:19
gatewayerpippi langstrumpf ^^21:19
sebner~order captain for gatewayer21:20
* sebner hugs gatewayer 21:20
gatewayerWarp Brothers - Going Insane21:20
insanityÔ mon Dieu!!!!!! apachelogger est traumatisé. OMD!21:20
* insanity adds Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in a ice-filled pint glass, garnishes with a lime. Arrrr yer captain co-ho-hola gatewayer! But watch out that the captain doesn't let the apprentice navigate...21:20
gatewayerthx =)21:21
emonkey~order green widow21:21
* insanity slides green widow down the bar to emonkey21:21
apacheloggeremonkey: order cocktail21:22
apacheloggergives a list of cocktails21:22
emonkey~order cocktail21:22
emonkey~order cocktails21:22
emonkeyhm a bit laggy21:22
apacheloggerdoing a lot more than bar work ;-)21:22
awen_goodevening everyone :D21:22
emonkeyinsanity looks like he has a lot to do today21:23
xRaich[o]2xemonkey: A cocktail takes time.21:23
apacheloggerand processing abou 20 channels :D21:23
gatewayerhmmm insanity is barkeeper?21:23
* insanity tells emonkey to choose either 'bloody mary', 'cuba libre', 'grüne witwe', 'long island iced tea', 'mai tai' or 'sex on the beach (with apachelogger)'.21:23
yao_ziyuani can't believe the official 8.04 came out so soon after the RC21:23
* insanity slides cocktails down the bar to emonkey21:23
sebnerapachelogger: wth? music is wired xD21:23
apacheloggersebner: psytrance21:23
yao_ziyuanleaving a serious input method bug unsolved...21:23
sebnerapachelogger: xD21:23
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: ?21:23
sebner~order sex on the beach (with apachelogger) for gatewayer21:23
* insanity slides sex on the beach (with apachelogger) down the bar to gatewayer21:23
gatewayeroh man21:24
emonkeygamma gobblins would be much weirder but this track isn't that bad too21:24
yao_ziyuan!bug yao ziyuan21:24
apachelogger~order sex on the beach for gatewayer21:24
* insanity builds 4.0 cl Vodka, 2.0 cl Peach Schnapps, 4.0 cl Orange juice and 4.0 cl Cranberry juice in a highball glass filled with ice, garnishes it with orange slices and slides the cocktail together with apachelogger down the bar to gatewayer. Voilà, your Sex on the Beach (with apachelogger) :)21:24
gatewayerapachelogger, you are the feminine part then ;)21:24
gatewayerso get oil for the best feelings =)21:24
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:25
emonkeyapachelogger, ou :(21:25
txwikingerapachelogger: Country and Western !!!!!!21:26
xRaich[o]2xwurstwasser :P21:26
awen_~order white russian21:26
* insanity slides white russian down the bar to awen_21:26
txwikingerapachelogger: Country and Western !!!!!!21:26
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scim/+bug/21951321:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219513 in scim "Default X input method in Kubuntu 8.04 RC with East Asian system language" [Undecided,New]21:26
emonkeyapachelogger, any macy gray there?21:27
FrankH~order pabst blue ribbon21:27
* insanity slides pabst blue ribbon down the bar to FrankH21:27
FrankHty insanity21:27
xRaich[o]2xboss hoss?21:27
emonkeylol sounds funny21:27
xRaich[o]2xSounds like them.21:28
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: the bug is not even triaged21:28
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: what is triage?21:28
apacheloggersomeone from the bug team had a look at it requested further information assigned an importance and stuff21:28
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: did that issue not appear in the alphas/betas?21:29
gatewayerbyebye guys21:29
sebnergn8 gatewayer21:29
gatewayernice party i wish ;)21:29
* sebner hugs gatewayer 21:29
apacheloggergatewayer: nini21:29
guaquathanks, apachelogger :)21:29
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: i didn't test the alphas/beta for that21:29
apachelogger~order cookie for gatewayer21:29
ryanakca~order cookies for all21:29
sebner~order milk for gatewayer21:29
* insanity slides one of world's finest cookies down the bar to gatewayer.21:30
* insanity slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to all.21:30
* insanity slides milk down the bar to gatewayer21:30
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: well, I hope, at least someone from east asia did and if they didn't report it ...21:30
apacheloggercan't be changed anyway21:30
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: maybe they didn't bother to report21:31
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: you can't expect people too much21:31
apacheloggerthe purpose of betas/alphas is to find such issues and get them fixed in time21:31
apacheloggeralso there is this problem that currently we don't have a lot, if any, team members form asia in general21:31
yao_ziyuancan't you release fixes after the official release?21:32
apacheloggerwhich makes the whole stuff a lot more complicate21:32
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: sure21:32
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: please write a mail to the mailing list so someone who knows about that stuff takes a look at it21:32
yao_ziyuani know ubuntu.com doesn't have as strong internationalization efforts as redhat21:32
yao_ziyuanmailing list... out of my reach... can you do it? just copy that bug report21:33
awen_apachelogger: what about some music by scooter ? ... "ramp" or what else you've got?21:33
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: I am doing a radio show right now21:33
yao_ziyuanactually this is a regression21:33
yao_ziyuanin kubuntu 7.10, there isn't such a problem21:33
guaquathis channel, right now, is not going to take the issue much further21:34
apacheloggerwell, I am almost certain this is caused by some underlying system of ubuntu21:34
yao_ziyuana fresh kubuntu 7.10 with chinese selected as system language during installation will give me immediate chinese input21:34
apacheloggersince the xorg stuff is done by the installer, probably actually the package and not a kubuntu related part21:34
yao_ziyuantell me the url of the mailing list21:35
apacheloggerkubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com I think21:35
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: just google for it21:35
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: can i write without registration?21:36
smarterstill partying? (:21:36
apacheloggerending right now21:36
apacheloggerfinal song21:36
apacheloggerwell, almost final song21:36
yao_ziyuanwhy a mailing list post is better than a bug report alone?21:36
* emonkey whishes sleep well to all, I've to go asleep, tomorrow morning is one of y importest exams this semester ....21:36
smarterI think https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdelibs/+bug/194474 should be classified as Medium or High importance, this bug sucks and according to upstream is Kubuntu patches fault21:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194474 in kdelibs "[hardy] kded in loop (100%CPU) when using 'mount automatically'" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:37
xRaich[o]2xemonkey: n821:37
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: kubuntu alone gets at least 500 bug reports per week21:37
apacheloggerit's impossible to triage all issues in time21:37
ubotuKDE bug 158283 in kded "kded eats up 100% CPU when inserting media" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]21:37
apacheloggernini emonkey21:37
sebnergn8 emonkey21:37
sebnerapachelogger: hey. it's party time. no bug reports here :P21:38
ryanakcaapachelogger: you on air?21:38
apacheloggerliterally party time is ending in about 30 seconds21:38
apacheloggerryanakca: yes21:38
apachelogger~topic restore21:40
=== insanity changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | 8.04 Released http://kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release
apachelogger~order cookies for everyone21:40
* insanity is going to his secret storehouse to get cookies for everyone - might take some time.21:40
* insanity is back and slides cookies down the bar to everyone21:40
yao_ziyuansays: You are not allowed to post to this mailing list21:41
apacheloggerinsanity: bye, thank you for your work today :)21:41
apacheloggeryao_ziyuan: yeah, one of the list moderaters will pass your mail threw21:41
apacheloggersomething like that21:41
* apachelogger is a bit drunk from all the partying ;-)21:41
yao_ziyuanapachelogger: i don't think so: You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at kubuntu-devel-owner@lists.ubuntu.com.21:42
awen_apachelogger: yeah :D21:42
apacheloggerwho did do that setup? Oo21:42
* apachelogger looks at Hobbsee21:42
sebnerapachelogger is powerless xD21:42
apacheloggerjust drunk21:43
=== mcas is now known as mcas|away
apacheloggerand tired21:43
apacheloggerand busy doing a radio show21:43
smarterwoohoo, amarok just crashed21:46
smarterjust trying to open it21:47
jussio1I am extremely frustrated :/21:51
apacheloggerjussi01: why?21:54
sebnerapachelogger: too drunk to say something? ^21:54
Nightrosejussio1: what happened?21:55
jussio1apachelogger: I cannot for the life of me get my new screen working properly :/21:55
jussio1its a really beautiful screen... http://www.plasma.com/samsunglcd/240t.htm21:56
ryanakcagah, shame on me for trying to install a program21:56
jussio1but I just cant get it to give me a correct refresh rate, so it gives me a "wave" effect, as well as a "whistling" sound :/21:57
jussio1SHAME ryanakca21:57
markeyapachelogger: pong21:57
smartermmh... 24''21:57
ryanakcajussio1: it's only 1432KB... going onto three minutes :)21:58
jussio1smarter: i can get the correct resolution, but the refresh... arrgh...21:58
smarterjussio1: tryied to play with the ModeLine in xorg.conf21:59
jussio1smarter: yeah, but I cant seem to generate a good modeline. if you can generate a good one for me Id love to try it...21:59
jussio1smarter: the specs are in a pdf at the bottom of that link...22:00
apacheloggermarkey: I missed you22:01
markeyawww :)22:01
markey~cuddle apachelogger22:01
apacheloggermarkey: I wanted to play our song... :(22:01
apacheloggerinsanity already left22:01
markeymissed ya too22:01
apacheloggerquite some party we had here22:01
apacheloggerI am totally broken22:01
sebnerapachelogger: you are soo drunken. so are soooo great xD22:01
apacheloggersebner: great drunken22:02
smarterjussio1: you might try that: http://amlc.berlios.de/22:02
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
* smarter is suffering...22:04
smarterhaving your 4 wisdom teeth removed is not really funny22:05
jussio1smarter: going through that now, thanks... btw, whats 24" in cms?22:06
smarterno idea, google is your best friend22:06
smarterhttp://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&q=inch+in+centimeters&btnG=Rechercher&meta= << google calculator power22:07
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
* Nightrose hugs smarter - had that done as well - and recently my brother - no fun22:07
* smarter hugs Nightrose back :)22:09
=== trollogic-al is now known as illogic-al
* aos101 is awake...22:19
nixternalso much work, so little time22:33
NightroseArby: please don't close bugs like this just yet - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/212538 - I set it to incomplete so it can expire after 59 days22:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212538 in update-manager "updating 7.10" [Undecided,Invalid]22:40
sebnergn8 folks22:47
sebnerapachelogger: great show.gn822:48
=== gnomefre3k is now known as gnomefreak
=== uga|away is now known as uga
jeroen-did I missed the party?23:30
Nightrosejeroen-: you did :(23:31
Nightroseyou might find a beer or two lying around somewhere23:31
Riddellno more fun, solid hacking for the next 6 months!23:31
jeroen-Nightrose: oh well, where is the afterparty?23:31
jeroen-Nightrose: oh yes thank you23:31
Nightrosejeroen-: it was in #amarok.radio but ended as well23:31
NightroseRiddell: 6 months? damn - we need to get a party in there somewhere23:32
RiddellNightrose: let's elope to Prague and have one there23:33
andreihello guys23:41
andreiquick question: i've got 7.10. can i upgrade to 8.04 with kde 4?23:41
andreior do i need to install it fresh?23:41
Riddellandrei: upgrade to 8.04 then install kde 423:42
andreiwill this give me the same environment as installing the hardy version with kde4?23:43
andreii mean, will I have all the programs in the k menu, and such?23:43
andreibecause i once installed ubuntu (without the k), and then installed kde on top of it, and it wasn't the same thing as kubuntu...23:44
andreianyway, congrats on the new release23:45
andreii'm looking forward to trying it23:45
Riddellandrei: yes, although you'll have kde 3 apps installed too23:46
aos101I'm off. Just want to say thanks to apachelogger for the awesome music.23:49
jeroen-does anyone have the dvd-torrent for me, the site is unavailable?23:53
gribelui don't feel right now that i have the stable release :/23:53
gribeluubuntu.com seems to be a bit slow :)23:53
jeroen-Riddell: 404 not found the last few hours :-(23:54
gribelui guess the news is out23:54
jeroen-not a direct link?23:54
jeroen-or the torrent file, so I can start to seed?23:54
jeroen-Riddell: thanks23:56
jeroen-I understand the DVD is an alternate install with an the normal and the remix option?23:57
Riddellit's an extended Kubuntu 8.04 live image and alternate install23:57
Riddellno kde 423:57
jeroen-I prefer 3.5.9 myself anyway, so I install that that for other people to23:58

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