stdinthat would depend on the ftpd config I guess00:00
geniitimboy: Consult the documentation for whichever Windows based ftp server you installed under Wine00:01
geniitimboy: But I'd suggest ditching it for something more practical like proftpd or vsftpd00:01
timboygenii, how will that tell me how to open up port 21 to a non-root user?00:01
geniitimboy: Because the ftp server is what decides the port it uses and who can use it00:02
DirkGentlytimboy: what do you mean by open up?00:02
geniiergo the fault is with the application00:02
timboygenii, I can set the port myself 1025 works fine but anything under 1025 doesn't. I want to use a standard ftp port though00:02
geniitimboy: There is likely some convoluted method involving calling whatever Windows ftp daemon from something like xinetd but it's horribly inelegant00:04
PhilRodtimboy: afaik, it's a restriction in the kernel that nonprivileged users can't bind to privileged ports00:04
PhilRodah yeah, maybe xinetd would let you get round it00:04
timboyPhilRod, figured it out! authbind00:05
timboygenii, authbind00:05
timboythx anyway00:05
DirkGentlytimboy: what is the ftp software?00:06
* DirkGently is curious00:06
timboyDirkGently, bulletproof ftp server an excellent app that has built in blacklisting of ip's and tons of features and stats. that was the only thing keeping my iis box up and running still!00:08
DirkGentlytimboy: not Internet facing though? or you're not worried about it being circumvented?00:09
timboyDirkGently, what do you mean?00:09
DirkGentlyftp is insecure00:10
DirkGentlypasswords are passed without encryption00:10
DirkGentlyis there an sftp version of bulletproof?00:12
* DirkGently looks00:12
DirkGentlytimboy: no it doesn't: http://wiki.builtbp.com/index.php/Secure_FTP_Support00:14
timboyDirkGently, it is supposed to in their 3.x release but it doesn't look it is being worked on as of now... they just redid their website and started selling the client so i'll send them a question00:15
timboyi'm not worried though.00:15
DirkGentlytimboy: their suggestion to encrypt files is a bit lame too00:15
admin1hey, i need help to configure NVIDIA display on kubuntu 8.04 anyone?pls?00:17
Odd-rationaleIs Kubuntu.org going to get a new design for the 8.04 release? I remember there was a competition for a new web design dome time back. Does anyone know for sure?00:17
stdinadmin1: until it's release, hardy support is in #ubuntu+100:17
timboyDirkGently, yeah that's what I thought00:17
DirkGentlytimboy: these small companies are usually quite good for support if they're active though00:19
timboyDirkGently, yeah but the program just straight rocks! and I don't have to modify one conf file... :D00:20
DirkGentlytimboy: there's probably management front ends for ssh server too00:22
=== admin1 is now known as jimiIL
DirkGentlytimboy: I know what you mean when you have an app that does exactly what you want00:23
haiderhi how can i mount NTFS partitions ?00:24
heathhaider: click on it00:24
haideri have one which don't appear when i launch the System00:24
heathit's not in storage media00:25
haiderthere was two one called File System which is for linux and the second (20GB drive)00:25
haiderthe second disappear00:26
heathhaider: what does sudo fdisk -l say00:26
heaththat should tell you the drives and there partitions00:26
DirkGentlyhaider: is it in fstab?00:26
haider/dev/sda1   *           1        6079    48829536   83  Linux00:28
haider/dev/sda2            6080        9730    29319168    6  FAT1600:28
haiderthis is for the sudo fdisk -l00:28
heathhaider: there is no NTFS drive00:28
haideri know it is just disappeared00:28
haideri'm sure there was one00:28
heathso you should have /dev/sdb ?00:29
geniiPerhaps you unallocated it00:29
haideri stored in it lot of data :(00:29
heathhaider: do you have 2 drives or just 100:29
haider  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:29
haider/dev/sdb1               1       19457   156288321    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)00:29
haideri see this too00:29
heathhaider: Are you sure it's a NTFS drive00:29
haideri have only one and an external hard drive00:29
haideryeah there was vista on it00:30
DirkGentlyhaider: is this dual-boot?00:30
geniihaider: If you upgraded to ntfs fs on there from win98/me or so then the partition info makes more sense00:30
DirkGentlydoes it still boot into Vista?00:30
haideri format it when was vista on the PC00:30
DirkGentlydo you get the option ?00:30
haiderit was working before a week00:31
heathhaider: was vista on the same drive you installed linux00:31
haiderbut now it is just disappeared00:31
DirkGentlyhaider: it worked since you installed Kubuntu?00:31
haiderno no i removed vista completely but i kept the other partition00:31
haideryea it was working00:31
heathhaider: You use any partioning tools recently did you?00:32
DirkGentlyhow big was the drive?00:32
haider80 GB00:32
haiderit was only 30 GB00:32
heathhaider: what does df -h show00:33
stdinand please use pastebin00:33
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:33
haiderFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on00:34
haider/dev/sda1              46G   27G   17G  62% /00:34
DirkGentlylooks like you need to add /dev/sda2 to fstab00:35
heathThe partition should still show00:35
DirkGentlydo you know where it was mounted before?00:35
haiderreally i didn't check that00:35
DirkGentlyheath: sda2 does (fat16 not ntfs)00:36
DirkGentlyhaider: why did you keep the 30GB partition?00:36
haiderto store some data00:37
=== minty__ is now known as minty
DirkGentlywhy not format it ext3?00:37
DirkGentlyfor Linux00:37
haidercause the data was on vista before00:37
DirkGentlyas you're not running Windows00:37
haiderso i don't wanna remove it00:37
haiderso any solution ?00:38
heathhaider: just do a reboot and see if it shows up again. use fdisk -l00:38
heathhaider: can you pastebin df -j for me00:38
heathhaider: can you pastebin df -h for me*****00:38
DirkGentlyhe showed it in channel00:39
DirkGently<haider> /dev/sda1              46G   27G   17G  62% /00:39
haiderhere it is00:40
INIT_6I found my answer about a month or so ago. just can't find the same page. I need to know how to exclude a package from updating. any suggestions?00:40
DirkGentlyhaider: can you do the contents of fstab too?00:40
heaththanks... now sudo fdisk -l00:40
haiderhere it is00:41
JimiIL<JimiIL> friends, i have install nvidia-settings on kubuntu8.04 but i just can't see all the options du the screen's res, i'm trying to set it to more than 640*480 but in the gui setting centre i just can't, please give me any advice to change that..00:42
haiderno this is the fdisk -l00:43
DirkGently<DirkGently> haider: can you do the contents of fstab too?00:43
haiderhow is that ?00:43
DirkGentlycat /etc/fstab00:43
haiderhere it is00:44
heathhaider: no NTFS.... maybe your disk is out of sync (highly unlikely) or you have some how removed the partition00:45
INIT_6*bumb* How do you exclude a package from showing up in adept updater?00:45
haiderso how can i get it back00:45
heathhaider: I would try a reboot and see what fdisk -l tells you then...00:45
sgroverINIT_6: pin the package00:45
heathyou should have a file system of NTFS00:45
DirkGentlyheath: how about getting him to mount sda2 first?00:45
INIT_6thank you sgrover00:45
sgrover:) not sure on the details of how to do the "pin", but that's the phrase I've heard00:46
DirkGentlysee if his data is on there00:46
haiderdear i want it back even if i lose the data00:46
heathSounds good to me00:46
haideri tried to mount sda200:46
heathhaider: mkdir fat00:46
heathhaider: did you get an error00:46
haiderlet me show u00:46
heathwhat was it00:47
heathDirkGently: /dev/sda2 is 30GB00:47
haidermount: can't find /dev/sda2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab00:47
DirkGentlyheath: exactly my point00:47
heathwhat command are you typing00:47
haidermount -a /dev/sda200:48
heathhaider: mkdir fat00:48
stdinno need for -a there00:48
heathmount /dev/sda2 fatsudo00:48
heathsudo mount /dev/sda2 fat****00:48
haidermount: mount point fat does not exist00:49
timboyok so there is some ftp daemon running on my system.. how do I remove it?00:49
haiderso i have to make mkdir fat00:49
heathhaider: did you mkdir fat00:49
backtickah sorry00:49
haidermount: you must specify the filesystem type00:49
backtickwas trying to join00:49
haideri get this now00:49
backtickwell hello kubuntuians00:50
DirkGentlytimboy: what do you have in /etc/init.d/*ftp*00:50
DirkGentlyie any ftp scripts?00:50
DirkGentlyhaider: sudo mount -f vfat /dev/sda2 fat00:51
DirkGentlyhaider: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda2 fat00:51
DirkGentlyit's late here00:51
timboyyes thx DirkGently I should have figured... ;)00:51
DirkGentlytimboy: dpkg -l | grep ftpd ?00:52
haiderit doesnt work00:52
haideranyway thank you guys :)00:53
heathhaider: we need the errors00:53
heathsudo mount -t autofs /dev/sda2 fat00:53
haiderhere is the error00:53
heathcan you paste dmesg | tail00:54
heathhaider: are you sure you didn't change the FS by mistake?00:55
haiderhere it is00:55
haideryeah i'm sure00:55
haideri didn't do anything00:55
heathhaider: do you have a bluetooth adapter in?00:56
haideri remove it and this is the error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64158/00:58
heathhaider: what version of kubuntu are you using?  lsb_release -a00:59
haidergutsy ***01:00
heathlooks like there are some bluetooth issues going on... are you planning to upgrade tomorrow?01:01
haidermay be01:01
haideri removed the bluetooth01:02
heathdid you try mount -t autofs01:02
haideryeah i did01:03
heathsee if a restart gets you any where....01:04
haiderthanks for help01:04
haidersee u01:04
bz029What is the best way to go about with a script that sends an email if a specific pattern is printed to the syslog?01:07
TeslaTonyIs there a way to search for files that DON'T match a string?01:09
TeslaTonySpecifically, anything that isn't *.mp3 or *.m3u in /Music01:10
stdinfind /path -not -iname "*.mp3" ?01:10
ubuntu_COMO ETAN TODOS01:10
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu_MICHAEL
TeslaTony!es | _MICHAEL01:11
ubotu_MICHAEL: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:11
TeslaTony!caps | _MICHAEL01:11
ubotu_MICHAEL: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:11
stdinubuntu_MICHAEL: /join #kubuntu-es01:11
DirkGentlyso he can shout in #kubuntu-es ?01:15
stdinrather there than here :)01:15
DirkGentlyI suppose it's no different to English tourists in Spain thinking that shouting will make them understood01:16
TeslaTonyIn twenty years, we're going to be hanging around in a holodeck lounge, talking to each other, and someone is bound to walk in with a tuba-sized megaphone, going "ENTSCHULDIGUNG! KANN JEMAND MIR HOREN?!?!?!"01:17
TeslaTonyAh, ign0ramus, you have come to the right channel01:18
heathanyone use virtualbox?01:18
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:19
nosrednaekimheath: yes01:19
heathnosrednaekim: is there anyway to start machines upon boot??01:19
nosrednaekimyeah.... put the command in your kde autostart folder01:19
ubotuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.01:20
heathnosrednaekim: I mean boot... not login01:20
heathI have a headless XP start on login01:20
nosrednaekimheath: no... since you need to be running X for it to work01:20
DirkGentlynosrednaekim: is that your real name Mike?01:20
heathnosrednaekim: even headless?01:20
nosrednaekimI think... of not, just put the command in /etc/rc.local01:20
nosrednaekimDirkGently: indeed :)01:21
heathnosrednaekim: I will try it ... thanks01:21
DirkGentlyAt least your's is almost readable... lol01:21
nosrednaekimif it is long :)01:22
backtickheath: look up "framebuffer" for headless GUI applications01:25
heathbacktick: i'm checking it out rught now... thanks01:26
jlundKDE Forever!01:35
jlundAm I right guys?01:35
jlundThis place is like a funeral compared to #ubuntu01:36
jlundBut we all know our desktop is better!01:36
Odd-rationale+1 for kde01:37
heathwe are all toasted01:37
heathKDE is all about the visuals right?01:37
Odd-rationaleheath: not just about the visuals...01:37
heathOdd-rationale: just a joke01:38
Odd-rationalesorry. didn't get it ... :)01:38
heathit's ok I'm not funny anyway01:38
backtickheath: KDE is all about clocks =P01:38
heathbacktick: I can see your desktop now01:39
backtickyeah but youn haven't seen my walls ;)01:39
backtickwhich reminds me i should do an oxygyn/kde4 nokia theme01:41
jlundNokia? Like the cell phone company?01:45
ubuntu_hi !01:46
jlundWhat's up ubuntu_?01:47
heathIs it possible to use skype with a bluetooth cell phone piece?01:47
heathI see a bluetooth audio package01:47
ubuntu_i just make a test with ubutu linux os !01:47
ubuntu_i[m not a linux user01:48
heathubuntu_: you like??01:48
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu_nick
ubuntu_nicknick Nagais good01:49
backtickjlund: yeah, a nokia phone theme01:49
jlundbacktick: Can you run this on your phone now?01:49
heathYou know... I wanted to order an Ubuntu coffee mug for $5 and shipping was $2001:49
Odd-rationalei know. I wanted to order stickers. but $10 for shipping?!01:50
dsmith_Odd-rationale: mkae your own stickers01:50
heathOdd-rationale: we should start a store01:50
=== ubuntu_nick is now known as ubuntu_
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Nagark
Odd-rationaledsmith_: I don't have a good printer...01:50
backtickjlund: i didn't make the theme yet but they are fairly easy to make.. just some images and an XML file01:50
dsmith_I used inkskape and found someone that had a great printer01:50
dsmith_printer a sheet on stickey paper01:51
Odd-rationaleI do have the F/OSS sticker books. vol I & II01:51
dsmith_whats that?01:51
backtickjlund:  and ultimately depends one the phone model family01:51
Nagarkok i need go now flws !!!01:51
dsmith_nm I found it01:52
DevourerHow do I paste something from my clipboard into Konsole?01:52
Odd-rationaledsmith_: http://www.openstickers.com/01:52
Odd-rationaleDevourer: shift+insert ?01:52
DevourerOdd-rationale, yeah, thanks... Strange... is there another way though? That automatically executes the command.01:53
Odd-rationaleDevourer: right-click --> paste01:53
DevourerOdd-rationale, no hotkey? Lol.01:54
JucatoDevourer: it automatically executes the command if you had included the "Enter" character in the selection you copied01:54
Jucato(that is, you selected up to the next line or something like that)01:55
DevourerJucato, hmmm... maybe I did...01:55
Jucatootherwise, normally it wouldn't execute pasted commands01:55
Devourerstdin, that doesn't work.01:55
stdinDevourer: new lines will be interpreted as "enter" though, so watch that, I know I've ran a few commands I didn't mean to that way01:56
Devourerstdin, yeah, that could suck.]01:57
backtickDevourer: shit + insert01:58
* backtick adores yakuake01:58
jlund!language | backtick01:59
ubotubacktick: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:59
DevourerLol, what?02:00
backtickadore v [T not in progressive] [Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: adorer, from Latin adorare, from ad- 'to' + orare 'to speak, pray']// to love someone very much and feel very proud of them02:00
backtickhad to check since i'm not a native english speaker =P02:01
dsmith_yakuake is sweet02:01
dsmith_jus' F12 and off you go....02:01
stdinbacktick: I believe he as referring to the the typo, missing f after i and before t in "shift" ;)02:02
* genii sips his beer02:02
backtickaah wow02:02
backtickehm, that's LCDs for me02:03
stdinyou'd be surprised how often that happens though02:03
freeblowedwhich is the best kde 4 kubuntu to download02:04
backticksounds like a good candidate for "auto replace" in konversation config02:04
stdinfreeblowed: hmm? how many are there?02:04
stdinwho told you there were 8 kubuntu kde4 releases?02:06
stdinthere's barely one02:06
freeblowedalpha 1 and up to 6 and then beta and rc02:07
stdinyou mean the alphas/betas/rcs ?02:07
stdinyeah, those are pre-released02:07
freeblowedyeah which is best?02:07
stdinthe official release is today02:07
geniiSometime :)02:07
freeblowedoh really02:07
freeblowedso i should just wait then huh02:07
stdinprobably within the next 10 hours </guess>02:07
stdin10-12 anyway02:07
freeblowedthen all the mirrors will be bogged like hell for a few days02:08
genii2:08 BST .... I wonder how long the mirrors take to sync02:08
freeblowedi could barely get 710 when that came out for a few days02:08
tekteentorrent is faster02:08
geniiWell it's basically a DDOS attack then :)02:08
geniiI'm just waiting to seed torrents02:08
backtickfreeblowed: in software relaces they are ordered like this (from earlies and least stable to newsest and most stable): alpha, beta, (sometimes but rarrly gamma) release and rc = release candicate and then the finla release02:08
tekteeneven if it is blocked by the ISP torrent is faster then the http/ftp02:09
tekteenbacktick: lol02:09
tekteenbacktick: perl guy?02:09
freeblowedwhy alpha beta gamma?02:09
backticktekteen: ruby =P02:09
freeblowedwhere's c d e f02:09
tekteenclose enough :-P02:10
stdinthe greek alphabet is a different order than the roman one02:10
backtickfreeblowed: because they sound cooler ;)02:10
freeblowedoh i see it's a b g d e z e ...02:11
stdinwikipedia ftw :p02:11
tekteenfreeblowed: Hebrew is also messed up that way :-)02:12
Odd-rationalethere is also RC. I wonder which alphabet that is from...02:12
stdinRelease Candidate ;)02:12
Odd-rationalei was joking of course....02:13
tekteenI know02:13
stdinI know, I was being pedantic02:13
tekteenbut it is funny all the same02:13
backtickstdin: you're being a gcc compile option ? :P02:13
stdinnah, I'd be -ansi -pedantic02:14
stdinoh, and -Wall02:14
tekteenI am doing a little polling. How many people are going to be using kubuntu-kde4? I am probably going to install kde4 and then install kde3 in case I get sick of kde4 (I know it will happen).02:15
backticktekteen: i was going to install both side by side and finally give up on kde 4 and stick to 302:16
tekteensame as me ;-)02:17
tekteenfirst install kde4 and then kde302:17
tekteenand wait till I get sick of kde402:17
TeslaTonyI'm using Ubuntu with the Kubuntu-KDE4-Desktop package installed02:18
wesley__does someone want to test some plasma-debs ?02:23
tekteenwesley__: I am bored and have nothing to do02:23
tekteenwesley__: I am in kde 3 now but have kde402:23
wesley__uh a standard kde4?02:24
tekteenIn gutsy02:24
tekteenthrough the ppa repo02:24
wesley__uh no i upload the deb02:25
heathIs anyone running compiz?02:25
tekteenwesley__: what do you need me to test?02:25
tekteen!ask | heath02:26
ubotuheath: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:26
wesley__tekteen if you can install it without any probems i dont know if it need depend on something whats not standard in kde402:27
heathok.... is anybody running compiz with KDE fx enabled02:28
heathI was just trying to start a konversation02:28
tekteenheath: it is not possible to run both02:28
wesley__tekteen: heres the the plasma deb http://www.mediafire.com/?ycmneualyjo02:28
heathtekteen: when compiz starts does it disable them by default02:28
tekteenheath: it turns off kwin while it is running02:29
wesley__tekteen please let me know if the deb works without a problem02:29
Jucatoheath: KDE 4 effects come with KWin, KDE's default window manager. Compiz is another window manager. You can't have 2 window managers running at the same time02:29
heathI gotcha...02:29
tekteenbye guys02:29
tekteengot to login to kde402:30
heathJucato: thanks for clearing that up... I should of just thought about it more02:30
unix_infidelhey Jucato02:30
stdinwesley__: that package has no dependencies02:30
nbf7777guys stupid question probably... but how do you pen the terminalin kubuntu?02:31
Jucatohey unix_infidel02:31
heathpin the konsole?02:31
Jucatonbf7777: "pen"?02:31
nbf7777open sorry02:31
JucatoK Menu -> System -> Konsole02:31
wesley__stdin: you know sure i can not test on my own pc becauuse i got everthing i i needed it02:31
nbf7777small keboard. the asus eee is to tiny02:31
nbf7777thank you much jucato02:32
stdinwesley__: dpkg-deb --info plasma-bball_20080424-1_i386.deb02:32
heathwhen compiz crashes... where does it dump its log?02:32
stdinwesley__: checkinstall isn't a good way to make packages02:32
backticknbf7777: you can press alt+f2 and type konsole02:33
Jucatoheath: most apps dump system-related logs in /var/log/02:33
wesley__stdin: i dont know a other way to do it easy02:33
heaththat's were i'm looking02:33
wesley__tekteen did you install it succesfull ? and can you add that plasmoid02:34
stdinwesley__: have a look at the extragear-plasma package, you can just grab the debian/rules and debian/cdbs/ dir from there02:34
Jucatoheath: you might want to ask in #compiz-fusion for help02:34
heathJucato: thanks02:35
wesley__stdin: you mean i find there the depends ?02:35
stdinwesley__: no, you don't add dependencies manually, there are automated tools to do that for you02:35
tekteenwesley__: do I need to restart kde4 after installing?02:35
stdin!packaging | wesley__, read this02:35
ubotuwesley__, read this: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports02:35
DevourerIs much going to change for Kubuntu with 8.04?02:36
wesley__tekteen: no if it install succesfull it shoul appear in you plasma menu02:36
tekteenDevourer: yeah... kde402:36
tekteenwesley__: what is added?02:36
Devourertekteen, does Kubuntu not use KDE4 right now?02:36
wesley__a sort of ball bball its called02:37
tekteenDevourer: there will be 2 versions02:37
Jucato!khardy | Devourer02:37
ubotuDevourer: Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 3 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported02:37
haiderwhere is heath ?02:37
tekteenmy computer is too messed up to test02:38
backticki'm downloading the packages02:38
heathhaider: what's up02:38
haiderhiii heath02:38
tekteenrun it in a virtual machine :-P02:38
haideri make it02:39
wesley__tekteen if doesnt that will problaly be that there are no depends02:39
haideri restored the partition02:39
jtmonzhow do i enable effects in kde4?02:39
heathwhat was the issue02:39
haideri used the cfdisk02:39
haiderafter i used shred02:39
tekteenwesley__: when I am playing with this stuff I create a "untainted image" and then build on it02:39
heathso the partition was actually damaged02:39
heathyou just made new... what type of fs02:40
haiderand everything is fine02:40
Jucatojtmonz: #kubuntu-kde4 please02:40
heathmkfs.ext3 ?02:40
haideri used linux file system02:40
haideryeah ext302:40
wesley__tekteen just like i tough you need depends i got them already most of them02:41
heathhaider: sucks you lost everything02:41
haiderit is working now and i am happy cheeeeeers02:41
heathI would of told you to ice it if you didn't need anything02:41
haiderno problem i have 80 % in the external device02:41
haiderthey were C# codes only02:41
haiderprograms i made before02:42
secleinteerhi, does anyone know if any big bugs have been found in the hardy rc? i'm thinking about dling/installing it right now, but i can wait if there's going to be a big difference in tomorrow's release02:42
haideryou are sweet guy dear heath thanks for ur help :)02:42
haideri do appreciate that for u02:43
Dr_willissecleinteer,  you may as well wait a day. save on server load.02:43
heathno problem... anytime02:43
haiderso there is a new release today ?02:44
backticksecleinteer: if there are, the packages will show as updates as usual.. well i think unless it's something to do with filesystem structure or a startup process02:44
Dr_willissecleinteer,  ive had some issues.. but theres a new kernel release in todays updates.. so perhaps that will fix things02:44
tekteenhaider: tomorrow02:44
heathwell... I guess it depends where u  are at02:44
haiderfor me now its 24 Apr02:44
heathis it tomorrow anywhere yet02:44
haiderhow about u all ?02:44
secleinteerDr_willis: ok, i'll wait then02:44
heath9:45pm on the 23rd02:45
haideri'm in Mars so the date kinda different hehehehehe02:45
haiderits so nice on Mars02:46
tekteenmars has bad weather02:46
tekteenand the year is much longer02:46
haiderits 4:46 AM 24 Apr02:46
nosrednaekimand its red02:46
backtickhaider: asia?02:47
haideryeah but it is nice cause nobody there but me02:47
haideri'm living in Jordan02:47
haideractually Iraqi02:47
haiderplanning to reach USA02:47
haidernice mix right ? :d02:47
haiderJordan , Iraq and USA02:48
heathsounds exciting02:48
tekteenI live on pluto02:48
heathnot even a planet02:48
haideryeah Pluto is nice but its too cold02:48
haidercome to iraq and you will enjoy your time02:48
tekteenI have not been allowed on earth since pluto was declared not a planet02:49
haideralways : Boooooooooooom Dooooooooooooooom02:49
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:49
tekteenJucato: If anyone comes with a real question we can always stop ;-)02:49
heathubotu: How can I get a kubuntu coffee mug to support kubuntu02:49
haiderwho is Jucato ?02:50
backticka #kubuntu overlord02:50
backtickit seems02:50
RoeyJucato can give ops kickbacks to his friends too02:50
heathi'm out guys... have a good night or day02:51
haideroverlord ? you mean he is like Ekhlees ?02:51
asobiwhere is my space going? just noticed 11gb+ is used @_@02:51
* Roey blinksblinksblinksblinks02:51
haiderhe can kill anyone02:51
Roeylike Light02:51
Roeyin Death Note02:51
haidersee you heath02:51
Dr_willisPlus he as a reserved parking space!02:51
Roeywhich I'm currently neck-deep in02:51
Dr_willisat least no one in here is asking  at what exact time will the release be released...02:51
haiderso we have a Terminator here02:51
Jucatoasobi: if you can, try to install the package "filelight". it will give you a graphical representation of used space02:52
tekteenDr_willis: 12:20 AM EDT :-)02:52
asobii don't need a picture. i like to know why it's using so much space02:52
Jucato<asobi> where is my space going? just noticed 11gb+ is used @_@ <---- tekteen, there's your real question02:52
Dr_willisis filelight the one that goves the 'blocks' layout of disk ussage? I recall seeing another similer tool. but can never rember its name02:52
Jucatoasobi: um... you were asking "where", so filelight will tell you where02:52
Jucatothen you can find out "why"02:52
Jucatoasobi: it's just not a pretty picture, you can click on it to go to that location02:53
tekteenJucato: I can't answer that question :-)02:53
haidertell me how can i register in here ?02:55
haiderso i can send PM02:55
haiderand stuffs02:55
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.02:55
=== haider is now known as GLADIATOR
asobii need more ram too :/02:56
tekteenGLADIATOR: hello02:56
GLADIATORi changed my name02:56
GLADIATORi was haider before02:56
asobiis trash stored under root??02:56
GLADIATORi love this name02:56
tekteenasobi: if you were logged in as root02:56
tekteenasobi: else it is stored in your user folder02:57
asobihow can i tell?02:57
Jucatoasobi: your user's trash? no. you can enter trash:/ in Konqueror to get to it02:57
tekteenyou are not logged in as root02:57
asobiah ok02:57
Dr_willisif you ran the file manager as root. and deleted a lot of things.. your root users trash may be taking up space.02:57
asobiit's showing a lot under /local/share02:59
asobihow can i make it so trash doesn't take up space?02:59
Dr_willisemopty the trash regularry?02:59
Dr_willisyou mean .local/share/Trash?02:59
=== GLADIATOR is now known as Simulator
asobiand why is there a var/backup ?03:00
Simulatorhow can i set a password for my nick name ?03:02
asobi./ns register nick pass03:02
asobithanks for filelight. very helpful!03:03
haiderso anyone know how can i activate the voice chat in ubuntu ?03:08
haiderover messenger03:08
haideri mean for yahoo03:09
nosrednaekimhaider: don't think you can03:09
haiderwhy ?03:10
tekteensearch for yahoo im clients03:10
tekteenone does it03:10
backtickhaider: kopete doesn't support yahoo voice chat03:11
backtickhaider: try Gizmo or well try skype03:12
haideri know that03:12
tekteenhaider: I know one works03:12
haidergive it to me please03:12
tekteenhaider: looking for it03:13
timboyterminal redirection isn't working for me... I'm running: ~/cxoffice/bin/wine --debugmsg=all --bottle=NOF10 Fusion.exe > fusion.log and it still displays all in the terminal03:13
haidernot all applications works with wine03:13
haideri do appreciate that tekteen03:14
timboyhaider, i know that i just want to see what's failing and it's too much to look at in terminal03:14
nexushey everyone03:14
nexusany idea why package updates would fail on a fresh install of kubuntu?03:14
nexusthis is the error I get03:14
nexusThere was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.03:14
haideredit the sources.list03:15
haiderand remove the # from deb ...03:15
haiderall of them03:15
haiderthe run sudo apt-get update03:15
nexusok, will do. how do I get it to do updates again03:15
haiderafter that it will be fine03:15
haideryou can get updates and new packages03:16
tekteenhaider: meebo.com may work03:17
haiderlet me see03:17
tekteenhaider: it is a browser based im client03:17
backticktimboy: you're redirecting only stdout and not stderr03:17
haider:( i know that site03:17
timboybacktick, how do i do both?03:17
tekteenand my bro says it has some functionality for voice. not sure about yahoo voice03:17
haideri see it before03:17
haidermay be one time we can make some messenger that provides voice and cam ( Dreaming ) lol03:18
haiderskype is fine03:19
backticktimboy: something >& somehwre03:19
haiderbut stupid03:19
timboybacktick, sweet thx!!!03:19
haideremmmmm who know about installing Dock ?03:20
haideri did the steps that i found in ubuntu forums but i got nothin03:20
nexusyeah seemed to fix it03:24
nexuswhat about those other packages that failed though?03:24
nexuswill this take care of them?03:24
haidertry apt-get install -f03:24
haideror apt-get update -f03:25
haideruse sudo apt-get install -f03:26
haidersudo apt-get update -f03:26
nexusI did update -f03:27
haiderdid it work ?03:28
nexusinstall -f just tells me what has been ugraded, newly installed, remove, or not upgraded.03:28
nexusthere is new packages to be upgraded03:28
nexusI just want to make sure I am not missing any packages because of that failure before03:28
haiderhow can i start my car using ubuntu terminal ? :D03:29
nexusguess I am just being paranoid, it would tell me if there were packages that didnt install03:30
nexusthey would just show up as new updates, I am sure of it03:30
jitendranexus: they are held coz the updates may not be stable03:31
jitendranexus: i mean upgrades03:31
nexushmm, so you think they are still there, un-upgraded eh?03:32
nexusit doesnt make much sense, it was a fresh install.03:32
haidersomeone tell me how can i upgrade ?03:32
haiderto the new version ?03:32
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:33
jitendranexus: if u r that desperate to install them, try sudo apt-get install ...... where .... refers to the package which are available for upgrade03:33
* backtick always do clean installs03:33
nexusoh there is a new version? Adept told me there was a new distro out, I thought 7.10 was the latest stable03:33
backticknexus: that changes today03:34
nexusHardy's out today!?03:34
haiderit seems that iam already up-to-date03:34
jitendrayup. it is going to be released within few hrs03:34
nexuswell screw this then, I'll just download hardy and install with that03:35
stdinif you want to know if hardy is out, type /topic03:35
sparr_the kde low disk space warning, is that purely % based?03:39
squidyhey.. is there a way to rip dvd videos using k3b?03:48
dwidmannsquidy: yes03:49
dwidmannsparr_: dunno, my disks are so big that I never run out of space :D03:49
sparr_i got down to 5% on /home03:50
sparr_and it warned me03:50
sparr_of course, 5% is 25GB03:50
squidydwidmann: How I get it? Is there a how to to do that?03:51
sparr_im getting really annoyed at having to manage free space on my hard drives.  i wish there was a non-destructuve way to transparently spread a folder across multiple drives03:52
dwidmannsquidy: well, you'll need libdvdcss2 from medibuntu probably, not sure what else it'll want, but it should be doable by going to .....03:53
squidyI've already installed libdvdcss203:53
dwidmanntools -> rip video dvd03:53
luis_que tal alguiend de peru03:54
luis_alguien que me ayude a reparar kopete?03:54
stdin!es | luis_03:55
ubotuluis_: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:55
dwidmannsparr_: must be % based then03:56
squidyinstalling dvdrip.. arrhhg!! :-(03:57
dwidmannsquidy: why?04:05
dwidmannsquidy: k3b should work fine ... though dvdrip is a bit more flexible04:05
squidydwidmann: because i've wanted to use k3b for that..04:06
dwidmannhmm, one sec, I'll give k3b a quick run and see if I can get it to rip a dvd without issue04:07
geniiAfter libdvdcss2/3 install k3b worked flawlessly for me on even the worst DVDs04:09
dwidmannDoesn't seem to be working for me either04:12
dwidmanngenii: /3?04:12
geniidwidmann: Yes, there is a libdvdcss304:12
dwidmanngenii: hmm, when did it come out and why haven't I heard of it?04:13
squidygenii: i've installed libdvdcss2...04:13
geniilemme see if I can re-find where I got it04:13
luis_sorry i'm principiant in ubuntu04:13
dwidmannwait, I'm not seeing it as installed for me, maybe I only installed it on my laptop04:15
Mike34 04:16
Mike34  04:16
zekeanyone know of a good video editor that allows for cut paste and other by frame?04:24
Jucatokino? kdenlive?04:24
Jucato(first is a GNOME app, 2nd a KDE app)04:24
zekeI believe MANIPULATE is the word I wanted...thank you, Jucato.04:25
=== jack__ is now known as PocketCookies
* cab86 pokes around04:36
cab86is anyone alive?04:36
=== JulCes_z_ is now known as JulCes
maduserno there all zombies04:36
cab86i just wanted to ask anyone that knew... if it was ok to remove certain packages...04:36
cab86like the linux-restricted-modules for 5 different kernels that are currently installed in my system04:37
cab86as far as I know... Hardy is currently using only 2 kernels... and both are 2.6.24-1604:38
stdinremove the kernel images and that package will be removed too04:38
Boohbahwhat do i need to convert mp3 to wav with k3b for burning? i installed sox04:38
maduserdo what starndard imput says cab8604:39
Jucatokeep at least 2 kernels and their accompanying modules: 1 kernel that you are using currently, and one backup (the last working kernel)04:39
cab86but i'm looking in synaptic and it says that the ones for  2.6.17-11, 2.6.20-16, 2.6.22-1404:39
cab86are installed04:39
cab86aside from the hardy ones04:40
dekI need to make a script to do poff dsl-provider, but only sudo can do that. How can I workaround this?04:45
maduserwhat you need to get around sudo?04:46
maduseryou can't use sudo?04:46
dekmaduser: the script is to be executed automatically, so i cannot enter password myself04:47
stdinput it in /etc/rc.local to get it to start at boot04:48
dekstdin: i dont need it to start at boot, it has to start whenever a program calls it, so its kind of "random"04:48
stdinthere's no way to "get around" sudo as such04:49
maduserthere should be a away for the program to enter the password itself04:50
dekprogram just calls script04:51
maduserthe script that needs the password should be able to return the password04:51
dekI am reading something about /etc/sudoers, seems it could work04:51
stdinyou can make sudo read from (heh) stdin, yes04:51
maduseryeah standard imput04:52
* genii pipes stdin to stdout04:52
stdin/etc/sudoers is more difficult than it looks, so be careful04:52
* stdin steps away from #ubuntu-release-party for a while to catch his breath04:53
dekstdin: ok, will be :P04:54
cab86stdin, it is alright for me to remove those old images then...?04:55
stdincab86: yeah, you're not booting them are you?04:55
cab86not that i know off... :P04:55
stdincab86: just keep the current one and a known good one just in case04:55
cab86i wonder why the upgrade process doesn't get rid of those...04:56
cab86what would be the prompt command to find out the current version i'm running on?04:57
stdinuname -r04:57
cab86wooo hooo, 500+ megs of memory being freed...05:01
discombobulatedanyone here actually say anything?05:05
stdinwe're all in #ubuntu-release-party05:06
=== jords__ is now known as jords
zekekdenlive doesn't seem to run so well on my laptop05:11
secleinteerhi, when i install the nvidia drivers in hardy (had the same problem in gutsy) the dpi is way too high05:17
secleinteerhow do i fix this?05:17
zekelemme google dpi05:17
zekeresolution in other words05:18
tiberius1701hey everyone, who know alot about the kcontrol05:18
secleinteerzeke: no, i mean the fonts are too big05:19
secleinteerthe resolution is fine05:19
secleinteernvm got it05:19
secleinteerproblem solved05:19
=== zeke is now known as ATHF-Assemble
tiberius1701shouldn't there be some option in the kcontrol for the splash screen, but there is'nt?05:22
ATHF-Assembleshould be05:23
tiberius1701i dont have an option, but there is one in kde4?05:24
zekex just crashed on me05:25
zekenow for kcontrol05:25
zekeI'm not finding it either man05:29
tiberius1701strange, so how they expect us to change it05:30
tiberius1701there must be away of doing it through the console05:31
=== zeke is now known as ATHF-Assemble
ATHF-Assembleyou want to change login screen or the loading screen?05:33
tiberius1701well not that you mention it both05:34
tiberius1701i just read somthing on google it sad maybe i need the starup manager or somthing/05:35
ATHF-Assemblewell for login it's under login manager05:36
ATHF-Assemblewhich is system settings advanced tab05:36
ATHF-Assembleas for loading screen I'd have to do some research because I don't see it in system settings05:37
tiberius1701ok i found the longin man05:37
Gioacchinowhat about cd image of new release?05:40
ATHF-Assemblefor the loading splash you'll need to install ksplash05:45
=== ATHF-Assemble is now known as HunterSThompson
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.06:05
Frederickfolks does anyone know a good dark theme for kde?06:11
HunterSThompsonhigh contrast? lol06:12
HunterSThompsonI don't06:12
mot_anybody know when they're actually uploading the new release to the servers?06:14
mot_it's past midnight on the east coast and i demand hot, hot 8.04 action.06:14
teradynemot_: We're waiting on #ubuntu-release-party for the word to be given.06:14
=== teradyne is now known as BonesolTeraDyne
HunterSThompsoncome to #ubuntu-release-party  just don't ask when it's to be released06:14
harolddongI wish they'd just release it already I'm pooping my pants in anticipation over here06:17
mot_any reason why if i go into adept manager to upgrade to 8.04 from 7.10 and fetch updates there's no version upgade button?06:17
mot_just out of curiosity...06:17
sortealThe release party room is ACTIVE...if u can't read fast don't bother lol06:17
harolddongI read06:17
harolddongpoop comment stand though06:17
harolddongthere won't be much difference between the RC and the final will there?06:18
HunterSThompsonwouldn't think so06:18
=== peabody is now known as letterman
lettermanhey so I just blindly stabbed my way through the installation because ubuntu apparently doesn't include the correct graphics driver for my chipset and I found the fix on the bugs along with a fix, but the file needs me to exit xwindows to install06:22
lettermanunfortunatly I only have the top 25% of the screen06:22
lettermanand I can't blindly find the close x windows and return to console button06:23
lettermanCTRL + ALT + Backspace throw me back into the login screen06:23
lettermanand when I edited the boot command to add init 306:23
lettermanit still launched me into x windows06:23
lettermanhow do I kill xserver from console and return to a command shell?06:23
HunterSThompsonnot sure, but from login you can select text-login [sic]06:26
HunterSThompsonshould work the same06:26
=== peabody is now known as letterman
=== peabody is now known as letterman
lettermanI need to support a nvidia GeForce 7050 HD chipset, Is there anything else I can do to fix this? I tried installing the latest drivers from nvidia,Here's the error log: http://www.pastebin.org/3166106:41
calcmandanHey guys.  Anyone know how a person can contribute to game ranks on adept installer?06:56
calcmandanOr it is purely based on number of installs?06:56
calcmandanHey guys.  Anyone know how a person can contribute to game ranks on adept installer?07:05
calcmandanOr it is purely based on number of installs?07:05
HunterSThompsontry #ubuntu-release-party07:05
Jucato!popcon | calcmandan07:05
ubotucalcmandan: The Ubuntu Popularity Contest project is an attempt to map the usage of Ubuntu packages. To partecipate, install the package "popularity-contest", and see  http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucasNussbaum/PopconDraft07:05
calcmandanubotu: thank you man07:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thank you man - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:07
geniiHmm partecipate07:07
HunterSThompsonI was thinking the same...you'd think a bot would be able to spell correctly07:08
Jucatogenii: fixed. thanks07:09
calcmandani didn't know it was a bot07:10
geniiJucato: np   I'm one of those movie continuity/typo freaks07:10
Jucatonow you do :)07:10
calcmandanyes.  heh.  now that i'm embarassed.07:10
HunterSThompsondon't sweat it07:10
Jucatogenii: I'm a spelling freak too.. but it's the first time I saw that factoid so...07:10
HunterSThompsonunless it was [sic]07:10
geniiI think the biggest factoid typo I've seen was "cant" instead of "can" in the !lug07:11
geniiFixed now tho07:11
ubotuLug's are Linux User Groups. You can find your local group here: http://www.linux.org/groups/07:12
genii^ note previously you "cant" find your user group there :)07:12
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code07:19
icewatermancan someone ping packages.medibuntu.org07:20
Jucatoicewaterman: works fine07:20
calcmandanno response here07:21
icewatermanJucato: hmm, i get unknown host07:21
calcmandanme too07:21
damien_Hi, how do I mount my ipod?07:21
calcmandan!popcorn | damien_07:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about popcorn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:22
Jucato!ipod | damien_07:23
ubotudamien_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:23
geniipings fine here07:23
uboturockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!07:24
geniicalcmandan: If you plan to keep doing !factoids, consider doing /msg ubotu hi          Then you can bug him all you want :)07:26
calcmandangot carried away.07:26
Jucato!msgthebot | calcmandan07:26
ubotucalcmandan: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.07:26
* genii has occasionally been guilty of !botabuse also07:27
empirichi all any one works on gosa in kubuntu07:31
geniiempiric: Perhaps they'll know in #kubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-devel07:33
aotianlongjoin gnome07:35
sortealWow did I check this page at the wrong time what's with the join GNOME crap!07:37
Jucatosorteal: I presume he mistyped the command. calm down :)07:37
geniisorteal: Lots of ppl here run other window managers07:38
emilsedghguys, gnome is not enemy!07:39
jamesmmmhey there, can anyone pls help me set my nvidia card on?07:39
Jucatoyeah.. emilsedgh is07:39
Jucato!nvidia | jamesmmm07:39
ubotujamesmmm: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:39
emilsedghjussio1: btw god job on the session management.it was so nice.just...i think you have to update it with 4.1, dont forget to do that when its released07:40
emilsedghJucato: ^07:40
emilsedghsorry jussio1 :)07:40
* jussi01 whacks emilsedgh 07:40
Jucatoemilsedgh: sure. but I have to fix the autostart manager in trunk first07:40
emilsedghJucato: its not working?07:41
Jucato(but I have to test first that it actually works first)07:41
Jucatoemilsedgh: ^^^^07:41
Jucatoemilsedgh: autostart manager, not session manager07:41
Jucatoit has some... quirks :)07:41
emilsedghi think it does.07:41
JucatoI'll have to check...07:41
Jucatoone disadvantage of Linux/KDE stability is not logging out often... so not being able to test them again and again... so I'll have to do it with a new/separate user :)07:44
emilsedghJucato: i think it will work on release time.also even if it doesnt work, it shouldnt stop you teaching it, because bugs might be everywhere07:46
HunterSThompson past07:46
Jucatoemilsedgh: well it's just the tool I'm talking about, the one in System Settings.07:47
Jucatootherwise, everything works07:47
emilsedghJucato: i know.the new autostart manager which adds 'Scripts' and 'Programs' for autostart07:47
imohi all07:48
=== imo is now known as osoh
HunterSThompsonwhy di "I" get banned fromt he party?07:48
Jucatoemilsedgh: yep. that port of kcontrol-autostart (which is also bugged in some ways)07:48
=== HunterSThompson is now known as ATHF-Assemble
harolddongyou were bringing it down07:48
ATHF-Assemblehow so?07:48
harolddongthey said you were just staring at all the girls all creepy07:48
ATHF-AssembleI can't help the way I look at people07:49
ATHF-Assembleso is there a certain amount of time I have to wait?07:49
stdinATHF-Assemble: you said the "n" word, please join #ubuntu-ops if you want to discuss07:49
stdin("n" as in the german political party of WW2 btw)07:49
=== ATHF-Assemble is now known as HunterSThompson
=== NDPMB is now known as NDPMacBook
=== Nicekiwi9[zZz]_ is now known as Nicekiwi9
=== alberto is now known as housito
housitoHi! The final release its available?08:04
Jucatosee the /topic08:04
housitoThx Jucato08:04
housitoso today its the day, so strange...08:04
housitoHave a nice day!08:05
jtmoney_man, who are the losers in #ubuntu-ops?08:10
Jucatoemilsedgh: works better if there's a space betweeen j and # :D08:10
jtmoney_they kickban people from channels for saying things like "steve jobs rapes people on hardware prices"08:10
jtmoney_i love ubuntu08:10
jtmoney_but come on08:10
jtmoney_this authoritarian, childish nonsense needs to stop08:11
=== ron_ is now known as trophyhead
jtmoney_people like stdin and seveas08:11
emilsedghJucato: my fingers are going mad!08:11
* Jucato sighs...08:11
JackWinteris there an utility to monitor motherboard and cpu temps?08:11
Jucatoemilsedgh: you made them mad. that's your fault :P08:11
HunterSThompsonI think so08:11
* emilsedgh blames himself08:11
stdinyou see that ^ he made the mistake of actually *pinging* me08:12
* Jucato always forgets the names of those monitor thingies08:12
ubotuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto08:12
Jucatoconky, some greklmsdfasf foo... :)08:12
Jucatolm_sensors (I think...) yeah I forget them :)08:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about troll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trolling - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:13
trophyheadhi all = )  well I read you answered my question, not out yet (H.H) = (08:14
JackWinterere4si: thanks on my way08:14
trophyheadseen a final release & got excited, = )  then saw alpha 6 last testing before release = (08:16
trophyheadis it still supposed to be out sometime today?, I hope!08:17
trophyheadhello?...is this thing on? lol08:19
jlundYes it is, but not yet08:19
Jucatotrophyhead: see the /topic for details08:19
trophyheadk thx, where do I see topic at?08:20
ere4si!topic > trophyhead08:21
JackWintercan i setup konqueror to launch firefox for myspace and youtube ?08:28
nkkhello everyone....i've just got my new kubuntu cd08:28
jlundHey nkk08:28
nkki'd like to know what's the difference between ubuntu and kubuntu.. ^^08:28
nkki'm ubuntu gutsy right now btw08:29
ere4sikubuntu uses kde for the window manager - ubuntu uses gnome - and apps are diff08:29
nkkyeah i know that...but there's not much difference then?08:29
nkkwhich one's .err..better?08:30
ere4sikde looks diff and the apps are diff08:30
nkkis it worth removing ubuntu and installing kubuntu?08:30
ere4sidepends on what you like - kde is prettier08:30
nkkyeah that's what i think XD looks prettier08:30
spqI'm trying to get sound working on a Medion MD96420 (lspci: 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:284b] (rev 03)) the driver seems to be snd-hda-intel but when loading it i dont get any lines in /proc/asound/cards and dmesg says: http://rafb.net/p/ALVKkL81.html08:30
ovidiuwhen the new ubuntu will be released? :D08:31
ere4siyou can install kde desktop on ubuntu and choose it from sessions in the login08:31
nkkoh that'd be great08:31
ere4si!isitout | ovidiu08:31
ubotuovidiu: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:31
ere4siovidiu: it gets asked alot08:32
ovidiuok :)08:33
ovidiui understand08:33
nkkone more question...what is Konqueror? XD08:33
JackWinternkk: i think kde is fabulous.  don't have much experience with gnome, but the user interface integration is just fantastic in kde!08:33
ovidiuA web browser08:33
nkklike firefox?08:33
nkkand what's nautilus then?08:34
ovidiua file manager08:34
nkklike windows explorer?08:34
stdinkonqueror is a web browser/file manager/ftp client/network searcher/etc/etc08:34
nkkwhoa..multiple usages08:34
=== xrysoula is now known as mickymouse
stdinkonqueror is every tool you ever wanted and then some08:34
ovidiuof course, like stdin say, konqueror have a lot of funtions08:34
stdinoh, and it's a file reader/viewer08:34
stdinhmm, it'd probably be easier to say what konqueror isn't than what it is08:35
nkkhehe :P08:35
stdinit's not a toaster, there :)08:35
JackWinternkk: i think that konqueror is one of the best things in kde.  i have one browser and one set of bookmarks and it doesn't matter if it's a local file or an url...  pity they are gonna drop it in kde 4...08:35
sortealA good web browser08:35
nkkis it as ram hog as firefox? :P08:35
mickymousehello any news what time 8.04 will be out?08:36
ovidiuagain that question...08:36
nkkthere they go again XD08:36
stdinJackWinter: it's not dropped, the file managing part is moved to dolphin but it still retains functionality08:36
* HunterSThompson wishes everyone a good night/morning.08:36
ovidiuwhat's the time in Baker and Howland Islands?08:36
harolddongkonqueror is cool but nothing really beats firefox's extensibility08:36
nkkmaybe someone can put that in "Topic"?08:36
mickymousejust had to ask08:36
nexusfirefox isint a ram hog08:37
nexusespecially 308:37
nkkwell it is on windows i think :P08:37
harolddongyeah 3 is actually really awesome08:37
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) Pre-orders https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | No Hardy is not out yet, and we don't know when it will be | Party in #ubuntu-release-party
JackWinterstdin: ok as i understood they will replace file browsing with dolphin and web browsing with firefox..?08:37
stdinas if anyone actually READS the topic anyway...08:37
nkksomeone might :P08:37
nkkand that'd be one question less? :)08:38
harolddongand I gotta say I like dolphin way better than konqueror as a file browser08:38
stdinJackWinter: what? no. konqueror is still the browser and can be used as the file manager, it just used the dolphin kpart08:38
nkknow you're confusing me08:38
ubotuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.08:38
nkkwhat shell does kubuntu use?08:39
JackWinterstdin: thank god.  then all i need is to be able to set K up to use firefox for certain urls...08:39
nkkah that's same as ubuntu ..good08:39
Jucatonkk: under the hood, Kubuntu uses Ubuntu08:39
stdinnkk: they both use the same base08:39
nkkdoes kubuntu have/support pidgin??08:39
stdinubuntu + gnome is what's commonly known as "ubuntu", ubuntu + kde is Kubuntu08:40
Jucatonkk: if you install it08:40
ovidiuit support pidgin08:40
ovidiubut you need to install it08:40
nkkthat can be done08:40
stdinkopete is the default IM app08:40
Jucatonkk: anything Ubuntu has, Kubuntu has, and vice versa. just not installed by default08:40
ere4siit has konversation for chat08:40
nkkit supports Irc as well right?08:40
ovidiuwhat are the system requirement for xubuntu?08:41
stdinkonversation is only an IRC client ;)08:41
nkkoops :P08:41
harolddongkopete beats the panties off pidgin08:41
nkkKopete supports everything like pidgin then?08:41
harolddongthis has been medically proven08:41
stdinkopete probably supports more than pidgin08:42
stdinit's like konqueror, it's an Über app08:42
JackWinterktorrent is great to.  am getting a knoppix dvd dright now.08:42
ovidiukopete support webcams, but Pidgin08:42
nkkgee...i've got to try out Kubuntu now XD08:42
harolddongseriously after you use kopete pidgin seems almost like alpha level software08:42
nkkyeah i use Ktorrent in Ubuntu08:42
JackWinterjust started using kmail, and seems to be  a super app too...08:43
nkkhmm that'd be like thunderbird right?08:44
nkkno pop308:44
JackWinternkk: it has pop3 and imap.08:44
nkkno..i mean i don't have a pop3 email id08:44
JackWinternkk: supports encryption too...08:44
stdinkmail is the mail client (as if you couldn't guess), and like most KDE app, it supports just about every protocol08:44
JackWinternkk: so you use webmail?08:45
nkkah..u people know so much about this..have u contributed to the project?08:45
nkkwebmail? what do u mean by that?...i just log on to the website like yahoo and log in08:45
harolddongkontact is cool but I just wish I could  use it with web mail like I can with thunderbird08:45
JackWinternkk: just a very satisfied noob ;)08:45
stdinbeing in #kubuntu and answering questions is contribution08:46
the4400Hey guys. I'm having trouble with my dual-screen. It has been working for a long time, but sometimes when I unplug things to use a projector, I cannot get more than one screen working again afterwards.. not sure what happens08:46
nkkyea but i mean in context of programming..08:46
nkkone last question..then i've to run :P....can i "uninstall" Ubuntu?08:47
nkki don't think it's possible..but..maybe08:47
ubotupurekde is If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »08:47
=== genii_ is now known as genii
the4400in addition, if I go to system settings -> monitor and display, I cannot save "dual screen" checkbox for some reason.. I can check it if I open in admin mode, but the change doesn't stick even if I click "apply"08:48
nkkwhat will happen to the libs?08:48
stdinnkk: unless an app needs it, they will be removed.08:48
nkkhrmm..so i'll have to download some of them again..08:49
nkkalright gotta run08:49
stdinno, just remove the apps you want from the command shown and it'll keep them08:49
nkkthanks for the help08:49
nkkoh ok08:49
nkki'll look into it when i'm back from uni08:49
* nkk bookmarks it08:50
Gioacchinoherdy iso is out ?08:52
maxI need to view the total number of row in a 10 file txt, how I can do this in shell?08:52
the4400is there a way to get my "Monitor and Display" settings back to default or something?08:54
the4400I'm not able to change them at all right now..08:54
JackWinteri'm gonna have to reinstall xp on my multiboot system.  i know i can reinstall grub by running "sudo grub-install /dev/hda" from the live cd.  but say i have kubuntu on sda6 and ubuntu on sda7 how does grub know where to look for menu.lst ?08:54
stdinGioacchino: /topic08:55
Gioacchinonot out...08:57
ovidiuWhat's mean LTS? Long term support?09:02
ovidiuand there is a difference between the standard version and LTS version?09:02
ovidiuor there will be just a LTS version?09:02
stdinKubuntu won't be LTS this time around09:03
Kaihey guys, with ubuntu it dispays the network folders etc withoutmapping  the drive can i setup kubuntu to do the same?09:03
stdinKai: smb:/ doesn't do that?09:03
TeslaTonystdin: Is that because of the KDE3 vs. KDE4 issues?09:04
stdinTeslaTony: partially09:04
Kaiatm i was going thru the file manager stdin and it only has option to map a drive before i can access it09:04
geniiovidiu: Regular ubuntu will be 3 year support and updates (server 5 years). Which overlaps next LTS 1 year (hopefully) when projected release of it 10.04  (2010 April)09:04
stdinTeslaTony: canonical decided that it could not guarantee kde3 would be actively maintained for the duration of the LTS term09:05
ovidiuand what's mean support? there will be updates available for Hardy version for 3 years?09:05
stdinKai: in konqueror remote:/ or smb:/ (dolphin should do it to actually)09:06
stdinovidiu: security updates and commercial support contracts09:06
Kaistdin: sorry, im at dolphin / network where would i go from here09:08
ovidiuIf I have installed an ubuntu-based distribution09:08
ovidiuand after that I installed "kubuntu-desktop" from repositoryes09:08
stdinKai: there should be "Network Services" and "Samba Shares"09:08
ovidiuwhat I should download for update? the kubuntu iso or the distribution iso?09:08
geniiovidiu: EOL for Hardy will be April 2011 (no more updates, etc) more info on EOL of all versions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases09:08
stdinovidiu: upgrade instructions will be posted here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes when Hardy is released09:09
Kaitheere is stdin09:09
genii!helpersnack | stdin09:09
ovidiuaha... ok, thanks for info ;)09:09
ubotustdin: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!09:09
Kaistdin: under both there is nothing listed09:10
stdinKai: samba is the network shares I think you mean, nfs shares should be in the network services one though09:10
Kaimust be something wrong with my shared files then though i can map to them fine09:11
stdinnot sure then, I see a list of workgroups and then computers09:11
=== nnnn is now known as kddddafskdjds
Kaiubuntu just pickd them up right away,09:12
Kaithanks for ur input stdin09:12
stdinthere's always smbtree from the terminal ;)09:12
Kaisorry second day usin linux nfi how to do that atm09:13
stdinKMenu -> System -> Konsole09:13
Jucato<Kai> thanks for ur input stdin <--- lol! that just sounds so strange :)09:13
stdinthat opens the terminal09:13
Kaiyea i know terminal09:13
stdintype in "smbtree" and whatever password your user uses on the net09:14
stdinyou can use "smbtree -N" if you don't need a pass09:14
dreamcoderwhen is 8.04 final released09:14
stdinthen it should list services09:15
Jucatodreamcoder: please read the /topic09:15
Kaiok cool09:15
dreamcoderoh yeah cheers09:15
Gioacchinofor hardy kvirc try icon is fixed(in gutsy is too much big)??09:17
Gioacchinofor hardy kvirc try icon is fixed(in gutsy is too much big)??09:20
ovidiui don't think that this bug is a Ubuntu bug09:21
ovidiuthis is a kvirc bug09:21
cemilcemil12316] --> 16]1,iiş,şşşşşşşşşşşşş16] --> 16] --> 16] --> 16] --> 16] --> 6] --> 16] --> 16] -->  -->09:21
=== cemil is now known as cemil_
=== cemil_ is now known as cemil
Gioacchinobut gutsy kvirc09:22
Gioacchinois 3.2.409:23
Gioacchinolatest kvirc is 3.4.009:23
freeblowedhey did 8.04 kde 4 come out yet?09:27
Jucatofreeblowed: the same time as 8.04 kde 3. see the/topic for details09:27
maxI see with dolphin my landisk (dolphin->networkdevices->landisk), how I can access to this landisk from my linux shell?09:27
ovidiuwe can hope for a KDE 3.6 version?09:27
Jucatoovidiu: no09:28
ovidiuor kde 3.5.9 is the latest version from the kde 3.x series?09:28
Jucatoand probably the last09:28
freeblowedi thought it was supposed to be out today09:28
freeblowedsomeone in here told me to just wait to download since it was being released today09:28
Jucato"today" has quite a big span of time.... considering timezones and working hours. so /topic again :)09:29
ovidiuso the next release of Kubuntu (not 8.04) will be KDE 4 based?09:29
stdinit will be out today, yes09:29
freeblowedhe said within 10 hours09:29
stdinovidiu: there will be two09:29
kaminix"GStreamer-0.10 plugin 'level' not found. This plugins is absolutely required. Please install it." <-- It says it's in the package gstreamer0.10-plugins-good which I have installed, now what? :s09:29
ovidiufor how much time?09:29
maxI see with dolphin my landisk (dolphin->networkdevices->landisk), how I can access to this landisk from my linux shell?09:29
Jucatostdin: for 8.10?09:29
stdinoh "not 8.04" :p09:30
freeblowedso instead of that long crap about the topic you could have just said no, not till later today or just no09:30
stdinprobably not then09:30
* Jucato sighs...09:30
maxI see with dolphin my landisk (dolphin->networkdevices->landisk), how I can access to this landisk from my linux shell?09:32
stdinmax: please don't repeat, if someone knows they will answer09:33
ovidiuit is any way to make qt3 application to look like qt4 applications?09:34
maxnobody no that things?09:34
Jackubushmm, i made a mistake when i installed my system.  created a 100mb instead of a 10gb partition for sharing data between multiple os'.  i am resizing and moving data with gparted from a live cd.  all my linux partitions live in an extended partition.  please tell me that i can resize the extended partitition in order to grow a primary partition...09:37
HunterSThompsonhow might one make a disk image for use on another computer09:39
=== wdk is now known as dirkwei
sparr_konqueror seems to truncate css percentage widths to integer percentages.  known bug?09:40
Jackubusor do you know a good channel for asking about repartitioning?09:40
TeslaTonyJackubus: The Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD (and I assume the 8.04 as well) has GParted. If you boot to livecd you can repartition the drive without (usually) screwing things up09:42
TeslaTonyJackubus: You can also download a GParted LiveCD to repartition things09:43
TeslaTonyJust...back things up...seriously09:43
PennycookHey guys, just preparing for the upgrade to Hardy and weighing up KDE4 against 3.59; has anybody had much luck changing the looks of GTK apps yet in KDE4?09:44
ere4si#kubuntu-kde4 might be the place to ask that09:45
JackubusTeslaTony: i have booted from a live cd and am repartitioning as we speak.  it's a new installation so nothing to lose really.  have all the data on other disks.  was hoping to avoid reinstalling...  the thing is i don't know if it will allow me to shrink a secondary partition?09:46
JackubusTeslaTony: secondary=extended09:46
Pennycookere4si: Ah, didn't realise there was a channel. Thanks.09:46
DarkriftXanyone know if there will be a way for me to use a script to read my paypal information?09:47
TeslaTonyJackubus: I think so. If it won't work, I'm pretty sure it just won't let you09:47
DarkriftXnot really asking how, just if its possible09:48
JackubusTeslaTony: looks like i'm looking at several hours repartitioning, might be faster to reinstall, but on the other hand this install included alot of irc and  googling.  would be bad to spend hours just to find out i have to reinstall anyways ;)09:49
TeslaTonyJackubus: When I first built this computer I must've reinstalled a dozen times. Coulda sworn I was doing it for fun, it's so easy...09:50
JackubusTeslaTony: oh well , there is firefox and internet radio. will explore gnome while i pass the time ;)09:53
TeslaTonyJackubus: I think the liveCD also has Pidgin, which will let you on most of the big IM clients. Certainly take this opportunity to send obscene messages to UN ambassadors09:56
advancedHi ppl10:00
advancedI need help :)10:00
ere4si!ask advanced10:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask advanced - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:00
ere4si!ask | advanced10:00
ubotuadvanced: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:00
maxI see with dolphin my landisk (dolphin->networkdevices->landisk), how I can access to this landisk from my linux shell?10:00
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion10:01
advancedI have problem with C-Media sound cart...10:02
advancedMy sound doesnt work...only drty sound10:04
tony134340max, are you using samba?10:08
tony134340advanced, have you checked for compatibility with linux?10:09
advancedHmm but this card is really stupid...because in Windows dont work too....only when i get volume in WIN to "0" my sound work but only with  small wheeze10:12
wesleystdin: can plasma themes be installed in 4.0.310:12
U_Dinlowhow do i get my video card to use restricted drivers? theres no option for it?10:12
stdinwesley: if the themes are for 4.0.x then they should10:13
tony134340U_Dinlow, if nothing else, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new and so on10:13
tony134340advanced, have you checked the manufacturer's site for proper drivers or to see if it's supported on the OS?10:14
=== cemil is now known as cemil_
=== cemil_ is now known as cemil
wesleystdin: KDE 4.x stands there and i ont believe in the 4.0 series you can install plasma themes10:15
stdinwesley: try it and see ;) should work10:16
tony134340oops, still getting the hang of irc10:16
wesleystdin: i dont know where to put those plasma themes10:16
Shaisukehey for 8.04 is compiz enabled by default or can you install it?10:17
U_Dinlowshouldn't  i have restricted drivers optioon under advanced though?10:17
stdinwesley: try ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma or ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/themes10:17
tony134340U_Dinlow, The latest alpha I tried of Kubuntu didn't have the option either. I just used the graphical apt-get and installed from that10:18
Brian_hi. Is kubuntu 8.04 has the KDE4>10:18
rakanyup the RC release has KDE 410:19
rakanactually there are 2 releases for Kubuntu10:19
tony134340Brian_, yes, you can choose either KDE4 or 3, or both10:19
rakan1 with KDE 3.5.x and the other with KDE 410:19
Brian_I am requesting from ShipIt10:19
Brian_which one will I receive10:19
JucatoKDE 3.5.910:20
stdinshipit sends KDE3 disks10:20
wesleystdin: home or usr/share??10:20
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 3 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported10:20
U_Dinlowthis card was working though :(  now somethings broken it and I can only use vesa driver (my monitor is detected as p&p and can only get 640x480)10:21
stdinwesley: ~ is your home dir10:21
Brian_Can I hi all. can i shit xux10:21
Brian_I'm mistype.10:21
Brian_Oh, so how can I get KDE 4?10:21
stdindownload the KDE4 ISO (when it's released) or install the kubuntu-kde4-desktop package from a default Hardy install10:22
Brian_I have a plan, if ShipIt sends KDE4 I will install Kubuntu, but ShipIt sends KDE3 - so I will install Ubuntu instead.10:22
Brian_is kubuntu-kde4-desktop included in the CD?10:22
wesley /home/wesley/.kde4/share/apps/plasma_engine_comic10:22
wesleythats what i only find10:22
Brian_How can I get kubuntu-kde4-desktop package?10:23
stdinwesley: try just making the ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma dir and see10:23
stdinBrian_: you install it like any other package10:23
Brian_no. I mean, how can I get kubuntu-kde4-desktop package? by download or included in CD?10:24
wesleystdin and then extract the theme there ?10:24
JucatoBrian_: if you downloaded/got the KDE 3 CD, you'll have to download it10:24
stdinwesley: try it and see10:25
Jucatodownload it = kubuntu-kde4-desktop10:25
U_Dinlowheres my xorg.conf when it was working .... (if someone can look :) ) ... http://pastebin.com/m5052227b10:25
tony134340Brian_, yes, you can download a cd with kde4 pre-configured10:26
U_Dinlowi dont know why it  wont workk now10:26
wesleystdin now restart kde4 ?10:27
stdinlogout/in I guess10:27
empirichelo i want to send sms from command line10:27
Jucato(or restart just plasma?)10:27
Brian_@jucato : Is kubuntu-kde4-desktop package big? Because I only had limited bandwidth (384 Kilobits/second OR 40 Kilobytes per second)10:27
Fyl0nit's SO quiet here :)10:27
empirichi all10:27
empirici want to send sms from command10:27
JucatoBrian_: well, that package itself is not that big, but it will download lots of other packages10:27
empiricany idea10:27
wesleynothing changed10:30
Gioacchinosomebody know if kdelirc work on kde4 ?10:31
wesleyhttp://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/TiComb?content=76628  this thev theme i like to ninstall10:31
Odd-rationaleGioacchino: all kde 3 apps should work on kde4. and vice versa10:32
Fleckhey will AMD64 kubuntu work on intel quad core?10:34
tony403Fleck, yes, it will. i use it on my quad10:35
seebsIs there an easy shorthand for "for every thing installed that has a developer package, install the corresponding development package"?10:36
seebsI want to build WINE, and it can't find the development files for about two dozen things, and I am not sure how to guess the right names in some cases.10:36
stdinseebs: "sudo apt-get build-dep wine"10:37
stdinbuild-dep = install the build-dependencies10:37
seebsOh, nice.  That will probably work, even though I won't actually be building from the repository (because it is, sadly, not quite perfectly up to date.)10:37
seebsThanks!  Very helpful, and I will remember that trick in future.10:38
sigma_1234i can't wait anymore. whens it going to be out!10:38
Flecktony403, stdin thanks :) how about flash/java in 64 bit version?10:38
seebsApparently, the folks who have been distributing WINE binaries for ubuntu/kubuntu decided to switch to only updating them for 8.04, and I'm not quite ready to upgrade.10:38
tony403Fleck, was no problem for me. it just needs the ndiswrapper10:39
stdinFleck: you'll have to use the 32bit version of firefox to use flash and the java plugin10:39
Fleckok :) thanks10:39
stdinthere's a guide somewhere I think10:39
ubotuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava10:39
stdin^ there :)10:39
ovidiuif I forgot my root account password, is there any mode to recovery it?10:40
ovidiuor to change it...10:40
tony403Fleck, yes, stdin's correct. it works on Kubuntu64 but not on FF64, IIRC10:40
kaminixI need an application to make .srts out of vobsubs. I've heard mplayer is supposed to get this done, but how?10:40
stdinovidiu: there is no root pass by default10:40
ovidiuyes, but I don't say about the Live CD10:41
ovidiusomebody have installed linux on his computer10:41
ovidiuand he forgot the root password10:41
stdinyes, there's no root pass by default10:41
stdinubuntu and kubuntu use sudo10:41
ovidiuand he can't login no more on his pc10:41
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.10:41
ovidiuyes, I know about sudo10:42
ovidiubut I talk about an installed linux sistem on a pc, not about the Live CD10:42
stdinovidiu: yes, on the installed system there is no root password10:42
micha__ovidiu: still has sudo, as long as he is in the admin role, he can use it10:43
ovidiubut if the user doesn't know his own password, and he can't log in into kde?10:43
ovidiuthere's anything to do?10:43
sonoftheclayris there anyway to monitor ssh connections in real time?10:44
stdinthey can boot into recovery mode and reset their password with "passwd <username>"10:44
=== Daisi_Ofiservice is now known as Daisi
arogarthive got a problem with kubuntu 8.0410:54
arogarthmy notebook wont to shutdown or reboot10:54
arogarthhalt, poweroff, reboot etc are working10:55
arogarthany idea where the problem is?10:55
yakuziarogarth: is it the final? or still the rc? because the final isn't out yet :p10:55
micha__init works?10:55
micha__arogarth: try "sudo init 0"10:56
arogarthis an rc upgrade from 7.10 to 8.0410:56
arogarthi will try10:56
eagles0513875is the best place to get 3.5.9 kde source code the repos or kde.org10:56
arogarthit works10:59
arogarthbut it wont work by K-> Logout->Shutdown10:59
arogarthmakes a black screen (no coursor etc.)11:00
arogarthand i cant change to console11:00
arogarthno more idea??11:04
ovidiuwhat is the package name for koqnueror's metabar?11:06
ovidiuor how I install it?11:06
arogarthi think konq-plugins11:07
ovidiuyes, that is11:08
ovidiuthanks, arogarth11:09
sebbarhi, has anybody purchased eschalon? I'd like to know if I can install the game on more than one pc...11:17
arogarthmicha__: init 0 works11:19
micha__arogarth: with sudo only?11:19
arogarthmust it run also as normal user??11:20
micha__arogarth: it shouldnt11:20
arogarthok, need to be root11:20
micha__arogarth: looks like you dont have the rights to do a reboot, shotdown or so11:20
micha__arogarth: I am not sure where to do this, anyone?11:21
christophoroshelo guys for some reason i cant detect my mobile phone or any other mobile phone device from the kubuntu i just installed them i use bluetooth OBEX object push any ideas?11:36
ScorpKinghmm... kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso 23-Apr-2008 03:06  697M11:43
* ScorpKing waits some more for 8.04..11:43
christophoroshelo guys for some reason i cant detect my mobile phone or any other mobile phone device from the kubuntu i just installed them i use bluetooth OBEX object push any ideas?11:43
ScorpKingchristophoros: dmesg | tail when you plug it in and look there. it's usually /dev/ttyACM011:45
localuseranyone have any luck installing pulseaudio on kubuntu 8.04?11:47
arogarthok, i have tried something11:47
christophorosScorpKing am new to linux world can u help me a bit more?:P11:47
arogarthi cant also logout11:47
arogarthand i cant restart the xserver by str+alt+backsp11:48
arogarthbut all function works with the open ati driver but not with the fglrx11:48
ScorpKingchristophoros: sure. what are you trying?11:48
arogarthi have tried the driver from the respnsitory and the new driver from the ati homepage11:48
arogarthits a X700 Mobile11:49
christophorosam using a laptop and it has bluetooth on bnoard am trying to transfer a picture from my mobile phone to the laptop i just dont know what to do11:49
arogarthdoes the bluetooth device works?11:49
arogarthsee the bluetooth symbol in the taskbar11:49
ScorpKinguhm.. i use a usb cable so i'm not sure how that works11:49
christophoroscant see anythink on the taskbar how do i enable it?11:50
arogarthi look11:50
arogarthinstall kdebluetooth11:50
christophorossudo apt-get install kdebluetooth11:51
christophorosright ?11:51
christophoroskdebluetooth is already the newest version.11:52
christophoros0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.11:52
christophorosi have it11:52
=== teabag is now known as Shmryu
arogarthwhat are the 4 not upgraded11:52
arogarththey were list11:52
christophorosi upgraded now11:52
christophoroswhat i do now?;p11:53
arogarthreinstert the bluetooth device11:53
arogarththen a symbol must come in the bar11:54
christophorosit on board11:54
christophorosits only 1 button on my laptop bluetooth + wireless11:54
arogarthhmm, reactivate it if u can11:54
christophorosthats what i dont know how i do it;p11:54
christophorosactivate it11:54
arogarththere must now be a bluetooth symbol?!11:56
arogarthis there?11:57
Odd-rationalecrvenkapa: hello12:04
crvenkapawhats up12:04
christophorosarogath nothere isnt any><12:04
crvenkapapeople where are you12:05
Odd-rationalecrvenkapa: at the party!12:05
crvenkapacan i come12:05
Odd-rationale /join #ubuntu-release-party12:06
crvenkapahow old are you12:06
Odd-rationalevery old12:06
crvenkapa100 year maby12:07
crvenkapai have 1812:07
Odd-rationalewow. your old12:07
arogarthok, at my problem the kdm.log tells: Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server12:08
crvenkapayou dont tell about your years12:09
aotianlong_can u start x server?12:09
=== ron is now known as trophyhead
Odd-rationalecrvenkapa: ;)12:09
arogarthyes it run, but i cant kill them12:09
arogarthi cant logout/shutdown/reboot on kde12:09
aotianlong_i'm also have this problem on gnome.12:10
arogarthwith fglrx driver?12:10
arogarthcrvenkapa: hey12:11
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~$ hcitool inq12:14
christophorosInquiring ...12:14
christophorosInquiry failed.: No such device12:14
christophorosarogath got any ideas for this?12:14
arogarthno idea...12:15
=== Extrapan100^BNC is now known as Extrapan100
arogarthwhat does dmesg tell??12:17
sivajiHardy is out12:18
Odd-rationaleit is not official yet. better to wait12:19
sivajiOdd-rationale see this http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/12:20
SlimeyPetesivaji: not officially12:20
Odd-rationalei know12:20
stdinjust so we're all clear, no links12:20
SlimeyPetesivaji: and the ubuntu guys don't seem happy about people posting links all over the place12:20
Odd-rationalestdin: should have warned him first. it isn't even the topic...12:20
Odd-rationalethis topic...12:21
stdinOdd-rationale: /remove is quite an effective warning I find12:21
stdinOdd-rationale: plus I'm spread across several channels12:21
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
sivajiwho kicked me out of this channel ?12:22
Odd-rationalesivaji: please don't post links to the release until it is officially announced. Thanks!12:22
Odd-rationalethis applies to all ubuntu channels...12:23
christophoroswhen i download a driver how do i install it?12:25
SlimeyPetedepends on the driver.12:25
SlimeyPetewhat driver is it?12:25
l337n00bhello! Does ne know when the kubuntu hardy upgrade will be available?12:26
Odd-rationalel337n00b: soon12:26
christophorosam trying to find a driver for my on board bluetooth12:26
SlimeyPetethey're prepping the release as we speak12:26
arogarthwhich bluetooth device tells lspci12:27
=== bwells is now known as bdubnc
christophorosarogath http://paste.ubuntu.com/7931/12:29
sivajiOdd-rationale how do you say that ubuntu 8.04 has not offically released ? i can download from ubuntu offical website12:30
makdaknifesivaji: as far as I can see you can only download the RC from the site12:31
stdinsivaji: the images can still change12:31
stdinso, do not download them12:31
kbhow can i update to hard heron?12:32
arogarthchristophoros: what tells lsusb??12:32
stdinwait until it's released then see !upgrade12:32
kbstdin:  i think its already released??12:34
christophoroslarogath http://paste.ubuntu.com/7932/12:34
kbwhy can i download a desktop cd there12:34
stdinkb: NO12:34
stdindo NOT post links!12:34
kbwhats the matter at the moment?12:34
stdindo it again and you'll be removed12:34
stdinhardy is not released yet and the images can change12:35
kbi dont understand whats going on :(12:35
kbjust what i wanna know!12:35
kbthe topic is irreführend12:35
stdinall you do is wait bandwidth and give people possibly bad ISOs12:35
arogarthdont know where the dongle is...12:35
christophorosarogath my bluetooth is on board12:35
christophorosdont know whats worng :/12:36
arogarthnotebook?? which??12:36
makdaknifeout of interest if you have a question about hardy do you still have to ask in #ubuntu+1?12:36
stdinfor the moment12:37
christophorosarogath : Toshiba Sattelite A200 1MB12:37
christophorosarogath found anythink ?12:43
arogarthim looking12:45
christophorosarogath i think its the same drivers with sattelite p200 p100  not sure12:46
arogarthrun kbluetooth12:46
christophorosdone it12:47
christophorosit says "no bluetooth adapter12:47
arogarthhmm... bad12:47
=== JanMalte_ is now known as JanMalte
arogarthi will know which menufactor it is... of the bluetooth12:48
christophoroswhat u mean12:48
=== fideas` is now known as fideas
arogarththe producer of the bluetooth device12:49
arogarthrun sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start12:50
ovidiuProcessing triggers for libc6 ...12:51
ovidiuwhat's means that?12:51
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start12:51
christophoros[sudo] password for christophoros:12:51
christophoros * Starting Bluetooth services12:51
christophoros   ...done.12:51
arogarthhcitool inq12:51
=== eulogy is now known as ben
=== ben is now known as yoology
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~$ hcitool inq12:52
christophorosInquiring ...12:52
christophorosInquiry failed.: No such device12:52
arogarthi dont know more now12:53
arogarthmaybe here: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Toshiba_Satellite_A200#Bluetooth12:54
arogarthchristophoros: http://www.schwieters.org/toshset/12:55
christophorosyeah i found it too but i dont know how i work it12:55
=== edney is now known as edneymatias
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
christophorosi have to get the source not the binary right ?12:57
arogarthThe binary should work with 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels. It may work for others as well.12:57
arogarth toshset -h for help. Patches, comments and the output of toshset -v -q are welcome.12:57
christophorosso ill get the binary;p12:58
christophoroshow do i install it ?:S am noob and new to linux world><12:59
arogarthon console12:59
arogarthunpach it12:59
christophorosunpack toshet.gz ?:/13:01
arogarthgunzip ./toshset.gz13:04
christophorosnothink happent ><13:05
christophorosow its unpacked now but how i use it ? its on the desktop and when i press on it it tell me to choose with what program shall it start13:06
arogarthon console: chmod +x toshset13:06
BluesKajhowdy all13:06
arogarthsudo ./toshset -h13:06
=== JohnFlux_ is now known as JohnFlux
sacha_tosh set?13:07
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo ./toshset -h13:07
christophorosrequired kernel toshiba support not enabled.13:07
arogarththere i dont know...13:07
christophorosstupid bluetooth ;p13:08
arogarthmy dongle works...13:09
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
arogarthuse omnibook module13:15
sivajihow long it will take to release ubuntu 8.04 ?13:15
arogarthon the other pake13:15
stdinsivaji: it will be announced in #ubuntu-release-party and on the ubuntu-announce list here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-announce13:17
DragnslcrHave you tried going through the upgrade yet? Just wondering if I should burn a disc before I upgrade, just in case something goes horribly wrong13:19
sivajiwow 8.04 is out13:22
icmike5where do you see it?13:24
makdaknifeheh... careful... don't post links here13:24
makdaknifesome people get very upset13:24
BuzZ-2012like banning13:24
BuzZ-2012for no reason13:25
BuzZ-2012  so KDE version won't be LTS?13:26
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!13:26
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) Pre-orders https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | 8.04 Released! http://kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release Party in #ubuntu-release-party
bdforbesare there different images for kde3/kde4?13:30
bdforbesi only see one: kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso13:30
nosrednaekimbdforbes: yes there are separate ones13:31
nosrednaekimthat would be the kde3 one right there13:31
ovidiu"A new distribution version is available"13:31
ovidiuthat's appear in Adept Manager13:31
stdinyep, it's out13:32
ovidiuis the new Kubuntu Hardy? :D13:32
stdinget it before the pipes clog :p13:32
Riddellovidiu: oh good, the upgrade notification is working then :)13:32
secleinteerhardy is out!!!!!!113:32
ovidiuyes :D :D13:32
secleinteerdoes anyone know how to fix the firefox theme in kubuntu hardy?13:32
Bhaalstdin: Does that include kubuntu hardy?13:33
bdforbesdoes anyone have a link for a torrent?13:34
nosrednaekimBhaal: yes13:34
stdinBhaal: yes Hardy id out now13:34
Bhaalgoodly, I grab kubuntu instead then :)13:34
Odd-rationalebdforbes: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/hardy/kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent13:35
bdforbesodd-rationale: cheers13:35
stdinreleases.ubuntu.com isn't the easiest place to get to right now, so the link may time out once or twice13:35
Riddellalso http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/release/kubuntu-kde4-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent  go seed folks!13:35
Odd-rationaleRiddell!! Congrats!! Thanks a lot!!!13:35
BhaalWhat about the remix image?13:36
Bhaalfor kde413:36
bdforbesthats it13:36
sacha_that is the remix13:36
sacha_notice the 'kubuntu-kde4'13:37
BhaalAhhh, sorry, I saw 'se' thought spanish :)13:37
Bhaalmy apologies...13:37
sacha_im running the kde4 remix right now13:37
bdforbeshows it taste13:38
sacha_it hogs my RAM (i only have 512) but other than that it is goo13:38
staar2oh the release links dont open :(13:38
sacha_btw, kopete crashes consistently.. its a no go (they use the kde4 version). most apps are kde3 version13:38
bdforbesis it worth getting kde413:39
sacha_looks pretty :)13:39
nosrednaekimsacha_: what are you doing to use all that RAM?13:39
bdforbesstaar2: want the torrent13:39
sacha_thats just a default install of 8.04 kde4 nosrednaekim13:39
staar2hm is it fast ?13:39
nosrednaekimsacha_: not really.... mine uses 312MB...13:39
bdforbesstaar2L no13:39
sacha_400 megs is used off boot (including cache and buffers)13:39
bdforbes7 up 41 down13:40
staar2i got from one link like 40kb/s13:40
bdforbesoh im doing BT13:40
sacha_nosrednaekim: i have qdevelop, a few konsole tabs, konversation, fsirc, konqueror ... it's on to swap13:40
nosrednaekimsacha_: are you using the Kwin compositing?13:40
sacha_yeah im using compositing when i boot13:40
nosrednaekimoh.... well, there you go. ok13:40
nosrednaekimturn off the compositing and it will be fast again13:41
sacha_the compositing makes it faster actually13:41
nosrednaekimcompositing here uses 200MB13:41
sacha_response, not RAM..13:41
nosrednaekimbut not in memory use13:41
skabetI get some "Could not calculate the upgrade" - with a line saying "Unofficial software packages not provided på Ubuntu"13:41
sacha_only time when its slower is when it tries to switch tabs in konqueror -- i can see 2 tabs at the same time, both transparent and it's really slow13:41
skabeti have two instanlled - is that enouf to breake the upgrade?13:41
Weaselwebhuh, Kubuntu Update to 8.04 LTS?13:42
stdinno, not LTS13:42
sacha_kde3 one is i thought?13:42
Weaselwebwell, the updater prints that (well, in german, so i dont know the exact english text)13:43
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 3 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported13:43
stdinWeaselweb: there is one Release Notes for all versions13:43
sacha_when does kubuntu get LTS then?13:43
stdinnext time ubuntu goes LTS13:43
Weaselwebstdin: this text is displayed by the distribution updater on the top of the window13:43
sacha_what a rip13:44
staar21h to download13:44
sacha_what about all those brazilian schools using kde3 version now? 52 million kids or whatever..13:44
stdinsacha_: blame canonical like the rest of us ;)13:44
sacha_actually, nvm, they dont use kubuntu13:44
sacha_anyway, i love my kubuntu kde4: http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/2071/myfsircvo5.png13:45
bdforbeslooks cool13:45
DragnslcrIs there no 8.04 DVD?13:45
=== WhereIsNewBuntu is now known as Kokos
nosrednaekimWeaselweb: well, ignore it ;)13:48
Weaselwebnosrednaekim: i know. anyway i'm using kubuntu only in a vmware inside my gentoo ;-)13:50
Lord-Phoenixdoes anyone have a link to the kde4-remix torrent thats actually accessible?13:55
icmike5anyone tried kde4?13:55
stdinLord-Phoenix: see the topic in #kubuntu-kde413:55
|Dreams|which version of kubuntu should i get the remix one or just normal 8.04?13:55
stdindepends what you want13:55
|Dreams|latest and greatest13:56
nosrednaekim|Dreams|: remix then13:56
BunnyRevolutionhi.  i have a question.  if i order hardy cd today, will it be the same as one i order 8 weeks from now?  or will the one 8 weeks from now include updated packages?13:56
nosrednaekimit will be the same13:56
|Dreams|ok thank you very much time to back up using 40dvds13:56
lovezqianHello, everyone13:59
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
lovezqianhow are you?14:00
SlimeyPetefine thanks14:00
SlimeyPetethis is a support channel by the way; if you want to just chat, you can go to #kubuntu-offtopic :)14:01
lovezqianoh, i see14:01
lovezqianbut could you tell me how to go to #kubuntu-offtopic?14:02
Odd-rationalelovezqian: /join #kubuntu-offtopic14:02
BluesKajclick on it14:02
lovezqianjust click on it ?14:02
Odd-rationaleBluesKaj: depends on the client...14:03
BluesKajwell yeah14:03
Odd-rationaleBluesKaj: pidgin. I could do it. :(14:03
Odd-rationaleKonversation ftw14:03
BluesKajkonverstion works14:03
lovezqianI have done it14:03
dany84_athas anyone links to the correct md5sums? (of kubuntu-*)14:06
Odd-rationaledany84_at: which one you want?14:06
phil_i need help14:06
phil_someone please help me14:06
nosrednaekimwhats the prob?14:07
Odd-rationale!ask | phil_14:07
ubotuphil_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:07
phil_how do i update my gnome??? completely soo i can use frostwire again it says when i type in frostwire that java isn`t updated wat should i do??14:08
BunnyRevolutionis wubi a easy interface to virtual box?14:08
dany84_atOdd-rationale: md5s of the CD-iso images, for kubuntu (alternate, x86)14:08
Odd-rationaledany84_at: live or alt?14:08
Odd-rationaleoh nvm14:08
BunnyRevolutionis there a JeOS this time?14:09
Odd-rationaledany84_at: fe122a713c5945dbbff035b16848ae47 *kubuntu-8.04-alternate-amd64.iso14:09
ovidiuIf I have Gnome installed on my kubuntu, it will be upgraded too?14:09
dany84_atOdd... can you give me the link?14:09
dany84_atOdd-rationale (sry) can you give me the link?14:09
Odd-rationaledany84_at: sure...14:09
Odd-rationaledany84_at: looks like the server is over loaded at the moment.... But i'm very sure that it is correct.14:11
phil_i got a question14:12
BluesKaj!ask | phil_14:13
ubotuphil_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:13
nosrednaekimuse http://hobbsee.com/tmp/ for .torrents14:13
nosrednaekimphil_: this is not the channel for GNOME14:13
dany84_atokay... Odd-rationale thx so far...14:13
jirikHi, does anybody have the same problem as me? When I press alt+TAB, I do not see list of the window, but the windows are switching ...14:21
jirikI have 8.04 final version14:21
Jucatojirik: KDE 3.5.9?14:22
JucatoCheck in System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Window Behavior -> Focus tab -> Navigation -> Show Window List is enabled14:23
Juulis there a torrent for kubuntu 8.04 KDE 4 Remix?14:24
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Get Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | 8.04 Released! http://kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release Party in #ubuntu-release-party
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Get Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | 8.04 Released! http://kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release Party in #ubuntu-release-party
stdinno leading space ;)14:24
LimCoreif I have an USB key, how to have it auto mounted to given location alays, basing on some serial number or somethig? like, /media/usb/rafal_key14:24
jirikJucato: thanks very much, i do not consider it for good idea14:25
Jucatojirik: you're welcome very much :)14:25
nosrednaekimLimCore: use the mounconfig manager... systemsettings->advanced14:26
LimCorehow to start this manager from cmdline?14:27
LimCoreok got it14:28
LimCorew00t, cool14:29
envercan someone help please can't set resolution higher than 640x48014:30
=== micha__ is now known as cosi
khepaalguien sabe porke no puedo poner mas de 2 escritorios?14:30
=== cosi is now known as fioss
Jucato!es | khepa14:31
ubotukhepa: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.14:31
khepaok thanks14:31
tekteenanyone manage to download hardy yet?14:37
* Jucato almost said "#ubuntu+1 please" :D14:38
PiciJucato: I'll be glad to get rid of those aliases I have setup14:38
Jucatoit's not the aliases... it's my brain that hasn't updated yet :)14:39
enojHow stable is the 8.04 KDE 4 remix? is it just for playing around, or is it usable for "production"?14:39
Jucatoenoj: personal opinion, since it comes with 4.0 series only,not ready for production. you might get better opinions in #kubuntu-kde414:39
enojJucato: ok thanks14:40
arcticpenguin380how long will the repos be chocked for?14:40
tekteen2 days14:41
nosrednaekimat least14:41
arcticpenguin380im lucky enough to get 133KB/s on the torrent14:42
arcticpenguin380now its 300Kb/s14:42
tekteenwow that is fast :'-(14:42
Jucatoheh.. I thought that was 1337KB/s :)14:43
tekteenI am stuck with 20 at most14:43
tekteenand I am uploading more :-)14:43
arcticpenguin380Im lucky enough that i can get 400KB/s with 2 xbox 360s connected to the internet online14:43
zorrosWho could send me a DVD with Kubuntu 8.04?14:44
arcticpenguin380today is also the last for edgy support =(14:44
stdinzorros: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/release/dvd/14:44
tekteenzorros: If you want a cd I am willing to mail you one :-)14:45
zorrosI've already requested one cd... I need a dvd14:45
stdin*cough* SHIPIT *cough*14:45
stdinzorros: use the torrent, it'll be faster14:46
arcticpenguin380are all the ubuntu repo mirrors also going to be full to?14:46
zorrosstdin: my internet connection is 32kbit/sec :(14:46
tekteenCannon: hi14:46
tekteenarcticpenguin380: yep14:46
stdinzorros: but the servers are going to be hammered for days, you'll be lucky to get a http connection at all14:47
tekteenarcticpenguin380: ubuntu has shutdown... come again soon14:47
yakuziis there anyone with a working torrent tracker? because KTorrent won't work :s14:49
tekteenyakuzi: ktorrent is a client not a tracker14:49
yakuzii know, but the connection with torrent.ubuntu.com is broken, so it won't start downloading14:50
tekteenI have no problems14:50
tekteenmaybe it was uploaded to the piratebay14:51
tekteenjust make sure you hash check it :-)14:51
tekteenyakuzi: I have not has a problem with it though14:51
koolatronCan anyone comment about whether 8.04's KDE4 remix is yet worth it?  I suppose they wouldn't have released a seperate image with KDE4 if it weren't..14:52
Jucatokoolatron: personal opinion, since it comes with 4.0 series only,not ready for production. you might get better opinions in #kubuntu-kde414:52
Ta3vGreetings fellow Ubuntu users.14:52
Jucatokoolatron: worth a try though.. but definitely not something you'd completely switch to (since it isn't complete yet)14:53
BluesKajkoolatron, think I'll wait til the dust settles on kde4 in hardy14:53
JucatoBluesKaj: I'll wait for 4.1 to start pimping it like crazy14:53
Jucatoer.. krazy14:53
nosrednaekimkoolatron: its interesting... and works for me14:53
Ta3vHas anyone upgraded to Hardy Heron yet?14:53
koolatronJucato: thanks.  that's sort of what my feeling was.. I've got KDE4 installed on my Gutsy machine and it's definitely not ready.  I figured maybe Hardy had a newer or more complete version14:53
Ta3vI'm in the process of doing so.14:53
* emilsedgh uses KDE's trunk/ and is really happy with it14:54
prateekHow do I update the RC desktop CD image to the final one with Jigdo? There are no desktop jigdo files here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/hardy/14:54
fiosskoolatron: I personally use KDE4 at home, its nice already, but not really ready. For full time use I would wait for KDE4.114:54
Ta3vI have KDE 4 on my install and I thought it was fine.14:54
Ta3vI never had any problems with it.14:54
Jucatofor me it's not really a question of stability but of features, at least as far as KDE 4.0 is concerned14:54
JucatoI'm on trunk (going 4.1) and I love it :)14:55
koolatronJucato: so in your opinion 4.1 is worth it, but 4.0 is not?14:55
Jucatokoolatron: "worth it" is very subjective, and depends on how you'll use it14:55
Jucatoif you expect 4.0 to be like an upgraded 3.5 (3.6...), then you're way off mark. you could consider 4.0 to be a sort of tech preview...14:56
koolatronI think what will probably happen is that I download and try both, unfortunately14:56
Jucatoanyway, more for #kubuntu-kde4 than here :)14:56
koolatronI was hoping to avoid that :>14:56
zorrosKDE4 rulezzz14:56
emilsedghJucato: btw alpha 1 tagged a few minutes ago.will packages come for kubuntu?14:56
Jucatokoolatron: why not just download one and install the other later?14:56
Jucatoemilsedgh: that I don't know.. stdin?14:57
nosrednaekim4.1 alpha? awesome :)14:57
nosrednaekimI am tempted...14:57
emilsedgh(btw it includes a very broken plasma) :D14:57
Jucatonosrednaekim: c'mon! building from SVN is easy!!14:57
stdinkoolatron: not until we move to Qt4.414:57
Gabztorrent for 8.04 kubuntu i can't find it any hints ?14:57
stdinGabz: topic?14:58
Gabzdon't worry i found it just after i asked i wanted to download the iso14:58
nosrednaekimJucato: not when you have Dial-up14:58
nosrednaekimand don't want to break everything.14:58
Jucatonosrednaekim: huh? why would it break anything?14:59
emilsedghnosrednaekim: im on dialup man.do it once!14:59
nosrednaekim26K dial-up?14:59
XSlicerwow site is slow O.o I couldnt even download the torrent.. I got it now though.. after 10 retries >.>14:59
nosrednaekimwhen the tar some out i'll get my dad to Download it.14:59
emilsedghnosrednaekim: you could do something else14:59
Gabzugh the downlaod mirrors are so slow i can't download the torrent file...14:59
karl_true that15:00
prateekWhere are the jigdo files for desktop CDs?15:00
karl_someone have a link to the torrent file?15:00
emilsedghnosrednaekim: if you have access to some servers with high speed, get the svn there and create a zip from svn, then download it15:00
Jucatonosrednaekim: just aptoncd or something all the necessary packages. then you can even just download tarballed source packages for SVN snapshots (currently 4.0.70)15:00
karl_how about the remix too?15:00
nosrednaekimJucato: is there a list of neccesary  packages?15:01
Jucatonosrednaekim: sure!15:01
prateekI don't have that page loaded in my browser.15:01
nosrednaekimJucato: for kubuntu hardy? nice :)15:01
nosrednaekimJucato: on techbase I assume15:02
Jucatoactually it's gutsy, but I'm sure it will work :)15:02
nosrednaekimthanx.... when this hardy update-slam-the-mirrors-kraze is over i'll give it a shot :)15:02
slowpokehow long till there will be reliable user-created torrents up?15:03
karl_i found one on demonoid15:04
XSlicerFast torrent, 1 MB/sec15:04
* slowpoke goes to check demonoid acct15:04
enojWhen will adept ask me to upgrade to 8.04?15:05
karl_is posting urls prohibitied?15:05
prateekWhere are the jigdo files for desktop CDs? I hope they are available.15:05
nosrednaekimenoj: soon15:05
Jucatokarl_: depends if it's relevant or appropriate15:05
nosrednaekimkarl_: I don't think so15:05
SlimeyPetekarl_: no15:05
SlimeyPeteit was earlier15:05
yakuzii found my torrent problem....the university network i'm on blocks torrents, even if it's legal15:05
karl_that's a link to the kubuntu alternative install15:05
lovrehi all15:05
lovrewhere can i see the kubuntu 8.04 changelog?15:05
SlimeyPetelovre: on the release page15:06
SlimeyPetelinked from the main page15:06
* genii hands out coffees15:06
slowpokekarl_: crap, 9 seeders?  i think i'll go home for lunch, start the torrent, and hopefully by 5:30, it'll be done15:06
pietje_phuckAbout to install the 8.04 any reason not to?15:06
karl_it was coming down at 200 for me15:06
karl_suddenly i lost connection to the tracker15:07
slowpokekarl_: i'm still leery of demonoid... could be honeypot, but that's getting off-topic.15:07
slowpokehas anyone upgraded from gutsy today?15:07
slowpokeany breakage?15:07
nosrednaekimslowpoke: did it two weeks ago15:08
nosrednaekimno breakage then15:08
rickeythis is the only time ill post my proublem15:08
rickeyE: Type 'kubuntu-restricted-extras.' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list15:09
rickeyE: The list of sources could not be read.15:09
rickeyGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.15:09
rickeyE: _cache->open() failed, please report.15:09
rickeywill someone help me fix it15:09
Jucato!paste | rickey15:09
uboturickey: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)15:09
Jucatorickey: can you pastebin the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file? I think there might be something wrong15:10
rickeywhere do it find this file15:12
Jucatoin the /etc/apt/ directory :)15:12
rickeyhow do i get to this list so i can copy and past15:12
Jucatorickey: press Alt+F2, enter "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list"15:13
=== NDPTAL86 is now known as NDPTAL85
karl_could i just install ubuntu 8.04 and install kubuntu-desktop?15:14
karl_so i can download it now.15:14
geniiYup. Use torrent if possible15:15
karl_lol ubuntu.com is down.15:15
flipstarnot down..but veryyyyyyyyyyy slow15:15
tekteenddos lives15:15
nosrednaekimkarl_: yes, that works15:15
lasthello everyone15:15
geniiYes, approaching DDOS levels of slow15:15
lastI have just instailled kubuntu, but it seems I cannot find repositories for codecs and flash and that kind of things15:16
XSlicerAt least I had this small luck of getting the torrent.. after that within 15 minutes I had the ISO >>15:16
genii!medibuntu | last15:16
ubotulast: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:16
nosrednaekimlast: kubuntu-restricted-extras is the package that you want15:17
flipstarXSlicer: can you post the torrent :P (if it's the kubuntu desktop)15:17
lastthabks nosrednaekim15:17
karl_good luck connecting to it15:17
XSlicerI have this now15:17
lastI meant thanks a lot nosrednaekim15:18
flipstarhm kde4 is actually not what i want15:19
flipstarbtw is it possible to hide a user from the login manager? i created a ftp user that shouldn't show up there15:19
LimCoreflipstar: it is15:20
LimCoretry looking for some configure there.  or look by hand for option files in /etc/15:20
geniiflipstar: The uid/gid needs to be under 1000 then it becomes a system account and not shown15:20
LimCoregenii: not only15:20
LimCoreyou can show/hide any other15:20
LimCorein kdm, gdm15:21
Jucatoflipstar: System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Login Manager -> Users tab15:22
Jucatogenii: ^^^15:22
flipstarah exactly what i searched :) thanks15:22
vamsiHello everyone, I have a quick question about hardy installation15:22
rickeyhow do i get sources .list to number15:22
Jucatorickey: what do you mean?15:23
vamsiI am running hardy beta now, how do i upgrade to final release of hardy?15:23
Jucatovamsi: just do regular upgrades15:23
rickeyso the lines will be numbered15:23
nosrednaekimvamsi: "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade15:23
Jucatorickey: you don't need to. when you paste it in the pastebin link, it will show numbers15:23
vamsijucato: i install all updates adept throws at me. so is that enough?15:23
Jucato!pastebin | rickey15:23
uboturickey: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)15:23
Jucatovamsi: yep15:23
Jucatonosrednaekim: might need dist-upgrade there (since it's the default mode for Synaptic and Adept anyway)15:24
bipolarDoes anyone have a link to the 8.04 i386 Desktop iso torrent? I'm having a hell of a time getting it off the overloaded servers.15:24
rickeyi should paste the whole ist?"15:24
vamsijucato: oh okay. then i am already running the final version of hardy! cool.15:24
nosrednaekimJucato: I did not know that :)15:24
XSlicerhttp://www.xslicer.nl/torrents/ <-- some torrents15:24
Jucatovamsi: you can check in Konsole by typing "lsb_release -a"15:24
Jucatonosrednaekim: in Adept, "Full Upgrade" = dist-upgrade and Safe Upgrade = upgrade only15:25
JucatoI forgot the names in Synaptic, but it was basically the same15:25
vamsijucato: alright thanks for the help. have a good day15:25
spawn57woooOooOO hardy's out ;D15:28
Ertyle!torrents-#kubuntu is <reply> Kubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) torrents can be obtained at http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 3.5.9) or http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 4.0.3)15:28
geniiJucato: Ah OK :)15:28
genii(work required me briefly here)15:29
flipstarare there download statistic's from ubuntu.com ?15:29
flipstarwould be interesting :)15:29
nosrednaekimflipstar: yeah... I had the url.. just a sec15:30
geniiflipstar: Probably on distrowatch you might get some idea15:31
djouallahin am using kubuntu 4.04 konqueror works, but konversation keep teeling me can't resolv the host15:31
ivan_hey guys, I have problem upgrading :)15:31
nosrednaekimflipstar: http://noc.bit.nl/stackgraph.php?stackconf=ubuntu15:31
ivan_Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/dists/hardy/Release Unable to find expected entry gutsy/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?15:31
ivan_do you have ideas?15:31
geniinosrednaekim: Gotta love those spikes in April and October :)15:32
BluesKajyeah, I'll bet the servers at sherbrooke university are humming15:34
BluesKajsure were slow yesterday15:34
jussio1Hrm, how do I change refresh rate in hardy :/15:34
jussio1this 60 hz is probably not good for my screen...15:35
RiddellTimS: that wasn't my intention :)15:38
TimSHaha, No, I realise it is a eV channel, so I should not really be there anyway =]15:39
geniiI can't remember when I saw Riddell here last.15:39
Riddellgenii: I'm always here15:40
stdinhe spies on us all ;)15:40
TimSRiddell: I've just been helping with docs, but the KDE-doc channel is so inactive that I can't get much help.15:40
geniistdin: Probably :)15:40
BluesKajlurker eh :)15:40
TimSWhats happened to the doc team recently?15:40
geniiRiddell: Well, "actively" here , I'll qualify15:40
TimSWhow, 8.04 has been released already?15:41
stdinTimS: has been for a while now15:42
* BluesKaj wondeers if the ati 8.4 driver from gutsy will work in Hardy ?15:42
TimSWow, I am a bit out.15:42
stdingrab the torrent and SEED! ;)15:42
* TimS wonders if they have finally updated the nvidia driver so that my old 7300 will work again.15:42
TimSstdin: Any idea how long the update will take me, I only have a 1mb broadband line.15:43
stdinTimS: not sure, I've been on hardy for a few months15:43
TimSThe last update froze out on me, broke my installation :(15:43
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
TimSOh right, anyone else upgraded and can tell me the time it took?15:44
Riddellthe upgrade tool is significantly more stable this time15:45
TimSOh, brilliant, I don't want to risk loosing everything again15:45
Riddelltakes half an hour to a couple of hours depending on lots of things, it'll give you an estimate before it starts15:45
BluesKajTimS, I'm upgrading on 700kbs DSL ...speed is averaging about 75 from the US servers .Looks like about 2 hrs total here ...I gave up on the Canadian ones15:46
TimSOh right. How much has to be downloaded then?15:46
TimSI have a download restriction as of 4.00 pm here. BluesKaj, ah, I am in the UK, not sure how much I would get.15:46
BluesKajTimS, not sure ...adept only gives the number of files , no size15:47
TimSHow many files did you have?15:48
Jucatothe estimate of size is at the status bar I think15:48
TimSOkay, Ill have a look, how do I do this then?15:48
BluesKajstaus bar on adept just gives %15:49
TimSThe only reason for me upgrading is if the nvidia-glx bug has been fixed, its reported to have a more recent driver, but I want to see a test from someone whos used it, as the new driver is still not perfect.15:50
stefan-fjuhu, on ubuntu server 6.06 I have 8.2.5 running!!!15:52
stefan-fso what is that with the suse stuff?15:53
farchordw00t kde4 kinda rocks15:53
TimSBluesKaj: When you update, do you get a choice to go for KDE4 or does it give you KDE3 automatically?15:53
bbirdHi guys. I Have some problem with compiz. Is this the right place to have some assistance ?15:54
TimSRiddell: The terminal does not show when I press show terminal :o Not sure if thats a bug or just my PC :P15:56
XSlicerbbird: try #compiz-fusion15:57
bbirdThanks a lot XSlicer15:58
pietje_phuckwoot, install went better then most, just had to configure the monitor manually16:01
TimSpietje_phuck: Fresh install or upgrade?16:02
pietje_phuckfresh install16:02
TimSI hope my upgrade goes as well as that16:02
XSlicerIm still installing, no problems so far.16:02
TimSBut I am not sure I could fix my monitor anyway!16:02
pietje_phuckhad to reset the pc after 5 minutes after the configure of the monitor, but all is well now16:03
SlimeyPetefor the first time, the upgrade worked for me16:03
SlimeyPetethat's never happened before on *buntu16:03
TimSIt didn't work for me last time, I hope it does this time16:03
pietje_phuckwoot SlimeyPete16:03
SlimeyPeteas in, it worked perfectly. No problems whatsoever.16:03
TimSI am taking a serious chunk of my bandwith restriction to do this!16:03
pietje_phuckI am not using kde 4.0 though16:03
pietje_phuckSlimeyPete: Nice when it all works out aint it?16:04
TimSHoly hell! 78 Packages to be removed, 172 packages to be installed 1547 packages to be upgraded.16:04
TimS1426mb of downloads16:04
pietje_phuckget the CD instead16:05
TimSThat will take 5 hours 13mins on this connection.16:05
TimSThen the upgrade will take several hours to finish,16:05
salvahithere! what's up woth 8.04 repositories? its seems to be empty!!1!16:05
TimSRight, Ill leave it till saturday when I get a larger bandwith!16:05
* SlimeyPete did it from work. It took less than 90 seconds :)16:06
TimS5 hours just for the downloads!16:06
TimS90 seconds? No way! How fast is the broadband16:06
flipstarUpload Speed:6577.5 kB/s :)16:07
farchordTimS: downloaded the upgrade for me at 1200kb/s16:07
SlimeyPeteTimS: well, from my position it's 100mbit (that's the speed of the LAN)16:07
farchordtook me like 10mins16:07
rickeyive loaded my proulbem on pasteben   the name is rickey may216:07
SlimeyPetebut the link is a big multi-gigabit pipe to JANET16:08
TimSJesus! I would get 100kbs If I am lukcy, 1547 packages to be updates16:08
flipstartooked here about 10 seconds for the cd lol16:08
polysiliconI am not able to download ISO image of kubuntu, are there local mirrors?16:08
stdinuse torrents if you can16:09
polysiliconthe main site seems to be loaded16:09
stdinthat's why I say to use torrents16:09
geniirickey: If you tell us the website address of your paste there we may be able to go look at it16:10
polysiliconbut no local mirros?16:10
salvasorry... where are the repos for compiz or nvidia driver?16:11
flipstarpolysilicon: torrent will probably be faster anyway16:11
stdinpolysilicon: they'd be getting hit too16:11
stdinsalva: compiz is in main and the nvidia driver is in restricted16:11
polysiliconeven the torrent file download is not starting...16:11
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:11
polysiliconyeah got it16:12
salvaadept don't show any package that is not installed16:12
stdinpolysilicon: see, imagine trying to download an ISO from servers like that ;P16:12
stdinsalva: go to Adept->Manage Repositories and check all the boxes, then click "Fetch Updates"16:13
XSlicerAh, installed.. Now the great problem of my wireless card...16:13
stdinbut use the restricted manager or jockey to install nvidia16:13
=== nelli is now known as onlinelli
geniirickey: Thanks you16:14
Jucatorickey: delete line 5616:14
Jucatoin your /etc/apt/sources.list file16:14
Jucato(is it still open in Kate?)16:14
rickeyi have tryed but it wont save16:14
Jucatorickey: did you enter the command that I gave? kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list16:15
Jucatoit will ask for your password. then you'll be able to save it16:15
rickeywhere do i put that  (not  sure  what to do with it)16:16
fulat2kanyone here upgraded from Feisty?16:16
geniirickey: Delete that last line from your sources.list file. Install that from the pac kage manager, don't add the name into your repository list like that16:16
uisraelHooola a todos16:17
salvait worked! i forget to update the apt info... :S Thanks!16:17
geniirickey: eg             sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras                                 and remove: kubuntu-restricted-extras    fom your sources.list   !!16:17
coggzhi dudes16:18
rickeyi do that from konsole ?16:18
=== uisrael is now known as uisrael_
Jucatorickey: Alt+F2, then "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list"16:18
=== uisrael_ is now known as uisrael
=== grant_ is now known as Gamewinner07
uisraelMe puede decir alguien como ejecuto una aplicacion de windows que esta en un servidor16:20
dennisterhey channel...this may sound stupid, cause i know using 2 modems together in a daisy chain won't normally work, but one of my modems is a 2wire modem/router combo device, and I was thinking of simply not plugging in the phone wire and using it behind an old pc as a simple switch...is that possible?16:20
=== imo_ is now known as osoh
Jucato!es | uisrael16:20
ubotuuisrael: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.16:20
rickeyok kdesu kate dont work16:21
pietje_phuckwhat happened to dcop?16:22
dennisterlove hardy heron, btw, installed the release candidate, server ed, on the testing p2 pc a few days ago16:23
dennistera little problem with hardy, tho: i wanted to use it for a pxeinstall server/dhcpd3, and one of the 3 required programs for pxe install server wasn't available for hardy16:25
emilsedghwelcome mkargar :)16:26
Bert_2hi, does anybody here know something about webcam support in kopete MSN, cause I can't get it to work ???16:31
nbf7777how does one see what version of kubuntu is installed?16:32
SilentDis!version | nbf777716:32
ubotunbf7777: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell16:32
rickey_ok first thing16:33
nbf7777thank you very much ubotu16:34
Bauldrickwhats the easiest way to get iso from dvd16:34
tekteenubotu is a bot16:34
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.16:34
SilentDisnbf7777: ubotu knows all, tells all :D16:34
tekteenubotu is smart16:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is smart - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:34
tekteenXD or not16:34
rickey_ i dont seem to beable to get  line 56 to delite i take it out , but it dont delite16:34
SilentDisBauldrick: not sure if the DVD is out there yet in iso... but i would say a .torrent is the fastest method16:34
rickey_i do it over and over again16:35
rickey_but it just keeps comeing back16:35
Bauldrickbacking up ps2 game - rip it to iso image16:35
flipstarrickey_: just comment it out, save and update..16:35
nbf7777ubotu konqurer16:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konqurer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:35
rickey_what is commet it out?16:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konquerer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:36
=== nelli is now known as onlinelli
SilentDis!info konqueror16:36
ubotukonqueror (source: kdebase): KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu7 (hardy), package size 1921 kB, installed size 5264 kB16:36
SilentDisnbf7777: what info about konqueror are you looking for?16:37
nbf7777sorry. i was just looking around. i am kinda newby at ubuntu - kubuntu os16:37
SilentDisnbf7777: welcome to the revolution! if you've got any problems, just ask :)16:38
flipstarrickey_: make a "#" before the line16:38
dennisteranyone know if a modem/router combo device can be used as a router alone, simply by not plugging in the phone line?16:39
SilentDisdennister: are you looking for something for dialup?16:39
dennisterno, i have broadband dsl16:40
rickey_this #    or "#" this??16:40
MilitantPotatois there not a Kubuntu 8.04 alt torrent?16:40
dennisterrickey_: yes16:40
rickey_which one16:40
dennisterMilitantPotato: yes there is16:40
SilentDisdennister: there's standalone routers available.  linksys makes one that i trust, if you want more, Cisco has some very nice ones, from budget $100 models right up to the big boys, all running IOS :)16:40
rickestdennister: usually not because there's no WAN CAT45 connector16:41
BluesKajdennister, do you mean as LAN router with a seperate gateway to the net ?16:41
MilitantPotatodennister: dvd only?16:41
dennisterSilentDis: i know, i have a linksys befsr41.v3 that I'm trying to find the default username for...16:41
SilentDisdennister: ahhh!  linksys username/password is usually admin/admin to start with16:41
dennisterMilitantPotato: no, dvd is available, but so are others that i'm downloading from mininova now16:42
MilitantPotatodennister: ok, must be buried in a mirror somewhere16:42
dennisterSilentDis: thx...i tried that combo already, but nada16:42
SilentDisdennister: did you reset the thing and loose your docs?  lol16:42
dennisterMilitantPotato: try mininova...they have lots of hardy torrents16:42
rickestdennister: http://www.routerpasswords.com/index.asp16:43
dennisterSilentDis: lol...i have the manual here, and it gave me the default password, but not the username...someone gave it to me, so perhaps he changed those settings16:43
dennisteri'll reset it to the defaults/factory :)16:43
dennisterthx rickest16:44
SilentDisdennister: sounds like you'll need to hardware reset it.  should be a pinhole on the back/bottom/somewhere :)16:44
TimSHow can I get apt-get to display a list of unneeded packages?16:44
rickey_dan it i am not getting write priv16:44
TimSI know it does when you install something, but I am not sure how to do it.16:44
rickey_and kdesu kate  wont  work in that line16:44
dennisternow, about the 2wire modem/router...can it be used as a simple router only, by not plugging in the phone line?16:44
rickestTimS: apt-get autoremove16:45
dennisterSilentDis: yes, I've reset many a router to factory :)16:45
rickestTimS: also (if installed), 'deborphan --libdevel --find-config'16:45
TimSwill it display a list before I say yet to removing them? And is it only packages that no other app depend on?16:45
SilentDisdennister: usually, yes.  but it will try to setup default gateway via dhcp, which can cause headaches.  what is the 'end result' you're looking for here?16:45
rickey_wen i do kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list it say bad command16:46
rickestTimS: use -s to 'simulate'16:46
TimSOkay, thanks16:46
=== pepe_ is now known as pepe__
mot_anybody having any substantial trouble upgrading before i take the plunge?16:47
LimCorewow, ubuntu.com fails16:47
rickey_i can get in to it with /etc/apt/sources.list but i cant delite and save16:47
LimCoremore exacly, fails with 503 - too havy load on server16:47
BluesKajrickey_, is that command line or run box16:47
SilentDisdarn you all anyway, use DHT capable torrent clients and enable it!  lol16:48
rickey_i do  aly+f2 i get a box  and a line to inter in16:49
dennisterSilentDis: redoing my network here so i can build a pxeinstall server...might as well use it as the dhcp3-server, too, firewall, dmz...topology i want is single speedstream modem-->dmz host/pxe server-->two routers used as simple switches (host will be router) -->two subnets (linkys will handle my other more protected servers, while 2 wire will handle the build machines16:49
TimSrickest: It wants to remove things like ktron and ktux and games I haven't said I don't want16:49
rickey_thats where i put it16:49
TimSI dont wannt them, but I am not sure why its done that16:49
mot_is it safe to upgrade?16:49
=== wesley is now known as kde4junkie
gromozekinin theory16:49
mot_or am i going to get failures retriving packages?16:49
xanax`i know there's a way to upgrade from kubuntu 7.04 to ubuntu 8.04 (gnome), but is there a command or a tutorial to upgrade from kubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 ?16:49
tekteenmot_: falure16:50
mot_tekteen, ?16:50
tekteenmot_: at least wait a few days16:50
=== kde4junkie is now known as wesley
SilentDis!upgrade xanax`16:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about upgrade xanax` - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:50
=== hydrogen is now known as Absurdium
farchordAnyone know why the stats script of xchat thinks that I'm running on Debian Lenny!?16:50
SilentDis!upgrade | xanax`16:50
ubotuxanax`: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:50
rickey_blueskaj you still with me16:51
SilentDisdennister: for that kind of topology, a router placed in for the more secure boxes should just have an ethernet port on the back for WAN access.  most of them do have that16:51
SilentDisdennister: unless i'm just misunderstanding things, as i've been up for 20 hours straight... a definate possiblity lol16:52
dennisterSilentDis: yes, and the linsys definitely does...looking at the 2wire's manual it seems to, but it's physically located downstairs16:53
rickey_ok lets start all over16:54
BluesKajrickey_,  ' kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list ' will work in both CLI and run command16:54
dennisterthe 2wire's manual, of course, warns against using two modems....but it's aimed at very dumb users16:54
rickey_ what is the box i get wen i  push alt+f216:54
dennistertoo slow...16:54
derdui_Hi, has anybody an idea, why counterstrike via wine doesnt load completely? it shuts down nearly the end of loading th map. I am running Kubuntu hardy heron16:55
BluesKajrickey_, run command16:55
BluesKajrickey_, CLI=comand line interface or Konsole or terminal shell16:56
Jucatoderdui_: you might get better help in #winehq16:56
XSlicerhm... I cant download Konversation, it says it can't find the package 'konversation'. Is this because of KDE4?16:56
dennisterderdui_: when did u download the counterstrike? or are you trying to download it now from the repositories?16:56
derdui_i have a dvd from a mate16:57
dennisterXSlicer: i think the repository servers are having difficulty keeping up with the demands today since the release16:57
flipstarw00t counterstrike is in the repo's ?16:57
dennisterflipstar: sorry, probably not16:58
XSlicerOh yeah.. guess ill have to be patient16:58
dennisterderdui_: is ur version of hardy the release candidate, or the one publicly released today?16:59
dennisterderdui_: i'm just curious as to ur experience with hardy...#winehq would be a better bet for ur issue, as jucato said17:00
derdui_dennister: i have downloaded my hardy weeks ago and used the upgrade to keep ist uptodate17:00
xanax`once i'll finish installing kubuntu 8.04 (kde 3.5.9), will I be able to download kde 4  and have to chose which one I want to load in KDM ?17:01
SlimeyPetexanax`: yes.17:01
dennisterderdui_: i'd ask you to do me a favour then, but ubuntu.com is having quite a few probs loading, what witht he traffic17:03
gromozekinkubuntu 8 04 is loadin17:04
derdui_sorry, i dont understand you dennister17:04
dennisteri tried the release candate a few days ago, and i was told one crucial package for a pxeinstall server wasn't available for hardy yet17:04
PYYo, alls17:04
=== esperegu is now known as LinuxMCE_Certifi
=== LinuxMCE_Certifi is now known as esperegu
PYCan anyone tell me if there is any trouble with the latest kubuntu and vista, as in dual booting?17:05
dennisteri'd look up what that package is called, but as i said, even ubuntu.com documentation site is timing out17:05
ovidiuI've got a problem17:05
ovidiuwhile I was upgrading Gutsy to Hardy17:05
espereguwhere can I find the torrents?17:05
ovidiuthe Distribution upgrade seems to stuck here17:06
ovidiuRebuilding the database. This may take some time.17:06
ovidiu///usr/share/gnome/help/blackjack/el/blackjack.xml:402: parser error : Entity 'Βοήθεια' not defined17:06
ovidiu                  <para><guimenuitem>Προτιμήσεις&Βοήθεια;</gui17:06
PYI'd have liked a torrent, couldn't find it17:06
gromozekinjust press update source17:06
PYI'm living in fear that my download will ping out17:06
PYAnyway, any troubles with vista's BCD in the new one?17:06
XSlicerPY: there is not problem with Vista dual boot17:06
ovidiuwhat can I do?17:06
PYIt's you!17:06
PYAnyway, No troubles, yay17:07
gromozekininstall vista17:07
gromozekinonly way17:07
RiddellKubuntu Release Party Radio Stream at http://audio.radioamarok.com17:07
lightWhich bt client is good for downloading the new release?17:08
PYI like uTorrent, does that have a linux build?17:08
tekteenlight: any17:09
tekteenlight: ktorrent comes with kubuntu17:09
BluesKajutorrent only runs in wine , no linux version yet17:09
PYAww, I like uTorrent17:10
BluesKajtry ktorrent , very familiar looking17:10
XSlicerYea I forgot that <.>17:10
PYWell, doesn't matter, a torrent client is just a client, after all17:10
lightMy connection is very slow. 65seeders 54leechers 10-20kB/s sometimes 100kB/s but lasted for only several minutes.17:11
PYNasty seed/leech ratio17:11
PYStill, it's pretty new out, so...17:11
lightI'm using kTorrent.17:12
rickey_The document could not be saved, as it was not possible to write to /etc/apt/sources.list.17:12
rickey_Check that you have write access to this file or that enough disk space is available.17:12
dennisterlater folks...17:13
PYSee ya17:13
stevi want to ask how can i install kde on ubuntu...???17:13
XSlicerGet kubuntu?17:14
ovidiusudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop17:14
Jucato!kde | stev17:14
ubotustev: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.17:14
lightstev: fire up Synaptic and search for kubuntu17:14
PYActually, what's the difference between ubuntu and kubuntu, apart from GNOME and KDE, and the apps it comes with?17:14
ovidiuthere are specific KDE applications in Kubuntu17:15
unix_infidelanyone here do and upgrade from 8.04 beta to stable?17:15
PY'and the apps it comes with'17:15
ovidiufor example KTorrent, Konversation...17:15
PYNo kernel changes?17:15
EruaranNo mono dependancies ;)17:15
ovidiuthe base is same as Ubuntu17:15
JucatoPY: everything below the desktop level (below KDE and GNOME) are the same across Ubuntu and Kubuntu (mostly)17:15
PYAh, gotcha17:15
PYgood enough for me17:16
stevthank you17:16
stevwhat version of kde in 8.04 will be...???17:17
PY3 or 417:17
PYDepending on which you download17:17
PY<_< close enough17:17
EruaranThere is also the KDE4 remix17:17
EruaranKDE 4.0.317:17
PYAnyway, I'm sated17:17
stevwhy should use 2 version...???17:17
stevwhy not kde 4 only17:18
ovidiuso what's mean that:17:18
ovidiuRebuilding the database. This may take some time.17:18
ovidiu///usr/share/gnome/help/blackjack/el/blackjack.xml:402: parser error : Entity 'Βοήθεια' not defined17:18
ovidiu                  <para><guimenuitem>Προτιμήσεις&Βοήθεια;</gui17:18
Eruaranyou can use kde4 only17:18
EruaranThere are two versions of kubuntu atm. Separate downloads.17:18
yao_ziyuani observed that all linux executables have the "gears" icon in dolphin (they can't have their own icons?), so it's impossible for an executable to fake as a movie file, right?17:18
SlimeyPetestev: because kde4 is immature, so many people would prefer to use kde3.17:19
SlimeyPetebut some like kde4 so it is available17:19
Eruaranyao_ziyuan: right...17:20
=== SeanTater2 is now known as SeanTater
yao_ziyuanEruaran: this is amazing... but i should hear at least another guy's opinion in this potentially big vulnerability17:21
Eruaranyao_ziyuan: ?17:21
stevsomeone should make a special distro for designer17:21
jlundIs the tracker down?17:22
yao_ziyuanEruaran: i mean if an executable file can have its custom icon and has the file extension "rmvb" or "avi", it can successfully fake as a movie file for you to click17:22
stevI thougt all linux distribution is not suitable for the designers17:22
ovidiuyes, it is true. because linux executables cannot embed icons the executable files cannot be made to look like a movie file, or something17:22
Eruaranyao_ziyuan: linux is not like windows17:23
yao_ziyuanovidiu: thanks for confirmation17:23
yao_ziyuanEruaran: in windows, i'd just look at the file extension column17:23
llutzyao_ziyuan: filename-extensions aren't important for the content. they are just letters, saying nothing17:23
ovidiuI see that Konqueror detects the filetypes17:24
kevmanHow might I go about getting this Kubuntu DVD release?17:24
ovidiuthe extension doesn't matter so much17:24
kevmanThe link to the torrent on the site is 40417:24
BluesKajhmm, the fglrx restricted driver was retained in the Hardy release ... fgl_glxgears provides 60% more frames/sec than Gutsy did ...I'm impressed so far ...now to tackle the google-earth problem17:28
hoopoecan i safely abort this upgrade? i'm in getting new packages stage.17:30
Malicgood question..17:32
Malicthe servers are very slow17:32
=== linuxmce is now known as Illusion
BluesKajhoopoe, not a good idea, unless you're stuck17:32
kevmanSO I guess there's no DVD version yet?17:32
ovidiuI got an error while configuring scrollkeeper17:32
ovidiuI can reconfigure it later with dpkg?17:33
hoopoethanks blueskaj, i guess i'll keep at it17:33
lightWow! bt download suddenly speed up. down speed 320kB/s , up speed 120kB/s17:40
Malicmy speed notification disappeared ^^17:46
lightBig release day! Happy downloading and installation. Bye!17:47
llutzuse torrent, keep seeding after download finished17:47
lightOf course! \(^0^)/17:48
hoopoei wish i hadn't started this today17:49
[B5C]wallabee410 up;)17:49
Malicnow the speed is ok.. i have 400kbs17:49
tasoshello all17:49
CodddErthere are other mirrors for kubuntu 8.04 kde 4 remix than the main site ? ( its very slow )17:51
tasosi recently download Kubuntu and i intall them in my computer but i am have problem with them...I can not update anythink....17:51
tasoscan anyone help with that?17:51
excitatorydoes anyone have a bt link for the latest kubuntu?  oddly, i'm having some difficulty finding one.. all of the mirrors i try direct me to bt links, but do not include the 8.04 release17:52
rickestexcitatory: torrents for all hardy releases: http://www.acc.umu.se/~mighty/ubuntu/17:53
tasosyou can download it with torrent17:54
=== _firephoto is now known as firephoto
CodddErtorrent for me is even slower17:54
rickestanyone know if the nvidia 8800GT is supported in the restricted repositories for 8.04 or do we still have it do it manually or with envy?17:56
jussio1gah, my math sucks. is 1920x1200 16:9 or 16:10?18:01
jussio1thanks XSlicer18:03
martallirickest: Just use the hardware manager in the system menu18:25
rickestmartalli: so the 8800GT *is* supported now?18:26
fearsomewow neat18:26
nosrednaekimrickest: sure18:26
alxjuhi! I've updated to hardy.. how to get a nicely integrated Firefox3 ?18:27
fearsomedoesn't firefox come with hardy?18:27
nosrednaekimin kubuntu? you must be dreaming18:27
=== kilrae_ is now known as kilrae
rickestnosrednaekim: cool, no more manually patching the kernel or using envy18:27
fearsomekubuntu, eh, haven't tried it yet18:27
nosrednaekim"nicely integrated firefox" is a feature of ubuntu, not kubuntu18:27
fearsomesi, si18:27
nosrednaekimrickest: I don't think so18:27
fearsomegod, i'm drunk18:28
alxjumaybe but its possible to have a qt-gkt working18:28
fearsomeand its 1:28 pm18:28
alxjubut its doesn't do anyhing18:28
fearsomeright after my exam18:28
rickestnosrednaekim: if nothing else, I know envy is in the repos now so it's easier even if still required18:28
fearsomei'll go get another beer18:28
edeltoasterähm installing firefox and integrating plz shouldnt be a problem?18:28
alxjuall work, but its ugly..18:29
alxjui did have this with FF218:29
nosrednaekimedeltoaster:installing is easy... making it look pretty is not18:29
alxju(i didn't..)18:29
ShawnRiskI am trying to update to 8.04 which isn't working, it says that it can't fetch the url, and times out but I am connected to the internet.  Any ideas?18:30
Frekumaybe servers a bit too busy ?18:30
flipstartry again later ShawnRisk18:30
fearsomecheck ur internet connection18:30
nosrednaekimShawnRisk: wait a couple days... the mirrors are really really slow18:30
fearsomejust kidding18:30
fearsomemmm foood18:30
ShawnRiskokay thanks18:31
alxjuor download the iso by bittorrent18:31
flipstarShawnRisk: or try another mirror18:31
eddieftwShawnRisk: check the ubuntu planet, there are a few tutorials on how to upgrade even if downloading is taking a long time. http://planet.ubuntu.com/18:32
nzk_Gah, I have a problem. I tried to upgrade to Hardy today, but for some reason, when I unminimized my distribution upgrade window, the window didn't render. It was just a blank window. I tried to restart X, but now it won't let me go into Gnome, so I have to use KDE or XFCE. But if I try to run a partial upgrade in XFCE, it says that Apt or Aptitude is already running and that I can't finish the upgrade. What am I to do?18:32
ShawnRiskthanks I might wait18:33
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »18:34
eddieftwnzk_: see the bot's message18:34
nzk_Darnit, how do I copy in Konsole?18:35
nzk_Oh, nevermind.18:35
nzk_Alright, I'll try that.18:35
nosrednaekimhi whiteflag18:35
nzk_eddieftw: Alright, can I go back into GNOME now and try to finish the upgrade?18:36
clau30_hi. what's the difference actually between kde3 and kde4 version. If i download the kde3 version, I can install kde4, right?18:36
whiteflagsomebody downloaded Hardy Heron ?18:36
clau30_flipstar: yep for me?18:37
clau30_what's the difference then? :)18:37
JoshOvkiclau30_: yes you can18:37
Frekui think 118:37
flipstarclau30_: a yep for you too :)18:37
sbucathello guys xD18:37
JoshOvkiclau30_: the difference is they are different versions kde18:38
eddieftwyes clau30_18:38
eddieftwnzk_: yes you can try it18:38
whiteflagflipstar: have you installed it ?18:38
clau30_Jsn0327: yea I know that :) but why are there 2 releases then?18:38
Freku1 for business and 1 for you18:39
unix_infidelanyone know of a sources.list generator?18:39
clau30_ah, that makes more sense :) thanks18:39
mefisto__I'm in the middle of upgrading to hardy, had a message about kdebase-data not installing, but the upgrade can continue, and that the package may be in a not working state. I suppose I'll try to reinstall that package after the upgrade completes. Any advice, things I should be cautious about?18:39
clau30_so another question: can I install from a usb stick? how?18:41
Wrathanyone else having issues with the kubuntu alternate cd torrent?18:41
flipstarhow can i enable auto-login again..?18:41
eddieftwunix_infidel: a .... generator?18:41
ubotuunix_infidel: source-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.18:42
BonesolTeraDyneQuick question. I'm using a Core2Duo (64 bit procs). Will I see a performance boost if I use the x64 version, or are they pretty much the same?18:42
SkribleHeyy! I'm looking for the install DVD but the site is down. So does anyone know where to download the torrent file?18:42
eddieftw!install | clau30_18:42
ubotuclau30_: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate18:42
flipstarhow can i enable auto-login again..? pls..18:43
flipstarsetting no password .. ?18:43
tekteenflipstar: it is in system settings18:44
tekteenflipstar: system settings > advanced tab > login manager18:44
clau30_download servers are slow.. cool :)18:45
SkribleSo.. Does anyone know where to get the DVD-image?18:45
Skriblehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/dvd/current/hardy-dvd-i386.iso <-- its just stuffed18:45
tekteenclau30_: we are great DDOSers18:45
LimCoredont use iso18:46
LimCoredont download that iso18:46
clau30_tekteen: no I mean cool because that means that a lot of ppl are downloading18:46
LimCoredownload and use torrent instead18:46
JoshOvkihundreds of people trying to download direct from ubuntu.com gonna be slow. torrents are the way forward18:46
BonesolTeraDyneOkay, let me ask again, now that I have a GUI. I'm using a Core2Duo (64 bit) machine. Will I see a performance boost if I use the x64 verion of Kubuntu, or are they pretty mucht the same?18:46
tekteenclau30_: there always are :-)18:46
LimCoreJoshOvki: almost noone is seeding. download and seed \o/18:47
LimCoreBonesolTeraDyne: the same18:47
SkribleLimCore, well I try but cannot find the torrent18:47
Skriblethe site is not working18:47
clau30_here also true: people, SEED the darn torrents18:47
JoshOvkii would seed if i had it down, but ive had it installed for a while18:47
sig_wallSkrible: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/18:47
BonesolTeraDyneLimCore: Okay. thanks.18:47
LimCoreBonesolTeraDyne: 64 bit rocks for other purposes. 64 bit is needed to use over 4 GB ram18:47
Skribleohh.. stupid me. :E18:47
flipstartekteen: problem is that the bluetooth keyboard doesn't work in login manager18:47
sigma_1234top release guys. that boot speed is amazing18:47
Wrathtry http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Kubuntu/8.04/18:47
eddieftwreally now?18:47
tekteenflipstar: ok18:47
LimCoreuse ISO people18:47
eddieftwi see at least 10 torrents18:47
LimCoreuse TORRENTS people18:48
Wrathjust a mirror to get the torrents from18:48
clau30_LimCore: lol18:48
Wrathas i was having trouble even downloading the .torrents earlier18:48
sigma_1234i got a iso this morning. came down just fine18:48
flipstartekteen: anyway to get it working ?18:48
eddieftwyou people are crazy. it's a torrent, you guys can handle that can't you?18:48
LimCoreclau30_: direct download of image kills serves  =)18:48
mefisto__just open up ktorrent and search for kubuntu hardy. how hard can it be?18:48
JoshOvkisigma_1234: you seeing?18:48
clau30_LimCore: I know, I encourage TORRENTS also18:49
jimiILhey friends, i have a problem upgrading my dist(7.10to8.04) and the kubuntu\wiki guide didn't giving me any answers...18:49
jimiILwhen i'm fatching up the adept manager (or using  "--dist-upgrade-proposed") i can "upgrade my dist to 7.10(the wird thing is that i've allready have it) if i'm trying to do it - the upgrade(gui) tool stucks after the download phase, until two days ago there was a command for adept to get 8.04, does anyone remembers it? and if not anny suggestions? how can i upgrade it?18:49
clau30_LimCore: your mistake was funny ;)18:49
clau30_LimCore: why do you say 64bit version is same as x86?18:49
* LimCore searched for ubuntu hard and found pr0n18:49
isaacwhat KDE version shipped in the Remix thing? 4.0.2? or a KDE 4.1 alpha thing?18:49
tekteenflipstar: system settings > advanced tab > login manager > convenience18:49
sigma_1234nope got it from the sa academic mirror18:49
clau30_LimCore: don't programs make use of the other 32bit (in suse channel they said they do)18:49
LimCoreclau30_: 64bit is not magically faster then 32bit.  k8 may be a bit faster then i68618:49
Ginungaggapcu guys18:50
clau30_LimCore: so should I get the amd64 version or stick with x86 to be sure?18:50
LimCore64bit -vs- 32bit  and  k8 vs i686.  64 bit dont speedup.   ok, k8 may speedup over i68618:50
siofwolvescan i version upgrade to Kubuntu KDE 4 Remix or is it Kubuntu 8.04 only?18:50
nb72I think KDE 4.0.318:50
isaacnb72: thanks18:50
sigma_1234can i use gutsy apache mysql and php deb files to install in hardy?18:50
LimCoreclau30_: I use amd64, it works very well.  ok the speed may be a bit faster (because its k8, not because the 64bit itself)18:51
isaacI think I am going with Ubuntu and building KDE from SVN18:51
clau30_LimCore: ok, that's what I wanted to hear :) (the problem of choise, eh?!)18:51
nosrednaekimsiofwolves: if you have gutsy kde3 currently, upgrade to hardy kde3 and install kubuntu-kde4-desktop18:51
Xbehaveis it worth it for me to d/l torrents just to seed?18:52
siofwolvesnosrednaekim, k, thx.18:52
Bauldrickanyone got any clues about connecting an o2 cocoon mobile phone?18:52
tekteenXbehave: as long as you seed past a 1.0 ratio18:52
Frekuand have fast upload18:53
Xbehaveofc i will, but itll take a while as my d/l speed is much bigger than my u/l18:53
tekteenXbehave: I am still seeding18:53
Frekulike everyone18:53
jimiILfriends.. how can i upgrade kubuntu to 8.04 thruogh the terminal?18:53
tekteenFreku: very few people continue to seed :-(18:54
BonesolTeraDynetekteen: I'm seeding right now.18:54
tekteenjimiIL: sudo apt-get distupgrade ?18:54
Xbehaveso itll take a while for the two to level, out, suppose as long as i get a good ratio it doesnt matter, i cant install it tm :( plus i always use alternate installer anyway18:54
Xbehavetekteen: that wont upgrade it18:54
tekteensudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:55
tekteenwhy not18:55
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes18:55
Xbehavedist-upgrade might but apt-get will only give you latest updates for your versions18:55
jimiILno.. that's giving me the 7.1018:55
jimiILthe weird thing is that i got 7.10 and the "upgrade to it just crashes..18:55
FrauHansenno upgrade-button in adept-manager here :( am i the only one with a shy "version upgrade" button?18:56
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immesysHey, please can someone give me a link to a private mirror of kubuntu kde4 remix? I'm getting unbelievably slow DL from site18:57
tekteenimmesys: torrent it18:57
siofwolvesFrauHansen, did you click 'fetch updates' after loading adept?18:57
BauldrickI had to press Alt + f2 and type kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" to upgrade I think, then they changed the upgrade instructions18:57
TameLionAnyone know a format for CD printing from 'nix? I wanna convert this: http://www.tamelion.co.uk/media/view/hardy_cd_print_image18:57
immesysMy torrent crashed, tracker keeps dying18:57
jimiILyou should press fetch updates18:57
FrauHansensiofwolves: of course. several times.18:58
nosrednaekimFrauHansen: do it manually18:58
nosrednaekimFrauHansen: replace every gutsy in your /etc/apt/sources.list with hardy and the update you package lists18:58
siofwolvesFrauHansen, hah, i just clicked my version upgrade button and apdept crashed...18:58
MalicFrauHansen: try update-manager18:59
ovidiua torrent link for 8.04, please?18:59
immesysyes please, I can't get .torrent from site18:59
Xbehaveovidiu: kubuntu, standard or 64 alternate?18:59
ovidiu32 bit, the desktop version19:00
tekteenovidiu: I will look for it. kde4?19:00
ovidiukde 3.5.919:00
immesysyes please19:00
Xbehavemagnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7R67CPBD2TG4QYFQ3TRMIPGA7S5P2W7U19:00
FrauHansennosrednaekim: that way sucks. i had to use this method from 6.10 to 7.04 and to 7.10 already. i want my button :(19:00
tekteenovidiu: I almost have it :-)19:01
Frekujust wait a few days19:01
Xbehavewget ftp://ftp.ussg.iu.edu/linux/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent19:01
tekteenovidiu: http://banner.uits.indiana.edu/kubuntu/hardy/kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent19:01
ovidiuI have upgraded my distro from gutsy to hardy19:01
ovidiubut the things are messed up on my desktop19:02
XbehaveFrauHansen to add the button i think you have to customise your toolbar19:02
Ta3vI had to log in with GNOME instead of KDE to upgrade19:02
Ta3vI don't believe you can upgrade with Adept19:02
nosrednaekimFrauHansen: hey.. it works every time :)19:02
rickeywen i push  ALT and  F2 and my window openeds  and i type kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list in   my computer says incorrect commmand, what am i doing wrongwhy wont kdesudo kate work???19:02
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jimiILguys you're the kings and rulers!!! it succeded and i'm upgrading right now!! thanks!!19:02
XenThraLrickey: its 'kdesu'19:02
vistakillerpulseaudio dont work in kubuntu?19:02
immesysrickey: its kdesu19:02
Xbehavefor something as important as a verison upgrade your much better off working with konsole19:02
XenThraLnot 'kdesudo'19:02
spittersHow do I upgrade to KDE 4.0remix. Adept seems to allow KDE 3.5 only.19:02
rickeyi have tryed that too19:03
Xbehaveimmesys: kubuntu has introduces kdesudo19:03
BauldrickjimiIL: how did you do it in the end?19:03
Xbehaveits a wrapper to kdesu or something like that both commands are valid19:03
immesysXbehave: oh.. my bad19:03
FrauHansenXbehave: i cant seem to find a button for upgrades in the available buttons list19:03
MalicFrauHansen: have you tried it with update-manager? it is stupid to do it this way, but for me it works19:03
FrauHansenMalic: not, not yet.19:04
jimiILalt+f2:  kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"19:04
jimiILand then "upgrade version" and, finally instad of 7.10 there was an upgrade to 8.0419:04
rickeythe reson i need to get this sorted out is i have a misstake on line 56 i need to delite19:04
BauldrickI thought so :)19:04
FrauHansenstupid to have a button that never shows up :(19:04
Frekuhow you know if it doesnt show19:05
rickey i can type  /ect/app/sources.list and get in but nothinh i do can be saved19:05
BauldrickI told him so19:05
jimiILthank you might!19:06
XbehavejimiL its better to type that into a konsole to catch any errors, FrauHansen. i dont have the button i dont think it exists, its a bad idea to use adept, which i find unstable at times, to upgrade your system19:06
Xbehaverickey you need to use sudo , e.g sudo nanao /etc/app/sources.list or kdesudo kate /etc/app/sources.list19:07
FrauHansenXbehave: so you suggest the sources.list changing way?19:07
nzkAlright, the distribution upgrade is doing a partial upgrade, but it has been stuck at "Reading cache" for about a half-hour. Is this normal?19:08
Xbehavemy internet is stupidly slow but, 7 second ping atm, but there should be a command to run, i think "jimiL: "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"" shoudl do it19:09
fabriuxholas a todos19:09
Xbehavenzk its release day, nothing is normal19:09
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:09
DfliesHello. I just installed Kubuntu 7.10 couple hours ago (for a third time, because I had errors with 2 other clean installs..) now, when I boot, I get kubuntu loading screen, when it moves to login screen - everything goes black. I can click alt+f2 and run some code. Does anyone know how to make things work again?19:10
Xbehavebut if thats empty you can try here19:10
nzkI know, but you'd think that this'd be a process that runs locally, since reading the cache be not governed by any sort of outside circumstance.19:10
FrauHansenjimiIL: kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"  worked. I didn't realise you adressed me with that (but you did, right?)19:11
jimiILplease NOTICE: anyone with a graphical nvidia card.. if you're upgrading from k7.10 to 8.04 install the driver BEFORE the installation, if you'll do it afterwards (uding the gui) you'll expierence many res probs and  a max screen size of 640*48019:11
jimiILthat's the reason i'm upgrading now after installing first the 8.04 and having prob with the nvidia card and screen res, from my expierence, if you're ibstalling 7.10 with your graphical card and upgrading the dist that should solve it.19:11
BluesKajthe oddest thing is happening . I just reinstalled google earth , but for some reason i seem to to have 2 versions of the same app ..both appear to be installed in the same file /opt/google-earth , but when i try to copy the desktop icon to link to the desktop , the whole app doesn't come up when clicked on. Just part of the server but without the earth graphics and the handlike cursor ...very weird.19:11
Xbehavenzk, perhaps its checking hashes :s19:11
Xbehaveor manybe its some other bug19:11
spittersHow do I upgrade to KDE 4.0remix. Adept seems to allow KDE 3.5 only.19:12
rickeywen i used kdesudo kate /ect/app/sources.list  it says  command not fond19:12
XbehaveBlueskaj, theres a problem with the latest google earth, if installes as a user, you can run it, but if you install it as root, then you cant login without rnning as root19:12
rickeywen i use nano nothing happens19:12
nzkI'll leave it be for an hour, and if it naught have changed during that period, I'll ask again.19:12
nosrednaekimspitters: upgrade to the kde3 and then grab kubuntu-kde4-desktop19:13
DfliesDoes anyone know how to fix my "black screen problem" I installed compizfusion and it worked fine btw, if it has anything to do with it.19:13
Xbehavespitters: upgrade then install kde4 or d/l the iso and clean isntall19:13
skreech_Hi all19:13
eddieftwhi skreech_19:13
BluesKajiyes Xbehave ,if I give myself permisssions by going into the file with kdesudo konqueror /opt/google-earth, i can use it NP  ...very strange19:13
jimiILcheck the apt installation-info throw the adept (not the packat manager - through the system - adept) maybe one of them is for kde4? i had the same prob with kopete19:13
FrauHansenrickey:  try: kdesudo 'kate /ect/app/sources.list'  or  kdesu 'kate /ect/app/sources.list'19:13
eddieftw /etc/apt/sources.list19:14
nzkHey eddieftw. Maybe you'd know why my partial distribution upgrade is stuck at "Reading cache" for the past half-hour?19:14
skreech_Hardy /j ubuntu-release-party19:14
rickeyi just did ,but ill do it again19:14
XbehaveBluesKaj: so you give yourself permisions to /opt/google-earth, and run as a normal user and it works :S thought id tried that, perhaps its some other security measure i have19:14
eddieftwsorry, ive never had that problem. ive been running hardy for several months now :/19:14
skreech_hi eddieftw19:15
FrauHansenerm rickey better replace "app" with "apt" in the path19:15
jimiILspitters  : you can install kde4 along side your kde version, you should have a metapackage in adept manager19:15
uwohi all. 319:15
tvakahtorrent tracker mirror, any?19:15
Dfliesbah. stupid kubuntu :| shouldn't be this hard.19:15
XbehaveDflies, try booting without the splash or quiet and see if you can get more information19:16
BluesKajXbehave, rhetorical question , but why does it open a google earth page and just sit there with no earth in the GUI  ...19:16
DfliesSorry for being a total newbie but how can I boot without splash?19:16
rickey: kdesudo 'kate /ect/apt/sources.list'   commmmand noot fond19:17
Xbehavei dont have a working internet conection so i cant be much help, but when you get to grub, edit the line to remove splash and quiet19:17
Frekunot kdesudo  just sudo19:17
Dfliesok I'll try. Thanks19:17
eldeeehi, how can i find out which domains are hosted on a  server? (from command  line)19:17
BluesKajXbehave, wonder if a symlink will work ?19:17
jimiILit's not that kubuntu is hard, it's just that as human being we're too slow :)19:17
JackWintertvakah: you want a torrent for 8.04 ?19:17
tvakahJackWinter, I loaded up the torrent for 8.04 alt iso i386, but torrent.ubuntu.com times out19:18
XbehaveFreku: it should be kdesudo for gui apps, that or kdesu19:18
Frekushould we install kdesudo 1st ?19:19
rickey kdesu 'kate /ect/apt/sources.list'   command not fond19:19
Frekui have no kdesudo either19:19
Xbehaveln -s should preserve the permistions you put on it, but most programs run scripts to set the working directory and stuff so im not sure19:19
Frekunewbie too19:19
rickeynow i can get in with /ect/apt/sources.list19:19
Xbehavewhat version are you on?19:19
eddieftwLISTEN CAREFULLY sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list19:19
Frekuthe very old 7.1019:19
eddieftwthat is where your sources.list file is19:19
rickeybut i cant edit anything19:20
Xbehavekdesu should work, sudo kate will also work its just not recomended if kdesudo or kdesu works19:20
rickeyand save it19:20
mefisto__kate would need kdesudo or kdesu, NOT sudo19:20
tvakahJackWinter, scratch that, torrent.ubuntu.com finally responded19:20
eddieftwif you can get in with /ect/anything, your system is seriously messed up19:20
JackWintertvakah: ok, was trying to figure out how to get the torrent out of ktorrent ;)19:21
eddieftwmefisto__: sudo kate works19:21
eddieftwi do it ALL the time19:21
rickeythe only way i can get to that list is by typeing /ect/apt/sources.list19:21
tvakahJackWinter, heh, I had the torrent file no problem, it was the tracker that was not responding for me19:21
eddieftwokay. wow. fail.19:21
mefisto__eddieftw: yes it works, but it can have bad results for the system19:21
JackWintertvakah: maybe it's hard at work right now ;)19:22
tvakahJackWinter, indeed, but it's all godo now, seeing 1.8-2M/sec19:23
Bauldrickrickey: sorry, what are trying to do?19:23
JackWinterhow do i setup the /boot/menu.lst for multibooting ubuntu/kubuntu/ubuntustudio etc.  I suppose that i will have them all in /boot on my main linux partition ?19:23
rickeyi have a missake on line 56 apt manager19:23
rickey that i need to fix19:24
rickey delite19:24
tvakahJackWinter, if I were you, I'd have a common /boot partition, then a partition for / of each distro... only if each distro uses the same release of the kernel, you may hav collisions of initramfs's and such19:24
rickey cant get there so i can delite it ans update and save19:24
Xbehaveall my torrents are working, if somebody needs them they are  wget ftp://ftp.ussg.iu.edu/linux/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent ; get ftp://ftp.ussg.iu.edu/linux/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent , i can also export http seeds to anybody who pms me19:25
jimiILfellows, i'm leaving now have a great day/night i'll be back to bother you with questions when i'll finish my dist upgrade, and offcourse i'll try to help (if  newbie like me to linux can hlp with something)19:25
flipstarkonsole is really buggy ://19:25
rickeykdesudo kdesu or nano wont get me in19:25
mefisto__rickey: what are you editing?19:25
Xbehaveflipstar: what happend, ve never had a problem with it19:25
rickeyonlly /ect/apt/sources.list will19:25
Xbehaverickey sudo nano will let you edit it19:26
rickey but cant save changes19:26
Bauldrickcommand line - sudo pico /etc/apt/sources.list       ?19:26
mefisto__rickey: it's /etc/ not /ect/19:26
Xbehavesudo nano /ect/apt/sources.list19:26
flipstarcan someone make bug 203573 to high priority ? :/19:26
rickeyyes i know my missstake19:26
rickey ect19:26
flipstarXbehave: it behaves very wired19:26
flipstar!bug bug 20357319:26
flipstar!bug 20357319:26
flipstar!bug #20357319:26
JackWintertvakah: i think i need to study the system before i start setting  up ;)  wanna try ubuntustudio and kde4 and probably a 64bit dist.  don't wanna break my new shiny system though ;)19:26
Xbehaveflipstar: this is end user support not developer so unlikely to happen19:27
rickeyi have been doing it rigth19:27
rickeyjust a slip last time19:27
tvakahJackWinter, yeah I'd imagine you'd need to stop the kernel package system from autogenerating grub config and do it by hand everytime you upgrade a kernel or what not19:27
B3zsosome one can help me out ?19:27
ScorpKing!ask | B3zso19:28
Ahmuckdoes hardy screw with fonts?19:28
ubotuB3zso: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)19:28
flipstarXbehave: i see..but it's definitive an end user problem..19:28
tvakahJackWinter, but I'm not 100%, I'm coming over from using straight up debian sid for a long time19:28
excitatorydoes anyone know if that keyboard bug (in a ATI, fglrx / XGL setup) has been fixed in the new release?19:28
mefisto__JackWinter: you can intall ubuntustudio from a metapackage - ubuntustudio-desktop or something like that. It installs about 30 apps, and the real-time kernel suitable for audio work19:28
ScorpKingsooo guys, hows 8.04? i'm only getting it tomorrow19:28
nosrednaekimvery nice19:29
flipstarScorpKing: as long as you don't plan to use konsole..good :)19:29
ckproI got it19:29
B3zsoits good19:29
ckprobut got a problem :P19:29
XbehaveJackWinter: all ubuntus use the same kernel, so the problem is with kdm or gdm19:29
ckproCan someone help me out ?19:29
ScorpKingflipstar: that won't do then. i need my konsole ;)19:29
excitatoryXbehave: no, the ubuntu-studio uses a modified kernel19:29
B3zsoi have problem whit my monitor resolusion i think coz its jumping in right size... on the monitor how can i fixx it??????19:29
flipstarScorpKing: then be prepared for wired konsole bahavior19:29
B3zsoiam on ubuntu 8.04tlS19:30
DfliesHi. I removed the quiet and splash and booted it. Still it didn't work. Same black screen as before. Do you think if removing compiz would work?19:30
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Xbehaveexcitatory: will normal ubuntu not work on studio kernel19:30
JackWintermefisto__: oh, i love my kde, and have a working audio setup with a wine sequencer.  it kicks *ss on a q6600, am so happy that i finally can leave windows, something i wanted to do for 5-10 years, but the sequencer alway held me back...19:30
ScorpKingflipstar: nice. then i'll have something to fix :)19:30
* ScorpKing goes to make some food..19:30
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion19:30
waynewardi thought hardy was going to have pulse audio as audio sound server?19:31
mefisto__JackWinter: if you're doing audio work, you should at least get the real-time kernel19:31
JackWinteri wanna try out the different dists, and 64bit too.  but i'm in love with kde so i think the choice has been made ;)19:31
XbehaveDflies: how did you install compiz?19:31
B3zsosome one?19:31
JackWintermefisto__: have the rt kernel19:31
excitatoryXbehave: of course.. the only difference is that there is a tweaked kernel for ubuntu studio, otherwise it's a stock ubuntu kernel19:31
wkhello all, i have question - i want to run my old good quake3 in kde4 but don't get sound working :( in kde3 everything worked... does someone know how to turn off the new phonon or something?19:31
DfliesXbehave:I followed the link which the bot just pasted.19:31
ckproTried to install the ATI Linux Driver (for Radeon 9250) , tried all tuts on how to do it, and everyone of them, saying "X Server: unable to detect"..anyone know how to fix this ?19:31
JackWinterexcitatory: tweaked in what way ?  i thought it was only a rt kernel ?19:32
excitatorythat's what i mean19:32
sebbarhi, if I have two computers connected through a router+switch, is there an easy way to transfer files from one to the other?19:32
mefisto__ckpro: I have the same (9250). I compiled/installed a driver that enables tvout (finally!) I can try to find the link for you19:33
Dfliesstupid booting issue :|19:33
XbehaveDflies: stupid slow intenet connection, im afraid i cant really help much, you should be able to modify xorg with help, but everybody seams busy here and im no use try #compiz-fusion19:33
DarkestHourJackWinter: Ubuntu Studio has a realtime kernel.19:34
BluesKajsebbar , linux on both or windows and linux19:34
ckprohey ?19:34
sebbarBluesKaj: linux on both19:34
ckproanyone know how to fix the ati problem ?19:34
Xbehavesebbar, msn19:34
MrJoeyckpro> Try removing your xorg.conf (preferably backing it up somewhere) and restarting X19:34
MrJoey /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:34
ckpropm ?19:34
BluesKajsebbar, open konqueror , type smb:/19:35
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Xbehavesebbar, you could set up an ftp share or samba or a million other things but an instant message protocol is going to be the fastest, just use IRC or msn to send one computer the files19:35
mm_202Hey guys, quick question.  Kubuntu 8.04, what version is the kernel? Still 2.6.22?19:35
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B3zsoI have an quastion please can some one help whit the monitor problem i have iam on ubuntu8.04 and on the monitor the screen are jumping  in the right size and dont know whats wrong..... please help me..19:35
Xbehavefor permenant stuff then ftp or smb is going to be better19:35
tvakahmm_202, 2.6.24 here19:35
sebbarBluesKaj: Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall.19:36
wayneward smb:/19:36
JackWinterhow do i check which version i'm running.  8.04rc or 8.04?19:36
mm_202oh, thanks19:36
Xbehavemm_202: 22-1419:36
sebbarwell it's 100mb, is msn really the best quick option?19:36
joeyadamsckpro> You have to be registered with nickserv to use pm.19:36
waynewardjust install openssh-server19:36
waynewardand scp across files of fish19:36
BluesKajsebbar, are both pcs powered up ?19:36
Scubargot a quick Q?19:37
sebbarBluesKaj: yes19:37
tvakahJackWinter, cat /etc/issue19:37
lz1gjdhi, just installed kubuntu 8.04 but for some reason when i try to start adept or hw proprietary driver manager nothing happens19:37
rickeyi have been very carefull, all three of the commands you have given me return a anwser of command not fond, kdesu, kdesudo ,and nano       /ect/apt/sources.list19:37
Xbehavesebbar, i think msn will route over a lan so should be pretty fast19:37
BluesKajinstall samba , sebbar19:37
nosrednaekimlz1gjd: did you try running it from the konsole?19:37
Xbehavesebbar, otherwise irc definatly will19:37
nosrednaekimtry "kdesudo adept_manager"19:37
lz1gjdit works from the konsole19:37
Scubarthe new 8.04 does it still have the annoying issue with screen going blank on 8800 cards ?19:37
tvakahJackWinter, or open /etc/issue in kate, or other editor19:37
lz1gjdbut why not from the menu19:37
BluesKajXbehave, what's with IMs ?19:37
B3zsoI have an quastion please can some one help whit the monitor problem i have iam on ubuntu8.04 and on the monitor the screen are jumping  in the right size and dont know whats wrong..... please help me..19:37
mefisto__ckpro: have you looked at this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout -- It works well for my 9250 card, but I'm still on gutsy (and TVout works too!)19:38
mzanfardinoquestion: running kubuntu gutsy and I need to know what timezone my machine was installed/configured to.  What file should I be looking at?19:38
sebbardid it through irc, tnx19:38
nosrednaekimB3zso: Ubuntu or Kubuntu?19:38
Xbehaverickey its /etc/19:38
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B3zsonosrednaekim UBUNTU 8.04 TLS19:38
XbehaveBluesKaj: for a single file transfer its much easier than setting up anything complicated19:38
nosrednaekimB3zso: then go to #ubuntu please19:39
BluesKajsebbar if you want read and write access from each computer to the other , then samba is the wat to go.19:39
JackWintertvakah: and if it says Ubuntu 8.04 /n /l it's the release ?19:39
B3zsonosrednaekim samem19:39
sourcemaker_I tried to import lotus notes mails with kopete... but the only message I receive is "Cannot add message to folder LNotes-Import/sourcemaker in KMail"19:39
waynewardid say samba is easy19:39
rickeyall three of the commands i have been given , return thr same anwers command not fond . kdesu, kdesudo and nano /// /ect/apt/sources.list19:39
BluesKajsamba ain't hard to setup , especially with 2 linux boxes19:40
tvakahJackWinter, yup, the /n /l is just escape sequences; that's the file that gets displayed at a text login console19:40
waynewardsystem settings and sharing just add samba and share away!!19:40
sourcemaker_I tried to import lotus notes mails with KONTACT... but the only message I receive is "Cannot add message to folder LNotes-Import/sourcemaker in KMail"19:40
rickeyi have been very carfull19:40
BluesKajrighton wayneward :)19:40
XbehaveYour honestly trying to tell me that to transfer a single file once, samba is easier than IRC,19:40
tvakahmzanfardino, /etc/timezone I think is what you want ot know19:40
rickeythe only way i can see the list is by typeing /etc/ apt/sources.list19:40
JackWintertvakah: cool.  this was the easiest and most painless os upgrade i have ever performed...  kudos to the kubuntu devs..!19:40
Dflieswhat does "hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 999" mean.. I mean I'm trying to look to my linux hdd via livecd19:41
waynewardanyone using the kde4 remix instead of the 3.5.9 version19:41
mzanfardinotvakah: ok, thanks.  Can I simple change this file to reflect my correct timezone if it's incorrect?19:41
mzanfardinotvakah: or is it more involved?19:41
tvakahmzanfardino, don't think so, man tzselect I think is what you need to look at19:42
Scubarso does anyone know if Kubuntu 8.04 boot properly with 8800s ? or does the screen still go blank19:42
mzanfardinotvakah: thanks!19:42
nosrednaekimScubar: by now it should work properly with 8800's... that was a gutsy bug IIRC19:42
tvakahmzanfardino, not sure if there's some friendly gui config option for it or not, too new to the ubuntu realm to tell ya that19:42
Scubarbeen hoping they would fix it in the new release19:43
mzanfardinotvakah: don't need gui, but thanks.  man tzselect refers me to what I want: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata19:43
Xbehavemzanfardino: if your in kde right click on the clock19:43
Dfliesfuck this shit. Ima do 4th clean installation of kubuntu 7.10 :>19:44
BoohbahDflies: why?19:44
rickeycan someone give me a link where i can find kdesu commands19:44
mzanfardinoXbehave: that's only a superficial config change.  I needed to make a system-wide change, which dpkg-reconfigure tzdata achieved.  Thanks though19:44
Scubarthats the spirit Dflies19:44
BluesKajXbehave, <sebbar> hi, if I have two computers connected through a router+switch, is there an easy way to transfer files from one to the other?  After reading this question, I naturally assumed he wanted to setup filesharing and rewad and write permissions between the 2 pcs.19:44
waynewardhello anyonr using the kde4 version rather than the 3.5.9 version19:44
waynewardis it useable19:44
DarkestHourAnd yes, yes it is.19:45
Scubari did try the kde4 but didnt like it all that much19:45
andrew_When I use Add/Remove Programs the ones that are not installed are greyed out.  However, if I use synaptic, I have no problem installing.  Any idea why that is?19:45
tvakahwayneward, I run it on my personal machine, but for work kde319:45
waynewardah ok19:45
BluesKajanyway gotta go rake some more ...backyard awaits me...BBL19:45
Scubarits useable but its very Vista like19:45
XbehaveBluesKaj: always offer the simplest solution, if they want more theyll tell you, far to often people go straight into samba when all they need is to send 1 file19:45
waynewardmy machine is personal and work19:45
DfliesBoohbah: because this isnt working. After kubuntus booting screen, my screen goes blank. Yay. I can press alt+f2 and log in and stuff, but without gui. Not cool.19:45
sebbarBluesKaj: sorry no, I basically needed something quick and dirty to send 100mb to the other pc19:45
waynewardmainly kolab server and recoring music and a few games!!19:45
tvakahwayneward, ditto, I hav eboth installed; I log out and into kde3 when I want to work19:45
XbehaveDflies: try uninstalling compiz 1st19:46
BluesKajBBL ...gott arake19:46
Scubardoes anyone have the torrent of the new 8.04 DVD ?19:46
Scubarit doesnt seem to be on the website :|19:46
waynewardi see19:46
waynewardwhat is kde 4 not stable or the apps not run in kde 4?19:46
rickeywhere can i find kdesu commands for kubuntu 804 kde????19:46
Xbehaveand reconfigure xorg.conf, unfortunatly without an internet conection i cant be anymore help19:46
tvakahwayneward, rough edges in lots of places still, but it's passable19:46
tvakahwayneward, most notably, the kdepim module isn't released in 4.0, so no Kontact or Kmail etc19:47
|Toaddoes anyone know if the wireless support is fixed in hardy comapred to gutsy?19:47
waynewardmmm  im downloading so ill test - if not ill just put the latest 3.5.9 back on!!19:47
tvakahwayneward, altho you can run the v3 kontact in v419:47
tvakahwayneward, you can have both installed on same system19:47
waynewardah can you not run kontact on kde 4.0.319:47
waynewardah ok19:48
waynewardso install kde 4.0.3 and can use the older kontact that will be ok19:48
waynewardas long as it talks to a kolab server.....19:48
tvakahwayneward, running the v3 kontact in v4 kde eats more memory than usuale b/c you've got two entire kde infrastructures loaded then19:48
BoohbahDflies: just because you don't have X working doesn't mean you need to reinstall19:48
Xbehaverickey apropos sudo19:48
tvakahwayneward,  but it works19:48
waynewardyes not good i supppose19:48
rickeyif i can get to the list of kdesu commads maybe i can figure my proublem out myself19:49
DfliesOk I'll try to remove the compiz.. Can I do it from liveCD?19:49
BoohbahDflies: it can be easily fixed19:49
cham_eleonany suggestions why my ide hdd isn't recognized under the hardy kernel? my sata hdd is successfully recognized.19:49
mefisto__kdesu commands?19:49
waynewardmight just stick with kde 3.5.9 till they release proper kontact for kde 419:49
DfliesBoohbah: Could you tell me, how :d?19:49
tvakahwayneward, I believe you acn just install the kde4 package through adept or aptitude or whatever your apt frontend of choice is19:49
BoohbahDflies: btw what compiz are you talking about? my kubuntu doesn't have any compiz19:49
Dfliesthat one.19:50
XbehaveBoohbah: you can install it tho19:50
waynewardyes ill try that now..    cheers19:50
Boohbahyeah but isn't Dflies having this trouble on a new install?19:50
DreadKnightBoohbah: hardy?19:50
DfliesAfter new install I installed compizfusion and now it doesn't work.19:50
BoohbahDreadKnight: hardy is great19:51
BoohbahDflies: did you have X working before you installed compiz?19:51
DreadKnightBoohbah: you can install compiz in kubuntu like you do in ubuntu :P19:51
BoohbahDreadKnight: i know19:51
DreadKnightnew "desktop effects" icon ^^19:52
mefisto__doesn't kubuntu hardy come with compiz?19:52
DfliesBoohbah: Well, I was able to log in and it worked after ctrl+alt+backspace, but I didn't try rebooting without compizfusion installed.19:52
DreadKnightmefisto__: not actually, you need to click a button to have it installed from "desktop effects" gui (icon in menu)19:52
mefisto__DreadKnight: so what happens if I have it installed in gutsy and then upgrade? should I remove compiz before the upgrade?19:53
Dfliesso if I now go and remove the compiz.. Does it work if I do sudo apt-get remove command?19:54
DreadKnightmefisto__: i don't think it's an issue19:55
BoohbahDflies: make sure X works before you install compiz19:55
BoohbahDflies: 'sudo apt-get remove compiz'19:55
DreadKnightkwin has nice effects, a Gsoc project is adding the 3d cube to it :-)19:56
mefisto__Dflies: have you tried replacing xorg.conf with backup versions?19:56
DfliesShould I remove any other compiz related? Like Compiz-kde, compizconfig-settings-manager etc..?19:56
DreadKnightDflies: you are worrying too much :-)19:56
DfliesI am linux newbie :-D19:56
Dfliesxorg.conf? No, it doesn't say a thing for me.19:56
jonycan anyone help to change back to KDE 3.5 from 4.0?19:56
XbehaveDflies: yes sudo apt-get remove compiz*19:57
DreadKnightDflies: just upgrade, but i highly recommend using kwin (default kde window manager) rather than compiz19:57
Dfliesbut I want to have cube :|19:57
Xbehavesudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.-119:57
DreadKnightDflies: lol.. you'll have the cube in august when Gsoc is over :P19:58
DreadKnightDflies: you have virtual destkops :)19:58
mefisto__Dflies: look in /etc/X11/ and see if you have backups (eg xorg.conf.20080424112640)19:58
DrXanyone know how to check if DHCP is enabled?19:58
mikael_i downloaded the KDE3 torrent by mistake, any way to change to KDE4 after installing KDE3?19:58
XbehaveDreadKnight i disagree compiz is much better than kde3 and more stable than kde419:58
DfliesNow you are talking too difficult stuff for me.:(19:58
rickeyi gress the only thing i can do is reinstall19:58
bfrogare the ubuntu servers down or something?19:58
jonyhow do u return to KDE3 from KDE 4?19:59
bfrogI'm on 100mbit and it seems like a 2400bps modem connection if anything is there at all19:59
DrXer, anyone know how to check if DHCP SERVER is enabled from the command line and GUI?19:59
DreadKnightXbehave: for gnome... kwin is doing pretty good, but compiz still needs more love for kde atm...19:59
bfrogkwin4 won't need compiz...19:59
XbehaveDflies use ls /etc/X11 and see if you see any files called xorg.conf19:59
Apocalypse_dnERROR failed to mark 'kubuntu-desktop' for install (E:You have held broken packages.)19:59
Apocalypse_dn^ what can i do?19:59
Apocalypse_dnit's error while upgrading20:00
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: have the same issues.. eh...20:00
Bauldrickrickey: just open konsole and sudo pico /etc/apt/sources.list  .. dont worry about kdesu20:00
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, ;)20:00
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: konqueror has broken dependencies actually... but i switched to kde4...20:00
jonylast time i tried to downgrade from KDE 4.0 to 3.5 linux went fubar :S20:00
TinHi everybody. Is the DVD done? The link gives me 404 error.20:00
mefisto__Dflies: in konsole, paste this: ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.*          If you see anything listed, they are probably backups from before you made changes20:00
excitatoryjony: considering how unstable and incomplete kde4 is, you're best to install the regular (and imho, superior) kd3 version of kubuntu, then if you want, install the kde4 packages on top and just test it from time to time and use kde3 for real work.20:00
bfrogis the server down?20:00
Dfliesmefisto__: I suppose I can't do that from LiveCD?20:01
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, i use kde4 too20:01
jonyi want to downgrade totally from KDE 4.0 which im running on right now20:01
jonyis there any easy way to do it?20:01
wubrgameris this only for support?20:01
Xbehavethe 1st problem is to fix the composting problem which will break kde4 too so it doesnt matter if kde4 or compiz is better, 2ndly this is a support channel not, the aim is to help users do whatever they want not enfoce your POV over whats the best way to do it20:01
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, are you trying to upgrade from AltCD?20:02
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:02
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: no20:02
Apocalypse_dnbut i yes20:02
mefisto__Dflies: you can, but you have to make sure you have mounted the installation on your hard disk first20:02
TinCould you paste here Kubuntu DVD torrent link, please?20:03
wubrgameractually, i guess this is support20:03
XbehaveDflies: you can if you mount your partition it will be under /<where its mounted>/etc/X1120:03
DfliesHow can I mount it?20:03
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, could you paste your /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log20:03
Apocalypse_dnmaybe if we will compere it, we may find a solution ;)20:03
wubrgamerwhich kubuntu should I use? kde3 or kde4? but is kde4 stable enough?20:03
bfrogI'd wait for kde 4.120:04
jonydo i have to reinstall Kubuntu with KDE 3.5 or is it possible to downgrade20:04
bfrogbefore switching to 420:04
Tinwubrgamer, KDE3, you can install KDE4 later20:04
jonyi wouldnt recommend KDE 420:04
Xbehavethere may be an easy way of doing this, but do you know where you installed it? e.g /dev/sda1 ?20:04
bfrog4.0 is really rough20:04
Xbehavejony install kubuntu-desktop to get 3.5.x back20:04
TinDVD torrent, anyone?20:05
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: ok, let's see...20:05
DfliesXbehave: I have no idea :)20:06
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, http://pastebin.com/m185117e320:06
Xbehaveare there any drives on your desktop?20:06
Apocalypse_dnit's mine, but there is some automatically generated Russian insertings20:07
DfliesNo, just About Kubuntu and Install20:07
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, i can translate it, if you want20:07
Tinwell... no kubuntu DVD, then?20:07
Xbehaveok, well im not used to the GUI way of doing this so this may be abit tricky to follow, try typing fdisk into a konsole20:07
TinI'm really sorry to bother... but I need it to the FLISOL20:08
Apocalypse_dnowh, there is symbol codes instead of letters ;)20:08
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, so?20:08
DfliesXbehave: it gives usage information of fdisk command20:08
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: right away xD20:08
lz1gjdwhy cant I run adept, hw driver manager from the kmenu, desktop effects doesn't work too ? whats wrong ?20:08
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: do you have a LP account?20:09
wubrgamerrough as in how?20:09
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, LP?20:09
Apocalypse_dnWhat is it?20:09
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/20:09
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, no20:09
lz1gjdit was supposed to be all polished. ???20:09
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: ah... erm..20:09
bfroggotta love the 9kbps connection to archive.ubuntu.com through my 100mbit university connection...20:09
mefisto__Dflies: sudo fdisk -l     should list your disks20:09
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, why do you need it?20:09
FrauHansenTin: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/20:09
bfrogthat box must be hammered to death20:09
bfrogI need a reinstall anyways I suppose20:10
Dflies/dev/hda1   *           1       24036   193069138+  83  Linux20:10
Dflies/dev/hda2           24037       24792     6072570    5  Extended20:10
Dflies/dev/hda5           24037       24792     6072538+  82  Linux swap / Solaris20:10
Tinthank you very much FrauHansen20:10
FrauHansenTin: you're welcome20:11
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: perhaps i should report to launchpad the broken dependencies for kubuntu-desktop (mainly for konqueror) for 3.5.920:11
mefisto__Dflies: ok it looks like /dev/hda1 is your linux install partition. you can mount it in the /mnt directory of the livecd with "sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt"20:11
Xbehaveright now run: sudo mkdir /media/hda1 ; sudo mkdir /media/hda2 ; sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/hda1 ; sudo mount /dev/hda2 /media/hda220:11
Xbehavego with mefisto__.s way20:12
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: i dont see how the log could help :|20:12
DfliesOk Now I can access it.20:12
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, as for me, i can't wait long20:12
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: try a forced install20:13
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: and use firefox instead of konqueror or something..20:13
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:13
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, i do20:13
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, and i don't want forced install20:13
Dfliesmefisto__ Xbehave: I have it mounted and I can access it. What do I need to do now? /etc/X11/ has a file "xorg.conf"20:13
Apocalypse_dnmaybe i'll install it into new partition20:14
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: well, then it will take time until it gets fixed for sure20:14
Xbehavels /mnt/etc/X11/xorg.conf*20:14
mefisto__Dflies: did you mount it at /mnt or /media/hda1 ??20:14
Apocalypse_dnDreadKnight, my hands - my help20:14
Dfliesmefisto__: I typed sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt20:15
Apocalypse_dni'll try to install by myself20:15
DreadKnightApocalypse_dn: nothing much you can do besides bug reporting on launchpad if you aren't a MOTU yourself xD20:15
mefisto__Dflies: what Xbehave said, ls /mnt/etc/X11/xorg.conf*20:15
DreadKnightother than a forced install20:15
jonyOkay i've installed the desktop package how do i remove KDE 4 and run KDe 3.5 instead?20:16
DfliesOk I typed that command.. It gives this back: /mnt/etc/X11/xorg.conf20:16
alxjuremove kke4-core & kdm-kde4 (or all package containing "kde4")20:17
DreadKnightjony: the hard way... removing packages manually... you could aim for some main libraries and have the most autoremoved..20:17
DreadKnightalxju: cool, do you know the other way around too? i mean i want to get rid of the "extra" packages from 3.5 that are not needed with kde420:18
excitatoryi was reading about this Zen kernel on the forums and ubuntu wiki..it sounds really good, especially since I'm the experimental type.. however, I was just wondering if this is worth it or even a good idea compared to the newly released hardy kernel?20:18
mefisto__Dflies: ok, looks like you don't have any old xorg.conf backups20:19
Dfliesok.. So I'll just delete compiz now?20:19
DreadKnightDflies: just do it!20:19
Dfliesok :---D20:19
Dfliesbut.. How can I do it from livecd? :-D20:19
DreadKnightDflies: lol?20:19
skreech_excitatory: Try it if you don't like it reboot and choose a vanilla kernel20:19
DfliesDreadKnight: laughing out loud. yes.20:20
skreech_Hi DreadKnight20:20
DreadKnightDflies: you remove it from you actuall instalation man, you can't edit the live cd xD20:20
alxjuDreadKnight: i dont understand.. i think ths are not probleme between 3.5 & 4 (no depedencies..)20:20
DreadKnightskreech_: hello :-)20:20
XbehaveDflies:  its easier to do from command line, otherwise things get compliacted20:20
DreadKnightalxju: i mean like i would install a fresh kubuntu hardy kde4 final from the cd :P20:21
XbehaveDreadKnight: you can unistall stuff from the instalation from the live CD tho20:21
Dfliesok I'll go do it now @_@20:21
XbehaveDflies: basically right down the command to remove compiz20:21
alxjuDreadKnight: so upgrade all20:21
mefisto__Dflies: might be easier if you can boot from hard disk. try the recovery mode boot option then when you get to a terminal prompt, "apt-get remove compiz*"20:21
alxjuDreadKnight: you can remove ppa.launchpad repositories (now kde4 is included in official kubuntu's rositories)20:22
DreadKnightalxju: yes... i am using hardy for quite a while actually20:22
=== bigdog__ is now known as daemon3
DreadKnightskreech_: how's it going? :-)20:23
lz1gjdi have two sound cards, can you tell me how select particular one of them to be the default one ?20:23
alxju(but i think is not a very good idea using kde4 full time now.. they miss a lot of apps)20:23
ctwHi! I'm on a Kubuntu box trying to remotely connect to a Sun box. I'm running xhost +; ssh -X username@hostname; export DISPLAY=myIP:0, but I always get the following error message when trying to start an X application: XView error: Cannot open connection to window server: myIP:0 (Server package)20:23
alxju(waiting for kde 4.1.020:23
ctwdoes anybody have an idea how to fix it20:23
Admiral_Chicagoi run KDE4 full time, its pretty good20:23
ctwthe same sequence of commands runs fine from a Mac and an (old) Mandriva box20:24
alxju..so why not if you like that ;)20:24
DreadKnightXbehave: i don't really get that... use adept_manager or konsole to uninstall the stuff... not sure why livecd is involved into this20:24
ctwI did some googling, but none of the proposed "fixes" worked20:24
chronosI'm trying to find the netmini ISO of hardy so I can install it on my PPC mac. Where's it at?20:24
DreadKnightAdmiral_Chicago: me too, but i think it's slugish and unstalbe xD vista..20:24
skreech_DreadKnight: Pertty cool trying to get 4.1 and Kobby going20:24
Xbehavehe cant get to a the system to boot properlym hence the problem20:24
aaroncampbellDist Upgrade is very slow right now...  I'm assuming servers are just getting pounded?20:24
alxju(kde is now on 4.0.3) not 4.1 ..20:25
DreadKnightskreech_: as in you want to compile 4.1 from trunk? xD20:25
jtismewhat program creates /usr/dict/words if you dont have one20:25
skreech_DreadKnight: Shouldn't need to Alpha packages come out next week20:25
aaroncampbellI'm only getting about 22k...although it HAS spiked to over 100 few short intervals20:25
skreech_then we start the regular releases till June :-D20:25
skreech_hi gnomefre1k20:26
HunterSThompsonwhat do I need to do to upgrade from rc to final?20:26
=== carlos__ is now known as apodo
skreech_HunterSThompson: Is it installed ?20:26
DreadKnightHunterSThompson: just do normal upgrades20:26
skreech_sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should srt you out20:27
HunterSThompsonrc is installed but normal upgrade shows no updates available20:27
DreadKnightHunterSThompson: same here, i guess we both have final :P20:27
HunterSThompsonguess so20:27
DfizzleIt works20:27
skreech_HunterSThompson: Should have a t least one to switch the outout of lsb_release -a to Final instead of Developement Branch20:28
=== khaije is now known as khaije1
Dfizzlebut.. without compizfusion </320:28
HunterSThompsonthough how I got it before the official release I have no clue20:28
savetheWorldDrX: look in /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-eth1.leases or /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-eth0.leases   depending on which interface you want to know20:28
DfizzleIs there any way I can get the cube with some stable way?20:28
skreech_HunterSThompson: Run lsb_release -a20:28
DreadKnightdamn cubes xD20:28
Dfizzle>_> its fancy20:29
Dfizzlebtw I'm Dflies :p20:29
HunterSThompsonno LSB modules are available20:29
Ahmuckhi. in ff3, is there a way to prevent the http entry bar from showing a drop down list of bookmarks.  that's annoying20:29
DreadKnightAhmuck: that feature is kick-ass20:29
ubotuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.20:30
bibsthapretty silent20:30
bibsthaif i were to upgrade from beta?20:30
MKdxjust to confirm .. was this implemented in 8.04: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbiquityPreserveHome ?20:30
Ahmucki've got the final release bibstha20:30
=== mac-adresa is now known as mac-adresa__
bibsthaAhmuck: me too :D20:31
bibsthabut i had beta installed20:31
bibsthaso ..20:31
Ahmuckah, yes, i think i am going to do a redo20:31
bibsthaAhmuck: how come?20:31
bibsthahows the beta?20:31
bibsthaAhmuck: i mean hows the final?20:31
Ahmuckwell, i'm not sure if it's me or what.  i've had to adjust fonts quite a bit20:32
HunterSThompsonI guess I just figured there would be more than 0 updates after the final release20:32
bibsthaweird in beta, i had 800x640 in kdm and 1024x768 after login20:32
TheGateKeeperhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades/Kubuntu  <<< does that upgrade path work from 6.06?20:33
DreadKnightskreech_: kobby is part of gsoc ?20:33
gopphey any got dual monitor to work in ubuntu20:33
tzangerI realize this channel's probably flooded with people asking about hte downloads, I just have a quick question regarding LTS vs. KDE4 remix20:36
tzangerI'm running 7.10 right now, if I upgrade to 8.04 it'll be LTS; is there any way to test out kde4 without completely breaking the normal kde3.5?20:36
flipstartzanger: kubuntu is no lts relese..only ubuntu20:37
flipstarand yes..kde4 installation is beside kde3..so no risk there20:37
DreadKnighttzanger: you can have both DE's at the same time20:37
blueyedtzanger: you can install kde3 and kde4 together20:37
elliott_kmix and amarok randomy started popping up on startup when i upgraded to hardy, how do I stop it?20:38
tzangerflipstar: ahh, kubuntu's at 6.06.1 for lts ok20:38
tzangerDreadKnight / blueyed how does one accomplish this?20:38
ckproanyone know how to change monitor type and card type on ubn ?20:38
goppwere is the graphic card option in ubuntu20:39
blueyedtzanger: Install kde4-core IIRC20:39
DreadKnighttzanger: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop20:39
elliott_also, In gutsy, my env variables were included in root when I used sudo, but they're not in hardy, and it's causing problems with stuff that i've made to trly on it hapening. what can I do?20:39
flipstartzanger: just install kde4 and than yo can select it from kdm20:39
Aluminis it possible to set a user-defined mirror for the main package source in Adept?20:39
dany_21auff.. now from the first version of kubuntu i always had following problem, hoped hardy will fix it: nada... Problem: http://f.666kb.com/i/ay34uvgt3j4o8yn14.png  - the icons left to the clock sometimes leave gaps... there is no transparent icon or so... if i click on it nothing happends and right-klick acts, as i had rightclicked onto the kicker20:39
DreadKnighttzanger: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop   -- best way trust me :P20:39
ckprowhere do I goto change my monitor type and graphic card type ?20:39
tzangerDreadKnight: ok :-)20:39
Aluminright now all I have is a pre-defined list of mirrors in a tree, but we have a local mirror here20:39
dany_21aIs there a bug in launchpad or so?20:39
ckprocan someone help me20:40
tzangerDreadKnight: hmm, says it can't find the package20:40
flipstarckpro: you probably need to install driver's20:40
elliott_with what?20:40
ckproNo lol20:40
ckproI got into it20:40
DreadKnighttzanger: ok, hold on a sec to verify the name20:40
ckproI can't now..20:40
DreadKnighttzanger: you must have hardy20:41
tzangerDreadKnight: ah20:41
tzangerso dist-upgrade first20:41
ckprowhen I ctrl + alt + backspace..it saide color was too low, and gave me options to config.. <-- I want to get to taht option page... so20:41
DreadKnighttzanger: then install kde4 DE20:41
skreech_DreadKnight: Yep :-)20:41
flipstartzanger: for gutsy there are extra repo's20:41
DreadKnightskreech_: :-)20:41
DreadKnightflipstar tzanger no need for PPAs no more, he wants to upgrade distro20:42
ubotuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.20:42
DreadKnightkde4 is in hardy official repository20:42
dystopianraykubuntu 8.04 is the best release yet, much less buggy than 7.1020:43
Eruaransounds good20:43
goppwere is the graphic card option in ubuntu??? I don't see it20:43
tadzik_gopp: what do you mean?20:43
DreadKnightdystopianray: just the kde3 one xD20:44
dystopianrayDreadKnight: oh yeah, i haven't touched kde420:44
EruaranHas anyone tried the KDE4 CD yet ?20:44
NookieRiddell: it's nice to see that you have used my picture =)20:44
DreadKnightdystopianray: kde4 will rule at 8.10 release20:44
dany_21ahas anyone else the same problem: http://f.666kb.com/i/ay34uvgt3j4o8yn14.png  (icons leaving gaps)20:44
dystopianrayDreadKnight: i'll probably wait until 9.04 or beyond for kde420:44
JoesephAlright, I guess I'm a bit confused but.....   If I originally installed ubuntu, with gnome, then installed the kdm later, does that mean I'm running ubuntu or kubuntu?20:44
DreadKnightdystopianray: that's my problem... too much bleeding edge.. :-\20:45
tadzik_Joeseph: kubuntu is just ubuntu -gnome + kde20:45
flipstardany_21a: i get a 403 on that link20:45
dystopianraydany_21a: i also get a 403 on it20:45
Joesephtadzik: so kubuntu is just ubuntu with kde?  so I have kubuntu then, alrighty20:45
AluminJoeseph: it's the same thing, really, although the Kubuntu team does make some modifications to KDE that I think might not be reflected in Ubuntu's KDE packages20:46
dany_21aflipstar: dystopianray ... oh thx... http://666kb.com/i/ay34uvgt3j4o8yn14.png20:46
JoesephAlumin: thanks for the clarification20:46
EruaranI've gone for the kde4 download... I hope it turns out well... otherwise I'll have to download the 3.5 one as well :P20:46
tadzik_Alumin: it is, if you'll install kubuntu-desktop with apt20:46
Aluminyeah, like the menu layout in Konqueror is different20:46
dany_21a(again... corr. link) has anyone else the same problem: http://666kb.com/i/ay34uvgt3j4o8yn14.png (icons leaving gaps)20:46
Aluminbut I've never installed Ubuntu and added kde-desktop so I'm not sure20:46
tadzik_i prefer dolphin20:46
flipstardany_21a: yes..i sometimes have the same prob..20:47
RiddellNookie: thanks for that20:47
DreadKnightdany_21a: had that same issue.. now i have no gaps, but i have the icons on a single line, which sucks20:47
tadzik_i use Gentoo actually :)20:47
Alumindolphin is OK, but Krusader's where it's at20:47
JoesephAlumin: That's what I did... seems to be doing fine20:47
NookieRiddell: u're welcome =)20:47
dany_21aDreadKnight: depends on the hight of the kicker... with >53px i get two lines20:47
dystopianrayi can't stand dolphin, setting konqueror as the default is one of the first things I do20:47
tadzik_dystopianray: isnt it by default anyway?20:47
DreadKnightdany_21a: i have it the ... default size xD20:47
dany_21aflipstar: i _always_ have it.. mostly when pidgin starts/ends20:48
dystopianraytadzik_: no, dolphin is the default filemanager20:48
flipstardystopianray: same here :)20:48
Hybridi've just installed Compiz fusion but it seems like i've missed some package, because in the compizconfig settings manager there are no icons20:48
yagodoes anyone have problem to upgrade over Cd?, I can not use kdesu20:48
Hybridwhere do i find that last missing package?20:48
spirooAwesome. Adept cannot fetch updates anymore. Does sombody recognize?20:48
tadzik_spiroo: why?20:48
tadzik_give us some error message20:49
spirooI do not know.20:49
spirooThere is none20:49
flipstardany_21a: hm i have it very rare and never two emtpy fields..20:49
ckprocan someone tell me how to change my monitor type (or how to reduce my color depth to 16 ) ??20:49
tadzik_what happens actually?20:49
JoesephI just used the gnome generic uprgade center to upgrade: will that upgrade kde too? or are they two different things?20:49
flipstardany_21a: maybe play with size or so20:49
tadzik_ckpro: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:49
ckprothen >20:49
spirooThe problem is that it does not download any updates any more since I updated adept yesterday :(20:49
dany_21aflipstar: the same combination of programs sometimes too line up (in two lines) and sometimes they leave gaps...20:50
dystopianrayspiroo: the servers are being hammered, it is release day, thousands of people are trying to use them20:50
tadzik_spiroo: tried with console ones alredy?20:50
spiroohaha okay :D20:50
spirooyes of corse i have tadzik ;)20:50
tadzik_spiroo: and no error message?20:50
spirooI changed server to the swedish one, now it works.20:50
flipstartadzik_: thats no error :)20:50
dany_21aflipstar:  if i "unlock" it and "lock" again it fits...20:50
flipstarits's server protection from ddos or so20:51
spirootadzik: Nope, no error. The problem as you said is that server is overloaded20:51
JoesephIf I upgrade in one desktop enviroment, will it upgrade all of them? Or do the updates even have anything to do with desktop enviroments?20:51
Alumindoes anybody know where Adept gets its list of mirrors?  I can't find it on disk anywhere20:51
dystopianrayAlumin: /etc/apt/sources.list20:52
skreech_HunterSThompson: something sounds wrong20:52
Alumindystopianray: no, I mean the list of mirrors that you choose one from in "manage repositories"20:52
dystopianrayJoeseph: it will upgrade the entire ubuntu system, the choice of DE is irrelevant20:52
Joesephdystopianray: so that means the updates don't necisarily update any DEs?20:52
ckprohow do I lowere by color depth using xorg.config ?20:53
ubotuKDE 4.0.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.3.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:53
Aluminthe DE will update along with the rest of the system20:53
BonesolTeraDyneAlumin: that is the list. Adept uses the Apt sources20:53
JoesephAlumin: thanks, that is what I wanted to know20:53
dystopianrayJoeseph: any package with an update available will be updated regardless of what DE you are using20:53
ckprohow do I lowere by color depth using xorg.config ?20:53
AluminI'm not phrasing the question correctly I guess20:53
=== |hfsdo| is now known as hfsdo
Aluminok, you run Adept, right...and you get to pick your primary mirror from a list20:54
Joesephdystopianray: alright, that's good to know... thanks.... now for those last three files to download......20:54
yagodoes anyone know how to install overr Cd rom?20:54
Aluminwhere does that list come from?20:54
dystopianrayAlumin: i'm not sure about that list20:54
=== ubuntu__ is now known as asdsad
AluminI mean, it's not really that big of a deal, I'm already managing my sources manually by editing files in sources.list.d20:55
skreech_DreadKnight: 9.04 :-)20:55
AluminI just thought it'd be fun to do it The Kubuntu Way(tm)20:55
DreadKnightyago: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades/Kubuntu20:55
spirooIs it possible anywhere to download kubuntu? Servers is to overloaded everywhere.20:55
dystopianrayspiroo: the torrents should work20:55
DreadKnightspiroo: torrent20:55
DreadKnightskreech_: jardy jynx? xD20:56
spirooWhere to find the torrents then?20:56
dystopianrayi'm glad i downloaded kubuntu yesterday, i beat the rush and it turned out to be identical to the final iso20:56
Flare183On Kubuntu, when I go and try to upgrade to hardy the button "Version Upgrade" Does not show up, even after I click Fetch updates What should I do?20:56
EimannDoes anyone of you have a contact from the Kubuntu Guys? They have some KDE4 Remix CD which is unavailable ... wanted to mirror it too, but don't know who can place an additional download link on the website20:57
skreech_dystopianray: you will Love dolphin in KDE4 :-)20:57
dystopianrayskreech_: why?20:57
dystopianrayskreech_: does it have tree view?20:57
skreech_DreadKnight: Jumping Jackalope :-)20:59
skreech_dystopianray: Yes21:00
skreech_and tags21:00
DreadKnightskreech_: hmm nice21:00
JoesephDuring the update, I failed to get two files: is it my end or your end?21:00
skreech_Joeseph: Servers are being killed21:00
dystopianrayskreech_: tags?21:00
skreech_ I've been downloading one file for near an hour now :)21:00
skreech_dystopianray: Do you read truegs blog?21:00
desirixServers are down :)21:00
rickeyhey guys i need little help21:01
dystopianrayskreech_: i subscribe to planet kde but don't read every blog21:01
rickey i cant see the user list21:01
Aluminman...if it were up to me, it'd be BitTorrent only for like the first two days21:01
rickeyhow do i fix that21:01
skreech_dystopianray: Check truegs last 4 or 5 blog entries21:01
rickeyi am in xchat21:01
skreech_Really really cool stuff21:01
JoesephskreecH: Thanks, I'll just upgrade tomorow: oops, I didn't mean your end..... I meant.... well, you know21:01
Aluminat least to the general public...probably a private server for people with paid support21:01
skreech_Joeseph: I normally update like a week before or a week after21:01
skreech_ On the day is just razy21:01
skreech_ never sure why people neeeeed to have it that day :-)21:02
Aluminalthough with that big of a swarm, BT probably blows the doors off any direct download anyway21:02
skreech_Alumin: After a few hours21:02
skreech_ for the first few hours the inital seeds constrain the cloud21:02
DreadKnightAlumin: blizzard uses torrent for providing patches/updates for WoW21:02
Joesephskreech_: when is a reasonable amount of time to wait before I update again?21:04
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JoesephIs there an estimate for the number of ubuntu systems out there?21:05
skreech_Joeseph: 2 days should have it sorted out21:05
rickeydose anyone know how to get the user list on the rigth to show up21:05
skreech_Joeseph: near a million I would guess21:05
rickey i am in xchat21:05
DreadKnightJoeseph: i heard it's nearly closed to infinite :-)21:05
Joesephskreech_: alright, I might try again tonight though21:05
Aluminok, we'll solve this problem the old-fasioned way21:05
skreech_Joeseph: sure :-)21:05
elliott_In gutsy, my env variables were included in root when I used sudo, but they're not in hardy, and it's causing problems with stuff that i've made to trly on it hapening. what can I do?21:05
Alumingrep -rE 'hosteurope\.de' /usr21:05
skreech_Joeseph: Just try again any time you feel the need to shine like a Heron in the sun :-D21:06
cham_eleonMy IDE hard disk is not recognized by the hardy kernel, i tried several things now, but don't get it working21:06
skreech_elliott_: try sudo \su21:06
cham_eleonmy sata devices are recognized without any problems.. but the only ide disk..21:06
Joesephskreech_: alright... hahaha, so to get this straight (my first update) kde 4 will come with this update?21:06
skreech_Joeseph: do You have KDE4 now?21:06
elliott_cham_eleon: can non-hardy OSes see it/mount it?21:06
cham_eleonelliott_: yes.21:07
cham_eleonelliott_: with gutsy, everything is fine21:07
Joesephskreech_: I don't think so.....     I used sudo apt-get kde-desktop or something like that, like a week ago (and got hooked to kde)21:07
DreadKnightJoeseph: you need to install that manually.. you will have both kde3 and kde4 at the same time21:07
tadzik_looks like matter with new kernel21:07
skreech_Joeseph: Then no.21:07
cham_eleoni know that the device should be now /dev/sd* but there is only my sata hard disk recognized... no /dev/sdb21:07
skreech_Joeseph: If you lllike new stuff try KDE4 but it's still rough right now21:07
tadzik_cham_eleon: looked to fdisk -l alredy?21:08
cham_eleontadzik_: yes, nothing there only the sata devices21:08
tadzik_how cruel21:08
elliott_skreech_: yeah, when i do that, the env variables for my regular account don't follow, but they used to21:08
cham_eleontadzik_: indeed :)21:08
ian^Hi! I'm trying to upgrade according how it is described on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades/Kubuntu, but the "Distribution Upgrade dialog " does not appear.21:09
ian^Is there any way to start it manually?21:09
Joesephskreech_: alright, I'll just wait then...  hmmmmmmm  I assume there is a guide of some sort to tell me how to install kde4 online, but for now, I am just gonna wait21:09
tadzik_cham_eleon: ian^ upgrade with "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade"21:09
tadzik_ian^: ^^21:09
DrXWhat might be causing a green screen and pointer only for the GUI at startup (command line login OK) and what can be done about it?  Is that normal?21:09
tadzik_cham_eleon: sorry :)21:09
Hybridwhere do i add more desktops to a the cube effect?21:09
ian^And does anybody have an idea what could be the reason? I remember I had the same problem when upgrading to gutsy21:09
tadzik_Hybrid: use compiz21:09
Hybridi have it right infront of me21:10
dany_21acham_eleon: try "dmesg | grep -i error"21:10
Hybridbut i cant find the option21:10
tadzik_Hybrid: its called desktop cube or sth21:10
dany_21acham_eleon: (or other words than error)21:10
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=== casa_ is now known as casa__
wayneward_ i thought hardy heron was getting pulse audio for default sound system21:10
cham_eleondany_21a: only something with ACPI21:10
ian^tadzik_: Thats not the same... isn't it? It does not remove all unneeded packages, doesnt install completly new etc...21:10
cham_eleondany_21a: /DSDT.aml not found21:11
dany_21acham_eleon: and also try "sudo fdisk -l"21:11
cham_eleondany_21a: i made this as root :)21:11
dany_21acham_eleon: np21:11
tadzik_ian^: well, ive done this when upgrading 7.04->7.10 and it worked21:11
Hybridyeah i've found the options but i cant change how many desktops i want to have21:11
cham_eleondany_21a: only the sata devices are listed there..21:11
tadzik_ian^: ya can try changing repos for those for 8.04, but im not sure if it works :p21:11
tadzik_ask some ubuntu user maybe xP21:11
dany_21acham_eleon: ouch... than find out what sata controler you have (lspci) and ask googe :/ sry...21:12
traviosoanyone know if ipw2200/rtap works in Hardy?21:12
cham_eleondany_21a: I get a "SRST failed (errno=-16)" with "ata7"21:12
cham_eleondany_21a: the sata related things are working, but not the ide things21:12
tadzik_travioso: ya mean canon ip2200?21:12
traviosono..  wireless card..21:12
tadzik_aw, sorry then :)21:12
dystopianraytravioso: it should, try it out with kismet or something21:13
dystopianraytravioso: i actually have a ipw2200 card in my laptop, i'll have to try kismet at some point21:13
dany_21acham_eleon: oh.. sata is and ide is not working... always had it the other way round :)21:13
traviosoi'm on 7.10 now, didn't want to upgrade until i know..21:13
cham_eleondany_21a: yes correct. sata works (only a hdd and a cdrw) but my only ide drive is not recognized any more :(21:13
rickeyis the kubuntu download severs back up yet?21:14
traviosoi tried on rc1 but rtap has issues with 2.6.24 kernel and being and all 0 mac address..21:14
dany_21acham_eleon: maybe you can change the mode of the ide/sata controller... i always have ther some different options21:14
dany_21acham_eleon: ...in the bios21:14
ct|kyledoes kubuntu Hardy support Dell blue tooth mouse and keyboards?21:14
dystopianraytravioso: all 0 mac address?21:14
cham_eleondany_21a: i tried that too... i'm working on this issue for hours now..21:15
rickeydose anyone know if the severs are up again21:15
dystopianrayrickey: try them out and see21:15
cham_eleonthere are some bugs in launchpad, but no solutions for me21:15
mefisto__hardy upgrade crashed, now I can't sudo. Any suggestions?21:16
rickeyi am not in kubuntu rigth now21:16
rickey i came over here to puppy so i could find out21:16
dany_21acham_eleon: ...hmm the above error may be a hint (SRST failed (errno=-16)) - try to extend grep with "-A3 -B3"21:17
pascalFRmefisto__:  what does sudo say ?21:17
dany_21acham_eleon: and google the error string21:17
keylockerhello everybody21:17
spiroohaha, this channel is overfloaded :D21:17
rickeydo you meqan you can get into apt manager?21:17
traviosodystopianray:  just meant for listening..  i read that the 00:00:00:00:00:00 mac address was what was causing issues with the kernel21:17
mefisto__pascalFR: can not resolve host21:17
keylockersomeone can tellme how stable is 8.04 kde4 remix?21:17
spirooDept works, but it takes time21:17
rickeyi gave up and reinstalled21:17
cham_eleondany_21a: i googled for it but everything was not a solution for me right now21:17
pascalFRmefisto__:   juste try    sudo -i    <enter>21:18
rickey but the severs went dwon21:18
rickey so i got to do it over again21:18
dystopianraywoah the wine repos for hardy are already up21:18
mefisto__pascalFR: same error21:19
spirooKDE4 is just a mess :(21:19
vito_inviti compleanni high school musical21:19
rickeyyea it is rigth now21:19
rickey but i like it,s looks21:20
robdHey guys21:20
BluesKajI'm a bit confused about symbolic links ..for some reason I need permission to launch an application (google earth) to open it totally. What the best way to make a link on the desktop without having to do the run command thing every time .21:20
robdI'm having an issue downloading from us.archive.ubuntu.com. Are there other mirrors I could use?21:20
pascalFRmefisto__: kdesudo adept_manager  still working ?21:20
rickeyrobd did it stop working21:21
robdStrangely I'm on a 10mbit line, but my connection to the us.archive box just sucks (45k/sec)21:21
robdrickey: It's just always been terrible21:21
dystopianrayrobd: subtitute us for a differnet country code and try again21:21
rickeyi lost a download update21:21
mefisto__pascalFR: no, I can't get root access in any way, kdesu, kdesudo, sudo21:22
rickey noe got to do it all agian i am afared21:22
pascalFRmefisto__: and you dont have any shell still in root  somewhere ?21:22
rickeyi am sorry , a install download update21:22
rickeyhe he he he21:23
dany_21acham_eleon: do you know which kernelmodule is responsible for your pata controller?21:23
mefisto__pascalFR: no, but as I said, upgrade crashed (which obviously had root access)21:23
pascalFRmefisto__: i am afraid you have to reboot in maintenance mode  (if it still works ...) then apt-get update   ; apt-get dist-upgrade21:23
cham_eleondany_21a: not really, i have an asus p5n321:24
rickeyi am going to try it again ans see if i can smock my computer this time  ,he he he21:24
cham_eleondany_21a: i can try to get this information21:24
mefisto__pascalFR: that's what I thought, but I'm dreading it. upgrade got half way before it crashed21:24
spirooIs it possible to check current using ubuntu version?21:24
robddystopianray: Awesome, thanks21:24
dany_21acham_eleon: try to find out (lspci and google will help) and than "sudo modprobe <modul>" and watch dmesg21:24
pascalFRspiroo: cat /proc/version21:24
spiroothank you pascal21:25
yuuki_Hi, just installed a fresh hardy kubuntu. Epiphany doesn't work saying "could not start gnome web browser, startup failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session. Anyone know why ?21:25
robddystopianray: Just wondering, why don't they have a generic mirror dns that would find the fastest server and direct you to that ip?21:25
cham_eleondany_21a: in lspci "IDE interface" should be correct or?21:25
flipstargot trouble's with headphones and intelhda..where to start .. ?21:25
dany_21acham_eleon: guess so, if you just have one (controller)21:25
Aluminthree cheers for massive system-wide recursive grepping21:25
pascalFRmefisto__: yeah it is unpredictable whether you will be able to get a maintenance shell21:25
cham_eleondany_21a: only one - yes21:25
Aluminthat's where Adept gets its mirror list from :)21:26
spirooWhat does this line tell me about current version? "Linux version 2.6.24-16-generic (buildd@yellow) (gcc version 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)) #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 12:47:45 UTC 2008"21:26
robdAlumin: okay... so why doesn't it ping each mirror and then go with the fastest one?21:26
Aluminspiroo: the best way I've found to determine your Ubuntu version is to look at sources.list21:26
spirooAlumin: How do I do that? I wantto check if I have beta or final release of Hardy. I updated yesterday, and guess I got the ones from final :D21:27
ct|kyledoes kubuntu Hardy support Dell blue tooth mouse and keyboards?21:28
Aluminrobd: there's a button for that...but our local mirror isn't in the list21:28
pascalFRspiroo: cat /etc/issue21:28
Aluminspiroo: does your sources.list have hardy sources in it?21:28
Aluminoh, it is in /etc/issue21:29
robdAlumin: Oh, where's the button?21:29
juan_I just installed Kubuntu ... is firefox not included in this release?21:29
AluminUbuntu needs its own /etc/debian_version equivalent21:29
Aluminjuan_: not by default21:29
robdAlumin: I'm from the FreeBSD world so I'm not used to GUI's by default21:29
Odd-rationaleHow do I choose my video drivers, resolution, etc? I looked in the xorg file. I don't understand "Configured Video Device"... :?21:29
Aluminthe default web browser is Konqueror21:30
juan_Ok ... I'm trying to add it via Adept Installer, but it's not finding "firefox"21:30
juan_Konqueror is pretty but I prefer FF ...21:30
Aluminrobd: well, the backend for that button is the apt-mirror script21:30
robdAlumin: ok21:30
Odd-rationaleSorry. wrong channel...21:30
Aluminjuan_: maybe they changed to iceweasel?21:30
juan_What do you mean?21:30
pascalFRspiroo:   the officiel command is          lsb_release -a21:30
spirooAlumin: I am not sure if it is hardy sources21:30
Alumindue to licensing issues, some distributions (like Debian) are using the name iceweasel21:31
cham_eleondany_21a: i think it's pata_amd21:31
Aluminfirefox is iceweasel, thunderbird is icedove21:31
AluminI'm not kidding :p21:31
cham_eleondany_21a: i get a "port is slow" warning, after that the above mentioned error, than "port disabled, ignoring"21:31
spiroopascalIFR: Does only say that I have 8.04 and hardy not if it is final or beta :D21:31
winterelfhi people... got a wierd problam... trying to "apt-get install" and it stacks on "connecting to ubuntu.... "21:31
Aluminthat, or your search is just failing for some other reason21:31
juan_Ah christ ... I just made the jump from Ubuntu to Kubuntu ... it's not looking as easy to use21:32
BonesolTeraDyneAlumin: Don't forget SeaMonkey being renamed to IceApe21:32
Odd-rationaleOnly debian is doing the renaming thing, right?21:32
juan_yeah, doing a search for "iceweasel" turns up nothing.21:32
Aluminoh yah, that too21:32
Odd-rationaleand hence ubuntu.21:32
Aluminis it just Debian?  not sure21:32
BonesolTeraDyneOdd-rationale: IceWeasel and company is is the ubuntu reops21:32
pascalFRspiroo:  I think it is written   in /etc/issue during beta rc...21:32
winterelfsome 1?21:33
pascalFRanyway any upgrade from today  is  final ... :)21:33
BonesolTeraDyneOdd-rationale: but you're right, Ubuntu isn't shoving the renameing down it's users throats21:33
juan_What's up with this21:33
=== saki_ is now known as neosaki
spiroopascalFR: Nope, sorry21:33
juan_Neither firefox nor "iceweasel" are found in Adept.21:33
Odd-rationalewasn't it about something with debian having trouble with the names?21:34
juan_Is there any reason why Ubuntu comes with FF, but not Kubuntu?21:34
JoshOvkijuan_: you using hardy or gutsy?21:34
dystopianrayjuan_: kubuntu comes with konqueror21:34
juan_Hardy, Josh21:34
juan_Just downloaded it now ... and not kde 421:34
dany_21acham_eleon: you get this errors on modprobe? (in dmesg)21:35
juan_dystopianray: Yeah, I noticed ... but I can't even download FF from adept in Kubuntu?21:35
JoshOvkijuan_: look for firefox3 then21:35
cham_eleondany_21a: yes.21:35
Odd-rationalejuan_: kubuntu is not kde/qt21:35
* juan_ falls over21:35
Odd-rationalei mean21:35
spiroopascalFR: The ironic thing after yesterday which was when I got final version. Now it works a lot WORSE than beta/RC :D21:35
dystopianrayjuan_: sudo apt-get install firefox21:35
juan_E: Couldn't find package firefox21:36
dystopianrayjuan_: sudo apt-get update21:36
juan_updating my package list21:36
* juan_ crosses fingers21:36
JoshOvkijuan_: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.021:37
dystopianrayJoshOvki: firefox depends on firefox-3.021:37
juan_Thanks Josh, but I don't much care for FF321:37
pascalFRspiroo:  hooo :)  can u elaborate  what works worse for example ?21:37
dystopianrayjuan_: firefox package is ff321:37
juan_You're killing me here21:38
juan_The only reason I moved to Kubuntu is because of the taskbar21:38
dany_21acham_eleon: sorry.. no idea - but you could try it in #kernel21:39
juan_woo there it goes21:39
dystopianrayjuan_: what's not to like about firefox 3 anyway?21:39
ariqsis kubuntu polished? I want KDE more than gnome, but I've herad that KDE isn't really polished for ubuntu. People can be full of shit though :)21:39
juan_FF3 is nice ... but not all my great addons work for it yet.21:39
JoshOvkijuan_: sudo apt-get install firefox-2  then :)21:39
juan_ariqs ... it's very pretty21:40
juan_yeah, downloading ff2 now21:40
JoshOvkikk :)21:40
dystopianrayariqs: i think kde works just fine on ubuntu21:40
pascalFRff3 seems quicker than ff2 now21:40
juan_KDE also has the only tabbed FTP client I could find.21:40
dystopianrayariqs: best way to see is to just try it out21:41
Ahmuckyes, i don't like firefox3 myself21:44
Ahmuckno extensions, etc.21:44
=== edney is now known as edneymatias
juan_It won't even work with tabs-plus!21:44
Ahmuckthe one extension i do need, not available for ff321:44
DarkriftXim trying to disable compiz (i removed the autostart script, but it still starts)21:44
DarkriftXis there a setting in kde i need to change back?21:45
tekteenDarkriftX: you need to start kwin21:45
juan_System - Desktop Effects ?21:45
tekteenDarkriftX: then logout21:45
tekteenDarkriftX: next time you login kwin will be there21:45
Ahmuckhow do you get the box model in compiz in kubuntu, where it will rotate?21:46
juan_yey costa rica server!21:46
pascalFRI wonder if there is a mean to finely adjust compiz parameters other than   Desktop effects ?21:47
mefisto__juan_: there is a tabmixplus for ff3, you just have to look around to find it21:47
dystopianraypascalFR: compiz has it's own settings thing that you can use21:48
tekteenAhmuck: go to #compiz-fusion21:48
Ahmuckdystopianray: in the menu?  or CLi21:49
dystopianrayAhmuck: it's not installed by default21:49
pascalFRdystopianray: before hardy  there was a complete GUI to configure compiz21:49
dystopianrayAhmuck: i don't remember what the package name is though21:49
Ahmuckdystopianray: yes, i have the same question as pascalFR21:49
dystopianraypascalFR: it'd be the same gui,you just need to install it21:49
Ahmuckok, thx21:49
dystopianraycompizconfig-settings-manager ?21:50
* Ahmuck wonders why kubuntu did not include a configuration manager for compiz21:50
pascalFRI thought it was  compizconfig-backend-kconfig21:50
juan_I like how Kubuntu automatically knew my video driver ... unlike Ubuntu which had to download it.21:50
AhmuckAhmuck: ccsm is the CompizConfig Settings Manager, see: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/CCSM . To install ccsm on Ubuntu Gutsy:  « sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager »21:51
mefisto__it's compizconfig-settings-manager in gutsy. don't know if the package name has changed21:51
dystopianrayjuan_: which driver?21:51
pascalFRseems to be the same21:52
pascalFRtrying to install on very busy servers :)21:52
juan_intel media accelerator 95021:53
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ShadowMaster
dystopianrayjuan_: that should work on ubuntu too21:53
dystopianrayjuan_: you should not have had to install any driver for it21:54
juan_It "works" but it was obviously laggy21:54
juan_like it wasn't using hardware acceleration21:54
juan_Hmmm ... I'm thinking of a file browser ... it's the name of an ancient Viking God...21:56
mefisto__Ahmuck: what's the one extension you need for ff3?21:56
juan_Thundar? Thunbar?21:56
ShadowMasterI just installed kubuntu 8.04 on a system which had grub previously setup as the boot manager for gentoo, vista and winxp. Installed to replace gentoo. Upon restarting post install however i now recieve the error: Missing Operating System, and all information i can find on the forums regarding restoring/installing grub from live CD draws a blank as the find /boot/grub/stage1 finds nothing21:56
ShadowMasteriow, im currently stuck with an unbootable system21:57
juan_That's funny ... can't find wine-doors in Adept ...21:58
pascalFRdystopianray:  compizconfig-settings-manager  works    thanks21:58
shenteyHey! I've just installed Kubuntu 8.04. Flash on the live cd worked in konqueror but not installed on hdd. I've also updated plugins. Can anybody help?21:59
dystopianrayjuan_: i don't think that's in the repos at all21:59
mefisto__ShadowMaster: have you tried super grub disk? http://www.supergrubdisk.org/21:59
juan_It was when I was using Ubuntu21:59
ShadowMastermefisto__: No, will have a look21:59
juan_NB: You may need to perform ‘apt-get purge wine-doors’ on debian/ubuntu in order to prevent a preferences clash22:00
juan_I knew I wasn't crazy22:00
juan_Are some things missing from Kubuntu adept manager that are in Ubuntu adept manager?22:00
dystopianrayjuan_: are you sure you weren't using some other repo to get wine-doors?22:00
dystopianrayjuan_: no, they are both frontends for apt22:00
DarkriftXok, got kwin started, and now one of my apps is open, but not visible.. i need to save changes so is there any way i can force it to show? (its not in taskbar or tray)22:00
juan_... is this not the same? Synaptic and adept manager?22:00
dystopianrayjuan_: there is no wine-doors package in ubuntu at all22:01
juan_I'd feel pretty stupid if they weren't22:01
dystopianrayjuan_: they are two different programs, but are both frontends for apt22:01
juan_dystopinray: There has to be. I'm too stupid to install it manually.22:01
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel16
dystopianrayjuan_: there isn't22:01
samuel16Hello everybody22:01
traviosoanyone else having probs with adept?  it keeps hanging on me when it gets to gutsy-security/restricted..  just started today, no changes to sys22:02
samuel16I can´t upgrade to Kubuntu 8.0422:02
dystopianraytravioso: the servers will be extremely slow due to hardy having just been released22:02
samuel16I am using Kubuntu 8.04 Beta22:02
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
dystopianraysamuel16: you are probably also experiencing slow servers22:03
traviosogotcha..  i was guessing that one..   downloading via torrent to upgrade..22:03
samuel16But I can click on fetch updates but then it would´nt show me the version upgrade button22:04
traviosoclicked on version upgrade and it stalls on the release notes..22:04
juan_dystopianray: You're right, it's a deb package22:05
dystopianraysamuel16: you're already on 8.04 you won't get a version upgrade, just update your packages like normal and you're done22:05
juan_I want to kiss whoever added the quick launch to KDE's menu bar22:06
juan_by god I tried for 3 days to get Gnome to do this22:06
juan_and here KDE has it as defualt22:07
SlimeyPeteyou mean the Favourite bit?22:07
timmy_Hey.. How am I able to reconfigure X? dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is too limited22:07
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
juan_The thing that is similar to Window's feature22:07
timmy_and i have to add 1024x758@85hz22:07
juan_Quick Launch22:07
dystopianraytimmy_: edit xorg.conf directly22:07
timmy_LOL.. why reconfiguring x-server is always harder with every release22:08
juan_Gnome sort of did it, but making the task bar bigger simply made the icons bigger and they did not use multiple rows22:08
timmy_ok.. so i gotta do that and mess up with it.. So where is it located at?22:08
dystopianraytimmy_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:08
juan_dystopianray: do you have a long white beard22:09
timmy_dystopianray: i checked that already22:09
timmy_Somewhy there is absolutely nothing referring to my resolution22:10
dystopianrayjuan_: no, i'm afraid not22:10
dystopianrayalthough that would be awesome22:10
juan_There's a way to make Thunar my default file manager in Gnome ... is there something similar for KDE?22:12
kaminixAnyone know when UIM panel will be available in KDE 4?22:12
tsbI'm on 8.04 now. Is there any problem installing kde4 alongside with kd3? kde3 would be my working enviroment.22:12
dystopianrayjuan_: open konqueror, settings -> configure konqueror, file associations, inode22:13
dystopianrayjuan_: you can change the application that handles 'directory' and 'system_directory' by default22:14
juan_Why shoul I open Konqueror when Dolphin is my file manager?22:14
mefisto__juan_: I know how to do it in gutsy, but konqueror in hardy may have changed. Konqueror settings > file associations > inode > directory, move the file manager you want to the top of the list22:14
dystopianrayjuan_: if dolphin allows you to get to the file association settings, then use that instead22:15
StealthCPkonqueror is not installable, causing problems with dependancies in apt.22:15
StealthCP http://pastebin.com/d7f68eff122:15
mefisto__juan_: then do the same for system_directory22:15
StealthCPHow can I resolve the problem with installing konqueror?22:15
=== chiriri is now known as Elda
dystopianrayStealthCP: have you run sudo apt-get update ?22:16
juan_mefisto__: thank you sir that worked great22:17
EldaI am curious.... is it normal for the apt-get to go slowly after a new release? :s22:17
StealthCPand clean, and everything, konqueror is not instalable, no matter what is done22:17
HunterSThompsonmine is22:17
dystopianrayElda: yes, thousands of people are trying to use it22:17
StealthCPthe output above shows this.22:17
juan_Thumar is the only file manager that has compact list just like Windows22:17
EldaFirst time updating to a new version... and I decided to go from Kubuntu - Ubuntu and want to make sure I didn't break anything heh22:17
dystopianrayjuan_: compact list?22:17
dany_21awhere can i find gnome-compiz-manager under hardy?22:17
Eldaerr Ubuntu -> Kubuntu22:17
aaroncampbellIs there a way to allow multiple instances of k3b?  I have two DVD burners in my machines, and I'd like to be able to burn two separate projects at once.22:17
juan_yes ... instead of showing icons of items in a folder, it shows a list22:18
dany_21a(or what shall i use under KDE)22:18
juan_sort of a graphical representation of terminal's ls command22:18
kaminixtsb: No probs using KDE 4 alongside with KDE 3. Keep the kdm-kde3 though, you'll be given the choice when installing.22:18
aaroncampbellWhen I just try to open k3b again, it takes me to the current window and says that it's busy22:18
mefisto__juan_: konqueror can do compact lists too, it's called multicolumn view22:18
EldaI'm quite happy with 8.04... first time EVERYTHING has worked out of the box for me lol22:18
kaminixtsb: Also, be preapared to expand your KMenu enties by two.22:18
juan_I'm confused ... is Konqueror the web browser or the file manager?22:18
mefisto__juan_: then make the icons small as possible22:18
Eldajuan I think it's both :s22:19
mefisto__juan_: konqueror tries to do everything ;)22:19
kaminixElda: juan_: It does work as both, and some other things.22:19
dystopianrayjuan_: konqueror can do a lot of things22:19
StealthCPElda, I must agree, there's no time like the present, and I've decided 8.04 is the best yet and is feasible to hand out to Windows users, without having to go over and help them install everything themselves :)22:19
StealthCPEven restricted packages they may want explain themselves well and are easy to install22:20
EldaHave been using Ubuntu for a semester or two now, lol22:20
dany_21awhere can i find gnome-compiz-manager under hardy? (or what shall i use to configure compiz under KDE?)22:20
Eldaso was happy/a bit nervous when I heard about 8.04 as it took a lot to get 7.04 perfect xD22:20
EldaThis doesn't even need a dsdt patch \o/22:20
StealthCPdystopianray, any thoughts?22:21
juan_ok, now, in Ubuntu I had Pidgion not stay on my list of opened programs, but only the small icon when a new message arrived22:21
juan_How is this done in KDE?22:21
dystopianrayStealthCP: i'm not sure why you can't install konqueror, it's a very strange error22:21
StealthCPIt appears to be a file conflict22:22
mefisto__StealthCP: have you tried apt-get instead of aptitude?22:22
dystopianrayjuan_: is it something you had to configure within gnome?22:22
StealthCPfrom the package kio_umountwrapper, however I doubted any package should have the same two files22:22
EldaW/ Konqueror would it be worth it to install Fire Fox?22:22
matt_the newest 8.04 *kde 3 cd won't boot for me. neither would the beta of it. Why? I've checked the md5 sum of it, it checks up. Someone once told me something about burning the disk at a low speed...how low?22:23
dystopianraymatt_: what happens when you try to boot them?22:23
dystopianraymatt_: if the md5sum checks out then slower burning won't do anything22:23
matt_dystopianray: the kubuntu slidey bar screen comes up, then it goes to a cli with error type things...22:23
StealthCPmefisto__, I have, I shall try again, just to double check22:23
dystopianrayElda: konqueror doesn't work with every site properly, i can be useful to have firefox as well22:24
matt_dystopianray: i mean't the md5 of the image, not the disk..22:24
mefisto__Elda: firefox supports more websites. and has extensions22:24
EldaI adore FF22:24
dystopianraymatt_: check the md5sum of the disk22:24
harolddongshould the rc need to upgrade?22:24
matt_dystopianray: how do i do that? md5sum /dev/???22:24
harolddongcause I'm not showing anything22:24
dystopianrayharolddong: yes, there have been updated packages since the rc22:24
EldaI am also curious how would I go about installing the codecs?22:24
dystopianraymatt_: md5sum /dev/cdrom22:24
dystopianrayElda: sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg22:24
harolddongwell then how do I get them to show up when I fetch updates?22:24
dystopianrayharolddong: when was the last time you updated?22:25
harolddongday before yesterday I believe there a few things that updated22:25
juan_You guys are way more helpful than #ubuntu22:25
juan_probably because they have 500x more people asking questions at once22:26
matt_dystopianray: once i remember someone talking about this problem, yet they said that ubuntu would load. if the md5 checks up right, perhaps i'll try ubuntu latest...22:26
dystopianraymatt_: check the md5sum of the cd before you do anything22:26
Eldadystopianray, I got an odd message :s22:26
dystopianrayElda: oh?22:26
EldaPackage libxine1-ffmpeg is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package libxine1-ffmpeg has no installation candidate22:27
matt_dystopianray: doing so right now, like i said....or thought i said :)22:27
juan_Ok ... I'm trying to get my Audigy sound card to work, but the system's been trying to restart my sound system for 3 minutes now.22:27
matt_dystopianray: hate to say it, but they're the same...22:27
dystopianraymatt_: it's possible tha tubuntu might load, it might be useful to try it if it's not too much trouble22:27
matt_dystopianray: hmm...just wondering what the problem is....22:28
dystopianrayjuan_: i'd recommend turning off the kde sound system, it's completely crap and the kde sounds are terrible22:28
dystopianraymatt_: hardware incompatibility most likely22:28
freeblowedwhy isn't there an official torrent of the 8.04 remix?22:28
matt_trying to get the 8.04kde3 disk to boot gives me a terminal with error messages after the kubuntu loading screen...22:28
juan_No I mean I get no sound at all22:28
matt_dystopianray: but how? i mean...7.10 is working perfectly...22:29
dystopianraymatt_: a regression in 8.0422:29
dystopianrayjuan_: does alsamixer work?22:29
dystopianrayjuan_: run it in a terminal22:29
juan_so Disable the Sound System?22:29
matt_dystopianray: ahhh...right. probably be fixed relatively soon too...22:29
sgroverI heard dvd playback should work out of the box with Kubuntu... no luck here.... any tips?22:30
matt_dystopianray: downloading ubuntu...i'll try that (yikes!)22:30
pascalFRsgrover: regionset22:30
Odd-rationalesgrover: did you install kubuntu-restricted-extras?22:30
sgroverOdd-rationale: hehe that wouldn't be "out of the box" now would it.. LOL22:30
Odd-rationalesgrover: i should ask, encru=ypted dvd?22:30
dystopianraysgrover: install libdvdread322:30
dystopianraysgrover: then run this: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh22:31
=== Absurdium is now known as Hydrogen
dystopianraysgrover: also instlal libxine1-ffmpeg22:31
sgroverwith Gutsy, yes, I would expect to need to do all that.  But I heard that wasn't necessary with Hardy.22:31
matt_dystopianray: btw, do you know much about 8.04 over 7.10 SERVER?22:31
mefisto__juan_: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart       --see if that works22:31
dystopianraymatt_: what do you need help with?22:31
juan_Weird, my volume icon on my tray disappeared22:31
sgroverhmm.... maybe I should actually install the 3.59 version.... I installed the remix version (kde4)....22:31
EldaI did the remix and it works happily for me :s22:32
dystopianrayElda: you're using kde4?22:32
EldaOnly niggle I had was that if you did the live cd --> install the thing was annoying22:32
EldaI think it's KDE 4 at least hehe22:32
sgroverElda: I did the alternate install have had more luck that way.22:33
EldaI did that the second time22:33
Eldadid the direct install and it was fast/easy22:33
sgroverElda: if you have the blue wavy background with the big black bar across the bottom, then you have kde422:33
nexano anyone ever used esperanza along with xmms2? im having trouble connecting to my other computer via esperanza :/22:34
dreamcoderi cant beleive i have just spent all day backing up to put a piece of crap like hardy with kde4 on my pc22:34
EldaI do and I checked the info :D22:34
juan_dystopianray: Where do I tell Kubuntu what device to use as default sound?22:34
mefisto__can the kde4 panel colour be changed?22:34
EldaVersion 4.0.322:34
sgroverand DVD playback is working for you?22:34
juan_I'm using a PCI Audigy2 card22:34
matt_dystopianray: just wondering if it would be "benifitial" to update the 8.04 on my headless home media server...22:34
dystopianrayjuan_: you have multiple sound cards?22:34
Eldahave not tried22:34
Eldalet me get one22:34
juan_Yes ... on motherboard and pci card22:34
dystopianraymatt_: only if you want to take advantage of something new in 8.0422:35
* Elda loves her Kubuntu install so far xD22:35
matt_dystopianray: but that's what i'm asking, what IS new in the server edition?22:35
dystopianrayElda: sgrover: it won't work unless you've installed a few packages22:35
utgard1hey people, where do I report a broken link at  KUbuntu download page ?22:35
Eldawell it detected the cd22:35
EldaIm trying to figure out how to the codecs22:35
dystopianraymatt_: i don't know what particular server enhancements there are (if any) other than package updates22:36
sgroverdystopianray: for gutsy, that's a given.  But Hardy was supposedly going to work out of the box.22:36
juan_Well, onboard sound works ... but not my audigy ... so weird22:36
rickeyhey some of the download severs are down22:36
rickey becarefull22:36
dystopianraysgrover: hardy kde3 maybe22:36
matt_dystopianray: i'll take a look at the ubuntu22:36
Eldahow do I do codecs? :>22:37
dystopianraysgrover: and it wasn't supposed to work out of the box it's supposed to bring up a small wizard to install the appropriate codecs and what not for you22:37
sgroverdystopianray: that's what I'm thinking.  I'm not really happy with 4 yet.  Still seems tooo, um... obscure.22:37
dystopianrayElda: libxine1-ffmpeg is the codec package, if it won't install then run sudo apt-get update first22:37
sgroverdystopianray: I tried with a native Ubuntu install earlier - kinda worked... until it couldn't get the codecs cuz the servers are tooooooo hammered today... :)22:37
mefisto__juan_: asoundconf set-default-card "the-card-you-want"   |   to get the soundcards names, asoundconf list22:37
Eldadoing firefox atm22:37
juan_What's kde's equivalent to gedit?22:38
mefisto__juan_: kate or kwrite22:39
dystopianrayjuan_: kate22:39
sgroverkwrite is really kate with a simpler interface.22:39
sgroverkate has a number of features coders and advanced users will like22:39
mefisto__kwrite is more like gedit22:39
juan_thank you ... I just edited my xorg.conf file for my mx400 mouse ... how do I reload it?22:40
sgroverthat sucks!  Have to tell KDE4 twice to close....22:40
dystopianrayjuan_: ctrl+alt+backspace (make sure you save any work you have open)22:40
juan_looks like reloading x22:40
juan_here goes22:40
sgroveronce from the kmenu, then from the splash it brings up.22:41
tawethDoes anyone know what repositories to use if I want my install to track KDE4 as closely as possible?  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuAdditionalRepositories says that there are some unofficial packages, and has some helpful instructions on adding Jonathan Riddell's GPG key, but then it just says to see the main announcements page to find out which repositories to add, which yields no results.22:43
Riddelltaweth: that's out of date, hardy hsa the latest packages22:43
dreamcoderanyone using gutsy kubuntu DO NOT upgrade to that piece of pooo call hardy with kde it really is poo22:44
tawethAh.  Is the 4.0 version of hardy going to continue in upgrading with KDE4, or has it been frozen at its current state until Hardy+1?22:44
dystopianraydreamcoder: i disagree, 8.04 is significantly better than gutsy, gutsy was a buggy piece of crap22:45
SlimeyPeteI haven't really noticed any differences yet22:45
SlimeyPetethe stuff that used to work still works, the stuff that didn't still doesn't22:46
juan_Is that why gutsy is not LTS?22:46
dystopianrayjuan_: gutsy was never intended to be LTS22:46
dreamcoderso why is it that i have a reslotion which is wrong the wrong monitor and no gui to correct it?22:46
matt_dystopianray: i have to say, this torrent is really being overloaded...everyone must be downloading and then starting the installation, 75k/s is terrible. perhaps i'll leave my server running it a few days to help out. i can upgrade my server later...22:47
dystopianraydreamcoder: x.org is configured incorrectly and nobody has coded up a gui to do it22:47
dystopianraymatt_: i'd consider 75KB/s to be very good22:47
dreamcoderso thats one MAIN reason to stay with gutsy?22:47
dystopianrayexcellent even22:47
juan_matt_: I got mine in 3 hours today22:48
dreamcoderi loved gutsy neevr had a problem with it22:48
dreamcoderwill be going back22:48
dreamcoderi aint a pc tech or anything22:48
dreamcoderso gui's are important22:48
juan_I did not use one of the mirrors listed on ubuntu website22:48
matt_dystopianray: juan_ hmm...well i started it before going to work, kubuntu that is, it was finished. now ubuntu says it'll take about 2  hours...so perhaps it is ok...22:48
dystopianraydreamcoder: file a bug report22:48
mefisto__dreamcoder: maybe try restoring your old /etc/X11/xorg.conf file before reinstalling gutsy22:49
dystopianraydreamcoder: how about just getting someone to help you setup your x.org so you do have the correct resolution?22:49
dreamcoderi think i will just go back to what i know sorry i dont mean to complain so much just i was so looking forward to gutsy being improved thats all22:49
dystopianraydreamcoder: a few small additions to xorg.conf will most likely fix it22:50
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Tecumseh
dreamcoderyeah but then there is all the programs that i cant select in add/remvoe programs which i want to install22:51
juan_Are there any must have programs you guys recommend for Kubuntu?22:51
dystopianraydreamcoder: have you updated your package list?22:51
dystopianrayjuan_: it really depends on what you want to do22:52
dreamcoderhow do i do that? i am back on my windows now i was linux only for 8 months until i installed hardy few hrs ago and had to revert to windows22:52
dystopianraydreamcoder: sudo apt-get update22:53
dystopianraydreamcoder: that will update the package list, or just open adept and get it to update, just like in gutsy22:53
sgrover"had" to revert to windows?  Not revert to gutsy???22:53
ScorpKingi want to upgrade to 8.04 but i din't have enough bandwidth here to download apps. is there a way i can parse my apt-move repo and just run aptitude --download-only <apps-from-my-repo> on a remote box that has the bandtwidth i need?22:53
dreamcodergutsy is long gone22:53
dreamcoderi did a fresh install22:53
harolddonggutsy is dead22:54
harolddongburn the gutsy22:54
mefisto__is there still krandrtray for hardy? maybe dreamcoder could try that as a gui way?22:54
sgroverjust cuz there is new doesn't mean the old is totally dead.  Heck, I still see 5.10 installs around22:54
dystopianraymefisto__: that won't help22:54
mefisto__it can change screenres22:55
sgroverIt's a matter of how you use your box, and how comfortable you are working with *nix in general.22:55
harolddongI just wana burn stuff22:56
mefisto__harolddong: so burn a kubuntu cd for someone22:56
juan_this is weird ... why aren't my harddrives listed under /mnt22:57
harolddongah the kubuntu channel comes to my aid yet again22:57
flipstarjuan_: look under /media22:57
juan_only cdrom's there22:57
juan_Wow ... that is *weird* ... where'd my windows directory get listed22:58
flipstarjuan_: look at systemsettings>advanced>drives then22:58
juan_why are they under /dev >=[22:59
flipstar!filesystem | juan_23:00
ubotujuan_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview23:00
mefisto__juan_: that's hardware devices. you're looking for the mounted filesystem23:00
=== gnomefre3k is now known as gnomefreak
* juan_ sighs23:03
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview23:03
juan_oh haha23:03
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about audacity - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:04
yuuki_can anyone confirm this ? just install hardy (dvd version) and there is no splashscreen setting for kde23:05
yuuki_in system settings or kcontrol23:05
poseidonWhat is the difference between regular HH and KDE 4 Remix?  Does the regular kubuntu 8.04 come with kde 3?23:05
aaroncampbellI was part way through a dist upgrade ("fetching the upgrades"), and it kicked me out to the KDE login screen.  I logged back in, and the upgrade process was gone.  I re-opened Adept Manager, and the version upgrade button is gone, but it says that I have 1024 upgradable packages.  If I just upgrade them will everything work OK?23:06
aaroncampbellposeidon: KDE3 vs KDE423:06
juan_Wow ... another different between KDE and Gnome ... in Gnome I can easily access my Windows drive and read/write to it.23:06
poseidonaaroncampbell k thanks23:06
ariqsyou can't do that in KDE, juan?23:07
mefisto__juan_: do you have gnome installed? is it just kde that can't see the windows disk?23:07
ScorpKingphew. it's madness in #ubuntu23:07
juan_I over-wrote Ubuntu with Kubuntu23:08
juan_ntfs-3g is installed23:08
mefisto__juan_: look for ntfs configuration tool in kmenu23:08
MrUnagiwhat the heck is kubuntu remix23:09
ekAnyone here know what KDE uses to check if there is a CD in the CDROM device before it's mounted?23:09
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nexusits KD423:10
MrUnagiis kde 4 not ready?23:10
MrUnagiits says edgier23:11
MrUnagiwhy did they have to make this difficult23:12
juan_yeyyy got it working23:12
nexusKDE4 isint ready no23:12
nexusthats why its a "remix"23:12
nexusits not stable yet23:12
MrUnagiwhen is it suppose to be ready23:12
juan_You guys have been a great help to this complete newbie23:14
mefisto__juan_: so windows disk is in /media now?23:17
juan_it's /sda123:18
juan_after I enabled it23:19
juan_Kubuntu makes me think .23:19
juan_where's the feature to turn that off23:19
mefisto__you mean /media/sda1 right?23:19
juan_It's mounted in /sda123:19
juan_I think I told it to do that right now when I enabled it23:19
juan_Fine with me23:19
mefisto__a new folder at root level? not a good idea. k/ubuntu uses /media normally for mounting disks23:20
juan_Why does it matter if it's at / or /media?23:20
juan_I've always seen it in /mnt ... never in /media btw23:21
mefisto__kde (and gnome too, I think) expects disks mounted in /media. some gui friendliness won't work right23:21
ScorpKingwhat is the direct link for the desktop iso torrent?23:21
cbrwhen will the ibex repo be opened?23:22
daemon3Are there instructions for upgrading Ubuntu from a live disc?23:23
daemon3I'm googling.23:23
juan_I've got to say, Wine-doors is the best thing ever23:23
mefisto__daemon3: I think if you just put the cd in it will ask you if you want to upgrade23:23
daemon3No.  It doesn't.23:24
daemon3Please don't tell me I got the wrong package.23:24
BonesolTeraDynedaemon3: I thought there was an "Upgrade" option on the boot menu for the liveCD23:25
mefisto__daemon3: kdesu "/cdrom/cdromupgrade"23:25
xmdwhat command should i use to update my kubuntu 7.10 with the latest updates(NOT upgrade)? The apt update manager freezes everytime i open it23:25
mefisto__xmd: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade23:26
daemon3I thought there was an upgrade option, too.23:26
ronnienot sure if i loaded the right version?, hearty with kde4 a beta, do I want kde3.5.9 ?23:27
juan_yes you want kde 323:27
ronniek thx23:27
mefisto__daemon3: are you running from livecd or from a gutsy install?23:28
mefisto__??? which?23:28
daemon3Oh, from a gutsy install.23:29
ronnieumm, where do I look to see what version I installed? system settings?23:29
mefisto__and kdesu "/cdrom/cdromupgrade" doesn't start upgrade? that's what it says here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades/Kubuntu23:29
mefisto__ahh, only from alternate install cd, daemon323:30
xmdmefisto__:  vel now i did that but it didnt start the download only the list were downloaded...23:30
duriis there a mirror for kubuntu 8.04 kde remix in the US ?23:31
mefisto__xmd: you're probably up-to-date, unless you want to upgrade to 8.0423:32
xmdvel no iam not..23:32
daemon3I suppose I have to download the ISO all over again. :(23:32
xmdmefisto__: i installed kubuntu now 10 min ago.. 250 mb should be downloaded but cant start the apt because crashes immidiately23:32
* ScorpKing found the torrent..23:33
nirpiusanyone know how to update to kde4 version throguh adept?23:33
ScorpKingnite guys23:33
mefisto__xmd: does "sudo apt-get upgrade" give you any errors?23:33
xmdmefisto__: i wont install hardy because doesnt work when comes fore wireless only wants to update the current system23:34
aibSuddenly Kmix says that "Mixer cannot be found". I haven't changed anything with the exception of nightly updates. I can see my sound card in lspci: `00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)'23:34
MilitantPotatocan someone pastebin their hardy menu.lst ?23:34
aibhow can I troubleshoot this? i have no idea how to troubleshoot the sound system23:34
flipstarMilitantPotato: http://pastebin.com/m34830e6b23:35
xmdmefisto__: it works now :) iam updating via terminal thanks alot!!!!!23:37
ronnieI disabled my intel onboard sound from the utility screen, otherwise it seem to read one or the other (soundcard) when booting up,23:37
MilitantPotatoflipstar: thanks23:37
BonesolTeraDyneThis is interesting. I ran the MD5SUMs for the ISO of both the x86 and x64 against their respective downloads. They came up fine. I burned them, but when I boot into LiveCD mode, it gives me a BusyBox shell.23:38
matt_ok...so after trying both kubuntu and ubuntu 8.04, neither boot on my system. But I'm using 7.10 kubuntu right now..23:38
BonesolTeraDyneThere's no way to access the memtest, alt install, or anything. It all comes up with the BusyBox prompt23:39
BonesolTeraDyneWhoops. I should note that I'm talking about the 8.04 LiveCDs23:39
MilitantPotatohow do I determine a partitions UUID?23:40
crimsunMilitantPotato: vol_id -u23:41
ronniedid I load the right thing?, if it said mirror is that the wrong link for x86 older desktops?23:42
DirkGentlyronnie: i386 is the right version23:44
DirkGentlyerr... how old?23:45
aibKmix is not detecting my sound card. What should I do?23:45
mot_why does the cd upgrade still retrieve packages from the internet?23:45
ronnieok so what if it said mirror dosent mean a thing, its an old ibm netvista desktop23:46
mot_even though i told i didn't want it to check for the latest upgrades, i just wanted it to do the 8.04 upgrade from the cd23:46
mot_now here it is putzing along at like 110kb/s23:46
DirkGentlyronnie: mirrors are copies of the canonical websites23:47
ronnieok thx *whew* still the right one, good23:47
DirkGentlythe mirrors are there to take the load and make it quicker for users local to the mirror hosting companies23:47
MilitantPotatomot_: I had to open adept, disable all sources except the CD-Rom for 8.0423:48
mot_well.. it's already downloading packages23:48
mot_so it wouldn't be wise to interrupt it would it?23:48
MilitantPotatomot_: yea, i'd let it be.23:48
mot_meh i don't see why it would use external sources23:49
DirkGentlymot_: you can cancel, change sources and start again23:49
ronnieim on it now (hearty) where can I easliy see its not kde4,23:49
mot_disable all sources 'cept cd yea?23:49
DirkGentlyas long as you update the source23:49
MilitantPotatouhm, how Do i rebuild grub?23:49
DirkGentlymot_: yes23:49
DirkGentlythen "update"23:50
DirkGentlynot sure how you do that in adept23:50
BonesolTeraDynewhat's the command to burn an iso to CD from the terminal? I borked Xorg somehow, but since I'm reinstalling with Hardy, I just want to get it done from the CLI.23:50
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto23:50
DirkGentlyI know it as apt-get update23:50
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.23:50
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto23:50
phxfr-hu +hi23:51
phxfrI'm updating my kubuntu, so know I don't have the problem anymore23:51
DirkGentlyphxfr: what problem?23:52
phxfrbut how to force adept to use a sources.list mirror instead of archive.ubuntu.com23:52
phxfrwhen I'm upgrading23:52
DirkGentlyphxfr: change sources23:53
phxfrI didi find where adpet put its tmp files23:53
ronniewhen I went to (install-packages) nothing seem to be there, do I have to enable choices someplace?23:53
MilitantPotatoI've managed to destroy /boot, if i delete that directory, can I rebuild it?23:53
DirkGentlyadept should have the sources configured somewhere23:53
DirkGentlyMilitantPotato: destroy it how?23:54
ronniek thx, = )23:54
MilitantPotatoDirkGently: copied a /boot/grub from a 7.10 install, missed a sub directory23:54
mkzlike so many others today I've just installed kubuntu hardy.  I'm about to install firefox via aptitude and I'm finding that the default is to install firefox-3.0. Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to run bother ff2 and ff3?  I do web developing and haven't been exposed to ff3 yet.23:54
tvakahMilitantPotato, I'd say mark all packages that own files in /boot for reinstall ( using aptitude would be my choice )23:55
shadowhywindhay all, why if i am running Ubuntu 8.04 (cat /etc/issue), but my grub lists says development branch, do i just have to wait for anew kernel?23:55
juan_hi mkz: I was just in your same bind23:55
juan_run Adept Manager23:55
phxfrDirkGently: I wanted to say adept where to get ReleaseAnnouncement && hardy.tar.gz23:55
juan_and search for "firefox', there should be a firefox 2 option.23:55
mot_shadowhywind, sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst23:55
mot_and you can change what your boot list says :P23:55
shadowhywindmot_ hehe thats what i was thinking, just didn't want to be running the development branch when the full version is out. But that looks like the only thing, hehe23:56
billydWill Hardy ever come with KDE 4.0??23:56
mot_it does come with kde 4.0 if i'm not mistaken23:56
mkzjuan_: yes, I find firefox-2.  I guess my question is: is there any reason I can't use both?  As a web developer I will eventually have to support ff3.  I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else is using both ff2 and bb323:56
mot_4.0.1 actually23:56
Tm_Tit already did, billyd23:56
praWnedhey all. im trying to upgrade to 8.04 from 7.10 following the upgrade instructions on the kubuntu site. But, upon trying to retrieve the ReleaseAnnouncement notes, it just times. Tried a wget too, same thing, cant continue without downloading the file23:56
mot_i'd wait for 4.1 though23:56
juan_yes you can install both23:57
gnomefreakbillyd: it has seperate iso for 4.023:57
juan_they'll both have seperate links in your internet menu23:57
tvakahanyone know much about the lvm encryption option with the alternate installer?23:57
ere4sipraWned: the servers are overloaded atm23:57
mkzpraWned: use torrent.  I managed to get mine in under and hour.23:57
praWnedto get one document?23:57
mkzpraWned: maybe I misunderstood.  It took me under and hour to get the entire iso.23:58
billydI''ll probably go to LogOn Cafe and use their semi-hi-speed to upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04.  DVD of 7.10 seems to have a probablem as afar as Apt goes23:58
juan_google kubuntu mirror23:58
juan_there's a site that's barely being used ... downloaded mine directly @ 500KB/s today23:58
billydI downloaded the 7.10 ISO at LogOn in about 25 minutes23:59
praWnedah. im upgrading from 7.10...havent started the dl of files yet. it times on dl the release document23:59
praWnedah it just came :)23:59

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