kiko-afkmdz, no problem. thanks for pointing out the issue00:09
superm1can a launchpad admin look at this: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-hotfixes/+archive/+build/56870701:20
superm1it's failing because its the first package in the PPA01:21
superm1and won't build 01:21
superm1"Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu-hotfixes/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found"01:21
stdina workaround would be to upload another version01:24
stdinsuperm1: but the file exists now, so try a rebuild01:25
superm1stdin, okay i'll hit the retry 01:25
superm1yup that worked01:33
superm1how long until the binary publishes though?01:33
superm1it says it built and all01:34
Fujitsustdin: Publisher runs every 20 minutes. The bug you encountered then was fixed this morning, so will be rolled out with 1.2.401:55
FujitsuEr, superm1 ^^01:55
Hobbseekiko-afk: feel free to revert the cherry pick - i can't test it on production now anyway04:03
ubotuNew bug: #221276 in launchpad "email obfuscation not working in Launchpad" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22127606:16
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ubotuNew bug: #221296 in soyuz "Package diff component needs implementation" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22129608:35
mptGooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:30
FujitsuHappy Hardy day, mpt.09:33
mptSame to you, Fujitsu 09:34
ubotuNew bug: #221305 in soyuz "Present last 5 PPA uploads in $distro/+ppas" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22130509:36
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StevenKI was curious in finding out when Launchpad processed deletions in PPAs?13:39
stdinSteveA: see the Help link in the top right of the delete page13:45
stdinSteveA: *top left13:45
SteveAstdin: okay. ;-)13:47
* Hobbsee waves to SteveA13:49
SteveAhi Hobbsee 13:49
stdinhow many Steve's are there, sheesh :p13:51
Hobbseestdin: lots.13:55
ubotuNew bug: #221343 in launchpad "Register a branch hosted on LaunchPad creates an empty project" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22134313:56
gmb_stdin: They're indexed alphabetically.13:57
=== gmb_ is now known as gmb
stdinbut the A looks like a K with this font ;)13:58
gmbstdin: What weird-ass font makes an A look like a K?13:59
* gmb boggles13:59
StevenKI'd have to agree with that.13:59
stdinsome non-fixed width one, I was messing with it earlier and didn't change it back13:59
StevenKBesides, my nick has an 'n' in it.13:59
gmbStevenK: This is true. Though you could be a gestalt entity... Steve 'n K...13:59
stdinStevenK: well, that's just me being lazy and not checking there13:59
gmbMaybe not.13:59
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ubotuNew bug: #221353 in rosetta "Search through all plural forms of a translation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22135314:21
StevenKOkay, so now it's been 40 minutes and the package is still listed in the Packages file.14:23
FujitsuStevenK: How often does the help tab say they'll be removed.14:25
FujitsuEmpirically it seems to take up to 48 hours.14:25
StevenK"A deleted package disappears from the archive indexes in at most 20 minutes."14:25
StevenKI can't wait 48 hours.14:26
FujitsuOh, the indices should be quick, right.14:26
* Fujitsu looks.14:26
FujitsuStevenK: You know, it's probably because there's nothing to make it republish. Upload anything, and it should vanish.14:27
StevenKArgh, I didn't think I had to do that.14:27
HobbseeStevenK: fairly sure that you do14:27
StevenKWhat about if it's something I already uploaded? :-)14:28
FujitsuWhat do you mean?14:28
HobbseeStevenK: before the delete?  still won't work14:29
StevenKI've already marked them for deletion.14:29
Hobbseeupload something random, delete that too14:29
FujitsuI think you'll have to let it exist through one publisher run for it to do anything, though.14:30
loolcprov: Around?14:40
loolcprov: You mentionned that pagination issue fixed in edge for the list of ppa packages14:40
loolcprov: However, I think the issue is still present in the /+delete-packages page14:41
cprovlool: there is a note at the end to the table saying how many records are not presented. You should you the name filter to refine the results14:42
cprovlool: the form doesn't cope with the batch system14:42
loolcprov: That's not terribly usable; for example I just wanted to walk through all packages to drop gutsy stuff14:44
loolI'd have to browser it in two windows or something14:44
loolI am also dropping everything which has "~804" in the version string, so I was ^F / ^G-ing that and selecting delete, but that's not working either14:44
cprovlool: you need the distroseries filter14:45
loolSo I would need one page load for any additional package after m now :-(14:45
loolcprov: Hmm I can't delete packages on edge either14:45
lool"No matching source packages for ' '.14:45
StevenKI managed to about an hour ago14:46
loolcprov: It's not only per series, I have other criterions like simply looking at all changes and deciding to remove   :-/14:46
cprovlool: sorry, you said that the deletion is not working, is that true ?14:47
loolI'm trying again14:47
loolHmm it worked for a subset of the packages I was selecting14:47
loolCan't reproduce it no14:47
loolcprov: Anyway, do you think it's reasonable to request pagination for the /delete-packages page?14:48
loolcprov: Ah the error was my bad, I had spaces in the "Only show sources matching" filter14:48
cprovlool: no, as I said we can't preseve the selections done in previous page14:49
cprovlool: you can request better filtering 14:49
cprovlool: with I already plan to do very soon in 1.2.514:49
cprovlool: filtering by distroseries and status definitely14:50
loolcprov: How different is it to click "Next" in a paginated list with deleted packages selected and changing the source filter?14:50
loolWont peole loose the selected packages for deletion if they filter the list by source package name too?14:50
cprovlool: yes, they will lose the selection always and that's not ideal14:52
cprovlool: I don't see how pagination makes it any clear.14:53
loolcprov: I would be more happy if I could still do it per 50 packages14:53
loolInstead of having to filter package per package14:53
cprovlool: mass-anything is difficult in LP14:54
loolcprov: Oh well, thanks for discussion14:54
cprovlool: yes, np, I will improve filtering ASAP14:55
cprovbut mass-deletion will continue to be a problem, requiring a lot of clicks 14:55
cprovlool: btw, if you have time, file a bug about this and describe your use cases.14:56
loolWith pleasure15:09
loolcprov: soyuz with ppa tag right?15:09
cprovlool: yes, please.15:10
loolcprov: Did you people discuss keeping archived copies of sources uploaded to a ppa?15:12
cprovlool: how do you mean ? keep them published in the archive (bzr-team request) or just keeping the files somewhere you can download ?15:13
loolKeeping the history so that we don't lose .dsc, .tar.gz, .diff.gz when someone uploads crap and we need ot revert it15:15
loolI'd rather not see ALL ever uploaded packages published or visible, this would be a bit confusing I think15:16
loolBack to that pagination, I would simply be happy if I could see all packages (no limit)15:17
loolIf I think about bugzilla, I think it allows you to limit how many bugs you'd like to see15:17
loolWow /me discovers /+filebug-advanced15:20
ubotuNew bug: #221370 in launchpad "Cannot checkout a Launchpad hosted project" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22137015:25
ubotuNew bug: #221371 in soyuz "Not easy to cleanup ppa for ubuntu-mobile; needs mass deletion or better filtering" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22137115:25
loolcprov: So you say there's something which you can enable on the side of launchpad to keep the old sources in some place?15:26
loolOr only published?15:26
cprovlool: only published version remain in the archive disk (ppa.l.n/xxx/ubuntu/pool)15:28
cprovlool: however all source ever uploaded and binaries ever built remain in librarian (lp internal storage)15:28
loolcprov: Is it possible to keep the .dsc in the pool, but not visible on the web page?15:28
loolAre the binaries removed?15:29
loolcprov: Ohh15:29
loolcprov: How can I access these in librarian?15:29
cprovlool: the opposite, files removed from the pool but available in the ui 15:29
cprovlool: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/19399615:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193996 in soyuz "PPA packages unavailable once deleted" [Medium,In progress]  - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)15:29
loolcprov: What I'd like is that superseded packages (by new uploads) be still reachable; not deleted packages as deleted from the web page15:30
cprovlool: sources are already visible forever (see the links in the expandable area for any deleted/superseded record)15:30
ubotuNew bug: #221372 in launchpad "Beta team need updates of new features on Edge" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22137215:31
cprovlool: right, that was always possible for sources. I will make it the same for binaries.15:31
loolWe're talking about ppa here, right?15:31
cprovlool: yes, we are.15:31
loolI fail to see how I can browse to old versions of packages which were in the ppa15:32
loolAnd other people around me complained frequently about not being able to do exactly this, so you're about to reveal a pretty good news I think :)15:32
cprovlool: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile/+archive?field.name_filter=cairo&field.status_filter=superseded15:32
loolCool \o/15:33
cprovlool: click in the arrow for cairo and you will see the sources files linking to librarian below.15:33
loolcprov: I have to leave to jump around the office here and tell everybody about it15:33
loolcprov: I missed the "Superseded" drop down near search15:33
loolProbably because I very rarely use search15:34
loolcprov: What's the bug about keeping the binaries too?15:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 221372 in launchpad "Beta team need updates of new features on Edge" [Undecided,New] 15:36
loolNo, that's something else15:36
loolcprov: Should I file a bug for keeping binaries too?15:36
loolAh https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/19399615:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193996 in soyuz "PPA packages unavailable once deleted" [Medium,In progress]  - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)15:36
cprovlool: yes, already in my plate ;)15:37
loolcprov: People here have a mirror of the ppa just for this use case :)15:37
cprovlool: well, a mirror is required if you need to sign the archive15:38
* cprov doesn't believe he mentioned that ... errrr15:38
loolBut we don't really need that yet15:39
loolHmm bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.hardy has been running since 4 minutes with no output; it's over bzr+ssh this time around; a bzr pull over http was also stuck, weird15:42
loolI can load bazaar.launchpad.net over http fine15:43
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loolis bazaar infrastructure impacted by the hardy release?15:53
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LaserJockbigjools: ping?17:20
bigjoolsLaserJock: yes?17:22
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ubotuNew bug: #221418 in launchpad "Pageid isn't set for views using attribute" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22141817:45
ahasenackcan anybody help with ppa? I uploaded smart_0.52-landscape8 a few hours ago (1 or 2) and it just disappeared. Nothing shows up for it in https://launchpad.net/~landscape/+archive/+builds in any state17:46
ahasenackI got the email saying it was accepted (but only for two distros: gutsy and hardy; I uploaded to dapper, edgy and feisty too)17:47
cprovahasenack: haven't you received a rejection message for the missing ones ?17:48
ahasenackcprov: but there might be something wrong about that on my side17:49
ahasenackcprov: I'm checking the history of the terminal where I ran the command17:49
ahasenackcprov: assuming those other three were not sent, what about the two that got sent and confirmed via email:17:50
cprovI can see a gutsy & hardy failure, then a gutsy accepted17:52
cprovhardy accepted too17:52
cprovahasenack: that's it you haven't upload anything else today (last 12 hours)17:53
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ahasenackthe last accepted email I have is from 2h ago (14:50 UTC)17:53
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ahasenackcprov: yes, there were many failures before17:53
ahasenackcprov: forget about the other three "missing" targets/distros, it's only gutsy and hardy indeed17:56
cprovahasenack: just a tip, if you allow me.  If the upload doesn't show up within 10 minutes after being uploaded, *no question* it won't appear anymore, something is broken on your side, be 100 % sure your system is ok and your source is signed and re-upload it. 17:57
ahasenackcprov: even if I got the accepted email, right?17:57
cprovahasenack: the upload-processor hasn't failed once this year, so it's reliable enough17:57
ahasenackI guess I'm cursed then17:58
cprovahasenack: if you have received the acceptance message, the package will show up in the PPA page as pending, zero change of not.17:59
ahasenackcprov: you want me to forward the accept email to you?17:59
ahasenackcprov: maybe you can see something I can't (honestly)17:59
cprovahasenack: okay, forward it.18:00
cprovahasenack: [PPA ahasenack] not landscape.18:01
ahasenackcprov: ah, there you go18:02
ahasenackcprov: thanks18:02
cprovahasenack: np18:02
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Rinchen==> Come join the Launchpad Developers meeting in #launchpad-meeting starting in 1 minute :-)18:58
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Rinchenupdated next meeting date19:37
steveireHey, does launchpad have a list of all the projects it hosts?20:01
steveirehttps://launchpad.net/projects/+all << 6300- Wow20:04
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