zeroneSystem > Pref > Mouse?00:00
crimsunquaddi: please pastebin them after sanitising them as you feel appropriate00:01
MimiPrez00 said: Ans there they are, I am looking at several mirrors being updated as we speak to Release version.... I just came back to my computer and read that... what.. really?! :D00:01
quaddimay I Pm you with the sanitized output?00:01
BliceHi. I had a question- How do I disable a certain connection in 8.04?00:02
BliceI used to just click on the minus/plus sign by the connection's name in Network Manager00:02
BliceBut it doesn't do anything now00:02
Blice(And yes, I unlocked it)00:02
zeronehow about going into properties00:03
Prez00Mimi: did you read follow up to that?00:03
BliceYeah I can do that00:03
BliceAnd it lets me disable/enable roaming00:03
Prez00Mimi: haha... at least got one..00:03
zeronewon't that do it?00:03
BliceNo? Before I could go "Disable wireless connection"00:04
MimiPrez00, No, everything before that has been cut of (i think max is 30 lines that show, or something)00:04
crimsunquaddi: sure00:04
crimsunquaddi: you need to be registered and identified on this ircnet to do so, however.00:05
crimsun(at least given my client's config)00:05
zeroneBlice: sorry i can't help you there...00:05
BliceAlso, only one window has borders. No title bar, no side borders; Only the active window has them. So when I select a new window, the window I selected from loses it's borders and the new one gets borders.00:06
BliceI hope somehow they pull off a whole bunch of updates tomorrow that fixes all of these problems 8)00:07
mneptokBlice: disable Compiz.00:07
Blicemneptok: Entirely? :(00:07
BliceSo compiz is buggy in 8.04?00:07
quaddiI have not experienced that.00:08
BliceMaybe I'll reinstall it00:08
quitttwhy the devices do not appear on XFCE desktop?!?! I've just updated it!00:10
ArtimusShould all of my harddrives have changed from being labeled as hd* to sd*?  As in, hda is now sda, hdb->sdb, etc in Hardy?00:11
ArtimusWhat are those new drivers called?00:11
hwildehelp my /etc/timezone file is correct, but when I type in "date" it shows UTC time not adjusted?00:14
ubuntucool123whats the difference between Ubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu 8.04.1?00:15
rskubuntucool123: 8.04 isn't released and 8.04.1 isn't _also_ so no difference yet.00:16
admin1hey, i need help to configure NVIDIA display on kubuntu 8.04 anyone?pls?00:18
hwilde!nvidia | admin100:18
ubotuadmin1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:18
admin1i have the driver (from the gui) but the max res is 800/640.. too bloody big and i cannot find a way to change that,,00:20
admin1from the trminal bu sudo?00:21
hwildenot sudo00:21
quaddicrimsum: Chain ufw-user-output (1 references)00:21
quadditarget     prot opt source               destination00:21
quaddiRETURN     all  --  
quaddiI think thats my problem00:21
admin1in the teminal.. just "nvidia-settings"?00:22
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Sportingc'mon....! release it...00:23
hwildeso why would my system show UTC instead of the timezone adjusted time ?00:24
hmullerWhat happens to #ubuntu+1 after the release?00:24
mneptokit explodes.00:24
clemhmuller: it then refers to the next release I guess00:24
applesuckswhens hardy getting released?00:24
clemapplesucks: today00:24
hmullerapplesucks: next week00:24
emethmuller, what mneptok said, be careful from the explosion00:25
* hmuller grins00:25
emetI was in here when Gutsy was out00:25
emetI think the channel shuts down for a few weeks00:25
emetthen it opens again about a week before the first alpha is out00:25
hmullerI'm ready to start testing the next release, Irate Iguana00:26
hwildeeverybody is doing all those cool things they wanted to do, but weren't included in the rc, now that they have a chance00:26
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex00:26
hmullerI'm STILL ready to start testing Irate Iguana00:27
cpk1i hope ibex has kde 4.100:28
emetit prolly will00:28
DanaGreminds me of cars.00:29
ajmitchmneptok: explodes into lots of shiny ponies?00:29
emettwo things intrepid will probably have is a new theme and improved init scripts00:30
mikedep334hello, what is the preferred method of upgrading gutsy to hardy?00:30
hwilde!upgrade | mikedep33400:30
ubotumikedep334: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:30
emetmikedep334, sudo update-manager -d00:31
emetmikedep334, make sure you have a reliable internet connection before doing the upgrade00:31
* hmuller prefers backing up and installing fresh00:31
mikedep334emet: I do00:31
hwildeimage your harddrive and then buy a new harddrive00:31
mikedep334that reminds me00:32
mikedep334I intend to put a new faster hard drive in my machine00:32
hwildestorage is cheap00:32
hwildelosing your data sucks00:32
hwildejust buy more00:32
mikedep334I mihgt as well install hardy new to that00:32
hwilde!themes | juice__00:32
ubotujuice__: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:32
ubotuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubotu xfce-themes00:33
emethwilde, true I've had three machines I've upgraded so far and one of them broke weirdly during the upgrade00:33
histoHow can you tell which video driver you are using in Hardy?  xorg.conf just says configured video driver00:33
hackelAre there no longer any music players that support connecting over smb with this new gvfs?00:33
emetthe other two seem  to be perfect upgrades though00:33
hwildehisto,  lsmod   then look for video00:33
hmullerhisto: or look at the section "configured video driver"00:33
hwildeemet, the cost of eliminating the risk is just a new harddrive away, that you will inevitably purchase anyways00:34
histohmuller: Have you not seen an xorg.conf from a fresh install of hardy?00:34
hmullerhisto: Yes, but I promptly reconfigured it00:35
hwildenot much to see there lol00:35
hmullerhisto: take the other advice if it only says vesa, look at lsmod00:35
histoWow I give up00:35
mneptokhisto: lsmod00:35
histomneptok: yeah00:36
hmullerhisto: you quit too easy.  Run this in a terminal: $ lspci | grep VGA , that will tell you you what your graphics controller is ...00:36
hmullerhisto: then you can google for what the normal module used is, then confirm that it's loaded using lsmod00:37
histohmuller: I know what it is I want to know what driver X is using thats all00:37
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hmullerhisto: Take a look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:37
histoI want to understand how the hell X works now without a valid xorg.conf with hardy.00:37
hmullerhisto:  brace for a learning experience00:37
histoBecause i'm having all sorts of issues00:37
histospecifically with hardy and my i91500:38
histoGutsy had no slow downs etc... Hardy is pretty much useless on this pc.00:38
dwidmannhisto: you can still force it to use whatever settings you want00:39
cpk1yeah is there some documentation somewhere on the new way hardy comes with xorg.conf setup?00:39
histoThats all i want cpk100:39
hmullerhisto:  did you already blow away your Gutsy partition?00:39
hmullercpk1: not that I'm aware of00:40
jac0bdoes anyone know how to adjust the mouse speed?00:40
cpk1otherwise why even bother making it so drastically different if everyone just has to revert back to the old way00:40
ExilantAnyone using an usb modem(3g cellphone) in hardy? it was in /dev/modem in gutsy, in hardy i so far only managed to get it working with bluetooth, should it still be in /dev/modem?00:40
dwidmanncpk1: it'll probably be improved with subsequent releases00:40
dwidmanncpk1: probably another one of those framework of the future, dog turd of today type of deals00:41
hmullerjac0b: System > Preferences > Mouse something or the other00:41
jac0bhmuller: that doesn work for me00:41
cpk1that doesnt really make any sense, why not just know they have teh framework and then prepare it for the next release?00:41
jac0bhmuller: I tried it and it made it worse actually00:41
JimiILfriends, i have install nvidia-settings on kubuntu8.04 but i just can't see all the options du the screen's res, i'm trying to set it to more than 640*480 but in the gui setting centre i just can't, please give me any advice to change that..00:42
dwidmanncpk1: dunno00:42
histohmuller: this is a machine I use to test distros on.00:42
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cpk1I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of xorg.conf questions in the following days =P00:43
histohmuller: Just noticing some huge issues with hardy which is typical stuff with new releases aparently00:43
nosrednaekimuhh yeah00:43
arcticpenguin380/join #ubuntu-release-party00:43
nosrednaekimand dpkg-reconfigure xorg doesn't work00:43
d4t4min3rhow can i kill an application00:43
hmullerjac0b: You'll have to read up on the x mouse driver and adjust your xorg.conf00:43
d4t4min3rits frozen up00:43
histod4t4min3r: an X app or terminal?00:43
d4t4min3radd/remove applications00:44
histod4t4min3r: alt+f2 and run xkill00:44
bernierHi, is grub2 ready to be used or it's highly unstable?00:44
histod4t4min3r: although you may not want to kill it if its working on something.00:44
hmullerhisto: Yeah, I've been testing on my machine for three months now.  All the bugs are worked out except resuming from suspend/resume.  But that's a proprietary driver issue.00:44
histohmuller: I experience bugs that go unfixed with every release of ubuntu.00:44
histoMajor ones in my opinion.  Nothing new to me.00:45
d4t4min3rit keeps getting stuck00:45
d4t4min3rreloading the list00:45
JimiILpls anyone know how to change the NVIDIA res throw the terminal?00:45
d4t4min3rjust sits there doesnt do anything00:45
cpk1JimiIL: you need to edit xorg.conf  to include resolutions you know your monitor supports. which is what we were just discussing because they completely changed the xorg.conf layout00:46
histoWonderful advances in X gotta love it.00:47
JimiILamm.. can you explain how should i do it? (im new to linux :-( )00:47
histoJimiIL: through System > Preferences > Desktop Size00:48
histoJimiIL: err Screen Resolution00:48
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histowow I need sleep had enough buntu blunders for me.00:48
d4t4min3ryeah im trying to install something and its freezing up as well00:48
cpk1on kde4 I have to use the nvidia settings app to change my resolution00:49
d4t4min3ranyone have any ideas00:49
d4t4min3rthe add/removie applications doesn't work for me00:49
ShpookI'm upgrading now, have there been any issues with sound/video/network/etc with the upgrade as there has been before?00:50
JimiILokay.. but in the graphical menu (screen res) this is the "bigger" res, and  my screen\video card supports more than that00:50
d4t4min3ranyone else have this issue?00:51
macd_Has anyone noticed firefox issues (other than flash) that deal with page load times?  I open a few tabs and it seems none will ever finish, you have to open one thing at a time, its almost like its hanging on DNS lookups00:53
MimiYes. Pretty much everyobe00:54
macd_I even tried FF2 on hardy, same thing, but not on ff2/3 on gutsy00:54
macd_something seems really wrong00:54
macd_I don't see how you can release when the web browser is an obvious fail ;)00:54
_derspankstermacd_: I have a site that I cannot resolve at all in 8.0400:55
macd__derspankster, me too, digg.com.00:55
_derspankstermcad_: mine is dslreports.com00:55
macd_I've been through the motions of turning all the IP6 related stuff off (how silly of spec to enable that by default devs)00:55
_derspankstermacd_: I can get to digg00:56
macd__derspankster, its different for everyone, form what I gather, as to what sites they can'can't see00:57
d4t4min3ranyone else having the add/remove applications freeze for everything.. as well as update manager00:57
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
d4t4min3ri can install or remove anything... nor check for updates00:57
_derspankstermacd+: interestingly enough, this just started yesterday for me00:57
macd__derspankster, that is odd, is your general internet browsing slow? or just no go on that single site?00:58
_derspankstermacd_: not really, just can't resolve that site.00:59
macd__derspankster, you behind a router?00:59
ltracy__Is anybody familiar with compat-wireless-2008?00:59
ltracy__i.e. what did I do by installing it00:59
_derspankstermacd_: yes00:59
macd__derspankster, have you tried resetting your router, and broadband device while your PC is off?01:00
_derspankstermacd_: no, but the other computers on my network are not having trouble with this site.01:00
macd__derspankster, yeah I know I saw that in the other channel, I just have an idea with some caching going on.....01:01
macd__derspankster, plus it couldn't hurt to try ;)01:01
d4t4min3ranyone know about any add/remove applications errors01:01
d4t4min3rit doesnt work... just freezes up01:01
hackelPulseaudio finally seems to be behaving for me, but now whenever I use it I get this really annoying high-pitched ringing sound.  Anyone else heard of this, or know of a solution?01:01
macd_d4t4min3r, in a console, does 'sudo apt-get update' return any errors?01:02
_derspankstermacd_: I've tried a new profile, you name it. I could give it a try if I can get my wife to stop gaming on her computer01:02
d4t4min3runable to resolve host name01:02
eternal_p'evening all...I have a weird problem...clean install of RC1, if and when Pidgin dies, I cannot load any other programs (Firefox, etc) it seems to load in the background, but I cannot access anything, all I can do is a reboot from a TUI screen, any thoughts?01:02
d4t4min3rmacd_: sudo: unable to resolve host name01:02
macd__derspankster, yeah I think turning your box off, then restarting both devices after a short time of being powered off, might solve your problem.01:02
macd_d4t4min3r, you changed your hostname by editing a file didnt you ;)01:03
d4t4min3ri didnt edit anything01:03
d4t4min3rwhen i did fresh install i had serious problems with my wifi connection01:03
d4t4min3rit wouldnt stay connected01:03
_derspankstermacd_: I can give it a shot.01:03
d4t4min3rright now im connected on a neighbors wifi and its working01:03
d4t4min3ri dono01:03
macd_d4t4min3r, hmmm, odd, you'll need to reboot into recovery mode, and type "hostname whateveryouwanthere" then reboot and it should be fine01:03
d4t4min3ri cant do it from here?01:04
d4t4min3rhas to be in recov mode?01:04
d4t4min3rso just boot into recov and type in01:04
jac0bI found the setting to change the speed of your mouse if the gui tool doesn´t word use "xset"01:04
d4t4min3rhostname Home01:04
macd_d4t4min3r, yep01:04
d4t4min3rill be back i hope01:04
DanaGjust 'hostname' isn't a fix for anything.01:04
macd_It changes both locations01:05
d4t4min3rok.. im still here01:05
DanaGYou need to edit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname01:05
macd_DanaG, hostname sets those :/01:05
DanaGIt does now?  Last time I did that, it took effect only for current session.01:05
DanaG127.0.0.1       localhost GLaDOS.localdomain01:05
DanaG127.0.1.1       GLaDOS GLaDOS.localdomain01:05
DanaG'glados' is my hostname.01:05
d4t4min3ri need to change in a second spot as well01:06
* macd_ thinks no01:06
macd_I also have localhost, myhostname01:06
d4t4min3ris there a way i can check01:07
d4t4min3rto see my host name from here01:07
macd_yeah, cat /etc/hostname and cat /etc/hosts01:07
macd_paste it to pastebin01:07
macd_!paste | d4t4min3r01:07
ubotud4t4min3r: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:07
d4t4min3rits not much i can just say it here... /hostname was   Home01:08
d4t4min3rand hosts was localhost01:08
d4t4min3r127.0.1.1 Home.
d4t4min3rthen some Ipv6 stuff below01:08
d4t4min3rdo i still need to edit my hostname?01:09
macd_d4t4min3r, hmm, that looks fine actually01:11
d4t4min3rany idea what i should do01:12
macd_d4t4min3r, out of curiosity have you rebooted and tried todo what you were doing earlier?01:12
d4t4min3rrebooted several times due to connection problems01:13
d4t4min3rwhen i did sudo dhclient wlan001:13
macd_d4t4min3r, can you do sudo anything? like "sudo pico test"01:13
d4t4min3ri also get cannot resolve host01:13
macd_ohhh, interesting01:13
macd_can't sudo anything01:13
_derspankstermacd_: that did the trick - thanks!01:13
ecubuntud4t4min3r, still have problems?01:13
d4t4min3rd4t4min3r@Home:~$ sudo pico test01:13
d4t4min3rsudo: unable to resolve host Home01:13
d4t4min3rfor some reason connecting to my own router wouldnt work that good but im connected to my neighbbors and its working fine...01:15
macd_d4t4min3r, you'll have to reboot into recovery, but I think if you change the localhost, to Home, may work01:15
d4t4min3rso just type01:15
d4t4min3rhostname home01:15
d4t4min3ror something else?01:16
macd_well, no, lets try editing the file /etc/hosts in recovery mode, do that by typing 'pico /etc/hosts'01:16
gluerhey its already the 24th here in Melbourne, Can I download hardy now??01:16
d4t4min3rdo that in recovery mode or from here01:17
=== K| is now known as Exilant
Mimigluer... it's ONE DAY until release, ONE DAY regardless where you are :P01:17
macd_d4t4min3r, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/195308/comments/1201:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195308 in linux-meta "unable to resolve host (dup-of: 32906)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32906 in sudo "sudo shouldn’t ABSOLUTELY NEED to look up the host it’s running on" [High,In progress]01:17
macd_d4t4min3r, read that link, it has a method to change it without rebooting01:17
_derspankstermacd_: I've never encountered anything like that before. My router is on 24/701:17
macd__derspankster, something was cached somewhere.....01:17
gluermimi: false advertising then... today is the 24th!01:18
_derspankstermacd_: I appreciate your help. I'll keep that in mind.01:18
MimiIt's the stopped irc channel :P Yeah but if you go on the website, it says "ONE DAY LEFT!"  ^_^;01:18
macd__derspankster, anytime01:18
d4t4min3rok so i see this in my host tab01:19
d4t4min3r127.0.0.1 localhost01:19
d4t4min3r127.0.1.1 home.
d4t4min3rwhat do i chagne01:19
macd_d4t4min3r, change localhost, to home01:19
_derspanksterEven if you started with the beta and upgraded every day, you're essentially running final - are you not?01:19
macd__derspankster, yes01:19
_derspankstermacd_: that's what I thought01:20
d4t4min3rit works01:20
macd_d4t4min3r, nice.01:20
d4t4min3rlet me carefully try my own connection01:20
* macd_ is totally floored by the amount of simple bugs that are going into the release :(01:21
ecubuntud4t4min3r, u get fix your coneccion?01:22
_derspanksterActually, I've had very few issues with 8.0401:22
macd__derspankster, I wish I could say the same, some of things I value as core useability items, are just epic fails with 8.04.01:23
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
_derspanksterI do miss my FF extensions though01:25
macd__derspankster, wel, thats a mozilla thing01:25
ubuntucool123my laptop ran ubuntu 7.10 with compiz fusion fine. Now with ubuntu 8.04 RC it can't run compiz fusion. It is a compaq evo n800v and ati mobility radeon 7500. Any ideas?01:25
nosrednaekim_derspankster: one of the biggest issues with Dapper was the non-availability of firefox 2..01:25
macd_reboot time.01:25
_derspankstermacd_: for instance, what? Yes, I know the extensions willeventually be updated.01:25
nosrednaekimubuntucool123: does that use fglrx?01:25
ecubuntumacd_, can u help me? i have almost the same issue like d4t4min3r01:25
ubuntucool123nosrednaekim: I tried using the fglrk driver but no luck01:25
ISS_StudentAnybody know how to fix realtek sound in 8.04 I installed RC1 and it worked fine then I did all the updates and now it stopped working01:25
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: what's yer problem with it?01:25
nosrednaekimubuntucool123: were you using fgrlx in 7.10?01:25
ubuntucool123it doesn't have desktop effects :(01:25
ubuntucool123no in 7.10 i was using the open source driver01:25
skepdesktop effects are overrated01:25
nosrednaekimubuntucool123: ah ok. then don't use fglrx here.01:25
nosrednaekimubuntucool123: what does "glxinfo | grep Direct" say?01:26
ubuntucool123ill just see what it says...01:26
nosrednaekimgrep -i Direct that is......01:26
ubuntucool123It says "direct rendering: Yes"01:30
nosrednaekimok.... now, run "compiz --replace" from the command line and see what ti says01:31
d4t4min3rmy connection is still buggy... it wasnt droping out as bad but its like crawling slow01:31
d4t4min3rand i couldnt connect to irc01:31
d4t4min3ri wonder how the neighbors connection works.. but mine doenst01:32
ubuntucool123Checking for Xgl: Not Present - Found laptop using ati driver - zborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity ; then it just shows a blinking cursor01:32
nosrednaekimnever seen THAT one before01:35
nosrednaekimask in #compiz-fusion and show them that error01:35
ubuntucool123ok ill try that thanks01:35
d4t4min3ranyone have any suggestions about my connection issues01:37
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: if you replied to me I missed it, if you didn't see anything I wrote, it's cos my connection died :(01:44
d4t4min3rcan someone help me01:44
fluffmanwhat's wrong d4t4min3r01:45
d4t4min3rmy wifi connection is messed up01:45
d4t4min3ri have linksys 54gs router and a wusb54gv4   usb wifi device01:45
d4t4min3rright now im connected to my neighbors connection wich works fine01:45
d4t4min3rbut if i connect to my own network it drops out and or goes very very slow01:46
macdd4t4min3r, does your router have encryption enabled?01:46
ubuntucool123my wireless - it doesn't automatically connect. how do i make it so it does?01:46
macdd4t4min3r, also that could be a sign of a failing router/access point, my dlink acted like that then it went poof one day01:46
macdd4t4min3r, do you have another computer running linux you could try? or does it behave as expected in windows01:47
fluffmanubuntucool123: right click on network manager, and lcick edit wireless networks01:47
d4t4min3rthis usb wifi device works fine on my other windows machine to the router01:47
d4t4min3rand its working fine now connnected to the neibhors netowrk01:47
fluffmanremove all of the networks listed there except for the one you want to connect to01:47
fluffmand4t4min3r: are there any available restricted drivers to install?01:48
fluffmanunder system > admin > hardware drivers?01:48
tomd123does anyone know about how to install the s1/s2 keys on sony laptops?01:49
d4t4min3rthere is a nvidia accelerated graphics driver01:49
d4t4min3rnothing else01:49
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: as you're on an ati card I'd like to hear if you manage to get stuff to play in windows once you've got the 3d desktop going01:49
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: make sure you dont have this:        Option      "Composite" "disable"01:50
tomd123I got everything to work except my s1/s2 keys (I even got the camera working)01:50
ubuntucool123i got the solution off #compiz-fusion01:50
d4t4min3rany ideas?01:51
macdd4t4min3r, could you issue this command "cat /var/log/syslog | grep NetworkManager > ~/Desktop/network.txt"  then paste the contents of network.txt to a pastebin01:51
darthanubisasked it been asked yet?01:55
kahrytanHow do you install skins for Audacious now?01:56
JPSmanI would like some help explaining the process of installing drivers by "pulling (them) along with full kernel sources using the GIT content tracker"01:56
Asa_AHow can I verify that my PulseAudio is running? My PulseAudio Manager says that the connection was refused.01:56
d4t4min3rmacd: would this list anything i woudlnt want getting out...01:56
darthanubis"when is the final?!!!!?"01:56
d4t4min3ripaddresses or anything01:56
JPSmantrying to install new rt2x00 drivers because 2.6.24 is weak01:57
macdd4t4min3r, I dont think anyone would really concern themselves with it, but you can priv msg me the pastebin link if youd like instead of making it public01:57
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: ok, what was it?01:58
JPSmancan anyone help with driver creatioin and installation?01:58
fluffmand4t4min3r: yes?01:58
ubuntucool123_Lucretia_: What do you mean?01:58
macdd4t4min3r, your network is the one called linksys right/01:59
d4t4min3rmacd yes01:59
Kill_XJPSman: rt2x00 drivers (from linux-backports-modules) are known to increase signal weakness. If you're experiencing a weak signal, you most probably don't want to install these modules01:59
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: ok, your solution for getting 3d desktop working doesn't really matter, but can you play movies in a window without flicker?01:59
d4t4min3rsee anything interesting02:00
ubuntucool123_Lucretia_:i havn't tried yet. i'll try it and let you know02:00
heartsbloodPulseaudio was meant to fully replace esound right?02:00
JPSmanKill_X: well I get just fine signals with 2.6.22-14  -  would it screw anything up if I used 2.6.22-14 with hardy?02:00
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: k, thanks02:00
ubuntucool123_Lucretia_: Um... I wont be able to play dvd's on it because it it a faulty cd drive.02:01
heartsbloodI don't quite understand why I have esound-common and pulseaudio installed02:01
heartsbloodand I can't uninstall esound without completely uninstalling gnome02:01
macdd4t4min3r, run 'sudo apt-get install nscd' in console02:02
eternal_p'evening all...I have a weird problem...clean install of RC1, if and when Pidgin dies, I cannot load any other programs (Firefox, etc) it seems to load in the background, but I cannot access anything, all I can do is a reboot from a TUI screen, any thoughts?02:02
macdd4t4min3r, then try your linksys again, its the only thing I can come up with02:02
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: go into the screensaver prefs, is the gl overlay flickering? this is the same problem for me02:02
bluefoxxtwo issues: one: how can i get a new xbox 360 controller working inmy computer[got it $4 with usb adaptor] and two: whear the hell did my nvidia driver go? i went back to my old 6200 and it wont let me install the nvidia-glx-new, and thus cant use compiz[and WINE crashes]02:02
macdheartsblood, they call that a dependency. but as to why it is, you got me, aptitude can overcome those links, better than apt-get02:02
d4t4min3rk one second im updating the system02:03
ubuntucool123_Lucretia_: No it seems to be fine with "4D Hypertorus"...02:03
heartsbloodmacd, I understand what a dependency is, I just don't understand why gnome still requires esound to be installed if pulse was meant to replace it in hardy02:03
macdbluefoxx, I tried using the 360 remote with some hacks, NO GO.  nvidia .. System --> Administration --> Hardware and you can reinstall your nvidia driver.02:03
macdheartsblood, well for now pulse isnt really behaving itself02:04
vbabiy-laptopI like the new Ubuntu start page02:04
vbabiy-laptopit looks good02:04
RussellGeei love it02:04
RussellGeethe google partner page was nice aswell02:04
_Lucretia_ubuntucool123: ok, do it again and then open the power management window, on mine the gl overlay stays in front and flickers like mad02:04
RussellGeebut its went offline for some reason02:04
heartsbloodmacd, My system took a serious performance hit when I upgraded to hardy and I'm just trying to trace why02:04
heartsbloodI think pulse is the root of my problems02:04
grhlunaanyone got a problem with desktop effects? i reconfigured and restarted xserver but nothing02:04
grhlunanot that i need them but they can be nice02:05
macdheartsblood, in my case, it was beagled, and trackerd both indexing the file system.02:05
bluefoxxmacd: the problem with the nvidia is that hardware drivers doesnt show it as a option and installclaims its installed, uninstall claims its not02:05
Gninemy first troubleshoot procedure is to boot in recovery mode and use the fix xserver option.. works for most common xserver failures02:05
ecubuntuya me canse de esta pendejada de hardy me muevo a gutsy02:05
ubuntucool123_Lucretia_: the screensaver stays in front but it doesn't flicker...02:05
macd!es | ecubuntu02:05
ubotuecubuntu: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:05
d4t4min3rwhile i wait what is ns cd macd02:05
bluefoxxand my computer is starting to become retardedly slow yet im only running this and a terminal02:05
macd!info | nscd02:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:05
heartsbloodI dont even have beagle installed02:06
bluefoxxthis was more stable when i installed the beta than after the updates02:06
wastreldid you reboot after the updates02:06
grhlunai think this is the best release so far02:06
grhlunait looks fine02:06
macdd4t4min3r, it deals with caching of certain things nameserver related, but more importantly networkmanager was calling it when you were using linksys, and it wasnt installed, causing network manager to constantly cycle02:06
d4t4min3rso installing that should fix the issue02:07
macdheartsblood, well, have you checked  top, and iotop to see whats hoggin your resources?02:07
macdd4t4min3r, Its just an discernable guess on my end to be honest02:07
heartsbloodthat's just it, nothing stands out02:07
macdheartsblood, is your load higher than expected? are you swapping to disk alot?02:08
macdheartsblood, or is it just not snappy02:08
heartsblood1 sec let me kill fah02:08
heartsbloodI thought at first it was fah, but that has virtually no effect02:08
bluefoxxgreat...updates frozen at "Preparing to replace cupsys 1.3.7-1ubuntu2 (using .../cupsys_1.3.7-1ubuntu3_i386.deb) ..."02:08
heartsbloodI have 87.8MB free 604MB in cache02:09
heartsbloodis that normal?02:09
heartsbloodseems high02:10
heartsblood1GB on the system, I have 61MB free according to atop.  627 in cache02:11
macdsomethings using it all02:11
macdwhat process is eating that up?02:11
macdI've got a gb ram, and only using like 240mb of it02:11
macdbrb though.02:12
_derspankstermacd: I'm interested in the issues you have with Hardy. I'm considering Hardy for my server.02:12
_derspankster...but I may just go with Gutsy.02:13
tawtis anyone having any serious troubles with the os after loading from the cd?02:14
borgistaHi. Anyone have any luck with ATI drivers(fglrx) & Desktop Effects? I've had none.02:14
d4t4min3rmacd: its installing now02:14
d4t4min3rok its installed should i switch over to test the connection?02:14
tawtwhat time tomorrow will the release be official?02:15
d4t4min3rmacd: still here?02:15
d4t4min3rill be right back im gona switch over to see if that did the trick02:16
heartsbloodhow can I use atop to show me exactly what pogram is using the most memory?  From atops basic memory output it's saying Xorg is using the most with 91mb and there is still 643 in cache02:16
_derspankstertawt: don't know but a fully updated beta or RC is almost the same as final02:16
=== kahrytan is now known as sisko_pwns_picar
=== sisko_pwns_picar is now known as sisko_pwnspicard
tawt_derspankster, ok, thanks.  i'll get to downloading right away02:17
=== sisko_pwnspicard is now known as kahrytan
_derspankstertawt: good luck to you02:18
tawt_derspankster: lol  last time i upgraded from gutsy it completly messed up both kernels, so im going to wipe the linux partition and install from livecd02:18
d4t4min31macd: didnt work... it connects but wont connect to irc or go to a webpage02:19
d4t4min31loads very very very slow if at all02:19
_derspankstertawt: I upgrade this laptop to beta and have had few issues but I think I'll do a clean install on my desktop02:19
macdd4t4min31, Im stumped :)02:19
macd_derspankster, I havent had any issues on hardy-server, only on desktop.02:20
d4t4min31where did ... fluff or something go02:20
d4t4min31what was his name02:20
d4t4min31can anyone help me with a wifi connection issue02:20
_derspankstermacd: well, it will be my first experience with server. I am assembling the hardware. Got the HD's and ram today so I'll finish it tomorrow02:21
macdd4t4min31, Im thinking your going to have to use ndiswrapper and use the windows drivers to fix it tbh, let me see if I can find you a howto specific to your card02:21
macdd4t4min31, what was your model again, ?02:21
macdd4t4min31, cant really find anything but using the actual driver, not the windows+ndiswrapper02:25
macdlet me throw a wiki page together with some instructions, and I'll toss you a link be a few mins.02:25
d4t4min31one sec i need to restart its saying02:26
tomd123does anyone know the release time of ubuntu 8.04? I want to set up a script so that it can download while I'm away (it'll take a long time)02:27
Dr_willistomd123,  this gets asked all the time at every new release.. thers no guarentees or set times.02:27
tomd123Dr_willis: well this is the first time I asked :P thanks anyways02:28
tomd123Dr_willis: now I know02:28
Dr_willistomd123,  every new release its a constant flood in here of.. when its out.. is it going to be OUT at 12:01? ect... :)02:28
Dr_willisit gets amuseing after a while.02:28
tomd123Dr_willis: I've been using 8.04 for ~ a month and a half :)02:29
Dr_willistomd123,  then i suggest just doing a update/upgrade right now.. and then not worrying about it for a week or 2 so the server load gets less.02:29
Dr_willisi wonder if they have torrents set up yet.02:30
crimsunseeing how testing candidate images is still occurring, that's a negative.02:30
_derspanksterI may try downloading hardy-server, the load might not be bad for that release02:30
Dr_willisGiven all the issues im still having with hardy...  Im almost tempted to... err.. do somthing..02:30
_derspanksterDr_willis: I know - buy a Mac02:31
heartsbloodevery time I run apt I get this line at the very end; sh: /usr/sbin/update-dpsyco: not found02:32
heartsbloodwhat the heck does that mean and how do I get rid of it?02:32
tomd123Dr_willis: my university connection says otherwise, I swear it will only take less then a minute :P, then I will upload using bittorrent02:32
Dr_willis_derspankster,  i have one.. its in the closet.. because i dident need to use it as a doorstop any more.02:32
_derspanksterDr_willis: yeah, I've got a Macbook Pro that I won and it just sits02:32
tomd123_derspankster: I don't blame you02:33
Dr_willishardy is still giveing me issuse with my network card, and dvd burner. :( but those might be deeper kernel issues .. i see a new kernel in todays updates.. that might fix things02:33
_derspanksternice looking laptop though02:33
cwilluheartsblood, it's something you probably installed at some point (afaik dpsyco was never installed by default in ubuntu)02:34
cwilluheartsblood, check if any of those packages are installed, and uninstall them I guess :p02:34
tomd123_derspankster: just be sure to cut your nails before using it, I heard they scratch really easily :)02:34
briansvgswhat time is hardy being released?02:34
tomd123briansvgs: no definite time02:34
cwillubriansvgs, 9:47am02:34
d4t4min31its fixed02:34
d4t4min31thanks macd02:34
briansvgsok. thanks02:35
d4t4min31is there any dock apps in the add programs02:35
d4t4min31id like a dock of some sort02:35
cwillubriansvgs, or more usefully, some time within 24 hours of the ubuntu website saying 'hardy has been released!'02:35
Dr_willistomd123,  see what i mean.. :)02:35
heartsblooddpsyco is not installed02:35
_derspankstertomd123: I may just sell it to some Mac-Addict02:35
heartsbloodhow do I get rid of that message?02:35
briansvgsok. thanks.02:35
briansvgsa friend and I are staying up tonight to start our downloads, and we were just wondering about what time it would be02:36
tomd123_derspankster: it'll get you some good cash, and after wards, you can say "sucker"02:36
Dr_willisbriansvgs,  thers no specific time that they are guarenttted to be out.02:36
nosrednaekimbriansvgs: a long long time :)02:36
cwillubriansvgs, I wasn't kidding when I said that about 24 hours :p02:36
JPSmanWhat is a native linux driver?02:37
Dr_willisJPSman,  one written for linux specificially02:37
_derspankstertomd123: and then the buyer will ride off on his unicycle02:37
tomd123_derspankster: nah, unicycles are would be considered too ugly for mac addicts, more like a metal brushed car :P02:38
_derspankstertomd123: OK, how about a chrome plated Segway?02:39
tomd123_derspankster: of course@02:39
_derspanksterI'm out for the night. This channel will be fun tomorrow!02:40
Luckriderhow do I make opera print, I just plugged a printer in, and I want to pint my SAT admission ticket, but... I have never printed on this computer before02:40
Luckridernight _derspankster02:40
IntrepidOne_derspankster: this channel will be locked down tomorrow check out #ubuntu-release-party that will be fun02:41
_derspanksterOh yeah, I'll do that - night all02:41
IntrepidOne#ubuntu will top 2000 users tomorrow I bet02:41
Dr_willisI normally stay away from the ubuntu channels for the week or 2 following a  release. :) saves my sanity02:41
IntrepidOneDr_willis: hehe I hear you02:42
Dr_willisIntrepidOne,  ive seen it over 300002:42
Luckriderso... does anyone want to help me print?02:42
LuckriderPlease, any help is appreciated02:42
Dr_willisLuckrider,  start up the printer config tool. and print a test page.. see if it works02:42
IntrepidOnehave a screenshot of that02:42
Dr_willisIntrepidOne,  im NOT that big a geek.02:43
IntrepidOnehehe I am02:43
Luckriderwhat is the name of the printer config Dr_willis?02:43
IntrepidOneLuckrider: in System Prefs02:43
=== AutoMatriX_ is now known as AutoMatriX
FalkmanWhen is 8.10 coming out in central time?02:43
IntrepidOneFalkman: no one knows02:43
IntrepidOnegnomefreak: heya02:43
zoommy99why have 8.04 when you can just have the 12.10 pre-pre alpha 102:44
macook so, pulseaudio, new ways of changing what X is doing...any other major changes that will confuse people who are used to "the old way"?02:44
=== IntrepidOne is now known as HardyOne
Dr_willisLuckrider,  no idea.  check the menus?  I tend to use kde.  undr gnome it might be gnome-cups-manager02:44
AutoMatriX8.10 ? somewher in october, I think02:44
zoommy9912.10 beastly bear02:44
macoand im talking about hardy right now, which the topic still says02:44
Luckriderok, thanks02:44
macoi just want to make sure i dont miss anything on my little FAQ blog post02:44
LuckriderI have KDE and gnome, and can use KDE controls in Gnome02:44
Dr_willis'The official release will happen when it happens, there is no set time for  it to magicially appear on all the servers/mirrors'02:44
gnomefreakhello HardyOne02:45
zoommy99have they picked a name for 8.1002:45
LuckriderDr_willis, KJobViewer?02:45
Dr_willisImpatient Impala02:45
zoommy99then 9.04 better be beastly bear02:45
Dr_willisLuckrider,  i tend to run 'gnome-cups-manager'02:46
HardyOneIntrepid Ibex02:46
zoommy99funky frog02:46
zoommy99excellent emu02:46
Dr_williskdes printer config tool is a little overkill at times02:46
zoommy99proud panda02:46
* gnomefreak been gone for a while. Is nvidia-glx now for nvidia 5200 and 5500?02:46
zoommy99lucky loon02:46
zoommy99waskaly wabbit02:47
macdd4t4min31, what fixed it?02:48
gluerdebbie dallas02:48
nosrednaekimzippy Zebra02:49
=== Luckrider_ is now known as Luckrider
linkinxpok ok ready????02:55
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex02:56
heartsbloodwhat is the process kjournald?  It's caching my ram and it's casuing dsk usage to go in the red02:56
heartsbloodapt doesn't seem to have the package but it's on my system02:57
=== grhluna is now known as ubunturox
macdheartsblood, it handles the journaling of your filesystem, on a new system it might run more heavily than an older system02:59
macdits a kernel level process, used by journaling filesystems, to be more specific02:59
ubunturoxhe y guys03:01
ubunturoxwhat are the controls for these desktop effects its first time i use them03:01
ubunturoxthe key controls03:01
macdubunturox, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3391069&postcount=603:02
ubunturoxthis is real neat03:02
ubunturoxfinally got a good nvidia driver with this release03:02
bardyrkudos to the people who refreshed the new http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/ it looks really nice03:02
nosrednaekimI got a sneak peak at the new kubuntu website... looks nice :)03:06
ubunturoxthis is real neat03:06
twistageIs there a way to take make an image of my current setup and revert in case Hardy breaks anything?03:11
bardyrtwistage, dd ?03:11
ubotuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate03:11
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning03:12
ubotuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:13
iMatteri still have internet problems...03:13
iMatterooh its stable now...and i have no internet to update!!!03:13
jbroomewait, how are you here?03:14
iMatterMy backup OS03:14
iMatterive always kept a 3rd operating system besides windows or ubuntu just incase you know?03:14
iMatterWindows is broken wont boot and ubuntu's internet doesnt work -.-03:15
iMatterup a creek without a paddle..03:15
iMatterbut happend to find a nice wide stick to help me move on03:15
DanaGUbuntu internet doesn't work?  Odd.03:15
iMatteri dont get any IP03:16
thompawhen i put in a dvd default movie player skips menus and plays in wrong language03:16
thompaif i use vlc i can open to menus03:16
iMatterim halfway connected iwconfig says im connected but ifconfig says i dont have an IP just ip6 has an ip03:17
iMatterits only used for loopback so thats not my problem03:17
iMatterlocalhost or loopback i forget03:18
iMatterCould someone please help i wont have internet to celebrate in Ubuntu in stead of my backup OS03:18
iMatterif i do ifconfig ath0 <any local ip>03:18
iMatterlike ifconfig ath0
iMatterit will let me connect enough to get into the router login03:19
iMatterbut nothing past that >.>03:19
DanaGAnything from manual dhclient?03:19
thompalatest updates fixed touchpad .. nice03:19
iMatterits says permission deined03:20
iMattereven with sudo03:20
iMatterlagg bad03:20
DanaGI manually config my touchpad always.03:21
DanaGYou can't input-hotplug a touchpad.  :(03:21
DanaGOr at least, can't set any settings whatsoever, if you do.03:21
thompaDanaG: ive been trying that, my problem has been speed (acelration did not work right) alspo jerking and taping03:22
thompai just did a complete reinstall on acer aspire and now everything works, except for the wireless issue03:26
iMatterOk back03:27
iMatterso DanaG can you help me?03:27
iMatterdhcpd3 fails to gives some error about subnet and ath003:28
iMatteralso dhcpcd fails too permission denied...03:28
DanaGThat's strange; I don't know what to do.03:28
iMatterif atleast dhcp worked03:28
iMatteri would be here...03:28
iMatteri can manually do that matter fact i rather do manuall03:28
pen_how to setup ad hoc with network manager03:29
iMatterthank grapjical03:29
pen_anyone here know ad hoc?03:29
iMatterwell this sucks03:30
iMatterHardy is Stable and me have no internet >.>03:30
jbroomeare we going to hear that all night?03:32
pen_sorry, got disconneted, anyone msg me?03:32
iMatterso can anyone help...please...03:33
DanaGiMatter: one easy but hackish thing to try:03:34
DanaGback up any dhcp client config you may have, anbd then purge and reinstall dhcp3 packages.03:34
DanaGBut don't install the server if you don't need it, of course.03:35
Sergeant_Ponycool... hibernate and suspend finally work for me :)03:35
iMatterokie dokie..03:35
iMatterill have to do two trips03:35
iMatteri need to purge...then make a download script then switch to backup OS03:35
iMatterthen go back03:36
iMattersee if that works03:36
iMatterif not come back >.>03:36
DanaGwait a bit:03:36
DanaGYou can still manual config after the purge.03:36
pen_do I need two wireless card to setup ad hoc?03:36
DanaGsudo route add default gw  (or whatever)  -- after the ifconfig (or whatever)03:36
iMatterthe route to router?03:36
iMatteror are you talking to me?03:37
DanaGiMatter:  That sets the default gateway.03:37
DanaGIf you want to override dependencies, you can sudo dpkg --force-depends --purge dhcp3-client dhcp3-common03:37
DanaGBe aware: that force-depends command can be very dangerous if you're not sure of what you're removing.03:37
DanaGI once made the mistake of removing libc6..... and thus my system had to be reinstalled.03:38
iMatterwhat exactly does lib6 do...03:38
iMatteri see it alot during apt-get's03:39
DanaGlibc6?  Basically 100% of binaries on the system depend on it.03:39
DanaGIt's the very very base C library.03:39
iMatterthe gateway needs to be the router IP?03:39
pen_anyone know how to set it up? I'm bit hurry03:39
iMatterbecause is my Ethernet thing >.>03:39
ysth1I've always liked having the home page in firefox be the default one, but this http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04 thing drives me nuts03:43
DanaGOh, that heron is the wrong one!03:44
ysth1I open a new window and start typing in the location bar, and then it finishes loading and rips the focus away03:44
Fazerhas Hardy been released yet?03:45
ysth1why isn't it (the html page and its stylesheets and images) packaged up and installed locally?03:45
AdrianStraysI'm running the RC and I'm having major issues.  The entire system is extremely laggy, especially when scrolling or displaying any types of animation.  Other people have reported this issue, it seems to have something to do with ATI drivers. I was curious if anyone had made progress or had information about it?03:45
ysth1if Hardy had been released, it would be off topic here :)03:45
pen_do I need two wireless card to setup ad hoc?03:45
pen_and how do I setup the easiest way ?03:46
AdrianStrays:( I guess not?03:47
* DanaG is off at dinner now....03:48
owen1what repository can i find vinagre?03:48
athemanyone got an idea how to make my computer poweroff after shutdown? those are the errors i get before computer is shut down:03:49
athemNetwork Manager: <WARN> nm_hal_deinit(): libhal shutdown failed - Connection is closed03:49
athemNetwork Manager: <WARN> nm_dbus_init(): nm_dbus_init() could not get the system bus. Make sure the message bus daemon is running!03:49
athemNetwork Manager: nm_dbus_signal_device_status_change: assertion cb_data->data->dbusconnection` failed03:49
athem[137.696125] Power down.03:49
dashua`Very nice.  I got my fingerprint reader working for my Dell XPS m1530 on login and when prompted for superuser privileges.03:50
ToddEDMhey guys.. i got this problem... when my laptop is left off for a while the screen goes black, then when i press a key, or move the mouse, the screen goes crazy, black and white horizontal lines.. i think im gona have a seizure03:50
dashua`No more constantly typing root pass.  Just a swipe of the finger.  This is very nice.03:51
x1250owen1: $ apt-cache policy vinagre03:53
sparr_dashua`: sweet.  what sort of reader is it?03:54
sparr_x1250: im guessing he wouldn't be asking if it was in a repository he already had configured03:54
icanhascan it be hardy tiem?!03:55
Gary_inNYCdashua, maybe i watch too many movies hehe, but theoretically, couldn't someone just lift a fingerprint off the reader and make a gel mold?03:56
dashua`sparr_: It's built in to the laptop, not sure of the model.  Just installed thinkfinger and edited pam.03:56
icanhasGary_inNYC: Sure, in fact, I even know what city you're in right now03:56
* iMatter falls out of chair03:57
iMatterthe GW thing worked03:57
iMatterbut i had to do iwconfig essid <ap> key <apkey>03:57
iMatterthen ifconfig ath003:58
rickeyhello folks03:58
icanhasiMatter: patched or no?03:58
rickey ive just installed kubuntu 804 cant get mmy radio stream to play in amaork or bmpx03:58
iMattericanhas: that patch didnt work03:58
iMatterDanaG: told me to add a default gateway03:58
iMatteras the routers local IP03:59
Gary_inNYCwhat?  hardy is officially released?03:59
jbroome!mp3 | rickey03:59
uboturickey: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:59
iMatterthat worked after iwconfig ath0 essid <ap> key <apkey>03:59
iMatterthen ifconfig ath0
dashua`I'm assuming Dell will be offering this laptop with Hardy later on.  It'd be foolish not to when almost everything works so well.03:59
iMatterthen gw add03:59
icanhasiMatter: interesting, that's extremely odd, considering no one with your card could get it working without the patch. you might want to document that somewhere on madwifi's site. unless you aren't using madwifi 0.9.403:59
iMatterDanaG: THANKS!!!!03:59
pwnguinanyone know a replacement for google browser sync?04:00
icanhasDanaG: wtg04:00
iMatterim using 0.9.404:00
iMatterand my card has always worked by default...04:00
iMatterbefore using the madwifi source04:01
iMatteri started ubuntu at gusty04:01
icanhasthen lspci tells teh lies D:04:01
iMatterit worked by default04:01
iMatterupgraded to hardy...04:01
icanhaswell i'm glad it got fixed mate04:01
iMatterthen i installed from source04:02
icanhasWho wants to countdown with me? :D04:02
tawtis anyone having trouble using the new kernel after installing via the livecd?04:02
ToddEDM hey guys.. i got this problem... when my laptop is left off for a while the screen goes black, then when i press a key, or move the mouse, the screen goes crazy, black and white horizontal lines.. i think im gona have a seizure , can someone help?04:02
pen_do I need two wireless card to setup ad hoc?04:02
iMatteridk if its permenant tho04:02
iMatterhopefully i will not have to do it everytime i login...04:02
tawticanhas, countdown til the official release?04:03
icanhastawt: sure04:03
tawticanhas, what time?  :)04:03
Flannelicanhas: It'll be released within 32 hours!04:03
DanaGiMatter: I'm back now.04:03
DanaGI was eating dinner,04:04
iMatterDanaG: THANK YOU!04:04
iMatteri didnt have to purge the gw thing worked04:04
iMatterhad to do iwconfig then set the ip with ifconfig then gw add04:04
* tawt is downloading hardy now :D04:04
DanaGThat gets you access for now, but you should still try to fix dhclient.04:04
iMatterhopefully its permant04:05
ToddEDMdoes noone have that problem, when coming out of standby?04:05
iMatterit looks like its working..04:05
DanaGStill, you should try purging and reinstalling dhclient so you can fix dhcp.04:06
iMatteri did dhclient and it didnt give permission denied04:06
tawttoddedm, what kernel are you using?04:06
iMatteri think it was all sourounded by default GW04:06
ToddEDMis there a command i can type in the terminal to get you the kernel?04:07
iMatteruname -r04:07
iMatterif you want kernal name04:07
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:07
DanaGthat's -a04:07
ToddEDMi upgraded gutsy to hardy04:08
tawttoddedm, that should of been fixed with the new kernel04:08
ToddEDMis there a way to upgrade the kernel?04:08
tawttoddedm, are you using 64 type processors?04:08
ToddEDMyes i am04:08
AdrianStraysI'm running the RC and I'm having major issues.  The entire system is extremely laggy, especially when scrolling or displaying any types of animation.  Other people have reported this issue, it seems to have something to do with ATI drivers. I was curious if anyone had made progress or had information about it?04:09
darthanubisis it out yet :-P04:09
ToddEDMTurion 64 x204:09
tawttoddedm, crap.  i was hoping that would be fixed with the kernel.  that's what i use04:09
tawti'm downloading hardy now04:09
darthanubis!hardware | AdrianStrays04:09
ubotuAdrianStrays: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:09
ToddEDMit never happened in gutsy...04:09
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.04:10
darthanubisThat last line is important to remember04:10
darthanubisSome may not want to upgrade04:10
tawtlol, yeah.  i messed up my gutsy partition by upgrading04:11
AdrianStraysDarth, my hardware worked fine in Gusty.04:11
tawtso i'm downloading the .iso and wiping the partition04:11
darthanubisAdrianStrays, thats why I only upgrade, no clean installs. I hate having to reset up all my hardware04:12
darthanubisbut I don't use hardware that has issues04:12
tawtdoes the new bootcd give you the option of creating a separate partition for /home ?04:13
darthanubisI don't do ati, because I use linux, and nvidia has always been the wat to go04:13
AdrianStraysDarthanubis, I did upgrade rather than fresh install04:13
darthanubisI don't do pre-built systems, dell,gatewat etc04:13
tawtdarthanubis, if i were to use a pre-built system, which would be most linux friendly?04:14
darthanubisAdrianStrays, how good are you at admin' a linux system?04:14
whittI'm having a weird issue with my sound after  installing hardy.  i am using amarok, but whenever i switch users, it pauses the music playing04:14
mikedep333help, in order to get my nvidia card working, I had to install an old nvidia driver. In the process I have rebuilt my xorg.conf alot of times. I now have 3d acceleration, but the mouse cursor is missing. How do I restore my mouse cursor?04:14
mikedep333should I post my xorg.conf?04:14
darthanubistawt, I guess a Dell these days if you had no choice. But I never reccomend boxed deals04:14
darthanubisbuild your own, its cheaper and not hard04:15
ISS_StudentI need some help with Hardy Heron. I installed RC and all was fine even my Realtek sound worked then I did all the updates I think it was 90 and now my sound is dead. Anybody know how to fix this issue?04:15
tawtdarthanubis, ok.  i'll try it once i get some money04:15
AdrianStraysdarthanubis, I'm a linux convert, been using it for a month, so not good.  However, there was an entire post about this issue, with some people who seem rather smart. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=732006 that might give you information I can't.04:15
darthanubis!xorg | mikedep33304:15
ubotumikedep333: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:15
HardyOnetawt: System7604:15
tawthardyone:  what?04:16
kebis the alternate install iso supposed to work on systems with 64MB ram?04:16
HardyOnetawt: google it04:16
tawthardyone:  ok04:16
pwnguinanyone know a replacement for google browser sync? it's not compatible with ff3beta504:16
HardyOnetawt: pre built and linux friendly :)04:16
darthanubisAdrianStrays, your not good enough to be upgrading. You'll over look minor things. But it will be a learning experience. Otherwise, a month? You'd be better off clean installing04:17
tawthardyone, nice.  i see.04:17
tawthardyone, does the wireless work with those?04:17
HardyOnetawt: if they install it it works04:17
tawthardyone, :D04:18
mikedep333darthanubis, I know what X is, I know how to stop and start GDM, and nothing in that page deals with a missing mouse cursor04:18
darthanubis!google | mikedep33304:18
ubotumikedep333: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:18
HardyOnetawt: they build Ubuntu systems so they make sure all the hardware works as it should. least I would hope so04:18
darthanubisdid you search for a bug?04:19
mikedep333yeah, I am googling right now04:19
darthanubissee if others have the same issue?04:19
tawthardyone, yeah.  thanks a lot man!04:19
darthanubismikedep333, did you run nvidia-xconfig?04:19
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:19
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:19
HardyOnetawt: and affordable also :)04:20
tawthardyone, i've quickly noticed  :D04:21
HardyOnewish I would of ordered my pc from them. I paid same price from tigerdirect and still have not been able to get Ubuntu running on it :/. gave it to my mother in law and took her laptop. runs hardy great04:22
whitt I'm having a weird issue with my sound after  installing hardy.  i am using amarok, but whenever i switch users, it pauses the music playing.  It this a bug or a feature?04:23
mikedep333I got it04:24
mikedep333I had to disable the hardware cursor04:24
Blu3KnightWas anyone here successful in installing VmWare 6.3 on Hardy Heron?04:24
mikedep333this reminds me of the windows 9x days04:24
Fdisk93i was waiting on hardy but now im getting worried about upgrading04:25
Fdisk93was there as many troble msgs when gusty cam out ?04:26
slackd00deven more04:26
Fdisk93ok now i feel better04:26
kebwhat is the minimum RAM required to install Hardy?04:27
edajaior 256 if u r using the alt-cd04:27
cheesypenguinhow much ram does hardy demand for the desktop?04:28
kebaha. no wonder it took 18 hours with 64MB :P04:28
icanhasram... is... so.. cheap04:28
edajaikeb: hardy will be nearly unusable in a system with 64 mb04:28
kebyou can't get more ram into old pcs04:28
kebwell fluxbuntu 7.10rc was usable04:29
teamcobraso, what's the countdown at in hours? ;)04:29
cwillukeb, my definition of old starts at about 2000+04:29
Fdisk93i do have a question but its probly a matter of opion04:29
edajaikeb:u cud hav tried distros lik dsl for ur computer04:29
cwilluI have yet to run into a machine made in 2000 or later that didn't support at least 25604:29
Fdisk93is 32 or 64 version better ?04:29
kebyep i'm trying puppy now04:29
teamcobrafdisk: do you work w/ audio applications often (esp windows ones)?04:30
cwilluteamcobra, pick a number, any number04:30
pixelmonkeyanyone know of a list of mirrors available for the hardy RC that we can use in place of the defaults in /etc/apt/sources.list?  The main servers are quite slow, currently.04:30
Fdisk93video yes04:30
teamcobracwillu ;) btw, almost done w/ the kernel, doing a git4 package04:30
edajaiFdisk93: u need more than 4 gb of ram to have any perfomance imp with a 64 bit version04:30
teamcobragetting a couple bugs out... here's the kicker though..... MESH SUPPORT!04:30
Fdisk93ok i only have 4gb04:30
Fdisk93so 32 would be best for me04:31
edajaiFdisk93: findin applications for 64bit might be tiresoome04:31
slackd00dpixelmonkey: look in /usr/share/python-apt/templates/Ubuntu.mirrors04:31
Fdisk93i had heard cindarella will now only work on 64 hardy is this correct ?04:32
DanaGDang, I sooo want that driver.04:32
DanaGMy next laptop will be one that has that device.04:32
Blu3KnightDoes anyone have VmWare Workstation running on Hardy Heron?04:32
Fdisk93* Cinelerra brain fart04:33
slackd00di have no problem running x86_6404:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jfs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:35
kahrytanCan you do port ranges in ufw?04:36
tawtwill hardy have the option to make a separate /home partition from the livecd?04:37
cwilluhey neat, firefox just crashed04:37
icanhascwillu: that's a feature04:37
kahrytancwillu->  what were you doing04:37
tawtcwillu, it's beta04:37
kahrytanicanhas->  Windows != Ubuntu04:37
cwillutawt, yes, but ubuntu isn't really anymore :p04:37
cwillukahrytan, clicked a link, no idea what yet04:38
kahrytanicanhas-> oops Ubuntu != Windows04:38
cwillu(probably something with a flash video, but I don't know)04:38
tawtcwillu, i ment firefox.  it's something like firefox 3, beta 6.  right?04:38
cwilluicanhas, icanhasfeature?04:38
kahrytancwillu->  There flash video crashes are easily fixed04:38
rickeyi got this message ///Type 'kubuntu-restricted-extras.' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list04:38
cwilluin a manner that doesn't include removing flash?04:39
kahrytancwillu->  tell ff to use asla04:39
rickeyi know i got to go in and fix it ,but i forgot how to excess the code04:39
cwillukahrytan, that doesn't break software mixing does it?04:39
BryanI'm having trouble suspending with my laptop. It's using a nVidia 8400M GS. Any help would be appreciated.04:39
supriei want to change my flash plugin from gnash to adobe flash04:39
supriehow to do it ?04:40
kahrytancwillu->  what was it using last time?04:40
kahrytanlast release04:40
rickeymy apt mmanager is locked up04:40
icanhasYou're right, Ubtunu != Windows, ff2 doesn't crash randomly with flash in Windows, heh.04:40
cwillukahrytan, alsa+esd?04:40
tawt != ?  what's that mean04:40
Bryantawt, it means "does not equal"04:41
ragsagarnot equal to04:41
cwilluwhy are you asking me?  I'm the one having trouble :p04:41
peepsalotwhat's the command to see some kind of hardware info dialog?04:41
kahrytan!= = Not Equal04:41
AdrianStraysdarthanubis, are you still on?04:41
* icanhas thinks.. 9th grade math04:41
=== grhluna is now known as grhluna-afk
ragsagarprogramming usage04:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about not equal - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:41
Bryanpeepsalot, lspci04:41
rickeywhat is the sudo command to unlock apt manager04:41
darthanubisAdrianStrays, yup04:41
kahrytantawt->  != is programmer speak for not equal04:41
BryanI'm having trouble suspending with my laptop. It's using a nVidia 8400M GS. Any help would be appreciated.04:41
peepsalotBryan, no, i mean, isn't there some gui that shows a lot of general hardware info?04:41
icanhas!repeat | Bryan04:41
ubotuBryan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:41
tawti want to learn programming, but have no time... :(  (pharmacy major)04:42
MrKeunerhi, if I download the latest daily snapshot does it really mean that I downloaded tomorrows release as of today?04:42
ragsagaruse desklets!04:42
AdrianStraysdarthanubis, what if I uninstalled fglrx driver and installed the open-source raedon driver?04:42
peepsalottawt, change majors, problem solved04:42
icanhasMrKeuner: lets say... close enough04:42
icanhasAdrianStrays: what's your issue? and what card?04:42
kahrytanMrKeuner->  There is always some1 asking that04:42
cwillukahrytan, how do you tell firefox to use alsa?04:43
rickeyThe APT Database could not be opened! This may be caused by incorrect APT configuration or some similar problem. Try running apt-setup and apt-get update in terminal and see if it helps to resolve the problem.04:43
MrKeunerkahrytan: :)04:43
rickeyhow do it fix it04:43
MikeCulverI just fell back from the fglrx driver to the ati/radeon driver and am having a horrible time getting DRI and compositing working04:43
rickeyhow do i fix it04:43
icanhasMikeCulver: what card?04:43
peepsalotrickey, did you " Try running apt-setup and apt-get update in terminal"04:43
rickeyyes i did04:44
AdrianStraysicanhas, I recently upgrade to the Hardy RC, and found that everything is really laggy. Scrolling, typing, basically any form of animation. I never had this issue with Gusty.  There is a post that is more indepth that talks about the issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73200604:44
MikeCulverMobility FireGL T2... treats it like a Radeon 960004:44
Ali_ixrickey: any more Specific error message?04:44
MikeCulverxorg log says DRI enabled...04:44
MikeCulverglxinfo says no04:44
darthanubisAdrianStrays, its your system. I don't mean to sound crass, but you have to learn by reading and trial and error. There si plenty of documentation for this distro. But I don't use ATI. If I did....04:44
Ali_ixrickey: there might be a problem in your sourceslst file04:44
MikeCulverI did Mode 0666 and no dice04:44
darthanubis!works | AdrianStrays04:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about works - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:44
rickeyyes line 5604:44
icanhasMikeCulver: odd, my friends 9600 worked with open source and AIGLX by default04:44
darthanubis!work | AdrianStrays04:44
ubotuAdrianStrays: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:44
peepsalot!pastebin @ rickey04:45
darthanubis!sense | AdrianStrays04:45
ubotuAdrianStrays: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.04:45
rickeyhow do i edit it04:45
MikeCulveryeah.. AIGLX is working, but not DRI or compositing04:45
MikeCulvereven Xv works fine.  It really makes no sense.04:45
peepsalotrickey, pastebin the full log from running apt-get update04:45
icanhasMikeCulver: er, then AIGLX is _not_ working04:45
cab86Synaptic says I have restricted modules installed for 5 different kernels... is it alright to remove the ones that  are not 2.6.24-16??  also, right now i' am attempting to completely remove the ati drivers to make clean attempt to install them.... is it alright to uninstall the xserver-xorg-video-ati?04:45
rickeywhat is pasteben\04:45
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!04:45
U9527come on, what time04:45
MikeCulverxorg log claims it is04:45
peepsalot!pastebin | rickey04:45
uboturickey: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:45
Ali_ixrickey: in terminal: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.lst04:45
U9527come on, what time04:46
Ali_ixrickey: in terminal: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list04:46
MikeCulvericanhas: But here's another thing that might help04:46
darthanubisAdrianStrays, basically, you are responsible for your machine. Sure, try things out. Break stuff if you have to. But read and search for things first. Then you'll have a better idea of what to ask.04:46
bluefoxxhow can i make my xbox360 controller i found today[$4 with usb adaptor] show up in /dev/js0 in addition to the /dev/input/js0 that it is allready?04:46
=== elmer is now known as Hearty_Heroine
icanhasAdrianStrays: er, do you have xgl installed?04:46
MikeCulvericanhas: I did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.. and said to use FBdev...04:46
darthanubisbluefoxx, irc.otfc.net #xbox-linux04:47
MikeCulvericanhas: that fubared everything.. did another dpkg.. and said no fbdev.. since then I can't get DRI working at all04:47
AdrianStraysdarthanubis, I did research, thats exactly how I found that tread.  I did try stuff, and it didn't work. I have limited knowledge and require help. It is obviously not my machine, as everything funcution perfectly prior to my upgrade.04:47
icanhasMikeCulver: honest that shouldn't make a bit of a difference.. can you pastebin your xorg log?04:47
bluefoxxdarthanubis: kk, ty04:47
MikeCulversure.. want me to grep anything?04:47
icanhasMikeCulver: and your xorg config too04:47
icanhasMikeCulver: no, whole thing04:47
darthanubisnothing is obvious04:48
MikeCulverpastebin?  what do you mean by that?04:48
ToddEDMwhen hardy is released, will an icon come up and let me install the latest files???04:48
bluefoxxdarthanubis: * Looking up irc.otfc.net04:48
bluefoxx* Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?04:48
icanhas!paste | MikeCulver04:48
ubotuMikeCulver: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:48
ToddEDMim running hardy now04:48
AdrianStraysicanhas, I believe so.04:48
icanhasAdrianStrays: what card do you have?04:48
darthanubisbluefoxx, sorry oftc04:48
iceswordwhat time :P04:48
bluefoxxdarthanubis: kk04:48
AdrianStraysicanhus, Radeon Xpress 11004:49
icanhasAdrianStrays: can you give me the output of the last line of fglrxinfo?04:49
AdrianStraysicanhas, I should be compatible with the open source driver04:49
whittcan someone help me with an audio issue?  My music pauses whenever I switch users04:49
jimmygoonDoes pulseaudio intentionally prevent vlc/totem/gstreamer/rhythmbox  from outputing audio when firefox/youtube are open (even when they are paused)???04:49
AdrianStraysicanhas, OpenGL version string: 1.2 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.3)04:49
cwillujimmygoon, did you have the crashy firefox issue previously?04:50
icanhasAdrianStrays: wait, are you using fglrx or open source radeon ati in xorg.conf?04:50
icanhasMikeCulver: you need to give me the url it gave you when you submitted it04:50
peepsalotMikeCulver, you have to paste the URL to your pastebin into this channel04:50
kebfirefox,flash,pulseaudio  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/19288804:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in pulseaudio "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,In progress]04:50
AdrianStraysicanas, fglrx I think, let me check04:51
jimmygooncwillu, yes, fixed with nswrapper though04:51
cwillujimmygoon, k, that's what I feared;04:51
jimmygooncwillu, er, and I just installed flashblock though I disabled that04:51
MikeCulvermakes sense now.. thanks04:51
jimmygooncwillu, nswrapper > audio :) I'm tired of ff crahsing04:51
cwillukahrytan, looks like switching to alsa in firefox _does_ disable audiomixing04:51
MikeCulverI'm reading it as well.  I was trying to change settings and restart X, but it didn't seem to make a difference until I flat out restarted the system04:52
jimmygooncwillu, ping me if you need me to test/try anything. I'd be happy to help04:52
jimmygoonheh I just realized 7.04 ships tomorrow :O04:52
MikeCulverthat's also another strange thing that's happened since moving to 8.0404:52
jimmygoon8.04 rahter04:52
icesword@time holland04:52
iceswordnickrud, hi, what time is it in holland04:53
icanhasMikeCulver: interesting. you might want to add the MergedFB "enable" option to your xorg.conf, but first can you pastebin that for me too?04:53
odious_i'm itching for my hardy release :)04:53
rickeysudo gedit/etc/apt/sources.list this command did not work04:53
AdrianStraysicanhas, I am04:53
MikeCulverah.. yes04:54
icanhasAdrianStrays: can you paste the full output of fglrxinfo04:54
nickrudicesword according to my world clock nearly 6am04:54
icanhasAdrianStrays: pastebin, rather04:54
AutoMatriXrickey, a space between gedit and /etc04:54
ragsagarrickey it will open sources.list file using gedit04:54
jimmygoonrickey, there should be a space between gedit the app name and /etc/... the argument04:54
MrKeunerI cannot wait for tomorro04:54
ragsagarthere is space b/w the app name and path04:54
MrKeunerI'll sleep sp that it will be tomorrow sooner04:55
iceswordnickrud, thx, tony said hardy will be out before 00:00 24th in holland time04:55
AutoMatriXrickye must have got it ;)04:55
nickrudicesword only the shadow knows04:55
DanaGmumble grumble... scheduler issues....04:55
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:55
iceswordnickrud, who is shadow04:56
icanhasMikeCulver: god you have more xorg edits than ME, that's bad04:56
MikeCulveri moved from a simple config back to one that worked previously04:56
icanhasMikeCulver: glxinfo | grep direct ?04:56
jimmygoonmumble grumble xorg patches, reversions, and ultimately zero usability of the installer for any gm855 users04:56
gabrielaHi, What player would I use to play .wma music files.  Looks like Exaile will not play them. Any Ideas?04:56
pwnguingabriela: does totem not play them?04:57
MikeCulverdirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)04:57
jimmygoongabriela, install restricted-extras and then any of htem04:57
bardyrgabriela, install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:57
pwnguingabriela: apparently totem will play them if you install ubuntu-restricted-extras for the codecs ;)04:57
AdrianStraysicanhas, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64182/04:57
nickrudicesword a 30's radio serial in the states, he strike fear into the hearts of men04:57
ragsagarinstall vlx04:57
ragsagarsorry vlc04:57
JPSmanso does ndiswrapper work in hardy?04:57
pwnguinvlc does a terrible job with softsubs04:58
gabrielabardyr: Would I do a search in synaptics for "ubuntu-restricted-extras"?04:58
icanhasAdrianStrays: your fglrx is crashing on startup, and x is defaulting back to mesa. can you pastebin your /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log ?04:58
cwillujimmygoon, have you seen nspluginwrapper?04:58
AutoMatriXhi folks, any Idea how to sync my cellular over IR with my laptop ?04:58
icanhasMikeCulver: any reason you aren't using fglrx?04:58
nikitisIs 8.04 released tomorrow April 24th sometime?04:58
jimmygooncwillu, I'm using it04:58
bardyrgabriela, yes or sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:58
jimmygooncwillu, not sure why its not the default04:58
cwilludo you still have libflashsupport installed?04:59
jimmygooncwillu, how would I check that04:59
bardyrnikitis, yes04:59
MikeCulverfglrx.. on this config, with compiz active, periodically (about half the time) doesn't resume from suspend.. just hangs04:59
jimmygooncwillu, I purged flash and then reinstalled it afterword04:59
nikitisbardyr, sweet i'm scheduling an off day for work ;)04:59
AdrianStraysicanhas, there is no such file, I even went in and looked myself.05:00
icanhasMikeCulver: oh, that sounds about right. i'll be honest with you, radeon drivers should work with compositing and dri default on hardy, so it must have something to do with your upgrade05:00
odious_nikitis: heh, it's april 24th here now and i did the same... but it's not out yet so i came into the office :P05:00
jimmygooncwillu, dpkg -l | grep flash yields: ii  flashplugin-nonfree
cwillujimmygoon, are you still checking libflashsupport?05:00
icanhasAdrianStrays: /var/log/Xorg.0.log , sorry i'm distracted05:00
cwillujimmygoon, try installing it05:00
pwnguinAdrianStrays: is there anything that matches Xorg.*.log?05:00
DanaGI have a way tweaked xorg.conf myself.05:00
icanhaspwnguin: my fault, i sent him to the wrong folder05:00
cwilluit used to be installed by default (now its just suggests, as it 'causes' the crash)05:00
ragsagarsearch for gstreamer05:00
jimmygooncwillu, what about libflash?05:00
gabrielabardyr: Thanks so much - they are downloading now - appreciate it!05:00
bardyrgabriela, np05:01
MikeCulvericanhas: Really, I'm trying to get compiz up since the radeon performance is a bit better than it has been before.  I was hoping that would work without killing itself on resume which has largely been my problem05:01
MikeCulvericanhas: I'll try mergedfb05:01
pwnguingabriela: dont thank us till it's working ;)05:01
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:01
DanaGHmm, no audio, or crash city?05:01
DanaGIt's a "rock and a hard place" situation.05:01
cwillujimmygoon, I'm sorry?05:01
DanaGIt'd be almost-fixed with that nspluginwrapper.05:02
jimmygooncwillu, should I install libflash0 also?05:02
jimmygooncwillu, or just libflashsupport05:02
AdrianStraysicanhas, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64183/05:02
gabrielapwnguin: still chugging away on dload - we'll see - I'm an optimist - grin05:02
cwillujimmygoon, no, don't go installing things I didn't ask you to install :p05:02
jimmygooncwillu, :) ok05:02
rickeyit says  sudo  gedit /etc/apt/sources.list05:02
jimmygooncwillu, that fixes it05:03
rickeysudo gedit command not fond05:03
TwistageIs the upgrade to the new Gnome going to break all my current themes and desktop settings?05:03
cwilluyou'll probably have a flash window turn grey once in a while, that's flash crashing (and not firefox, thanks to nspluginwrapper)05:03
jimmygooncwillu, yeah, I've had that happen a few times. I figured as much and did a short prayer for firefox not crashing. I've never been more happy as something fails :/05:04
rickeyme being in 804 dose that make a differnce?05:04
ragsagarrickey use nano instead of gedit05:04
jimmygoonrickey, did you install server?05:04
rickeyok ill tyry05:04
=== Syntux__ is now known as Syntux
=== ike_x is now known as ike_x\smokerun
icanhasAdrianStrays:  cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep fglrx05:04
DanaGNowadays I've come to dislike some specific closed-source software quite a lot.05:05
cwillujimmygoon, supposedly (/me hopes) it also cures flash animations causing performance issues (or at least, will make them niceable)05:05
ragsagarwat no?05:05
DanaGFLash is among the worst.05:05
DanaG*crash* *crash* *crash* *crash* *crash* *crash* *crash* *crash*05:05
AdrianStraysicanhas, there was no output05:05
DanaGThaaaaanks, Adobe.  Lovely.05:05
jimmygoonheh, windows flat out removed my sound card yesterday and the reinstall killed my control panel. it was fun to fix05:05
icanhasAdrianStrays: yeah, your xorg conf isn't trying to load fglrx drivers... you're not using fglrx at all right now05:05
icanhasAdrianStrays: it's not crashing, you're just not using it :P are you in Hardy I imagine? and new install or upgrade?05:06
kebi never had a crash with gnash05:06
kebbut it is slower05:06
jimmygooncwillu, hm, I dunna. I was just sick of it hanging on pages that used flash for trivial things in the background but flashblock helps and then with nspluginwrapper I'm a happy camper. Well, outside of my other issue05:06
AdrianStraysicanhas, I am.  It was an upgrade.05:06
odious_hi omgomgomghardyhe05:06
cwillujimmygoon, I installed flashblock the day an ad started yelling at me to 'say something' at 4 in the morning05:06
DanaGWhat ad?05:07
AdrianStraysicanhas, that is really bizarre as I was using it in Gusty05:07
DanaGYOu should write a nasty letter to the advertiser.05:07
jimmygooncwillu, haha, abblockplus also does wonders05:07
cwilluDanaG, those adverts for the smileyfaces you can add to msn messenger05:07
odious_DanaG: no you had it right the first time :)05:07
cwillujimmygoon, flashblock is enough for me :p05:07
DanaGProbably come with free malware.05:07
* jimmygoon LOVES smilies... all 10,000 he already has05:07
JPSmanhow can I update hardy when i can't get on line?05:07
icanhasAdrianStrays: ok ,PROBABLY what happened, is you had an old version of fglrx installed in an old kernel you used Gutsy on, didn't come to the new kernel.. but xgl DID< hence your slow down. lets fix your lag first ok?05:07
AdrianStraysicanhas, alright05:07
DanaGMy smileys: ♡♥05:08
* cwillu woots05:08
icanhasAdrianStrays: sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xgl05:08
DanaGand ↖↑↗→↘↓↙←↖05:08
* cwillu woohoo's as well05:08
* cwillu sees npviewer.bin, and mercilessly nices it to +2005:08
DanaGWho needs smileys when you have unicode?05:08
DanaGYou could wrap it in an auto 'nice'05:08
JPSmanhow can I upgrade hardy when i can't get online BECAUSE of hardy?05:08
cwilluhowever, you know what nsplugwrapper breaks?05:08
kebi wonder if the horns on unicode are magical05:08
jimmygoon<3 = awesome enough05:08
pwnguinanyone know a replacement for google browser sync? it's not compatible with ff3beta505:08
cwilluthe long-time-in-coming ability to mousewheel while the cursor is in a flash block :p05:09
jimmygoonpwnguin, do you just need bookmarks? or history and passwords too05:09
odious_JPSman: that is a pickle05:09
AdrianStraysicanhas, done05:09
pwnguini'd prefer history+passwords05:09
jimmygooncwillu, that didn't work for me even without nsplugwrapper05:09
DanaGThat was still broken for me.05:09
pwnguini dont need a delicious plugin05:09
icanhasAdrianStrays: now restart X, and i'll see you back in 45 seconds :)05:09
jimmygoonpwnguin, :) haha ok05:09
JPSmanodious_: and if they come out with a fix how will I know?05:09
DanaGRun it and enjoy.05:09
AdrianStraysicanhas, okay hold on.05:09
jimmygoongod thats annoying too05:09
JPSmanodious_: can I just burn a CD and update that way?05:10
DanaGDon't run with ✁✂✃✂✁✂✃✂✁✂✃✂✁✂✃✂05:10
DanaGOr I'll hit you with a(n) ✈05:10
jimmygoonJPSman, when you add put it in ubuntu will ask if you want to use it as a software repo then you can upgrade as normal05:10
DanaGWay fun.  Beats smileys, for sure.05:10
icanhasDanaG: hyper? a little less OT during help time plz.. :/05:10
peepsalotdon't run with barbed wire?05:11
JPSmanso wait for the latest version to come out on a CD iso then try it?05:11
pwnguinsadly, gnometerm+screen+irssi+localepurge gives me  < DanaG> Don't run with ââââââââââââââââ05:11
DanaGActually, those were scissors.05:11
DanaGdown middle up middle .... loop.05:11
JPSmanno they were a's05:11
jimmygoonJPSman, sure, I'd personally check reports of dist-upgrading success first, sometimes its not a clean break and the internet is useful for fixes, reinstalling packages, irc help, etc05:12
pwnguincutnpaste ftl05:12
tcpdumpgodAnyone using XMMS2? If so, what client?05:12
jimmygoonhaha, thats quite the remote access05:12
pwnguinits actually quite neat05:12
AdrianStraysicanhas, done05:13
pwnguinscreen+irssi is pretty handy. never leave irc again!05:13
icanhasAdrianStrays: 3 to 1 odds you have less leg, right?05:13
jimmygoonI hate irssi. I'm a gui sucker05:13
DanaGI use pidgin for irc.05:13
pwnguinjimmygoon: you use /join and /part though, right?05:13
ragsagariam using xchat05:13
ragsagarpidgin wont allow every commands05:13
AdrianStraysicanhas, you should've put really money on that... yes things are sigificantly better05:13
jimmygoonpwnguin, when I'm using something outside of my autoconnected channels yeah05:14
ragsagaranyone using Konversation?05:14
icanhasAdrianStrays: are you interested in knowing why? or would you rather just fix your fglrx now? :)05:14
pwnguinthe only thing missing really is a who sidepane but oh well05:14
peepsalotDanaG, ah, yeah i can see them if i make the font some ridiculously huge size, otherwise they are kinda a blur05:14
AdrianStraysicanhas, I am! Do tell05:14
pwnguinbetter than a goofy irc proxy05:14
jimmygoonpwnguin, firewall somewhere?05:14
peepsalotpwnguin, you tried weechat?05:15
jimmygoonI need to setup a vpn server at home, my school is getting overzealous05:15
pwnguinjimmygoon: no05:15
jimmygoonmibbit rocks too... like seriously05:15
pwnguinpeepsalot: once05:15
peepsalotseems nicer than irssi IMO05:15
pwnguini should get this script working again i saw05:16
jimmygoonisn't screen like vnc for cli05:16
icanhasAdrianStrays: older versions of fglrx ( < 8.42.3, like the one in the Gutsy repos) do not support AIGLX, which is the replacement for xgl. xgl will eat you if compiz isn't running. and if your fglrx is broke because of your kernel change (like it was), then compiz can't run, therefore xgl is basically computer aids05:16
jimmygoonhaha xgl = aids indeed05:16
icanhasAdrianStrays: luckily, Hardy's default fglrx in the repos is the newest 8-3, which fully supports AIGLX with your card, you should see very improved results.05:16
pwnguinbasically you have an irssi plugin drop notifications to a file, then ssh and monitor that for changes and put a dbus notify on the local host for new entries05:17
peepsalotjimmygoon, no, vlc for cli would be ssh05:17
icanhasAdrianStrays: can you tell me what's in system->admin->hardware drivers?05:17
pwnguinbasically, popups on highlight for screen+irssi05:17
peepsalotjimmygoon, there isn't really a good analogy for screen like that. i guess it's kinda like workspaces for cli05:17
patifaAnyone know why hardy would be failing to grab the Translation-en_US?05:17
patifaIt seems to think I'm english UK, for whatever silly reason.05:17
jimmygoonhm, I suppose I will remain confused, haah05:17
AdrianStraysicanhas, thats very interesting.  I actually should've been able to put that together myself. I read about the changes to xgl and noticed compiz issues.... Thank you so much for your help thus far!05:18
pwnguinjimmygoon: screen doesn't know much about the network like vnc does05:18
peepsalotoops, i mean vnc, not vlc05:18
jimmygoonI think I sort of understand05:18
pwnguinyou can install and run it locally05:19
AdrianStraysicanhas, the ATI accelerated graphics driver is no longer in use, although I activated it once I upgrade hardy (there was a weird crash though)05:19
Fdisk93is there a certan time 8.40 will be avalable for dl ?05:19
quentusrexis the release today?05:19
quentusrexif so what time?05:19
icanhasAdrianStrays: do you remember anything about the crash? (don't check that box yet)05:19
peepsalot8.40 will be released 36 months from today05:20
=== kahrytan_ is now known as kahrytan
quentusrexhow do I get an xterm window to stay open?05:20
quentusrexcan I pipe a wait command?05:20
jimmygoondon't type 'exit' :)05:20
icanhasquentusrex: why _isn't_ it staying open, is the question? :P05:20
AdrianStraysicanhas, yes I do.  The driver downloaded, but the installing screen never started.  The entire screen froze, and I left it alone for awhile, but when I came back it was still frozen, so I turned off the computer.05:21
quentusrexI've created a launcher to cat a log file05:21
odious8.04 on the other hand who knows!05:21
quentusrexbut once it's cat'd it the window closes....05:21
Fdisk93i ment 8.0405:21
odiousanyone know?05:21
JPSmanhow can I find out what RaLink driver ubuntu used when packaging hardy?05:21
JPSmanversion number05:21
icanhasAdrianStrays: very interesting, we're going to first remove whatever's left of the old fglrx drivers and try to install with the RDM/jockey/hardware drivers manager again, if that doesn't work we'll have to install from source (which isn't so bad either)05:21
DanaGmodinfo rt2500pci:05:22
DanaGdescription:    Ralink RT2500 PCI & PCMCIA Wireless LAN driver.05:22
DanaGversion:        2.1.405:22
jimmygoonthe release is April 24 so if it is the 24th in your GMT then yes, "today" is accurate. who knows when... whenever devs are done + launchpad finishes isos05:22
DanaGAny other module?05:22
AdrianStraysicanhas, okay.05:22
JPSmanDanaG that doesn't make sense.  RaLinks website for linux only goes up to 1.4.605:23
icanhasAdrianStrays: sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx-driver05:23
AdrianStraysicanhas, done05:25
icanhasAdrianStrays: ok, now go back into hardware manager, check the box, and restart when it prompts you05:25
_Rambaldi_i am looking for software to remap my keys, any suggestion?05:25
AdrianStraysicanhas, I'm posting what we did onto the ubuntu forums so others might get some help from it.  What was the first thing we removed?05:26
icanhasAdrianStrays: this is a common issue, but it's user caused, technically it's not a bug or anything like it. if you installed NOT using the RDM in Gutsy, fglrx is going to break on first upgrade to Hardy. Just how it is. Anyone can come in here or #compiz-fusion and get help on this :)05:27
AdrianStraysicanhas, thank you so much for your help! Its support like this which makes me stick with Ubuntu even when I'm frustrated. Thanks! I'm going to restart now.05:29
icanhasAdrianStrays: don't thank me till compiz works :)05:29
whitt can someone help me with an audio issue?  My music pauses whenever I switch users05:32
JPSmanDanaG: where on god's green earth can I get the 2.1.4 driver for rt2500pci??????05:32
DanaGMaybe it's not a real version.05:33
JPSmanis that _the_newest_ driver?05:33
newuser777Has the NTFS support been upgraded in the Hardy release? I often run into the problem where I've copied a file from ubuntu to my windows partition and the file is copied twice with the same filename but one is lower case and the other is uppcase. This really screws with windows and makes data backups difficult. Ubuntu also copies illegal characters such as ? which locks the file and causes a huge mess.05:33
DanaGSometimes module versions are screwy like that.05:33
JPSmanI just grabbed the hardy ac iso yesturday05:33
=== Hearty_Heroine is now known as elmer
JPSmanwhere did you get that modinfo's driver?  what are you using?05:34
* patifa twiddles his thumbs waiting for major release.05:34
DanaGIt's the packaged one, I think.05:34
AdrianStraysicanhas, as near as I can tell everything is running smoothly now.05:34
* LibertyShadow watches southpark waiting for major release05:34
DanaGI just typed modinfo rt2500pci05:34
* JPSman steals DanaG's rt2500pci.ko while he wasn't looking - he wasn't using it anyway05:35
DanaGlinux-backports-modules-2.6.24-16-generic: /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/updates/wireless/rt2x00/rt2x00/rt2500pci.ko05:36
icanhasAdrianStrays: pastebin output of fglrxinfo please05:36
DanaGTry that.05:36
grammHardy ubiquity is stalling after migrating docs and settings05:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:37
patifanewuser777 I'd say ntfs support has gotten signifigantly better05:37
JPSmanI'd love to but I dont have internet on the computer i need it on   >:O*05:37
patifaI find it to be a lot more stable now than it used to be05:37
AdrianStraysicanhas, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64188/05:37
DanaGYou can download the deb and install it with gdebi05:37
grhlunalooks like more stable05:37
AdrianStraysicanhas, actually a new/old thing emerged again just now.05:38
icanhasAdrianStrays: ?05:38
grhlunaim still testing it05:38
grhlunai have to go easy with the graphics05:38
AdrianStraysicanhas, occasionally when changing pages, typing in information, or do anything, they horizontal lines appear sporadatically and momentarily throught the screen.05:38
JPSmanand gdebi is the program that opens with a .deb file?05:39
grhlunai get those when i shut it down05:39
grhlunai think its the new nvidia driver05:39
icanhasAdrianStrays: glxinfo | grep direct05:39
AdrianStraysicanhas, like this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/ThePaleWhiteRose/Screenshot-1.png05:39
grammHardy ubiquity is stalling after migrating docs and settings, help?05:39
jimmygoonwait, in the screenshot too, ugh05:40
AdrianStraysicanhas, direct rendering: Yes05:40
icanhasAdrianStrays: ps -e | grep compiz05:40
AdrianStraysicanhas, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64189/05:41
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newuser777patifa: Thanks for the response. I hope it has. I'm not complaining, for what Ubuntu offers it's well worth the occasional headache caused by a real error or one I created and am not versed enough to realize it's my fault.05:42
icanhasAdrianStrays: well compiz is running :) you may want to install ccsm if you haven't already. #compiz-fusion for issues with those horizontal lines, since they seem to be a compiz issue i'm unaware of05:42
AdrianStraysicanhas, thank you for all your help....again.  :D05:43
icanhasAdrianStrays: it's ok, i'm only alowed to help when no one smart is around. i'm pretty much useless ;)05:43
AdrianStraysicanhas, if you're useless then I have no idea what I am...lol...negative usefulness.  Sucking the usefulness right of people.05:44
=== ike_x\smokerun is now known as ike_x
icanhasAdrianStrays: well apparently i give an awful lot of bad advice ;)05:45
AdrianStraysWell if you ever need a character witness, you've got me.05:46
JPSmanwhat?  why dont I have that??05:47
ArenlorHello all, how goes it?05:50
JPSmanDanaG: so newest driver version doesn't necessarily mean the best?05:50
DanaGBeats me.05:51
DanaGI haven't used ralink ... at least in Hardy.05:51
ArenlorJPSman, no not necessarily, usually though05:51
latituhow much time is left til the hardy release?05:52
jgoosudo apt-get install mysql-server << best way to install mysql?05:52
ArenlorEvery time someone asks that question it gets put back an hour latitu05:52
latituArenlor :)05:53
jgoowhich question?05:53
jgoothe mysql one? ^^05:53
Arenlorno, he had asked how much time was left until release05:53
Arenlorjgoo you'll also want the client I believe, hold on, am running an update after it's done I'll look at synaptic05:54
DanaG"Intrepid" makes me think of cars... but I haven't a clue why.05:55
jgooI did it and it lists mysql-client-5.0 as a package that is downloading05:55
bullgard4How can I add a switch to gnome-search-tool so that it will find hidden files and backups also? ('man gnome-search-tool' did not enlighten me.)05:55
jgooDodge Intrepid?05:55
dholbachgood morning05:56
Arenlormorning dholbach05:56
rippsWhat is ubuntu going to do after they run out of letters in the alphabet05:56
tawtlol  they started with warty warthog05:57
dholbachhi Arenlor05:57
DanaGjgoo: that may be it.05:57
DanaGI couldn't think of what car or truck it was.05:57
tawtripps, check out wikipedia and search for ubuntu05:57
Arenlorbullgard4 'gnome-search-tool --hidden'05:57
Arenlortawt that is still a valid question, no matter the order they can still only have 26 different english letters05:58
cwillu'''No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released.'''05:58
bullgard4Arenlor: Yes indeed. I must have been too sleepy last night. --  Thank you very much for your help.05:59
tawtarenlor, get a new alphabet05:59
Arenlorbullgard4 also try 'gnome-search-tool --help' for a full list05:59
Arenlorooh an Ubuntu alphabet05:59
cwilluripps, the first release was warty05:59
tawti was thinking greek or arabic, but sure05:59
DanaGhoary hedgehog already used 'g'05:59
* cwillu realizes he missed the sweet spot by 30 seconds, and sulks05:59
DanaGargh, can't type.05:59
DanaGhoary hedgehog already used 'h'06:00
DanaGThere, fixed it.06:00
Arenlorhmm point to DanaG06:00
Arenlorso do we have a bot commad for answering "When is it going to be out?" yet?06:01
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!06:01
cwillu'''No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released.'''06:01
cwilluubotu arewethereyet is No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released.06:01
Arenlordid someone give our bot cookies?06:02
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!06:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cookies - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about food - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:03
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:03
cwilluBe Kind.  Don't Abuse the Bot06:03
DanaGJoin #ubuntu-bots?\06:04
DanaGCan't send to channel.06:04
DanaGThat part of the factoid is not helpful.06:04
Arenlormoderation is on06:04
DanaGI have a self-imposed rule: if I can't find something by 2 tries, I give up.06:05
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex06:06
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:06
jgoothe .04 and .10 version naming... with the major versions as days, is that coincidence or design?06:06
DanaGYears and moths, actually.06:07
jgooso the next is 9.04, then 9.10, then 10.04, 10.10 etc ?06:07
DanaGEr, months.06:07
jgooaaah i see yes06:07
Arenlormonths not days and yes06:07
jgoome stupid06:07
icanhas8.10, actually.06:07
DanaGThough moths are nice, too.06:07
Jeeves_Are we there yet? :P06:07
tawtthat makes sense06:07
DanaGSorry, I just haaad to say that.06:07
jgooicanhas: I meant after 8.1006:07
Bryan>_> I'm having trouble with my broadcom chip. The connection keeps dropping out.06:08
jgooSo what new is planned for intrepid?06:08
Arenlorevery six months to coincide with GNOME06:08
DanaGDodge Intrepid?06:08
jgooI thought gnome was 6 months to coincide with ubuntu?06:08
icanhasjgoo: generally speaking, after ibex, the next release will be 1 month after the next gnome release06:08
jgoo=) yeah - but I heard they will be more 'adventurous' with the styling.06:08
DanaGI like my Nodoka engine theme.06:09
jgooI hope we will get multitouch support in gnome06:09
tawtafter hardy is released, will this channel merge with #ubuntu06:09
m11i have question about styling, how can i retrive that nice orange bar that was on main menus in alpha version ?06:09
DanaGFor a while, yes.06:09
jgoomultitouch + compiz-fusion + nsfw == profit!06:09
jbroomeno. it'll be ibex stuff06:09
DanaGnsfw?  No thanks.06:09
ArenlorBryan, welcome to hell, have you tried ndiswrapper with it?06:09
DanaGI now have the iGoogle teahouse thingy as my wallpaper.... complete with changing-over-time.06:10
jgoook, but... what is planned? just improvements... I should google multitouch gnome I think...06:10
DanaGFades over hours.06:10
jgooor would this have to be lower in the os layer?06:10
juice__i have a question about emerald themer. can  i not use it anymore, did the 8.04 update render it useless? how now do i go about installing themes?06:10
jbroome!ibex | jgoo06:10
ubotujgoo: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex06:10
JPSmancan I connect to the net through an ethernet?06:10
DanaGThat Nodoka engine looks pretty nice, without being drastically different.06:10
Arenlorno tawt, what happens is it gets closed to new people and we just stay in as long as we can/want06:11
JPSmaner, I mean, an ethernet connected to another computer thats using wireless to connect?06:11
DanaGOh, bridging?  Maybe.06:11
tawtarenlor, lol06:11
rippsSo, the 9.04 release will have J - J nameing scheme, right?06:11
tawtarenlor, seriously?06:11
tawtyep ripps06:12
Arenloryes I'm serious06:12
kahrytanjgoo-> And it will be v8.1006:12
jgoohas anyone here made an ftir multitouch display? I would love to run Ubuntu on one... if I was sure of the software I'd go ahead and hack on up before summer06:12
kahrytanjgoo->  You figure out the meaning of the versions?06:12
LunksIs it out?06:12
tawtlol  i'm never leaving.  jk.  i'll want to boot hardy06:12
bullgard4DanaG: In www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/screenshot-orange-nodoka.png there is a little penguin to be seen in the upper panel What does this applet stand for?06:12
jgookahrytan: yeah, I figured it out06:13
DanaGthat's 'gnubiff'06:13
Arenlorthey all get rerouted to #ubuntu when they try to join and all of us that were in here saying we don't know when it'll be released and helping people with last minute bugs relax in silence06:13
DanaGChecks mail.06:13
rippsJolly Jay?06:13
kahrytanjgoo->  good06:13
jgooaaah. what is the one with lines like looks like asystem monitor?06:13
juice__i have a question about emerald themer. can  i not use it anymore, did the 8.04 update render it useless? how now do i go about installing themes?06:13
DanaGThat's hardware-monitor.06:13
tawtripps, it'll be an african animal06:13
jgoowow, applet overload... i can has annotation?06:13
ArenlorRebooting, back in a bit06:13
DanaGYeah, my panel is a bit.... busy.06:14
tawtjolly jaguar?06:14
tawtjumpy jaguar06:14
juice__leahprosy lion06:14
icanhasjumping jalopy06:15
tawtwhat's a jalopy?06:15
juice__can someone help me with themes06:15
rippsJolly Jackal06:15
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:15
jgooIt will be Jackal06:15
jgooripps: you beat me to it06:16
jgooJolly Jackal gets my vote06:16
juice__mine too06:16
tawtsounds good06:16
rippswhere do we submit these suggestions?06:16
juice__try launchpad06:16
bullgard4Where am I supposed to store GNOME source code files in Ubuntu Hardy?06:17
tawtripps, just keep saying it until everyone believes that it will be jolly jackal.  then it will be06:17
rippsQuick! To all the channels!06:18
juice__im in06:18
jgooJiggly Jackal... Juicy, Jovial, Jocular, Jubilant, Jaunty... Should be as easy for people to spell phonetically as possible, and not mean 'old man who kills goats' in Mandarin.06:18
topylibullgard4: wherever you feel like06:19
icanhasdon't most words mean that in madarin?06:19
jgooThat or 'Bit the wax tadpole'.06:19
m11i have question about styling, how can i retrive that nice orange bar/stripe that was on main menus in alpha version ?06:20
jgooJolly Jackal is so full of win. I am looking forward to contributing to the Ibex wallpaper... they are awesome... and has bigger horns than GNU ;p06:20
SuperRoachits still not here yet!06:20
jgoothe name... that is.06:21
jgooWasn't there a story about a woman who adopted a jackal? I wonder how she got on06:22
jgoobaby jackals are cute. some are stripey, others two tone... but I think jackal + firefox has some opp for wallpaper.06:25
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:25
tawti like jaguars a little better than jackals06:25
jgooI am going to the international date line so I can download it first.06:25
rippsJaguar was already used by Mac06:26
tawtahhh...  we can't be too much like them06:26
tawtgood thinking06:27
jgooJade Jaguar? mystical. oh yeah. ok, Jolly Jackal is unique enough to be web searchable too06:27
ethana2our jaguar can eat theirs06:27
ethana2so can our leapord06:27
jgoo Jolly Jackal Bar & Grill,06:27
DanaGjumping jahossophet (or however the heck you spell that)06:27
rippsLush Lemor?06:28
tawtlol danag06:28
=== EBAR is now known as whoa
tawtlaughing lemor?06:28
=== whoa is now known as EBAR
rippsI like Laughing Lemur...06:28
DanaGOh, how I wish Nautilus could do argb!06:28
tawttoo much effort typing laughing though...06:28
DanaGThen I could have semitransparent wallpaper!06:28
pawanwhen is the new version coming lout06:29
tawthi pawan06:29
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about when - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:29
rippsLoopy Lemur?06:29
tawtwe need to definitely keep the Lemur part06:29
DanaGI'm loopy! I'm loopy! I'm loopy! I'm loopy! (some random cartoon character does that.... I don't remember who)06:29
tawtlumpy lemur06:30
FlannelLoopy Lemur?  Isn't that the author of all those westerns?06:30
DanaGscrewy squirrel?06:30
tawtlazy lemur06:30
tawtlazy is easy, and sounds like a good code name06:31
JPSmanSo my laptop has killer internet access...can i use ITS net access through an ethernet to my desktop?06:31
rippslazy might work, but does send the right message...06:31
JPSmantreat the laptop as a bridge?06:31
tawtdoes warty?06:31
rippsBest to ignore the names of the first two, as they didn't follow the name scheme anyway06:32
JPSmanyeah whats the name of the next release?06:32
tawtsomething ibex06:32
ripps!intrepid | JPSman06:32
ubotuJPSman: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex06:32
JPSmanIntrepid - i'll be using an SUV operating system :OP06:33
rippsYeah, your fuel budget will go through the roof06:34
Ununbiumthat name is definatly too awkward to say all the time06:34
* Ununbium thinks the common name will be "ibex"06:34
Ununbiumrather than intrepid06:34
JPSmanPardy Hardy06:34
DanaGYeah.  Bad name choice.06:34
tawtintrepid is harder to type out06:34
icanhasibex _looks_ sexy on paper, ubuntu artists must LOVE it06:34
DanaGInnovative?  Intrepid?  Inspiring?  Inspired?06:35
tawtlol  inspired would take away all the search engines from the religious-types06:35
tawti like it.  cool crisp, and clear06:36
jgooWhat was the creature from ice age? the acorn hunting one?06:37
jgooI think if they are making ice age three, I wouldn't mind them cobranding it in, especially if they use linux to make ice age (what do they use? was it 100% maya?)06:37
JPSmanuh, the funniest damn squirl ever06:37
jgooaaah was a squirrel, yeah.. cool :)06:37
jgoodid they already have ice age 3?06:38
DanaGSpeaking of s--at:  bus line: south county area transit: scat.06:38
DanaGBetter: "South Pine Lake Area Transit": splat.  (Entirely fictional.)06:38
jgooI look forward to the puns in GTA IV06:38
DanaGWed Apr 23 22:38:57 PDT 200806:38
tawtlol.  i love how the support channel has turned into a semi-offtopic channel06:39
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:39
DanaGBetter tham asking that.06:39
jgooit is onlye a semi-support channel to begin with06:39
subparso ... is it out? ;)06:39
tawttrue, it was hard to get help06:39
jgoosubpar, if you set your timezone to GMT+28, then you can download it now!06:40
jgooI tried it and it worked!06:40
JPSmanwhere is Baker and Howland island?06:40
subparhaha I'm running the beta anyways06:40
jgoosubpar has come from the future!06:40
* jgoo too06:40
=== Arenlore is now known as Arenlor
* tawt used to be, until he screwed it up06:41
jgooahahaah oh sorry man, I almost coffeefied my keyboard though06:41
JPSmanI need support, I just dont know how to go about doing it.  Can I extract a windows wireless driver (for a rt2500pci) from an EXE?  because thats what the website offers for an update06:41
JPSmanthe RALINK website06:42
Arenlortry cabextract JPSman while I look into it06:43
jgoohrm, real support question: I installed msfonts, and after I did a message came up saying I needed to do something else to make them usable... but I didn't read it and ignored it (it said for printing I didn't need to do this)06:43
jgooand my fonts in jedit right now look all... messed up06:43
lettermanI just did a frehs install of kubuntu RC06:44
Arenlorjgoo what is the package name?06:44
jgooittei.e..te.t or something... it had i's and t's in it.06:44
Arenlorcool welcome letterman06:44
jgooactually, my fonts are good except monospaced.06:44
lettermanand I'm stuck on this bug: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread?t=71524706:44
jgoocan you recommend a good terminal font that is utf8able?06:45
JPSmancabextract on an exe?06:45
Arenloryes JPSman06:45
jgooyes, that one, but after installing it, it says install... iett...something06:45
Arenloror try unzip06:45
lettermanI've got an nvidia 7050 graphics, and I tried downloading the most recent driver from their website. Here's the error log: http://www.pastebin.org/3166106:45
Bryan_in linux where is the file that allows you to stop services before suspend?06:45
Arenlorjgoo 'sudo apt-get remove --purge msttcorefonts' and then install them again06:46
JPSmannogo on archive manager06:46
DanaGYou may try wine'ing "uniextract'06:46
DanaGIf all else fails.06:46
lettermancan someone help?06:47
Arenlorletterman hold on a second06:48
Bryan_letterman, nvidia problem?06:48
jgooaaaaah I remember... the core fonts... it is the installer... you have to run something afterwards...06:48
lettermanon Kubuntu RC 64bit06:49
* ripps suggests EnvyNG for installing ATI and Nvidia drivers06:49
Bryan_did you try the beta O_o?06:49
Arenlortry 'sudo apt-get install libc6-dev' and see if it works after that06:49
lettermanI downloaded file:///home/peabody/Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-169.12-pkg2.run06:50
Arenlorletterman try what I suggested06:50
Bryan_letterman, thats not the beta. thats the 'stable' release.06:50
jgooone thing I will say - wifi config is easier in live session than when installed... in live session it isn't in roaming mode... or if it is, it finds the networks and just works... in installed mode... I needed always to remove roaming to get the networks to show up :/06:50
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »06:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about envyng - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:51
ArenlorBryan having an issue?06:51
rippsregardlesss of whether EnvyNG is officially supported, it just seems to work. letterman: http://www.albertomilone.com/envyngfaq.html#A06:51
lettermanBryan_: where do I find the beta drivers, the website says that is the latest06:52
jgoo"Msttcorefonts uses the DEbian FOnt MAnager (defoma). If you wish to use the fonts provided by this package under the X Window System, you must configure it to use defoma fonts."06:52
jgoo"The easiest way to do so is to use the x-ttcidfont-conf package"06:52
DanaGCurrent "Envy" driver is the same as the packaged one.06:52
Bryan_Arenlor, yeah. I had set up the network daemon to be stopped before suspend.06:52
jgooo_0 never had that come up...06:52
Bryan_And i don't need it to do that anymore, but I forgot what file I edit to remove that issue06:52
Bryan_letterman, what card again?06:53
jgooArenlor: so that is the package it says I need: The easiest way to do so is to use the x-ttcidfont-conf package06:53
Arenlorletterman ignore what Bryan had said and run 'sudo apt-get install libc6-dev' then run what you tried again06:53
IcemanV9sudo: unable to resolve host ???  (looking thru bugs report .... )06:53
Arenlorjgoo install that and see how it works06:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:53
ArenlorIcemanV9 more info please, it could just be a DNS issue06:54
lettermanShould I get a gtk version if I'm running kubuntu?06:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:54
ubotugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux06:54
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:55
IcemanV9Arenlor: i just upgraded 7.10 to 8.04 and everything went well. it asked me to reboot. then, i cannot sudo at all.06:56
jgooArenlor: I have defoma installed - so, the core fonts synaptic part finished, do I need to run an install? (I saw it downloading the files and doing something)06:56
GnineBug 19530806:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195308 in linux-meta "unable to resolve host (dup-of: 32906)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19530806:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32906 in sudo "sudo shouldn’t ABSOLUTELY NEED to look up the host it’s running on" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3290606:56
jgooOK, I see I have verdana - that must mean it worked.06:57
JPSmanso on this page here http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Downloads   It talks about drivers havning to be pulled with a git content tracker....what the devil this?06:57
rippsletterman: get the qt version06:57
jgooaaah bitstream vera sans mono how I love thee, thanks Arenlor06:58
lettermanEnvyNG couldn't carry out the task you chose because of the following error: warnings.warn("apt API not stable yet", FutureWarning)06:58
IcemanV9ah ha! thanks Gnine. that's it. now, i can sudo.06:58
lettermanBryan_: I'm running the gefore 705006:59
lettermanI've installed libc, now I'm scrollingfor a website for the beta drivers06:59
Bryan_Geforce, right?07:00
Bryan_thats the newest 'beta' driver.07:00
Arenlorletterman you installed 'libc6-dev' right, and don't use the beta drivers just use the ones the company released as the most stable version, it's smartest07:01
Bryan_>_> not always.07:01
Bryan_The 'stable' ones where buggy as hell for me. The beta's seem to be best. But thats for me.07:01
Arenlortrue sometimes you want older ones07:01
Arenlorbeta = could kill your system07:01
lettermanwell, my system is dead on arrival07:02
lettermanbut I'll try the stable first07:02
Bryan_which is why I'm monitoring the heat my GPU is putting out Arenlor07:02
lettermanupgrade is much easier than downgrade normally07:02
Bryan_Arenlor, anything about my question?07:02
ArenlorI think I missed it somewhere07:03
* tawt wants the System76 desktop with 8gb RAM and 1TB hard drive07:03
Bryan_Arenlor, yeah. I had set up the network daemon to be stopped before suspend. And i don't need it to do that anymore, but I forgot what file I edit to remove that issue07:03
Bryan_simple enough question >_> but tough when you don't know what to look for.07:04
JPSmanWhat is a GIT content tracker and what does it do?07:04
lettermanok, that fixed things07:05
lettermanthanks for the help07:05
lettermanI can now see an entire screen07:05
lettermanand they DEFINATELY need to get those drivers into the final build07:05
Bryan_which ones?07:05
lettermanit says Ubuntu is in restricted mode or something07:05
lettermanthat my drivers are not supported or some shit07:05
rippsThat's normal when you use proprietary drivers07:06
vega--yes, because they are proprietary "shit"07:06
lettermanwell I'm gonna let all these updates apply and have some breakfast finally07:06
lettermanthanks again07:06
poniIs Hardy to be released this weekend? :)07:07
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:07
JPSmanwhere can i learn what the various folder names mean in my root?07:07
poniwas just wondering, saw the countdown disappeared on the ubuntu website :-)07:07
jbroomeJPSman: any linux howto on the web07:08
isplicerhey guys07:10
damo22when is hardy released?07:10
damo22is it soon?07:10
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:10
RAOFdamo22: Oh, you don't know the _date_?  Today :)07:11
negge^how come there's nothing to upgrade when I run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on my ubuntu 7.10 server machine?07:11
cdm10negge^: just dist-upgrading won't do anything07:11
RAOFnegge^: Because (1) not released yet, and (2) there are no _Gutsy_ updates to install.07:11
cdm10you need to change your sources07:11
jbroomenegge^: 'cause that's not how you upgrade to a new distro07:11
cdm10and anyway, you shouldn't be doing it that way07:11
jbroome!upgrade | negge^07:11
ubotunegge^: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:11
RAOFcdm10: _Please_ don't recommend that :)07:11
negge^jbroome: damn, then how do I do it?:D07:12
jbroome!upgrade | negge^07:12
negge^hehe thanks07:12
damo22raof: i knew it was today, just wondering when07:12
cdm10RAOF: sorry, I didn't mean to have recommended it :-/07:12
RAOFnegge^: Basically, 'do-release-upgrade' is what you want :)07:12
RAOFBut those pages have more detail.07:12
negge^hehe I always thought dist-upgrade did it, seems like I was way out biking...07:12
negge^thanks for the info anyway..07:12
negge^Isn't the final version supposed to be released today?07:14
dnyafter removing firefox 3, and installing firefox 2 again, it's showing all the addons i had in firefox 3.  i've uninstalled all of them & restarted firefox, but they're still there saying 'This add-on will be uninstalled when firefox is restarted.'07:15
negge^RAOF: what time?07:15
dnyand I get an error when trying to install addons it says I have07:15
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:15
NotSureMy sound card quit working after installing - "ubuntu-restricted-extras" - Went back and uninstalled and still not detected. Any idea's?07:15
RAOFMaybe we should have that displayed every minute on rotation :)07:15
negge^RAOF: sorry for asking stupid question I just didn't know:D07:15
poninegge^: I did the same thing 5 min ago :D07:16
negge^I must have logged in right after you asked07:16
=== EBAR is now known as vfbot
RAOFnegge^: That's OK.  You only learn by asking.07:17
dnyanyone? :/07:17
=== vfbot is now known as EBAR
NotSureCan someone help fix my sound?07:18
m11notsure , what is problem ?07:18
negge^RAOF: yeah07:18
NotSuremll: My sound card quit working after installing - "ubuntu-restricted-extras" - Went back and uninstalled and still not detected.07:19
negge^dny: have you tried removing all the addons manually? firefox 3 and 2 installs into different folders so there might be some weirdness because of that07:19
m11notsure , can u list it with lspci ?07:19
RAOFNotSure: I'm pretty sure that installing ubuntu-restricted-extras wasn't the problem - this shouldn't touch your sound settings.07:20
ArenlorBryan_ you still around?07:20
Bryan_Arenlor, yep07:20
NotSurehang on - will check in term win.07:20
RAOFNotSure: What else changed between working sound and not working sound?07:20
dnynegge^ i'll give it a shot, where are the folders? :x07:20
ArenlorBryan_ the only thing I could find is maybe /etc/acpi/sleep.sh07:21
negge^dny: can't remember exactly, I'm not on my ubuntu box right now so it's hard to check07:21
Bryan_Arenlor, that would not be it.07:22
NotSureRAOF: I had installed unbuntu-restricted-extras - used to work before that.07:22
negge^NotSure: is your soundcard detected at all?07:22
NotSureThis is hardware listed after run of lspci command:   Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)07:22
negge^tried using the ALSA driver?07:23
RAOFNotSure: Stopped working when?  As soon as you installed it?  After you rebooted?  Etc.07:23
NotSureRAOF: ummm - after reboot!07:23
NotSureAfter install of restricted07:23
negge^NotSure: you don't have multiple sound cards do you?07:23
RAOFNotSure: Also, what part of sound isn't working?  What have you tested?07:24
NotSureit worked great before istall of restricted07:24
negge^maybe the package came with some weird drivers or something07:24
RAOFNotSure: There is nothing in ubuntu-restricted-extras that will have touched your soundcard.  It's an unrelated thingy.07:24
NotSuretried prefrences/sound and nothing07:25
Arenlordny /home/*user*/.mozilla/firefox/*profile*/ delete all the files that start with extensions and empty the extensions directory (do not delete it)07:25
=== juice__ is now known as mecha
Arenlorwell Bryan_ then I'm not sure maybe that file points to something that could help?07:25
RAOFNotSure: By preferences/sound, you mean System->Preferences->Sound, and hitting the 'test' button?07:25
DanaGbetter than deleting:07:25
NotSureok - I did install something else at same time - will check what it was - let you know in aq sec - ok?07:25
DanaGMOVE things.07:25
DanaGAnd don't remove extensions; try the extensions.rdf first.  That's a cache,07:26
ArenlorDanaG he wanted to remove all the extensions and start over07:26
DanaGfirefox -ProfileManager07:27
DanaGOr did he want to get rid of extensions but not preferences?07:27
dny_i'd like to get rid of everything07:27
dny_cause it's also trying to remove some language packs07:27
DanaGOh, if the package manager has issues.... then removing your profile has nothing to do with it.07:27
Arenloryeah the language packs don't work with FF307:28
* DanaG is using Minefield 4.07:28
DanaGI don't exactly know why, but it's fun to say my browser is a Minefield... and this time not due to Flash.07:28
dny_I have no idea where this folder is07:29
DanaGfirefox -ProfileManager07:29
dny_oh ;_;07:29
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:29
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Arenlorthe firefox profile folder is /home/*user*/.mozilla/firefox/*profile*07:30
NotSureRAOF: other pkg. I installed right after "restricted" was /  linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-386 - Then did restart - after restart sound card went south - went back - uninstalled both restricted & the linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-38607:31
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NotSureBut no sound07:31
Arenlorbe back in a while guys07:31
NotSureRAOF: Yes on earlier post of test sound - there was nothing - gave error message07:32
RAOFNotSure: Ah, right.  So, the problem is likely that you've installed the -386 kernel and are using it, but don't have any of the associated drivers.07:32
RAOFNotSure: What does 'uname -r' return?07:32
NotSureRAOF:  just a sec - will check07:33
dnyarenlor: thanks :]07:33
isplicerguys, what is the ubuntu release party?07:33
isplicerthis this a party?07:33
RAOFisplicer: No, this is support ;).  Party in #ubuntu-release-party07:33
NotSureRAOF: 2.6.24-16-386 is what I got from term run07:34
RAOFNotSure: And I bet that you don't have linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-386 installed :)07:34
RAOFNotSure: So, the solution would be to uninstall the -386 kernel, because you almost certainly don't need to use it, and -generic is better.07:35
savvaswell... my job here is done, i'll go enjoy my release :P see ya on the next alpha4/5 :D07:35
NotSureRAOF: Will check - hang on07:35
m11pozdrav savvas07:35
savvaspoz m11 :)07:36
NotSureRAOF: Shows I have this installed in synaptics: "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-12-generic" - Is this what you're referring to?07:36
RAOFNotSure: No.  I was referring to linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-386 :).07:37
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:37
RAOFNotSure: So, you almost certainly don't want to be using the -386 kernel.07:37
NotSureRAOF: Will copy/n/paste in syn. and check.07:38
RAOFNotSure: I'd install the "linux" package (which will ensure you've got the -generic kernel & the appropriate driver packages), and then uninstall the 'linux-image-2.6.24-16-386' package.07:38
oupaI'm having trouble sharing a printer attached to Kubuntu 7.10 with another systme running Ubuntu 8.04. It used to 'just work', but  now it doesn't. Any ideas?07:38
* Arenlor blinks this is a LOT calmer than Gutsy's release support07:39
KyleKit didn't just go live did it? noticing help.ubuntu.com is slow to respond ;)07:40
IcemanV9Arenlor: check out #ubuntu-release-party where the action is. ;-)07:40
NotSureRAOF: Ya know what - this is kinda of a mute point - Waiting for "Final" and going to do new clean install on 250GB (new HDrive) anyway. I can go a day or so without sound - It won't kill me.07:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about isitoutyet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:40
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.07:41
NotSureRAOF: thanks much - appreciate it :)07:41
jgoodamn, gotta go... never enough hours in the day07:41
KyleKW: Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy-updates/universe/source/Sources.gz  302 Found07:44
KyleKisn't 302 just a redirect?07:44
Arenlorpermament too07:44
KyleKwhys it fail on 302 though?07:45
Arenlornot sure07:45
Arenlorthat's your link though07:45
FlannelKyleK: 302 is temporary redirect07:46
KyleKso why is apt-get failing with that?07:46
bullgard4How can I download the GNOME source files for Hardy in one process?07:47
bullgard4How can I download the GNOME source files for Hardy in a single process?07:47
ArenlorKyleK try using the US servers and maybe it can't redirect07:47
FlannelKyleK: probably security reasons, although I suppose the gpg should deal with that.  There are RFCs that dictate that a 302 response shouldn't automatically be forwarded by the UA07:47
Arenlorbullgard4 why do you need the GNOME source files?07:48
KyleKwhat do you mean in one process anyways?07:48
KyleKcute alt+mousewheel on the titlebar fades out a window07:49
bullgard4Arenlor: To learn more about Ubuntu and in particular GNOME. For example I want to find and read the source code of the quit dialog.07:49
RAOFAnd what do you mean by the GNOME source files, while we're at it - there are a lot of GNOME source tarballs; it's not monolithic.07:49
oupaI would really appreciate some help with sharing a printer:-(07:50
RAOFbullgard4: Right.  That'd probably be in gnome-panel-applets, or somesuch.07:50
Arenlorbullgard4 http://www.gnome.org/ that should teach you a little about gnome07:50
Lynourebullgard4: apt-src is nice, but you'll need to know what packages you need the source for07:50
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DanaGapt should tell you the 302 destination / target.07:51
bullgard4RAOF: In Gutsy there was a friendly Ubuntero who told me an Internet address where I could download all Ubuntu Gutsy GNOME source code files in a single process. It was a huge package. But it was manageable.07:52
RAOFbullgard4: Oh, really?  I didn't know such a thing existed :)07:52
Lynourebullgard4: I guess maybe you could apt-src ubuntu-desktop07:52
_Rambaldi_i am looking for software to remap my keys, any suggestion?07:52
Lynourebullgard4: haven't tried it myself07:52
LynoureHaven't tried it on any meta package, actually07:52
bullgard4Lynoure: I know what I want. And I precisely described want I wanted.07:53
RAOFLynoure: That'll get the (fairly uninteresting) source to the meta-package.07:53
Arenloroupa remember, we're all regular people who are volunteering to help with our knowledge if none of us know the subject none of us will answer07:53
Lynourebullgard4: well, we are trying to help you. If existing solutions are not good enough, code a better yourself07:53
bullgard4Lynoure: You did not say that thid does not exist. At least it exists for Gutsy.07:54
oupaArenlor: I appreciate that, thanks, just a bit frustrated, I've been trying for a couple of days and can't find an answer07:54
RAOFbullgard4: Does the same thing as for Gutsy work?07:54
DanaGxmodmap can remap keys.07:55
DanaGI just don't remember how to do it.07:55
Lynourebullgard4: if you know the command for doing it, telling it would help...07:55
bullgard4RAOF: Of course not.07:55
aItsNotOutSwfdec? does that work with youtube?07:55
Lynourebullgard4: (in Gutsy, I mean)07:55
RAOFbullgard4: The code for the logout dialog should be in the gnome-applets package; I don't know about this meta-source package you describe.07:55
aItsNotOutim switching from ca to us mirrors07:56
Arenloroupa have you asked in #ubuntu07:56
oupaArenlor: yes07:56
RAOFraj1: _This_ is a channel for getting support :)07:57
LynoureIt's always easier to check why command foobar does not work in Hardy than why something that is rumoured to exist but never defined does not work in Hardy07:57
bullgard4RAOF:  the gnome-applets package is a limited solution in scope. The day after tomorrow I might need to search for another term in another GNOME source package.07:57
raj1raof u r here too07:58
RAOFbullgard4: This is true.  But I don't know of any source package that does what you're after, so I'm helping the best I can.07:58
Lynourebullgard4: What was the command for doing that in Gutsy? If I understood right you said there is a command for it in Gutsy07:58
raj1i cant get fspot working on 64 bit hardy07:58
RAOFraj1: So, I've just fired up f-spot on my amd64 Hardy install.  What happens for you? :)07:59
bullgard4RAOF: I appreciate that. Thank you very much.07:59
aItsNotOutoupa: i've had lots of trouble with printers :) one windows box is using IPP and the other is using samba, neither of them accepted the other option07:59
raj1from terminal i get these words- stacktrace -- segmentation fault07:59
Arenlorbullgard4 go to synaptic and search for name only and search for 'gnome'07:59
aItsNotOutat least samba file sharing is nolonger a huge hassle08:00
Arenlorwhat were you doing before you got that raj1?08:00
raj1hmm i do nothing or everything08:00
RAOFraj1: Right.  So, pastebinning that backtrace might be helpful.  Also, you've filed a bug?  What's the bug number?08:00
raj1i have never seen fspot yet08:00
raj1yes bug report wait08:00
aItsNotOutwow 98 updates08:00
aItsNotOuti installed on sat :-/08:00
oupaaltsNotOut: the frustrating thing is that the printer 'just appeared' in my printer list at one time, now it's 'just disappeared' again!08:01
aItsNotOutah, what method of sharing are you using?08:01
bullgard4Lynoure: I do not remember. And my bash storage comprises only 1000 lines. In the mean time there occurred an overflow in it. I did not know that it is so complicated to fetch the GNOME sources for Ubuntu. Otherwise I would have noted down the command on paper.08:01
raj1202771 bug08:01
RAOFbug #20277108:02
ubotuBug 202771 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/202771 is private08:02
aItsNotOutprivate? oh nose08:02
RAOF...but I can probably see it.08:02
raj1whats private?08:02
anonymousehow much longer?08:02
RAOF!isitout | anonymouse08:02
ubotuanonymouse: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:02
aItsNotOutanonymouse: clearly you ignore my nick08:02
aItsNotOutwhy do you hate me ;_;08:03
RAOFraj1: It means that apport has attached a backtrace & crash dump, which can contain private data, so isn't available for everyone to see.08:03
Lynourebullgard4: I can imagine doing it in one line with apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop | grep Depends | sed (something to get rid of nonsense parts) | apt-src   (to finally get the source)08:03
raj1oh private.? like my girl's phone numbers ? :D08:03
RAOFraj1: Yeah, entirely possible.08:04
raj1anyways, when it will be public?08:04
raj1actually apport used to open but now it has stopped collecting data08:04
RAOFraj1: As soon as I delete the stacktrace.08:04
raj1ok what exactly does or may stacktrace contain ?08:05
Lynourebullgard4: or actually I'd skip sed and cut-and-paste the package list :)08:05
NotSureRAOF: Hay - Played around with what you suggested and my desktop is happily playing sound again! : ) - So if I install "ubuntu-restricted-extras" - What would be most notable benefits? I see it helps with MP3 playing - Is that about it?08:05
RAOFraj1: It's basically a piece of your RAM.  As such, it can contain _anything_ that you care about; that's why we mark such bugs as private by default.08:05
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:06
RAOFNotSure: It'll just install a bunch of codecs, yeah.  Oh, and flash, and java I think.08:06
RAOFNotSure: If your music plays, you don't need it ;)08:06
aItsNotOuton join say !isitout08:06
raj1hmm thats why apport says crarshed with sigsev in memcpy()08:06
bullgard4Lynoure: I will take more time to analyze the command which you suggessted. I need to go shortly. --  Thank you.08:07
RAOFraj1: Apport will normally retrace your crash, to give us more information and then delete the coredump; your coredump failed to be retraced properly, so it didn't get deleted automatically.08:07
NotSureRAOF: Ok so flash works and I can play MP3's - so? Not really needed - but wouldn't hurt either in other words - correct?08:07
RAOFNotSure: Yup.  Won't hurt.08:08
raj1ok what is a coredump? i hope i can ask such questions here ?08:08
raj1or i google it maybe :D08:08
RAOFraj1: So, I suspect that this is a database-y type issue.08:08
RAOFraj1: The coredump is the piece of your RAM, the stacktrace is the list of functions that got called leading up to your crash.08:09
NotSureRAOF: My biggest hump is getting a DVD movie to play - will try this later after new install of Final I mentioned earlier.08:09
RAOFraj1: F-Spot stores its info in a database.  So, I suggest we try moving that database away.  Try "mv ~/.gnome2/f-spot ~/.gnome2/f-spot.backup", and then try starting fspot again.08:09
RAOFNotSure: Heh.  DVDs suck in linux.  It's illegal to play them, here :(08:10
RAOFNotSure: Anyway, you'd be wanting the medibuntu repositories, or just libdvdcss2 from them.08:10
brady_kanybody have any idea when Quanta+ is going to be fixed for HH?08:10
NotSureRAOF: Thats what a High DEF Widescreen TV with DVD player is for anyway - right?  GRIN  : )08:11
aItsNotOutflasplugin-nonfree somedays I wonder about typos08:11
raj1not working still08:12
brady_kraj1: is that to me?08:12
RAOFraj1: With the same backtrace?  Um...08:12
raj1sorry iam irc noob08:12
* DanaG will likely be getting a 1920x1200 15.4" laptop next time.08:13
raj1actually there is no fspot folder in .gnome208:14
RAOFraj1: That's somewhat awkward.  Has f-spot _ever_ worked?08:14
SuperRoachwhy DanaG?08:14
raj1i dont know what fspot looks like -:D08:14
raj1i summed it up08:15
RAOFraj1: And you presumably don't have anything crazy in your sources.list?  Gah!08:15
aItsNotOutndiswrapper is confusing08:15
raj1no its pure ubuntu08:15
raj1ok what info  u need tell me08:15
DanaGOr maybe I should go with the brighter 1680x1050.08:15
DanaGHmm, dimmer high-res, or slightly brighter, slightly-lower res?08:16
raj1i started using from alpha 608:16
raj1never worked08:16
ArenlorNotSure you want to install libdvdread3 and in it will be a file called install-css.sh use 'sudo apt-get install libdvdread3' then run '/usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh'08:16
aItsNotOutDanaG: how dim?08:16
DanaGBeats me.08:16
DanaGHP 8510p or 8510w.08:16
DanaGThe 'w' has a 1920x1200 screen.08:16
DanaG/me goes to sleep: (>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v <('-'<)           ... oh wait, that's not sleeping.   THIS is sleeping: zzzzzzzzz.08:16
* DanaG is admittedly a minor HP fanboy... but only to the "OOh, look at this! OOh, look at this! OOh, look at this! OOh, look at this!" point, not the "worship the ground they stand on" sort.08:17
SuperRoach15.4 screens would be horrible for 19xx res08:18
DanaGLook up either of those on notebookreview.com.08:18
DanaGAlso has an accelerometer, with a currently-in-development Linux driver.08:18
ArenlorDanaG so you're a fanboy to the Firefox level but not to the Mac level for HP :P08:18
DanaGI don't know the Firefox level, actually.08:18
aItsNotOutI got my wireless to work :)08:19
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NotSureArenlor: Will give that whirl - just for grins - not going to be totally lost not being able to play a DVD movie on here ( would be nice ) But not a priority. THanks for tip.08:19
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:19
* rajeev hi08:19
RAOFrajeev: I'm not sure I'll be able to help, sorry.  Maybe you should try to reinstall the mono stack & fspot, and see if that helps?08:19
DanaGBedtime now.08:19
rajeevmono stack08:20
RAOFrajeev: That's a pretty long shot, but I've got no idea what's wrong.08:20
aItsNotOutbeen wanting someone to make like a Pirate Linux :)08:20
RAOFrajeev: To do that you'd run 'sudo aptitude reinstall ~nmono f-spot'08:20
LynoureaItsNotOut: what would that be like?08:20
rajeevk thank you lots08:20
rajeevill let you know08:20
ArenlorNotSure I had a ton of trouble when I first went to play a dvd, installing that and running the script fixed it for me08:20
DanaGMMm, wanna' watch blue-ray on 15.4"... but the drives are so damn expensive.08:21
DanaG500 bucks for just the drive, at least in laptop form factor.08:21
aItsNotOutLynoure: pirate linux would be a ubuntu cd with flash installed on the livecd :)08:21
ArenlorDanaG buy an HD-DVD they can't be too expensive08:21
DanaGDon't you just ♥ Adobe?  *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault*08:21
quentusrexWhere do I go to get info on writing a module or something that can graphically display updated text returned by a console command?08:22
NotSureArenlor: Thanks much - Planning new install when the "Final" is released and play around with it - see if I can make it work.08:22
omgomgomghardyheubuntu.com is dead right now08:22
LynoureaItsNotOut: I fail to see the pirateness of it, but nothing stopping you from making it, not that hard anymore08:22
skephehe..ubuntu.com 50308:22
omgomgomghardyhethey might be uploading08:22
quentusrexI want to write a graphical utility for Folding@Home for the ubuntu clients...08:22
aItsNotOutLynoure: copyright infringement :)08:22
quentusrexsomething that integrates into GDM08:22
rajeevit seems mono is not installed08:23
ArenlorI'm getting a 200 on ubuntu.com08:23
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:23
aItsNotOutim getting a >6000 on ubuntu.com, hes really strong08:23
DanaG8510p also has HD2600.  Even if ATI is crap right now... at least it's open-source.  Nvidia has, in my opinion, been crap as well.08:23
tkoodaare the packages that are in the hardy repo right now what'll be in the release later today?08:23
ArenloraltsNotOut his power if off the scale08:23
aItsNotOuttkooda: theres been 98 updates since saturday08:24
DanaGArgh, CFS scheduler SUCKS!08:24
DanaGbug 18822608:24
Arenlornot quite altsNotOut, that just means 98 packages have been updated, if one has been updated 2000 times...08:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18822608:24
aItsNotOut124mb, a good chunk of the CD, I'd wait08:24
tkoodaaItsNotOut, thanks08:24
tkoodawill try next week08:25
Black_Magicuhm do you still recommend i purge dhcp things?08:25
Black_Magicwith ifconfig seems my internet is slower...08:25
aItsNotOuttkooda: could get it now and then wait a week to update ;)08:25
DanaGActually, I'm going to bed approximately now.08:26
aItsNotOutim waiting for release to burn a new livecd personally08:26
ArenlorI'm waiting for release to Torrent08:26
quentusrexDoes anyone know what a graphic plugin to gnome would be called???08:26
aItsNotOutdont they go live with torrents?08:26
aItsNotOutquentusrex: gnome panel or gdm? :)08:27
Arenlorwhat do you mean by a graphic plugin? GIMP?08:27
quentusrexI want to make a percent complete process bar to sit in my gnome tool panel that will display the percent completed on the Folding@Home work unit...08:27
aItsNotOutquentusrex: you said FAH right?08:28
quentusrexI can get the numerical percent by running a simple command line script08:28
quentusrexyes, Folding@Home...08:28
ArenloraltsNotOut yeah I'm waiting for them to release the torrents for us though then I'm heading to bed and leaving this thing sit on my cable line all day tomorrow08:28
aItsNotOuthuh Gnome 1.x aren't we on like gnome 5.x?08:28
Arenlorgnome 2.208:28
aItsNotOutah, I tried 2.3 awhile back08:29
aItsNotOutwell it wasn't in ubuntu08:29
Arenlordamn right it wasn't, the most current is 2.2208:30
DeetaAye Gnome 2.2 was current in about 2003  :) ^-^08:30
rajeevroaf its still not working08:31
rajeevgot a little more mono though08:31
Black_MagicDanaG: You ere?08:31
DanaGYeah, sort of.08:31
DanaGThu Apr 24 00:32:02 PDT 200808:32
Black_Magicstill think i should purge dhcp08:32
Black_Magicand then re-install?08:32
DanaGIt might be a good idea, if dhcpd is still broken.08:32
aItsNotOuti wonder if i should bother with these 98 updates08:32
oupaI installed 8.04 beta. will I need to upgrade to final?08:33
Black_MagicDanaG: well it doesnt say permission denied...08:33
Black_Magicbut i dont think it assighns IP either08:34
rskoupa: if you want too08:34
ArenlorI don't think you upgrade I think it just updates08:34
patifaoupa as far as I can tell, just running the standard updater from beta will get you there08:34
DanaGManually 'sudo dhclient eth0' or whatever?08:34
DanaGAnd do the dpkg purge?08:34
Black_Magicit works but it says it got an IP refreshed but ifconfig says i still didnt have an IP08:35
oupathanks, I deem to remember with 7.10 I had to upgrade again08:35
Black_Magicso i had to do the manual ifconfig stuff again08:35
DanaGI don't know what more to do.08:37
DanaGPerhaps /etc/network/interfaces is screwy?08:37
DanaGOr if it's a desktop, you might as well set a static IP, outside the router's DHCP range.08:38
aItsNotOutrun dhclient manually and see if theres an error?08:38
Black_Magicit has ath0 as static08:38
Black_Magicand auto ath0 >.>08:38
Black_Magicsays iface ath0 inet static address ect ect netmask you know gateway router ip then wireless key and essid08:39
DanaGThat might explain it; you might try changing it to dhcp -- or if you use NetworkManager, just comment both lines out.08:39
Black_Magicthen it says auto ath008:39
Black_Magicchange what to dhcp?08:39
DanaGIt looks like it's configured for static IP on that interface.08:40
RAOFraj1: You'll get a better response out of RAOF :).08:40
DanaGroaf. hah.08:40
Black_Magici dont really remeber doing that but what ever....08:40
Black_Magici dont use NetworkManager08:40
DanaGAah.  You can keep the SSID stuff while making it still dhcp; however, it's probably unpleasant if you roam.08:40
RAOFraj1: Gah.  That's pretty much all I can offer, sorry, except to ask whether it runs from a livecd.  It's odd, because it works for me.08:40
JPSmanwas gutsy ever LTS?08:40
aItsNotOutedgy was last LTS08:41
Black_Magicchange inet to dhcp?08:41
DanaGI don't know what else to do; try WiCD or WiFi-Radar or NetworkManager or some stuff like that.08:41
Black_Magicso it then says iface ath0 inet dhcp ?08:41
Black_Magicim using Wicd08:41
DanaGWiCD probably set that.08:41
JPSmanso hardy is the next LTS?08:41
DanaGI've never used that; I can't help with wicd.08:41
Black_MagicNetwork-Manager fails08:42
Black_Magicbut Ubuntu loves to uninstall wicd and reinstall network-manager whenever i install or update something majour :P08:42
DanaGThey should make WiCD provide NetworkManager.08:42
aItsNotOutJPSman: whatever K is will be LTS08:42
Milos_SDFinal is comming out today, and they never fixed bug with .zip files (files don't have icons and can not extract with right click)08:42
Laser87aItsNotOut: Dapper... ;-)08:42
aItsNotOutso then whatever L is will be LTS08:43
aItsNotOutnice synergy there08:43
aItsNotOutLucid Lion08:43
Wilbertwhere to download final ubuntu 8.0408:43
Black_MagicYea wicd set it if NetworkManager edited it it would of said it at the top08:43
dystopianrayWilbert: it's not out yet08:43
aItsNotOutWilbert: what does ubuntu.com say?08:43
JPSmanhow long will hardy be LTS?08:44
aItsNotOutLTS means 2 years08:44
DanaGI must be going to bed now.08:44
DanaGThu Apr 24 00:44:18 PDT 200808:44
Laser87JPSman: 3 yrs08:44
Black_MagicDanaG: Wait08:44
rskpatifa: 5 years on servers 3 years on desktop08:44
Wilbertdamn, i though it was today08:44
aItsNotOutoh 3? whoops08:44
Black_Magicso change iface ath0 static08:44
Black_Magicto dhcp?08:44
DanaGOr try tweaking it in wicd.08:44
aItsNotOutJPSman: read ubuntu.com so I stop giving you wrong information :)08:44
DanaGIf you change it manually, you also comment out address and netmask and gateway and such.08:44
DanaGBut not the wifi-related stuff.08:45
nanonymeStill, the LTS+1 should be an 18 month cycle if I've understood it correctly.08:45
Black_Magicso just put dhcp after inet?08:45
Black_Magicmaking sure08:45
Black_Magicsorry for asking same question over and over08:45
Laser87nanonyme: right08:45
Black_Magictrying not to mess something else up :P08:45
aItsNotOutiface wang inet dhcp08:45
aItsNotOutthats what I have08:45
* Black_Magic dares to try and update packages on a release day08:46
aItsNotOutBlack_Magic: for some reason the hordes wait for the ISO08:46
Black_Magicwhy is that?08:46
DeetaFosswire claims that 8.04 has gone gold already... --> http://fosswire.com/2008/04/24/ubuntu-804-hardy-heron-review/08:46
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:46
Black_Magicwell i upgraded at alpha 6 so...08:46
Black_Magicim just making sure my packages are up to date08:47
Black_Magicso they are stableish08:47
Black_Magiconly real thing that gives me problems is nautilus08:47
aItsNotOuthow long ago was alpha 6?08:47
patifarsk: was your comment mistakenly addressed to me?08:47
Black_Magiccouple months08:47
aItsNotOutBlack_Magic: once you update packages you're no longer on alpha 6 btw08:47
Black_MagicaItsNotOut: i know that im not still in alpha 608:48
Black_Magici was saying i upgraded when it was out08:48
Arenlorwhy do I have a directory named .gvfs in my home directory that I have no access to when using 'sudo find / -name' anything08:48
aItsNotOutoic i read what you said wrong haha08:48
Black_Magicim just about stable just need to update 107 packages08:48
aItsNotOutArenlor: make it yours08:48
Black_Magicdoes adding a . to text files make it hidden?08:48
Laser87Black_Magic: ja08:49
aItsNotOut. infront, yes08:49
patifaprefixing any filename with . marks it as hidden08:49
dystopianrayBlack_Magic: any file with a . at the start is hidden08:49
Black_Magicwas asking because i just did that and i can still see the file...08:49
* calc knows the secret way to have the iso right after its released :)08:49
Laser87Black_Magic: then you have to sisable "show hidden files"08:50
* dystopianray knows the secret way to have the iso before it's released08:50
ArenlorBlack_Magic try ctrl+h08:50
Black_MagicLaser87: its ontop of my desktop08:50
patifaBlack_Magic try Ctrl+H a few times to see the hidden files turn on and off08:50
calcdystopianray: well that is easy enough download the last one of the testing page for the version of *buntu you want08:50
Black_Magicoh thats why :P08:50
Black_Magicit disappeard now08:50
Arenlordr-x------  2 arenlor  arenlor      0 2008-04-24 01:35 .gvfs that is what I get with ls, how do I fix this?08:50
Black_Magicit probally would of been easier to just add a ~ to the end08:51
calcArenlor: i don't think that is a bug08:51
dystopianrayArenlor: chmod 700 .gvfs08:51
calcArenlor: that is a mount point for gvfs fuse fs's08:51
calcthe directory is empty08:52
dystopianrayArenlor: wait, actually what do you want to do with that directory?08:52
aItsNotOutwell mines 70008:52
mrtimdogArenlor: You shouldn't touch it, put it back as it was. It's to do with giving you access to various file systems with user permissions (GVFS).08:52
aItsNotOutArenlor: dont mess with things that aren't broken, but mine is rwx so dont worry about it :)08:52
KalEltoday is april 24 :)08:53
mrtimdogKalEl: On most of the planet so far, it is!08:54
Arenlorthis is so odd, I get permission denied if I use 'sudo find /home/arenlor -name .gvfs' but if I use 'find /home/arenlor -name .gvfs' I have no problem08:54
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.08:55
Deetawhich timezone is baker island in? ;-)08:56
Arenlor-1200 UTC08:56
Arenlorthe very last time zones08:56
DeetaTehee :)08:56
ArenlorI'm not sure, possibly09:00
Arenloror someone smells funny09:00
calcso who else installing intrepid? :)09:01
Arenlorno one is until it's made09:01
Black_MagicHow nice...windows broke AGAIN..09:02
* Black_Magic accedentally purges windows09:02
Black_Magicafter getting his files off of it09:02
* calc checks to see when it should open09:02
nanonymeBlack_Magic: I don't think it was a netsplit.09:02
calchmm w.u.c is quite slow09:03
HorizonXPso compiz-fusion definitely still crashes on me with the Animation plugin; that last bug fix didn't quite fix it09:04
HorizonXPthere's a bug fix in the compiz-fusion repo that I think should be put into Hardy09:04
HorizonXPAmaranth: You around?09:05
calcah it should be open by early next week, since the toolchain is due to be uploaded by then09:05
_rubenheh .. the counter changed to "coming soon" .. cant get much more vague :p09:05
AmaranthHorizonXP: If you mean the animation thing it'll be in hardy-updates09:05
HorizonXPAmaranth: after release? the bug fix where it said "Should fix all freezes from now on" ?09:06
HorizonXPthat's acceptable. :P09:06
Amaranthit is way too late for it to get in now09:06
HorizonXPyeah I figured09:06
Arenlorhey Amaranth how are you?09:07
AmaranthArenlor: fine, you?09:07
beniaminoI have a standard Dell Optiplex 745 with Hardy. When I execute shutdown -r, the machine hangs on the shutdown progress bar. But when I do shutdown -h, it works fine.  I need this machine to reboot remotely -- what can I do?09:08
ArenlorPretty well, just waiting to see if we get a slam like with Gutsy tonight while waiting to start the torrent to help seed09:08
Arenlorbeniamino try 'sudo reboot'09:08
beniaminoArenlor: yeah, same deal with reboot09:10
mrtimdogbeniamino: I have the same problem on my Dell too, I've never got around to looking into it.09:11
HorizonXPbeniamino: sudo shutdown -r now ?09:11
beniaminoHorizonXP: that has the same problem -- and the shutdown icon in the desktop also09:12
beniaminodoes dell ship standard ubuntu? or is there a dell-extras repo somewhere?09:12
Arenlorbeniamino try this, shut it down and while booting back up go into the grub menu (may require you to press escape) then press e to edit the boot line and e again once you've selected it (second option down I believe but am tired) and erase the option 'splash'09:15
aItsNotOutmay? its ubuntu, it will09:15
ArenlorI turned if off, if he or someone else turned it off in GRUB then he won't need to09:16
Arenlorfirst thing I do to new installs, remove hiddenmenu turn on prettycolors and remove splash adding noapic09:17
beniaminoArenlor: ok, am trying that, but also reboot=b. unfortunately i'm now waiting for fsck09:18
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.09:20
os2machow very curt of you ubotu! :)09:21
ArenlorCan anyone help me with an odd error here http://pastebin.com/d7df71f99 when I use the packaged thunderbird it's fine but when I use the one I downloaded from Mozilla it gives that error, any ideas?09:21
aItsNotOutoh ubuntu has a different version of that09:22
KalElif i'm at GMT +5:30, what is the time for me when is it 23:59:59 for GMT -12:00?09:22
coolArenlor, To install thunderbird use Synapatic or type this at terminal ==> sudo apt-get install thunderbird09:22
Arenlorit worked fine in Gutsy >_<09:22
aItsNotOutKalEl: thats actually a BS answer, it'll be up when its up09:23
patifaOr use GNOME's Add Remove dialog09:23
aItsNotOutkind of like duke nuken forever, but not09:23
techno_freakArenlor, think we use /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.609:23
aItsNotOutArenlor: yea but differences like this are why we have different names and not just Ubuntu09:23
KalElholy cow it's 17:30 the next day!09:23
techno_freakArenlor, may be we moved to using the latest and they are still using the old ;)09:24
techno_freakArenlor, aptitude install libstdc++5 should fix it09:24
aItsNotOuthey i was still looking up the answer ;(09:25
Arenlornice thankyou09:26
Sajuukkharhey guys i just updated dapper to hardy but now my xorg file is screwed over (it was fine before), it says it has problems with my 'wacom' and 'mouse' entries, what shall i do?09:27
patifaSajuukkhar have you tried xfix?09:28
lieterhigh guys, there is still a very disturbing bug in hardy09:29
nanonymeIs it in bug tracker?09:29
lieterbut no dev has looked at it09:29
lieterthe r8169 ethernet driver doesnt work for certain realtek chipsets09:29
Sajuukkharhow do i run xfix?09:29
aItsNotOutSajuukkhar: humorous delete xorg.conf option?09:29
aItsNotOut(maybe rename it :p)09:30
lieter01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01)09:30
PodMan99arelease date is here..... what time zone is it worked on?? lol ..... and are there any exciting changes from RC to release09:30
Sajuukkharas in rm /etc/x11/xorg.conf?09:30
WilbertRaaaah, sitting here, ready to download and burn the newest LTS Hardy Heron .... but nothing yet, just the message " a little bit patience "09:32
Sajuukkhark rebooted with recovery, shall i do xfix?09:33
PodMan99aWilbert, waiting same as u .... these people dont know preasure.... lol..... hehehe... only joking peoples i wouldnt want ur job... although up to now hardy is a cool bit of kit ... ive been using it on desktop and laptop for 2 months09:34
Sajuukkharhow do i do the xfix option?09:34
Laser87From #ubuntu-de: The release gets  delayed by 2 hours each time someone asks when it's out :-D09:34
Arenlorif you ask it here it's only delayed by 1 hour09:35
Wilberti already asked 12 times09:35
techno_freakSajuukkhar, remove your xorg.conf and restart X, check what happens.. backup your current xorg.conf for safety09:35
PodMan99ai love the germans.... lol09:35
Arenlorthough of course you can ask ubotu if it's out with !isitout09:36
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.09:36
Sajuukkharalready deleted xorg09:36
Sajuukkharand it didnt work09:36
Wilbertspank ubotu09:36
PodMan99athat not fair thats -12 hours!!09:37
Arenloryes exactly09:37
Arenlorby the time April 24th, 2008 has ended worldwide it will be out09:37
PodMan99aArenlor, damn bots ... lol... next time we want a time zone out of them before dates lol09:37
aItsNotOutPodMan99a: if you do that they'll switch to It'll be out when its out09:38
Wilbertbefore nextyear wednesday09:38
PodMan99aaItsNotOut, it very not good... there is a duke nukem game thats been like that for 4 years09:39
TeslaTonyPodMan99a: Until the final release, you might take this opportunity to try the wonders of Vista Home Basic09:39
TeslaTonyOr Windows ME09:39
raj1i love XP09:39
aItsNotOutPodMan99a: if you're already running ubuntu may as well just update now09:39
raj1fspot fspot anyone09:39
Arenlorlol more than 4 years09:39
Wilbertteslatony: good one, the wonders off Vista09:40
aItsNotOutyea its won vaporware awards since 5 years ago09:40
raj1raof thanks that bug is public now i think09:40
ArenlorI miss ME :(09:40
Aondois it normal that hda turns to sda after an update?09:40
aItsNotOutI dont see why people have problems with vista09:40
TeslaTonyWilbert: Actually, to be fair, I do like many things about Vista. Having said that I also like to mock anyone and anything I can...09:41
aItsNotOuti really dont notice what OS im on09:41
ArenlorVista, just ugh, once you work with it though it's good09:41
beniaminoArenlor: ok, the reboot=b option fixes it09:41
raj1bug #20277109:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202771 in f-spot "f-spot.exe crashed with SIGSEGV in memcpy()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20277109:41
negge^Aondo: /dev/sdb1 changed to /dev/sda2 for a friend of mine:D09:41
Arenlorfirst things first, turn off the notification bubble on Vista and then turn off the AUC thingy09:41
negge^after some update I think09:42
Aondosome how it says i got sda1 as / but that is my ntfs partition, but all the data is correct but from sdb109:42
negge^but I think it was a problem with his drive09:42
aItsNotOutyay not private any more09:42
Aondonegge^  hehe09:42
Wilberti was a windows fan, before i met Vista, now i changed to Ubuntu and a whole univere opened for me09:42
negge^Wilbert: same thing here09:42
Aondonegge^  well i suspect there to be some issues with sata and ide disks together :P09:42
negge^Aondo: could be09:42
negge^I only have one harddrive so I haven't had any problems09:43
Aondoi did not have this problem earlier tho, when i ran 2.6.24 on gutsy09:43
negge^as long as the disks are detected you should be fine, if somehow the names change (sda to hda or vice versa) just edit you fstab file and reboot and the problem should be solved09:43
Aondonegge^  yea, but how can it say my root is sda1 when that is my ntfs partition :P09:44
negge^that I have no idea09:44
negge^if the names have changed then sure it could happen09:44
Aondo/dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)09:44
Aondo/dev/sda1   *           1        1912    15358108+   7  HPFS/NTFS09:44
negge^weird indeed09:45
negge^--> lunchbreak09:45
Wilbertlunch ??? its 11 am here09:45
raj1maybe file bug report09:45
aItsNotOutAondo: thats just a partition type09:45
raj1but isnt / an ext3 partition?09:45
raj1why its showind ntfs?09:46
Arenlormy dad has lunch at 11AM daily Wilbert09:46
aItsNotOutraj1: its just a partitoin type09:46
aItsNotOutraj1: in the table theres a 07 somewhere09:46
Aondoif i mount up sdb1 it has the same data09:46
aItsNotOutAondo: haha really?09:47
aItsNotOutnow thats a bug, the partition type being wrong? not a problem09:47
raj1maybe its not mounting sdb1 then09:47
Eagle_Boyhello everyone09:47
beniaminoargh -- there was a patch for this way back in july 07 http://lkml.org/lkml/2007/6/4/46009:48
Eagle_Boydoes anyone know if hardy will support nvidia 9800 gx2?09:48
RAOFEagle_Boy: Not out of the box, no.09:48
raj1rephrase it to will nvidia support it09:48
RAOFEagle_Boy: That card requires beta drivers, which we don't ship.09:48
raj1iam sure they will09:48
raj1raof hi09:48
raj1i guess ill have to wait for fspot fix later ?09:49
Eagle_BoyI am asking because I have been trying to install gusty on my box but it crashes when to goes to load gdm09:49
RAOFraj1: Yup; I don't know what's wrong there.09:49
raj1maybe i do a fresh install or something09:50
raj1with new final version09:50
Eagle_Boyanyone know how to get it to install and then DL the drivers09:50
RAOFEagle_Boy: Ah, right.  I don't think the open source nv drivers support that card yet, and the proprietary driver we have doesn't.09:50
Eagle_Boythat sucks for me :0(09:50
raj1that card how much it cost u ?09:50
RAOFEagle_Boy: Sucks to have bleeding edge hardware :(09:51
Eagle_BoyI don't really want to use the true potential of my card09:51
Eagle_BoyI just want to be able to do my normal stuff till the drivers come out09:51
Eagle_Boybeats switching between this box and my laptop09:52
raj1beta driver from nvidia is available version 17309:52
RAOFEagle_Boy: Well, you can grab the beta drivers from nvidia.com09:52
lettermanhey ppl09:52
Eagle_Boybut will gusty detect it during the install?09:52
Eagle_Boycause I will not be able to get into gdm till after I get the drivers09:53
raj1mmm its a different process installing it urself09:53
RAOFEagle_Boy: Gutsy won't, and hardy probably won't.  You might be lucky, but with a card so new that _nvidia_ don't have released drivers that support it...09:53
lettermanI installed the latest drivers from nvidia, and they worked.. then my computer went into suspend mode, couldn't resume.. and now when it boots it can't seem to get xwindows running09:53
Eagle_Boyyeah I have that problem09:53
raj1i think he can use vesa to get to gdm09:53
raj1then install or whatever09:54
Eagle_Boycause I boot and I see the mouse cursor just before it crashes on the boot09:54
lettermanhmm brb I need to install screen09:54
Eagle_Boyafter that I don't get to see anything and I get a cannot find where to display (<0 displays) error09:54
raj1ok i have a question ? what happened to sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?09:55
coolraj1, what exactly you are trying to do?09:55
raj1nothing just wondering09:55
raj1whenever i had display issues it worked well for me09:55
raj1now i dont know what to use09:56
lettermanyeah, well kdm is running, I just can't get a window09:56
raj1my friend had a laptop with nvidia 7000 integrated09:57
raj1so i use that command to select vesa to get a display09:57
raj1now i dont know how to do that in hardy09:57
rohanany idea how far we're from release?09:58
RAOFAbout that far.09:58
Arenlor!isitout | rohan09:59
uboturohan: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.09:59
rohanArenlor: heeh, should've expected ;) thanks09:59
slackd00dfuck im tired of that question09:59
Kohelethguys my rc just updated I dont think its rc anymore09:59
coolpoor ubotu, have to say the same thing again and again09:59
lettermanok so here's the error:09:59
Arenlorslackd00d hence why there is a command for it09:59
rohanslackd00d: i know, next time someone asks that question, i'll be saying the same thing "fuck im tired of that question"10:00
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:00
rohanjust to show that i haven't asked it, and that by asking you're fool10:00
lettermanModule "ramdac" already built it, nvidia kernel module version 71.86.04 and driver component version is 169.12 make sure module and driver have teh same version10:00
rohanright, slackd00d ?10:00
Kohelethyou should hear the language in my family :)10:00
Arenlorhow do I run a .bin10:00
rohanArenlor: ./foo.bin10:00
=== aItsNotOut is now known as aTheresNoETA
rohanKoheleth: what if it's not a shell file? :)10:00
dystopianrayArenlor: chmod +x foo.bin; ./foo.bin10:01
kestazwill ubuntu hardy will be today relesed ?10:01
Arenlorah chmod +x10:01
rohanKoheleth: yes10:01
rohanerr.. kestaz , yes10:01
Arenlor!isitout | kestaz10:01
ubotukestaz: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.10:01
slackd00d= \10:01
vega--how many seconds till next one asking?10:01
vega--i'd say about 33sec..10:02
Eagle_BoyI say 1010:02
coolTHIS IS SPARTA!!10:02
slackd00dwell anyway hardy has been very stable for me since the rc10:02
TeslaTonyLet's take bets!10:02
slackd00dwhen will the final release be ready10:02
KohelethI have the rc, it updated and now it tels me my system is Hardy Heron 8.0410:02
Eagle_Boyquestion, does anyone know where I can find the step by step instruction to install NVIDIA's beta drivers10:03
Kohelethno rc or nothing, appartly they remove the moniker tho10:03
Eagle_Boyit comes in a .run package10:03
vega--Eagle_Boy: wiki.ubuntu.com10:03
vega--or www.ubuntuforums.org perhaps10:03
slackd00dso the final version of hardy will be out today?10:03
Kohelethtoday depends what part of the world your in10:04
slackd00dhah who had 1 minute in the bet10:04
RAOF!nvidia > Eagle_Boy10:04
Kohelethsomething is happening, I just got told my packages are out of date and I had to reload10:06
kahrytanWhere does it say what version you have?10:06
rohanlsb_release -a10:07
Kohelethmine says ubuntu 8.0410:07
kahrytanoh cool10:07
kahrytanIm still doing mad rush to download final10:08
kahrytani want to help seed torrent10:08
peabodyok so reinstalling the nvidia driver will allow me to startx again, but on rebooot everything is still broken10:09
peabodylet's see what the logs have to say about that10:10
HorizonXPhey guys, question: if I install Ubuntu, can I have one user have a English UI, and another user have a Gujarati UI?10:11
mooperdoes ubuntu "rebase its self on debian everytime there is a new unstable release?"10:11
xngearanybody noticed that ubuntu ignore bios rules for cpu? i set clock speed to 2.1 ghz with 8x multiplier, but ubuntu unlocked cpu to 9x multiplier (2.4 ghz)10:11
cwilluxngear, it wouldn't be changing the multiplier10:12
patifaIs it even possible for the OS to change that?!10:12
RAOFHorizonXP: I think so, but I'm not sure; I've never tried.  The language settings _should_ be a user-specific environment variable.10:12
cwilluif the cpu has direct support for speedstep, then it can do <- that, but changing the multiplier?  don't think so10:12
xngearmaybe it is just reporting wrong clocks? dunno10:13
cwillumore likely10:13
cwilluwhere are you checking it?10:13
HorizonXPRAOF: I wanna try it. I think that my mom might like Linux more if it could be done. She can read English just fine, I just think the novelty of the computer being in Gujarati would be kick-ass!10:14
xngearcwillu: in dmesg time.c line, also cat /proc/cpuinfo or something, cpuinfo always report wrong clocks...10:14
xngeareven without multiplier override10:15
|ismael|good morning,I have a problem with driver ati in hardy ,when I install the propietary driver of ati in repositories universe or multiverse(i dont remember)the system crash10:16
=== sourcode is now known as SvZ
=== SvZ is now known as sourcode
|ismael|some idea?10:17
Arenlor|ismael| if you don't get a response it may be that the people are busy or that no one feels qualified to help you or that they are researching your solution10:18
RAOF|ismael|: What card da you have, and what do you mean by 'system crash'?10:20
|ismael|ati radeon xpress 200m when i install it and restart,the screen is in black and i cant do anything.10:21
RAOF|ismael|: Ergh.  It doesn't fallback to bulletproof-X? :(10:23
Arenlorwhen did java update to update 6?10:25
|ismael|no,when restart  it try charge ubuntu but in some second i cant do anything10:25
xngearcan you switch to terminal? alt+f110:26
xngearctrl+alt+f1 i mean10:27
HorizonXPRAOF: just tried it. It works, but nowhere near perfect10:27
|ismael|no,i cant do ctrl+f110:27
RAOFHorizonXP: Do you have the full langpack installed (I presume you do), and how did you switch?10:27
HorizonXPRAOF: a lot of the UI elements are in the right language, like they should be. But there are still a few that aren't. Maybe I could get my mom to help out with translations....10:28
RAOFHeh.  That's possible.10:28
HorizonXPRAOF: I added the language pack using the Language option under Administration. I added a new user, went to log in using that account. Before I logged in, on GDM, I went Options -> Language, and selected the langauge. It asked if I wanted to change GDM to use the language, and I did, then I logged in, and everything was in Gujarati.10:29
HorizonXPRAOF: and my reading speed in Gujarati is like a 4 year old, so I was pretty useless in using the UI. had to go by memory, lol!10:30
RAOFHorizonXP: Ah, cool.  _That's_ where the magic button is :)10:30
immkwhen exactly is the final release? I thought it was today, but can't find a mirror with it on?10:30
Arenlor!isitou | immk10:30
HorizonXP!isitout | immk10:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about isitou - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:30
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.10:30
ubotuimmk: please see above10:30
Symmetriaimmk its not out yet so ummm wait :)10:30
HorizonXPwow. Ubotu's SMART! lol10:30
immklol, ok, my bad10:31
RAOFHorizonXP: Where is Gujarati from?  I haven't heard of it (which is not particularly surprising).10:31
HorizonXPit actually wrote, please see above instead of reprinting the text!10:31
Symmetriaheh Im waiting with baited breath to see what happens on my mirror server when it gets released10:31
immkSymmetria: how long will it take to propogate?10:32
HorizonXPRAOF: Gujarat is a state in India... like northwest corner, close to Pakistan. People there speak Gujarati, which is similar to Hindi and Urdu, but has a lot of influences from other languages like Farsi, Arabic, English (of course), and Portuguese.10:32
Symmetriaimmk purely depends on how often people are synching and how many people are on triggered mirrors10:32
HorizonXPit's one of the "easier" Indian languages10:32
|Dreams|what time will hardy be released?10:33
HorizonXP!isitout > |Dreams|10:33
Arenlor!isitout | |Dreams|10:33
ubotu|Dreams|: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.10:33
immkSymmetria: Which is the central mirror, that they copy from though. Must be a way to get higher in the chain. maybe I'm too eager10:33
HorizonXPwe should keep a running tally10:33
HorizonXPI say it'd top 1000 requests10:33
Symmetriaimmk you dont wanna get it from the central archive anyway, bandwidth wise its gonna get slammed10:33
Laser87|Dreams|: again 2 hours later...10:33
rippsWhat up dawgs10:34
SymmetriaHorizonXP heh a thousand requests would indicate a serious problem, Im thinking more like 20 thousand+ concurrent connections10:34
Arenlorwoof woof10:34
immksymmetria: maybe, oh well, I'll check again in like two hours.10:34
patifabtw HorizonXP, there doesn't seem to be an easy way yet to assign different languages to different accounts10:34
* ripps pets Arenlor10:34
SymmetriaHorizonXP considering that we're running 900 established and its not even released yet10:34
theunixgeekWhere's Hardy!? :S10:34
Arenlor!isitout | theunixgeek10:35
ubotutheunixgeek: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.10:35
JPSmanso I go to rmmod rt2500pci and is says "ERROR: Module rt2500pci does not exist in /proc/modules"10:38
JPSmanis this because 8.04 puts the wireless mods in the kernel library?10:38
JPSmanand rmmod is out of date?10:39
dystopianrayJPSman: most likely you simply don't have that module loaded10:39
JPSmanhow do I determine which module I do have loaded?  what command?10:40
WutzDoes anyone agree with the questionable firefox beta and wubi being released with a LTS release?10:40
HorizonXPpatifa: yeah, not really as far as I can see10:40
HorizonXPyou have to do it from GDM10:40
AnswerGuySo, the countdown has stopped and the counter is now just saying "coming soon"10:41
rippsMeh, Firefox beta works fine, it's the incompatible extensions and themes that get to me10:41
JPSmanthe cake is a lie AnswerGuy10:41
Wutzwhat about wubi? it has had many problems in the past10:41
Symmetriaheh wutz yes, it makes sense, because firefox 3 RC1 and full release are out shortly, and the beta will prompt for upgrades to rc/full release, where as if they went with 2.x it wouldnt auto-upgrade to 310:41
Symmetriaand the installed version would go end of life long before the end of the ubuntu LTS period10:42
Symmetriaso version 3 makes perfect sense10:42
Wutzfirefox version 2 WILL ask to update as well10:42
aTheresNoETAi thought ubuntu would turn that off, and make sure its done through the package system10:42
dystopianrayyes firefox updates are disabled10:43
dystopianrayit will only update through apt10:43
Symmetriadystopianray hrm, didnt realize they had done that10:43
rippsI use swiftfox-athlon-xp, which is basically firefox 3pre110:43
dystopianraySymmetria: most distros do it10:43
rippsWorks perfectly fine10:43
Symmetria*shrug* version 3 RC1 is due out in the next day or 2 anyway10:43
SymmetriaI just hope mozilla isnt dumb enough to release it today10:44
xngearLTS status is overrated10:44
Symmetriathat would seriously annoy me10:44
JPSmanWhat command can i use to determine what modules I have loaded?10:44
dystopianrayJPSman: lsmod10:44
rippsLTS is only meaningful to people who maintain servers or public machines10:44
JPSmanThank you10:44
WutzAt ftp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/ there is this release "ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso  715898 KB  23/04/2008  1:03:00 AM" released just yesterday, is this the beta or what??10:44
xngearhacker down10:45
rippsHuh? what just happened?10:46
dystopianrayWutz got kicked and banned for posting a url to isos10:46
HorizonXPwhat's wrong with that?10:47
dystopianraywell it slows down the official release for everyone10:47
HorizonXPok, valid, but I don't think that was a stated rule10:48
HorizonXPnor do I think a ban was necessary; a warning, sure10:48
xngearrules are for suckers10:48
quentusrexhow would posting the link slow down the official release for everyone?10:48
HorizonXPbesides, he already posted the link. not like it's gonna undo that10:49
aTheresNoETAquentusrex: they have one master server, if everyone uses the master server, its lagged10:49
techno_freakbut how is it assumed that people know this rule?10:49
HorizonXPquentusrex: and I think all the mirrors pull their copy from the master. so I think they're waiting for it to propagate10:50
thefishis 804 released, just not on all servers?10:50
HorizonXPtechno_freak: that's what I'm wondering too10:50
aTheresNoETAftp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/index.html asks you politely10:50
* AnswerGuy is guessing that they're waiting until the mirrors get it before they pull the trigger on the mass of downloaders10:50
nanonymeCouldn't they just temporarily limit server to only allow stuff for mirrors?10:50
mte_hi.. is there *any* difference between installing the RC + apt-get upgrade and installing the release?10:51
HorizonXPis it automatic?10:51
HorizonXPthe bans?10:51
nanonymeSeveas: How about adding the text in that file to join messages on this channel?10:51
techno_freaknanonyme, +110:51
techno_freakat least put that in the /topic10:52
HorizonXPyeah exactly10:52
RAOFmte_: Unless there have been installer changes since the RC, no.10:52
nanonymeQuite long for a topic.10:52
nanonymeChanServ join message might do it.10:52
mte_RAOF: thanks10:52
techno_freak"do not post links to ubuntu iso" is not long, imho ;)10:52
KyleKSeveas: :p10:52
rippsTechnically speaking, there's no difference between the RC and Official 8.04, RC only requires additional updates10:53
HorizonXPI think Seveas is just a bot that monitors chatter for links to that site, and bans accordingly10:53
JPSmanwhat does it mean if (when using lsmod) a mod is used by 0  ?10:53
SeveasHorizonXP, beware :p10:53
KyleKHorizonXP: well there is a person, probably just added some bot stuff to his client10:53
AnswerGuyJPSman sounds like there are no modules "stacked" on it --- nothing depends on its symbols; so it can be removed (when not in use by userspace)10:54
negge^ripps: I got a bunch of updates today (69 I think), I've previously used the RC. Does this mean I now have the final stable version?10:54
HorizonXPSeveas: lol. seriously though, what's with the bans? A warning doesn't suffice?10:54
RAOFSeveas: How's your turing bot coming along? :)10:54
JPSmanHrm, thanks10:54
KyleKSeveas: yea, whats the deal with those bans anyways?10:54
Symmetrianegge no, it doesnt mean that at all10:54
ripps...depends if they release a couple more updates between now and the "Official" release10:54
SeveasHorizonXP, it's madness on release day. We're a bit more strict10:54
Seveasyou should see #ubuntu-release-party10:55
* hmuller notices the fog of craziness in the air10:55
HorizonXPI'm gonna go check it out :)10:55
zcat[1]where do I change the default player that starts when I insert a DVD?10:55
BLimitzhmm so there is a mirror that leaked 8.04 O_o10:55
Symmetriaheh there is a need for it, everyone involved in the release from the core cannonical team to the guys running the mirror servers are under enough strain to see that it goes well without tolerating people breaking other rules :)10:56
KyleKno, someones been linking the master mirror10:56
KyleKand I linked the index.html and got banned :(10:56
rippsUbuntu.com still says "Coming Soon"10:56
BLimitzme too lmao10:56
zcat[1]I just updated, by all appearances I'm running hardy now10:56
BLimitzi'm actually downloading 8.04 final release right now10:56
zcat[1]where do I change the default player that starts when I insert a DVD?10:56
KyleKcheck under settings somewhere? ;)10:57
BLimitzlooks like there is either a admin or a bot banning who ever says that link10:57
zcat[1]used to be on removable drives and media.. but I can't find the option now10:57
rippsWill this channel be deleted once 8.04 is released?10:57
KyleKSeveas: so how long am I banned for?10:57
Symmetriaerrr BLimitz no, you are downloading what you *ASSUME* to be the final release, that doesnt mean it is10:57
nanonymeripps: Temporarily closed.10:57
SeveasKyleK, your aTheresNoEta? I unbanned that10:57
Laser87zcat[1]: system - applications - removable drives - or something like that (German ubuntu)10:57
zcat[1]ripps: this channel becomes for ibex I think.. eventually anyhow10:57
topyliripps: until there actually is an ubuntu+1 distribution to talk about10:58
BLimitzSymmentria; if it wasnt i wouldnt be banned for saying the link10:58
zcat[1]Laser87: yes, that's where it USED to be :(10:58
zcat[1]BLimitz: don't bet on it, I got banned last year for posting a completely fake (404) link10:59
Laser87zcat[1]: u r right - it changed in Hardy, just looked10:59
BLimitzi'm willing to bet it is, this is exactly what happened to me with 7.1010:59
rippsHas the TV Tuner HAL glitch been fixed yet?10:59
quentusrexwhat is going to happen to this channel when 8.04 is released?10:59
techno_freakaTheresNoETA, ahem ahem... welcome back10:59
KyleKdude scroll up10:59
zcat[1]probably have to dig through gconf-editor now...10:59
nanonymeAlso why is this channel's future suddendly such a big issue?11:00
KyleKquentusrex: you're asking what we're talking about11:00
=== chand is now known as chand[aw]
KyleKnanonyme: the elitism of being in +111:00
zcat[1]BLimitz: if you download from the master server, you're simply delaying the release for everyone else because the mirrors are updated slower11:00
quentusrexbut when does ibex chatter start? and hardy end?11:00
techno_freaknanonyme, may be he plans to take over this channel ;)11:00
KyleKnanonyme: if there was a +2 it'd be the thing11:00
nanonymequentusrex: It starts when the summits are done, probably.11:00
BLimitzwell kinda too late then, i'm done11:00
zcat[1]When will Intreped Beta1 be released? :)11:01
BLimitzdidnt know it worked like that tho11:01
KyleKoh it'll be called ibex? good I dont have to guess at the name any more11:01
rippsquentusrex: When betas for Ibex pop up11:01
zcat[1]Hardy's old already.. I wanna upgrade to Intrepid already!11:01
rippsI still wish they called it "Itchy Iquana"11:01
* techno_freak wonders why people start speaking about ibex beta when hardy itself is not out fully11:01
quentusrexgood point techno_freak11:02
hmullerI like Irate Iguana better11:02
hmullernot good marketing tho11:02
quentusrexindiginous iguana11:02
hmullerpersonally? no11:02
rippsI don't even know what an Ibex is11:02
zcat[1]So nobody knows how to change the default DVD player?11:03
zcat[1]some kind of lizard I think11:03
nanonymetechno_freak: Ubuntu community owns all #ubuntu* channels anyway, takeovers would make no sense.11:03
rippsAnd how do you pronounce it?11:03
quentusrexan ibex? i thought it was a bird11:03
Laser87zcat[1]: got it! now it's where u can handle the behavior of nautilus11:03
techno_freaknanonyme, that was j/k dude :)11:03
techno_freakripps, brave wild goat11:03
zcat[1]"a type of wild mountain goat with large recurved horns"11:04
zcat[1]yay wikipedia11:04
nanonymeYeah, assumed so. Just thought to mention Freenode staff would hand the channel right back. :)11:04
zcat[1]so basically it's a GNU11:04
techno_freakzcat[1], no :P11:04
zcat[1]well, no.. not really11:04
quentusrexnanonyme, that's not true about the ubuntu* channels11:05
* Laser87 should install an English ubuntu11:05
quentusrexthe ubuntu community may own all the important ones, and probably many more, but it doesn't own them all11:05
vltHello. I have downloaded the current RC iso. Is there any way to download some kind of diff/patch file to turn the RC iso into stable (when it's finally out) w/o downloading the whole new iso?11:05
zcat[1]vlt: no11:05
quentusrexvlt, why not just install the rc iso, and update from there?11:06
vltzcat[1]: ok11:06
nanonymequentusrex: They effectively own them all. You make a new #ubuntu-* channel, Freenode staff hands it to Ubuntu community ops.11:06
Laser87vlt: just upgrade11:06
techno_freakvlt, whole new iso? why not just upgrade?11:06
BLimitzinstall and upgrade it11:06
nanonymequentusrex: Whole #ubuntu* namespace is reserved.11:06
=== aTheresNoETA is now known as KyleK
quentusrexnanonyme, join #ubuntuquentusrex11:06
hmullerThe final release just gives you that feeling of 'freshness'11:06
Laser87zcat[1]: found the option to change your DVD player?11:06
vltYes, that would work, I know. I just wanted to know if there exists a way to to it ....11:07
hmullerupgrading from RC just leaves you feeling 'dirty'11:07
Laser87zcat[1]: now it's where u can handle the behavior of nautilus11:07
BLimitzhmuller: how so?11:07
zcat[1]vlt: take apart the ISO, update the changed packages, rebuild the ISO.... probably wouldn't work even11:07
mludihello, i got a strange problem that mount will not mount windows shares from a win2003server. message "error 5". also i read it is possible to use -t smbfs instead which is supposed to help, but for me it does not.11:07
WilbertAaah a fresh ubuntu for breakfast11:07
hmullerBLimitz: Your literalness is running a little high, there was a bit of humor in there somewhere =)11:08
zcat[1]Laser87: I think somewhere in gconf-editor .. just have to dig a little11:08
noble-is it recommended to backup your 7.10 before updating to 8.04?11:08
vltzcat[1]: Ok, thank you.11:08
zcat[1]I really hate this mad rush to remove all possible options from gnome.11:08
BLimitzhmuller: i guess so lol11:08
Laser87zcat[1]: please read what I wrote: now it's where u can handle the behavior of nautilus11:08
nanonymequentusrex: Would very possibly be closed per request.11:08
techno_freaki see a lot of entertainment in #ubuntu-release-party ;)11:08
zcat[1]Laser87: sorry, what is?11:09
KyleKnoble-: backups are good, even if its not for breaking your OS :)11:09
Laser87zcat[1]: go to nautilus, then preferences - there u find it11:09
noble-what's the best way to backup in ubuntu?11:09
WilbertLife is hard when u r waiting for the final release off Hardy11:09
zcat[1]aaah, thankyou!11:10
Laser87wanted to know it by myself *g*11:11
zcat[1]BUT only options are movie player, open folder, or nothing.. how to I change it to use vnc instead of default player?11:11
rippsSo, is the official release already available on the master server. So there just waiting for the mirrors to get it before calling it?11:11
KyleKwhats the rush?11:12
m0u5echeers for hardy release today in a few hours11:13
KyleKI'm running 8.04 already so I dont need the iso until I need a livecd11:13
m0u5eKyleK: I am also running 8.04, but today is the official release :)11:13
zcat[1]even preferred applications only has option for music, no option for preferred movie player11:13
zcat[1]this is bloody annoying, why does ubuntu keep hiding options from me!!11:14
rippsPreferred Movie Players: GMplayer, Totem-Xine, VLC11:14
zcat[1]I have less options and have to dig deeper to find them with every release!11:14
zcat[1]ripps: where?11:15
rippsI set it up indivually in Nautilus11:15
zcat[1]ripps: How do I make a DVD play in vlc now?11:15
slytherinzcat[1]: you mean play automatically?11:16
rippsMplayer for mp4,mkv,rm,dvd; Totem-Xine for WMV,AVI; VLC for whatever I can't get working with the rest11:16
zcat[1]And why do I even have to ask here? I thought ubuntu was aiming to make things more intuative. I know exactly where I would expect to find it.. and it's not there!!11:16
zcat[1]When I insert a DVD it plays in movie player.... The options I have are movie player, open as a data disk, or do nothing..... why can I not have it play in vlc on insertion?11:17
zcat[1]Where is that option hidden. WHY!!! is that option hidden?11:18
quentusrexany does gstreamer fail to properly play videos? It's just started recently. It plays them at 1/100th speed or something...11:18
slytherinripps: In my opinion totem works for everything except DVD (only partial support) and VCD.11:18
zcat[1]but I DO NOT WANT to use totem!!!!11:18
slytherinquentusrex: Someone was reporting similar problem here yesterday about mpg and mov. He was having intel 915 card11:18
quentusrexI have a nvidia card, very new11:18
rippsTotem-gsteamer = suck. Totem-xine = not suck.11:18
slytherinzcat[1]: Please do not use all caps. It indicates shouting and is considered bad manners.11:19
zcat[1]totem == do not want!!11:19
slytherinripps: in what sense totem-gsrteamer suck?11:19
ripps'cause gstreamer sucks with video11:19
zcat[1]slytherin: I am shouting. I am angry. I want the options to play a DVD in something other than totem BACK. The option used to be there, now it has gone.11:19
zcat[1]why do ubuntu developers keep taking options away from me?11:20
slytherinzcat[1]: Open your home folder, go to edit-?preferences->media11:20
rippsVLC should work well with DVD's11:20
zcat[1]options are "ask" or "open" or "do nothing" or "movie player" --- no other options, no choose my oen program11:21
zcat[1]slytherin: where is option for vlc?11:21
rippsYeah, why can't we choose our own apps in Nautius media preferences11:21
Fyl0nFUCK THAT!11:21
zcat[1]this is really bothering me..11:22
zcat[1]a lot11:22
zcat[1]Is there somewhere in gconf-editor that I can change this option?11:22
rippsNothing will be done automatically. You open VLC and File->Open Disc11:22
zcat[1]or anywhere?11:22
slytherinzcat[1]: file a bug, I can not help much as I don't use vlc. I just thought the option should be there11:23
zcat[1]Do I need to get the source and recompile nautilus just to get that option back?!!!11:23
zcat[1]slytherin: they will ignore me because it is not a bug, it is a deliberate decision to remove options and dumb the system down11:23
zcat[1]this really sucks11:24
slytherinzcat[1]: What the heck is that. Who told you it was deliberate decision? Do you have a link to any page that states that?11:24
zcat[1]slytherin: Every release I seem to have less and less options... I lost the ability to configure any of the screensavers about edgy or so...11:25
Laser87even if xmms is the standard audio player you cannot choose it when inserting an audio cd...11:26
slytherinzcat[1]: and do you think not telling anyone about problem is automatically going to solve it?11:26
zcat[1]Now I seem to have lost the ability to choose my preferred media player11:26
slytherinLaser87: xmms is not in hardy repositories anymore. So it is a different story11:26
zcat[1]I filed a bug about the screensavers not having any way of configuring the options, I was told that made things 'less confusing' for people11:26
ripps'less confusing' is the Gnome mantra11:27
slytherinzcat[1]: In my personal opinion, this is not the same for problem you are facing11:27
zcat[1]slytherin: I bet it is.. I bet this is a deliberate 'less confusing options' decision someone made for me11:28
Laser87slytherin: ok, but I use xmms under hardy11:28
HetaUmathere are not emerald themes on hardy ?11:28
rippsEven Linus Torvold agrees that Gnome is "dumbing down" a little too much11:28
slytherinLaser87: It must be a local package now.11:28
zcat[1]HetaUma: there are if you install and use emeraly11:28
peter_mehardy final bittorrent iso's are now in the air. :) Speeds > 1mb/s download. Nice! Guess the release will be imminent.11:29
slytherinzcat[1]: by the way, since you have installed vlc have you restarted nautilus?11:29
techno_freakzcat[1], there is a custom option in preferred applications for multimedia, what happens if you give vlc as the custom player?11:29
dystopianraypeter_me: where are the torrents?11:29
HetaUmazcat[1], did that but there are no themes? I should download themes one by one ?11:29
techno_freakslytherin, you have to give VLC as custom defined media player11:30
slytherinHetaUma: do you have emerald selected as window manager?11:30
Laser87slytherin: and the same is when totem is the standard music player11:30
zcat[1]slytherin: I have had vlc on here for a month...11:30
HetaUmaslytherin, yes but there are no themes to select from11:30
techno_freakzcat[1], i have VLC, it doesn't come in the list but it works for me with the custom settings11:30
Laser87techno_freak: u cannot define vlc is standard movie player11:30
zcat[1]techno_freak: 'custom' as in?11:31
slytherinHetaUma: I remember I could do it sometime back, but I don not have it installed as of now.11:31
zcat[1]I can play DVD's in vlc just fine.. I want vlc to be the player that starts automatically when I insert a DVD11:31
techno_freakzcat[1], in the preferred applications --> multimedia,there is a third option called custom and a text area to specify the command, give vlc in that11:31
HetaUmaslytherin, on 7.04 there was a packages called emerald-themes that had quite few themes. now there is no such package on hardy11:31
techno_freakslytherin, is HetaUma talking about themes in emerald?11:32
Laser87techno_freak: right, but you cannot seperate between audio and movie...11:32
slytherintechno_freak: yes11:32
HetaUmatechno_freak, yes11:32
techno_freakLaser87, ahh11:32
peter_metorrents can be found here: ftp://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/8.04  (but don't download the iso files, since they still need to be mirrored, so that would delay the release)11:32
techno_freakslytherin, emerald has a bug, even my previous external themes dont work, i have filed a bug11:33
peter_medystopianray: that was for you :)11:33
Laser87techno_freak: and still after changing you cannot make it, that vlc orn any other will start up when inserting a movie dvd11:33
dystopianraypeter_me: ah I already found a torrent anyway :p I'm seeding kubuntu now11:33
PainkillerI know that maybe this question has already been asked. But where can I get the 8.04 DVD?11:33
zcat[1]OIC: there's only 'multimedia' -- I can't choose different options for CD player and DVD player any more11:33
slytherinzcat[1]: I think you didn't understand it properly. Add vlc as third player and then use it in nautilus preferences.11:34
Fdisk93hardy 8.04 is on a few of the mirrors now11:35
Laser87slytherin: that does not work when inserting a movie dvd11:35
zcat[1]slytherin: hmmmm.. and this is more intuative? Yeah, I think I see how it works now... but it's really far from obvious to me!11:35
slytherinzcat[1]: yes, I agree on that. And that is the reason I told you to file a bug.11:36
quentusrexslytherin, I think I've found something about the video playing problem. It works fine after 30 minutes of just sitting on the hard drive...11:36
slytherinLaser87: Sorry, I am just trying to make sense of what techno_freak said. I have no idea if it works or not.11:36
zcat[1]slytherin: Nope... doesn't work that way..11:37
Laser87slytherin: *g* I tried it all in real time :-)11:37
aaron_right so on gutsy 64 bitand upgraded to hardy11:37
LaibschHi, congratulations for the imminent release.  I took the plunge and I dislike FF3 because a lot of the plugins I use don't work.  Going back to FF2 those plugins are there but I cannot enable them anymore.  Solution?11:38
aaron_cant get nvidia working11:38
zcat[1]slytherin: there are only three possible options, I've changed it to 'custom' and put vlc in the box (you can't 'add' more players, you can just have a 'custom' one as your default player for everything it seems) and it's still using totem11:38
aaron_even when the driver is in glx-new or just glx the hardware dealio doesnt even see em11:38
slytherinzcat[1]: can't help much11:38
zcat[1]so it is unintuative, limited, and broken as well...11:38
slytherinLaibsch: any screenshot?11:39
Laser87anyhow - have to leave11:39
zcat[1]why do they have to keep 'sixing' things that aren't broken in the first place?!!11:39
aaron_zcat[1], its a feature11:40
zcat[1]shut up limey11:40
aaron_wow wrong continent11:40
Laibschslytherin: I can make one, but I assume the description should be easier.  I have the relevant plugins greyed out in "tools - add ons".  clicking on enable does nothing.11:40
slytherinLaibsch: how did you launch FF2?11:40
LaibschGnome menu entry11:41
peabodyHow do I add software like Firefox 3 Beta using Adept?11:41
=== stefg_ is now known as stefg
Laibschslytherin: I believe that is calling "firefox-2 %u"11:41
rippsIn order to enable old extensions that don't work in FF3, install Nightly Tester Tools, and you can force already installed extensions to become compatible11:42
slytherinLaibsch: hmm, weird problem you have got. Any chance you are running both FF3 and FF2 simultaneously and using same profile?11:42
zcat[1]so why couldn't the just LEAVE the DVD / VCD / CD option in removable drives and media like it was?!!11:43
LaibschI don't think so.  But I'll log out and back in soon just to be sure.11:43
slytherinzcat[1]: This is community support channel. I doubt any of the developers are here to listen to your complaints11:43
Laibschslytherin: thanks for your help so far11:43
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
topylizcat[1]: bugs.launchpad.org is the correct address for such complaints11:44
topyliwith less caps and exclamations it might be taken more seriously too :)11:45
=== c_varun is now known as varun_
=== varun_ is now known as varun_c
vega--wonder why some mirrors don't keep the iso's hidden until the release11:46
zcat[1]topyli: try .net11:46
topyliyeah even better :)11:47
zcat[1]filing a bug, I'll probably get told it's a deliberate feature again.. I am only one more 'feature' away from switching to kde :(11:47
Painkillerhow long do we have to wait till we can get our hands in the DVD iso?11:47
Fazerif you download iso before official release announcement, you may end up with broken image11:47
CameronFazer: I find that hard to believe.. you would more likely end up with an old image.11:48
topylizcat[1]: of course it's deliberate, they didn't change by accident. you can try to convince them it was a bad desicion though11:48
vega--Fazer: don't think so11:49
slytherinCameron: vega--: What is Fazer said is correct. Ususally the mirrors are synced using rsync. So before official announcement you are likely to end up with broken image11:50
SiropelHardy Heroin Rulz!11:51
Laser87zcat[1]: workaround: add to panel something like vlc /media/dvdrecorder - so it's just one mouseclick11:51
Cameronslytherin: well that is a pretty crappy way to update the mirrors.. they should rsync to a private or hidden folder, then switch folders over so that its not possible to download a partial image11:51
inf_I'm having a few probs with the upgrade, diff probs on two dif machines... sigh11:52
vega--Cameron: exactly11:52
slytherinCameron: I might be wrong in my understanding how it works. Anyway i don't make the decision.11:52
Fazerhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=763394 - I saw a link posted on a blog post / forum thread to a page under the cdimage.ubuntu.com domain where the release ISO seems to be available, and/or a wiki page with links, and/or a page on the Ubuntu website that announces the release. Does that mean that 8.04 has been released?11:53
FazerNot necessarily. The disk images may be visible on the website a certain time before release; that doesn't mean they're up to date and safe to download. Certain pages on the Ubuntu website can be put online a while before release for testing, passing on to the news media or other purposes; that doesn't necessarily mean the release is out.11:53
FazerThe "green light" you should be waiting for is the release announcement (see the above question).11:53
vega--anyway, md5sums are there, so it's pretty easy to check if the iso is ok11:53
inf_one is hopefully simple. firefox3 doesn't pick up any of my bookmarks / settings. and if I open up 'addons' it crashes11:53
inf_i installed firefox-2 but I just get a segmenation fault when I start it11:53
Cameronis it possible to use rsync to download the images ?  if so, you can just re-try the download later to get the last few bytes :)11:54
slytherininf_: I think you have got broken/partial upgrade11:54
vega--Cameron: that depends on the site, very few provide rsync nowadays i think11:54
inf_shouldn't have tried to cheat11:54
vega--the iso image i downloaded seems to be just fine according to md5sum11:54
slytherinCameron: I heard you can do it. Never tried it though. I usually use jigdo for alternate CD images. It should also work for DVD images.11:55
inf_changed all the 'gutsy' references to 'hardy' and did and apt-get dist-upgrade11:55
Cameronslytherin: i've never tried jigdo11:55
vega--inf_: it is recommended to use the update manager instead of the command line11:55
slytherininf_: you first did apt-get update right?11:55
inf_yeh I did11:55
rippsinf_: update-manager -d, USE IT11:55
slytherininf_ and have you restarted since upgrade to hardy?11:55
inf_I didn't realise it would cause problems11:56
inf_yes multiple times ;)11:56
ch_anyone else noticed that releases.ubuntu.com has now updated and is not saying "release candidate" any more?11:56
stdindoesn't mean it's official yet11:56
mvoinf_: if you ran the gui upgrade and it gave you problems, please report a bug and attach the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade to the report11:57
Cameronslytherin: where can you get the jigdo cd image urls for ubuntu from ?11:57
slytherinCameron: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily/current/11:57
=== chand[aw] is now known as chand
slytherinCameron: the command is 'jigdo-lite url.jigdo'11:57
inf_on my other box I did this same, and for some reason it's failing to mount my home dir and won't log in11:58
Cameronslytherin: I don't have jigdo-lite .. and its not in the repo11:58
inf_i've used a knoppix live cd to check the data and it's all there!11:58
mvoinf_: please report a bug and attach the logs of the upgrade11:58
vega--inf_: is your /home a separate partition?11:58
slytherinCameron: jigdo-lite is command, the package is jigdo-file11:59
slytherinCameron: it will then download the template, you can use packages from existing image which is mounted somewhere and from /var/cache/apt/archive and then specify mirror to download remaining packages.11:59
Cameronslytherin: nice12:00
slytherinCameron: Please note that it is alternate CD iso. The one with text installer and which can be used for upgrades. Desktop CD (Live + GUI installer) isos don't have jigdo downloads.12:01
zappyhello everybody12:01
inf_vega--, yes it is12:01
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.12:01
Cameronslytherin: that's cool.. I need the alternative.. I use lvm12:01
Fdisk93is there a way to make ubuntu use the rt kernal like ubuntustudio ?12:01
zappyive a question12:02
scizzo-zappy: just ask12:02
zappyok ty12:02
scizzo-zappy: dont ask to ask...just ask12:02
zappyi logged on the ubuntu room12:03
zappynot this12:03
zappyand asked12:03
rippsI'm using the rt kernel right now12:03
zappywhen the new ubuntu will be released12:03
rippsjust install linux-image-rt12:03
zappyand a man qnswer me12:03
zappyto ceck aut an12:03
zappyto check out an12:03
zappyftp site12:03
scizzo-zappy: read what ubotu said before12:03
zappy:( sorry12:04
zappyhowever...i checked out that website...and there are all the ubuntu version...12:04
zappyalso the new release...the 8.04 both the server and the desktop12:04
b13what is the GMT at Howland Island?12:04
zappyfor amd and intel12:05
scizzo-zappy: what exactly is the question?12:05
zappycon i download it?12:05
zappycan i donwload it?12:05
scizzo-zappy: yes....why not?12:05
inf_so I guess my safest bet will be to wait until it hits the update-manager and see how much it fixes everything12:05
peabodyHow do I add software like Firefox 3 Beta using Adept?12:06
zappymaybe 'coz the 8.04 isn't been released officialy12:06
inf_on the other box if I can't get network up, I use the alternative install CD? will the normal iso do upgrades?12:06
b13what is the GMT at Howland Island?12:06
prateekGMT is the same everywhere.12:06
Wilbertdownloading release now :)12:07
zcat[1]ok, I have filed bugs on both the 'default dvd player' and 'screensavers have no options' bugs, lets see what happens..12:07
b13comon you know what i mean12:07
mvoinf_: the alternative CD will support upgrading12:07
inf_Current local time in Baker Island : Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008 11:07 PM12:07
vega--b13: -12h :)12:07
mindframehow can i get my dell d520 to properly display its native resolution (1400x1050)?  Whenever I set it to that parts of the desktop are cut off.12:07
inf_I think they're implying patience ;)12:07
b13and i'm in +212:07
rippszcat[1]: what's the link?12:07
destinraynhi there12:08
zcat[1]https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/221331 is one..12:08
destinrayni just wanted to ask, if 8.04 has been delayed or if the "new" countdown picture just means that it will be released in less than a day12:08
zcat[1]https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/221330 is hte other12:08
zappy@destinrayn...in less than a day12:09
zcat[1]and I'm sure they only changed that recently too ...12:09
destinraynoh cool, thanks12:10
destinraynso maybe i've got something to do tonight :)12:11
noipDoes anyone have the link to the hardy RC kubuntu KDE4 version? All sites seems to have crashed... :(12:11
noipOh, 64 version12:11
noipAnd I mean the torrent...12:11
destinraynthank you, bye12:11
immesysis it out?12:13
ripps!isitout | immesys12:13
rippswhere's ubuto?12:14
blabloblawhy is it taking them so long ?! :(12:14
scizzo-ripps: connection reset by peer12:14
immesysit is taking long...12:14
blabloblathey should have said on the 25th ...12:14
scizzo-the day is not over yet......there is no official release done yet....the release will be out before 23:59:59 tonight12:14
noipwhich time zone?12:15
immesysIs that GMT ?12:15
coz_i am noticing that gedit opens and saves very slowly  anyone else experience this?12:15
vega--blablobla: yea, and then on 00:01 on the 25th you'd be here whining "where is it"12:15
aguitelfinal is over !!!!!!!!12:15
aguitelsee that :http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12:15
stdinno, it's not12:16
blabloblathats not official12:16
immesysyeah.. actually it looks like it is out!!!12:16
blabloblau can download, but its not official12:16
stdinlies all LIES12:16
immesyswhat does that mean?12:16
blabloblaread this12:16
roemerit means you can get an corrupted iso12:17
aguitelstdin: what is the official download site ?12:17
blabloblaI saw a link posted on a blog post / forum thread to a page under the cdimage.ubuntu.com domain where the release ISO seems to be available, and/or a wiki page with links, and/or a page on the Ubuntu website that announces the release. Does that mean that 8.04 has been released?12:17
vega--it's really silly that iso's looking real start appearing here and there, they should be hidden12:17
stdin!ops | link spam12:17
pengo"(21:12:02) cjwatson: kahrytan: generally we remove the "rc" bit in the relevant scripts shortly after the release candidate, and there's a week's gap in there"12:17
kahrytanpengo->  i heard.12:18
aguitelwhat cersion from firefox come with hardy final ?12:18
AmaranthNo links!12:18
pengokahrytan: sorry was for others' benefit12:18
Amaranthstdin: bang bang :)12:19
zcat[1]1591 users on #ubuntu .. highest I've seen, I think12:19
Laser87aguitel: 2 and 312:19
thoreauputiczcat[1]: hit over 1600 last release12:19
thoreauputiczcat[1]: It will again of course12:19
mindframehow do i configure a 2nd monitor in hardy?12:20
coz_mindframe, nvidia?12:20
tjelvarhardy released yet?12:21
coz_mindframe, oh darn I am not efficient with intel sorry12:21
immesystjelvar: people get shot for asking that :)12:21
b13i haven't died yet12:21
thoreauputicb13: that can be arranged :)12:22
Laser87b13: feel dead!12:22
tjelvarhaha! Just having problem with patience...12:22
b13come and kill me if you dare :D12:22
thoreauputicb13: You are tempting me - but I'm too mature to react ;p12:23
immesysThere are iso's available... I don't know what unofficial officially means.. will the official iso even be different?12:23
blabloblait will be the "true" hardy12:23
immesysblablobla: so the iso there now isn't an RC iso, but its still not a "true" iso?12:24
thoreauputicimmesys: there still can be bits flying around until the official announcement12:24
immesysthoreauputic: if I install from that iso, and I update/upgrade, shouldn't I technically have the same outcome?12:24
vega--well one could download now and then check from the MD5SUMS file after release12:25
vega--if it matches all should be well12:25
thoreauputicimmesys: well of course - I have been on hardy since alpha, and I update, so I will have the full version, for example12:25
vega--if not, safer to re-download12:25
zcat[1]bah, it should be released by the time I get up in the morning.. gnight all12:25
thoreauputicimmesys: that's how it works12:25
b13zcat[1: :(12:26
immesysthoreauputic: okay, I stopped upgrading between dists after 5.04, I had major issues and decided to just reformat from then on12:26
immesyscall me weak12:26
TooEZthe list of official mirrors has changed in the last few minutes too12:27
Cameronimmesys: I always do a clean install too12:27
thoreauputicimmesys:  it's usually because you have "non-standard" stuff that upgrades fail between releases12:27
thoreauputicimmesys: I only reinstall if I know that I have taken risks with 3rd party stuff12:28
immesysthoreauputic: yeah, which is why I don't blame developers. My systems are always full of 3rd party stuff12:28
thoreauputicimmesys: even then, it's usually possible to fix if you know how12:28
b13god, i soooo need that new clock thing in the new gnome~! it will help me to wait to 8.1012:28
thoreauputicimmesys: it just becomes more hassle though12:29
blabloblaok... i guess tommorow it will be released 100% ...12:29
immesysdo more people use kubuntu or ubuntu ? And how many people will be going for the new KDE version?12:29
thoreauputicimmesys: almost certainly more use ubuntu12:29
blabloblaI use both ...12:29
blabloblaeach on a pc12:29
cornewhere is 8.10?12:29
blabloblaits hiding12:29
immesysthoreauputic: I normally use ubuntu, but the new kubuntu with the new kde just looks so SHINY...12:30
thoreauputicimmesys: mainly for historical reasons, and because that's the focus of the distro12:30
noipcorne> I guess it will be out in about 6 moths12:30
* ripps is getting kinda bored....12:31
Assidseriously people.. if you really wanna download.. use the torrents12:31
immesysI think I'll write a script to check when the md5 of the iso changes, and make it download it for me... I've killed like half of today sitting and waiting for this12:32
rippsnobody here is asking for help, just asking when the dang release is. Goto #ubuntu-release-party12:32
corneit was a joke, but not funny12:32
immesysooh... there's a release party!12:32
b13immesys: good idea12:32
b13go for it12:32
ubotuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Hardy release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseParties12:32
inf_don't suppose there's an RSS feed with release info?12:33
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.12:33
rippsAh... I missed ubotu12:33
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!12:34
thoreauputicinf_: the announcement will be mailed to ubuntu-announce12:34
thoreauputicmailing list12:34
b13but when12:35
Milos_SDHi all... does anybody got 64bit of Hardy installed? I what doesn't work out-of-the-box? Can wine be compiled?12:36
rskMilos_SD: there's instructions on howto compile 64bit wine on the wine wiki12:37
Milos_SDdoes VirtualBox, flash, java, cedega works?12:37
b13hey, the isos are with no RC in their name already, is it ok to download?12:37
vega--b13: read the backlog, this was just discussed12:38
Steeleydon't risk it till the official announcement is made12:38
vega--b13: in short: no12:38
b13what about torrents?12:39
* Akari quietly sits in a corner waiting for 8.04 \(^.^)/12:39
stdindon't download anything until the official release12:40
kahrytanAkari->  me too12:40
globi202who s not?12:40
b13i hope it comes soon12:40
inf_and then watch your d/l clock 2.1kbs ;)12:40
kahrytanIf Im not getting 300k/s then I dont want to download it.12:41
* Akari sighes continuously, reading Hardy Heron reports on the net12:41
ethana2every little thing is all over digg12:41
ethana2heads up, influx of Diggers12:41
ethana2interpret that warning how you will12:42
AkariI'd download Heron even at 7kb/sec :-)12:42
Piciethana2: 'great' -_-12:42
ethana2Man, this is like12:42
stdinit's not been released yet, you could be downloading a bad image12:42
ethana2the most hyped up OS release in history12:42
kahrytanAkari->  I dont need it... RC'ed. I just want to seed it12:42
hanumankatuwalethana2: true true hyped for sure12:42
hanumankatuwali will probably deliver its promises as well12:43
ethana2All the windows and mac users see all the excited ubuntu users12:43
hanumankatuwalive been on RC and it rocks already :D yeppie12:43
ethana2its contagious12:43
hanumankatuwalwhats the preferred method to update a Hardy beta to Official Release?12:43
Pici!final | hanumankatuwal12:43
ubotuhanumankatuwal: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:43
Laibschis #ubuntu-release-party overloaded?12:44
Amaranthcan't wait to close this channel :)12:44
PiciLaibsch: overloaded? no12:44
LaibschI cannot get in and I want to join the fun ;-)12:44
Amaranthget all the knowledge into #ubuntu12:44
ethana2this channel will turn into Intrepid planning, right?12:44
AkariI got BTD on my webserver so I can seed with 100 mbit speed :)12:44
hanumankatuwalPici: thanks!! thats cool butw i think sudo aptitude safe-upgrade?12:44
ethana2...'cause I'm still going to want to hang out here12:44
Picihanumankatuwal: No.12:44
hanumankatuwalPici whats the difference?12:44
ethana2http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/   very nice12:45
AkariYay release party?12:45
hanumankatuwalwe're having release party after a week12:46
hanumankatuwalwhat about u guys?12:46
oniis it up yet?12:46
__max_Im sure this question has been asked quite a few times but i only have 3 pages backlog ;p what time is 8.04 gona be released? were at work waiting to install it on several pc's :p12:47
Pici__max_: no specific time12:48
oniYeah, sorry for asking but I only just connected and am fed up of pressing F5 on ubuntu forums12:48
b13no one knows12:48
ubotuRemember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.12:48
hanumankatuwalthe #ubuntu-repease-party says http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/12:48
hanumankatuwalThe release gets delayed by 2 hours each time someone asks when it's out12:48
hanumankatuwalpatience guys!!12:48
hanumankatuwali hope the asians mirror have the iso12:48
kahrytanI think Xubuntu deserves to be Shipit'ized.12:49
hanumankatuwalelse its gonna be very slow12:49
AkariPatience? Today?!?12:49
hanumankatuwalAkari, yeah till the last minute12:49
__max_iv honestly never seen so many people make such a big deal out of any other linux distro release ;)12:49
hanumankatuwalcoz we'll need all the enrgy to download the iso12:49
__max_this just shows how huge ubuntu really is.12:49
hanumankatuwalonce its out12:49
OllianderHey folks.12:49
hanumankatuwalOlliander: not released yet12:49
kahrytan__max_-> and you just not figured that out12:49
OllianderI know, hanumankatuwal: Thx.12:50
bullgard4Where can I download all Hardy GNOME source code files in a single process?12:50
__max_no, im just bored.12:50
oniI recon it will be released at 1:00 BST [GMT+1] Because then All of the world will be on the 24th april12:50
hanumankatuwalOlliander: coz everyones asking it kidding12:50
oni12:59 even12:50
b13the internet will die like it did in south park12:50
OllianderSame here at #ubuntu-de ... ^^12:50
digitalPhonixitll be released when all the mirrors have synced, the US mirror still has the rc isos not the final release ones12:51
Assidwow.. im talktive12:51
b13how long can it take?12:51
PiciNo... theres not a set time...12:51
oniAre they releasing a DVD edition?12:52
hanumankatuwali remember waiting once for fedora iso to hit the servers, that day had the max online users on fedoraforums at a time12:52
immesysWhat exactly does the DVD have? Like a copy of the universe and multiversE?12:52
hanumankatuwalimmesys: selected ones12:52
topyliimmesys: multiverse cannot be distributed12:53
hanumankatuwalimmesys: main complete, no multiverse12:53
BoltClocksomebody remind me what the difference between the cd and dvd editions is...12:53
oniSo will there be a DVD version?12:53
immesysBoltClock: apparently inclusion of repositories12:53
marx2kI'll let you guys try out the 0-day upgrade release and then upgrade myself in a week after the final bugs are worked out12:54
BoltClockimmesys: hmmm...12:54
fizzleSo two atoms are walking down the street, and an electron falls off of one atom. He starts looking around on the ground for it. The other atom turns to him and says "What happened?" So the first atom says "I lost an electron!!!" The second says "Are you sure?" and the first says "I'm positive!"12:54
digitalPhonixfizzle: ...12:54
ethana2fizzle: it was hydrogen12:54
BoltClockfizzle: heard that before but still gives me lolz12:54
ethana2..but we don't want to go there12:54
marx2kfizzle, lovin' it12:54
OllianderHm. Am I the only one from Germany here? ^^12:55
immesysOlliander: I'm in troisdorf12:55
OllianderTroisdorf... Where's that?12:56
oniim in mianus12:56
immesysOlliander: near siegburg12:56
fizzleoni: >_>12:56
ethana2fizzle: lol12:56
oniMianus is a real place lol12:56
oniIn america12:56
immesysoni: lol12:56
ethana2another orlando resident....12:57
oniJackass went there12:57
bullgard4What is the proper place to store GNOME source code files in Hardy?12:57
oni in /dev/null12:57
ethana2I think one of the rules of Ubuntu is that nobody should have to compile anything12:58
karoogahi, anyone know what time 8.04 final goes live?12:58
ethana2..so most people here would probably not know12:58
digitalPhonixitll be released when all the mirrors have synced, the US mirror still has the rc isos not the final release ones12:58
ethana2harooga: nope12:58
dns53put them in /dev/random12:58
Ollianderkarooga: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2008-April/date.html12:58
kling0nhello... i have a devfs-related question: i have put a file in /etc/devfs/conf.d/ to handle the access rights of the kqemu device.. but it seems it doesn't "take"... can anyone give me a suggetion to fix?12:58
kling0ncontent of  /etc/devfs/conf.d/kqemu: REGISTER ^kqemu* PERMISSIONS root.admin  066012:58
void^kling0n: uh, devfs? are you using a 2.4 kernel?12:59
robertchahinehey there12:59
kling0nvoid^: nopes... hardy standard12:59
void^kling0n: look into udev then.13:00
kling0nvoid^: might have my options confused a bit though... am i supposed to use soemthing else?13:00
robertchahinedoes anybody when the hardy will be released (on GMT)?13:00
oniType :(){:|:&};: into terminal for epic lulz13:00
digitalPhonixrobertchahine, itll be released when all the mirrors have synced, the US mirror still has the rc isos not the final release ones13:00
robertchahineaha, ok13:00
robertchahinethanks man13:00
robertchahinebeacause there's people who's said that on ubuntu.com it's appearing it's released13:01
void^oni: did you fall for that old trick?13:01
oniNo I saw it on Ubuntuforums13:01
robertchahinesure no13:01
oniunder malisious commands13:01
onihowever you spel it13:01
digitalPhonixrobertchahine, it is on the french ubuntu mirror13:01
ConstyXIVhas anyone else had a problem where your machine won'13:02
robertchahinei don't think it's right13:02
=== oni is now known as oni_voide
karoogaolliander + ethana2 + digitalPhonix: looks like the ZA mirror already has it.13:02
ConstyXIVt hold volume between reboots?13:02
Ollianderkarooga: Yes, but it's still not announced yet.13:02
digitalPhonixa number of mirrors have it, although the US one still doesnt13:02
Khamaelif I do an update through the update manager, will hardy replace the old sound system with pulseaudio atomatically?13:02
PiciThe release has not been made yet.13:02
ethana213:02 in London now13:02
PiciPlease do not pots links13:02
ConstyXIVKhamael, that's sorta the idea13:03
Picipost either13:03
ethana2dude, I'm up at 4:0313:03
ethana2I'm in Alaska13:03
kling0nvoid^: thanks.. that fixed it13:04
xoxarleSince some mirrors already have the final release, does anyone have the md5 sum of the ISO?13:04
kling0nmight be worth including a ruleset in the kqemu package13:05
digitalPhonix7d0ac92c56361949d099dd9337c975e7 *ubuntu-8.04-alternate-amd64.iso13:05
digitalPhonix166991d61e7c79a452b604f0d25d07f9 *ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso13:05
digitalPhonixfc43f665ba51c4be0d95c011aefef45d *ubuntu-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso13:05
digitalPhonix8895167a794c5d8dedcc312fc62f1f1f *ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso13:05
digitalPhonix8a73cf85b04f37d5d91fb436525ea395 *ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso13:05
digitalPhonixc3162b21757746c64a0a22cdd060b164 *ubuntu-8.04-server-i386.iso13:05
digitalPhonixcdd32124f23b455b0aa22cc3ff35ff35 *wubi.exe13:05
ikoniajust wait until it's released13:05
ikoniastop trying to get something early on on the second of release13:05
xoxarledigital: Thanks, these are the final versions - not the release candidate?13:05
ethana2ikonia: I alpha tested ;)13:05
ikoniaclam down and wait for announcments or you'll get teh wrong thing and come crying in here13:05
ikoniaethana2 so ??13:05
BonezAUDoes anyone know when Hardy will be released? a link to a webpage with a countdown timer or something? I am in Australia and not sure what time of day it actually goes live...13:05
oni_voideI alpha 1 tested13:06
ubotuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Hardy release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseParties13:06
ethana2so breakage was very common13:06
ethana2I thought i was getting ahead on things13:06
ethana2then came libc613:06
ethana2patience pays13:06
vega--!isitout | BonezAU13:06
ubotuBonezAU: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.13:06
digitalPhonixBonezAU, itll be released when all the mirrors have synced, the US mirror still has the rc isos not the final release ones13:06
AlanIs there a way to stop Xorg 7.3 detecting my mouse correctly?13:06
stdindigitalPhonix: there are NO official ones, DO NOT post any more13:06
AlanI *liked* the way it wrapped around the button mappings13:06
digitalPhonixAlan: Stop detecting?13:06
AlanAnd i really want the side button to be a middle mouse button...13:07
b13what about the torrent download?13:07
AkariThe release candidates said "RC" in the name didn't they?13:07
Siropelhelp, ubuntu stopped detecting my middle finger!13:07
AlanBut now it configures the side buttons as "back" and "forward" (like they technically should)13:07
coz_well I got java working fine on hardy now   any news about wacom tablet driver autodetection?13:07
stdinthere are no official ISO or torrents13:07
stdinat all13:07
kling0nAlan: you could probably use a ButtonMapping option in your xorg.conf13:07
=== noble- is now known as artenius
AkariIsn't all files on releases.ubuntu.com considered an "official release?"13:08
BonezAUvega--: where the hell is bker and howard islands?13:08
vega--BonezAU: -12 gmt13:08
stdinuntil the announcement they can change13:08
b13why not13:08
AkariOK I'll take the inofficial iso then :-)13:08
OllianderAkari: Don't do so... Could be broken. ;)13:08
marx2kWow I hope Sun finishes fully opening Java for the next release of Ubuntu13:09
marx2khaving an installed JVM on a fresh distro would be real nice13:09
AkariThey have uploaded 6 full ISO cd's it's at least a bit unlikely it'll change anytime soon. They can fix many problems with the online update.13:09
ethana2I hope adobe opens flash13:10
AkariOne more advantage over Windoze - you can install Ubuntu and download the updates without catching a bunch of viruses just because you're online.13:10
ethana2moonlight from one side, open java from the other.....13:10
Alankling0n, thanks, i'll give that a try13:10
oni_voideUbuntu released!!!!13:10
marx2kI can live without flash, but I want mass-adoption of Java13:10
AlanArgh! what the hell has happened to vim?13:10
Lunar_LampI'm havingt issues with using 802.1x wired encryption - my speeds seem to be insanely slow.13:10
Alandoesn't recognise things like "let" in the .vimrc any more?13:10
Alanbut it's the same damn version as on gutsy....13:11
vega--Alan: you have vim-tiny or something installed instead of vim-full?13:11
Alanwhat got broken?13:11
marx2kwired encryption?13:11
Alanvega--, i have vim-gnome, and the default vim13:11
Alanvega--, which used to be correct on gutsy13:11
marx2kI can't believe the XO OLPC project is considering Windows :(13:11
vega--hm, dunno then13:11
Alanbut yes, now there is vim-tiny instead13:11
Alanwhat the ...13:12
vega--thought so :)13:12
kling0nAlan: if you install vim-full you'll have all the good stuff13:12
Alanhow many more things are broken in Hardy?13:12
Alankling0n, why is that not there by default?13:12
kling0nno clue13:12
marx2kAlan: like I said, I'll let you guy do the early adoption :D13:12
scizzo-its ok to say that: sudo do-release-upgrade --devel-upgrade worked on a server without problem right?13:12
kling0ni guess if people are able to use vim, they are generally able to select the package they want :)13:12
kling0nAlan: probably part of the base package for servers though13:13
Alankling0n, even so... vim isn't that big...13:13
scizzo-Alan: I installed vim, vim-runtime, vim-common to get it all instead of vim-full13:14
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Camerondoes hardy fix back/forward navigation with mouse side buttons ?13:14
MimiHi, if I have my ubuntu install as partitions: /, /home, can I just erase / and stick hardy there, so as to keep my user settings?13:17
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
vega--Mimi: yes13:17
ccookedidn't I hear that Hardy was supposed to do that automatically?13:17
MimiThanks vega13:18
vega--Mimi: you don't need to erase before, just start installer and follow it13:18
nosrednaekimMimi: make sure you mount /home as /home though13:18
MimiOh ok, that's the thing vega, I wasnt sure, "Can I tell it to go ahead and use but not format my /home? Will it think "oh ok i need to create a new user Mimi... I'll erase Mimi's folder!" "13:18
Turskiis there anywhere kubuntu cd labels available?13:18
vega--Mimi: dunno, it might create a new user but it certainly won't erase the old user unless you format /home13:19
MimiAlright that's good :-)13:19
infI've upgraded to the RC and my /tmp has shrunk to 1mb!? Anyone have any idea why that might be?13:21
AkariSetup cleaned up your junk?13:21
corneits out13:21
Seveas<slangasek> ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make13:22
Seveas<slangasek> I'm now going to bed13:22
Seveas<slangasek> because Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has been released :-)13:22
SeveasIT IS OUT !13:22
ubotuThe answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.13:22
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy is out!
negge^just as I checked:D13:23
kbrooksUbuntu 8.04 is out.13:23
Seveas!no isitout is <reply> YES IT IS OUT!13:23
OllianderSo folks... Have fun. ^^13:23
Seveas!no isitout is <reply> YES IT IS OUT!13:23
ubotuI'll remember that Seveas13:23
kbrooksGo oover to #ubuntu guys!13:23
topylithere we go13:23
kbrooksand crash the channel!13:23
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Hardy is out It's out, please use the torrents | https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2008-April/000111.html | http://releases.ubuntu.com/hardy/ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent
AkariThey kicked me from #ubuntu-release-party for downloading; obviously we have to wait until all mirrors got the files?13:23
topyliSeveas: turn off the lights after we all leave the channel :)13:23
Seveastime to head over to #ubuntu guys13:24
AmaranthWas just getting ready to ask about that :)13:24
Seveasthere is currently no +1, see you all when interpid opens13:24
* Amaranth waves13:24
AmaranthThis is always painful13:24
AmaranthSeveas: No clear?13:25
Seveasnot yet13:25
Seveasgive people a chance to leave :)13:25
SeveasAmaranth, oh, and I'll use /kick instead of remove -- autojoin works better that way :)13:26
Amaranthah, right13:26
* stdin parts +1 until the Intrepid dev cycle :)13:33
Seveashey, don't spoil my fun!14:35
Amaranthstupid chanserv.py :P14:39
Seveasdon't kick the bots kthxbye :)14:40
Seveasnalioth, Dave2 switch of the lights when you leave14:40
SeveasAmaranth, get the fuck out!14:41
Amaranthchanserv.py :)14:41
Amaranthbut it's so exclusive14:41
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex14:43
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the home of the Intrepid Ibex! | Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex | Intrepid Ibex is pre-alpha software. Do NOT use it if you don't know how to fix breakages
naliothSeveas: you can sweep the cobwebs off of us when you come back next season  :)14:45
Seveas@config list plugins.encyclopedia14:46
ubotu#database, #prefixchar, #searchorder, alert, aptdir, datadir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel14:46
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.packagelookup14:46
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder14:46
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder hardy14:46

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