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DanaGEek, old double-orange Heron!03:44
* DanaG pokes the air and hopes somebody notices... but doesn't 'poke' any one specific person.03:45
DanaGs/pokes/waves his arms in/03:45
_MMA_Oh give it a rest. It really doesn't matter.03:45
DanaGI won't see that page myself, anyway.03:46
DanaGI use about:blank03:46
DanaGI'm already wondering what Intrepid will have... but perhaps it's way too early.03:46
DanaGYup, way early.03:47
DanaG"Intrepid" makes me think of cars.03:47
Cimikwwii, where's scott on irc?10:53
kwwiiCimi: keybuk is his nick12:55
cody-somervilleCan someone make Xubuntu a release banner please please please? :)12:58
* cody-somerville pokes troy_s.13:03
kwwiilol, the heron also made it to the front page of the store!13:03
_MMA_kwwii: Is that the shirt their gonna have at UDS?13:36
kwwii_MMA_: no idea, I thought they were only making them for UDS until I saw that you can buy them13:43
kwwiihi KevinTW14:04
KevinTWhi kwwii14:04
kwwiicody-somerville: did you find someone to make your banner?14:04
cody-somervilleI used a draft banner14:04
cody-somervillekwwii, But if you could whip something up for us, it would be greatly appreciated :)14:04
kwwiicody-somerville: not sure exactly what you want/need or where it will go14:13
kwwiicody-somerville: but if you have nothing else I can take a whack at something14:14
cody-somervilleThis is what we had for gutsy: http://www.xubuntu.org/files/gutsy_is_here.png14:21
kwwiicody-somerville: ok, so did you have something in mind?14:24
cody-somervilleNot really :)14:27
_MMA_pfftt... Typical.14:27
_MMA_"I can't give any input up front. Only after work is put into it to say I don't like it. " :P14:28
_MMA_All, after-the-fact and shit. ;)14:29
DanaGIs that a rule, or an observation?  I can't tell.14:45
DanaGAnd who says that?14:47
DanaGOh yeah, who's the supplier for that shirt?14:47
DanaGSome places I've seen don't offer designs that big.14:47
kwwiicody-somerville: do you have a screenshot of the desktop I could use for that pic?14:48
kwwiiboah, inkscape just died on me :p15:12
savvasbe sure to get rid of the corpse :p15:19
savvasanyway, as that fellow henrik omma said in a bug report of mine, they won't use anything above 0.46 for inkscape :\15:21
kwwiibecause that is the supported version in the archive I guess15:22
savvasprobably, but I had a problem importing the gnu svg from wikipedia :P it came out black hehe15:22
savvasoh well, intrepid is just 6 months away hehe15:23
_MMA_savvas: Use Inkscape from the testers PPA. or build from source. SVN is real easy.15:26
savvas_MMA_: one step at a time :P I'm just a bit afraid to tinker with the source :)15:30
savvasI'll enjoy my working release for now, until june/july when i finish biochemistry and physiology exams15:31
_MMA_savvas: Ill post instructions somewhere. It's really shit simple.15:35
savvas_MMA_: please do! I'll read it, I always have some spare time to make things better:)) just highlight me and point me to a link if you do so15:40
kwwiicody-somerville: http://sinecera.de/xubuntu_ken.png15:55
kwwiicody-somerville: just something I made quickly, no worries if you don't use it15:55
kwwiihttp://sinecera.de/xubuntu_ken.svg if you want to tweak it or whatever15:56
cody-somervillekwwii, thanks :)16:09
kwwiilol, check this out16:27
* _MMA_ looks16:28
_MMA_People have dirty minds. :P16:30
oskudehi, i cant send any messages to ubuntu-art list, nor can i unsubscribe with the mailman interface (it just doesnt work)... can i unsubscribe from the list using email ?17:53
kwwiioskude: although I am not positive, I think you can just put unsubscribe in the subject or such17:57
oskudekwwii, hmm, on the other lists its normally another email address, but i'll try17:58
kwwiiyeah, might be17:58
kwwiido your emails get rejected from the list?17:58
kwwiior do they just not come through?17:58
oskudekwwii, atleast i didnt get any error (that i know of)17:59
kwwiimy guess is that the servers are really slow atm due to all the people downloading hardy, accesing the web page, etc17:59
oskudei send my message at Thu, 17 Apr 2008 19:15:46 +020018:00
oskudekwwii, ah, i see your the admin of ubuntu-art ?18:00
kwwiioskude: yepp18:01
oskudekwwii, if you have access to the logs, you could check what happened to that email, titled "unsubscribe broke ?" from andre at osku dot de18:01
kwwiioskude: it does not look like you are subscribed to the list18:04
kwwiithat email adress is not subscribed at least18:04
oskudekwwii, hmm, i still get emails from there, even today, ill check18:04
oskudekwwii, hmm, i tried other emails that i have (but i normally use only that) cant login with anything (assuming my password is correct)... can you look if any account from osku.de is subscribed ? (no need to say which, i dont have so many)18:11
* oskude goes play... xchat log is on ;)18:32
troy_scody-somerville: When do you need it?19:01
cody-somervilletroy_s, kwwii already produced something19:01
cody-somervilletroy_s, But if you want to create something, I can put it up too19:01
troy_scody-somerville: Ok great.19:01
troy_scody-somerville: Sorry I was in bed.19:01
savvaskwwii: how about this for a p2p icon? :) http://savvas.radevic.com/previews/bittorrent-icon/p2p.svg19:29
savvasor something around that idea19:29
_MMA_savvas: I would personally try to go a little more realistic and less like Tango. Human has a bit more realism. I'd go for that.19:37
_MMA_kwwii: Which reminds me. Human needs a base image to use for mimetypes.19:37
_MMA_Text file kinda backgrounds.19:37
savvashm.. _MMA_ you mean change the colours?19:38
_MMA_The style.19:38
_MMA_The thick outline is too Tango.19:38
savvasyou're right I guess, I should propose it to the tango team haha19:39
_MMA_Oh... There are OO.o images in Human we could use.19:40
savvaswell I tried to propose this one for gnome-icon-theme for application/x-bittorrent: http://savvas.radevic.com/previews/bittorrent-icon/bittorrent.svg19:40
savvasbut i ended up finding out that the mime type was from the freedesktop package :\19:40
savvasplus, they didn't like it, the globe was a cliche they were trying to avoid heh19:41
* thorwil subscribes to brainstorm ml20:31
DanaGDang, that stretches-only-from-left issue sucks.22:59
_MMA_DanaG: Just happened recently. Bug filed. It will be taken care of.23:00
DanaGCool.  I figured that'd be so.23:00
DanaGHmm, for background color around non-fullscreen images... would it look good to take average of each edge and project outwards?23:01
DanaGKind of like the edge-illumination thing on some TVs.23:01

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