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bdmurrayoripi: hello01:09
oripiI want to join the BugSquad in a near future, but I have some questions01:10
bdmurrayokay, I might be able to help with those01:10
oripiok, thanks01:10
oripiI'm french, and my english isn't perfect... is it a big problem ?01:11
oripiI could have some problems to explain some things01:11
bdmurrayNo, I don't think so.  We have lots of members whose native language is not english.01:12
bdmurrayWe ocasionally get some bug reports in French too.01:12
oripian other question : When is the next Hugday ?01:13
oripion the wiki it says the 8 of april...01:13
bdmurrayI'll fix that it's actually Friday I think01:13
oripiok, cool !01:14
oripiSomebody should fix the date on this page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay01:14
bdmurrayright, I'm on it01:15
bdmurrayokay, fixed thanks for brining that up01:16
oripiand a last question : I don't have lots of time for doing BugHunting but I want to help, is it possible to do this only 8 to 10 hours per week ?01:17
bdmurrayThat'd be great!  We don't have a minimum contribution amount and every bit of help is valuable and welcome.01:19
oripiok, thanks a lot for answering my questions.01:20
bdmurrayNo problem will we see you on the 25th?01:20
oripimaybe... I have things to do in the evening, but I'm in holydays during the day, so I think I try to do some things in the morning and afternoon01:22
bdmurraygreat! well stop on by anytime01:23
arcticpenguin380wats Triaged mean?03:25
wolfgerarcticpenguin380: A member of [UbuntuBugControl] believes that the report describes a genuine bug in enough detail that a developer could start working on a fix03:26
wolfgerthat's the official "triaged" definition03:26
arcticpenguin380ok cya03:27
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raj1i cant get fspot working on hardy 6407:53
raj1who can help07:54
RAOFraj1: Someone in #ubuntu+1, probably :)07:55
raj1+1 what is that?07:55
RAOFHardy, for another day :)07:55
raj1i posted in #ubuntu channel but most people seem to be just chatting07:56
raj1i did file bug report07:56
RAOFYeah, #ubuntu is full of noise, not too much signal.  #ubuntu+1 is better, especially since you're using hardy.07:56
raj1u r a dev arent u ? i have seen u on the forums07:56
raj1but thanks07:56
raj1ill go there maybe07:57
raj1#ubuntu+1 is channel name ?07:57
RAOFWe like the organisation to remain; this isn't a channel for getting support :)07:57
raj1ya ok thanks07:57
raj1this is bug squad isnt it07:57
raj1maybe in future ill join u :)07:58
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pedro_morning folks13:05
Kirrusmorning pedro_13:05
ograsilence before the storm in here :)13:13
Kirrusogra, announce has been quieter than normal as well13:22
james_wubotu was taken offline due to harrasment in #ubuntu-release-party, so may have had something to do with it.13:23
affluxmorning and happy release day :P13:55
james_whi afflux, happy release day13:56
pedro_hey afflux! to you too :-)13:57
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secretlondonjames_w the bot was harassed, or other people?14:12
james_wsecretlondon: the bot14:13
james_whow are you?14:13
secretlondonI'm okay14:24
ograquiet here14:48
ograusually hel breaks loose 1h after release is out14:48
pochuogra: ubotu doesn't announce new bug reports in this channel anymore ;)14:50
persiaMaybe there aren't so many bugs this time?14:50
persiapochu: There's still usually plenty of active users whining :)14:51
mishok13i found only one bug in hardy -- gnome-desktop-manager is broken14:51
* ogra is scared ... no bugs in hardy ... we're all jobless !!!14:52
* ogra runs away screaming14:52
pochumishok13: what's gnome-desktop-manager?14:52
james_wmishok13: there's no package or command of that name.14:53
james_wogra: bug #1 still isn't fixed.14:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114:53
ograjames_w, phew, relief14:53
* ogra stops running14:53
pochumishok13: ah, right14:54
pochuthat's a metapackage though14:54
pochubut it's uninstallable right now :(14:54
mishok13yeah, i know14:54
mishok13i don't care, i use fluxbox anyway14:54
pochuthat's bug 19095014:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190950 in meta-gnome2 "[hardy] gnome-desktop-environment is broken" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19095014:55
mishok13oh, and another bug I have is 12637, though I didn't have it on gutsy15:01
ivobHello! Downloaded 64 bit ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso. Attempted install failed at manual partitioning. Apparently it kind find any free RAID devices when attempting creation of RAID1.15:22
ivobDo I report this?15:22
ivobit can't*15:22
blankboyFailed to fetch15:35
blankboyhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy-backports/Release Unable15:35
blankboyto find expected entry main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages in15:35
blankboyMeta-index file (malformed Release file?)15:35
blankboyHow do i fix that. its stoping me from upgrading.15:35
secretlondonthere are no backports yet15:37
secretlondonyou could comment it out in /apt/sources.list15:37
blankboybut it still trys to find it.15:41
blankboyi had this last time 6 months ago15:42
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blankboyIs the away to ignore errors?15:45
ograblankboy, the upgarder should do that automatically15:47
blankboyDoes not...15:47
ograyou are properly following the upgrade notes ?15:47
blankboysudo do-release-upgrade -d yes?15:48
blankboyUpdate Manager does the samething15:48
ograyou pulled the latest update-manager(-core) from gutsy-updates before starting ?15:49
ograand -d should be deprecated with the release15:51
secretlondonafter you've changed sources.list you need to run apt-get update15:53
blankboy1:0.81.2 update-manager-core yes?15:53
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bdmurraythekorn: hello!16:05
thekornhi bdmurray16:05
blankboysecretlondon: Thanks the server failed to download the lateist updates for gusty16:06
secretlondonblankboy, so sorted now?16:07
blankboyI will find that out ones i have installed the 13 updates16:08
blankboyone the bugs fixed in the updates i am now installing is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/19541916:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195419 in update-manager "feisty->gutsy upgrade does not work with APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated set" [Undecided,Fix committed]16:08
blankboywhich looks like my bug16:08
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smithersanyone notice the smb issues with Hardy?17:41
smitherssmbmount products retrying with upper case share name17:42
smithersmount error 6 = No such device or address17:42
iddoanyone knows if this bug was fixed in hardy final? "maximized window titlebar displayed not right with compiz enabled" https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/9950817:42
smithersand connect to server on nautilus fails as well17:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99508 in compiz "Window titlebar displayed not right with compiz enabled" [Medium,Confirmed]17:42
jarlathI have a quick question. I've been dealing with a bug. I assigned myself to it and set the status to incomplete while I was getting info from the reporter. Now that all the information seems to be complete, I was going to put the status back to New (since it's not Incomplete now) and unassign myself since I can't take it any further. Is this the right way to deal with things?18:48
greg-gjarlath: there is a new way to do it now.  First, when you are a bug triager you don't assign yourself to the bug anymore, that is for the person actually working on fixing the bug (writing the patch).  However, when you ask for more information you set the status to "incomplete" and subscribe yourself to the bug.18:59
jarlathgreg-g: okay, thanks. And when the bug is complete?18:59
greg-gjarlath: when you feel that all relevant information has been provided so that a developer can start working on a patch you set it to "Triaged"19:00
greg-gmore info here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status19:00
jarlathThanks greg-g. I thought so, but Triaged doesn't appear in the list of statuses. I'll read the link.19:01
greg-gjarlath: only members of the Bug Control team can set it to triaged19:02
greg-gjarlath: so you can come in here and ask one of us to do it for you19:02
jarlathgreg-g: Great. I'll do that.19:03
greg-gjarlath: thanks for the help with bugs!19:03
jarlathgreg-g: my pleasure.19:03
jarlathI think this can be considered Triaged19:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220163 in linux "Long delay when booting Hardy RC Live CD ..." [Undecided,New]19:04
jarlathand this:19:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219350 in xorg "[Hardy]Wrong refresh rates shown/selected, nvidia driver" [Undecided,New]19:04
greg-gjarlath: I'll look in about 8 minutes19:05
jarlathgreg-g: Thanks.19:05
joanheyUpgrading with update-manager to hardy, give me a error. Anyone could help me?19:23
pjouljoanhey: what error?19:25
affluxjoanhey: tell us your error and/or put the logs on a pastebin / or launchpad19:25
joanheyI will translate it to English, so perhaps is not exactly the same message in english19:27
joanheyCan't calculate upgrade19:27
joanheywhen they go to calculating changes19:28
affluxthat sounds like the same message as in english19:28
affluxI think we need /var/log/update-manager/apt.log19:28
joanheywhere could i paste you the logs?19:28
affluxpastebin.com or something like that19:29
affluxerr wait19:29
affluxmy path was not correct, the right one is: /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log19:30
joanheyyeah I know19:30
joanheyThe file is to big for pastebin.com, so go http://www.mediaimagins.com/apt.log19:36
affluxjoanhey: okay, looking19:42
affluxjoanhey: I must admit that I'm not an expert for dist-upgrades :)19:44
affluxanyone else for "can't calculate upgrade"?19:44
pjoulafflux: try apt-get install libeel2-219:45
pjoulor upgrade it manually via synpatic or aptitude19:45
joanheyIt's installed and before ask I reinstall it again, because is installed with the actual version19:47
affluxjoanhey: try what pjoul said19:47
joanheyIs like I have broken dependencies, when I want to upgrade. But there aren't broken dependencies. I also made dpkg --configure -a19:52
pjouljoanhey: you should investigate broken deps with aptitude19:56
pjoulpackage ´╗┐libeel2-219:56
joanheyin the main.log at the end say: Dist-upgrade failed: 'E: Can't correct the problems, you have maintained packages that are broken20:03
joanheyHow I resolve this problem20:04
albert23joanhey: Do you have universe enabled?20:05
joanheylibbel2-2 seems to be OK20:07
albert23joanhey: The problem seems to be libeel2-2 has Breaks: gnome-translate (<= 0.99-0ubuntu1)20:08
albert23joanhey: which version of gnome-translate do you have installed?20:09
albert23joanhey: so that's a version which applies to the breaks in libeel2-220:11
albert23joanhey: You could try to remove gnome-translate and then try to upgrade again20:11
joanheyok, I will try20:11
albert23joanhey: The strange thing is, hardy has a higher version of gnome-translate, which should be able to solve the breaks problem20:12
joanheyFirst I will try to remove the mail-notification that depends of libbel2-2, and try. Later I will try with gnome-translate20:13
albert23joanhey: I don't think that will help. Nautilus also depends on the new libeel2-220:15
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joanheyno way deinstalled gnome-translate and mail-notify and the same error upgrading to hardy21:19
bdmurrayCan you post your sources.list somewhere?21:20
james_whi bdmurray21:21
bdmurrayjames_w: howdy21:22
greg-gis 5-a-day add having issues for anyone else?21:27
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thekorngreg-g, 5-a-day add works for me, It's just very slooow22:11
lucentIs there a running tab on bugs reported for the upgrade to 8.04 LTS from say, 7.10?22:33
lucentI'm upgrading a Dell laptop I bought with Ubuntu 6.04 LTS pre-installed22:34
lucentwhich I had upgraded to 7.1022:34
lucentpossible snafus would be helpful to know before the system reboots ;)22:35
ffm_Whenever I go to Apps>Sys>NewLogin and then choose "quit" from the gdm menu, I am returned to a blank (white) screen, only seeing my mouse pointer. Would that be an xorg bug?22:38
bdmurraylucent: it really depends on software you have installed but it should be fine22:47
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