dholbachgood morning05:55
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dholbachhi mvo08:11
mvohey dholbach08:18
dholbachhey seb128_, hey crevette08:35
seb128_hey dholbach08:36
dholbachseb128_: did you take a look at debhelper 7? it looks like good stuff :)08:36
crevettesalut dholbach08:37
seb128_dholbach: no, I've been busy, looking now ;-)08:37
dholbach daniel@lovegood:~/mr-0.28$ cat debian/rules08:38
dholbach #!/usr/bin/make -f08:38
dholbach %:08:38
dholbach  dh $@08:38
dholbach # Not intended for use by anyone except the author.08:38
dholbach announcedir:08:38
dholbach  @echo ${HOME}/src/joeywiki/code/mr/news08:38
dholbach daniel@lovegood:~/mr-0.28$08:38
seb128_ah, cdbs in debhelper08:38
seb128_why not :-)08:39
crevettesalut seb128_08:39
seb128_lut crevette08:39
seb128_dholbach: I don't understand the example you copied08:40
seb128_ %: dh $@, you need to speak makefile to write taht ;-)08:41
slomo_seb128_: well, it calls "dh $target" for every target that is called on the makefile ;)08:41
crevette$@ is the full list of agruments ?08:41
Amaranthdebian/rules configure will run "dh configure", etc08:41
seb128_slomo_: what target in which makefile?08:42
Amaranthseb128_: calling "debian/rules clean" will run "dh clean"08:42
slomo_seb128_: if you call "make -f debian/rules binary-arch", debian/rules will call "dh binary-arch"08:42
Amaranthoh, right, not shell08:42
seb128_I usually call debuild ;-)08:43
seb128_what target does that imply?08:43
Amaranthmakefiles are evil08:43
Amaranthseb128_: all of them? :)08:43
seb128_them being?08:43
slomo_seb128_: build, clean, binary-arch, binary-indep, binary08:44
Amaranthyeah, those08:44
Amaranthwas trying to remember the order they get called :)08:44
seb128_ah, alright, so the packaging targets, not the upstream one08:45
Amaranthwell, you could put whatever you wanted, really08:46
Amaranthbut yeah, usually :)08:46
slomo_dh will then care for build the upstream sources and putting them in .deb packages ;)08:46
Amaranthi dunno why i kept putting in configure though08:47
* Amaranth gets more caffeine08:47
mvodholbach: how nice08:48
seb128_I'm not sure I see the interest over cdbs but I guess that's because some people don't want to use cdbs ;-)08:48
slomo_seb128_: and cdbs is more or less unmaintained and not flexible enough for some tasks (yet)08:49
seb128_hey mvo08:49
seb128_slomo_: well, unmaintained is a matter of putting some work in it, which has been done to write this dh and could also have been used to fix cdbs08:49
mvohey seb128_08:49
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seb128pitti: hey09:42
seb128pitti: can you look at bug #219689, it's not a gvfs one but I'm not sure what to blame there09:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219689 in gvfs "[Hardy] After hibernate, removable drives appear twice with one invalid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21968909:43
seb128pitti: we spoke about it the other day, you said it looked like a duplicate of the issue you fixed but the current comment is an interesting one09:43
pittibonjour seb12809:43
pittiseb128: indeed; replied and reassigned to the kernel09:50
seb128pitti: thanks09:50
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Keybukto me, universal-applets sounds more like fapware13:08
seb128_who is this guy?13:08
pedro_whatever he drinks... i don't want it13:09
seb128_pedro_: hey, mister 1st on launchpad bugs ranking ;-)13:10
pedro_seb128_: bonjour!, hehe yeah finally :-P13:14
seb128_pedro_: watch carefully, I'll get the 1st place again ;-)13:15
pedro_seb128_: haha let's see :-P13:20
pedro_woohoo hardy is out13:21
* pedro_ dances13:21
AmaranthWhere is the bugs ranking?13:33
Amaranthdang, me 6052 karma isn't enough to get on there13:38
* mvo hugs pedro_13:40
mvocongrats dude!13:40
pedro_mvo: thanks you ;-)13:41
seb128pochu: btw you didn't work on the gthumb update?13:53
pochuseb128: err, bug 153572; I asked Tormod if he would do it as he said, but he replied he didn't have time... and I wasn't subscribed to the bug report so I totally forgot about it :(14:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153572 in gthumb "Merge 2.10.8-1 from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15357214:50
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* marnanel ponders at fridge.ubuntu.com writing "Ubunut" over and over16:40
mptmmmm, ubunuts16:48
jcastromarnanel: fixed.17:03
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Amaranthjcastro: hey, pm?17:33
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`legenddownload my new war mirc script with nukes --> http://rs97.rapidshare.com/files/91484126/mirc.zip     :)18:12
alexzguys, my X with gnome is freezing after some time after login, I need help diagnosing.. any ideas??19:37
alexzI have Ubuntu 7.1019:37
alexzIt was working ok until today19:38
Keybukquest scott# cp /mnt/WINDOWS/system32/mfc42.dll .wine/drive_c/windows/system3219:44
* Keybuk wonders whether there's a better way of doing this19:44
Keybuknot that the app runs under wine anyway19:52
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ftaI have a regression with the gnome notification area. if an app is opened in a workspace, it's no longer possible to hide it from another workspace (and reopen it in the current worspace)23:50
ftafor ex, liferea, rhythmbox and deluge.23:50
ftaxchat seems to work fine23:51

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