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RoAkSoAxomg everybody in #ubuntu-es is crazy about the release of Hardy !!05:53
cody-somervilleHey IRC team.12:22
* cody-somerville is here wearing his marketing hat.12:22
cody-somervilleAre we setting up a release "party" channel like we did last time?12:22
* cody-somerville found it. :)12:23
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viledahi, how do i get a ubuntu cloak?17:34
Myrttiare you an ubuntu member?17:37
viledanot yet17:38
no0ticvileda, ask again when you will be17:42
PriceChild!member | vileda17:46
ubotuvileda: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember17:46
viledayes, am already reading it ;)17:46
`legenddownload my new war mirc script with nukes --> http://rs97.rapidshare.com/files/91484126/mirc.zip     :)18:15
Myrttiompaul: is it safe to go to -ops already?18:27
Seveasit is18:28
Seveasyou've missed all the fun18:28
MyrttiI know, but I was feeling nauseous18:28
Myrttia bit of food and relaxation on work stuff helped18:29
ompaul:-) even18:35
SeveasMyrtti, mythbusters now are doing a myth on seesickness18:48
Seveasmaybe watch that ;)18:48
Myrttioh wow18:50
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