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simmerzhi, when i leave my laptop alone for extended periods, it seems to overheat and then not respond to mouse or keyboard when it is in screensaver mode. in screensaver mode normally leaving it for say 15 mins, it's fine.21:47
simmerzI have to turn it off by holding the power button down and then when i boot up it warns of high temperatures, often shutting straight back down again21:48
simmerzmy thoughts exactly. I originally thought it was the fglrx driver, but now its overheating im not so sure.21:52
simmerznothing in the logs either :(21:53
markfdid you check in system monintor which program is causing the high processor load?21:54
markfyou can see it in the processes tab...21:55
simmerzi can't. remember it's in screensaver mode, and the screen is blanked. I can't get access to the system. if i turn off screenblanking, the screensaver freezes after some time. normally seems to be when i leave it for more than an hour21:55
markfso, i guess you have enabled the screensaver...21:56
simmerzmakes no difference. even if i disable the screensaver, it still crashes21:57
markfand you might have enabled the Compiz 3d effects as well21:57
simmerzbut.... this is the odd thing21:57
simmerzno I don't21:57
markfi see21:57
simmerzthe machine still logged me flicking the wlan kill switch off and on21:57
simmerzand it also noticed keypresses but couldn't translate them into anything21:58
markfhave u checked the energy management?21:58
simmerzhere: http://pastebin.ca/99629521:58
simmerzthe last few seconds before i restarted the thing21:59
simmerzwell turned it off. it had overheated and was claiming 97degC so I left it for a bit.21:59
simmerzkeypresses are me pressing space and enter on the keyboard21:59
simmerzand you can see me hitting the kill switch both ways21:59
markfi mean: power management22:00
simmerzwhat about power management?22:00
markfwhich ubuntu version are you using?22:00
simmerzput computer to sleep: never22:00
simmerzwhen laptop lid is closed, blank screen22:00
markfand which laptop are you using?22:01
simmerzput display to sleep when inactive for 15 mins22:01
simmerzacer travelmate 8215 WLMi22:01
simmerzits been happening for a while, but only just got round to looking at the logs22:04
simmerzany ideas?22:22
markfi read in one review that the laptop gets hot...23:09

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