bbyeveri wanted to ask if there has been any ideas to join ubuntu marketing, with something related to global warming or other environmental issues...02:27
johnc4510-laptopbbyever: not to my knowledge02:33
bbyeverjohnc4510-laptop: i should have been here yesterday for the meeting then...02:35
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SyntuxGood day05:05
Syntuxwould it hurt if we propose to a close source software company to sponsor a LoCo team?09:54
rjianhello cody-somerville 12:16
cody-somervilleEveryone pumped for today?! Woot woot!12:16
rjiancody-somerville: how are you?12:16
* cody-somerville is doing well.12:16
rjiancody-somerville: did you received my email? :) 12:17
cody-somervilleWhat was it about?12:17
* cody-somerville gets a _lot_ of e-mail :)12:18
rjiancody-somerville: hehe its about on launchpad Ubuntu-media relation i think..12:18
cody-somervilleWas it sent specifically to me or on a ml?12:19
rjiancody-somerville: i send it to you.. on your gmail account :)12:19
cody-somervilleWhat is your e-mail address?12:19
cody-somerville"No messages matched your search. " :(12:20
cody-somervilleSend it to cody-somerville@ubuntu.com12:20
rjianok got it ill send it..12:20
rjianthanks also.. :)12:21
cody-somervilleDo we have a channel for the release "party" like we did last time?12:21
* rjian wow hope i can join the release party on Ubuntu-marketing :)12:22
katkincody-somerville: yep #ubuntu-release-party12:28
Hattorycody-somerville, Hi....where are all press release?14:01
Hattorycody-somerville, the press release that we've translated... where is? :D14:05
cody-somervilleYour loco team should host it on their website.14:05
Hattorycody-somerville, ah ok... I think that all translated are in a page ;) thnks14:06
JustinRyanMorning all14:33
JustinRyanAny suggestions on where I might find someone official-like to give a quick quote for a news story?14:33
cody-somervilleJustinRyan, I can help you out.14:50
JustinRyanExcellent :)14:51
JustinRyanI just want a little blurb, a "X from X said:" kind of thing to stick into a post for Linux Journal14:51
cody-somervilleI'm the Xubuntu team lead, a Marketing team administrator, and a Ubuntu developer.14:52
cody-somervilleCan we get a blurb in specifically for Xubuntu too? :)14:52
JustinRyanSure :)14:53
cody-somervilleWhich soundbite would you like first? Anything specific you'd like me to touch on?14:54
JustinRyanNot really.14:54
JustinRyanIt's a pretty general "It's out" kind of thing14:54
JustinRyanI just like to have something other than a reworked press release to stick up :)14:54
JustinRyanI usually say snarky things about the news, but since I'm an Ubuntu user, that won't really work14:55
JustinRyanUnless you're in the middle of typing something specific, how about an answer to "What would you like our readers to know" or "What's the most exciting part of today's release for you?"14:57
boredandblogginglinks to translations of the ubuntu press release have been posted at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1409. If you want to add a language, send me a URL.15:00
cody-somervilleJustinRyan, see private query15:07
JustinRyancody-somerville: kk15:07
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ligemegetHey people, I was the one who translated the press release into Danish - now I'm wondering... Where is it used..?18:37
linuxcryptI know they are on the fridge18:50
ligemegetlinuxcrypt, Danish is not there - although Nickali should have recevied it...?19:02
ligemegetcome on!19:31
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