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ragsagarno one here?04:14
nixternalI am :p04:14
RoAkSoAxnixternal, do you have any new about the Membership Board?04:15
nixternaljust know that I am a "supposed" member of it...nothing more than that yet04:15
RoAkSoAxi see :(04:17
nixternalI am hearing after release04:17
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=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 30 Apr 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 06 May 21:00 UTC: Community Council | 21 May 17:00 UTC: LoCo Council
Sid1Hey, why isn't Ubuntu out yet?10:29
gnomefreakSid1: because there is alot of ISO's that are being made and uploaded10:30
Sid1IMO, only 10 or so have to be made right?10:31
stgraber count10:34
stgraber    6810:34
stgraberSid1: ^10:34
gnomefreakSid1: its more than just making them and uploadning them they have to pass by the head release person (release manager) i belive is his title10:34
stgraberand that's only for the one we are testing on iso.qa.ubuntu.com10:34
highvoltagestgraber ftw10:35
Sid1Stgraber = ?10:36
Sid1I'd lol if Ubuntu doesn't come out for another 3 days10:37
gnomefreakSid1: latest ive seen it in the last few years its been up to like 2 days late without advanced notice but most of time its right on the money10:40
highvoltageSid1: if there was a reason for delay, it would'vebeen announced yesterday already10:45
stgraberSid1: it'll be out today10:46
Sid1It's nearly 6 PM, I have a speech to do, but damn, I want to get ubuntu over vista for now10:46
jsgotangcoits not easy pushing build servers ;-)10:47
stgraberjsgotangco: well, images are ready so not build servers' fault :)10:47
jsgotangcoget back to work! *whips*10:48
Sid1You know how GPL says software should be free, and everyone goes on about how OSS is better for everyone?10:48
stgraberjsgotangco: my work is done, everything has been tested10:48
Sid1How do the people making OSS have any monetary incentive to support themselves/their family if they do not sell the software?10:49
stgraberSid1: they seel the support10:49
stgrabersell even10:50
Sid1stgraber: Are you part of the ubuntu team or something?10:51
stgraberSid1: indeed10:52
Sid1Oh, nice10:53
Sid1I wonder if this new one will let me hibernate my laptop10:54
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Rubinwere back20:53
keeshola, a little late... besides myself and jdstrand anyone else here for the security team meeting?21:07
keesI kind of goofed and didn't realize two weeks ago that today would be release day.  ;)21:07
mraI'm here for it, sorry I've missed a few in between21:08
keesmra: we might be out of luck -- I don't see many other people.  perhaps we should reschedule for in another 2 weeks?21:09
keesjdstrand: what do you think?21:09
jdstrandkees: considering its release, I'd say wait21:10
jdstrand(not much to talk about)21:10
mraI'd be available the 8th21:10
keesjdstrand: wait == reschedule?21:10
jdstrandkees: yes21:10
jdstrandwait 2 weeks21:10
keesmra: okay, sounds good.  let's bump it.  :)  I'll send out more notice then too.  :)21:10
mrasounds good21:11
kees*shortest meeting ever*21:11
mrathose are the best kind21:11
jdstrandthanks kees!21:11
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