bspencer_persia, ping00:09
persiabspencer_: pong00:09
bspencer_Emmet -- howdy.  Have we met?00:09
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persiaIn person? I doubt it.00:09
bspencerI see you recently updated mobile-basic-flash in the hardy PPA00:09
bspencerwhen I make an image it comes up all white.  I wonder if you tried it before or after pushing it00:09
bspencerI was thinking ubuntu guys were going to wait until it was stable before pulling it over00:10
persiabspencer: Both.  The image worked for me (although icon display is still wonky for xul reasons)00:10
bspencerit also increases the boot time by 8sec.00:10
bspencerah -- is it due to xul 1.9 issue?00:10
bspencerI also thought that was on hold until the kinks were worked out.  00:11
bspenceranyhow -- I'll try to fix it soon00:11
persiaAh.  In that case, it might just be that I didn't get the word on it being on hold.  I'm not sure about the delay, but would happily pull again to resolve the boot time issue.00:11
bspencerasac, 00:12
persiaI'm basing my blame on xul for the lack of icons from http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/04/19/%23ubuntu-mobile.html, although I may be mistaken.00:13
bspencerhadn't seen that.  ok.  I'll fix it.00:15
persiabspencer: For me, that only makes the icons not appear.  I'm not getting an all-white screen, and wondering what is causing that for you.00:22
bspencerpersia, I used the menlow-lpia-hardy-ppa   platform.00:23
persiaHmm.  I'm using mccaslin-lpia-hardy-ppa.00:24
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dholbachgood morning05:55
dholbachhi inkynoob06:02
inkynoobWhere are you at that it's morning there? 06:03
Xiliathdoes UME support mouse input?06:17
joustonXiliath: Yes.06:23
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inkynoo1Ubuntu Hardy comes out today, will UME development continue in the Hardy repositories, or will it move into Ibex?08:23
dns53the last update in normal hardy is nice, it is a useable desktop for my eeepc now12:57
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* landley waves at davidm.16:13
landleyThere's a meeting thingy today?16:13
davidmlandley, yes there will be an open meeting today16:13
* landley is curious. Will try to show up.16:13
davidmlandley, About 45 minutes, some boring actually but anyone can attend.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Meeting/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Meeting/2008042416:16
bspencerkyleN_: what's the page to your i18n again?16:43
bspencerand if someone could help me navigate the mobile and embedded pgae, I get confused:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/ReportingPage16:43
bspencerwhere on there does it point to the pages about i18n, the weekly meeting minutes, etc.?16:43
bspencerah, that's an odd page.  here's the right page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded16:44
bspencermy bad.16:44
kyleN_bspencer: there are two16:45
bspencergot em16:45
bspenceris the one I need to update I believe16:45
bspencerkyleN_: actually, where do you want the list of moblin apps i18n status?16:46
kyleN_bspencer: I think another sibling page makes sense16:47
bspencerwhere are the weekly meeting minutes posted?16:47
kyleN_i have to check my email every week to find it16:47
kyleN_did you get one from david m this week?16:47
bspencerdavidm... searching16:48
bspencerwas looking for loic16:49
davidmLoic is at lunch will be here in a couple of minutes16:49
landleyWow, ubuntu.com is down.16:57
landleyAnd back up.  Weird.16:58
agoliveiralandley: Everything related to ubuntu is really slow today due the release.16:58
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MootBotMeeting started at 18:01. The chair is lool.17:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:01
loolHi folks!17:01
loolHope you had a nice week17:01
* agoliveira waves all17:01
* lool tries to load the wiki page, which takes some time...17:02
loolSo, we'll start with the action items from last week17:02
lool[topic] (bspencer) document status of i18n of moblin modules on Ubuntu wiki; needs discussion with asac and cwong for FF17:02
MootBotNew Topic:  (bspencer) document status of i18n of moblin modules on Ubuntu wiki; needs discussion with asac and cwong for FF 17:02
loolbspencer: heya; how has it been going on that front?17:03
bspencerworking on it presently17:03
bspencerI thought I would add these to an existing page17:03
bspenceror just append them to the minutes17:03
bspencerunless there's a better place17:03
loolbspencer: I think you should add them to a wiki page, yes17:03
loolOne of the i18n ones for instance or a new one17:04
bspenceryes, a new page?17:04
loolI don't think that's important; as long as one can find it if one searches for i18n or something17:04
bspencersure.  I'll just link off of one of Kyle's17:04
bspencerso the status is not done.   But doing...17:04
loolHmm ok17:04
loolThis sounds quite bad to manage providing actual translations for the UME Core release or for customer derivatives17:05
loolWe're like at one month from our target dates and it requires Launchpad massaging to do the stuff afterwards17:05
loolSo it's quite urgent17:05
lool[action] (bspencer) document status of i18n of moblin modules on Ubuntu wiki; needs discussion with asac and cwong for FF [cted]17:05
MootBotACTION received:  (bspencer) document status of i18n of moblin modules on Ubuntu wiki; needs discussion with asac and cwong for FF [cted] 17:05
bspencerurgent that the apps have i18n support, true?17:05
bspencermoderately urgent that the list is not posted17:06
loolbspencer: Well the later the apps have i18n support, the less time there is to do and test the translations17:06
loolbspencer: That's true17:06
bspencerthere's really only two that are pending:  marquee and mobile-basic-flash17:06
lool[topic] (GrueMaster) update #215242 to request enabling of alsa in helix builds (or a dependency on oss support in alsa)17:06
MootBotNew Topic:  (GrueMaster) update #215242 to request enabling of alsa in helix builds (or a dependency on oss support in alsa) 17:06
loolbspencer: Ok; then that's good; please document them in the wiki17:06
loolbspencer: Just wanted to let you know that i18n is urgent17:07
loolAnd not documentation of it, I agree17:07
loolGrueMaster: Hey, so how did this went?17:07
loolIs GrueMaster around?17:08
loolSomeone physically near GrueMaster could poke him?17:08
* agoliveira looks around...17:08
GrueMasterOops, sorry, I'm back17:08
loolNo problem17:08
loolGrueMaster: So we were checking for updates on that bug work we discussed last week17:09
GrueMasterI've been tied up with video driver drops.17:09
loolSo no progress on this one?17:09
GrueMasterI'm not really sure what to check for that may have gotten dropped, but it looks like alsa-utils was dropped (which would cause this).17:10
loolThis is the next topic17:10
loolThis topic/action was about asking for the helix build to enable alsa because it's 2008 and we want to use ALSA17:10
StevenKWhich has been fixed.17:10
GrueMasterWell, they tie together then.17:10
loolStevenK: So this is fixed in helix?17:10
loolStevenK: Then wait for the next topic :)17:10
StevenKubuntu-mobile now seeds alsa-utils directly.17:10
loolStevenK: I've seen the change and I've added alsa-base too17:11
loolStevenK: And added the same comments as for desktop-common17:11
loolBut this is the next topic17:11
GrueMasterI don't recall my bug being specific to Helix, just used Helix as a reference.17:11
loolSo, it remains to be done to build helix against alsa, does everybody agree?17:11
StevenKEr, really?17:11
loolGrueMaster: Well what we discussed last week was that they are two bugs and that one is to please build helix against alsa and the other is to please pull alsa as it helps oss apps17:12
davidmWe can't build it, perhaps Intel can17:12
GrueMasterI can't build helix either.17:12
loolGrueMaster: So who builds the helix for which you reported it was using alsa?17:12
StevenKWhich bit of helix wants to be built against alsa?17:13
loolerr OSS17:13
loolinstead of alsa17:13
mawhalenIs this a bug logged into the helixcommunity?17:13
loolGrueMaster: You said helix wasn't working because it was trying to use oss and we should be pulling alsa to make this work; I replied that we should perhaps pull alsa (next topic) but that helix had to be built with alsa support17:13
loolmawhalen: No, in Launchpad17:13
mawhalensorry - just joining, what's the number?17:14
loolWell the current bug doesn't state this17:14
StevenKPerhaps Helix is linked with alsa and it didn't work because it wasn't installed?17:14
loolthe topic is #17:14
loolthe topic is (GrueMaster) update #215242 to request enabling of alsa in helix builds (or a dependency on oss support in alsa)17:14
loolBut #215242 currently requests addition of alsa compat, not building helix with alsa support17:14
loolWhich is why we set an action item to change it in this way last week17:15
GrueMasterI discussed that here with my boss, and he agreed that it didn't make sence to split the bug up.  I would end up tracking every app not compiled against alsa.17:15
GrueMasterThe way it reads is fine, it's been addressed in the next topic, it's done.17:15
loolUh I don't want to ship apps using OSS if they can use ALSA, no17:15
GrueMasterI don't have time to hunt down each app that doesn't use alsa.17:16
persiaStill good to report all those discovered, and find the remainders over time.17:16
loolWe're not asking you to go hunt them down, you mentionned alsa support wasn't enabled in helix and I asked you to please report it17:16
GrueMasterHere's the text of the bug:  Sometime between 20080228 and 20080402, alsa-base package was no longer installed. This package contains a modprobe.d configuration file that auto-installs oss emulation drivers, along with power management support for alsa. The oss emulation is needed by some applications, including helix/realplayer for audio support.17:17
loolYes, that's one issue, I agree; it's the next topic which we already covered here in fact, and it has bene addressed and is closed17:17
loolBut this led us to discover another issue since you claimed helix had alsa support which wasn't turned on17:18
loolAnd this ought to be fixed too17:18
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GrueMasterI never said helix had alsa support.17:18
GrueMasterAs a matter of fact, I'm not even sure that Flash has alsa support.17:18
agoliveiraGrueMaster: AFAIK, flash does17:19
tonyespyhelix supports alsa, but it has to be turned on in the build17:20
GrueMasterWell, my point was to justify the need for oss emulation, not fix non-alsa applications.17:20
loolGrueMaster: You said two weeks ago:17:20
lool[18:24:55] <GrueMaster> Well, in my opinion, it should be built with alsa support. alsa provides audio duplexing, which oss did not.17:20
loolSee http://blackbird.kaarsemaker.net/mootbot/meeting/ubuntu-mobile.log.20080410_1801.html#1117:20
GrueMasterTrue, but like I also said, I don't have time to track every app that doesn't support alsa.17:21
GrueMasterAnd my time here is limited.17:22
loolSo we're going in loop here; you discovered a bug (helix is not built with alsa support) but you are not interested in reporting it because there is a workaround and you don't want to spend any more time on it, correct?17:22
GrueMasterno.  I found a bug (some apps that need oss support aren't getting it due to missing alsa-base), and that has been fixed.17:23
GrueMasterAgain, I used the build of helix I had as an example.  For all I know, it works properly now.17:23
loolSo what exactly did you intend to say when you wrote "it should be built with alsa support."?17:23
landleylool: is there any way to get the logs like that linked from the meeting page on the wiki?17:24
landleyThe minutes it does link to are very terse, no actual discussion.17:24
loollandley: They should be; please check with davidm after the meeting why not; I think he copies them to another place17:24
GrueMasterAFAIR, it was mentioned that it could be built with alsa support, hence my comment.17:24
loollandley: ?17:24
landleyThe ones he puts up look like http://people.ubuntu.com/~davidm/mootbot/meetings/ubuntu-mobile.20080410_1801.html17:25
loolSo I don't see any useful discussion on this topic anymore and I'll close it and move on to the next topic which should be covered pretty fast17:25
loollandley: Let us discuss this after the meeting or at the end in a new topic17:25
lool[topic] (GrueMaster) file new bug requesting addition of alsa-base to the seeds with the rationale of the power management features it provides17:25
MootBotNew Topic:  (GrueMaster) file new bug requesting addition of alsa-base to the seeds with the rationale of the power management features it provides 17:25
loolSo GrueMaster didn't particularly file a new bug as covered in the previous discussion17:25
GrueMasterAt any rater, that was what, 2 weeks ago?  The bug I reported has been fixed.  I haven't had time to file a bug against helix needing alsa support, I'm busy filing internal bugs against it here.17:25
loolHowever StevenK added alsa-utils and I added alsa-base after a discussion with ChickenCutlass 17:26
loolWith the same rationale/comments as for the desktop-common seed17:26
loolI'll mark GrueMaster's original bug as fix committed after the meeting17:26
loolMoving on to the next topic17:26
lool[topic] (ToddBrandt and lool) workshop on solving dependency issues in ppa17:26
MootBotNew Topic:  (ToddBrandt and lool) workshop on solving dependency issues in ppa 17:26
ToddBrandtlool: yea sorry I didn't get back to you on that, I've had some fires to fight17:27
loolToddBrandt: So I mailed you to ask about your availabilities, but perhaps my written explanations were enough?17:27
ToddBrandtlool: actually yea, email should be fine17:27
loolIf my email is a good enough cheat sheet, then let's close this17:27
loolOk; we're done with last weeks items17:28
loolI'm refreshing the wiki page, but I don't see any current item for this week17:28
loolDoes anyone have any item to discuss today which is or isn't in the wiki page?17:29
loolI don't see any on a fresh reload17:29
loollandley: So let's discuss that log thing17:29
lool[topic] IRC meetings logs17:29
MootBotNew Topic:  IRC meetings logs 17:29
agoliveiraMaybe poke Intel about UDS, again? ;)17:29
loollandley: In the past, the wiki pages would link to the mootbot logs directly (like I didà17:29
* agoliveira ducks17:29
loolBut this was unreliable17:30
loollandley: So davidm now copies them over to his people.ubuntu.com pages and links to that17:30
davidmThere are two pages there for each meeting17:30
loollandley: If you find that he doesn't copy in a suitable way, could you drop him an email explaining what's missing?17:30
bspencerare you talking about this meeting?17:30
bspencerI added a link from the main page too17:31
davidmThe upper level summery page and a drill down page that contains the complete IRC log17:31
bspencerI always have a problem finding the mintues17:31
looldavidm: Could both pages be linked from the wiki pages?17:31
bspencerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/  -- now has a "Weekly meeting minutes" link.17:31
davidmbspencer, I edit every meeting wiki page by the next week and add a link to that weeks logs, it's at the bottom of the page17:32
landleylool: I'll take it up with david offline.17:32
persiadavidm: There seems to be a missing 's' in the mootbot links: specifically ".../meeting/..." vs ".../meetings/..."17:32
davidmWith the release of Hardy it's slow17:33
loolpersia: Confirmed17:33
davidmWhoops, that was a typo, I'll edit the messed up pages again.17:33
looldavidm: http://people.ubuntu.com/~davidm/mootbot/meetings/ubuntu-mobile.20080417_1800.html for example, if you click on the left on any link, it's broken17:33
loolOk, topic done?17:33
lool[topic] Intel UDS attendance17:33
MootBotNew Topic:  Intel UDS attendance 17:33
davidmGive me an action for to fix links17:33
loolAny news here?17:33
bspencerlool:  Q about xul 1.9 (after current topic)17:34
lool[action] (davidm) fix links in IRC logs17:34
MootBotACTION received:  (davidm) fix links in IRC logs 17:34
loolbspencer: ack17:34
loolSo did anyone from Intel confirmed coming?17:34
loolIt's in less than a month now :)17:34
bspencerfor UDS, I have no update.  Waiting for direction from above.  I would /love/ to come17:34
loolI would love that you come too17:34
davidmI have a confirmation that John Cheery will attend.17:34
agoliveiraIs he a cheery chery? 17:35
davidmI am just full of typo's today17:35
bspencerhe's a happy guy, to be certain17:35
loolOk; well please keep us up-to-date on attendance17:35
loolagoliveira: Let's revisit next week etc.17:36
bspencertopic #2 (after xul) :  netbook / eeePC for MIC17:36
lool[topic] mobile-basic-flash XUL 1.9 port17:36
MootBotNew Topic:  mobile-basic-flash XUL 1.9 port 17:36
agoliveiralool: Fine. I love poke Intel people ;)17:36
bspencerlool: what is the intention for moving to 1.9?17:36
bspenceris that something you will do for UME release?17:36
agoliveiralool: But you'll have to poke them or me, I'll be on holiday.17:37
bspencerI see 1.8 in hardy now17:37
loolbspencer: xul 1.9 and xul are very similar code bases, but we didn't want to maintain both for the hardy timeframe17:37
lool(security etc.)17:37
loolIt's a huge amount of duplicated work17:37
bspencerright.  makes sense17:37
loolSo all xul apps (in main) were built against xul 1.917:37
loolTo have mobile-basic-flash in main, we need it to be built with xul 1.917:37
bspencerhm.  I updated to hardy and found xuldev 1.8 ?17:37
loolHence the patch you saw, but it broke the display completely17:37
loolSo we reverted17:38
loolbspencer: In universe17:38
loollibxul-dev | | hardy/universe | all17:38
loolxulrunner-1.9-dev | 1.9~b5+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 |         hardy | amd64, i38617:38
bspenceryou reverted xul because of m-b-f ?17:38
loolNo, we reverted the port because of m-b-f17:38
loolSo m-b-f still uses 1.8 right now, and should move to 1.9 ASAP17:38
loolBut it can't enter main17:39
bspencerok.  sure.17:39
loolWhich is the place where it's security supported and ends up in language packs by default17:39
loolSo this "needs more work" and is desirable17:39
loolIt was critical17:39
bspencergot it.   We'll work on it17:39
lool[topic] netbook / eeePC for MIC17:40
MootBotNew Topic:  netbook / eeePC for MIC 17:40
loolbspencer: ^17:40
bspenceryeah, a growing number of people asking if they can build eee images17:40
bspencerI think it would be cool, though needs some planning to do it17:40
agoliveirabspencer: The UDS is a great place for that, you know? ;)17:40
GrueMasterthe McCaslin image "should" work.  It's the same chipset and video.17:41
loolYeah, there are these people asking for ARM images too, quite many of them17:41
loolWe should do something for all these folks17:41
bspencerhm, I thought Pentium M != mccaslin.  Shows what I know.17:41
* agoliveira looks for stones coming from western USA direction...17:41
persiaTo get images for other mccaslin devices, it's mostly a matter of adjusting defaults from the q1u settings currently in place.17:41
* bspencer has seen that acronym somewhere before, but can't recall where.17:41
loolWe had some conversations around here in the Lexington office and I think we're losing a huge amount of resources (machine and human) to build x flavors of x platforms with x fsets17:42
bspencerwell, perhaps we should create a dup of McCaslin platform and call it "eeePC" for those interested17:42
loolInstead, I think we could have a big generic flavor and do the stripped down builds less regularly17:42
GrueMasterbspencer:  Eee uses Celeron M.  Same as Pentium M w/o cache.17:43
loolThis flavor could work slightly more slowly, and detect stuff on boot, like some sort of live CD17:43
* persia likes that idea: makes support for new devices easy17:43
bspencerlool: and auto-detect kernel configs?  17:43
loolSo I'm happy if some people work on this; I'd like to put some time into it, but it's not top priority evidently17:44
bspencerdifferent platforms require different kernels, true?17:44
GrueMasterWhat's to detect?  It has a 915M video chipset.  Only thing "radically" different is no touch screen.17:44
loolbspencer: We have a generic kernel for all Ubuntu PCs17:44
loolbspencer: This should be possible for MIDs too17:44
GrueMasterAll x86 kernels should run on the latest x86 procs.17:44
loolGrueMaster: The video config in xorg has to be detected17:44
loolIt currently doesn't work in vmware, qemu etc. or on an eeepc or other mids17:44
persiaDetection targets: available devices, input info, X config, keymap, etc.17:45
loolWhat persia said :)17:45
GrueMasterwhy?  Q1U and Eee PC have the same driver.17:45
bspencerGrueMaster: I think they are talking in general about MIC17:45
bspencerand why we have multiple platforms at all.17:45
loolThere are also touchpad settings in the xorg.conf17:45
persiaGrueMaster: Same driver, but different configurations.  I use a SR8, which is much more similar to a Q1U than an Eee, but there are still things odd about it from the Q1U images.17:45
loolbspencer: Also17:45
loolbspencer: Yes17:45
loolSo this is all an interesting topic; I would be happy if we could provide this to the community17:46
bspencerI think we should 17:46
loolI'm not tempted to [action] any of it though, unless someone from the community wants to take it17:46
* agoliveira looks at his dismantled eeePC motherboard wating for a soldering job.17:47
* landley is interested in booting an ubuntu-mobile image under qemu.17:47
bspencerand make it clear that they can -- although we will get inundated with "help" 17:47
loolBut please work on this as your priorities permit and report back here or on the mailing list17:47
loolIt would help a huge amount of people17:47
landleyIf there are existing instructions on how to do that, I missed them.17:47
GrueMasterGetting the image to boot under quemu, Virtual Box, etc, would be a big bonus for development.17:47
loollandley: I think we have been happy to help people on the mailing list or on IRC here to make progress on this17:47
loolBut the ideas of running on eeepc or in virtual envs has been around for months17:48
davidmlandley, very happy to help on mailing lists and IRC, though right now mailing list is better.17:48
loolOkay; topic done?17:48
loolAny other topic?17:48
landleydavidm: I'll ask on the list then.17:48
loolCool, we're still in the < 1 hour envelope17:49
davidmlandley, great17:49
loolSo thanks everybody for participating, have fun17:49
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:49.17:49
bspencerwiki.ubuntu.com is so slow17:50
StevenKbspencer: It's release day17:50
bspencerbtw, launchpad is painfully slow.  I'm not a cursing man, but if I were, using launchpad would give me much practice.17:51
agoliveirabspencer: Everything that's related to ubuntu is slow today due the release17:51
inuka_deskping lool17:51
bspenceragoliveira: ah.17:51
persiaIt will likely stay slow through the weekend, and be back to normal on Monday or so.17:51
agoliveirabspencer: The local mirror here, which is the state's capital and has a quite hefty pipe is being hammered down very hard. I can't gewt more than 20K/s from it.17:52
agoliveirapersia: Indeed17:52
davidmlandley, the URL links in the log have been fixed17:52
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loolinuka_desk: pong17:53
loolinuka_desk: Make sure you put my name in front of your pings like "lool: foobar", and try to provide a question with the ping to allow me the grace to go back to you with an answer17:54
loolinuka_desk: Thanks :)17:54
inuka_desklool: for the mailing list...  how about moblin-announce@moblin.org?17:54
loolinuka_desk: I would suggest to keep that name for important announcements like 'Moblin 2.0 development begins', and use a more classical name17:55
loolLike ftp-release@ or releases@ or ftp-release-list@ or taballs@ or moblin-tarballs@17:55
inuka_desklool: what would you sugest?17:55
landleydavidm: thanks.17:55
loolGNOME To: FTP Releases <ftp-release-list@gnome.org>17:56
* landley has much backscroll reading to do.17:56
loolFreeDesktop To: ftp-release@lists.freedesktop.org17:56
inuka_desklool: thanks just wanted to make sure it was consistant with standard open source projects17:56
landleyWhat _is_ the relationship between moblin and ubuntu mobile?17:56
* landley can't keep all the distros straight.17:57
landleyOpenmoko, buildroot, gentoo embedded...17:57
loolinuka_desk: There's no strong standard for ftp release lists, but announce is usually very low traffic huge announcements17:57
loollandley: At least one side of moblin is to provide upstream software17:58
loolWhile UME is about distributing stuff17:58
landleySuch as?17:58
loolmoblin-image-creator, moblin-media, midbrowser17:58
landleyupstream software such as?17:58
loolinuka_desk: mobile-basic-flash was removed from the PPA this morning because we had to output the build and this was masking the working version from hardy (the version in ppa didn't work I guess because of xul 1.9)18:02
StevenKlool: No, that isn't it.18:21
loolStevenK: Whatever it is, tell inuka_desk so that he knows please18:22
StevenKWell, I removed 0.43 because it didn't have icons for Media, Photos and did wierd things with the applets18:23
StevenK0.44 got in the way18:23
loolinuka_desk: ^18:24
loolinuka_desk: We'll revisit this after today's beta release18:24
inuka_desklool: what package is this?18:24
inuka_desklool: moblie-basic-flash18:24
inuka_desklool: does bob know this as well. He is the one who wanted me to update18:25
StevenKinuka_desk: moblin-media doesn't run18:25
StevenK  File "/usr/share/moblin-media/thumbnail_creator.py", line 90, in _writeFile18:25
StevenK    outfile = open(constant.BAD_THUMBNAIL_FILE, 'w')18:25
StevenKIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/root/.moblin-media/thumbnails/bad_thumbnails.txt'18:25
StevenKIf I make that directory, then I get:18:25
loolinuka_desk: About the removal?  I don't think so; please tell him, but I've been in touch with Bob about the xul 1.9 issue, perhaps he meant that18:25
StevenK    self.ltgray = self.area.get_colormap().alloc_color(COLOR_LTGRAY)18:26
StevenKAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'alloc_color'18:26
inuka_deskping, bspencer 18:26
bspencerinuka_desk: 18:26
inuka_deskbpsencer^ were you aware?18:27
bspencerinuka_desk: 0.44 failed to build for lpia -- I assumed 0.43 was still in PPA.  I'm in a mtg, but will try to resolve this today18:28
StevenKNo, 0.43 was removed by me18:28
bspencerStevenK:  ok.  So we have 0.34 now?18:28
inuka_deskbspencer: oh ok18:28
StevenK0.34 that calls itself 0.36, yes18:28
bspencer0.36... got it18:28
StevenKBut it's 0.34, yeah :-)18:29
bspenceroh.  :)18:29
bspencerok.  I'll figure out why 0.44 failed to build.18:29
bspencerinuka_desk: did you notice that horace added dependencies?18:29
bspencerinuka_desk: for xml parsing18:29
StevenKinuka_desk: Any idea about moblin-media?18:29
bspencerinuka_desk:  did you do the packaging?  How did you determine what the packaging should look like?18:29
inuka_deskStevenK: I am not sure let me take a look18:30
bspencerinuka_desk: StevenK   HappyCamp recentlhy updated moblin-media.  18:30
bspencerHappyCamp_ubuntu:  HappyCamp   could you be the cause of ^^  ?18:30
StevenKbspencer: In the PPA?18:30
inuka_deskbspencer: Ahh it uses the updated packaging that could possibly the issue.18:30
bspencerinuka_desk:  we added a new dependency between 0.43 and 0.44 for xml.  You'll have to look in configure.ac for details18:31
persiainuka_desk: You can grab a 0.43 with the FTBFS fix from https://launchpad.net/~persia/+archive for your next 0.44 (or higher).18:31
jah_dreadWhat kind of products is UbuntuMobile intended for? Is it more like hanheld "computers" or ordinary mobilephones?18:32
HappyCamp_ubuntuStevenK: moblin-media is in a state of flux right now18:32
HappyCamp_ubuntuThe gaston branch is relatively stable18:32
loolpersia: Or the superseded upload from the ppa directly, no?18:32
loolIsn't the gaston branch only for packaging?18:33
persialool: I thought that was deleted18:33
StevenKHappyCamp_ubuntu: The gaston branch isn't in the PPA, inuka_desk uploaded 0.5118:33
loolpersia: I thought so too until this morning :)18:33
* persia goes to bed to avoid more lapses of judgement18:33
loolpersia: You can use the "superseded" drown down near "search"18:33
inuka_deskHappyCamp: what version do you want in the PPA18:33
HappyCamp_ubuntuWell then it is in a state of flux right now.18:33
inuka_deskbspencer: thanks I will update...18:33
loolpersia: *drop down18:33
loolI'm drown down18:33
inuka_deskHappyCamp_ubuntu: so do you want to leave it broken18:33
HappyCamp_ubuntuAt the moment yes18:34
inuka_deskHappyCamp_ubuntu: in the PPA, StevenK: FYI18:35
agoliveirajah_dread: It's for MIDs. Please check the FAQ.18:35
davidmHappyCamp, why is a broken package in the PPA?18:35
davidmHappyCamp_ubuntu, , why is a broken package in the PPA?18:35
HappyCamp_ubuntuBecause it is18:35
HappyCamp_ubuntuFirst I heard it was broken18:36
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HappyCamp_ubuntuinuka_desk: ping, can you put latest moblin-media into ppa?19:20
bspencerHappyCamp_ubuntu: have you built a hardy based image and tried the latest moblin-media?19:21
HappyCamp_ubuntubspencer: why?19:21
bspencerso you don't push another broken moblin-media 19:21
bspencerI recommend it :)19:22
HappyCamp_ubuntuI tested it on my system and it works.  I feel good.19:22
inuka_deskHappyCamp_ubuntu: If you have permissions you can use the instructions I e-mailed yesterday. 19:23
HappyCamp_ubuntuinuka_desk: I don't have permissions19:23
inuka_deskHappyCamp_ubuntu: Is there a release tag on it?19:23
HappyCampinuka_desk, RELEASE_0.5219:24
inuka_deskHappyCampL ok19:24
landleyWhat does PPA stand for, anyway?19:25
cprovlandley: Personal Package Archive.19:26
loolHappyCamp: Please test packages in their target environment19:28
loolHappyCamp: If you upload to Ubuntu, test under Ubuntu, if you upload for ppa, test with hardy + ppa image-creator etc.19:28
landleyOk, what _is_ PPA?19:28
loollandley: This https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile/+archive19:29
landleyThe debian local package cache on your machine?19:29
loollandley: A place where we put the packages for the ubuntu-mobile team19:29
landleyWhere does "personal" come in?19:29
loolBecause it's a per person or team archive19:29
loolI have a ~lool ppa19:29
landleyAh.  A launchpad thing.19:30
landleyFor the ubuntu-mobile user account.19:30
landleyNope, there's no ~landley on that server, and I have an account on launchpad...19:30
landleyIt's not _that_ simple...19:31
loollandley: You have to enable it19:31
davidmlandley, http://people.ubuntu.com/~davidm/mootbot/meetings/ubuntu-mobile.20080417_1800.html is fixed. Links work19:37
landleyDavidm: yay.  Thanks.19:40
davidmSorry my bad, I left an "s" of a path when I ran a sed command19:41
HappyCampbspencer, why aren't you on #moblin?19:48
inuka_deskHappyCamp, any debian script changes, I am assuming none19:54
HappyCampinuka_desk, none19:56
inuka_deskHappyCamp, thanks19:56
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smagounpersia: can you give me an update on your updater work? I have a build next tues and I'd like to include anything you have ready22:10
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loolpersia: Hmm I didn't forward your update to smagoun, just to patm; will forward to smagoun too now22:54
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