ScottKlaga: I asked slangasek, but never got an answer on myth-control-center00:38
slangasekScottK: hi, what was the question?  I seem to have misplaced it in the flood00:39
ScottKslangasek: You have (had last I looked) myth-control-center sitting in unapproved for the release pocket00:40
ScottKWhat I suggested was how about if you reject that and then some mythbuntu person re-uploads to -proposed.00:40
ScottKI gather they need it.00:41
slangasekah, did I not ack that?  yes, please00:41
ScottKlaga: ^^^00:41
ScottKGo for it.00:41
ScottKIt's possible I missed the ack too.00:41
* ScottK was sitting in a rare $WORK meeting where he had internet access and may have been distracted.00:42
jdongScottK: do you want to accept that last upload you wanted me to do?00:45
jdongthe quodlibet one00:45
ScottKIt's accepted IIRC.00:46
jdongoh nvm then :D00:46
Danikarprobably total noob like question, but what is ack?00:47
ScottKShort for Acknowledge00:48
DanikarAh ok, that makes all sorts of sense now.00:49
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superm1slangasek, re "<ScottK> What I suggested was how about if you reject that and then some mythbuntu person re-uploads to -proposed.", i just uploaded it to proposed too01:18
slangaseksuperm1: ok, cheers01:18
slangaseksuperm1: you're not expecting it to be approved through before release, right? :)01:19
superm1slangasek, well i guess this is the reason we have the option of using a PPA in our build system :)  that will be fine.  i'll push it through the ppa for now and then shortly after release hopefully it can clear -proposed and -updates01:19
LaserJockevening everybody02:44
ScottK2LaserJock: You're on motu-sru, right?02:46
LaserJockwant me to look at something?02:46
ScottK2Last release motu-release (because there was no motu-sru) suspended the must in the development release first rule and got people moving early on SRUs.02:46
ScottK2I'm figuring that's out of scope for use this time.02:47
LaserJocksuspended the what?02:47
ScottK2I recommend it and would encourage motu-sru to conspire and make an early announcment.02:47
ScottK2The rule that you have to fix something in the development release before you do the SRU.02:47
LaserJockohhh, right02:48
ScottK2Since there is no development repository right now.02:48
LaserJockI'm not very fond of that rule02:48
ScottK2I mentioned this to jdong last night too.02:48
gnomefreakwas the nvidia 5200 and 5500 drivers changed from nvidia-glx-new to -glx?02:48
LaserJockit's a good idea, but often doesn't really help the quality of the SRUs particularly02:48
slangasekI would think it's a good general policy anyway to avoid accidentally regressing again in the /next/ release...02:48
ScottK2It worked out last time for getting started early.02:49
ScottK2Although I think that most of our preventable regressions come from incompletely documented merges and then some Ubuntu specific change gets dropped.02:50
LaserJockwell, it would make more sense to me if we did more new upstream releases in -updates02:50
ScottK2There's a rule for that too.02:51
ScottK2LaserJock: In that case, you might want to look into Bug 22072302:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 220723 in wesnoth "Please sync wesnoth 1:1.4.1-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22072302:51
ScottK2ajmitch: Hello.02:51
LaserJockbut often times the code in the devel release is very different than in the stable release so requiring a fix in the devel release first is just a way of making sure we're getting things fixed in the devel release02:51
ScottK2ajmitch: Thanks again for the RC bug page.02:52
LaserJockwhich is all good, but not something we should really block on, IMO02:52
ajmitchScottK2: I hope it was useful02:52
ScottK2ajmitch: It was.02:52
ajmitchI'd like to keep it on hardy for awhile, and have another page for intrepid02:52
ScottK2I wish we'd had more QA effort in Universe for Hardy, but RC bugs page was a key part of what we got done.02:52
ScottK2Sounds smart.02:52
ScottK2LaserJock: Then you need some process for knowing the problem is still open in the developmental release.02:53
LaserJockScottK: like a bug report?02:54
ajmitch#ubuntu-release-party is interesting today02:54
LaserJocklike how hard is it to just leave the main task open on a bug and just close stable release tasks for SRUs?02:54
LaserJockI don't see why we necessarily have to have a fix in the devel release for a fix to get into a stable release02:55
ScottK2LaserJock: That'd work.  I'm just saying someone needs to champion changing the process.02:55
crimsunwell, is there concise documentation on what combination of Severity and tasks constitute SRU fixes?02:55
crimsunlast I checked in -devel, there was discrepancy02:55
LaserJockthe only real documentation I have is that it needs to be "very important", already fixed in the devel release, and "minimal"02:56
LaserJock"minimal" is for the fix, not the bug02:56
LaserJockScottK2: you do -backports some don't you?02:57
LaserJockwhat's your feeling on people trying to get stuff into -backports to fix bugs?02:58
LaserJockrather than just trying to get latest crack02:58
jdongLaserJock: I see no reason to discourage it personally though I don't want it to be an execuse not to do a proper SRU02:59
jdongwhich is what happened when Backports DID allow SRU-like fixes02:59
jdongi.e. backporting 1.2.3-15 to 1.2.3-902:59
ScottK2LaserJock: I generally wont fix requests to fix SRU bugs.03:00
LaserJockI personally feel like the SRU process should be such that people aren't trying to get things fixed via -backports03:00
ScottK2Actually as I understand it the backports charter from the tech board is pretty specific about this.03:00
LaserJockbut how often do you guys get requests for bug fixes?03:00
ScottK2One of the problems is that developers often recommend it to people.03:00
ScottK2It's a significant fraction of the requests, but certainly not the majority.03:01
ScottK2~10 or 20 percent maybe.03:01
ajmitchScottK2: it's probably considered as a 'safer' option for getting fixes in03:01
LaserJockI need to talk with slangasek more, but I think we should be able to come up with a way to deal with those kinds of requests03:02
ajmitchthough you probably just end up with more people unnecessarily enabling backports03:02
jdongScottK2: it's more common than that03:02
ScottK2The "OK to backport" threshold is very low.  Builds/Installs/Runs.03:02
ScottK2jdong: Probably more common in the desktop ones you tend to deal with.03:03
jdongScottK2: and I'm getting feedback from users wanting to file such backports to do SRUs that "they rather not"03:03
jdongbecause it's "not gonna happen anyway"03:03
ScottK2I sometime tell them to ask again, but ask for the features in the release and don't mention the bug fixes.03:03
ajmitchSRUs are seen as having a rather large barrier?03:04
ScottK2Particularly in Main.03:04
ajmitchI don't think I've ever got an SRU in03:05
LaserJockI guess I'm particularly interested in how many times we say "we won't fix it" vs. "we can't reasonably fix it"03:05
ScottK2I've gotten several in Universe.  I don't think I've gotten one in Main.03:05
LaserJockI got I think 2 or 3 in Main03:05
LaserJocknot sure if I've done any in Universe really03:05
LaserJocklike, this wesnoth bug is interesting to me03:06
ScottK2I thought you'd like that one.03:07
LaserJockI don't mind saying things like "we're unable to sufficiently test this update" or something technical03:07
LaserJockbut if it's just "oh, there's a lot there, we better not do it"03:07
LaserJockwell, that just ends up seeming lazy, IMO03:08
crimsunI think that bug is trivially significant for -proposed->-updates03:08
crimsunit's all fixes03:08
ScottK2Modulo dropping debian's packaging changes03:09
LaserJockit seems to me that given sufficient testing things like that shouldn't be a problem03:09
ScottK2LaserJock: So there you go.  Test case for point release SRU.03:09
LaserJockScottK: I've already emailed the TB about it03:09
LaserJockwaiting until after release to pick slangasek's brain03:10
ScottK2It's not like it hasn't happened before.03:10
ScottK2LaserJock: Go look at the clamav version in dapper-updates.03:10
slangasekLaserJock: be sure to wait a few days so the cells have a chance to regrow ;)03:10
LaserJockslangasek: heh, yeah03:10
LaserJockthis may not be the best example, but I've been running Fedora a fair bit recently03:11
jdongLaserJock: fedora has an EXTREMELY lenient update policy03:12
LaserJockand their policy is to do new upstream release in preference to backporting fixs03:12
jdongLaserJock: everything from a typo in a helpfile to OpenOffice or an ABI-incompatible libgpod03:12
jdongLaserJock: including new kernel releases03:12
jdongthat's a bit scary for us03:12
jdongat least unless we evolve -backports into -volatile03:12
jdongwhich I have no fundamental objection to ;-)03:12
LaserJockbut they're able to keep a reasonably stable OS03:12
jdongLaserJock: kind of03:13
jdongLaserJock: users have rioted over things like unison breaking overnight03:13
jdongLaserJock: and spurious updates too03:13
LaserJockso if you take Fedora as one extreme03:13
LaserJockand our current policy as sort of the other03:13
jdongI don't want 350MB of updates because of a new icon for openoffice03:13
LaserJockperhaps somewhere in the middle we can find a usable way to provide stable updates to our users03:13
ScottK2This time around we have a .1 release pre-planned a month out.03:16
ScottK2I'd tend to say be really lenient about bugfix releases and beta or RC to final updates until then.03:17
bddebianHeya gang03:21
ScottK2Heya bddebian03:21
bddebianHi ScottK203:21
ScottK2LaserJock: We were a lot more lenient about bugfix releases post FFe this time around and it seemed to work out well.03:21
ScottK2This is for motu-uvf/release03:21
ScottK2What's the name of the Gnome gui for apt (adept equivalent)?03:24
bddebianHeya LaserJock04:05
LaserJockhiya bddebian04:05
LaserJockScottK2: yeah, maybe something along the lines of letting more things through until .1 would make sense04:06
* ScottK2 didn't volunteer for motu-sru, so good luck with it ;-)04:07
ScottK2It would end us up with less "You've got an RC in the final release, how awful" kind of comments.04:08
* StevenK could do without those comments for Haryd04:09
* ScottK2 departs #ubuntu-release-party due to getting dizzy.04:09
crimsunthat bad?04:09
crimsunnah, just ruffians.04:10
ScottK2It in combination with averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night for the last about 5 days.04:10
LaserJockwell, I think people generally don't realize how much we change compared to upstream04:10
LaserJockso if we have an rc version then it must not have the fixes in the final04:10
LaserJocksame thing happens with SRUs04:11
LaserJocki.e. I must have a new upstream version to get upstream bug fixes04:11
ScottK2I know for Postfix lamont chose to patch 2.5.1 with all the 2.5.2 fixes rather than release with 2.5.2~rc104:11
LaserJockI guess I just wonder if we need or can get that info to users better04:12
ScottK2I suspect the ones that most need the information are the least likely to listen.04:13
LaserJockgood point04:14
nixternalyo yo you freakazoids!04:15
LaserJockhi nixternal04:17
nixternalwasabi LaserJock04:17
LaserJockchillin', discussing SRUs, working on a Fedora 9/Hardy blog post04:18
* nixternal holds back the giggles on F9/Hardly post04:18
nixternalerr, Hardy04:18
LaserJockgot some kick butt data today at work04:18
LaserJockbut of course nobody would understand it if I described it04:19
LaserJockso I won't04:19
nixternalahh thought so :)04:19
LaserJockit's like being at the CIA04:19
LaserJockexcept I don't get the cool shades04:19
ScottK2More like heavy duty industrial goggles?04:20
LaserJockyeah, just bought some04:20
LaserJock$300 a pop04:20
LaserJockbut they're nice04:20
LaserJockdon't look welding goggles from the 80s anymore04:21
miyakoso, I'm a bit confused; does motu do any development on the packages, or just build packages?04:22
LaserJockdevelopment, maintenance04:22
LaserJockthings like that04:22
LaserJockteaching, sponsoring, reviewing as well04:23
miyakoI've been trying to find a way to contribute more to open source, looking around on launchpad now, but I was a little confused on that point04:23
miyakosince most of what I saw was specific to building/fixing packages04:24
LaserJockwell, that is a lot of what we do04:24
LaserJockmaking sure the archive is in good shape04:24
LaserJockStevenK: ping04:24
miyakoso, if I want to primarily do more on the development side, as opposed to building packages, should I look more toward core (assuming I want to work on ubuntu) then?04:26
LaserJockmiyako: what do you mean by "development"?04:28
miyakoLaserJock: writing code, either adding new features or fixing bugs04:28
LaserJockah, I see04:28
LaserJocksince everything ends up in a package it's often a bit difficult to distinguish between code development and package development04:29
LaserJockwell, it kind of depends on what kind of things you want to do04:29
LaserJockif it's working on specific software for Ubuntu then you might perhaps find a relevant team04:30
LaserJockfor bug fixing you might want to hook up with the Bug Squad04:30
miyakoyeah, what I would really like is to have a specific project or application, something that I can get comfortable with the code base, etc, and work on that, fixing bugs and adding features04:30
miyakoI was originally looking to contribute to things upstream (especially since ubuntu isn't the only distro I use) but I've had really bad luck with that so far04:31
LaserJockdo you have any projects you're specifically interested in?04:32
miyakoLaserJock: well, I've thought about it a bit, but I havent gotten any specific programs in mind04:33
ScottK2miyako: If you're interested in KDE at all, kde4 right now is an interesting mix of packaging brand new stuff, fixing bugs to mature it, and writing new stuff to fill the gaps.04:33
miyakoScottK2: hmm, I'm a gnome user, but that might be something to look at anyway; I've done a bit with Qt a couple of years ago04:34
ScottK2miyako: The best channel for that is #kubuntu-devel (although it's pretty quiet right now).04:34
miyakoI was looking at compiz, upstream, but I found it really hard to get into the codebase and the developers weren't all that helpful04:34
ScottK2As an example, I'm pretty sure we're missing a qt4/kde4 program to control display brightness.04:34
ScottK2Kubuntu is very welcoming.04:35
miyakoand I was working on Planeshift, the people were nice, but there was too much structure there, it was like working a second job04:35
ScottK2Here's it's more about being open to you volunteering the way you want.04:36
ScottK2You do need to show you know something/are trustworthy before you get upload rights to the archive.04:36
miyakoScottK2: yeah, that's understandable04:36
nixternalyo yo!!04:36
nixternalKubuntu will rock your socks right off your cousins feet!04:37
miyakoI tried contributing a couple of kernel patches, but you want to talk about an obtuse system to work through to get something accepted04:37
ajmitchnixternal: I even tried kde4 the other day04:37
LaserJocknixternal: how's Vista going?04:37
nixternalI haven't run Vista in a couple of months now, so I wouldn't know :)04:37
ajmitchkde4, vista, same thing04:37
ScottK2miyako: Even small stuff is welcome.  My first contribution to Kubuntu core development was to get GPG and S/MIME encryption working out of the box with Kmail for Gutsy.04:38
miyakoI got a new laptop that shipped with vista, it never had a chance to boot up04:38
LaserJockajmitch: pretty much04:38
miyakowell, back when I fiddled around with KDE4, I did start writing a GUI program to edit containments04:39
nixternalwhose bright idea was it to remove the Epiphany icon from the menus?04:39
ajmitchremove? I still see mine04:40
nixternalI just installed Hardy, then installed epiphany-browser and there is no icon under Internet04:40
* ajmitch only has an upgraded system, not a new install04:41
ScottK2nixternal: We provide you with a proper standards compliant browser when you install.04:41
* ScottK2 has only one server as a new install.04:41
ajmitchnixternal: you have epiphany-gecko installed, I expect?04:42
LaserJockanybody  happen to know if libgsf is still libgsf or if it was incorporated into something else?04:42
ScottK2That one due to a sad story involving me using apt-get dist-upgrade instead of using the official upgrader, a software raid array, and things upgrading in the wrong order.04:42
nixternalScottK2: on Firefox sucks, and if I am using Gnome I want Epiphany04:43
ScottK2Ah.  I've never gone down that choice in the logic tree.04:43
ScottK2I never get to if I have Gnome.04:43
LaserJockepiphany is from the devil ;-)04:43
nixternalhaha, me either usually04:43
nixternalEpiphany is love04:44
* ajmitch hugs epiphany04:44
ScottK2They have Ubuntu at the library, but that's the only place I've ever used it.04:44
LaserJockfor me epiphany does nothing better than firefox and a number of things worse04:45
LaserJockso ...04:45
nixternalI just want a fast, non-bloated browser, that will do what I want it to do04:45
ScottK2You want mozilla 1.0 then.04:45
LaserJockfirefox 3 is pretty darn fast04:46
nixternalahh, I got the icon now, you have to log out of gnome and back in for it to show up04:46
nixternalisn't that lovely!04:46
nixternalI just had to04:46
nixternalon a fresh install04:46
ajmitchthat is a bad thing04:46
ScottK2miyako: In any case feel free to drop in on #kubuntu-devel if you want to get involved in a great project that's open to new contributors.04:47
* ajmitch wonders if anyone else will strike his bug of the desktop disappearing04:47
LaserJockI can't seem to control my touchpad, that's my latest "what the ..."04:47
ScottK2I didn't have that, but I learned today that restarting X with ctrl alt backspace while the laptop is connected to an external display doesn't lead to happiness.04:48
bddebianThough not nearly as welcoming as Debian eh ScottK2? :)04:50
ScottK2I think they're just mean to you.04:50
LaserJock"quick, everybody get your mean face on, bddebian is coming!"04:53
bddebianAye :)04:54
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LaserJockgrr, I wonder who decided touchpads need to be able to scroll05:13
TheMusoPeople who thought having a dedicated scroll area on the touchpad would be useful.05:14
LaserJockI guess so05:15
LaserJockit's so annoying and I can't turn it off :(05:15
TheMusoI would think you can turn it off.05:15
LaserJockwell, for some reason my touchpad stopped responding to configuration programs05:16
LaserJockI tried even turning it off in xorg.conf with no luck05:16
LaserJockbut every time I go to my task bar it keeps jumping through screens05:16
LaserJockreally annoying05:16
dholbachgood morning05:55
ajmitchhello dholbach :)06:02
dholbachhi ajmitch :))06:02
dholbachready for the celebrations? :)06:02
ajmitchwhat are we celebrating?06:05
slangaseklet's celebrate my successful disassembly and reassembly of a new fridge to get it through the door06:07
ajmitchnow that's an achievement06:07
* ajmitch is just glad that there's a rather wide kitchen door at home06:07
StevenKEstimated build start: in 27 seconds06:10
StevenKThe problem is, it's been saying that for 5 minutes.06:11
ajmitchsomething blocked or disabled?06:12
StevenKI wouldn't know, that's from Launchpad06:12
* ajmitch shrugs06:15
StevenKEstimated build start: 0 seconds ago06:15
StevenKYou win, Launchpad06:15
ajmitchI'd better walk home now anyway :)06:15
schweebwhat up MOTUs... I'm back in linux after my ~2 yr hiatus, now that the audio drivers on my new lappy work :P06:21
Danikarmorning =)06:31
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Legendariohi, i don't know why but my resulting package is empty06:54
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
FlawlessDoes anybody here have experience with python-central + dh_pycentral ?08:41
FlawlessI'm trying to create a python package, which works well for $PYSHARED/mypackage _except_  for $PYSHARED/mypackage/subfolders08:41
FlawlessWhen I install my package, only files directly into the mypackage dir in the pycentral-dir will be available in08:42
FlawlessI can't figure out why08:42
FlawlessDo I really need to manually make my package install files in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/foo/ AND /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/foo/ ?08:42
RAOFFlawless: You shouldn't.08:45
FlawlessRAOF: And I don't want to :)08:45
FlawlessRAOF: Can you help me avoid it?08:45
RAOFI mean you shouldn't have to :)08:45
Flawlessagreed :)08:45
FlawlessBut it doesn't seem like pycentral works in 7.1008:45
RAOFMy experience with dh_py* has been Just Working, but let's give it a shot :)08:45
FlawlessMy experience so far has been "can't make it work for the life of me" :)08:46
FlawlessRAOF: when you used dh_pycentral, where did you install the files in your debian package?08:49
FlawlessI mean, in the DESTDIR. I think that might be the issue08:49
RAOFLEt me check.08:50
FlawlessRAOF: any luck? :)08:56
RAOFFlawless: SOrry; distracted :)09:00
RAOFSo, this setup.py just puts stuff in python2.5/site-packages09:01
RAOFWhich is probably wrong, now, unless cdbs' python-distutils package has been updated.09:01
Flawlessok, so I'm not the only one09:03
FlawlessI did figure out the problem, btw09:03
FlawlessI create a multi-binary package from a single source09:03
Flawlessand each package installs things into /usr/share/pycentral/foo/site-packages/foo/09:04
Flawlesswhich is right09:04
Flawlessfiles from A are installed and compiled, but files from B are not compiled, because the install script runs "pycentral pkginstall B", but B's files are in A's folder09:04
Flawlessthey have to be in A's folder, because the python script searches for them there09:05
FlawlessRAOF: It consistently doesn't work properly. I'm going to have to install into /usr/lib directly09:27
* RAOF shrugs. I dunno, sorry.09:28
Flawlessthanks though :)09:28
\shsiretart, thx again for the nice tuesday evening :)11:03
emgentheya \sh ! :)11:03
\shhey emgent11:04
* norsetto doesn't want to know what \sh and siretart did on a nice tuesday evening11:07
\shnorsetto, having one or two beer and a nice dinner :)11:08
norsetto\sh: I thought cigarettes were involved too at some point ;-)11:09
\shnorsetto, nicotine yes...but that's only me :)11:09
norsetto\sh: don't let warp10 hear you or he will give you a lecture on it ....11:10
warp10norsetto: eheh :D11:11
DktrKranz2norsetto: too late11:12
DktrKranz2he already did it...11:13
norsetto\sh: just curious, how do you say in Germany for someone that smoke too much? I know in France they say "smoke like a fireman" and in Italy "smoke like a turk"11:13
siretart\sh: it was a pleasure to me!11:13
siretartnorsetto: it's "smoke like a chimney"11:14
siretartin german11:14
norsettosiretart: makes sense to me :-)11:14
DktrKranz2italian are racists :)11:15
warp10norsetto: well, "smoking like a chimney" is common in Italy too :)11:15
slangaseknorsetto: in German, they have no concept of smoking too much ;P11:16
norsettoslangasek: makes even more sense to me :-)11:16
dholbachslangasek: wasn't that in Greece? :)11:23
slangasekdholbach: I don't know, I've never been to Greece, but I have been through Frankfurt airport where people smoke in the terminal under no smoking signs. :)11:24
dholbachah... well *shrug* :)11:25
DktrKranz2we smoke in hospitals, is it worse?11:25
ograslangasek, not anymore :(11:25
slangasekogra: since when?11:25
ografrankfurt is smokefree env now11:25
slangasekit wasn't a year ago11:25
YokoZarslangasek: These are the final links and won't change right? http://torrent.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/release/11:26
ogradunno, last time i flew you couldnt smoke anywhere inside but in a casino where you had to buy a club card first11:26
ograabout two months ago11:26
norsettoogra: I do remember they had some reserved rooms in the lounges11:27
slangasekYokoZar: I can't say I know much about the structure of torrent.u.c; I just know the .torrent files sit alongside the .iso's everywhere that counts11:27
ograthey recently changed all german airports to that11:27
ogranorsetto, well, i live in germany, i rarely have a reason to use a lounge in frankfurt :)11:27
slangasekYokoZar: that appears to be only the set of torrents corresponding to what's distributed on cdimage.ubuntu.com; but yes, they're not changing further now11:28
norsettoogra: why not? Beer is free :-)11:28
YokoZarslangasek: so the DVD image has been released ;)  Hooray!11:29
ogranorsetto, ah, well, i'm fine to pay the 3 bucks on the train and actually move forward towards home usually if i hit frankfurt :)11:38
norsettoogra: ah, its your home airport :-) Are you in Darmstadt by any chance?11:39
ogra(3 € for the beer, not the ride indeed :) )11:39
ograno, saldy i dont have any home airport11:39
ograi live half way between frankfurt and hannover (kassel)11:40
norsettoogra: ok11:40
ograand my favorite airline sits in cologne sadly11:40
highvoltageyou mean airport?11:41
FujitsuHas w.u.c been sacrificed for the release?11:41
highvoltagethe wiki usually takes a hit on release days.it comes and goes, I think it must be getting huge amount of traffic.11:42
\shogra, oh well, train stations and smoking is even worse..11:43
\shogra, they have now yellow lined square somewhere on the platforms it's only 2 squarmeters and it looks like a ghetto11:44
ograyeah, i'm waiting for little fences11:44
\shogra, actually is sinnfrei ;)11:45
ograso i can scare the train workes with my "beeeeh beeeh"11:45
ograwaering a sheep costume :)11:45
\shogra, colleague of mine had the idea yesterday, to eat a lot of onions and beans to see if smoking disturbes other guests or the beans/onions mixture ,->11:45
\shogra, anyways...nuernberg -> karlsruhe : departure: 9:27pm  and we reached karlsruhe 2:07am11:48
sistpoty|workhi folks12:19
* cody-somerville waves.12:20
cody-somervilleEveryone pumped?! :D12:20
ogracody-somerville, have a look in #ubuntu-release-party if you look for pumped ppl :)12:22
* sistpoty|work tries to not ask the question :P12:24
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
ScottKsistpoty|work: Thanks for having a good sense of humor about libitpp12:33
sistpoty|workScottK: thanks for finding out that that was still missing12:34
ScottKNo problem.  Glad it was sub'ed to motu-release so I could.12:35
\shI wonder when the behaviour of cluelessness of bug triager stops...12:40
\shobviously is counterstrike not a software which is in our archive..but the bug is against wine and a non working wine in combination with CS...12:40
\shbut setting it to invalid is also wrong12:41
persia\sh: This is the sort of case that "Won't Fix" was designed to handle.  Making wine fully compatible with counterstrike is beyond the typical role of the distro developer.12:46
sistpoty|workback in the good old days, cs did work with wine though... (but I didn't test it after 1.5 or so later on, and not with the hl2 engine at least)12:47
\shpersia, first, we need to identify if it's a regression of wine on ubuntu or in general...so before someone didn't find a clue that ubuntu is not at fault and it's wine package, it can't be set to invalid...12:47
persia\sh: Hmm.  True.12:48
\shpersia, and the explanation of this triager is even more andventurous12:48
\sh"However, it seems that you are not using software (Counterstrike) provided by the official Ubuntu repositories. Because of this the Ubuntu project can not support or fix your particular bug."12:48
\shI mean, it's so strange that when using wine you are mostly using software which is in no linux distro archive12:49
persiaThat's perhaps a little overconservative, although I can understand how it came to be written.12:49
\shpersia, it's totally crap12:49
persiaOn the other hand, wine is very much a special case (while not an emulator, it is best triaged like one).12:50
persia\sh: For wine, I agree.  For something like konqueror, I'd be less sure.12:50
sistpoty|work\sh: maybe you can kindly tell the triager that he was wrong, so that he won't do it next time ;)12:51
\shsistpoty|work, honestly I'm sick and tired of those greatful drive-by pros who don't have a clue about the problem at all...I mean, this is not the first time...and it won't be the last time...12:51
ScottK\sh: That's a standard bugsquad answer.  I've seen it before when someone asked for a lib to be added to ia32 libs so Skype would work.12:51
\shif someone doesn't understand the problem of the bug report he should not comment on it and move along12:52
\shScottK, yeah12:52
\shScottK, a drive-by12:52
ScottKI think that particular issue is a bugsquad policy problem that could be fixed.12:52
\shtotally useless12:52
ScottKI think they are doing what they are being told and being told wrong.  You could fix this with bdmurray.12:52
ScottKSee ya.  Gotta run12:52
sistpoty|workcya ScottK12:53
persiaThe trick is describing a policy that works for all cases.  It was appropriate to reject a bug in feisty for automatix, but not for hardy for wine.  Someone has to describe the rules to govern the responses.12:53
\shpersia, well, I think being a member of bugsquad needs more then just a script and some good rules...12:54
sistpoty|workpersia: imo it's quite easy: "If unsure, don't fiddle with it"12:54
persiasistpoty|work: I'd agree with that.12:55
\shcommon sense, reading abilities, brain function is not always available, but should be a prerequesite for being a bugsquad member12:55
persia\sh: It's an open team.  I liked that when I started with triage.  I'm not sure I'd want it to change.  It's about education (as are so many things).12:55
sistpoty|workmaybe bdmurray has some ideas on the topic?12:56
mok0Is Ubuntu's bittorrent tracker running? Can anyone reach it?12:57
\shpersia, I agree...but it means also, that people should know to not put their fingers on things, they don't know or have any knowledge at all...so this must be rule 1. with top prio to follow...but as we are dealing with humans, this we can forget...because "i know everything" is quite common nowadays...12:58
persia\sh: Agreed.  I believe the solution is reviewing and updating the wiki, and experienced people spending more time in #ubuntu-bugs leading the newcomers.12:59
james_wpersia: I'm not sure that there is a lack of the latter, there aren't that many questions asked there.13:00
\shpersia, oh now I see...a "5 a day" newcomer13:01
james_wdo you think the strategy should change to make it easier to guide newcomers?13:01
persiajames_w: Currently, no, although there once was, and I believe the culture that persisted in #ubuntu-bugs is recovering from the ubotu flood.  My personal belief is that it ought be fairly active again by the end of the next cycle.13:01
* \sh thinks we should move to a more serious starters guide, then to start with a "it's so easy, high volume, happy hour , 5 a day, bug hunting season"13:02
persia\sh: Go for it.  It just takes someone to do it :)13:03
james_wpersia: yes, it does seem to have improved a lot since #ubuntu-bugs-announce13:03
\shpersia, yes...but for this, there is a strategy needed...which involves other people and some discussions...and not those "fire first and think about the reaction afterwards" actions...which is really bad management13:08
persia\sh: Yes.  #ubuntu-bugs is the place for such discussions :)13:08
\shpersia, well, hopefully I have something ready to discuss after linuxtag in may...13:12
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* \sh swears at vmware-server13:35
_rubenwhy's that ?13:36
\sh_ruben, because it's not doing what I want13:37
\shor I am stupid to read tcpdump...13:37
* pochu waits for the Pony Awards!13:38
_ruben\sh: what are you trying to do ?13:38
\sh_ruben, something really simple13:38
\sh_ruben, running a webserver on a vmware instanz with bridged networking13:38
\shnormally I think of 2 mins13:38
\shbut now something strange happens..13:39
_rubensounds fairly trivial indeed13:39
\sh_ruben, looks like that something intereferes with bridged networking and the vlan setup on the vmware host13:39
\shbond0 = eth0+eth1 -> vlan1721 bound to bond0 -> this vlan1721 device is now my device for bridged network on /dev/vmnet013:40
StevenKpochu: You might have to wait a while for LaserJock.13:40
_ruben\sh: ah, havent had such 'complex' setups yet :/13:41
* persia wonders if new nominations to the Aurean Equine Association would be appreciated: it's heaps of work for just one judge13:43
leonelEVERYONE !   Thank you  for this  release 8.04 !13:56
leonelapt-get install pizza-for-everyone !13:56
norsettoleonel: anchovies for me pls.14:00
leonelnorsetto: anchovies  cooking  ...14:00
=== smarter____ is now known as smarter
sebnerheya. Happy hardy release. Thanks to anyone who contributed :D15:31
affluxsebner: morning, you too :)15:32
RainCThi sebner15:32
sebnerafflux: RainCT :D15:32
DktrKranz2sebner: so, I guess you are on the list :P15:36
RainCTsebner: you mention me to afflux and grin? uhm...15:36
* RainCT hides15:36
affluxhum *g*15:37
sebnerDktrKranz2: I don't matter ;)15:39
sebnerRainCT: lol15:39
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
DktrKranz2sebner: you matter. If we look at http://debomatic.linuxdc.it/rank.txt, you're the 21st uploader :P15:44
sebnerDktrKranz2: empty for me ;)15:45
sebnerDktrKranz2: size = 0 ^^15:46
warp10DktrKranz2: someone stole your rank.txt15:46
=== tb1 is now known as tbf
TeTeTif I want to add a small patch to an existing package, what is the best tool to help me with? Right now I do, apt-get source <pkg>, create patch vs this pkg sources, add it to debian/patches/; change version with dch -v, debuild -S, run pbuilder to get binary package15:49
DktrKranz2sebner: try it now.15:50
DktrKranz2warp10: you accidentally deleted it when trying to hijack your position :P15:50
warp10damn... he got me...15:51
DktrKranz2since you have FTP access, I see logs :P15:51
warp10DktrKranz2: I have no access! 0:-)15:52
DktrKranz2you have it, just you didn't know15:52
warp10DktrKranz2: really? mmm... nice...15:53
emgenthappy hardy day :P15:54
=== sebner_ is now known as sebner
warp10DktrKranz2: you're right, I'm in... well, now I can put my name at position... say... #3 should be enough :)15:56
DktrKranz2your choice15:57
sebnerDktrKranz2: is rank 21 good or bad? ^^15:57
DktrKranz2sebner: you're the second non-motu15:58
DktrKranz2so, I guess it's good :P15:58
* warp10 looks for the first non-motu...15:58
sebnerwarp10: Chuck Short?15:58
Hobbseehe's a motu15:59
sebnerDktrKranz2: ^^. for intrepid at least rank 15 shouldn't be a problem xD xD xD15:59
sebnerDktrKranz2: who is the first non-motu?15:59
DktrKranz2pedro fragoso15:59
sebner21 more16:00
warp10ah, ember... right!16:00
sebnerthat needs revenge xD16:00
DktrKranz2you'll have the chance soon16:00
sebnerDktrKranz2: ^^16:00
sebnerbut not that bad since I started on 1.1 contributing16:00
DktrKranz2so, it's time for ponies?16:01
\shoh 11th on the uploader list...I should stop uploading so much ;)16:01
* Hobbsee will have a very low series of uploads, this time around.16:01
DktrKranz2\sh, argh, you beat me for just 5!16:01
sebner\sh: so intention to reach a better rank?16:01
Hobbseewonder if that'll decrease further this release16:01
\shsebner, nope..just the opposite16:02
sebner\sh: because.... ?16:02
\shDktrKranz2, yeah..round about 100 pkgs ;)16:02
fbondThis just needs a rebuild to fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/audacious/+bug/20842516:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208425 in audacious "Audacious not launching (Segmentation Fault)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:03
\shsebner, concentrating on another area of ubuntu development :)16:03
sebner\sh: ok. that's understandable :)16:03
\sh-Etoolate? ;)16:03
\shsebner, but I know me...it won't work ;)16:03
DktrKranz2fbond: good SRU candidate, then :)16:03
fbondDktrKranz2: Perfect, what next?16:04
fbondDktrKranz2: I suppose I need to write an SRU proposal or something?16:04
\sh416Matt Zimmerman (1 packages) ?? wth ;)16:04
RainCTfbond: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates16:04
DktrKranz2fbond: yes, follow http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SRU16:04
DktrKranz2RainCT: you're quick :P16:04
sebnerDktrKranz2: but being a u-u-s isn't funny since you have to do the review but the contributor gets the points right?16:05
RainCTsebner: True :(16:05
DktrKranz2fbond: once my adsl will be working again, I'll process some :)16:05
sebnerDktrKranz2: once ... xD ^^16:05
RainCTDktrKranz2: no, that's Firefox's new address bar :)16:05
* warp10 loves Firefox's new address bar :)16:06
DktrKranz2aaaaaah, I'm on windows actually16:06
DktrKranz2so, I can't win16:06
RainCTDktrKranz2: you should better hide then :D16:06
sebnerDktrKranz2: being on win on hardy release day. wth? *attack* :P16:06
* \sh heads home16:06
DktrKranz2at work, no more choices16:06
\shsebner, he's testing wubi ,-)16:06
RainCTalthough... I've touched one too, today16:07
warp10sebner: :D16:07
DktrKranz2and that's the only network connection I have16:07
sebner\sh: lol. hf16:07
DktrKranz2yes, I'm testing WUBI16:07
DktrKranz2not true, but if saves me from being banned, sounds reasonable :P16:08
fbondDktrKranz2: I should need to produce a debdiff for a rebuild only, right?16:10
RainCTDktrKranz2: I see your name in a suspect yellow... irssi knows that you lied *g*16:10
fbondIt'd just be a simple changelog entry.16:10
fbondDktrKranz2: should *not* need to, that is.16:10
RainCTfbond: true. the version number should contain "build" instead of "ubuntu"16:10
fbondRainCT: Right, but I don't need a debdiff, right?16:10
DktrKranz2fbond: if that solves the issue, yes. target will be hardy-proposed16:11
RainCTfbond: hm.. I think you do, but I'm not sure16:11
fbondI mean, the debdiff would only contain a changelog entry.  Seems a bit silly.16:11
DktrKranz2no, it's a rebuild :)16:12
DktrKranz2it's ok to have just changeloge entry16:12
fbondDktrKranz2: right, so I do or don't need to attach a debdiff to the bug?16:12
DktrKranz2fbond: attach it, so you'll have credit for the upload :)16:13
fbondDktrKranz2: I don't need credit, I just want it fixed, and I'm busy.16:13
fbondNot attaching.16:13
DktrKranz2ok, if someone wants to do some practice with SRU process, may have a look at bug 20842516:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208425 in xmms-crossfade "Audacious not launching (Segmentation Fault)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20842516:14
RainCTfbond: OK, if you ask you for one subscribe me once the SRU is approved and I'll prepare and upload it16:15
fbondRainCT: Thanks.16:15
DktrKranz2this will probably require a rebuild in intrepid too16:15
* DktrKranz2 notes audacious has several SIGSEV bugs, some of them might be duplicates16:17
fbondDktrKranz2: likely...16:17
DktrKranz2bug 208455 seems one of them16:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208455 in xmms-crossfade "audacious-crossfade causes crash with Audacious 1.5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20845516:19
sistpoty|workfbond: it's motu-sru for universe updates btw, not ubuntu-sru (I just subscribed the former)16:26
sebnerheya sistpoty|work :) *party*16:27
fbondsistpoty|work: sorry & thanks16:27
sistpoty|workhi sebner (*not party, since at work* *g*)16:27
sistpoty|workfbond: no problem ;)16:27
sebnersistpoty|work: mentally pary :P16:28
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
DktrKranz2fbond: it seems bug 208425 is the main collector of dupes for this issue, so I'll mark yours as dupe of this one and reasssign to xmms-crossfade16:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208425 in xmms-crossfade "Audacious not launching (Segmentation Fault)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20842516:31
fbondDktrKranz2: Okay, makes sense as long as it doesn't somehow interfere with the SRU process.16:36
fbondThanks for your attention to this, BTW.16:36
DktrKranz2fbond: thanks to highlight it :)16:37
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* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:40
decklinhello all17:50
POX__congrats (8.04 :)17:50
=== Hobbsee is now known as foo___
=== foo___ is now known as Hobbsee
fbondI get dpkg-genchanges: cannot read files list file18:25
fbonddebian/files is not being genereted18:26
fbondWhat could cause this?18:26
fbondNevermind, my fault.18:27
fbond(Using CDBS, but forgot to include debhelper.mk)18:27
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LaserJock"enjoy the break"?19:16
RainCTby the way, if someone knows of any little bitesize bug I could use this saturday (packaging jam), suggestions are welcome :)19:16
pwnguinhmm. i think i started something terrible on planet debian19:16
LaserJockDktrKranz2: around?19:17
jcastroRainCT: you're running a packaging jam?19:19
jcastroRainCT: there's a packaging playbook .pdf I attached to the packaging jam wiki page, feel free to use it for your jam, they've proven to be useful19:20
RainCTjcastro: yeah, together with jpatrick19:20
jcastroRainCT: feel free to cc myself and dholbach with how your jam goes, I'm keen on collecting data on how to best to improve the pages19:21
RainCTjcastro: OK, I'll do. Thanks :)19:23
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RainCTCan someone help me with a setup.py please? I've two question... First, I want to install a data file but trying with "package_data=['data/image.jpg']," it doesn't work, and 2, if I want to install an icon into usr/share/pixmaps can I do that with distutils or should dh_install be used for that rather?20:28
=== _Czessi is now known as Czessi
affluxRainCT: what kind of python thing are you packaging? Is it a python package? If so package_data is the right thing and it should work but I guess the data would be installed directly in the package dirs (where the modules of the python package lie).21:17
affluxRainCT: for the pixmap thing, I do it in distutils: data_files=[('share/pixmaps', ['some-file.xpm'])]21:18
affluxRainCT: for package_data look at http://docs.python.org/dist/node12.html, if the data does not belong to a python package just add it to the data_files list. (a list of (path, files) tuples, where files is a list again)21:19
RainCTafflux: it's just for an example application and package, so as nobody answered I decided to simulate that its a broken setup.py file and install the data files with debian/install :P. But thanks for the info, I'll remember that for when I write a "real" setup.py :).21:25
RainCTman.. is it just me or ubuntuforums.org is awfuly slow today?21:27
lagai've heard other people complain21:28
RainCThm.. ok, seems to be just me (same with google :P)21:28
RainCTor not :)21:28
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stanipochu: we managed to make a deb for his program22:20
=== gaurish is now known as col
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RainCTgood night22:44
sebnergn8 RainCT22:47
sebnergn8 folks :)22:48
pochustani: cool!22:58
stanihis application is quite nice and professional22:59
stanibut he has to restructure his file structure a bit22:59
staniand define his own mimetype22:59
stanihe'll try to come to the package session23:00
=== gnomefre3k is now known as gnomefreak
pochugood night23:03

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