gnomefreakim home finally just getting ready to lay down01:45
gnomefreakill be back in morning sometime01:46
JazzvaHey, hey gnomefreak :)... Welcome back to irc. And now I'm off to sleep...02:51
gnomefreakJazzva: night and thank you02:51
Jazzvagood night...02:51
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacgnomefreak: how are you doing?08:30
gnomefreakim good and you?09:12
gnomefreakasac: how familar are you with pulseaudio not playing flash sound anymore it was ff3b5 but i got someone that sees in it gutsy ff2.0.0.14 as i recall09:13
gnomefreakfirefox to be exact09:14
gnomefreaki dont see it here in 3b5 and havent tried .14 yet on gutsy im looking into other gutsy .14 bugs09:15
asacgnomefreak: i am great. great to see you back. at home again?09:19
gnomefreakasac: yep for good i hope :)09:19
* asac pressing thumbs09:19
asaci really hope that after all this suffering you finally can get some rest :)09:20
asacgnomefreak: well ... the pulseaudio thing is bad09:20
asachave you tried the latest patch from crimsun?09:20
gnomefreakno i dont get this issue at all. me and crimsun and someone else were looking into it a few maybe 4 hours ago09:21
gnomefreakits happening with gnash by the looks of it as well09:21
asacits bug 19288809:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in pulseaudio "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288809:21
gnomefreakits not rashing though its just not playing sound from flash09:21
asacgnash i don't know. it uses gstreamer so it should work .. in theory09:22
asacgnomefreak: yeah. we removed libflashsupport09:22
asacthat removes the crash, but makes sound bad09:22
asac(for some)09:22
[reed]gnomefreak: where is home for you?09:22
gnomefreakgnash looks like extention issue09:22
gnomefreak[reed]: north carolina us09:22
[reed]ah, k09:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215493 in gnash "Gnash plugin does not play sound on select Flash animations" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:23
gnomefreaksafe mode makes it work09:23
[reed]I have a friend that attends TRILUG meetings occasionally, but he didn't know your name when I mentioned it to him.09:23
gnomefreakwell for one person atleast09:24
gnomefreakmost dont i go to a couple a year09:24
[reed]ah, k09:24
asacgnomefreak: strange. not sure what issue that might be. most likely a screwed setup. if gstreamer doesn't work, something is going real bad.09:25
asacgnomefreak: gstreamer-properties allows you to select the output method09:25
gnomefreakdoes PA use gstteamer?09:25
asacmaybe one can change something there to get sound09:25
asacgnomefreak: no ... gstreamer uses PA if properly configured (e.g. gstreamer-properties)09:26
asacso basically it might break if user configured gstreamer to not use PA, but alsa directly09:26
asacbut AFAICT selecting "auto detect" as output method for gstreamer should make it work. in worst case one can select PA as output method09:27
asac[reed]: the IO issue with urlclassifier appears to happen if the urlclassifier.sqlite DB becomes huge09:27
[reed]can you comment in the bug about that?09:28
[reed]dcamp is looking into it tomorrow09:28
[reed]and I brought it up with release drivers09:28
asacwell ... i am still trying to get info on the LP bug. thats what i can see from the forums threads you posted09:28
asac[reed]: do you have the bmo bug id at hand?09:29
asaci'd like to link it to the LP bug09:29
[reed]mozilla bug 43053009:29
ubotuMozilla bug 430530 in Phishing Protection "excess disk IO when updating the url-classifier" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43053009:29
asacyeah thanks09:29
[reed]gnomefreak: I don't think we've directly met...09:29
gnomefreak[reed]: you were around as i left late last year :)09:30
[reed]I'm Reed Loden, a college student in Mississippi and a contributor for the Mozilla Project. I act primary as an unofficial liaison between the Ubuntu folks here and the Mozilla world, helping out with bugs, commits, various things.09:30
gnomefreakok commented to have them try gstreamer-properties09:31
asac[reed] rocks ;)09:31
asac(short version that is)09:31
[reed]thanks ;)09:31
asac[reed]: ever tried to hi-jack your real nick?09:33
gnomefreakim john vivirito from NC and hate it here but im pretty much a package junkie :) but love Mozilla apps.  oh BTW i was asked about songbird tonight/lastnight whatever night this is still so i might be taking a look at it to see if i can get it to atleast start to build sometime for Hardy+1 but im not counting on it09:33
asacgnomefreak: do you remember how to figure when a nick was last active on freenode?09:33
[reed]asac: no, I think somebody actually uses it... see /msg nickserv info reed09:33
[reed]such as ... now09:34
gnomefreakasac: yeah i ask freenode staff :)09:34
asacgnomefreak: don't worry ... the command above does it i guess09:34
gnomefreakbut [reed]'s command should work09:34
gnomefreakasac: or /cs info nick09:34
gnomefreakor /msg chanserv info09:35
[reed]one of my friends at college happens to be a freenode senior staffer, so I bug him when I need anything ;)09:35
gnomefreakanyone happen to have a login for www.logmein.com?09:35
asacnope ;)09:35
* gnomefreak making one09:36
[reed]forgive me, but I have an honors project due in a little over 7 hours, so I need to get to work on it09:36
asac[reed]: then go :)09:36
gnomefreakut oh09:37
asacdon't blame us that you get easily distracted ;)09:37
asacthats your own fault :-D09:37
[reed]true, true09:37
asacyou are welcome if you need distraction ;)09:37
gnomefreak[reed]: have fun with it and do well09:37
[reed]I finally had to disconnect from irc.mozilla.org until the semester is over09:37
[reed]it was so distracting09:37
* gnomefreak smacks self in head for doing this09:37
[reed]thankfully, this is the last week of classes09:37
[reed]next week is exams09:37
[reed]and then I'm done09:38
gnomefreaki need an  Organization09:38
[reed]then I start my internship with Mozilla Corp. on May 5th09:38
gnomefreakWould Ubuntu Linux work?09:38
asac[reed]: nice09:38
gnomefreakgood luck09:38
[reed]this is my second summer as an intern09:39
[reed]so, should be lots of fun :)09:39
asacgnomefreak: not sure what you are trying to do09:39
* gnomefreak didnt think they looked for people with degrees and stuff i thought it was come as you are09:39
gnomefreakasac: sign up for this site so i can test it for a bug09:39
gnomefreakthey have free trial09:39
asacgnomefreak: personally, i wouldn't do it :) ... reporters should provide you with a test account :)09:40
gnomefreakah good idea09:40
gnomefreakwhat is apports tag for a retrace, and can it do it if its just the crash log no other apport info?09:44
gnomefreaklooking to see if its at all helpful09:45
asacgnomefreak: i am not sure09:46
asacgnomefreak: i think it doesn't work to ask for retraces that are not submitted through apport.09:46
gnomefreakthats what i thought too09:46
gnomefreakill ask him to refile bug with apport09:46
asaci usually asks reporters to open a new bug by double clicking on the .crash file09:46
asacin that turn i invalidate the original bug09:47
asacto keep the bugcount low09:47
asacwell ... if you can still say low :(09:47
gnomefreaki am09:48
gnomefreakif you have ff3b5 can you please see if gnome crashes at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy i was unable to reproduce this bug09:49
asacgnomefreak: no it doesn't crash09:53
asacgnomefreak: extension issue most likely09:53
asacfirebug is pretty crashy09:53
asacusers should use the version we have in our archive and not the one from AMO09:53
gnomefreakthats what i thought too but he thinks its kernel xorg issue and i asked him to please file it again when he can reporoduce it and have apport file bug on his behalf09:54
gnomefreakfirebug is fixed as i hear it09:54
gnomefreakthe new version fixed a few bugs that were out there09:54
* gnomefreak loves the extention installer :)09:55
* gnomefreak closed a few bugs pretty fast :)09:56
asacgood :)09:56
asacclose them ;)09:56
asacthere are far too many :(09:57
gnomefreakoh shit the ISO's are being uploaded or released atm i think since it happen around this time that wiki.ubuntru and ubuntu.com pages dont load but time out09:57
gnomefreaknever mind it opened the 3rd time09:57
gnomefreakoh god i have to go up for memebership renewal soon09:58
gnomefreakasac: oh btw im gonna study sunbirds license because of a few wishlist bugs that i might put in 0.810:01
* gnomefreak has mixed feelings about one but license should clear it up for me10:02
[reed]sunbird's license is the same as Firefox's license10:02
[reed]code is tri-licensed...10:02
gnomefreakthats what i thought10:02
gnomefreakso no changing icons10:02
gnomefreakalthough it is a cool icon10:03
[reed]well, it's not under the MoCo EULA10:03
[reed]so, you probably could change icons10:03
[reed]it's not part of the Mozilla Corporation10:03
gnomefreakthey want the bird in the circle like thunderbirds and ff's icons10:03
[reed]but I wouldn't be surprised if Mozilla Messaging, Inc. takes it over10:03
gnomefreakill read through it to be sure10:03
gnomefreakthe icon is nice but staying with provided icons is better IMHO10:04
gnomefreakasac ever played with RichResults before in firefox?10:04
[reed]what bug is this about sunbird's logo?10:06
gnomefreakgive me a bit ill find it10:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178785 in lightning-sunbird "Use icon with bird for launchers" [Wishlist,Incomplete]10:07
asacactually i thought that we are using that icon10:08
gnomefreakcalendar icon10:09
asacmaybe a mixup because i try to maintain sunbird and iceowl (debian) from related branches10:09
[reed]that's an official icon10:09
gnomefreakiceowl using that icon10:09
gnomefreaki remember that much from working with it10:09
asac[reed]: i know :) ... thats why i wondered a bit10:10
asacthought that we are using it in ubuntu10:10
gnomefreakso it started with 0.8?10:10
asac0.8? we don't have that yet afaict10:10
* asac installs sunbird on this computer10:11
gnomefreaki would have to look back in the source to see but it shows up here as the calendar icon10:11
gnomefreakasac: no we dont but will for +110:11
gnomefreakatleast i hope10:11
asacyes, ill package it soonish10:11
gnomefreakand i hope 0.8 still using 1.8 not 1.910:11
[reed]the people in #ubuntu-release-party are completely nuts10:11
gnomefreakagreed they are10:11
[reed]refreshing ubuntu.com every 15 sec.10:11
asac[reed]: how many are in there?10:11
asac2000 ?10:11
* asac joings10:12
asacthats not too much ;)10:12
gnomefreakasac: if you want it let me know there are a few small bugs iirc on the package10:12
[reed]I'm being distracted!10:12
gnomefreakasac: you dont want to be in there10:12
asac[reed]: hehe ... better go in there when ubuntu is finally released10:12
gnomefreakcjwatson was controling what he could while spinning/fixing ISO's and it was nuts10:12
asacand work now ;)10:12
[reed]just curious... what's going on behind the scenes? somebody mentioned respinning one of the ISOs, so is that the hold-up?10:13
gnomefreakmight also want to see what locales we are missing in there as im seeing a bunch of them on the link for 0.810:14
asac[reed]: yes. afaik we had kvm issues10:14
asacdon't ask me whats that10:14
[reed]it's a kernel-based virtual machine10:14
asac[reed]: yeah. but i am actually not sure that anything is holding the release actually back10:15
asacits just that it was planned for today ;)10:16
[reed]just be glad you're not the release manager10:17
* gnomefreak has a feeling PA will be removed as default 10:17
[reed]gnomefreak: really? why?10:18
[reed]I really can't talk now10:18
[reed]I'll be back later10:18
asacgnomefreak: i don't think so10:18
asacnot sure10:18
gnomefreak[one of the devs had stated maybe makeing it default was a bad idea for LTS10:19
gnomefreaknot sure how far he went with it though10:19
asacah well .... lots bash PA atm10:20
asaci don't think it ever became a real blocker10:20
armin76is ubuntu out today?10:31
Jazzvaarmin76, yes :)10:31
Jazzva(if there is no sudden delay to 8.06 :P)10:31
asacarmin76: funny thing is that according to ubuntu.com announcement we already released on 21st on 24th :/10:32
asaclook by yourself then you se what i mean :)10:33
JazzvaAnd people in ubuntu-release-party are crazy ... tried to read it for few minutes ... tough job :)10:33
armin76i'm pretty sure that some mirror is leaking it already :P10:33
JazzvaLeaking? Is it?! Oh, my ... a cracked preview-beta testers only-leak :P10:33
armin76at least everytime we release on gentoo, some mirrors leak them10:35
gnomefreakthere were a few unofficial ones that were posted for a while10:35
JazzvaAnyway ... should go and meet with few friends, then to school. I can work on bugsquashing, until the new development starts, right?10:36
gnomefreakJazzva: yep tht would be helpful since all i was able to do were bugs so im still trying to clear them up10:36
Jazzvagnomefreak: Ok, I'll help tonight :)...10:37
JazzvaSee you later...10:37
gnomefreakasac: let me know when you get 0.8 for hardy done if you plan on it i may wan tto play with it plus i have to refresh my bzr commands soon10:37
elmargolHi I have a problem, browser.warnOnQuit:true is not working here :(10:40
gnomefreakthink i saw someone else with that issue but its somewhere in the 10,000 bugs that i seem to be subscribed to :(10:42
armin76http://ubuntu.c3sl.ufpr.br/releases/8.04/ <- see? leaked10:42
elmargolI search a way to have firefox3 allways open...10:42
gnomefreaksomeone else here might know off hand what you mean (they might have same issue10:42
elmargolI often close firefox by mistake :(10:42
armin76asac: quick!10:43
gnomefreakok going back to hardy bbiaf10:45
asacarmin76: ?10:46
armin76asac: that mirror :)10:46
asacarmin76: ah ... no idea if its the final roll-out10:46
asaci don't think we have anything that allows us to do atomic releases10:46
asace.g. upload everywhere to private area and then do the switch10:47
asacso i think it is10:47
asacelmargol: ?10:47
asacelmargol: i think warnOnQuit means that it asks you if you have multiple tabs open10:47
elmargolIt does this only if i have multiple tabs and multiple windows open10:48
armin76well, when it happened on gentoo, it was because some user thing10:48
elmargolIf I only have in windows and x tabs it does not warn me10:48
asacelmargol: yeah ... i think thats the meaning of that pref10:48
armin76the rsync client was running as the same user as the ftp, or something10:48
asacelmargol: closing a single window/area is not considered that harmful i guess10:48
elmargolIf I only have in window and x tabs it does not warn me10:48
asacarmin76: hmm10:49
elmargolI allways have to insert my masterpassword ;/ verry anoying10:49
elmargolCan I unlock firefox using pam oder something?10:49
elmargol-oder +or10:49
asacelmargol: good question. i don't think so, but not sure10:49
asacelmargol: there should be an extension10:50
elmargolI have twitterfox running wich ask for the masterpassword in order to connect :/10:50
asacelmargol: why do you accidentially quick ffo xin the first place?10:52
gnomefreakwhat is purpose of #bmo on mozilla irc server?10:55
gnomefreakis that stricly bugs?10:55
asacgnomefreak: not sure10:56
asaci think its mostly bug bots yes10:56
gnomefreakthought so10:57
* gnomefreak in 6 channels on that server for most part to get hints on some bugs ive seen before and mark as upstream :)10:57
asacnot that bad10:58
asac(the idea)10:58
gnomefreakasac: im leaning towards letting Mozilla handle the new features for bugs as in snbird adding choices to the set up of calendars10:58
asacbut read too little bug mail to be efficient at all10:58
asacgnomefreak: yes, feature bugs can go up10:59
asacgnomefreak: you should consult reed10:59
asache knows most bugs filed upstream10:59
asacand usually has a good upstream bug at hand ;)10:59
asacgnomefreak: you can subscribe in bugzilla to get new bugs11:00
asacyou can subscribe by product or even everything i think11:00
gnomefreakthought so i atleast asked the person to file it upstream but i dont remember if he did or not, and we need to make sunbird and lightning depend on libst5++ or whatever lib that is11:00
asacbut i guess its a huge bug mail volume11:00
asacgnomefreak: no we don't11:00
asacgnomefreak: that guy complained here as well11:00
* gnomefreak needs to do that today sometime11:00
gnomefreaka few people have installed it to make it work11:01
asache mixed up upstream builds and our builds11:01
asacgnomefreak: you need it if you install upstream builds11:01
asacnot ours11:01
gnomefreaki thought it was our build11:01
asacdefinitly not11:01
asaci am 100% sure11:01
gnomefreaknext time i see it i will make sure, i plan on hitting my bugs in my LP profile and new mozilla bugs and will set up the other packages that we work on to like for new bugs we have links to firefox and xul i was gonna add sunbird and freids to the mozilla team bug page11:03
asacgnomefreak: ok.11:04
gnomefreakand possible look into them. Oh and btw the flash video bug while switching tabs or playing one vid in each tab causing crash and such (will have to find bug to be sure) but i remember testing this on the MAC site a while back11:04
asacgnomefreak: firefox-3.0 is th enew thing - but i guess you already know11:04
asaci mostly gave up on firefox11:04
gnomefreakfirefox 2 you gave up on?11:05
asaci just look somtimes and reassign those that were wrongly posted against ffox 211:05
gnomefreakwell mostly11:05
asacgnomefreak: i gave up on dealing with the bugs11:05
gnomefreakasac: i have some free time now but i will hit them atleast for a little while each day11:05
asacgnomefreak: i just look after security releases if there are any regressions reported11:05
asacso i can act11:05
gnomefreakdo we have anyone working on TBird bugs normally?11:06
asacgnomefreak: yes. if there are feature bugs against firefox (2) you can set them won't fix11:06
gnomefreakwont fix please file upstream :)11:06
asacsame for any not really important issue. fact is that upstream firefox won't see any real bug fixes11:06
asacgnomefreak: not even that11:06
asaci usually say: firefox 2 won't receive this fix as its in stable maintenance mode. if you see this bug in firefox 3 please open a new bug against firefox-3.011:07
asacgnomefreak: you can also ask hiim to reassign to firefox-3.0 if he still sees it and mark incomplete11:08
gnomefreakmaybe ill do the firefox new bugs once i get to link and try to confirm them, is there a way to keep prfiles seperate in gutsy and hardy for ff? so i know that its a clean set up or whatever?11:08
asacgnomefreak: hard to say. you can still install firefox-2 package in hardy11:08
asacbut the profiles might still be a problem11:08
gnomefreakthat makes sense and you did that the whole day monday or tuesday11:09
asac(e.g. switching back and forward might cause a mess at soe poin)11:09
asacgnomefreak: the wont fix triage?11:09
gnomefreakasac: yes11:09
asaci closed 100 bugs yes :)11:09
gnomefreakand the we havent heard from  you closing bug11:09
gnomefreaki saw that :)11:10
asacright. i tried to figure if there were any regressions from the last security release we rolled11:10
asacand found it completely incomprehensible to have such a high bug count11:10
gnomefreaki also need to get tb 3 and update my seamonkey 2 and such maybe try to pull all this off today11:10
asacgnomefreak: tb3 is only in fta archive. if there is anything not high-prio its that ;)11:11
asacbut you can try of course :)11:11
asacnot sure about its state though. its pre-alpha from what i know11:11
gnomefreaki agree more we can bring it down the better some fixes would be nice to have in 3.0 but i cant remember them off hand11:11
asacgnomefreak: yes. if we want to do serious bug work for thunderbird we should check if the bug is still in tbird 3 ... if not close it as wont fix11:11
asacwith the same argument as for firefox 211:11
asactbird 2 won't receive any non-critical fixes ... bla bla bla11:12
asacand try to forward those that are really important and stil in tbird 311:12
gnomefreaki know not high priority but i still have to get back into packaging (remember command, learning more about errors as i did with bash while i was in hospital11:12
asacgnomefreak: sure. thats all good11:13
gnomefreakyep they are final releases and should only get bug fixes not new features11:13
asacdo whatever you like most. this ought to be fun - at least most of the time.11:13
asacgnomefreak: yes. and even minor bug fixes wont go in11:13
asacmostly its about regressoin hunting we have to do for ffox 2 and tbird 211:13
asace.g. find bugs that appeared in new releases that were not there in the release before11:14
asacand so on11:14
gnomefreakincluding our minor fixes as well as wishlists? if we can pull it off on our end (maybe just add them to 3.0 if we cant sneak them in on 2.011:14
gnomefreakthat we do11:14
asacgnomefreak: wishlists are certainly all won't fix for ffox 2 and if they make a bit sense could be moved to ffox 311:14
asacgnomefreak: i'd like to keep the bug count low (well) on firefox 3 ... so better not reassign wishlists bug on our own11:15
asactell the user to test and if he really care add a firefox-3.0 target11:15
gnomefreakwell today ill be up and down from PC but most of time if i dont fall asleep ill be here, if you find a bug you need tested let me know11:15
asacthen set to won't fix for firefox 211:15
gnomefreakok that makes sense11:16
gnomefreakgoing for a smoke and maybe something to eat but ill be back pretty much shortly, we need to update the debugging/retracing page for firefox since i had to add one -dbg package to it but im hearing aloit of this doesnt work for firefox3 or how do i do it for sunbird and so on so im thinking one of these days i might start on listing them for the most part and seems i heard firefox-dbg is nolonger a packages (guessing because pack11:18
asacgnomefreak: right11:21
asaclets talk abou twhen you come back11:21
gnomefreakok im back just cleaning up kernels and making a to-do-list so i can mark as i get done :)12:10
gnomefreakasac: ok im going to lay down and try to finally sleep, i will make the list when i get back of what i need to work on and if you have anything to add or you think of something let me know and ill add it to  list :)12:44
asacgnomefreak: right. i need to recover from release stress too ... probably not really usable until tomorrow i am :)12:47
asacso probably ill be off early today too12:47
asacin case, cu tomorrow12:47
gnomefreakthats fine you have been working really hard from the emails i read12:47
gnomefreakhave fun :)12:47
armin76you slackers :P12:51
fta2asac, any progress with the draft ?13:07
asacfta: hey13:15
asacfta2: i planned to draft this in a quite minute after the release13:15
asacwhich hopefully gets out soon ;)13:15
asacsomething like me setting in a cafe with my laptop typing while breething fresh air ;)13:17
fta2yep, sounds the perfect day for that. at least here13:17
fta220°C, sunshine13:17
asacyeah ; .... getting better every day here too13:17
asacwe have 18°C, shunshine13:18
asacbut we are on 52° latitude ... while you are on what? 46°?13:18
asac\o/ ... winter has finally ended13:19
fta2hm, 48,8°13:20
gnomefreakasac before you go can you look at but #209794 not sure if this was intental from upstream or what but im not sure if it really fits SRU i have same issue and work around works if you need further info please ask me later or in bug and i will get you anything you need to know about it. bye everyone its 8:20am and im going to sleep finally13:20
fta2asac, 52° ? waa. where are you ?13:20
fta2gnomefreak, hi ! glad you're back13:21
gnomefreakfta2: thanks im glad to be back13:21
fta2hardy is out13:22
asac \o/13:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardyisout - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:24
asacdamn :)13:24
asaclame me ;)13:25
* asac seeds13:30
fta2me too13:54
fta2it's not that fast13:59
fta2i've uploaded 4.5G13:59
* armin76 doesn't :P14:05
fta2changing client14:16
fta2it's even worse14:24
fta222Mbps instead of 3514:24
fta2too many slow leechers14:42
fta2and enough seeders, it's not worth it14:42
gnomefreakoh this sucks15:14
gnomefreakhow do you spell liason (a person that is a go to for another area)15:15
fta2liaison ?15:16
gnomefreakreedis one for Ubuntu <--> mozilla15:16
gnomefreakthat looks right thanks15:16
fta2so it's the same word in french :)15:16
gnomefreaklooks like it15:16
gnomefreakiaison li`ai`son" (l[-e]`[asl]`z[^o]N"), n. [F., fr. L. ligatio, fr. ligare to bind. See Ligature, and cf. Ligation.]15:17
fta2oh, it's a french word then15:17
gnomefreakthank you :) working on a to do list for me15:17
gnomefreakwell that is only 1 definition out of like 615:18
gnomefreak 4. Hence: A person whose function it is to maintain such15:18
gnomefreak communication.15:18
gnomefreak [PJC]15:18
gnomefreakis the way i meant it15:18
* gnomefre1k cant remember how to change nicks :(15:43
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
gnomefreakdid we drop the package ubuntu-php-firefox-human?15:51
fta2never heard of that15:52
gnomefreakits seems dapper and edgy only15:53
gnomefreakone of our wikis points to it (just have to go through and find what one it was :(15:53
gnomefreakok my list got way too damn long, maybe find people on team to help with someof these things that we started and never finished for one reason or another. I will update the to do page soon with some of this that cant be handled in a few minutes16:14
gnomefreakbrb smoke16:14
craig_hey guys, i just have a quick question about firefox in the 8.04 release17:56
craig_When the final release of firefox 3 comes out, will it be an update in ubuntu from the beta 4or5 that is in there currently? or will users have to do it manually?17:57
asaccraig_: we always update to latest :)18:08
asacso yes ... in a few days RC1 ... then final18:08
asacthen 3.0.1 ... 3.0.218:08
asacand so on18:08
craig_ok awesome18:08
craig_wasnt sure with some of ubuntu's stuff only being security updates and such18:08
craig_well thanks guys and take care18:09
jcastroasac: fta2: around?19:34
armin76asac: 3.0.1, really? not
[reed]3.0.1 really19:41
JazzvaEvening all :)...19:46
armin76[reed]: hows that?19:56
[reed]2.0 was never supposed to be 2.0.0.x19:56
[reed]it was a mistake19:56
armin76ah, it was a fail :P19:56
[reed]we had 1.0.x, then 1.5.0.x (1.5).0.x, then the wrong 2.0.0.x, and now we're back to 3.0.x19:56
asacjcastro: ?19:58
jcastroasac: I just sent you a mail20:03
jcastroasac: basically, upstream is aware of bug 215728 and wanted to pass along that he's working on it20:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215728 in firefox "High CPU Consumption" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21572820:03
asacjcastro: ok thanks.20:03
asacjcastro: ill follow up on the bug and ping dave .. whats his nick?20:04
Sergeant_Ponyis it possible to setup groups in the TB address book?21:55
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
gnomefreakam i done with the fucking name crap22:10
Jazzvagnomefreak, any special bugs you need help with?22:45
Jazzvas/special/particular/ :)22:46
ftajcastro, asac: i'm also aware of this bug. I even experienced it while seeding the 6 CDs today22:51
Jazzvagnomefre3k, you there :)? any special bugs you need help with?22:54
Jazzvaumm ... particular22:54
gnomefre3kJazzva: i answered but seems my connection is very bad and i will be calling ISP soon22:54
gnomefre3kJazzva: not off hand i have 2 im trying to get to crash and cant22:54
JazzvaOh ... Hope your connection will be better soon22:55
JazzvaOk then... I'll search for some that need to crash and try to make FF crash :)22:55
Sergeant_Ponyis it possible to setup groups for an address book in TB. I searched the help section and it wasn't any help.22:59
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gnomefreakJazzva: try to crash this one? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/19531923:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195319 in firefox "firefox-3.0 crashes on icanhascheezburger.com" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:03
* Jazzva is a frequent visitor of ichc.com :)23:03
gnomefreaki get errors from minewidget23:03
JazzvaI can't remember it crashed on ichc...23:04
gnomefreaki posted what i came up with from site23:04
Jazzvai'll try with FF2... Can't make it crash with FF3...23:08
gnomefreakthank you let me know and ill try it on Hardy or Gutsy Hardy would be better ;)23:08
JazzvaNope, no crash...23:15
gnomefreakJazzva: can you please set status bak to incomplete23:23
gnomefreakwith your comments23:23
JazzvaFor FF2? But, there is somebody who said it's happening on Hmm, might need more reports... :)23:24
gnomefreakwe need crash reports that one strace isnt enough23:24
* gnomefreak betting its the site or flash on the site23:25
JazzvaPlace my bet on flash :)23:25
Jazzva(if it's using any (I think it did before))23:25
asacyay, bugwork :)23:26
Jazzvanormal people tend to avoid crashes ... we tend to force them :)23:27
gnomefreaknot really yay with these <insert bad word>23:27
JazzvaIs there a wiki page on obtaining crash reports?23:27
asacright :) ... its funny that the best feeling is to find a way to reproduce a crash reliably ;)23:27
gnomefreakJazzva: yeah its mozillateam/bugs23:28
asacthats outdated i have the feeling23:28
gnomefreaki have a list of wiki shit that needs to be done23:28
gnomefreaklike 29+ items23:28
Jazzvaasac: "Ok.. see, see this. Watch the magic ... it crashes instantly and every time"23:28
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... we should try to collapse the wiki to the most important bits23:28
JazzvaYeah... browsing through mozilla team, it needs cleanup23:28
Jazzva*mozilla team wiki23:29
asacits nice to make something big out of it, but we also have to think about what happens in th efuture23:29
asac"can we maintain it with reasonable amount of work"23:29
gnomefreakthats what i have listed since we have parts on 3 pages are same and some we have to add thinggs to and so on23:29
gnomefreakwell it cant get any worse23:29
asacwe have far too much content in there imo23:29
asacwe should focus on the mostimportant bit and keep those up-to-date23:30
gnomefreakbut people dont under stand the if its not ff use app-dbg23:30
gnomefreakbug reports :(23:30
asacgnomefreak:  i am sure that we don't want to do that. if there is a crash report without the autotracers doing their job for any reason we should ask them to resubmit the .crash file by double clicking on it23:31
asacthat shouldn't be too hard23:31
asac(too hard to do for the bugreporter)23:31
asacthats a script i run to close those bugs :)23:32
asacmaybe we should replace the name by som ething more generic so anybody can use it23:32
asacif users report bugs without extension info and so on i used http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/resubmit-bug-menu.py to tell them to resubmit through help->submit a problem23:33
asacwhich (hopefully) attaches extension, plugin and other info we need23:33
asacmaybe asking to submit the files manually would help, but that would put more work on triagers and submitters imo23:34
asacs/would help/would be nice/23:34
Jazzvagnomefreak, marked as incomplete for ff2...23:36
Jazzvaand asked for a crash report23:36
gnomefreakthanks one person came up with strace and i got errors that i posted but nothing of much help, my errors look like site errors TBH23:37
JazzvaNo problem... I'd say it's Flash. *frustrated_with_flash_for_linux* It's just not good enough.23:38
gnomefreakwhat no instructions in the commetns area ;)23:38
JazzvaThere's a wiki link :P23:38
gnomefreakin the first py script?23:38
JazzvaOh... you're talking about the scripts :). Sorry23:39
gnomefreakin the invalid script23:39
gnomefreakJazzva: it never will be23:39
asaclet me check ;)23:39
Jazzvagnomefreak: Hope is the last to die :)...23:40
asacgnomefreak: oh wait23:40
asacthats the wrong file for closing bugs where the submitted crash reporter just yielded garbage23:40
asaclet me get the right one ...23:41
JazzvaHmm ... not sure if bug 23616 is still relevant. I had Firefox freezing when using Flash, but it haven't happened in the last few {weeks,months,something}.23:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 23616 in firefox "firefox freezes after using flash" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2361623:42
JazzvaAnd it's 3 years old :/...23:43
asacthose is the sad set of scripts i have23:43
JazzvaAnd for FF1.023:43
gnomefreaksee if its reproducible on newer versions ;)23:43
asacwell ... such a generic flash bug probably still exists.23:43
asacbut almost certainly all the freezes we now see are different to the one he ses :)23:43
asachard case23:43
JazzvaOk, clicked on the moon on some site. no crash :)...23:44
asacmost likely its hard because it cannot be triaged by us23:44
JazzvaI'll ask for some test case...23:44
gnomefreakare we still using tags?23:44
asacmaybe we should do is create generic bugs for flash "arbitrary flash related crashes"23:44
JazzvaBTW, are we still using mt-... tags?23:44
asacand "arbitrary flash related feature/rendering bugs"23:44
gnomefreakone of the project wikis is tags and states23:44
asacand mere every bug we have into those two23:45
asacand leave that alone forever23:45
asacmaybe at some point we get a communication channel to adobe ... then we can reroll those23:45
asacgnomefreak: yeah dump it. we need a much more aggressive approach23:45
gnomefreakmaybe phase out adobe all together and just focus on getting gnash up to par23:46
gnomefreakasac: per tags?23:46
asacgnomefreak: thats the goal. but we still need to put the bugs somewhere23:46
gnomefreakon adobe.is-shit.org23:46
asacclosing them is not really good as closing sometimes causes more bugs just because someone disagrees23:46
asacat least thats my experience23:46
Jazzvaasac: ok... I'll mark it as incomplete, until we make (if we make) the one-bug-to-rule-them-all23:46
asacJazzva: maybe add something so we can find them easily23:47
Jazzvamt-flash? :)23:47
asace.g. a tag ... or a keyword in title23:47
asacwhatever you want. just remember that you used it23:47
gnomefreakyeah i like that23:47
asacJazzva: i think ther eis already a generic flash tag available23:47
gnomefreakmt-flash or something23:47
asacmost likely someone used it23:47
asacso no need to create another one23:47
JazzvaI'll try to find it23:47
asacJazzva: i am sure that just flash as a tag should work23:48
gnomefreakdid we lose 2 memebers of team?23:48
gnomefreakalex and freddy23:49
Jazzvaflash and flashplugin-nonfree tags already exist... I'll go for flashplugin-nonfree, since it's more specific and has 0 bugs associated with23:49
asacgnomefreak: yes. but that happened before you left.23:49
gnomefreakif someone knows how to use bughelper please make a list of all flash bugs so we can go threw them as a set23:49
gnomefreakthat would explain the wiki's not getting updated23:50
asacone reason23:50
asacbut i think a lot of content was even added by david23:50
asacwho left pretty quick23:50
asacbut alex maintained it i think23:50
gnomefreakthat i saw as well23:51
gnomefreakbrb looking for dinner before hitting bugs at full force23:51
asaci think the knowledge base could be useful if filled with proper content23:53
JazzvaChanged my mind ... I'll mark them with flash tag, since it might happen with other flash plugins, too.23:53

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