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superm1slundell, x11vnc doesnt do that00:59
superm1that would be vnc4server01:00
pdragonhmm... how do you set LiveTV to use a specific storage group?02:10
pdragoni set the LiveTV storage group up in the backend setup, but it's still recording to the default location02:11
pdragonnm... figured that out02:23
rhpot1991darthanubis: you here?05:30
rhpot1991I wanted you to email me cause I had to leave IRC05:31
rhpot1991nothing secretive05:31
rhpot1991add my PPA to your sources05:31
rhpot1991there is a bug fix applied to them that should fix your nuv issue05:31
rhpot1991provided nuv work on with it, I only have mpeg2 hardware so I never tested them05:32
rhpot1991I heard word about ffmpeg (for flash in mythweb) not working with nuv though, so the same problem might happen here05:32
darthanubisrhpot1991, I was frustrated man...:/05:32
darthanubisrhpot1991, I did add a pps for mythtv that superm1  gave me a while back that I had unchecked for some reason05:34
darthanubisthought it'd help but it did not05:34
darthanubisI wonder if your is different05:34
rhpot1991let me get it for you05:34
rhpot1991deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/rhpot1991/ubuntu hardy main deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/rhpot1991/ubuntu hardy main05:35
rhpot1991that didn't paste well05:35
rhpot1991should be a break in bettween them05:35
superm1deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/rhpot1991/ubuntu hardy main05:38
superm1just need that part really05:38
rhpot1991superm1: true05:38
blkorpheushttp://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/ubuntu << superm1 game me that05:41
blkorpheusI forget what the issue was then?05:41
blkorpheusthink thats back before .21 was out05:41
blkorpheuser became final05:41
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superm1dont use that an more05:42
superm1you dont need it05:42
* Tuv0k deletes it05:42
Tuv0kI have basically in synaptic all of myth as "local or obsolete"?!?05:45
Tuv0kthat can't be good?05:45
Tuv0kI have 0.21.0+fixes17081(now)05:47
Tuv0kI have 0.21.0+fixes16838-0ubuntu3 (hardy)05:48
Tuv0k0.21.0+fixes17081-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1 (now)05:49
PlaneRaceris myth supports nexus-s cards?05:52
Tuv0krhpot1991, I think its ffmpeg05:53
rhpot1991Tuv0k: doesn't surprise me :(05:54
rhpot1991maybe search the forums for ffmpeg + nuv info05:54
rhpot1991your mpeg's should work though, so thats another issue05:54
rhpot1991I have heard mencoder can do nuv, so if you want to mess with that and make some working command lines I can add them in the next cycle05:54
Tuv0k/home/anubis/store/mythtv/video/1061_20080422190000.mpg: I/O error occured Usually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted.05:55
Tuv0kfile is truncated and/or corrupted?05:56
rhpot1991you gots busted files or ones that ffmpeg doesn't like at least05:56
rhpot1991you verified it exists and so on?05:56
rhpot1991cause the bug will s/nuv/mpg/ on you05:56
Tuv0kthe file is there06:00
Tuv0kEVERYTHING else is perfect besides these two issues06:03
Tuv0kgreat functionality I'm missing out on without these exports06:03
rhpot1991Tuv0k: I suspect when you find out the issue with ffmpeg all else will be fixed06:04
rhpot1991not much I can do about it though, without knowing what your problem is06:04
Tuv0kif mythtranscode was actucally better than what it is, there'd be no need for exporters06:04
Tuv0kI using the ffmpeg that everyone is using , from the mediabuntu for hardy repos06:05
Tuv0kjust checked, and the regualr hardy ffmpeg is the same06:05
rhpot1991but still you have some issue with it06:05
rhpot1991doesn't like your files for some reason06:05
Tuv0kI'm getting ready to compile it from source06:05
Tuv0kI was wondering if mythtranscode was mangling the files some how?06:06
Tuv0kbut that would not explain the mpgs06:06
rhpot1991did you transcode them all?06:06
Tuv0kthen I thought maybe my database06:06
rhpot1991I do raw mpeg2 and leave them as is06:06
rhpot1991though I have done mpeg2 lossless from mythtranscode and they worked as well06:06
Tuv0ksome I plained to stream, and nuv don't stream06:06
Tuv0kwhy losseless is the file smaller06:07
Tuv0kI only transcode to save space06:07
rhpot1991lossless means no quality loss06:07
rhpot1991I did that to cut commercials06:07
Tuv0kI know06:07
rhpot1991before exporting06:07
Tuv0kthats what I wanted as well06:07
rhpot1991I should check and see if I can do ipod chapter points again06:08
Tuv0ktranscoding nonlossless to then export without commercials06:08
Tuv0ksmaller files without commercials06:08
rhpot1991Tuv0k: just transcode to lossless (if non lossless is a problem), cause you are reducing the size when you export06:08
rhpot1991I don't fully trust the commflagging though06:09
Tuv0kif I only could get the export to work, that'd be perfect06:09
rhpot1991so when I do that I check them by hand before transcoding06:09
Tuv0kI notice some networks flag great06:09
Tuv0kothers try to creep commercials in on the program06:10
rhpot1991I notice problems when shows show you a final ending and it thinks its still commercials the most06:10
rhpot1991that or weather delays, they screw everything up06:10
rhpot1991Tuv0k: if you make a small test recording I could mess with that06:13
Tuv0ka small mpg06:14
rhpot1991schedule something like a 1 or 2 minute recording and see if you can email it to me06:14
Tuv0kmpg nuv or both?06:14
rhpot1991both would work I guess06:14
rhpot1991see what the file size is first06:14
rhpot1991I think gmail has a 10 meg limit06:14
rhpot1991might need to try and compress it06:14
rhpot1991if not then I can try to find somewhere that you can dump them06:14
rhpot1991gonna head to bed now, if you can email them do it if not then I'll talk to you about it later06:15
Tuv0knight thx06:15
PlaneRaceris myth supports nexus-s cards?06:23
Tuv0krhpot1991, think I nailed it!07:58
Tuv0kffmpeg does not have libfaac support enabled07:58
Tuv0kso I compiled the support in07:59
Tuv0kalso mythexport calls "aac" when it should call "libfaac". With those two changes, even .nuv transcodes!08:00
Tuv0kthere are three other duplicates of this bug08:02
Tuv0kwhich one is marked wish list08:02
bbqninjaHello, is anyone around who would know why .21 got pushed to "deb http://weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu/ubuntu gutsy multiverse universe restricted main09:23
bbqninja" ?09:23
bbqninjachatter on the mailling list implied that 7.10 would stick at .20.2, but as of last night it wants to upgrade (and it appears some packages aren't fully there)09:23
bbqninja(I do NOT have gutsy-backports enabled)09:24
emjacan someone please point me to a reasonable menu editing guide/howto? http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Menu_theme_development_guide is lacking12:08
emjaif not, how do I execute the internal player from a custom menu, presumably via the JUMP menu directive?12:08
pdragonRan an update last night, which included a lot of plugin updates, and now mythweb won't work anymore. Getting the error14:03
pdragon"Database Access Denied - You are most likely receiving this message because you have failed to configure mythweb's database login info. Please see INSTALL for instructions."14:03
pdragontried re-running the mythweb configuration but it still gives the same error14:04
pdragonany ideas?14:04
kemotahaanyone know when the 8.04 iso is going to be released?17:14
lagakemotaha: in a few hours.17:14
tgm4883laga: always giving people false hope ;)17:15
frink__kemotaha: I already upgraded to the 8.04 RC, then to upgrade to the real one is a smaller incremental update17:52
kemotahafrink__: I realize that, I am being forced to move my myth box due to hardware problems and the RC live CD didn't work for me.  That is why I ask.  I am trying the alternate CD as we speak17:53
lagalet me know how the altenate disk works for you17:53
kemotahaWill do17:54
lagakemotaha: are you using the RC?17:55
lagathe "master backend" task won't work in the RC17:57
lagait's fixed in the final17:57
kemotahaCan I do a full install from the alternate?17:59
lagano, you'll have to add the "backend role" later in the control centre18:00
Seeker`is it possible to make lirc change the volume in alsa directly, rather than using the inbuilt mythtv volume control18:05
rambo3isnt lirc changing volume directly ?18:11
Seeker`rambo3: It sends the equivalent of  the volume key in mythtv at the moment18:11
Seeker`rambo3: I want it to change the volume in every application, not just mythtv18:11
tgm4883_laptopSeeker`, have you tried changing the frontend from "internal volume control" to "master volume control"18:12
GastHello, i have one short question. Can i update my mythbuntu version atomatic? Or will be installed the ubuntu distri, because on the homepage the update dont stay there18:40
lagawhat update doesn't stay there?18:41
Gastthe new mythbuntu... ubuntu have a new release18:42
lagayeah, what's the problem with that?18:42
Gastteher only stays the rc version18:42
lagathe final will be out in a few hours18:43
Gastwhen i automatic update my mythbuntu 7.10, do sey installed the news mythbuntu version or the new ubuntu?18:43
lagaif your update your 7.10, you'll get mythbuntu 8.0418:43
Gastok the final version is released, but not on the side, yet?18:44
lagaGast: die archive sind geschlossen, die pakete im endgültigen zustand, es ist quasi nur noch nicht auf der website18:45
Gastah ok danke für die infos dann weiß ich bescheid :)18:46
MaybellineThis may be a FAQ, but is it safe for me to update my 7.10 Mythbuntu to the 8.04, as shown in the Update Manager?18:47
sephtin@laga: by upgrade, do you mean upgrade?  or dist-upgrade?18:48
lagaMaybelline: define "safe" :)18:50
lagaby the way, running "aptitude dist-upgrade" to go from one release to another is not recommended. use the update-manager18:50
MaybellineWell, I've had the weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org repo for quite some time, and I've worked out all the kinks there.  But, now, in Update Manager, it shows that 8.04 is released.  I'm worried because the mythbuntu.org website still only shows that 8.04 is an RC, not released.18:51
lagaMaybelline: consider it final. except for one minor kink in mythbuntu-control-centre which will be fixed soon it's final18:52
lagaMaybelline: of course, having a backup doesn't hurt18:52
MaybellineOK, cool.  Thanks.  You've helped me on more than one occasion, and I appreciate it.18:52
lagadid i? cool .)18:53
Gastvielen dank noch einmal.... ich werde wieder gehen... tschüüüß18:55
Seeker`I cant find where I am starting irexec :(19:21
MythbuntuGuest30looking forward to the 8.04 release...19:22
MythbuntuGuest30Anything change since the rc?19:25
lagajust some bug fixes19:26
MythbuntuGuest30cool, how long after release does mythbuntu usually arrive?19:29
lagagive it one or two hours19:32
kemotahalaga, FYI the alternate CD seems to be working19:36
lagakemotaha: great19:37
darthanubisbug 636619:56
darthanubisbug #636619:56
darthanubis!bug #636619:56
lagadarthanubis: patience19:56
darthanubisnever takes that long19:57
* Seeker` wnats lirc to be able to execute command line stuff only when certain applications are open19:59
lagaSeeker`: bash script? ;)19:59
Seeker`laga: not exactly sure about how to go about doing it20:00
lagaif ps ax | grep name > /dev/null; then run-my-command; fi20:01
lagaor something like that20:01
darthanubisbug #636620:02
darthanubisits only broken here for some reason20:03
lagamaybe it's not enabled here20:04
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pdragonubuntu forums slow today. damn ubuntu being too popular for its own good :)20:22
hugolppdragon:  today www.ubuntu.com wasnt loading at some moments20:23
Seeker`laga: It would appear it is possible to do it with modes in .lircrc20:34
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riddleboxcan anyone compile the latest v4l drivers on the hardy version?21:32
pdragonlaga: you still around?21:32
pdragonthink i found what caused the problem i posted about in the forum, but not sure how to fix it21:33
lagapdragon: what is it?21:34
pdragonthe .htaccess file in /var/www/mythweb is a symlink to  /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess. That original file was deleted21:34
pdragonrerunning the setup isn't recreating it either21:34
lagawhat setup?21:35
pdragondpkg-reconfigure mythweb21:35
lagai dont think .htaccess is supposed to existr21:35
lagai have that file, too21:36
lagawell, the broken symlink.21:36
pdragonso that's not what's causing it then?21:36
lagai don't know. try removing .htaccess21:36
lagaand probably reload apache21:37
pdragonstill not working21:37
lagapdragon: can you pastebin /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythweb.conf? make sure to remove your password21:38
pdragonsure one sec21:38
laga            setenv db_password      "#######"21:43
laga^^ i assume you edited that?21:43
pdragonyep :)21:43
lagagood :)21:43
lagadid it match what you had in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?21:43
pdragonno, they didn't match... and i think i just pasted the wrong one to the wrong file >.<21:46
lagapdragon: wait..21:46
pdragonbut, i hadn't changed any of that stuff21:46
pdragonand it was working before the update21:46
lagado you still have the old pass in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?21:46
pdragonno, that's what i just overwrote and i save/quit before i realized it21:47
pdragonthat password in mysql.txt saved anywhere else i can get to via an ssh terminal?21:49
lagawait a sec21:49
pdragoni remember the first two letters, so i'll know it if i see it21:49
lagaecho "get mythtv/mysql_mythtv_password" | debconf-communicate21:50
pdragonthat's just a symlink to the other one21:50
pdragonthat's giving back the password that was in mythweb.conf, not mysql.txt21:54
lagapdragon: hum.21:54
lagawas that your master backend?21:54
lagaf, spilled some water21:55
pdragonyeah, just one computer backend & frontend21:55
pdragonhehe np21:55
pdragonfound it in another file in ~/.mythtv21:57
pdragonthought he meant the mysql.txt file there21:57
pdragonthat fixed it22:00
pdragongot the original mysql.txt password into the mythweb.conf file22:00
pdragonso, that update overwrote the .conf file with another password for some reason22:00
lagaso what exactly happened? your password was in config.xml?22:00
pdragonthe original one was yeah. i copied it out of there and put it back in mysql.txt22:01
pdragonand then put that password into mythweb.conf22:01
pdragonnow mythweb works22:01
lagapdragon: i'd recommend that you run sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common and put the "new" password in there22:01
lagaor it'll break on the next update.22:01
lagastill odd.22:02
pdragoni'm reloading once final is out. i've been running 8.04 on a spare harddrive and still have my 7.10 on the original harddrive22:03
lagafinal will be there real soon22:04
pdragonhmm... so not sure how this broke actually22:04
pdragonit either put a new password in mysql.txt (and everywhere else that password is) or it put a new one in mythweb.conf22:04
famicomIf you are doing a dist-upgrade22:04
pdragoni'm not22:05
lagapdragon: did you change the password for the mysql database manually at some point?22:05
famicomi STRONGLY suggest you reinstalll22:05
pdragonno, i did not laga22:05
lagadon't dist-upgrade, use update-manager22:05
pdragonjust ran an apt-get upgrade22:05
pdragonor actually, ran the update manager22:05
pdragonnot apt on the command line22:05
pdragonas soon as the update was done, i rebooted (kernel update) and then mythweb no longer worked22:05
lagapdragon: here's what i think has happened:22:06
famicomlaga update manager is dist upgrade22:06
lagapdragon: when mythweb is configured, the password etc is taken from the debconf database instead of mysql.txt. somehow you changed the password in mythtv and in the mysql database or you entered something wrong when configuring the mythtv-common package22:07
lagafamicom: "aptitude dist-upgrade" is not "update-manager"22:07
famicomcould be22:08
famicomI don't use most added ubuntu tools22:08
famicomthey're too fragile22:08
pdragonlaga: i've done multiple updates on this machine to the mythtv packages without problems until now, though22:08
famicomI've had some really relaly weird quircks22:09
laga17:45 < laga> ogra: btw, why? does update-manager add specific hacks?22:09
laga17:45 < ogra> laga, tons, yes22:09
laga17:45 < ogra> laga, every failure that showed up in a test during the last three months is covered by it22:10
lagausing update-manager might actually be a good idea :=)22:10
lagawhen i dist-upgraded my hardy box, i had to run it three times to be up to date22:10
lagawhich introduced interesting levels of breakage between these runs22:10
lagai'll probably keep using dist-upgrade just because i can, though ;)22:11
pdragonwell, looking forward to final then. :) got me a nice new upgraded computer for my backend22:12
pdragonwhich is also my main frontend22:12
lagadoes anyone here have a fast box to seed some torrents?22:13
pdragonupgraded my gaming computer and made my old gamer my dvr22:13
lagapdragon: my normal computer is also my frontend ;)22:13
pdragonoh, i use all my computers as frontends. my backend is the one hooked up to my living room tv and stereo tho22:14
pdragoni don't have a fast connection, but i can help seed22:14
pdragonseeding 8.04 desktop and server now too :)22:14
lagapdragon: if you can, it'd be good to file a bug about the mythweb problem.. i can't guarantee it'll be fixed, but i've seen these problems often enough that i want to try to get them fixed22:15
lagapdragon: we need a fast connection for an initial seed the mythbuntu disks. i guess we need to wait for tgm4883_laptop to get home ;)22:17
pdragonhehe ok. just say when it's up and i'll download it as well :)22:17
pdragonbug reported22:21
lagapdragon: great, thanks22:22
pdragonnow maybe i'll finally sit down and get a remote working. just been using a wireless keyboard :p22:24
jayshottaHey guys im trying the RC for mythbuntu I have 2 sata 250 on a rosewill card set to Raid 0 but it keeps showing me 2 drives at install time22:50
lagajayshotta: it's probably a softraid22:51
tgm4883_laptopyep, sounds like softraid22:51
jayshottawhat can I do to get it to span to 500gb22:52
tgm4883_laptopeither setup storage groups or mdadm22:52
lagaor lvm22:53
lagathat'll desync your "raid" array, though22:53
lagaso be careful if you use windows on there22:53
jayshottaI was gonna try LVM but how do I set the second drive as apart of volume22:54
jayshottaCouldnt find any useful guides22:55
kemotahajayshotta: the program you want is dmraid22:56
jayshottaok ima google it22:57
kemotahaonly use it though if you need to keep it as a raid on the "hw" level22:57
kemotahafor example if you dual boot or access the drives from windows22:57
kemotahaotherwise use LVM or a software raid, or just use storage groups22:58
jayshottathis is strickly for mythbuntu box22:58
lagai'd recommend storage grousp22:58
jayshottawhere can I find dmraid ?22:58
lagaless data loss if one disk fails :)22:58
jayshottaHow u go about setting storage groups22:58
lagajayshotta: it's an option in mythtv22:59
lagayou just add two directories to store recordings22:59
kemotahadmraid is a package for Ubuntu.  but go with laga's suggestion.22:59
lagaand that's it22:59
jayshottaSo just install on mythtv on primary drive then add extra drive there23:00
jayshottaIts almost done installing on first drive bout to reboot23:01
jayshottaIs there a special install for Storage gropus23:05
kemotahanope it is a feature in myth .2123:07
lagayou need to mount your second drive23:07
lagathere are probably a thousand ways to do that, but i don't know if a nice gUI utility is included in mythbuntu23:08
lagai'm sure someone in here can tell you how they did that23:08
jayshottaooh ok Ima need some help with it23:11
jayshottaAnyone in here can assist me in setting up Storage groups im running 8.04 RC of mythbuntu23:13
LeeSharpWhat is the current debate on 64bit vs 32bit?23:24
lagawhat was the previous debate?23:25
LeeSharpI have been away from Myth for a while and back then 64 bit linux was considered unusable to problimatic.  I am about to install to a new system.  Which way should I go with 8.04 mythubuntu?23:26
lagaamd64 should be OK unless you want flash (which usually works) or some w32codecs (often not needed anymore, at least not for me).23:28
lagaoften i386 will be sufficient, though. it's really your call :)23:28
LeeSharpWell, I have a lot of old media, so win32codecs are kinda important...  But there is no major benefit to 64bit at this time?23:29
lagait might be a bit more optimized, so if your box is close to the edge, amd64 might perform better23:30
lagawrt w32codecs, are you sure you still need them with recent mplayer?23:30
c3rb3rus5so i bet that this has been asked a few times today already, but when is the final mythbuntu 8.04 release?23:31
LeeSharpNot sure, reallyu.  Just don't want to find out later. :)  Especially if there is no pressing reason to go 64.  I guess an E2180 with 2 gig and 500 gig SATA should be enough to make the difference minor...23:32
lagac3rb3rus5: soon. :) give it a few hours. (i know i've been saying this for a few hours, but we've been having some porblems with the release process ;))23:32
c3rb3rus5laga: gotcha23:32
LeeSharpDoes this mean the alt-installs on cdimage are not real yet?23:33
lagaLeeSharp: yup. although it'd be interesting to see some real benchmarks w/ mythbuntu23:33
lagaLeeSharp: they're real. as far as we're concerned, there's no release unless it's on our website :)23:33
c3rb3rus5laga: would you recommend a clean install, or an upgrade... currently some things are not working for me like the channel icons automation, mytharchive, and streamiung over mythweb23:33
lagaLeeSharp: we're still updating mirrors and setting up torrents23:33
c3rb3rus5running 7.10 with myth .2123:34
lagac3rb3rus5: try an upgrade, if it doesn't work you can still reinstall :)23:34
lagathere are also weekly builds for gutsy23:35
c3rb3rus5bet the servers are slammed right now23:35
lagabut by all means, try hardy and report bugs if you find them :)23:35
lagayeah, they are23:35
LeeSharpThe trackers keep falling down.  I have been seeding hardy all day, and the trackers are overloaded.23:35
lagaif even the trackers are overloaded than it's bad23:36
c3rb3rus5anyone know if i can set a partition as /var/lib without formatting it using the installer23:36
LeeSharpYou see the seeders get to about 5000 and leechers get to about 6000, and it falls over.  Then comes back with 7 seeders. :)23:36
lagac3rb3rus5: that's possible in the alt disk at least, it should be possible in the live disk too. i'd recommend you upgrade mysql manually, though. the database resides in /var/lib/mysql/ and mysql might not like just getting a database from an old version23:37
lagaLeeSharp: awesome :)23:38
james_can someone help me with installing my Kworld ATSC 110 card for ATSC Antenna23:38
c3rb3rus5laga: i'm talking about a clean install.  if i did a clean install and set a drive to mount as /car/lib wouldnt the installer just overwrite the /var/lib/mysql dir?23:39
c3rb3rus5uh... /var not /car :-p23:39
lagac3rb3rus5: is the drive which will be mounted as /var/lib/ supposed to be formatted?23:40
c3rb3rus5james_: i have a KWorld ATSC 110, but i never got it up and running for analog.  I found out that firewire seems to work better for me for everything so i kinda justh ave it sitting there now23:40
c3rb3rus5laga: well, the idea is to keep all my recordings (which reside in /var/lib/mythtv) without having to native export and then xfer them back and forth23:41
lagac3rb3rus5: i don't think /var/lib/mysql will be overwritten.23:41
lagac3rb3rus5: if you lose your database, you'll have to reimport your recordings manually23:42
james_c3rb3rus5, I have 3 cards that are going to be used in mythtv. KWorld ATSC 110 (Antenna), Hauppage PVR-150 (Recording my game play from my TV-Out), Twinhan 103g (Satellite)23:42
c3rb3rus5right, but if i do a native export it _should_ keep the metadata right?23:42
lagac3rb3rus5: i think that's the point23:43
lagaor you can keep your database ;) (mysqldump and import afterwards)23:43
lagaor just do an ubuntu update ;)23:43
c3rb3rus5i guess what i'm looking to do is just not have to transfer 90+ gigs to another computer when i might be able to carry ot over on the same machine23:43
c3rb3rus5i'm gonna try the update first... but i have this feeling23:44
c3rb3rus5james_: i don't have an antenna, so i can;t speak for the ATSC's setup for ATSC23:44
c3rb3rus5james_: i was going to use it for QAM23:44
c3rb3rus5for the record, bittorrent is great23:47
c3rb3rus5because finding 1 MB/s + speeds from a mirror never happens23:48
james_c3rb3rus5, that depends on your ISP. my ISP makes it so I can't seed any torrents23:50
c3rb3rus5that sucks :(23:50
james_gotta love AT&T23:51
LeeSharpTransmission, the bittorrent client in Hardy, allows encrypted connections so you can seed on comcast...  I am on AT&T and seeding like crazy.23:52
james_LeeSharp, I've got encryption on in Azureus23:52
lagac3rb3rus5: i sometimes get > 2MB/s from cdimage.ubuntu.com, but that's very rare ;)23:53
lagac3rb3rus5: and certainly not shortly after a release23:53
c3rb3rus5hah, yea23:53
james_LeeSharp, what port you use for your torrent program?23:53
LeeSharpI use Transmissions default port, 5141323:54
jayshottaCan anyone help me add a 250GB hdd to my Mythbuntu 8.04 for extra storage23:54

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