FujitsuHow do you know this?00:00
Seveas<jtmonz> http://media.ubuntu-nl.org/images/hackergotchis/dennis.png00:01
Seveas<jtmonz> hahahaha00:01
FujitsuUm, riiight.00:02
elky_workSeveas, nice of him to show that he doesnt give a fecal_matter by stalking00:06
mc44He's just jealous of Seveas's gnomish good looks00:07
Seveasljudkort, how can we help you?00:08
naliothnobody ever stalks me00:08
* Fujitsu creeps unnoticably.00:08
Seveasnalioth, you can borrow my stalker00:08
naliothSeveas: send him on over00:08
elky_worknalioth, i have one in ghana you can borrow, though afaik he only does email :-/00:08
* nalioth will teach him/her/it about civility00:08
ljudkortSeveas, I have a 100 MBit connection (both directions) unused, so I was wondering if I could help you in some way at the release?00:09
Seveasljudkort, seed the torrents :)00:09
naliothljudkort: is it unlimited?00:09
naliothyes, helping seed the torrents is a goodness00:09
Seveaspeople with fast connections seeding the torrents is always a good idea00:09
ljudkortnalioth, how do you mean?00:10
ljudkortSeveas, yeah, that was my own thought.. Seeding it for a couple of weeks00:10
naliothljudkort: if you have unlimited bandwidth, you might unofficially help with the heavy lifting 00:10
ljudkortI have unlimited bandwidth, no restrictions00:10
nalioth0_0   wish i were so lucky00:10
elky_workspeaking of, i should make use of my linode bandwidth00:11
ljudkort:) But really, is there any way I can help you guys in the beginning? The torrents probably need as much bandwidth they can get right from the start00:11
naliothljudkort: all manner of download needs help at the start00:11
Seveasljudkort, so help them get started :)00:11
elky_workljudkort, start torrenting the beta now.00:12
elky_workmany people will get the beta now and upgrade on release day00:12
ljudkortWill do00:12
ljudkortRC aswell?00:12
Seveasljudkort, if you get the RC images now, you can rsync them to final when released00:12
elky_workwell yes, that's what i meant00:12
ljudkortOh, really? And sorry, I'm quite new to Ubuntu, 7.04 was the first for me00:14
elky_workyeah, well they changed the pre-release versioning for this time, so i still get confused00:14
Fujitsuelky_work: Did we? Where?00:16
ljudkortWell, I'll seed every torrent I can find. But if you need any bandwidth, or need seeding on a torrent, just send me a note, I'll start seeding immediately if I'm nearby the computer00:16
elky_workFujitsu, alphas rather than flights,herds etc00:16
Fujitsuelky_work: I guess.00:17
mneptokspeaking of herds ....00:17
* mneptok stares at the Debian/HURD KVM image00:17
ubotuPelo called the ops in #ubuntu (Randa1l)00:43
Picimy fault00:45
PiciI removed the ban earlier today00:45
mneptokstdin: what's the council alias?02:18
stdinmneptok: because then the council can decide if they want to keep the channel or not02:19
stdinas all the council have access to that account02:19
mneptokstdin: but who does he add to the access list?02:19
stdinUbuntuIrcCouncil should do it I think02:19
stdinor at least if that's the contact02:19
stdinmneptok: do you remember the incident around the #k-kde4 channel? I'm just trying to avoid that again02:20
mneptokdon;t recall02:21
stdinwhen the #kubuntu-kde4 channel was setup, with no one on the access list02:22
mneptokstdin: UbuntuIRCCouncil added at 30 to #u-r-p-es02:22
stdinmneptok: then we can let them deal with it and get back to the party :)02:23
FujitsuPhear mneptok!02:50
FujitsuThey listened to you.02:50
mneptokthat danish on my head helps02:51
FujitsuI thought it was a snail.02:51
mneptoksnail-flavored danish.02:52
mneptokFrench breakfast.02:52
* gnomefreak comes back when i get this crap fixed ;)02:53
FujitsuSudden death in #u-r-p now!?03:18
ubotuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)03:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about reltime - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:21
tonyyarusso!reltime is <reply> No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.03:23
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, tonyyarusso said: !reltime is <reply> No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.03:23
tonyyarusso!reltime is <reply> No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.03:24
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, tonyyarusso said: !reltime is <reply> No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.03:24
naliothtonyyarusso: please stop asking03:25
mneptokbantracker = buhbye03:25
tonyyarussonalioth: It recognized login in PM...03:25
mneptokZelta: i warned you multiple times. you even acknowledged you had a last warning.03:37
ZeltaI only asked if it was out yet03:37
ZeltaI see countless others doing the same03:37
mneptokZelta: please ...03:38
mneptokZelta: i'm not an idiot. don;t play games.03:38
Zelta[21:35]<Zelta>Is it out yet03:38
Zelta[21:35]<Anastasius>Is it out yet?03:38
ZeltaThen, I was banned03:38
mneptokyes, yes you were.03:39
mneptokyou decided to play games. you lost.03:39
mneptokbe a big boy and lose with some dignity.03:39
ZeltaI guess I just don't see how asking if it is out on a channel devoted to celebrating when it comes out is worthy of a ban?03:39
mneptokyou have another 6 months to think about that.03:39
mneptokand if you'd like logs, i have them.03:40
ZeltaI'd just like to know why it is worthy of a ban03:40
mneptokbecause you spent HOURS watching people being told "please stop asking."03:40
mneptokyou were warned about the meaningless noise you were generating.03:40
stdinbecause, when you know it's not out (and you knew that), you're really just flooding the channel03:40
ZeltaAnd what else are we to talk about in there?03:41
ZeltaIsn't the sole purpose of the channel to discuss when it is out?03:41
stdinit's not called #ubuntu-when-is-it-out03:41
ZeltaNor is it called #ubuntu-offtopic03:42
stdinconstantly repeating after being warned would get you banned in any ubuntu channel03:43
mneptokZelta: funny that the rules now are of importance to you. you might try following them before you're banned next time.03:43
stdin#ubuntu-release-party is no different03:43
ZeltaThey are always of importance to me.03:43
ZeltaThe only "disruption" I caused was asking if it was out yet.03:43
ZeltaI did not contribute to the lewd innuendo that took place earlier03:43
mneptok21:27 < Zelta> when I google heron I get odd pictures of men and women performing odd acts03:45
mneptok21:28 < Zelta> oh wait that's "hair on" not "heron"03:45
mneptokbzzzzt. fail.03:45
mneptok21:28 < Zelta> nvm03:45
ZeltaSorry, I guess I just forgot that "party" means "absence of fun"03:46
mneptokyou also forgot "last warning" means "better stop playing games"03:48
ZeltaYeah, and also I didn't realize that asking if it is out in a channel celebrating its release was bad03:49
mneptokwelp, now you know. anything else we can do for you?03:49
ZeltaYeah: when does it come out?03:51
tonyyarusso#ubuntu-release-party No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.03:52
mneptok(pssst .... my /kick msg was *almost* "apparently too late to prevent procreation in your father's case")03:53
tonyyarusso300 in -r-p, whoo!04:12
PiciWe really should watch our bans in #ubuntu over the next few days especially...  04:21
stdinheh, someone just /msg'd me "help" and "test"04:22
stdinthey thought I was a bot :p04:22
tonyyarussoPici: yes, very very much so...04:23
tonyyarussoA good reason to be more attached to /remove instead of bans (and make nalioth happy to boot)04:24
* Pici yawns04:27
PiciI'll be back in ~7 hours, good luck if the release is some time during that04:28
Hobbseemneptok: *grin*04:29
Hobbseemneptok: i just like your reply...04:40
fdkrewany operators here?04:46
Hobbseeno, we're all out drinking04:47
fdkrewdam lucky04:48
fdkrewI want to know if i can get unbanned so i can join the ubuntu release party, cause i was asking when it was released.04:49
elky_workfdkrew, how many times did you ask?04:51
mneptokfdkrew: that is not why you were banned04:52
mneptok22:34 < fdkrew> is it out of the closet yet?04:52
mneptok22:34 < fdkrew> the cat?04:52
mneptok22:35 < fdkrew> when is it comming out?04:52
mneptok22:35 < fdkrew> the new will smith cd?04:52
mneptokdo i need to go on?04:52
fdkrewi was joking with others04:56
fdkrewit is a party channel right04:56
fdkrewdam some people cant take jokes04:56
mneptokso if i come to a party at your house with 6 friends, and we "jokingly" start screaming at the top of our lungs, and won;t stop, that will be funny? and you'll welcome us?04:56
fdkrewi never refered to ubuntu 04:56
* gnomefreak must be missing channels :(04:57
fdkrewwell if your texting at my party i wont hear u04:57
mneptoki'll gladly pastebin the entirety of what you said tonight for other ops to see04:58
* nickrud is _not_ going to the party04:58
mneptokyou sure you want that?04:58
gnomefreakcant be that bad. can it?04:58
mneptokyour signal:noise was .... ungood.04:58
fdkrewlet me lower my dB level then  rofl04:58
elky_workmneptok, let me guess, he resembled a random string spewing bot?04:59
mneptokelky_work: bots tend to have some rudimentary AI04:59
fdkrewim asking nicely if i can go back, ill keep the signel to noise level down i promise04:59
fdkrewapt-get remove spambot ...ok05:00
mneptokfdkrew: now *that's* maybe the first honest thing you have said all night.05:00
fdkrewi wouldnt be here if i wasnt right, i was really making a joke05:01
mneptokyou are unbanned05:01
fdkrewjust didnt think i was doing anything bad sorry05:01
fdkrewthank you05:01
elky_workfdkrew, you know not all jokes are funny, appropriate or necessary, right?05:01
fdkrewill behave05:01
fdkrewyea i learn my lession05:01
elky_workacting like a twoyrold in the back of a car isnt any of the above05:01
fdkrew"are we there yet?"05:02
fdkrewi used to say that alot when i was small05:02
elky_workthat's precisely it. the party channel is like THREE HUNDRED TWO YEAR OLDS :-/05:02
mneptok /m fdkrew isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet isitoutyet05:02
* mneptok tootles off for home05:03
fdkrewi think the party channel should be people talking about imaginary partying lol05:03
elky_workshould be? yes. is? no. it's currently 300 toddlers in the back of a car, which is really grating to anyone who's graduated past toilet training05:04
fdkrewthey should be an age limmit for the party channel05:04
* nickrud really isn't going near it now05:05
elky_workfdkrew, and you propose we get genuine age checks over the internet how?05:05
fdkrewbut wont work like the 14 year old girls on myspace lol05:05
fdkrewthat say there 21 lol05:05
nickrudnothing more fun that a bunch of 20 somethings running round like toddlers. 05:05
* gnomefreak thought i would be back a week or 2 before releaese :(05:06
nickrudbetter now than later :)05:06
elky_workgnomefreak, you're back and that's the main thing :)05:06
fdkrewso any new features that really stand out in this release to you guys?05:06
elky_workfdkrew, this isnt a chat channel per se05:07
fdkrewohh ok sorry05:07
fdkrewanswer that question if its ok with you and ill head out05:07
fdkrewbetter from you then toddlers right05:07
elky_workthe people here with any inclination to answer are already in -party05:08
fdkrewok cool later and thanks05:08
gnomefreakfdkrew: yes a bunch please see release notes on the download page05:08
fdkrewyea ive read them05:08
* tonyyarusso waves at gnomefreak 05:59
* gnomefreak waves at tonyyarusso 06:00
tonyyarussoFeeling better?06:00
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: compared to how i was yes alot06:00
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, cwillu said: ubotu arewethereyet is No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released.06:01
tonyyarussogood stuff06:02
gnomefreakgood but not really true06:02
gnomefreaksome people do know when it will be released, for example anyone running up tp date Hardy is in final :)06:03
Hobbsee[15:04] <Fujitsu> Can you add a <reply> to the start of isitout, please?06:04
* Hobbsee gets ready for work06:04
* gnomefreak confused06:05
Hobbseeheh, she can have being left alone when she stops putting her "the ops are doing i t wrong" in the channel.06:05
gnomefreakemma is new to IRC?06:05
tonyyarussognomefreak: No.06:05
gnomefreaki see06:05
Hobbseegnomefreak: far from it.06:05
stdinemma is "known"06:05
* gnomefreak doesnt remember him/her06:05
stdincomplained about the irseek log bot06:06
tonyyarussoand I'm still very curious who cleared the -r-p bans to let her in in the first place06:06
* gnomefreak doesnt remember gnomefreak half the time either06:06
gnomefreaki saw that email not too long ago06:06
gnomefreakor was it on CC page06:06
gnomefreakeither way read about it06:06
Hobbseetonyyarusso: i doubt she'll stay there for long.  if she's going to complain about every ban....06:07
* mneptok smiles for the camera06:07
Hobbseeand it's just going to get crazier in there06:07
tonyyarussoHobbsee: correct06:07
nickrudyou are all very welcome to it.06:09
Hobbseeugh.  there will be  no publicising of their channel today, either.06:10
tonyyarussoHobbsee: Nope.  Remove on mention.06:11
Hobbseeonly remove?06:11
tonyyarussowell, depending on the person.06:11
tonyyarussoI've used remove for the "harmless" types in -ot.  Haven't encountered otherwise yet, but other situations would warrant more.06:12
gnomefreakok my timestamp is still right :(06:12
* gnomefreak cant understand if Hardy is that important why not upgrade your ubuntu to it instead of waiting for servers to lock up 06:25
icanhaswhat do you mean?06:27
gnomefreakpeople are waiting a bugging out over when ISO will be released06:28
gnomefreakno need to if you have Ubuntu already06:28
* icanhas loves apt-get dist-upgrade06:28
FujitsuNo no no.06:29
FujitsuDo not use dist-upgrade06:29
FujitsuUse update-manager or do-release-upgrade.06:29
* gnomefreak hasnt tested do-release yet06:29
icanhasI meant if one _already has_ hardy, to update to the final06:30
gnomefreakmaybe once new tool chain is uploaded06:30
Fujitsuicanhas: Ah.06:30
gnomefreakicanhas: if you have it and its up to date its final hardy06:30
icanhasgnomefreak: oh, the RC wasn't / isn't being adjusted at all?06:31
gnomefreakicanhas: as of a day or 2 ago most likely not. i just got back to pc after 3 months06:31
AmaranthCan I start banforwarding people to #ubuntu-release-party?06:31
gnomefreakmine is final 06:31
gnomefreakAmaranth: from where?06:31
tonyyarussoAmaranth: that's one option, although just remove first (remember, the banlist is limited)06:32
gnomefreakit is?06:32
gnomefreakAmaranth: maybe warn first than remove06:32
Amaranthand randomly banning one person from #ubuntu-release-party to get them to shut up06:32
Amaranthtonyyarusso: Well, the idea was to do it for maybe 5 minutes then remove it06:32
icanhasgnomefreak: well if that's true, then techincally the daily build of today will be almost identical to the release :)06:32
tonyyarussognomefreak: yeah.  It's a very high limit, but we still manage to reach it from time to time.06:32
tonyyarussoAmaranth: that works too.06:32
gnomefreakicanhas:  it is the iso that is being spun atm06:32
AmaranthWe reach the ban limit all the time06:32
gnomefreakwhat is the limit?06:33
gnomefreaki saw something about it in email but missed most of it06:33
Amaranthno idea what the number is06:33
tonyyarussome either.06:33
Amaranthbut we usually end up clearing like 50-100 bans when we hit the limit06:34
gnomefreakicanhas: they have to freeze the archive before they can spin ISO's06:34
Amaranthhappens like every other month06:34
tonyyarussoI went through last month and cleared probably 250 though.06:34
icanhasgnomefreak: gotcha :)06:34
gnomefreakdo we have alternative to it?06:34
gnomefreakas in perm bans or are they all released at a time now06:34
gnomefreakexample expliot users06:34
Amaranthhow many people do you think we'll get in #ubuntu?06:37
Amaranthwe're already up to as many as we got last release06:37
gnomefreakwait till -party is closed and +1 is closed06:37
* elky_work notes to icanhas that until the millisecond that the release is announced, the devs can (and have before) change something if they find a showstopper06:37
Amaranth+1 goes away the second the release is announced06:38
AmaranthOr whenever Seveas gets around to closing it once he notices the release06:38
icanhasGoes away? Shouldn't it be used to talk about Ibex?06:38
gnomefreakicanhas: not for a bit06:38
icanhasoh ok :)06:38
AmaranthNot until there is something to talk about06:38
AmaranthMeaning when the archive opens06:38
elky_workicanhas, there will be a few weeks downtime to let the devs breathe06:38
gnomefreakicanhas: the tool chain needs to be released with a few updates before anyone really uses it including -devs06:39
Amaranthelky_work: pfft, it's actually just so they'll upload to hardy-proposed instead of focusing on shiny new stuff :)06:39
* gnomefreak forgets to breathe at times06:39
gnomefreakok who borked e17?06:39
elky_workAmaranth, that too. but seriously... the core devs will have not slept the past few weeks. they need a break before we let people get excited06:40
Amaranthelky_work: I know the feeling06:40
* gnomefreak already has things to build for +1 :(06:40
AmaranthI was getting so little sleep the last two weeks I slept all day today, just crashed06:40
AmaranthSomething unrelated to Ubuntu though06:41
elky_workyep. and people wonder why it takes until the end of UTC release day for the announcement ;)06:41
Amaranthgnomefreak: I have some things too :)06:41
Seveasmorning's here, the morning's here!06:41
Seveasjust woke up06:41
gnomefreakmorning Seveas 06:41
elky_workSeveas, no, it's not out yet :P06:41
Seveasdarn :)06:42
* gnomefreak has to fix e17 before bed and its already almost 2am06:42
* gnomefreak goes to smoke hopes apt can fix it for me06:42
elky_workbtw, i tried to use the 'one does not simply walk into Mordor' line on my boss, but he'd not heard it before :(06:42
Amaranthbtw, I'm betting on 1700 people06:42
elky_worki seriously got a o.O reaction06:43
AmaranthI said that last release too and we got less than during the feisty release06:43
elky_workAmaranth, we hit 1600 last time iirc?06:43
AmaranthBut this is an LTS so I think we'll have more interest06:43
Amaranthelky_work: I thought it maxed out at 145006:43
elky_workAmaranth, no....06:43
elky_workSeveas, can you recall?06:43
gnomefreakwe should hit 1700 without much of a thought if you ban forward to #ubuntu06:43
elky_worki believe one of us blogged06:43
AmaranthOk then, let me get optimistic again06:44
Amaranthany everyone with less than a 1mbit connection lags out due to all the noise06:45
Seveaswe were at 1400+ yesterday already06:46
elky_workand i believe we hit higher than that06:47
elky_workthat was a year ago06:48
elky_worki think we'll top 1600, Amaranth06:48
* Fujitsu kills emma.06:50
elky_worknot here thanks06:50
* gnomefreak worries about CIT person at times07:06
Fujitsugnomefreak: Indeed.07:06
gnomefreakok good im not the only one who saw that07:06
tonyyarussoover 400 in -r-p now07:07
FujitsuIt's getting pretty crazy in there.07:07
mneptokwe really do need that XKCD bot in that channel07:07
FujitsuWhich xkcd bot?07:08
mneptokbans on any unoriginal inputline07:08
Jucato!no popcon is <reply> The Ubuntu Popularity Contest project is an attempt to map the usage of Ubuntu packages. To participate, install the package "popularity-contest", and see  http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucasNussbaum/PopconDraft07:08
ubotuI'll remember that Jucato07:08
mneptok"is it out yet" and "it's out!" are done.07:09
mneptokAmaranth: did you speak Choctaw?07:13
mneptok02:11 < sdakak> Amaranth: sound in flash not working, hair lying on the ground07:13
Jucatoare we there yet?07:13
Amaranthmneptok: err, no?07:13
Amaranththat has me confused too07:14
FujitsuJucato: We're here, yes.07:14
mneptokAmaranth: i was just clued in. "i'm pulling my hair out."07:16
mneptokbut still ... uhwhuh?07:16
Amaranthyeah, i understood that bit07:17
Amaranthjust have no idea why that was directed to me07:17
AmaranthI'm first in the user list?07:17
Amaranthno, i didn't have +o on so that wasn't true07:17
Seveasemma found the party07:22
elky_workdays ago07:22
Seveascan't we just say that bans from #ubuntu and -offtopic apply there too? 07:23
tonyyarussoSeveas: There _was_ one.  I don't know where it went.07:26
elky_workSeveas, ive just had a report she's doing the PM spam thing that we *have told her repeatedly not to do in our channels*, so probably worthwhile07:27
Seveasfrom people in -release?07:28
Seveasmore imporantly, from people who'll repeat it in here?07:28
FujitsuThe reporter is currently not responding.07:31
elky_workemma, stop PMing people we talk to here. there is no way you can have a relationship with someone who you read in a log. stop doing it.07:33
PriceChildtonyyarusso: couldn't you have just had a quick word in PM?07:34
tonyyarussoPriceChild: I don't have time for a "quick" word with every idiot that comes through there - we've had dozens already.07:35
elky_workPriceChild, and how does that help the rest of the ops monitoring the channel?07:35
FujitsuSeveas: Ewwww.07:35
tonyyarussohehe Fujitsu 07:35
PriceChildyou had time to do a quick remove...07:36
PriceChilda quick "/msg nick Please don't use gay as a derogatory term in #ubuntu-release-party" is a lil nicer than removing.07:36
PriceChildimmediate backlog didn't seem like he did anything worse, correct me if wrong07:36
tonyyarussoYou wanna deal with the followup?07:36
tonyyarussoNo, that's what it was for.07:37
PriceChildyes, and am07:37
elky_workPriceChild, shall i now repeat your logic of quick PM?07:38
tonyyarussoAll right. will try perhps07:38
tonyyarussowow, spelling died07:38
PriceChildelky_work: wrt what?07:38
SeveasPriceChild, and, no, I don't do a quick pm with people who insult me07:38
Seveasso can it07:39
elky_workPriceChild, informing tonyyarusso in PM instead of reprimanding him publicly?07:39
tonyyarussoIt's a fine idea, I'm just not particularly prepared to get into any long discussions at 1:40 AM :)07:41
elky_workunless of course, you value the trolls and spammers more than your fellow ops of course07:41
Seveaselky_work, well, that seems to be freenode standard :)07:41
PriceChildTis true, i've been assimilated and am no longer a true part of ubuntu-irc.07:42
SeveasPriceChild, then we should have another person on the council07:42
tonyyarussolet's not go into this today please.07:43
elky_workthis isnt the time07:43
PriceChildI was being sarcastic...07:43
SeveasI wasn't 07:43
* tonyyarusso parties, then realizes he's tired07:43
Seveastonyyarusso, get some sleep, party will continue for a while :)07:44
tonyyarussoSeveas: yeah, I should07:44
elky_worktonyyarusso, go now while it's 'quiet'07:44
elky_workare we up to 500 yet? nope? still quiet07:44
ATHF-Assembleso any mention of the "N word" is forbidden...even if it's a quote?07:50
PriceChildATHF-Assemble: what n word, where?07:50
stdinATHF-Assemble is HunterSThompson07:50
PriceChildNo this isn't a trick question forcing you to use it...07:50
ATHF-Assembleand I don't mean the racist "N word"  in #ubuntu-release-party07:50
SeveasATHF-Assemble, yes you did07:51
=== ATHF-Assemble is now known as HunterSThompson
Seveas"what if the nazis won the war"07:51
HunterSThompsonI said "This is what the whole hep world would be doing if the nazis had wont he war"07:51
HunterSThompsonit's a quote...07:52
HunterSThompsonI will refrain from using that word again...but I really didn't think it would get me banned07:52
SeveasHunterSThompson, well it did07:53
elky_workwhat is a 'hep world'?07:53
HunterSThompsonhep is the precursor to Hip07:53
elky_workthe world where nobody has hips?07:54
HunterSThompsonany way to get back into the party room?07:54
HunterSThompsonhip as in cool07:54
tonyyarussoPriceChild: Clearly he's not - funny, that.07:54
SeveasHunterSThompson, no, you're banned remember07:54
PriceChildtonyyarusso: if only he read the announce lists or something..07:55
tonyyarussoPriceChild: hehe, yeah07:55
HunterSThompsonif only I knew what the heck that was07:55
SeveasHunterSThompson, well, 6 months or a day doesn't make much difference in there 07:55
HunterSThompsonhow about 6 minutes and time served?07:55
ompaulSeveas I can has pm ?07:56
icanhasvote on it ;)07:56
Seveasompaul, you can has07:56
ompaulyou no has07:56
HunterSThompsonwell this sucks07:56
elky_workHunterSThompson, i'm going to demonstrate how well 'it was a quote' works. if i was to quote 'your mother is a..' with some nasty thing about your mother, from some police tv show.,.. would you like it and laugh alot?07:57
* icanhas feels taken in vain ;)07:57
ompaulicanhas, you has07:57
elky_workHunterSThompson, surely you love your mother enough to be annoyed at those who infer she lacks hygiene and chastity?07:57
HunterSThompsonwhat did I say that was nasty?07:57
HunterSThompsonI called nobody a nazi nor did I make any anti-semitic rmarks07:58
elky_workHunterSThompson, i personally find the thought of the political party you mentioned winning the war to be quite unsavory07:58
HunterSThompsonas do I07:58
elky_workyou glorify that horrible and despicable part of history each time you speak their name07:59
PriceChildI don't agree with that elky_work.07:59
HunterSThompsonI do no such thing07:59
sortealI'm not saying anyone is right but what about free speech?07:59
icanhasyeah, it seems kind of silly, really.07:59
ompaulthere is none07:59
HunterSThompsonso saying the word hun would glorify Atilla...or saying Hell's Angels would somehow put Sonny Barger up on a golden pedestal07:59
tonyyarusso!free speech | sorteal 07:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about free speech - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:59
stdinsorteal: is there anything we can help you with?07:59
elky_worksorteal, what makes your free speech more important than mine?08:00
tonyyarusso!freespeech | sorteal 08:00
ubotusorteal: Please don't pepper the channel with cries of buzzwords like "free speech!", especially when you don't know what they mean nor are they applicable to the current situation.  See http://tonyyarusso.com/politics/what-free-speech-isnt for more information.08:00
HunterSThompsonnot applicable?08:00
Seveasemma, what can we do for you?08:01
gnomefreaknot every country has free speech (keep in mind before saying what about it)08:01
sortealNothing but he got banned from a channel for simply saying something.08:01
elky_workHunterSThompson, i dont live in the US, nor does tonyyarusso, nor does Seveas, nor does ompaul.08:01
emmaSeveas your comment in #ubuntu-release-party was a really alarming response to my friendly comment.08:01
tonyyarussoelky_work: err?08:01
elky_workwe do not have a first amendment to protect the Media.08:01
gnomefreakelky_work: tonyyarusso is i thought08:01
emmaSeveas -- I was trying to use the party to talk to you in a relaxed way. Maybe we could start building some better relationships08:01
elky_worktonyyarusso, you're not canadian anymore?08:01
tonyyarussoelky_work: one of us does, actually :)08:01
ompaulelky_work, tonyyarusso be from us 08:01
* gnomefreak from us most of time08:02
tonyyarussoelky_work: Well, Canadian at heart.  US by passport and residence.08:02
ompaulgnomefreak, hiya08:02
gnomefreakompaul: hi :)08:02
tonyyarussohoping to return sometime08:02
elky_worktonyyarusso, you're canadian to me08:02
ompaulgood to see ya08:02
emmaI find it touching that I'm included in the party. It means a lot to me. I consider it thoughtful.08:02
HunterSThompsonWell that's nto my fault...and I wasn't the one who mentioned free speech08:02
jtmoney_freedom of speech nazis?08:02
Seveasemma, and why would a comment from me to you be appropriate discussion in here? THis channel is for ops issues. If you have no ops issues to discuss, please read the topic08:02
tonyyarusso(although they have similar, and actually far more inclusive, laws in their constitution)08:02
elky_workHunterSThompson, you aksed why it wasnt applicable08:03
emmaSeveas - You are an op. 08:03
gnomefreakompaul: good to be back just wish i could sleep now08:03
Seveasemma, I am many things08:03
emmaSeveas - Aren't we all.08:03
Seveasjtmoney_, no idling in here, and definitely no trolling08:03
HunterSThompsonso I did...08:03
ompaul!idle | jtmoney_ 08:03
ubotujtmoney_: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.08:03
emmaSeveas - My comment to you was like an olive branch. Some niceness. I thought it was sweet that you invited me to be in your party.08:03
elky_workemma, who invited you?08:04
Seveasemma, I didn't invite you. Nor did any ops I know08:04
jtmoney_okay, i'm actually banned from -r-p08:04
emmaSeveas - When you responded the way that you did, it was a little bit unkind. But besides that, you insinuated things that aren't true. So I came in here to find out what that is about.08:04
Seveasnow please leave this channel if you have no ops-related issues to discuss08:04
elky_worki'm actually curious as to who gave this invite?08:04
emmaI am discussing an ops related issue.08:04
Seveasjtmoney_, well, then you should have behaved, shouldn't you08:04
elky_workemma, then answer an op's question: who invited you?08:05
emmaelkbuntu - I thought you did.08:05
jtmoney_man, i love ubuntu... but i can't get over the authoritarian crap you guys are dishing out on irc08:05
elky_workemma, i did no such thing08:05
emmaThat makes me sad.08:05
HunterSThompsonme too08:05
Seveasemma, first you said I did, now elky_work. You're just lying again08:05
stdinjtmoney_: then don't use IRC08:05
emmaIt has really felt for a long time that just when a person finds out there is a community is the time I was being pushed out of it by a few of you.08:05
jtmoney_why all the drama?08:05
jtmoney_do you guys feel powerless in other aspects of your lives?08:06
emmaSeveas -- Why can't more than one person invite me?08:06
emmaThis is an IRC party it's not like invitations are sent by mail.08:06
emmaWhen I say invite I don't mean a little card, I mean that I am welcome to be there.08:06
emmaThe word invite means that I am welcome to be there08:06
elky_workemma, uh, you need a dictionary.08:06
Seveasemma, weird definition of inviting. Must be from your standard troll dictionary again08:06
HunterSThompsonI just want to be in the party...if I inadvertently insulted, debased or otherwise infuriated someone with my quote then I apologize profusely08:07
emmaI was thanking you and elkbuntu for welcoming me to be there because it means somethign to me when I am included.08:07
HunterSThompsonit was not my intent08:07
elky_workemma, you will be 'uninvited' soon if you dont cease PMing our users as we've requested multiple times08:07
emmaelkbuntu, and Seveas no. To welcome is a standard meaning for invite. 08:07
PriceChildelky_work: do we have any proof of that?08:07
Seveasemma, this is going nowhere as usual.08:07
emmaelkbuntu, I have not done anything wrong.08:08
Seveasemma, we sure as hell didn't invite you here and you are still not discussing ops-related things.08:08
SeveasSo I'm going to ask you to leave08:08
PriceChildshe's trying to discuss how you, an op treated her in party?08:08
emmahttp://www.thefreedictionary.com/invite  Please look at entry 3 for the definition of invite.08:08
* gnomefreak goes to bed before head explodes wondering why being invited "there" has anything to do with being in "here"08:08
mibbersI have a question. Do you ops normally kickban people from channels who say things that you do not agree with? Why did someone come in here complaining that they were kicked because they said the word nazi in a harmless context?  Is not that contradictory to all that Ubuntu strives to be?08:09
elky_workPriceChild, we do. if the person would like to share it'd be good help08:09
gnomefreaknight all will read the mailing list back issues to catch up sometime in morning08:09
ompaulI am off to the land of work08:09
Seveasompaul, have fun08:09
emmaWhen I was thanking you and others for being inviting that's exactly what I meant. I think maybe my heart looks for any chance to feel like there's an improvement some times.08:10
ompaulSeveas, one ibm xserver with lots of vacant disk space I will have lots of fun08:10
Seveasompaul, :)08:10
ompaulSeveas, as long as the rest of the world does its work :)08:10
Seveasemma, judging from your lies in here so far I think you have lots of improvements to do before we really invite you08:11
emmaMy lies?08:11
emmaWhen you use a word like lies, that is also not kind and not substantiated either.08:11
emmaI gave you a link to the meaning of the word invite that I was using. 08:12
emmaIf I'm in a channel that all of you are actively oping, then I assume I'm welcome there and I'm invited to be there.08:12
elky_workthat is untrue08:12
Seveasemma, lie 1: I didn't invite you. lie 2: you lied about not pm'ing. lie 3: elkbuntu didn't invite you08:12
emmaThen that makes me really sad. It would mean a lot to me if this community were welcoming to me.08:12
Seveasemma, we're welcoming to people who don't troll and spam. 08:13
emmaSeveas who did I pm?08:13
emmaI am not a troll and I did not spam.08:13
stdinis anyone else receiving offensive messages from jtmoney_ or am I just special?08:13
emmaSeveas you just made an accusation. You flat out called me a liar and you are saying that I spammed someone in pm in that channel. I would like you to put up the evidence now.08:13
Seveasstdin, you're always special08:13
stdinYay for being special! :)08:14
emmaThe reason that this channel is logged is so that *everyone* can be accountable and respectful.08:14
HunterSThompsonI'm not receiving messages from anyone...offensive or otherwise08:14
Seveasemma, the person who reported the spam isn't responding now and we don't paste pm's in here without consent08:14
emmaYou just called me a liar, and you have accused me of spamming in pm in #ubuntu-release-party. I would like you support that or else it is part of a pattern of antagonism.08:14
tonyyarussoGuys, this conversation is no longer going anywhere that hasn't been previously visited.  We have better ways to spend our time today, so unless there is a NEW issue to raise, please drop it and leave now.08:15
emmaOkay I'm happy to raise a new issue.08:15
emmaBecause Seveas alerted me to some fictitious problem, I read your #ubuntu-ops log08:15
HunterSThompsonhave I been unregistered as well as banned?08:15
PriceChildHunterSThompson: nope, you must not have /msg nickserv identify password 'ed08:16
HunterSThompsonhmmm...it was working earlier08:16
emmaIn that log I found Fujitsu saying:  * Fujitsu kills emma.08:16
emmaIs Fujitsu and op? 08:16
Seveasemma, so? You were misbehaving real bad and fujitsu needed to vent his frustration08:16
tonyyarussoRaise that issue with Fujitsu first, not this channel.08:17
Seveasbetter in here than in support or chat channels08:17
emmaI would like you to bring forth specifically what I did to 'misbehave real bad' 08:17
emmaI did.08:17
tonyyarussoAnd you know full well by now that chanserv will tell you who is an op where.08:17
Seveas<tonyyarusso> Guys, this conversation is no longer going anywhere that hasn't been previously visited.  We have better ways to spend our time today, so unless there is a NEW issue to raise, please drop it and leave now.08:17
Seveasemma, you either drop it right now or you're out again.08:17
emmaI did bring up a new issue.08:17
emmaThe first issue is that I was trying to reach out to you and thank you for being gracious. You responded with antagonism (or so it feels). 08:18
ubotuGabz called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party ()08:18
emmaThe second issue is that you are calling me a liar with no support at all.08:19
emmaThe third thing is that you alerted me to an op in this channel using a conjugation of the verb "to kill" and applying it to me.08:19
elky_workFujitsu, congratulations, emma just promoted you to op?08:20
FujitsuThat she did.08:21
PriceChildI'm off, will be back in 2 hours. Not happy at why we've got so many people coming in here today.08:24
tonyyarussoHunterSThompson: so what?08:25
SeveasPriceChild, it's fricken release day. All the trolls come out as usual on release day08:25
tonyyarussodav7, icanhas, sorteal, spb: Can we help you with something?08:25
HunterSThompsonso...my cause seems pretty much lost08:25
PriceChildtonyyarusso: spb is a freenode staffer08:25
tonyyarussoPriceChild: ah, ty08:25
icanhastonyyarusso: i can pm?08:26
tonyyarussoicanhas: That would be a question between you and your client :)  Do you have an op issue to raise here?08:26
icanhasactually, i did. but maybe not so much anymore :) good day08:27
HunterSThompsonI've plead my case and even genuinely apologized...what more can I do?08:27
SeveasHunterSThompson, you can wait for the ban to be lifted, but not in here as this channel isn't for idling08:28
HunterSThompsonalright...how long is the ban...?08:28
tonyyarussoHunterSThompson: Wait.  Generally, bans are lifted in fairly short order unless there's a reason not to.  If it's still there in a few days and you don't know why, return at that time to inquire.08:28
PriceChildI believe HunterSThompson should be unbanned now for his reasons above.08:28
stdintonyyarusso: it's in -r-p, so a few days isn't applicable here08:29
tonyyarussostdin: good point08:29
SeveasPriceChild, I disagree, he's been on the edge for a while and nazi comments are simply not welcome.08:29
tonyyarussoWell, iirc that's Seveas', so that will be his to deal with.08:29
tonyyarussoUntil then, it's just a waiting game, but we will ask you to wait elsewhere HunterSThompson (you can try just joining the channel from time to time to see if it's lifted too)08:30
HunterSThompsonwell...thank's for hearing my arguments08:32
HunterSThompsonI can always wait another 6 months for the next releasy party08:32
tonyyarussoback to 1400 in #ubuntu - world is waking up08:35
FujitsuI wonder what it will get to... must be much bigger than last time, surely.08:36
tonyyarussowell it's gone up by 11 since I said that08:38
FujitsuDo we have a graph of people v. time somewhere?08:38
Amaranth<robbies> you gonna ban my entire state?08:50
Amaranth<robbies> and then i will just come on with one of my many shells08:50
Amaranth<robbies> what's wrong with trolling?08:51
Amaranth<robbies> you don't find it amusing?08:51
Amaranth<robbies> getting a channel of 400 people all taking sides on something irrelevant, it's fun08:51
AmaranthDon't let this guy back in, ban anyone who looks like him08:51
FujitsuBig ack.08:51
Myrttiwhat a backlog08:55
MyrttiI don't like it one bit08:55
Myrttiyou guys need more @powah to scare people in -r-p?09:02
MyrttiSeveas, Amaranth ?09:04
Amaranthhehe, sure09:04
ompaulSeveas, I am in the *wrong* building ;-)09:12
ompaulI'll go there in an hour or so09:13
Seveastonyyarusso, who's that?09:26
tonyyarussoover 1450 in #ubuntu now :)09:30
tonyyarussoand that's in the dead of night for NA still09:30
Black_Magicwhy am i not in the party ?09:35
Seveasno idea, but this is not the party so you might as well leave09:35
tonyyarusso500 now :)09:35
sortealwas wandering why I was banned from release party room09:40
Seveassorteal, calling us fascists if I understood it correctly09:41
sortealWas I wrong?09:41
Myrttinazi card == you lose09:43
MyrttiFujitsu: http://myrtti.fi/temp/irssi-aliases.txt09:45
Myrttidamn, that's wrong09:45
FujitsuMyrtti: Danke.09:45
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (spikemcc needs a ban in here too (link posting))09:47
[Vd]Sorry of links on ubuntu party.09:52
[Vd]It's bad joke from me =(09:52
Seveas[Vd], it is. See you next release09:53
Myrttithe topic at -r-p should be NO IT'S NOT OUT YET09:57
Myrttiand I'm not joking09:58
stdinyou think people actually read the topic?09:58
gnomefreakwho is paladine? im readin through some emails atm09:59
Seveas[Vd], if you have nothing else to discuss, see /topic09:59
Myrttistdin: !wfm09:59
stdinhow about an on-join message too ;)10:00
[Vd]Seveas: ok, thx10:00
Myrttihaving liw in -r-p gets me into awe10:08
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:32
SeveasLjL, can that trigger be disabled for today?10:32
stdinSeveas: Wutz is in #ubuntu too10:47
stdinand you should probably unban wubrgamer ;)10:47
Seveasstdin, i did10:51
Seveasand sent him an apology10:52
stdinthat's happened to me twice today already, can't really rely on tab-completion with so many people10:52
naliothi see we are running behind10:55
FujitsuDid I accidentally ignore joins in #u-r-p, or is it done globally?10:58
Myrttiyou did10:59
Seveas1546 in #ubuntu10:59
Seveaswe'll hit 1700 for sure, shall we hit 1800?10:59
FujitsuSeveas: How much of the US is actually awake?10:59
SeveasFujitsu, the insane part11:00
Seveasthe ones that don't sleep at noght11:00
naliothones who don't sleep?11:01
* nalioth is a vampire11:01
AmaranthThe latest time in the US right now is 6am11:07
Amaranthso basically no one in the US is around yet11:07
FujitsuAmaranth: That's what I thought. So we have lots of people missing.11:08
naliothwe're not?11:08
Amaranthnalioth: Well, some of us are :)11:09
AmaranthBut we're crazy11:09
naliothor vampires11:09
FujitsuAlmost 600...11:15
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, InvisiblePinkUn` said: ubotu's is always on da house :-)11:22
Amaranthrobbie is back11:30
Amaranthtaunting me and posting URLs11:30
AmaranthLike he said he would11:30
AmaranthI think his nick was robbie11:31
FujitsuI thought it had an s on the end.11:31
PriceChild35 bans in there now... after just a day?11:37
stdinalienbrain in #ubuntu11:42
LetsGo67I have been banned by stdin in #ubuntu-release-party but I did not ask when it was coming out...11:46
stdinLetsGo67: I removed the ban, was slightly trigger happy. sorry11:46
AmaranthDon't post links though11:46
LetsGo67It's all right.  I was just saying it's fake.11:46
LetsGo67http://zw.releases.ubuntu.com/ says "Release Candidate"11:47
Myrttidon't post any links to ubuntu.com sites today11:53
Myrttiit's a waste of bandwidth11:53
MyrttiI'm using it for two reasons only today11:54
Myrtti1) to subscribe to ubuntu-announce mailing list11:54
Myrtti2) to get the torrent links when the announce is in my email11:54
MyrttiPSSTTTT /msg chanserv help set entrymsg11:57
MyrttiAmaranth, Seveas ^11:57
AmaranthI can't do that :P11:58
Myrttiyou can't read chanserv messages ;-?11:58
ubotuIn ubotu, darkfritz2 said: the LTS is no final release_12:00
Amaranthshould +m for a couple minutes to calm people down12:07
AmaranthSo apparently I'm the release manager12:09
AmaranthThis is what people seem to have thought of12:09
AmaranthCool, I'm going to delay the release12:09
elkbuntuAmaranth, so the users promote Fujitsu to op, and you to release manager... who's going to promote me to Mark's accountant? :)12:16
elkbuntus/who's/when are the users/12:16
Amaranthshe seems to do everything12:17
Amaranthi'll have to help with some of that at UDS, i got volunteered for crew duties12:17
Amaranthlast time they put me with an automatix guy, now this12:17
AmaranthI am t3h hated12:17
elkbuntuwhy couldnt *I* get volunteered to the UDS? :(12:17
stdinops in +1 please12:17
elkbuntuyou knwo what IRC needs, a link killer tag sorta like the colour killer one12:21
PiciI see #ubuntu has reached critical mass12:28
* Pici lauds Myrtti for her patience12:30
* nalioth hands Pici a lit road flare and tosses him back in . . . .12:30
naliothah, not even 1600 atm12:30
naliothwe're far from critical mass12:31
* Fujitsu wields his newly implied op powers.12:31
* Pici ducks12:31
PriceChildThat is 50 bans btw...12:40
thoreauputicPeople are assuming that the most active kicking op in -party is the release manager... that shows amazing mental powers ;p12:41
Amaranthquick, everyone say "The truth is I am the release manager."12:45
Amaranthbetter they bug us than the real one12:46
stdinerm: * #ubuntu-release-party *!*@ :Channel ban list is full12:46
PriceChildstdin: see above12:47
Amaranthstdin: flush it? :)12:47
Amaranthdo it!12:47
Amaranthall at once, scare the crap out of everyone12:47
PriceChildCan we be a little more sparing on bans this time around?12:48
PriceChildWe can't just go on banning like we have... because apart from anything else, we're not getting an large ban list.12:49
Fujitsustdin: Ow.12:49
AmaranthPriceChild: we'll ban for 60 seconds or something12:49
Amaranthlong enough to make them not come back12:49
PriceChildEven if you're not going to agree with me on how some aren't deserved.12:50
MyrttiI officially hate release days12:50
PiciI think you're doing a great job in thre12:50
AmaranthMyrtti: Seconded.12:50
AmaranthWe could use a bot though :/12:51
naliothAmaranth: i believe both auto_bleh.pl and chanserv.py have 10 minute automated quiets12:56
Amaranthchanserv.py doesn't12:57
ikoniadoes this host hanuma@c-76-105-161-248.hsd1.wa.comcast.net show up with anyone as a "problem"12:59
Piciikonia: why do you ask?12:59
Piciuh... is the bantracker down?13:00
elkbuntuPici, i believe sev is playing13:00
ikoniaPici: he made an odd comment in #ubuntu referencing an old irc log and then pm'd me with loads of random questions and comments 13:00
ikoniaI seem to be getting a lot randoms I've never met before sending me pm's like they are my friends at the moment13:01
Piciikonia: odd....13:01
ikoniaI was curious (due to the irc log he quotes) if that host matched anything in #ubuntu13:01
ikoniaPici: it's very odd at the moment13:01
elkbuntuPici, i believe the db hit critical mass13:01
Picielkbuntu: The cgi page is gone13:01
elkbuntuPriceChild, that name rings bells the size of big ben13:02
naliothi was under the impression that chanserv.py had all the features of auto_bleh.pl plus a few more . . .13:02
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()13:04
PiciAre we at least sending them a message that posting links are not wanted?13:04
Piciif not we're going to get a lot of traffic in -ops13:04
Seveassigh, ddos attaock on ubuntu-nl13:05
Seveasso I was away for a bit13:05
Seveaswhere are we release-wise?13:05
FujitsuSame as always.13:05
praveer_coolAmaranth: sorry13:08
Amaranthpraveer_cool: I haven't been keeping bans more than a minute13:11
praveer_coolbut it says i am still banned13:11
naliothpraveer_cool: patience :)13:12
ikoniasurly there must be a better more controlled method for future releases than this madness13:14
stdin/mode +m ?13:14
naliothikonia: they are all like this13:14
Amaranthpraveer_cool: My client says you are not banned13:14
stdinand keep it that way13:14
naliothit will be over soon13:14
Myrttikill the internets13:14
ikoniaI know, hence why I wondered if there is a better method ?13:14
Myrttinot really13:14
ikoniaI can't think of one of the top of my head I admit13:15
AmaranthI feel really bad but I can't for the life of me remember who Kim^J is13:15
AmaranthAnyone give me a hint?13:15
praveer_coolAmaranth: "Cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned)."13:15
Amaranthoh, offtopic13:15
praveer_coolAmaranth: thank you13:15
Myrtti[15:04] *** mode/#ubuntu-offtopic [+b *!*@unaffiliated/praveerfedora/x-094982]  by Amaranth13:15
Myrtti[15:16] < HairyHardon> Every time you ask if it's out yet God kills a puppy!!13:17
ikoniawhat is the advice for all the people asking?  join release-party ?13:19
ikoniaor just "wait"13:19
Seeker`"shut up"?13:19
ikoniaSeeker`: I'd love to....but not really professional13:19
ikonia12:52 < frozty_sa|pc> IT'S RELEASED (incase someone hasn't seen)13:20
ikoniareally ?13:20
ikoniaI take it that +b = no13:20
FujitsuHere it is.13:21
ikoniaseaves has opened the flood gates13:22
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, Seveas said: !no isitout is <reply> YES IT IS OUT!13:23
ikoniaok, I'm out for a bit #ubuntu is out of control with silly people13:24
Myrttiwoo, the swedish mirror died13:28
Myrttino, just jammed13:28
PiciYikes, we've already passed our previous channel population peak13:28
ikoniathis is not going well......13:28
Piciikonia: it never does13:29
ikoniaI feel bad for people actually trying to get support13:29
naliothPici: we've surpassed 1800 ?13:31
Picinalioth: The previous peak was 1615 or so13:31
naliothPici: previous when?13:32
Picinalioth: When 7.10 came out13:33
Picinalioth: I lost connection some time during that release though, so my numbers may not be exact13:34
Hobbseeawww, drat, no backscroll13:39
Hobbseehow's it going?13:40
PiciHobbsee: Crazy13:40
thoreauputic1660 + in #ubuntu now13:40
Hobbseeemma's still in -r-p, too.  wow.13:41
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!13:48
PriceChild!no hardy is <reply> Hardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTSS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents13:51
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, PriceChild said: !no hardy is <reply> Hardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTSS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents13:51
PriceChild!no hardy is <reply> Hardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTSS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents13:51
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild13:51
FujitsuPriceChild: Long Term Super Support? I think you have an extra S.13:53
Pici!hardy =~ s/LTSS/LTS/13:53
ubotuI'll remember that Pici13:53
FujitsuThanks Pici.13:53
PriceChildFujitsu: :)13:54
PriceChildLook at Pici go with his scary codings.13:54
ubotuTorrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD). Please download using the torrents if you can!13:54
PriceChild(just checking they were there)13:54
spbi like the way releases is for CD images, and cdimages is for DVD images13:54
spbnice and intuitive13:54
PriceChildspb They are seperate machines.. one can't handle both afaik. You get pointed to the correct one when going through the nice web pages anyway.13:56
spbso why, if there's one called cdimage.ubuntu.com, does it hold the releases that are not cd images?13:57
HobbseePriceChild: would be nice to stick the direct torrent links in there, so they didn't have to try to load the pages.13:57
Hobbseespb: i'ts not big enough13:57
PriceChildspb: old name that stuck?13:57
* Mez has always found the CDs on cdimage.ubuntu.com13:57
stdinif you can connect to cdimage13:58
PriceChildHobbsee: which ones should we stick in there though?13:58
HobbseePriceChild: ubuntu desktop ones would be a good start.13:58
Hobbseekubuntu ones too, if you have space13:58
PriceChildi386 64bit?13:58
Hobbseefor i386/amd6413:58
naliothspb: you can get cd images at cdimage.*13:59
spbnalioth: then fix the bot!14:00
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
naliothspb: grab a torrent14:00
PriceChild!no torrents is <reply> Hardy can be torrented from http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:00
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild14:00
spbPriceChild: why not just "can be found at cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases", since i'm told both kinds are there?14:01
* PriceChild looks14:01
PriceChildnope.. just dvds there14:02
stdincdimage just has DVDs last time I looked14:02
PiciI need to get some work done here... soo.. I'll just be glancing back14:02
PriceChildhardy cds haven't been pushed over14:02
spbah, so everything people have been telling me here is in fact wrong14:05
spband the cdimage name is silly14:05
* Pici wonders when we should start shipping people to #ubuntu-offtopic14:09
Pici09:11:52 <?orochi_> I see you didn't want to answer me in channel. :> I've contacted cgss in addition to the webmaster and the public relations e-mail addresses about this, I'll be interested in hearing what they think about how this channel is being run. By all means, though, feel free to threaten me in channel again if it makes you feel better. :>14:12
HobbseePici: oookay then14:13
Hobbseesounds like someone we all know14:13
Myrttiwhat's cgss14:13
PriceChildHobbsee: who?14:14
PriceChildI could probably put half a dozen names to it, just wondering if you had anyone in particular14:14
PiciFyi, hes pissed because we removed / temp banned some people for posting premature links, and then got angry that we posted a digg link after the announcement had been made14:14
PiciCanonical Global Support Services14:15
HobbseePici: just remove him.14:15
HobbseePici: if he doesn't like it, too bad.14:15
Hobbseehe should know better than to whinge on release day, when we're clearly busy.14:16
ubotuIn ubotu, Mez said: !mirror =~ s/gutsy/hardy/14:20
Mezoh yeah14:21
Mezno access14:21
Pici!mirror =~ s/gutsy/hardy/14:21
ubotuNothing changed there14:21
Pici!mirror =~ s/Gutsy/Hardy/14:21
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!14:22
Pici!download =~ s/Gutsy/Hardy/14:22
ubotuI'll remember that Pici14:22
Picitwas an alias14:22
ubotumirror is <alias> download - added by Seveas on 2006-06-19 08:46:5814:22
no0ticSeveas, ? are you closing #ubuntu+1 ?14:31
Seveasyeah :)14:32
no0ticalready removed me too? :)14:32
no0ticI can part :)14:32
tonyyarusso1700 :)14:33
SeveasI'm at G now :)14:33
PiciThere has to be a better way of doing that14:33
PriceChildif you want to clear it, why not cs clear users?14:33
tonyyarussoSeveas: trying to automatically clear +1?14:34
Seveasbecause /kick triggers more autorejoins than /cs clear or /remove14:34
no0ticno no, I'll wait my kick14:34
HobbseePriceChild: poke14:34
PriceChildHobbsee: meanie14:34
tonyyarussoSeveas: don't you want the autorejoin, to forward them to #ubuntu?14:34
HobbseePriceChild: can you join #ubuntu-release please?14:35
Seveastonyyarusso, I do want that, hence I /kick :)14:35
Amaranthoh, stupid chanserv.py14:37
Hobbseewow, incorrect....14:39
PiciSeveas: When you get a chance, can you change ubotu's config to make hardy the default release for !info14:39
PriceChildMez: curious?14:39
Mezam I not allowed in there?14:39
SeveasPici, will do14:39
* tonyyarusso doesn't use that - has own script14:40
tonyyarussoSeveas: I'll try to learn enough perl to write in exemptions by next time :)14:40
vorianthanks tonyyarusso 14:41
SeveasAmaranth, muhahah. I win!14:41
Amaranthyou took away my ops :P14:41
* tonyyarusso goes for breakfast14:42
Seveasshall I clear the banlist in +1?14:42
HobbseeSeveas: modulo emma, yes.14:43
HobbseeSeveas: and any other perma-bans14:43
PiciOr just leave it and we'll clean up when the channel re-opens14:44
Seveascleaned already :)14:45
elkbuntuthat conversation earlier was quite startlingly scary...there are certain things that one could apply to 'not saying no is an invite' to which make me really fear for her14:48
Picielkbuntu: Which conversation?14:50
Hobbseedo i even want to know what emma wants to pm me for?14:51
Hobbseeguess i'll find out...14:51
elkbuntuHobbsee, didnt you forbid it?14:51
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i did.  14:51
elkbuntuthen it shouldnt be happening. it's something we dont want happening.14:51
Hobbseeelkbuntu: it hasn't.  14:52
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i declined the invite.14:52
elkbuntuHobbsee, and the invite was delivered how?14:52
Hobbseeelkbuntu: in -r-p14:52
elkbuntuemma, idling here is not permitted14:54
PriceChildHey emma, how can I help?14:54
naliothemma: can we help you?14:54
emmaHello PriceChild and nalioth14:54
elkbuntuw00t, i'm invisible.14:54
PriceChildelkbuntu: or less polite.14:54
* nalioth is, too14:54
emmaLast night some people said some things to me in the party channel that were a little alarming. I wondered if there was any resolution to that. 14:55
elkbuntuPriceChild, my manners for certain people ran out three months ago14:55
elkbuntuemma, who and what14:55
emmaBecause I was alerted that way, I checked the #ubuntu-ops log when I woke up this morning and I saw that Hobbsee made a comment about me that was also strange. 14:55
Hobbseeemma: probably not.  we're coordinating a very busy channel now.  Forgive us for not tending to you in the next few days.14:56
emmaI am sorry for coming in here but when I asked if I could talk to Hobbsee about it directly I was brushed off. Also sort of embarrassing. I thought we had access to ops.14:56
Piciemma: Could we have examples, our psychic abilities are a bit drained from the release.14:56
Hobbseebesides, you've aksed us to leave you alone.14:56
Hobbseeso, go ahead and leave us.  you came to us, not to you.14:56
PriceChildHobbsee: please14:56
emmaI came in here because I tried to come to you directly and you shut me down.14:56
Hobbseeemma: you lost the priviledge of speaking in private to me after a whole bunch fo the stuff that you said.14:57
emmaI never said anything uncivilized to you or spoke to you in any way that I don't speak to any other op.14:57
Hobbseetoday is not a day i feel like wasting time to debate that, sorry.14:57
emmaHowever, I have noticed that some things I've said to you in private messages made their way to be content on other people's blogs. 14:57
PiciWhy dont we focus on the present instead of the past right now.14:58
emmaPici - Agreed. 14:58
* Hobbsee is sure emma made a promise about removing "power tripping ops" from her channel, too.14:58
elkbuntuHobbsee, that sounds like a threat14:58
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i didn't think so?  sounds like a comment about a promise that she didn't keep14:59
Hobbseeanyway, today is defiently not the day for this.14:59
PriceChildHobbsee: so ignore it, and let someone else deal with it.14:59
emmaI changed the topic of our community channel when people who were reasonable with me asked me to do that. I changed it back after a pretty traumatic few nights for me, after I was banned from the entire ubuntu namespace including channels I've never stepped foot in. 15:00
Hobbseeso much for trust and mediation, then.15:01
Hobbseeanyway, as i said before, it won't get dealt with today, as this is release day.15:01
tonyyarussoemma: this is not the day for your "issues" please.15:01
PriceChildWhy not?15:01
HobbseePriceChild: because of u-r-p.15:02
tonyyarussoPriceChild: because they're a useless timesink.15:02
emmaThe topic of our community channel did not change until after I was banned in a pretty difficult way for me, from the entire Ubuntu namespace. So in some ways I feel that trust works both ways.15:02
HobbseePriceChild: and hte fact that we can't really waste time in this channel.15:02
* Hobbsee wonders if there's a non-difficult way of banning.15:02
MyrttiI was feeling sick before, I'm getting sicker. sorry all, this has nothing to do with any of you15:02
Seveasemma, you have not given us a reason to trust you15:02
emmaI don't think that's true either.15:02
Seveasit is15:02
Seveasand as said before, today is a bad day for your "issues"15:03
elkbuntuSeveas, no, we trusted her in the beginning and she abused that trust.15:03
SeveasPriceChild, wtf are you doing?15:03
HobbseeSeveas: PriceChild disagrees, and will personally deal with emma.15:03
elkbuntuPriceChild, go into PM with her, nobody else can stand her15:04
HobbseeSeveas: in private, hopefully.15:04
Seveasfine, PriceChild deal with her in pm15:04
SeveasNOT in here15:04
AmaranthI've read up on this since emma tried to talk to me about it, I don't think anything it going to change from how it is15:04
HobbseeAmaranth: and especially not today?  :)15:04
elkbuntuAmaranth, there's no reason for it to change. she hasnt.15:05
PriceChildWhat has emma done to deserve the mute in here today? You're busy and don't want to deal with it?15:05
Amaranthelkbuntu: And neither have we. :)15:05
HobbseePriceChild: something like that.15:05
SeveasPriceChild, read the logs from last night15:05
LjLi see i didn't choose a good time to step in, not to mention the excess floods... /me logs out15:05
PriceChildSeveas: yeah I wasn't happy with that either.15:05
tonyyarussoikonia: can we help you with something?15:05
HobbseePriceChild: she's had over 2 months now, too.  there's no real reason that another day is critical.15:05
PriceChildHobbsee: if it is, then I think we should get over it... we're not that important.15:05
AmaranthI dunno about that15:06
SeveasPriceChild, get over what? abuse, lies and spam? Or freenode staff tolerating that?15:06
elkbuntuAmaranth, when we're losing ops at the rate we are because of her, and calling us 'not important' is the stupidest thing i've heard in the past three months.15:06
AmaranthI'd love to see what #ubuntu would look like if we all went away for 24 hours. :P15:06
elkbuntuAmaranth, i think you know where to go to see that15:07
PriceChildSeveas: the things emma was accused of last night, I don't believe I've seen any evidence for?15:07
AmaranthRight, this is a very touchy issue and the logical solution is to get rid of emma as that will cause the least disruption.15:08
SeveasPriceChild, you saw the lies, and I trust the people who reported spam reports more than emma15:08
elkbuntuPriceChild, because people no longer feel that coming to us gets anywhere on the issue... since it doesnt15:08
HobbseeSeveas: particularly if they're test users from the ops?15:08
AmaranthWait, what happened last night?15:09
HobbseeAmaranth: there are logs15:11
Amaranththe #ubuntu-ops logs don't see too useful15:11
PriceChildemma has spammed people in PMs, pretty confident of that. However I don't believe we have any reports of that for a couple of weeks. Anything from last night didn't give evidence, and the only name mentioned, afaict wasn't invited to a channel, just random talk in PM. I wasn't happy with how other users were treated last night, and emma slightly makes it into that bracket.15:12
* Hobbsee blinks15:12
Hobbsee[00:13] <t00r> can someone send me 8.04-desktop-i386.iso per dcc???15:12
HobbseePriceChild: Fujitsu said that someone else alerted it of him earlier.15:12
SeveasHobbsee, lol15:12
HobbseePriceChild: then do ops yourself.  no help.  just you and nalioth, and you can do it as you like.15:13
SeveasPriceChild, during release day we've always been more strict, you know that.15:13
PriceChildHobbsee: "you say someone said that someone else did..."15:13
AmaranthI'm more interested in "how other users were treated last night" that upset you.15:13
AmaranthPretend I make sense please, awake far too long.15:13
FujitsuPriceChild: Said someone did not wish to comment on it publicly, unfortunately.15:13
SeveasAmaranth, we were stricter, more trigger happy. Normal on release day, PriceChild is making a fuss of nothing.15:13
Amaranth#ubuntu-release-party is very strict15:14
AmaranthWe have to deal with like 4x the normal number of users at once15:14
SeveasAmaranth, yes, but since PriceChild is freenode staff now, he favors trolls and abusive users over ops15:14
PriceChildSeveas: yep i can understand, especially when the release team wants to stop links etc. so things can be gotten ready by the devs not suffering from high load. But when someone comes in, explains, apologises etc. etc. :/15:14
PiciI dont think this has anything to do with PriceChild's position on freenode.15:15
* SportChick eyes Seveas 15:15
elkbuntuprecisely. furthermore all channels are extra-strict around release time, yet we still manage to grow by a few hundred. pretty good result for doign it wrong15:15
elkbuntuSportChick, it's how we feel.15:15
SeveasPici, i think it does. He (and nalioth) changed a lot since they became staff.15:15
AmaranthPriceChild: So they miss out on the channel for this release, no big deal15:15
elkbuntuSportChick, since this is now a 3month saga15:15
AmaranthThe channel only exists to funnel craziness from #ubuntu15:15
tonyyarussoit's not like it's intended to have any particular worth of it's own15:16
PriceChildAmaranth: perhaps, it doesn't really matter, not being able to get into to -r-p in the grand scheme of things. Its the attitude of the ops I'm worrying about, because they affect more than one user.15:16
AmaranthRelease day is no bullshit15:17
AmaranthDo something wrong, get banned, come back after the release craziness has died down15:17
elkbuntuAmaranth, +115:17
SeveasAmaranth, exactly. Has always been this way and I see no good reason to change that15:17
Seveasyou misbehave, you're out. Ruin the party: no party for you15:17
AmaranthBeen that way since the hoary release, don't think we celebrated the warty release :)15:18
PriceChildI don't think some of them realised they were mibehaving, again I'm hilighting the one that came in here, tried to apologise, and got banned from here!15:18
Seveasand with this whole emma saga, freenode staff lost pretty much all my trust in them15:18
elkbuntunot only Seveas's either15:18
AmaranthPriceChild: They should read the topic then15:18
AmaranthI try to stay pretty hands off on IRC politics15:18
elkbuntuPriceChild, what nick?15:18
AmaranthI'm just here to ban someone when I get pinged15:19
SeveasPriceChild, nobody got banned for apologizing. They got banned for insisting on being unbanned 15:19
Hobbseehmmm.  1 second lag now.15:20
* elkbuntu awaits the nick15:20
AmaranthOh, you too?15:20
AmaranthI hit 1.4 and thought it was my torrent15:21
HobbseeYour Linode (hobbsee) has exceeded the notification threshold for outbound traffic rate by averaging 10.29 MB/s for the last 2 hours.15:21
PiciGreat -_-15:21
SeveasHobbsee, :D15:21
PiciI have someone from Canonical contacting me now15:21
Amaranthand here i am seeding at 60KB/s15:21
HobbseePici: anyone interesting?15:21
AmaranthI should seed from Mez's server ;)15:22
elkbuntuHobbsee, haha15:22
PiciHobbsee: Gerry Carr, Marketing Manager with Canonical aparrently15:22
MezAmaranth, ?15:22
* Amaranth hides15:22
tonyyarussoI'm at 115, but that will go up in a bit.15:22
SeveasPici, gerry is a nice guy15:22
elkbuntuPici, gerry is good people.15:22
tonyyarussoPici: fun.15:22
MezOh.. yeah - Amaranth - normally I would, but having issues at the moment with memory usage.15:22
AmaranthDon't think I met that one15:22
elkbuntuAmaranth, i havent except online dealings15:23
HobbseePici: ah yeah.  he's alright, iirc.15:23
Mez(It's OOM'ing a lot of late15:23
AmaranthMez: weirdness15:23
MezPici, why have you someone from Canonical contacting you ?15:23
SeveasMez, becaue he's special :)15:23
PriceChildelkbuntu: just grepping15:23
Mezwhat'd he do now15:23
Amaranth#ubuntu is not getting as large as I had hoped15:24
PriceChildHunterSThompson 15:24
tonyyarussoWe had someone from the federal gov't at work yesterday, interviewing people about someone for a security clearance.15:24
AmaranthAll of the US should be up and about15:24
HobbseeAmaranth: they're probably in -r-p or so15:24
tonyyarussoAmaranth: It's still pretty early here though, and prime computer time is evening.15:24
Hobbseeor have been snae, and skipped it15:24
PiciMez: Because someone complained that we were not representing Canonical in good light for removing people who pre-emptively posted links15:24
elkbuntuPriceChild, that guy was a general moron15:24
Amaranthtonyyarusso: I suspect we'll peak in 3-5 hours15:24
SeveasPriceChild, that one was constantly on the edge of misbehaving. Crossed the line, came here to whine and did not apologize. I told him this channel was not for idling but he wouldn't leave15:24
Fujitsu(and it was at the start of the topic...)15:25
elkbuntuPici, you explained the strain that put on getting the release out, right?15:25
AmaranthWe represent Canonical?15:25
AmaranthI didn't sign up for that15:25
Picielkbuntu: The conversation didn't even get that far15:25
SeveasPriceChild, I thought you were talking about another one, who did get unbanned (nick ending in Uni), but you defending that troll just made me loose the last bit of trust15:26
tonyyarussoI wouldn't mind "representing" them if they want to pay me :)15:26
Amaranthtonyyarusso: I was just about to say that :P15:26
MezPici, so why are they "contacting" you ?15:26
AmaranthIf I'm not getting paid by them I don't represent them.15:26
Mezshouldnt it be the Council that get contacteD@?15:26
elkbuntuPriceChild, he was not even banned from here by my logs15:26
PiciMez: Because the person complaining is a customer of Canonical and said that he was going to complain to canonical support services about it15:27
SeveasMez, yeah I'd think so.... and we represent the ubuntu community, not canonical15:27
AmaranthBasically someone was complaining about me and stdin15:27
HobbseePici: remind them that canonical should contact us if they want to react in a certain way.15:27
* PriceChild rereads the logs15:27
elkbuntu<HunterSThompson> well...thank's for hearing my arguments15:27
elkbuntu<HunterSThompson> I can always wait another 6 months for the next releasy party15:27
elkbuntu<HunterSThompson> O.o15:27
elkbuntu* HunterSThompson (n=zeke@66-168-136-197.dhcp.nplt.ne.charter.com) has left #ubuntu-ops ("Konversation terminated!")15:27
elkbuntuthat's the poorest banning i've ever seen an op do. shame.15:27
Seveaselkbuntu, I thought he was removed once before that?15:27
MezPici, *sighs* - I meant why you in specific ...15:27
Seveasanyway, there was a lot of crap going on yesterday15:27
AmaranthThere will be a lot today too, I'm sure15:27
AmaranthBut 24 hours before release is the worst15:28
MezSeveas, true.15:28
elkbuntuSeveas, not by my logs15:28
PiciHobbsee: Good idea15:28
elkbuntuSeveas, he changed nick about 5 lines after he joined here15:28
elkbuntuSeveas, then continued to rattle on how nazi comments are jokes15:28
Seveasbad troll.15:29
PiciMez: Because I told the guy to drop it when he was complaining in #ubuntu... i.e: I have no idea why me15:29
* Mez hugs Pici 15:29
SeveasI don't believe freenode staff actually defends that15:29
elkbuntuthen did some totally fake apology, then worded an apology as though it were genuine, then gave up and went15:29
Seveasbut they do :(15:29
AmaranthDid I take #1?15:30
elkbuntuPici, invite him to suggest to canonical that they pay for some of the irc infrastructure in terms of a server of our own or paid irc staff15:30
AmaranthOh, he redid it15:30
AmaranthDropped gutsy stuff15:31
Picielkbuntu: :P I gave him the name of this channel and the irc council email address for further cotnact15:31
ubotuIn #ubuntu, zyx386 said: ubotu, i said what is new in hardy, i already download it  ;)15:31
elkbuntuthen maybe we can be held accountable when a customer wants to try buy their way out of our rules15:32
Seveashi zyx386 15:32
Picizyx386: Hi, how can we help you?15:32
zyx386what is new in hardy ?15:32
Seveaszyx386, this is not a support channel15:32
Seveasread the release notes :)15:32
elkbuntuzyx386, read the release notes. this channel is not for support or chat15:32
PriceChildSeems like he wasn't removed or banned, but regardless, I think he should have been unbanned from -r-p or treated better.15:32
zyx386but the #ubuntu ridirect me to her :(15:32
elkbuntuPriceChild, he probably was in the duration he was here. -r-p bans tend to go pretty quick15:33
SeveasPriceChild, I can't believe you keep defending "nazi jokes"...15:33
* tonyyarusso notes that there aren't any left currently15:33
AmaranthAfter we ran out of bans none of mine lasted more than 5 minutes15:33
* tonyyarusso goes to work, is continuously amazed by this silliness15:33
Picizyx386: You are in #ubuntu, there is no need to be here as well.15:34
AmaranthAnd I think me and stdin were doing most/all of the banning15:34
SeveasAmaranth, yeah, I was sleeping :)15:34
AmaranthThe bot told him his factoid addition was sent here15:34
elkbuntui was working15:34
AmaranthSo he came here15:34
elkbuntuAmaranth, doesnt mean he needs to stay here15:35
AmaranthSo if someone has problems with the way we were handling the channel they can come talk to me15:35
HobbseeJonathanD: RichiH can we help you?15:35
RichiHHobbsee: not yet, thanks :)15:36
RichiHwe joined because of a mixture of 'ubuntu released, there are usually floods, then' and 'some #ubuntu people get over-excited and spam ##windows'15:36
RichiHthough it seems the latter is mainly coming from #ubuntu-ru15:37
PriceChildOk yeah, he made a nazi joke, not the best idea. Afaict he tried to come here to apologise for it etc. Again my problem is what happenned here, how peoplew were treated, less the treatment in -r-p.15:37
SeveasPriceChild, he did *not* apologize, he defended it.15:38
elkbuntuPriceChild, he didnt come to apologise.15:38
SeveasPriceChild, I suggest you stop now before you embarass yourself even more. You already look like a fool.15:38
elkbuntuRichiH, we're getting the same defamation treatment as ##linux is?15:38
RichiHelkbuntu: i am not sure what you mean?15:39
HobbseeSeveas: 11% monthly used already.  fun :)15:40
elkbuntuRichiH, the PM spam, where people get PM'd that ##linux is looking for ops and users15:40
PiciI think that was #linux on efnet or similar15:40
RichiHelkbuntu: ah, no. it's more along the lines of 'i am downloading ubuntu!!!11 windows sucks!!!!11'15:40
SeveasHobbsee, only 6 days to go in this month :)15:41
RichiHwhich, for the record, it does15:41
Picignomefre1k: Hi! How are you feeling?15:41
RichiHbut which is still not appropriate :p15:41
elkbuntuRichiH, give us nicks and we'll remove them from our channels. we dont support spammers.15:41
Hobbsee(idlers, channel, topic)15:41
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:41
RichiHelkbuntu: JonathanD has a list or can make one15:41
gnomefre1kPici: doing much better thank you.15:41
AmaranthFloodBot has never been tested on a release day, has it?15:42
Picignomefre1k: Glad to hear that15:42
elkbuntuRichiH, we wouldnt be doing it wrong by removing these people from our channels?15:42
ubotuErtyle called the ops in #ubuntu (khalderon)15:42
JonathanDI'll list them here15:43
RichiHelkbuntu: most recent are Dim252, opkdx, [ArtuR], opkdx15:43
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
elkbuntuRichiH, this doesnt answer what i asked before. we wont be frowned on for doing this?15:44
RichiHelkbuntu: personally, i think a warning would achieve the same effect, but it's your channel -- you guys need to decide on that15:44
elkbuntuwe've been frowned on alot lately15:44
elkbuntuit's getting quite tedious15:44
* JonathanD smiles on elkbuntu 15:44
SeveasRichiH, can freenode please come with a definite statement about these things. Your statement is completely different from waht other staffers have been saying15:45
ubotuIn #ubuntu, Ertyle said: !no alternate is <reply> The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent15:45
ikoniacan someone please mute orochi15:46
ikoniaconstant comaplaining about getting banned for link posting, now bad mouthing15:46
PriceChildI interpreted his original "I will refrain from using that word again...but I really didn't think it would get me banned" as an apology, a promise to change his future behaviour. To me he didn't make an explicit apology because of what was said later.15:46
Seveasheads up, orochi banned15:46
SeveasPici, expect another call from Gerry ;)15:46
elkbuntu!no alternate is <reply> The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent15:47
ubotuI'll remember that elkbuntu15:47
RichiHSeveas: well, different people have different opinions, but if you tell me exactly what you want a statement on then yes, i can try and get one15:47
Amaranthtoo much lag...15:47
SeveasRichiH, we've been hearing a lot "freenode is unhappy about how you run the #ubuntu namespace" altely15:47
Seveasif that's true, please send a statement from freenode to that effect to the irc council address15:48
elkbuntuRichiH, well, i've tried to warn but i have no idea what they're saying back to me15:48
Seveasif that's not true, tell your staffers not to say that15:48
Seveasheads up on orochi:15:49
Seveas<orochi_> It matters little whether or not you abuse your op power, it's just more for me to add to my official complaint to the company. :> I'm sure it makes you and the rest of the abusive ops feel better, though.15:49
Seveas<Seveas> the ubuntu irc people do not represent canonical. they represent the ubuntu community. And being a customer of canonical doesn't buy you the right to misbehave in the community15:49
elkbuntuPici, is this the person gerry was talking about?15:49
Picielkbuntu: Yes15:49
RichiHSeveas: i have not been directly involved, but i know there was an argument about someone you thought we should handle and we did not even know they existed. from my not directly involved POV, it looks to be at least partially based on a misunderstanding15:50
RichiHelkbuntu: ah yes, been there, done that :/15:50
HobbseeRichiH: so, you now know about her, and have done so for a good couple of weeks now, iirc.  When will something actually get done about her?15:50
SeveasRichiH, this saga has dragged on for months. If you can get a statement from freenode sent to the irc council about it, that would help a lot15:50
elkbuntuRichiH, well, you did know they existed by their complaint against us for protecting ourselves from their misbehaviour. however, all the complaints we'd been giving to staff had been goign nowhere15:51
PiciGerry said that he felt there wasn't any issue, so its back in our court I suppose.15:51
HobbseePici: oh good.15:51
AmaranthI really didn't want to drag Canonical into the no-bullshit zone and yell today :P15:51
elkbuntuoh eww, the russians are profiling me15:51
elkbuntuthey just pasted all my channels into theirs15:52
* Amaranth sets +i15:52
RichiHSeveas: will try & do, yah15:52
Seveasmore orochi:15:52
Seveas<orochi_> I have the logs of everything that I said, it's quite clear that I wasn't misbehaving. I had, and have, a legitimate complaint about the people who run the channel, who are indeed volunteers on Canonical's behalf, and I will be registering that complaint with every contact in the company I can reach, including my employer.15:52
Seveas<orochi_> I've already sent said logs with the complaint15:52
Seveas<orochi_> So go ahead, feel free to make up whatever story you like. :>15:52
Seveas<Seveas> again, we are not volunteers on canonicals behalf. And you were misbehaving. And did so again after the ban was lifted so you received a second ban, which will not be lifted that quickly.15:52
elkbuntuand now they're in -women15:52
SeveasRichiH, thanks!15:52
RichiHSeveas: no problem15:52
Seveas<orochi_> Like I said, your ban is only more ammunition for my complaint to the company so by all means, if it nurtures your power-hungry personality then add more time to it for all I care. I intend to make sure that Canonical knows how you people are really representing Ubuntu15:53
PiciIs -ru an official loco?15:53
AmaranthI doubt it15:53
SeveasI'm no longer answering him, not going into circular arguments :)15:53
RichiHin my past experience, the ubuntu irc crowd was a nice bunch so i assume that whatever the misunderstanings/disagreements are atm, it should be resolvable15:54
HobbseeSeveas: i'm sure that the CC will examine events - there are already complaints.15:54
RichiHPici: by definition, #ubuntu-* belongs to the ubuntu project15:54
AmaranthI think next release we should not ban people who post links15:54
HobbseeSeveas: and i'm sure that they may want to change some things - but they'll also tell a whole bunch of people that they're on crack, and should go away.15:54
AmaranthSee if it delays the release15:54
SeveasHobbsee, there always are complaints about irc, forums and everything during release day :)15:54
PriceChildRichiH: I think he meant 'approved LoCo team'15:55
RichiHif the GC were to request it, we would hand the channel over on a silver tablet15:55
PiciRichiH: Right, but I was wondering about loco team implications if their users are being naughty15:55
stdincan someone take a look at ubotu in #k-kde4, <ubotu> !torrents-#kubuntu is <reply> Kubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) KDE4 torrents can be obtained at http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/release/15:55
HobbseeSeveas: this is previously, though15:55
PriceChildmaybe not15:55
RichiHwhat is loco? :)15:55
stdin(it shouldn't be doing !... is <reply> anything)15:55
PriceChildRichiH: Local Community15:55
RichiHah, k15:55
SeveasHobbsee, ah, the ongoing saga15:55
AmaranthWe're loco for ubuntu, apparently :)15:55
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) torrents can be obtained at http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 3.5.9) or http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/releases/8.04/release/ (KDE 4.0.3)15:55
Seveas<orochi_> I've already made the appropriate contacts. If you really want a suggestion on how to better operate the channel (which I doubt you do), consider that the people who are coming to the channel are actually CUSTOMERS of Canonical in many cases, not just nameless IRC visitors that are there for the purpose of being bullied by their volunteers15:55
HobbseeSeveas: yes.15:55
AmaranthI believe jdub thought that up15:56
Seveashe's getting creative!15:56
PiciRichiH: Ubuntu User groups based in countries/states/major cities etc15:56
stdinPriceChild: works right in /msg too, just not in the channel15:56
HobbseeSeveas: i'm sure mneptok will have something to say about him.  he's probably a customer of mneptok's.15:56
JonathanDelkbuntu: appreciate the warning ;)15:56
AmaranthSeveas: perhaps you should bring him here?15:56
AmaranthSeveas: We can try to set him straight15:56
PiciAmaranth: I'm not sure that would be wise15:56
SeveasAmaranth, enough going on in here already, no need for another troll15:56
HobbseeAmaranth: would be a good time sink - not that this isn't, though.15:56
SeveasAmaranth, feel free to invite him though15:57
AmaranthOk, I'll try to talk to him in PM then15:57
elkbuntuJonathanD, im not entirely sure what it achieved except russians asking for sex in -women :(15:57
AmaranthHe is really mad at me anyway15:57
SeveasAmaranth, heh15:57
JonathanDelkbuntu: at least you tried.15:57
RichiHelkbuntu: you know that +i works differently on freenode, btw?15:57
PiciAmaranth: I aparrently threatened him by asking him to drop the complaints though.15:57
Seveasgone from -r-p as well now, went on to troll in there15:57
elkbuntuRichiH, you knwo that ubuntu ops take a pledge to remain accessible, btw? :(15:58
AmaranthHe won't answer me15:58
Seveaselkbuntu, I actually gave up on that after too many of such incidents :(15:58
RichiHelkbuntu: i can not see how that involves allowing everyone to see what channels you are in15:58
Hobbseehis loss, then.15:58
AmaranthI always set +i15:58
Hobbseehe can filter it thru canonical, but i doubt those guys will come to irc.15:58
AmaranthBut I do have my phone number on my website15:58
elkbuntuwe dont support secret channels, so why should i hide my involvement?15:59
RichiHelkbuntu: the important thing is +615:59
SeveasAmaranth, same here, had one phone stalker so far as a result of a ban :)15:59
ubotuThere are many different channel and user modes on !freenode. Here's a list: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml15:59
ikoniaSeveas: sorry about the phoen calls ;)15:59
elkbuntuRichiH,  i only ever heard about +6 this week and i've been too busy to investigate15:59
AmaranthSeveas: Oh, all I've ever gotta was a call from Forbes magazine15:59
RichiHelkbuntu: just /msg nickserv set unfiltered on15:59
RichiHno need to think about it15:59
Seveasikonia, hehe15:59
PriceChildelkbuntu: +6 is unfiltered, given when setting unfiltered with nickserv15:59
* Mez sets +i so as not to flood people when they whois him16:00
Amaranthelkbuntu: We don't support secret channels?16:00
* Amaranth exits a channel16:00
elkbuntuPriceChild, that means absolutely nothing to me, i'm afraid16:00
elkbuntuAmaranth, not if they're in our namespace. it leads to too much pain16:00
stdinelkbuntu: allows /msg from unidentified users16:00
Picielkbuntu: Lets people who are unregged message you16:00
Amaranthelkbuntu: So all people can IM you, not just registered people16:00
Mezelkbuntu, being accessible doesnt mean that they have to see what channels you're in16:00
PriceChildelkbuntu: what they said16:00
RichiHelkbuntu: so, long story short, the most important part of being accessible on freenode is to be +6 :)16:03
elkbuntuok, i never knew about that... ad i just tried to set it... but i dont think i did it right16:03
elkbuntu* 6 :is unknown mode char to me16:04
RichiHelkbuntu: you need to do the nickserv ting16:04
stdinit's a nickserv settings16:04
Picielkbuntu: /msg nickserv set unfiltered on   iirc16:04
RichiHthat will set it for you16:04
RichiHPici: yes16:04
elkbuntuoh, i figured it was a /mode thing16:04
elkbuntudone now16:05
elkbuntui was wondering why people were rabbiting on about unfiltered and +6, but i've been at work whenever it's been mentioned so havent had time to follow up16:06
RichiHif you guys have an op guide, it is prolly worth to mention that part16:07
SeveasI think we do mention it, but elkbuntu's been op since before that was written :)16:08
PiciIts in there16:09
elkbuntuSeveas, i helped write the irc guidelines back before i was op, +6 didnt exist in the time of breezy16:10
Seveaselkbuntu, that could also be true16:10
SeveasI really don't remember when freenode implemeted the block-by-default-and-have-unfiltered 16:11
RichiHelkbuntu: i am not 100% sure, but i think +6 existed before ubuntu was forked off debian16:11
RichiHnot that it matters all that much, mind16:11
SeveasRichiH, that's definitely not true ;)16:11
SeveasI wasn't on freenode before then and I remember that it was changed 16:12
elkbuntuRichiH, well i've been on freenode for as long as my /ns info says, and this past week is the very first time i've ever heard it mentioned.16:12
PiciWell, it definitely existed prior to last week16:13
Seveashmm, more orochi16:14
Seveas<orochi_> I've already made the appropriate contacts. If you really want a suggestion on how to better operate the channel (which I doubt you do), consider that the people who are coming to the channel are actually CUSTOMERS of Canonical in many cases, not just nameless IRC visitors that are there for the purpose of being bullied by their volunteers16:14
Seveas<orochi_> Must hurt your feelings quite a bit for people to hear the truth about you, doesn't it? ;>16:14
Seveas<orochi_> You being the most power-hungry of the #ubuntu operators. I'm sure Canonical's probably already had complaints about you.16:14
Seveas<orochi_> Go ahead and pretend that you can't hear me. :> I'm sure you're feeling smug now, we'll see what the Community Council and Canonical have to say.16:14
PiciSeveas: pm?16:14
SeveasPici, yeah16:14
RichiHubuntu predates unfiltered by exactly one year16:15
SeveasRichiH, that would be consistent with everything said so far :)16:15
elkbuntuRichiH, the russians are now sending latvians onto -women :-/16:15
elkbuntuor lithuanians... whichever .lt is16:16
PiciTheres a joke there... but I'm going to leave it.16:16
Seveaslatvia is .lv iirc16:16
Seveas<orochi_> By the way, do you know the name Gerry Carr? Because that's who I'm currently speaking to.16:19
Seveasyes I know the name :)16:19
Amaranth<orochi_> I am in contact with Gerry Carr at this point, the attempts by all the volunteers to try and silence me aren't going to work any longer. :>16:20
AmaranthTried the same tactic with me16:20
* jrib too16:20
Seveasscare tactics and threats16:20
Seveasyes, that will make us remove bans!16:20
AmaranthI tried to explain to him that Canonical has no control over the community, by design.16:20
Hobbseetell him that one of our ops has already spoken to gerry carr, and is dealing with the issue.16:20
AmaranthHobbsee: I did that too16:20
Hobbseeah, good16:20
AmaranthHe doesn't believe me16:20
SeveasI still don't reply, it's not trollfeeding time yet16:21
elkbuntusomeone might want to mention to the community manager that the volunteers are being systematically harrassed by a customer of canonical16:21
Seveaselkbuntu, heh, nice twist16:21
Amaranthelkbuntu: Good idea.16:21
* Amaranth looks for jono16:21
elkbuntuensuring to mention the reason *WHY* we dont allow links16:21
Hobbseebefore release, that is.16:21
RichiHSeveas: not, it is inconsistent with what i said :)16:21
Seveaselkbuntu, aka, the contents of .pool/index.html16:21
RichiHSeveas: i checked on both dates and admitted i was wrong :)16:22
SeveasRichiH, well, you said you weren't sure ;)16:22
RichiHhmm, true16:22
AmaranthI tried to explain to this guy why we don't allow such links, what Canonical's involvement with the community is, what they've said about the issue, etc.16:22
RichiHelkbuntu: hmm, not good16:22
AmaranthHe just says I am harassing him and trying to silence him.16:22
Hobbsee[01:22] <jandem> coggz: wait, ktorrent can only seed kubuntu images16:22
elkbuntuRichiH, i was the wrong gender to go in there i think ;)16:22
Hobbseegotta love it.16:22
elkbuntuRichiH, there was only one objective on their minds in -women16:22
SeveasHobbsee, lol!16:22
elkbuntuHobbsee, rofl16:23
Amaranth<orochi_> By the way, this is from another user :>16:23
Amaranth<orochi_> <emma> I simply wanted to tell you that I recognize what you are saying as legitimate, but I am not anyone special. I am just a user.16:23
elkbuntuHobbsee, quote that in kubuntu-offtopic's topic ;)16:23
Hobbseeyou guys should be reading that instead.  they really come up with some interesting stuff16:23
SeveasAmaranth, muha!16:23
HobbseeAmaranth: then the problem should go away soon.16:23
SeveasAmaranth, good, orochi_ will go to -uncensored :)16:23
AmaranthI love how all our problems end up merging16:24
HobbseeAmaranth: he'll be catalysed to there, and then he'll probalby start creating major trouble, so he'll have reason to be nuked everywhere.16:24
HobbseeSeveas: shhh16:24
HobbseeSeveas: you don't say the channel name.  duh.16:24
PiciThe first rule of....16:24
SeveasHobbsee, sorry! 16:24
SeveasOne does not simply walk into mordor16:24
elkbuntuyes, they deserve not the exposure16:24
elkbuntuSeveas, i tried that line on the boss today16:25
elkbuntu(since he wants a 'perfect' odt>html converter and none exist that are not proprietary)16:25
SeveasI know, that still lingered in my memory :)16:25
elkbuntuand i genuinely got the o.O expression16:26
elkbuntui nearly burst laughing in the meeting16:26
Hobbseeincomming fujisan, i expect.16:26
Picioh, -r-p is still open16:26
Hobbseeoh yes16:27
Seveasyeah, let's keep that open16:27
Seveasuntil the us goes to bed16:27
Hobbseesigh.  now he's sending me crap16:27
SeveasHobbsee, what did you expect, love letters? :)16:28
Hobbseewe've certainly got hte professional trolls today16:28
HobbseeSeveas: no, but not what i got (both in length and general obnoxiousness)16:28
SeveasHobbsee, pastebin?16:28
HobbseeSeveas: http://rafb.net/p/aWFmsX33.html16:29
Hobbseeie, tha'ts very fast typing16:29
Amaranth<Amaranth> I never said you couldn't complain to them, I just said it wastes their time.16:31
Amaranth<orochi_> They don't seem to think it's a waste of time, why should your opinion matter?16:31
AmaranthThis guy is _awesome_.16:31
HobbseeAmaranth: why are you letting him troll?16:32
elkbuntuSeveas, i'd advise keeping -r-p open for a few days. there will be general obnoxiousness for a few days yet16:32
AmaranthHobbsee: I have not given up hope for him16:32
Seveaselkbuntu, can't say I disagree with that16:32
HobbseeAmaranth: letting him talk to a brick wall is often more entertaining.16:32
SeveasAmaranth, pants on fire :p16:32
HobbseeAmaranth: i'm sure that gerry will talk some sense into him.16:32
PiciMe too16:32
AmaranthI want to see this resolved in a way that doesn't cause tension between Canonical and the IRC Team16:32
Seeker`who is gerry?16:33
elkbuntuSeeker`, marketing manager16:33
PiciJust some guy16:33
elkbuntuthis is a community manager issue though16:33
AmaranthIt is Garry's job to listen to him and at least pretend to act on his complaint16:33
Hobbsee"he's just this guy, you know?"16:33
SeveasAmaranth, pretty much every release a customer from canonical pulls this trick on us16:33
AmaranthSeveas: I don't remember any of that16:33
SeveasHobbsee Halfrunt? :)16:33
HobbseeSeveas: hmm?16:33
elkbuntuwhere is our unique and delicate snowflake when we need him16:33
SeveasHobbsee, you pulled an h2g2 quote without knowing it? 16:34
PiciI think she knew it16:34
FujisanHobbsee banned me16:34
Fujisanfrom ubuntu-release-party16:34
HobbseeFujisan: you've been trolling for hours.16:34
elkbuntuFujisan, for what?16:34
SeveasFujisan, for good reasons -- abusive commands and repeated trolling are unwelcome16:34
AmaranthDid any of you email jono?16:34
Fujisanand i got instantly pm'd by people saying that it was injustice16:34
Seveasooooooooooooooooh, looky here16:34
Seveas<orochi_> <emma> *nods* I also have no personal dislike of any of them. I saw you mention Seveas, though, and he has been one with some extremely harsh even degrading words toward me. <- Well look at that, this isn't your first time at being a power-hungry ass. :>16:34
elkbuntuAmaranth, i dont have grounds to, i'm not yet a victim16:34
AmaranthFujisan: Let me guess, emma PM'ed you.16:34
Fujisan<emma> I am no one important i am just a user but I wanted to share with you that I feel that you have been mistreated. 16:35
AmaranthThat's it.16:35
Fujisan<emma> I've also been hurt by some of them. It sits in my mind and heart and it does not shake out. It bothers me, and I think that the heart cries out for someone else to validate the truth.16:35
Seveasof course, who else16:35
Amaranthemma is banned from -r-p16:35
Fujisani am hurt here16:35
SeveasAmaranth, good idea16:35
HobbseeAmaranth: thankyou.  it wasn't supposed to be removed in the first place.16:35
AmaranthHobbsee: We flushed the entire ban list a couple times16:35
* Hobbsee isn't overly interested in her spreading her crusades among innocent ubuntu people.16:36
FujisanHobbsee i wasnt trolling i was joking around having a good time16:36
Fujisanon this jofulday16:36
Fujisanhelp please16:36
Seeker`the two aren't mutually exclusive16:36
SeveasFujisan, your good time made other peoples time less good. That's not good.16:36
Fujisanchristel here?16:36
AmaranthMy main problem is she says things to these people then they try to use her argument against us.16:36
Fujisanit was a joke16:36
PiciFujisan: We're all ops here, theres no need to speak to a specific person16:36
Seeker`just because you are "having a good time" deosn't mean that you aren't trolling16:36
AmaranthEven though her argument failed when she tried it.16:36
Fujisani was joking16:36
HobbseeFujisan: numerous people also pm'd me, asking me why you hadn't gone yet.16:36
HobbseeSeveas: also agrees with it16:37
Fujisanif you are referring to me Sir Seeker i can assure you i aint a troll, since a troll is an anthropomorphic mythical entity.... I much rather prefer the term puppeteer which is the likes of an artist who breaths the illusion of life into inanimate objects such as this virtual chat auditorium16:37
PiciRight. Okay. What?16:37
Fujisani was joking 16:37
Seeker`Fujisan: A word can have multiple meanings.16:37
AmaranthI'm wondering if that was deliberate or a language issue.16:37
Fujisanall i said was that compiz is useless eyecandy and that i love the ctrl+alt+backspace function thats my opinion16:38
Fujisanwhats wrong with that16:38
AmaranthIt seems to outrageous to be anything but deliberate.16:38
Fujisanthats no reason for bannishment16:38
PiciFujisan: Do you know what ctrl-alt-backspace does?16:38
Fujisanits when ubuntu locks up yes16:38
Fujisanit means i dont have to boot16:38
Fujisangreat feature16:38
Fujisani was running the beta for a while it was quite useful16:39
PiciFujisan: Great feature when people are working on important unsaved things and press it?16:39
Fujisanso what thats not trolling16:39
Amaranthctrl-alt-del is like rm -rf / here, you don't randomly say it in a channel16:39
Amaranthbecause it causes data loss and people will do it without knowing what it is16:39
Fujisani said ctrl+alt+backspace != ctr-alt-delete rm - rf16:39
Fujisanthis aint fair16:39
elkbuntuFujisan, it's like a red button. it's mere existance will cause people to push it.16:39
PiciFujisan: ctrl-alt-backspace is exactly like ctrl-alt-delete16:40
Fujisanits a good feature in beta software16:40
Fujisanthats all i meant16:40
PiciI give up16:40
Fujisantoday is final16:40
Fujisanso i wont have to use it16:40
Fujisani was happy about that16:40
Amarantherr, i meant ctrl-alt-backspace16:40
Fujisanis it so wrong16:40
Fujisanfor me to say that16:40
Amaranthi've been awake far too long as this point...16:40
Fujisancome on*16:41
Fujisani am sorry but you guys are overreacting really even emma spontaneously Im'd me16:41
Fujisansaying that she felt the same way16:41
* Mez writes a quick script to switch between FF versions"16:41
Hobbseewe don't trust emma's judgement, sorry.  we've seen enough of her.16:41
Fujisanthat was uncalled for i was not trolling16:41
Seeker`Fujisan: She will do that to anyone that has been banned16:41
PiciFujisan: You've only shown us that you don't know how to act in the channel; whether you did it on purpose or not.16:42
Fujisani didnt do anything horrible 16:42
Fujisani really didnt16:42
HobbseeFujisan: you're only making it more and more concrete that you wont' be let in anytime soon16:42
Fujisani want this case to be reviewed 16:43
Fujisanby your board16:43
SeveasFujisan, it has been reviewed even before you joined 16:43
Fujisanor whatever i demand a fair trial16:43
Fujisanthis is ruining my release day16:43
HobbseeFujisan: it has been reviewed.  the answer was no.16:43
SeveasFujisan, you've been ruining other peoples release day as well :)16:43
Fujisanno i havent16:43
AmaranthYou're ruining mine16:44
* Seveas hugs Amaranth 16:44
Fujisanthats your own fault Amaranth16:44
Fujisanyou can ignore me16:44
AmaranthNo, I really can't16:44
HobbseeSeeker`: says there's been strangeness in -uk, too, so this clearly isn't the first time.16:45
PiciI suppose that works too16:45
Seeker`Nothing ban-worthy, just enough to make me think about keeping an eye on him if he returns16:45
Hobbseehe managed to troll for hours, though16:45
SeveasHobbsee, yeah, but constantly just-not-bannable-trolling. Good edgefinder, but they all fall over it once16:46
AmaranthThis is why I hate releases16:46
SeveasAmaranth, so we won't release anymore. Just grumpy groundhog from now on :)16:47
AmaranthI wish :)16:47
Seveasspeaking of trolls16:47
Seveas--> Piero_Scaruffi (n=Piero@unaffiliated/pieroscaruffi/x-125964) has joined #ubuntu-release-party16:47
Amaranthgrumpy groundhog until LTS :)16:47
elkbuntuSeveas, your bestest buddy!16:47
PiciSeveas has a lot of best buddies16:48
Seveasthey take turns today it seems16:48
SeveasPici, that's what several years of irc does to you I'm afraid16:48
Hobbseegood day.16:49
PiciI think the mute is still on16:49
Seeker`-16:49:45- ~s~ 12 - #ubuntu-ops: ban %*!*@unaffiliated/emma by Seveas, 6302 secs ago16:49
HobbseePici: it appears so.16:49
SeveasPici, any reason to remove it?16:49
PiciJust stating16:49
HobbseePici: i'd forgotten about that, thanks16:50
Hobbsee!staff | Fujisan following me in multiple channels16:51
ubotuFujisan following me in multiple channels: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)16:51
PriceChildHobbsee: /mode +i?16:51
Seveasemma, look at the #ubuntu-ops logs since you last left to find out why we think there's no good reason for us to talk to you16:51
Seveasyou know where to find them16:51
HobbseePriceChild: pleaes find me a staffer who can kline.16:52
Hobbseethis guy's starting to multi-channel harass me16:52
PriceChildHobbsee: are you +i?16:52
elkbuntuemma, leave now on your own, or be locked out16:52
PriceChildHobbsee: you aren't, go +i16:52
PiciPriceChild: Regardless of umodes, thats still unacceptable16:53
HobbseePriceChild: am i now?16:53
elkbuntuPriceChild, he came into my personal channel to harrass hobbsee16:53
elkbuntumy personal channel is not in ubuntu namespace16:53
Hobbseeand #launchpad-meeting, and elsehwere.16:54
PriceChildelkbuntu: go +i16:54
SeveasI have good reasons to believe he's my old phonestalker16:54
elkbuntumeanwhile, blaming the victim for being harrassed is sickening16:54
PriceChildelkbuntu: I didn't blame anyone...16:54
SeveasPriceChild, yes you did16:55
elkbuntuPriceChild, you're telling us to go +116:55
PriceChildI said go +i, because that stops them following you.16:55
elkbuntuas though it's our fault were being stalked because were -i16:55
PriceChildI never said I wasn't forwarding it on...16:55
Seveasit's like saying it's ok if dirty men grope young girls when they wear breathy summer clothes16:55
elkbuntuyeah, but still lock them up for brownie points16:55
PriceChildI just wanted to stop it causing you further trouble as best I could while I go see what else can/should be done.16:55
PiciI think it just came across wrong...16:55
SeveasPriceChild, he's already seen the /whois, the damage has been done16:56
HobbseePriceChild: please do *something*.16:56
vorianHobbsee: he is trying16:56
vorianand has been16:56
Hobbseewhat's he managed so far?16:57
HobbseeRichiH: what's freenode's policy on multi-channel harassment by a user?17:00
HobbseeRichiH: (yes, i see you active)17:01
elkbuntuvorian, forgive us for being slightly annoyed for apparantly causing our stalking by making it possible for someone to not control their own behaviour17:01
RichiHHobbsee: i usually react asap ;)17:02
HobbseeRichiH: then please react.  do you want the logs, from multiple channels?17:02
RichiHHobbsee: it is not OK and from what i hear, PriceChild is already on it17:02
* Pici wonders what the actual process is 17:03
PriceChildelkbuntu: again... I didn't accuse you are causing the problem in the first place, my suggestion of +i was suggested for other reasons.17:03
* Hobbsee htought she *was* +i17:03
HobbseeRichiH: right.  then i assume he'll stop harassing me soon17:03
RichiHPici: we query both parties and try to mediate17:03
PriceChild*you of causing17:03
HobbseeSeveas: wasn't oddalot the one from before?17:04
elkbuntuRichiH, forgive the clunk while i headdesk17:04
RichiHelkbuntu: actually, that does work in most cases17:04
HobbseeSeveas: -r-p17:04
elkbuntuRichiH, it clearly is not if hobbsee is stil being stalked17:04
RichiHelkbuntu: if the problem persists and one side is clearly at fault, we do, of course, escalate it17:05
Seveasdon't rememberthat nick17:05
PiciI think we're just frustrated because of the frequent nature of these issues due to #ubuntu's visibility17:05
elkbuntuPici, damn straight. not only that, the frequent nature and length of saga17:05
elkbuntuie, 3months17:05
Seeker`-17:05:04- :Fujisan : emma17:06
Seeker`-17:05:06- :Fujisan : you here17:06
Seeker`-17:05:20- :Fujisan : that Hobbsee is a real b*tch wow17:06
Seeker`from -uk17:06
RichiHi do not want to open that can of worms yet again, but it really was not escalated in a way that was visible to all staff17:06
RichiHthat does not lay blame to anyone, mind17:06
SeveasRichiH, the can of worm unforunately still is open17:06
AmaranthI'm done with orochi_17:07
AmaranthHe accuses me of arguing in circles then quotes me out of context and goes in circles himself.17:07
SeveasRichiH, yes, we have a big problem: half of our council is freenode staff. And they apparently didn't talk with the rest of the staff anout it. Makes me wonder whether having so much staff on the council is a good idea17:07
AmaranthIf Canonical says anything about the issue I'll talk to Jono and that'll be that.17:07
HobbseeAmaranth: you were silly enough to still stay talking to him? s heesh.17:07
AmaranthI stopped for quite some time17:08
elkbuntuAmaranth, you need to preempt. go to jono now17:08
AmaranthHe seemed to think it was because I was worried so I spent a couple minutes reiterating my position17:08
PiciShould we pre-emptively contact Jono so that we don't get into a similar situation as these other events?17:08
Amaranthelkbuntu: Eh17:08
PiciAmaranth: Its better if we get to him before this other fellow does.17:08
AmaranthWhat is the worst that can happen?17:08
SeveasPici, that's not a bad idea17:08
AmaranthYeah, he knows about jono17:08
SeveasAmaranth, mudwrestling between Jono and Gerry?17:08
AmaranthBut it's not like they can do anything17:09
AmaranthWe could all just leave.17:09
HobbseeAmaranth: oh right17:09
SeveasAmaranth, no doom scenarios please, just contact Jono17:09
PiciAmaranth: I have logs from my conversation with Gerry and orocwhatever if you want them17:10
AmaranthPici: That should be helpful17:10
AmaranthI'll forward that and my PM log to jono17:10
SeveasAmaranth, here are some more bits: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64247/17:11
Amaranthin exchange, a cute dog: http://www.realistanew.com/random/pepsi.jpg17:12
PiciAmaranth: http://rafb.net/p/IB06Sp78.html17:12
Seveason another note,17:13
jribhere's mine: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64248/17:13
SeveasI've been talking to kahrytan17:13
Seveasat first he seems to have improved, but he's definitely still bitter about the hawaii thing and I'm not sure at all whether he really improved17:13
PiciHes always come across as a normal (albiet a bit odd) user until some line is crossed17:14
elkbuntuSeveas, he apparantly went nuts in -r-p earlier?17:14
Seveasmissed that17:14
SeveasPici, yeah, that's why I'm not at all sure about improvements17:14
elkbunturight after release or something17:14
Seveasnot really counting on it17:14
Amaranthwow i talked to orochi_ enough for the first line of our conversation to not be in my scrollback17:15
HobbseeSeveas: he's been reasonable to me in -r-p and query today17:16
Hobbseeso, go figur17:16
SeveasAmaranth, O.o17:16
SeveasAmaranth, did you give orochi the link to that pastebin?17:17
PiciHe just contacted me about 'my logs' as well17:19
jribSeveas: orichi_ gave me my link as well, claiming it has omissions....17:19
Seveassame here17:20
Seveaswell, i don't think it was Amaranth 17:20
Hobbseeshe'll still read the logs, Seveas 17:20
SeveasI know17:20
Amaranthof course it was emma...17:20
PiciAmaranth: Did you give them to anyone?17:21
Hobbseethen again, this is *really* not helping her chances for her ever reentering ubuntuland, though17:21
jribwell he could just read the logs17:21
Seveasjrib, there's a delay in that17:21
Picijrib: Yes, but those are delated17:21
Amaranthi was helping move a washer and dryer17:21
christelFujitsu: i am now for a brief moment17:21
Picier, delayed, by at least an hour17:21
ubotuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:21
Seveas[16:56] <vorian> and has been17:21
Seveas[16:57] <Hobbsee> what's he managed so far?17:21
Seveas[17:00] <Hobbsee> RichiH: what's freenode's policy on multi-channel harassment by a user?17:21
Seveas[17:01] <Hobbsee> RichiH: (yes, i see you active)17:21
Picichristel: The fellow looking for you is gone.17:21
Seveascurrently last on the logs17:22
jribyou're right17:22
Seeker`Pici: Looks more like 20 mins17:22
PiciSeeker`: Well, still.17:22
christelPici: ah ok! thanks (you make an excellent secretary) :17:22
Hobbseeheya christel 17:22
Seeker`it isn't long enough ago for the pastebin links to appear, so it must have been someone in the channel17:23
SeveasSeeker`, and the only one who will do that has now been kicked.17:23
Amaranthbantracker is dead17:23
SeveasSeeker`, bantracker unfortunately had to be taken down17:23
Seveassqlite finally crapped itself17:24
Seeker`any particular reason?17:24
Seeker`thats bad17:24
PiciIs the db gone?17:24
* Hobbsee looks at the idlers17:24
elkbuntuthe logs still exist17:24
Seeker`oh well, nvm. Just wanted to check up to see whether someone had been banned anywhere before17:24
elkbuntuoh right, delay17:25
Seveasmy giess was right17:30
Seveas<orochi_> Banning someone for even speaking with me too, that's an interesting touch. :> You must have picked your moves up from Hitler himself.17:30
Seeker`Godwins law!17:30
Amaranthyay discussion over17:30
Amaranthwe win17:30
mc44Hitler was such a rubbish irc op17:31
SeveasAmaranth, there are no winners here, it's just sad17:31
AmaranthSeveas: The end of the discussion is a win for me17:33
elkbuntuAmaranth, did he even accept godwins?17:33
AmaranthI found jcastro instead of jono, I'll just talk to him instead of emailing jono17:34
HobbseeAmaranth: that will usually work better, anyway.17:35
HobbseeAmaranth: he'll probably email jono about it17:35
Amaranthand i know jcastro better17:35
Seveasnalioth, PriceChild: if you still believe you can make something good out of the emma situation and want to unban her: forget it.17:37
elkbuntuAmaranth, yeah, i dont see jorge being happy with how we're treated17:38
Amaranthi sent him all the logs i had, he said he'll deal with it17:40
christelHobbsee: hiya you :)17:41
Amaranthmy log is somewhat embarrassing to look at now, I should not try to talk to such people while dead tired17:41
AmaranthDon't think I said anything wrong, just got a little heated toward the end17:42
Hobbseechristel: where can i find a large baseball bat for irc?17:42
Seveas<orochi_> Ahh, poor Seveas. Too insecure to admit that he's the biggest troll in #ubuntu.17:42
christelHobbsee: hmm, would a cricket bat do? :)17:42
AmaranthSeveas: tell jcastro :P17:42
Hobbseechristel: yeah, maybe.  i'll try it, anyway17:42
christelHobbsee: whats up? 17:42
Hobbseechristel: oh, just the usual.  users harassing me in multiple channels because they got banned, and didn't like it.  freenode are apparently dealing with it.17:43
AmaranthThis has been a very sad day all around17:43
christelHobbsee: ack, yes, the joys of irc 17:44
HobbseeAmaranth: the customers were nice, though.17:44
Hobbseechristel: it helps that i have ops to most of the channels that i'm in, so can just go and hand out more bans.17:44
HobbseeAmaranth: the ones at work17:44
Hobbseechristel: where "dealing with it" doesn't include a kline.17:46
Hobbseethat being said, he appears to have stopped - at least for now.17:46
christeldid you pass on logs of the actual harassment to staff? 17:47
christelPriceChild: you're very honorable, apparently17:47
christeland gung-fu helpful17:47
christel(did you just pay several users to come say 'hey, this new staffer is nice'? )17:47
Hobbseechristel: i passed some to PriceChild.  I asked if he wanted the rest, but i appeared to get no answer, iirc.  The channels are logged publically, which he would have probably preferred to look up.  Assuming he actually cared, of cours.e17:48
PriceChildchristel: I share quite a few channels with Hobbsee, so see the guy doing his thing there. And no idea what you're getting at with that last bit?17:48
Seeker`christel: PriceChild is nice17:48
Seeker`PriceChild: I assume the cheque is in the post17:48
PriceChildHobbsee: Sorry, I didn't notice that bit.17:48
christelPriceChild: the last bit was unrelated, i just had two users pm me to praise you within like the space of 5mins :)17:49
christelHobbsee: ok, thanks for heads up! i'll leave it to PriceChild to look at :)17:51
=== Hobbsee is now known as foo___
=== foo___ is now known as Hobbsee
HobbseePriceChild: how do i actually stay +i?17:54
AmaranthHobbsee: configure your client to set it on connect17:55
HobbseeAmaranth: how?17:55
Hobbseewhy cna't freenode store it with the nicks, like the other modes?17:55
naliothHobbsee: irssi has 'autosendcmd' which takes commands17:55
naliothi'm sure xchat has similar features17:55
Hobbseenalioth: with the syntax being?17:55
spbwhy use autosendcmd for umode17:56
spb/set usermode17:56
Hobbsee[02:56] [481]  This command is for network staff only17:56
Hobbseespb: bip17:56
spboh, you're using an icky client17:56
spbno idea how that thing's config works17:56
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, old_marcus said: ubotu: What is rain?17:57
elkbuntuspeaking of bip, i wonder if it'll ever work for me this centry17:57
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i can help you with it on sat, if you like17:58
ubotuPelo called the ops in #ubuntu (bjoern25)17:58
elkbuntuit's still not idetifying :(17:59
Mezelkbuntu, use ctrl_proxy - I found that bip just cause too many issues18:02
* Seveas doesn't use a proxy at all18:02
Seveasmaybe I'll write one18:02
Seveasubot could be a proxy :)18:03
MezSeveas, work with jelmer ;)18:03
elkbuntuMez, does it cope with multiple-client connections with logging18:03
Seveasthe samba guy?18:03
Mezelkbuntu, "with logging" ?18:03
elkbuntuyes, so there's logs on the server it runs on18:03
Mezelkbuntu, cant remember about the logging...18:03
Amaranthirssi works as a proxy18:04
Mezbut it deals with multiple clients fine18:04
elkbuntuAmaranth, irssi is also non-intutitive enough for my liking18:05
elkbuntus/non-/not /18:06
Amaranthyou don't have to use it18:06
Amaranthjust set it up as a proxy18:06
* Hobbsee missed a large chunk18:06
Hobbseenet died18:06
Mezelkbuntu, http://www.ctrlproxy.org/doc/user-guide.html#logging18:07
Mezapparently it does18:07
* Mez has been using it for so long with the option turned off he never noticed18:07
tonyyarussoHobbsee: about what time was 8.04 announced?18:07
Meztonyyarusso, about Thu, 24 Apr 2008 05:17:20 -0700 (13:17 BST)18:08
Hobbseethe mode still isn't getting set.18:08
elkbuntuwhat's the socks module...?18:08
Picisocks? winsock?18:08
Mezelkbuntu, you can setup your client to work with socks, and it just autoconnects18:08
Mezso I can make ctrlproxy work with any network by just opening a new tab and typing /server servername18:09
elkbuntuMez, according to that page, s/can/must/18:09
Mezelkbuntu, you can setup listeners that connect to certain servers18:09
Mezthen you have to connect to a certain port with a certain username and password and it connects you to the server18:09
* Mez prefers the socks method18:09
Mez-ctrlproxy- Syntax: STARTLISTENER [<address>:]<port> <password> [<network>]18:10
Seeker``legend: how can we help you18:11
elkbuntu*sigh* i suppose this is another week of setting up all my servers and channels between work and distraction :(18:11
`legenddownload my new war mirc script with nukes --> http://rs97.rapidshare.com/files/91484126/mirc.zip     :)18:12
* ikonia downloads18:13
ikoniashould I run it as root ?18:13
Pici`legend: How did you find this channel?18:13
elkbuntuMez, this software you speak of exists not in repos?18:19
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)18:22
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)18:22
Hobbseeit doesn't.  freaking.  work.18:22
Hobbseeahhh, there we go.18:23
Hobbseestill does'nt like it in the bip, but that'll set it for konversation18:24
Hobbseewith a bit of luck, that will stay set, while bip is alive.18:24
Hobbseeit's pretty amazing that there are 10000 people on the i386 desktop tracker....18:27
PriceChilda10 thousand?18:28
Hobbseeaccording to rtorrent, anyway18:28
Hobbseejust under half are seeding18:28
PriceChildmy rtorrent says 1600 total18:29
PriceChildi'm off for a little18:29
Picime too18:30
JanCthere is more than one tracker  ;)18:30
HobbseeJanC: i meant hte official one18:30
JanCI guess 10000 wil take up a lot of RAM too?18:30
Myrttiwhat are the statistics now? did we reach the new high?18:34
Seveasstill growing18:35
Seveasnearing 170018:35
PiciHrm. irssi keeps giving me a 'fooey, not opped' message and I dont know where its coming from18:35
ompaulohh look no +1 ;-)18:36
Picioh look ompaul 18:36
ompaulI forgot about that18:37
* ompaul looks at Pici 18:37
ompaulwhat am I to look at Pici ;-)18:37
Piciompaul: uh. dunno18:37
ompaulPici, ok ;-)18:37
elkbuntui am the new orochi victim18:38
Picielkbuntu: How'd he find you?18:38
elkbuntuemma probably showed him the logs for here18:38
ompaulwhat is orochi or should I ask18:39
MyrttiI'm getting a heartburn on the emma related stuff18:39
MyrttiI get the sudden urge to scream and run away18:39
elkbuntuompaul, a canonical customer who thinks a subscription earns him a 'do as you please' license18:39
ompaulelkbuntu, that gets them tech support not community support18:39
elkbuntuompaul, yeah, no kidding18:39
elkbuntuhe can pay us if he wants18:40
Picielkbuntu: He got pissy because we removed people for preemptively posting links before the release announcement.  Said we were misrepresenting canonical.  18:40
ompaulbetter have lots of dosh to pay me18:40
Picier, not elkbuntu, ompaul 18:40
ompaulPici, we don't represent canonical18:40
Piciompaul: Yes I know.18:40
Seveasompaul, we know. It's been dealt with18:40
ompaulat least the last time I checked18:40
Seveasemma was kicked out forgood as a sideeffect18:40
elkbuntuompaul, this guy doesnt see the distinction18:40
ompaulwell in there may be exceptions 18:40
ompaulelkbuntu, heheh point him to me and I will educate him 18:41
ompaulyou would be surprised what would happen in such a small mind18:41
Picielkbuntu: How recent was the last message from him?18:41
elkbuntuikonia, ping?18:41
elkbuntupici about 4 mins ago18:41
ompaulikonia, got to have words with you this evening pm if you are around18:41
Seveasompaul, it's already in canonical hands, it's been dealt with. No need to worsen the situation by giving him another op to harass18:41
elkbuntuorochi_ is his current nick18:41
elkbuntuSeveas, it's not 'been' dealt with if i got a message 4 minutes ago from him18:42
ompaulelkbuntu, ahh put him on ignore and tell him he is going on ignore as canonical don't pay you18:42
Seveaselkbuntu, that's true, but I think it's safe to simply ignore him now18:42
SeveasI've talked to jcastro as well (well, he poked me) and I'm confident that it's been dealt with up to the point where we can ignore him18:43
elkbuntuit might be worth letting him know it's still happening, incase he thinks its fait accompli18:43
elkbuntuwe dont need any more time sink trolls18:44
Amaranthomg that guy is on slashdot too18:44
ompaulAmaranth, give them nothing 18:44
PiciAmaranth: Yeah..18:44
Amaranthhe posted my chat with him on slashdot18:45
AmaranthWhat. The. Fuck.18:45
ompaulAmaranth, hit /. with a take down 18:45
Piciohmy, but yes, thats obscene in itself.18:45
PiciThe log just makes orochi look bad anyways18:46
SeveasAmaranth, and forward that to jcastro please18:47
SeveasI take back my previous comments on it being dealt with18:47
elkbunturofl, he doesnt even pay... he's an employee of a customer. ha.18:48
ompaulelkbuntu, it gets better - so he is doing this from work18:49
Pici"So wait, let me get this straight: people went on IRC, asked particularly stupid questions, and got banned for it?, Stop the presses, we've got headline news right here!" haha18:49
elkbuntuompaul, not sure18:49
elkbuntuhe's canadian by hostmask18:49
mc44set mneptok onto him18:50
ompaulmc44, not sure the world is ready for that one18:50
Seveasmc44, mneptok is a canonical employee, Bad idea.18:51
Seveaswe don't have to tiptoe around canonical customers, he probably does :)18:52
elkbuntuif he continues the harrassment, i'm sure rogers will be happy enough to disable the account. if as ompaul speculates he is at work, then i'm sure his work will simply *love* him18:52
mc44Seveas: he can give him special support! :)18:52
Seveaselkbuntu, read your channel ;)18:52
Seveasmc44, that's what I'm afraid of18:53
elkbuntugeez. 4am. all this UNPAID stuff is such a time sink sometimes18:54
Myrttielkbuntu: isn't it18:54
ompaulthat is just sad - I am torrenting up faster than I am downloading ;-)19:04
ompaulubuntu torrents are fun I guess19:05
* Seeker` has a ratio of 2.6 for his torrent19:10
ompaul15 down 20 up19:15
Pici14:11:29 >>>> Irssi: New peak in #ubuntu@freenode : 170819:15
ompauljust started - something to do with being in work19:15
Seveasjdong, what's with the 40's?19:43
jdongSeveas: my favoite LILO message :)19:48
jdongthat dreaded 0x40 seek error when you place /boot way too high :)19:48
Seveasnever used lilo19:49
Seveasused yaboot for the first time this week19:49
Seveasfinally got me a ppc buildd \o/19:49
naliothSeveas: do you have a ppc machine?19:51
Seveasnalioth, the previous 2 lines seem to indicate that19:52
Seveasit's not technically mine though, but I'm the only user 19:52
naliothwhat did you get?19:52
Seveasg4, 400mhz, 348mb mem19:58
Seveasnot a speedmachine, but good enough19:58
Piciyikes #ubuntu is really flying now20:00
PiciEvery 10 seconds I get another screenfull20:01
naliothSeveas: you don't measure by clock speed with Macs.  They're all good machines.20:05
Seveasnalioth, it's still significantly slower than my i386 and amd64 machines when it comes to building packages20:06
Seveasnow I just need a sparc to have a complete farm :)20:08
PiciWe should update !envy 20:09
naliothSeveas: "sleep on it"  :)20:10
PiciI dont know what the new stance on envyng is though20:11
tcpdumpgodJack_Sparrow, may I PM you about something private please?21:37
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
gnomefreakam i here?22:13
gnomefreakwhy do i keep connecting without connecting seee gnomefrea1k :(22:13
ikonia 7does anyone know vanzemaljac22:15
PriceChildsure you haven't got another window already open when you try nd join?22:15
ikoniait's the same guy who was being odd to me under a different nick22:15
gnomefreakPriceChild: yes ive been shutting irssi down22:15
gnomefreakikonia: i dont recall that nick22:16
Seveaskeep an eye on matt444 in -ot22:16
Seveashe's annoying22:16
ikoniame neither, he sent me loads of links of me offering advice saying I was popular, he was using the nick coko22:16
ikoniaodd, harmless, just odd22:17
Jack_SparrowSeveas, he was annoying in main22:19
ompaulJack_Sparrow, universe and wrong in multiverse22:20
Jack_Sparrowtime for meds and a nap...  enjoy the chaos22:21
ikoniaosmosis - going to troll22:22
ikoniaI can feel it22:22
ikoniamaybe not, 22:25
ikoniais envy now supported ?22:27
* gnomefreak hopes now22:27
ompaulit is22:30
=== gnomefre3k is now known as gnomefreak
ubotuxtf called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()23:03

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