mathiazstoked: server doesn't have any GUI environment00:00
stokedoh lol ok00:00
stokedwhat timezone will 8.04 be released?00:02
nealmcbI would think bugs for ubuntu-vm-builder should be sent to the ubuntu-virt team - does that require setting a bug contact or something?00:02
stokeddoes default install of server include X libraries? ie. can you X apps to a remote X server?00:05
zobbocome on - it's 09:15 in Japan. When can I download Hardy eh ?01:16
Kamping_Kaiserzobbo, 9.15 next week after the mirrors come up for air :)01:49
* Kamping_Kaiser is doing his last minute browsing before the internet stops workin01:49
* zobbo drums his fingers on his desk 01:54
* Kamping_Kaiser argues with ipv6 client02:00
owhI have a question about methodology. I want to provide a central address book for a company...03:45
owhTheir current setup is a central Ubuntu server with Windows clients running Outlook...03:45
owhI want to get them to a central SOE with a Ubuntu Desktop running Thunderbird...03:46
owhI'm across most of the business processes, except for a central addressbook.03:46
owhTB can use an LDAP server to lookup addresses, but there is no editor.03:47
owhSo, I'm not sure how best to attack this.03:47
sommer owh you could use a web based ldap editor, such as phpldapadmin03:48
owhI suppose that would allow them to integrate that with their web based CRM. That sounds like a possibility.03:48
owhDo I have to define a schema, or can I get a TB-like schema from somewhere?03:49
sommeryou'll have to setup the initial one, but if you create person, or probably alias objects, you just need to set the mail attribute03:50
sommerphpldapadmin has "templates" for those type of objects03:51
owhsommer, you understand that the intent is for an address-book, not just names and email addresses?03:51
sommerowh: ya, you'll probably want to go with the person object then03:52
sommerwhich can have address, telephonenumber, etc03:52
owhs9mm34, ah, 48gh5, * m8s7nd4s599d.03:52
owhKeyboard :P03:52
owhsommer, ah, I just misunderstood.03:52
* owh is using a keyboard that shares numbers and letters :) And I just figured out how the numlock works :)03:53
owhsommer, thank you for that idea, that was precisely the kind of thing I needed to hear about.03:54
sommerowh: you're welcome :)03:55
* owh has been weaning the client off IE for a year, next to go is the closed source CRM.03:55
owhIt's all in the expectation management :)03:56
owhI'm in a noisy coffee shop, can someone please say my nick?03:59
owhThanks ScottK, so much for hearing the "bing" on top volume :)04:00
owhsommer, just had a brief look at phpldapadmin. Did you intend this for an administrator or and end-user?04:14
owhTo me it looks like a tool to maintain the ldap server, but not so much to edit content.04:15
sommerowh: it could be either I'd think, but you'll probably need to give some training04:15
owhIt may be that I missed something on my tiny phone screen :)04:15
sommerowh: it can be used to both maintain and add elements to the directory04:16
owhI'd rather not have to build an ldap content editor.04:16
sommerheh, ya but then you can tightly control the interface :)04:16
owhsommer, just like in phpmyadmin, but you wouldn't give that interface to a receptionist.04:17
sommerya, the interface is probably more for an admin, but with training I'd think anyone can handle it04:18
owhSo how do large corporations do this?04:18
owhOr is my question, relating it directly to ldap, the actual problem?04:18
* owh just needs a central addressbook server.04:19
owh(prefereably able to talk to TB)04:19
sommerya, that's one of the reasons behind the creation of ldap... heh04:19
owhsommer, that's how I understood it too, but I thought it would be smart to ask to make sure :)04:20
sommerI think enterprises may use more AD and NDS type systems04:20
sommerthe big difference being management utilities04:21
owhBut NDS is really just LDAP on steroids, mind you GroupWise provides the GUI tool for the end user.04:21
sommeryep yep yep :)04:21
owhSo, is the problem then perhaps TB, that is no editor built in?04:21
sommerya, I guess in your situation that's something of a problem04:22
* owh hasn't exhaustively searched for any plug-ins for TB.04:22
sommerbut with most users of TB, I'm sure it's just a missing feature... heh04:22
owhInitially I was all for using Evolution, but after it ate my email a third time I gave it up as a bad joke.04:23
owhBesides, I cannot ease the users into Evolution via Windows.04:24
owhHmm, seems I need to do some more thinking. Thanks for the comments sommer.04:24
sommerseems like there was a win version of evolution on the horizon at one time04:24
sommerowh: np04:25
owhYeah, not sure if I saw any updates on that.04:25
owhI suspect with the Novell MS thing,  that is not so likely any more.04:26
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loofiHi, I have a running KVM installation with some minor problems regarding networking. Can I get some chat support from anyone here?08:11
ivoksit's our release day... but, i guess we could try :)08:12
loofithanks. I'll give you some background in a few moments.08:12
loofiBackground: Clean installation of Hardy on HP laptop with wire and wireless. After installing KVM, libvirt and virt-manager when on the wired network I can boot my VM's and they receive IP from the default network. But when I got home, using the Wireless interface, no VM's recieve an IP from the default network. How can I go about debugging this?08:15
ivoksiirc, by default, it tries only on eth008:16
loofiOK. Does this mean that I can not use KVM while on WLAN with wlan0-interface on host? And what mecanism tries by default on eth0?08:17
ivoksyes you can, but you'll have to append options08:18
ivoksi don't recall which one, but i'm looking at --help right now08:18
ivoksecho $(ip route ls | awk '/^default / { for(i=0;i<NF;i++) { if ($(i) == "dev") print $(i+1) }}')08:20
ivokstry this, what does it return?08:20
loofieth0. But I'm at work now with wired.08:20
ivokswell, when you get home, will be able to debug08:22
spiekeyHi :)08:22
spiekey503, 503, 503, 503, 503 :-/08:22
spiekeyah! It works again ;)08:22
loofiOK. I'll wait. Ending question: Is it possible that libvirtd starts kvm-up before NetworkManager can connect to WLAN and therefore unable to create forwarding?08:23
spiekeyis this the latest release? http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-rc-server-i386.iso08:23
Jeeves_spiekey: Yes08:23
ivoksloofi: only if you start guest on boot08:23
loofiOK. Thanx. I'll be back for more info when on wireless. :)08:24
ivoksloofi: sure... bring a glass08:25
ivoksloofi: we will have champagne here :)08:25
loofi;-) I'm supporting you guys by wearing my ubuntu shirt today. Cheers!08:25
ivoksgood idea08:26
radoneI have noticed my server does not respond to ping08:29
radonehowever it is running and working ...08:29
ivoksradone: firewall?08:29
radonesudo /etc/init.d/firewall stop08:30
radoneand still got the same problem08:30
ivoks /etc/init.d/firewall ?08:30
ivoksiptables -L08:31
radoneseems to be clear08:31
ivokscan you ping
radoneresult of iptables -L: http://pastebin.com/m2d10b37708:32
ivoksis lo up?08:33
radoneyes, http service (apache server is up and running)08:33
ivokslo as interface08:34
ivokscheck it with ifconfig08:34
radoneifconfig: http://pastebin.com/m1407ba1008:35
ivokswell, i can ping that ip :)08:37
radonefound the reason of the problem08:37
radoneecho 0 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all08:37
radoneenabled ping08:38
radonethanks for your time and help08:38
spiekeydoes ubuntu come with a iptables stop script? (to flush all rules)08:51
owhI'm trying to find an ISP that provides hosting of a VMware appliance that I've created. I'm not having much luck with google - all my searches seem to return people who are running their own VMware host. Any suggestions for search terms - or better still an ISP ;-)08:58
_rubensounds like a nice market, i doubt there aren't any players in that market yet :-P09:00
owhThat's what I thought, but finding them has proved elusive thus far.09:01
* _ruben shoots the idea to his manager ;-)09:02
_rubenwe're currently in the progress of exploring the vmware (esx) world :)09:02
ivoksowh: i'll set ti up, just for your money... errrr... just for you :)09:02
owhExcellent, roll out in 2 hours from now then?  <grin>09:02
owhivoks: Was that a real offer or a humour injection?09:04
ivokshumor for now :)09:05
ivoksbut i do have plans...09:05
owhivoks: Fair enough.09:05
owhWithout intending to make this sound like an advert, so far I've found two: http://www.connectria.com/vmware.html and http://www.hmon.net/vmachines.cfm09:07
owhNeither fill me with any great level of confidence.09:07
_rubenthe problem in hosting vm's probably making a profit from it .. hardware and software for hosting vm's are quite an investment09:10
_rubenunless you limit the vms to a absolute minimum, its price wouldnt be very low09:10
owhYou mean, more than providing a virtual-server?09:10
owhI mean, the difference between the two is that the client gets to control from the outside, rather than from the inside of the virtual slice.09:11
_rubenwell .. kinda depends on the virtualization software used09:11
owhI've just found another one - between $385 and $550 AUD per month with $275 setup - sounds like a completely manual process to me :(09:13
owhI envisage an FTP site where I dump the machine, connect my console and fire up the image.09:14
owhPerhaps I'm not thinking clearly :_09:14
spiekeyany idea how i can delete all routes?09:16
_rubenspiekey: sudo invoke-rc.d networking restart ? :P09:16
_rubenowh: the console part would require some work, but other than that it sounds doable09:16
owh_ruben: Well, the console part is really an ssh port opening, not on 22, but 9601 if I remember correctly.09:17
owhAuthentication may be a thing to deal with.09:17
spiekey_ruben: kind of like this. :)09:17
_rubenowh: you'd want a "seperate" console for each vm09:18
owh_ruben: Yes. In the past I've made an inetd process that fired up a guest on a tunneled ssh-VNC connection, which gave me an authenticated/mapped user to guest mapping, so I'm thinking something similar with a console session.09:19
owh_ruben: That particular setup gave me the equivalent of a Windows Terminal Server for the total cost of $0 :)09:20
owh+licensing cost that is.09:20
owh_ruben: Hmm, just fired up my VMware Server Console because I recalled authentication, and sure enough, it's built in :)09:21
_rubenowh: hmm .. and combined with checkbox "make vm private", that might be sufficient09:22
owhFunny, it looks like that's just implemented using VNC authentication.09:23
owh_ruben: Exactly.09:23
_rubenthough you *might* see the other vms but cant touch them, havent tried that09:23
_rubenand thats with vmware server .. which wouldnt be the product to use commercially i'd say09:23
* owh is trying to recall. I did some playing with that last month on a server I deployed, but I cannot quite recall the details.09:24
owh_ruben: I've not done any benchmarking, but as I recall the difference between the various flavours is in the management tools, not the resource usage.09:24
owhI may be mistaken on that though.09:25
owhAh, the port is 902, not 960209:28
anarchticI install server 8.04 rc, then update, then install xubuntu-deskto, after gdm login, all i get is a wallpaper and a terminal with no borders09:28
_rubenowh: management is why you wouldnt use vmware server .. well .. vmware server + virtual center for vmware server makes it fairly manageable09:28
owh_ruben: You mean in terms of physical hardware resource management right?09:29
_rubenwhich i think vmware server doesnt even have mechanisms for, could be wrong though09:31
_rubenlimiting resources that is09:31
anarchticanyone know anything about my problem?09:31
_rubenanarchtic: why install a graphical desktop on a server?09:31
owh_ruben: Hmm, just reading http://www.petri.co.il/virtual_remote_manage_vmware_servers.htm which seems to indicate that virtual centre will at least report, but no evidence of management though - I've not needed to manage physical resources on my VMware deployments thus far.09:32
anarchticSo I can develop java with netbeans09:32
owhanarchtic: On a server?09:32
owhMy first question would be, did you restart X (and gdm) after the installation?09:33
anarchticyes, only pc, its for local use and testing09:33
_rubenowh: me neither .. did my first vmware esx install yesterday, which does allow for resource management09:33
anarchticowh: I restareted after install09:33
owh_ruben: I suspect that ESX comes with a whole load of license fees :)09:34
_rubenowh: yup :) .. running a 60day trial now09:34
owhanarchtic: Perhaps you've logged in using "safe mode" - or whatever GDM calls it these days.09:34
anarchticI will double check.09:35
_rubenowh: esx ranges between 500 USD and 8000 USD or so .. depending on features and support ;)09:35
owh_ruben: I wonder if a cooperative environment would do the trick for the vast majority of users.09:35
owhI mean ultimately, a shared hosting environment doesn't really give you that much control over each web host either.09:35
_rubenowh: i think not, users of such services are expected to be rather tech-savvy .. and thus wanting to push "their machine" to its max09:36
owhIt might be a case of subjecting it to Lloyds test though.09:36
_rubenowh: different type of user i think09:36
owhThat's a fair comment.09:36
anarchticowh: thanks you were right, xfce-desktop package should make a fix for that09:37
anarchticor someone needs to edit the wiki09:38
owh_ruben: The flip-side is true too though. In my case I need a particular hosting environment to process some incoming emails. I've yet to find an ISP that understands the notion of a .forward file that pipes email to a php script - let alone knows how to configure their server :|09:39
owhanarchtic: If you could lodge a bug report, that would be helpful.09:39
anarchticowh: I wouldnt know how09:39
anarchtici need to go thanks anyways09:39
owh... so much for a cooperative environment :-|09:40
_rubenowh: doesnt a "normal" vps kinda of system qualify for that ?09:41
owh_ruben: Well yes, but then I figured I'd be the sucker that needed to maintain it, so I figured it would be simpler to create an appliance locally. Finding a vps that runs a simple Ubuntu JEOS seems hard :)09:42
_rubeni never worked with vps's myself, so dunno where the maintenance for customer starts/ends09:45
owhSo far the best I've been able to actually locate - and contact - are offering a "Scheduled Task" (No prize for guessing their OS of choice) - which can check a POP mail box, but only if I don't schedule it too often and only if I write the POP code in PHP myself :|09:45
owh_ruben: It depends on who did what. If they provide the OS, then I need to deal with dweebs who configure every thing in their own corporate way, rather than a standard Ubuntu (or other OS) way - so I have the headache of trying to figure out where they put their cron-jobs and how backups are made.09:46
owhs/corporate/15 year old apprentice/09:46
owhDocumentation and standardisation do not seem to be prevalent in those environments.09:47
_rubendoesnt really surprise me09:48
owhI suspect I'm just getting too cranky in my old age, that is, I care too much about what might happen if I run under a bus.09:49
owhThe flip side of that is that I've always got work - as there are plenty of "know it all" 15 year olds fixing things for their mates :)09:50
_rubenwas about to say that ;) .. nothing wrong with fixing things .. "fixing" things is worth the death penalty :)09:51
owhThe really scary thing is that in my IT career I see more and more of "fixing" each day. It's not getting better that I can see.09:53
_rubeni work at a web dev company (in rather broad sense of the word) .. most developers think they're tech savvy .. so they try to fix things themselves first, and then come crying to us (the admins) .. joy09:55
owhIs help.ubuntu.com acting up for anyone else?09:56
munckfishowh: I couldn't get onto it this morning09:57
_rubenslow as hell09:57
owhWell, at least it's not my satellite link then :)09:57
owhLemmie make a broad guess - everyone is using the available bandwidth to download a new version of some or other OS :)09:58
_rubenowh: its still marked as "coming soon" tho...09:58
owhThat won't stop them from trying though ...09:59
_rubentrying to download smth that isnt there shouldnt take up much bw :p10:00
owhPerhaps there is an actual outage then :)10:01
spiekeywhats better for a ssh key? rsa or dsa?10:18
owhspiekey: That would be a google question: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=rsa+vs+dsa10:24
gaouziefcheers everyone10:30
gaouziefanyone with feed back on using ub server on 64b intel, heavy loaded media server with nfs share where front end servers push user media (video...)? is it a safe choice?10:31
owhgaouzief: Compared to what?10:32
gaouziefthe hardware is siemens RX10:33
gaouziefit comes with suse cds10:33
owhMy first question would be: "Which are you more familiar with?"10:33
gaouziefi prefer ubuntu in general, but should i stick to the hardware's "preferred distro?10:33
gaouziefi am more familiar with ubuntu10:34
owhThat would depend on the support you are receiving from the hardware vendor.10:34
gaouziefnot in 64b environment, that's the only dout i have10:34
owhWhat support do you receive from Siemens? Will they talk to you if you're running Ubuntu?10:35
gaouziefno support what so ever10:35
owhReally, the question in my opinion is more one of management, rather than of software per se.10:35
owhAFK, back soon.10:35
gaouziefwhat makes me anxious, is a few reports i've read here and there about mysql and nfs craches in 64b under heavy load conditions10:36
owhgaouzief: Will Siemens talk to you if you are running SuSe?10:37
owhOr is their Linux support non-existent?10:38
* owh has not dealt with Siemens at all.10:39
gaouziefnope, it requires a seperate contract, which we won't take10:39
owhWell, is there a community of users using your hardware?10:39
gaouziefyea sure10:39
owhWhich OS are they using?10:40
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gaouziefi'm just looking for feedback here from users of ubuntu server 64b under heavy load, any report of the issues i've been reading about10:40
gaouziefthey use all sort of oss10:40
owhMy opinion would be to install the OS of your choice and test it under load - but I don't know your environment or your deployment time-line, so that may not help. I know of no adverse relationship between 64b and heavy load, but that does not mean that it does not exist.10:42
jronnblomim running hardy-jeos  (dist-upgrade today) with 2.6.24-16-virtual and with the open-vm-tools installed it complains it can't find the vmxnet module and a few other... where did they go? They we're in the -7 virtual kernel...10:51
_rubenopen-vm-tools got pulled i think, not sure why10:59
jronnblomaha, that would explain a lot10:59
_rubeni have it installed in one jeos install, but my local mirror doesnt have the file (anymore)10:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217254 in open-vm-tools "open-vm-tools is an alpha quality release" [Critical,Fix released]11:00
zobbo_anyone know when the final releases of hardy are due to hit the mirrors ?11:04
henkjanzobbo_: 4211:04
ivokszobbo_: that's classified information11:05
zobbo_I've been sitting in front of this laptop since 6am JST .... it's now 7pm ! :)11:06
zobbo_or :-(11:06
zobbo_or "aaaaghhh"""11:06
ivoksfirst try tomorrow :)11:06
ivoksuhh... wtf?11:07
zobbo_but that's like a whole bedtime away11:08
zobbo_might force me to do something productive instead11:08
zobbo_and I wouldn't want to do anything perverse like that11:08
ivoksyou could create a script which would try downloading iso from your local mirror11:09
ivoksand when it stops failing, send you a SMS or something11:10
_rubenjronnblom: alpha .. heh .. not something you'd want on a LTS distro indeed ;)11:11
jronnblomruben: however the vmware-tools are a real pain to compile and install on every virtual machine and you always need the build tools also11:17
binarical-ap1how can i setup a virtual host11:38
_rubenjronnblom: i'll probably roll my own personal .deb files11:41
_rubenbinarical-ap1: what kind of virtual host?11:41
binarical-ap1thats what im trying to figure out. i would like to try out serendipity on my server, i dont exactly know what it is i have to set up11:42
binarical-ap1someone told me to create a host for serendipity however i dont seem to quite understand the multiple aspects of hosting a site on a dyndns server11:43
binarical-ap1per what i can tell now is that there has to be a public_html dir in /home/users11:44
binarical-ap1i made such a file via cli so nw actually working with this new browser based administration tool is a bit more complicated11:45
binarical-ap1are you following ?11:46
binarical-ap1there is a /home/users/public_html that i created however, as far as i can tell it still belongs to /user , and i need it to be owned by all users in /home11:47
binarical-ap1perhaps i should change it locations of /home/user/public_html to /home/public_html?11:48
binarical-ap1!virtual host11:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about virtual host - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about host - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:49
binarical-ap1!virtual server11:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about virtual server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about serendipity - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:52
spiekeyis there some tool to save the permissions of files?11:57
spiekeyi am saving my /etc folder with svn which can not store permission flags11:57
_rubenbinarical-ap1: not sure what you're trying to achieve, nor do i have any clues regarding serendipity, other than it being a movie and a dictionary word11:58
binarical-ap1okay , np , thanks ruben11:58
binarical-ap1serendipity is a sort of like blogging application11:59
binarical-ap1try sy9.org12:00
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_rubenanyone ever tried installing dell's openmanage on a dell (1950 in this particular case)12:34
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turbhi team12:57
mok0I can't get to Ubuntu's bittorrent tracker... is it running??13:02
sorenmok0: Probably not.13:06
mok0soren: why not?13:06
sorenmok0: Because the release hasn't happened yet.13:07
mok0soren: ??? The files are on the server13:07
sorenIt's not released until the release manager sings^Wsays it's released.13:08
mok0soren: ah, and he pops the cork off a bottle of champagne and starts the tracker...13:08
sorenSomething like that, yes :)13:08
mok0soren: OK we will stand by, then, in excitement :-)13:09
* mok0 was planning to get the last 10 workstations upgraded from CentOS -> Hardy Heron today...13:10
spiekeyis someone here using a APC ups?13:13
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_rubenwoohoo .. 8.04 is out :)13:30
sommermorning all13:33
_rubenmorning sommer13:34
_rubenbah .. running ubuntu server amd64 .. got an i386 rpm for dell omsa, and also an alien'ated and fixed version of it .. still an arch hoop to jump through :/13:35
faulkes-ruben: iirc there is an alternate repository which includes the dell omsa built as deb's13:50
binarical-apprubin: that was s9y.org13:52
leonelapt-get install Pizza13:55
leonelnew ubuntu released   thank you  all the ubuntu developers  and collaborators !13:55
_rubenfaulkes-: hmm14:00
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_rubenfaulkes-: i think you're referring to what im trying to use now .. but dell only ships i386 debs .. and my host is amd6414:09
* faulkes- nods14:11
faulkes-iirc these aren't dell supplied debs14:11
faulkes-because dell only ships redhat/suse rpm's14:11
_rubenforce-arch did the trick .. the postinst script craps out slightly tho14:16
_rubenor well .. the init script i think14:16
_rubenlets do some bash-foo14:16
_rubensh versus bash .. bah14:20
_rubenannoying when sh is assumed to be bash14:21
_rubenwow .. nice traffic increase on nl.archive ;) .. 200Mbps -> 1Gbps :p14:25
_rubenbah .. dell's omsa .deb is crap :p .. only installs like half14:37
ivoksi would like to volounteer for ubuntu.com admin :)14:38
zulivoks: whaaa?14:39
ivoksi like pressure :)14:40
* _ruben slaps Dell around a bit14:41
sommer_ruben: go for the eye poke14:43
* _ruben pokes Dell in the eye14:43
sommerthat'll teach em14:44
zulif you guys are having problem with the package drom dell why not download the rpm and use alien14:46
_rubenzul: dell doesnt offer debs .. officially .. it does host some debs which are modified versions alien'ated rpms14:49
_rubenjust not modified enough14:50
_rubenguess i'll go take those directions on how to modify them, and then roll me some debs for the newest openmanage suite14:50
_rubenbtw .. i think there's bug with dhclient in gutsy server : dhclient: can't create /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases: Permission denied14:51
zul_ruben: ah15:00
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_rubenwoohoo... good ol' dutchies done it again ;) .. found working .debs at sara.nl ;)15:12
faulkes-ah, yes that was the unofficial repository I was speaking of15:13
_rubenstupid 32bits/64bits pam crap again15:14
_rubenreminds me of vmware-server15:14
_rubenonly vmware-server ships with 32bits libs15:14
_rubendsm_om_connsvc32d: PAM [error: /lib/security/pam_unix.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64] :(15:15
_rubendoh .. they provide amd64 as well ...15:16
_rubenbutton freak15:16
spiekeydoes anyone know how to calibrate a APC Batterie?15:20
spiekey(...)Although you can do a hot swap of your batteries while the computer is running, it may not be very satisfactory because the unit will not know that the batteries have been swapped and apcupsd will continue to show Low Battery. To correct this situation, you must do a discharge and recharge of the battery followed by a battery recalibration using apctest(...)15:21
_rubenwouldnt know15:23
_rubenbah .. amd64 package still has pam issues ... *cry*15:23
_rubenthis is just too nasty .. using 32bits pam libs from vmware server to fix omsa15:33
_rubentempted to reinstall these machines with i38615:34
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_rubenin fact .. im gonna reinstall one (its a 2 node cluster) with 32bits gutsy and the other with 32bits hardy15:37
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_rubenisos downloaded .. gutsy burned, hardy burning .. time to go home :p15:57
flybackanyone seen where a nfs mount setup in fstab doesn't show when you type mount16:31
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* flyback notes nothing like accidentely sticking your hand into a bag full of spilled hydrocloric acid to wake you up for the day17:14
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hsn_how can i change server timezone?17:34
hsn_it doesnt have tzconfig17:35
jdstrandhsn_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata18:07
jay2brb then a question19:58
jay2okay b again20:01
jay2my question is where do access them main .exe file to load ubuntu server 7.10 on windows xp operating system?20:02
klafjay2: Are you going to install server instead of xp?20:07
jay2I already have xp on I wanted to know how to get the main .exe file in windows and do it from there kind of like how opensuse has it20:08
jay2it most likely well be partitioned20:09
klafjay2: Ah, I didn't know there was a .exe install on server iso?20:09
jay2its kind of an example but I do know if you want to install opensuse you can do it right from windows xp operating system so I wanted to know if I can do it as well with ubuntu server20:11
jay2and the other fact is as well to I do not have an acutaul install cd it has not even been burnt to cd yet20:12
infinityjay2: Just boot into the Ubuntu ISO, it'll offer to resize/repartition from the installer.20:12
infinityjay2: There is no win32 binary, sorry.20:12
infinity(It's a bit of a weird use-case, especially for the server ISO...)20:12
infinityWe've talked about it for the Desktop ISO, but I doubt we'd ever do it for the Server ISO.20:13
jay2I mite have to use it with qemu then20:13
jay2but just in case is there any other meathod that I could use while in the windows operating system?20:14
infinityErr, not sure how qemu would help.  The installer kinda wants access to the hardware it's installing on. :)20:14
infinityBut, no, there's no way to install "from windows"... Just burn the ISO, and reboot.20:14
jay2k I well be using nero of course for it then20:15
jay2ty :)20:15
mbarakhi, i'm having trouble with bind/dhcp and ddns - can anyone help me with that?20:29
mbarakeverytime named tries to create jnl files for reverse mapping i get a "permission denied" error. it doesn't even attempt to do forward mapping. i'm not sure what could be wrong (probably some minor syntax error in the config file) and the directory where the files are to be written bind has group write permissions20:33
mbarakeverytime named tries to create jnl files for reverse mapping i get a "permission denied" error. it doesn't even attempt to do forward mapping. i'm not sure what could be wrong (probably some minor syntax error in the config file) and the directory where the files are to be written bind has group write permissions20:35
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jay2first just give them time to answer back there mbarak20:35
mbaraksorry, i didn't know anyone got the message20:36
jay2ya generally they do there just do something else so just give them a bit to respond back :)20:37
jay2sorry if my message was little oof still trying to wake up20:37
mbarakalright. i never really used irc before so, forgive me if i do something i'm not supposed to20:37
mathiazmbarak: check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bind9/+bug/21842820:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 218428 in bind9 "bind9 broken, not updating ddns zones" [Undecided,Invalid]20:38
jay2myself I am use to undernet I don't use freenode to offten and between the different servers and channels different rule20:39
mbarakso i just have to tell apparmor to give bind write permissions in the zone folder?20:40
mbarak*and, there is no universal irc etiquette?20:40
jay2Don't ask to ask, just ask.20:41
jay2that one does not apply on undernet channels :)20:41
mbaraklol yea, i read that after i 'asked to ask'20:42
jay2yep I have done that before20:44
crackbabycan do-release-upgrade convert desktop to server?20:45
mbarak´╗┐´╗┐ubotu - thank you very much - that did it. is it normal for named to update the zone twice?20:49
mbarak*and - what about forward mapping - named didn't even try to update the forward zone20:49
jay2Well at least I know that I have order three install cd for the new ubuntu server20:50
mbarakto go from desktop to server, wouldn't you just install the server kernel, select the server tasks you want (ex: lamp, dns, mail, print, etc...) and remove xserver?20:50
jay2two cds for family and the last one ether as a spare one or for who ever wants a copy of the last cd I well sdend to them :)20:51
crackbabymbarak, in principle, yes. But I'm more interested in having server proper so I can have support 'til 201320:53
mbarakmaybe if you upgrade from the server cd - i kno you can do that from the alternatecdd, i'm not sure about the server one20:54
jay2hmm was that 7.10 or 7.04  bloody well tired today :(20:54
crackbabymbarak, possibly...21:13
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simmerzI'm trying to update dapper to the latest version prior to an upgrade to heron. it keeps getting stuck on lvm though: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/lvm2_2.02.02-1ubuntu1.5_i386.deb (--unpack): subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1022:34
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n6rejok, i'm totally frustrated... the hardy upgrade barfed my HD badly!!!23:21
n6reji have no idea what is wrong... it just says something about srst failed :(23:21
n6rejsomething about /dev/disk/by-uuid/balh does not exist23:21
n6rejcan anyone PLEASE help me get this back up?23:21
Deepsn6rej: Google might be able to help you while you wait for someone knowledgable in here / for your backup to restore23:24
Deepsn6rej: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=Qt9&q=%2Fdev%2Fdisk%2Fby-uuid%2F+does+not+exist+hardy+upgrade&btnG=Search23:25
n6rejDeeps: ok I'll give that a try ty23:25
Deepsn6rej: you'll usually get a more immediate respones from google than you will from irc23:26
n6rejDeeps: this is brand new to hardy, so I figured here would be the best bet23:26
nealmcbjay2: installing via windows - check out wubi: http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=157023:26
Deepsoh, wubi's officially supported now?23:27
n6rejDeeps: yeah it is.23:27
Deepsnice, might have to give that another go then23:27
Deepsgave it a spin shortly after the first beta went public, didn't result in a particularly stable system23:28
tlyngis there any good documentation on how to install a production ready ubuntu server? (a secure installation, good backup routines, firewall etc)23:39
* flyback goes to cook another steak bbl23:40
nealmcbtlyng: that depends a lot on the application and the surrounding infrastructure - what do you have?23:40
n6rejDeeps: apparently its a kernel image issue.  .14 works but .16 doesn't23:40
n6rejDeeps: why the heck is it identifying a HD by a UUID number anyway?  IDK what the heck that is :(23:40
DeepsUniversal Unique IDentifier23:41
Deepspartitions have UUIDs that dont change until formatted23:41
n6rejwth?? is that like a MAC address?23:41
Deeps(generally speaking, that is)23:41
Deepswhereas labels like hda/hdb/sda/sdb/etc. can change depending on how you've got your disk plugged in, the alignment of the stars, etc.23:42
n6rejwhen did we start calling devices by their hardware id's? instead of /dev/sda etc?23:42
Deepsso specifying mount points by uuid rather than disk label + partition number tends to result in greater success in mounting the correct partition in the correct place23:42
Deepsurrm, gutsy i think23:42
tlyngnealmcb: this is just a test server really, simple core 2 duo, lvm, (one disk only) not quite ready for production. What I really wanted to know was what solutions is best suited for backup, monitoring etc... using the packages which is in the ubuntu repository. What solutions are best integrated with ubuntu server. Munin? Nagios? Bacula? KVM/XEN/VMWARE etc :)23:43
Deepsmaybe feisy, pretty sure gutsy had it though23:43
n6reji'm such a dinosaur23:43
Deepsif you prefer a slow release cycle without many big changes, may i suggest debian instead? ;)23:43
Deepsreading the release notes + other relevant documentation's also usually recommended ;)23:44
nealmcbn6rej: there were lots of issues with using bus names, and uuids are much more reliable - but yeah - it is confusing at first!23:45
n6rejyeah, they just keep changing the rules on me LOL23:45
tlyngnealmcb: When the other servers arrive I'm aiming for fully raided computers, virtualization, drbd? (that network mirroring i/o level), ldap, dns, mailserver, backup and easy restore. The rest will be custom zope based applications mainly.23:46
tlyngnealmcb: and I want to spend as little time as possible maintaining the installations :)23:46
nealmcbtlyng: in general, the packages in "main" are the ones that are recommended (and of course, supported) and there isn't that much duplication23:48
tlyngnealmcb: but with all the different virtualization products, backup products and monitoring products I'm a bit confused what to use. I want to use the solutions most tested and integrated with ubuntu so that I can save me manual work lateron.23:48
nealmcbthe only one in main, I think, is kvm23:48
tlynghow do I see which repository the packages come from?23:49
nealmcbthe question is which "component" is it in, and most tools that you use for searching etc will tell you - main (supported) or "universe" (unsupported)23:50
Deepsvmware-server is in canonical(sp?)'s commercial repo i believe23:53
nealmcbhuh - it is harder than I thought to see which component a package is in....23:54
Deepstlyng: I believe Canonical provide commercial support contracts that can get you very specific answers to your questions. :)23:55
nealmcbDeeps: I think it will be, but isn't yet, and the commercial "partner" repo is outside of ubuntu proper, not open source, etc23:55
nealmcb`apt-cache policy kvm` shows kvm in "hardy/main" - i.e. supported....23:56
tlyngthat was the command I was looking for :)23:57
Deepsnealmcb: Given that it's included in the default sources.list and simply commented out, I wouldn't go so far as saying it's "outside of Ubuntu", especially given the number of non-free / binary blobs included in Ubuntu.23:57
DeepsGnubuntu however...23:57
tlyngnealmcb: and there is usually -one- supported solution in main or is it multiple?23:57
DeepsAssuming it's still called that, mind.23:57
nealmcbDeeps: definitions can be hard to pin down, but you can't get it from an ubuntu server, just a canonical server - right?23:58
nealmcbtlyng: usually one, unless there are good reasons for multiple23:58
DeepsThere's a difference?23:58
DeepsGobuntu! That's what it's called.23:59
DeepsThe completely FLOSS edition of Ubuntu. Fun!23:59

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