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Q-FUNKisn't the release today? :)11:47
Q-FUNK -> topic ;)11:47
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tjaaltonhrmh, xkb-and-loathing patch doesn't build with 1.0.2 & dapper15:26
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bryceheya tjaalton, happy release day :-)19:14
tjaaltonbryce: hi, same to you :)19:17
* tjaalton grabs a beer19:17
brycehmm, launchpad is pokey today20:00
brycetjaalton: so how things going?20:00
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tjaaltonbryce: I've uploaded xorg-server for dapper-proposed (way overdue) to fix hangs when opening menus in OO.org, but it failed to build21:18
tjaaltonthe patch needs some backporting, probably due to older gcc I think21:19
bryce../../os/utils.c:1747: error: syntax error before 'old_alarm'22:00
tjaaltonah right, it's the xkb-and-loathing patch, same as in hardy22:00
brycethat sounds like it's a dependency problem...  maybe a newer version of whatever provides old_alarm() needs to be specified in build-depends22:00
ubotuNew bug: #221521 in xorg (main) "Hardy Heron: X fails to run - no screens found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22152122:06
tjaaltonyet-another buggy averatec machine22:08
tjaaltonsometimes I envy Apple22:08
tjaaltonbedtime.. night ->22:27

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