LilJohntimboy ohh lol00:00
mijacwhen I start the windows partition,gives me the start safe menu or normal, and it does not matter what I choose and when start to loads windows restart the machine00:00
mijacvery strange00:00
sCOTTohey hwats the quick command to check your disk space?00:00
CyberCodmijac:   XP or Vista?00:00
LilJohntimboy anyways which ftp server did you install? filezilla?00:00
NaibsCOTTo: df -h00:00
one_taomijac, no grub00:00
matt444why can i not see shares on my network?  i'm using the computer that i want to see the shares.  i have a samba password set up.  yet it doesn't work?  where do i even begin to fix this problem?00:00
linkmaster03I cannot remove OSS, this shows up in terminal ( http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/64151/ )00:00
navhey guys, anyone knows what time hardy will be available for download?00:01
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Seveas!isitout | nav00:01
ubotunav: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.00:01
CyberCodmijac:  there should be an option for safe mode that tells you every step of the boot... then you can see how far it gets before reboot00:01
sCOTTowo wi like thin clients :)00:01
mijacI will do that and I will tell you then00:01
q_a_z_steveNaib: how to shred FREE SPACE?00:01
reicguys, i got an whole partition for my /home, i want a fresh, clean install of hardy - can i just delete everything in /home but the files i want to keep? (i.e. documents, music 'n stuff)00:01
timboyLilJohn, i pmed you00:01
Naibq_a_z_steve: free space or free partition?00:01
q_a_z_stevefree space on an ntfs part00:02
mijacbut you know why my 2 partitions the ntfs from windows and the fat 32 where I have my files are not automounting ath the start of ubuntu, I have to enter manually00:02
Naibq_a_z_steve: oh ntfs... not my remit00:02
linkmaster03I cannot remove OSS, this shows up in terminal ( http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/64151/ )00:02
Seveas!repeat | linkmaster0300:02
ubotulinkmaster03: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:02
matt444why can i not see shares on my network?  i'm using the computer that i want to see the shares.  i have a samba password set up.  yet it doesn't work?  where do i even begin to fix this problem?00:02
LilJohntimboy i see that, im answering you00:03
Naibmatt444: workgroup correct?00:03
Dh08I have an installed copy of windows on my pc can i run it with a virtual machine?00:03
Naibmatt444: browsing linux <=> linux or linux <=> windows00:03
squishwould anyone know what time hardy will be available?00:03
yabuki've got this error: "GstPlayBin: A subtitle stream was detected, but no video stream." when I tried to play a ogm file, how to fix it?00:03
mijachow can I add a side panel like vista in ubuntu ?00:03
NaibDh08: errr... vmware can boot via raw HD access, but some windows version bomb out due to ACPI stuff00:03
Seveasmijac, with compiz+screenlets00:04
Naibsquish: in 10seconds00:04
one_taomijac, is your desktop gnome or kde?00:04
mEck0Hi! I have a HP 6510b business laptop and wonder if there is a way I can get longer battery life in gnu/linux? In ubuntu with gnome I have about 2½-3h, while in Windows vista I have about 5h 25min, which is a huge difference00:04
matt444Naib:  linux by itself.  one computer communicating with samba on itself.00:04
Naibmatt444: can you browse by IP?00:05
jrwaI've tried every idea I've found on the forums, but couldn't fix the upgrade :(00:05
Dh08i have xp sp2/sp3 installed with that work? and is it even recommended?00:06
sirhcjwhey when will 8.04 be available for update from 7.10?00:06
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Starnestommysirhcjw: sometime tomorrow00:06
rsksirhcjw: when it's released00:06
one_taosirhcjw, by the end of 4.2400:06
sirhcjwoh bugger00:06
sirhcjwwell it is the 24th00:06
one_taosirhcjw, end00:06
sirhcjwoh ok then00:07
whazillawhen is the release due ?00:07
Starnestommydefinitely by midnight on the 25th00:07
warriorforgodwhazilla: the 24th00:07
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Seveas!isitout | whazilla00:07
ubotuwhazilla: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.00:07
whazillaoh its the 24 th00:07
sirhcjwI will try again tommorow then00:07
Symmetriaanyone here using ocfs2?00:07
matt444Naib:  no.00:07
whazillastill no gta4 :/00:07
Naibmatt444: tail yr samba logs00:08
Naibwhile trying to connect00:08
one_taosirhcjw, i work at oregonstate - it's a prime mirror osuosl, it's not here yet...00:08
matt444i don't know what tail means00:08
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whazillaNaib: should i download the release candidate or wait ?00:08
nobxhi, when the update-manager upgrades to a new release, is there a way to copy down the list of packages that it wants to remove/install/upgrade?00:08
stokeddoes the hardy installer have an option for LVM ?00:09
Naibnobx: you could do it via the commandline: ie apt-get update00:09
Naibthat will list the packages00:09
MimiDoes anyone know if there's a way to remove those "Nick1 Joined" "Nick2 Left" in Xchat?00:09
NaibMimi: use the ignore function00:09
nobxnaib: even the ones that are supposed to get removed?00:09
chaquiyeah, so the linksys works00:09
jrwawell, it seems I can't get rid of these packages00:10
chaquiand i guess the belkin can just stay with my cousin00:10
StarnestommyMimi: if it's regular xchat and not xchat-gnome, right-click on the channel tab and uncheck "show join/part messages" or /set irc_conf_mode on00:10
jrwahow could I remove them no matter what the post-removal script does?00:10
SeveasMimi, rightclick on the channelname in the channel list and untick 'show join/part messages'00:10
Naibnobx: it should do - been a while since used an debian-based system00:10
chaquicybercod: thanks00:10
CyberCodsorry i couldn't help with the other one00:10
MimiNeat seveas  Starnestommy  Naib  thanks :) is there a way to make it permanent? loooooveeely!00:11
bwI just installed ubuntu, but the sound doesn't work.  When I click on the speaker icon, it says "No volume control gstreamer devices and/or plugins found."  I know the soundcard works, since it works when I boot into debian.  Any ideas?00:11
hassancan i convert my ubuntu 7.10 to kubuntu 8.04 LTS ?00:11
chaquiits ok, i was just being stubn not to grab this one00:11
SeveasMimi, the unticking thing should stick00:11
MimiGood good :D00:11
chaquiwhats XGL and why do i need it?00:11
one_taohassan, yes there are detail instructions on the ubunut site00:11
Naibbw: debian != ubuntu, is the driver loaded?00:11
CyberCodlol ubunut00:12
Theo_I used a tutorial at pendrivelinux.com to install ubuntu on a pendrive. How do I make it save changes and function almost as if it were running from the harddrive?00:12
one_taoima typer00:12
bwNaib: how do I check?00:12
mijachow I can re activate the automounting of my hardrive partitions00:12
q_a_z_steveTheo_: find the other part of pendrivelinux.com which talks about persistent00:12
Theo_ok, will look for it00:12
one_taomijac, edti /etc/fstab00:12
CyberCodmijac: make sure they are in /etc/fstab00:12
hwildemy /etc/timezone file is correct, but when I type in "date" it shows UTC time not adjusted?00:12
jrwais there any way I can get help on the upgrading process? none of the forum posts seems to help me :/00:13
one_taogud typer00:13
CyberCodone_tao: we all have our dayes mate00:13
CyberCodit was just a funny word.... ubunut00:13
jrwais it safe to remove the post-removal scripts?00:14
chaquicybercod whats xgl00:14
chaquiand why do i need it?00:14
CyberCoddid you try googlin it?00:14
CyberCodI believe it is related to compiz00:14
chaquithats what im trying to figure out!00:15
MimiIsnt it card 3d acceleration?!00:15
chaquii have an ATI card00:15
CyberCodwhat ati card00:15
chaquii had to open my repositories00:15
CyberCodsayin "an ATI card" is about as useful as sayin "a Belkin card"00:15
chaquihow do i look up what ati card i have?00:15
BaD_CrCchaqui: open a terminal an type "lspci | grep -i vga"00:16
wild_oscarwhat can one do to uninstall a package if aptitude returns00:16
* CyberCod is grabbing a sodipop00:16
wild_oscar Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should00:16
wild_oscar reinstall it before attempting a removal.00:16
Yoann512tain ya du peuple ici :)00:16
chaqui ATI Technologies Inc Radeon X1200 Series00:16
LilJohnwould that work even if the card is on an APG or PCI express interface?00:16
LilJohnlspic i mean00:17
BaD_CrCLilJohn: yes00:17
CyberCodthe Dew of Mountain00:18
hwildehelp my /etc/timezone file is correct, but when I type in "date" it shows UTC time not adjusted?00:18
stokedLVM in installer anyone?00:18
chaquiso now i can install XGL?00:19
hwilde!lvm | stoked00:19
ubotustoked: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO00:19
hwildehelp my /etc/timezone file is correct, but when I type in "date" it shows UTC time not adjusted?00:19
hwildeJack_Sparrow,  I know you know this one...  my /etc/timezone file is correct, but when I type in "date" it shows UTC time not adjusted?00:19
dassoukiwhenever i plug in my other monitor, my resolutions are the same but everything is bigger, and my screen scales off, ie when i go right on the screen, the screen shifts00:19
hwilde!fixres | dassouki00:20
ubotudassouki: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:20
bwnobody can give me information about how to make my sound work?00:20
hwilde!sound | bw00:20
ubotubw: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:20
CyberCodchaqui:  if it were me, I'd just try to install the compiz stuff, and XGL will come along as necessary00:20
jlewis2979**HELP** I'm trying ti install ubuntu 8.01 on my vista laptop. I boot with the and select "install ubuntu" and the ubuntu load/logo screen comes up but then it freezes and doesn't seem to do anything else (Just carries on showing the ubuntu logo screen) Can anyone please help?00:20
hwildejlewis, check the cd for defects00:20
jlewis2979hwilde, how?00:21
timboyLilJohn, did give up on the pm or are you writing a book? ;)00:21
hwildejlewis, it's one of the boot options00:21
lastelement1hey all what is a good movie editor (mpg) for ubuntu?00:21
CyberCodjlewis2979: also, if it is showing a moving progress bar, then leave it be for a while00:21
hwilde!mpg | lastelement100:21
ubotulastelement1: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:21
jlewis2979no the progress bar isn't moving00:21
lastelement1hwilde i need a movie editor not infor about it00:21
hwildejlewis2979, reboot and choose the option "Check cd for defects"00:22
macd_lastelement1, you trying to reencode video, or edit?00:22
lastelement1macd_ edit00:22
CyberCodjlewis2979: will the numlock key or capslock key turn on the keyboard lights?00:22
macd_lastelement1, I like Kino.00:22
twistageHow do I get conky to load on startup?00:22
wild_oscaranyone know how to solve the "Package is in a very bad inconsistent state" problem?00:22
mattywarrEvening all - I'm having problems with my VNC server - i've installed vnc4server from the repo, but can't find a way to run it - any ideas?00:22
LilJohntimboy hang on im fixing some things here at work00:23
CyberCodtwistage: put it in Sessions00:23
hwildemattywarr, vino-preferences00:23
hwilde!vino | mattywarr00:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vino - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:23
linkmaster03Firefox exits about 7 seconds after it starts, I had just installed OSS. Please help!00:23
hwilde!vnc | mattywarr00:23
ubotumattywarr: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:23
twistageCyberCod: thanks00:23
hwilde!freenx | mattywarr00:23
ubotumattywarr: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:23
mattywarrcheers hwilde! Will look through them00:23
paul_colwell_How to I reset the top menu (in GNOME)  The person who owns this computer has screwed it up and I can't seem to move the firefox, evolution, and help icons to the right at all so that I can stick the menus back there00:23
stokedubotu: I was asking about the installer actually, does it have LVM during drive partitioning00:23
bobejoin #ubuntu00:24
* milia brb00:24
hwildemattywarr, freenx rocks00:24
macd_paul_colwell_, you prolly jsut need to right clic, and re-add the main-menu applet.00:24
odderpaul_colwell_: did you try right-clicking the icons and unlocking them?00:24
paul_colwell_odder, unlocking.  DOH!00:24
mattywarrhwilde, can I get a windows client to connect to it? I want to connect to my ubuntu pc from work (Windows XP)00:24
stokedcan you get freenx to connect to the local session?00:24
* paul_colwell_ slpas himself00:24
macd_mattywarr, yep, there are windows clients.00:25
hwildepaul_colwell_,  you could sudo apt-get remove gnome-panel && apt-get install gnome-panel00:25
Jack_Sparrowpaul_colwell_, http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/00:25
mattywarrthanks guys :) Will look it up00:25
macd_stoked, for a local session why not just use, X, or xdcmp.00:25
bwok, following the sound troubleshooting instructions, I typed in 'modprobe snd-sb16', and it seemed to work, but when I try to run alsamixer, it says "alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device".00:25
hwildemattywarr, most of htem have a java applet web browser.  that should work on any os00:25
paul_colwell_hwilde, nope, unlocking them did it; now I can move to my heart's content00:25
hwildepaul_colwell_, but I like overkill00:25
odderpaul_colwell_: simplest solutions are nearly always best :)00:25
paul_colwell_hwilde, you're killing me.  No, your overkillng me.  ;)00:26
paul_colwell_Thanks all00:26
CyberCodbw:  this is just a shot in the dark, but have you checked to see that the card was seated properly in the socket?00:26
paul_colwell_It's always GUI stuff that messes me up.00:26
dassoukihwilde, the resolution mixup only happens when i plug in an other monitor. it's perfect when i'm on my laptop, it's just when i plug it in to my external that my resolution changes. the link u sent me does not deal with that :D00:26
hwildewhy would my date command display UTC instead of timezone adjusted time??00:26
stokedmacd_ no I mean, can you connect to the local session remotely00:26
Jack_Sparrowpaul_colwell_, Often it is the user..00:26
CyberCodsometimes you gotta make sure there is gas in the tank before you pull your arm out of socket yanking the cord00:26
bwCyberCod: it works properly when I boot into a different OS00:27
stokedie. leave xchat running, and login remotely and see the same xchat process window00:27
macd_stoked, yep00:27
damedoes anyone have connected irda for transfering data with phone?00:27
CyberCodjust checkin the basics00:27
dassoukiThe X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available.00:28
CyberCoddame: if you're using the moschip semiconductor usb dongle, just forget it00:28
dassoukiThe X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available.. I get that whenever i plug in my other monitor00:28
paul_colwell_So in case anyone cared... I used Linux exclusively for four-five years, then had to use windows when I took a job last fall.  I've left there, and now get a linux workstation again at my new job.  YAY!!!00:28
chaquii used linux when i was a kid00:29
chaquiand i hate vista00:29
mattywarrHey guys, tried to run the get-apt update once i added the freenx repos, and i get this eror: wget http://mirror.ubuntulinux.nl/seveas.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -00:29
chaquiso back to linux for me00:29
paul_colwell_It's awesome.  I look forward to work.  See what a little thing like a stable OS can do?00:29
schnooworkshould 8.04 automatically appear in the 7.10 update manager ?00:29
CyberCodmy son has used Linux since 3 years old00:29
mattywarrwhoops wrong error00:29
one_taopaul_colwell_, I work where they order Dells and run WinXP. good there's ssh !00:29
kanuhahas anyone setup and used a verizon usb modem with Ubuntu?00:29
Joeb454schnoowork, yeah it'll appear some time soon :)00:29
paul_colwell_CyberCod, well, mines 4, but he's been on Linux for a couple months00:29
mattywarrE: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/hhttp could not be found.00:29
dameCyberCod: sorry but i dont understand. how can i see am i using what you just said :D. its a gembird irda device00:29
chaquicybercod xgl still doesnt like me00:29
schnooworkahhh so its not quite up yet00:29
ShpookAlright, gnome-panel is really annoying me. I'm trying to add a panel to the bottom of my screen, and on every reboot, it ends up on top. Only thing I've found through google is trying to use ubuntu-tweak, but that didn't help. Anyone know how to fix this?00:30
paul_colwell_CyberCod, plays flash truck games00:30
bwman, i'm not going to be able to use ubuntu if i can't make the sound work :/00:30
mijaccan someone tellme how is a normal line in fstab for a ntfs disk ?00:30
=== Andres_ is now known as RoAkSoAx
schnooworka friend told me to do sudo update-manager -d ? that shows the new distribution but doing it the standard way doesnt. Should i wait till it appears in the standard one or would this be good enough ?00:30
CyberCoddame:  you can go into a terminal and type      lsusb | grep moschip00:30
dameCyberCod: nothing came out00:31
CyberCodpaul_colwell_: mine does just about everything on it...00:31
PeloShpook, try throught  gconf-editor,  play around with the settings under /apps/panel/default I think00:31
macd_Shpook, did you try saving your session yet?00:31
kuruminthat's all folks00:31
paul_colwell_CyberCod, how old is he now?00:31
hwildeShpook, yeah save your session00:31
odderShpook: for me right clicking the panel and choosing properties --> orientation --> bottom always worked...00:31
ShpookUmm...no, but for some reason that made me feel stupid. :-D00:31
CyberCoddame: then you don't have the chip I had... you may have a chance, but I'm not the guy to ask.... I nearly tore my hair out trying to get my treo 300 to sync to that thing00:31
macd_Shpook, System-->prefs-->Sessions00:31
juice__i upgraded from 7.1 to the 8.04 HH RC and now my emerald themer doesnt work :(00:31
* Pelo seconds the save session suggestion 00:31
CyberCodpaul_colwell_: he's 5 and a half00:32
Pelojuice__, ask in #ubuntu+100:32
mattywarrany ideas why I may get this error when running the update check? E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/hhttp could not be found.00:32
Shpookodder: When I tried that, everything but top was grayed out.00:32
paul_colwell_School is going to hurt, unless there's a linux lab00:32
dameCyberCod: ok, thanks anyway00:32
twistageHow do I disable the auto disk check, after X number of restarts00:32
snikerschnoowork: -d means devel release00:32
CyberCodpaul_colwell_: he watches cartoons, plays games via emulators, surfs online (safely thanks to glubble)00:32
ShpookOkay, I delete and add the panel to the bottom agin, then save the session and reboot. I'll be back with another question in a few.00:32
one_taomijac, /dev/hd??       /media/ntfs            ntfs    defaults         0       000:32
ShpookThanks everyone.00:32
snikerschnoowork: I would advise you to wait unitl the stable, because it will be released in just a couple of hours I guess.00:33
jrwahmm... alright, I forced the removal of all packages that were complaining00:33
ShpookI = I'll00:33
Pelotwistage,  if you now what is good for you you leave it   you shouldn'T be rebooting that often anyway,  leave it on it is very usefull00:33
jrwabut I can't install them back, since they complain whith the same 139 error00:33
schnooworkahh ok thankyou sniker.00:33
twistagePelo: How do at least enable output then? Everytime I get to that point it sits at a black screen for the amount of time it takes00:33
one_taomijac, there are some variables in the /etc/fstab line yours will look different than mine00:34
chaquioh i didn't restart x00:34
Pelotwistage, not sure what you mean,  and I don'T think I would be able to tell you how to fix it anyway,   it's running fsck , it can't do that while it finishes booting00:35
chaquiim so embarrased00:35
=== nith is now known as Nith
fdkrewhello all how are you guys and girls doing to day00:36
Pelofdkrew, getting reasy for the big day tomorrow00:36
fdkrewcan i ask some one here a question about ubuntu?00:37
fdkrewyea i cant wait00:37
* Pelo notes that it's already "H" day in the UK00:37
one_taostoked, you can install the server and then do a sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, and you'll end up with a very light-weight server w/x00:37
Pelofdkrew, here would be the place to ask00:37
fdkrewI wanted to know if have to reinstall ubuntu just to upgrade00:37
ShpookNo such luck, the new panel is right back at the top again, and won't let me move it to the bottom.00:37
Pelofdkrew, it's an upgrade no reinstall needed00:37
Naibfdkrew: no00:37
=== _aeGIs is now known as aegis_
Pelofdkrew, what release are you on at the moment it migth have an impact00:38
linkmaster03How do I select a new device to output sound to on OSS?00:38
dameim trying to connect this http://shortlink.co.uk/sfs device to my comp. anyone can help me please?00:38
fdkrewcan u upgrade from the beta? install00:38
twistageIs there any good alternatives to Amarok under Gnome?00:38
Naibtwistage: exaile00:38
zashtwistage: i recomend quod libet00:38
=== Scrounch is now known as Yoann1024
ShpookI'm gonna try to upgrade to 8.04RC and see if it fixes gnome-panel.00:38
twistageThanks, i'll take a look at both00:38
Pelofdkrew, it will just be an update it will happen semy automaccaly00:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:38
LainIwakuraHello, does anyone know when 8.04 will be released?00:38
fdkrewPelo, 7.1000:39
=== Yoann1024 is now known as Scrounch
fdkrewohh ok00:39
_derspanksterI cannot resolve site www.dslreports.com with any browser on my laptop running 8.04. All other computers on my network can resolve this site regardless of browser. I'm stumped.00:39
linkmaster03!isitout | LainIwakura00:39
ubotuLainIwakura: The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.00:39
Pelofdkrew, don'T install the beta just wait for the upgrade to become available tomorrow00:39
one_taoLainIwakura, by the end of 4.2400:39
fdkrewi think im still going to do a reinstall, having some issues with mouse stop working on laptop00:39
Shpook8.04 officially comes out on the 27th, right?00:39
one_taoLainIwakura, Point Barrow, Alaska00:40
=== Marfi is now known as Marfi|iHop
fdkrewmy left click stop working, then comes back 5 min later00:40
Pelo_derspankster, do you have  a proxy or somethig like that ?00:40
fdkrewthink its a driver issue00:40
CyberCodtwistage:  I second that  exaile is good00:40
Pelo!enter | fdkrew00:40
ubotufdkrew: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:40
tombaranyone here who knows about openvpn? im stuck following the tutorial ->http://pastebin.ca/995250 any tips?00:40
Stev1Anyone know what happens tomorrow when the final release is due??00:40
fdkrewok sorry first time in this room thanks for the heads up00:40
_derspanksterPelo: No, and no other sites fail to resolve as far as I can tell.00:40
Pelofdkrew, I would suspect a bad mouse00:40
Sapoteread the topic00:41
liberviscoI installed second life and am trying to enter, but it doesn't load the terms of service dialog properly, the window says "loading" and the "agree" tick box is shaded so I can't proceed..00:41
one_taoStev1, these dumb questions end (?)00:41
liberviscoI installed it from a getdeb.net package00:41
liberviscoAnyone else had this issue?00:41
liberviscoeh.. it loaded now.. weird00:41
libervisconever mind :)00:41
fdkrewPelo, it even happends with my usb mouse, touch pad, and finger mouse thingy in mid of my keyboard00:41
Pelo_derspankster, I just tried it , and I have no problem00:41
one_taoStev1, the world becomes a better place (?)00:42
punkn00dlezCould anyone help with a half kubuntu/ half xubuntu question?00:42
_derspanksterPelo: yes, I can also resolve the site from other computers on my network.00:42
Pelofdkrew, no idea then,00:42
Stev1if we have been installing updates all along.. will we effectively have the new release?00:42
one_taopunkn00dlez: what is up?00:42
SeaPhorfdkrew, are you an AC or battery?00:42
Randa1lfuck you all fucking sheep00:43
one_taoRanda1l: thanks00:43
Pelo_derspankster,  I was gonna say isp related but I guess not ,  crtl f5 , might help but probably not00:43
fdkrewit happends on both ac and battery even with diffrent mouses00:43
Randa1lUbuntu is the worst distro ever00:43
Pelo!ops | Randa1l00:43
solaceUbuntu is the best.00:43
ubotuRanda1l: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!00:43
Randa1lubuntu is fucking over linux00:43
one_taoRanda1l: I met your mom00:43
solaceIt's 177300:43
* macd_ waits for it00:43
solaceWhats wrong with ubuntu???00:43
punkn00dlezNo CD/DVD writer found.00:43
punkn00dlezK3b did not find an optical writing device in your system. Thus, you will not be able to burn CDs or DVDs. However, you can still use other K3b features like audio track extraction or audio transcoding or ISO9660 image creation.00:43
solaceI love ubuntu so much.00:44
Pelosolace, inter-distro jealousty00:44
Stev1Why was he so irate...LOL00:44
jrwaevery time I try to install a package, post-installation script fails with code 139. I've just upgraded to gutsy from feisty... but didn't work ok00:44
linkmaster03How do I change the sound device being used in OSS?00:44
Danikarsolace: Dont molest ubuntu plz kthnx00:44
punkn00dlezthat's the message I keep getting and I know it's all plugged up and such. What's going on?00:44
Pelosolace, don'T love it , just enjoy it , it's only a computer software00:44
Yoann512clap clap00:44
jrwahow could I fix the post-installation script issue?00:44
macd_Hes a gentoo user, he can't help it, hes emerging so he cant do anything but use irssi ;)00:44
solaceLol, Well, Why do you say it's bad?00:44
ianliu_88Does Ubuntu fully upgrade to the new Version? From Beta? Or should I reinstall it?00:44
SeaPhorThank you Pici!00:44
fdkrewi love that ubuntu is on top with all there releases in a professonal manner not like others that distros that have long upgrade periods00:44
solaceIm sure it will fully upgrade.00:44
Pelojrwa, more details00:44
_derspanksterPelo: no, that does not help00:44
Naibmacd_: whats wrong with irssi or gentoo for that matter?00:44
solaceFor some reason, Fusion wont work the cube..00:45
bernierHi, is grub2 ready to be used or it's highly unstable?00:45
Naibhighly unstable00:45
Odd-rationaleianliu_88: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/04/21/upgrading-from-beta-to-rc-and-beyond/00:45
=== _CaNeS is now known as CaNeS
jrwaPelo: the package configuration failed after the dist-upgrade, some with segfault, some on the post-removal script (exiting with code 139)00:45
bernierok thanks00:45
Stev1solace... the current Hardy is beta, yes?00:45
Pelo_derspankster, no idea00:45
solaceI have beta, Yes.00:45
jrwathen I forced their removal, so apt-get wouldn't complain00:45
Pelojrwa, ask in #ubuntu+100:45
bazhangStev1: release candidate and final in a few hours00:45
Stev1Tomorrow they release the first .... release...?00:46
solaceFinal relase =D00:46
jrwaPelo: but it was feisty to gutsy00:46
twistageCyberCod: Does Exaile have a mini player like Amarok, or do you have to use the big window?00:46
_derspanksterPelo: me either, totally stumped on this one. Created a new FF profile, deleted the old one - no change00:46
Stev1I'm just curious what that means to us using the Beta00:46
ianliu_88Thanks ^^00:46
bazhangwe still redirecting to #ubuntu+1 ;]00:46
jrwaalright :)00:46
fdkrewhow long in till this New Release hours ? ? ? ? ? ?00:46
Pelojrwa, ,have you tried to finish the upgrade process ?   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:46
bazhangStev1: just update and you will be final too ;]00:46
solaceI love ubuntu cause it's non resource hogging but still eye-candy.00:46
jrwaPelo: several times, no success00:47
Simonftmy network connections are not working00:47
Stev1cool.. that's what I've been doing..00:47
Pelobazhang, untill tomorrow  12:00 UTC00:47
Simonftit is not detecting anything00:47
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files.00:47
bazhangPelo: already 24th where I am ;]00:47
linkmaster03How do I change the sound device being used in OSS?00:47
Naib!repeat | linkmaster0300:47
ubotulinkmaster03: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:47
Pelobazhang, you know what I mean00:47
solaceAnyone know where I can get a gnome theme that looks like the fake OS from die hard.00:47
solaceIt's definantly ubuntu BASED.00:48
Eli__Anyone have experience with U3 USB drives on Ubuntu?00:48
bazhangPelo: indeed I do ;]00:48
warriorforgodhow can i gzip a directory?00:48
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:48
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files.00:48
PovAddictwarriorforgod: you don't00:48
mattywarris there any way of viewing my current IP address? From the GUI preferably, but command line would do just as welkl00:48
Stev1I'm in progress of Rolling all my workstations and servers to Ubuntu00:48
PovAddictwarriorforgod: gzip works on single files00:48
Stev1Never with Microsoft again00:48
Naibwarriorforgod: you need to tar it first.00:48
kravlinsolace: If you ever find out let me know. that looked pretty good.00:48
PovAddictwarriorforgod: however, you can tar the directory, and gzip the tar :)00:48
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!00:48
bazhangmattywarr: ifconfig00:48
Pelofdkrew, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel00:48
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files.00:48
floatingmattywarr: ifconfig shows00:48
timboyok so there is some ftp daemon running on my system.. how do I remove it?00:48
OrbixxSome of my windows aren't resizing.00:48
PovAddictwarriorforgod: tar czvf foobar.tar.gz the/directory/00:48
solaceI love ubuntu so much, I plan to replace all my PC's operating systems with this.00:49
gogetaPelo: lies00:49
=== punkn00dlez is now known as punkn00dlezz
Pelogogeta, not always,  sometimes I tell the truth just to screw with ppl00:49
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files.00:49
OrbixxHey Pelo, resident expert.00:49
OrbixxAny idea why some of my windows refuse to resize?00:49
twistagewhats ubuntu's network manager called, mine didn't seem to start00:49
solaceAnybody know where a package installer for WINE is??00:50
bazhangOrbixx: using compiz?00:50
jrwanevermind, I've lost the connection and couldn't install the ssh server00:50
solaceOr the terminal code to get it.00:50
Orbixxbazhang: Yes.00:50
linkmaster03How do I change the sound device being used in OSS?00:50
Pelosolace, we apreciate the enthousiasm but this is the support channel , maybe you can hoo and haaa in #ubuntu-offtopic00:50
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files.00:50
Jeriathcan anyone remember offhand what the program is that installs and sets up your xorg.conf automatically00:50
solaceIm not.00:50
solaceIm wondering.00:50
jrwa"Pelo" is hair in spanish, btw XD00:50
Pelosolace, sudo apt-get install wine00:50
solaceWhat the terminal code to DL Wine is.00:50
SeaPhorI have already replace windows with Ubuntu on not only my personal PC, but my shop PC and my business PC, have been all linux for nearly 2 years now and I'm still a n00b!00:50
solaceThank you.00:50
FloodBot2solace: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:50
fdkrewsolace: sudo apt-get install wine00:50
gogetaJeriath dpks reconfigure?00:50
Pelojrwa, realy ? why hasn'T anyone told me this before ?00:50
solaceAlso, My pigeon keeps crashing on start.00:51
bazhangeasy on the enter key solace00:51
Jeriathits some script that someone wrote00:51
Pelosolace, pidgin00:51
fdkrewsolace: sudo apt-get install wine00:51
Jeriathfinds the driver you need, installs it, and configure xorg00:51
solaceSorry. But it says "Starting" pidgin" and then crashes.00:51
Jeriathworks ncie since i can never seem to get it to work otherwise :P00:51
linkmaster03Pelo do you know how to change the sound device being used in OSS?00:51
Orbixxbazhang: Why do you ask?00:51
Naibsolace: from a terminal?00:51
jrwaPelo, I dunno, but I wasn't telling *you* actually ^^00:51
Pelosolace, how did you install it ?00:51
bazhang!envy | Jeriath00:51
ubotuJeriath: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:51
fdkrewsolace: sudo apt-get remove pidgen00:51
Jeriaththats it00:51
solaceIt came pre installed.00:51
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files. can anyone help?00:51
DiVoRa1hairy question00:52
Pelolinkmaster03,  not realy , try researching it in www.ubuntuforums.org , but why are you not using alsa ?00:52
fdkrewback up xorg.conf when using ENVY please ok00:52
linkmaster03Didn't work with my intel_hda card00:52
linkmaster03realtek hd audio btw00:52
bazhangDiVoRa1: what is the question00:52
Jeriathfdkrew, ive never had a problem with it00:52
Jeriathand it does a backup00:52
fdkrewme to only once00:52
DiVoRa1just have fun here00:52
Pelo!sound | linkmaster03  this is all I can give you00:52
ubotulinkmaster03  this is all I can give you: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:52
fdkrewbut was fixed easy00:52
bazhangDiVoRa1: wrong channel for that00:52
Lakehey is there any way to use Wine so that printer drivers meant for Windows work under Linux ?00:53
MimiI'm trying to figure out what the alternate cd is for.....00:53
SeaPhoras a former user of Envy, I advise not to use it00:53
fdkrewits just good to backup just in case00:53
DiVoRa1got it00:53
PeloLake,  no00:53
kravlinI'm having problems with samba. I can see the computer but not the files from a windows computer. can anyone help?00:53
PeloLake,  what printer ?00:53
LakePelo: canon mp13000:53
Naib!repeat | kravlin00:53
ubotukravlin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:53
PeloLake, just use the listing with the closest number00:53
Pelosolace, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel00:53
bazhangkravlin: need more info than just repeating that bare bones every few minutes; what have you done to set up samba, what exact errors are you getting and more00:54
Pelolater folks00:54
LakePelo:  you mean the next canon printer that works under Ubuntu ?00:54
Orbixxbazhang: Fixed. Compiz issue ;)00:54
PovAddictyea, never PM without asking first00:54
solaceOkay, Terminal keeps saying "lock var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)00:54
gogetaPelo spreding lies again00:54
gogetaPelo ;-)00:54
fdkrewKravlin:    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba00:54
fdkrewKravlin:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260500:54
PeloLake,  or the prior,  it's like the unidriver in windows,  one drver covers several models00:54
kravlinbazhang: I used the GUI. We thought it might be a space in the file name but we removed that and it didn't work.00:55
bazhangkravlin: read the links that fdkrew gave you00:55
bazhangcya Pelo00:55
kravlinbazhang: doing so. Thanks for the help.00:55
solaceHello, Terminal keeps error'n me.00:55
fdkrewyea go over them ok00:55
fdkrewthen get back at me00:55
hassanhow can i install XPDE-0.5.0.tar in my ubuntu 7.10?00:56
bazhangkravlin: thanks to the person taht gave you the links ;]00:56
LakePelo: all right, I shall give it a try !00:56
Simonf1i cant connect to the internet00:56
NaibSimonf1: ...00:56
LakePelo: with any luck, samba can work with it too00:56
jhoc2xgood morning guys.. ^_^     when i tried pluging in my flash drive.. i can't see it on desktop..usually it will show itself (the icon)   but now i can't see it.. i look at /var/logs/messages it said that it was detected..00:56
bazhangSimonf1: what is the problem; that is way too little info00:56
solaceIf your here...Your online.00:56
kravlinfdkrew: thanks!00:56
Simonf1nothing comes up under network connections00:56
fdkrewfdkrew: thanks for the links00:56
solaceProblem :  Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)00:56
fdkrewNo Problem00:56
Stroganoffhassan:  read the INSTALL file for general installation instructions!00:56
Simonf1i click on network manager00:56
bazhangsolace what generates that error00:57
Naibsolace: you prob have update running as well00:57
Simonf1and it says no network devices have been found00:57
solaceWhenever I try to get an app in terminal.00:57
jhoc2xgood morning guys.. ^_^     when i tried pluging in my flash drive.. i can't see it on desktop..usually it will show itself (the icon)   but now i can't see it.. i look at /var/logs/messages it said that it was detected.. any idea?? maybe i have to mount it manually? or ??00:57
hassanok tahnx00:57
Lakethanks community, you big entity you !00:57
twistageDoes apt-get remove usually remove all traces of an app, or does it leave shit littered all over the file system like windows?00:57
bazhangsolace Naib is right00:57
bazhanglanguage please twistage00:58
defishguyjhoc2x:  What ver of Ubuntu are you using?00:58
solaceI try to download an app, or remove one.00:58
ltracy__Prez00: thanks for the tip on the compat thing00:58
solaceIt gives that error.00:58
Simonf1bazhang: do you have any idea?00:58
stdintwistage: use --purge to remove all config files00:58
jhoc2xdefishguy: gutsy gibbon00:58
ltracy__Prez00: I am connected via wireless :) <-- go me00:58
twistagestdin: thanks00:58
KyleKhey i guess if i ask a question about hardy i should go into ubuntu+1 unless I wait a day? :)00:58
solaceAnybody know how to fix my problem?00:59
bazhangSimonf1: you need to give tons more info: please pastebin output of ifconfig and lspci00:59
SeaPhorstdin, could you give me a full command example of the --purge command?00:59
Simonf1i cant00:59
Simonf1im on a diffrent computer00:59
Naibsolace: lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock  and you will more then likely see you have the system updater running00:59
defishguyjhoc2x:  Do you know how to mount the drive using the command line?00:59
stdinSeaPhor: sudo apt-get --purge remove some-package-name01:00
solaceSo, Me updateing is causing that?01:00
OrbixxThere's a folder missing from my Gnome toolbar in "Places". How do I add things to "Places"?01:00
solaceCause im downloading a package right now..01:00
SeaPhorstdin, Thank You!01:00
fdkrewsolace: cant have the updater running same time as apt-get01:00
hassanwhich version of firefox will be embedded in ubuntu 8.04 ?01:00
fdkrewsolace: only one thing at a time01:01
solaceThank you.01:01
solaceOkay, sorry.01:01
one_taoscreen -d01:01
fdkrewsolace: did u get my private msg?01:01
solaceIs there any way to disable the requirement of a password for any admin activity?01:02
solaceIt's annoying me like vista.01:02
fdkrewsolace: i forgot i have to register my nick brb01:02
Naibsolace: chance the /etc/sudoers file01:03
solaceHow do I go about doing that?01:03
=== Evil_inside is now known as evil
Naibsudo vim /etc/sudoers01:03
twistageThis isn't a big deal, but is there a fix to allow you to use volume control or hot keys while having a drop down menu open?01:04
solaceSorry, Im new to linux, fresh install yesterday.01:04
Starnestommyor sudo visudo01:04
Simonf1bazhang: ok, i got it01:04
Simonf1how do i show it to you?01:04
hassandoes ubuntu 8.04 support razorfs01:05
Simonf1my network connections are not workin01:05
OrbixxHow would I add an NTFS disk to fstab?01:05
SeaPhorSimonf1, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/01:05
NaibOrbixx: devised hoodwinks AutoMatriX ro,umask=0,user,NSF 0 001:05
solaceAre there any other good OS's other then ubuntu that nobody's ever heard of?01:06
Naibsolace: plan901:06
solacePreferably using linux.01:06
=== andatche_ is now known as andatche
rsksolace: windows01:06
SeaPhorSimonf1, then when done, paste a link to that paste back here01:06
solaceHaha, Windows..01:06
flamedryadcan ya'll help ubuntu won't mount my external HD01:06
Seven_Six_Twosolace, Haiku01:07
=== RadiantFire_ is now known as RadiantFire
flamedryadi pluged into windows one time and now it wont mount01:07
solaceK, Thank you.01:07
SeaPhorThere it IS!01:08
mvinsccan someone help with webcam support?01:08
amenadoflamedryad-> what did you do with it when it was plugged in to windows?01:08
solaceI wish mac OS X was easy to install on a PC.01:08
elisboamvinsc: just say your doubt and someone will help you, if he/she knows01:09
flamedryadjust copyied file to the windows system01:09
iceswordsolace, how,01:09
elisboasolace: that's why they call it a hackintosh01:09
fdkrewtry to install mac on vmware01:09
elhoiri have some programs in 7.10 that arent in the 8.04 repository01:09
elhoirwill they run when upgrading to 8.04?01:09
fdkrewthey should01:10
mvinscok. my cam works with cheese, but the webcam monitor says no device found01:10
elisboaelhoir: yes, sure they will01:10
Simonf1SeaPhor: anything?01:10
solaceOSX is ALMOST impossible to get on a PC, It's possible, But extremely difficult.01:10
flamedryadlinux says i can force it to mount but i don't know how01:10
elhoirok thanks elisboa fdkrew01:10
elisboaelhoir: dist-upgrade will only install available packages, without removing others01:10
elisboaothers that are not available in the "new" repository01:10
itakuwhen hardy comes out in a few hours how do i update to it? do i have to use the cd?01:11
hassanthanx guys01:11
solaceMy friend nolen said hacking was easy with linux.01:11
Simonf1itaku: go to update01:11
SeaPhorSimonf1, sorry, bazhang was asking you to paste, i saw you ask how and let you know how to paste, ask bazhang01:11
hassani will quit for now01:11
Blue89flamedryad, --force as an option to mount, I beleive01:11
itakuSimonf1: whers that?01:11
elhoirelisboa: for example, i have installed Lives, which is not in the 8.04 official repository01:11
david_torrents? can you actually dl a CD that way? how many years does that take?01:11
elisboaI don't know Lives01:11
elisboawhat is this, elhoir ?01:11
iceswordwhere is isle of man01:11
Simonf1itaku: system, update manager01:11
elhoirelisboa: it is a video editor, from getdeb01:12
KyleKdavid_: you can torrent anything these days01:12
flamedryadotay b;ue but how do i do that01:12
elisboahmm, nice01:12
elisboajust like kailera01:12
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!01:12
elisboaoops, kdenlive01:12
flamedryadBlue89 otay but how do i do that01:12
elhoirelisboa: yes, but kdenlive is so buggy yet, so i tried another editor01:12
Simonf1can someone else help me with the network problem?01:12
Blue89flamedryad, I don't want to steer you the wrong way, let me make sure I have the right number of dashes01:12
cabrioleursolace, it is illegal to install MacOS X on anything except official apple computers (with exception of server)01:13
elisboaSimonf1: just say what is your problem. If someone knows, you will be answered01:13
elhoirand lives is extremely slow01:13
SeaPhorSimonf1, bahzang asked you to paste the outputs, ask bahzang01:13
elisboadavid_: is there anybody in there?01:13
Zackymc_kDoes anyone know how to get the tx1000's wifi working on 64bit ubuntu?01:14
solaceI know.01:14
flamedryadBlue89 ok01:14
Simonf1he is no longer on01:14
Simonf1i checked the user list01:14
SeaPhorSimonf1, bazhang asked you to paste the outputs, ask bazhang, sorry bazhang, i mis-spelled your name01:15
Zackymc_ksolace: was that to me?01:15
=== u^A_ is now known as allbert
WelshyI have an IBM thinkpad x20; do you think it will be able to run ubuntu?01:15
Simonf1i see01:15
solaceDoes anybody know the app get code for pidgin?01:15
Seven_Six_TwoWelshy, probably01:15
WelshyWell, I've tried it before and it just hung on the loading screen the entire night.01:16
itakuis there a hardy change log?01:16
twistagesolace:  sudo apt-get install pidgin01:16
=== Victoria_PP__ is now known as Victoria_PP
itakusolace: sudo apt-get source pidgin01:16
itakunot install01:16
Blue89flamedryad, I can't find the docs for thus specific option, but I recall it being done like this: sudo mount /dev/whatever /mnt/whatever --force01:16
Blue89what are you trying to mount?01:17
flamedryadBlue89 my external HD01:17
rectec794613i need some help with my desktop effects01:17
mvinsccamorama give me an error. could not connect to video device (/dev/video0)01:17
twistageWhy does Conky close when I click on it?01:17
=== Evil_inside is now known as evil
BubbleTeaHow i clear my music banshee music player list in library01:18
Simonf1bazhang does not seem to still be on, could anybody else take a look and see if they can find the problem?01:18
Blue89I wish you guys could tell me exactly when the 8.04 discs come out...01:18
StarnestommyBlue89: sometime tomorrow.  There is no exact time01:19
Blue89I noticed in the title, that's my point01:19
Starnestommy(or today, depending on your time zone)01:19
BubbleTeaBlue89 patient.01:19
iceswordgmt =*01:19
XFLXFLXFLHello, I just purchased a new Linksys wireless G PCI card and installed it onto my machine and it seems Ubuntu wont recognize it.. how can I install drivers for it?01:19
ScuniziBlue89: problem is everyone and their brother/sister will be downloading at the same time.01:19
BubbleTeaAnyone know how to clear Banshee Music player library01:20
ScottLijThat's why they made torrents01:20
Blue89ah, I never thought about that01:20
mvinschow can i check my connection with a built-in web cam?01:20
rectec794613Any help?01:20
SeaPhorSimonf1, re-post the pastebin link, and type it like so:    bazhang: <pastebin link>   without the <>01:21
Simonf1bazhang: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64160/01:21
twistageXFLXFLXFL: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-618759.html01:21
oripimwinsc > pastebin the output of lsusb01:21
Simonf1i tried to contact him privatly too01:21
rectec794613I decided to take a break from ubuntu and when i logged back on the desktop effects weren't on. I tried the SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz command and the compiz command in the terminal. None worked :(01:21
=== Victoria_PP is now known as Victoria
rectec794613Any help?01:21
WelshyHas anybody had a computer so old that when trying to install ubuntu it hung on the loading screen?01:21
SeaPhorSimonf1, dont do that, they dont like uninvited PM's01:22
rectec794613Help Plz01:22
bazhangSimonf1: that would be the broadcom one; have you a open wifi hotspot to test on?01:22
crdlbrectec794613: please join #compiz-fusion01:22
mvinsc04f2:b016 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd01:22
bazhangSimonf1: what does sudo dhclient eth1 return01:23
rectec794613yes, Welshy. I upgraded the RAM and it loaded fine.01:23
mattywarrdoes anyone have a sample file which embeds nx web companion? I'd like to install it to me web directory but have no idea how to do it! The instructions arent very clear01:23
`HavocAnyone know of a good write up on configuring Bind on Ubuntu for the purpose of setting up VHosts?01:23
malociteI have a really weird problem, when I CTRL ALT F1 or f2 or whatever, I get OUT OF RANGE, and cannot use a straight text mode, any ideas why?01:23
Nithmalocite: actually I've got the exact same issue01:24
oripimvinsc > pastebin the output of lsusb (for your webcam)01:25
malociteNith: And... do you have a solution yet?01:25
Simonf1it is working01:25
Simonf1that is strange01:25
FloodBot2Simonf1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
bazhangWelshy: sure, but there may be other factors01:25
flamedryadBlue89 it ain't working01:25
Simonf1it says it is not01:25
bazhangSimonf1: try to ping google01:25
mvinscBus 001 Device 002: ID 04f2:b016 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd01:25
mvinscBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:25
mvinscBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:25
mvinscBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:25
mvinscBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:25
Welshybazhang: What other factors are there?01:25
Simonf1it works01:25
elisboafllod bots, help01:25
bazhangcongrats Simonf101:25
bbyeverat what time is hardy released?01:25
Simonf1it says it does not and i have no idea why01:25
Welshybazhang: may I pm you?01:25
bazhangWelshy: sometimes the video or other stuff; might try boot params acpi=off01:25
malociteNith: Or even know what that is called for googling purposes?01:25
bazhangWelshy: best to do it in channel for others benefit as well01:25
Nithmalocite: ctrl+alt+f<key> are the tty's01:25
WelshyAlright, sounds good. Give me a few minutes then.01:25
malociteNith: Yeah, but why don't they work :)01:26
BubbleTeaAnyone know how to clear Banshee Music player library ??01:26
bazhangWelshy: also remove quiet so that you can see the errors instead of gui loading01:26
Nithmalocite: mine went when I did an dpkg-reconfigure on xserver-xorg01:26
steve__hey does anyone know the exact time 8.04 is release because i want to know wheather or not i should sleep or stay up until it is realesed01:26
Nithmalocite: when did it start for you?01:26
snikersteve__: Take a look at the topic01:26
malociteNith: Doing it on TWO computers actually, started about a month ago maybe?01:26
bazhangsteve__: utc 12 midnight01:26
snikersteve__: "No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released."01:27
Nithmalocite: what happened before the problem?01:27
malociteNith: Nothing... I haven't had any issues with either machine01:27
malociteNith: It must have been an update of some kind... all I can think of01:27
Nithme too01:27
Nithin fact it fits perfectly that it was an update01:27
bazhangwhy the hoohaws about the release time? just update your rc/beta and get the final first ;]01:28
gigabyteHi all!01:28
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 24 2008, 00:29:00 - Next meeting: Server Team in 6 days01:29
gigabyteWhats up with ubuntu?01:29
bazhanghardy talk is okay in here now?01:29
bazhanggigabyte: read the /topic ;]01:30
flamedryadany body else able to help01:30
Blue89flamedryad, are you registered on freenode?01:30
jhoc2xhey guys im back.. guess im disconnected again huh.. ^_6   anyway, back to my problem.. i can't access my flashdrive though it is detected at /var/logs   any idea?01:30
flamedryadBlue89 i don't think so01:31
WelshyI can't decided whether I want server or desktop edition of ubuntu.01:31
bazhangjhoc2x: what format is it? something strange like ntfs?01:31
XFLXFLXFLInstalling the linksys card with instructions from http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-618759.html didnt work01:31
XFLXFLXFLwrong firmware?? what do I do?01:31
XFLXFLXFLLinksys wireless G pic.  WMP54G01:31
Blue89I find it difficult to read what you write in such a crouded channel... can you come to #bitbucket for a minute?01:32
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: need more info; what exact errors, what steps failed etc01:32
Comrade-Sergeimy sound will not work in wine, it works in anything else01:32
XFLXFLXFLit said it had to fetch firmware.. and its not possible, cause no internet connection.. which is what I am trying to get by installing this PCI wireless card01:32
urthmoverI'm really liking this Dell M6300 on my desk here01:32
urthmoverubuntu flies on it01:33
friel_urge to troll rising.01:33
bazhangWelshy: will you be using it as a server? but you want gui? can go either way then really01:33
jhoc2xbazhang: i guess my flashdrive is still on FAT32 .. (actually it's not mine.. )01:33
Comrade-Sergeiand can i reformat a drive from ntfs to ext3 without losing the data?01:34
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: uh you are on here; why not get it and transfer it over via usbkey?01:34
Blue89flamedryad, I am not sure what your problem is. I must have missed something01:34
tseugmy battery is critically low, 36%.  how can i fix this?01:34
bazhangComrade-Sergei: no01:34
confuzedanyone here know why I can't get AC3 passed through my soundcard in hardy... I've tried two of them and neither works.  DTS works fine however01:34
snikerComrade-Sergei: Not without losing data, no01:34
Welshybazhang: I don't know, I think I might use it as a seedbox. I don't know if I want GUI or not... It's a tough decision.01:34
backtickComrade-Sergei: wineconfig01:34
jhoc2xbazhang: it's a clone ipod  ...>>>i don;t know where the hell my friend got it.. ^_^01:34
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, winecfg you mean?01:34
twistagetseug: plug it in01:34
jhoc2xbazhang: he just want to copy some files.01:35
backtickComrade-Sergei: and -config too01:35
WelshyThe only thing is, I don't have e very fast connection so creating a seedbox may not be worth it.01:35
backtickit's a Qt-based config GUI01:35
absntHey looking for some help, just installed Hardy 54b RC and trying to get sound to work, I know the XFi doesn't work with hardy so i installed OSS and now its not detecting any of my sound (card & onboard)01:35
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, and? i use the OSS and still nothing01:36
cgentry72i'm wanting to place the recycle bin on my desktop, is that possible?01:36
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, it seems to do this to me everytime , no matter the computer01:36
ubotuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)01:36
jhoc2xby the way, anyone using mythTV here???01:36
bazhangsee above cgentry7201:36
tifinei installed oracle and remove it by giving the command "apt-get remove oracle", still there are some files left in the system how should i remove those as well01:36
cgentry72bazhang, thanks01:36
Nithtifine: try purging instead of removing01:37
cgentry72bazhang, everyone is always so helpful here :)01:37
jhoc2xchemisus: that's what ubuntu is01:37
tifineNith, purging can you please pass me the command for that ?01:37
fdkrewsolace i think we lost connection01:37
backtickComrade-Sergei: ALSA and OSS drivers are ticked in mine01:37
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:37
solaceNo, I was an idiot and exited IRC01:37
Nithtifine: sudo aptitude purge oracle01:38
bazhangjhoc2x: not sure, those usb players may or may not require mp3 software to sync, mine you just need to drag files on to it01:38
absntCan anyone help me get my sound working in Hardy (64bit)01:38
Comrade-Sergeiits a dv9000 backtick01:38
Nithtifine: or sudo apt-get purge oracle I tink01:38
* Nith uses aptitude01:38
cgentry72bazhang, OMG that was so easy01:38
XFLXFLXFLso there are no drivers for a linksys WMP54G PCI card?01:38
WelshyWould it make sense to have an old laptop run as a seedbox on my home network, or no?01:38
jhoc2xbazhang: yesterday i did.. drag and drop... ^_^  after restart, i can't see the drive..01:38
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: what is the chipset, nevermind the brand name01:39
bazhangWelshy: up to you but kinda offtopic here01:39
XFLXFLXFLUm how do I find that out??01:39
XFLXFLXFLsorry <-- total newbie01:39
kindofabuzzanyone know how to turn off join/leave messages in kvirc?01:40
XFLXFLXFLCisco system Ver. 4.5101:40
zero__how do i install rocketdock?01:40
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: you talking to me? use my nick (type baz then hit tab) and I can follow more easily01:40
bazhangzero__: no idea what is it01:40
=== Inconcessus is now known as sekator
zero__does anyone know how to get RocketDock?01:40
absntCan anyone help me get my sound working in Hardy (64bit)01:40
XFLXFLXFLbazhang Yes01:40
bazhangzero__: unless you provide more info then no01:41
=== sekator is now known as Inconcessus
XFLXFLXFLbazhang Where do I find out the chipset?01:41
zero__bazhang you have NO Idea what rocketdock is?01:41
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: what does lspci show (if pci card)01:41
bazhangzero__: unless you tell us no01:41
twistageXFLXFLXFL: You can get the firmware by going to a terminal and typing "lspci"01:41
Nithzero__: rocketdock is not in the repositories01:41
mvinscdoes anyone know how i can get air crack/ air snort with a Broadcom Corporation BCM4310 USB Controller01:41
twistageehh to late01:42
zero__bazhang rocket dock is something similar to AWN that doesnt suck01:42
friel_i've got a partition mounted,01:42
bazhangzero__: well what does ubuntu gutsy rocketdock show01:42
zero__im on Hardy01:42
XFLXFLXFLbazhang Doesnt list it.. shows everything but my linksys card01:42
friel_and trying to save some torrents to it, transmission gives me an error about not having permissions, how do i get around this?01:43
kindofabuzzanyone know how to turn off join/leave messages in kvirc?01:43
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: what about lsusb for a usb card then01:43
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:43
bazhangfriel_: what is the drive? ntfs or other01:43
XFLXFLXFLbazhang what do you mean a usbcard?01:43
friel_bazhang etc3?01:43
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: external usb plug in thing01:43
bazhangfriel_: it is ext3?01:44
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, heres the error i get     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64165/01:44
XFLXFLXFLbazhang that mean I gota go buy somthing else? lol.. I just got this card like 2 months ago lol01:44
gaspipe1hello people01:44
XFLXFLXFLbazhang I think I might need to go back to windows lol01:44
BUrette_looking for help with vsftpd?01:44
friel_bazhang: that's the one, still new to this01:44
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: your choice really01:44
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, some internal devices also use a USB bus, even in windows01:45
XFLXFLXFLbazhang I want to use ubuntu but I only have an option for wireless internet01:45
BUrette_looking for help with vsftpd?01:45
XFLXFLXFLoh ok01:45
gaspipe1i was wondering if anyone knows where to go regarding using ubuntu for my iphone (regarding updates; sync music, movies, contacts and bookmarks?)01:45
XFLXFLXFLbazhang lsusb shows nothing01:45
lwizardlhow do i create multipart rars in terminal?01:45
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: well you need to give us the chipset before we can proceed; mentioning going back to windows is not a motivator for people *volunteering* to help you01:46
XFLXFLXFLsorry <-- frustration01:46
XFLXFLXFLbazhang well how else may I look up the chipset?01:46
BUrette_looking for help with vsftpd?01:46
Comrade-Sergeisomeone take a look at this error, I have no sound in wine     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64165/01:46
backtickComrade-Sergei: seems the app is trying to acess hardware directly bypassing API01:46
BUrette_looking for help with vsftpd?01:46
NithXFLXFLXFL: what type of a card is it?01:46
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: please paste output of ifconfig and lspci to pastebin01:46
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, ah01:46
Light-Does Wine work better if you allow it to use Microsofts DLL's?01:46
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, so how do i fix it01:47
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, the chipset will be on the physical card itself , and on the package it came in01:47
lwizardli'm trying to remember the command for making multiple rars (.001, .002. etc) in like 50mb chunks without recompression01:47
nohelpherewhere does tcl.so install to?01:47
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, example, mine is "rtl8185"01:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tcl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:48
friel_bazhang: sorry to ask again, but do you have any suggestions for me?01:48
backtickComrade-Sergei: i don't think it can be done..01:48
XFLXFLXFLLet me pry it out of my machine holdup01:48
Starnestommynohelphere: I think it;s /usr/lib/libtcl8.4.so.0 or /usr/lib/libtcl8.4.so01:48
cirkitWhen I play video with Totem, VLC, Xine, etc I have a slight blue tint in the video. Mplayer is fine though. Any ideas?01:48
=== icesword is now known as u9527
bazhangfriel_: permissions on a ext3 drive? you sure it is that fs?01:48
=== u9527 is now known as uU9527
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, i think ive done it before01:48
twistageIs there a way to search the file system under terminal?01:48
Nithtwistage: 'find' and 'locate'01:49
twistageNith: thanks01:49
Nithtwistage: i think locate only looks in the path though, find lets you specify the location01:49
friel_bazhang: checked again, it's EXT2, should i reformat to EXT3?01:50
bazhangXFLXFLXFL: that is a pcmcia card? best not to hotplug those--could damage your motherboard01:50
WelshyMy ubuntu isntall went past the loading screen, did a bunch of test based checks displaying [Ok] by most, and now it goes to a black screen and hangs.01:50
bazhangfriel_: if you wish, but why the permissions issues? have you been using nautilus as root or somesuch?01:50
XFLXFLXFLseaPhor where on the card does it show the cipset?01:50
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, fl studio isnt even recognizine my sound card , know it used to01:50
NithWelshy: while hanging, if you hit CTRL+ALT_F1, do you get to the tty's?01:51
kindofabuzzanyone know how to turn off join/leave messages in kvirc?01:51
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, desktop or laptop machine?01:51
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:51
twistageWhat would /home/usr/.kde/blah/blah be referring to? Whats the significance of the period?01:51
XFLXFLXFLseaPhor I just pulled the card out01:51
kupesoftWhat time of day is 8.04 LTS going to be released?01:51
kindofabuzzperiod mean hidden01:51
Nithtwistage: the '.' indicates hidden files in linux01:51
friel_Bazhang: been using the default file browser in 7.10, Transmission states "Error: insufficient permissions" when i chose to save to that partition.01:51
Siph0nkupesoft, there is no set time01:51
bazhangWelshy: this is the livecd? did you check md5sum for that iso? what burn speed did you use. also do a diskcheck on the cd itself01:51
snikerkupesoft: Check topic01:52
twistageAhh okay.01:52
Nithtwistage: generally, ~/ contains lots of them and their settings for programs you use01:52
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, so it is a PCI device, fits in a (usually black) slot?01:52
kupesoftsniker: silly me :(01:52
WelshyThis is the livecd; and this is a disc that I recieved in the mail that I requested from the website.01:52
bazhangfriel_: is the drive in your fstab?01:52
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhor yeah fits into a white pci slot01:52
NithWelshy: did you try the CTRL+ALT+F1 as I suggested?01:52
bazhangkupesoft: read the topic01:53
BubbleTea1 more day 8.0401:53
WelshyIndeed I did, nothing happened.01:53
friel_bazhang: not to sure what you mean by fstab, i have to mount it in the file manager to gain access if that means anything?01:53
kupesoftbazhang: Just did, :(01:53
jaymacdonald8.04 with DualCore Active Processings Supports?01:53
jason_ what aree tty's?01:53
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:53
TangentEmergencyI need to delete an account and it's logged on01:53
TangentEmergencysomeone hacked the account and I cannot delete it01:53
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, look on the chips . may need a magnifier, but should be a chipset on one of the soldered on chips01:53
bazhangsee the message from ubotu above friel_01:53
twistageIs there any reason why .kde/share/apps/amarok would still exist after using apt-get remove?01:54
backtickComrade-Sergei: try the lastest snapshot version of wine, they might have a workaround01:54
Nithjason_: their terminals that you can use at any time by going to CTRL+ALT+F<key> 1-6 are text terminals, 7 is generally your x server (what you're used to)01:54
Cahantwistage, apt-get remove doesn't delete config files01:54
=== uU9527 is now known as U9527
friel_bazhang: yes, reading it now, guessing editing the fstab correctly will fix the issue?01:54
Nithtwistage: use purge instead of remove to get rid of config files01:54
twistageCahan: I tried purge and it must not have worked either01:54
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhore linksys has them covered oversolid01:54
jason_oh ok i got it thanks nith01:54
WelshyNith: I hit ctrl+alt+f1, nothing happened.01:55
Comrade-Sergeibacktick, i can try01:55
tarkuswhat are some reasons to use linux as a desktop OS as opposed to MacOS?01:55
WelshyIt's a really old laptop, it might not be able to handle Ubuntu.01:55
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, any paper-glued labels?01:55
TangentEmergencytarkus, it's free01:55
bazhangfriel_: worth a shot; why ext2 and not ext3? ext3 is generally considered better unless you have a ton of power outages where you are01:55
Cahantarkus, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a Mac01:55
tarkusi mean, i use ubuntu myself.. but i still dont really know why..01:55
jason_mac suck tarkus imo01:55
bazhangtarkus: offtopic here thanks01:55
TangentEmergencyhow do I delete an account that someone is logged into?01:55
NithWelshy: you said it doesn't get to the log in screen?01:55
jason_i love ubuntu as a desktop pc01:55
twistageNith: Do you use purge in addition to remove or just purge01:56
tarkusjason_: same with me01:56
WelshyNith: Nope. It's the LiveCD.01:56
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhore only ID# and Serial # thats it which are stickers on the metal covering01:56
tarkusbut i cant explaine to people why i use it... i mean lets say money isnt an object..01:56
Nithtwistage: sudo apt-get remove <software>01:56
jiphexHi, can someone help me with a (hopefully quick) World of Warcraft under Wine problem01:56
Nithtwistage: sudo apt-get purge <software>01:56
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, and look in open spots on the board, typed onto the board?01:56
Nithtwistage: sorry, brain fart01:56
NithWelshy: sorry, i've no clue01:56
Cahanjiphex, don't ask to ask, just ask : )01:56
jason_tarkus: stability afordability and customization01:56
WelshyNith: No worries.01:56
TangentEmergencyjiphex: if you stop playing WoW, you can save enough money to get windows01:56
=== Marfi|iHop is now known as Marfi
marcos_how many houres to ubuntu 8.04 final?01:57
jiphexheh sorry, It's installed, starts fine but there's no login prompt, just a picture of the portal thingy01:57
friel_bazhang: though EXT was the right one when i formated, no data on that HD yet, so no issue to fix that. Cheers and thanks for your help :  )01:57
bazhangtopic marcos_01:57
tarkusjason_: those arent really reasons for desktop use..01:57
U9527wow wow wow01:57
TangentEmergencybut seriously01:57
jiphexprobably out of the scope for this channel :)01:57
BHSPitMonkeytarkus, because I like it?01:57
TangentEmergencyI need help here, it should be pretty simple01:57
U9527bazhang, when01:57
JPSmanHiya - I'm trying to install rt2x00 wireless drivers into this new hardy kernel01:58
bazhangI'm going on strike until the OffTopic ceases01:58
Cahanjiphex, did you add set gxapi "opengl" to the config.wtf file?01:58
jason_tarkus:  customization is my main point01:58
JPSmancan anyone help with driver creation and installation?01:58
TangentEmergencyI have a hacker in my system that I do not want in my system, how do I remove them?01:58
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhor its covered solid.. nothing on the back either except solider points01:58
BHSPitMonkeyAnyway, this isn't a meta-discussion channel, it's a support channel.  Visit #ubuntu-offtopic for that kind of chat.01:58
jiphexCahan: when i do that, the graphics get all screwed, like there's noise everywhere and my mouse leaves a big black streak01:58
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, whats the model and s/n?01:58
StarnestommyTangentEmergency: that depends on how they got in01:58
tarkusBHSPitMonkey: again... so do i, but thats not a reason... common01:58
Cahanjiphex, what GPU do you have?01:58
BHSPitMonkeyTangentEmergency, kill any processes belonging to them and delete the user?01:58
jiphexCahan: ATI Radeon 9800 pro01:58
ballout-jackI'm trying to make two new partitions one for /home and one for /media (for a mythtv setup).    Could someone tell me if this url is good..........     http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:59
Jeriathso....is there anyway to rerun a distribution update01:59
TangentEmergencyStarnestommy: they got a hold of the password somehow and are constantly logged on01:59
jiphexCahan: in BigDesktop dual monitor mode01:59
Cahanjiphex, what driver set? fglrx?01:59
NithTangentEmergency: killall -u <username>01:59
Cahanjiphex, I don't know then, I only got it running using OpenGL on my X700, sorry : /01:59
NithTangentEmergency: alternatively, pull the cord01:59
jiphexheh k thanks01:59
TangentEmergencythank you01:59
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhore MOdel # WMP54G Serial# MDI30781272601:59
StarnestommyTangentEmergency: change thr password with passwd and kill any processes that they started.  If it's root, lock the password with sudo passwd -l root02:00
TangentEmergencythat helps a lot, Nith02:00
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:00
TangentEmergencyI just wanted to delete the account altogether02:00
TangentEmergencyso, killall worked02:00
NithTangentEmergency: if they created the account, they can create another02:00
TangentEmergencythey didn't create it02:00
StarnestommyTangentEmergency: now delete it with userdel (if it's not root)02:00
dpn`hey - anyone using FF3b4? i unzipped it into my home dir, but the installer for flash doesn't work02:00
TangentEmergencyI created it, but they got a hold of it02:00
TangentEmergencyit was a security oversight on my part02:01
TangentEmergencyreally big oversight02:01
TangentEmergencydon't ask what it was02:01
TangentEmergencyI'm embarrassed as hell about it02:01
friel_tangentemergency: what was it?02:01
* TangentEmergency murders friel_ 02:01
jiphexTangentEmergency: you can't tease like that ;)02:01
NithI'm sorry guys but if you don't need help, please continue in the offtopic channel02:01
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:01
ballout-jackfriel_,  I guessing that !partitions bot call was for me?02:02
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, look here  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-79742.html02:02
friel_ballout-jack: ?02:02
TangentEmergencywell, if you must know02:02
cokolinawhats the word on wifi slax and ipw394502:03
Jester54can you install grub to just the mbr or does it need a filesystem along with it02:03
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:03
JPSmanWould it be bad to run kernel 2.6.22-14 with hardy?02:03
JPSmandoes anyone know?02:03
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, no, old link sorry, 1 sec02:03
lekremyelsewJPSman: what?02:03
TangentEmergencyI made an account named "ubuntu" and password of "ubuntu" with limited rights so a friend could log on and send me a file via ftp02:03
TangentEmergencyforgot to delete it02:03
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE02:04
TangentEmergencyforgot that ssh could access it02:04
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhore ok02:04
jhoc2xagain.. jezzz.. i was disconnected.. ^_^02:04
JPSmanlekremyelsew: is it bad to run the gutsy kernel with hardy?02:04
lekremyelsewno clue02:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flashdrive - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:04
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:04
Nithbazhang: I think i'm going to join you with striking until the offtopic chatter has stopped02:04
rjonesxwhat is the estimated time of relese for tmr?02:04
rjonesxanyone know?02:04
dubbyhey anyone, I have a program that i wish to run as root but i want it in my main menu as an icon, so lets say i want to run wireshark as root, i know i can go to terminal and just do sudo wireshark, but how would i make an icon that does similar then asks for password02:04
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE02:05
lekremyelsewJPSman: the new ubuntu is commin out tomorrow, u might want to upgrade02:05
elisboadubby: gksu wireshark02:05
Nithdubby: use gksudo <command> as the command for said icon02:05
* Nith dissappears02:05
bazhangNith: give them a few minutes ;] then it will cease02:05
dubbyi knew i had used it be4 just couldn't remember02:05
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, have you checked the restricted drivers?02:05
elisboagksu already does the work02:05
JPSmanlekremyelsew: I already have and the new kernel runs my wireless like crap02:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about umount - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:05
TangentEmergencyon the other side of my questioning02:05
jaymacdonaldcrap bot02:05
=== TangentEmergency is now known as TangentCollision
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhore yes only my Nvidia card is shown in it02:05
elisboaJPSman: you have 2 options: native Linux driver and windows driver emulation via ndiswrapper02:05
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, k02:06
lekremyelsewJPSman: i have no friggin clue02:06
TangentCollisionhow do I add an FTP-only account?02:06
kindofabuzzanyone know how to turn off join/leave messages in kvirc?02:06
khaije1when hardy is release does that mean that people running beta can dist-upgrade to the release version02:06
Odd-rationalekhaije1: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/04/21/upgrading-from-beta-to-rc-and-beyond/02:07
ganymedecan anyone show me an example gtkrc that overrides which font to use for east asian languages like chinese, japanese, and korean? currently, the wrong font is used to display chinese characters, but latin charactesr look fine.02:07
khaije1Odd-rationale: sweet thanks!02:07
jhoc2xhow to mount a drive?02:07
n-iCeCan someone help me out with a webcam? can't get it work02:08
dubbyjhoc2x sudo mount02:08
friel_reformated. 230gig drive is now EXT3. still unable to save files to it from Transmission02:08
kelvin911hello any wine expert here?02:08
Jester54jhoc2x: sudo mount -t type /dev/hd /mnt02:08
dubbykelvin911 #winehq02:08
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL,  what is the encryption on the wireless router?02:08
U9527kelvin911, all you know is games, :p02:09
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, and you are on gutsy?02:09
lekremyelsewdoes anyone know a program that can make gamepads move the mouse or make keystrokes02:09
kelvin911i deleted the wine and the shortcut in main menu now i cant get the menu back02:09
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhor Um whats gutsy? lol02:09
bazhang!webcam | n-ice read this first02:09
ubotun-ice read this first: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:09
U9527kelvin911, how old are you?02:10
kelvin911very old02:10
U9527kelvin911, then what is wrong02:10
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:10
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, and you are on gutsy? gutsy is 7.10, latest release, (until tomorrow)02:10
kelvin911i just want to have the menu02:10
kelvin911i dont wanna create my own and use terminal all the time02:10
XFLXFLXFLI have the latest DL of ubuntu yes.. I just downloaded it and installed it a week ago02:10
U9527hmm,kelvin911, reinstall02:10
MyrttiXFLXFLXFL: open up the terminal and type "lsb_release -a"02:11
kelvin911i did reinstall02:11
bazhanglekremyelsew: mouve the mouse yes; but you sure you want to type with a gamepad?02:11
cirkitwhen I connect to my wireless network, it always it allow or deny with a password, what password is it asking for exactly?02:12
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, all i can find on your card and 7.10 is this,,, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57849502:12
samalexhey guys .. question, on ubuntu server how the heck can I configure what actually starts on startup?  I installed postgre and other services, but I don't want them starting automatically02:12
xorkhello! i'm trying to install from an alternate install cd to a powerbook g3, and i get an error "No common CD-ROM drive was detected", but I'm booted from the cd-rom drive! any ideas?02:12
cirkitalways happens when I click to connect to my wireless network02:12
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, still looking tho02:12
lekremyelsewbazhang: not all of the games that i have are joystick compatible02:12
samalexalso how do I restart services, like netatalk for example?02:12
bazhangcirkit: the wallet pass? or the wpa pass02:12
cirkitsamalex: /etc/init.d/netatalk restart02:12
kelvin911i did reinstall wine02:12
kelvin911and still get no menu02:13
cirkitbazhang: I believe it is a wallet pass...02:13
cirkitI can put in my wpa pass no problem ...02:13
kelvin911is there a way to create it?02:13
cirkitbut it asks for some wallet one02:13
lekremyelsewbazhang: what is it called i have to got eat dinner02:13
U9527kelvin911, reinstall that app02:13
Starnestommysamalex: "sudo update-rc.d -f servicename remove" will stop loading on startup.  "sudo incoke-rc.d servicename restart" will restart it02:13
kelvin911i reinstall wine like 3 times already02:13
Starnestommysamalex: er, that should've been invoke-rc.d02:13
kelvin911and also the game02:13
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, try this (assuming you have the card back in and the machine booted)    lshw -C network02:13
bazhangcirkit: the wallet pass, then yes--best to remember that one--I forgot mine and was tricky to get it back ;]02:13
=== jaymacdonald1 is now known as jaymacdonald
U9527kelvin911, hmm, #wine02:14
MrObviousIs there a way I can get the full 8.04 now or what?02:14
cirkitbazhang: "Enter password for default keyring to unlock ... The application 'nm-applet /usr/bin/nm-applet' wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked"02:14
XFLXFLXFLSeaPhor booting right now02:14
samalexStarnestommy: thanks...  is there anyway to see what's set to start?  Or is there a manual way ofdoing this? just curious.02:14
bazhanglekremyelsew: not really sure what you have in mind--please provide more info02:14
cirkitbazhang: I never created a wallet pass, though02:14
bazhangcirkit: then try just closing the box when it comes up02:15
gaspipe1anyone maintain their iphone with ubuntu?02:15
lekremyelsewbazhang: i have a microsoft controller that rotates, is there a way i cud make the axis control the mouse02:15
Starnestommysamalex: ls /etc/rc2.d will list them if 2 is the default runlevel.  ls /etc/rcS.d lists all services that start on every runlevel02:15
bazhanglekremyelsew: ah a MS one; not sure on that--I have a generic usb gamepad type controller that can move the mouse02:16
kelvin911i try #winehq they help with ubuntu menu02:16
kelvin911in wine should i pick ALSA or OSS for audio?02:16
doctormokelvin911: ALSA02:16
bazhanggaspipe1: likely need iTunes with that02:16
kelvin911what OSS is for?02:16
tomd123kelvin911: sound02:17
lekremyelsewbazhang: i can calibrate it and it works so i know its outputting, its usb, so i cud prolly do it the same way as u did02:17
bazhanglekremyelsew: I just did it through the app I was using (dosbox) and it was fine02:17
zashgaspipe1: if you have it jailbreaked and have ssh on it then you can mount it with sshfs02:17
friel_trying to change the owner of /dev/sda2 to friel from root. in terminal as su. tried chown friel in the /dev directory. not working, any hints?02:17
miguelwhen the new ISO files will be updated??02:18
bazhangmiguel: read the /topic02:18
kelvin9112what ALSA for?02:18
hansinkelvin911: both OSS and ALSA are linux sound sub-systems.  OSS is the older of the two.  ALSA is the newer.  use ALSA seems right.02:18
kelvin911why there are ALSA and OSS?02:18
lekremyelsewbazhang: thx, g2g02:19
kelvin911why ALSA is NVidia and OSS realtek??02:19
kelvin911i thought my on board sound is realtek but why in ALSA mixer it shows nVidia?02:19
bazhangkelvin911: that is not really a ubuntu support question02:19
Starnestommykelvin911: I think nvidia and realtek are very similar sound systems02:20
acuI want to convert a .rm (real media video) to any other video format (preferably 3g2 - o 3gp but can be wmv or other format - can ayone tell me some ways to do that ?02:20
FalkmanHey everyone, so does ubuntu come out at midnight tonight? or at some random time?02:21
=== Juano is now known as juano__
StarnestommyFalkman: there is no exact time02:21
kelvin911dont know why i can not play rtcw anymore02:21
bazhangFalkman: read the /topic02:21
snikerFalkman: Depends on what timezone you are in. ;) But check the topic. There is no exact time02:21
pleaehlepis there anyway to find a wireless access point's mac address?02:21
jhoc2x_how to mount the ipod? (i have the cables plugged in.. at first the drive icon shows at desktop, but recently i can't see it.. i check it on /var/logs/msgs >>> it has line where the usb is detected.. any idea??02:21
Marfisniker, its already past 1PM GMT   =P02:21
kelvin911after i install update to wine 0.9.58 i can not play rtcw anymore02:21
bazhangonly 12 more hours of 'read the topic'02:21
crimsunpleaehlep: iwlist, iwconfig, etc.02:22
kelvin911i uninstall 0.9.58, delete ,wine dir02:22
Marfibut they are working their asses off, to bring us yet another wonerful release02:22
AutoMatriXcan someone tell me how to synchronise my cellular phone (Nokia6610) with evolution via IRDA ????02:22
jhoc2x_kelvin911: what is rtcw?02:22
kelvin911reinstall 0.9.46 that is in ubuntu repos i still cant run it02:22
AutoMatriXor can someone send mi a link wher to search02:22
kelvin911return to castle wolfenstein02:22
cordenguys just want to ask, what version of ubutnu mostly of you currently using? cause here in our office we still use 6.10 and i want to suggest to move to 7.04 or 7.10. tnx02:22
jhoc2x_i see..02:22
* AutoMatriX lost nearly alll of his hair and the rest got grey02:22
bazhangcorden: likely gutsy02:23
jhoc2x_how to mount the ipod? (i have the cables plugged in.. at first the drive icon shows at desktop, but recently i can't see it.. i check it on /var/logs/msgs >>> it has line where the usb is detected.. any idea??02:23
kelvin911i shouldnt upgrade the wine02:23
gaspipe1bazhang: u ever run itunes with wine?02:23
kelvin911now something screw up02:23
gaspipe1zash: i don't have it jailbroke02:23
kelvin911games are slow in new wine02:23
cordenoic bazhang, that would help.02:23
bazhanggaspipe1: never found the need as I have no iPhone and iPods work fine with (Hardy)02:23
pleaehlepin iwlist what do i put for [last]?02:23
cordenand one other thing, anyone of you using sony ercisson's themes creator?02:24
snikerMarfi: Yeah, well. He asked if it came out at midnight or at any other random time, and since we don't know his timezone, we can't know what is midnight for him. ;P02:24
twistageAnyone know why clicking Conky selects multiple items on my desktop?02:24
jaymacdonaldIs this the opensource version of windows yes?02:25
pleaehlepin iwlist command what do i put in for [last]?02:25
pleaehlepand what does it mean02:25
bazhangjaymacdonald: funny but offtopic02:25
gaspipe1bazhang: i hear ya... I am just wondering about this iphone02:25
Dr_willistwistage,  clicking conky? You mean clicking on the conky output on the desktop?02:25
SeaPhorXFLXFLXFL, you still there?02:25
twistageDr_willis: Yeah02:26
ng0ni love the nick - twistage02:26
bazhang!appdb | gaspipe1 you might check here about iTunes02:26
ubotugaspipe1 you might check here about iTunes: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:26
arkaniadanyone need help? ask away!02:26
ng0nsounds like me after another Vista wipeout.02:26
gaspipe1bazhang: TY!!02:27
Dr_willistwistage,  why do ya need to click on it? :) conky can act a little weird when used with gnome/kde unless you use some special options witth it and set up gnome/kde right. You might want to check the conky homepage - i think the FAQ has some info on it.02:27
ng0nark: what i need ain't on the menu.02:27
twistageng0n: Thanks, haha02:27
ng0nbut thanks02:27
arkaniadwhats that supposed to mean02:27
arkaniadover my head02:27
bazhangarkaniad: how can I enter chinese characters in firefox skim does not do it thanks02:27
arkaniadfirst of all, why u need chineese chars.02:27
twistageDr_willis: Yeah, i dont know Im just weird like that, bugs like that annoy me02:27
bazhangarkaniad: besides the point; any ideas?02:28
arkaniadif you can find a copy of them somewhere else theres copy n paste02:28
Dr_willistwistage,  the 'allow programs to draw desktop' setting i think is  one of the settings you have to tweak.02:28
U9527bazhang, what is skim, why not scim02:28
U9527!info skim02:28
ubotuskim (source: skim): smart common input method platform for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.5-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1238 kB, installed size 2688 kB02:28
bazhangarkaniad: no idea then?02:28
arkaniadbazhang: no, not really02:28
MagicFabSpanish speaking users: Celebrando Ubuntu 8.04 ? Unete a otros hispanos en el canal #ubuntu-release-party-es02:28
bazhangthanks any way arkaniad02:29
pleaehlepin iwlist command what do i put in for [last]?02:29
U9527bazhang, why cannot you input in ff02:29
TwinX!es | MagicFab02:29
ubotuMagicFab: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:29
arkaniadbazhang: i am not totally helpful :( i have only been using ubuntu for maybe a week02:29
bazhangU9527: my question exactly ;]02:29
iusegnulinuxkubuntu 8.04 uses kde-4 ?02:29
Starnestommypleaehlep: [last] is optional optional02:29
Starnestommy(with one "optional", not 2)02:30
arkaniadiusegnulinux: in Kubuntu KDE Remix02:30
arvind_khadriiusegnulinux, yea02:30
twistageBah whats the shortcut for the run window?02:30
malociteI want to add a word to the front of every filename in a directory (from the console) can someone tell me how to do that?02:30
ganymedehow can i control which font gtk falls back to for displaying east asian characters like chinese, japanese, and korean? the font i'd like to use in that case is different from the font i'd like to use for latin characters02:30
U9527bazhang, how come? can you show a picture02:30
mawcan vesa drivers in xorg.conf support dual display?02:30
Starnestommytwistage: alt+f202:30
twistageStarnestommy: ah thanks02:30
cropicDo you Ubuntu?02:30
pleaehlepwhat does [essid nnn] mean? nnn means what?02:30
arkaniadguys, imm gonna do some pushups02:30
Starnestommypleaehlep: the name of the wireless network02:31
bazhangU9527: thanks; I'll figure it out--too busy helping here I guess to solve my own problems ;]02:31
Starnestommypleaehlep: because it's between [ and ], it's optional02:31
arkaniadDoes anyone use Yakuake>02:31
Dr_willisarkaniad,  yes - its very popular with a lot of KDE users.02:31
U9527bazhang, no one forced you to help02:32
arkaniadDr_willis: hey, i use Gnome, :)02:32
bazhangcropic: is that your really ubuntu support question?02:32
cropichehe I don't have ubuntu02:32
bazhangU9527: too true ;] more of an obsession really02:32
arkaniadcropic: that is off topic02:32
Dr_willisarkaniad,  theres a similer progam for gnome i recall.02:32
bazhangcropic: why are you here then02:32
cropicI know, I'm really not supposed to be in here.02:33
arkaniadcropic: cropic, dont be off topic :E02:33
DevourerWhat are the text files with ~ at the end of their name for?02:33
StarnestommyDevourer: they're backups created by some text editors02:33
arkaniadDr_willis: meh, idc, as long as i have my Quake style...02:33
DevourerStarnestommy, isn't that a bit messy, shouldn't they be deleted?02:33
arkaniadDr_willis: hit f12 and do my apt-get addiction! :D02:33
ninjaslimwhen i try to run miro on ubuntu, i get this error http://www.pastebin.ca/99533002:33
ninjaslimwhat's goin gon here02:33
Dr_willisarkaniad,  i always have a dozen terminals open anyway.02:34
U9527bazhang, any idea when ?02:34
=== THCJesus is now known as KronicLord
arkaniadanyone here not know how to compile source?02:34
cordenguy how do i get Gstreamer 0.8 within gutsy? since it uses Gstreamer 0.1002:34
arkaniadcroden: why downgrade?02:35
arvind_khadriarkaniad, yeah but try to get a .deb02:35
=== THCJesus is now known as KronicLord
trevmy computer is running mad hot and heating up the room im in, it has a 2.67ghz P4, is there any way i can make it run cooler,like temporarely underclock it?02:35
U9527arkaniad, ./configure make make install02:35
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:35
arkaniadarvind_khadri: or instead of make install use checkinstall -d02:35
cordenbecause sony ericsson's themes creator uses GStreamer 0.802:35
Invert314oh boy02:35
sadmin_hello, first time linux user here.. running gos02:35
arvind_khadriarkaniad, thats make check and then make install02:36
arkaniadcorden: virtualization?02:36
bazhangU9527: sorry missed your question02:36
JPSmanelisboa: what is a native Linux driver?02:36
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:37
RyanPriorJPSman: It's a Linux driver which runs in the kernel, rather than via a hack like ndiswrapper.02:37
cordenmaybe but native would be good. is there any way i can add it to the repo so that i can install it from there?02:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:37
sadmin_how do i add a program to the gos dock?02:37
=== THCJesus is now known as KronicLord
arkaniaddrag - drop02:38
arkaniadloke OSX02:38
RyanPriorsadmin_: This is not a gOS support room, sorry.02:38
ninjaslimwhen i try to run miro on ubuntu, i get this error http://www.pastebin.ca/99533002:38
sadmin_ok, thanks anyway02:38
ninjaslimwhat's goin gon here02:38
arkaniadtry possibly #gos02:38
arkaniadon freenode02:38
RyanPriorarkaniad: We're on Freenode, so that goes without saying. :-)02:38
arkaniad:D me so stupid02:38
JPSmanRyanPrior: how effective if ndiswrapper?  and will it clash with the newest drivers (when they fix the rt2x00 driver bugs in 2.6.24-16) ?02:39
Dante123I have monitor, keyboard, mouse and all that....just looking for PC.  Also I have a pci-e card (nvidia 7600 gs) I would pop in if it is better than integrated video that comes with pc.  I would like to spend under 400 dollars canadian......please check out local retailer and tell me what system catches your eye in my price range at http://www.canadacomputers.com/computers/02:39
Dante123I plan on using ubuntu on it02:39
ninjaslimarkaniad: is that for me02:39
arkaniadninjalism: what?02:39
zero__hey, i installed kubuntu desktop, how do i remove it?02:39
RyanPriorJPSman: for many wireless cards ndiswrapper is the only option, and it works well for many people. That being said, native drivers are nicer, so go with an Intel or Atheros card if you can.02:39
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:40
arkaniadsudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop02:40
zero__I've tried to remove it using these instructions: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome02:40
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:40
zero__arkaniad, it didnt work02:40
RyanPriorDante123: We don't support computer hardware or make recommendations here. You could try asking in ##hardware02:40
arkaniadwhat version of ubuntu02:41
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:41
Dante123ok, sorry.02:41
arkaniaddapper? edgy? feisty? gutsy? hardy?02:41
arkaniadzero__: what version of ubuntu02:41
=== twistage is now known as Twistage
FFEMTcJhow can i tell if im using x86 or x6402:42
denaliAnyone here use a Logitech LX3 mouse?02:42
StarnestommyFFEMTcJ: uname -m02:42
zashzero__: remove all dependencies of kubuntu-desktop. but what do you want to have after that?02:42
arkaniadFFEMTcJ: what kind of proscessor u have02:42
FFEMTcJarkaniad: its a intel quad core02:42
arkaniadFFEMTcJ: im pretty sure that is 3202:43
Daisuke_Idothen it's 64 bit02:43
arkaniadwell, im pretty sure im wrong!02:43
secleinteerhi, does anyone know if any big bugs have been found in the hardy rc? i'm thinking about dling/installing it right now, but i can wait if there's going to be a big difference in tomorrow's release02:43
Daisuke_Idocore 2 quad?02:43
=== AutoMatriX_ is now known as AutoMatriX
InYourBaseFFEMTcJ: run `uname -a`02:43
arkaniadsecleinteer: just wait till tomorrow. just 1 day? is that so bad?02:43
=== IntrepidOne is now known as HardyOne
n-iCeHello anyone to help me out? it's a webcam issue02:44
arvind_khadrin-iCe, is it a debian kernel??02:44
ApOgEE-did i still use compiz if i turn to none on visual effects?02:44
n-iCearvind_khadri,  I think so, Ubuntu 7.1002:44
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:45
secleinteerarkaniad: yes, it is :/02:45
secleinteeri feel like installing today :P02:45
StarnestommyApOgEE-: I think it's metacity instead of compiz in that case02:45
Jack_Sparrowsecleinteer, Install today, update tomorrow02:45
arvind_khadrin-iCe, i mean did you get a new kernel02:45
arkaniadsecleinteer: it should be stable enough02:45
TwistageMy resolution is stuck @ 1024x768 after plugging in my TV and then removing it, is there a way to fix it?02:45
arkaniadsecleinteer: there will be updates availible if you find bugs :D02:45
secleinteerarkaniad: well someone in the kubuntu channel said that there's a new kernel02:45
FFEMTcJty all02:45
secleinteeris that going to be a big deal?02:45
n-iCearvind_khadri,  this is the uname -a , Linux lucia-laptop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux02:46
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arkaniadsecleinteer: just jump in, you never know till you try!02:46
egghead2just installed a netmos 9820 chipset dual port serial pci card, card is seen, but i want to change the irq and port address of the com ports, where would i look or what file do i edit to make these changes?02:46
gogeta2 hrs to go woot02:46
arvind_khadrin-iCe, ok this is our kernel02:46
arkaniadsecleinteer: feel free to hunt me down if it goes wrong02:46
gaspipe1bazhang: that link u sent was/is great02:46
MrObviousgogeta: For what?02:46
MrObviousTwistage: Check xorg.conf?02:46
Jack_Sparrown-iCe, so you are not running ubuntu02:46
secleinteerarkaniad: well i suppose it can't be worse than the gentoo install i have on that computer right now ;)02:46
=== SexyStripper is now known as Marfi
secleinteeri've just about it had it with that02:47
ApOgEE-i'm having problem to run blender. #blendercoder ask me to turn off compiz. how to do that?02:47
bazhanggaspipe1: did that help? nice ;]02:47
MrObviousgogeta: You mean it will be relelased in 2 hours?02:47
linkinxpso when its the time to release it???02:47
arkaniadsecleinteer: i prefer debian based, i am addicted to apt-get like heroin02:47
Jack_Sparrowno time is set..02:47
sjovanwhat do i need to get png's smaller?02:47
linkinxpand no updates??02:47
gaspipe1bazhang: yeah.. now i'm gonna try and install it... never did this with wine b402:47
StarnestommyApOgEE-: set the desktop effects to "none"02:47
linkinxpi havent got anything within  8 hours02:47
cirkitAnyone know how to get network manager applet back in the gnome panel? It doesn't seem to be in the panel applet list02:47
OrbixxAnyone know why manual connection with WiFi needs to be reconfigured on every startup to work?02:48
MrObviousI'm downloading the RC now.02:48
MrObviousShould I just wait 2 hours?02:48
linkinxpOrbixx,  yes i wonder the same questions02:48
secleinteerarkaniad: i realized how much portage sucked very quickly ;)02:48
arkaniadcirkit: it is in the repos in add/remove.02:48
ApOgEE-Starnestommy: is that all?02:48
n-iCeJack_Sparrow,  Well that's the reply I Installed it using the original ubuntu cd02:48
arvind_khadriOrbixx, thats your resolv.conf02:48
StarnestommyApOgEE-: yes02:48
arkaniadsecleinteer: i would not have a non-deb handling distro and use it regularly.02:48
Orbixxarvind_khadri: Care to elaborate a little?02:48
Jack_Sparrown-iCe, in term do this    lsb_release -a02:48
linkinxpplease arvind_khadri02:49
OrbixxMy DNS servers are correct and do not need altering.02:49
CJS3141What is the relationship (if any) between using System > Administration > Software Sources, or adding repositories directly to the /etc/apt/sources.list file?02:49
Deathserverhow do i uninstall flash ... sry im new to ubuntu and this terminal thing flash messed up a few site's and now i cant see links, i think its something to do with fonts ?02:49
OrbixxIt is just a static IP address that I require.02:49
bcnaatHow do I enter a pgp key in evolution so I can read the encrypted message from launchpad?02:49
n-iCethere you go, Distributor ID: Ubuntu02:49
n-iCeDescription:    Ubuntu 7.1002:49
linkinxpCJS3141,  text based and GUI02:49
arvind_khadriOrbixx, on every restart resolv.conf gets re setted to an older value02:49
MrObviousarkaniad: I know PCLOS uses apt-get with RPMs. That's pretty cool.02:49
thinkingfroghello all02:49
linkinxparvind_khadri,  where is that file?02:49
linkinxpthinkingfrog,  hi02:49
sdakakToday is 24th. Even at UTC. when people? when?02:49
arvind_khadriOrbixx, linkinxp /etc/resolv.conf02:49
sjovanedit: what do i need to compress *.png? the pics takes to much space now02:49
linkinxparvind_khadri,  thanks02:49
arkaniadMrObvious: apt-rpm? way cool02:49
Orbixxarvind_khadri: There has only been one value in resolv.conf02:49
Dr_willis'The official release will happen when it happens, there is no set time for  it to magicially appear on all the servers/mirrors'02:50
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:50
Starnestommysdakak: there is no set time.  It can be any time between now and tomorrow02:50
MrObviousarkaniad: No, apt-get with RPMs.02:50
sdakakStarnestommy: ok.02:50
arkaniadMrObvious: i just said that to make a point02:50
MrObviousStarnestommy: Which time zone?02:50
arvind_khadriOrbixx, linkinxp to make that file permanent you need to use resolvconf package02:50
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:50
cirkitarkaniad: "Add to this panel", network manager does not show up in the list to add it to the panel .. it's installed.02:50
arkaniadjust some bkgd info02:50
Leonidas_hello everyone02:51
arvind_khadriOrbixx, when you set dns values into the "netwrok-admin" the values will be entered in that file02:51
CJS3141linkinxp: So if I add extra sources to the sources.list file, will Synaptic also be able to access those repositories?02:51
arkaniadcirkit: idk?!02:51
linkinxpCJS3141,  i guess yes!02:51
aficionadowhen will the official 8.04 iso be uploaded to servers?02:51
Deathserverif any one gets a sec to help id be gratefull02:51
Orbixxarvind_khadri: Yes, I know.02:51
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, yes, but be careful about adding unsupported repos02:51
arkaniadcirkit: i dont think i have ever used it...02:51
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arkaniadcirkit: re install it02:51
linkinxparvind_khadri,  so thats a package!?02:51
extorDoes anyone here use nginx for perl or php hosting?02:51
Leonidas_I have a couple of problems with boot up.  It seems that my machine takes a while to boot up, can anyone lend a hand?02:52
=== arief is now known as co_pngen_srius
arvind_khadriOrbixx, so for making the change permanent use the package...and then edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base02:52
justnutsorbixx, if u r using dhcp client ...modify ur /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf and add "prepend domain-name-servers $ip1 $ip2"02:52
CJS3141Jack_Sparrow: OK, and when I use the "Software Sources" program, does it modify the sources.list file or does it have its own file somewhere?02:52
Orbixxjustnuts: I'm configured with static.02:52
eidowhat does a file mean that appears #blah_blah# when performing ls, is this really a file?02:52
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, remove splash from the command line.. see if that helps02:52
tale_does anybody know if you can upgrade a 6.06 server directly to 8.04 server, since they are both LTS releases?02:52
Deathserverdoes gnash work with ubuntu02:52
Orbixxarvind_khadri: Could I not just make it unwritable?02:52
arkaniadtale_: possibly02:53
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, it modifies the same file02:53
linkinxparvind_khadri,  the other problem its when i boot up it connects to my wireless and the disconnects until the 3 or 4th time then it stays02:53
n-iCeIm downloading easycam02:53
Leonidas_I don't have splash to begin with02:53
Starnestommyeido: it is, but I think it's a backup file left behind by a text editor02:53
danbhfivetale_: you are supposed to be able to02:53
Dr_willistale_,  thats 'supposed' to be doable  i recall.02:53
StarnestommyDeathserver: yes02:53
Deathserverty is it better then flash02:53
arvind_khadriOrbixx, that wont be a good thing02:53
eidoStarnestommy: ty02:53
arkaniadtale_: i recall seeing a guide,02:53
danbhfivetale_: i think it you enable the updates repo, it will happen02:53
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow i have to hit ctrl + alt + F1 to get keep the boot process going02:53
Jack_Sparrowtale_, It is supposed to work.. but this is the first time02:53
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:53
CJS3141Jack_Sparrow: Great. And what dangers are you alluding to when you say to be careful about adding unsupported repositories?02:53
orkidNetworkManager sucks, get used to it ;002:53
Orbixxarvind_khadri: Can you give me an example command with resolvconf, please?02:54
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow it says something about a bios error02:54
tale_I know that upgrading is typically only supported if you upgrade sequentially, but I'm not sure if LTS releases are different02:54
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, remove quiet from boot line and see where it is hanging02:54
arvind_khadriOrbixx, the way  i suggested is official ubuntu forums one02:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardyupgrades - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:54
Deathserverand if so how to uninstall flash i ran the script supplied to install02:54
Leonidas_where is that file at?02:54
arvind_khadriOrbixx, example as in what02:54
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow where is that boot file at?02:54
Dr_willistale_,  i belive one of their goals was to have easy upgrading from the lts to lts releases.. but ive not tested it.. and no of no one else that has done so,02:54
Orbixxarvind_khadri: resolvconf --example02:54
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, You can completely trash your system simply by adding debian repos,  even though we are debian based..02:54
tale_Dr_willis,  thanks.  Do you remember where this is documented?  I'm looking for some docs.02:55
arkaniadDr_willis: it is very easy i recall02:55
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, /boot/grub/menu.lst02:55
ubotuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:55
arkaniadtale_: go to ubuntu site and search HardyUpgrades. its in there02:55
n-iCeeasycam didn't work, anything else?02:55
ApOgEE-which window manager is good for my hp nx9010 to run blender?02:55
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow ok let me try that02:55
ApOgEE-is it beryl?02:55
kelvin911for some reason i got rtcw working again02:55
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:55
StarnestommyApOgEE-: metacity02:55
Dr_willisApOgEE-,  i doubt if you will want the compiz/eyecandy when running blender. :)02:56
arvind_khadriOrbixx, the package resolvconf sets the daemon onto itself...to edit it sudo vim /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base02:56
Deathserverany ideas on uninstalling flash im sure its easy <ihope>02:56
kelvin911how to generate wine menu?02:56
OrbixxWeird, the repos are screwing up.02:56
arkaniadDr_willis: can anyone say Slow?02:56
OrbixxI think Ubuntu 8.04 is about to be released...02:56
CJS3141Jack_Sparrow: Really? I believe I've downloaded and used some debian software no problem--I mean .deb files for instance. Are the debian repositories different?02:56
Dr_willisarkaniad,  i was thinking more of 'buggy' :)02:56
Jack_Sparrowkelvin911, /join #Winehq02:56
kelvin911i did join02:56
kelvin911they said this is distro problem02:57
StarnestommyCJS3141: they are very different02:57
n-iCeeasycam didn't work, anything else? how Can I install my webcam02:57
kelvin911i dont knwo02:57
arkaniadPEople of ubuntu i dont have to download, i ordered CD's!02:57
arvind_khadrismith, hi02:57
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow , so just remove the word 'quiet' or the whole phrase 'quiet splash'02:57
kelvin911but i can live with terminal to open the game in wine02:57
=== arief is now known as co_pngen_srius
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, Yes, as the factoid says, they are different and should not be used if you want to keep a stable system.. some will work, some will trash your os..02:57
smithanyone here use Ubuntu Studio, or anyone have a comment on it?02:57
Marfikelvin911, shell script? =)02:57
CyberCodI've used it02:57
arkaniadsmith: it is KOOLIO!02:57
Marfiits Jack_Sparrow!!! *waves*02:57
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, You told me earlier you already removed splash02:57
mohbanawhat time is ubuntu going to be released?02:57
Jack_SparrowMarfi, Howdy...02:58
kelvin911how to write shell script?02:58
arkaniadsmith: think ubuntu multimedia producer style02:58
Starnestommymohbana: between now and tomorrow02:58
kelvin911is it similar to batch file in dos?02:58
Jack_Sparrowkelvin911, /join #Bash02:58
Flannelmohbana: #ubuntu-release-party02:58
Dr_williskelvin911,  fire up a text editor and start wriging.02:58
U9527arkaniad, shame on you, why not burn a cd yourself02:58
Starnestommykelvin911: similar, but the syntax is very different02:58
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:58
kelvin911do i put those command in that file?02:58
Dr_williskelvin911,  basicially. Bash is documented all over the place. Check out the Advanced-bash-scripting-guide02:58
arkaniadU9527: cause i dont need it desperately02:58
smithin class I work on MAC photoshop, etc, how does it compare (I plan on it being my profession)02:58
pznHi. I'm using ubuntu gutsy. gnome-power-manager shows the battery icon as it should; however, I got no notify messages when batt is low. any hints about hot to enable notify "popups"?02:58
CyberCodsmith:  its pretty cool, but I wish they had taken the time to split up the audio and video categories in the menu... there's just so dang many of em,02:58
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow, I thought you meant splash as in the "ubuntu splash" picture while the system is loading.  It has never been there since day one02:58
CJS3141Starnestommy, Jack_Sparrow: OK, so is it unsafe to install .deb files?02:58
kelvin911cd ~/.wine/whateverthedir02:58
=== grhluna is now known as ubunturox
kelvin911then wine game.exe?02:59
OrbixxMy mistake, perhaps not.02:59
tekteenkelvin911: yes02:59
Dr_williskelvin911,  thats about the basics of it.02:59
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, no we use debs.. but not all debs are created equal02:59
Orbixxkelvin911: Understand that wine is never guaranteed with any games.02:59
kelvin911i know02:59
kelvin911i tested rtcw works02:59
OrbixxGood luck, however.02:59
tombar_anyone here using openvpn can lend me a hand, i cant create my Ca certificates to continue the tutorial im following02:59
kelvin911works really fine02:59
ApOgEE-can i use apt-get to install metacity?02:59
kelvin911i can play in highest setting with no lag at all02:59
arkaniadpardon me i f im being racist - WIN BLOWS02:59
Jack_SparrowApOgEE-, yes03:00
kelvin911i also tried vice city03:00
RyanPriorApOgEE-: Metacity is installed on Ubuntu by default.03:00
StarnestommyApOgEE-: it's installed by default if you're using gnome03:00
CyberCodsmith:  as I haven't used a Mac in that capacity, I can't really say03:00
kelvin911but the cars in vice city are so dark03:00
RyanPrior!windows | arkaniad03:00
ubotuarkaniad: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents03:00
smithcybercod:  ok, what about photoshop etc, in general03:00
Dr_willis!appdb | kelvin91103:00
ApOgEE-metacity is already the newest version.03:00
ubotukelvin911: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org03:00
kelvin911i never try photoshop03:00
arkaniadguys, press winkey-m and n, it makes colors funky03:00
kelvin911i maybe later03:00
egghead2just installed serial port pci card, card is seen, i need to change the irq and port addy or the ports, is there a config file i can edit?03:01
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Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow so should I just get rid of 'ro quiet splash' ?03:01
irelinquishhey wheres the best place to put files accesable to two usernames?03:01
kelvin911i tried san andeas, but san andreas isnt playing as smooth as in xp03:01
irelinquishbesides a seperate partition?03:01
=== lol is now known as gogeta
RyanPriorirelinquish: on a USB drive.03:01
CyberCodsmith:  for high end stuff, I hear GIMP is right up there, the only thing that is missing is the printer color modes... (cmyk or something like that)03:01
tekteenirelinquish: or in /home/share03:01
Orbixxkelvin911: I have San Andreas, I'll have to give it a go sometime.03:01
CJS3141Jack_Sparrow: OK, so how do I know when it is safe to install a .deb file? Is there any way of knowing?03:01
twistageDoes Ubuntu support live switching to external displays? or does it have to be set on boot?03:01
irelinquishok awesome tekteen03:01
tekteenirelinquish: there is no good way03:01
Flanneltwistage: It does03:01
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, from gui gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst        gksudo will allow you to write the changes03:01
RyanPriorirelinquish: There is a way to create a "shared folder", but it's kinda tricky.03:01
arkaniadfor linux on a flash drive /debian based\ try DSL,03:02
kelvin911Orbixx: u seen the superman in san andreas?03:02
smiththank you cybercod, I am sure there are plug-ins which fix that problem (in dev or out)03:02
tekteenirelinquish: make a folder and make sure they can edit it03:02
RyanPriorirelinquish: You'll have to set the sticky bit so that new files inherit the parent folder's permissions.03:02
ApOgEE-any other window manager instead of metacity that is plain but can help me running blender on my hp nx9010?03:02
irelinquishi like to have a kdeusername and a gnome username03:02
Jack_Sparrowkelvin911, please stay on topic.. none of this is support related03:02
CyberCodsmith:  there is rumor that photoshop may be coming to linux natively before too long, and there is also the option of installing the next-to-last version in crossover03:02
twistageFlannel: How do you set it up? It doesn't recognize it automatically, and i was playing with the display settings to no evail.03:02
irelinquishi'll figure it out03:02
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow right, I've gotten that far, I just don't know exactly what to erase under the first Ubuntu menu entry03:02
irelinquishthanks you guys03:02
RyanPriorirelinquish: Good luck.03:02
StarnestommyApOgEE-: fluxbox, fvwm, windowmaker, enlightenment, afterstep, and several others03:02
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, remove quiet and splash03:02
Flanneltwistage: If you wait until Hardy comes out, it'll be much, much easier and straight forward.03:02
irelinquishthanks ryanprior03:03
twistageFlannel: Alright sounds good03:03
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow alright I'll give it a try03:03
smithI am building a 780g, amd 5000+be, 2gb of ram computer, where can I find info to see if hardware will not work?03:03
CyberCodsmith: those tools are available in regular Ubuntu as well though... UbuntuStudio focuses mainly on the audio stuff03:03
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:03
irelinquishsmith live cd03:03
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:03
CyberCodand much of that is hard to deal with because "jack" is such a pain.03:03
kelvin911how to generate the wine menu in UBUNTU main menu?03:03
smithi am not interested in audio03:04
CyberCodthe next version should be better for audio with the Pulse audio put in03:04
Jack_Sparrowkelvin911, /join #Winehq03:04
sdakakCould you recommend doku or moin over mediawiki for a small newsletter project that will have 500 people working at most and which will require page permissions, and other non-wiki features extensively?03:04
thinkingfrogKelvin:  cool nickname03:04
OrbixxHow do I force Thunderbird to display images from any sender?03:04
smithbut Ubuntu Studio looks much better, can it be applied to normal ubuntu?03:04
kelvin911main menu is ubuntu business not winehq03:04
CyberCodsmith:  I suggest just getting Ubuntu Hardy Heron (IF IT EVER COMES OUT!!!)  and installing the art apps as you see fit.03:04
tekteenOrbixx: I do not suggest it03:04
kelvin911guy told me to come here and ask03:05
Jack_Sparrow!themes > smith03:05
smithOn this computer (the one im on) ubuntu does not work right, the resolution is messed up03:05
StarnestommyCyberCod: it will come out within the next few hours03:05
Dr_williskelvin911,  the wine program gerneates the various .desktop files. there is no app to 'regernate' them as far as i know03:05
macdsmith, you can use the studio theme stuff with ubuntu03:05
CyberCodsmith:  also, look into Blender... if you do any 3D type artwork03:05
tekteenOrbixx: you ready to receive alot of spam?03:05
Dr_williskelvin911,   use the menu editor and make  your own i guess.03:05
kelvin911why installing wine wont generate those thing again?03:05
Jack_Sparrow!res > smith03:05
Orbixxtekteen: I already do, it's filtered very well.03:05
CJS3141Jack_Sparrow: I know your busy, but if you have time for one last question--how do I determine if it is safe to install a given .deb program/file?03:05
Dr_williskelvin911,  installing WINE wont do anything.. installing an app with wine.. should make a menu item for that app03:05
CyberCodStarnestommy: I'm not trippin... its still the 23rd here... ;)03:05
arkaniadquick ques, anyone have a quick apt command to remove evolution and install thundirbird?03:06
DamjanekHi. Does anyone has an idea, how to get an information if power supply is in redundant mode in IBM BladeCenter via SNMP?03:06
kelvin911but i install app and menu didnt come up03:06
gonzoBuenas alguien sabra la direccion de irc de ubuntu venezuela???03:06
macdCJS3141, if its in the ubuntu repos, chances are its fine, if its a 3rd party deb, its at your own risk03:06
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, if it is not from our repos.. you take your chances and roll the dice.. have a system backup03:06
Dr_williskelvin911,  try logging out/back in.03:06
kelvin911do i need to add an item manually there?03:06
Starnestommyarkaniad: sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird03:06
smiththank you for your help.  Could someone please repost hardware compatibility, I lost it.  THanks03:06
owen1i installed xubuntu-desktop. is it risky to get rid of gnome (apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop)?03:06
kelvin911i did log out back in many times03:06
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow well that definitely worked, doesn't hang at boot at all, thank you very much.  I have one more problem maybe you can help?03:06
kelvin911reboot many time03:06
RyanPrior!hardware | Starnestommy03:06
ubotuStarnestommy: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:06
tekteenarkaniad: sudo apt-get remove evolution; sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird03:06
Deathserverwhat fonts do i need to install to get flash working right03:06
twistageWhats up with Hardy including a Beta version of Firefox?03:07
smithok, thank you cybercod, bye03:07
jiraiagonzo try #ubuntu-es03:07
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, will try.. but you take your life in your hands03:07
RyanPriorDeathserver: Flash should work fine with the default fonts.03:07
Dr_williskelvin911,  guess you make your own icon then.03:07
CJS3141macd, Jack_Sparrow: OK, thanks so much for the help! Cheers... :)03:07
kelvin911i try also all methods mention here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63209003:07
CyberCodadios mr smith03:07
Jack_SparrowCJS3141, np03:07
kelvin911cant get it back03:07
=== gbs is now known as fserve
gustavo_hey, I am using Kopete. can I try to use my webcam with one of you?03:07
Orbixxtekteen: Still there?03:07
ironic_isnt_itim having some trouble when connecting to irc. im using ubuntu 7.10 and xchat is my irc client. first its saying couldnt lookup host name and 2nd no identd (auth) response03:08
kelvin911i mean here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59441003:08
Jack_Sparrowtwistage, they have obvioulsy have tested the beta enough to include it03:08
tekteenOrbixx: can't find it :-(... still looking03:08
Orbixxtekteen: I have been, too. Weird.03:08
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sp3_may someone please help me?03:08
kelvin911please read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59441003:08
arkaniadwho wants HARDY!!!03:08
ubotusp3_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:08
CyberCodsp3_: whats the issue?03:08
Orbixxtekteen: Don't worry. I'll just stick to selecting trusted recepients as and when they mail me.03:09
Orbixxtekteen: Thanks for looking, though.03:09
gonzoalguien habla español03:09
Starnestommy!es | gonzo03:09
ubotugonzo: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:09
ironic_isnt_itso can someone help me out with this?03:09
ubotuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html03:09
gustavo_hey, I am using Kopete. can I try to use my webcam with one of you?03:09
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sp3_if i install ubuntu on virtual machine(virtual box)..u know where it says to chooose how much ram you want to give it? well..will i get all my ram back when im not using the virtualmachine?03:09
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow lol.  Well, my laptop couldn't get the desktop effects working, I run 7.10.  it said the composite can't be enable, or something like that.  well I got it working after editing xorg.conf and installing some type of x program...03:09
arkaniad!offtopic | gustavo:03:09
ubotugustavo:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:09
Katherineanyone know what time Hardy Heron is "officially" released?03:09
backtickironic_isnt_it: i use a different program but usually that means you didn't set "Ident" in settings.. so try to look for it03:09
Starnestommysp3_: when the virtual machine is closed, you will get the RAM back03:10
tc111 i'm so tired of searching... i need a linux boot manager utility (preferably easy-to-use) for creating a selection list of which partition to boot on a pendrive (flashdrive, usbstick, thumbdrive, etc...). any recommendation?03:10
CyberCodsp3_ yes you will03:10
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, ok.. xgl perhaps03:10
arkaniadgustavo: kind of random03:10
Deathserverwell some sites after installing flash wont show links its just black03:10
arkaniadtc111: Grub.03:10
StarnestommyKatherine: there is no official time.  It will be released before the 25th, though03:10
ironic_isnt_itand do i possibly need to forward a port?03:10
Leonidas_Jack_Sparrow the thing is is that I don't want xgl anymore because it seems to make my laptop run poorly.  Is that possible?03:10
marcelmy 435gb partition with all my work on it is marked as unallocated in gparted, i need it back now03:10
fserveos[Linux 2.6.24-16-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu 8.04] cpu[1 x Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.60GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.60GHz] mem[Physical: 1.5GB, 79.8% free] disk[Total: 36.3GB, 22.4% free] video[VIA Technologies, Inc. UniChrome Pro IGP] sound[VIA8237 - VIA 82371: VIA82XX-MODEM - VIA 82XX modem]03:10
fserveim running it.03:10
Katherineso it could eb any time tomorrow03:10
marcelcan someone help me a lil?03:11
tc111arkaniad: easy to use???03:11
arkaniadg2g dudes03:11
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: forward port 113 to your computer and run something like oidentd03:11
CyberCodmarcel   hmmm03:11
d0lphin_n0elis everyone waiting for the new distro ubuntu release? :)03:11
arkaniadtc111: works 4 me03:11
sdakakThe sound in flash videos in my browser stopped working. I can play music files though.03:11
CyberCodmarcel  what is the last thing that happened to it?03:11
tc111arkaniad: link to a good tutorial?03:11
arkaniadtc111: im not much of a USB booter03:11
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, yes, it does suck up resources....  You should have no problem removing it, but may I suggest you make a stop at /join #Compiz to make sure it isnt something else...03:11
arkaniadtc111: i dont have any tuts,,,,, srry03:11
inevaexistedsdakak your not the only one experiencing that prob03:11
marcelCyberCod, it's a external HDD, i pluged it in, and it was marked as unallocated03:11
timboyterminal redirection isn't working for me... I'm running: ~/cxoffice/bin/wine --debugmsg=all --bottle=NOF10 Fusion.exe > fusion.log and it still displays all in the terminal03:11
sdakakinevaexisted: that is comforting but still not cool.03:11
sdakakinevaexisted: was there a update/03:12
inevaexistednot sure03:12
ironic_isnt_itforward port 113 and install oidentd?03:12
tc111i've got 6 partitions, each with syslinux and an iso image. just need a method to choose which partition to boot03:12
Jack_SparrowLeonidas_, time for dinner...   take care...   everyone else play nice....03:12
CyberCodmarcel:   what was the last system you had it plugged into... this same one?03:13
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: do you completely time out when conencting?03:13
marcelCyberCod, yes03:13
ironic_isnt_itno i dont think so03:13
gustavo_Hello.....    I am using Kopete. can I try to use my webcam with one of you?03:13
CyberCodmarcel: been close to any big magnets?03:13
marcelCyberCod, and a windows dual boot before that03:13
sdakakHow do I fix the missing sound in flash videos? Other system sounds and music plays fine.03:13
marcelCyberCod, no03:13
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: the message about identd responses can be ignored if you can connect fine otherwise03:13
ironic_isnt_itat least i havent gotten any time out errors03:13
marcelCyberCod, its been sitting where it is for about 6 months03:13
CyberCodmarcel:   what is the filesystem on it?03:13
marcelCyberCod, NTFS03:14
ironic_isnt_itwell it wont let me on fefnet03:14
CyberCodthere ARE data recovery centers that can take it apart physically and extract your data... but it is costly.  If the data is worth that much trouble and expense, that is the safest option03:14
lekremyelsewbazhang: hey again03:15
lekremyelsewbazhang: what is DosBox supposed to do03:15
n-iCehow can I See by terminal my usb devices names03:15
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: do you get any other error messages when connecting?03:15
CyberCodmarcel:  in all likelihood, its just the MBR and partition table that got bunked, and the data is still there03:15
marcelCyberCod, i used testdisk and it came up with nothing03:16
lekremyelsewbazhang: u there?03:16
andy_hiya, i`m new to irc so just checking it out03:16
CyberCodif you had a backup of the partition table, (which I'm assuming you don't) you could just restore it... but without knowing EXACTLY what partitions were on it and where they started and ended precicely, you could just ruin all your data03:16
n-iCehow can I See by terminal my usb devices names03:16
inevaexistedsdakak easy fix03:16
andy_anybody out there a C# wiz?03:17
inevaexistedsdakak you need to install the package "libflashsupport" its in the default repo03:17
ironic_isnt_itthose are the only two i see at for this server03:17
ironic_isnt_itare u sure its port 113 chat.freenode.net says 6667?03:18
CyberCodthere is a small utility included with Partition Magic for Windoze that lets you edit the partition table directly... it may be able to get you closer to restoring the proper partition settings.  I don't know what the proper tool would be for linux.  I just use dd to backup and restore mine.  but you can't restore what you don't have backed up03:18
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: identd uses port 113.03:19
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: but IRC uses 666703:19
n-iCehow can I See by terminal my usb devices names03:19
Starnestommyn-iCe: lsusb?03:19
marcelCyberCod, Plz tell me i can get it back03:19
ironic_isnt_itok lol sorry so it is 113 i need to forward?03:19
Starnestommyironic_isnt_it: yes03:19
marcelCyberCod, theres some 400+gb of work on that that i simply cant loose03:19
snaski want to set up a high encrypted chat.. but i cant find a good app for it03:20
CyberCodmarcel: you most likely can, if you unplug it right now, package it nicely and send it off to a data center.  If you keep futzing around with it, chances are you will lose it all.  Are you prepared to spend a couple hundred to get your data back?  If so, thats your answer.03:20
tekteensnask: pidgin does encryptions03:20
ironic_isnt_itany idea where id find identd settings for my client?03:20
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tekteensnask: install pidgin-encryption03:21
marcelCyberCod, any other options?03:21
tekteensnask: then enable it in the plugins menu on pidgin03:21
alfredoanyone knows when 8.04 will be available (date AND TIME) ?03:21
bazhanglekremyelsew: sorry, dosbox is a way to run abandoned dos games--more info at www.abandonia.com03:21
Starnestommyalfredo: sometime between now and tomorrow03:21
CyberCodnone that I know of...  someone else may be able to help if you stick around03:21
marcelok thats my only option then...03:22
fservethe human-murrine theme, that i used in 8.04 alpha403:22
fservehad a orange line03:22
lekremyelsewbazhang: ag, thats not what im looking for, the game that i am trying to do its a Quake based game called nexuiz03:22
CyberCodjust search for Data Recovery Service  in google... should bring you a few.  shop around read reviews03:22
fservelike ubuntustudio have a blue one03:22
snasktekteen, i want a irc-like chat..03:22
fservethat line make the theme look better, but isnt here now : (03:23
tekteensnask: irc can use ssl03:23
Starnestommysnask: you could use ssl with irc, but freenode currently has no ssl03:23
lekremyelsewbazhang: it cant use the axis on the controller to change the camera so i am trying to find a work around03:23
ironic_isnt_itwell im gonna and try those back in a few minutes03:24
smithhello again03:24
tc111CyberCod: testdisk is what you need for linux to recover partitions. just saved my butt by restoring the partition on my 160g drive full of my movies03:24
smithanyone here have a 780g chipset?03:24
cirkitI've reinstalled nm-applet and I don't see it in the Add to this Panel03:24
tc111marcel: testdisk is what you need for linux to recover partitions. just saved my butt by restoring the partition on my 160g drive full of my movies03:24
travist120Which channel is hardy release part on?03:24
CyberCodtc111: thanks I will remember that.. he said he'd already tried that though03:25
marceltc111, can you tell me how exactly you did that?03:25
jitendrai wanted to know if hardy is released03:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardty - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:25
bazhanglekremyelsew: the gaming section on ubuntuforums might help with that03:25
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!03:25
InYourBasecirkit: its not a panel application, hit Alt+f2 and then run nm-applet03:25
alfredocirkit: be sure you are in network group03:25
marceltc111, cause it told me that it wasnt recoverable03:25
lekremyelsewbazhang: mmaky03:25
smithanyone here have amd 780g chipset?03:25
ironic_isnt_itleave #ubuntu03:25
cirkitInYourBase: ahh ... well I'm just trying to get the network manager to show up in the gnome panel03:25
cirkitit got delete from the panel, and I don't see network manager in the Add Panel03:26
smithis vista eye-candy more demanding than ubuntu eye candy?03:26
voradamsg'day all, quick one, is 8.04 realeased midnight GMT or some other time?03:26
InYourBasecirkit: it's not a panel applet, it just puts an icon in the system tray03:26
kelvin911can someone help me?03:26
Odd-rationalevoradams: there is no spcified time03:27
kelvin911i want to manually add wine in main menu i dont know what type and what command for "Programs"03:27
tc111marcel: after realizing the partition table was gone, i didn't use the drive until i found testdisk, mind you, i didn't unmount it either, just didn't use it. ran testdisk against it and it found and restored the partition table. since it was an external, i didn't need to reboot as it said, just unplugged it and plugged it back in... bingo, back in service03:27
voradamsThanks mate.03:27
kelvin911if anyone has wine, can u check?03:27
Odd-rationalevoradams: join the release party @ #ubuntu-release-party03:27
smithanyone know if 780g chipset will work on hardy heron?03:27
backticksnask: http://www.silcnet.org/03:27
arvind_khadrikelvin911, just restart your gdm once03:27
marceltc111, im kind of new to linux is there anywhere you can point me to understand how to use it properly?03:27
kelvin911u mean reboot?03:27
tc111marcel: actually it was a slip of the keyboard by me... sde instead of sdd when wiping a single partition03:28
Faread marcel03:28
Famake sure to turn on a firewal first03:28
arvind_khadrikelvin911, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:28
tc111marcel: hold on a sec... i'll get the link...03:28
kelvin911is it the same as reboot?03:28
smithlinux has firewall?03:28
arvind_khadrikelvin911, nope only the X will reboot03:28
smithi know so little...03:28
amenadosmith yes, but with no rulez03:28
smithubuntu seems very complucated03:29
Fai'm waiting for ubuntu 8 to come out03:29
Faone more day03:29
kelvin911u sure sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart wont do anything else?03:29
arvind_khadri!iptables > smith03:29
smithi am not on ubuntu03:29
arvind_khadrikelvin911, 100%03:29
smithit doesnt work on this comp03:29
smithits for other comp03:29
Fait doesn't?03:29
smithno, my video card is gay03:30
smithgeforce 5700ve03:30
Faso is mine03:30
kelvin911what is gdm?03:30
Light-gnome display manager03:30
KWiersognome display manager03:30
smithi dont get any taskbar, menubar, or anything, just a picture03:30
Starnestommykelvin911: it provides the graphical login window and starts and restarts the X server03:30
amenadosmith-> you want to learn linux? http://free-electrons.com/doc/unix_linux_introduction.pdf03:30
kelvin911my display has no problem03:31
tc111marcel: here's the link   http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk03:31
smithyes i do, im sick of keygens and piratiing expensive software03:31
kelvin911i delete my wine menu manually, and i cant get it back even i reinstall wine03:31
smithi have widescreen moniter, and 3 inches of it on the left is just black03:32
smithwhen using ubuntu, odd03:32
cabrioleursmith, change your resolution.03:32
fservesmith, can you change res?03:32
smithi cant access anything03:32
smiththe top menu bar thing is nonexistant03:32
arvind_khadrikelvin911, thats related to your GDM only03:32
kelvin911please see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=594410&page=203:32
Invert314ubuntu won't boot because i installed windows xp.  so i booted the ubuntu livecd and i can't fix it with grub. full error message details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&page=3103:32
CyberCodcan you change your settings via the monitor?03:32
CyberCodsquish it down03:33
kelvin911how can restart the display manager getting wine menu back?03:33
smithin safe mode it works, but its massive and cant do 1440x900.  something like 800x60003:33
fservewine menu? try reinstalling wine03:33
kelvin911i did reinstall wine03:33
kelvin911many times03:33
fserveto restart display manager /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:33
fservebut it will not help03:33
marcelcan someone please help me get my partition back03:34
kelvin911nothing wrong with my display here03:34
smithanyone know if 780g is enough for ubuntu eyecandy/beryl03:34
kelvin911it s the menu03:34
marceli cant figure out this testdisk and im about to pull my hair out03:34
fservesmith, yes it is03:34
fservetry it03:34
kelvin911if u have wine menu can u check the programs item in wine pls?03:34
kelvin911what is the type and the command03:34
fserveradeon HD 3200 inside ATi's 780G03:34
fserveBrowse C:\ Drive03:35
fservexdg-open ~/.wine/drive_c03:35
smithubuntu studio doesnt have live cd and I dont want to F things up03:35
fserveConfigure Wine03:35
kelvin911not browse c:\03:36
fservepaste Programs03:36
kelvin911i want Programs03:36
kelvin911the first item03:36
fservepaste Accessories03:36
kelvin911what is the type?03:36
marcelheres my drive in gparted, i cant get that 450gb partition back, i need it for work03:36
fserveacessories is a paste03:37
randomoutburst_hey does anyone know of any good web design irc rooms?03:37
fserveNotepad file03:37
fservecommand: notepad03:37
fservecomment: A clone of Windows Notepad03:37
kelvin911i mean type03:37
kelvin911type for programs03:37
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kelvin911the first item03:37
bazhangfserve: what do you mean?03:38
backtickmarcel: it's not a partition, it's shows as as "empty" space on hard disk03:38
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kelvin911u have 4 items in wine right?03:38
fservebazhang, im talkin with kelvin91103:38
bazhangah sorry fserve03:38
marcelbacktick, i know, it usedto be NTFS03:38
fserve4 itens03:38
kelvin911what is the 1st one?03:38
kelvin911i want type and command03:38
linlynx6ubuntu should release at 6 pm03:38
fservethe first one03:39
fserveis a FOLDER03:39
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:39
arvind_khadrilinlynx6, no specific time03:39
fserveNamed progams03:39
kelvin911how can u choose type as folder?03:39
kelvin911is it new menu or new item?03:39
fservenew item i think03:39
kelvin911can u give me the screenshot?03:40
cirkitIs there a way to add a network manager icon into the gnome panel?03:40
ximnetwork manager?03:41
ximwhich one03:41
arvind_khadricirkit, its should be there by default03:41
absntIm going to install compizfusion, I have a nvidia card so does it matter if I use Envy or just enable the restricted driver? Which is a better choice/method?03:41
ximmine is already on there yeah03:41
undecimHey, everyone, what bash command can I use to determine when an account will expire?03:41
cirkitit's not showing up anymore03:41
ximas long as your notify widgit is on03:41
cirkitarvind_khadri: it got deleted from there03:41
sdakakabsnt: Use the restricted device manager03:41
arvind_khadricirkit, report a bug ASAP and re-install gnome-panel03:42
absntsdakak: k, any difference in the two though?03:42
ximare you talking about the tray next to the clock with the volume icon?03:42
ximi dont even have the option to remove my network icon from ther03:42
RB2I installed HomeUserBackup, but strangely enough, it didn't create a menu item. Does anyone know what the command is?03:42
sdakakabsnt: Yes envy is just a script that fetches the package from nvidia site and installs it, not different from manually installing it.03:42
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_Rambaldi_is there a command to output to screen not just terminal?03:42
cgentry72is there a way to download flash videos in firefox from ubuntu?03:43
absntsdakak: and what does enabling the restricted dirver do? Is that driver up-to date?03:43
sdakakabsnt: the restricted device manager uses drivers that come through the ubuntu repos. If you are not a bleeding edge user use the ubuntu repos, for eg. when there is a kernel update and you are using envy everything could break.03:43
arvind_khadricgentry72, you mean the youtube one03:43
cgentry72arvind_khadri, yea03:43
arvind_khadricgentry72, there is a package for that youtube-dl03:43
cgentry72arvind_khadri, cool thank you03:44
sdakakSound in my flash videos has suddenly stopped working. I can play the rest of music files in my computer. What could be wrong?03:44
absntsdakak: I see, thanks for the info! Do you recommend a specific script for installing compizfusion?03:44
arvind_khadricgentry72, you are welcome :)03:44
_Rambaldi_i found that very untrue,firefox delets flv files cgentry72 arvind_khadri03:44
bazhangcgentry72: it is really great that youtube.dl03:44
sdakakabsnt: Please stick with the official stuff if you want to do other things with your life rather than sit and trouble shoot ubuntu.03:44
bazhang_Rambaldi_: that is something different03:44
sdakakabsnt: compiz is installed by default.03:44
arvind_khadri_Rambaldi_, this package downloads it your home folder03:44
sdakakabsnt: just search for compiz in synaptic if you want that advanced gui interface to tweak the settings.03:44
cgentry72arvind_khadri, where is this package, whats the name03:45
bazhang!info youtube-dl | _Rambaldi_03:45
ubotu_rambaldi_: youtube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube.com. In component universe, is extra. Version 2007.08.24-1ubuntu0.1 (gutsy), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB03:45
arvind_khadricgentry72, sudo apt-get install youtube-dl03:45
Lukstrwhat is the minimum processor speed you'd recommend for a media server?03:45
_Rambaldi_i suppose what i want is to stop flv from being deleted from cache, i am having to use ie7 in virtual box to save the files bazhang, arvind_khadri03:46
cgentry72arvind_khadri, thank you03:46
sdakaksolace: ?03:46
Danikarsolace: hello03:46
bazhangthat link was provided by the illustrious captain Jack ;]03:46
arvind_khadricgentry72, no probs03:46
sdakakCan anyone help me with missing sound in flash videos in FIREFOX?03:46
bazhang_Rambaldi_: get miro or use youtube-dl03:47
Danikarsdakak: Try reinstalling flash?03:47
sdakakDanikar: nothing else?03:47
solaceAnybody seen live free or die hard, I know they dont use a real OS, But it's easy to notice its ubuntu based, Anyone got a theme like matthews?03:47
JoesephHello everyone again.  I am a recent ubu ntu user who switched from windows.  I love ubuntu.   Unfortunetely, Ubuntu sometimes gives me problems. Like now, ProDifferent proccessess, (notably Xorg) is eating up my cpu for no reason.  I can't even see this while I'm typing my computer is running so slow.  I don't think its effects, as gnome did the same thing, and I had 'no effects' turned on.  I'm on KDE currently, but all my problems occur 03:47
Danikarsdakak: I don't think he has too many settings you can mess with. That would be the first thing I would try personally.03:47
_Rambaldi_i often have this problem, usually if i close the other sound sources, sound works sdakak03:48
sdakakDanikar: Where do you find that .so file? I will delete it and just replace it from the flash site.03:48
bazhangsolace: check gnome-look.org03:48
sdakak_Rambaldi_: oh.03:48
arvind_khadriJoeseph, whats your ram03:48
pen_how do I set up ad hoc with one wireless card on ubuntu?03:48
inevaexistedsdakaka google hardy flash no sound03:48
solaceIs there a search there?03:48
Leonidas_does anyone know how to get tomboy notes to start at startup? or any program for that matter?03:48
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!03:48
sdakakinevaexisted: isn't this gutsy?03:48
_Rambaldi_Leonidas_, add it to the session03:49
inevaexistedhardy is the new release..03:49
solaceHardy =D03:49
Arky44If I were to run a command such as "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop", would that delete any files on my HD, and would I be able to view my GNOME desktop files in the XFCE environment?03:49
solaceBut I need help, Is there a search box on gnome-look.org?03:49
_Rambaldi_Leonidas_, system > pref>sessions03:49
cgentry72arvind_khadri, this program doesn't show up in firefox, should it?03:49
bazhangsolace: this is offtopic here; search and find out or make one yourself using gimp03:49
arvind_khadricgentry72, nope its a CLI one03:50
juano__Arky44: no it doesn't delete your files and yes, you will be able to login to Gnome also03:50
JoesephUnfortunately, if I don't get this fixed soon, I'm going to have to switch back to windows.... which I don't want to do.- It also seems to be rather random- sometimes my computer will do fine,other times it will move slower than a sloth.  I have a 1.3 Gigahz proccessor  arvind_khadri and 512 megabytes of ram03:50
solaceGot it.03:50
Leonidas__Rambaldi_ what's the command though?03:50
cgentry72arvind_khadri, so it just caches them in the home directory then?03:50
Danikarsdakak: You might find something in here helpful03:50
Danikarsdakak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#head-7be182bbefefd03501502a1763c4abb55b29d42403:50
pen_how do I set up ad hoc with one wireless card on ubuntu?03:50
bazhangcgentry72: downloads them not caches03:50
arvind_khadricgentry72, nope it stores/downloads them to there....03:50
_Rambaldi_for what program Leonidas_03:50
undecimHow can I tell when a user will expire?03:50
cgentry72got it sorry.. thanks for all your help as usual03:51
juano__Arky44: that will just install the xfce desktop environment, but won't delete any other one you have installed03:51
arvind_khadriJoeseph, how much is your swap space03:51
scytheCan anyone help me with some Chipset 610i issues please?03:51
Leonidas_tomboy nots03:51
jasperI'm using a chroot, and created a SUID file inside of it (the filesystem is ext3) with user ssmtp:ssmtp. I'm doing this so that the ssmtp user can read ssmtp.conf (which contains user/pass data) but the executing user can't. But when I run the file as another user, it still can't read the file nor does it report the proper UID (if I try the same approach with a shell script that echo's $USER).03:51
shane2peruhey does anyone know where I can find a desktop jigdo file?  I didn't see any on the download page03:51
Arky44juano__: thanks! But if I log on under the XFCE environment, will I be able to view files I created in the GNOME environment?03:51
ironic_isnt_itok i forwarded port 113 and installed oidentd but still getting those two messages couldnt lookup your hostname and no identd (auth) response03:51
prey_aloneI can't update my ruby gems. Error Read-only file system03:51
* scythe please chat me if anyone can help with chipset 610i issues03:51
_Rambaldi_Leonidas_, tomboy --search03:51
arvind_khadricgentry72, the command should look like youtube-dl -t http://<the link in the address bar of firefox>03:52
Joesephmy intel graphics card shows up on lspci, and II havnen't seen any problems with my card online03:52
Leonidas__Rambaldi_ let me try brb03:52
arvind_khadriJoeseph, swap space03:52
cgentry72arvind_khadri, oh thanks that would be helpful :)03:52
shane2peruanyone know where to find the jidgo desktop file?03:52
arvind_khadricgentry72, you can use man youtube-dl for more info03:53
shane2peruIt isn't on the download page, just torrent, and iso.03:53
sparr_im getting really annoyed at having to manage free space on my hard drives.  i wish there was a non-destructuve way to transparently spread a folder across multiple drives03:53
Joesepharvind_khadri: I would look up how to figure that out, but my computer is running at one of those times were ti is slow: what's t a command to tell you how big your swap space is?03:53
ironic_isnt_itany ideas? someone can help me?03:53
juano__Arky44: yes, the files will remain unaltered, by this i mean everything in your home folder, and / will be completely visible from xfce, remember though that the desktop files of GNOME will not be deleted but they will not appear under xfce, i recommend you copy them in a folder inside your home and afterwards once you installed and started using xfce, then copy them back to the xfce desktop03:53
Leonidas__Rambaldi_ is that the same command for most programs?03:53
bazhangshane2peru: for hardy? best give it a while then03:53
shane2perubazhang, right, for hardy. :)03:53
cgentry72arvind_khadri, wow so much support.. thanks again03:53
arvind_khadriJoeseph, dont you remember how much you set the swap space for ....that should be twice your ram03:53
Joesepharvind_khadri: sorry, everything is comming in in big spurts, so I have to scrooll back up for things I missed03:54
shane2perubazhang, what do you mean, is it going to take a bit for it to come out?03:54
arvind_khadricgentry72, :)03:54
cgentry72arvind_khadri, i'm download a video now and it's working03:54
arvind_khadriJoeseph, thats ok03:54
arvind_khadricgentry72, happy Ubuntu-ing03:54
bazhangshane2peru: why not get a torrent and spread the love?03:54
Arky44juano__: thanks, that's what I was looking for :)03:54
shane2perubazhang, yeah, I probably will just do that, do you know if a jigdo file will be out after final release?03:54
juano__Arky44: so first step, copy all files over the desktop in gnome, then make folder named something like "mydesktopfiles" , then copy the files inside there, then install xfce, then copy back the files inside "mydesktopfiles" to your xfce desktop03:55
bazhangshane2peru: without a doubt (or until am I told otherwise) ;]03:55
nxusr it is possible to create a cron job to monitor a directory and if file with certain extension is written to it, to delete it?03:55
Joesepharvind_khadri: I don't remembeare you suggeston  it would help if I made it bigger?03:55
arvind_khadriJoeseph, i feel the problem is your ram....go for a higher one ..is the ram DDR-2 or SDR03:55
rickeyi have just installed kubuntu 804 cant get my amaork or bmpx to play radio streams03:55
shane2perubazhang, ok, thanks, I'll get the torrent started now then, and just update that with the jigdo for actual release!03:56
Pelorickey, ask in #ubuntu+103:56
scytheso no one running 610i?03:56
pen_how do I set up ad hoc with one wireless card on ubuntu?03:56
Joesepharvind_khadri: Are you sure? my ram never shows up as being eaten alive, while my cpu is.03:56
bazhangonly a few more hours of redirecting to #ubuntu+1 ! yahooo!03:57
Peloscythe, not anymore it's over 18  months old , no longer supported03:57
rickeyok thanks03:57
evilbugi can't manage to set AWN to start automatically and the "Start at login" box is checked in the manager.03:57
shane2perubazhang, ha ha, looking forward to the hardy release too, oh, I already have it installed. :)03:57
Pelo!wifi | pen_03:57
ubotupen_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:57
arvind_khadriJoeseph, ok go to System->Administration->System Monitor->Resources there you should find your swap03:57
scythepelo, does an old version support it? can i bring support up to gutsy or hardy?03:57
psychwheres it?03:57
Peloevilbug, make sure awn is on ,  and click the save desktop in the last tab of the session thingy03:58
bazhangwatch out shane2peru still not safe to say (hardy, ssshhh!) in here ;]03:58
arvind_khadriJoeseph, i *feel * not sure though...is the ram DDR-2???03:58
shane2peruJoeseph, or just type 'free' in the terminal window03:58
Peloscythe, sorry,  I thought you meant ubuntu 6.10 , nvm me03:58
pen_Pelo: there is no ad hoc links03:58
shane2perubazhang, opps. :)03:58
foraohokay, the topic just answered my question03:58
bazhangcya later guys ;]03:58
shane2perubazhang, cya, thanks.03:58
scytheis 610i chipset old? well f-me.n gigabyte released a board with it like 6 months ago03:59
foraohstill nobody has any clues when 8.04 is going to be out03:59
scythem-atx spec03:59
arvind_khadribazhang, bye tc03:59
evilbugPelo- won't that open up every single application i have open atm?03:59
pen_Pelo: nvm https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc?highlight=%28WifiDocs%29%7C%28AND%29%7C%28ManufacturerModel%2903:59
pen_Pelo: but the network manager part is not working03:59
Peloevilbug, close those you don'T want to start at boot03:59
evilbugPelo- thanks.03:59
Pelopen_,  I know diddly about wifi03:59
pen_Pelo: I don't want to use the CLI commends, because this is rare for me to do03:59
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:00
eZety bot04:00
Joesepharvind_khadri: I'm not sure, but I feel there is something wrong with Xorg, though I don't know for sure, as it is the programing eathing ridiculous amounts of cpu- as much as 50% just by movmaking a box with the mouse04:00
Pelopen_, not sure what you mean, how many comands are there ? make them in to a bash script04:00
euronymousWhen will heron final be available on torrent?04:01
owen1what's the repository of vinagre? i am trying to get in in xubuntu.04:01
pen_Pelo: I don't understand why the commends are only teaching you how to join a ad hoc instead of creating one?04:01
Peloeuronymous, it's the best way to distribute it , so yes04:01
arvind_khadriJoeseph, hmm ...then try installing from a diff cd04:01
jburdeuronymous: Is it already available via http?04:01
shane2peruJoeseph, this can happen with swap not being enabled04:01
pen_Pelo: do you need two or more wireless card to set up ad hoc?04:01
Pelopen_, I wouldn'T know , I didn't make the guide04:01
arvind_khadriJoeseph, purge X and try one04:01
Pelopen_,  I do not know anything about wifi , you are asking the wrong person04:02
euronymousjburd: I mean the final release. I wanted to know when that candidate's torrent will be released.04:02
arvind_khadriJoeseph, sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg04:02
scytheif ANYONE can just get onboard LAN working on a 610i chipset, id love you.04:02
pen_Pelo: oh04:02
shane2peruarvind_khadri, won't he need to be out of X to do that?04:02
arvind_khadrishane2peru, nope04:02
shane2peruarvind_khadri, cool04:02
Peloscythe, don' tyou need to enable it in the bios ?04:02
shane2peruarvind_khadri, that is why I love linux. :)04:02
sdaka1why is the room empty?04:02
scytheit is04:03
scythetried it with Boot Rom enabled and siabled also04:03
arvind_khadrishane2peru, :)04:03
scythethe connection will recieve packets04:03
scythebut wont send04:03
scytheno matter what i do, ping says its sending04:03
mikehi all04:03
thebighamI really need help with my wireless connection. It can barely connect to my wireless network. And when it's finally connected, the connection is very unstable and slow.04:03
scythethe GUI shows no mackets sent04:03
scytheand tracerout cant leave localhost04:03
Pelo!enter | scythe04:03
ubotuscythe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:03
owen1can i get vinagre (vnc client) on xubunt?04:03
foraoh57 min left for hardy04:03
Peloscythe, try asking in #networking maybe04:03
arvind_khadriok gtg04:03
scythewill do04:04
arvind_khadribye ppl04:04
scythebye, and thank you04:04
Peloowen1,  probably, xubuntu supports gnome apps,   check in the repos04:04
shane2peruowen1, yes, many gnome apps can be installed with xubuntu04:04
foraohwhen it happens you guys will change your thought04:04
sdaka1foraoh: what are you messing around with?04:05
owen1shane2peru: Pelo: apt-get can't find it.04:05
PeloOwner, what release are you on ?04:05
_Rambaldi_foraoh, do you know what time they are running off, coz its been 24 for a while now04:05
shane2peruowen1, no, aptitude has a search, aptitude search package04:05
owen1Pelo: 7.0404:05
Peloowen1, you'll have to wait until you upgrade to 8.0404:05
owen1Pelo: is xubuntu get updated just like ubuntu?04:06
Pelo_Rambaldi_, it's  5 am in the UK right now , I think you can let the cannonical ppl have a shower and breakfast04:06
cirkitI already have gnome installed, but for some reason gnome-desktop wasn't installed ... isn't gnome-desktop part of gnome already?04:06
shane2peruok, I'm out of here, cya04:06
Peloowen1, yes04:06
Pelocirkit, shuldbe ,  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop will install everything you need04:07
_Rambaldi_someone foraoh said 57 min to go thats why i ask Pelo04:07
cirkitPelo: ok04:07
Jack_Sparrow No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:07
Nick123Can;t get my wireless driver to install on my laptop in ubunutu 7.104:07
sdaka1I re-installed flash. Still I don't get sound in flash videos in firefox. Other music plays fine.04:07
bjvHow do you apt-get install an old version of a package?04:07
Flannel_Rambaldi_: #ubuntu-release-party is a good place to go to wait/etc04:07
Pelo_Rambaldi_,  I expect he was counting down to midnight where ever he is04:08
sdaka1Jack_Sparrow: ^ ?04:08
sdaka1Pelo: I  counted down to midnight UTC :(04:08
_Rambaldi_that makes sense Pelo04:08
=== bknox is now known as bknoxx
[1]JoesephAlright, now I'm on a computer that actually works....04:08
Nick123Can;t get my wireless driver to install on my laptop in ubunutu 7.1, can someone help?04:08
PeloJack_Sparrow, whre are baker and howlands ilsands is that the international date line ?04:08
jerichodoes anybody knows at what time will Hardy be available to download?04:09
sdaka1Pelo: probably UTC + 23?04:09
Jack_SparrowPelo, the date line04:09
Flanneljericho: no.  No one does.04:09
_Rambaldi_i had no idea such channels existed Flannel04:09
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:09
ximi wanna encrypt my files, does anyone have a fav utility?04:09
tonyyarussojericho: #ubuntu-release-party in the meantime04:09
jerichowoooot a party04:09
hvgotcodeshow do it get a 686 optimized kernel ?04:10
sdaka1sound not working in firefox - flash videos. I re-installed it from the repos. The video plays fine. Other sound works too. anyone?04:10
sdaka1hvgotcodes: !smp04:10
Pelohvgotcodes, stick to the generic04:10
sdaka1!smp > hvgotcodes04:10
=== milly is now known as milly1234
hvgotcodessdaka1: what?04:10
milly1234hi, I just added a tv tuner card to my computer and as soon as that worked I no longer am able to use my usb webcam, I am running Gutsy, the webcam worked before that but now it does not, anyone have a clue what might be causing this?04:10
Flannelhvgotcodes: generic is optimized04:11
ubotuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)04:11
hvgotcodessdaka1: is that a general no to symmetric multi proc?04:11
blacklabelsk8so is hardy dropping midnight tonight?04:11
tonyyarussoblacklabelsk8: no.04:11
milly1234or what sorts of things I should be looking for04:11
blacklabelsk8bummer :\04:11
[1]Joesepharvind_khadri: are you still here? I'm back04:11
Jack_Sparrow No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:11
tonyyarussoFor all Ubuntu 8.04 release anticipation, please head to #ubuntu-release-party.  #ubuntu is a support channel ONLY, even during exciting times.  :)04:11
sdaka1tonyyarusso: you are waiting to jump on people :)04:11
Nick123Can;t get my wireless driver to install on my laptop in ubunutu 7.1, can someone help?04:11
[1]JoesephI don't see you, never mind04:11
tonyyarussosdaka1: 'tis my job :)04:11
blacklabelsk8shit haha, get an op to change the topic then, dont jump on me for asking a common question?04:12
* Pelo is just gonna sit here and laugh at tonyyarusso having to answer every time someone asks about hardy 04:12
hvgotcodesflannel: i thought generic was 38604:12
[1]Joesephshane2peru: how do I enable swap?\04:12
Jack_Sparrowsdaka1, please be polite04:12
Flannelhvgotcodes: No, -386 is generic, generic is optimized for all x86 types.04:12
tonyyarussoblacklabelsk8: .... It's in the topic already.04:12
pedrosantaMy Americas Army keeps gettin from fullscreen to window mode, and even sometimes the screen blacks Does anyone have it too or knows how to solve it?04:12
* blacklabelsk8 stands corrected04:13
blacklabelsk8well thanks for the info at least04:13
hvgotcodesFlannel: hmmm ok04:13
Jack_Sparrowblacklabelsk8, did you read the topic04:13
scythePeople in channel #networking sent me back here04:13
cgentry72ubuntu rules !!!04:14
u007-1hi, i thought ubuntu 8 is releasing today? :P04:14
u007-1the numbers has gone :P04:14
tonyyarussou007-1: #ubuntu-release-party please04:14
* Pelo sends scythe to #networking right back , hey this is like pingponi 04:14
Peloping pong04:14
scythemy intergrated NIC can recieve but not send packets. its on the 610i chipset. any tips?04:14
XceIIsooooooooo, is it on schedule ??04:14
scythe#networking had no ideas and sent me back here04:15
Peloscythe, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport and www.ubuntuforums.org ,  for research not for posting04:15
Jack_SparrowXceII, Please read the channel topic04:15
XceIII c04:15
XceIIok, ill go back in my hole.04:15
twistageSo what time is it coming out?04:15
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:15
Jack_Sparrow No, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:15
* tonyyarusso wins04:15
sdaka1tonyyarusso: :)04:15
=== twistage is now known as Twistage
scytheubuntu support is fucked04:16
Jack_SparrowWelcome rich_phoenix04:16
sdaka1scythe you are welcome04:16
cgentry72if i typed in a command for a program where is it usually stores, like pidgin etc04:16
XceIIim on it right now, the thing actually S C R E A M S.04:16
ofirdoes anyone know what time hardy update will be available?04:16
Piciofir: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.04:16
Piciofir, Hardy will be released some time during the 24th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party04:16
sdaka1cgentry72: /usr/bin04:17
ofirok, thanks04:17
cgentry72sdaka1, cool thanks04:17
* Pelo feels bad about not being able to hehlp scythe , but what the heck04:17
[1]Joesephwilll sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg uninstall, then reinstall x-org?04:17
ali1234cgentry72: read 'man which'04:17
XceIIPici:  when it is released, will the kernel be the same as the update?04:18
smithlmao i am banned from #ubuntu party04:18
PeloJoeseph, no,  sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg --purge && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg will04:18
smithi was making fun of ubotu04:18
Artemis3For the 4th time, and second year, would you mind providing a torrent? Ah well i know ill be ignored and or bashed again, and again we swim... Your little trick didn't work :P04:18
PiciXceII: As the update?04:18
=== [1]Joeseph is now known as Joeseph
mayakuzais there someone here that can help me whit compiz fusion?04:18
sdaka1smith: they are protective of bots there04:18
Pelo[1]Joeseph, and please take that crap off before you nick it,s hellish to type04:18
XceIIthe last kernel update04:18
PeloJoeseph, no,  sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg --purge && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg will04:18
cgentry72i don't see pidgin though listed in /usr/bin04:18
smithhes my bitch, he should respect me04:18
wubrgamerwhere do i download 8.04?04:19
PiciXceII: In hardy currently?04:19
sdaka1cgentry72: 'locate pidgin'04:19
wubrgameris the iso made already?04:19
Piciwubrgamer, Hardy will be released some time during the 24th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party04:19
sdaka1wubrgamer: where do we?04:19
Pelocgentry72,  in the terminal tyupe locate pidgin04:19
smithi reall cant get banned from this one too04:19
FlannelArtemis3: fourth time and second year?  What?04:19
Falocate pidgin04:19
Pelowubrgamer, not out yet ,  ubuntu.com tomorrow04:19
smiththat would not be good04:19
Fadidn't work04:19
PiciXceII: Yes, it'll be the same.04:19
tonyyarusso!etiquette | smith04:19
ubotusmith: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...04:19
Pici!final | XceII04:19
ubotuXceII: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.04:19
cgentry72Pelo, thats cool thanks04:19
JoesephHey, anyone wanna help me instead of waiting for the new release? willl sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg uninstall, then reinstall x-org04:19
XceIIok tx, hey fa04:19
Fai'm downloading ubuntu 8 on friday04:20
=== dman is now known as dman|away
Fawaiting for the final relase04:20
Flannel!away > dman|away04:20
Painlessbusy in here... anyone would think there's a new release due or something04:20
ubotuYou should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubotu Guidelines»04:20
XceIIim  already running it fa, have been for a month'04:20
PeloPainless,  this is the usual,  actualy a lot less troubleshooting then usual04:20
milly1234I am running Ubuntu 7.10 and just installed a TV Tuner card and now my Webcam stopped working, it doesn't even show it under the multimedia systems selector in the video part, though it does show its usb mic, it also shows up when I enter "lsusb" in a terminal but nothing else shows it or can use it, anyone have a clue what might be causing this?04:20
Fai was running the beta but i wanted to centos04:21
Fai'm on windblows right now04:21
mayakuzacan someone here help me whit compiz fusion?04:21
Artemis3Flannel, Swimming in the pool.04:21
XceIIwhat does centos have that ubuntu dont04:21
PainlessPelo: I could see from the userlist when I joined the channel :)04:21
StarnestommyXceII: this channel is not about centos04:21
PeloXceII, don'T know we donT use centos04:21
JoesephAnybody want to stop just waiting for the new ubuntu and help me?   *Threatening*I'll switch back to windows04:22
Facentos is pretty much redhat04:22
wubrgamerubuntu doesn't have selinux???????///04:22
PeloJoeseph, no,  sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg --purge && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg will04:22
XceIIi dont either, dont fret, im ubuntu bought04:22
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:22
PeloJoeseph, isnT' that what you wanted ?04:22
Faubuntu has selinux?04:22
Flannelwubrgamer: Yes it does.  It uses AppArmor as default, but SELinux is available.04:22
PeloFa, next release04:22
Falol where?04:22
Painlessits in 8.0404:22
wubrgameraah, thought so04:22
PeloJoeseph, wht is y our issue ?04:22
milly1234anyone here a video input guru :( please04:22
Faoh i guess you have to turn it on04:22
JoesephPelo: Xorg eats up the cpu04:23
Pelomilly1234,  jsut state your issue04:23
PeloJoeseph, turn off compiz04:23
milly1234I am running Ubuntu 7.10 and just installed a TV Tuner card and now my Webcam stopped working, it doesn't even show it under the multimedia systems selector in the video part, though it does show its usb mic, it also shows up when I enter "lsusb" in a terminal but nothing else shows it or can use it, anyone have a clue what might be causing this?04:23
Joesephpelo: don't have compiz04:23
StarnestommyJoeseph: did you enable desktop/visual effects?04:23
JoesephStarnestommy: yes, but it eats up cpu when I have them disabled also04:24
PeloJoeseph,   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , let it pick the video driver and donT' change any of the default answer provided unless you absolutely know better04:24
Pelomayakuza, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel04:24
mayakuzai'm new to ubunto but can't gett compiz to work04:25
Pelomilly1234, my guess it that your tvcard is now hoging /dev/video0 ,  which is wat your webcam was using , not sure how to fix it ,   try reconfuring the the webcam04:25
Pelo!webcam | milly123404:25
ubotumilly1234: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:25
JoesephPelo: alrighty, just for your info, I have a 1.3 gighz procesor, and 512 meg of ram, an intel graphics card which I have not seen very much trouble with when searching online.04:25
linkinxp!compiz mayakuza04:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz mayakuza - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:25
Pelomayakuza, whatvideo card ?04:25
evilbugissue: i completely uninstalled pidgin via synaptic and it's still in my Applications>Internet :| i go into terminal and run "sudo apt-get remove pidgin" and it says it's not installed.04:25
linkinxp!compiz | mayakuza04:25
ubotumayakuza: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:25
milly1234thanks, I willl check that out04:25
evilbugbut if i click on it,it runs.04:25
PeloJoeseph, you just got a badly configure X probably04:26
Starnestommyevilbug: did you ever install it from somewhere other than the package manager?04:26
Gary_inNYCevilbug, it's probably just the entry in your menu...04:26
evilbugStarnestommy- i did,i compiled one.04:26
jgoohrm. Installed ubuntu on a thinkpad, and afterwards the user booted into windows, and ran the lenovo 'updates'. This proceeded to trash GRUB. What is the best action?04:26
evilbugStarnestommy- but i thought it just overwrote the previous one.04:26
tonyyarusso!grub | jgoo04:26
JoesephPelo: thank you,  I will run that command and see what happens... its odd though, it only happens sometimes, when my computer acts slow04:26
ubotujgoo: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:26
Starnestommyevilbug: you'll need to go into the directory where the sources are for it, then run sudo make uninstall or sudo make deinstall04:27
tonyyarussojgoo: the RUAIW instructions should work.04:27
Pelojgoo,  ,  download the supergrub cd , and use that to fix stage one in grub the mbr bit04:27
MrPeepers310hey i need some help i cant get the svn for gwenview to run on eclipse. I already dl'ed the plugin for svn capabilities but whenever i choose it it just does nothing04:27
jgooI'd like to get XP up, first, as this is something the user needs, and then later worry about linux - the machine doesn't have floppy which is the only reason I ask as I cannot do a fdisk /mbr04:27
gustavo_jgoo: http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/how-to-restore-grub-using-the-ubuntu-live-cd/04:27
LainIwak1raCan someone teach me how to find where a program is installed?04:27
evilbugStarnestommy- what if i deleted the actual folder and everything?04:27
LainIwak1rathrough apt-get04:27
StarnestommyLainIwak1ra: dpkg -L packagename04:27
jgooaaaaah gustavo_ good call04:27
gustavo_jgoo: :)04:27
LainIwak1raStarnestommy: Thank you.04:27
Starnestommyevilbug: then you'll have to manually find and remove the files04:28
TwistageIs crossover about the best solution for windows emulation? (i understand its wine)04:28
PeloLainIwak1ra, that's not how linux works your program's files are all over04:28
gustavo_jgoo: or u can use a win xp CD to restore the win mbr04:28
evilbugStarnestommy- i'm a nub and don't know where it would be installed because i would've done that :(04:28
PeloTwistage, crossover is commercial and you have to pay for it , wine is free04:28
Flannel!filesystem | LainIwak1ra04:28
ubotuLainIwak1ra: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview04:28
Pelolater folks04:28
Starnestommyevilbug: probably in several places in /usr/local04:28
TwistagePelo: As far as functionality though04:28
darren_i have triede to restore the mbr of windows and i stil have the same problem04:28
Starnestommyevilbug: run "locate pidgin" to find where it would be04:29
jgooSo, I load the live CD into the live session?04:29
Gary_inNYCTwistage, I run Office 2007, Pokerstars and Guild Wars in Wine... it's very good for my purposes if that matters04:29
jasperI've created a SUID script (4755 and test:test) on an ext3 filesystem (in a chroot). But when I run the script as another user, it doesn't report the proper UID. I'm having the script execute 'ps -o ruid -o euid -o suid -o fname | grep test.sh' which comes up with 3 x the UID of the user executing the SUID, but not the script's owner (per the SUID). Does anyone know what I'm missing here?04:29
evilbugStarnestommy- any command to have them deleted directly from terminal?04:29
jribjasper: you can't suid scripts04:29
Starnestommyevilbug: if you had the sources that you used to install with, you could cd to their directory and run sudo make uninstall or sudo make deinstall04:30
tawtcan a nVidia GeForce 8600M GT 256 MB graphics card support advance compiz graphics?04:30
supersakowhat time exactly will 8.04 be out tomorrow?04:30
TwistageGary_inNYC: Alright good04:30
evilbugi see04:30
Starnestommysupersako: there is no exact time04:30
evilbugStarnestommy- thanks.04:30
gustavo_supersako: nobody knows :P04:30
jasperjrib: Ah. :)04:30
supersakoi want it like now...04:30
Starnestommysupersako: but it will be out within the next 24 hours or so04:30
gustavo_supersako: you can install the RC and dist-upgrade.. it would be a good proxy for the final release04:31
GoetzCI will not ask about time :) Why Howland Island??04:31
jasperjrib: I also tried to SUID an executable, /usr/sbin/ssmtp (to send mail from inside of my chroot). And then having it read a file with user/pass information on the mailserver (hence the SUID, so others can't read the user/pass). But when I execute that as SUID it can't read the /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf (test:test with 0700) either.04:32
dmsupermanRight so XFX's website isn't loading, where else might I be able to get my audio driver for my new XFX motherboard?04:32
jgoohttp://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/how-to-restore-grub-using-the-ubuntu-live-cd/ << I have the 'typical' ubuntu installed after windows XP - so those commands work?04:32
jgooroot(hd0, 1)04:32
tonyyarussoGoetzC: It's right next to the Int'l dateline.04:32
cab86hello, anyone around?04:32
grhlunahey cab8604:32
tawtcan a nVidia GeForce 8600M GT 256 MB graphics card support advance compiz graphics?04:32
jgoogustavo_: when I do this, using a terminal, and reinstall grub, this means I will get the same ubuntu / windows choice as before04:32
juano__tawt: for sure04:33
jbur1tawt: yes04:33
jgoogustavo_: but it also means that, again, at the next point where updates are installed, this user might loose their laptop usage?04:33
tawti'm looking at laptops at system7604:33
gustavo_jgoo: i think so..04:33
Joesephjust had an epiphany:  Does Xorg configure keyboards too?04:33
joe___ooh, ubuntu64 out yet?04:33
grhlunaget the new driver you might need to reconfig xorg04:33
joe___or will it be out at the same time?04:33
gustavo_joe___: same time04:34
cab86hello grhluna,  quick question...  i'm looking to completely remove the ati drivers... therefore i'm getting rid of anything with the fglrx in its name...   but I also noticed that there are linux-restricted-modules installed for 4 different kernels in my system04:34
cab86is it alright to remove some of those?04:34
sushithHow many hours more for the Hardy Heron release ?04:34
Starnestommysushith: there is no set time04:34
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:34
JoesephIs it possible xorg might be going crazy because I have a wireless keyboard?04:34
Siropelsushith, just a few :)04:34
GoetzCthanks <tonyyarusso>04:35
stroyanJoeseph:  If you have a crazy wireless keyboard.....04:35
joe___tonyyarusso: but who do we know on Baker and Howland Islands who can look at a clock and precisely (by the second) notify us?!!04:35
sushithalright thanks guys, i am very eager to use it04:35
Joesephstroyan: just brainstorming....04:35
rickeyi got this message////Type 'kubuntu-restricted-extras.' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list04:35
Cpudan80Hello hello04:36
U9527Cpudan80, welcome04:36
rickeyi know i hafe to go in and fix this04:36
Cpudan80So --- am I going to be able to do an apt-get upgrade at the stroke of midnight ?04:36
rickeybut i forgot how04:36
Fdisk93gustavo: you could install grub in the root partition then use bootpart.exe to and have boot menu under xp to boot linux04:36
Cpudan80so.... in 25 mins more or less ?04:36
gustavo_Fdisk93: its for jgoo, not me :P04:36
gustavo_Fdisk93: but thx04:36
Fdisk93oh sorry04:36
tonyyarussojoe___: teh magical intarnets04:36
Fdisk93jgoo: you could install grub in the root partition then use bootpart.exe to and have boot menu under xp to boot linux04:37
cdm10How do I release/renew my IP?04:37
dmsupermanI can't get xfxforce.com to load, where else can I get linux drivers for my xfx mobo from?04:37
undecimcdm10: dhclient04:37
tonyyarussocdm10: sudo dhcli<tab><enter>04:37
jgooFdisk93: thanks, I was just reading backscroll.... ok - I am doing what it says on that link I posted (http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/how-to-restore-grub-using-the-ubuntu-live-cd/) and I get setup (hd0) unable to mount partition...04:37
baudelaireI love Ubuntu.04:38
dmsupermanbaudelaire, me too, and it loves us back04:38
baudelaireI'm a full convert, have been since gutsy04:38
Painlesssame here... was pulled to it from Gentoo, which I adored04:38
jgooFdisk93: any ideas on how to list the partitions? this is a laptop, maybe there is an additional partition? *$(*(*$(*$ updates screwing the boot record... wtf04:39
baudelaireIt took me a long time to get into linux full on -- I was a Mandrake 7.0 user back in the day-- but very casually04:39
U9527Cpudan80, so in another 25 mins, hardy will be out, you sure04:39
Fdisk93jgoo: can you boot xp right now ?04:39
baudelairePainless, what made you switch from gentoo?04:39
jgoono Fdisk93... I will see if there is an XP cd around though04:39
gustavo_i moved from debian to gentoo.. and than to ubuntu..04:39
zack_hey im running 7.10 x64 and installed the restricted nvidia drivers nvidia-glx-new 100.14.19, Im thinking of upgrading to the Nvidia 169.12 drivers from there website anyone have suggestions on which is will give better profomance04:40
Painlessbaudelaire: I started using linux back in the 0.9.x kernel releases and have had plenty of 'doing everything myself' experience... I just loved a distro which took away the hard work04:40
Fdisk93jgoo: is private msg ok ?04:40
jgooFdisk93: more than welcome!04:40
gustavo_i used to like gentoo.. but apt-get is much faster than compiling packages with emerge :)04:40
grhlunacab86: try #ubuntu+104:40
grhlunathey want me to make breakfast here04:40
PainlessI did get fed up with package install times on gentoo... and broken packages04:40
=== rich__ is now known as rich_phoenix
grhlunabe right back04:40
Painlessnot to mention 2 day installs04:40
Lardarsejgoo: the fdisk command has an option that will display partitions, but i don't know which one, now would i recommend casual use of the fdisk command04:40
cab86actualy im asking rightnow to see if the xubuntu guys know about it04:40
baudelaireI hear ya Painless04:40
Lardarsenor would i*04:41
cab86oops, kubuntu guys04:41
gustavo_i learned a lot with gentoo... but yes, nowadays i dont have patience to install it04:41
=== grhluna is now known as grhluna-afk
milly1234it seems my video issue is due to gspca not working with v4l-dvb stuff, I wasn't sure if I understood it exactly, but it looks like there is not a solution out there or I missed it when I looked for one04:41
james__do we know roughly when the final release images will be available? i'd like to have some CDs ready for the australian release party.04:41
Rafabewhat is the Linux equivalent of the "edit" command in DOS? I need to check a conf file because Ubuntu's install is failing and booting me to console04:41
Cpudan80U9527: No idea04:41
StarnestommyRafabe: vim or nano04:41
PainlessLinux needs to be as easy to install as windows for it to reach popularity with the masses... I feel that ubuntu goes a long way towards that dream04:41
dweebgirlwhat's the best chat tool to use04:41
=== rich__ is now known as rich_phoenix
james__Windows IS NOT easy to install!04:42
mayakuzawhat was the compiz chanel agein_04:42
Lardarsedweebgirl: depends on the chat protocol04:42
tonyyarussoRafabe: nano is probably a bit more friendly to an edit user.04:42
Starnestommymayakuza: #compiz04:42
Rafabestarnes: neither work04:42
U9527dweebgirl, xchat04:42
dweebgirlwell, x-chat leaves a lot to be desired04:42
gustavo_Rafabe: try vi04:42
Rafabe"not found". The OS is not installed yet, it's failing during install04:42
U9527dweebgirl, konversation04:42
StarnestommyRafabe: put "sudo" before the command04:42
RafabeI tried vi too. I googled a bit before coming here04:42
dweebgirlkonversation that's the one04:42
dweebgirli want a nice black background04:42
PainlessI like irssi myself, but it's personal taste as always04:42
dweebgirland white tex04:42
dweebgirlwhite on black04:43
LardarseRafabe: if you know how to use vi, then vim will do most of what you know (and i believe that you can turn off the wim extras)04:43
baudelaireI think Ubuntu on the business side is the next fronteir to conqueror.  What do you guys think?04:43
Rafabepainless: from what I heard Wibi will make Ubuntu's install not a nightmare (if you have Windows)04:43
* tonyyarusso is also an irssi user, with white on black04:43
tonyyarussobaudelaire: We use it on servers at work already :)04:43
dweebgirlwhite on black04:43
Rafabelandarse: but none of these commands are working04:43
dweebgirlhear that rich04:43
Cpudan80Painless: Windows is a real pita to install if you have a reasonably complex system04:43
Lardarsedweebgirl: any irc client cna do any colour scheme04:43
PainlessRafabe: yup... a friend tried it on the beta the other day, said it was a dream to install04:43
baudelaireoh yeah, tonyyarusso?04:43
komputesDoes anyone know how I can set gnome-terminal to open a new tab instead of a new window, when clicking on the icon/launcher???04:43
Rafabethe prompt says "initramfs" which must mean limited commands04:44
LardarseRafabe: "sudo apt-get install vim" ?04:44
=== victamower is now known as HardOfHearing
tonyyarussobaudelaire: Yeah - the majority is Solaris (yuck), but all of the new machines I've installed got Ubuntu.04:44
PainlessCpudan80: agreed... but in most cases its easy... there will always be tough installs for any OS04:44
LardarseRafabe: but use nanao, because there's less of a learning curve04:44
=== Marfi is now known as Marfi|drinking
dekI need to make a script to do poff dsl-provider, but only sudo can do that. How can I workaround this?04:44
StarnestommyRafabe: try the alternate cd04:44
Lardarseno need to shout04:45
Rafabestarnes: yeah, but that won't be until tomorrow :(04:45
baudelaireI came across this site, anyone else hear of them?  I'm pretty sure they advocate Ubuntu: http://www.linuxforsmallbusiness.com04:45
tonyyarussobaudelaire: check with your LoCo for efforts to expand Ubuntu usage in your area though04:45
kittykittyrafabe, which kernel are you loading?04:45
fdkrewany admins here?04:45
Rafabeland: sorry04:45
FalkmanI have a question, I just got ubuntu 8.04, and my wireless isn't working(intel 3945abg) the wireless networks show up and everything, and when I click on one and enter my pass phrase, it doesnt work at all. Anyone know why? (It works out of the box on ubuntu 7.10, why not on this?)04:45
tonyyarussofdkrew: what for?04:45
Rafabekitty: 7.0404:45
Rafabegot a new computer04:45
tonyyarussobaudelaire: Local community team.  What country are you in?04:45
kittykittywhat is the prompt for this shell look like?04:45
fdkrewto unban me so i can join ubuntu party channel04:45
Rafabegetting a "/bin/sh: Can't access tty; Job control turned off" error04:46
tonyyarussofdkrew: that would be a question for #ubuntu-ops then04:46
=== jericho is now known as HARDY_HEROIN
tonyyarussobaudelaire: state?04:46
TwistageGosh, all these problems that people are encountering are freaking me out about upgrading.04:46
Rafabekitty: it says "initramfs"04:46
=== elmer is now known as Hearty_Heroine
kittykittyi forget, the cd uses grub right?04:46
neetoIs there a way to automatically mount everything in fstab?04:46
Rafabeyes it does, but I'm not getting far enough to use it04:46
Arky44Is there a way to quickly change sessions without logging out (for example, switching from Xfce to GNOME, and vice versa)?04:46
tonyyarussobaudelaire: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TennesseeTeam04:47
baudelaireI'm trying to swtich to Ubuntu fulltime on my business machine04:47
=== Marfi|drinking is now known as Marfi
StarnestommyArky44: try sudo mount -a04:47
jacobu9Anybody know exactly what time/timezone Hardy launches?04:47
=== Marfi is now known as Marfi|drinking
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:47
stroyanneeto:  mount -a will get all the automounts04:47
fdkrewAny one here is using a Dell Latitude D600? anyone?04:47
neetostroyan: thanks man04:47
=== Marfi|drinking is now known as Marfi
Painlessneeto: mount -a will mount everything in fstab04:47
dmsupermanWhere can I get linux drivers for nForce for 680i LT SLI chipset?04:47
Arky44Starnestommy: so, like sudo mount -a xfce04:47
dmsupermannvidia.com says it can't find any when i do a search04:48
fdkrew Any one here is using a Dell Latitude D600? anyone?04:48
StarnestommyArky44: er, I think I got you confused with someone else.  You'll need to log otu then back in04:48
pragmaticpieAnyone here successfully synced a Treo 650 with Kpilot over USB?04:48
Arky44Starnestommy :P sorry04:48
baudelaireThat's a great site tonyyarusso -- I didn't know something like that existed04:48
pragmaticpieThe daemon's crashing every time I try it.04:48
Rafabeis Heron going to be released midnight tonigt (ie, in 15 mins on the east coast) or in 24 hours?04:49
Lardarsewhen it's done04:49
tonyyarussobaudelaire: they might even have an IRC channel too.  Also check whether there will be a release party in your area.04:49
Rafabemaybe I'll just stop trying to install 7.04 and wait for Heron04:49
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.04:49
Kev3124do you think its worth it to upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04?04:49
=== rich_phoenix is now known as rich_freecomm
=== HARDY_HEROIN is now known as HARD_IS_HEROIN
rich_freecommok :)04:49
neetoKev3124: Not yet. wait04:49
gaspipe1night all04:49
=== Twistage is now known as Hardy_HardOn
Qsteri have 8.04 really nice04:49
ApOgEE-can anybody help me please, where to Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M driver on ati.com? i can't find it04:49
maxhi Im download hary heron is it beta ?04:49
tonyyarussomax: For the next few hours, yes.04:50
u007-1neeto - its not that stable yet?04:50
Kev3124how long should i wait?04:50
neetou007-1: I think it comes out tonight04:50
Arky44Hello all :) Is there a way to quickly change sessions, such as switching from GNOME to Xfce?04:50
maxstop downloading and waiting04:50
neetoJust wait for the official 1.0 release04:50
u007-1haha.. okay :D04:50
neetoIt's just safer04:50
Kev3124ok. thanks04:50
LardarseArky44: without logging out?04:50
u007-1*do not ask*04:50
Rafabethere's a thread on the HH forums with people saying it should be pushed back a week to fix bugs04:50
ScuniziArky44: yes.. log out .. change sessions.. log in.04:50
foraoh10 minutes left04:50
=== HARD_IS_HEROIN is now known as QUASIMOTO
Arky44Scunizi: is that the only way, though?04:51
stroyanArky44:  It is actually possible to run multiple X servers with different sessions. But it is not common.04:51
Hardy_HardOnWhats the likely hood of things breaking from upgrading distros04:51
tom____Quick question -- If I want to run a cron job as root -- do I just do "sudo crontab -e" and input the command?  I'm assuming then I can just put the command in there without a sudo, right?04:51
Kev31241 more question... when upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04.. is it necessary to back up files?04:51
Arky44stroyan: OK :)04:51
ScuniziArky44: no.. but I'm about to ask the group how.. as I have an interest too. running kde and gnome at the same time04:51
StroganoffArky44: you could write a script that terminates panel, desktop and windows manager and launches the other ones04:51
ScuniziAnyone know how to run gnome in one tty(7) and kde in another? at the same time?04:52
yajivhi all04:52
=== Hardy_HardOn is now known as Twistage
Arky44Stroganoff: that sounds a bit too complicated for me :P04:52
ApOgEE-can anybody help me please, where to get Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M driver on ati.com? i just can't find it04:52
ScuniziApOgEE-: isn't their site just wonderful?!04:52
neetoWhen hardy comes out, can I upgrade seamlessly from 7.10 or is there gonna be some work to get everything working well?04:53
tom____Quick question -- If I want to run a cron job as root -- do I just do "sudo crontab -e" and input the command?  I'm assuming then I can just put the command in there without a sudo, right?04:53
Scunizineeto: seemless04:53
bluefoxxso i found a xbox360 controller with a usb adaptor at my thrift store today, and plugged it into my ubuntu hardy system, and it seems to work, only problem is that i need to use joy2key with it and wants /dev/js0. but the controller is /dev/input/js0. how do i fix this?04:53
TwistageScunizi: What's the deal with people having hardware conflicts via the last RC then?04:53
neetoScunizi: completely? I have a bunch of psuedo-hackish crap that's making my compiz install, and it's a big feisty on 7.10 anyway, I think it might just decide to commit suicide if I upgrade the kernel04:54
ScuniziTwistage: seemless upgrade after official release.. not now.04:54
Kev31241 more question... when upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04.. is it necessary to back up files? (will personal documents be lost when upgrading?)04:54
geniibluefoxx: edit the udev rule for symlinks and add the one you need04:54
Twistageneeto: I feel your pain04:54
StroganoffArky44: applications -> system tools -> new login (it may be hidden, use the menu editor)04:54
bluefoxxgenii: how?04:54
nikitisIs 8.04 released tomorrow?04:54
nickrudKev3124 not by design.04:54
StroganoffScunizi: applications -> system tools -> new login (it may be hidden, use the menu editor)04:54
cdm10Kev3124: it's very very very unlikely that anything will happen. If the system can't boot after the upgrade, you should still be able to get your files off using a livecd.04:54
cdm10nikitis: please read the topic04:54
tom____awww come on!!! someone has to know..it's an easy question...04:54
geniibluefoxx: If you open the file the syntax is easy to understand04:55
Starnestommytom____: I think so04:55
bluefoxxgenii: kk, will try it...04:55
peepsalotoooh, it's about to be so 1337 in here04:55
Kev3124alright. thanks... just wanted to make sure that upgrading wasnt the equiv. of a hard drive wipe04:55
Scunizineeto, seemless might not be in your case.. it's pretty much for a clean system with no major mods.. begs the arguement for a separate /home04:55
nikitiscdm10, i'm asking what time tomorrow, but tomorrow right?04:55
geniibluefoxx: Right now I don't have enough time to assist properly. But I gave you the correct approach to use04:55
nikitisApril 24th?04:55
bluefoxxgenii: kk, tyvm04:55
ScuniziStroganoff: so that will allow both to run at the same time? same user?04:55
tom____Starnestommy: you've never run a nightly rsync backup?04:55
Twistagetom____:  you don't need sudo under root04:55
tom____Twistage: thank you :-)04:56
Starnestommytom____: no, but I have used cron before04:56
nikitiscdm10, i mean i'm not asking what time tomorrow, just if it is released tomorrow april 24th04:56
StroganoffScunizi yes04:56
darren_what time is the releas pary04:56
milly1234well it looks like I can't have more then one video input device in ubuntu04:56
bluefoxxgenii: /etc/udev/rules.d/??04:56
Stroganoffdarren_: #ubuntu-release-party04:56
ScuniziStroganoff: and "new login in a window" will allow .. say .. kde to run in a window?04:57
The_PHP_Jediyou're all not leet now.04:57
=== SamSamSam is now known as JPSman
geniibluefoxx: In that dir, yes. Some file with symlink in name04:57
StroganoffScunizi i dont know, i dont have gnome installed04:57
dweebgirlhow does rich change his colors for x-chat04:57
SuperRoachdoes anyone know when 8.04 is going to be released? im waiting hehe :)04:57
ScuniziStroganoff: are you a terminal buff?04:57
=== rich__ is now known as rich_freecomm
StroganoffScunizi just try it out04:57
bluefoxxgenii: what should the file name look like?04:57
theLichKingSuperRoach: ask in #ubuntu+104:58
nikitisSuperRoach, trying to find out if it's released april 24th04:58
* SuperRoach looks at topic, ah I see. Is there an estimate?04:58
StroganoffScunizi no i use parts of xubuntu04:58
geniibluefoxx: 1 minute04:58
theLichKingSuperRoach: besides, you can know right from the version number04:58
ScuniziStroganoff: ah.. I just found out that it has to be a different user.04:58
bluefoxxgenii: kk04:58
theLichKingSuperRoach: 8.04.. year 8 month 0404:58
luis_hi good night i like to ask you for help, every time i open mozilla it cover the entire screen and the icons that suppose to be up there at the right hand to minimize, clos or amplife the wondows do not appear how can i fix this please? help04:58
FalkmanJeez, i hate the new 8.04 :P im going back lol04:58
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  Help?04:58
TwistageFalkman: for what reason04:58
ScuniziStroganoff: I heard of a way to CTRL+ALT+F7 or F8 to bounce back and forth between different DM's with the same user and same /home04:59
Scunizibut forgot how04:59
nickrudluis_ look for 'full screen' on the menu options04:59
FalkmanTwistage: My wireless card does not work, and its a bug, it detects networks, i just cant connect... lots of people are having the same problem too04:59
Arky44Stroganoff: Ah, I've been having some fun with the Menu Editor... is there a way to get "New Login in a Window" to work? It says the X server isn't configured well...04:59
AutoMatriXhi folks, any Idea how to sync my cellular(nokia6610)  over IR with my laptop Toshiba 6100 ?04:59
StroganoffScunizi i know that, its very easy with XDM and SLIM but i dont know yet how to set it up with GDM04:59
ScuniziArky44: you might need to create a different user to log in with05:00
TwistageFalkman: What card ?05:00
stroyandweebgirl:  There are two xchat packages in ubuntu-  xchat-gnome and xchat.  The xchat-gnome package is dumbed down.05:00
FalkmanTwistage: intel 3945abg05:00
ScuniziStroganoff: thanks05:00
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:00
cirkit_For some reason gnome-network manager doesn't show up anymore when I try and add the applet "notification area" ... it is installed too05:00
cirkit_only bluetooth notifiction shows up05:00
StroganoffScunizi try running gdmflexiserver from the terminal05:00
nickrudcirkit  type  alt-f2 nm-applet05:00
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:00
Arky44Falkman: most Windows Wireless Cards don't work with ubuntu. It's easy to fix though :)05:00
dweebgirlAutoMatriX, do you have the nokia pc suite?05:00
ScuniziStroganoff: not sure what that did but I had to log in again.05:01
FalkmanArky44: How? it works fine out of the box with 7.1005:01
LainIwak1raHello, could someone teach me how to search for two keywords  using grep? For example, how do I search for all history lines containing both "ssh" and "lain"? history | grep ssh+lain?05:01
luis_on applications nickrud?05:01
AutoMatriXdweebgirl, I have, but I want to sync with Evolution05:01
cirkit_nickrud: cool ty05:01
whittcan we get help with hardy in this room yet, or is it still ubuntu+1?05:01
StroganoffScunizi nothing on ctrl+alt+f8/f7?05:01
TwistageI'm going to shoot myself if my wireless and sound stop working again under hardy05:01
nickrudluis_ on the firefox menus, probably under view05:01
nickrudwhitt still 7.0405:02
Arky44Falkman: Have you installed ndisgtk or ndiswrapper in Synaptic?05:02
megatog615omg april 24th05:02
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:02
luis_so i hacve to open mozilla?05:02
AutoMatriXdweebgirl, what was your idea ?05:02
FalkmanArky44: No, i never had to before so I didnt think I would have to, ill try05:02
nickrudwhitt when you can't get into #ubuntu+1, it's released if prior history means anything05:02
ScuniziStroganoff: F9 gives me a nice black screen with a movable mouse pointer.05:02
nickrudluis_ run firefox/mozilla, and look under the view menu.05:02
Qsterwhats the difference between the release i dled and the one that everyone is waiting for?05:02
StroganoffScunizi you could try to go to ctrl+alt+f8, login and run: kde-session -- :105:02
Arky44Falkman: I had the same prob for a while...ndiswrapper is the terminal equivalent of ndisgtk (I like it better :))05:03
luis_ok thanks05:03
punkn00dlezzWhen is Hardy going to be released?05:03
nickrudQster which did you get?05:03
Starnestommypunkn00dlezz: in a few hours05:03
nickrudpunkn00dlezz see topic05:03
StroganoffScunizi or ctrl+alt+f1 rather05:03
Arky44Falkman: you then need to manually install your driver from there05:03
AutoMatriXdweebgirl, ? gone ?05:03
nickrudQster it'll update automatically05:03
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:03
JPSmandoes anyone know much about ndiswrapper?05:03
KyleKi think we should ignore anyone who asks questions answered by the topic :)05:03
FalkmanArky44: Aww... :P fine, just the ipw3945 one or w/e?05:03
JPSmanI want to know how to get it working05:03
punkn00dlezzMy fault. Boy I feel dumb now.05:03
ScuniziStroganoff: ah.. ok.. thanks.. I think that was the command that was given to me in the past.. do I still need gdmflexiserver? and what does that do?05:03
Invert314i read the man pages, but i still can't figure out: how do i unmount all drives?05:03
dweebgirlAutomatrix, there's a nokia forum re; this05:03
KyleKhey how come there isn't ndiswrapper modules for 64bit?05:03
luis_thank you very much nickrud it did work  i really appreciate your help05:03
bullgard4What could be the reason that GNOME Search Tool does not find my file ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf? I notice that on 2 different laptops using different Ubuntu versions.05:03
dweebgirlare u a member?05:04
karllenzwhat is kernal panic not syncing?05:04
RafabeI'm trying to install the Hardy Heron that came out 10 minutes ago and I'm getting an error05:04
StroganoffScunizi forget gdmflexi05:04
KyleKbullgard4: it searches . directories?05:04
nickrudluis_ you're welcome05:04
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:04
KyleKRafabe: error: error not found?05:04
AutoMatriXdweebgirl, what do you mean ?05:04
=== Syntux__ is now known as Syntux
bullgard4KyleK: Just a moment. I will check.05:04
=== ike_x is now known as ike_x\smokerun
=== darren_ is now known as necro606
ScuniziStroganoff: ok.. but I'm still curious.. what's it suppose to do?05:04
dweebgirllemme get you the link05:05
JPSmandoes anyone know about wireless driver building/repair?05:05
JPSmanor ndiswrapper?05:05
stroyankarllenz:  That is the linux equivalent of the blue screen of death.  Something bad happened in the kernel.05:05
MEtaLpREsanyone know what time today hardy becomes available? i see it just says coming soon now05:05
StroganoffScunizi same as "new login" i think05:05
Invert314how do i unmount all drives i previously mounted?05:05
karllenzwhat can i do to fix this i just added ram could that be the issue??05:05
stroyanInvert314:  What about "/" ?05:05
Arky44Scunizi: Ctrl + Alt + F1 opens some kind of terminal OS05:05
suprieInvert314, umount -a05:05
ScuniziStroganoff: k.. thanks.05:05
bullgard4KyleK: No, it does not find the directory ~/.gnupg either.05:06
nabcorekarllenz; run the ram checker05:06
ScuniziArky44: yes.. it's called a tty.05:06
=== lando_ is now known as lando
nabcorekarllenz: memtest option from bootCD05:06
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:06
Invert314suprie: i already tried umount -a...the srives are still mounted05:06
Invert314stroyan: what about /?05:06
stroyanYou don't want to umount /, do you?05:07
nabcorethe ban list for this channel is.... quite big :)05:07
Invert314stroyan: i am on a livecd =D05:07
nickrudkmg here's mine: /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       005:07
KyleKbullgard4: so it doesn't search . directories?05:07
suprieInvert314, which partition you want to umount05:07
Starnestommyanony: stop that05:07
ScuniziArky44: you have to have kubuntu-desktop installed and then initiate the command that was given previously. then you can log in with gnome regularly and add kde to ctrl+alt+f1 or 2 or 3 or...05:07
stroyannabcore:  The ban list is getting bigger.05:07
Arky44Scunizi: Ah....05:08
KyleKwhy do you guys always op up and down?05:08
JPSmanhow can I upgrade hardy when I can't get online BECAUSE of hardy??05:08
KyleKit spams the channel unnessesssarily :p05:08
nickrudKyleK freenode policy05:08
karllenzbios rom checksum error?05:08
=== jords__ is now known as jords
twistageWhats the easiest way to DD a drive05:08
Starnestommynickrud: it's actually a guideline, not a policy05:08
FalkmanDamnit, i cant even make iwlwifi, i get loads of make errors05:08
Invert314suprie: /dev/sda3, sda2, sda5 mounted to /ubuntu, /ubuntu2, /ubuntu5 respectively (i think)05:08
Falkmanscrew this, no compatability == fail05:08
Arky44Hardy is not showing up in Update Manager...is there a terminal command for it?05:09
cdm10Arky44: it's not out yet.05:09
Invert314i actually forget which part is mounted to which directory05:09
nickrudStarnestommy guideline, recommended policy, half a dozen one 6 of the other05:09
KyleKFalkman: epic fail?05:09
Arky44cdm10: *grr* :P05:09
cdm10Arky44: you can force an upgrade to it by running "update-manager --devel-release"05:09
FalkmanKyleK: yep!05:09
kmgnickrud: permission denied05:09
Arky44*is counting the seconds*05:09
Invert314suprie: how can i tell which drives are mounted to which directory?05:09
nickrudkmg not sure then. can you read it as root?05:09
KyleKI cant get my wireless to work otherwise I'd be all over it05:09
cdm10Arky44: hit alt-f2, type that in, and run it, and you should be able to upgrade.05:09
suprieInvert314, just type mount05:09
stroyanInvert314:  You do need to stop or relocate processes using mount points.  You can use lsof to see what processes use each mount point.05:09
kmgnickrud: yes, i can.05:10
cdm10Arky44: just be forewarned: everyone is trying to upgrade, and will be for the next few days, so the servers are going to be dead slow.05:10
phishiei cannot wait for hardy's release man05:10
nickrudkmg and, your user needs to be in the cdrom group05:10
Falkman:\ Depressing lol05:10
r0bwhat time will hardy be ready for download05:10
cdm10r0b: look at the topic.05:10
MrSteveHelp !  --- I have ATI 9600 series All-In-Wonder AGP card.. It will do OpemGL uner MS.. XpPro.. Everything was fine until I used the Restricted driver from Ubuntu.. Now the Monitor is 640x480 LowResolution only.05:10
Invert314ty suprie05:10
twistageWill the gnome upgrade screw up my theme/wallpaper etc. etc.05:10
nickrudkmg you can check that by typing   groups   in the terminal. If it isn't,   sudo adduser <user> cdrom, log out and log back in (the logging is required)05:11
kmgnickrud: when I do 'groups box' (my username) cdrom is in there05:11
Invert314mount shows that nothing is mounted to the directories i designated05:11
MrStevetwistage:  - back up before install05:11
suprieInvert314, yw05:11
Macrendat what will 8.10 be released?05:11
twistageMrSteve: With what? dd?05:11
phishieMacrend , read topic05:11
nickrudkmg what's the permissions on your scd?  . should be 66005:11
MrStevetwistage:  copy files, even05:11
Invert314stroyan: i think lsof is more than i need05:12
cxoDoes the LTS version get gnome major cycle updates?05:12
nickrudcxo you mean gnome? no05:12
MrSteveI gotta go get Gnome updates?05:12
pragmaticpieNo luck with the Treo 650 yet.05:13
maekOMFG dling hardy now05:13
kmgnickrud: they're 66005:13
patifaMrSteve, you could shut off the restricted driver.05:13
Invert314suprie, stroyan: now check this out: ubuntu@ubuntu:/$ sudo mount -t reiserfs /dev/sda6 /ubuntu605:13
Invert314mount: /dev/sda6 already mounted or /ubuntu6 busy05:13
cxoeg 2.20 to 2.2205:13
JPSmandoes anyone know where I can get the windows drivers for a rt2500 card?05:13
KyleKhey what do I install for ndiswrapper modules on x86_64?05:13
twistageThis is kind of a stupid question, but how do you use GParted when you can't unmount and edit the size of the partition it resides on?05:13
nickrudMrSteve a stable release is just that, serious bug and security releases. Most desktop users stay with the 6 month cycle, large institutions usually use the lts's05:13
Invert314suprie: how do i mount sda6 to /ubuntu6?05:13
kmgnickrud: I did sudo chmod 660 /dev/scd0 and no change05:13
MrStevepatifa:  I did that.. No Luck, so I re-activated the driver.. what is it flgrx?05:13
nickrudkmg no real clue then.05:13
maekJPSman look on manufacturers website05:13
Invert314oh hey nickrud, i remember you from a long time ago =D05:13
KyleKJPSman: manufacturer site usually works really easily05:14
kmgnickrud: =C05:14
toby_1_kenobiMrSteve: I suppose if you want gnome updates then you could keep up with the regular ubuntu releases and not hang on to the LTS05:14
nickrudInvert314 yeah, I've been doing this far too long ;)05:14
suprieInvert314, lsof | grep Ubuntu605:14
stroyanInvert314:  But you say that "mount" alone does not report /ubuntu6 as mounted?05:14
MatToufoutuhi all05:14
cxoSo LTS doesnt get gnome updates?05:14
bullgard4KyleK: In gnome-search-tool I choosed now explicitely the option 'Search for hidden files and backups'. Now in Gutsy it findds a hidden directory but in Hardy it does not.05:14
JPSman. . . . . . .  k05:14
MrStevetoby_1_kenobi:  - Ohhh they doig that too?05:14
Ocenis64bonjour :)05:14
Invert314stroyan: correct05:14
* cxo damn they're too many convos in here05:14
karllenzok removed newly added ram and pci wifi card no erros yet and ubuntu is booting05:14
suprieInvert314, you can see in /etc/mtab05:15
maekcxo it gets GNOME updates with every distribution updates05:15
Invert314suprie: ubuntu@ubuntu:/$ lsof | grep Ubuntu605:15
Invert314lsof: WARNING: can't stat() tmpfs file system /cow05:15
Invert314      Output information may be incomplete.05:15
MrSteveI thought it got gnome with distro updates05:15
stroyanInvert314:  Do you get a similar complaint with mounting sda6 to a different directory?05:15
nickrudtmpfs cow?05:15
maeklike hardy has a new version of GNOME to gusty cxo05:15
toby_1_kenobiMrSteve: it does05:15
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:15
twistageAnyone? advice on gparted05:16
MatToufoutuis hardy still released in usa ?05:16
FalkmanHas anyone fixed 3945abg drivers on hardy?05:16
MrSteveunetbootin.. delighted me05:16
Marfinot yet05:16
Invert314stroyan: yes05:16
stroyanInvert314:  lsof will show what is in use and can't therefore be umounted.  It doesn't hint at what will prevent a mount.05:16
=== nottha_k_ is now known as nottha_k
MatToufoutuMarfi, you were answering me ?05:16
cxoI want an distro that updates gnome without needing to reinstall a newer version of the OS05:16
nickrudMatToufoutu see topic05:17
nickrudcxo debian unstable05:17
cxoI mean, isnt it a bit weird to reinstall the OS, just to get an application update05:17
megatog615cxo: debian sid05:17
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:17
AutoMatriX_dweebgirl, sorry, lost connexion05:17
Invert314suprie: there are no traces of /ubuntu6 in my mtab file05:17
mrkeishiican't wait05:17
Starnestommycxo: you'll still get bugfixes and security updates05:17
mrkeishiiit is 12:17 right now in eastern side of US. I'm waiting for 8.04LTS05:17
nickrudcxo and you don't need to reinstall, you can upgrade from one release to the next over the net05:18
MatToufoutunickrud, i know you dont know the exact time, but i just wanted to know if it was still released or not, and i've my answer, thank you ;)05:18
quentusrexif I'm creating a launcher to run a command in an xterm window. How do I get the window to stay open?05:18
Invert314stroyan: i tried mount sda6 to a different dir, but i get the same 'already mount'/'busy' message05:18
stroyanInvert314:  Are there any references to sda6, or possibly some alias of sda6 ?05:18
twistagemrkeishii: You didn't hear? They pushed it back05:18
mrkeishiitill when05:18
twistage2 weeks05:18
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:18
nickrudMatToufoutu thinking about turning that into a text replace: nh = No hardy yet, see topic ;p05:18
cwillumrkeishii, every time you ask, they push back the release time two hours05:18
twistageIm just kidding05:18
quentusrexmrkeishii, I'm running Hardy right now... you want to wait....05:18
eckesicleI have a pdf of slides of which I would like to print 4-6 slides per page in evince. Find no such options. Any way to do this fast?05:18
* jgoo sticks a red hot poker up lenovos ass and warns everyone not to buy lenovo05:18
anachronoksdid they really push back the release date?05:18
bullgard4Where am I supposed to store GNOME source code files?05:18
quentusrexHardy isn't quiet fully ready to the spot light yet.05:19
phishieit's today man05:19
mrkeishiir u really sure they push it back05:19
nickrudbullgard4 best to do it in your home05:19
anachronoksthat's how rumors start...05:19
twistagemrkeishii: Joke05:19
cwillumrkeishii, read it for yourself in #ubuntu-release-party05:19
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:19
Invert314stroyan: none05:19
asubedihey, how to disable command-not-found thing?05:19
roocraigwhat time will 8.04 final be released do you think?05:19
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!05:19
bullgard4nickrud: Why is that the best?05:19
cwillubah, they should really change that05:19
mrkeishiiI read it sorry05:19
MrSteve(When they take RC off the Filename, I will get it.)05:19
mrkeishiiabout asking05:19
cwilluroocraig, read the motd05:19
KyleKoh i get it05:20
nickrudasubedi remove the package command-not-found05:20
cwillu'''No. we don't know exactly the time when 8.04 will be released.'''05:20
KyleKits midnight edt05:20
cxonickrud, is that like fedora rawhide?05:20
nickrudbullgard4 easy compilation, since you already own it05:20
Falkmanthis is impossible, so many dependencies, just putting me backwards into more errors05:20
KyleKcan someone change the botthing to specify PDT?05:20
nickrudcxo sorta, but much better imho05:20
bullgard4nickrud: Ah, ok. Thank you very much.05:20
suprieInvert314, have you tried without -t options05:20
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:20
Invert314suprie: i'll try that now05:21
JPSmanhow can I find out what RaLink driver ubuntu used when packaging hardy?05:21
phishieIntrepid Ibex is the next version after Hardy.05:21
phishiesounds really cool05:21
twistageHow do you modify partition size and create new with GParted when you can't unmount the drive it resides on?05:21
rullieso is hardy out?05:21
nickrudtwistage use a live cd05:21
roocraigI have a add/remove error-please give me some advice as to what I should do: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/64184/    I tried to install a ppd driver for a brother mfc-I did so incorrectly and I get this error after I install my other applications-I am a newbie so any clear help is appreciated :)05:21
AutoMatriX_phishie, I thaught it was hairy hardon ?05:21
phishienot yet rullie05:22
rulliephishis, suppose to be today right?05:22
=== gbs is now known as gbs_
phishietoday's release is Hardy Heron05:22
anachronoksi'm going to try to install ubuntu 8 on a separate partition than 7.10, think i should use wubi?05:22
phishieI'm saying the version after05:22
Invert314suprie: without -t options, the prompt says that sda looks like swap space lolol05:22
PyChildit is05:22
bradlis7what timezone is ubuntu coming out on?05:22
=== gbs_ is now known as fserve
suprieInvert314, lol05:22
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:22
AutoMatriX_phishie, sorry, misplaced joke, I use hardy since Alpha3 ;)05:23
eckesiclelp has option number_up05:23
nickrudroocraig in /var/lib/dpkg/info/cupswrappermfc7820n.postinst , put exit 0   after the line set -e if it exists, otherwise on line 205:23
=== MrSteve is now known as drivetrax
phishieAutoMatriX_ =)05:23
AutoMatriX_phishie, sorry, could'nt leave that ;)05:24
nickrudroocraig and _immediately_ after that run sudo apt-get remove --purge cupswrappermfc7820n , then sud apt-get -f install05:24
Falkmanbye bye hardy! I will never miss you!05:24
karllenzwhat if ubuntu only boots when in fail safe gnome desktop?05:24
bradlis7does anyone know what timezone hardy is going to be released at midnight in? i'm surprised it didn't come out in greenwich, or at least america-east05:25
nickrudkarllenz if you get to that, it's booting in the normal mode, just the X server is not starting. What kind of video card do you have?05:25
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:25
karllenzon board05:25
karllenzvia i believe05:25
nickrudkarllenz need to know exactly05:25
nickrudkarllenz   lspci | grep -i vga  in a terminal will tell you05:25
mrkeishiiMaggie Q is hot05:25
chibi_killstickdoes anyone know how to deal with this error: undefined symbol: cairo_xlib_surface_create05:26
karllenzok i just got and error sayin OAFIID:GNOME_FASTusERSWITCHAPPLET05:26
karllenzencountered problem loading05:26
chibi_killstickit seems to be an error with  /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so.005:26
stroyanInvert314:  You can use "sudo parted /dev/sda print" to look for that reiserfs filesystem you thought you made.05:26
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:26
rryanAnyone know what time today 8.04 is being released?05:26
dweebgirlAutomatrix, did you get it05:26
rryantricid : doh.. sry05:27
karllenzit says s3 unichrome05:27
dweebgirldid you get the nokia forum website?05:27
karllenzmade by VIA05:27
Qsteranyone know the command  to open the resollution ive somehow gotten mine stuck on 320 and cant see anything05:27
Invert314stroyan: ubuntu@ubuntu:/$ sudo parted /dev/sda print05:27
Invert314Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.05:27
nickrudkarllenz tell it to unload the applet05:27
* bradlis7 wants hardy05:27
karllenzi hit ignor it wanted to delet05:28
* CyanFlux wants hardy too05:28
kmgI need to have read access to a DVD from a regular user, but I always get 'Permission denied'.  here's my fstab: http://pastebin.com/m1a9c69df05:28
stroyanInvert314:  That disk is looking very mistreated.05:28
KyleKkmg: permission denied for mounting or reading?05:28
kmgKyleK: reading05:29
nickrudkarllenz not sure what driver provides support for that chip, try googling  ubuntu via vt837805:29
Invert314stroyan: damn05:29
=== goget1 is now known as gogeta
KyleKkmg: a) look at the permissions and uh ask somebody else or b) add in umask=022 :)05:29
ExploDoes anyone know how to keep GDM from running when Ubuntu boots?05:29
Qsteranyone kow a way to get my resolution out for 320 lol.. cant see anything and cant geto menu where i changed it05:29
redwyrmhow can I see a list of installed packages sorted by installation date?05:29
nickrud!who | karllenz (you'll need to do this, especially starting tomorrow ;)05:30
ubotukarllenz (you'll need to do this, especially starting tomorrow ;): As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:30
fserveQster, try ctrl + alt + '+'05:30
karllenzubotu: ok05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ok - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
eZehm, use !tab ?05:30
karllenzubotu: im new wit irc05:30
zylstra555Hello. When I run CUPSYS in the browser, I get this error: E [23/Apr/2008:21:27:35 -0700] cupsdCloseClient: Error in the push function. What does it mean and how do I fix it?05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about im new wit irc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
kmgKyleK: which permissions?  and I'll try the umask.  also, different DVD works05:30
fserveredwyrm, try synaptic05:30
eZe!tab o.O05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tab o.o - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
brent113ok: kind of a complicated setup: removed nvidia-glx-new and installed the newest driver off nvidia's website.  Now I'm having trouble enabling compiz fusion, it wants the nvidia-glx-new package i'm assuming05:30
ExploDoes anyone know how to keep GDM from running when Ubuntu boots?05:31
redwyrmfserve, thanks. I'll look into it05:31
xanax`is it out ? is it available somewhere ?05:31
KyleKkmg: oh also maybe your user cant use the mount point05:31
stroyanExplo:  You can run "sudo services-admin" and uncheck "Graphical login manager"05:31
eZe please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab) <- i don't think that's supposed to say !tab05:31
KyleKlinux is silly with permissions that they no longer phase me05:31
Explostroyan: I'll try that05:31
brent113anyone wanna help me turn on compiz?05:32
nickrudkarllenz welcome then. There's only a few things you'll need to know, you'll pick them up as you go05:32
kmgKyleK: user can't use the mount point?05:32
xanax`is v8.04 out ? is it available somewhere ?05:32
nickrudxanax` see /topic05:33
karllenznickrud: thanx05:33
brent113hey nikrud05:33
karllenznickrud: do u thin the s3 driver will work05:33
nickrudbrent113 hey.05:33
Qsteranyone know console command to open resolution settings?05:33
karllenzwit my  via vt837805:33
milly1234well, I am going to attempt and recompile this kernel in an attempt to get to video input devices working at once05:33
=== Hearty_Heroine is now known as elmer
xanax`ok, thanks nickrud. (but it could have been released discretely on a FTP mirror.. ;-p )05:34
grammcan i ask hardy questions in here yet?05:34
nickrudkarllenz my guess would be xserver-xorg-video-via  or  -unichrome , but I don't have any experience with via chips05:34
nickrudgramm not yet.05:34
milly1234two video devices I mean05:35
stroyanQster:  gnome-display-properties05:35
karllenznickrud: that did the trick05:35
karllenznickrud:  the s3 driver05:35
nickrudkarllenz ah good ;)05:35
pikeshouse88so far off is the final release? hours, minutes?05:35
karllenznickrud: im proud lol i figuered something out05:35
brent113nickrud, wanna help me out with my compiz problem real quick?05:35
stroyanQster:  Sometimes xrandr works better.05:35
Invert314stroyan, suprie: here is my forum post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&page=3105:36
nickrud!sudo | roocraig05:36
uboturoocraig: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.05:36
thiebaudebbl, i have updates on my 8.0405:36
* Invert314 = Drone4four05:36
karllenznow i see hardy is out ima hafta reinstall everything again05:36
shadow4208.04 is released05:36
xanax`shadow420 : where ?05:36
nickrudbrent113 if it's real simple, I used compiz some but I'm back to metacity.05:36
shadow420xanax just order the free cd05:37
nickrudkarllenz no, just wait till hardy is released. Your ubuntu will offer to upgrade without reinstalling05:37
xanax`hmm.. I want to download the iso05:37
supersakois it released?05:38
* rryan shakes05:38
karllenznickrud: im new to linux and ubuntu should i wait before doing any updates as well??05:38
brent113nickrud: haha, yea my problem is enabling it.  I installed the nvidia driver using the .run from their site, and the appearance tab won't let me enable effects, saying I need to enable it from the restricted driver manager05:39
nickrudkarllenz no, you should be totally up to date before upgrading to the next release. Actually, the upgrade will ensure you're up to date before it begins05:39
karllenznickrud: o ok05:39
karllenzapt-get update05:39
Geoffrey2or, just download the ISO, burn it to CD, and install05:39
xTheGoat121xnickrud, how's it going tonight?05:39
nickrudbrent113 ah. that's not a compiz problem, that's a video driver problem. ATI I'd take a stab at, but I haven't owned an nvidia in years05:39
nickrudxTheGoat121x quickly :)05:39
brent113nickrud: ah, well thanks anyways05:40
xTheGoat121xnickrud, that good, eh?05:40
mrwislrcan someone please help me05:40
nickrudxTheGoat121x if people wouldn't keep asking about the release, the scroll would be about a third ;)05:40
Qster!stroyan thanks! oh thank god thank you05:41
mrwislri need to test registering on a new site05:41
bullgard4How can I add a switch to gnome-search-tool so that it will find hidden files and backups also? ('man gnome-search-tool' did not enlighten me.)05:41
xTheGoat121xnickrud, so true.  If all else fails... just keep repeating the name of the channel with the release party.05:42
grammhi, im installing hardy (yeah, i know, not supported yet, etc).  ubiquity seems to be stalling after importing documents and settings.  help please?05:42
Acoustykhas anyone gotten 3d gnu chess to work?05:42
milly1234maybe I can have more then one video input device in the new ubuntu, instead of me just trying to fix my 7.10 install05:42
ross`excuse me, can i get ubuntu for my palm? palm V 5?05:42
Geoffrey2well, how about changing the topic to No, we DON'T know when 8.04 will be released. :)05:42
mrwislranyone help me test registering?05:42
zylstra555Hello. When I run CUPSYS in the browser, I get this error: E [23/Apr/2008:21:27:35 -0700] cupsdCloseClient: Error in the push function. What does it mean and how do I fix it?05:42
Acoustykhas anyone gotten gnu chess 3D to work?05:43
frank_bquestion: who should I complain to about a bar in the left of every maximized window in ubuntu? (whether I am using firefox or an application) the gnome people?05:43
nickrudfrank_b have you tried a different theme05:43
karllenzwhat does this do dpkg --configure -a05:44
DAC1138can someone explain why openoffice has a patch (that's about 100+ mb) each week?05:44
frank_bnickrud, no, I guess I can try that, thanks05:44
MythrilDoes anyone know of any project management software out there that currently has resource leveling working?05:44
=== ike_x\smokerun is now known as ike_x
nickrudfrank_b might be the issue, but easily isn't05:44
KeithWeissharwhen is ubuntu 8.04 coming out05:45
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, security fixes and functionality fixes05:45
grammkarllenz: i would like to second that question05:45
nickrudkarllenz it tells the package management to run the install configuration steps for any packages that haven't finished configuring05:45
ross`excuse me, can i get ubuntu for my palm? palm V 5????05:45
mrwislranyone able to do a quick registering?05:46
* zylstra555 wonders how many people are not looking at the topic today05:46
peepsalotanyone know a way to use netflix "watch now" on Ubuntu w/ firefox?  I think a guy at my work was saying there is a way05:46
fserveKeithWeisshar, TODAY!05:46
xanax`only a very few people read channel topic after joining05:46
Geoffrey2ross`, I don't believe that's possible05:46
grammzylstra555: about as many never look at the topic...05:46
karllenznickrud: o ok05:46
CyanFluxzylstra555: when does ubuntu 8.04 come out?05:46
isplicerGuys, whens Hardy coming out?05:46
ross`Geoffrey2: can i get debian on my palm?05:46
ross`what would you uggest would be the best distro to put on my palm05:47
isplicerhardy should be out today right?05:47
zylstra555Were 2.5 hours away from the release now..05:47
MrObviouszylstra555: How did you get that time?05:47
Dynamiteyes, today.05:47
shadow4202.5 wow05:47
frank_bnickrud, no, you were right. it solved the problem. it's a petty though, since they're always changing the themes and getting rid of old good versions. I guess I'll have to look for one that pleases me more. thanks once again :)05:47
HikejinxWow, it's worse then a bunch of Star Wars geeks outside a new release05:47
zylstra555"1 day away"05:47
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: then wouldnt it be better to just download openoffice from the main site and not worry about having to get the debs from the ubuntu servers, since they're so buggy and holey?05:48
Geoffrey2ross`, you can't just take any old linux distro and install it on the Palm....you need a linux program specifically designed to work on it...the average linux distro is WAY to big to fit05:48
CyanFluxthats based off your computer's time05:48
nickrudfrank_b I always do. I have a small screen so I use spifficity because it has very short title bars05:48
zylstra555CyanFlux: What time zone is the Ubuntu server in?05:48
MrObviouszylstra555: Here in Kansas it will be the 24th in 12 minutes. It doesn't mean it will be available then05:48
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, the .deb's from ubuntu are .deb made from the patches Openoffice puts out.05:48
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:48
roocraigCan anyone help a newbie with a sound issue?05:48
CyanFluxzylstra555: I believe its PDT05:48
ross`Geoffrey2: i realize that05:48
Fdisk93here in NC its 12:48 and it isnt out yet05:49
CaptainMorganI checked the site and can't find it... is the new Ubuntu out yet ?05:49
ross`can you suggest a palm version of linux thats decent?05:49
zylstra555CyanFlux: Do you think the people in charge of Ubuntu are so excited (about to pee their pants) that they might actually hit the button at EXACTLY 12AM?05:49
shadow420roocraig whats your sound issue05:49
GangHi, when will 8.04 be released? What does "Coming Soon" exactly mean?05:49
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: ah, ok. well, it just gets frusturating when we have bandwidth caps here in australia and we have 500 updates to get to make a distro stable05:49
MichaelLovesUbunis there a ubuntu release party chat this time05:49
twistageMichaelLovesUbun: Yeah05:49
KeithWeissharwhat time zone is ubuntu.com located in05:49
CyanFluxzylstra555: I was kidding when i asked you when it was to come out, considering the channel title and other people asking, etc05:50
nickrudMichaelLovesUbun see the /topic05:50
twistageMichaelLovesUbun: #ubuntu-release-party05:50
HikejinxComing soon means everyone comes here, doesn't read the topic, and asks the same questions over and over, preventing people with REAL questions from getting help05:50
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, are you talking about because you have multiple machines to update or because openoffice updates so often?05:50
justnutswat!? release time is based on localtime .... not very il8n05:50
MichaelLovesUbunk im there05:50
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, are you using dapper or what?05:50
zylstra555CyanFlux: I know, but, its sure funny to watch the wave of reaction05:50
* CyanFlux nods.05:50
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: been using gutsy for the longest time but gave up on doing updates about 3 months ago05:50
tcpdumpgodwhy DAC1138 ?05:51
zylstra555Why dont you get a server admin in here to automatically force invite everyone who asks to #ubuntu-party-release ... that would solve quite a few problems05:51
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: thought this new hardy release candidate would have improved the update thing, but it didnt.05:51
frank_bnickrud, yes, but in my case it was definitly the theme, since it only started when I had to choose a different one because the one I used to use doesn't come with ubuntu anymore05:51
CyanFluxzylstra555: and yes, I do believe the people releasing it are are so excited they are about to pee their pants.05:51
zylstra555(yes, I realize there wouldent be a willing server admint..)05:51
khaije1err nm nm05:51
GangHikejinx, thanks for your explanation~05:51
shadow420I have Gutsy and Hardy Kubuntu beta05:51
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: updates are tedious and stupid when they update apps i don't even use, and even if it's for security purposes, i'd rather just deal with a broken system than spend my uptime downloading updates05:51
Starnestommyzylstra555: forced joins are impossible on this network's irc server software05:51
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, do you have "hardy" in your sources.list or "gutsy"?05:51
zylstra555Starnestommy: Aww... they are so fun as well05:52
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: it's all hardy now05:52
shadow420but I am dumping my entire linux HD and just have Hardy and I might get slackware for the hell of it05:52
tcpdumpgodHow long have you had it like that DAC1138 ?05:53
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: installed the hardy beta and im not installing anything else, since ubuntu is the best (just tried openoffice 10.3, it's not to shabby, but not ubuntu)05:53
fserve2.3 ?05:53
tcpdumpgodHow long have you had it like that DAC1138 ?05:53
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: hardy repos? since i installed the hardy RC05:53
frank_bnickrud, or better saying, the window border to be more specific, since I usually customize the theme. thanks once again :)05:53
nickrudfrank_b yw05:53
tcpdumpgodDAC1138, a week, two weeks, ?!05:54
* zylstra555 over and out05:54
DAC1138tcpdumpgod: a day05:54
tcpdumpgodwell hardy is a beta release and openoffice gets updated daily.05:54
tcpdumpgodthats probably what you're talking about.05:54
nickrudwell jeez, DAC1138 what do you expect, installing a beta and not seeing constant updates?05:54
shadow420well once I get my free cd I am goig full Hardy and maybe another OS like React OS05:55
DAC1138nickrud: yeah, you missed my entire point: ubuntu has been having updates every week since i started using hoary (i think that's the first i used)05:55
DAC1138nickrud: and every week, there's a 100+ mb update for openoffice, and more updates for apps i dont even use05:55
DAC1138nickrud: and i used to do all those updates, until it started ending up getting rediculous05:56
dholbachggood morning05:56
twistagetop of the morning james05:56
karllenz_i cant find a doc on file sharing05:56
* nickrud refuses to ask the burning question05:56
DAC1138nickrud: i like that i can get weekly updates, but why don't the save the large downloads for monthly updates, like microsof tdoes?05:56
nickrudDAC1138 I prefer the regular updates, every bug fix is an improvement05:57
Shubbarheat sensor applet doesnt change temperature, CUP always at 40C05:57
dn4iaI just installed gnuplot-x11 onto my ubuntu machine and I cannot get the application to pop up05:57
dn4iawhere is it?05:57
bullgard4DAC1138: Sometimes for security reasons.05:57
Daisuke_IdoDAC1138, because security things shouldn't have to wait for patch day05:57
DAC1138nickrud: i prefer regular updates too, just as long as the download doesnt turn out to be 300 MB total for that batch05:57
Shubbarhow can i get the heat sensor applet working?05:57
GangIs there anyone will install Ubuntu from Windows? Wubi.exe~05:58
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!05:58
fservenot i05:58
VeN0mizerI know this has been asked alot I'm sure but...will one with 1 gig of ram really notice _any_ improvements with using xfce4 over gnome? because memory usage reported both using 211mb of ram total after logging in and just running system resource monitor :/05:58
fserveand the next ubuntu05:58
Daisuke_Idoand MS does things the way they do to prevent machines from having to be rebooted all the time.  here, you don't have to reboot with each patch, only on some (and even then i think you can get around it)05:58
fservewhat name will have?05:58
fserveIxxx Ixxx ?05:58
roocraigmy sound card is:   ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 (rev 01), and I have sound out of my headphones but not my speakers. I have laptop speakers I want to use for external sound--I am a newbie and would like to get my sound working before the final release is ready--any help would be appreciated greatly :)05:58
nickrudVeN0mizer I wouldn't expect any, other than the native speed advantage05:58
DAC1138fserve: intrepid ibex?05:59
Daisuke_Idofserve, intrepid ibex05:59
VeN0mizernative speed advantage?05:59
Daisuke_Idothe reason i'm no longer going to use the codenames05:59
_NetNeed an opinion, anyone here tried Beryl for ubuntu before?05:59
Daisuke_Ido_Net, beryl's been dead for some time05:59
akornDoes anybody know what time 8.04's going to be out around?05:59
fservei'm using compiz instead of beryl05:59
Daisuke_Idoakorn, read the topic05:59
Daisuke_Idono, we don't know, so don't ask05:59
nickrudDaisuke_Ido only kernel and libc6 , everything else I've not had to reboot even when asked. (and I do find the request annoying at times)05:59
_NetDaisuke_Ido: I saw some video and it looks interesting, Is it worth playing with?06:00
Daisuke_Ido_Net, you're going to want compiz-fusion06:00
Gangakorn: All of us want to get the answer of the question, but.....06:00
akornhaha sorry06:00
Daisuke_Idowhich is beryl and compiz re-merged06:00
akornjust a bit impatient ;)06:00
Daisuke_Idoand it's definitely worth it06:00
_NetCompiz and beryl?06:00
CITguyI'm sorry if this has already been asked. Is there a room for the ubuntu release?06:00
=== amurnick is now known as amhernick
nickrudCITguy see /topic06:01
ariqslook at topic06:01
_NetAre they seperate downloads or can I install them together06:01
CITguythx, sry06:01
yell0wakorn: it's out06:01
Gangakorn: me too:)06:01
therealnanotubeand while we're talking about 8.04 release... i will encourage everyone to use the torrents rather that ftp/http direct, to save the servers!06:01
akornGang hahaha06:01
roocraiganybody here good at sound issues in ubuntu?06:01
VeN0mizerhahaha it just says 'coming soon" now06:01
akornyellow the final isn't?06:01
Daisuke_Ido_Net, quick history: compiz was first, beryl forked from that and each focused on something different, then realized they would be better together, so they re-merged the branches and called it compiz-fusion06:01
Dynamitetawt: 11.62 am06:01
yell0woh wait06:01
tawtdynamite ?06:02
Daisuke_IdoDynamite, the hell kind of clock are you using? :D06:02
_NetThanks Daisuke_Ido06:02
tawtinteresting clock system06:02
akornyellow yea it's only the RC that's up06:02
Daisuke_Ido_Net, no problem.  if you're using 7.04 or newer, compiz-fusion is installed by default06:02
roocraigmy sound card is:   ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 (rev 01), and I have sound out of my headphones but not my speakers. I have laptop speakers I want to use for external sound--I am a newbie and would like to get my sound working before the final release is ready--any help would be appreciated greatly :)06:03
_NetOh Is it.06:03
yell0wgahh it's tricking me akorn06:03
_NetDaisuke_Ido: Im using 7.1006:03
_NetDo I just go sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion?06:03
Daisuke_Ido_Net, go to system > preferences > appearance06:03
tawt_Net use synaptic.  probably easier06:03
_NetAh, Ok I'll try both.06:03
Daisuke_Idoand go to the desktop effects tab06:04
akornyell0w hahaha yea it had me too06:04
tawtdo daisuke first06:04
redipsHello all06:04
_NetShould I select Normal or Extra06:04
tawtdoesn't matter06:04
Daisuke_Idotry normal first, see if it works :)06:04
_NetW: Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/l/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22/nvidia-glx-new_100.14.106:04
tawtnever seen that one before...06:05
Daisuke_Ido_Net, wha?06:05
_NetGave me this error06:05
nickrud_Net probably a server error, was it a 404 or what?06:05
robotzzwhen is this 804 bad boy coming out? "coming soon" wtf is that doodoo06:05
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:05
_NetCould not connect to ca.archive.ubuntu.com:80 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)06:05
KeithWeissharwhen is the final version of wubi coming out06:05
Daisuke_Idorobotzz, it's the answer you're getting, so sit back and be good like everyone else06:06
miliarobotzz, it is out atm06:06
Daisuke_IdoKeithWeisshar, with any luck, never06:06
Daisuke_Idomilia, no, it is not.06:06
_Netnickrud: Ya06:06
robotzzmilia,  link?06:06
miliadownloaded it last night and now i'm downloading the updates06:06
jerichois the baker and howland islands thing a joke?06:06
KeithWeissharis wubi still in beta06:06
miliarobotzz, i got the rc06:06
tidrionwhere is 8.04?06:06
Daisuke_Idomilia, you downloaded the RC06:06
tonyyarussoFor all Ubuntu 8.04 release anticipation, please head to #ubuntu-release-party.  #ubuntu is a support channel ONLY, even during exciting times.  :)06:06
Daisuke_Idothe final is not out06:06
nickrud_Net server error then. You could try a new mirror, or wait till the server is synced up06:06
miliaDaisuke_Ido, so?06:06
CITguy_Net: the ubuntu repositories are slowed to a crawl due to the impatient upgraders06:06
miliathe final will be rc +upgrades06:07
_NetCITguy: Haha I had a feeling.06:07
nickrudmilia so, if you're up to date you most likely have the final06:07
Daisuke_Idomight as well say the final will be 7.10 + upgrades06:07
roocraigcan i pc anybody about sound issues?06:07
john7121use bittorrent06:07
Daisuke_Idothe RC is not the final06:07
robotzzhehe in that case milia rc<final06:07
milianickrud, i guess that's how it goes:)06:07
Daisuke_Idoend of story06:07
miliarobotzz, true :)06:07
miliaDaisuke_Ido, sure06:07
MEtaLpREsis the hardy final in the repositories for upgrades now?06:08
=== co is now known as carvie
kindofabuzzanyword on the hardy wireless bugs?06:08
john7121m$ kics linux ass06:08
CITguyMEtaLpREs: no, but people apparently think that they can force an upgrade06:08
alexsabreei hardy out yet?06:08
roocraigCan anyone help me with sound issue?06:08
Geoffrey2hmm, probably no surprise here...I have a rather new PCI express chip from ATI, so obviously compiz-fusion won't work.....06:08
megatog615lol john712106:08
tonyyarussoFor all Ubuntu 8.04 release anticipation, please head to #ubuntu-release-party.  #ubuntu is a support channel ONLY, even during exciting times.  :)06:08
MEtaLpREswouldnt the upgrade only get them to the rc then?06:08
alexsabreeGeoffrey2 you need latest drivers06:09
=== `KoRn is now known as Razel
alexsabreeits not compiz06:09
alexsabreeits ur gpu drivers06:09
robbieswhat version of firefox will be in 8.04?06:09
Geoffrey2alexsabree, I know...it's ATI......06:09
robbiesthe beta of firefox 3?06:09
kindofabuzzbeta 506:10
CyanFluxrobbies: 3 beta 506:10
nickrudrobbies latest beta and latest 2.x06:10
DAC1138lol. ubuntu is the only distro with more than one room for it's fans06:10
DAC1138its fans, sorry needs no '06:10
robbiesnickrud: which one by default?06:10
GangGo out for lunch. Hope that I can see 8.04 after I back to lab:)06:10
kindofabuzzbeta 506:10
nickrudrobbies beta06:10
CITguyanybody know of a way to get a full list of apps installed for reinstallation after upgrade?06:10
robbiesi heard that firefox will finally use the linux themes buttons, etc.06:10
robbiesinstead of those ugly box ones06:10
roocraigmy sound card is:   ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 (rev 01), and I have sound out of my headphones but not my speakers. I have laptop speakers I want to use for external sound--I am a newbie and would like to get my sound working before the final release is ready--any help would be appreciated greatly :)06:10
Daisuke_IdoDAC1138, there's this one, +1, kubuntu, xubuntu, the release party...  get everyone in all of the channels in one place and it would be chaos :D06:10
nickrud!clone | CITguy06:10
MiescoWhen does Unbuntu 8 come out?06:10
ubotuCITguy: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate06:10
kindofabuzz6 months06:11
robbiesOMG ITS OUT!!!!06:11
nickrudCITguy but, you don't have to reinstall, the update manager will ask if you want to upgrade in place06:11
mrkeishiican't wait06:11
Dynamiterobbies: stop it. :(06:11
_NetOh just one last question, whats everyone's opinion of this Backtrack thing06:11
kindofabuzzif you have wireless, don't upgrade06:11
nickrud!offtopic | _Net06:11
DAC1138Daisuke_Ido: yeah, it's already chaos in here during normal US daylight hours06:11
ubotu_Net: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:11
kindofabuzzwell if you depend on wireless06:11
Daisuke_Idokindofabuzz, that's purely opinion06:11
CITguyIs there ANY chance of my system breaking when upgrading?06:11
karllenz_whats the difference between nfs and samba?06:11
_NetI thought backtrack was part of linux06:11
yell0wCITguy: yes06:12
mrkeishiiwhat is samba06:12
nickrudCITguy yes, it's possible especially if you have third party stuff installed06:12
JPSmancan I use an ethernet cable to connect to the net through another computer that is using wireless to connect06:12
Daisuke_Idointel 4965 and 3945 work just fine06:12
Daisuke_Idoatheros is fine too06:12
robbiesJPSman: yes, but it requires some configuration06:12
kindofabuzzsamba can use the MS network, nfs doesn't06:12
JPSmanRobbies: do you know what I mean?06:12
robbiesJPSman: you would also need a patch cable unless you were using a switch or hub06:12
Daisuke_Idokindofabuzz, but windows clients can be set up to use nfs (which is so much more stable)06:12
kindofabuzzoh ok06:13
robbiesJPSman: i know exactly what you mean, i have a patch cable going from my PC to my xbox06:13
Geoffrey2where exactly do you get updated drivers for ATI from?06:13
Daisuke_Idotakes work on the windows side though (installing services for unix)06:13
mrkeishiiwhat is samba?06:13
kindofabuzzi don't see that going pretty06:13
robbiessamba is the pet name for my penis06:13
nickrudGeoffrey2 ati.amd.com, but if you wait for hardy you'll have the latest ati in a nice shiny package06:13
CITguyGeoffrey2: have you tried ATI's website?06:13
Daisuke_Idokindofabuzz, works really welll06:13
Starnestommymrkeishii: it lets linux serve windows shares06:13
roocraigCan anyone help me with a sound issue I have? Please :)06:13
CITguylol, gmta06:13
owen1mrkeishii: file server for windows-linuxk06:13
nickrud!language | robbies06:13
uboturobbies: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:13
JPSmanRobbies:  CompA---ethernet---CompB-^    <-wireless06:14
schweebDaisuke_Ido: NFS is mor esimple, not more stable06:14
owen1mrkeishii: what do u need?06:14
robbiesJPSman: the computer connected via wireless would essentially be acting as a bridge06:14
schweebDaisuke_Ido: big diff.06:14
Daisuke_Idoschweeb, if you're actually trying to tell me samba is more stable, i laugh at thee06:14
JPSmanRobbies: ok cool so it IS possible...is there documentation on it?06:14
robbiesJPSman: if you setup internet sharing, then you can use a patch cable, requiring no hub or switch06:14
owen1mrkeishii: if u want to share files between linux machines u can use NFS. it's easy.06:14
jerichoCan I connect my Texas Instrument calculator to ubuntu?06:14
KyleKhey so when I wake up tomorrow I'll be able to ask hardy questions in here?06:14
robbiesJPSman: do you want to do this with ubuntu?06:15
Daisuke_IdoKyleK, assuming it's been released06:15
KyleKjericho: why not?06:15
schweebDaisuke_Ido: I know from experience.06:15
Daisuke_Idoschweeb, same06:15
schweebDaisuke_Ido: ever had a system with stale NFS mounts06:15
Daisuke_Idoit's a bit of a pain06:15
roocraigSOUND HELP ANYBODY?06:15
owen1does xubuntu have a pdf viewer?06:15
jerichoKyleK: well and get it able to recognize it too06:15
nickrudjericho there's the tilp and tilp2 packages, one of those might work for you06:15
robbiesowenl: yes06:15
schweebyou're quite wrong. NFS is simple, samba, once you get it working is more stable06:15
jerichonickrud: ok thanks06:15
Daisuke_Idoi've used both, and i find that i'm riht.06:16
KyleKheh all i have is the old ti83+ with serial cable06:16
mrkeishiiu think it will be out around 6 in the morning est?06:16
schweebNFS, except for v4 is not recommended by anyone with a shred of credibility06:16
schweebv4 is passable06:16
RustedI need help06:16
Daisuke_Idoschweeb, again, your opinion06:16
roocraigI need help06:16
kindofabuzzwho cares?06:16
nickrud!ot | nfs06:16
ubotunfs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:16
owen1schweeb: i am using the 8.04 version. is it ok?06:17
Daisuke_Idomy opinion is that nfs is better, yours is that samba's better06:17
kindofabuzzsome systems samba may be more stable, some nfs may be06:17
owen1schweeb: i mean, the one that comes with hardy.06:17
sexcopteris this a good room to ask about a hardware issue?06:17
Daisuke_Idomrkeishii, read the topic, we don't know exactly when it's coming out.06:17
john7121please for when is the Hardy Heron to be released into the wild?06:17
yell0w!ask > sexcopter06:17
RustedI upgraded to version 8,04 hardy and my usb headset quit working how can I get it to work again06:17
fserve: D06:18
jedimasterkIs the Final out yet06:18
Daisuke_Idojohn7121, like i JUST SAID, read the topic, we don't know when it's coming out06:18
nickrud!isitout (I'm gonna put this on a 7.5 minute repeat .... )06:18
shelezttand... where is the 8.04 final release? I see only rc..06:18
kindofabuzzomg i gotta get out of here.06:18
Daisuke_Idoah christ06:18
nickrud!isitout | all (I'm gonna put this on a 7.5 minute repeat .... )06:18
ubotuall (I'm gonna put this on a 7.5 minute repeat .... ): isitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:18
langdonlibidoI'm having trouble my wireless card06:18
=== spanna is now known as office-ghoul
sheleztteverbody's going crazy:)06:18
prateekDoes aptitude dist-upgrade actually do a distribution upgrade (I'd rather do it from a console running inside screen, rather than using a GUI app)?06:18
kindofabuzzhowland islands? lol where is that?06:18
Daisuke_Idokindofabuzz, GMT06:18
roocraigmy sound card is:   ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 (rev 01), and I have sound out of my headphones but not my speakers. I have laptop speakers I want to use for external sound--I am a newbie and would like to get my sound working before the final release is ready--any help would be appreciated greatly :)06:18
Daisuke_Idoroocraig, you keep repeating that.  if no one's answered you, probably no one here at the moment knows06:19
Daisuke_Idoso be patient.06:19
kindofabuzzi though ubuntu was african lol06:19
Daisuke_Idokindofabuzz, i was just guessing on location06:19
nickrudprateek yes, but you would be better off with  do-release-upgrade , it does some checks that aptitude dist-upgrade doesn't (and don't ask me exactly what they are, I'm just parroting the uber-geeks)06:19
kindofabuzzi'm just being silly06:19
yell0wkindofabuzz: it is an african word06:19
langdonlibidoI've troubleshooted the wireless card, and I can't figure out how to enable it.06:20
sexcopterI'm on a Dell Optiplex which is set up as dual boot (windows and ubuntu) and ubuntu is default option. Has worked fine up until yesterday. Now, after the bios splash screen I get the message "keyboard failure" (note, I have a logitech wireless keyboard) and no keyboard response in grub, which takes me to ubuntu. From there, the keyboard is working fine! Can anyone figure this out?06:20
prateeknickrud: Thanks.06:20
roocraigi am trying to be patient--thanks for the courtesy message06:20
rippsUbuntu 9.04 will totally be named Jolly Jackal06:20
=== netsuu is now known as _god_
kindofabuzzwhe is 9.04 gonna be relesed? =)06:21
tawti agree06:21
jedimasterkIs the Final out yet06:21
langdonlibidoCan anyone help with activating my wireless card, it's a broadcom06:21
tonyyarussokindofabuzz: April of 2009, just like the name says.06:21
owen1i just got xubuntu and can't open pdfs. anyone?06:21
rippsApril 200906:21
tawtlol  the fourth month of next year06:21
JosephEddyhow do you do an upgrade without reinstalling the system?06:21
yell0wowen1: evince ?06:21
nickrudowen1 you could install either evince or xpdf06:21
nickrud!upgrade | JosephEddy06:22
ubotuJosephEddy: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:22
KyleKubuntu 99.4 was the best, its been downhill ever since06:22
owen1yell0w: nickrud: i wonder why it's not coming by default..06:22
kindofabuzzto 90% of the questions here's the answer:  www.google.com06:22
dxdtsup jeff__06:22
Rustedcan anyone help me get my headset to work06:22
langdonlibidoHow do I enable a wireless card?06:22
TuxPWNZCongratulations everybody for the newborn baby!!! :D06:22
nickrudowen1 not sure, I've never installed xubuntu. I'd think there would be one of those ...06:22
Daisuke_IdoKyleK, do you have the slightest idea what you're talking about? :)06:22
jeff__not much06:22
JPSmankindofabuzz: that isn't the spirit of Ubuntu06:22
yell0wowen1: evince comes default with ubuntu, don't know about xubuntu06:22
DracoZATuxPWNZ, were still in labor...06:22
kindofabuzzwell i meant to the basic questions06:22
benpete22WHEN IS 8.04 COMING OUT06:23
owen1nickrud: yell0w: thanks06:23
nickrud!google | kindofabuzz06:23
ubotukindofabuzz: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux06:23
rippsa matter of hours]06:23
Daisuke_IdoJPSman, it is when 90% of the current questions are "OMFG IS IT OUT YET???LOL"06:23
TuxPWNZDracoZA: Huh?06:23
Amaranthbenpete22: Don't do that06:23
roocraigwhen I go to espn.com and see a video, i see the play button and need to click on it to play any animation, how do I make the video play automatically?06:23
Amaranthbenpete22: #ubuntu-release-party06:23
KyleKbenpete22: dont bother staying up06:23
JPSman!google JPSman06:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about google jpsman - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:23
JPSman!google | JPSman06:23
langdonlibidoAm I being ignored or is their some freak connection issue?06:23
KyleKlangdonlibido: maybe06:24
nickrudJPSman you can check out ubotu's messages privately, /msg ubotu factoid06:24
kindofabuzzso can i still get gutsy support in here after today? lol06:24
langdonlibidoFirst time in IRC, wanted to make sure I wasn't talking to myself06:24
nickrud!wireless | langdonlibido06:24
ubotulangdonlibido: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:24
Amaranthkindofabuzz: Sure, but probably not for a couple days06:24
dxdtkindofabuzz: yeah pretty much.  The only bumping that happens is that the next version's support will be in #ubuntu+106:24
AmaranthWe'll be swamped with upgrade questions06:24
langdonlibidoThanks, that url looks farmiliar but I'll try again =D06:24
TuxPWNZCongratulations everybody for the newborn Ubuntu!!! :D06:24
bitraiserI'd like to share a song I'm listening to right now, reminds me so much of how I'm longing for Hardy Heron to be released...see if anyone knows what song it really is and google for its lyrics to understand the meaning :)            http://www.filecrunch.com/fileDownload.php?sub=e37526fad3fce9522dd04eeab31e33db&fileId=141820                                            - LET's ALL PARTY!! :D  (Reminder: It's in .OGG format)  :D06:25
RustedI have tried everything I read in the blogs to get my headset to work, but things changed with the hardy version of ubuntu so none of it works06:25
kindofabuzz<--not upgrading06:25
lettermanhow do I kill xserver from console and return to a command shell?06:25
nickrudlangdonlibido I'm lucky, my card Works for Me™06:25
tiger74TuxPWNZ: when will we get the HH?06:25
Amaranthbitraiser: Don't do that06:25
KyleKletterman: /etc/init.d/?dm stop06:25
Amaranthbitraiser: Also, #ubuntu-release-party06:25
dxdtKyleK: that is clever06:25
coralinehow didst I end up here?06:25
JPSmanDoes anyone know how I could connect to the net by    CompA---ethernet---CompB-^    <-wireless06:25
one_taoletterman Alt+F706:25
Flashq009hello all, I cannot find the link to ubuntu 8.04 latest  on the website to download.06:25
TuxPWNZtiger74: It's already out today man. :)06:25
langdonlibidohaha, it took me like an hour to figure out how to enable the restricted driver, it almost worked for a second, and now it died again =(06:26
insmod<letterman> killall -906:26
nickrudFlashq009 not out yet, will be out before midnight last time zone06:26
kindofabuzzFlashq009: did you think, hey maybe because it's not there?06:26
tiger74TuxPWNZ: but in ubuntu.com it said "Coming Soon"06:26
coralinewho are you people and how did you get into my computer?06:26
tiger74I can't wait anymore :D06:26
Rustedcan someone please help me06:26
kindofabuzzi gotta get out of here lol06:26
nickrudRusted what's the question?06:26
KyleKI installed 64bit fiesty and then updated to hardy just a few days ago06:26
KyleKstill need ndiswrapper or working wifi drivers for my card06:27
phishiecoraline: u r in irc06:27
Rustedthanks nick06:27
RustedI got a usb headset06:27
one_taokylek that's a release candidate yes?06:27
* nickrud is getting sorta peeved, thinking bout kicking people to offtopic06:27
TuxPWNZtiger74: No, just visit it now, it's not "coming soon" anymore. :)06:27
roocraighow long should it take to upgrade to final release of hardy if upgrading from 8.04rc?06:27
Rustedand I got it to work with gutsy06:27
Daisuke_Idoroocraig, you'll be there by the time it's released06:27
bitraiserAmaranth, i know, i'm there too, I just want to make sure everyone can listen to that song and be ready when hardy comes out :D can't wait06:27
coralinewhat is that?06:27
erat1238.04 IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!06:27
nickrudroocraig depends on how fast your net is, how much extra you installed. abt least 700mb download06:27
Daisuke_Idochances are, you're already there06:28
Rustedbut I upgraded to hardy and it doesn't work anymore06:28
Amaranthbitraiser: Don't do that though06:28
=== EBAR is now known as whoa
dima_Hello, I need help setup video on ubuntu 7.10? , When I try to use restricted driver, I hear the sound it should make when it gets to login screen but my monitor is constantly popping up recommended resolution 1680x105006:28
=== whoa is now known as EBAR
phishiecoraline, you are not joking are you?06:28
nickrudcoraline stop doing that06:28
Rustedso my question is how do I get my usb headset to work with hardy06:28
nickrudRusted I don't know sound in the least, sorry06:28
Daisuke_Idobitraiser, i haven't downloaded it, but i'm guessing a parody of sunshine of your love?06:28
roocraiganyone can help me with a sound issue-headphone sound but no laptop speaker sound-thanks06:28
pawanwhen is the new version coming out06:28
bitraiserDaisuke_Ido, yeah! you've got it! *applauds* :D06:29
one_taoRusted, have you tried another usb port?06:29
tiger74coraline: type /quit06:29
Daisuke_Idotiger74, not how things are done here.06:29
dima_Anyone have any expeience with Ubuntu and video for Radeon x series?06:29
Flannel!hardy | pawan06:29
ubotupawan: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Support in #ubuntu+1 - Come join the #ubuntu-release-party now!06:29
tiger74Daisuke_Ido: sorry :)06:29
bitraiserDaisuke_Ido, not the studio version..the real stuff..live, back in the days when they had a tour stop in California :P06:29
Rustedyeah I have tried several usb ports and it makes a the ubuntu type sound when I plug it in, but nothing after that no sound from any program06:30
abu_rashidhello, can anyone tell me how long until 8.04 will be released?06:30
roocraiganyone have experience with flash?06:30
KyleKabu_rashid: nope06:30
Daisuke_Idocan no one read?06:30
XceII+0 by ubuntu06:30
Rustedeven though I have the headset selected as a default sound device06:30
dxdtDaisuke_Ido: it is like this every release06:30
Daisuke_Idodxdt, yeah, and i get irritated every release06:30
insmod<roocraig>in what way06:30
KyleKone_tao: yup, theres not much difference really, but wait for final to download an ISO06:30
dxdtDaisuke_Ido: haha06:30
abu_rashiddaisuke, we're illiterate, that's why we came to ask the sages06:30
nickrudDaisuke_Ido so, take a break till tomorrow, it'll be fun then06:30
DracoZAroocraig, im a flasher, whats up ?06:31
one_taorusted, sorry I don't know. anyone know how to search for new hardware?06:31
dima_I have been working on my problem for 2 days straight06:31
Daisuke_Idonickrud, i'm going to do what i do at every release06:31
karllenz_how do i mount /dev/hdb106:31
Daisuke_Idoleave for two weeks06:31
tiger74karllenz_: sudo mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt06:31
Daisuke_Idobecause i don't have the patience :D06:31
roocraigI go to espn.com for example and want to see the videos, but I see a play button and need to click on it to play--how do I get the videos to play automatically?06:31
one_taokylek, thank you.06:31
coralinewhat does this program do?06:31
yell0wroocraig: grease monkey ?06:31
nickrudDaisuke_Ido I got corralled into being very busy this next few weeks, but it's funnnnn!!!06:31
DracoZAroocraig, 7.10 ?06:31
Rustedit is detecting the headset, but I can't hear sound through it06:32
coralinethis goes by too fast06:32
langdonlibidoI have a Gateway Laptop with a Broadcom wireless, how do I enable it?06:32
undecimDoes anybody know why it would take my file browser, firefox, etc, about 30 seconds to appear after I hit the button after having my system running for a while?06:32
=== peabody is now known as letterman
one_taocoraline, it let's us talk and learn06:32
karllenz_tiger74: says dev/hdb1 command not found06:32
nickrudcoraline yes, it is fast. You should put the nick of the person you're addressing in the line, it makes it easier to see06:32
lettermanok so I'm trying to install a nvidia driver so I can see more than a quarter of my screen06:32
lettermanso I boot into runlevel 106:32
XceIIlettermandavid is a shill.06:33
coralinei don't know nick06:33
karllenz_tiger74: ok i got it06:33
dima_fglrx problem here, my monitor detects the video like 100 times a minute but nothing on the display ;(06:33
nickrudundecim look in /etc/hosts, make sure you have a line like <hostname>06:33
nickrudcoraline coraline is your nick, nickrud is mine06:33
JosephEddylangdonlibido | all I know is that it's extremely complicated and long process06:33
lettermanI try to install the driver and it says "You need to run this in runlevel 3".. so I init runlevel and I'm in xwindows and it says, "This driver cannot be installed while Xwindows is running"06:33
lettermanhow do I exit Xwindows so that I have a usable console?06:34
lettermanwithout leaving my current runlevel?06:34
karllenz_where is mnt?06:34
dxdtletterman: I get the feeling you are trying to install the driver directly from nvidia's site rather than from the built in ways which are easier.  I would use those first unless you know why you are doing it from their site.06:34
undecimnickrud: Yes, it's there06:34
nickrudletterman clt-alt-f2 , log in. run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop. do the nvidia stuff. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start , alt-clt-f7 to get back to gui if needed06:34
whtamost of my updates are giving me a 404. what's up?06:34
dxdtkarllenz_: /mnt06:34
one_taoletterman, did you try alt f7?06:34
karllenz_dxdt:  but i dont see the hd on my desk top06:34
XceIIsudo apt get exit nbsbc06:34
nickrudundecim that's the most common reason ... is    hostname   in a terminal the same?06:34
langdonlibidoArgh, any tips for how I should start my search? still trying to activate broadcam wireless on gateway laptop06:35
Bryan_I had been stopping some services before suspend, that I thought where hanging suspend. I now know that wasn't it, but I think disableing them is messing with them when I return from suspend. Where is the file that allows you to turn off a given service before suspending06:35
lettermandoes C-A F7 work in KDE?06:35
lettermancause I'm not using gnome06:35
nickrudletterman yes, and use kdm instead of gdm06:35
lettermank, I'll try that06:36
undecimnickrud: it has a domain appended to it in the file, but the sub domain is the same as my prompt06:36
akornwhere is my firefox folder?06:36
undecimnickrud: I Usually only have this problem when my computer has been on for a few days06:36
nickrudundecim you should not have a domain appended in /etc/hostname , or the /etc/hosts line06:36
akornwith the FF2 folder inside06:36
whtawhy are my updates all giving me 404 errors? i need to download a video driver but i can't.06:36
dborozoHey has anyone been able to get the nvidia driver to work with hardy?06:37
Bryan_dborozo, I have.06:37
XceIII hand it to the writers of 8.04 compix. it flat r0xors, thx06:37
nickrudundecim unless your machine is directly connected to the net, with a dns pointing at it iirc06:37
roocraigwhat player plays the video clips on espn.com for example?06:37
=== _god_ is now known as netsuu
undecimnickrud: okay, I'll remove that then. Is there a command I have to run to get it to recognize the change or anything?06:37
Fade2Blkwhas the new version of ubuntu released?06:37
nickrud!hostname | undecim06:37
ubotuundecim: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab06:37
akornAnybody know where my firefox folder is, with the ff2 folder inside of it?06:37
nickrudakorn for your personal settings?  ~/.mozilla/firefox06:38
XceIIIm writing my letter of resignation to micro$oft. Dear micro$oft, U suck. end.06:38
karllenz_n anyone help me get a blank ext3 hdd mounted06:38
kuruhow do I make it so all files created by www-data are automatically chmod to 644 ?06:38
=== peabody is now known as letterman
coralinethis is crazy06:38
lettermanok so the driver won't install that way either06:38
akornnickrud man, am i ever dumb...06:39
LoLeNwhen will ubuntu 8 will be available?06:39
akornnickrud haha i forgot, it's owned by mozilla.....................................06:39
LoLeNany mirror has it yet?06:39
akornnickrud thanks hahaha06:39
ubotuisitout is The answer is always that it will release when the release manager says so, which is generally down to how exact order of events works out on the day and is hard for anyone (including the release manager) to put an exact time on in advance.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:39
one_taokarllenz_ you can't mount a blank drive.06:39
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:39
karllenz_its got a partition on it06:39
akornripps join #ubuntu-release-party06:39
karllenz_one_tao: its got a partiotion on it06:39
one_taokarllenz_ k filesystem ?06:39
rippsalready have, that was my response to the person who asked06:39
robbiesi found a way to get 8.04 early! go into your console and type 'ping ubuntu.com -s 31337'06:39
lettermanHere's the error log: http://www.pastebin.org/3166106:40
karllenz_i can see it in gparted06:40
LoLeNrobbies: whta does this do?06:40
undecimnickrud: It works! Thank you so much!06:40
karllenz_one_tao: i can see it in gparted06:40
lettermanIs there anything else I can do to fix this?06:40
tonyyarussoLoLeN: Nothing interesting.  Ignore him.06:40
one_taokarllenz_ do you know if it's /dev/hda1 or ?06:40
ther3p0zhey all06:40
lettermanI need to support a nvidia GeForce 7050 HD chipset06:40
nickrudundecim you're welcome06:40
fservedoes someone know where i can get bind9 ? i removed from my system and now i cant use webbrowsers *_*06:40
ther3p0zJust got skype 2.0 working 64bit, cool eh?06:41
XceIIHave a good day folks, god bles and ...Get the party on 4 hardy!!!06:41
karllenz_yea gparted says mountpoint /media, /mnt06:41
SuperRoachskype is in 64bit now? nice06:41
karllenz_one_tao: gparted says mount point /media /mnt06:41
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Bryan_how to you stop a service before suspend?06:41
fservecan someone send me bind9 deb package ? i removed from my system and now i cant use webbrowsers *_*06:42
Gnuklearcoraline: this is SPARTA06:42
one_taokarllenz_ ok from a command line here's what I do dmesg |grep MB06:42
dborozoCan someone explain to me how to get the nvidia driver working in hardy?06:42
lettermandborozo: same problem here06:42
one_taothis tells me what /dev it is06:42
LoLeNGnuklear> coraline: this is SPARTA: lol06:42
Bryan_dborozo, what card is it?06:42
akornAnybody know why i can't install the new Google Earth .bin file??06:42
lettermanmine is a 705006:42
Bryan_dborozo, did you do a dist upgrade, or a fresh install?06:42
tonyyarussodborozo: #ubuntu+1 for development versions06:42
akornIt says  "Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file."06:42
one_taothen I do sudo mount /dev/hxxx /media06:43
dborozooriginally dist update06:43
dborozobut then fresh install after i couldn't get it working06:43
karllenz_one_tao:  dmesg says unable to turn on colling device06:43
lettermanI did a fresh install as well06:43
Bryan_did you try the 'beta'06:43
dborozotried via hardware manager and via envyng06:43
Bryan_I say 'beta' becuase it seems to work better than the 'stable' version06:43
dborozono haven't tried the beta06:43
one_taokarllenz_ hm sorry don't know what is colling device06:43
Bryan_dborozo, go to nvidia and download 17306:43
dborozoonly available via manual install?06:43
Bryan_but it's painless06:43
dborozok i'll try it thanks06:43
karllenz_one_tao: acpi eror06:43
dborozoyeah i've done it in the past06:43
Bryan_it's what worked for me lol06:44
Bryan_I had done a dist upgrade, but didn't want to do a fresh install. So I just did a apt-get remove nvidia-* and then installed the beta. BOOM problem solved.06:44
XceIIPolish off (Amarok) and the folks @ ubuntu will be over whelmed in (droves)...thats a fact... you now know. kthx06:44
dborozoi heard something about not being able to use the terminals via the function keys when you use that06:44
tifinehow to install vnc viewer on ubuntu06:44
Bryan_sudo apt-get install vncviewer06:45
madrazrHi all06:45
madrazrI know all are as anxious as I am06:45
bjbmbah not out yet06:45
tifineBrandon_, i installed that one but it doesnt work06:45
madrazrwhen can we see Hardy Final on servers and mirrors?06:45
madrazranyone has the idea of time?06:45
tonyyarussoNo, we do not know what time 8.04 will be released.  However, rest assured that it will be out before the clock hits 23:59:59 on Baker and Howland Islands.  Until then, please stop asking.06:45
tifineBrandon_, do you know any graphics vnc for ubuntu06:46
madrazrtonyyarusso: fine thanks and sorry too06:46
one_taokarlenz. google says nothing about colling device06:46
bjbmwhat is the reason for the version numbers? ie x.04 and x.10?06:46
inkynoo1How can I install a command line only version of Ubuntu? I don't wany any servers or anything running06:46
tiger74bjbm: it's year and month06:46
one_taoversion numbers is month06:46
tiger74inkynoo1: you can try minibuntu06:47
fservecan someone send me bind9 deb package ? i removed from my system and now i cant use webbrowsers *_*06:47
XceIImadrazr:  ive been running it for 60 days, it flat rocks06:47
bcnaathow to apt-get firefox2 in hardy - I hate firefox3 beta06:47
one_taoas in 200EIGHT april is OH FOUR06:47
bjbmanyone running 64bit?06:47
madrazrXceII: I am eager to know about the final one06:47
joankisometimes when i am doing stuff on my computer, it gets REAL sluggish for no apparent reason. has anyone experienced this?06:47
Starnestommyfserve: fix your /etc/resolv.conf06:47
XceIII guess they are waiting on mazilla06:47
bcnaatjoanki: I've noticed that it does get slow on occasion, too06:47
eeguyjoanki: What gets sluggish? FF3?06:48
joankibcnaat, do you think it's open office?06:48
joankiit happens a lot when i have been using open office06:48
XceIImazilla breaks 2 fast if you dont know a work around06:48
fserveStarnestommy, how? : (06:48
one_taoI tried 64 bit server - 7.10, quite buggy06:48
lettermanwhy would this installer tell me I don't have libc installed06:48
bcnaatjoanki: not sure but ever since I did use OO earlier today things have really gotten slower on my machine06:48
lettermanis it really not installed by default?06:48
joankiweird , eh06:48
Starnestommyfserve: add a new "nameserver" line with IPs of DNS servers, like and
fservehmm, ok06:49
Deathserveri install flash then the links on some sites are blacked out why any help ?06:49
bjbmim curious about 64bit, but can't justify the usability and stability06:49
XceIIother than that, 8.04 seems light speed.06:49
Deathserverbeen workin on it for days06:49
one_taoI have 64 bit procs, just don't like the os06:50
Deathserverand i cant get it to uninstall06:50
fserveStarnestommy, very thank you, solved.06:50
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sdakakAudio in flash videos use to work till NOW. But now it has stopped working. I can play other audio files though. I tried --purging and reinstalling flash to no avail.06:51
milly1234does anyone here have more then one video input device  and both work, for example a webcam and a tv tuner card06:51
XceIII donate monthly to ubuntu, way cheaper than the slave wages that bill exasperates through necessity of crappy updates that do nothing.06:51
bcnaatDeathserver: if you figure something out, let me know. I get a circle arrow, click it and then a black screen.06:51
Arky44Xcell: XD06:51
karllenz_ok i mounted my hdd to /media but where is /media?06:52
one_taois it april 24 in so africa ?06:52
Deathserverhow do u purge or uninstall flash ive tried but you tube still works06:52
Starnestommykarllenz_: in /06:52
whtamy grub is broken, giving me "error 22" when i try to boot. can i fix this from a linux mint live CD?06:52
karllenz_so under file system06:52
sCOTTohey - can anyone here help me with adding a second monitor to my ubuntu desktop / notebook ??06:53
XceIISo, folks, enjoy the future of Ubuntu, Donate today so that you (know) your stuff wil r0x0rs. kthx.06:53
karllenz_Starnestommy: awesome thanks06:53
Deathservercan i jus uninstall firefox to get rid of flash06:54
difetahey all. I just enabled the nvidia restricted driver and all my video have a high color saturation. Any ideas?06:54
Deathserversry ubuntuforums and google have been exhausted06:54
sCOTTodisable it :)06:54
dxdtname andrew_06:54
XceIIwe'll miss you sCOTT06:55
Deathserverplease help06:55
DracoZADeathserver, try sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree gnash gnash-common && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:55
tifinewhen i connect to server why i am getting message : End of Stream06:55
XceIIno Deathserver, flash has to be independently uninstalled06:56
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milly1234difeta, nvidia-settings06:57
Deathserverany help on the uninstall i cant find the dir06:57
Israphelhow much time?06:58
jeff__what's the hapyhap andrew_?06:58
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eeguytime for what?06:58
XceIIIm out folks god bless Ubuntu, the only os known to Rock.06:58
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one_taoIsraphel maybe 26 hours06:58
eeguyI bet 24 hours06:58
Israphel3 AM UTC06:59
Deathserverthat command you gave uninstalled it and reinstalled  but it still dose not help on the webpage im trying to view06:59
eeguyif its anything like gutsy06:59
DracoZADeathserver, u sure its flash ?06:59
IsraphelGutsy was released about 1 or 2 AM UTC06:59
one_taowhat time is it now utc?06:59
undecimHow can I convert days since jan 1st, 1970 to YYYY-MM-DD format?06:59
Israphelnow is 00:00 UTC06:59
NeatcheeOk I'm about to ask a really ridiculous favor from someone.  I'm away from my linux box, and need to get access to an encrypted USB thumb drive.  Can someone do me the favor of md5sum'ing a string for me and PMing it back to me? :D06:59
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 24 2008, 05:59:46 - Next meeting: Server Team in 6 days06:59
one_taowhat? it's 11 pdt06:59
Seveasundecim, strftime07:00
Seveas@now Pacific07:00
ubotuCurrent time in Canada/Pacific: April 23 2008, 23:00:31 - Next meeting: Server Team in 6 days07:00
NeatcheeAnybody wanna be a pal and help me out with that?07:00
eeguyI thought I stayed up late (Central timezone usa) for gutsy, but had to give up and wait until the next day07:00
SeveasNeatchee, sure07:00
one_taowould but dont know how07:01
LoLeNNeatchee sure07:01
Neatcheethanks seveas07:01
Deathserverwell i inistalled flash from adbe because a site i was trying to view needed it and firefox wouldnt install so i DL the tarbal from adobe and followed the redme i got flash animation but it blacked out links down the side07:01
NeatcheePMing you now07:01
Israphelhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04 ---> dont work07:01
* sdakak wonders how ubuntu acts up anytime and still people kill to defend it07:01
SeveasIsraphel, it's not out yet :-)07:02
Deathserveri just want flash gone to the point sites ask me to install it07:02
* sdakak nods07:02
Israpheltell me something i don't know07:02
one_taosdakak : What?07:02
* sdakak nods so hard his head rolls off07:02
Deathserveri will be very gr8ful to get this solved07:02
LoLeNits gonna get crazy when ubuntu will be out07:02
one_taosdakak: They all 'act up'07:03
Israphellike the same time07:03
LoLeNwe should schedule a party or sth :D07:03
sCOTTohey ppl - anyone here good with monitors???07:03
Israphelbut i use kubuntu 64bits07:03
sdakakone_tao: One fine day I wake up and flash decides to not give me sound in firefox videos.07:03
sdakakone_tao: I atleast know that windows gives 'reactions' to my actions. Ubuntu has a mind of its own.07:03
one_taosame ms macos whatever07:03
damo22how long until hardy is released?07:04
Deathserverbtw the sit im trying to display correctly is cedarpoint.com there are suppost to be links down the left side07:04
one_taosdakak: What's the 'perfect' os?07:04
prodigelHi all. Can I find out if a host is runing linux or windows? I've nmap-ed it to see opened ports, and seeing ssh could be a clue. Still it's not a proof that the host is linux. Do you know a better way ?07:04
LoLeNone_tao: the OS that's perfect to YOU07:05
LoLeNone_tao: depends on what you need it for07:05
fouadanyone have trouble with apt-get update ??07:05
milly1234prodigel, could ask the one running the host.07:05
GT63The Perfect OS is the one that does the things you need without problems07:05
one_taoprodigel in ssh do a uname -ar07:05
geniiprodigel: Server Spy Firefox Extension07:05
LoLeNmilly1234: no prob07:05
eeguyprodigel: did you try the "nmap -O" option07:05
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prodigeleeguy: this happends when you don't read the manual :D07:06
one_taosCOTTo: ?07:06
Deathserverany more suggestions on how to remove flash player for good07:06
geniiprodigel: You can also do the old-school telnet to port 80 and read the server headers07:06
eeguyjust checking07:06
sCOTToone_tao: need help adding a monitor to my system... I have a new LG L225WT 22 inch wide screen....07:06
DracoZADeathserver, it's not your machine07:07
milly1234same monitor I have sCOTTo, least I thin it is, I have a lg 22 inch07:07
IcemanV9why do we have TWO different commands, adduser and useradd, to add a new user??? ::confused::07:07
DracoZADeathserver, I dont get a nav either07:07
ADa434rasagdga4adduser is a wussification of useradd07:07
ADa434rasagdga4for the faint of hard too scared to learn obscure flags07:07
sCOTTomilly1234: yeah i need to get s driver so it will work - i want to stretch across two...07:07
Deathserverhow can i see if flash is installed correctly07:07
AmaranthDeathserver: youtube07:08
mysticbiscuityou all might find this to be interesting if you have time -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BIZ0Flr70A07:08
mokka_mohan_query !!!07:08
milly1234sCOTTo, when I added mine I just did it with the screen resolution and settings tool07:08
c_varunhardy to be released today right?07:08
Amaranth!offtopic | mysticbiscuit07:08
mokka_mohan_What is the best first book in Algorithms and Data STructures07:08
ubotumysticbiscuit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:08
DracoZADeathserver, the site works in IE and not in Firefox it seems07:08
one_taomilly1234: could you send scotto our xorg.conf ?07:08
IcemanV9ADa434rasagdga4: nice way to explain. :-)07:08
Deathserveri belive where ive tried to install several times a may have conflict going on07:08
one_taoer your xorg.conf07:08
sCOTTomilly1234: can you tell me ur settings?07:08
prodigelgenii: telnet 80 tells me windows, but nmap tells me linux. who should I trust?07:08
DeathserverIE how you run that07:08
geniiprodigel: telnet07:09
milly1234sCOTTo, I'm not stretching across more then one screen though, but sure if you still want it07:09
DracoZADeathserver, internet explorer i.e. Microsoft07:09
Amaranthprodigel: nmap, you can make your http server lie07:09
Deathserveri just moved to linuk if not obvious07:09
geniiAmaranth: Hehe07:09
prodigelAmaranth: thought so also07:09
Israphelany problem with the flash plugin on hardy 64 bits?07:09
Deathserveri just moved to linuk if not obvious=n