takedownI have question about upstart, control-alt-delete file permit reboot to everyone who press magic keys?(same is init)10:14
takedownand shutdown.allow file works with upstart?10:15
Keybuktakedown: shutdown.allow does not work with upstart12:32
tale_can somebody show me an example of how to use the status command to see the status of say my open-ssh service?16:24
Keybukstatus open-ssh16:26
tale_Keybuk, I get this error:  sudo status sshd16:28
tale_status: Unknown job: sshd16:28
tale_what name is it expecting?16:28
tale_the name of the script in /etc/init.d/?16:29
tale_because that doesn't work either16:29
Keybukthe name of the upstart job in /etc/init/jobs.d16:29
Keybukor /etc/event.d on older versions16:29
Keybukunless you write an openssh service yourself, you won't have one16:29
ion_Ah, i didn't even notice the switch away from /etc/event.d :-)16:29
ion_/etc/init/jobs.d is a good choice.16:30
Keybukion_: I'd changed the job defaults sufficiently that the move and drop was the right thing to do16:30
ion_It's more obvious than event.d IMO, and the other upstart configuration can be under /etc/init so that /etc isn't polluted.16:31
Keybuktale_: Ubuntu and Fedora are still using sysv-rc for running most daemons16:32
Keybuksysv-rc will just have one upstart job for an entire runlevel16:32
tale_I see that now that I'm looking at /etc/init/jobs.d16:33
tale_I was curious because I saw the commands on a ubuntu cheat sheet yesterday and I couldn't get them to return anything but an error16:33
Keybukstatus tty116:33
Keybukthat will return you a useful answer16:33
Keybukbrb, hardy time16:34
ion_I manually switched polipo to be managed by upstart instead of sysvrc, since it chokes to an assertion failure every once in a while. :-P Not often enough for me to switch to something worse for my needs (such as squid), though, and i hope to get around to fixing that bug myself some day.16:36
Keybukdbus is strangely missing dbus_connection_pair (&conn1, &conn2);22:07
Keybuktest_dbus: tests/test_dbus.c:1037: test_object_message: Assertion `dbus_connection_send_with_reply ( conn, message, &pending, -1)' failed.23:35
Keybukwhat's up with you23:35

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