quitttwhy the devices do not appear on desktop?!?!!00:00
MiKa^greetings from Malaysia!00:15
punkn00dlezQuick question for anyone who's free...?00:30
MiKa^gd morning.00:32
MiKa^well, it's morning over here GMT +800:33
punkn00dlezMorning. Afternoon here. I think GMT -5 maybe?00:33
MiKa^i dont know if i can help, im a xubuntu user for 5 months only00:34
punkn00dlezUS Eastern Daylight Time...wanna try anyway?00:34
punkn00dlezAlright, I have a blank disk in my CDRW drive and I can see the icon on my desktop, however whenever i click on it, it tells me I must be root to mount it. How do I mount it under root?00:35
MiKa^erm, sudo mount?00:35
punkn00dlezMeans nothing to me, unfortunately, I've been on Ubuntu for about 3 months or so.00:35
punkn00dlezAt least I finally got rid of Windows.00:36
MiKa^i have been using xubuntu on usb00:36
MiKa^not a full install00:36
MiKa^let's see..00:36
zoredachewhy would you be trying to mount a blank disk?  if it is blank there is nothing to mount00:36
punkn00dlezI want to mount the drive, so I can burn a cd00:37
punkn00dlezIt won't automount00:37
zoredacheyou don't need to mount the disk to burn too it00:37
zoredachealmost all cdwriter software works through cdrecord which needs the media to NOT be mounted00:37
punkn00dlezI kept trying to burn it, but it keeps telling me there's no drive there.00:37
zoredachewhat program are you trying to burn with, what are you trying to burn, and does it say what 'there' is00:38
punkn00dlezHold on a sec.00:38
MiKa^ah.. this is a question which i cannot help... i never burned discs before00:39
punkn00dlezNever huh? Interesting. I'm trying to use K3b because I have a playlist saved with K3b and it tells me this:00:39
punkn00dlezNo CD/DVD writer found.00:40
punkn00dlezK3b did not find an optical writing device in your system. Thus, you will not be able to burn CDs or DVDs. However, you can still use other K3b features like audio track extraction or audio transcoding or ISO9660 image creation.00:40
punkn00dlezNo idea huh?00:41
zoredacheI am not familiar with k3b......  I generally just use cdrecord directly00:41
punkn00dlezDang. I'm asking the Ubuntu channel now.00:42
MiKa^for the past 5 months i have been sticking to google for help00:43
zoredacheso does k3b see your writer under settings->configure->devices?00:44
punkn00dlezI don't think so, hold on a sec.00:44
zoredacheand are you in the cdrom group?00:44
punkn00dlezAnd google hasn't helped much with this question. Always my first stop.00:44
punkn00dlezDon't know what that means either.00:45
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zoredachefrom a terminak do a grep 'cdrom:' /etc/group and see if your login id is listed00:46
punkn00dlezTalk to me like I'm stupid, I won't mind. Haven't been on Linux long at all.00:47
zoredachestart a terminal and run the command:  grep 'cdrom:' /etc/group00:48
zoredacheyou should see something like cdrom:x:24:punkn00dlez,haldaemon00:48
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floatingwhen is next big xubuntu release come ?01:01
floatingsome 8.x ?01:01
MiKa^i think today?01:01
MiKa^if not mistaken01:02
floatingreally ?01:02
floatingfrom 7.10 to 8.x is coming today? :D01:02
zoredacheI think you could download the rc now... I doubt there will be any major changes..01:02
MiKa^well im still waiting...01:02
MiKa^anyway, going off to uni01:02
MiKa^see ya guys soon01:02
* MiKa^ camps here01:02
floatingi have never upgraded ubuntu version, i wonder how complicated that could be01:03
floatingi bet fresh install of 8.x is recommended?01:03
zoredacheupgrading is pretty easy asuming you stuck to official sources for most of your software01:04
zoredacheall you should have to do is run - update-manager -d01:05
floatingthe downside of linux is the making of fresh install and getting back to your old configurations01:05
floatinghave to install and configure many things01:06
thinkmassiveyou don't keep backups?01:06
zoredachefloating: if you have a good backup of /etc, and /home that redoing things is usually easy01:06
thinkmassiveyeah, most of your customizations are probably stored in hidden files in your home dir01:06
floatingif have many software installed from sources, installing those again takes time01:08
zoredachefloating: depending how/where they got installed, you may only need to copy files01:09
thinkmassiveif you have many app's compiled from source then you probably recompile often01:09
thinkmassiveassuming you're using *ubuntu, that is01:10
zoredacheof course I tend to write myself a script to compile a package... that way I can repeat the compile at any point in time01:10
thinkmassiveor any debian-based distro, considering how many app's are in the repository01:10
thinkmassiveyou mean a make script?01:10
zoredacheno... I mean I frequently want to run configure with lots of options01:11
thinkmassiveohh gotcha01:11
zoredacheso I write a script that runs configure with all the options... so i don't forget what I did01:11
thinkmassivevery good idea01:11
thinkmassivealso handy for deploying identical configs to multiple machiens01:11
zoredacheof course when i am really serious about something I take the time to actually make a debian package01:11
zoredacheit really is pretty easy once you understand all the parts involved01:12
thinkmassivewelp I'm out01:12
thinkmassivesouth park tonight :-D01:12
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xorkHello! I'm trying to install from an alternate install cd to a powerbook g302:09
xorkand i get an error "No common CD-ROM drive was detected"02:10
xorkbut.. i'm booted off of the CD-ROM drive.02:10
xorkany ideas?02:10
aaronCan someone tell me why every link for xubuntu 8.04 is 404?02:25
crimsunbecause it hasn't been released yet?02:26
aaronThe beta02:26
crimsunbecause the RC is available?02:26
aaronNo links on the main page02:26
crimsunhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/8.04/rc/ ?02:27
aaronWell, couldnt find that link anywhere on xubuntu.com02:28
j1mcis anyone in here running hardy?02:42
j1mcxubuntu hardy?02:43
j1mclet me know if you are running it.  thanks.02:43
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homebrewciderhey there, every time I log in, i get a pretty much blank desktop. I have to go Applications>settings>desktop settings, and click "allow xfce to manage the desktop" to get my picture and icons back, the setting won't stay from one session to the next02:53
owen1is it risky to get rid of gnome (apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop)?03:10
j1mcowen1: if you have xubuntu installed, no.  i would recommend installing the xubuntu-desktop though03:12
owen1j1mc: i had ubuntu and installed xubuntu (apt-get). i am happy with xubuntu and want to get rid of unused packages.03:15
owen1j1mc: can i do apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop? is it risky?03:16
owen1j1mc: will i still get updates ect?03:16
j1mcowen1: i would probably recommend doing it from a terminal - pressing ctrl-alt-f3, and doing "sudo apt-get remove ubuntu desktop && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"03:18
j1mcit would not be risky03:18
owen1j1mc: ok. i already have xubuntu-desktop. why do i need to install it again?03:19
j1mci dunno... maybe just do "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop --reinstall" to make sure everything is still there after you remove ubuntu-desktop?  i'm not a total expert, but it couldn't hurt.  it won't overwrite any of your config files.03:30
owen1j1mc: ok. thank you.03:35
zoredacheremoving ubuntu-desktiop will not make all the extra packages go away...  You would want to also try running apt-get autoremove after getting rid of ubuntu-desktop03:44
owen1is vinagre only available on the website?03:49
owen1why can't i get from apt-get?03:49
owen1what pdf viewer do u use?04:15
freerisei have xubuntu 7.04 i believe. can synaptic upgrde me to the current release?04:27
freeriseor just to feisty upgrades?04:28
j1mcfreerise: you would have to upgrade to 7.10 and then 8.0404:39
j1mcthere is no direct upgrade path from 7.04.  :(04:39
j1mcit might be better to back up your data and do a new install.  ??  maybe04:39
freeriseah, ok04:40
freerisereally i have no real data, this is a young fs04:40
j1mcgood luck!04:40
j1mcah, ok04:40
freerisei have just been running synaptic over night to upgrade and install gnome stuff04:41
Arky44Hello all :) Is there a way to enable graphics similar to those in GNOME?05:33
blacklabelsk8I'm sure its not that difficult to get gnome, #apt-get install gdm ?05:42
blacklabelsk8or like icons/theme?05:42
Arky44Well, I recently installed the Xfce environment on Ubuntu so that I can switch to Xubuntu at login, but I was wondering if the Compiz Fusion (I think that's what it is) effects could somehow be enabled05:44
Arky44Like the dragging effects, minimizing, maximizing, etc.05:45
mrwislrwas hoping someone here could help me trouble shoot a possible problem on my site05:50
owen1is xubuntu have a pdf viewer?06:01
owen1i can't open pdfs..06:01
owen1is anyone here?06:18
owen1i just got xubuntu and can't open pdfs. anyone?06:18
owen1is there a default app for pdf?06:19
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nakoraowen1 :i guess its evince document viewer08:32
nakoracant remember, installing this, but its working08:32
* Linuturk pokes #xubuntu09:22
anarchticI have big problem09:23
Linuturkwe only accept little problems here09:24
anarchticI install 8.04 server, then update, then install xubuntu-desktop, then after login gdm, i get wallpaper and a terminal with no window borders, and no panels09:24
anarchtic*8.04 server rc09:25
anarchticproblem fixed, xubuntu-desktop does not set xfce as default session09:39
aladois xubuntu also gonna be released today?09:52
ere4sixubuntu is a community run os - it be released a little later09:54
aladook, i'll try out ubuntu then for a few days, have to fill up my newly partitioned hdd, dont want it to get cold :)09:55
MiKa^hey guys10:12
MiKa^recently my quit button on the top panel cant be used to logout my user10:13
MiKa^usually we shud get a dialog with the logout, swtich user, restart, shutdown optinos10:13
MiKa^but i get a dialog box asking me to quit the xfce panel10:14
MiKa^and the quit option in the applications menu doesnt do anything either10:14
MiKa^the only way i could shutdown properly was by using the 'shutdown -h now' command or 'poweroff'10:14
MiKa^recently my quit button on the top panel cant be used to logout my user11:23
MiKa^usually we shud get a dialog with the logout, swtich user, restart, shutdown options11:23
MiKa^but i get a dialog box asking me to quit the xfce panel11:23
MiKa^and the quit option in the applications menu doesnt do anything either11:23
MiKa^the only way i could shutdown properly was by using the 'shutdown -h now' command or 'poweroff'11:23
MiKa^is there any fix to this?11:23
TheSheepMiKa^: this happens when the panel wasn't started with the whole desktop at login, but was started later, separately11:24
kennethris there a server version of xubuntu?11:24
MiKa^but how could it be?11:24
totalwormfaceohh xubuntu11:24
MiKa^i didnt do any settings to make it run like that11:24
totalwormfacekennethr: you can just get the server version of ubuntu and install xfce on that11:25
kennethrtotalwormface: can I run ubuntu w/out any X?11:26
TheSheepkennethr: yes, that's wat the server version does11:27
MiKa^TheSheep: so what can i do to fix this problem?11:27
totalwormfacebut you can't run xubuntu without x :P11:27
TheSheepMiKa^: no idea, you could try deleting your session files in ~/.cache/sessions and relogging11:29
MiKa^will try, thx11:29
Odd-rationaleWow. This channel is really calm...11:35
freerisewhat am i missing to compile apps?11:38
freerisebash: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied11:39
Odd-rationalefreerise: you have build-essential installed?11:39
freerisethink a make clean will fix it?11:39
freeriseOdd-rationale: not sure11:39
freerisei'll chk11:39
Odd-rationalefreerise: did you install build-essential? sudo apt-get install build-essential11:40
freerisei was using synaptic11:40
Odd-rationalefreerise: that is fine11:40
TheSheeppermission denied to the /bin/sh?11:40
TheSheeplooks like the system is pretty much broken11:41
freerisei know?11:41
freerisebuild-essential is installed11:41
freeriseReading state information... Done11:41
freerisebuild-essential is already the newest version.11:41
Odd-rationalefreerise: did you run as root?11:42
TheSheepOdd-rationale: configure shouldn't be run as root11:42
freeriseyou mean my compile?11:42
freerisei did it as user11:42
Odd-rationaleok. dunno then. sorry.11:42
TheSheepfreerise: can you run /bin/sh at all?11:43
freerisei'll see11:43
freeriseseems so11:43
freerisejoe@spinup:~$ /bin/sh11:43
TheSheepwhat does the first line of that configure script say?11:43
freerise#! /bin/sh11:45
freerise# Original version (C) 2000 Pontscho/fresh!mindworkz11:45
freerise#                      pontscho@makacs.poliod.hu11:45
TheSheepok, edit it and remove that space between #! and /bin/sh11:45
freeriseoh? huh11:45
TheSheepyou can submit a bug report to the author of this application11:46
freerisesame error11:46
TheSheephmm... no space after the /bin/sh?11:46
freerise# Original version (C) 2000 Pontscho/fresh!mindworkz11:47
freeriseoh, i'll check that11:47
TheSheepwhat if you run it with 'sh configure' ?11:47
freeriseTheSheep: it runs?!? what does that mean?11:48
TheSheepthere is something wrong with that first line11:49
TheSheepmaybe dos newline, maybe some other whitespace character that we cannot see11:49
TheSheepgotta run11:49
freerisei checked with vim and there is no trailing space11:49
freerisethanks TheSheep11:50
freerisei dont suppose that it could have anything to do with the fact that i de-tared in slackware11:51
freerisewow, i wonder what the problem is11:56
freerisejoe@spinup:/media/disk/home/joe/SVN/mplayer$ make11:56
freerise./version.sh `cc -dumpversion`11:56
freerise/bin/sh: ./version.sh: Permission denied11:56
freerisemake: *** [version.h] Error 12611:56
freerisemake isn't getting anywhere either :((11:56
freerisei have to run too. i'll have to get back to this later11:57
freerisethanks all :) later11:57
Odd-rationalefreerise: try changing #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash11:57
Odd-rationalehey, cody-somerville. Great Job!!!12:24
cody-somervilleThanks :)12:25
Odd-rationalecan't wait!12:25
cody-somervilleBe sure to thank the rest of the team! It wouldn't be possible w/o them12:25
cody-somervilleRelease party is in #ubuntu-release-party btw!12:26
cody-somervilleGo spread Xubuntu joy and love! :D12:26
Odd-rationaleI know. I'm there12:26
skepwill do :)12:26
skepthis channel is a haven of silence to relax from the party-channel ;)12:26
Odd-rationaleyep. it hasn't even grown...12:27
Odd-rationale#ubuntu is almost up to 1600 peeps O.O12:27
cody-somervilleI'm sure we'll get some more folks rolling in as the day goes on. :)12:28
Odd-rationaleyou plan on releaseing very soon after the official ubuntu?12:28
skepi hope..all my machines run on xubuntu12:32
bgergo94when will the xubuntu 8.04 arrive?12:37
grotheskNext week.12:38
skepthats the million dollar..err..euro..question12:38
floatinghi. i want to extend my ext3 partition where my xubuntu install is. however there is swap space right after the xubuntu install. can i remove the swap space and ext3 over it, and make new swap space after that ?12:38
floatingwith simple partition magic 8 extend/ make partition tool12:39
bgergo94and will it have hungarian interface?12:39
grotheskbgergo94: Sure.12:44
bgergo94i asked it anywhere: when will the asus eeepc arrive to hungary?12:45
cpk1is there a way to get each workspace to have a different background? (like in kde)12:48
TheSheepcpk1: no12:48
cpk1is it sad that that is a major bummer for me?12:49
grotheskDifferent backgrounds is a showstopper?12:50
grotheskMan, you got the priorities right.12:50
cpk1ahaha well, it would have been nice, I am still giving it the full run through it deserves though dont worry12:51
MiKa^my usb xubuntu gav me so much problems12:51
MiKa^that im rebuilding it from scratch... for the third time this week12:51
Odd-rationalecpk1: check wallpapoz (for gnome though). not sure if it works in xfce: http://www.getdeb.net/app/wallpapoz12:52
cpk1the biggest block for me right now is I am comfortable in my kde zone and need to figure out how to do everything again12:52
cody-somervilleRelease party in #ubuntu-release-party :)12:52
cpk1thanks Odd-rationale12:52
skeponly a party yet.. ;-)12:53
skepanyway..time to get yet another coffee...12:57
MiKa^anyone uses xubuntu on USB pendrive here?13:01
cody-somervilleI haven't but I've heard of people doing it, MiKa^13:03
MiKa^well, i have been using it all the time13:03
MiKa^just wanted to see if there's anyone who does it too :)13:03
MiKa^my uni computers are full of viruses13:04
MiKa^so i run my own xubuntu13:04
PsynoKhi0greetings, I bet I'm like the 17826487346th to ask today but... any ETA? :D13:14
grotheskNext week.13:14
cody-somervilleSoon! :D13:19
PsynoKhi0http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/8.04/release/ there's 8.04 there but the homepage doesn't say anything13:19
cody-somervilleThat isn't the official image.13:19
cody-somervillePlease don't post links until we announce it is ready ;]13:20
PsynoKhi0cody-somerville: my bad, got the link from another ubuntu site claiming HH is out...13:20
PsynoKhi0no harm intended13:21
cody-somervilleno problem :)13:21
PsynoKhi0btw, how does a CD upgrade manages packages that are not included in th standard ISO?13:22
cody-somervilleIt'll look to the internet13:22
PsynoKhi0do I get an update reminder when I connect later?13:22
PsynoKhi0oh and how about rep keys I added manually (.e.g Wine)13:23
* cody-somerville nods.13:23
skepubuntu is out now..13:23
skepnow we have to wait for the official xubuntu release13:25
TheSheepaccess denied13:26
skepyeah :)13:27
Odd-rationaleconnection time out on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/13:32
totalwormfaceit's always busy on release days13:32
cody-somervilleHello everyone!13:34
cody-somervilleI have an announcement to make!13:34
skepaccess denied is gone13:35
cody-somervilleI'm proud to announce that Xubuntu 8.04 is released!! :D13:36
grotheskI'm seeding it right now.13:36
skepcongratulations and many thanks to the xubuntu team13:36
TheSheepthe screenshot is a tad big...13:36
PsynoKhi0like my "Travolta in Pulp Fiction" smilie?13:36
PsynoKhi0aye thanks!13:36
* cody-somerville notes that the release announcement page still need a little tender love and care ;]13:36
=== cody-somerville changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Xubuntu 8.04 Released: http://xubuntu.org/news/hardy/release
skepmirrors still syncing?13:38
* cody-somerville nods.13:38
skepnevermind..now i can wait some minutes more..13:38
MiKa^uh wait... which to download? alternate or desktop?13:39
cody-somervillePlease use torrents13:39
cody-somervilleMiKa^, Alternate is a text-based installer (good for older systems)13:39
cody-somervilleThe desktop is the desktop installer/live cd13:39
MiKa^oh ok thx13:39
cody-somervilleYou require atleast 192mb of ram to install from the live cd.13:39
skepare the torrents there the correct ones?13:39
cody-somervilleI believe so, yes.13:39
MiKa^whee torrenting13:41
PsynoKhi0cody-somerville: file sizes don't match13:41
PsynoKhi0ah nope.... SUF13:42
PsynoKhi0Stupid User Failure13:42
cody-somervilleSo everything is good? :)13:42
PsynoKhi0cody-somerville: actually, I clicked on the Torrent link: http://www.xubuntu.org/get#hardy13:43
PsynoKhi0and it sent me to Gutsy D/L torrent page13:43
cody-somervilleUpdated link13:43
C|-|R15anyone got link for xubuntu new release on torrent?13:44
Linuturkcody-somerville: US Hardy mirror down?13:44
PsynoKhi0cody-somerville: thanks :) I thought "dang this IS a fast connection me got today" ;)13:44
cody-somervilleLinuturk, Hardy was just released.13:45
cody-somervilleLinuturk, Mirrors haven't synced yet.13:45
* grothesk ist seeding ubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu as alternate aswell as desktop iso.13:46
C|-|R15thanks cody13:46
Linuturkwow, these servers are hammered13:46
grotheskLinuturk: Use torrent.13:46
cody-somervilleCheers everyone!! :)13:47
Linuturklol, I am . . . getting the torrent file is taking a long time ;p13:47
grotheskUsing hammered Servers will take even longer. Believe me.13:47
PsynoKhi0darnit, utorrent acting up13:48
PsynoKhi0nvm fixed13:49
Stroganoffplease confirm and post logfiles: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/base-installer/+bug/20295914:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202959 in debian-installer "[hardy] generating locales stalls on 64mb ram" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:03
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=== groth|afk is now known as grothesk
Odd-rationaleBen_Cs: Hi14:59
MiKa^good day14:59
Ben_Csi installed hardy when it became release candidate. and kept it updated. one of the updates deleted update manager. so i don't know if i can upgrade to the "hardy release" version, and how.15:00
Ben_Cssudo apt-get dist-upgrade , does nothing15:00
Ben_Csanyone please?15:01
MiKa^im sorry but i cant help15:02
sorenBen_Cs: If you installed the RC and kept i updated, then you're already running the final release.15:03
grotheskBen_Cs: No need to upgrade anything, Ben_Cs15:03
sorenBen_Cs: And then, obviously, there's nothing to upgrade.15:03
Ben_Cssoren: so why one of the updates removed the update manager?15:03
sorenStill, if apt-get dist-upgrade is silent, then you're fine.15:04
grotheskIf your sources.list is alright...15:04
jarnosHello. how can you keep Firefox bookmarks  from Gutsy if you want to install Hardy using Desktop CD?15:07
Ben_Csok thNKA15:07
h4mx0rjarnos: export them, go to manage bookmarks and choose file then export15:08
h4mx0rjarnos: there also a lot of settings in your /home/user directory with a period in front of them enable hidden file viewing to grab some of them if you want too15:09
jarnosh4mx0r: Thanks :)15:13
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h4mx0rjarnos: no prob15:14
Ben_Cswell i installed back the update-manager package that was removed on one update. how do i make it, like it was before, that is sits in tray icon and checks for updates periodically?15:19
TheSheepBen_Cs: settings->autostarted applications15:20
MiKa^u mean it can actually sit in the tray just by autostarting it?15:20
PsynoKhi0we could use more seeds :}15:22
MiKa^but well, it just came out15:23
grotheskI'm seeding, I'm seeding...15:23
MiKa^uh, can anyone direct me to the xubuntu general channel again?15:23
PsynoKhi0MiKa^ you mean ubuntu?15:24
MiKa^urm... xubuntu?15:24
MiKa^ah nvm i got it from the website15:24
PsynoKhi0nvm thought this was the only xubuntu-related one :P15:24
* PsynoKhi0 hands out shovels.... "Plant, dang it!" :P15:27
MiKa^wo? planting?15:27
Ben_Csubuntu-manager is at auto-started apps, but it opens regulary insteD OF SITTING IN TRAY15:28
MiKa^well that's what i was thinking too15:29
Ben_CsTheSheep: how do i make update-manager in tray?15:39
TheSheepBen_Cs: it displays a tray icon when there is an update15:41
TheSheeppatience, grasshopper15:41
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
grotheskWhat about the LTS Statis of xubuntu?15:44
grotheskIs Hardy LTS?15:45
MiKa^well, AFAIK, yes it is15:45
MiKa^or maybe it's only for ubuntu?15:45
PsynoKhi0advertised as such on the webbie15:45
MiKa^someone pls correct me15:46
PsynoKhi0KDEs hardy isn't15:46
PsynoKhi0x/ubuntu 8.04 are afaik, not kubuntu15:46
MiKa^for some reason i do not like KDE at all15:48
PsynoKhi0makes you wonder though... what if you install x/ubuntu 8.04 then d/l kde-desktop, do you lose the LTS?15:48
PsynoKhi0hmmm sometimes I feel sort of a specialist in "why the hell would you do that in the first place" kind of questions :P15:50
clintc_anyone got a stable torrent tracker for xubuntu 38615:57
diginuxcan someone please tell me the name of the new screen resolution program for hardy?16:01
diginuxie: the command line name16:01
MiKa^does anyone have any image which i can proudly show off such as "I AM A LINUX USER!"?16:02
PsynoKhi0MiKa^ http://anarka.org/files/Linux_Wallpapers/NeverBeAlone_1600x1200.jpg16:04
diginuxso no one knows the command for the new program to change the screen resolution in hardy?16:07
MiKa^PsynoKhi0: not what i expected, but thanks anyway16:11
PsynoKhi0MiKa^: uh np16:12
Wizzhello, i just installed network manager but i dont know how to get it runnig, where does it install? i used the add/remove tool16:14
TheSheepWizz: I think that it runs at startup and appears next to your clock16:15
PsynoKhi0Wizz: can you launch nm-applet?16:15
Wizzno, it doesn't run at startup16:15
PsynoKhi0and check your autostarted apps16:15
Wizzhow do i launch the applet?16:15
PsynoKhi0alt+f2, sudo nm-applet maybe16:16
PsynoKhi0uh wait16:16
PsynoKhi0from a  terminal rather16:16
Wizzit worked16:16
thinkmassivediginux: you can't just use the Display Preferences under Settings?16:17
Wizzhmm, not really16:17
Wizz/bin/sh: /usr/bin/esd: not found16:17
diginuxthinkmassive: is that the "new program"? i was hoping for more.. like screen rotation, external monitor, etc.16:17
Wizzwhat does that mean?16:17
cody-somervilleWizz, Where do you see that and in what version?16:17
Wizzin the terminal after writing sudo nm-applet, i use Xubuntu 7.03 i think16:18
Wizzcody-somerville:  in the terminal after writing sudo nm-applet, i use Xubuntu 7.03 i think16:21
grotheskWizz: cat /etc/lsb-release16:21
Wizzhey! cool, i run Ubuntu 7.0416:22
diginuxhow can no one know the name of this new program? its stated about in the release notes and everything "..brings a new Screen Resolution utility that allows users to dynamically configure the resolution, refresh rate, and rotation of a second monitor."16:23
diginuxI don't see it listed in help, and googling hasn't been helpful so far16:23
AaronMTCan I get a link to the amd64 bit torrent, I cant even load the mirror list16:26
cody-somervillehttp://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/hardy/release/ doens't load for you?16:26
AaronMTTimed out16:27
AaronMTThere we go, 8 weeks remaining16:29
PsynoKhi0btw... how about the md5?16:30
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
thinkmassivediginux: Settings -> Screens and Graphics16:34
thinkmassiveI can't remember where desktop compositing is16:34
diginuxthinkmassive: i dont have a screens and graphics.. it disappeared when i upgraded to hardy16:34
PsynoKhi0thinkmassive: under one of the windows settings menu16:35
diginuxi get to xfce settings manager, using xfce-settings-show16:36
PsynoKhi0if we're thinking about the same thing16:36
diginuxthen the only related thing i see is display16:36
diginuxis the screen and graphics not part of the xfce settings manager?16:36
edistarhi, can you help me? I have a laptop here with 600mhz and 128mb ram.. so I thought xfce would be perfect. now it says on the website I need 192mb to install and 128 to run? how do I install with only 128mb installed?16:36
diginuxif so, could someone tell me the command line for it? because i had personalized my right click menu heavily, and with the upgrade of xfce 4.4, everything in Settings-> pretty much disappeared :(16:37
edistarif I install ubuntu alternative (text-based) and then install a package a la xfce-desktop, do I get everything'd get if I installed xubuntu?16:37
chewitdoes anyone know if people using 8.04RC get an update today to the final release16:38
diginuxchewit: I am also wondering that myself..16:39
PsynoKhi0someone said ealier that the updated RC doesn't need upgrade16:39
MiKa^they did say we can upgrade from 7.10 and 6.0616:39
cody-somervillePsynoKhi0, correct16:39
MiKa^i think i will go try upgrading my 7.10 later16:40
chewitdiginux, in sys monitor it says release 8.0416:41
MiKa^do i have to be root to upgrade?16:41
MiKa^or any user with root priviledges?16:41
diginuxchewit: yeah, i saw that too, so i figured we dont nee dto16:41
cody-somervilleMiKa^, It'll ask you for your password if you use the update-manager16:41
MiKa^ooh ok16:41
chewitdiginux, also do u still have all the gusty software sources16:41
edistaris there anything like xubuntu alternate?16:42
cody-somervilleedistar, What do you mean?16:42
MiKa^i think there is?16:42
diginuxchewit: I do not16:42
PsynoKhi0should be, otherwise I'm d/ling 577 MB of thin air :D16:42
chewiti still do16:43
PsynoKhi0557MB even16:43
diginuxchewit: i only switched to hardy beta within the last week16:43
chewitbut i do have the hardy ones as well16:43
diginuxchewit: when did you switch?16:43
PsynoKhi0funny that this release is sizeably smaller than gutsy16:43
diginuxoh weird16:43
diginuxi think the updater is supposed to switch out the gutsy ones16:43
chewitwell my update was fully successful. it missed out the clean up part16:44
edistarcody-somerville: a non-graphical install16:44
chewitwas not*16:44
diginuxedistar: do-release-upgrade -d16:45
clintc_edistar: the trackers are not stable at the moment but what you are looking for is here: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/hardy/release/alternate/16:45
chewiti have cleaned most of the stuff myself16:45
clintc_if someone knows of a stable tracker please commnet16:45
MiKa^im getting 0.3kBps here -.-16:46
AaronMTplease seed on torrents16:49
edistarclintc_: thanks16:50
chewitdiginux, do u know if they do, do an update from RC to the full release16:51
* TheSheep seeds like there is no tomorrow16:51
diginuxchewit: so far i am guessing they dont16:51
chewiti'm fairly sure Mark Shuttleworth on this ubuntu podcast said their would be16:51
diginuxdiginux@heisenberg:~$ lsb_release -a16:51
diginuxNo LSB modules are available.16:51
diginuxDistributor ID:Ubuntu16:51
diginuxDescription:Ubuntu 8.0416:51
diginuxdoesnt say anything about beta or RC16:51
edistarTheSheep: there won't be a tomorrow16:52
chewitok, thanks16:52
chewityeh, i get the same when i do lsb_release -a16:55
skep_anyone got the md5 of xubuntu alternative iso?17:10
grotheskShould be aa3106ae4cdb3bc944d4e90fa75d874317:13
grotheskaa3106ae4cdb3bc944d4e90fa75d8743  xubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso17:13
skep_mine is different17:15
grotheskReload it.17:15
grotheskSorry! Mine was faulty!17:17
grothesk4f398cd35eaf297347f18634a5be5d77 *xubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso17:19
skep_ah..that looks similiar...yes..the same17:19
skep_puh :)17:19
grotheskSchau hier: http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/xubuntu/releases/8.04/release/MD5SUMS17:20
skep_ah ok, danke17:21
PsynoKhi0could someone please paste the MD5 for 8.04 alternate i386?17:35
MiKa^copied from above17:36
skep_does the live cd support luks?17:37
PsynoKhi0MiKa^: nvm, thanks!17:37
diginuxskep_: only alternative i think17:38
PsynoKhi0does a alternate CD upgrade requires a fully updated 7.10?17:59
diginuxfound the program finally: displayconfig-gtk, only thing is it only works on laptop, crashes on my desktop :(18:00
PsynoKhi0cd upgrade borked, yay18:06
MiKa^can anyone tell me how to restore my sources.list?18:18
MiKa^or can anyone give me one?18:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about esysource - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about easysource - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:19
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories18:19
TheSheepMiKa^: you can go to system->software sources and have one generated there18:19
MiKa^using the revert option is it?18:22
TheSheepI guess so18:23
mik3i see no xubuntu-desktop metapackage in the new ubuntu's release18:23
mik3anyone know when that's coming out18:23
TheSheep!info xubuntu-desktop18:23
ubotuxubuntu-desktop (source: xubuntu-meta): Xubuntu desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.66 (hardy), package size 14 kB, installed size 40 kB18:23
PsynoKhi0is there a command to force the network monitor applet to restart? I tried something like "/etc/init.d/networking restart" but didn't help me (roaming mode doesn't really work)18:42
PsynoKhi0dhclient as well as ifconfig down/up either18:42
PsynoKhi0on my desktop I can left click on the applet icon and choose "wired connection", bu that option is grayed out on my laptop18:44
mik3ah ok the mirrors are so lagged all the repos got commented out18:48
* R[a]ndom remembers not to type while channels are autojoining18:51
dunnixhello all18:59
dreamz93Hello, I'm having some pulseaudio problems. My pulseaudio is running. Apps show up in the volume control. But no actual sound.19:20
dreamz93i've set up /etc/asound.conf as the perfect setup says. and I've tried various edits to my default.pa and used the gui. same result.19:21
dreamz93I'm running a fully updated hardy that i upgraded from gutsy.19:22
dreamz93I had good sound before.19:22
dreamz93I actually had sound at one point, but must have messed something up.19:22
dreamz93Does anyone have a clue of what could be going on? Everything looks good, but no sound. I do also get the startup sound before i log in19:24
jgamiohi everybody i just did the upgrade but when i install firefox2 from the repos in the menu firefox 2 still run the firefox 319:35
cody-somervillejgamio, You need to make sure firefox-3 is completely closed before starting firefox219:41
jgamiocody-somerville thanks19:42
jgamiocody-somerville but in feisty you can both at same time is these a bug ?19:44
cody-somervilleBug, probably. Easy to fix? Probably not.19:45
PsynoKhi0cody-somerville: ermm where do i get MD5s? :(19:51
Linuturkxubuntu doesn't use compiz, does it? I hope it uses the built in compositing in xfce19:54
PsynoKhi0not out of the box19:54
Linuturkwhich one PsynoKhi0 ?19:55
Linuturkso, it uses compiz, but not out of the box?19:55
PsynoKhi0hardy I don't know, I can check for gutsy, hang on19:55
Linuturkwhat's the steps required for purging compiz and using the built in compositing in xfce?19:56
NekoKunWhat is Alternate Install?19:57
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent19:57
PsynoKhi0Linuturk: nope, compiz doesn't ship with xubuntu 7.10 in any case19:57
SyntuxThere is no shipit for xubuntu ?19:58
PsynoKhi0Linuturk: or rather, xubuntu doesn't ship with compiz :)19:58
Linuturkthanks PsynoKhi019:58
Linuturkdoes the built in compositing work for you?19:58
PsynoKhi0Linuturk: yes, but not great because my xubuntu computers have old gfx chipsets19:59
LinuturkI've got the hardware for it19:59
PsynoKhi0the effects work (shadows, transparency) but menus get all scrambled as I open them, I hate it19:59
PsynoKhi0Syntux: there's a note on that on the official website20:00
SyntuxPsynoKhi0, Ubuntu website you mean?20:01
PsynoKhi0"ShipIt Unfortunately, unlike the other Ubuntu derivatives, Xubuntu does not yet have free cds available for shipping due to lack of funding."20:02
SyntuxPsynoKhi0, yeah I got it, lack of funding vs huge community work darn20:03
SyntuxPsynoKhi0, and no DVD ISO ?20:04
ylar35hows the eeepc xubuntu?20:05
PsynoKhi0Syntux: no clue20:05
ylar35better than xandros i hope20:05
MKdxjust to confirm about the preserving /home feature that was planned for ubuntu.. Is it implemented in Xubuntu?20:22
PsynoKhi0MKdx: what do you mean?20:22
TheSheepMKdx: the '/home feature'???20:23
PsynoKhi0MKdx: I always put /home on a separate partition myself, so no worries20:23
MKdxi.e. installing Xubuntu and preserving the old home directory20:25
goppany one know if new ubuntu support dual20:28
goppmonitor setup20:28
Ahmuckis there any way to get a download from xubuntu.  it appears that all the mirrors don't have the release20:37
TheSheepAhmuck: use the torrent20:37
TheSheepAhmuck: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/20:41
Ahmuckxubuntu have a power pc version?20:51
TheSheepI think that 8.04 doesn't20:51
Ahmuck8.04 does not have any powerpc version?  has *buntu droped the powerpc?20:53
=== |hfsdo| is now known as hfsdo
grotheskAhmuck: Yes, it has.20:54
grotheskThere is no official PPC-Version anymore.20:55
grotheskAlthough there might be an unofficial port somewhere.20:55
Ahmuckhrm, looking at the torrent downloads, there is a 8.04 powerpc ubuntu version ... i assume that xubuntu has dropped the powerpc version?20:55
grotheskI think xubuntu dropped PPC due to lack of maintainers.20:56
grotheskPPC always was a stepchild for xubuntu.20:57
grotheskI think, dapper was never officially released.20:57
grotheskThe last version of PPC-dapper I know of was a Beta-Version, iirc.20:57
Ahmuck:-( ... i have five21:00
Michae1ah, hello?  I am actually very new to irc.21:09
Michae1just today, in fact.  so...21:10
Michae1I'm not really sure what's going on.  I'm just looking for xubuntu help...21:10
Ahmuckhi Michae121:11
Ahmuckhow can we help21:11
Michae1oh, cool, well, I wonder if it's possible to install Heron over  the internet on Knoppix.21:11
Ahmuckdownload the iso via torrent21:12
Ahmuckburn the iso, and then install21:12
Ahmuckr u using knoppix now?21:12
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate21:12
Michae1yes.  The thing is, I'm on an ultraportable that doesn't have an optical drive, and won't boot from USB.21:12
TheSheepthere is a detailed howto on these pages21:12
Michae1ok, I'll take a look at those.....21:13
Ahmuckwow, that'll be a challenge.21:14
Ahmuckdoes the ultra portable have drive space?21:14
Ahmuckactually, you should be able to mount the iso and install21:15
Michae1yes, I have 20G of unused space.  I looked at ubotu's last link, and ..I think I might be able to do that.21:16
Ahmuckso, if i download ubuntu powerpc 8.04, can i sudo aptitude install xcfe-desktop and it will work?21:22
TheSheepAhmuck: yes, but better use apt-get in place of aptitude21:23
TheSheepAhmuck: you will get to choose the desktop at login time21:23
Ahmuckk, thx21:23
Michae1I'm actually also pretty much brand new to Linux as well.  I know what the terminal is and other basic stuff like that, so I think I can get through those instructions.21:25
Michae1so thanks guys21:25
Michae1I'll just come back if it turns out I'm too dumb to figure this out.21:26
TheSheepMichae1: don't hesitate to ask21:26
minidevhi. anybody uses a toshiba m100?21:28
Michae1hah, I'm on an R10021:29
minidevok, here is my concerns....21:30
Odd-rationaleHow do I choose my video drivers, resolution, etc? I looked in the xorg file. I don't understand "Configured Video Device"... :?21:30
floatingwill 7.10 guides work on 8.04 ?21:30
minidevi tried to install xubunto paalell to a winxp on my netebook.... but, ithink grub, reports an error, and it won't boot21:31
Odd-rationalefloating: not all. but the principles are mostly the same21:31
minideva pci allocation error ----21:31
Ahmuckparallel to xp21:32
minidevuhh, paralell21:32
Ahmuckdual boot21:32
TheSheepOdd-rationale: you run 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' and choose everything from menus21:32
BadSneakersfloating  they should, yes.21:33
TheSheepBadSneakers: pardon?21:33
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: tried that. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't give as many options as in gutsy...21:33
TheSheepBadSneakers: ah, sorry21:33
Ahmuckminidev: there are resuce disk for grub21:33
TheSheepOdd-rationale: what do you need exactly?21:33
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:33
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: I need to increase my reloution. I did it in gutsy by running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and choosing vesa as my driver and 1400x105021:34
Odd-rationalethen restarted x21:35
TheSheepOdd-rationale: what graphics card do you have?21:35
TheSheepOdd-rationale: vesa is a fallback driver, very bad21:35
TheSheepOdd-rationale: lspci will list (some of) your hardware21:36
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: actually. I'm running live. so I thought vesa would be best. let me check though...21:36
thomas__*** ERROR: search aborted by fatal exception.  You may continue searching, but some solutions will be unreachable.21:36
thomas__what's up with that?!21:36
TheSheepthomas__: can you provide more context?21:37
TheSheepthomas__: for example, which program shows this?21:37
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: it is nvidia geforce 615021:37
TheSheepOdd-rationale: ok, then use the rstricted drivers manager to install proper drivers for it21:37
thomas__sudo aptitude dist-upgrade21:37
TheSheepOdd-rationale: it should be in the 'system' menu21:38
=== thomas__ is now known as The_Kernel
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: I'm on a live cd. Just want to demo it to some friends...21:38
The_KernelTheSheep: when it tries to resolve dependancies21:38
TheSheepThe_Kernel: this means that the normal upgrade would fail due to some errors or conflicts, and aptitude attempted to search for a 'solution' that would not fail, but it failed somehow and so not all solutions will be examined21:39
Ahmucki suspect the repositories are getting hammered21:39
TheSheepThe_Kernel: I'd just apt-get and see which package is troublesome, them remove it and install back after the upgrade21:39
minidevis it normal that grub shows ubuntu in the os-list when i have yubuntu installed?21:39
TheSheepOdd-rationale: vesa will be horribly slow21:39
TheSheepOdd-rationale: you can try using the 'nv' driver too21:39
Ahmuckapt-get really needs to do the downloading via bittorrent in situations such as these21:40
TheSheepOdd-rationale: in that reconfigure thing21:40
Odd-rationalethat's ok. just where do I go choose a driver?21:40
TheSheepAhmuck: feel free to write such a backend for it :D21:40
Odd-rationalesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't give the option... :(21:40
Ahmuckminidev: u mean kubuntu?21:40
TheSheepOdd-rationale: at the first menu21:40
Ahmuckor xubuntu21:40
minidever, xubuntu21:40
The_KernelTheSheep: it just starts downloading the packages21:41
TheSheepOdd-rationale: try dpkg-reconfigure -p 021:41
minidevlol, its running.....21:41
The_Kerneloh well21:42
The_KernelI gues ill use apt-get21:42
PsynoKhi0anyone familiar with roaming mode being dead beat?21:45
PsynoKhi0in gutsy21:45
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: found someone with a similar problem in the forums. guess, will find a solution soon...21:49
The_KernelHeh, I'm gonna wait like a week before upgrading21:56
The_Kernelits jsut taking to long21:56
The_Kernelafter 15 minutes it finally finished its first megabyte!21:56
TheSheepThe_Kernel: hehe, I upgraded yesterday, and today it said: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:56
The_KernelI wanted to upgrade yesturday, but one of my family members died21:58
TheSheephow inconsiderate21:59
TheSheepwell, I suppose it should be over in a couple of days22:00
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
TheSheepThe_Kernel: sorry about that22:05
TheSheepThe_Kernel: a reflex22:05
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
The_KernelI laughed22:10
TheSheepThe_Kernel: phew22:12
The_KernelI didn't like him anyways22:13
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
boolkais there torrent for 8.04 ?22:30
grotheskboolka: It is.22:30
TheSheepboolka: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696922:31
boolkaholy crap 4 gigs?22:33
grotheskboolka: What is 4Gig?22:34
yukonhoHi - has anyone else had the problem of xubuntu failing to detect their hardware? I'm talking specifically about the boot sequence where it says "Loading hardware drivers ..... [failed]". I don't have a special video or wireless card and have never had a problem with any other distro... is this a bug?22:35
TheSheepgrothesk: the dvd probably22:35
grotheskxubuntu dvd? O_o22:35
boolkawhat is the difference between alternate and regular?22:36
maxamillionboolka: regular is a liveCD with a graphical installer, alternate is text mode installer22:36
grotheskDesktop= LiveCD          Alternate=SpecialPurposes22:36
boolkathanks maxamillion22:37
maxamillionboolka: anytime22:37
boolkawondering is if 8.04 will have an easy way to get svideo out to work on laptop22:38
PsynoKhi0ermm any idea why Brasero won't burn at the speed I choose?22:45
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: it choses among the available speeds22:45
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: the closest one22:45
PsynoKhi0so I can't burn any slower than 10x?22:46
PsynoKhi0that blows for ISOs...22:46
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: not with that hardware, apparently22:46
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: why would you?22:46
PsynoKhi0well, from what I've read... the slower the better to ensure a long lasting CD22:47
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: to a degree22:47
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: at some point longer contact doesn't make greater change in the medium22:47
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: and modern burners have much larger power of the laser22:47
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: ok guess I'll trust you :)22:50
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: don't22:51
boolkaTheSheep does 8.04 support special functions of laptops? i.e  svideo out?22:54
TheSheepboolka: what do you mean by "support"?22:55
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: file integrity check failed -.-22:56
TheSheepI have no trouble using svide and vga out of my laptop under linux, using xrandr22:56
boolkaif i press  special function + f4 (svideo out) - will it show a picture on my tv?22:56
TheSheepI use 'xrandr --output LVDS --auto' for that...22:57
TheSheepbut you can bind it to a key22:57
boolkaonce i type that command, it will turn on svideo?22:58
lechehad anybody have any problems with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org on a fresh xubuntu hardy install?22:59
riskbreakerhey guys.i have the problem described in this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=761447 i'm trying to use dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, but it's convinced i am on a laptop and tries to load abattery module. i'm not, so it fails, and crashes, and my xorg.conf is incomplete.23:01
riskbreakerit has been since the clean installation of xubuntu i performed an hour ago, presuambly this battery prbolem is why.23:01
riskbreakeranyone familiar with the problem?23:01
=== gnomefre3k is now known as gnomefreak
lecheriskbreaker, yes..23:02
lechedpkg-reconfigure isnt working properly23:03
lecheat least at my xorg.conf23:03
riskbreakerlovely. anything that can be done about it?23:03
james_how do I change my window themes under 8.04?23:04
lecheriskbreaker, i dont know anything official... its just my experience with it23:04
Odd-rationaleseems like there is some difference with the new xorg (7.03)23:04
lechewell. dpkg-reconfigure didnt ask me about card, resolution and so on...23:06
lecheits all unconfigured in the resulting file..23:06
leche--> not working..23:06
riskbreakersame problem here23:06
Odd-rationaleI'm currently keeping an eye on this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76542223:08
james_can someone help me with my noob question23:09
james_i cant find where to change the theme in the new xubuntu23:09
riskbreakeryeah hopefully that thread will lead to answers23:10
Odd-rationalejames_: applications --> setting --> settings manager23:18
james_i have no settings manager23:19
riskbreakerbtw this is my first time on xubuntu, what does the button at the top left of a window do23:20
TheSheepriskbreaker: displays a menu23:20
riskbreakerno next to the icon of the window23:21
riskbreakerit's like a little dot23:21
james_it puts that window on every desktop23:22
riskbreakeroh thats cool.23:29
Ultraputzquestion: how do you upgrade to 8 from the alternate CD?23:32
PsynoKhi0how does the integrity control in Brasero work?23:41
Ultraputzany idea how to do cd-based upgrade of xubuntu from 7 to 8 ?23:44
ere4siUltraputz: I would think it would be a matter of editing /etc/apt/sources.list and adding a line for the cd23:48
ere4siand disable all other sources23:49
Ultraputzhrm. for regular ubuntu, it's gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade"23:50
ere4siUltraputz: try that and see what happens23:51
Ultraputzburning it now on the sad little imac g3.23:53
Ultraputzwe'll see :-)23:53
Odd-rationaleis there a way to lock an xfce session? I couldn't find it...23:54
Ultraputzgood question23:55

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