abentleyigc: restarted00:00
javierderbueno, yoh!00:30
beunojavierder, hey. I see you've been keeping up the work on bzr-gedit  :)   Do you have an ETA for the next release?00:30
javierderbeuno, yes, next friday00:31
beunoI'm flirting with the idea of packaging it, but I'd like to get rid of the bzr-gtk dependencies before I do00:31
beunois that close by on the roadmap?00:31
javierderthat's actually not in the roadmap. but i don't think much code is needed. I'll check it now.00:32
beunojavierder, cool  :)   I think that if it's packaged, you might get more users testing it00:32
javierderok, greta00:33
beunono real hurry, just wanted to check in to see what the situation was00:33
javierderbeuno, check it now if you want :)00:42
beunojavierder, looks good. Did you test it withough bzr-gtk installed?00:49
javierderbeuno, not exactly, but i tested it changing the module it tries to import. if the plugin can't find bzrlib.plugins.gtk some commands won't work.00:53
beunojavierder, good enough. I'll look into packaging it then00:53
javierderok, great!00:53
lifelessfbond: I'd really like docs for what you do today; such things will help clarify what automation is most useful.00:58
fbondlifeless: Okay, I'll put something brief together.01:58
lifelessfbond: it doesn't have to be hugely polished02:04
fbondlifeless: Being temporary documentation, I wouldn't think so :)02:09
fbondlifeless: I guess it's all temporary documentation, though.02:09
abentleylifeless: In my pull change, there will be no error if the specified revision id is in the target, but not the source.  This doesn't cause any tests to fail.02:39
lifelessabentley: ok, land it then02:44
* igc lunch03:03
lifelesslooks like this will be it05:12
lifelesstaking a short break while this test tests05:18
awmcclainHas anyone configured bzr-email to work with gmail? I have the gmail-branch, but it's not sending and I'm not seeing any errors in .bzr.log05:24
lifelessabentley: around ?05:42
abentleylifeless: Yup05:42
lifelessabentley: I am about to start rewriting fetch.py for VersionedFiles; I am hoping you can get your rich-root conversion fixing patch landed asap :)05:42
lifelessso that I can layer on your work05:42
abentleyI hope so too.  It's in igc's hands now.05:43
igcabentley: I approved that an hour or so ago I think05:44
igcmake that 30 minutes :-)05:45
igcjust some comment tweaks and all good now05:45
lifelessI'm submitting my new streaming api for review too05:46
lifelessit may textually collide with your patch I think, but in a trivial fashion05:46
lifelessthe next phase will be more...dramatic05:46
abentleylifeless, igc: Cool.  I'll do that now.05:47
abentleylifeless: It's in progress.05:53
abentleylifeless, poolie: I have just added a "My Todo" tab to Bundle Buggy.  It lists all your merge requests that haven't been merged or rejected.05:57
lifelessnice, thanks05:57
abentleyYou're welcome.05:59
abentleyIt should list everything that's gotten a resubmit, or is pending review, or has been approved.06:00
abentleyLet me know what you think.06:00
abentleylifeless: Will your work have a significant impact on the reconcile code?06:12
lifelessabentley: I'll be leaving a thunk behind06:13
lifelessabentley: but ideally, yes, I will be touching everything06:13
abentleyReconcile is the remaining piece of this inventory_sha1 stuff.06:14
abentleyI've started on tests, but perhaps the fix should wait.06:14
lifelessI think we won't collide06:16
lifelessI can leave reconcile till last06:17
fullermdIs 1.4 blocked on something, or are we just waiting out RC testing still?06:43
fullermdThat knit-related thing jam had, maybe?06:44
igcbbl - out for a medical appointment07:14
spivfullermd: I'm not the release manager, but I would like to see jam's fix in 1.407:30
fullermdYeah.  If it's worth a 1.3 point release, surely it should go into releases that don't yet exist   :)07:34
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* mtaylor is away: going to sleep... very tired08:36
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emgentUnable to obtain lock lp--1227538260:///lock10:08
emgentheld by emgent@bazaar.launchpad.net on host vostok [process #23990]10:08
emgentlocked 13 minutes, 9 seconds ago10:08
emgentWill continue to try until 10:12:3710:08
emgentsome idea to unlock ?10:08
bob2break-lock might work10:09
fullermdMmm.  'viz' seems to have picked up a bug in showing Children on the Relations tab.  It's only showing 2nd (and later) children...10:28
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* Peng hits bzr.12:36
Peng.bzr.backup does not survive a round-trip through "bzr add" and "bzr revert" very well.12:36
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pooliePeng: oh, i can imagine13:16
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* AfC is a bit vague why someone would want to `bzr add .bzr.backup`13:23
Odd_BlokeWe should probably add it to the default ignores...13:36
awilkins_Maybe make it \.bzr.*/13:39
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PengI didn't *want* to add it.. I did "bzr add", forgetting it was there.13:41
Odd_BlokeWell, there was/is a patch to change it to .backup.bzr, so that wouldn't cover that case.13:42
PengIt's "backup.bzr" now.13:42
PengThis .bzr.backup dir is just really old.13:42
Odd_BlokeSo I think specifying it explicitly will ensure that it doesn't get missed in later changes.13:42
PengAfC: I didn't *want* to add it.. I did "bzr add", forgetting it was there.13:44
AfCPeng: ah.13:44
AfCPeng: that would certainly seem a bug then - I don't think one should be able to add such a thing.13:44
spivIt might make sense to have backup.bzr on the default ignore list.13:59
igcspiv: I think that makes a lot of sense14:02
igctime for sleep - night all14:02
Odd_Blokeigc: I'll make those changes and push them to LP, so as to make your merging of it easier.14:13
Odd_Bloke'It' being the hooks stuff.14:13
PengHey, my ~/.bazaar/ignore file had its first birthday Monday. :D14:31
jsledI've a source file that bzr (reasonably) thought was binary.  I've removed those characters.  How to tell bzr that it's now safe to consider it a text file?15:09
luksit will do that automatically if it can't find any null bytes15:11
luksbzr doesn't really make difference between text and binary files, internally15:11
bob2I'm pretty sure bzr only considers that for display (e.g. diff) and does it at display time rather than storing it like cvs15:11
jsledafter removing the bytes, `bzr diff` still calls at least one of the files binary; committing did the trick.15:13
gumpaHowdy. {$bzr commit} opens $EDITOR, but issues {bzr: ERROR: empty commit message specified}15:15
luksdid you save the file?15:15
abentleygumpa: You mean it does this before you have a chance to enter a message?15:16
gumpayes, before editing15:16
gumpasaving leaves bzr_log.adslf15:16
abentleyYour editor is forking probably off and giving control back before it's finished editing.15:17
gumpaAh, so it's GVim configuration?15:17
abentleyEditors can often be configured not to do this.  For example, "gvim -f" prevents this in gvim.15:17
abentleySo yeah, either set EDITOR or BZR_EDITOR to "gvim -f"15:18
abentleyThough personally, I prefer plain vim for that task.15:18
gumpaOK, changing $EDITOR to vim = working, I'll put that in the bzr conf15:20
muszekI'm in dir /a, I have ran 'bzr init b', co I have /a/b/.bzr.  now, I'm trying to bind it to another repo, but I'm still in /a... I issue a command: 'bzr bind bzr+ssh://host/dir b' and I get an error: "bzr: ERROR: extra argument to command bind: b"15:31
muszekis there any way around it?15:32
muszekthe thing is that these commands are issued from a script that's located in /a15:32
muszekn/m... I figured it out 5 seconds after I asked the question15:34
abentleybind only affects the current directory at the moment.  Some of our other commands do accept -d to specify an arbitrary directory.15:35
LeoNerdI don't suppose there's an  ununcommit command, is there? :)15:53
LeoNerdI got a bit overzealous accidentally... uncommitted too much15:53
james_wLeoNerd: pull can get you back16:02
Odd_Blokeigc: https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/bzr/hooks16:23
jelmerdoes anybody know what the current plans are wrt 1.4?16:26
cr3is there a way for bzr to purge .pyc files when .py files are removed?17:33
james_wcr3: I don't know of one, sorry.17:36
cr3james_w: there's probably a hook mechanism I could use, that'd be neat17:38
james_wcr3: you could add a few hooks I expect, but there's not one for whenever a file is removed I don't think.17:39
* Mez yawns20:59
Mezhmm, when starting a new branch, and adding lots of files  -  what annoys me most is that you have to wait twice for it to go through all the files20:59
* Mez has been waiting for about 5 mins now for bzr ci to get to the editor20:59
jamMez: "bzr add -q" "bzr commit -q"21:03
jamand, of course, "bzr commit -m 'I dont need no stinkin editor'" :)21:04
Mezyeah, but it still has to do the work21:04
Mezand I know of -m - but need multi lines21:04
jamMez: multiple lines works fine here21:05
jamdepends on your shell21:05
jamIt doesn't seem to work for Win32 and .bat files21:05
jamwhich makes me sad21:05
jamSince I always use it everywhere else21:05
jamand don't realize it is broken until I do "bzr log" and wonder where my message went.21:05
nekohayojelmer: does this (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/177874) mean that I should now be able to merge a bzr-svn imported branch into a regular pack-0.92 branch, by any chance?21:20
jelmernekohayo: it means you can now upgrade the pack-0.92 branch to rich-root-pack without problems21:22
jelmernekohayo, and after that, merging shouldn't be a problem21:23
nekohayojelmer: but what about merging? such as https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/20288421:23
abentleynekohayo: You will never be able to merge pack-0.92 into rich-root-pack.  pack-0.92 cannot represent the data in rich-root-pack.21:24
abentleyyou will never be able to merge *rich-root-pack* into *pack-0.92*21:25
nekohayomeans rich root pack is superior? I don't quite remember if it was supposed to be the next default, or if it was some other format21:25
abentleynekohayo: Yes, it is superior, and I hope to make it the next default format.21:26
abentleyBut at present, you should only use it if you need interoperability with bzr-svn data.21:26
nekohayonot stable yet?21:27
abentleyIt is stable, but it is incompatible with 0.92.  So if my project uses 0.92, and you use rich-root-pack, then I can't merge your changes.21:28
nekohayowhen do you plan to make it the default then?21:29
Odd_Blokenekohayo: 1.5, I think.21:31
nekohayoOdd_Bloke: o_o I see a mailing list post about bzr 1.5 dated february 2006, I'm somehow scared21:40
fullermdYou probably see a post about baz 1.5   :p21:41
nekohayobaz != bazaar?21:41
fullermdYes and No and Sorta and Once-Upon-A-Time.21:41
fullermdbazaar was baz, and is now bzr.  Discontinuity.21:42
nekohayoheadache ensues?21:43
fullermdWell.  Only if you try to use baz   ;)21:43
mwhudsondo not look into the light21:43
nekohayohm. can I get bzr from bzr, and run it in place (without installing it)?21:44
fullermdFor the latter, you just need to run the 'bzr' in that dir; the rest will Just Work.  The simplest way is to make a symlink somewhere in $PATH (I use ~/bin) pointing at it.21:46
jamnekohayo: and we recommend that you run "make"21:48
jamit isn't strictly required, but it allows you to use the compiled forms of a few key functions21:48
jam(we have pure python fallbacks for everything)21:48
nekohayojam so it won't confuse itself with the systemwide-installed bzr?21:49
jamnekohayo: shouldn't21:49
jamI run from ~/bin/bzr all the time21:49
jam=> dev/bzr/bzr.dev/bzr21:49
jamAnd I still have a sys-installed one.21:49
jamOnly real difference is that running from source may not find the system installed plugins.21:49
nekohayojam it takes a helluva long time to bzr branch http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev bzr.dev, is there a way to get just the latest?21:53
nekohayoit's a pretty huge filesize too21:53
nekohayobzr checkout --lightweight I guess21:59
jamnekohayo: sure, I'll also put up a tarball if you give me a couple seconds22:00
nekohayojam oh why not :)22:00
jamnekohayo: http://bazaar-vcs.org/releases/dev-snapshots/22:08
jamThere is a bzr.dev-3394-tree-only.tar.bz2 there for you22:08
nekohayothank you22:08
jamthere is also a full snapshot with history (73MB, though)22:08
nekohayoand to think it's bzipped o_O22:08
jamnekohayo: well pack files are already gzipped22:10
jambziping that doesn't help much22:10
jamunzipped is 96MB, though22:12
jamso it helped more than I though22:12
jamYou know what, though, that also includes .pyc files22:12
jamas I didn't clean the tree first.22:12
Mezhmm, file operations seem to be a bit slow with lots of files in the branch22:27
Mezoh, no, just my PC running slow22:28
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nekohayourgh, I have a big question for you folks, I'm totally confused :) http://ecchi.ca:8000/bzr-question-spiced-ham.htm23:25
nekohayoI wrote it condensed into a small html page to avoid spamming the channel23:25
igcthanks Odd_Bloke23:29
pooliegood morning23:37
igcmorning poolie23:38
vilahi guys, can someone have a look at pqm site, it seems... slow ?23:53
vilaIt lloks like it always display the same tests (endind with 'tests passed') even when refreshing23:53
jamvila: what tests do you see? I see "LaunchpdaServiceTests"23:56
jamAnd a final "tests passed"23:56
vilasome here23:56
vilasame here :)23:57
jamI wonder if it is gearing up for running the ascii only versions23:57
vilaI think I first saw that more than 15 minutes ago (at least), how long does it take to merge one request on average ?23:58
jamWell, there is also something funny on the PQM machine.23:58
jamSpecifically I see:23:59
jam...ServiceTests.test_environment_overrides_default   OK                 118ms23:59
jamrunning here on my (very new) laptop on Windows I see:23:59
jam...lp_service.LaunchpadServiceTests.test_environment_overrides_default   OK                   3ms23:59
jamI don't know what is turning a 3ms test into a 118ms one23:59
jambut it isn't good23:59

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