scrapbunnyhi there. i just installed edubuntu 8.04 classroom server and i wanted to check if i still need to set up lts.conf02:37
zmjjmzHow do I measure angles with Kig?02:39
zmjjmzCan you measure angles with Kig o.O02:40
scrapbunnysorry I'm not sure, i'm using edubuntu with lower grade students02:42
zmjjmzI'm actually using Kig for homework :P02:42
LaserJockI would think you'd be able to02:43
LaserJockdoes it come with documentation?02:43
zmjjmzI looked at the docs02:43
zmjjmzAnd it said nothing about measuring angles02:43
zmjjmzJust constructing them, but maybe it can measure those02:44
scrapbunnyis there anyone using 8.04 classroom server with the new italc program?02:44
LaserJockuhh yeah, this is disturbing02:49
LaserJockI can't figure out how to measure angles either02:49
zmjjmzI was told to "right click; add text label; measure"02:49
LaserJockoh, there it is02:50
LaserJockzmjjmz: are you using kig from KDE4 or KDE3?02:50
zmjjmzKDE4 I think02:50
LaserJockok, I selected the angle02:51
LaserJockthe right cliked; Add Text Label: Angle in Degrees02:51
LaserJockgotta run, bbl02:52
LaserJockKamping_Kaiser: around?03:17
Kamping_KaiserLaserJock, yeah03:17
LaserJockKamping_Kaiser: I reopened your artwork bug03:20
LaserJockI don't have a clue why that person closed it03:20
Kamping_KaiserLaserJock, i've had a few bugs closed with "talk about it on a list" as the reason.03:20
Kamping_Kaiserso its posible theres some instruction to somewhere03:21
LaserJockKamping_Kaiser: that's silly03:28
Kamping_KaiserLaserJock, heh. glad you agree.03:29
LaserJockKamping_Kaiser: I can see that only in cases of reports that really should be specs03:32
LaserJockeven if we need to discuss something on a list, it's very handy to have a bug to track03:33
oxtubAnyone around?13:36
* ogra is here13:38
* stgraber too13:39
stgraberworking on some nice report and user docs ... (boring stuff)13:39
oxtubIs this an appropriate place to ask a question about libnss-ldap + libpam-ldap problems?13:45
ograthats more likely #ubuntu-server13:48
plurtI've adviced a friend of mine to use edubuntu for his kids, but I was wondering, do all the programs follow system language?14:38
plurthe'd install in dutch14:38
stgrabermost of them will14:40
stgraber72.3% of Ubuntu is translated in Dutch14:42
stgraberso if you are lucky you won't see any untranslated string14:42
plurtany idea where I could fetch an edubuntu software list?14:43
stgraberyou mean, other than the ones we have on the addon cd ?14:43
plurtyeah, just a list with edubuntu specific software, so I can check it out a bit before installing14:43
plurtsee if it's worth the trouble of downloading, instead of just installing ubuntu and get the kiddy software14:44
stgraberif you don't want to download the add-on CD, you could install a standard Ubuntu Hardy and have a look at the education section of the add/remove tool14:45
plurtah, ofcourse14:49
highvoltagehowdy ogra15:11
stgraberhey highvoltage15:12
highvoltagehey stgraber15:12
moritzI'm using Hardy with Edubuntu/LTSP installed and have the following problem: thin client users cannot unmount devices.18:43
moritzpluggin in an usb storage device works: it gets mounted automaticallz18:43
ograyou dont need to unmount ltspfs devices18:44
moritzhow does it work then?18:44
ograthey are actually only mounted during real read or write operations, all the rest of the time they are unmounted transparently18:44
moritz(i get the error message saying that fstab doesnt contain an appropriate entry and thus only root can unmount it)18:45
ograso teach your users to not pull them out while a progressbar is shown18:45
ograyeah, its a bug that you see the options in the menu18:45
moritzi was wondering if it has something to do with this here:18:45
ograthere is a fix in the hardy-proposed repo already18:45
moritzroot@asta:/media/annika# ls -l18:45
moritzls: Zugriff auf usbdisk-sdb1 nicht möglich: Permission denied18:45
moritzinsgesamt 018:45
moritzd????????? ? ? ? ?                ? usbdisk-sdb118:45
ograyou can just safely pull them out18:45
moritzit looked kind of broken to me18:46
moritzyou say there IS already a fix in proposed repo? hmmm18:46
moritzi have the proposed repos enabled and my system is uptodate18:47
ogramoritz, its ltspfs :) its not broken, its magic ;)18:47
ograunderneath there is fuse18:47
moritzi am not familiar with it, really18:47
ograonly the owner of the mount can actually see it18:47
ogra(yes, not even root can)18:47
moritzbut when i see entries in the filesystem like THIS i usually start wondering18:48
moritzthanks a lot so far18:48
moritzbut the fix you mentioned is not there :P18:48
ograno, really its safe to just yank out the device as long as nothing writes to it18:48
ograwell, it might not be built yet18:48
moritzlet me take the chance of asking another question...18:49
ogra nautilus (1:2.22.2-0ubuntu5) hardy-proposed; urgency=low18:49
ogra .18:49
ogra   * debian/patches/80_suppress_umount_in_ltsp.patch:18:49
ogra     - update from Oliver Grawert to make lstp clients not list unmount and eject18:49
ogra       actions as that was the case before the gio changes (lp: #220564)18:49
ograshoot :)18:49
moritzHardy uses this new PolicyKit stuff.  and it all works well as long as i am sitting behind the server itself.18:49
moritzbut from the ltsp clients i do not have access to the "unlock" buttons18:50
moritzthey are grey.18:50
ograyeah, it doesnt allow non local sessions by default18:50
ograthere is a gui for setting polkit permissions18:50
moritzso i need to go through that list..18:50
ograyou might need to change stuff there18:50
moritzand figure out what to do.18:50
ograthe nautilus fix was uploaded around 9:00 today18:51
ograshould be up soon18:51
ograyoure german ;) so it will take a moment to propagate to the german mirror18:51
ograit very likely is already on archive.ubuntu.com18:51
ograthere are more fixes to come (sadly)18:52
ograin case you try printing, read that bug first18:53
moritzoh, i have configured printing few minutes ago18:53
ogra(fix underway, i hope to have it up before the weekend)18:53
moritzbut didn't walk to the printer yet to verify the test page was printed ok18:53
ograwell, thats only an issue for printers attached directly to the clients18:54
moritzoh, thats for local printers18:54
moritzi see18:54
moritzdidn't find anything in the edubuntu documentation so far: how do i set the default session in ldm?18:57
ograit uses whatever is the default set on the server18:59
ograsudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager18:59
moritzah, thanks19:00
moritzyour patch is there19:01
ogralaunchpad doesnt lie :)19:01
moritzyour patch doesn't prevent that in the nauitlus browser view list you can still see the "unmount" option through the context menu19:07
moritzi need to run and get my bus19:07
RichEdogra: remind me to ask adam for a cmpc for our iTalc upstream one mr stgraber19:20
ograRichEd, good idea19:20
RichEdespecially as we head towards 8.10 - intel will want a feature for feature match with the MSFT app19:20
RichEdstgraber will need to coordinate that as our upstream19:21
LaserJockwas there an Edubuntu meeting already today?19:23
stgraberLaserJock: it's a late one IIRC19:23
LaserJockso in maybe 30min or so?19:23
stgraberhmm, I have a QA team meeting in 30 min, so probably 1h30 for the Edubuntu one19:24
RichEd1h30 my LaserNonPrecisionJock19:24
RichEdogra: due to news in the canonical channel i cannot make the meeting19:24
RichEdsorry LaserJock ogra stgraber19:24
RichEddomestic issue19:24
ograRichEd, fine, i'll run it19:25
LaserJockwell, I have a meeting with my advisor at that time actually19:27
LaserJockhopefully it will be quick ~ 15-30min19:28
ograLaserJock, well, the last meetings were rather empty anyway19:28
ograi dont expect it to be full today either19:28
stgraberas it's the release <-> uds break we won't have much to discuss anyway19:28
stgraberogra: I'm about to start working on an iTalc wikipage, what's the best place to put it ? Edubuntu/iTalc or /iTalc ?19:31
* stgraber notes that /Edubuntu needs updating19:32
ograprobably /iTalc19:32
stgrabererk, "Locked Page" ??? Who can edit /Edubuntu ?19:32
ograwe can link to it/forward from Edubuntu/iTalc19:32
ograare you logged in ?19:32
stgraberhmm, cookie issue I guess19:33
stgraberI'm on wiki.edubuntu.org and am logged in on wiki.ubuntu.com I guess :)19:33
stgraberok, that was the problem :)19:33
LaserJockI wouldn't mind having a "status and future" chat at some point19:36
LaserJockI'm not really up to speed on the Edubuntu/Ubuntu Education Edition change19:37
LaserJockand what specs are up for UDS19:37
LaserJockmaybe it's just me though :-)19:37
ograno, i didnt tell anyone what i proposed for UDS yet :)19:38
ograi'll publish a list in the meeting, but no guarantees for any of the proposals to get thoguht anyhow19:39
highvoltagehey guys19:40
highvoltagemonday was a public holiday here. so is tomorrow, and so is friday.19:42
highvoltageand guess what... I have to work19:42
highvoltageand saturday and sunday :(19:42
stgraberonly tomorrow is public holiday here19:43
ograi likely will work anyway19:43
ograbut its public holiday here as well tomorrow19:43
stgraberNoooo !!! /me suddently wants to kill asac :)19:45
LaserJockno holiday here :/19:45
stgraberI had just completed half of the iTalc wiki page and FF crashed !!!19:45
LaserJockhighvoltage: it looks to me like you're set to expire from edubuntu-members, do you want the extended?19:46
highvoltageFF3 isn't as stable as FF2 yet19:46
stgraberclearly not19:46
highvoltageLaserJock: yep. I e-mailed ogra about it19:46
highvoltageLaserJock: LP keeps e-mailing it about it, but I figured it's time I "get the message" ;)19:47
highvoltageLaserJock: if you could extend it, it would be great19:47
highvoltageI've been a lousy member, but as long as you'll have me I'll be around.19:47
ograah, i was planning to do tha after the meeting tonight ... sorry19:48
highvoltageno problem, I understand that you've been very busy.19:48
ograi still am19:48
ograthat darn kernel situation on the cmpc is biting19:49
LaserJockhighvoltage: actually could you return the favor? :-)19:49
ograwe al signed up around this time :) there you see the old farts in the community :)19:49
LaserJockI've honestly been thinking of letting it expire since I've been such a rotten help19:49
ograyou werent19:50
ograyou did a lot even while being rarely here19:50
LaserJockbut I guess I might have a little time after my PhD is done19:50
highvoltageLaserJock: of course.19:50
LaserJockI would like to see a bit more roadmapping so I can maybe plan something here or there19:51
LaserJockI just don't have time to be on IRC much19:51
ograwell, i plan to do a lot with your menus in intrepid :)19:53
ograto give it the attention it deserves finally19:53
LaserJockI'd like to have time to work on gcompris and KDEEdu19:56
LaserJockand work on getting more/better science apps in19:56
ograbtw seems we got wiped off the fridge again19:56
ograno trace of our meeting19:56
ograLaserJock, pull in as you like, we have heaps of space19:57
ograbut looks like the QA one isnt scheduled either19:58
LaserJockyeah, we're kinda at a new month19:59
LaserJockit's incredibly annoying that Fridge editors have to do each meeting by hand20:00
LaserJockogra: I'm seeing, now that we are an addon CD, more people asking "well, what's the difference and why should I download the CD?"20:01
LaserJockso I'm thinking of things we can do for a "value added" experience20:01
johnnyif you have fast net, the cd is unnecessary right?20:01
LaserJockyou can install the same packages, as you can with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.20:02
johnnyif i didn't still mostly use a cd burner for my car stereo.. i would never need a cd drive20:02
johnnyexcept for initial install .. but even that.. not so much.. since many PCs include usb boot :)20:02
LaserJockbut I think we need to address this specific issue maybe on edubuntu.org or come up with some interesting things to do20:03
ograwell, but essentially they are right20:03
* johnny does't personally see a reason to ever use the cd, except in low bandwidth env 20:03
johnnybut that's the same for every distro20:03
ograthe best added value would be if you could get the alternate+addon ndle via shipit20:04
LaserJockbut I think it'd be worth our time to figure out what exactly we are adding20:07
LaserJockif you know what I mean20:08
LaserJockit seems to me there's a rather significant shift from "the LTSP distro" to "edu app maintainers"20:09
ograit definately is20:20
ograbut it also gives us lots of new opportunities20:20
LaserJockogra: exactly, and that's what I'm trying to think about20:27
LaserJockogra: and especially I'm think we need to do more/better marketing and documentation of that20:27
LaserJockI just don't know exactly how to do that ;-)20:28
ograwell, the marketing team was the trigger for that change20:28
ograi bet they have a masterplan :)20:28
ogra(which i dont know though)20:28
stgraberhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/iTalc <-- Still all the installation/key transfer part to do but I at least managed to create the page before FF crashes this time :)20:34
ograschweet :)20:35
ogra********** reminder edubuntu meeting un #ubuntu-meeting in 2min **********20:57
ogra********** edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in now **********21:00
stgraberLaserJock: ^21:02
LaserJockyeah, I'm running to my advisor meeting21:04
LaserJockI'll be back hopefully soon21:04
LaserJocksorry, meeting took longer than expected21:49
* stgraber still wonders how this picture was generated21:49
LaserJockand my advisor is coming down to the lab in a minute so it'll be a while before I can do much discussion21:49
stgraberI can't find a common LP team or something for all the names listed here21:49
LaserJocksomebody had to take some time21:50
LaserJockit's a rather large list21:50
LaserJockmaybe ubuntu members + something?21:50
stgraberyes, I thought of ubuntumembers + uploaders to main/universe for Hardy21:50
stgrabers/uploader/changelog entry/ as the real uploader is in ubuntumembers anyway21:51
* johnny takes away thanks for ogra... that guy doesn't do anything21:53
ograyeah, i'm slacking through my days :)21:53
juliuxhey ogra21:54
* juliux waves to the rest21:54
* ogra just got some steaming dinner 21:54
juliuxguten hunger21:59
bimberistgraber: There are ubuntumembers who aren't in that picture.  I think the creator got the LP member list for each team described at https://wiki.ubuntu.com (the fron page, no the whole wiki).22:05
* lns applauds for everyone who helped with Hardy, and laughs at the latest slashdot story about Ubuntu "selling out"...gotta love the slashbots and their willingness to complain about just about anything22:07
lnsHAHAHAHA.... i love this quote - "Ubuntu is not completely open source, not as long as you understand that "Ubuntu" is ultimately just a brand name exploited for commercial purposes by Canonical Ltd."22:09
lnsexploited. Yes, grand choice of words.22:10
* bimberi notes that the article is tagged as 'troll' :)22:10
lnspardon my french, but what a douchebag22:10
lnsnice bimberi22:10
LaserJocklns: I didn't know that was French ;-)22:40
* stgraber didn't either :)22:42
lnsActually, it's technically German22:43
lnsbbl to talk more in-depth though. =p22:43

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