ScottKRiddell: python-clamav uploaded to feisty/gutsy-backports00:08
ScottKRiddell: I think that's it.00:09
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ScottKRiddell: Thanks again for all your help today on clamav and company.00:21
gnomeruleswhy don't you ditch KDE and go with Gnome? you know brown is hotter than blue!00:39
gnomerulesHobbsee: don't kick me either :p00:39
gnomerulesI have a cookie for you if you can guess who this troll is...00:40
gnomerulesit is nixternal silly00:45
gnomerulesI have to use this mibbit garbage in one classroom on campus00:45
Riddellthere's always a way to tunnel around these things00:46
robotgeekssh not worky?00:47
gnomerulesI can't figure out Putty to save my life00:48
yao_ziyuanis 8.04 the last version that uses kde 3.x?02:28
robotgeekyao_ziyuan: will probably be so02:29
JontheEchidnaA tear shed for code lost. ;.;02:29
Jucatoopen source code is (almost) never lost! :)02:30
Jucato(besides, we'll still have kde3 packages... but probably not in main anymore)02:30
Jucatothat's still TBD in UDS02:30
JontheEchidnaI just wanted to use that quotish thing02:30
Jucatooh wait, that's not "a tear"...02:31
yao_ziyuanthere is a bug in kubuntu 8.04's default kwin style "Crystal"02:34
yao_ziyuanIn KDE 3.5.8/9, start a Firefox 2, set the main window in normal state (rather than maximized or minimized), let the main window's upper and lower sides dock the upper edge and lower edge of the desktop, but don't let the left and right sides dock. Then, maximize it, restore it, minimize it, restore it, and now you can see its lower side has an undrawn hollow zone.02:36
yao_ziyuanthis is best seen when there is something white behind firefox02:37
seeleis camera mounting broken again?02:37
yao_ziyuanlike a maximized Kate02:37
yao_ziyuani've mailed Crystal's author on this bug02:37
yao_ziyuanpersonally i think kde4 is oriented for non-computer people02:49
yao_ziyuanmaking the OS like a TV02:49
JontheEchidnaAs opposed to the desktop being like a folder inside a file manager?02:50
yao_ziyuani support kde4's desktop widgets02:59
yao_ziyuanbut the taskbar/menu system is stupid03:00
JontheEchidnaOh, I wasn't insinuating that you were against it03:00
JontheEchidnaor not trying to, anyway. ")03:00
nosrednaekimnixternal: I think aseigo is going to be in Canada... though I still doubt he would want to be a guest speaker :P03:28
Jucato(aseigo lives in Canada... so I guess he's there already?)03:29
Jucatonixternal: pokey pokey... just wondering if in the next release, we could make an offline version of the release notes available (the one linked to in the "Release Notes" at the bottom of Step 1 of 6 of Ubiquity)03:38
dasKreechI may be nitpicking but why do we refer to a menu in the Konqueror introduction that doesn't exist?04:42
dasKreechnixternal: can you shoot me the packaging link again04:43
JucatodasKreech: what menu?04:44
Jucatowell, unless Kubuntu is willing to patch the doc and maintain it on our end... that menu still exists :)04:45
dasKreechWell if we patch the code the doc should be patched as well eh ?04:46
dasKreechhi jjesse04:46
Jucatowe don't patch the code actually04:46
Jucatojust the XMLGUI file04:46
dasKreechHobbsee: I haven't said hi o you in ages04:46
dasKreechBUt then the doc needs translation...04:47
dasKreechthough  I guess we would be removing strings04:47
jjessehello dasKreech04:47
jjesseevening ;)04:47
jjessemorning Jucato04:47
jjessewhat doc?04:47
dasKreechWhen did Firefox start shipping with Flash04:47
dasKreechjjesse: When you start up Konqueror it shows a doc that references a menu that doesn't exist04:48
Jucatowhich doc specifically? About Konqueror? which "page"?04:49
Jucatoah this part "Advanced users will appreciate the Konsole which you can embed into Konqueror (Window ->  Show Terminal Emulator)." ?04:49
jjesseah that part04:50
jjessesorry haven't booted into linux all week04:50
* jjesse ducks04:50
* dasKreech gasps!!04:50
Jucatoand nixternal was using gnome... oh great! just great!04:50
* Jucato starts to use GNOME again04:50
dasKreechIt's nixternal he's gotten to you!04:50
* dasKreech uses X and twm04:50
jjesselike i mentioned in my post to planet.ubuntuy.com when i'm teaching and using a projector i have problems04:51
dasKreechHe made a Gnome package. A Gnome Package!04:51
jjessei think he should be fired then :)04:51
dasKreechJucato: It's under Tips btw04:51
dasKreechOn the front page when you start it04:52
Jucatoyeah.. I saw it (didn't you see ^^^)04:52
dasKreechJucato: Where is that?04:53
Jucato[11:49] <Jucato> ah this part "Advanced users will appreciate the Konsole which you can embed into Konqueror (Window ->  Show Terminal Emulator)." ?04:53
dasKreechJucato: I know where do you see that?04:53
Jucatosame place as you did04:53
dasKreechthat's not what I see04:53
JucatoAbout Konqueror -> Tips04:54
dasKreechsplitting a window into two parts (e.g. Window ->  Split View Left/Right)04:54
dasKreechnot in about Konqueror04:54
Jucatoer  Imeant04:54
dasKreechon the actual page you see when you start Konqueror04:54
JucatoKonqueror Intro04:54
dasKreechI don't see that anywhere :(04:54
Jucato2nd to the last tip iirc04:55
dasKreechAh duh04:56
dasKreechI read that at least 4 times and never saw it04:56
dasKreechMust be tired04:57
Jucatoobviously :)04:57
dasKreechOk I pulled the 4.0.71 tarballs04:57
dasKreechHow are they nomrally packaged?04:57
Jucatostdin is the best person to ask since he has been doing the KDE 4 PPA's for quite some time now04:57
stdinnot easily ;)04:58
stdinI'd suggest getting the sources for 4.0.3 and copying the debian dir from them, then tweaking to make it work04:59
Jucatosorry to wake you up stdin04:59
stdinJucato: was already awake, it's just coming to 5am but the birds are screaming already05:00
JucatoI woke up at 3am :)05:00
stdindid I say screaming, I meant singing of course :p05:00
Jucatoactually 2am.. but decided to extend by an hour05:00
nixternalmmm gnome05:01
stdinat least I had a nice breakfast, cold Chinese sweat and sour, yummy :)05:01
dasKreechnixternal: Stop playing footsie!05:01
dasKreechstdin: I'm packaging 4.0.7105:02
dasKreechgo to debian and see if they have a set of scripts?05:02
Jucatonixternal: saw my little ping suggestion up there? how feasible would that be?05:02
stdindasKreech: I'm not sure if they have scripts, but they should have some packages which you can steel/copy05:03
Jucatostdin: sweat and sour? yes. cold? hell no! :(05:04
JucatodasKreech: so why not just copy over the debian/ directory from 4.0.3?05:04
dasKreechstdin: Where can I get the debian dir?05:04
stdinJucato: well, I put it in the microwave for a couple mins ;)05:04
Jucatoapt-get source foo :D05:04
* Jucato hugs nixternal... seems to be asleep or lacking life05:05
stdindasKreech: they are in experimental05:05
dasKreechJucato: He's feeding his short lawn ornaments05:06
stdinyou can add "deb-src http://ftp.<your mirror>.debian.org/debian experimental main" to your sources.list05:06
dasKreechThe dist-upgrade :)05:06
stdindeb-src contains no .debs, so should be "safe" ;)05:07
dasKreechYeah I picked up on that :)05:07
dasKreechLet me go hunt a mirror05:07
* dasKreech blames canada05:08
stdinthere's a list there05:09
nixternalJucato: what ping suggestion?05:09
jjessenixternal: shouldn't you be hanging out on #gnome now :P05:10
dasKreechstdin: those are latest?05:10
dasKreechseems a bit out05:10
stdinthose are the latest debian seems to have05:10
dasKreechjjesse: Nope #freenode-cafe is the closest he gets :)05:10
nixternalyes, i am all for offline release notes...however....the release notes for offline use would have to be completed 2 months prior to the official release...which should be OK as long as there isn't major changes05:10
nixternaljjesse: they fight to much in the gnome hacker channels :)05:10
jjessenixternal: good luck on getting changes set 2 months before release05:11
jjessefor offline release notes05:11
dasKreechwell the logo is a karate kick to the face05:11
nixternalthe freezes were pretty well respected except for KDE 4 stuff05:11
nixternalin the future that will of course get better05:11
jjesseisn't that what they said last time :)05:11
dasKreechyeah Plasma joins up with everyone in 4.2 correct?05:11
nixternalunless we created a seperate release notes item, got it quickly translated in a couple of weeks to include as part of k-d-s maybe?05:12
dasKreechand hopefully by then Koffice will be sorted enough that they are in a cycle05:12
jjessethat's an interesting idea05:12
Jucatonixternal: there's this channel spstarr setup for KDE and GNOME "moderates" for socializing without bias :)05:12
JucatoI think #freedesktop-chat or something...05:13
Jucatooff to lunch05:13
dasKreechI just said it :)05:13
Jucatooh right05:14
JucatoI tend not to read backlogs :P05:14
dasKreechJucato: Ok I'm with you I don't like d3lphin05:36
dasKreechstdin: I'll assume you have no docs on this?05:41
stdindasKreech: on what?05:42
stdinpackaging KDE4? nope05:42
stdinit would be difficult to make any, as it's a moving target and just needs packaging foo05:42
dasKreechah well I need some05:43
dasKreechI pulled amarok and koffice as well05:43
stdinstart with kdelibs first ;)05:44
stdindon't want to get ahead of yourself05:44
dasKreechOk :)05:44
dasKreechI'll unpack that tarball05:44
stdinyou'll probably going to need newer versions of some libs, those will be in kdesupport05:53
stdinie: package those too ;)05:54
dasKreechI didn't see any tarballs for kdesupport05:56
dasKreechI'll look again05:56
stdinthe life of a packager, "Dependencies, Dependencies, Dependencies". like balmer but with less sweat05:56
stdindasKreech: may only be in svn05:56
dasKreechYeah it's like runnign RedHat all over again05:56
* dasKreech curses05:57
dasKreechsvn hates me right now05:57
dasKreechI'll try and pull it though05:57
stdinhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/kdesupport/ svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/kdesupport/05:57
nixternalwho wants to send me a messenger bag? I need to replace my laptop backpack cuz it is killing me to carry around all of the time06:04
nixternalI wanted one of the Ubuntu ones, but a) they aren't in the store anymore, and b) they were way to expensive to purchase from the US06:04
dasKreechHooray it moved!06:09
dasKreechLets see if it completes :)06:09
dasKreechWhoot done06:22
dasKreechok have the two folders now06:27
dasKreechstdin: ping :)06:29
stdinPONG: 2141231206:30
dasKreechactually deping06:30
dasKreechI need to finish writing this06:30
stdintoo late, package are sent ;P06:30
dasKreechI'll ... shoot I can't do this tomorrow I'm in a meeting all day06:30
dasKreechhow long does packaging normally take?06:30
stdindepends on the complexity of the package06:31
dasKreechkdelibs kdesupport06:31
dasKreechmaybe kdebase06:31
stdinmaking a package isn't too difficult, making a *good* package can be06:31
dasKreechYeah I've heard nixternal bemoan that :-)06:31
stdinfor most of the stuff in kdesupport you can just copy the debian dir from the one in the reops and up the version06:32
dasKreechMaking a good package is easy??06:32
dasKreechI'll grab that when I reboot06:32
stdinif you can package kdelibs, you can package anything :)06:33
* dasKreech does Tim allen's laugh06:34
stdinalthough if you want to do it right, you'll update the copyright info too, but I usually leave that to the end because I HATE IT06:34
JucatoI can package GNU hello!06:34
stdintry packaging a python app, it's evil, EVIL I TELL YOU06:35
dasKreechJucato: I think it's still one version behind06:36
Jucatoupdate it! :)06:36
dasKreechYep one version behind06:36
dasKreech I've actually had a few of my classes setup the latest version06:37
dasKreechIt's amazing how much they curse then how long they spend playing with it06:37
dasKreechstdin: Ok another thing does it make sense to have a snapshot PPA ?06:37
stdinif you want people to be able to install it, yeah ;)06:38
dasKreechno sorry06:38
stdinI wouln't want to put it into the main kde4 repo now06:38
dasKreechlet me make myself clearer06:38
dasKreechdoes it make sense to have a tracking PPA and a snapshot PPA ?06:38
dasKreechso we expect I think 4 snapshots starting with Alpha 106:39
dasKreechbut we also want to do new packages say every 2 weeks06:39
dasKreechdoes it make sense to keep those apart?06:39
stdinkeeping the "official" releases away from the snapshot releases it probably a good idea06:40
stdinthen people can choose and you'll get less complaints06:41
stdinand you will get complaints ;)06:41
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dasKreechso that's 2 PPAs then?06:41
stdinseeing as there's no way to add a pocket to a PPA it would have to be 206:41
dasKreechWhat happened to Riddell's Gutsy KDE4 PPA?06:41
stdinstupid LP :/06:42
dasKreechis it still being used?06:42
dasKreechAs I understand it there are only 2 servers for all the PPAs?06:42
stdinyou mean the kubuntu-members-kde4 PPA06:42
dasKreechDon't want to seem like we are using up all the slots06:42
stdinthe PPAs have 6 (virtual) builders, 3 for i386, 3 for amd64 and 3 for lpia06:43
* Jucato wonders who took glxinfo away...06:44
stdinand if the language pack team can lock up the i386 buildds for 12 hours at a time, I don't see why we can't06:44
stdinmesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxinfo06:45
* Jucato looks in the dvd...06:46
* dasKreech smacks forehead06:47
dasKreechRight these aree build servers06:47
dasKreechI would be doing uploads06:47
stdinyou upload, the builds go into a queue, when there is a free slot your package builds06:48
* Jucato wonders why 1. it's no longer installed by default and 2. not in the dvd :(06:49
stdinà la https://edge.launchpad.net/+builds06:49
Jucatoohwell, the mysteries of life :)06:49
* stdin knew it06:50
stdinthe language pack builders are at it AGAIN06:50
dasKreechwhat''s hppa ?06:50
stdinit's a CPU arch, on certain servers06:51
dasKreechHas an extraordinary number of items in queue06:57
dasKreechWhich is going up06:58
stdindasKreech: that's the language package builders, ~160 of those are theirs06:58
dasKreechwell I have a bunch of language stuff for KDE4 as well :)06:59
stdinof you mean hppa?06:59
stdinthen, yeah, it always has a large queue06:59
stdindasKreech: unless you have ~250 package, it's nothing compared to them ;)06:59
stdinthat's source packages too, not binary07:00
dasKreechMore like 49 :)07:00
stdinsounds about right07:01
stdinthose are in the kde4 ppa too07:01
stdintakes ages to upload those :p07:01
dasKreechI can imagine07:05
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Riddellwow, guidance has a lot of patches10:29
=== emu is now known as emu1982
SimeI'm guessing that a lot of them could be pushed upstream.10:30
Simethere's some interesting stuff in there...10:32
RiddellSime: that's what I'm doing right now10:32
SimeRiddell: was going to ask you to expand "LP #1234" etc into a full URL.10:36
ubottuSime: Bug 1234 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/1234 is private10:36
Simein the patches.10:36
Simewell, the commits10:36
SimeI gotta say, the part of the OS 'stack' that guidance operates in is a quagmire.10:40
RiddellSime: all done10:40
* Sime looking at patches.10:40
Riddellquagmire, good word, I should use that more :)10:40
SimeIt sounds better than "crap".10:41
SimeI'm wondering if guidance would attract as many patches if it wasn't so easy to hack and tweak.10:41
Riddellif it was in c++ I doubt anyone would touch it10:41
Simeif it was C++ it would segfault and say nothing.10:42
* Hobbsee grins10:42
Simethe step from hacking shell scripts to python is real small.10:42
Simea *lot* of people hack shell scripts.10:42
* Riddell would rather python any day over shell10:43
RiddellI wonder if anyone has fixed the randr module for KDE 4.110:44
SimeI mean, it easier to push people (non-programmers) to hash python than C++.10:44
* Sime reads the guidance changelog.10:44
Simeevery man and his dog has had a go at packaging guidance. :-)10:45
SimeRiddell: will you be at LinuxTag?10:45
Simesomeone said there would be  a Kubuntu booth.10:48
RiddellI believe so, the likes of _Czessi, apachelogger, Nightrose will probably be there10:49
Riddellnot much activity since 4.0 http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/randr/10:49
SimeI'm not too far from being able to start on guidance for KDE 4.10:50
Simeguidance needs a good rethink and reevaulation.10:50
Simethe landscape has changed a bit.10:50
SimeWhat kind of admin tools for KDE4 are you missing in kubuntu these days?10:51
Riddellprinting (which is being worked on)10:51
Riddelluser config10:51
Simekuser any good?10:51
Riddellnot looked, don't think it's changed since KDE 110:52
Simeneed PolicyKit too in KDE.10:52
Riddelloh yes10:52
SimeDirk was working on it.10:52
Riddellhe was?10:52
Simebut I don't know what the status is.10:52
Simehe blogged about it10:52
Riddellthere was a SoC project for it but nobody mentored so it didn't get in10:52
Simehe was working on the password popup thingy.10:53
SimeAFAIK, that is the only real KDE specific bit needed.10:53
Riddelloh aye http://wire.dattitu.de/archives/2008/04/13/PolicyKit-fun.html10:53
Riddellfor display setup that randr module would seem to be the way to go except it has bugs10:54
Simeyeah, depending entirely on randr would be great. If it actaull work for everyone.10:55
RiddellI havn't looked at the tool redhat/ubuntu are using for it10:56
Simea mountconfig tool that supported FUSE would be interesting too10:58
Riddellpower manager ought to use solid and plasma and stuff, but nobody is working on it10:59
* Riddell tempted to just port power manager today10:59
Riddellsome chap did start here with what he hopes is a port of klaptopdaemon, http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=79948810:59
Riddellbut ug, klaptopdaemon, kill kill11:00
RiddellSime: did you see the release team thread?  seems pykde apps can't be in kdebase, circular dependency with kdebindings11:03
Simeoh that thread has flared up again.11:04
\shSime, yes...there is a kubuntu booth at linuxtag11:06
\shSime, czessi is organizing it again11:06
Simehey, hi!11:06
SimeI'll be there to say hello.11:07
\shSime, just tell czessi what beer you prefer ;)11:07
\shSime, cool.../me is there, too :)11:07
SimeI just looked at the list of patches on kde-guidance. It looks like I'm the one that should be asking for beer orders. ;-)11:07
\shSime, just make it to the social event of LT...so we can go out and have a lot of good food and drinks at night :)11:08
Simecool, I'll be going down on thurday, and leaving on sunday morning.11:09
\shSime, I think the social event is on thursday or friday...11:10
\shyeah thursday11:10
\shhmm...s/de/en/ ;)11:10
\shdamn../me really needs to fix his build environment again to fix really serious stuff11:13
\shand someone needs to write a cool bacula configuration UI util11:14
SimeI had started writing backup program, but K3B isn't ported yet. So that's on hold.11:21
Riddellthere's an ubuntu firewall app now we might want to port too11:26
awen_Riddell: there is a frontend for ufw for gnome?11:27
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Riddellpossibly not, maybe I just made that up11:29
Riddellno, seems not11:29
* jussio1 hugs Riddell... just made that up :P11:30
awen_could be cool to have one though (of course for kde)11:32
* Sime is now porting his KDE4 firewall app.11:33
\shgrmpf...bacula tool: bat needs fixing too11:46
\shthere is no need for a byte limitation for volume files....11:47
\sh100G files are just normal...and in bytes:  107374182400 , but "bat" tells me, that's not possible because of wrong max settings in the UI11:48
=== _Czessi is now known as Czessi
RiddellSime: what am I doing wrong with this? http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/minimal-dialogue.py12:14
Riddellit doesn't take None as a parent12:14
Riddelland it says the c++ object has been deleted on setCaption12:14
Simedunno. It looks very similar to working code I have here.12:23
Simethe only difference is that I use  global kapp and a main() function.12:23
RiddellSime: got it12:26
RiddellI was being silly and not passing self to the KDialog constructor12:26
RiddellKDialog.__init__(self, parent)   fixes it12:26
Riddellhum, setButtons( KDialog.Ok | KDialog.Cancel | KDialog.Apply )  doesn't work12:36
Simeself.setButtons(KDialog.ButtonCode(KDialog.Ok | KDialog.Cancel | KDialog.Apply | KDialog.User1))12:38
Riddellthanks Sime12:49
guaquadoes the firewall app control iptables directly, or does it do it via firehol or something similar?13:52
ScottKguaqua: You mean ufw?13:59
ScottKIf so, directly IIRC.13:59
guaquaufw as in ubuntu firewall?14:05
ScottKActuall I think it's Uncomplicated Firewall, but yes.14:13
Tonio_anyone there knows if it is possible to invoke language-selector the pure cli way (no X session)14:22
Tonio_Riddell: would that need a shell frontend to be coded ?14:22
freeflyingTonio_: u should can, but only with python :)14:22
Tonio_freeflying: so that means coding ;)14:23
freeflyingTonio_: probably14:23
RiddellTonio_:yes, if there isn't already one14:23
Tonio_Riddell: well I suspect that's not real hard job14:23
jpatrickRiddell: no, sorry, I have no internet at home and rarely get the chance to come one :(14:51
NightroseSime: yea there will be a kubuntu booth at linuxtag and apachelogger, \sh, Czessi and I will be there as will a few others15:04
Nightroseyou too?15:04
nosrednaekimcrimsun: ping15:11
\shNightrose, sime is coming :)15:43
\shNightrose, at least to say hello :)15:43
Nightrose:) nice15:43
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kiefer08Hey im lookin to get involved in a project, anything really (though python based prefered) where should i look? :p15:54
Riddellhi kiefer08!15:54
nosrednaekimkiefer08: well, Hardy was just released, so all the devs are going to meet at the end of May to decide what new projects to do.15:55
\shdumdumdumdidumdumubuntudumdumdumdidumubuntudumdumdumdidum (where U sounds like the U from Ubuntu ;))15:55
nosrednaekimkiefer08: however, the guidance configuration modules will certainly need to be ported.15:55
nosrednaekimoh, let Riddell take care of you :)15:55
Riddelldist upgrade tool too15:55
Riddellwe should maybe port some apps from pyqt4 to pykde415:56
Riddellgdebi needs ported to qt 415:56
kiefer08Im more than willing to get involved, i have plenty of free time ahead of me :p15:56
\shkiefer08, you need a new job? ;)15:57
kiefer08Haha yeah something like that :p15:58
etretyakRiddell: Don't give all tasks to kiefer08. Give me some tasks too :)15:58
nosrednaekimetretyak: plenty to go around :)15:58
kiefer08I only have one request, and thats that my skills are best suited toward anything but building UI's15:59
* \sh wants a XMPP IM client for KDE4 which actually works like gajim ;)15:59
kiefer08..well thats not really a request :\15:59
nosrednaekim\sh: PSI?15:59
\shnosrednaekim, nope...that's qt only :)16:00
nosrednaekim\sh: it looks like KDE4 though :)16:00
nosrednaekimkiefer08: you mean... no GUI apps?16:00
kiefer08nosrednaekim: No, no- I mean, I prefer not to build UI's, I prefer to work under the hood.16:01
\shnosrednaekim, the fun part with gajim, it's python, so people knows more about python + pygtk + pygnome  then hacking in C...the same goes for PSI...it's hard for people to read the C++ code..which is sometimes really difficult to understand, especially the XML parsing part ;)16:01
kiefer08As in, I prefer not to be the one handed the task of building a pretty GUI :p16:01
nosrednaekimah... well, the GUI part is quite simple and seele will give you a nice template for what it should look like16:02
kiefer08Haha, well as long as I dont spend all my time pushing around components in a designer, I'll be happy :p16:03
nosrednaekim\sh: true....16:03
nosrednaekimkiefer08: XD16:03
nosrednaekimkiefer08: so yeah, find something you want to port and go for it :)16:03
stdinI find creating the GUI in code easier than using designer ironically16:04
\shkiefer08, if you follow always the MVC design pattern, there is no need for you to write a good UI...but for someone else to jump in and fix it to let it look clean and neat :)16:04
kiefer08stdin: Same :p. /sh: Heh sounds easy :p16:04
\shkiefer08, implementing MVC is not as easy as it sounds ;)16:05
nosrednaekimlater guys.....16:05
kiefer08nosrednaekim: Later mate16:05
kiefer08I prefer not to build UI's, hence why I use Urwid library (python) if the script/project Im working on demands some form of UI16:07
kiefer08Oh w00t, My story is gonna be featured on TheDailyWTF this week :D!16:18
kiefer08Look out for it, should be titled something like "The 'Super-Hacker''16:25
Riddellkiefer08: did any of the above sound interesting to you?  porting dist upgrade tool to kde 4 maybe?16:28
kiefer08Riddell: Yeah sure, sure - Just let me know what needs to be done, and i'll get started16:29
=== neversfelde|mobi is now known as kubuntu-deIRC
kiefer08http://thedailywtf.com/Articles/The-Super-Hacker.aspx --My story :D16:30
Riddellkiefer08: branch this with bzr https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/update-manager/main16:31
=== kubuntu-deIRC is now known as never|mobi
Riddellkiefer08: you should be able to run it from DistUpgrade/ with  sudo ./dist-upgrade.py --frontend DistUpgradeViewKDE16:33
kiefer08kk, Let me take a look16:33
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
etretyakRiddell: is there any task for me? please :) i have a holidays now.. so i have a lot of free time.16:37
Riddelletretyak: system-config-printer needs lots of love16:37
Hobbseeapachelogger: what licence is amarok under?16:37
etretyakRiddell: any specs/docs on how it should work?16:38
Riddelletretyak: copy the gnome one :)16:38
etretyakRiddell: ok :)16:38
Riddelletretyak: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/system-config-printer/kde-port16:38
Riddellis our bzr16:38
Riddellhttp://svn.fedorahosted.org/svn/system-config-printer/trunk the gnome one16:39
Riddelletretyak: for hardy I set it to hide all but the server config page, you can remove the foo.hide() statements now16:40
Riddelletretyak: then just see what's missing compared to the gnome one, and copy and paste as appropriate16:40
Riddelletretyak: it may (or may not) help to reorder the methods to the same order as the gnome one16:40
etretyakRiddell: ok!16:40
kiefer08Riddell: No launchpad urls seem to be loading for me :\16:51
Riddelletretyak: try https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/system-config-printer/kde-port ?16:52
=== pgquiles__ is now known as pgquiles
Riddellfdoving: have you seen bug 222041 ?17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222041 in kdebase "unmounting a usb stick gives a stupid error" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22204117:17
nosrednaekim[12:23] < nosrednaekim> QUESTION: you say different and stronger UI ... does this mean KDE4 ?17:25
nosrednaekim[12:24] <jono> nosrednaekim: nope - Kubuntu does an excellent job with KDE417:25
nosrednaekimnow now nice is THAT of him <_<17:26
nosrednaekim(from the community chat Q&A)17:26
morickso you never went bowling with goebbels either?17:32
morickso you never went bowling with goebbels either?17:33
vorianafternoon :)17:43
fdovingRiddell: not seen. i'll have a ride on my kde3 then, to unmount some usb-sticks.17:45
Riddellfdoving: it may be because users aren't in the disk group17:46
kiefer08Riddell: I still cant get any launchpad urls to load... its very strange..17:47
Riddellkiefer08: can you do   bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/system-config-printer/kde-port  ?17:47
kiefer08Trying now.17:50
kiefer08Ah there we go, yeah bzr branch works17:50
kiefer08I was using terminal before, which kept giving me funny errors and warnings for some reason17:51
kiefer08Just tried it under konsole :p17:51
Riddellkiefer08: have you used bzr before?17:52
kiefer08Not extensivly no17:52
Riddellkiefer08: bzr commit   to commit locally17:52
Riddellkiefer08: oh, wait, that was system-config-printer I just had you branch17:53
kiefer08Lol yeah, uh-oh? :p17:53
Riddellkiefer08: you want   bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/update-manager/main17:53
kiefer08lol kk, so what exactly does bzr do?17:54
Riddellkiefer08: it's like svn, but better17:54
kiefer08Lol ahk17:54
kiefer08And 'branch' what is that doing?17:54
Riddellkiefer08: you don't have commit access to update-manger (because you're not a member of ubuntu-core-dev) but here you are making your own branch and we can merge it in later17:55
Riddellso edit a file17:55
Riddellbzr commit  to commit locally17:55
Riddelland if you have a public ssh key known to launchpad17:55
Riddellbzr push sftp://<lpuser>@bazaar.launchpad.net/~<lpuser>/update-manager/kde4port   to put it on launchpad17:55
kiefer08Ahhhk, so once ive made changes to it, run bzr commit on it?17:56
kiefer08Easy ^^17:56
Riddelland once it's ready for the world to see something, push17:57
Riddell(or even before it's ready, if you just want a backup on launchpad)17:57
kiefer08Piece of cake :p, so what changes am i supposed to make?17:57
Riddellkiefer08: well firstly just run it and see what it does (updates your computer)17:57
Riddellkiefer08: then, if you're up for being useful, port it to pykde 417:57
kiefer08Im mr.usefull :p17:58
kiefer08Though right now im also mr.tired, so I should sleep soon, but I'll hop to it tommorro, and keep you posted :)17:59
Riddellkiefer08: apt-get source python-kde4 will give you some pykde4 templates (in examples/)18:00
Riddellkiefer08: and opening the .ui file in qt4 designer will convert that magically18:01
fdovingRiddell: quite possible, i can reproduce it, but i'm not in that group. did it gain any privileges lately? - wasn't plugdev used before?18:01
Riddellkiefer08: the way .ui files are initiated has changed, you create a QWidget then run uic.loadUi on that widget18:01
Riddellfdoving: sounds about right (probably pitti would know the details)18:02
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
fdovingas member of the disk group one gets loads of privileges on the partitions, which is bad.18:02
kiefer08Riddell: seems pretty straight foward :P18:02
Riddellkiefer08: hopefully yes :)18:03
Riddellkiefer08: so I'd start with converting the .ui file, getting a template app and having it load that .ui file, then copying bits from the kde 3 version and checking for qt3->4 changes that need doing and testing each bit18:04
kiefer08Well ive got apt-get and bzr working away, Im gonna hit the hay and report back in the morning, Thanks for your help Riddell :)18:04
Riddellkiefer08: sleep well18:04
kiefer08Peace, btw- Yeah I think I can do that :p18:05
Riddellkwwii: all ready for your speech?18:07
fdovingRiddell: i can patch kio_umountwrapper to not use 'umount and eject' by default. but that might make issues with the devices that need ejection. but that is probably better than having issues with close to everything else.18:17
fdovingsomething must have changed somewhere, i haven't touched this since i wrote it. so maybe ejecting is done automatically by something KDE or HAL-stuff i'm not aware of.18:18
Riddellfdoving: how about just ejecting and not showing an error if it doesn't manage to?18:21
fdovingRiddell: sure. that's an option, but that would require a kdebase patch.18:21
fdovingit's a oneliner so that won't be hard to make.18:22
fdovingi can make a debdiff for you.18:22
Riddellthat would be lovely18:23
fdovingoh, kio_umountwrapper has been patched in ubuntu.18:23
kwwiiRiddell: lol, no, not really18:29
fdovingbug 18684118:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 186841 in kdebase "[hardy] Please merge latest version of kio media LUKS support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18684118:30
Riddellblamo, kde 4 version https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jr/guidance/powermanager-kde418:39
fdovingRiddell: diff linked to in bug 222041 - need to go prepare kids for sleep etc. bbl.18:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222041 in kdebase "unmounting a usb stick gives a stupid error" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22204118:46
RiddellSime: any idea why this crashes on close?  it doesn't if you only import the kde classes needed http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/crash.py18:47
nixternalwow, I am not a huge fan of my KDE 4 talk as of right now18:51
Riddelluh oh18:52
nixternaltell me what you think18:52
nixternalof course I will add some flare to wake people up as I go along like I did the other day18:52
Riddellnixternal: reads great to me18:56
Riddellvery aaron inspired18:56
nixternalhe is my hero18:56
nixternalexcept for that hair do!18:57
apacheloggerHobbsee: gpl2(+) and lgpl for stable - trunk also got a couple of the KDE e. V. gpl2/3(+)19:07
fdovingnixternal: there is only one issue with your kde4 talk-thing. strigi is not fast and light-weight. it's heavy and cpu/disk/memory-consuming.19:08
fdovingatleast that is my experience when comparing it to beagle on my 3 machines.19:08
nixternalI haven't had the issue with my trunk build honestly as of late19:08
nixternalI know when I initially index it was a bit of a hog, but after that it worked well19:09
fdovingi have issues with my trunk strigi.19:09
nixternalmy only problem is it will not start up when I login, I have to manually start it and nepomuk19:09
fdovingit should gain some powermanager-awareness, don't index on battery.19:10
nixternalahh, ya, that it definitely needs19:10
fdovingcurrently strigidaemon is the most annoying binary on my machines.19:10
fdovingi usually do a 'chmod -x `which strigidaemon`'19:11
nixternalwho's buying lunch? I am hungry!19:12
Nightrose~order lunch for nixternal19:12
* insanity slides lunch down the bar to nixternal19:12
Nightrosethere you go ;-)19:12
nixternalrock on!19:12
apacheloggerNightrose: that response is awful19:24
apacheloggerNightrose: you should get that fixed :P19:25
Nightrosewell ok - where can I see some code of the other responses?19:26
apacheloggerNightrose: http://code.google.com/p/rbotbar/source/checkout19:28
apacheloggerensure that you are logged in @ google19:28
apacheloggerjust made you project member so you should be able to commit19:28
Nightrosecool thx :)19:28
Nightrosewill have a look after watching regenesis19:30
Riddellken's artwork talk on now in #ubuntu-classroom20:02
SeregaRiddell: Jonathan?20:13
Riddellhi Serega20:25
SeregaRiddell: ho20:25
SeregaRiddell: I propose to just remove /usr/share/services/kaffeine_xine-install-dvdcss.desktop20:26
Riddellany way to give a message to users saying how to install it?20:26
Seregaerm... so do not remove, but change it to display a messagebox20:27
Riddellyes, I think so20:27
SeregaRiddell: and write /usr/share/kaffeine/install-css.sh which just calls '/usr/lib/kaffeine/install-codecs dvdcss'20:27
SeregaRiddell: should I set urgency to high?20:31
nosrednaekimnixternal: all ready?20:34
nixternalI am now..just got done eating and watching a show about Pixar20:47
jcastroKDE4 session starring nixternal at the top of the hour!20:48
jcastroon #ubuntu-classrom that is20:48
jcastronixternal: do you have a partner in crime to paste questions?20:49
* jcastro could use a break20:49
nosrednaekimjcastro: i'll do it20:49
jcastrorock on20:49
nixternalya, you just don't want to see KDE stuff20:50
* nixternal puts rootkit in Tasque20:50
* nixternal starts working on KDE 4 talk...forgot all about it until just now ;p20:51
nosrednaekimnixternal: you want a link to the 4.1 screenshot preview?20:51
nixternalhrmm, that might be nice20:51
Nightrose~order lunch for nixternal20:52
* insanity prepares a super delicious lunch just like mom would do and slides it down the bar to nixternal.20:52
Nightrosea lot better now ;-)20:52
RiddellKDE 4 talk in #ubuntu-classroom in a minute!21:01
nosrednaekimnixternal: a bit later, but here http://polishlinux.org/kde/kde-4-rev-790000-better-stability-and-performance/21:14
Seregais this great nixternal's classroom log available anywhere?21:45
Sereganixternal: very inspiring and amazing! Thank you!21:47
apachelogger~order cookie for nixternal22:00
* insanity slides cookie down the bar to nixternal22:01
Nightrosejust one apachelogger? ;-)22:01
Riddellwe still have insanity here?22:01
Nightrosewell done nixternal - rock on :)22:02
nosrednaekim~order a 200 proof beverage for nixternal22:02
* insanity slides a 200 proof beverage down the bar to nixternal22:02
Riddellgo nixternal, go kwwii!22:02
Nightrosewant her to go Riddell?22:02
apacheloggerRiddell: wondered the very same earlier today22:02
Riddellooh ooh, can I kick it?22:03
apacheloggerRiddell: kicking sounds rude, doesn't it? :P22:03
apacheloggerone just has to ask nice22:03
apacheloggerNightrose: you should invite nixternal as guest for the next radio show22:04
apacheloggerand stdin22:04
apacheloggerand let them talk about KDE 422:04
nixternalwhew, that one was a boring one22:04
fdovingnice work nixternal, our very own marketing and PR guy :)22:04
nosrednaekimnixternal: you made it interesting22:04
nixternalnosrednaekim: I had no other choice, otherwise I would have fallen asleep22:04
nixternalthat is very similar to my KDE 4 talk I give around here22:04
* nixternal keeps an eye on the podcasting session22:05
nixternalpopey rocks!22:05
nixternalkwwii: to elaborate a bit on the unified theme with Ubuntu/Kubuntu - I see that quite a bit at local talks around here...people want a human theme for Kubuntu...scary22:06
fdovingthat is insane (to me anyway)22:06
nosrednaekimyech... I think GTK should ue the oxygen theme ;)22:07
* apachelogger agrees22:07
apacheloggeroxygen ftw!22:07
nixternalI am using something other than oxygen right now22:07
nixternalI am using Skulpture22:07
fdovingoxygen sucks.22:07
nixternalit is hot!22:07
nosrednaekimheh... TBH, I'm using qtcurve, and gtk qt3 and qt4 are all perfectly unified22:07
etretyaknixternal: thanks for you speech! *nix forever! :)22:07
nixternalI don't think oxygen sucks as a theme, it just doesn't have that "wow" factor that the icons and such have22:08
nixternaletretyak: hehe :)22:08
fdovingthey move stuff around, center aligns text in vboxes, i don't like when styles do that. it leaves it unusable for development.22:08
fdovingit's like IE and webpages. "Looks good to me, but it's only Oxygen compatible."22:09
nixternalRiddell: wstephenson just said that Dirk is working on a migration utility from KDE 3 to KDE 4.... yay \o/22:09
Arbyif I want to get involved with packaging/merging for intrepid is there a to do list for kubuntu/kde packages?22:14
Arbyor is it too early22:14
nixternalArby: I would say about, less than a week to early22:15
nixternalthey are building the toolchain now, and once that is complete, we can start the merges and what not22:15
Arbyok cool22:15
nixternaltruthfully, just go through merges.ubuntu.com and pick the ones you want...except for mine of course :p22:15
ArbyI was looking for something small and simple that isn't going to break the world if I get it wrong22:16
nixternalI think I will only have a couple right off that bat, smb4k will either need a merge if Debian included it, or I will have to upload a new build22:16
Arbythis being my first foray into packaging :)22:16
nixternalArby: there are plenty of small ones...the best ones are the ones with no errors to get started with22:16
stdinArby: that's why we have revi, you can upload to there and get mentors to review your package22:17
nixternalonce you do a few that don't have any errors and are straight forward merges, then go for the errors22:17
nixternalalso keep an eye on packages that can be sync'd up22:17
nixternalooh, speaking of REVU, I need to schedule a REVU days22:17
nixternalThis is just a reminder that the Qt QuickStart Seminar in Chicago is22:17
nixternaltomorrow, May 1!22:17
* Arby looks at merges.u.c22:17
stdinwho wants to recommend a good python beginners tutorial? I've decided it's probably time I learn what all the fuss is about22:19
nosrednaekimstdin: uhh, the official tutorial is quite good22:20
fdovingstdin: i've heard http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkCSpy.pdf is good.22:20
stdinnosrednaekim: from python.org? I'm starting on those today22:20
stdinbut the more sources I have the more chances I'll find the one that "speaks" to me22:21
nosrednaekimthough the book "learning python" from O'rielly rocks22:21
fdovingthere is also a book in the apt repositories, 'diveintopython'22:22
nixternalhahahaha, I just got a job offer to do marketing from a spy in our Open Week talks22:22
kwwiinixternal: yeah, that is one of those questions I try to answer as politicaly correct as possible22:22
nixternaldive into python ebook is great, but also the PyQt4 book is great!22:22
nixternalkwwii: oh, I know what you mean there22:23
stdinnixternal: I thought I'd learn generic python before PyQt4, I don't want my head to explode ;)22:24
nixternalstdin: actually, the PyQt4 book does a great job at teaching the basics of Python in the first 3 chapters22:24
nixternalI learned more Python from those 3 chapters than any other Python doc or book out there22:24
stdinooh, ok, I'll grab that too22:24
nixternalRapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt22:24
stdinI'm used to C++, so python is going to be new to me22:25
Simenixternal: is that the Mark Summerfield book?22:25
nixternalSime: yes22:25
nosrednaekimnixternal: haha... are you kiddin?22:25
nixternalthat book is awesome...I have a few of Mark's books, he is good22:25
SimeI should get a copy of that.22:25
nixternalHis C++ GUI Programming With Qt4 is a great book as well22:26
stdinfrom what I remember from Riddell's PyQt talk from last Open Week, PyQt should be as easy as C++ Qt (hopefully)22:27
nixternalactually easier22:28
fdovingas easy as? - what is the advantage of pyqt if it's not easier than c++qt?22:28
stdinthat you don't have to compile it? ;)22:28
smarter that you can have a "core" in pure python for pygtk?22:29
stdinalthough some of the errors gcc throws at you can be fun to decode22:29
fdovinghum, well.22:29
nixternalI still prefer C++ over Python, but the past few months I have began to really like Python22:29
stdineveryone seems to be moving to python, half of ubuntu must be python by now :p22:30
fdovingi prefer most languages over python, i find it messy, but it probably isn't. I just haven't found the time to use it to do anything yet.22:30
* Arby gets confused by merges.u.c22:31
Arbyshould I be looking for cases where the report file Generated results reports no problems22:31
Arbyat least to start with22:31
nixternalfdoving: ya, I was the same exact way, so I made myself start using it for small projects22:32
nixternalPython just as any other language gets as messy as the programmer makes it22:32
fdovingnixternal: yep, i'll have to wait till the kids grow a few years older. then i can start to learn new things :)22:33
nixternalahh, get the kids involved22:33
nixternalmy daughter taught me how to make pretty drawings with KTurtle22:34
fdovingtoo bad my kids are not interessted in what is on the screen. removing the keys from keyboards on the other hand.. that is fun.22:36
fdovingso if i were making kids toys, i would make a dummy-VHS-video-player and a bunch of cassetes, and keyboards. those "don't touch"-items all kids just NEEDS to play with :)22:37
fdovingtv etc. bye.22:38
chidgehi, nixternal I'm reading your ubuntu-classroom kde evangelisation :) can you recommend a good live cd to look at some of this kde4 goodness?22:42
nosrednaekimchidge: there is a kde 4.1 liveCD from suse... our our own kde4.0.3 hardy CD22:43
chidgethanks, ill queue those 2 up to download tonight theen :)22:55

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