jermainhi everyone00:00
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!00:00
fly_Good, I was scared there for a moment00:00
jhutchins_wkYou never know.00:00
fly_Long story00:00
fly_Thanks for the help, I'll check that URL, like I said, it's not a big thing, and I am familiar with tweaking the settings00:01
jhutchins_wkThere are several of us out here these days, but I usually come up on the first page of google hits.  Funny how it cycles through these days though.00:02
silentwindthanks alot for your help00:02
silentwindcan i use the webcam there00:02
nosrednaekimsilentwind: for msn, yes00:03
nosrednaekimaim, no00:03
fly_Just another J Hutchins (try registering your mane on Craigslist Computer forum) there's a J Hutchins there00:03
fly_Thanks again, I'll shut up for now.00:04
LukeLI know a J Hutchins ...00:05
fly_Is he good people?00:06
jermainnoob question: can someone tell me how i can find out what model my graphoc card is ><00:06
cinexjermain: lspci00:07
LjLor "lshw -C display"00:07
jermainthank you, the lshw command output is easier for me to understand ^00:09
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snikkeri'm unable to use my dvdrw. in dmesg when i insert a dvd, i've got this error http://pastebin.com/d3e05d96f00:12
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snikkeri'm unable to use my dvdrw. in dmesg when i insert a dvd, i've got this error http://pastebin.com/d3e05d96f00:24
TeslaTonyI'm having some odd sound issues. Sometimes the sound with flash works, and sometimes it doesn't. Now my main sound has cut out, too00:31
TeslaTonyDoes anyone know how to fix that?00:32
alexbobpI upgraded my kubuntu, and after I replaced my new blank home directory with a symlink to my old one, sound broke.  How can I fix it?00:34
robotgeekalexbobp: you still here?00:41
alexbobprobotgeek: yes00:44
zPliskini need some help makign ventrilo works with wine. can't make my microphone work00:44
robotgeekalexbobp: where does sound not work? all together?00:45
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DevourerMy sound doesn't work.00:45
DevourerI upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 and now my sound doesn't work.00:45
zPliskinand whats a good audio program (like winamp or something)00:45
robotgeekzPliskin: amarok00:46
alexbobpright.  I tried both Amarok and wine00:46
alexbobpalso mpg123 and aoss mpg12300:46
robotgeekalexbobp: okay, try this in a terminal. "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart"00:46
zPliskini have amarok but every time a song changes, it freezes for 10 secs00:46
robotgeekzPliskin: hmm, that is weird00:47
zPliskini have 1000+ songs too00:47
daemon3How do I get my notification area back after I delete it?00:47
robotgeeki have bunches too, once they are in the playlist, they work right on00:47
robotgeekdaemon3: notification area? (systray, you mean?)00:48
daemon3Guess I do.  Thanks.00:49
alexbobprobotgeek: I did that, and it still didn't work00:50
alexbobp"ps aux | grep alsa" found nothing00:50
alexbobpdidn't ubuntu 8.04 switch to pulseaudio, though?00:51
robotgeekalexbobp: does the output of the command "groups" have the term "audio" in it?00:51
tininwhat's the name of the app that finds the apps missing in your kde menu? kappfinder or something, any clue?00:51
alexbobprobotgeek: yes, it does00:52
robotgeekalexbobp: okay, it was working before you symlinked it though, correct?00:52
alexbobprobotgeek: yes.00:52
alexbobphmm.  I just tried "echo whatever > /dev/dsp" and got "bash: /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy"00:54
alexbobpDoes that mean that some kind of sound server is using the hardware?00:55
robotgeekalexbobp: yes00:55
alexbobphow can I tell what program is using it?00:55
robotgeekalexbobp: moment, have to be afk00:56
* Tw|sT bows, as he enters the dojo00:58
Tw|sTwhat's the opinion on Hardy?00:58
Tw|sTI'm installing it over here on a freshly rebuilt box00:59
Walzmynno problems here Tw|sT00:59
o0Chris0owhich effect do I disable or modify for the windows title bar?01:00
Tw|sTwhat's the system's specs?01:00
Walzmynwell, not major problems. I can't get KVM to work01:00
Tw|sTwe talkin' keyboard / video / mouse?01:01
WalzmynTw|sT, Kernel virtual Machine I think - it's like Xen01:01
Walzmyno0Chris0o What exactly are you trying to do?01:01
Tw|sThmm... I don't think this box here will have the power for any VM work, but it'll due to get a taste of the new release and decide if I wanna upgrade my server to it01:02
Tw|sTIt might be enough for compiz tho... if the Radeon 9700 pro that's in it has a decent driver01:02
WalzmynI have a need (not a want) for winders, I wanna virtualize it instead of dual booting, but I keep getting stuck01:02
o0Chris0oWalzmyn: disable a desktop effect for the tile bar on windows01:03
* Tw|sT has 17 systems01:03
alexbobpo0Chris0o: Do you mean you enabled compiz and you want the title bars to stop going transparent?01:03
Walzmynif you can wait on a few of the addons, KDE4 gives you alot of compiz_like stuff with less overhead01:03
Tw|sTI'll have to check that out01:03
o0Chris0oI can't figure it out01:04
Walzmynhave you go thte GUI installed oochris?01:04
o0Chris0oyes I do01:04
Tw|sTis there a metapackage for it yet?  (KDE4)01:04
o0Chris0oI have ccsm01:04
WalzmynTw|sT, yes, I've got it here01:04
alexbobpo0Chris0o: I had that problem also.  I couldn't find the setting for the titlebars.01:04
Tw|sTthat's what I was hoping this release would bring.01:04
Walzmynchris, gimme a sec, i'll have to find it again01:04
o0Chris0obut thats exactly what the problem is01:04
alexbobpthat and multiple desktops breaking were the two reasons I stopped using compiz01:04
Tw|sTI really like metapackages.  saves a lot of time on setting up initially01:05
o0Chris0ook thanks01:05
Walzmynits in a really un-intuitive place, i'll find it though01:05
Tw|sTespecially for testboxes and virtual machine instances running on VMware server01:05
xyphoranyone heard of keyboard problems with 8.04?  googling found several people having problems with the beta01:05
Tw|sTya know.. vmware server has gone freeware on all platforms now... but win32/64 & linux01:06
xyphorthe fix was to disable usb legacy support in the bios, but I already have it disabled01:06
o0Chris0oWalzmyn: I thought it was under Window Decoration in CCSM but I don't know for sure01:06
Famy mouse goes nuts sometimes though01:06
xyphormy keyboard works for the first 20-30 seconds, then becomes totally unresponsive01:06
Tw|sTI used it to put Kubuntu 7.10 on my laptop for work (which came loaded with Vista Ultimate)01:06
Walzmyno0Chris0o Was about to type that that's what I THINK I enabled to fix it01:06
crashhowdy howdy01:06
xyphorI just upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04...never had any keyboard problems with 7.1001:07
WalzmynTw|sT, KVM is the one ubuntu is supporting, so it was the one I tried first01:07
o0Chris0owell, it is enabled, and its still doign it01:07
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Walzmyno0Chris0o ok, i'll keep looking01:07
Tw|sTwhoa... same thing just happened here01:07
o0Chris0oWalzmyn: me too01:07
Walzmyno0Chris0o Do yo not have title  bars at all or are they dissapearing when they loose focus?01:09
Tw|sTok, restarting installation01:10
o0Chris0oWalzmyn: they are dissapearing when they lose focus01:10
o0Chris0owhen I move the mouse away to another window01:10
Walzmynah, I think i didn't fix that problem01:10
WalzmynI don't have compiz on at the moment01:10
o0Chris0owell darn lol, I like the other enahancements besides that, it gets annoying01:11
f00fo0Chris0o: are you on ati?01:11
o0Chris0oI don't think so01:12
f00ferr.. do you have an ATi/AMD graphics card01:12
alexbobpo0Chris0o: Try the Fading Windows plugin01:12
o0Chris0ono I don't01:12
alexbobp(as in try disabling)01:12
o0Chris0onVidia 860001:12
o0Chris0oalright alexbobp01:12
f00fcompiz works best for me on the intel 950 for some reason.. on ati it's all weird...01:13
o0Chris0ostill doing it :(01:13
alexbobpwhat if you try restarting your window decorator?01:14
Walzmynanybody here have any experirece with KVM?01:14
o0Chris0obrb going to log off and back on, see if I have to do that for the settings to take affect01:18
o0Chris0ono go01:20
Walzmyno0Chris0o, I take it by your leave message you're a fan of Jeff Dunham?01:22
o0Chris0ohehe :)01:22
Walzmyngot both his DVD's, I love 'em01:22
o0Chris0oyeah he's a funny guy01:22
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biozithi all01:23
dwidmanndunham ...which guy was he again?01:24
szakulecso has anyone here upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04?01:24
o0Chris0othe guy with Achmed the terroist01:24
o0Chris0othe puppets01:24
biozitszakulec, i upgraded01:24
o0Chris0o"Silence, I KILL YOU!"01:24
alexbobpszakulec: I did, but I didn't upgrade, I reinstalled01:24
dwidmannah, a ventriloquist, he was on comedy central the other night01:24
szakulechow did it go?01:24
dwidmannFunny as they come01:25
biozitfine...no problems...01:25
FroggyTheGreatHey, is there a FAQ for upgrade problems?01:30
FroggyTheGreat...like "unable to resolve hostname" when tryint to SUDO?01:30
o0Chris0o!upgrade kubuntu01:30
ubottuFactoid upgrade kubuntu not found01:30
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:30
FroggyTheGreatOr little things like Adept not being found?01:31
wesleywhat the different between 2.6 kernels and 2.4 en 2.201:31
o0Chris0otry there FroggyTheGreat01:31
FroggyTheGreatWell, at least this time I didn't accidentally uninstall the OS while running it, like last time.01:31
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Walzmynwesley, for one thing, kernel 2.4 didn't recoginize half my hardware01:32
FroggyTheGreatI mean, this is beyond ridiculous.01:32
wesleyso why are there 3 kernels ?01:32
bioziti need to mount a samba share evry time...i try to put in the fstab..but when the machine with linux reboot while the windows machine is off i lost the mount...01:33
Walzmynwesley, where?01:33
FroggyTheGreatAnyone else had this sort of upgrade problem?01:33
FroggyTheGreatI can't sudo since the upgrade, and adept seems to have disappeared.01:34
jhutchinsFroggyTheGreat: Gotta say this is the worst I've heard of so far, and I'm no head-in-the-sand type.01:34
FroggyTheGreat~$ sudo apt-get install adept01:36
FroggyTheGreatsudo: unable to resolve host [hostname01:36
DrXon a RAID 5 volume that contains both NTFS and ext3 partitions, does the order matter?01:36
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aibhow do i get Konsole to show the ansi colors in my bash prompt?01:46
will00how do i create a symlink?01:46
aibman ln01:47
DrXln <destination> <source>01:47
DrXyou can use symlink also01:47
lurkmoreanyone know if you can remove the plama menu and replace it with something else?01:48
FroggyTheGreatAnyone know how to fix the sudeo error "cannot resolve host"?01:48
FroggyTheGreatsudo, that is.01:49
WalzmynFroggyTheGreat, is that error to do with sudo or is it not finding the repos on the 'net?01:49
FroggyTheGreatIt's any time I do Sudo.  It's not connecting to localhost.01:50
o0Chris0omaybe you have to do a clean install?01:51
o0Chris0omaybe something buggy happened when you tried to upgrade it01:51
FroggyTheGreatThere really ought to be a way to upgrade without doing a clean install, IMNERHO, but the iso is downloading on my wife's windows box.01:51
Walzmyni've never done an upgrade with any distro - i always just do a clean install01:52
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FroggyTheGreatWhat's the going opinion of the KDE4 remix?01:53
WalzmynFroggyTheGreat, it'd be nice, but there are so danged many configurations and cross dependenies that change from one version to another it's about impossible to keep up with all the stuff that changes01:53
WalzmynFroggyTheGreat, is there an actual iso for the remix, or do you just install the meta package for kde4?01:53
sparra bug in sysv-rc?  /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: 274: /sbin/runlevel: not found01:53
FroggyTheGreatNot sure, I was wondering which iso to download.01:54
nosrednaekimFroggyTheGreat: get the kde3 one and install  the kde4 metapackage later01:54
WalzmynWeal, I just grabbed the last RC of 8.04 and installed KDE4 from there01:54
WalzmynKDE4 is pretty nice - i think it will be sweet one day, but there's too much stuff missing ATM01:55
FroggyTheGreatWell, thanks for the help.  Undoubtedly I'll have more questions, since I'll have forgotten where the drivers are for my monitor.01:55
Walzmynone more time, anybody here familiar with KVM?01:57
nosrednaekimWalzmyn: not really.... Vbox is better01:58
nosrednaekimand faster01:58
Dr_willisdepends on your specific needs also.01:58
WalzmynI wanna virtualize XP01:59
Dr_willisvirtualbox , or vmware can do that nicely.01:59
Walzmynubuntu / kbuntu's website said they were pushing KVM01:59
nosrednaekimWalzmyn: virtualbox is far better for virtualizing XP01:59
Dr_willisI not sure what 'kvm' actually is.01:59
Dr_willis!info kvm01:59
ubottukvm: Full virtualization on x86 hardware. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:16-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 474 kB, installed size 1440 kB01:59
nosrednaekimWalzmyn: thats for servers I presume01:59
Walzmynkernal virtualized machine i think, Dr_willis01:59
Dr_willisisent kvm part of the xen stuff?02:00
Walzmynno, sperate than xen02:00
Walzmynwhat I read was that ubuntu went with kvm 'cause it was better for desktops than xen02:00
Dr_willisor ias kvm that kernel extension that virtual machines can use?02:00
FroggyTheGreatJust a quick check, is it fairly easy to dwngrade Firefox back to v2?02:01
nosrednaekimFroggyTheGreat: install firefox-202:01
WalzmynFroggyTheGreat, they install beside each other, you can have both02:01
Dr_willisbe sure you have firefox closed when installing 2. or it can confuse things.02:01
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Walzmynok, so i needa get virtualbox you say - i'm not familiar with it, is it in repos or do i have to snag it somewhere else?02:02
Dr_willisif you are downgrading to just get all your extensions to work.. there is a extension for FF3 that lets it run all the FF2 extensions.. ( with some risk)02:02
HrontoreHelp, I can't update my distro.  The package manager says that the data base is being used by adept or some other program.02:05
BluesKaj!adeptfix | Hrontore02:06
ubottuHrontore: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:06
dbglthi folks, is there any reason why the hard drive in my laptop would show up as /dev/sda instead of hda?02:07
Walzmyndbglt, it's not falling out is it?  :)02:07
robotgeekhmm, anyone has an idea of why my keyboard shortcuts don't work after disabling compiz (desktop-effects?))02:07
dbgltseems to have an impact on me using hdparm settings on it02:07
dbgltWalzmyn: been the same harddrive since I got the laptop, I'd say not :P02:07
Dr_willisdbglt,  thats now MANY if not most ide drives show up now a days02:07
sparrgoddamned BNETD is installed brokenly on my system and causing my dist-upgrade to fail02:08
Dr_willisthe changes to the ide subsystem are making  most of the ide drives on my systems  show up as sd##02:08
dbgltDr_willis: ohhh ok02:08
robotgeeksparr: ppc user?02:08
dbgltDr_willis: any reason why then changing the hdparm settings would fail?02:08
sparrive been trying to dist-upgrade to hardy for a week now02:08
sparrrobotgeek: no02:08
Dr_willisin theory you shouldent need to mess with the hdparm stuff any more. (at least thats the theory)02:08
dbgltDr_willis: ohhh.02:08
man05Do other people upgrading to 8.04 got problems with systemsettings? It seems there is a bug in bugs.kde, in which the same backtrace, but it is for upgrading to the previous version (with kde 3.5.9)02:08
Walzmyndbglt, i just went and looked, mine is the same way02:09
dbgltDr_willis: I've found my disk performance seems to have detoirated. I figured it was due to a failure to set hdparm settings02:09
juan13hi, anybody who can help with a grub problem02:10
Walzmynspeaking of how drives show up, is there a way to get dolphin to label a drive as hda or sda or whatever instead of by it's size?02:10
Dr_willisdbglt,  its possible. Im not sure of the proper way to tweak the settings with the new  changes.02:11
Dr_willisWalzmyn,  You could set their disk Labels. That might do it.02:11
Dr_willisthat would show them as their name.02:11
feijoI upgraded my memory last night from 1 gb to 3 gb, can I disable my swap partition?02:11
WalzmynDr_willis, individually you mean?02:11
Dr_willisfeijo,  i wouldent suggest that.02:11
feijo1,3 gb my swap02:12
Hrontoreubottu: are you a bot?02:12
ubottuHrontore: Error: "are" is not a valid command.02:12
Dr_willisfeijo,  you proberly dont need that much swap.  but its not hurting anything.02:12
HrontoreBluesKaj: What does ! mean?02:12
sparrdoes kde have a ftp app like gftp?02:12
feijokubuntu set that value automatcly, can I reduce is to 512mb?02:12
Dr_willissparr,  konqueror can do ftp:// type addresses02:12
feijosparr, install filezilla02:12
feijoI love it02:13
Dr_willisor was it ftp:\\\02:13
sparri prefer gftp to filezilla02:13
HrontoreBluesKaj: and why did that command start a poker network server?02:13
sparrDr_willis: do i need to elaborate on "like gftp"?02:13
man05sparr: kftpgrabber02:13
feijoso, its ok to reduce my swap partition to 512? just gpart it?02:13
Dr_willissparr,  i have no idea how gftp differ.., search the package manager for ftp clients and have a blast.. you COULD just install gftp if you want to.02:13
sparri have gftp installed02:14
sparrid like something that integrates with kde better.  like drag/drop file support, etc02:14
nosrednaekimsparr: try ftp:/ from konquror02:15
Walzmynfilezilla is what the other ftp's wanna be when they grow up02:15
feijothat works too02:15
sparrnosrednaekim: do i need to elaborate on "like gftp"?02:15
feijogood one Walzmyn02:15
nosrednaekimsparr: I don't even know what that is :P02:15
sparrnosrednaekim: a typical ftp client02:15
Dr_willisactually YES you do need to elaborage on 'like gftp' since we dont knwo what part of gftp you want.02:15
feijoif you have a question, dont be arrogant02:15
feijoonly how answer has that liberty, lol02:15
Dr_willisif you want gftp install it...02:15
man05sparr: kftpgrabber supports drag/drop from the system.. and it's 'typical'02:16
sparrlike gftp/cuteftp/filezilla/[every other not-a-file-browser-like-konqueror-and-explorer]02:16
robotgeeksparr: install qt-curve theme, and it integrates02:16
BluesKajHrontore, the cmnd is supposed to be entered in the Konsole/terminal shell , not your browser02:16
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd02:16
sparrrobotgeek: i dont care how it looks02:16
sparrkonqueror can't respect connection limits, so it's out02:16
feijokterminal, ftp command, lol02:16
Jucatoconnection limits?02:16
feijocan I install beryl on kubuntu 8?02:17
Jucatofeijo: you'll want compiz/compiz-fusion02:17
Dr_willisfeijo,  compiz-fusion has replaced beryl.02:17
Jucatobut yes02:17
man05sparr: kftpgrabberalso  supports limits!02:17
feijoI have installed compiz, but it does not have some stuff I saw on youtube with beryl02:17
Jucatooh, krusader probably does as well02:17
man05sparr: kftpgrabber also  supports limits! *space missing02:17
Dr_willis!compiz | feijo02:17
ubottufeijo: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion02:17
nosrednaekimfeijo: grab the compizconfig-settings-manager02:18
Jucatofeijo: beryl no longer exists as beryl02:18
sparrJucato: ftp servers that you can only connect to N times at once (N being 1-3 in most cases i encounter)02:18
Jucatofeijo: beryl is no part of compiz, as compiz-fusion02:18
feijook, opening adept02:18
HrontoreBluesKaj: I've tried entering the command in the terminal (first thing I did) then tried the run dialog.02:18
vbgunzcan someone go this address in Konqueror on the latest hardy and tell me if it crashes your browser http://reddit.com/goto?rss=true&id=t3_6hl6o02:18
vbgunzI think that particular page is crashing Konqueror02:19
vbgunzyup, it is killing my konqueror :(02:19
nosrednaekimvbgunz: konq4 or 3?02:19
feijosometimes an error causes all my programs to lost border and header! wierd02:19
robotgeekor System->Desktop Effects works also02:19
HrontoreBluesKaj: It returns error command not found for both " !adeptfix" and "adeptfix:02:19
feijolike now, I cant maximize, move, ...02:19
vbgunzkonqueror 302:19
sparrJucato: konqueror wants to open more and more connections02:19
feijoIm using compiz config manager, thanks!02:20
Jucatosparr: hm.. yeah, I've heard something about that before02:20
nosrednaekimvbgunz: works in konq402:20
vbgunztrying firefox02:20
feijorotate cube! nice, lol02:21
feijonow how to use it? time to click on that link someone posted02:21
vbgunzworks in firefox but kills konqueror02:22
BluesKajHrontore, have you checked to amke sure adept /synaptic isn't open or that apt isn't installing an app, and this is the cmnd that should be entered in the terminal , sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a02:22
vbgunzhttp://reddit.com/goto?rss=true&id=t3_6hl6o kills my konqueror 3, does it kill yours?02:22
BluesKajnot adeprfix02:22
vbgunzI got to go. found this right before bed :/02:22
feijocompiz working!02:23
feijohow to rotate?02:23
Dr_willis!cube | feijo02:23
ubottufeijo: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »02:23
feijook ubottu02:23
BluesKajvbgunz, yes it crashes konq on my setup too02:24
feijojust found by myself, middle button02:24
nosrednaekimfeijo: ctrl+alt+left button+drag works too02:25
jonfhancockhmm  that link doesn't affect konq for me.  it doesn't load quite right, but konq still works fine02:26
jonfhancockerm nvm.  didn't read far enough back.  still using gutsy02:26
Dr_willishttp://reddit.com/goto?rss=true&id=t3_6hl6o  Killed Konqueror here when i scrolled down to the bottom of th4 page02:26
feijobut I have only 2 workareas, damn02:27
Jucatofeijo: you'll have to ask in #compiz-fusion how to increase that. doing it the KDE way doesn't seem to work02:27
Dr_willisactually the page loads.. i see it.. then it crashes02:27
Jucato(oh, and we call it virtual desktops in KDE, workspaces in GNOME, and viewports in Compiz)02:27
Dr_williswe need more names for the same thing!02:27
HrontoreBluesKaj: what is poker-network server and why is that when I run that command that a diolog pops up and askes me "Do you want to configure and run the poker-network server?"02:28
gkffjcsI was messing around with kbfx, and now kicker won't start, dose anyone know where the kicker rc files are, so I can remove kbfx, and then restart kicker?02:28
Dr_willisfeijo,  yoyu must make 4 virtual desktop./viewports using the ccsm tool. general tab. to have a actual cube.. and thats all i know..I find the cube useless.02:28
Jucatogkffjcs: what happens when you try to run "kicker" from the command line (Konsole)?02:28
feijoI like cube hehe02:29
Jucatogkffjcs: but config files are in ~/.kde/share/config/02:29
Dr_willisthe cube has to be one of the most useless features of compiz.. :)  Even firewriting has some uses :P02:30
gkffjcsI tried it from terminal and I get a whole bunch of output about kicker: KBFX plugin lib is: /usr/lib/ about ten times and then02:30
gkffjcskicker: crashHandler called02:30
gkffjcsKCrash: Application 'kicker' crashing...02:30
BluesKajHrontore, where are you entering the commands ?02:30
HrontoreBluesKaj: Shell-Konsol02:30
Jucatotsk tsk.. silly kbfx :)02:30
jonfhancockI use the cube on a daily basis.02:31
HrontoreBluesKaj: I tried to do it in a run and selected run in a terminal window to, just copied and paste from the chat.02:31
jonfhancockI find it quite useful02:31
HrontoreBluesKaj: In addition to running it in the Shell-Konsole window.02:31
WalzmynI like the cube. it and the expose` thing are all I want from compiz02:32
HrontoreBluesKaj: both want to mess with a python-poker-network, poker-web, or python-poker2d.02:32
BluesKajHrontore, I have no idea why you are launching a poker-network configure ...never heard odf such a thing happening before ...almost looks like you are running windows and have a hijack app on your system02:32
HrontoreBluesKaj: Suxs02:33
gkffjcsIf I remove the entry for kbfx will I need to renumber all the other entries?02:33
Jucatothat I don't know :/02:33
gkffjcswe'll see in a minute02:34
gkffjcsappearantly not, It worked fine, thanks!02:34
BluesKajHrontore, try this in the konsole , sudo dpkg --configure -a02:34
HrontoreBluesKaj: I notice in the process table that a "python" process is running, it won't let me kill it. Does this have anything to do with my current problem?02:35
BluesKajcould have , not sure ...what python process is it ?02:36
robotgeeki think adept is written in c++, not sure02:36
o0Chris0ohell most of linux is c++02:37
feijowhats signal 11 (SIGSEGV)02:37
sparrhow can i switch from mythbuntu to ubuntu or kubuntu splash screens?02:37
Jucatoo0Chris0o: it isn't02:37
HrontoreBluesKaj: lastgmsubmitd and just python02:37
feijothat cube is amazing!!02:37
Jucatorobotgeek: it is02:38
HrontoreBluesKaj: it won't let me kill either.02:38
Jucatosparr: the bootsplash screen (the one after grub and before login?)02:38
Odd-rationalesparr: install the usplash-theme-ubuntu02:38
sparrJucato: also the shutdown screen02:38
Jucato!usplash | sparr02:38
ubottusparr: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:38
WalzmynHow do i set my wireless system to just connect (remember password) without me having to type KDEwallet's PW everytime?02:38
HrontoreBluesKaj: no such luck, running sudo dpkg --configure -a does the same thing.02:39
Jucatorobotgeek: adept -> mostly C++ (I think Adept Installer might have bits of Python... not sure)02:39
BluesKajHrontore, sorry , I'm stumped02:39
Jucatoo0Chris0o: Linux kernel = C. GNU utilities = C. HAL (I think) = C. and more :)02:39
Odd-rationaleBe kool to have a package manager using kommander.... ;)02:40
sparrJucato: is it a bad thing if that update-initramfs happened at the exact same time as dpkg installing linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic and running update-initramfs ?02:40
robotgeekOdd-rationale: i believe konqueror dose have a "midnight commander profile"02:40
Jucatosparr: might be.. not really sure02:40
Jucatorobotgeek: kommander is different :)02:40
Jucato!info kommander | robotgeek02:40
ubotturobotgeek: kommander: visual dialog builder and executor tool. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.6-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1494 kB, installed size 3800 kB02:40
sparrWalzmyn: edit your kde wallet to have no password02:41
robotgeekah sorry02:41
Jucato!helpersnack | robotgeek02:41
ubotturobotgeek: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:41
sparrWalzmyn: the next version of knetworkmanager will probably not use kwallet02:41
robotgeekheh. thanks for ze tip.02:41
spykedtomatohi there - just upgraded to hardy (kde3) - my internal hard drives aren't mounted as they should be, one of them isn't showing me it's directories... can anyone help?02:41
=== manos is now known as man05
Walzmynsparr I was wanting to set it up so that if my wife logged on her account it would connect02:42
sparrWalzmyn: then remove the password from her wallet02:43
Walzmynsparr but then the wirelss config thing is going to want the router password isn't it?02:44
sparrthe router password will still be in the wallet02:44
rodBluesKaj: Thnx for the help, from hrontore.02:44
sparrbut the wallet will not have its own required-to-open password02:44
sparra passwordless wallet is probably a good default for normal users02:45
Walzmynsparr, ok, thankya02:45
Walzmynyeah, this is the only thing stored in it02:45
Walzmynand i think it's a bit dumb to store this in it02:45
sparrthe wallet concept is sound02:46
sparrapple does the same thing...  except apple's password store never has its own password02:46
spykedtomatohi there - just upgraded to hardy (kde3) - my internal hard drives aren't mounted as they should be, one of them isn't showing me it's directories... can anyone help?02:46
spykedtomatoI think the problem MAY be in my fstab but I'm not sure02:47
sparrspykedtomato: make sure your upgrade completed, if it didnt then you might not have HAL, which means uuid mounts wont work02:47
dbgltsparr: ah wow, didn't know you could that re: wallet manager02:47
dbgltmuch much better now :)02:47
jhironseluna persona que hable español02:47
spykedtomatosparr - that's the problem, in my fstab the drives in question don't have a uuid...02:47
=== Darkest is now known as DarkestHour
sparrdbglt: it really really should be explained on the first "set your wallet password" dialog02:47
spykedtomatosparr - not sure how to change that02:47
Odd-rationale!es | jhironsel02:48
ubottujhironsel: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:48
sparrthats probably the problem02:48
sparrim guessing your drive letters changed02:48
sparri dont remember how to find the uuid for a drive  :(02:48
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:48
sparrbut i do know how to throw random keywords at the bot  :)02:48
spykedtomatoand how to i reload fstab without rebooting?02:49
spykedtomatoor do i have to reboot?02:49
BluesKajrod , sorry i couldn't do more .,..there are more knowledgeable ppl here , but hought Hrontore's problem was more easily solved02:49
sparrsudo mount -a02:49
spykedtomatok, thanks sparr02:49
sparrthat will re-read fstab for 'auto' mounts02:49
spykedtomatosparr: the command sudo blkid isn't giving me the uuid's for all the drives??02:53
sparrthat is not good  :(02:53
sparrand its out of my league now02:53
spykedtomatosparr: it's giving me for /dev/sdb but not /dev/hdb02:54
sparrare you sure you HAVE a /dev/hdb ?02:54
feijowhere can I insert new services to be executed when I turn my computer on?02:54
spykedtomatoit's listed in my fstab and it's mounted right now :)02:54
feijolike lamp02:54
sparrwhat does "sudo fdisk -l" say about it?02:54
Odd-rationalespykedtomato: try "ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/"02:55
sparrfeijo: the startup scripts go in /etc/init.d and links to them go in /etc/rc#.d depending on what runlevels you want them to start in.02:55
spykedtomatohda isn't listed02:55
sparrfeijo: the names of the links have particular syntax requirements that i cant remember02:55
spykedtomatonow i'm confused02:55
spykedtomatoi know i have two hard drives, but only sdb is listed?02:56
feijoto start lamp, I use /opt/lamp/lamp start02:57
feijohow can I create a link with param?02:57
feijolink to file with param, I mean02:57
feijosudo ln -s /opt/lamp/lamp start show an error02:57
sparrid suggest putting "/opt/lamp/lamp start" in /etc/init.d/lamp.sh and linking that as /etc/rc2.d/lamp02:57
spykedtomatois there a command to tell me what's mounted where right now?02:58
nowimprovedit is asking for a media change near the end of the install process during the grub install part02:59
nowimprovedand wont let me do anything02:59
nowimprovedany ideas?02:59
spykedtomatodoh lol02:59
spykedtomatooh.... NOW I think I'm understanding the problem03:00
spykedtomatokubuntu is not even seeing my second hard drive03:00
spykedtomatothis is bad03:00
spykedtomatoanyone able to help is more than welcome :D03:02
sparrctrl-plus and ctrl-minus in firefox 3 do zoom instead of text size change, what are the new hotkeys for text size change?03:02
feijolamp.sh need chmod 777?03:03
sparrchmod a+x i think03:04
nowimprovedanyone understand this?03:04
=== bruce_ is now known as bolosi
bolosiI have a couple of questions03:07
bolosiI loaded in the new 8.04. What is the meta key?03:07
Jucatousually the Win key03:08
Distro^Junkiewow servers are really slow tonight for getting anything03:09
bolosiI also wanted the windows to become translucent when i used the mouse wheel but can not find the function03:09
bolosianyone know how to do this?03:11
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, the Canadian servers have been extemely slow for weeks ...I switched to the US repos03:11
Distro^Junkieguess I'll need to do hat as well thanx BluesKaj03:12
wmoxamkonq4 is pretty nice03:12
Distro^JunkieBluesKaj: you got a fast way of switching ?03:13
yoyomais KDE4 a ... 'young' product?03:13
bolosijust came out03:13
nosrednaekimyoyoma: about 5 months03:13
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, delete the text in your sources.list and I'll post mine on pastebin ...hang on03:14
yoyomait's given me some trouble... i guess i should just wait and let it grow up some more before i judge it though03:14
=== feijo is now known as Feijo_BR
nosrednaekimDistro^Junkie: or you can go adept->manage repositories03:14
nosrednaekimyoyoma: 4.1 is coming out in july03:14
yoyomado you think font sizes will be better in 4.1?03:15
Feijo_BRhow to set a ntfs avaiable to regular user? need to mount it in what config file?03:15
ddahlI know I had a difficult time if I accidentally removed a panel... took a while to get it back in KDE403:15
nosrednaekimFeijo_BR: use the systemsettings->advanced->disks and partitions manager03:15
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, http://www.pastebin.ca/100249103:15
johntramphey.  how usable is the kde4 release?  is it stable enough for every day use, or should I stick to kde 3 for now?03:16
Feijo_BRI'm using kubuntu03:16
Distro^Junkiethanx BluesKaj03:16
Feijo_BRops, kubuntu chanel, duh03:16
ddahlI just upgrade to Kubuntu 8.0403:16
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, copy and paste the text from the bottom text space03:17
Feijo_BRthat easy???????03:17
mrmonkeymanHi all03:17
snoopy2556how to support rmvb files  for Dragon Player??? Thanks03:17
Jucatosnoopy2556: #kubuntu-kde4 please. thanks03:18
Feijo_BRits safe to set thunderbird to store accounts to ntfs?03:18
snoopy2556Jucato: Thanks03:18
mrmonkeymanhave quick question, I mount a hard drive into a folder I created in media but I do not get all the free space03:18
Jucatosnoopy2556: you're welcome. thanks03:18
mrmonkeymanI only have the free space that I have in my / folder03:19
johntrampis anyone here using kde403:19
mrmonkeymanI am03:19
nosrednaekimjohntramp: #kubuntu-kde403:19
Jucatomaybe some. but most are in #kubuntu-kde403:19
johntrampoh, i didnt know.03:19
johntrampoh i see its in the topic03:19
mrmonkeymancan anyone help me with my mounting problem?03:22
mrmonkeymanI used parted to format the hard drive but do not have all the space available03:22
Feijo_BRhow can reduce password size demands?03:23
Feijo_BRI try set small password for my girlfriend, but the system ignores, and request her to set a long password03:24
yoyomaJucato: the gdm setting you gave me earlier worked great03:25
Jucatoyou're welcome03:26
nosrednaekimFeijo_BR: try "passwd username"03:26
Feijo_BRyeah nosrednaekim, thanks03:27
yoyomai'm slowly building up the perfect husband/wife machine.  KDE3 for her to be similar to the XP she knows, and XFCE for me to be lightweight like I use at work.  moohoohahaha.03:27
=== litbang is now known as riefzu
Feijo_BRenought for today... I'll be back tomorrow to bother you guys again :)03:29
Feijo_BR23h30 here, time to sleep03:29
nosrednaekimlater Feijo_BR03:29
Roeynosrednaekim:  ya know... I keep reading your nickname as "nose redneck IM"03:29
ddahl indent03:29
Feijo_BRgood night03:29
Roeynosrednaekim:  I mean I know what it means, your nick03:29
nosrednaekimRoey: haha, yeah... everyone calls me a redneck ;)03:30
=== ddahl is now known as FenixReign
nosrednaekimwhich I kinda am...but thats merely a coincidence03:30
o0Chris0ohow can I get emeraled theme manager working?03:30
nosrednaekimo0Chris0o: it comes with emerald.... just start it up03:30
Distro^Junkieman thanx alot BluesKaj big difference in speed to the us servers03:31
nosrednaekimUS roKs ;)03:31
Distro^Junkiespecially being on a 12 meg line03:31
o0Chris0oI have, and clicked on a theme03:31
o0Chris0onothing happens lol03:31
BluesKajyup, the sherbrookeU and other servers here getting throttled03:31
nosrednaekimo0Chris0o: restart emerald.... "emerald --replace"03:31
o0Chris0othat worked03:33
nosrednaekimyeah... somtimes it requires that... not sure why03:33
riefzuhelp: my flasdisk has superblock by my bos03:33
BluesKajDistro^Junkie, there just aren't enuff /.ca servers for the number of debian based distros being used here03:33
riefzuhom to opened it03:33
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:36
o0Chris0oalright thats much better!03:37
o0Chris0oso where can emeraled themes be found?03:37
o0Chris0okdelook site?03:37
nosrednaekimyep... kde-look03:37
o0Chris0o!kde look03:37
ubottuFactoid kde look not found03:37
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:37
o0Chris0othat works o.003:38
smeei'm looking for help connecting to my wireless network03:41
smeecan anyone help?03:41
=== manos is now known as man05
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:45
CYREXthank god!!03:46
CYREXthanks ubottu03:46
o0Chris0osee I am able to help a few in here03:46
o0Chris0oI'll try my best03:46
reginattolooking to my dmesg after a freesh instalation of kubuntu remix-kde4 the message: "Driver 'sd' needs updating - please use bus_type methods" is displayed. Does anyone knows how do I update it? Or the correct resolution?03:48
FroggyTheGreatwipe/reinstall worked out fine03:49
FroggyTheGreatNow is it Firefox-2 that's the latest stable version?03:50
o0Chris0oyes, 3.0 beta 5 is the beta03:50
FroggyTheGreatAnd if i install Firefox-2 that won't break the update-checker?03:51
o0Chris0oI'm not sure03:51
connorcan someone help me get my 3d desktop cube to work?03:52
tihi.. i need help03:52
connorhey froggy03:52
connorcould you help me out?03:52
smeethanks o0Chris0o, but i tried following the ndiswrapper thing, and i just got confused03:53
connori need help getting my 3d desktop cube to work03:53
timy sound cannot hear on kubuntu 8.0403:53
ubottuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »03:53
BluesKajFroggyTheGreat, the adept notifier will become annoying anouncing updates03:53
o0Chris0osmee, not sure about it really,  try asking in here, I just tried to help pointing to some docs03:54
FroggyTheGreatHow...nice of it.03:54
Agent_bobyou can turn it off03:54
smeeok...thanks for the help03:54
=== ti is now known as gene
geneindonesian please...03:55
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:55
Agent_bobsmee i've never played with a wireless network.   i still use string and tin cans to communicate.03:55
Jsn0327does anyone know if there is a resolution for the root access problem with kbuntu 8.04?03:56
FroggyTheGreatAdd your hostname to your hostfile perhaps?03:56
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:57
Agent_bobJsn0327 which root access problem ?03:57
Jsn0327when i try to do anything with root, it doesn't work.  In terminal, when i type sudo it says "sudo: unable to resolve host JSN-DSKTP", when i try to access anything with root access in the system settings, it doesn't work either03:58
smeeAgent_bob, maybe i should look into that...wireless linux is starting to seem like a myth03:58
* Agent_bob stands a concrete block under Jucato's chair, to replace the missing leg.03:58
Agent_bobsmee that's what they are trying to do with all the propriatary (krap) hardware.  yes.03:59
FroggyTheGreatJsn0327 - Drop to recovery mode and enter your hostname into /etc/hosts if it isn't already.04:00
FroggyTheGreatThat should solve your "cannot resolve host" sudo problem.04:00
Jsn0327it's already there. and in /etc/hostnames04:00
* FroggyTheGreat doesn't know, then./04:01
Agent_bobJsn0327 as ?04:01
jhutchinscheck what hostname is in the sudoers file.04:01
Jsn0327this is my /etc/hosts04:01
Jsn0327127.0.1.1 JSN-DSKTP04:01
Agent_bobnot .1.104:01
Agent_bob              ^04:01
ubottuI am ubottu, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new, gorgeous looks in the near future ;)04:02
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.04:02
Agent_bob127.0.0.1 localhost jsn_dsktp04:02
Jsn0327127.0.0.1 localhost04:03
fulat2khi folks, any idea why knetworkmanager's system tray icon suddenly just dissapears but continues working?04:03
Jsn0327is what i have04:03
Jsn0327ok i'll try to add that04:03
Agent_bobit's case snesitive. but i'm lazy.04:03
jhutchinsHe can also boot to rescue mode and unlock the root account.04:04
FaceOfBoegotta lil prob....has any1 else had their system freeze @ shutdown after getting the compiz stuff going?04:04
Agent_bobummm you said the bad word jhutchins...04:04
Agent_bobshame shame.04:04
jhutchinsFaceOfBoe: No, but that's not surprizing.04:06
* genii flogs jhutchins with a soggy kleenex04:06
jhutchinsI thought there used to be a botfaq about fixing a locked sudo system...04:07
FaceOfBoeany1 got any ideas on how 2 fiX?04:07
jhutchinsFaceOfBoe: power button?  Yank cord?04:07
jhutchinsBy the way, the Face of Beau is Captain Jack.04:08
FaceOfBoe*YaY* U caught the ref 2 Dr Who04:08
ubottuFactoid yahoo not found04:09
ubottugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:09
ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..04:09
Jsn0327I logged into recovery shell and added to my /etc/hosts file but i am still getting the same error04:10
Jsn0327this is what i have now04:10
Jsn0327127.0.0.1 localhost JSN-DSKTP04:10
Jsn0327127.0.1.1 JSN-DSKTP04:10
Jsn0327did i do something wrong?04:10
jhutchinsJsn0327: What's in /etc/sudoers?04:10
Jsn0327permission denied to read that file04:10
jhutchinsJsn0327: in recovery mode?04:11
jhutchinsah, single system.  Makes it a bit tougher.04:11
Jsn0327what do you mean single system?04:11
Agent_bobsudo -V04:11
jhutchinsJsn0327: I mean you're chatting with the same system you're tring to fix, right?04:12
Jsn0327Sudo version 1.6.9p1004:12
ubottuFactoid fixsudo not found04:12
ubottuFactoid sudofix not found04:12
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:12
Jsn0327Yeah but i can loginto terminal and chat on my tablet04:12
geniijhutchins: I've queried him at length in pm on variations of those and others. No dice yet04:12
jhutchinsSorry for the botabuse.  I reallythought there used to be a factoid...04:12
Agent_bobJsn0327 irssi  or bitchx04:12
jhutchinsJsn0327: what was the exact error again?04:13
Jsn0327sudo: unable to resolve host JSN-DSKTP04:13
jhutchinsAgent_bob: run IRC as root?  NOW who's saying naughty things?04:13
Jsn0327Agent_bob: what are you asking?04:13
Jsn0327should i loginto recovery mode and chat with another machine?04:14
jhutchinsJsn0327: It would be easier.04:14
alexbobpAfter upgrading my kubuntu, when I try to execute my old bash scripts, I get "/bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission denied".  But, I can still run them with "bash <script.sh>".  Any ideas?04:14
jhutchinsWhat caused this in the first place?04:14
Agent_bobJsn0327 not asking, saying you can use  irssi  or  bitchx to chat from a console.   you can use  openvt -s  to open other consoles when you are in single user mode    and the alt+f#  keys to switch between them.    you can also use  su - <username>   to drop from root to a normal user   so you don't irc as root.04:15
Agent_boband i can't even imagine all the holes that telnet as root would open up...04:16
bibekmy setup is confiugred to use BIOS time as GMT, how to change it?04:17
bibeki'd like the BIOS time to be recognized as local time04:17
Agent_bobbibek sudo tzconfig04:18
jhutchinsI suspect that the hyphen may be the problem.04:18
bibekAgent_bob: sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Apr 30 13:59:53 200804:19
Jsn032alright i'm back on antoher machine and in recovery mode04:19
agmDolphin does not show ' view>groupe according to type ' option i am on KDE 3.5.8 and Dolphin 0.9.204:19
Agent_bobjhutchins you may have hit it.  but i think there is another thing that can cause that same error    it's not actually the hosts/hostname but a shell variable   iirc.       anyway i broke a system that way one time.04:20
Jucatoagm: D3lphin is very limited04:20
JucatoD3lphin, the KDE 3 Dolphin04:20
=== bibek is now known as bibstha
Jsn032what am i looking for in the sudoers file?04:20
agmbut the guide says there should be that optipon04:20
bibsthaim not getting autocomplete on aptitude? weird04:21
Jucatoagm: what guide?04:21
bibsthalike aptitude inst(TAB) doesnot autocomplete how come?04:21
Agent_bobbibek if you be patient it will catch up....   ;/04:21
jhutchinsbibstha: boot to recovery mode and execute rm -rf /var/run/sudo/*04:21
bibsthajhutchins oh? recoverymode = sudo init 1?04:21
Agent_bobjhutchins rebooting will clear /var/run/  wont it?   it's in ram...04:22
jhutchins!paste | Jsn03204:22
ubottuJsn032: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:22
jhutchinsJsn032: Paste your sudo file if you can.04:22
Jucato(gonna be hard to paste w/o X :P)04:22
jhutchinsAgent_bob: Hm.  Should.04:22
JucatoI didn't say "impossible"04:22
o0Chris0okde3 can have widgets?04:22
jhutchinsJucato: Huh?  gpm/lynx?04:23
o0Chris0oI thought thaat was just for 404:23
Agent_bobJucato :)04:23
Jucato!superkaramba | o0Chris0o04:23
ubottuo0Chris0o: superkaramba is an application that gives you interactive eye-candy on your desktop. To get themes for it, head over to http://kde-look.org04:23
Jsn032I can't since i'm in root terminal mode. but it's only root ALL=(ALL) ALL04:23
Jucatojhutchins: yeah. but new/normal users? :)04:23
o0Chris0oI am there now actualy :)04:23
agmi am not able to find it now its shows features of Dolphin in details.04:23
Jsn032and %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL04:23
o0Chris0o!joke | ubottu04:24
ubottuubottu: You might think your joke is funny, but you may confuse new users who follow your advice or irritate people who attempt to answer your question.04:24
Jucato <Jucato> agm: what guide?04:24
Jsn032Those are the only 2 lines in sudoers that are not commented out04:24
agmi am not able to find it now its shows features of Dolphin in details.04:24
jhutchinsbibstha: Try sudo -k or sudo -K04:24
Jucatoagm: what guide are you talking about?!?!?04:24
bibsthajhutchins ok04:24
bibstha:) timestamp problem fixed04:25
Jsn032any ideas?04:25
bibsthabut sudo autocomplete isn't functioning, although i've done sudo apt-get install bash-completion04:26
agmyah found it http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/applications.php but its for kde404:26
=== ubuntu is now known as dasreech
Jucatoagm: notice you're not using KDE4 :)04:26
Agent_bobbibstha you have to activate bash_completion    logout/login   should do that.04:26
Jucatodasreech: you dropped your K04:27
bibsthaAgent_bob: humm, i've restarted already, its still the case, lemme try dpkg-reconfigure once04:27
Jsn032does anyone know how to fix my sudo problem?04:27
Agent_bobbibstha wait.04:27
bibsthaAgent_bob: ok04:27
jhutchinsJsn032: Be patient, we're getting closer.04:27
Agent_bobbibstha make sure you have a line with  . /etc/bash_completion   in your ~/.bash_bashrc  ro   ~/.profile04:28
Jsn032i didn't have thsi problem until i upgraded to kbuntu 804:28
jhutchinsJsn032: Yeah, it may be a bug.04:29
Agent_bobbibstha you can grep for it   grep completion ~/.*04:29
jhutchinsJsn032: what does host JSN-DSKTP return?04:29
=== dasreech is now known as dasKreech
Agent_bobhost JSN-DSKTP04:30
Jsn032Host JSN-DSKTP not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)04:30
Agent_bobhost `hostname`        hehhe04:30
jhutchinsJsn032: WHere did you set your hostname?04:31
Jsn032i set it along time ago in knetworkmanager.  But i uninstalled it and installed wicd along time ago04:32
Agent_bobJsn032 i'm with jhutchins you may have to change your hostname   the dash may be hanging some app out to dry.    it's probably seeing the dash and reading the next letter as a switch04:32
jhutchinsthere are rumors of a bug or problem with sudo being more sensitive about hostnames.04:32
Jsn032well it worked with kbuntu 7.1004:32
bibek_hi all, i got disconnected04:33
bibek_anyways, uncommenting three lines in /etc/bash.bashrc did it :D04:33
jhutchinsRight, the rumors say it's more sensitive in 8.whatever.04:33
Jsn032i should only have to change it in hosts and hostname files right?04:33
Agent_bobJsn032 yes i understand that.    but it's still worth a testrun04:33
bibek_did the final release miss it or was it intentional to disable bash autocomplete?04:34
Jsn032changed it and am rebooting04:34
Agent_bobbibek_ ah you turned it on system wide.  that will work.04:34
bibek_Agent_bob: google to the rescue, was it intentionally disabled in Hardy?04:35
jhutchinsJsn032: The other thing to do is to delete that second entry for - I believe that is wrong, and having two addresses could be a problem.04:35
Agent_bobbibek_ i hope it was intentional.04:35
Jsn032does anyone know if there is a fix for the white scrambled screen that you get when kubuntu is booting up?04:35
jhutchinsJsn032: Problem is I'm not positive whereall *buntu stores thehostname.04:35
bibek_tough time making everything work perfectly :D04:35
jhutchinsJsn032: Un, no, I don't get a white scrambled screen.  At what point?  Probably adding vga=normal to the kernel parameters would fix it.04:36
Agent_bobbibek_ heh.    default: the starting point on the very long road to right.04:36
Jsn032i get it on boot and shutdown.04:36
Jsn032how do i change that setting?04:37
KetrelI'm trying to compile Touchfreeze, but if I use qmake, then it says I'm using too new a version of QT and if I use qmake-qt3, then I get compile errors, can anyone help me with this (provided I pastebin the errors)04:37
jhutchinsJsn032: Follow the standard grub procedure, press e to edit the menu, go to the line you want to edit, press e again, and find the line with the kernel parameters, e again, add vga=normal, hit enter, hit b to boot.  If that fixes it, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst04:38
Jsn032changing my hostname to JSNDSKTP in both /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname did not work.  Which ip address are you saying that I do not need in /etc/hosts?04:38
jhutchinsKetrel: Sounds like a touchfreeze problem.04:38
jhutchins!info touchfreeze04:39
ubottuPackage touchfreeze does not exist in gutsy04:39
Agent_bobJsn032 temp changes can be done at the boot(grub) prompt.   [esc]  select the os to boot and [e]   select the kernel line and [e]  edit the line and [enter] [b]     or a perm. change can be effectioned by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst04:39
KetrelI know it's not in the repos, that is why i'm trying to compile it04:39
Agent_bobJsn032 the  was the one he mentioned.04:39
jhutchins!find touchfreeze04:40
ubottuFile touchfreeze found in sh:, apt-file:, not, found04:40
jhutchins!find touchfreze04:40
ubottuFile touchfreze found in sh:, apt-file:, not, found04:40
jhutchinsbroken bot.04:40
jhutchinsKetrel: Should be in the kde utilities.04:40
Agent_bobit's the tubble t's04:40
jhutchinsJsn032: Sorry 'bout that, try removing the line.04:40
jhutchinsJsn032: You do not need to reboot.04:41
Jsn032so remove but leave the other with localhost JSNDSKTP?04:41
jhutchinsJsn032: Yes.04:41
Jsn032what do you mean i do not need to reboot?04:41
Ketreljhutchins: it's not in the repos at all04:41
jhutchinsKetrel: It's not a separate package.04:41
jhutchinsKetrel: apt-cache search I think might find it.04:41
KetrelIt's not finding it if I search descriptions too?04:42
Ketrelnothing in apt-cache search either04:42
=== MrJoey is now known as joeyadams
KetrelIs there an alternative program or should I just use syndaemon04:43
Agent_bobjhutchins if you have the command. you can    grep `which touchfreeze` /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list04:43
jhutchinsKetrel: It's supposed to be a standard kde utility.04:44
Agent_bobthat will tell you what package installed it04:44
purpleposeidonDear Konversation Devs: I want multiline tabs, kthxbai04:45
=== CYREX is now known as LuisAlvarado
monkeybritchesI'm sure they'll get on that right away04:45
Agent_bobmight help if you post that in the #konversation channel  ?04:46
Daisuke_Idomultiline tabs?04:46
FaceOfBoeCan someone help...I've installed ksmoothdock & don't fancy it.  how do I get rid of it?04:46
purpleposeidonI might go so far as to suggest that it would be just one line that would be changed, but I doubt it.04:46
jhutchinsAgent_bob: not exactly running 'buntu here.04:46
Agent_bobjhutchins   traitor !04:46
Daisuke_Idouse use the tree view (if that's what you're talking about)04:46
purpleposeidonDaisuke_Ido: Where the tabs go below other ones if they won't fit in one row04:46
KetrelAgent_bob: and jhutchins04:46
Ketrelandrew@tux-on-skates:~/Downloads/touchfreeze-pre-0.2$ grep `which touchfreeze` /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list04:47
Ketrelandrew@tux-on-skates:~/Downloads/touchfreeze-pre-0.2$ grep touchfreeze /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list04:47
jhutchinsAgent_bob: Yeah, but they don't mind if I try to help you guys too.04:47
Ketrelboth blank04:47
Agent_bobyeah i was only jesting.04:47
jhutchinsBah.  Late here, gotta crash.  good luck all.04:47
Agent_bobKetrel that only means you don't have it installed via dpkg.    i said if you do have the command/app/executable/file04:48
KetrelAgent_bob: oh misread that04:49
Agent_bobi'm sure i don't have.  i'm using dapper LTS 6.6  not hardy 8.404:49
Ketrelin the mean time I am using syndaemon :\04:49
will00how do i run a .sh file?04:50
Agent_bobsh file.sh04:50
Mimi:3 What do you guys use to easiliy record audio from any application? (not microphone)04:50
Mimiwill00:  just drag the file to the terminal? :)04:50
Jsn032jhutchins:  Removing the second ip address didn't fix it.  Thanks for your help.  I have to get off of here but i'll be back tomorrow night if you or anyone else can think of anything else that might fix it.04:50
o0Chris0owhere can I go to download PyQt 3.13 and imagemagiK04:50
will00iv tried that, but i get this error "bootinst.sh: 27: Bad substitution"04:50
jhutchinsJsn032: I think this may be a reporte bug in the new version.  Daytime in Europe is a good time to try again, and google is your friend.04:51
Agent_bobJsn032 i'll try to remember that "other" issue that can cause that error message.04:51
jhutchins!apt o0Chris0o04:51
ubottuFactoid apt o0chris0o not found04:51
jhutchins!apt | o0Chris0o04:51
ubottuo0Chris0o: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)04:51
Jsn032i have googled this problem a lot.  i have read a lot but no solutions04:51
jhutchinsObviously need to get to bed.04:51
Jsn032Agent_bob: thanks04:51
jhutchinsJsn032: Well, there's always the "just nuke sudo" method.04:52
FaceOfBoeI'm kind of new to all this.  How do I go about removing ksmoothdock if I don't care for the install? (not showing on the add/remove program option04:52
Jsn032what is that?04:52
* Agent_bob stands up and cheers for jhutchins04:52
jhutchinsFaceOfBoe: Its probably a configuration option for either kde (kdesu kcontrol) or for ksmoothdock itself - quit it or turn it off.04:52
Agent_bob! yea !04:52
ubottuFactoid yea ! not found04:52
prince_jammysFaceOfBoe: sudo apt-get remove ksmoothdock04:52
o0Chris0osudo apt remove ksmoothdock ? dunno04:52
Agent_bobapt-get ^04:53
FaceOfBoeprince_jammys: I've tried that....no luck04:53
prince_jammysi'm not showing any package by that name, though04:53
prince_jammysFaceOfBoe: how did you install it?04:53
FaceOfBoeand it runs @ start up04:53
FaceOfBoedownload, compile & install04:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:55
spykedtomatohi all - just upgraded to hardy - something's wrong with my video drivers, I can't log into kde without the screen being full of junk, but now I've logged into failsafe and things look fine - i have an ATI card.04:55
jhutchinsFaceOfBoe: make uninstall & cross your fingers.04:55
prince_jammysapparently it's called 'kooldock' now04:56
jhutchinsFaceOfBoe: If you compile a package, you need to build it into a deb for the package manager to know about it.04:56
Agent_bobdon't most source dirs have a file with a list of where/what it installed ?04:56
jhutchinsAgent_bob: Well, you can read the makefile.04:56
Agent_bobgrep /.*/ makefile04:57
geniiIf "uninstall" is not a section in the Makefile you may want to try make dist-clean04:57
jhutchinsAgent_bob: there are also build shells that will attempt to capture that info, and if you're smart you capture it to an install log yourself, but most of us are lazy...04:57
=== LuisAlvarado is now known as cyrex
spykedtomatosomething's wrong with my video drivers (or...?), I can't log into kde without the screen being full of junk, but now I've logged into failsafe and things look fine - i have an ATI card. Anyone help?04:58
jhutchins!repeat | spykedtomato04:58
=== cyrex is now known as CYREX
ubottuspykedtomato: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience04:58
o0Chris0owhere can I get PyQt 3.13 for kubuntu?04:58
Agent_bobjhutchins heh   make install | tee install.list 2> install.errors04:59
=== oma is now known as Mith_
=== Mith_ is now known as Mith__
Agent_bob!info pyqt05:00
ubottuPackage pyqt does not exist in gutsy05:00
geniiFaceOfBoe: Instead of the final step in compiling of "sudo make install" look into using "sudo checkinstall" (needs checkinstall package installed). It will build a deb instead which you can use whatever package manager to ..er.. manage.05:00
Agent_bobo0Chris0o i doone no05:00
prince_jammys!info python-qt305:01
ubottupython-qt3: Qt3 bindings for Python. In component main, is optional. Version 3.17-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 4806 kB, installed size 21492 kB05:01
prince_jammysapt-cache search yourpackagename05:01
prince_jammysand you get matches05:01
FaceOfBoeI wish I could get rid of this naff dock  :(05:02
Agent_bobgenii you are so helpful.05:02
prince_jammysFaceOfBoe: you can disable it in the meantime05:02
Agent_bobno i'm serious.05:02
Agent_bobgenii i can never remember checkinstall for some reason.05:02
FaceOfBoehow do I disable it when it runs at startup?05:02
prince_jammysremove it from the autostart dir05:02
Jucatonaff dock?05:03
FaceOfBoeprince_jammys: how?05:03
geniiFaceOfBoe: Go to the dir you ran "sudo make install" and run "sudo make clean"  or dist-clean to instruct it to remove any binaries and other files it compiled05:03
Agent_bobrm ~/.kde/Autostart/whatever05:03
geniiAgent_bob: I remember before i knew about checkinstall I was often in the same situation as this fellow :)05:04
Agent_bobmake clean only deletes the binary files in the source dir   the "build" files05:04
prince_jammysFaceOfBoe: you wouldn't be uninstalling it, just removing a command that runs it every time05:04
Agent_bobin most makefiles that is ^05:04
geniiAgent_bob: It may take dist-clean. But one or the other will do it05:05
Agent_bobnormally you use "make clean" to clean up a source dir for a fresh build or to pack it in a tarball05:05
Agent_bobmake uninstall   is a common removal tool in the makefile05:06
geniiAgent_bob: Unfortunately many Makefiles don't have an uninstall section05:06
Agent_bobbut i haven't played with that much source  really.05:06
Jucato(yeah.. stupid Makefiles w/o uninstall...)05:07
FaceOfBoetried <<sudo apt-get remove ksmoothdock>> tried <<sudo apt-get rm ksmoothdock>> tried <<make uninstall ksmoothdock>> it won't go away  :(05:07
Agent_bobgenii yeah i know.    but unfortunately most people don't read the HOWTO's and README's in the source dir to find out that a lot of them have additional scripts specally provided to simplify build/install/removal05:08
rootlinuxusris there anyway to change the color that shows when I'm selecting objects, like default it's a blue color? ..halp?05:09
FaceOfBoethe how-to mentions nothing about removal05:09
geniiAgent_bob: This is true, the old adage of Read The Fabulous Manual05:09
FaceOfBoeI reckon they thought it would be so grand that no one would possibly hate it05:09
JucatoFaceOfBoe: you can't apt-get what you installed by compiling05:10
Jucato(generally speaking)05:10
FaceOfBoeoff to try one more thing05:11
Agent_bob<<make uninstall ksmoothdock>> <<<   you have to be in the source dir.   the 'build root'   and the last word of that is not needed.     i.e. <<make uninstall>>05:11
o0Chris0oanyone familiar with liquid weather super karamba widget?05:12
o0Chris0otrying to download it from the website..but..its a .skz file, when its finishes always says corrupt05:13
o0Chris0okate trys topen it05:13
Agent_bobsuperkaramba...   hmm.  i think i have that installed...  not the weather thingy  just the app05:13
rootlinuxusropen it in kate save it?05:13
rootlinuxusras the regular SK file type?05:13
o0Chris0owell it opens up, but when its down downloading it says the file is corrupted05:14
o0Chris0oits like a txt file05:14
o0Chris0owhat other program can I use to open skz files?05:14
Agent_bob.sk is probably an indicator that it's for supper karamba    and the z might mean zipped05:15
Jucatoo0Chris0o: right-click -> Save As?05:15
Jucatoor use kget integration with konqueror so it will download properly05:15
o0Chris0ook let me try05:15
=== genii_ is now known as genii
Agent_bobgnu/linux  systems traditionally ignored all .extentions  and relied entirely upon the file header  to determine the type   over the last five or so years that has changed somewhat,  with the influx of more M$ converts being patreated.05:17
enterusernamehello everyone05:18
enterusernameHOw do i find the restricted mp3 and codecs for kubuntu?05:18
rootlinuxusrnice un05:18
enterusernameCAn someone give me some mirrors :)05:18
=== enterusername is now known as EnterUserName
ubottuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »05:18
prince_jammys!codecs | EnterUserName05:18
ubottuEnterUserName: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:18
EnterUserNamehows hardy :)05:18
JucatoEnterUserName: "kubuntu-restricted-extras"05:18
EnterUserNamei already had some issues cuz NV doesnt work nciely with acceleration05:19
EnterUserNameon my video card05:19
EnterUserNameso i had to text install05:19
EnterUserNamewell plus i could haev modified to vesa.anyway05:19
andrewI installed Avant-Window-Navigator (from the repositories) and when I try to run it I get this: http://www.pastebin.ca/100256505:20
o0Chris0oactually worked downloading with firefox, wasn't working in konq05:20
rootlinuxusrso. I'm doing a fresh install, what should I backup?05:20
rootlinuxusr /etc/fstab/ the ati drivers debs, and /home, and /var/www, but what else?05:20
Agent_bobi tried avant back in the nineties05:20
EnterUserNamewhat about that mirror05:20
EnterUserNameisn't there a special mirror mediubuntu05:20
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:21
Agent_bobEnterUserName what release of ubuntu are you talking ?05:21
EnterUserNameI'mu sing hardy05:21
EnterUserNameI Just installed hardy05:21
o0Chris0onot working :( this is the link http://www.message.co.nz/~matt-sarah/lwp-14.8.skz05:21
Agent_bobEnterUserName umm you shouldn't need medibuntu for mp3 in hardy  but   what do i know.05:22
EnterUserNameOh Id ont know agent_bob05:22
EnterUserNameI'm new to this ubuntu hardy05:22
EnterUserNamei'm coming from gentoo :)05:22
EnterUserNameSo i'm going to see how ubuntu treats me for a week. I killed my gentoo install and i'd figure id try a different flavour because i have to reinstall any way05:23
Agent_bobEnterUserName from what i head you just try to play an mp3 and up jumps the boogy man with a window asking if you want to install the codec and you say 'jup'05:23
EnterUserNameAgent_bob sounds good. :)05:23
Agent_bobhear            ^05:23
pottytheshitterwhens kde 4.1 come out?05:23
ubottuFactoid kde4.1 not found05:24
o0Chris0oaugust I heard05:24
Agent_bobEnterUserName if that's not the way it works for you,  just come back and ask our own network guru "jucato"   he know all about it05:25
=== jh is now known as mdl
=== mdl is now known as mmm
robotgeekJucat_o rocks :)05:25
=== mmm is now known as fabmru
EnterUserNameAgent_bob: Ya.. hm.. Everyone is using ubuntu now05:26
EnterUserNamei feel like a trender now :)05:26
* EnterUserName chuckles05:26
Agent_bobyeah.   and i probably shouldn't give him such a hard time.    he's too far away to throw rocks at me, if he gets mad...05:27
Agent_bobEnterUserName heh.05:27
EnterUserNamei was using gentoo05:27
EnterUserNameno one uses it.05:27
Agent_bob"trender"    heh.05:27
robotgeeki have to thank gentoo for my linux introduction.05:27
rootlinuxusrknoppix here05:28
EnterUserNameIm just worried about my video and my special compilations05:28
rootlinuxusrwell that and phla05:28
Agent_bobi have to thank dialup for my never having tried gentoo05:28
EnterUserNamecuz thats why iwas using gentoo cuz i could choose what i wanted to compile :)05:28
robotgeeki could not figure out a long time ago, how to install the damn bootloader (after a day of compiling stuff). yaboot. forced me to read up :)05:28
EnterUserNameSometimes the packagers dont compile everything..05:28
Agent_bobsw > rh > mdk > ub    i don't jump around much.05:29
rootlinuxusrso geek check, I've a cat named Linus, and another Zelda05:29
EnterUserNamemy dogs name chloe :)05:29
=== fortruth_ is now known as fortruth
* Agent_bob has a computer named phideau05:30
rootlinuxusrungodly amounts of penguin plushes, fiancee who installed xubuntu on her own, and a rasterbated Tux image hanging in my room05:30
andrewI installed Avant-Window-Navigator (from the repositories) and when I try to run it I get this: http://www.pastebin.ca/100256505:31
EnterUserNameHey does anyone use amarok with mysql05:31
geniirootlinuxusr: My penguin is called Ballmer, does that count?05:31
* EnterUserName has used that .. and finds it good..05:31
prince_jammysandrew i don't know, but look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=385981&page=6905:31
* Agent_bob checks out a canadian pastebin05:32
rootlinuxusrewww... xD05:32
o0Chris0oKDE 4.1 Alpha 1 is Out! http://dot.kde.org/1209500572/05:33
prince_jammysandrew (that link might be useless, I'm not seeing a solution)05:34
Agent_bobandrew is that a 64 bit install ?    and what exactly did you run to get that stack trace ?05:34
prince_jammysi think it's just dumped by awn itself05:35
ubottuFactoid hans not found05:35
ubottureiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext3, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html05:35
ubottuFactoid hansreiser not found05:35
Agent_bobprince_jammys you mean it pooped it's own britches ?05:35
Agent_bobwell that would be ugly.05:36
prince_jammysheh, i have no idea05:36
hydrogenpottytheshitter: please change your nick to something more appropriate.05:36
prince_jammysandrew did you try reinstalling it following the guide?05:36
Agent_bobit looks like it's writen for gnome anyway05:37
=== pottytheshitter is now known as pottythecrappa
=== pottythecrappa is now known as agentweasel
prince_jammysi guess he did, since you he says it's from the repos05:38
Agent_bob     ^05:38
prince_jammysjust practicing my pronouns05:38
Agent_bobi you he she it    </seven times fast>05:39
andrewprince_jammys: I just used the repos.  I'm going to try compiling it myself next05:39
purpleposeidonInteresting... `which notepad` runs notepad if you have wine05:39
andrewAgent_bob: 32 bit and I didn't run anything, it came when I tryed running via console05:40
Agent_bobpurpleposeidon the links in your $HOME/.wine/something/notepad.exe05:40
Agent_bobandrew the "gnome misnamed console"  or the true linux tty console ?05:41
prince_jammysyep, /usr/bin/notepad05:41
purpleposeidonAgent_bob: Usually, `which foo` prints out the location of foo if it's executable, not run it. :P05:42
prince_jammysdid you do it with backticks or without?05:42
Agent_bobpurpleposeidon but which only searches your $PATH05:42
purpleposeidonprince_jammys: Oh, err, right, duh, nvm. Xp05:42
Agent_bobpurpleposeidon wine "could" install it's notepad anyplace and still find it via the symlink in your home.05:43
prince_jammysa round-about way of running something `which firefox`05:43
prince_jammys$(which firefox) if you want to type an extra char05:44
mrmonkeymanI'm trying to format a hard drive with qtparted and even though it says correct size and I format it. Free space is only 10 gb05:44
Agent_boba rounder abouter way   $(basename `which something`)05:44
dbgltis there a way to re-setup the multimedia keys of my keyboard in kde4? They worked fine in previous versions of kde (automatically found + used)05:44
andrewAgent_bob: konsole05:44
andrewAgent_bob: I can't use the tty console due to some bug05:44
Agent_bobandrew ok   the reason i asked was that one would be forced to fail (the console tty one) while the other "should" work.05:45
Agent_bobandrew that stack dump  is too techy for me.   but i can tell you that it is not normal.   you should file a bug on that.05:46
Agent_bobnothing should dump that much data to a terminal just because it fails and aborts05:47
prince_jammysandrew you could try the tried and true method of googling "ubuntu|kubuntu avant window navigator" plus some significant chunks of that error message.05:47
prince_jammysthat's how i came about that (useless) link05:48
mrmonkeymanNumber  Start   End    Size   File system  Flags05:48
mrmonkeyman 1      0.00kB  251GB  251GB  ext305:48
dbgltanyone aware why my multimedia keys which worked fine kde 3.5, now do not work in kde4? Since I upgraded to new version05:48
purpleposeidon Regression?05:48
Agent_bobandrew line 7 and 8 are the lines that one would think useful to fixing that.05:49
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=== mrmonkeyman_ is now known as mrmonkeyman
zPliskinanyone kows if its normal that file transfer doesnt work wth kopete?05:50
andrewAgent_bob: That's what I'm doing (as it segfaults when I compile it too)05:51
Agent_bobit looks like a glibc issue05:51
Agent_bobhope it's avaunt's issue with glibc and not a glibc bug05:52
o0Chris0ozPliskin: works fine for me, are you through a router? might have to forward your ports05:52
Agent_bobthe first is confined to the app the second will/can affect everything.05:52
zPliskinmeh yeah maybe, thanks chris. although with gaim it worked fine :\05:53
o0Chris0oprobably was usign a different port05:53
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:53
zPliskinnow i need to fix ventrilo :(05:54
o0Chris0onow that is gay05:54
zPliskinit doesnt detect any mixers05:54
zPliskini don't understand05:54
ubottuThe only dumb or stupid question is the one not asked. Please do not tell people off for asking something, just because it seems simple or obvious -- we discourage this attitude in all our channels.05:55
zPliskineverytime i start a song with amarok, it freezes for 10 secs05:57
andrewAgent_bob: I may have found the solution05:57
andrewAgent_bob: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avant-window-navigator/+bug/18865405:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 188654 in avant-window-navigator "[hardy] avant-window-navigator don't launch" [Medium,Confirmed]05:57
andrewLong story short, I need x11-dbus05:57
andrewwhich isn't listed as a dependency05:58
Agent_bobah ok.05:58
* Agent_bob wonders why generic dbus is not sufficient05:58
Agent_boband also why that would keep it from launching.06:00
Agent_bobthat bug is bigger than a missing dependancy.  although adding that package may make it work,  it doesn't explain why a dirrectly called app would fail to start for want of a system bus call06:00
Agent_bobumm i think i have seen another app do that if dbus wasn't running...06:01
* Agent_bob goes to investigate06:01
Agent_bobhmm i can't find one that wont...06:04
* Jucato sekretly plots to have Agent_bob and robotgeek ircnapped06:05
ubottuFactoid ircnapped not found06:05
ubottuFactoid kidnapped not found06:05
ubottuFactoid sleep not found06:06
Jucato!botabuse | o0Chris0o06:06
ubottuo0Chris0o: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:06
eddieftwbe careful, Jucato is dangerous06:06
Agent_bobo0Chris0o /exec -o sleep 12hours06:07
* Agent_bob watches chris kill his irc client to get it to respond again.06:08
Agent_bobit would have woke up in 12 hours06:08
o0Chris0oId idn't do it06:08
o0Chris0oI just made ya think I did06:08
JucatoAgent_bob: careful now :)06:08
Agent_bobJucato it can't hurt anything.06:09
Agent_bobit's just the client taking a nap06:09
Jucatoyeah.. but not everyone might take the humor lightly :)06:09
Jucato(and someone might even do it... O.o)06:09
Jucatooh well.. just saying be careful :)06:10
* Agent_bob hopes some do...06:10
Agent_bobummm it's just h not hours anyway.06:11
* Agent_bob corrects.06:11
Agent_bobo0Chris0o /exec -o sleep 12h06:11
o0Chris0oI take it you had that done before and want to take it out on someone else?06:12
Agent_bobno i just made it up.06:12
Agent_bobactually i have only had one good "prank" pulled on me.06:13
o0Chris0ocool you should test it first :)06:13
Agent_boblike that06:13
o0Chris0oI've been pranked, and tricked a lot a few times06:14
o0Chris0odo it in console06:14
Agent_bobi did.06:14
Agent_bobi'm in console.06:14
* Agent_bob is a tty user.06:14
Agent_bobpure CLI here mate.06:14
o0Chris0oI couldn't do that06:15
o0Chris0oto boring06:15
Agent_bobwhy ?06:15
o0Chris0oneed some eye candy06:15
Agent_bobbah.  eyecandy isn't all its painted up to be06:15
Agent_bobpun intended06:15
o0Chris0oI rather see pictures, graphics..etc...I am a graphic artist, so it tends to help out06:16
o0Chris0obtw is gimp comparable to adobe ps?06:16
eddieftweye candy makes you dependent on a gui and worse at knowing what is going on in your system06:17
o0Chris0onot entirely06:17
o0Chris0omaybe for a few06:17
Agent_bobfor most.06:18
Agent_bobforemost ?06:18
Agent_bob4 most06:18
o0Chris0oopinnions are always appreciated everywhere :)06:18
Agent_bobcheck the avarage computer user    it's not an openion.  it's a fact.06:19
hydrogenIts now a bad thing to expect a gui?06:21
hydrogenoh, I see06:21
prince_jammysyes, shame on you06:21
Agent_bobhydrogen no one said it was a bad thing.06:21
hydrogenmy time machine malfunctioned and set me back to 1993 :/06:21
kaminixCan anyone give a quick command to encode a high quality h264 video file to something not as hq so that I can play it?06:22
prince_jammysdoes it have a gui?06:22
o0Chris0omust be M$ owned06:22
hydrogenI'll go back to 2008 and things will be sane again06:22
Agent_bobhydrogen :)06:22
ubottuFactoid remux not found06:23
noaXessgood morning..06:23
noaXesshow to ad another spell checking language?06:23
sysophi room06:23
o0Chris0o!botabuse | Agent_bob06:24
ubottuAgent_bob: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:24
o0Chris0othere it is06:24
Agent_bobnoaXess add an i18 for that lang and a language pack for the checking app    ifinnish-large - A large Finnish dictionary for Ispell    for example.06:24
o0Chris0o./msg ubotu Bot06:24
Agent_bob/msg ?06:24
noaXessAgent_bob: you mean under system settings - regional & language - country/region & language -> languages?06:25
o0Chris0ohow do I see what cmds are available for the bot?06:26
Agent_bobnoaXess no.   i mean a package.  you can search the packages for what you need.06:26
JucatonoaXess: no. as in aspell-something for that language06:26
Jucato(if you're using aspell)06:26
Agent_bob!info ifrench06:26
ubottuifrench: The French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4-20 (gutsy), package size 414 kB, installed size 1604 kB06:26
noaXessover adept manager or apt-get06:27
Greenerymy kubuntu kept losing sound and i did check alsamixer and i see nothing wrong there, everything is set correctly06:27
=== r00t_ is now known as DaemonLee
prince_jammys!factoids | o0Chris0o06:27
ubottuo0Chris0o: I am ubottu, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new, gorgeous looks in the near future ;)06:27
DaemonLeeHey. I got a problem with my laptop.  The touchpad doesn't work, but my USB Logitech Mouse does....Any idea how to fix this?06:27
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad06:28
DaemonLeeThank you.06:29
Agent_bobDaemonLee you may want to reserve until you see if that helps.06:29
o0Chris0ooh yeah, hey guys, I have a media dock on my pc that reads all types of cards, also front usb slots, how would I install the driver? download wine and install the exe?06:30
Jucatothat wouldn't work06:30
Agent_bobhave you tested the front slots to see if they work?06:30
Agent_boband ^ what he said.06:31
o0Chris0onah, I kinda figured they wouldn't because I needed to install drivers when I did a clean install of vista before06:31
o0Chris0othats why I asked :)06:31
Agent_bobwell try them.06:31
Agent_bobdon't assume that things wont work.06:31
* Agent_bob sets ignore on o0Chris0o for that....06:32
Greenerycan anyone help with my audio problem?06:32
o0Chris0odon't work06:33
Agent_bobGreenery !i06:33
Agent_bobo0Chris0o how did you test it ?06:33
o0Chris0ousb flash drive06:33
DaemonLeeAgent_bob: Kate crashed out.06:33
DaemonLeeAny idea how that would happen?06:33
LynoureI'm trying to connect an external monitor to my laptop, but not having much success. Could someone help me?06:34
Agent_bobDaemonLee ummm trying to save to a file that you can no longer write to?  trying to open something that has binary code in it?  bug in the app?    or my favorite "you upgraded to hardy" ?06:35
LynoureIt feels frustrating to have a new external monitor that only works in MS Windows.06:36
Agent_bobLynoure dual-head?  or just use the new display ?06:36
FuriousGeorgehey all06:36
FuriousGeorgejust tried the latest kubuntu06:36
LynoureAgent_bob: I'd prefer to just use the external one when the laptop is attached to it (almost always)06:36
FuriousGeorgeit doesnt seem to have a driver for my jmicron jmb368 pata controller06:37
FuriousGeorgethats the only hard drive i have, am i SOL?06:37
FuriousGeorgei havent been able to find a linux distro that supports it06:37
LynoureAgent_bob: but I'll settle for cloning or dualhead or anything that lets me at least use the external monitor.06:37
Agent_bobLynoure ummm reconfigure xorg selecting the new pci:buss address and the monitor type ?    i'm not sure that they didn't mess that up in hardy.  but you can try.   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg06:38
Jucatoanyone know where mesa-utils (or glxinfo) is now?06:38
LynoureAgent_bob: reconfigure xorg did not let me say anything about the monitors06:39
Agent_bob!dualhead | Lynoure an alternative might be...06:39
ubottuLynoure an alternative might be...: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama06:39
LynoureAgent_bob: assuming  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg was right?06:39
DaemonLeeAgent_bob: 1st off, Fresh install (I hate upgrading distros), sudo'd to open /etc/apt/sources.list, and my damn sources list better not have any BINs in it!06:39
Agent_bobLynoure the -plow should ask about the bus address.   lshw -C display   or  lspci  should inform you.06:40
Agent_bobLynoure yes.   sudo  dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg06:40
LynoureAgent_bob: Would you recommend using framebuffer?06:41
Agent_bobDaemonLee eeek.  sudo kate ????     kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list06:41
Agent_bobLynoure no06:41
Agent_bobabsolutely no.06:42
LynoureAgent_bob: still, it asked nothing about the monitors06:42
Agent_bobLynoure hmmm i heard that they messed that up.    leave it to ubuntu to "automagic" something to the point of it being worthless.06:43
o0Chris0ojust wondering, what if you restart the laptop with the monitor plugged in, would that make any difference?06:43
DaemonLeer00t@Tux:~$ kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list06:43
DaemonLeebash: kdesudo: command not found06:43
LynoureAgent_bob: resulting xorg.conf has less detail than the earlier one. Is more settings stored somewhere else?06:43
DaemonLeeAgent_bob: That's for you, up there.06:43
Agent_bobDaemonLee  gksudo ?06:43
LynoureAgent_bob: I saw the xkdb thing too, yeah :)06:44
Agent_bobLynoure no.  but some things may just use the defaults.   xorg will default a lot of it's own config if the info is not there.06:45
=== moon_ is now known as STREENG
DaemonLeer00t@Tux:~$ gksudo  kate /etc/apt/sources.list06:46
LynoureAgent_bob: so I guess I should test it's default too. brb06:46
DaemonLeebash: gksudo: command not found06:46
Agent_bobLynoure yeah.06:46
ubottuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:46
stdinDarkest: try kdesu06:46
Agent_bobDaemonLee what version is that ?06:47
DaemonLee*ahem* I fixed it, SOMEONE gave me the wrong sudo command. ;)06:47
Agent_bobthis one "kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list" ?06:48
kaminixWhere do I find the crash report for my X which crashed just now?06:48
DaemonLeeIt's not that.06:49
DaemonLeeDrop the 'do' and you got it.06:49
Agent_bobkaminix ummm ~/.xsession_error   or something like that.   and /var/log/Xorg*.log06:49
Agent_bobDaemonLee you didn't answer what version of ubuntu are you running there ?06:50
DaemonLeeOh. 8.0406:50
kaminixThanks Agent_bob, it's bug report time!06:50
Agent_bobthen it should be kdesudo06:50
DaemonLeeIt's not. It's kdesu06:50
LynoureAgent_bob: no change. Logon screen on the external again, then nothing on it and all on laptop screen06:50
DaemonLeeI shit, you not. It's kdesu.06:50
Jucatoahem... language please. thanks06:51
* Agent_bob likes not to be dookied06:51
Jucatokdesu symlinks to kdesudo if kdesudo is installed06:51
pingvenoIs there a way to activate Python style indenting in Kate in KDE 4?06:51
DaemonLeeSorry, Jucato.06:52
Agent_bobJucato didn't hardy default to kdesudo ?06:52
Jucatopingveno: nothing in the Settings?06:52
Agent_bobLynoure check the bus address and set it manually06:52
JucatoAgent_bob: yes it defaults to kdesudo being installed by default. *but* kdesu is still symlinked to kdesudo. kdesu is still there06:52
Jucato(and if kdesudo is uninstalled, kdesu behaves as before)06:53
pingvenoTools > Indentation used to have Python in it in KDE 3.06:53
Jucatohm.. I don't have kate4 here right now...06:53
pingvenoIs it time to head over to #kde ?06:53
Agent_bobso he had to remove the package to achieve that behaviour ?06:53
Jucatopingveno: or #kate... but first check in Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor -> Editing -> indentation tab or something06:54
Jucatopingveno: are you sure you're using kate and not kwrite?06:54
DaemonLeeSo, I had to remove that package somehow, via some magickal way, through my install? ;)06:54
JucatoAgent_bob: lemme scroll up first06:54
Agent_bobJucato <DaemonLee> bash: gksudo: command not found06:54
LynoureAgent_bob: set it manually where/how? I don't really know anything about using external monitors on laptop. Do I just make another "Monitor" section or Screen section or both?06:54
pingvenoIt's Kate, unless the task bar has suddenly and mysteriously stopped functioning correctly.06:54
Agent_boberr sorry but same with kdesudo06:54
Jucatowell, gksu/gksudo is a totally different story06:54
Agent_bobLynoure just a sec i'll get an example06:55
Agent_bobJucato ^^06:55
LynoureAgent_bob: ok, thanks :)06:55
Agent_bobsame error report for kdesudo06:56
kaminixIs x crashing out of nowhere a security vulnerability?06:56
JucatoAgent_bob: well then kdesudo might have been uninstalled sometime...06:56
Jucatodunno when :)06:56
Agent_bobLynoure in the device section with the graphics driver there is a line           Driver          "nv"06:56
Agent_bob        BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"06:56
f00fkaminix: depends on what's causing it to crash :)06:56
Agent_bobthe busID is where you force it to the other port06:56
LynoureAgent_bob: I had that in my original config06:57
Agent_bobuse   lshw | less06:57
f00fkaminix: most of the time it's not a security problem, it's just really annoying :)06:57
kaminixWell, there we go anyway. :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22454106:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224541 in ubuntu "[Hardy] kbuildsycoca and kdecore seem to have crashed X for no apparent reason?" [Undecided,New]06:57
LynoureAgent_bob: exceps driver was ati and buside PCI:1:0:006:57
Agent_bobJucato k.06:57
Agent_bobLynoure yes that.   check the   lshw | less06:58
Agent_bob"PCI:1:0:0" <<< is address for real agp06:59
Agent_bobadditional ports should be listed06:59
f00fkaminix: hmm.. it's not X's problem06:59
f00fyour kde libs are broken06:59
kaminixf00f: My kde libs are Kubuntus KDE libs. :)07:00
DaemonLeeWhy are updates taking so unbearingly long?07:00
LynoureAgent_bob: http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/m22d5154107:00
f00flooks like it doesn't like your libcrypto, check if you have the latest version of kde and libcrypto installed07:01
LynoureAgent_bob: I think that was the part dealing with the gpu.07:01
f00fkaminix: forgot to ask, is this hardy or gutsy?07:01
kaminixf00f: As I wrote in the bug report title, Hardy :)07:02
Agent_bobbus info: pci@0000:00:01.0   and  bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0   so try the other.  see if it doz it.07:02
f00fkaminix: fresh install, or upgraded?07:02
f00fkaminix: if kdecore is broken... hmm.. so kde dosen't even start?07:03
sigma_1234is the kde 4.1 alpha going to be packaged for kubuntu?07:04
kaminixf00f: It does start07:04
neshikitargentinEscriba el texto aquí....shalom!07:04
=== moon_ is now known as STREENG
neshikitargentinshalom shalom!!! mi Argenitna!!!07:04
f00fI don't see anything wrong in your xconfig... are you using compiz?07:05
neshikitargentinshalom!.. se lee?07:05
ubottuלשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:07:05
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il07:05
LynoureAgent_bob: so that's PCI:0:01:0 is xorg shorthand, right?07:05
neshikitargentinshalom! ani ohevet Israel07:06
neshikitargentinani Argentina Patagonia...07:06
Agent_bobyeah.  but i'm thinking that's not it.   i'm thinking you just add a port...     PCI:1:0:1     but i'm totally confused now.   been to long.07:06
f00fkaminix: are you using compiz?07:06
Agent_bobLynoure ^07:06
kaminixf00f: Nope07:07
Jucato!es | neshikitargentin07:07
ubottuneshikitargentin: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.07:07
neshikitargentinANI ARGENTINA PATAGONIA!07:07
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.07:07
f00fkaminix: does this happen frequently?07:07
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.07:08
Agent_bobohh Jucato beet me to it.07:08
Agent_bobLynoure ummm you can    lspci -vv | less    and see if there is more than one addrress on that device.07:09
neshikitargentinOK UBURRU ESTOY PERDIDA07:09
Jucatoneshikitargentin: English only07:10
LynoureAgent_bob: I'm confused now too. pci@0000:00:01.0 and pci@0000:01:00.0 merge into something?07:10
o0Chris0ocan you get pc fonts for linux?07:10
Agent_bobthey are both parts of your graphics card07:11
LynoureAgent_bob: lspci only gives me 01:00.007:12
f00fo0Chris0o: define PC fonts.. like truetype?07:12
LynoureAgent_bob: but I guess I could try that with the otherwise automatic config07:12
Agent_bobit's so much easier when there is more than one card involved.07:12
Agent_bobLynoure yeah.    and i'll go look some more.  maybe we can get it.07:13
* Agent_bob doesn't give up easily07:13
f00fo0Chris0o: most fonts will work on linux, ttf especially, I think you have to install it in /usr/share/fonts and then run fc-cache -fv though07:14
LynoureAgent_bob: that would be nice. This is the first time in my life I'm wondering if Linux is not ready for office use (as most offices now have laptops with external monitors). It feels weird.07:14
f00fanyway.. I g2g bed good night07:14
LynoureAgent_bob: anyway, brb again07:14
oraWill kubuntu update its kde4 when  4.04 etc...release?07:17
LynoureAgent_bob: this time no login screen on the external monitor, just Check Signal Cable, I guess it's not being sent anything now...07:19
o0Chris0oanyone here thats on M$ Winders?07:19
o0Chris0osend me ur fonts! lol07:19
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad07:19
Agent_bobLynoure ok.    back to what you had and add a section.   http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=m7f3a108c07:19
Lynoureo0Chris0o: sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts07:20
Agent_bobLynoure i got that from a non-english page  so i can't post the section name.   device should work.07:20
o0Chris0oLynoure: is that M$ fonts?07:20
o0Chris0omis read the name :-p07:20
kaminixAnyone know what the Hardy CDs will look like? Think I'll refrain from getting them from ShipIt myself this time due to not having used my CDs the last time.07:20
Lynoureo0Chris0o: see with apt-cache show msttcorefonts  , I assume the very thing you asked for. "lol"07:21
LynoureAgent_bob: just an empty device section like I had before, or something in it? (note, this very Device section I have now gives login screen with the non-automatic config I had before, weirdly)07:22
Agent_bobLynoure    http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=m7f3a108c07:23
LynoureAgent_bob: these are both LCDs I guess I should change those CRT things to something?07:25
LynoureI'm still wondering about the "new Screen Resolution utility that allows users to dynamically configure the resolution, refresh rate, and rotation of a second monitor. This will be particularly handy for laptop users that connect to a projector or external monitor" that was supposed to come in Hardy07:26
FuriousGeorgeii notice the kubuntu livecd comes with kernel sources07:26
FuriousGeorgebut i cant make menuconfig07:26
FuriousGeorgei need to load a module in order to install onto my pata drive07:26
surplusxmasMy Kubuntu install fails at "Select and install software" and this appears to be common, but I can't find a solution. Kubuntu 8.04, verified the CD wasn't corrupt, Pentium D 3GHz, 1GB RAM, 300GB SATA07:26
FuriousGeorgei tried to just 'make' but it failed, which makes me think it wouldnt work anyway07:26
Agent_bobLynoure have you tried  aticonfig --initial=dual-head07:27
FuriousGeorgeeven if i could get the source07:27
FuriousGeorgeam i going about this the right way?07:27
LynoureAgent_bob: I don't have aticonfig. Maybe it's for the closed driver?07:28
FuriousGeorgeactually it has headers07:29
LynoureAgent_bob: if at all possible I'd like to stick to the open one... I'm a bit fond of FLOSS.07:29
FuriousGeorgenot source, i guess i need to grab kernel sources matching my running kernel, right?07:29
FuriousGeorgethen try to make the kernel module i need07:29
Agent_bobLynoure heh    Fn+F707:30
Agent_bobLynoure yeah.  i'm with you on opensource freedom07:30
Agent_bobLynoure ah here is a good source.  far better than what i can do.   http://gentoo-wiki.com/Index:HOWTO#X_Server07:34
LynoureAgent_bob: Fn+F7?07:35
LynoureAgent_bob: Do you mean that thingy with external screen? (Fn+F4 on this one) I press it occasionally, have not noticed it affecting much07:36
Agent_bobLynoure it was in an artical about this.  saying that it would flip you from the lcd to the external monitor and back.07:36
Agent_bobLynoure i didn't expect it to actually work.  but just mentioned it anyway.07:37
Agent_bobLynoure  http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Dual_Monitors   this might help.07:37
LynoureAgent_bob: thank you for your help so far. I think I'll have a break and then read those...07:41
Agent_bobthat seems to only have Xinerama smeered display     you weren't looking for that07:41
Agent_bobi'll keep looking.07:42
o0Chris0oyou guys know that kubuntu 4.1 Alpha 1 is out?07:43
Agent_bobLynoure  http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d449f08e7    might be a good work around07:44
o0Chris0oI mean KDE :-p07:45
* Jucato knows of course07:45
Agent_bobhow would he know ???07:45
o0Chris0odoes it go through alpha, beta then final release?07:46
=== ses59 is now known as ses59_
Agent_bobman.   Jucato is so smart.  he knows everything about kde and networking...   :)))07:46
* Jucato also knows how to kick people from #kubuntu >:)07:47
ses59_I messed up the panel on my desktop and would like to reset to default settings How can I do this?07:47
Jucatoses59_: KDE 4?07:47
Jucatoor 3?07:47
ses59_kde 4 with plasma07:47
Jucato#kubuntu-kde4 please07:47
ses59_ok thank you07:48
* Agent_bob starts chisseling on a certain concrete block...07:48
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
=== ses59 is now known as ses59_
biobiazzoci sei07:56
ubottuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.07:56
FirefisheI am wondering what might be the most optimized file system for debian.  I normally use ext3, but am wondering if another file system might be more efficient.  Where might I find information on this subject?07:56
Firefishekubuntu, rather07:57
o0Chris0o!filesystem | Firefishe07:58
ubottuFirefishe: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview07:58
FuriousGeorgeive come to realize my best bet for loading this module (for jmb368 pata controller) may be to copy kernel sources to my kubuntu ramdisk, and attempt to build and load the kernel module07:58
Firefishethank you ubottu07:58
FuriousGeorgethen i assume i will have hdc, which i will be able to install linux on07:58
FuriousGeorgedoes that sound feasible to you guys07:58
o0Chris0oI'm clueless FuriousGeorge. I am fairly new, I wish Ic ould help08:01
o0Chris0oit is a hard drvie correct?08:02
Agent_bobJucato you keep them streight in here.    see you menyana i reccon08:05
FuriousGeorgeo0Chris0o: its the controller for my hd08:10
FuriousGeorgeso the result is that i cant see my hd, cuz i dont have the module for the controller, and so i cant install linux08:10
o0Chris0otoo bad you couldn't use a generice driver08:11
FirefisheIs it possible to change an installed distro's filesystem from one to another without reinstalling?08:11
o0Chris0oFirefishe: I don't think thats possible, I could be wrong, I think it would screw up the kernal08:12
o0Chris0oid ask someone else in here that is more knowledgable tho :)08:12
FirefisheI didn't think so, either.08:12
FirefisheI"m looking for the most desirable file system for my laptop08:13
o0Chris0oI see08:14
moon`okay, first time ubuntu user help page directed me here for questions.  I just installed ubuntu and I'm having trouble getting the sound to work08:16
moon`where can I find drivers if the manufacturer doesn't have support for themn08:17
moon`them rather08:17
eddieftwmoon`: you're going to have to provide more details08:17
eddieftwwhat kind of computer, audio card, which manufacturer, etc.08:17
eddieftw!sound | moon`08:17
ubottumoon`: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:17
eddieftwi assume youve seen that bot output before as well08:18
moon`actually no, I've literally been using ubuntu for about fifteen minutes right now08:18
moon`no prior linux experience if that matters :p08:18
eddieftw:P okay, check that bot page, and see if any of that helps08:18
NibiruETAnyone on channel using "Kima" applet?08:19
moon`as far as computer home built, audio card is asoundblaster x-fi xtreme pcie... okay I'll do some reading08:19
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Firefishemoon: how are you liking the penguin?08:21
moon`well, first impression was the install was pretty quick and clean, haven't had any problems but I might've screwed up downloading the 64bit version of ubuntu because I don't think there's a lot of support for various programs08:22
moon`i.e. flash08:22
Firefisheflash is a problem on linux in general08:23
Firefishetoo bad macromedia won't gpl some code so it--and shockwave--will work on linux08:23
moon`other things like that, I could be wrong. Tried using gentoo at first, and that was a royal pain in the ass, I was told it's a bad distro to start out learning on unless you're extremely patient and very dilligent08:23
Firefishesource based distros can be problematic, especially if you're new08:23
Firefishegotta have fast net, to.o08:23
moon`yeah, i've got a quick connection, I'm just not very fluent in any commands from a shell08:24
FirefisheI'm thinking of building a Linux-From-Scratch, a/k/a LFS, system one of these days for something to do.08:24
eddieftwmoon`: if you want to learn, there are lots of places to go. it takes time to learn the shell though08:24
Firefishebut starting there and mastering some of the more common commands, and even learning some basic shell scripting, will help you in the long run.08:25
o0Chris0o!shell | moon`08:25
ubottumoon`: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:25
moon`yeah, I'd like to learn the shell so I could start using gentoo on another machine08:26
eddieftwmenu applications. how cute. katapult is the way to go...08:26
moon`one big reason switching from ms to linux was security though08:26
eddieftwinstalling gentoo will teach you a ton about linux real quick08:26
moon`hehe, I don't know about the real quick part08:26
FirefisheKubuntu GNU/Linux Joke of the Day:  What did the Dalek (from Doctor Who) say when it's linux system was locking up?  A.  xkill|08:27
eddieftwunless you break everything and dont know what to do08:27
Firefishecan't type tonight08:27
moon`eddieftw: pretty much my first experience with it08:27
FirefisheKubuntu GNU/Linux Joke of the Day:  What did the Dalek (from Doctor Who) say when it's linux system was locking up?  A.  xkill | xterm(inate)08:27
moon`eddieftw: second one went alright because I had someone do the install remotely from the gentoo help channel, then about fifteen minutes later I was at the same spot :)08:27
moon`is there a way to scroll the backlog in irssi?08:27
eddieftwmoon`: page up08:27
eddieftwin the shell, it is shift+page up08:28
Firefishecan scrolling be done with BitchX, as well?08:28
eddieftwhello kristian__08:29
surplusxmasI'm attempting to install Kubuntu 8.04 (KDE4 Remix) on a 3.00GHz Pentium D, 1GB RAM, 300GB SATA with the alternative install CD.  When I reach the installation step called "Select and install software", it hangs for a while at 6% with the message "Please wait...", eventually goes through the steps, but reaches the end with an error that says the specific installation step ("Select and install software") failed.  It then allows 08:36
surplusxmasn (quicker this time).  Is this a common problem?  Any suggestions?08:36
moon`damn, think I might be sol, no drivers for the card :p08:37
moon` [Unsupported] [PCI] Card delivered to developers. Completely new architecture. Creative have supplied a data sheet to developers. Development work has started.08:37
eddieftwmoon`: yea creative has been terrible about linux drivers08:42
eddieftwyou can try running the windows drivers in linux08:42
eddieftwi have no idea about how any of that works though08:42
eddieftwand im going to bed08:42
moon`hehe, shot down my next questino before it was asked08:42
moon`night, thanks for the help08:42
eddieftwso best of luck all08:42
CoCaInEGuys i got 2 parts of rar files, named x_part1.rar and x_part2.rar, how to merge them together ? :>08:42
Fayou don't08:44
CoCaInEso there's something impossible on linux ;)08:46
Jucatousually a multi-part rar file has one .rar file and some .rXX files08:47
Jucatoand usually, they are "joined" by extracting the .rar file (it will automatically extract and join the rest)08:48
CoCaInE... if it would go so easy i wouldnt ask my friend08:49
moon`is there a version of opera that works the latest 64bit version of ubuntu?08:55
moon`everything I download from their site says wrong architecture :/08:56
groundzerowho is aron08:58
groundzerowho is arto08:58
groundzeromsg/ astan08:58
mike-kubuntuhey guys, i'm trying to use compiz with kubuntu 8.04 kde 3 but my window decorations keep flashing in and out of existence, seems to only reliably draw the decorations for the active window, any tips on this, also my windows partiton fails to mount on boot every time taking me away from the nice boot-up screen, also curiouse if there is a way to get gtk apps to look ok in kde 4 yet08:58
Lynouremoon`: their page says nothing about amd6408:58
Pennycookmike-kubuntu: For the last problem, install gtk-qt-engine-kde4.  As for why your Windows drive won't mount, are you sure your PC was shut down properly the last time you booted into Windows?09:02
mike-kubuntuPennycook, yeah, it was, let me see if i can bring up the actual error, i think it has the drive ID wrong or something09:02
mike-kubuntui really like the new drivers they switched to for my wireless, used to be using bcm43xx, new ones work a ton better and it autoconnects now09:03
mike-kubuntuyeah, pretty sure the error of the windows mounting is about a drive identifier, its a really long string like ADBHIE13334BKDILS09:04
PennycookYou could always try correcting the UUID manually in your /etc/fstab09:06
mike-kubuntuwierd, i'm not sure how tod o that, but i can access the drive via dolphin fine, it appears to be mounted, just says it fails at startup, not sure how to enter the correct uuid, but i see where its written in my fstab09:06
PennycookIf you go into /dev/disk/by-uuid and type ls -l, you can see all your disks by UUID09:08
pushaxhi all.  A question.  Is the AVAHI user profile the guest account?09:09
pushaxIs is safe to make a GUEST profile and add it tot he AVAHI group?09:09
pushaxhi all.  A question.  Is the AVAHI user profile the guest account?09:11
pushaxIs is safe to make a GUEST profile and add it tot he AVAHI group?09:11
pushaxThe avahi is apples bonjour, but why is it the default for samba guest choice.09:12
moon`aplay -l list four different devices all as card 009:15
moon`all the same thing ehh?09:15
pushaxaplay -l09:17
pushax**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****09:17
pushaxcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC880 Analog [ALC880 Analog]09:17
pushax  Subdevices: 1/109:17
pushax  Subdevice #0: subdevice #009:17
dan_Hey. Anyone know how to make the vesa driver use a higher resolution than 640x480?09:17
moon`yeah pushax I've got that same readout repeated 4 times though09:18
dan_I had 800x600 before, but the dist upgrade deleted it09:18
dan_ot something09:18
pushaxdan_: did you try editing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf  file?09:19
dan_pushax: yea.. but I'm not exactly sure how to write though09:19
pushaxdan_: mayeb there is a backup of your of config file, and of xorg.conf you can strip out the specific resolution details09:20
pushaxas in write privilege?09:20
dan_pushax: hm. I can try.. do I have to restart x-server or the computer?09:20
pushaxdan_: not until you want the changes to take effect09:21
dan_pushax: but is it enough to just restart the x-server?09:21
pushaxdan_: do you know how to SUDO09:21
dan_pushaxyea :P09:21
dan_pushax: thx09:22
goto1http://rapidshare.com/files/111454070/Nuke.rar.html <---- download Nukes ( Badwidth killers ) :)09:22
pushaxdan_: sudo kate    then editi the files you need.  then you can restart the gfx09:22
pushaxdan_: you cna restart the gfx serve by Ctrl Alt Backspace ...09:23
pushaxdan_: make sure you keep a copy of your original xorg.xconf in case you ened to edit in command line mode.09:24
dan_pushax: ok, will try that. thanks09:24
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kurtporco dio quanta gente09:44
sirmike1970mdhi all how do i install themes in kubuntu09:46
shiesty__easy node fool09:47
Jucato!changethemes | sirmike1970md09:48
ubottusirmike1970md: To change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubotu xfce-themes09:48
luhcan someone please tell me which short cut i have to use, so that i have a verbose bootup, and I can watch the messages?09:52
mike-kubuntuhey guys, when i boot up since an upgrade to 8.04, it takes me to a text boot up everytime instead of the graphical one even though there are no errors or warnings upon bootup (besides a tip about starting sausld), is there an option i can enable to have a full graphical boot?09:56
mike-kubuntulike after a couple of seconds of normal splash screen boot up, it takes me into ttty1 and shows text boot up09:59
shiesty__my splas is messed up10:00
Bauldrickis it normal for `npviewer.bin` to use ALOT of cpu usage?10:00
shiesty__i tried to add a splash theme think10:00
inteliwaspi am trying to use kworldclock on my background, how can i shift the image over so that the sun side is centered?10:04
end-userHey guys, was just curious, is Flash working with Konqueror now, in Hardy?10:24
flaccidend-user: it is for me10:26
wesley__is there now easy way to add restricted drivers to you kernel10:26
end-userflaccid: Ahh, thanks. Yeah, kind of ironic, I suppose. I decided to see what's new in Gnome about a couple weeks before Hardy came out (flash happened to not be working in Konqeror at the time) now here I am in Hardy gnome and Firefox crashes on flash videos about 30 percent of the time10:27
flaccidwesley__: what kind of restricted drivers?10:28
wesley__i dont now just the restricted driver module10:28
jaredbuckhey. wondering how to get rid of the popups in kopete, i just want the message notifications turned off, every time i send a message the reply gets shown as a popup.10:29
wesley__i compile 2.6.25 kernel but dont know if i am missingen drivers10:29
flaccid!info linux-restricted-modules-common | wesley__10:29
ubottuwesley__: linux-restricted-modules-common: Non-free Linux 2.6.20 modules helper script. In component restricted, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 21 kB, installed size 100 kB10:29
flaccid!info linux-restricted-modules-generic | wesley__10:29
ubottuwesley__: linux-restricted-modules-generic: Restricted Linux modules for generic kernels. In component restricted, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 23 kB, installed size 52 kB10:29
sahey everyone10:31
saI am using GNOME but am used to using kopete. Installed it and it works pretty ok. but some things are not working though. How come?10:32
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr10:32
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end-usersa: What kind of things aren't working right?10:33
saend-user: cant get the menu bar on the top of the man screen window. where all the buddies are listed10:34
saend-user: by the way, everytime somebody messages me a pop-up pops up (haha) how do i get rid of that10:36
Jucatomenu bar, like the File, Edit, View menus?10:36
jaredbuckend-user: I'd like to get rid of those popups like sa is having too.10:37
end-usersa, jaredbuck sorry guys I was looking for that at the forums too, I was trying to check if others were having same problems :(10:37
Jucatowhat version of Kopete? and which popups? (there are 2 kinds afaik)10:38
jaredbuckJucato: just the message popups, when someone sends me a message (even if i have their chat window up) it pops up the message they sent me.10:40
jaredbuckJucato: and I'm using
emilsedghjaredbuck: thats message queue i think.disable it10:40
jaredbuckemilsedgh:  thanks, that should fix it, i set it to open messages instantly.10:40
emilsedghSettings->Configure->Message Queue.select 'Open Messages instantly'10:41
jaredbucksa: do what he said :-p10:41
emilsedghi dont like that think too.annoying.10:41
end-userthank you10:41
jaredbuckemilsedgh: definately annoying. all i want to know is when people sign on and off.10:42
emilsedghjaredbuck: instead Kopete's notifications are so nice.10:42
* emilsedgh loves kopete.10:42
emilsedghbut it has bad default settings10:43
jaredbuckemilsedgh: it sure does.  but now the problem has been fixed and i won't be pissed at the notifications any more :-p10:43
sajaredbuck: I missed what he said :)10:43
sajaredbuck: was trying to solve the problem10:43
saso what are your plans for the long weekend10:44
SolvI've got ubuntu 8.04 final running in a virtualbox, and i want to try kubuntu with kde4.  Would it be easiest to just do: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop...or apt-get install kde4 (or whatever the package name is) or just download the whole iso?10:44
ubottuKDE 4.0.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.3.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde410:44
SlimeyPeteI imagine those packages will work on their own without kubuntu-desktop installed, but don't quote me ;)10:45
jaredbuck sa: just go into  Settings->Configure->Message Queue.select 'Open Messages instantly' and that will turn off those oh-so-annoying popups :)10:45
sajaredbuck: I did that 30 minutes ago but it didnt help!10:46
jaredbucksa: what version of kopete do ya have?10:46
sajaredbuck: under behaviour--general--message handling10:47
sajaredbuck: the latest one for KDE 4.010:47
jaredbucksa: that's the one i have too -
sajaredbuck: funny10:48
asdfecan anyone access slashdot sourceforge or any site with a ip of 66.35.***.***?10:48
sajaredbuck: but as i am using GNOME i cannot see the menu bar10:48
SlimeyPeteasdfe: people in othe channels that I am in are commenting that those sites are down10:49
asdfeSlimeyPete: seems that all of 66.***.***.*** is being hit with a bot net attack10:50
Jucatosa: which menu bar? the one with File Edit Settings?10:50
jaredbucksa: gnome can work funny with kde apps if you don't have the kde packages installed.10:50
sajaredbuck: i dont have them installed10:51
saJucato: yes, the file edit settings10:51
Jucatojaredbuck: hm.. depends on what you are referring to10:51
Jucatosa: Ctrl+M10:51
saJucato: hahaha10:51
saJucato: thank you10:51
Jucatojaredbuck: see? not even a package problem :)10:51
Jucatosa: most KDE apps hide their menu bars that way10:52
sajaredbuck: still cannot solve the problem with the popup though10:53
jaredbucksa: we'll figure it out as we go along.10:53
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sajaredbuck: let me try restarting kopete10:54
sajaredbuck: no that didnt solve the problem10:56
jaredbucksa: didn't solve it? guess we have to look harder to find a solution.10:58
BrunoCavacohello every body10:58
BrunoCavacosorry for the inconvenience but i have a problem with Kubuntu 8.04. My desktop name is "Área de Trabalho" and when i try to execute a deb package from there it says that the package dont exist, i have to copy do my Home folder and execute from there. Any body knows what could be the problem? Thanks.11:00
sajaredbuck: hmm very funny11:00
jaredbucksa: LOL.11:03
Solvokay, i got kde-4 installed, but kdm won't log into either gnome or kde....just sits there at the login background wallpaper....i might try changing it back to gdm...problem is, how can i get a konsole in a virtualbox? anybody know?11:03
sajaredbuck: hehe11:04
Solvdon't worry11:04
Solvkdm has a console login option11:04
BrunoCavacoanybody have a clue what could be wrong?11:07
corbanhey i'm having a problem....i can't get my USB mic to work in Kubuntu it works in other distros i'm using ALSA11:08
BrunoCavacocorban: what is the problem exactly?11:09
sajaredbuck: NOw I have another problem11:10
corbanok...i can get audio out of my speakers 3.5mm jack....my USB mic is detected but unusable like, when i try to use it no sound is recorded11:10
sajaredbuck: My picture is not showing11:10
saAnyone know where i can add a picture to kopete11:11
safigured it out11:12
ubuntu__fuck off11:14
stdinerm, what?11:15
RurouniJonesCan anyone explain to me how Java is still installed on my system when I removed it using the package manager?11:19
RurouniJonesIf I run java -version I get stuff about sun Java 1.6.0 and openJDK but I removed them using adept manager11:20
flaccidmaybe thats the default java not usn11:20
saJucato: Do you know how I can get rid of pop-ups when someone messages me11:20
JucatoI believe emilsedgh already answered that above sa11:20
RurouniJonesAh right, ok flaccid, how can I get rid of the default java?11:21
emilsedghSettings->Configure->Message Queue.select 'Open Messages instantly'11:21
emilsedghsa: ^11:21
flaccidRurouniJones: do you get anything from dpkg -l | grep -i java11:22
ct529I am trying to write chinese / pinyin characters in kde. The main language is en, but I have installed chinese as well. I also installed scim /skim. I would like to write some chinese characters inside application using the pinyin characters: you write the standard pronunciation and the system proposes a selection of characters. Is that possible? it is in ms wiruse.11:23
RurouniJonesS´ok flaccid, I just used the ubuntu package search on the web and I found the packages I need to get rid of.11:23
RurouniJonesbut if I do run that command I get a few things, sun java is listed as rc11:24
flaccidgenerally just purge/remove the relevant java packaes11:24
saemilsedgh: Jucato: I tried that guys way back but it doesnt work11:24
emilsedghsa: go to there, Events tab, uncheck 'show bubble'11:25
RurouniJonesWhat is this openJDK stuff anyway? Some OSS implementation of java?11:25
LynoureRurouniJones: http://www.sun.com/software/opensource/java/faq.jsp11:27
saemilsedgh: waiting for a message :)11:27
LynoureRurouniJones: Ole hyvä :)11:28
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RurouniJonesYeehar, that fixed it11:29
RurouniJonesThanks all11:29
saemilsedgh: still popping up :(11:29
emilsedghsa: take a look at another options then...its there11:29
saemilsedgh: Hmm not working11:37
emilsedghsa: read documentation, ask in #kopete.try ;)11:38
wesleyi build my own working linux kernel11:42
saemilsedgh: thank you .)11:44
ct529I am trying to write chinese / pinyin characters in kde. The main language is en, but I have installed chinese as well. I also installed scim /skim. I would like to write some chinese characters inside application using the pinyin characters: you write the standard pronunciation and the system proposes a selection of characters. Is that possible? it is in ms wiruse.11:45
Jucato!cn | ct52911:46
ubottuct529: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:46
Jucatoyou might want to try asking in those channels ^^^^11:46
tgreerhey. how do you bind a key to right mouse button11:47
ct529Jucato: you have to be chinese to ask in those channel. My level of chinese does not go beyond counting fingers on one hand. Not very useful to discuss input methods! :D:D:D:D11:49
Jucatooh... no one there understands/speaks English?11:49
JucatoI was thinking they could help more when it comes to the input method11:49
Lynourect529: I'd expect -hk to have many people that speak both11:50
ct529Jucato: I thought they were chinese only channels .... will try though ....11:52
Lynourect529: not sure how outdated this one is, but it looks promising: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM11:52
nemes_alguien habla español?11:53
Lynourect529: at least English is the official second language of HongKong :)11:53
ct529Lynoure: I also found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InputMethods/SKIM/CJK_Chinese_Japanese_Korean_Input_Method_configuration_using_SKIM_in_Kubuntu_6%2e06_Dapper_Drake?highlight=%28chinese%2911:54
ct529Lynoure: but looks completely empty11:54
Jucato!es | nemes_11:54
ubottunemes_: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.11:54
ghostcubehi folks11:57
ghostcubeis the naming for the menu classes in kde 3.5.9 still Unknown11:57
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ghostcubeanyone an idea if this has changed cause my window matchin gin compiz isnt working for menue ??12:13
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>12:23
tycale_My firefox is dead §!§12:23
tycale_Can you help me ?12:23
kristian__how you define dead tycale_ ?12:24
tycale_Don't start12:25
tycale_And when I launch firefox in shell, i've got no error12:25
tycale_and no window12:25
kristian__killall -g firefox -bin12:25
tycale_and ?12:25
kristian__try this and start again ?12:25
tycale_The same12:26
ghostcubetycale_: tried to rename the firefox folder  in home-folder12:26
ghostcubeand start with new profile12:26
tycale_I've already try to reinstall12:26
tycale_sudo aptitude reinstall firefox12:26
ghostcubesure but still the profile would be there12:26
tycale_but the same12:26
ghostcubeif u catched on plug not ccompatible it will cause 3.0 beta5 to crash12:26
Dragnslcrtycale_- Firefox 3?12:27
ct529tycale_: try ps -ef | grep fire12:27
ct529tycale_: and tell us the result of it12:27
tycale_mv .mozilla/ .moz/12:27
tycale_the same12:27
tycale_yes, firefox 312:27
ghostcubecan us tartup safe mode12:28
Dragnslcrtycale_- do you have the Google toolbar extension installed?12:28
tycale_I've got a lot of firefox running with ps -ef12:28
tycale_wait, paste12:28
ghostcubekill all12:28
ubottuFactoid wochenende not found12:28
tycale_I kill all12:28
ghostcubeonkly one ff per session12:28
humehi...just upgraded to Kubuntu heron, and now the content of my home folder is shown on the desktop - where do I fix this?12:29
ghostcubebtw guys i updated from gutsy to hardy nice going with the update tool12:29
ghostcubethx for this btw12:29
tycale_I've killed all12:29
tycale_But the same12:29
tycale_Dragnslcr: No12:29
ct529tycale_: use pastebin with the result of ps -ef | grep fire12:29
ct529tycale_: good12:30
ct529tycale_: start it again12:30
tycale_Don't want to start :(12:30
tycale_strange, all is killed12:30
ghostcubedpkg --purge firefox3 or whatever it is called12:31
tycale_I've  .mozilla12:31
ghostcubeand remove all profiles12:31
tycale_I rename it again12:31
humeanyone knows how to change what is shown on desktop, to not show home folder?12:31
ct529tycale_: wait for a a couple of minutes. It may be creating new config files. Then do ps -ef | grep -i fire again now12:32
ghostcubehmmm guys simple question for compiz-fusion i need window matching by xprop and kde menues are type=unknown anyone knew why this isnt working anymore ?12:32
ct529tycale_: move the .mozilla directory (for example to .mozilla.backup)12:33
tycale_I've done it already 2 times12:33
ct529tycale_: then start it from the command line using "firefox -safe-mode"12:33
tycale_When I launch firefix, i make a new one12:33
ct529tycale_: then start it from the command line using "firefox -safe-mode"12:34
tycale_The same =(12:34
ct529tycale_: after tremoving the .mozilla directory12:34
tycale_ah ok12:34
tycale_Really strange, no ?12:34
tycale_don't work :(12:34
ghostcubeeh ?12:34
ct529tycale_: what does it say in the konsole?12:35
tycale_doesn't work12:35
tycale_a black line12:35
tycale_tycale@tycale-desktop:~$ firefox -safe-mode12:35
tycale_tycale@tycale-desktop:~$ ps aux | grep firefox12:35
tycale_tycale   12672  0.0  0.0   3012   760 pts/1    R+   13:34   0:00 grep firefox12:35
ghostcubeso its not running12:35
ct529tycale_: it is not running then12:35
tycale_I've a black line between firefox and ps aux12:35
tycale_And I stop firefox with C-12:36
tycale_And I stop firefox with C-c12:36
tycale_I'm going to reinstall it12:36
ghostcubedpkg --purge12:36
ghostcubeshould be the cleanest12:37
ghostcubethen reinstall12:37
ct529tycale_: you should wait not stop it with ctrl +c12:37
tycale_Yes, but after 5 seconds, it's dead12:37
ghostcubeor u must type firefox -safe-mode & disown12:37
tycale_tycale@tycale-desktop:~$ firefox -safe-mode & disown12:38
tycale_[1] 1290912:38
tycale_now kill 9 12909 ? :-'12:39
ghostcubeisnt firefox running now ?12:39
tycale_no =(12:39
ghostcubedoh !12:40
tycale_As you say ...12:40
tycale_kill -9 now12:41
ghostcubetycale_: dont know what is causing this trouble12:42
tycale_I install firefox-212:43
tycale_Maybe better12:43
ghostcubetycale_: are u using compiz ?12:44
zuccowhere is the printer configuration on kde 4 ?12:44
tycale_ghostcube: no12:44
tycale_firefox-2 works12:45
ct529tycale_: can you uninstall and purge?12:45
tycale_firefox-3 sucks then :-'12:45
tycale_I'm going to purge firefox-312:45
ct529tycale_: do you have firefox 2 and 3 at the same time?12:45
ghostcubetycale_: but this must have a reason12:45
ghostcubefor me it works fine12:45
ghostcubethis must be any plugin12:45
ghostcubeor something12:46
tycale_ct529: Actually yes, but it's because i've just install firefox-212:46
zuccowhere is the printer configuration on kde 4 ?12:46
tycale_don't know12:47
zuccowhy conquerror not use proxy, even I try to configure it ?12:47
zuccowhy I can't open network configuration on kde 4 ?12:47
zuccokde 4 has a lot of problems, I think it is still in beta release12:48
tycale_kde4.1 'll be better12:48
ghostcubekde4 is still before beta i think so i tested both and to work with only kde 3.5.9 is stable enough :)12:49
ct529ghostcube: if you start it in -safe-mode you exclude all the plug ins12:49
zuccotycale_, may be. But it's wrong to publish a software as stable with a lot of problems. I'm not a beta user12:49
ghostcubect529: i know this but something must be messed up there12:50
ct529I have been using kde 4.0.3, that is not beta. It works fairly well. It is not complete though.12:50
tycale_zucco: I'm agree with you12:50
ct529ghostcube: tycale_: have you tried installing from source?12:50
zuccoct529, how can you configure your printer ?12:50
tycale_ct529: no12:50
ghostcubect529: kde4 ?12:50
zuccotycale_, :-P12:51
tycale_kde4 yes12:51
tycale_but not firefox12:51
ghostcubei caught the releases from kubuntu org12:51
ghostcubewith repack 4.0312:51
ghostcubebut i think kde4 is beta12:51
ghostcubeand the biggst prob for me is no kcontrol12:52
ghostcubesystemsettings sux for me IMHO i cant speak for all users12:52
ct529ghostcube: yes.12:52
ct529ghostcube: what is systemsettings?12:53
ghostcubeisnt this the new kcontrol ?12:53
tycale_The kde menu sux12:53
ghostcubei dont use it even in kde 3 i dont12:53
ct529ghostcube: you mean the one coming with kubuntu?12:53
ghostcubect529: i think so yes12:53
=== manos is now known as man05
tommyHello everyone12:55
tycale_ho ! I've lost some fonts with kubuntu 8.0312:55
man05Hello, I updated to 8.04 and something went wrong. Is there a way to repair the system.. or something.. It's really bad time for me for reinstalling..12:57
ct529ghostcube: I thoroughly hate it, the systemsettings12:57
tycale_man05: What's wrong with your kubuntu ?13:01
man05tycale_ , thank you.. systemsettings is not working as well as gkrellm epiphany firefox..13:02
Dr_willissounds nasty.13:02
Dr_willisruning  them from a terminal., should give some error messages/info13:02
man05systemsettings was the beggining. then, stupid me, install kde4 and it got bad..13:02
ghostcubeso simply uninstall kde4 :| maybe this will fix it13:03
ct529man05: what does it mean bad?13:04
ct529ghostcube: we should start a "ban systemsettings" movement13:04
ct529ghostcube: I do really, really like mandriva control center13:04
eMaXhi all13:04
ghostcubect529: yes but the normal kcontrol is so cool13:05
ghostcubeall settings doable13:05
ghostcubeno probs13:05
eMaXhow can I start a session of firefox v2 when I'm running firefox 3?13:05
ghostcubewhy is this gone ?13:05
cinexkcontrol! kcontrol! kcontrol!13:05
Dr_williseMaX,  run the 'firefox-2' command from a terminal perhaps13:05
man05running from terminal gkrellm gives me nothing. same applyies with firefox. I will uninstall kde4 and will reinstall gkrellm. Because i think is something with gtk based apps. Bad means.. how i feel! whings got slow.. In kcontrol i only have an empty folder on the left, networks..13:05
ghostcube8.04 has no libgtk1.2 and libg1.2 anymore13:06
ct529ghostcube: yes kcontrol is much better13:06
ghostcubect529: yep all options easily accesable13:06
ct529ghostcube: we should start a "ban systemsettings AND reintroduce kcontrol" movement13:06
ghostcubeyep we should13:06
ct529ghostcube: cinex: I do actually have kcontrol. Why don't you?13:07
ghostcubect529: on 3.59 is have it on 4.03 afaik there is no more kcontrol13:07
ct529ghostcube: not anymore or not yet?13:07
ghostcubect529: it should be taken out as i read the pr for kde413:08
=== rootniyaz is now known as MrShady
ct529ghostcube: and substituted with what????13:09
ct529ghostcube: bleah!13:10
* ct529 rebooting13:10
man05"Removing linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic" mm.. maybe i shouldn't sudo aptitude remove kde4-core kdm-kde4 !!13:12
cinexanyone have any problems with cpu stepping in 8.04 ?13:12
cinexim asking to see if its a common problem13:12
TheCobraDoes anybody can help me with my troubles on my graphic controller?13:13
man05gtk-qt-engine-kde4 might also be the problem for the gtk applications when i run them from kde 3.x ..13:15
=== fideas` is now known as fideas
sigma_1234when will kde4.1 alpha be ready for download?13:21
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment13:24
ghostcubeTheCobra: what version13:26
flaccidhey whats that program to view .chm files?13:26
vbgunzpython is loosely and weakly typed? in other words, no declaring before hand and names aren't stuck into a particular type?13:27
Davieyno, as in there is little notion OF type13:29
flaccidwhere is ubotu13:30
kenoxi am using kubuntu 8.04 kde413:30
kenoxi am not able to hear anything13:31
kenoxit was working when i installed the os13:31
ghostcubeopen kmix13:31
ghostcubeand check that u dont have set pcm to 0 or master to 013:32
kenoxpcm to 0?13:32
ghostcubeif u open kmix13:32
ghostcubeu have the ability to adjust all chans13:33
ghostcubemaybe a prog is using pcm for voulme instead of mater13:33
kenoxdid you mean unmute it?13:33
ghostcubeso if u edit with main kmix master and amarok is using pcm and u mute amarok u wont hear anything13:33
ghostcubepcm and master never mute13:33
kenoxits not muted13:33
ghostcubehmm ok the easy part is gone then :D13:34
ghostcubeopen up systemsettings and restart the sound server13:34
kenoxi cant even hear the system sounds13:34
ghostcubetry if u can here the sample sounds13:34
kenoxhow to restart?13:35
ghostcubeit should be an option in soundsystem settings13:35
kenoxcant see13:35
kenoxeven juk was working13:35
ghostcubei have no kde4 so im a bit lost now13:35
kenoxbut i changed something13:36
kenoxand now its not working13:36
ghostcubethe output plugin13:36
kenoxand i dont know what13:36
kenoxnot plugin13:36
kenoxphonon has various backends13:36
kenoxi tried to install a new one13:37
kenoxbut failed13:37
man05I uninstalled kde4 and alla packages involved. still gtk apps wont run :(.. and systemsettings as well..13:37
wassiUpdated to Kubuntu 8.04 yesterday and I've got a little problem...13:41
wassimy laptop daemon is configured to shut down my computer once I close it...13:41
wassithe problem is that it thinks my computer is closed all the time (but worked fine in 7.10)13:42
wassithus the powermanagment applet turns off my computer as soon as it started13:42
wassiHow can I stop it from autostarting on startup ?13:42
cool_walking_wassi: remove the config file so it doesn't shut down.13:46
wassicool_walking: Where do I find it ?13:48
cool_walking_Probably in ~/.kde/share/apps/<appname>13:49
cool_walking_if it's a kde app that is13:49
vbgunza leading double underscore on a name within a class name mangles it into _class__name correct? what convention does a single underscore serve?13:50
Picivbgunz: Probably best to ask that in whatever language channel you are using13:51
tgreerafternoon all13:55
wassicool_walking: seems it's not... at least I couldn't find anything there...13:56
tgreerwas just wondering if anyone knew how to bind a key to the right mouse button in kde?13:56
vbgunzdamn, I keep asking in the wrong channel :(13:59
cool_walking_wassi: You could try just renaming your entire .kde directory, then logging back in.14:00
wassiwouldn't that destroy all my kde settings ?14:00
=== ubuntu_ is now known as CubaCola
cool_walking_wassi: Yes, but I guess it might help you with this issue, then you could copy back all the settings you're sure you want.14:03
=== willis_ is now known as Dr_Willis
wassicool_walking: but how would I know which settings I can copy back and which would destroy my system _again_ ?14:06
wassiIs there no way of configuring the programs which start on startup ?14:06
wassiI never used this powermanagment daemon....14:06
cool_walking_Perhaps just "aptitude purge <appname>"14:07
cool_walking_That should remove the power management thing, _and_ it's config, so you can install it again later if you want.14:07
wassicool_walking: seems like a good idea, but I don't know its name...14:09
hexidigitalHi everyone. This is probably a FAQ, but I tried playing a DVD with Kaffeine, and it prompted me to install libdvdcss.  However, the package is not found on kubuntu.org.  Any suggestions where I can get it?14:10
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs14:10
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:10
hexidigitalThanks, SlimeyPete ... forgot about the bot ;)14:10
* stdin nick names the bot "Two T's"14:11
cool_walking_wassi:  It could be kpowersave or kde-guidance-powermanager14:11
SeicherlBoBHow can i redetect the hardware at runtime? The problem is, that i don't have USB-Ports or network interfaces when docking my laptop while running. Can i force a redetection?14:13
sam__i have nvidia card on 8.04 - one user on pc uses restricted drivers and is O.K, I can't get the other user to use restricted drivers?14:13
Dr_Willissam__,  Hmm.. if the first 'sudo capable' user set up the system to use the restricted drivers then everyone is using them...14:15
sam__thats what I thought - but isn't happening !!14:16
SlimeyPetesam__: the drivers are initialised before login14:16
SlimeyPeteso it *shouldn't* make any difference who logs in O.14:16
SlimeyPetewhat are the symptoms, exactly?14:16
sam__bad resolution on one user - and system settings say  its using standard geforce 614:17
SlimeyPetehow weird. It might be worth checking the logs in /var/log/14:18
SlimeyPetethe xorg log, specifically14:18
SlimeyPetesee if there are errors printed when the second user logs in14:18
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:19
Dr_WillisUnder KDE - each user CAN have their own resolution setting.14:20
Dr_Willisthats not the same as them not using the restricted-drivers :)14:20
sam__it says 1028x724 - but it  clearly isn't. even changing the resolution doesn't actually change it14:21
Dr_WillisNo idea on that then...14:22
sam__http://pastebin.com/m665d9783  thats the last part of log14:23
sam__I've tried removing the user and then recreating too14:23
sam__and rm .kde14:24
SlimeyPetesam__: log looks alright, though nvidia errors are usually further up14:25
sam__I'll try creating a random user, see if that has trouble too14:27
ejdI've just enabled translucency for kde and it has made the taskbar partially translucent... anyone know how to make it fully opaque again?14:31
icewatermanwhen launching thunderbird i get this non-fatal error: (thunderbird-bin:6695): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.14:34
icewatermansame happens with pretty much any gtk application i use14:35
danukhola gente ???14:35
kalorinI wish that browsers would be able to figure out how to have a setting for items to time out when loading a page14:37
RurouniJonesIs there a way to disable onboard laptop speakers when a headset is plugged into the lineout? Windows does it automatically and I would lik ekubuntu to do the same14:37
kalorinie. if I don't start to get an image in this many seconds, just display the page without it14:37
kalorinand stop trying, and stop hanging up on it14:37
cool_walking_Why don't you just have it start rendering the page instantly? There's a about:config setting for that.14:38
danukanione girl here from usa ????????????''14:38
cool_walking_uhm.. no14:38
cool_walking_I don't know about konqueror14:38
kalorinso far I'm not very impressed14:38
kalorinwith konqueror14:38
kalorinbut firefox is tunneling via ssh to my house for a proxy so that they can't see waht i'm surfing at work :)14:39
icewatermanfixed my error14:39
kalorinwhich then makes it too slow to download with :)14:39
Picidanuk: This is a support channel. Not a dating channel.14:39
kalorinpici, what are you doing tonight?14:39
polysiliconwhen I do apt-get update, some URLs are preceded by IGN and some are by HIT. What is the meaning of IGN?14:47
polysilicondoes it mean apt failed to retrieve the package index?14:47
gnomefreakpolysilicon: IGN is ignore14:47
gnomefreakpolysilicon: depending on what ones they are its normal14:48
gnomefreakpolysilicon: it doesnt look like any official hardy repos are using IGN atm14:49
polysilicongnomefreak, does it mean my sources are already the latest version?14:49
gnomefreakpolysilicon: no it means it skipping them for some reason14:50
gnomefreakif you look further down do they end up getting hit or get?14:50
polysilicongnomefreak, all the ign lines are ending in `Translation-en_IN`14:51
gnomefreakpolysilicon: thats is fine nothing wrong with that14:51
polysiliconbut the same source without Translation-en_IN, is getting hit before ign appears14:52
gnomefreakpolysilicon: thats good as long as the source is getting hit+get its all good14:52
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rancedoes anybody know if this is possible on the livecd:  I dont want to install, I want to commuicate with the serial port.  I want to setup a "dummy" serial device and simulate the output of the real device thats being simulated.  The PC at the other end of the null modem cable is getting new custom software, and we need to test various inputs to make sure the system responds correctly, possible?14:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as v6lur
jb_ukyup s/be ok in the live version - dial up or netweorking14:56
v6lurany ideas why bluetooth mouse doesn't work when booting from kubuntu hardy live cd?14:57
jb_uklaptop or desktop?14:57
v6lurit works on installed hardy environment14:57
jb_ukif laptop you may need to ectivate the bluetooth option (ala hp)14:57
v6lurbluetooth service is running14:57
jb_ukthey are paired? or what happens if you try?14:58
v6lurand kbluetooth keeps showing popups "connected to bluetooth travel mouse"14:58
jb_ukthey are paired? or what happens if you try?14:58
v6lurbut it doesn't find it, when i try to pair it14:58
jb_ukok any other bluetooth gizmos ?14:58
jb_ukor just your mouse?14:59
v6lurcell phone14:59
jb_ukcan u pair that?14:59
SeicherlBoBHow can i redetect the hardware at runtime? The problem is, that i don't have USB-Ports or network interfaces when docking my laptop while running. Can i force a redetection?14:59
v6luroh, haven't tried any else yet14:59
jb_uktry itv while u r here ;)14:59
jb_ukto prove if you bt port working ok14:59
jb_ukbt = bluetooth14:59
v6lurkbluemon sees the phone15:00
jb_ukand pairs?15:00
downhill_the new Kubuntu 8.04 LTS seems very polished compared to past releases15:01
jb_ukhow old young is your bt mouse?15:01
* jb_uk agrees 8.04 = brilliant :)15:01
* jb_uk uses ubuntu (gnome though :)15:02
downhill_but is anybody having major, major issues with using the latest ATi drivers (--buildpkg Ubuntu/hardy method) from ati.com?15:02
downhill_Gnome should die in a fire.15:02
jb_ukati = awkward ;)15:02
jb_uklol gnome = excellent15:02
downhill_AMD/ATi has changed a lot15:02
v6lura year and a half, i guess15:02
v6lurand i can transfer files to phone ok15:02
jb_ukcould be you have an old protocol type of mouse - I suspect it defaults to paqiring key = 0000   ?15:03
jb_ukah!! goiod so your bt port working good :)15:03
v6lurno idea - how do i check that?15:03
downhill_I hope both KDE 3.5 and Gnome die a horrible, slow, painful death once KDE 4.1 comes out.15:03
jb_uki see you are open minded downhill :))15:03
jb_uktry to piar using the 0000 pass key15:03
downhill_since that's related to my comments... heh15:03
downhill_open-mindedness doesn't mean "accept everything"15:04
downhill_anyway, I'm not trying to troll here15:04
v6lurhmm, how do i do that?15:04
downhill_I'm enjoying Kubuntu 8.04 LTS :)15:04
jb_uklol been with this before linux when you have unix and xenix - X-Windows was a very expensive luxury :) however I love gnome also15:04
jb_ukcan you @force pair@ v6lur?15:05
downhill_Direct X rapes OpenGL.15:05
downhill_I'm a realist, not a fanboy of anything.15:05
stdin!language | downhill_15:05
ubottudownhill_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:05
v6lurjb_uk, how can i do that?15:05
Zetmy problem is the following: I upgraded to 8.04, and now whenever I login to KDE I get a window that says: "You are running low on disk space on your home partition (currently 1% free), would you like to run Konqueror to free some disk space and fix the problem?". when I click on any button in this window, nothing happens. it is completely frozen. the only way to close it is xkill. what's going on?15:05
ubuntu_sziasztok van it valaki aki magyar?15:06
downhill_oh boy15:06
* jb_uk is not a boy - in fact has grandsons probably older than you ;)15:06
gvvhow can play quake 4 in kubuntu???15:06
downhill_I didn't call you a boy? lol15:06
downhill_gvv: download the Linux installer from the idsoftware website (torrents are available from there) and run that...15:06
jb_uktry wine gvv15:06
downhill_with the disc in15:06
RurouniJonesWhere can you set it so that the panel at the bottom only displays progams on the current desktop?15:06
downhill_why? it's natively available for Linux.15:06
downhill_s/natively availble/available natively/15:07
downhill_I give up on spelling :P15:07
gvvyes but when i want play, the system say what exist a error15:08
downhill_gvv: paste the error to http://slexy.org and paste us back the resulting URL so we can read it15:08
downhill_it's probably complaining about PulseAudio or something.15:09
downhill_but let's be sure15:09
downhill_gvv: are you a serious gamer?15:09
polysilicondownhill_, do you really like kde4 over kde3?15:10
downhill_s/do you/will you/15:10
downhill_it's not done yet, so there's no telling yet15:10
=== davide is now known as davide_
polysiliconkde4 included in 8.04 is already a stable version of it I think..15:11
polysiliconis it not?15:11
downhill_KDE4 cuts out the middleman crap and launches us out of 1985 via catapault.15:11
nosrednaekimits fairly stable, yes15:11
downhill_polysilicon: the _alpha_ just came out, so no. there is no stable version.15:12
rancekde4 has promise, but I'm incredibly torqued that kde took down the kde3 dev documentation when kde4 doesnt even have their own kdevelop working well yet15:12
gvvyes I am a serious gamer, why???15:12
stdindownhill_: the alpha of 4.1, not 4.015:12
downhill_gvv: take some advice from someone who would know, dual boot.15:12
nosrednaekimdownhill_: thats the 4.1 alpha, not the 4.03 release15:12
downhill_stdin: 4.0 is not production-ready.15:12
stdindownhill_: it was released as stable, regardless15:12
downhill_Correct! But it's also "KDE4"15:12
polysiliconby kde4 I meant 4.015:13
downhill_no, not really... technically? sure... but no, it's not stable enough to use in production.15:13
nosrednaekimpolysilicon: yes, that is stable15:13
downhill_I am not a developer15:13
=== besoindeparler is now known as GillesM
=== ubuntu__ is now known as CubaCola
nosrednaekimdunno quite what you mean... I haven't had any part of kde4 crash on me for over 2 weeks15:13
nosrednaekim(excepting kopete)15:14
downhill_it's incomplete! and you're getting awesome mileage then15:14
jhutchins_wkOk: stable: that means it doesn't act unpredictibly, working some of the time but failing too.15:14
downhill_if I remember from oh, a few mins ago, KDE4 discussion goes into #kubuntu-kde415:14
nosrednaekimwell yes, incomplete it is. but unstable, no15:14
wassicool_walking_: Configuration would have been in "~/.kde/share/config/power-managerrc", but I already re-installed the package... Thanks a lot for your help!15:14
wassibye all15:14
jhutchins_wkWe need to use another word for something that predictibly fails on some hardware, that's stable but broken.15:14
jhutchins_wkcompiz is unstable.15:15
downhill_technically it's a "stable" release by your own logic15:15
nosrednaekimroKy ;)15:15
downhill_pick one.15:15
jhutchins_wkkde4 seems to be stable, but is far from a finished working environment.15:15
downhill_how about we all agree it's not done yet.15:15
Faust-Cis kubuntu as stable as ubuntu ?15:16
downhill_actually, we don't neven need to. it's this thing called reality... goes on whether you agree or disagree :P15:16
rancereliably broken is in fact stable, ha, I love it15:16
downhill_Faust-C: sure.15:16
Faust-Ccause im not liking gnome anymore atm15:16
nosrednaekimFaust-C: yes15:16
Faust-Ci find myself using more kde apps15:16
downhill_Faust-C: me too15:16
Faust-Csweet gonna dl iso15:16
downhill_I install a few little gtk things, install wine and yeah... most of it is all Qt stuff15:16
nosrednaekimFaust-C: no need for that15:16
Faust-Cnosrednaekim, o rly15:17
nosrednaekimFaust-C: just run "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"15:17
ranceI really wish trolltech would get their license deal figured out, that way distros wouldnt be so scared of kde15:17
downhill_nosrednaekim: installing kubunt-desktop was a lot of broken BS for me15:17
Faust-Cthats what i had read15:17
nosrednaekimrance: eh? its all firgured out15:17
Faust-Crance, they did its opensource15:17
downhill_Faust-C: the ISO is installable offline. etc, etc15:17
ranceok cool15:17
downhill_good choice to get it.15:17
rancelast I read it wasnt yet15:17
Faust-CDOOM_NX, kk15:17
Faust-Cer downhill_15:17
nosrednaekimFaust-C: hum, it worked fune in gutsy for me (haven't tried thatb method in hardy yet)15:17
Faust-Cyeah im on gutsy atm15:18
nosrednaekimrance: that argument is so 1998 :P15:18
downhill_Faust-C: 8.04 is niiiiiice15:18
Faust-Cdownhill_, awsome im really wanting to get KDE back15:18
downhill_it's screaming fast compared to 7.10 here :) lots less problems as well15:18
downhill_so far, anyway :P15:18
cinexkde4 Faust-C ?15:19
Faust-Cno kde 3 stable15:19
Faust-Ckde4 has a ways to go15:19
* downhill_ bows15:19
cinexits useable15:19
* Faust-C keeps up w/ sw for the most part15:19
downhill_cinex: you're dilusional15:19
Faust-Ccinex, need more than useable15:19
cinexim using it now15:19
Faust-Cthis is my work workstation15:19
nosrednaekimletsnot descend into this discussion again ;)15:19
flaccidi wouldn't mind hearing what is missing in kde4 atm15:19
cinexand as for beign delusional - I have tablets for that15:19
=== dms is now known as dps
cinexflaccid: you cant customise it very much - if at all15:20
flaccidand why is that?15:20
cinexwasn't implemented before the feature freeze15:20
downhill_cinex: welcome to the _REAL_ world: [10:19] <Faust-C> this is my work workstation15:20
cinexyou can run kicker though and have a kde3 taskbar run15:20
flaccidwhat feature is that?15:20
Faust-Cdownhill_, heh15:20
nosrednaekimcinex: that defeats the purpose:P15:20
cinexno it doesn't15:21
downhill_alright, I don't know why it says "ubuntu IRC" then connects you to freenode, but w/e :P15:21
flacciddownhill_: dns15:21
downhill_DNS has absolutely nothing to do with the label they toss in Konversation by default15:21
nosrednaekimdownhill_: like everything else, they had to put their branding on it ;)15:21
downhill_it's ok :)15:21
sam__hello everyone15:21
downhill_just noticed was all :)15:21
flaccidthanks cinex15:21
nosrednaekimI think they run their own server or something... but everything connects to freenode15:22
nosrednaekimhi sam__15:22
flacciddownhill_: thats part of kubuntu distro15:22
downhill_I -know- I just think it's silly15:22
* downhill_ shakes head15:22
sam__is this right place to ask questions about nvidia 8600 GT related compiz problems?15:22
downhill_oooooh you're right! it's not just a label change! it *actually* goes to ubuntu.com15:22
downhill_er irc.ubuntu.com ... I think you got me15:23
nosrednaekimsam__: maybe.... but a better place might be #compiz-fusion15:23
sam__how to go to that place?15:23
flaccidirc.ubuntu.com is an alias for chat.freenode.net.15:23
stdinirc.ubuntu.com is a cname for irc.feenode.net15:23
SeicherlBoBCan someone tell me what this syslog-entry means (it happens after i docked my laptop - docking stations USB ports refuse to work): kernel: [ 4191.408000] PM: Writing back config space on device 0000:02:00.0 at offset f (was ffffffff, writing 10b)15:23
nosrednaekimif you are using konversation, just click on that blue link15:24
downhill_wow, how many times do I have to say that I *KNOW* this, I just think it's silly?15:24
flacciddownhill_: as many as you would like15:24
stdindownhill_: because people are more likely to trust *ubuntu.com than some thing called freenode15:24
man05Hello again, I am downloading the kubuntu alternative cd in order to see if there is an option repaire or something similar in order to rescue a broken system. If there is no option like this, i will try to install over my system. I assume that no data will be lost, except some configuration files or contents of .program directories in home. Is that correct?15:24
skreech_what's the best cli burning tool ?15:25
nosrednaekimman05: a reinstall will wipe everything if you don't have a separate /home15:25
downhill_man05: the alternative disc doesn't have any additional recovery tools I'm aware of.15:25
nosrednaekimman05: back everything up from a liveCD15:25
downhill_what nosrednaekim said, man015:25
downhill_it's always a good idea to put /home on it's own partition15:25
Zetok, now my computer froze completely. I tried to do a cold reboot to the Kubuntu live-cd, but that died of an error message that had something to do with a problem decompressing the filesystem on the CD. then I did a nother cold reboot and tried the feature that checks the integrity of the disc. I got the loading screen for a while, and then a black screen that started repeating the following: "BUG: Soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 11s! [exe:2673]"15:26
downhill_Zet: this is using the final release?15:26
downhill_not some RC/beta/alpha thing?15:26
nosrednaekimZet: do you have a laptop?15:26
Zetit's an AMD64 dual core desktop15:27
downhill_have you check the integrity of the ISO image?15:27
Zetactually no15:27
downhill_that'd be a good starting place.15:27
nosrednaekimZet: ok, then turn the computer off and pull out the power for about 2 minutes15:27
downhill_nosrednaekim: that accomplishes ...what? heh15:27
nosrednaekimZet: I occasionally had this problem with my Turion laptop15:27
Zethow do I check md5 sums in windows?15:27
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto15:28
downhill_Zet: #windows15:28
nosrednaekimdownhill_: I'm actually not sure... that just fixed it for me :P15:28
downhill_hahaha sounds like some strange ritual to me15:28
downhill_pat your head, pull your left leg behind you and squak to make it work15:28
nosrednaekimdownhill_: hey.. w/e works... i'll do :)15:29
downhill_short of discharging some static, no idea what that would help :P15:29
nosrednaekimhello gvv15:29
gvvhi my frend15:30
gvvmy friend15:30
downhill_I can't read shiz in koncersation... I think it's more to do with the vesa driver ...driving than the actual app15:30
downhill_wish me luck :P brb15:30
Zetnosrednaekim: so anyway, is this bug in the Kubuntu (i.e. the kernel?) or my hardware?15:31
nosrednaekimZet: not sure15:32
nosrednaekimhardware I think15:32
Zetwell, the md5sum checks out ok15:32
Zetthe iso is good15:32
downhill_ATi drivers installed without a hitch after I reinstalled Kubuntu :)15:32
latituthe /24 means 0.0.0.*            how to make 0.0.*.*?15:32
downhill_(and re-downloaded the .run installer)15:33
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
llutzlatitu: /1615:33
latituwhats /16 for?15:33
nosrednaekimdownhill_: heh... try loggin out :P15:34
llutzlatitu:  netmask
downhill_nosrednaekim: it works now. 8.4 fixed that15:34
BluesKajhiyas , I have no login page after uninstalling kde4 . I'm logging in at the TTY prompt after this message ," kinit:no resume image, during normal boot."  I'm wondering how to restore the missing step in the boot up.15:34
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: can you go to CTrl+alt+ f2?15:35
latitullutz      means      192.168.*.*   ?15:35
skreech_Shall I assume that wodim is the blessed Is it a busybox login ?15:35
llutzlatitu: yes15:35
latitullutz thx. what is /     for 192.*.*.*    ?15:35
downhill_BluesKaj: that message is irrelevant. what happened is, I think you uninstalled "kdm" as well as KDE4.15:35
llutzlatitu: /815:36
downhill_"kdm" is that log-in manager/screen/"page"/whatever you wanna call it15:36
latitullutz thx !15:36
latitullutz and /4 is for *.*.*.* i gues15:36
downhill_nosrednaekim: you tempt the gods of luck :P I wanna log out now :P haha15:36
MintLarscan someone help me with iPod support in hardy? I can't use it since gutsy --> hardy upgrade.15:38
BluesKajdownhill_, I'm aware of what kdm does , but "kdm is already the newest version" message after trying several times with apt.15:38
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: make sure kdm is installed, then  run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"15:38
nosrednaekimand maybe sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm15:38
man05Since the system broke after upgrading to 8.04, i am thinking following some instructions to downgrade. (remove libx11-6, change sources.list hardy to gutsy, update, install kubuntu desktop). Then i could wait a while and then try to upgrade to 8.04 again. What do you think?15:38
downhill_BluesKaj: hold that thought.15:38
downhill_BluesKaj: do you have an ATi card?15:38
llutzlatitu: http://www.mrhope.com/jargon/n/netmask.htm15:39
nosrednaekimman05: downgrading is gonna break things horribly15:39
latitui just scanned the network  (having 150 computers) as nmap -sP   and it is giving like 500 pcs are online...... why?15:39
downhill_nmap = sexy15:40
atleafter upgrading to 8.04 "system settings" gives a crash report every time i try to start it, anyone else experienced this?15:40
cinexnot me15:40
sam__hi can anyone help me pls ? http://pastebin.ca/100292315:40
atletried about 10 times now, so can't just be random crashes15:40
man05nosrednaekim: It is not actually downgrading, but getting old versions because of the repositories and removing libX11-6.15:40
man05atle : this is one of my issues after upgrading15:41
atleman05: found a solution?15:41
man05atle: does run -> kcontrol works for you?15:41
Zetthis suggests the CPU lockup bug has something to do with a restricted wlan driver, but my computer doesn't have wlan at all https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/6341815:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 63418 in linux-source-2.6.20 "CPU soft lockup during boot if ipw3945 kill switch is on" [High,Fix released]15:42
atleman05: haven't thought about that before, but it does!15:42
man05atle: running kcontrol doesn't work for me.. :(15:42
BluesKajyup, sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm , did the trick ..right on nosrednaekim :)15:42
man05atle: nice, i always liked kcontrol more!15:43
downhill_Here's a professional question, "Are there official training lessons available for Kubuntu? Resources such as video tutorials, an introductory to the desktop, getting around, etc."15:43
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: :)15:43
* BluesKaj makes a note for the CLI cmnd text file15:43
SeicherlBoBHow can i redetect the hardware at runtime? The problem is, that i don't have USB-Ports or network interfaces when docking my laptop while running. Can i force a redetection?15:43
atleman05: hmm, strange, maybe two different bugs then..15:43
nosrednaekimdownhill_: there is an OpenWeek topic on that... friday I think15:44
man05nosrednaekim the guide is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=623058 It is marked solved. This is not the problem i have, but the ability to 'downgrade'15:44
downhill_nosrednaekim: Excellent.15:44
atlehmm.. no, kcontrol and systemsettings are two different things?15:44
nosrednaekimcheck out the schedule in the link in the topic15:44
downhill_nosrednaekim: What's your "must have" app? :)15:44
downhill_will do15:44
man05atle: they load the same modules i think, but not the same program15:45
atlemkay, still strange systemsettings crashes, and in your case kcontrol too..15:45
nosrednaekimdownhill_: bash :)15:45
nosrednaekimand pythn15:45
Faust-Cwhats a pretty fast mirror for download15:46
Faust-Cnosrednaekim, zsh ftw btw15:46
downhill_go back to Slackware, silly15:46
nosrednaekimdownhill_: forgot to mention... apt :)15:46
downhill_slapt-get :P j/k15:46
man05atle: in my case kcontrol is opening with only one empty folder on the left named networks!15:46
man05downhill_ : if i had the time i would move back to gentoo :) emerge !15:47
nosrednaekimnah, I used slack for years15:47
atleman05:  hmm.. strange, i tried to google for a solution, but no answer15:47
downhill_nosrednaekim: as a buddy of mine put it, "Compiling something that's been compiled to run on billions of machines like yours is a waste of time." (or was it compiling it millions of times instead of once? either way...)15:47
downhill_man05, atle: mark kcontrol for reinstall then try it again15:48
man05atle , i had this thing from the previous version. In the lost & found in k menu, i can find all the modules of kcontrol!15:49
atledownhill_: same applies for systemsettings then i guess? kcontrol works fine here..15:49
atleman05: in lost&found?15:49
downhill_atle: sure.15:50
man05downhill_:tried both kcontrol and kde-systemsettings. Also tried to delete .kde from my home and root's !15:50
atledownhill_:  will try that then15:50
downhill_it's a shot in the dark, but can fix it if the files got corrupt/deleted/whatever15:50
man05atle : yes Kmenu->Lost&found.15:50
atleman05: i have "Audio Encoding", "Network Connections" and "Storage Media Notifications" there..15:52
atleand adept manager won't start (another process is using the db...)15:53
nosrednaekimatle: you can also run them from the command line with "kcmshell sectionname"15:53
nosrednaekimand you can get a list of sections with "kcmshell --list"15:54
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:54
man05downhill_ : there are multiple problems after the upgrade. There is no hardware failure. (In the past i had hd failure.)15:54
downhill_somehow I don't think Ubuntu killed your HDD, bud15:55
man05nosrednaekim:When I kcmshell --list, i get no results..15:55
atlewish i'd stuck with 7.10 for a while longer..15:55
atlethings like this are annoying15:55
nosrednaekimman05: well, there you go... all the modules are uninstalled15:56
man05downhill_ : i'm pretty sure it is a software problem15:56
KR-datahow do I make java work in Firefox 3? It worked fine before I upgraded to 8.0415:56
man05nosrednaekim : I kmenu -> lost & Found -> accessibility and I get the module (with title: Configure: KDE Control Module) !15:57
BluesKajatle, did you previously update after the adept notifier message saying you had updates available ?15:57
reagleBRKLNwhich package controls "/usr/src/linux" i'm trying to build vmware and it doesn't find that directory15:57
BluesKajatle,, there's a bug in the adept notifier which tries to update amarok and some other apps even tho they are already the newest versions15:58
=== fideas` is now known as fideas
man05so, any  thoughts? would you do it? past message follows:16:00
man05Since the system broke after upgrading to 8.04, i am thinking following some instructions to downgrade. (remove libx11-6, change sources.list hardy to gutsy, update, install kubuntu desktop). Then i could wait a while and then try to upgrade to 8.04 again. What do you think?16:01
stdindowngrading is not supported16:01
tgreeri was wondering if anyone could assist. I have kubuntu-kde4 on my macbook pro. I'm looking to map a ket (keycode 115) to act as the right mouse button. any ideas?16:01
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts16:02
Lynoureman05: What is the problem that is making you want to downgrade?16:02
joh6nnanyone know what the hell /usr/uns/lib is?16:03
man05Lynoure systemsettings crash at once, some gtk apps have probs (lake epiphany). Boot time problems, /network/interfaces configuration file remained the same but cannot be proccessed. I can feel my system unstable..16:04
joh6nnthat sounds like a failed update. : (16:05
nosrednaekimlater guys.....16:05
Lynoureman05: I'd even rather recommend reinstalling (without formatting) over the existing install than trying to downgrade16:06
atleBluesKaj: hmm..i've had no notifications of updates via adept scince i updated to 8.04 on friday16:07
joh6nnman05: yeah, i'm with Lynoure on that one.  downgrading will almost definitely *not* help16:07
benjaminhi, I'v installed kubuntu 8.04, firefox 2 and 3. But how do i start firefox 2? any ideas?16:07
man05Lynoure, joh6nn: Because of the interfaces at boot, i have problem booting because i need to mount nfs.. i have to login and manually set the address of eth0:0. But if i install over the existing system, wouldn't i lose files?16:08
latitu$ nmap -sP16:08
latituStarting Nmap 4.53 ( http://insecure.org ) at 2008-04-30 20:07 PKT16:08
latituStrange error from connect (105):No buffer space available16:08
joh6nnman05: you'd lose any configurations you'd customized, so you'd need to back those up, yes.16:08
BluesKajatle,ok , was checking to make sure adept notifier wasn't stuck , running in the background16:08
man05so i am not loosing my home? there is an option, not formatting?16:09
joh6nnman05: yeah, there's an option not to format /home16:09
atleBluesKaj: running "sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a" now16:09
atle"This may take some time"x1016:10
man05But /home doesn't rely on a different partition. (stupid me)16:10
latituwhats wrong16:10
joh6nnman05: oh. then you're out of luck16:10
joh6nni think16:10
melkartwill there (probably) be a point release of 8.04 with kde 3.5.9?16:11
KR-dataI can't get my homebanking module work in Firefox 3, anyone who can help?16:11
stdinmelkart: 8.04 has 3.5.9 now16:11
BluesKajatle, right ..that's the cmnd , then run,  ' sudo dpkg --configure -a '16:11
melkartstdin: i know... i meant... another bug-fix release after the release, in a month or so... like it was done for dapper16:12
atleah, sweet, now adept starts at least ;)16:13
stdinmelkart: there will be point releases of 8.04, yes16:13
atleso, i should try to re-install systemsettings then?16:13
man05joh6nn , i don't know if waiting and doing the updates will help me on that.. i think apt will not understand what is broken.. so backup and reinstalation seems to be the only way.16:13
melkartstdin: thank you16:13
joh6nnman05: that's usually the best course, yeah16:13
hexidigitalyay for wpa_supplicant 'just working'16:13
joh6nnman05: and you've learned the extremely important lesson of separate partitions. ; )16:14
hexidigitalerm.. sorry, wrong channel16:14
man05atle : how did you manage?16:14
Lynourehexidigital: still nice to hear :)16:14
atleman: manage what?16:14
hexidigitalLynoure:  :)16:14
man05joh6nn : you can guess my partition scheme now!16:14
atlegetting adept manager to work?16:14
joh6nnman05: not a bad idea to have a tiny partition for /boot, either16:15
man05atle, sorry mistake. adept still works for me :)16:15
BluesKajman05, sometimes using synaptic/edit /"fix broken packages"  will help too16:15
atlebut gtg, i'll check in later16:15
man05BluesKaj, i don't have that option16:15
man05wait, that was a joke ..16:16
man05jah6nn: Thinking about /boot,swap,/,/home .. in that order..16:16
man05even though i don't really use swap16:16
hydrogenthere is no need for a separate /boot.16:17
man05hudrogen: Is it only for security reasons, wouldn't that speed up the boot proccess?16:18
llutzman05: not at all16:18
man05BluesKaj : yes, there is that option, but doesn't find anything.16:19
BluesKajman05, ok ..it's worth a shot sometimes16:19
joh6nnman05: that's basically the partition layout i have.  looks good. :)16:19
man05maybe i won't use /boot.. :) i also want another partition.. + i want to limit to the 4 primary16:20
llutzman05: why primary?16:20
man05BluesKaj : it does :) thnx16:20
man05llutz: i don't know.. it is something inside me..16:20
latituiam trying to shift to wireless tech. i have a local isp for my town. how much will it be cosly that traditional wireed lan ? and i think it wil be more good as no wires gives less maintanance and more secure?16:20
hexidigitalwireless is never more secure than wired16:21
hexidigital(unless i misread what you said)16:21
latituhm. why16:22
JuJuBeeI have a question about new release...I use ATI 9600 Mobility in my laptop and the proprietary drivers to get dual head setup working.  Does 8 handle the AIT card better?  Will I need the prop. drivers still?16:22
hexidigitallatitu:  because, with wires, you have more control over who connects.  in wireless, it is easily crackable.16:22
hexidigitallatitu:  the most reliable, most secure kind of network is fiber16:23
llutzhexidigital: good luck with "easy cracking" wpa216:23
hexidigitals/network/network\ medium16:23
hexidigitalllutz:  well, ok. not so much 'easy' with wpa2, but still possible16:23
hexidigitalllutz:  most 'home' users don't even lock down their networks, let alone use wpa/wpa216:24
hydrogensaves me a lot of money each month16:24
llutzhexidigital: sure, but it's quite easy to connect/listen to a wired network too, if wires are accessable in public areas16:24
llutzhexidigital: those are idiots16:24
* hexidigital agrees16:24
BluesKajJuJuBee, in my experience Hardy has better support for ATI cards than previous drivers ...I have an elcheapo X200G onboard and the restricted driver does 3D and DRI , after installing the driver at the prompt after the first bootup16:24
man05Will start backing up.. (But i will also try to downgrade after the backup (so i can lose some more time away from my university) :D16:25
JuJuBeeBluesKaj : thanks for the info.16:28
JuJuBeeI am nearing the end of school and will upgrade *after* all students are gone and grades are done... ;)16:29
BluesKajhope it works for you JuJuBee..gonna try the restricted driver?16:29
JuJuBeeNot sure.  Try without first.16:29
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atleBluesKaj: was it you who suggested to reinstall systemsettings?16:37
BluesKajatle, not me16:40
JoshOvkihey BlueKaj16:40
atlei'll try it anyways ;)16:40
BluesKajatle, I've never heard of that16:41
ehtAnyone knows about Hardy for PS3 ?16:41
atleheard of what? systemsettings?16:41
ehtDoes ot exist ?16:42
ubottuFactoid mencoder not found16:43
atleseems like i have this bug, only in 8.04, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-systemsettings/+bug/11428616:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 114286 in kde-systemsettings "systemsettings crash in Gutsy Gibbon" [High,Fix released]16:43
alanxwhat's up people!16:52
alanxhere it's so quiet?16:52
geniialanx: Quiet can be good :)16:53
atlehmm.. then it works..16:53
alanxI think is boring16:53
Signilshuld I make any backups be4 upgrading to kde4? I am on feisty16:55
JoshOvkiSignil: nah, from kde3 to 4 shouldnt be a problem because its essentialy a program16:55
JoshOvkiupgrading from feisty to hardy you should backup (at a later date i guess that will be)16:56
lmgsalut à tous16:59
lmgje suis en train d'effectuer la mise à jour de gusty vers hardy16:59
lmgcependant, une fenetre s'est affichée à propos de la configuration de gproftpd16:59
jussio1!fr | lmg17:00
ubottulmg: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr17:00
lmgpar erreur, j'ai cliqué sur lancer un shell pour examiner la situation17:00
lmgoops sorry ^^17:00
lmgso... good bye ;)17:00
hexidigitalanyone know off hand if Kmail caches IMAP mail headers automagically?  (I have lots of GMail, and some folders take forever initially)17:02
RurouniJonesHmm, I have a strange US keyboard layout here. I think it is US intl but everytime i use the ´ or ¨ keys I have to press them twice to get them to make quotes or double quotes. If I hit once then a letter I get strange stuff like á17:03
RurouniJonesAnyone know how to make it a bog standard english keyboard again?17:04
JoshOvkisystem settings  > reginol & languages > keyboard layout17:04
RurouniJonesyeeess.....then waht?17:05
JoshOvki(sorry about the bad spelling)17:05
JoshOvkiEnable Keyboard Layout17:05
RurouniJonesI have tried every variation of the US keyboard layout and nothing appears to work17:05
JoshOvkiRurouniJones: you going to US or UK keyboard?17:05
JoshOvkii only have one US  type showing here17:06
RurouniJonesThee is a layout variants box17:06
RurouniJonesAha. got it!17:07
JoshOvkiDefault ?17:07
RurouniJonesBasica variant with a 105key intl keyboard setting17:07
JoshOvkiah kk :)17:07
RurouniJonesit was 104 before. I never messed with those17:08
RurouniJones"Oh my sweet glorious standard 'quotes' and doublequotes"17:08
geniiRurouniJones: Please pastebin the result of command:   locale17:08
RurouniJonesgenii: Sorted it now, but everything is en_GB for curiosities sake17:10
RurouniJonesen_GB.UTF8 to be specific17:10
RurouniJonesI am a Brit living in Japan with an American keyboard layout...17:11
nosrednaekimI think that could only be more complicated if you were living in Aus ;)17:11
* RurouniJones goes back to posting "It is spelt 'honoUr' you heathens!" on forums with normal quotes now17:13
nosrednaekimwell well.... thats a colOrful occupation17:14
cheese_is anyone here17:20
cheese_have you update or install kubuntu8.04?17:21
cheese_kde3 or 417:22
nosrednaekimthough I mostly use 417:22
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alanxok, guys I am off, be good17:24
wesleyHow is the kernel file most times called ?17:24
llutzwesley: the file? vmlinuz17:25
wesleyokay thats17:25
tarek_hi poeeps17:26
nosrednaekimhello tarek_17:26
tarek_i have downloaded the official nvidia drivers from nvidia.com and installed it correctly17:27
sparr__the upgrade to firefox 3 is somewhat annoying because my most important addon does not work there yet17:27
nosrednaekimtarek_: why? they are in the repositories17:28
tarek_the problem is that when i configure the settings to 1024x21280 it only keeps the settings till i restart the system and it is back to its default resolution17:28
tarek_problem is that i have an onboard graficcard17:28
tarek_and i have to compile everything17:28
tarek_and it worked on my other machine well17:29
tarek_but on this one it doesnt17:29
tarek_nosrednaekim: maybe you can tell me what is wrong17:29
nosrednaekimsparr__: did you put "Driver   'nvidia'" in your xorg.conf?17:29
sparr__tarek_: ^^17:30
tarek_sparr: what is so funny?17:30
nosrednaekimyeah.. :P17:30
=== alexbe01 is now known as Daisuke_Laptop
nosrednaekimsparr__: try installing firefox-217:30
sparr__tarek_: that wasnt a smiley, it was two up-arrows17:30
sparr__thanks nosrednaekim17:31
tarek_anyway what is the solution17:31
nosrednaekimtarek_: did you put "Driver 'nvidia'" in your xorg.conf?17:32
tarek_it is there17:33
sparr__can someone explain the dichotomy between kde4 and firefox3 in terms of inclusion in 8.04?17:33
nosrednaekimok.. tarek_, then get the nvidia-settings package17:33
nosrednaekimsparr__: well, they are completel;y different reasons17:33
nosrednaekimactually, opposite :P17:33
sparr__why?  both are in beta stages, both will be mature soon and supported throughout the LTS period17:34
nosrednaekimsparr__: the greatest problem people had with dapper was firefox being too old (1.5) so they put the beta into hardy17:34
nosrednaekimOTOH, KDE4 was allowed into hardy, and rid Kubuntu of the LTS label17:35
nosrednaekim(in short)17:35
BluesKajsparr__, FF3 is included as the default browser with kubuntu period17:35
sparr__BluesKaj: hence my question17:36
sparr__why FF3 and not KDE4?17:36
nosrednaekimeh? firefox is on the kubuntu liveCD?17:36
BluesKajcuz kde4 isn't ready for prime time on some setups17:36
sparr__neither is firefox 317:37
nosrednaekimsparr__: firefox 3 is a small program compared to KDE4 which is a huge change from kde317:37
BluesKajnosrednaekim, dunno for sure but it's in the Hardy repos17:37
sparr__nosrednaekim: that is a plausible explanation17:37
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: right.17:37
makdaknifemoronic IMHO. it just doesn't make sense to push beta software as part of a distro... when things break it looks bad for the distribution17:37
slothany wiki's available to find drivers for a broadcom wifi card?17:38
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:38
BluesKajI upgrade by netinstall and FF3 B5 is the default FF17:38
nosrednaekimyeah... me too17:38
tarek_nosrednaekim: done now what? restart kde?17:38
nosrednaekimtarek_: mess around with the settings in there... that should set the resolution permanantly17:39
sparr__makdaknife: i disagree17:40
sparr__people will be installing 8.04 for years17:40
sparr__and six months from now (presumably), FF3 will be stable17:40
sparr__id rather have six months of slightly buggy firefox than 2.5 years of outdated firefox17:41
makdaknifesparr__: sure, but it should be a no-brainer to have the firefox package point to the firefox3 package when it is released17:41
jhutchins_wkHow about twenty years of buggy, outdated firefox?17:41
makdaknifejhutchins_wk: heh heh17:42
jhutchins_wkI swear there are bugs in the history functions that I reported on mosaic.17:42
tinelhi all17:42
sparr__i have trouble with these arguments mostly because i dislike ubuntu's release system in general17:42
jhutchins_wkkonqueror for me when I can get it.17:42
sparr__ive got debian unstable in my repos list once again, because i know i can't pull packages from ubuntu+1 for at least a few months17:42
makdaknifesparr__: microsoft would be taken to task if it released a new version of Windows with a beta version of IE as the default browser17:43
sparr__makdaknife: firefox is not the default browser in kubuntu17:43
makdaknifesparr__: but in ubuntu?17:43
sparr__but...  one might contend that pre-SP2, IE 6 was still in beta  :)17:44
tineldoes anyone know how to install kubuntu 7.10 on a usb 4gb key? Thank you all17:44
sparr__tinel: point the installer at it?17:44
makdaknifesparr__: heh fair point17:44
tinelhehe, sure but the system will install gru loader17:44
sparr__makdaknife: in which case being willing to LABEL it a beta is a plus17:44
tineli need to load kubuntu from other pc17:44
dwidmanntinel: I don't know, but I've an idea that I'm going to try17:45
sparr__tinel: i believe you need the alternate installer17:45
sparr__i also believe there are guides for this17:45
tinelsure but all the ways seem to be really complicated17:45
makdaknifesparr__: I just feel that for new people trying out the distribution for the first time... its a little bit sad if the browser doesn't work with all of the extensions etc that people expect it to work with17:45
makdaknifesparr__: anyway... I guess this discussion doesn't really belong in this channel17:46
sparr__makdaknife: cant be helped, plenty of FF1.5 extensions still dont work with FF217:46
makdaknifesparr__: fairy nuff17:46
dwidmanntinel: if I can force my idea to work it won't be complicated, then again I don't know if it will work or not17:47
tineli'm leaving, thanks for the support17:47
tarek_nosrednaekim: how do i start it?17:48
tarek_nosrednaekim: how do i start it?17:49
jessica_how do i restart my sound17:52
nosrednaekimjessica_: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart17:53
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zorglu_q. im planing to install kubuntu8.04, how stable is it up to now ?18:03
hexidigitalzorglu_:  very stable18:03
zorglu_ok thanks18:04
sigma_1234stdin: is kde4.1 alpha 1 going to be packaged for kubuntu ?18:05
spantherstill no sound in kubuntu 8.04 :(18:05
stdinif dasKreech has anything to do with it18:06
sigma_1234stdin: what do you mean? and is it any better than 4.0.3?18:07
nosrednaekimits far better than 4.0.3 in features... instability i'm guessing no :P18:07
sigma_1234spanther: odd. did you have sound in gutsy?18:07
nosrednaekimsigma_1234: daskreech is working on packaging (maybe)18:08
spanthersigma_1234, yep :)18:08
stdinsigma_1234: it won't be in the kde4 PPA, because it needs Qt4.4 and that's not in Ubuntu, but he's trying to get another PPA for it for those that want some excitement18:08
sigma_1234i saw a screenshot tour. it said that only the plasma was unstable18:08
spantherdas <-- german title for "things" :)18:08
spanthersigma_1234, sound hardware is recognized properly but i dont have sound and yes volume bars are up and sound server is enabled :)18:10
sigma_1234why isnt qt4.4 in ubuntu yet in any case?18:11
stdinsigma_1234: because it hasn't been released by trolltech yet18:11
sigma_1234spanther: what card is it?18:11
o0Chris0ohow do I load kdem theme manager?18:12
sigma_1234stdin: how did kde get it then?18:12
stdinbecause they use the snapshots18:12
spanthersigma_1234, its not a card its inside the northbridge/southbridge chipset onboard :) nvidia MCP65 high definition audio controller18:12
sigma_1234i see opensuse has 4.1 in their repos18:13
BluesKajspanther, make sure the ctrls in alsamixer are unmuted , us ethe M key to do so.18:13
stdinthe RC was only released this month18:13
jpatricksigma_1234: intrepid is frozen for toolchain upload18:13
spantherBluesKaj, what has to stay there? marked green 00 or without green marking ?18:14
sigma_1234i also have nvidia. works fine with no config18:15
spanthersigma_1234, lucky one :(18:15
spanthermy nForce520 makes trouble i think18:15
sigma_1234jpatrick: toolchain upload?18:15
spantheroh my god i have sound :D18:16
stdinsigma_1234: the C library, compiler, etc18:16
sigma_1234spanther: did it work in gutsy?18:16
spanthersigma_1234, there were some things still muted after unmuting everything it works now18:16
spanthersigma_1234, yes it did and it does now since i've unmuted things i couldnt unmute at KDE GUI18:16
spanthersigma_1234, alsamixer had bars Kmix didnt had so there were things muted i couldnt see without alsamixer hehe18:18
sigma_1234stdin: i see. is a release schedule of intrepid out? im bored of hardy:) and any chance of kde4 as default in it?18:19
lmgWhy haven't I KDE4 after upgrading kubuntu to hardy?18:20
sigma_1234spanther: yeah alsamixer is handy. i wonder if kubuntu will get pulseaudio18:20
spanthersigma_1234, i never heard about pulseaudio hehe :)18:20
geniilmg: Because kubuntu works with kde3 or kde418:20
sigma_1234its in ubuntu hardy18:20
stdinsigma_1234: if KDE 4.1 is good enough, then possibly18:21
lmgANd how can I have it?18:21
lmgWhat must I do?18:21
stdinto get kde4 install kubuntu-kde4-desktop18:21
spanthersigma_1234, but preload is nice its similiar to superfetch :X18:21
lmgstdin: Is this manip working good or is dangerous?18:22
stdinworks fine for me18:22
lmgWill I have the choice beetween 3 or 4 when loading an user session?18:23
lmgIs it long to install kde4?18:24
sigma_1234its about 100mb18:24
lmgthank you18:24
lmg(and subsidiary question, Is my english good or not? :p)18:25
stdinyour english is fine :)18:25
sigma_1234grammar is a bit off18:26
spantherstdin, and mine? :318:26
teteim from slovak18:26
stdinprobably better than mine, and I *am* english ;)18:26
spanthercool xD18:26
tetewhat is this18:27
lmgI am from France so its quit good (to my mind) that I can speak one or to word of English XD18:27
sigma_1234well in that case your english is dam good18:28
lmgtwo* :p18:28
spantheryou're fine lmg :)18:28
geniilmg: Most native english speakers will not bother to use correct "an user" as you did.18:28
marinosihello..I 've inserted a live cd with KDE4 of Kubuntu Hardy and the fonts are so huge I can 't go forward with the installation..How can that be fixed18:29
lmgthank you spanther and genii :) I try to install kde4 and come back if it don't work18:30
teteAre you speaking about Kubuntu???18:30
spantherkoay but be aware that kde4 is beta18:30
teteand kde18:30
teteKopete is GOOD, because i can chating with my friends18:31
stdinspanther: it's 4.0.3, it's not in beta18:32
nosrednaekimmarinosi: did you try going into system settings and adjusting the size of the fonts18:33
spantherstdin, but i've heard that they have to fix alot of things18:33
lmgBy the way, should I use aptitude or apt-get?18:33
nosrednaekimnot fix... but add features18:33
marinosinosrednaekim: the system is unusable with so huge fonts18:33
teteAre you have Skype in the Kubuntu, kde18:33
stdinlmg: both work18:33
nosrednaekimlmg: use aptitude so you can remove it easily18:33
nosrednaekimnot that you will want to ;)18:34
teteBecause i not18:34
lmgstdin: I know but what is the best?18:34
stdinI tend to use aptitude more18:34
lmgnosrednaekim: ok18:34
stdin!skype | tete18:34
ubottutete: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto18:34
BluesKajspanther, the "00" marking replaces the mute "M" in the ctrl boxes18:35
teteubunttu thank you18:35
tetebecause i have icq in Kopete, but Skype dont18:36
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teteJe tu dakto zo Slovenska??18:37
ubottuŽiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz.18:38
stdinI think...18:39
lmgWhen I want to install kde4, aptitude offerde a lot of solution to resolve a problem, but I didn't Understood what is it about...18:39
stdinlmg: what package are you installing?18:39
lmgIts whit a score like -12, -124...18:39
ubottuFactoid sl not found18:40
stdinlmg: can you post the output to pastebin18:40
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:40
lmgwait a minute18:40
teteubunttu: you is from slavak18:40
hexidigitaldo kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-kde4-desktop conflict?18:40
stdintete: ubottu is a program18:41
ubottuI am ubottu, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new, gorgeous looks in the near future ;)18:41
lmgstdin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8985/18:41
BluesKajaha slobenis is si18:41
stdinhexidigital: no18:41
ubottuFactoid si not found18:41
hexidigitalstdin:  awesome. thanks18:41
hexidigital(didn't want to find out the hard way)18:41
ubottuFactoid slovenia not found18:42
* BluesKaj finally realizes the futility of it all 18:42
teteYou are have kubuntu18:43
stdinlmg: can you try "sudo LANG=C aptitude install kubuntu-kde4-desktop"18:43
lmgok, but can you telle me what is the aim of LANG=C please?18:44
stdinit makes the command print in English ;)18:44
lmgok :D18:44
o0Chris0ohow do I load kde theme manager?18:45
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubotu xfce-themes18:45
navetzhey does anyone here know if using krandtray might be an easy way to get dualscreen working?18:45
o0Chris0ocan't find system >> preferences18:47
stdinlmg: that's ok, it'll just remove packages you aren't usign18:47
stdino0Chris0o: read the kubuntu instructions18:47
leatherdruidcan anyone tell me why I'm getting so much traffic on irqs 12 & 17 ?18:48
lmgBut which of this option should I take?18:48
o0Chris0ostdin: I don't see any kubuntu instructions18:49
stdino0Chris0o: read the 2nd link18:49
navetzwhere can I find krandtray?18:50
navetzI can't find the repos18:50
lmgOk I'll try whith the first one (score of -12)18:50
stdinlmg: try just with apt-get18:51
stdinlmg: aptitude can be a bit annoying with dependencies sometimes18:51
lmgBut somebody told me its not easy to remove packages with it?18:52
stdinremoving kde4 is easy anyway18:52
lmgso, let's go :)18:53
spantherscanning for tv   channels now :)18:53
devnetnavetz: can you try apt-cache search krandtray in a konsole?19:01
navetzdevnet: i have never tried apt-cache, let me give it a go thanks.19:01
JHi, I've got an ACER Aspire 2020 that's having some problems with 8.10 (KDE 3) that's been upgraded to from 7.10.  Log out and shutdown don't work, it just hangs (well, for at least 15 mins which is as long as I left it).  I've tried acpi=force and reboot=b neither helped.  This wasn't an issue under 7.10.  Help?19:02
navetzdevnet: nope nothing19:02
devnetso it's most likely not in any repository you are currently updating from19:02
navetzdevnet: yea I am trying to find the repo, but I cant find it yet19:03
devnetnavetz: you using KDE 4.x?19:03
squid0hello. I'm trying to install kubuntu-kde4 from a CD using apt, but it keeps trying to download the packages from the internet, which is problematic for me19:04
squid0how do I go about this?19:04
navetzdevnet: nope19:04
navetzdevnet: 3,519:04
devnetsquid0: edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to include only the CD, not an internet repository19:04
navetzdevnet: I think it might not be avaliable in any ubuntu repositories19:07
squid0devnet: ok thanks19:07
devnetnavetz: everything I'm seeing says it has been integrated inside kde19:07
stdinsquid0: you can only do that from the alternate CD19:07
squid0stdin: oh drat19:07
squid0adept keeps crashing :(19:07
navetzdevnet: Kubuntu's version of kde is different isnt it?19:08
stdindid you edit your sources.list before it crashed?19:08
devnetnavetz: yes19:08
spantheri cant watch dvb-t after scanning for channels and having all i wanted to play them but now theres a problem "no module found to handle this source (/home/sven/.kaxtv.ts)19:08
llutzhow does swsusp count partitions? it tries to resume from "8:5", it should use /dev/sda519:08
squid0stdin: i'm not sure19:08
devnetsquid0: hit alt-f2, type kdesu kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list, make changes, save, close19:09
squid0how do I install pulse audio? I thought it was installed by default?19:09
stdinonly change it if you know what you're doing, as adept won't start if it's wrong19:09
devnetnavetz: I'm finding that it is part of kcontrol19:09
squid0devnet: ok, but will that allow me to install packages from the kde remix cd?19:09
spantheri install kubuntu-restricted-extras now :)19:10
devnetsquid0: not sure :/  I haven't used kubuntu in years now19:10
* devnet used to be heavy debian though19:10
squid0devnet: you serious? so how come you hang out on this channel? :)19:10
devnetI'm helping navetz19:10
devnethe was on #kde19:10
devnetI came over since no one was answering him19:10
squid0oh that's nice19:11
devnetI just try to help...I love linux...no specific flavor19:11
o0Chris0oI am wondering if someone can help me install this theme called Azenis, I need other appz to do it, but if you can help me. I'll appreciate it, the theme is on kde-look, doesn't give any directions :(19:11
devnetnavetz: I can't find a single resource for installing krandtray...supposedly it's already in KDE 3.5.9 somewhere..19:11
devnetnavetz: you might try looking for it using locate (via konsole)19:12
squid0devnet: when I comment out all but the CD entry in sources.list, and do sudo apt-get update, I see output that says it's ignoring the CD repo19:12
devnetsquid0: strange...is the CD mounted?19:13
stdinkrandrtray is in kcontrol (KDE3) or kdebase-workspace-bin (KDE4)19:13
squid0devnet: no19:13
bipolar$ dpkg -S `which krandrtray`19:13
bipolarkcontrol: /usr/bin/krandrtray19:13
bipolardevnet: ^^19:13
devnet<---no using kubuntu ":D19:14
spantherubuntu archive is slow as hell is this normal? ^^19:14
devnetfor me it's 'conary q krandtray --path'19:14
devnetnavetz: have fun :)  Glad we found the answer :D19:14
* devnet greets the channel19:14
squid0hmm :( I remove all repos in adept, then add the kubuntu remix CD. then reload. but still, kubuntu-kde4-desktop does not show :(19:19
squid0sudo apt-get update gets: Ign cdrom://Kubuntu-KDE4 8.04 _Hardy Heron_ - Release i386 (20080423) hardy/main Translation-en_ZA19:20
squid0stdin: are you sure that this is only possible with the alternate CD?19:21
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kreibwhats annyoing is that shift tab doesnt tab backwards in app selection19:25
lmgstdin: I am back and the installation doesn't work19:25
stdinsquid0: yes19:25
lmgIt had made the connection not working19:26
lmgit put internet off and I don't know why19:26
stdinlmg: try another mirror19:26
lmgBut I am not sure it was the problem, because I was not here19:27
lmgI try again and if it do it again, I will ask you kow ot change mirror :)19:28
navetzdevnet: hey thanks, I had to help my dad so I was gone, and now I have to go again. Thanks19:30
RurouniJonesSo I have SKIM installed, what do I need to do to allow it to switch to Japanese input?19:33
RurouniJonesFor some reason if I add Japanese as a system language some app menus (Amarok I'm looking at you) go half japanese19:33
RurouniJoneseven if the system default is English19:34
lmgstdin: It doesn't work at all19:35
lmgwhat must I do?19:35
at0mixhow would i get restricted drivers to show up? all was fine on 7.10 upgraded to 8.04 and nothing shows.19:37
nosrednaekimat0mix: new one doesn't seem to be working as well at detecting things... what hardware do you have that needs to be configured>19:39
o0Chris0oat0mix: try kmenu >> System >> Hardware Drivers Manager19:40
at0mixi have been through the most obvious things, driver manager and system settings19:40
at0mixsystem settings does not have restricted driver tab19:40
at0mixnvidia geforce video card is what i would like to have working19:41
o0Chris0owhat card you got?19:41
at0mixi was using compiz in 7.1019:41
o0Chris0oI have nVidia 8600 GT19:41
o0Chris0ohave you tried looking on nVidia's website? they might have driver there for linux19:42
nosrednaekimat0mix: install the nvidia-glx package19:42
at0mixi have installed restricted drivers, but i have no way to enable them?19:43
fedenkahi there guyz19:44
fedenkai have one problem with sound19:44
fedenkakubuntu 8.0419:44
fedenkamodprobe snd_hda_intel - error19:44
fedenkacant found module19:45
nosrednaekimand that problem is?19:45
nosrednaekimat0mix: edit your xorg.conf... its quite simple19:45
fedenkait s not workin at all19:45
elTigrehelp! since the last boot I can't play any sound19:45
elTigreand at least KMix doesn't show anything muted....19:46
JHi, I've got an ACER Aspire 2020 that's having some problems with 8.10 (KDE 3) that's been upgraded to from 7.10.  Log out and shutdown don't work, it just hangs (well, for at least 15 mins which is as long as I left it).  I've tried acpi=force and reboot=b neither helped.  This wasn't an issue under 7.10.  Help?19:46
fedenka+1024 same problem with sound19:46
fedenkato eltigra19:46
RurouniJoneshrruuuaagh, now my system is stuck in half-japanese despite the fact I removed it from the languages and even uninstalled the freaking language pack19:46
fedenkano mixers in kmix19:46
zorglu_q. how fact are the .deb server currently ? still redhot ?19:46
nosrednaekimJ: thats got an ATI, no?19:47
Jnosrednaekim: think so, just a sec...19:47
nosrednaekimzorglu_: US severs are pretty fast now19:47
fedenkanosrednaekim, so can you help m?19:47
zorglu_nosrednaekim: ok thanks19:47
Jnosrednaekim: VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]19:48
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:48
nosrednaekimJ: and you installed the ATI restricted driver?19:48
soonHi folks - just ran the update from 7.10 to 8.04. Worked fine, but when I enable the nvidia driver it hangs at boot (rc.local something or other). If I revert to driver "nv" in xorg.conf - it works again ---- any ideas??19:48
elTigrefedenka: did you get any answer here, yet?19:48
nosrednaekimsoon: did you install an nvidia driver manually, or with envy in 7.10?19:48
Jnosrednaekim: is that in the kubuntu-restricted-extras package?19:49
nosrednaekimelTigre: did you just install a new kernel?19:49
fedenka2 hours minus19:49
elTigrenosrednaekim: not conciously19:49
nosrednaekimJ: no... its the xorg-driver-fglrx .... check if thats installed19:49
elTigreI might have19:49
fedenkabut, you right19:49
fedenkahey there some one have trouble with ati?19:49
fedenkai can help19:49
nosrednaekimelTigre:  do you have more than two kernels in your grub boot loader?19:49
fedenkaone kernel19:50
zorglu_installing thru virtualbox :) this virtual thing is really nice :)19:50
nosrednaekimelTigre: try booting the old one19:50
fedenkaapt-get install fglrx - sucks19:50
elTigrehm, don't know... I always used this one19:50
Jnosrednaekim: installed and latest19:50
fedenkait easier to install it by hands19:50
soonnosrednaekim - i dont remember - probably not manually, but dont know19:50
nosrednaekimJ: ok, then let me find that bug... you need to edit a config file by hand... not hard, and it should fix your problem19:50
elTigrewell, then... I think I have to try that.... I will report back if that won't work...19:51
Jnosrednaekim: thanks - I've been searching launchpad but... sigh :)19:51
fedenkacan you help me?19:51
nosrednaekimJ: here ya go https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/118605/19:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 118605 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] freezes upon Logout or Switch user [patch]" [High,In progress]19:51
Jnosrednaekim: many thanks.19:52
zorglu_!ask | fedenka19:52
ubottufedenka: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)19:52
nosrednaekimfedenka: I don't know...i'm not too good with sound issues. fedenkawas it working beforein 8.04?19:52
zorglu_well not that suitable but close :)19:52
Jnosrednaekim: most appreciated :)  Saves me reinstalling all!19:52
fedenkayes it works with 7 1019:52
nosrednaekimfedenka: but when you upgraded, it stopped (or are you still on 7.10)19:53
fedenka8 0419:53
fedenkabut last time i installed 8 04 everything works great19:53
fedenka(i installed 8 04, then formatted hdd, and after again install 8 04)19:54
nosrednaekimfedenka: thats weird.19:54
RurouniJonesHas anyone else noticed a bug whereby if you install the Japanese language pack and DONT have US english added as a language (for example you only have british english added) Then half the system goes Japanese?19:54
sparr__since upgrading to hardy, my audio volume is much lower.  ive maxxed every control in alsamixer and it is still much lower than it used to be.  what can i try next?19:54
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP319:54
sparr__nosrednaekim: those seem less than relevant19:55
fedenkarurounijones, search in adept manager, keyword is kde19:55
nosrednaekimsparr__: right click on kmix and make sure all the channels are enabled19:56
nosrednaekimon the kmix window itself19:56
sparr__nosrednaekim: im not using kmix19:58
elTigrenosrednaekim: didn't work...19:58
elTigrestill no sound19:59
nosrednaekimsparr__: what are you using?19:59
nosrednaekimelTigre: ok.... then try this K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System->hardware->driver->Advanced Linux Sound Architecture20:00
KetrelI'm having a major problem with connecting to wifi.  When I try to connec it get to 57% "Activation stage: IP configuration started"20:00
nosrednaekimerr... not driver.... "device"20:01
KetrelIf I spam ifconfig, I find that I sometimes will get an IP, but either way, it then fails.20:01
sparr__nosrednaekim: alsamixer20:01
sparr__nosrednaekim: and all playback channels are enabled, unmuted, and at max volume20:01
nosrednaekimKetrel: sounds like typical knetworkmanager non-sense... does this AP have encryption?20:01
elTigrenosrednaekim: sorry, I have kde420:02
nosrednaekimsparr__: ok.... I know nothing about sound,.... you could go to #alsa20:02
Ketrelnosrednaekim, this particular one does not.20:02
Jnosrednaekim: patched.  Rebooting - I'll let you know if it worked soon.20:02
nosrednaekimelTigre: ah ok :)20:02
Riddellken's artwork talk on now in #ubuntu-classroom20:02
nosrednaekimKetrel: ok,lets do some command line stuff then20:02
_sourcemakerhow can I open a VPN connection in virtualbox windows XP... using NAT? I receive the message that the server is not available... but it is?20:02
elTigreI haven't yet found where to select alsa20:02
Ketrelnosrednaekim are you going to direct me (I'm not familiar with any networking via cli)20:03
nosrednaekimelTigre: yah.. its not in kde4, sorry... let me check something20:03
nosrednaekimKetrel: yeah.. get the name of the ESSID (the network name)20:03
KetrelI got that (if you want to know it's @kun3t )20:03
elTigrein the backend's tab I have "Audiodevices" but nothing is listed there20:03
nosrednaekimKetrel:  now, from running "iwconfig" find the logical name of your network device (should be eth1, wlan0 or ath0)20:05
KetrelI know that much already, it's eth120:05
Ketreleth0 is my wired, eth1 is wifi20:05
elTigrehm now I have sound20:05
elTigre ^ ^20:05
nosrednaekimelTigre: XD20:06
nosrednaekimKetrel: ok... now run this command "sudo iwconfig eth1 ESSID @kun3t"20:06
at0mixinstalled nvidia-glx but still not working20:07
nosrednaekimat0mix: and modified your xorg.conf?20:07
at0mixnot sure what to change there20:07
Ketrelnosrednaekim, doing so now (but for the record, if it had a wep key, how would I include that?)20:08
nosrednaekimat0mix: ok, under the "Device".... put the line "Driver     "nvidia""20:08
=== r00t_ is now known as DaemonLee
at0mixok, will give that a shot!20:08
nosrednaekimKetrel: add "-key theverylongandsecurekeyhere"20:08
Ketrelnosrednaekim and I ran that command, it seems to have just run and done nothing else (no output)20:09
DaemonLeeQuestion: What's the benefit between picking the AMD64 ISO and the i386? I have a AMD Turion x2 system here.20:09
=== t3hwiz0r1 is now known as t3hwiz0rd
nosrednaekimKetrel: thats fine.... not run "sudo dhclient eth1"20:10
nosrednaekimDaemonLee: how much ram do you have?20:10
zorglu_the 8.04 logout popup is still bugged :)20:11
Jnosrednaekim: that worked.  If you are ever in Nottingham (UK) I owe you a pint of your choice.20:11
Ketrel4 lines of "DHCPDISCOVER on eth1 to port 67 interval" 7, 14, and 1020:11
Jnosrednaekim: thanks20:11
Ketrelthen "No DHCPOFFERS recieved"20:11
nosrednaekimok, then i'd go for the i386.... 64 is only really useful for systems with over 3.5GB of ram20:11
nosrednaekimJ: give it to Robin Hood ;)20:11
Jnosrednaekim: na, he's long dead - wouldn't appreciate it!20:12
nosrednaekimKetrel: ok, was this working before, and what chipset is it?20:12
nosrednaekimJ: then dump it on the Sheriff :P20:12
KetrelIt worked this morning, and it's an intel chipset.20:12
DaemonLeenosrednaekim: You know where I can find a Torrent link for Kubuntu?20:12
RurouniJonesHas anyone got a link to setting up SKIM for Japanese input on either Feisty, Gutsy or Hardy that they have personally had success with?20:12
Jnosrednaekim: lol - but seriously - this was hard to find.  And the help much appreciated :)20:12
nosrednaekimDaemonLee: yes... off the download link in the topic20:12
nosrednaekimKetrel: could be your router than..... could you restart it?20:13
nosrednaekimJ: you are welcome... I love the guy who made that fix too (certainly wasn't me!)20:13
KetrelThis particular one is my schools, I've had it happen with my home one, and it's never helped to restart it20:13
nosrednaekimhow did you fix it that time?20:14
at0mixchanged xorg.conf, no luck, black screen20:15
Ketrelwith about 50 reboots, it finally started working (all the while my 3 windows laptops would happily connect and disconnect)20:15
nosrednaekimat0mix: black screen?20:16
nosrednaekimat0mix: go into recovery mode...20:16
at0mixyup, xserver would not start20:16
at0mixi did20:16
KetrelAlso, I should mention that I never had this problem in gutsy :\20:16
nosrednaekimat0mix: edit that line back out?20:16
at0mixi did, i have x running again20:17
at0mixi had all this working fine under gutsy20:17
nosrednaekimalrighty...... can you pastebin your xorg.conf WITH the change that you made?20:18
nosrednaekim(before you erased it)20:18
at0mixi can try20:19
lmgI am trying to run kde4 on kubuntu hardy20:24
lmgAnd it didn't really work...20:24
nosrednaekimlmg: what didn't work?20:24
lmgusing sudo aptitude install kubuntu-kde4-desktop20:24
at0mixit does want me to paste?20:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:24
lmgit install it and change nothing20:24
at0mixah, ok20:25
nosrednaekimlmg: it will now be an option on the login screen... there is a button that you can use to select which DE you want ot use20:25
felipe__Sorry can anybody help me to configure my ATI Xpress 200 ? I have Kubuntu Hardy heron ...20:25
lmgno no there is no option20:25
nosrednaekimlmg: did you click the button?20:27
nosrednaekimfelipe__: sure... whats wrong with it?20:27
lmgyes I did20:27
felipe__nosrednaekim: I don`t know to do it...20:27
felipe__I`m noob in this Linux World20:28
nosrednaekimfelipe__: so you want to install the driver>20:28
at0mix ok, here it is http://pastebin.com/de5f035e20:28
felipe__yes i want to install the driver for the ATI Xpress 20020:28
lmgnosrednaekim: is there any problem?20:29
nosrednaekimlmg: ooo, not good. run "sudo apt-get update" and the try installing it again20:29
lmgnot aptitude?20:29
felipe__nosrednaekim: yes i want to install the driver for the ATI Xpress 20020:30
lmgIs apt-get better than aptitude?20:30
nosrednaekimlmg: it doesn't matter :P20:30
BluesKajfelipe_, nosrednaekim , the driver should be an option that pops up after the hardy install reboot , it'll show up in the panel  like a circuit board icon20:30
pteagueanybody have any idea why i'm getting 2 popups when i insert a cd or dvd?20:30
Ketrelso is there anything else I can try?20:30
Kr|ptiXi updated to 8.04 an my sound isnt work20:30
felipe__BluesKaj: i can see it20:31
felipe__But show me "Not in use"20:31
BluesKajfelipe_ click on it and follow the instructions20:31
nosrednaekimfelipe__: then enter admin mode and enable it20:31
felipe__ok BluesKaj20:31
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:31
felipe__Tell me ...20:31
BluesKajyes felipe_ do as nosrednaekim says20:32
nosrednaekimat0mix: seems ok..., I don't know20:32
felipe__nosrednaekim: Where ?20:32
at0mixthanks for your help !! <nosrednaekim>20:33
nosrednaekimfelipe__ in that driver manager20:33
nosrednaekimat0mix: meh... didn't do anything.. its not fixed20:33
felipe__ok nosrednaekim i can see20:33
BluesKajfelipe_ there will be a box saying "Administrator Mode"20:33
pteagueany idea which logger i should keep active? klogd or sysklogd?20:34
=== noisekiller_ is now known as NoiseKiller
nosrednaekimhelloo fenix20:35
fenixnosrednaekim: do u know how can i auto mount usb disck _20:36
nosrednaekimfenix: should happen automagically20:36
ubottuFactoid automount not found20:36
felipe__nosrednaekim: i´m installing the driver20:37
nosrednaekimfenix: if not... it may not be detected properly, check what dmesg says aftr plugging it in20:37
nosrednaekimfelipe__: reboot20:37
fenixok tnks nosrednaekim20:37
felipe__ok nosrednaekim20:37
Ketrelnosrednaekim, any other things you can think of for me to try?20:39
nosrednaekimKetrel: try turning off your laptop, and pulling the battery out20:39
nosrednaekimand AC adapter of course20:39
NoiseKillerwhy is my fonts like 5pt instead of ordinary 10 or 12? my eyes.... 8-)20:40
nosrednaekimNoiseKiller: adjust them :)20:40
felipe__nosrednaekim: i`m back20:40
nosrednaekimfelipe__: did that work?20:41
felipe__yes i have video20:41
Ketrelnosrednaekim: made no difference :(20:41
felipe__but i can`t see the configuration panel for my ATI video card20:41
NoiseKillernosrednaekim. how adjust?20:41
nosrednaekimKetrel: keep the batter out for like 5 minutes20:41
blkhtbrigadeI'm having trouble rebuilding a module.   I've got the module all ready to make, but when I run make it only outputs the .o and not the .ko.  modpost is showing but doesn't seem to want to convert to .ko =/   any ideas?20:41
felipe__nosrednaekim:  but i can`t see the configuration panel for my ATI video card20:41
nosrednaekimNoiseKiller: systemsettings->appearance->fonts20:42
NoiseKillernosrednaekim: it came with compiz. :)20:42
nosrednaekim!find fglrx20:42
ubottuFound: fglrx-control, xorg-driver-fglrx, xorg-driver-fglrx-dev, fglrx-kernel-source20:42
nosrednaekimfelipe__: grab the "fglrx-control" package20:42
NoiseKillernosrednaekim. worked... but wde crasched. :)20:43
felipe__nosrednaekim: installing ...20:43
BluesKajdunno whay he wants the ATI control Panel ...it does do much except screw things up IME20:45
LamerManguys, is img file just a raw data from floppy or has it some other specific format? Will i get img by "cat /dev/fd0"?20:45
pteagueok, i think i know why i'm getting 2 popups when i insert a movie dvd or a blank cd, etc...  the other day i updated the gnome packages & it's apparently reset a bunch of defaults including re-adding gdm to the startup services (how you start both kdm & gdm without giving a different screen i don't know)20:45
BluesKaj*.img is a type of iso image file20:46
LamerManBluesKaj so it's not just raw data from the disk, right?20:46
BluesKajLamerMan, dunno for sure20:48
xenolhello, can anyone help me with how to unrar one rar, which is splited into few rars?20:48
SlimeyPetejust unrar the first rar20:48
SlimeyPetethe rest should be picked up automatically20:49
nixternal#ubuntu-classroom - Ubuntu Open Week is going on right now, and in roughly 10 minutes, I will be presenting KDE 4! Come one, come all!20:49
squid0 hi. just installed hardy, and pulseaudio wasn't installed. I just installed the packages via synaptic, but I'm not sure how to set it up. Can someone help please?20:49
xenolSlimeyPete: also forgot to tell its with password, but ark cant open it :>20:50
nosrednaekimsquid0: this is the kubuntu channel, for GNOMe/ubuntu/Pulse go to #ubuntu20:50
BluesKajnixternal, I'm there20:50
nixternalrock on!20:50
squid0nosrednaekim: isn't pulseaudio in kubuntu?20:51
SlimeyPetexenol: not sure about passwords, sorry20:51
nosrednaekimsquid0: no20:51
__sourcemakerhow can I install vmware server on kubuntu hardy... it does not work!20:51
__sourcemakerthere seems a kernel problem...20:51
squid0nosrednaekim: ah. any way of installing it in kubuntu?20:51
nosrednaekimsquid0: why would you want to?20:51
squid0nosrednaekim: I work with music recording and jack, and I'd like to route all sound through pulse. and it sounds pretty cool, I'd like to try it out20:52
__sourcemakeras fallback of vmware server... I try virtualbox now... but I can't open windows vpn connection...20:52
xenolSlimeyPete: password aint my problem, problem is ark says error occured in rar20:52
nosrednaekimsquid0: ok... yes you can I guess, just don't know how to do ti. :P20:53
at0mixnosrednaekim: x says it cant load glx? no compatiable nvidia driver found. I installed the nvidia-glx pkg any thoughts?20:53
SlimeyPetexenol: use unrar from a terminal?20:53
squid0nosrednaekim: ah :)20:53
nosrednaekimat0mix: what card di you say you had? geforce420:53
at0mixark wont do passowrds, go to terminal and rar x blah.rar20:53
at0mixyest geforce420:54
nosrednaekimat0mix: ok, then that apckage should work... I don't know why it isn't20:54
at0mixoops , yes geforce 420:54
xenolSlimeyPete: gives me only list of avaliable prefixes and do nothing20:54
nosrednaekimsorry :(20:54
at0mixhmm, thanks again20:54
yotutohola amigos20:55
geniiAny way to get knetworkmanager to show for instance if I'm I'm using 802.11a,b,g or n ?20:55
geniiI know right-click and hover on current active shows it, can it be made to show it on regular hover of the icon in the tray?20:57
nosrednaekimgenii: if you hack the code..i'm sure:P20:57
felipe__fglrx-control installed :D20:58
geniinosrednaekim: Thats what I suspected.... thanks20:58
* nosrednaekim hugs his iwconfig20:58
felipe__nosrednaekim: i got a 311 FPS in a fgl_glxgears20:59
RiddellKDE 4 talk in #ubuntu-classroom in a minute!21:01
Ubterhi, can anyone help me?21:01
UbterI am fairly new to ubuntu21:01
Ubtercoming from Fedora21:01
BluesKajUbter , just ask :)21:01
UbterI want to use alien to convert an rpm for a 32 bit program, but I am using a 64 bit Kubuntu and it is failing with an error21:02
nosrednaekimfelipe__: thats ok I guess :)21:02
nosrednaekimUbter: what program?21:02
Ubteramd64' does not appear in package's architecture list (i386)21:02
felipe__nosrednaekim: Thanks  man :D21:02
arjunaalgun canal en español para kubuntu?21:02
UbterIt is a 3d software package21:02
felipe__arjuna: kubuntu-es21:03
UbterI already have it runing in fedora21:03
__sourcemakerwhy are there so many problems in the current hardy relase?21:03
arjunagracias felipe21:03
Ubteractually I am having trouble installing 32 bit software all together on this21:04
UbterI couldn't install Opera either21:04
__sourcemakerI have a lot of problems with hardy... it's a fresh clean install... but gusty works better... really better !!!21:04
Ketrelsame problem with now that battery was pulled :(21:04
sparr__what provides the file browser for firefox in kde?  when firefox does 'open file' or 'save as'21:04
Ubterafk one moment21:05
nosrednaekimKetrel: thats odd... is your wireless swtich on?21:06
lmgnosrednaekim: ok it works but I don't really see the interest of kde421:07
lmgits beautifull but that's all21:07
lmgthere is no more option in control panel for task bar21:08
nosrednaekimyep... its beautiful.. and faster21:08
lmgwidgets are beautifull, yeah that's all foks21:08
Ketrelnosrednaekim absolutely.  I have no idea what's wrong, it never stopped working for this long :(21:10
arjunaerror checking root file system21:21
arjunacomo lo soluciono21:21
ubottuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.21:22
arjunathank you21:22
_sourcemakerhow can i disable martian source and ll header checks?21:23
spantheris there a clone of the commercial valve steam game Defcon ?21:24
ugagood afternoon guys... I got a box (not mine) migrated from windows to kubuntu successfully, but I ahd a small problem with it21:24
ugait seems their ISP needs stablishing a VPN connection (it's prepaid connection)21:25
ugahow does one configure a virtual priv. network on *buntu/linux?21:25
ugaI've done so on winders, but never on linux21:25
_sourcemakeruga: cool... I have the same problem without success21:26
ugaI was able to ping the net, dns worked fine etc21:26
ugajust they need a vpn established first21:26
ugaand it's not a proxy from what I saw, it's a real vpn21:26
will00ey im wondering, is there a way of installing windows video drivers in kubuntu?21:27
ugawill00: apt-get install w32codecs or so, yes21:28
ugaor w64codecs for win64 boxes21:28
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:28
KetrelI give up :(21:28
ugaI wonder if this is what they do http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-configure-ubuntu-fedora-linux-pptp-client.html21:28
RurouniJonesuga, sounds like you need more info on what VPN software the ISP is using21:29
NyadHi. I have some movies in ISO9660 format. How do I play them in kubuntu without writing them to CD?21:30
will00arent w32codecs for video files?21:30
ugaRurouniJones: that's what I'm digging now, what sort of vpn it is. It must be some microsoft standard though, since they ask you to configure it through the control panel of windows21:30
Faust-Cwill00, for everything21:30
RurouniJonesMicrosoft "Standard"...good luck :)21:30
Faust-Cmp3, avi, rm, and so forth21:30
will00faust-c so no video card drivers?21:31
Faust-Cnot really MS standard just propriotary formats21:31
ugawill00: oh, hardware drivers, not codecs?21:31
Faust-Cwill00, uh no21:31
Faust-Cwill00, what vid card21:31
ugawill00: you need linux drivers I'm afraid. nvidia and ati provide those21:31
will00im using a sis 66221:31
ugaand afaik there's intel ones too, then there's S3 ones too...21:31
NyadHi. I have some movies in ISO9660 format. How do I play them in kubuntu without writing them to CD?21:31
Faust-CNyad, mount them and play?21:32
will00but there isnt a linux driver for it, could i use the windows one with ndiswrapper?21:32
Faust-Cwill00, lol21:32
Faust-Cwill00, what vid card21:32
Faust-Cyou still havent answered that21:32
NyadFaust-C: How do I mount them? the same way I mount a hardrive?21:32
Faust-CNyad, google mount ISO linux21:32
Faust-Cactually google mount ISO ubuntu and it will show you21:33
will00faust-c its an embedded SiS Mirage1 Graphics21:33
ugaRurouniJones: okay, found something, a guy was told (he was having trouble) by the ISP that it's pptp protocol vpn21:33
Faust-Cwill00, the default one for X should work fine21:33
ugawithout ciphering21:33
will00faust-c, it does, but i get all these wierd vertical lines in the screen21:33
Faust-Cwill00, X -configure21:34
Faust-Cor was it X -config21:34
ugaRurouniJones: seems possible at least, now I have to figure out the how-to21:34
ugayepeee! =)21:35
Faust-Cwill00, your vid card can work w/ generic drivers21:35
RurouniJonesuga, I have never used it but: pptp-linux, network-manager-pptp, pptp21:35
Faust-Cwill00, you just need to learn to do it yourself21:35
ugaRurouniJones: ah, you rock21:35
RurouniJonesthose seem to be the packages you want21:35
ugayes, sound like so21:35
will00iv tried the generic drivers and it either destroys x or results in the same issue21:35
o0Chris0ohow do I make sure deKorator is installed and running?21:36
Faust-Cwill00, ive had some pretty crappy systems and managed to get them to work fine21:37
Faust-Cwill00, just takes a lil reading21:37
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!21:37
nappingfirefoxgrazie... sono newbie21:37
ubottuFactoid newbie not found21:37
will00faust-c, i know, im on install 8 and day 321:37
ubottuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.21:37
sisifHello guys. Can somebody please help me with some module issues: I`m trying to blacklist ndiswrapper from autoloading at boot time. So I remove it from /etc/modules and also added it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist . But it is still loading . Any advice an what I should do next ?21:37
RurouniJonesGood luck uga21:38
Faust-Cwill00, sec21:38
Faust-Cwill00, btw why would you want graphics on a small system like that21:38
ugaRurouniJones: the hardest part is configuring it while you have no network for digging for info21:38
will00faust-c im using it as a internet kiosk for my business21:39
ugaI wonder if those debs are included in the CD. I may just download them to a pen drive...21:39
Nyadis it possible to install DE's other than XFce and Gnome and KDE on ubuntu distro?21:39
Faust-Cwill00, should have gotten something a lil more extendable ....21:39
Faust-Canyways brb21:39
Odd-rationaleNyad: yes21:39
o0Chris0ohow do I make sure deKorator is installed and running?21:39
Odd-rationaleNyad: just install the respective ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, or xubuntu-desktop meta-packgae as needed.21:40
Odd-rationaleNyad: for other de, you can install fluxbox, openbox and a whole host of others.21:41
NyadOdd-rationale: I want to not have any of Gnome KDE or XFce]21:43
Nyadso does ubuntu site have the pckages on their site?21:43
Nyador do I have to do from source for each of htem21:43
Odd-rationaleNyad: you can remove them or install a command line system with the alternative cd and just install the de/wm of your choice21:43
Odd-rationaleNyad: which one are you looking for?21:44
Odd-rationaleNyad: most are in the repos21:44
stdinyou'd need the server install CD to install a cli system, alternate CD installs a GUI desktop21:44
Odd-rationalestdin: the alternative cd also includes an option to install a cli21:44
Odd-rationaleas does the mini.iso21:44
flamingo_does somebody know an audio editor21:44
Odd-rationaleflamingo_: audacity is good21:45
flamingo_audacity does not play21:45
flamingo_the sound21:45
ugaRurouniJones: I'm tempted to pipe all connections through icmps21:45
flamingo_it says something about the "samplerat" may be a bug???21:45
ugaRurouniJones: they let icmps through without vpn nor payment =)21:45
Odd-rationalefor kde, maybe kdenlive...21:45
flamingo_could it be?21:45
stdinOdd-rationale: netboot ftw :)21:45
flamingo_i use alsa and everything is so complicated21:45
ugaRurouniJones: I read somebody once had tunnelled all packets through icmp8 packets =)21:45
flamingo_i perhaps change to debian or so21:46
RurouniJonesThat is just wrong21:46
ugaso it ought to be not too hard21:46
flamingo_don't know...21:46
ugaRurouniJones: why so, they just suck at security =)21:46
RurouniJonesSo wrong. Besides that guide you linked to looked pretty good. Assuming it worked21:46
flamingo_i'm really desparate that is does not work.21:46
flamingo_what is the best to use for the sound card? alsa, oss?21:47
ugaRurouniJones: I don't think you can achieve much bandwidth out of icmp, and you need an external proxy anyway =)21:47
ugafor unpacking the icmps and rerouting21:47
donald__okay my speakers are plugged in and im not getting sound...power is on and computer volume is up and not muted21:47
=== donald__ is now known as KWGoD
ugaRurouniJones: it's theif fault if they haven't thought of those things ;)21:47
ugait's so obvious21:47
uganetwork works out of the box without payment ;)21:47
KWGoDneone help me with the speaker problems?21:47
ugait's just http that doesn't21:47
ugaand any tcp port afaik21:48
ubottuflamingo_: Error: "kwgod" is not a valid command.21:48
flamingo_whats the problem?21:48
KWGoDim not getting any sound out of my speakers21:48
ugaRurouniJones: I think it's more wrong that after payment they tell you "we only support windows"21:48
KWGoDthey are on21:48
flamingo_what u are using?21:48
flamingo_i have the same problem with audacity21:48
flamingo_with xmms it does work21:49
flamingo_what are u using?21:49
KWGoDto be honest i have no clue21:49
KWGoDmy friend built this comp for me and im still getting used to kubuntu21:49
nosrednaekimKWGoD: well, #1, your freind could probably give you better helpthan we can21:50
KWGoDhe told me to come here cuz hes busy atm21:50
RurouniJonesuga, Windows = PCs, everyone knows that21:50
RurouniJonesMind you, an ISP that requires PPTP tunneling sounds dodgy to start with21:50
KWGoDits giving me a hard time21:53
ugaRurouniJones: it is21:53
o0Chris0owhy do kde theming got to be so difficult21:53
ugaRurouniJones: nto sure but I think they use that for prepaid connectiosn21:53
KWGoDwhere would i check system info? like what im running?21:53
ugausers buy hours of connection21:54
ugaI guess they use the vpn connection to count for connection time21:54
RurouniJonesaaah, uh, which country is this ISP in?21:54
ugathe user is connected to the internet anyway, just icmps and udp frames are forwarded (dns and ping work)21:54
ugaRurouniJones: spain21:54
RurouniJonesSounds like a very....unique setup they have there21:55
ugaRurouniJones: heh, possibly =)21:55
ugaI'm really tempted to test a UDP tunnel21:55
ugait'd be so easy if ssh could work over UDP ;))21:55
ugaat least I could have internet while I do the setup21:56
ugaput a tunnel through my home computer, using my pc as gateway21:56
o0Chris0oI disbaled Compiz, and lost my title bars, have no idea what happen, can someone help me out?21:56
UbterI want to use alien to convert an rpm for a 32 bit program, but I am using a 64 bit Kubuntu and it is failing with an error21:57
fdovingo0Chris0o: alt+f2 'kwin --replace'21:57
ugao0Chris0o: you were possibly using the compiz window decoration. Just enter a tty, and type in... export DISPLAY=:0, kwin &21:57
ugafdoving: if alt+f2 works yes21:57
Ubteramd64' does not appear in package's architecture list (i386)21:57
fdovinguga: it should in kde3.21:57
ugafdoving: notice he doesn't have a window manager21:57
ugafdoving: he may not be able to focus on the minicli21:57
ugaI had that happenning a while ago ;)21:58
Ubterhow to install 32bit ap in 8.0421:58
fdovinguga: he can copy and paste from the irc window with the mouse, wihtout actually moving the focus around21:58
ugafdoving: ah heh, nice trick ;)21:58
ugaUbter: exactly like in previous versions21:59
UbterI am coming from fedora21:59
UbterI was going off instructions I found on ubuntu forums21:59
Ubterbut they are failing with that error21:59
ugaUbter: you need to have 32bit compat libraries installed, but other than that, just force architecture22:00
ugain dpkg22:00
o0Chris0ofdoving kwin --replace didnt' work22:00
UbterI didn't see any option for that in the man pages for alien22:00
o0Chris0ouga tty?22:00
ugaUbter: try dpkg --force-help22:00
ugathat will show you what you can force (ignore)22:00
ugaincluding the architecture22:00
KWGoDwhere do i dl new themes?22:00
Ubterthats the prob, I only have a rpm22:00
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy22:00
fdovingo0Chris0o: you are in kde, rihgt?22:00
ugao0Chris0o: terminal mode22:00
UbterI can't convert to deb22:00
phoenixHow do you go about installing the nvidia binary drivers on 8.04? The restricted drivers manager isn't doing anything.22:01
o0Chris0ofdoving yes kde 3.522:01
o0Chris0ouga alright so type  export DISPLAY=:0, kwin & in terminal?22:01
phoenixWell, now it's doing it, that was really strange22:02
will00im getting an error sayin that "C compiler cannot create executables" how do i fix that?22:02
ugaphoenix: first download the driver installer from nvidia.com, then remove anything related to restricted. you need to stop X for installing. as root, /etc/init.d/kdm stop. in the terminal, login and chmod a+x NVIDIAfoo... (the installer).run and execute it22:02
fdovingwill00: install the package named 'build-essential'22:02
phoenixthree times the driver manager does nothing, I ask on irc and it starts installing.22:02
o0Chris0odidn't work either22:02
ugao0Chris0o: yes, that will start a new window manager22:03
ugao0Chris0o: oh?22:03
ugao0Chris0o: first export part <return>22:03
ugathen kwin part <return>22:03
KWGoDand can anyone help me with my speaker problem22:03
phoenixthanks uga, but it just worked.22:03
* phoenix ponders the little bugs he's seen so far in 8.04 and wonders if he misread that this was an lts release.22:04
ugaphoenix: be careful with those drivers. they tend to be annoyign sometimes. they will load earlier than other drivers you install yourself ,unless completely unisntalled properly22:04
o0Chris0ouga, I opened new tty and did it, it said done, still no title bars22:05
phoenixHeh, I had it trying to load nvidia drivers three times before I did a clean install for my upgrade since the dist-upgrade broke it.22:05
ugao0Chris0o: no errors either?22:06
ugait should show some error22:06
ugao0Chris0o: [foo ]done means it exits22:06
ugathat's strange22:06
phoenixseemd to work fine though so I never bothered fidling with the init scripts, especially since kubuntu's init scripts seem rather convoluted to me22:06
KR-dataok I upgraded both kubuntu and KDE, but it seems like something as basic as the input-driver for the mouse dies after a while. Any ideas on what to do?22:06
phoenixAnyways, restart time, crossing fingers for the drivers to run properly.22:07
o0Chris0oit says "export DISPLAY=:0, kwin &22:07
o0Chris0ochris@chris-desktop:~$ export DISPLAY=:0, kwin &22:07
o0Chris0o[1] 665822:07
o0Chris0o[1]+  Done                    export DISPLAY=:0, kwin22:07
ugawhy do people read litterally rather than interpret what I type =)22:07
ugaexport DISPLAY=:0 <RETURN>22:07
ugathen kwin & <RETURN>22:08
KR-datasometimes it goes back online after I unplug and replug my secondary mouse. But that isn't good enough22:08
KWGoDokay...someone needs to help me with the sound problem22:08
=== sean_ is now known as psyco
Ubteranyone here use Maya in Ubuntu 6422:09
o0Chris0oug : I get this export DISPLAY=:0 <RETURN>22:09
KWGoDmy speakers are plugged in, turned on, and the volume on my comp is up and not muted and im not getting any sound22:09
KR-dataany ideas on the mouse problem would be very very appreciated, even if it is vague22:09
ugao0Chris0o: now yes, right?22:09
o0Chris0othis : bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'22:09
KWGoDanyone help?22:09
ugao0Chris0o: in which line22:10
ugaexport one, or the kwin one22:10
nosrednaekimKWGoD: did you try restarting the sound system?22:10
o0Chris0o!sound | KWGoD22:10
ubottuKWGoD: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:10
ugaoh my...22:10
=== Soccer5555 is now known as Airforce5555
ugao0Chris0o: damn, read my lips, DON'T TYPE "R E T U R N"22:11
KR-datao0Chris0o, I might be strange, but isn't it a good idea to make sure alsa or oss works first22:11
ugapress the "RETURN" KEY22:11
ugauga@dpcuga:~$ DISPLAY=:0 <RETURN>22:11
ugabash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'22:11
ugathtat's what you did, right? =)22:11
o0Chris0oI didn't type returnj22:11
SlimeyPetenano will put a newline at the end of the file automatically22:11
o0Chris0othat was a mistake I coped wrong line22:11
o0Chris0othats why I said errr22:12
ugauga@dpcuga:~$ export DISPLAY=:0 <RETURN>22:12
ugabash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'22:12
ugauga@dpcuga:~$ export DISPLAY=:022:12
ugao0Chris0o: look up there22:12
KWGoDkay its checked and still not working22:12
ugao0Chris0o: second one works, now you understand what I meant? =)22:12
nosrednaekimKWGoD: in system settings->sound and multimedia->hardware, set the hardware device to Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and then hit apply again22:12
cdpukAnyone know the format of the session name for `dcop --session [sessionName]`?  --list-sessions doesn't seem useful22:12
o0Chris0onot really, because its still not working22:13
KR-dataanyone who can recommend a good mouse btw.?22:13
nosrednaekimKR-data: anything made by M$ :)22:13
KR-dataone that fully works with no bugs in kde22:13
o0Chris0oI am typing "export DISPLAY=:0, kwin & <return> I hit return not typing it22:14
nosrednaekimand i'm serious here22:14
ugao0Chris0o: two lines, no commas22:14
ugaI told you up there22:14
ugafirs thte display line22:14
ugathen the kwin line22:14
KR-datanosrednaekim, well I can have a look, though I don't remember seeing anything of interest22:14
ugait's two operations22:14
KWGoDits restarting now22:14
KR-datanosrednaekim, the problem is, I like Logitech... when in Windows. But I seem to have trouble with Logitech in Linux nearly no matter what I do22:15
o0Chris0oit says done22:15
o0Chris0ostill no title bars though22:15
ugano error at all?22:15
ugasomething is strange22:15
nosrednaekimI love my logitech joystick and wireless mouse... but multibuttons are a pain to get configured22:15
o0Chris0ono error22:15
ugao0Chris0o: just in case, try afterwards "kwin --replace"22:15
ugaa window manager may still be running22:16
ugaif that doesn't fix it, I really cannot tell22:16
KR-datanosrednaekim, my exact experience22:16
KWGoDit keeps getting up to 100% and restarting the restart22:16
nosrednaekimKWGoD: ouch.. thats not good. ok.. kill it22:16
KR-datanosrednaekim, and the bluetooth one I have no is only trouble22:16
KWGoDok now what?22:17
nosrednaekimKWGoD: now, run this from the command line "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart"22:17
KWGoDcanceled it22:17
KWGoDquotations too?22:18
o0Chris0onga it says22:18
o0Chris0oQPainter::begin: Cannot paint null pixmap22:18
o0Chris0oQPainter::end: Missing begin() or begin() failed22:18
o0Chris0ouga :)22:18
ugaI wonder if your Xorg is running on display :022:18
ugaor :122:18
ugawhy cannot QPainter paint on the device22:18
ugaunless X isnt' running there22:18
KWGoDran it and still not getting anything22:19
o0Chris0oits just getting kinda annoying trying to get a decent theme22:19
nosrednaekimKWGoD: now go back to that previous step and try setting it to alsa again22:20
o0Chris0oalright uga, this is what I did I went into CCSM, enabled Window Decoration22:21
o0Chris0oand command line it says "emerald"22:21
o0Chris0oand its back22:21
o0Chris0oits clear22:21
KWGoDstill nothin22:21
will00where can i find the xorg-server package?22:21
ugao0Chris0o: I haven't used compiz for ages, I can't recall what the dialogs looked like22:22
nosrednaekimKWGoD: does it still loop on restarting the sounds system?22:22
ugao0Chris0o: I code kde, so I run kde4's kwin now22:22
ugainstead of compiz22:22
o0Chris0oant to get rid of compiz all together, seems like I am having probs with it22:22
nosrednaekimKWGoD: well, thats good at least...22:22
o0Chris0oI just want to be able to use the cube and other animations22:22
KWGoDwhere to from there?22:22
nosrednaekimKWGoD: are you sure the speakers are plugged into the green jack (dumb I know, but gotta make sure)22:22
KWGoDyeah they are22:23
nosrednaekimok... well, I don't have a clue then...22:23
KR-dataKWGoD: tried alsamixer?22:24
KR-dataI know it's vague, but it can give a hint on some errors22:24
KWGoDim a bit retarded with this so bare with me22:24
KR-datarun it within konsole22:24
KWGoDopened konsole22:25
KWGoDnow wut?22:25
KR-datatype: alsamixer22:25
KR-datathen hit return22:26
o0Chris0ouga does kwin have almost the same effects as compiz?22:26
KR-datadoes it open a system to edit volume levels or does it give an error?22:26
KWGoDi see volume levels22:26
KWGoDhow do i edit them?22:27
KR-dataok, is it the right soundcard that is listed in the top left corner?22:27
KWGoDnot sure22:27
KWGoDwhere do i check system info?22:27
cpk1KWGoD: up and down arrow keys changes volume, left and right arrow keys selects which device to use22:27
KWGoDfigured that part out thankyou though22:27
KR-datacpk1, one step ahead of me :p22:27
KR-datam for mute/unmute22:28
Vermuxwhich file is the tcp/ip configuration?22:28
LimCorehow to disable Xgl and 3d effects, and use regular xorg?22:29
KR-dataKWGoD, an q for quit, I can't remember how to check what cards that's set up in the system, but I'll try to find it22:29
KWGoD*raises fists above his head*22:29
KWGoDthanyou everyone22:29
KR-datano problem :)22:30
will00does anyone know where i can find the xorg-server package?22:30
KWGoDfinally i can listen to all my beautiful metal again22:30
cpk1Vermux: you mean how to configure your network cards?22:31
KR-datahehe, I couldn't live without my music :) I understand your headache :)22:31
cpk1KWGoD: you already have mp3 support?22:31
KR-dataand the joy when it finally works22:31
Vermuxcpk1: yes22:31
stdinwill00: xserver-xorg is the server22:32
Vermuxcpk1: etc/sysconfig?22:32
nosrednaekimKWGoD: ah... cool :)22:32
cpk1Vermux: no it would be in /etc/network/interfaces22:32
will00stdin: im trying to install some video files and it says it cant find the xorg-server file, what should i do?22:33
KR-datawhat is the point actually in using arts for your sound?22:33
o0Chris0ouga you around ?22:33
stdinwill00: what are you trying to install?22:33
Vermuxcpk1: I dont c IP addresses there22:34
will00im trying to install http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&Inst=Yes&ProductID=2873&DwnldID=15443&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All%20Operating%20Systems&lang=eng22:34
stdinwill00: that's unneeded, intel driver is included22:35
cpk1Vermux: thats because it comes set up to use dhcp by default22:36
will00stdin: that might have just destroyed my xserver22:38
will00yep its toast22:39
jonathan__hello and a good evening! :)22:41
KR-datagood evening22:41
KR-dataor I would actually say night :p22:41
jonathan__i've a question: how can i turn my desktop in a 3D cubic with several workspaces?22:42
ubottuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »22:42
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion22:42
cpk1Vermux: if you just want to see your ip you can run ifconfig that will output some relevant information22:42
Vermuxcpk1: exactly! thanks22:42
jonathan__never mind, i found it :)22:43
jonathan__have a nice day :D22:43
MaillardI just upgraded to Kubuntu Hardy from the net. Everything seems to work fine, but i cannot open Adept Manager from the menu. Which is the command to issue from a shell to open it?22:43
SlimeyPeteMaillard: "kdesu adept_manager" I think22:44
Maillardthanks SlimeyPete  Now i will try from konsole and see what happens22:44
yakuzii've a problem: i can only change my wallpaper if i right-click on an image and choose "set as background" it won't change if i choose an otherwallpaper with right-click>configure desktop and then change the wallpaper, anyone has an idea how to solve this?22:48
Maillardoh my! my problem is likely not adept_manager : if i type in sudo in a shell i get: franz@laptop-new:~$ sudo22:48
Maillardsudo: unable to resolve host laptop-new22:48
Maillardnever had such a problem in years with linux....22:49
Maillardcan anyone help?22:49
will00does anyone know a working configruation for a sis 662 graphics card on an embedded intel uitx motherboard?22:50
MaillardPlease help! I just upgraded to Kubuntu Hardy and now I can't issue a sudo command22:54
Maillardfranz@laptop-new:~$ sudo22:54
Maillardsudo: unable to resolve host laptop-new22:54
Maillardi did the same upgrade on another computer but i didn't see anything like that (luckily)22:55
psycoWell if it is a new installation, i'd recommend a reinstall22:56
psycoor keep looking for a fix...22:56
Daisuke_IdoMaillard: pastebin your /etc/hosts file22:56
psycoare any programs that use root open, like adept?22:56
Maillardok, Daisuke_Ido  it will take a minute22:57
yakuziis there some lock-file that prevents me from changing my wallpaper with the right-click configure desktop thing? and if so, can i trash it so i can change my wallpaper again?22:58
Daisuke_Idoyakuzi: kde 3 or 4?22:59
picotronhelp - I can not watch dvd on kaffeine on hardy. I already installed libdvdcss222:59
Daisuke_Idonot sure then.  i know 4.0.2 had a really annoying bug that would stop that from working22:59
MaillardDaisuke_Ido, the file is so short (two   lines) that i guess i can post it here:22:59
Maillard# The "order" line is only used by old versions of the C library.22:59
Maillardmulti off22:59
Daisuke_Idothat's /etc/hosts ?23:00
yakuziwell i had the problem before in 7.10 but i forgot how to fix it :s23:00
yakuzii alays destroy something in my xorg.conf when i don't have a back-up :s23:00
Maillardthat is /etc/host.conf23:00
Daisuke_Idono, /etc/hosts23:00
Maillardsorry ok23:00
picotronhow can i play dvds on kaffeine?23:00
Daisuke_Idodifferent file (should be a little longer than two lines :)23:00
MaillardDaisuke_Ido, http://pastebin.com/m104d90e323:02
Daisuke_Idoand there's the problem right there23:02
picotronhello, can somebody help me? i cannot play dvds on kaffeine - hardy23:03
Daisuke_Idoyou need to change franz-laptop-new to laptop-new23:03
Maillardi hope it is one i can solve with your help Daisuke_Ido23:03
Maillardok, but...  i need to be root to alter a file in /etc !23:03
Maillarddon't I?23:04
=== LukeL_ is now known as LukeL__
Daisuke_Idotry kdesudo kate /etc/hosts23:04
BonesolTeraDyneI though kdesudo depended on sudo...23:04
Daisuke_Idoi had the same issue (but i'm using gnome and just changed it through networkmanager, i don't know what kde's equivalent is)23:05
Daisuke_IdoBonesolTeraDyne: if you have an idea how he can get that file edited, i'm all ears23:05
BonesolTeraDyneDaisuke_Ido: Sadly, I don't. Well, short of going into single user mode through the recovery kernel23:06
BonesolTeraDyneOr maybe using a LiveCD to somehow get to it.23:06
Daisuke_Idothat would be my first instinct23:07
Maillardcan't find where to modify that line in Knetworkmanager Daisuke_Ido23:08
Daisuke_Idoor in system settings perhaps, some network settings area is bound to have a hosts section23:09
Daisuke_Idoi don't even have kde installed or i'd check it out23:09
Maillardbut anywhere it is it will require beeing root Daisuke_Ido !!!23:09
BonesolTeraDyneI think I've seen an option like that. I'm using KDE3 right now. I'll check it out.23:09
Maillardit's like Comma2223:10
Daisuke_Idoi couldn't sudo either, but i could get to that23:10
Daisuke_Ido(as root)23:10
Daisuke_Idopolicykit :D23:10
Maillardwhat is it?23:11
BonesolTeraDyneYup. System Settings > Network Settings > Network Connections Pane > Domain Name System tab23:11
Daisuke_Idoi would recommend at least trying through BonesolTeraDyne's string23:11
Daisuke_Idopolicykit is selinux done right23:11
Maillardsure, thanks23:11
Daisuke_Idogranular permissions controls23:11
o0Chris0oI am thinking about removing compiz fusion23:12
Daisuke_Idoo0Chris0o: in kde?  you'd be better off without it.23:13
Daisuke_Idoit doesn't integrate well at all23:13
o0Chris0otell me bout it23:13
jhutchins_wkI thought kdesu and gsudo were independent of sudo?23:13
jhutchins_wkIn fact, I thought that was one of the solutions.23:13
Daisuke_Idojhutchins: if they are, then this is a really easy fix.23:13
o0Chris0owhat are some others I could check out Daisuke_Ido23:13
BonesolTeraDynejhutchins_wk: I did too.23:13
=== nick_ is now known as came0
MaillardDaisuke_Ido, and BonesolTeraDyne  I found it but itt doesnn't allow me to enter administartor mode23:14
Daisuke_Idoo0Chris0o: none, really - gnome seems to be the only DE that *really* is integrated well23:14
Daisuke_IdoMaillard: try kdesu kate /etc/hosts23:14
Maillardi already did Daisuke_Ido23:15
Daisuke_Idojhutchins: kdesu and kdesudo - one's just a symlink to the other right?23:15
o0Chris0oI see23:16
Daisuke_Idoi know that's how gksu and gksudo are23:17
o0Chris0owish someone was alive in compiz fusion to help23:17
Maillardso, how can I edit a root owned file without beeing root?23:18
Daisuke_Idowait a second23:18
Daisuke_Idoif /etc/hosts is already saying he has one hostname, shouldn't it switch to that if he reboots?23:18
Daisuke_Idotime to go grab laundry23:19
Maillardwell, it all happened at my reboot after upgrade23:19
jhutchins_wkOh, integrated to compiz.  Yeah.23:20
Rekla_je_zagrli_hi people :)23:23
MaillardDaisuke_Ido, I could fix it by booting in recovery mode and starting as root.... no other way!23:30
Daisuke_IdoMaillard: that's certainly what it looks like23:31
Maillarda nusty bug anyway!23:32
Daisuke_Idoyeah, that's not a good one23:32
Daisuke_Idoi would check launchpad to see if it exists as a bug already23:32
MaillardI already did....23:32
Maillardit exists and it is not fixed yet23:33
Maillardit seems people can fix the file if using gnome, but with kde only solution is the one i followed23:33
BonesolTeraDyneThat makes things even worse. Did you add your experience to the bug report?23:34
Maillardnot yet, but i'm going to do it as soon as i have expressed you bot my thanks :)23:35
sparr__where should user-local binaries and game data go?  for things not installed by root23:35
BonesolTeraDynepost the bug link here. I'd like to put it on my watch list.23:36
BonesolTeraDyneIf you don't mind, of course.23:36
jhutchins_wksparr__: Well, the correct answer is usually somewhere in /home/<user>23:36
sparr__jhutchins: can you be more specific?  i picked up ~/.local/[bin,share,etc] from some installers and have stuck with it, but im curious of other options23:37
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mike-kubunt1hey guys, for some reason i'm getting stuck into a tty boot every boot since 8.04, and using nvidia-glx-new, the compiz effects only draw window decorations on active windows, other than that the new realease is amazing23:38
mike-kubunt1any tips on the boot up / compiz issue?23:38
hydrogensparr__: the FHS I believe suggests creating ~/{bin,lib,share} directories23:38
ubottuFactoid v4l not found23:39
ubottuFactoid video4linux not found23:39
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras23:39
sparr__hydrogen: yes, but i long ago decided that the FHS is a piece of crap, so im looking more for real-life answers23:39
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.23:39
hydrogensparr__: then wherever you want :)23:39
sparr__hydrogen: any filesystem standard that specifies a mount point for temporary mounts and one for removable media, but not one for permanent non-removable media, is silly23:41
mike-kubunt1and firefox doesnt get recomended programs for opening downloads anymore23:41
Desmondis kde4 stable yet?23:44
sparr__would one have to consider kde 3.5 stable to answer that?23:45
Odd-rationaleDesmond: it is quite stable. Is is just still incomplete.23:45
psycohas anyone tried 4.1 yet?23:45
BluesKajmike-kubunt1, flashplugin-nonfree, ubuntu-restricted-extras, libdvdcss2 , W32codecs, libk3b2-mp3 and libxine1-ffmpeg should take care23:46
BluesKajof everything23:46
hydrogenpsyco: the alpha is pretty b0rked23:46
hydrogenbut I've been running trunk since last october or so23:46
Desmondbecause i almost installed but it wouldnt work23:46
Desmondpoll: kde3 or 4?23:47
mike-kubunt1BluesKaj: yeah, thats fine, it can play them on my computer, it just doesnt recomend xine or anything when i try to download as a default open type23:47
ubuntu__im a monkey23:48
mike-kubunt1anyone know the package that adds repos like medibuntu etc automatically?23:48
ubuntu__wish i did23:48
mrmonkeymanI am a monkey23:49
* Desmond dance23:49
mike-kubunt1Desmond: used to be the only place to find win32codecs and libdvdcss2 etc23:49
Desmondi se23:49
Desmondim new to kubuntu/ubunbut23:49
BluesKajmike-kubunt1, if you DL it , open it with VLC , it plays practically any codec23:49
Desmondused to have SUSE but after there shady deals with microsoft i started23:49
Desmondto distro hop23:50
psycolol. nice23:50
Desmondthis is like my 8th23:50
Desmondbut it has a nice easy feel23:50
Desmondnormally i would want somthing harder23:50
psycofaster, better, stronger?23:50
Desmondbut this has a nice community23:51
o0Chris0ohow can I completely remove all compiz fusion off my system?23:51
Odd-rationaleo0Chris0o: After all that work of putting it on?23:52
psycoask #compiz23:52
o0Chris0oits giving me nothing but problems23:52
hydrogenpsyco: thats definatly a question for here23:52
hydrogennot #compiz23:52
psycoWith the desktop effects it takes about 30 seconds now XD23:52
o0Chris0othe same thing23:52
hydrogenas its distro specific23:52
Desmondsudo rm -rf etc23:52
Desmondlol jk23:52
psycohydrogen: ah right23:52
mike-kubunt1anyone got insight into the bootup splash problem or compiz window decoration glitch?23:53
mike-kubunt1or know where to go to file a bug report?23:53
Odd-rationaleo0Chris0o: try "sudo aptitude purge compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager"23:53
Odd-rationaleo0Chris0o: I hardly run compiz myself. ;) just spinned the cube around a few times the shut it down...23:54
o0Chris0oI see23:54
Odd-rationaleFor one thing, compiz doesn't intergrate very well into kde... At least not like in gnome23:55
Odd-rationaleor even xfce...23:55
Odd-rationaleIf someone is a serious compiz user, I usually tell them to use gnome...23:55
kkathmanOdd-rationale:  I've had very little problem with compiz in Kubuntu really23:55
mike-kubunt1i've had almost no problem up till now :\23:56
Odd-rationalekkathman: that's cool23:56
kkathmanWhen I upgraded from Gutsy, it seemed to refresh my settings tho23:56
Odd-rationalekkathman: the workspace switcher doesn't work really well with compiz...23:56
kkathmanOdd-rationale:  try the ring switcher instead - thats what I use23:56
Odd-rationalekkathman: and I keep getting the adept updater window which I have to killl.23:57
kkathmanwhy kill it ?23:57
Odd-rationalekkathman: I meant the kde workspace switcher in the panel23:57
Odd-rationalekkathman: it was easiest. ;)23:57
kkathmanOdd-rationale: ohh hmm...23:57
Odd-rationalekkathman: do you get that?23:58
mike-kubunt1Odd-rationale: easiest just to disable the notifier if your gonna use compiz, for some reason it pops out of the kmenu every time23:58
mike-kubunt1annoying as hell23:58
kkathmancant say I've ever tried - you mean the desktop pager?23:58
Odd-rationaleIt won't be long before kwin4 gets the cube effect, etc as well23:58
Odd-rationalekkathman: yeah, that one...23:59
mike-kubunt1Odd-rationale: but kde4 really sucks right now from what i can tell, don't like anything about it yet23:59
kkathmanOdd-rationale:  there's always been issues with the desktop pager w/compiz  even when it was Beryl23:59
kkathmanthats why I dont use it23:59
Odd-rationalekkathman: does kwin crash when you try to shade a window with compiz?23:59
mike-kubunt1where do i file a bug report?23:59
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