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Hobbseemorning carlos 08:23
cprov-afkgood morning, folks.08:29
Hobbseegood morning, not-quite-so-afk-cprov.08:29
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cprovone day, pidgin will handle IRC nicknames correctly. Maybe when its name change for the 3rd time.08:32
Hobbseeone day, you'll use an application suited to it's purpose.08:33
Hobbseeuse xchat.  i'ts nicer.08:33
Hobbseepidgin has always sucked for irc.08:33
* mtaylor is away: going to sleep... very tired08:36
cprovHobbsee: err ... not the way the world goes. I'd rather wait it to be fixed ;)08:38
zygahello everyone08:41
zygaI'd like to say that arizona sofrware, the makers of iLocalize have been kind enough to give me a free license for iLocalize so that I can contribute polish translation of the cocoa interface08:41
mptGooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:30
Hobbseeevening mpt 10:30
Hobbseewait.  do i count as a launchpadder?10:30
Hobbseegood evening from those of us who *aren't* launchpadders, then.10:31
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mptHobbsee, you're one of the most prominent Launchpadders11:52
[0_A4Techhow i can get 100 CD ? :D12:02
mpt[0_A4Tech, see "How many CDs can I order?" at <http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/shipit-faq>12:03
pooliehello mpt12:14
Hobbseempt: oh.   is that a good thing, or a bad thing?12:36
* Hobbsee beats mpt with a stick.12:38
Hobbseempt: "yes" and "no" are not the correct answers to a question containing "or"12:38
mpt"Yes" can be ambiguous for such a question. "No" is not.12:39
Hobbseeso it's both not a good thing, and not a bad thing?12:40
* Hobbsee shakes her head12:40
pooliehello Hobbsee 12:42
Hobbseeheya poolie!  What did you want before?  I don't think i ever got back from you.12:43
Hobbseempt: you're not one of my coworkers in disguise, are you?12:43
* Hobbsee has seen this kind of reasoning before.12:43
pooliei don't recall12:43
pooliein random order12:44
pooliei'm sorry someone was a dick to you on irc12:44
* Hobbsee nods12:44
Hobbseemany are, i'm afraid.12:44
pooliei wondered what you would think of the understandability of https://code.staging.launchpad.net/bzr 12:44
Hobbseegotta love it.  or at least, not be driven mad by it.12:44
* Hobbsee looks12:44
pooliecompared to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bzr12:44
Hobbsees/ There are download files  available for Bazaar. / There are files available to download for Bazaar./12:46
Hobbseewhat do the stars mean?12:46
Hobbseeoh.  mouseover shows all.12:47
wgrantpoolie: THe bright orange button burnt my retinas out, I'm afraid.12:47
Hobbseewgrant: that's because you live in the dark all teh time, isn't it?12:47
wgrantAnd what's with the fake tooltip upon hovering over the last commit.12:47
wgrantHobbsee: Shh.12:47
Hobbseepoolie: it's certainly much better.12:48
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wgrantAnd it uses the security icon to indicate that the branch has errors. Maybe that's normal, and I just don't see broken branches much.12:48
Hobbseepoolie: what do i use to get a feeling of which are the active, 'official', most used branches?12:48
pooliethe download link is there because i suspect the 'code' tab name is confusing12:49
pooliepeople probably suspect that the source code might be there12:49
Hobbseepoolie: i like the link idea, it just could do with a reword.12:49
pooliewell, in tarball form12:49
Hobbseewhat, you mean it isn't?12:49
poolieit's there as branches, the tarballs are elsewhere12:50
pooliewgrant: is it really just the same icon as for security bugs? could be 12:50
wgrant`You can browse the source code  for development focus branch, or get a copy of the branch using the command:' needs rewording, and the link should be extended, but other than that it's much better.12:50
Hobbseethey look like tarballs/binaries for each of the release series to me....12:50
poolieHobbsee: the idea is that this page will highlight the most important branches by sorting them at the top12:51
wgrantpoolie: See the top right of bug #172440, for example.12:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172440 in wordpress "[CVE-2007-6013] Authentication cookies easily derivable from password hash" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17244012:51
poolieso the development focus is at the top always and gets a star12:51
Hobbseepoolie: any chance you could bold it, or something?12:51
Hobbseepoolie: a lot of people appear not to see the tooltips12:52
wgrantBoth I and Firefox disagree with the fake tooltips.12:52
poolieit used to be highlighted in grey :)12:52
pooliewhich is well meant but looks more like disabled than highlighted12:52
pooliewgrant: mm?12:53
Hobbseeminor nitpick, but having all the icons of the bugs in line would be nice, rather than just lining up on the right hand side of that column.12:53
Hobbseewgrant: how are they fake?12:53
wgrantHobbsee: The 'Last Commit' column.12:53
Hobbseewgrant: oh.  i hadn't moused over them, i'd only looked to see for the icons.12:54
mptpoolie, I proposed replacing the tooltipped star with text when I reviewed this for thumper 12:54
Hobbseepoolie: the star is generally unclear - until the mouseover, i have no indication about what it might be.12:54
pooliethey're drawn as html elements, rather than toolkit level tooltips12:54
wgrantYou'll notice when you mouse over that Firefox stalls for a while, and the tooltips stick around for a while...12:54
Hobbseeshort of looking for a moon.12:55
pooliei kind of like the star :} but perhasp we should at least have text too12:55
poolieHobbsee: :-) that would be nice12:55
wgrantShould dormant branches be hidden by default?12:55
poolieyes they should 12:55
Hobbseepoolie: i do too, but text somewhere obvious about waht the star means, or a bold thing to make it more obvious, or something would be good12:55
pooliei think that is an unintended bug12:55
wgrantAnd checking that box stuffs the ordering.12:55
* Hobbsee sees no dormant branches there?12:56
wgrantIt uses the default sorting option.12:56
mptI'm uncomfortable with a checkbox starting with "Hide"12:56
pooliei think we could show "series: bzr.dev - development focus" 12:56
wgrantmpt: Indeed.12:56
mptI'd rather reverse it and have it start with "Show"12:56
poolieor maybe "Include"12:56
Hobbseepoolie: something like that.12:56
Hobbseempt: +112:56
poolieto me "show" is a bit ambiguous in "show only" or "show also"12:56
wgrantIs the default ordering in the ordering <select> at all?12:56
Hobbseepoolie: oh, so the star one isn't the top one when you hit hide dormant branches.12:57
mptpoolie, if this page becomes popular, you might need to rename "Bazaar" to "Bazaar itself" like we did for Launchpad :-)12:57
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wgrantHobbsee: Right, that's what I asked about a minute ago. The default ordering isn't the default option.12:57
poolie"the veritable Bazaar"12:57
pooliegood point12:57
Hobbseewgrant: i changed the ordering, but couldn't figure out how to change it back.  refreshing the page did nothing.12:58
Hobbseewgrant: so i didn't really see what the default ordering was.12:58
pooliewgrant: good point about the security icon12:58
mptpoolie, I suggested renaming "Code" back to "Branches" (like it was before 2006)12:58
wgrantHobbsee: Right, you have to delete the query string, I think.12:58
pooliewe need some kind of "broken" icon in our language12:58
pooliempt, that makes sense to me12:58
wgrantpoolie: I was wondering why there were so many security branches for bzr.12:58
Hobbseewgrant: the string doesn't change.12:59
poolieright i see what you mean12:59
wgrantmpt: Why was it renamed?12:59
Hobbseewgrant: there is no query string.12:59
wgrantHobbsee: Huh, there is for me.12:59
pooliemaybe we need a scarab lying on its back12:59
mptwgrant, I think we had a vague idea that PPAs would end up under "Code"12:59
wgrantThat sounds very wrong.12:59
mptor packages in general, even13:00
mptwgrant, it's not a security icon, it's a warning icon, we just happen to (mis-?)use it for security bugs :-)13:00
* mpt looks forward to "security" becoming just another tag13:00
wgrantmpt: Ah. Well, something needs to be fixed.13:00
wgrantmpt: We need an icon, surely.13:00
wgrantHmm, why does changing any ordering/filtering option redirect to /+bzr?13:01
mptI agree we need an icon for broken branches13:01
mptI don't see that we need an icon for security bugs13:01
wgrantEr, /+branches?13:01
wgrantWhy are <project>/+branches and <project> so similar, yet different?13:03
wgrantHobbsee: That's your problem.13:03
wgrantYou're on /+branches13:03
pooliewgrant: that's one of the things we're trying to unify13:03
pooliein the code currently in production they're massively different13:03
Hobbseewgrant: i'm on https://code.staging.launchpad.net/bzr13:04
Hobbseewgrant: last i checked, that's not +branches13:04
wgrantHobbsee: Ah, when you change any sorting/filtering option it takes you to /+branches.13:05
wgrantpoolie: Is production like edge at the moment?13:05
wgrantOr is the edge one new this release? I forget.13:05
Hobbseewgrant: not in my browser, it isn't.13:05
Hobbseewgrant: unless it's cloaking.13:05
pooliewgrant: i think atm we are in database freeze so edge is not changing13:06
wgrantHobbsee: So the 'Hide dormant branches' checkbox on https://code.staging.launchpad.net/bzr doesn't take you to /+branches?13:07
Hobbseewgrant: oh, i thought this was with that unchecked.13:07
wgrantpoolie: I'm talking about edge vs. production. You mentioned the production one before, and I wondered how it compared to edge.13:07
poolieat the moment i think they are the same13:10
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poolie> Hmm, why does changing any ordering/filtering option redirect to /+bzr?13:13
pooliei think tim is working on fixing that13:13
Hobbseewhen i hit "hide dormant branches", i can't reorder things at all anymore.  is that intentional?13:14
* Hobbsee wonders what dormant means anyway.13:15
Hobbseeif they're showing branches of any active status by default, surely dormant branches would not feature on that list?13:15
wgrantDormant refers to the time of the last commit, IIRC.13:16
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Hobbseewgrant: but why would dormant branches be active, and show with the default filter anyway?13:22
Hobbseei guess this would be fixed with the changing to 'show default branches'13:22
poolieHobbsee, wgrant, mpt: thanks for your comments, i'll send it to tim13:26
Hobbseepoolie: you're welcome.  Hope they're useful.13:26
mantiena-baltixhi all13:39
mantiena-baltixAnybody knows why I don't get an email from rosetta with exported translation ?13:40
Ow1hi, is there a separate channel for rosetta?13:46
wgrantOw1: No; this is the appropriate channel.13:46
Ow1do you know if the "search po files" function is available in edge.launchpad.net ?13:49
Ow1i saw it is marked for milestone 1.2.413:49
Ow1also the blueprint has the "Beta Available" status13:51
mantiena-baltixOw1: yea, search function is very important for translations, I'm also waiting for this...13:53
Ow1here is the status i was talking about: https://edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+milestone/1.2.413:54
wgrantBug #4413:54
wgrantHm, no response.13:54
Hobbseewgrant: it's just sleeping13:57
wgrantHobbsee: I've seen ubottu respond in other channels... is there no default snarfer for this channel?13:58
Hobbseewgrant: it's probably not activated.13:58
Hobbseewgrant: my access to that machine got hosed, so....and i'm not sure if i broke it, or if the other guy did.13:58
mantiena-baltixAnybody knows why I don't get an email from rosetta with exported translation ?14:05
mantiena-baltixmaybe export function is broken again ?14:06
wgrantmantiena-baltix: How long have you been waiting?14:07
carlosmantiena-baltix: From what I know, the export queue is a bit busy right now14:32
carlosso it will arrive, a bit later than usual, but you will get it14:32
gnomefreakcan we upload same version to PPA?15:03
gnomefreakon nevermind i read it wrong15:03
bd_Hi, how do I link the automatically created trunk series in a project to a vcs import? I tried going to 'link to branch' but got a permission denied, even though I created the project, and am a member of the maintaining team. The series is https://launchpad.net/openc2e/trunk, and my username is 'bdonlan'.15:07
bd_Wait, it's already linked, I guess. Still, why do I get permission denied on https://launchpad.net/openc2e/trunk/+linkbranch ?15:10
bd_... nevermind, I'm an idiot >_>;;;15:10
jordiEdwinGrubbs: hey15:23
EdwinGrubbsjordi, hi15:24
jordiEdwinGrubbs: I just got an email to my LP account regarding projects marked as being licenced under the GPL. The mail says I'm the freevial maintainer.15:27
jordiI guess the maintainer is a team which I belong to, but this isn't clear at all in the email, and I was about to notify you15:27
VadiIs it possible to request to download translations from launchpad not via the web interface? I couldn't find an answer in help15:28
jordiI can't find a clear place in the project's homepage that says who is the maintainer for the project15:28
EdwinGrubbsjordi, thanks for the information15:28
jordiEdwinGrubbs: in any case, from freevial's description, it's GPL3+15:28
jordiEdwinGrubbs: I guess others in the team will have got this email and will be able to change it on Friday15:29
EdwinGrubbsjordi, the maintainer is in the block labeled "lifecycle"15:29
jordioh good15:29
jordiok, so the maintainer is "freevial", hrm15:29
jordiwhich is a team, and my team is a member of that team. Ok, that explains my confusion15:31
\sh-EWTF? 16:06
\sh"You're the registered owner of16:06
\shthe following affected projects:16:06
\sh * ubuntu-whitehat-project"16:06
\shSince When Dear Launchpad :)16:07
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BjornT\sh: it's because you're a member of the ubuntu-whitehat team, which is the owner.16:22
\shBjornT, Ugh :)16:24
HobbseeBjornT: so this is another reason not to register projects in launchpad.16:25
HobbseeBjornT: is there a way i can get rid of bugmail for all the projects that i've registered for launchpad?  change hte registree, or something?16:25
BjornTHobbsee: because of one e-mail?16:26
HobbseeBjornT: no.  because of the bugmail that i get whenever someone marks a bug as also affecting those projects.16:27
Hobbseewhich i'm no longer affiliated with16:27
\shHobbsee, it's just a mistake in the logic...project owner == team , mail should be send only to the team-admin/team-owner...hopefully I'm not labled as team-owner/admin for whitehat ;)16:27
BjornTHobbsee: you can get rid of bugmail, either by changing the owner to registry-admins, or setting the bug contact/supervisor to something. if you're not interested in keeping the data about the project up-to-date, i'd suggest changing the owner.16:27
HobbseeBjornT: hwo do i get a list of projects i've registered?16:28
kiko-phoneHobbsee, /people/+me16:28
Hobbseekiko-phone: that's not a comprehensive list, is it?16:29
kiko-phoneHobbsee, there's a link to related projects.16:30
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Hobbseekiko-phone: found that.  it's not comprehensive, is it?16:30
\shkiko-phone, you mean "Projects <me> is involved"? 16:30
\shkiko-phone, this is not a list of projects, me registered16:30
\shkiko-phone, the list is even wrong16:30
\shkiko-phone, it's a complete lists of sometimes very strange projects where <me> is involved, directly but mostly indirectly16:31
* Hobbsee scratches head16:32
HobbseeBjornT: so, where do i change the owner?16:32
\shkiko-phone, and when you check out https://edge.launchpad.net/~shermann/+projects as a stupid example...I never was involved in evolution-scalix project or bluefish editor...16:32
HobbseeBjornT: this seems to be very confusing and convoluted.16:32
* gnomefreak lost16:32
Hobbsee\sh: for some reason, i've got one for bluefish too.  i suspect someone subscribed ~motu or something to it16:32
\shor the simple todo manager...16:32
gnomefreaki thought i set these already16:33
BjornTHobbsee: there should be a 'change maintainer' link16:33
\shHobbsee, yes...this is nice , but totally wrong...16:33
gnomefreaki got iceowla nd mozilla-devscripts16:33
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Hobbsee\sh: yeah, because some idiot subscribed MOTU to it.16:33
gnomefreaki dont maintain either i fixed iceowl like once16:33
Hobbseewhich, tastily, i can't unsubscribe at all.16:33
Hobbseeeven though i'm part of the team.16:34
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* Hobbsee still doesn't understand why people subscribe MOTU to bugs.16:34
HobbseeBjornT: oh, it's not with the rest of the options.  will remember to use firefox search first next time16:35
HobbseeBjornT:  registry-admins team does not exist, i'm told.16:35
HobbseeNo results found for keyword 'registry admins'. 16:35
BjornTHobbsee: ok. let me see what the real name is...16:36
kiko-phoneHobbsee, ~registry16:36
gnomefreakwhere should i be looking to fix this?16:36
Hobbseekiko-phone: ah, thanks.16:36
\shHobbsee, because teams and teams can have a different meaning...but there is no way to say, team X will only be to sum up a group of people with special features or rights...but not being a team which is actively doing work on LP things 16:36
* Hobbsee wonders why all the "change" bits aren't put together16:37
Hobbseebah.  *why* is launchpad sending mass mail, for something that people can not do anything about for at least 2 days?16:38
HobbseeOr is the mail wrong?16:38
Hobbseeif we can only change it from 2/5, then why not email us on 2/5 about it, instead of 30/4.16:39
Hobbsee\sh: true16:39
Hobbsee\sh: it's an education thing, in the case of that one16:39
\shHobbsee, I think it would be good, to have a setting (inside the team admin page) which says: actively used for other things then upload rights ... a team for permission managemnent and a team e.g. as a group of devs who are doing project/bug work...imho motu is only used for granting the upload rights, nowadays, right?16:41
Hobbseeer, yeah, i think so.16:41
\shHobbsee, it's a reminder, that LP will do the change automatically...16:44
\shHobbsee, because right now, there is only GPL which means v1...all GPL stuff will be now labled as GPLv2 and projects which are using GPLv3 needs to change this the day after tomorrow16:44
Hobbsee\sh: i see that16:44
\shwhich makes sense ,-)16:45
Hobbsee\sh: but if we're to change it if it's wrong, in a couple of days, *why* is it mailing us now?16:45
Hobbseeseeing as it specifically says to update it after the second, not before.16:45
\shHobbsee, tomorrow is bank holiday16:45
\shin most of the european countries or even world wide? ;) 16:45
\shs/tomorrow/today/ in some southern parts ;)16:45
Hobbseeit's not world wide16:45
Hobbseelucky :)16:46
HobbseeBjornT: thanks for the help16:47
BrongerWhat was the reasoning behind this very resticted form of Launchpad mailing lists?17:18
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Rinchenbarry, ^^17:43
barryRinchen: you mean brogner's comment?  looks like he left the channel :(17:43
Rinchenah indeed. I have join/part off17:43
Rinchentoo much noise 17:43
Rinchenoh well, next time17:44
barryRinchen: np!17:44
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nxvldid someone knows who is in charge of shop.canonical.com?18:18
lagahello. can someone take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/221176 ? i should be able to view that bug report, although i only get "permission denied".18:28
ubottulaga: Error: This bug is private18:28
lagayes, it is private, but i should be able to see it.18:28
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gmbnxvl: Is there a problem with the shop?18:40
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kikolaga, why do you say you should be able to see it?18:43
nxvlgmb: yes, i try to shop the hardy t-shirt, but on the payment i get an error18:45
nxvlgmb: that was last week18:45
gmbnxvl: Oh. The Hardy t-shirt has sold out, unfortunately, so there's little that can be done.18:46
nxvlgmb: now i don't see the purchase, but the amout has been charged to mi CC18:46
gmbnxvl: Ah.18:46
gmbThat's a different problem.18:46
nxvli don't care much about the t-shirt, since is my fault for being so slow18:47
nxvlbut if i'm not getting the thigs i ordered i also don't want to pay for them18:47
lagakiko: i could see the previous 'private' reports against mythtv AFAIK. i'm not quite sure how launchpad handles the private reports. i only know that i'm part of the "mythtv ubuntu maintainers" group on launchpad ;)18:47
nxvlso 18:47
gmbnxvl: You should use the contact form at https://shop.canonical.com/contact_us.php to get in touch with the shop people.18:48
nxvli want to know if the order is being shipped before i call the bank and find out what's happening18:48
nxvlgmb: already done :D18:48
kikolaga, that bug is private because it's been filed by apport. the retracer needs to go through it first before disclosing it IIRC. you should check with somebody on #ubuntu-devel, but it's not a launchpad issue, fundamentally18:48
gmbnxvl: The person who deals with the shop has gone home for the day, but if you'd like I can talk to them tomorrow morning and ask them to get in touch with you.18:48
nxvlgmb: i will apreciate it very much18:48
nxvlgmb: i'm on this nick or in nvalcarcel AT ubuntu DOT com18:49
* gmb makes a note18:49
* nxvl HUGS gmb 18:49
gmbnxvl: What timezone are you in?18:49
nxvlgmb: UTC -518:50
nxvlgmb: but i'm connected from a server, which is always online, so just ping me and i will answer when i connect myself to it18:51
gmbnxvl: If you haven't heard from me by mid-day your time tomorrow feel free to give me a ping or email me on <this nick> AT canonical DOT com18:51
nxvlgmb: thanks for your help18:51
* nxvl HUGS gmb again18:51
gmbnxvl: My pleasure.18:51
lagakiko: thanks.18:53
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kirklandhey guys, i'm getting an error trying to upload to my ppa18:54
kirklandError '(104, 'Connection reset by peer')' during ftp transfer of virt-manager_0.5.3-0ubuntu10~ppa2.dsc18:54
gmbkirkland: I was just about to tell you to try here ;)18:55
kirklandgmb: thx18:55
gmbcprov: Around?18:55
kirklandi've tried it 20 or so times now18:55
gmbkirkland: cprov or bigjools are the people to talk to about PPAs18:55
kirklandcprov: around?18:56
gmbkirkland: He might be back later. It's nearly 8pm for him.18:57
kirklandgmb: okay, thanks.18:57
gmbkirkland: If all else fails file a question on http://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz18:57
kirklandgmb: done.  https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/3151519:03
Nafallocan I make launchpad not sending me a specific build failure for a specific package on a specific architecture? ;-)21:12
Nafallos/specific\ //21:13
stdinin a word: no21:13
bd_Nafallo: Change the package to not build there :)21:13
kikoNafallo, well, sure. just put the right architectures in your Architectures: line :)21:13
Nafallohehe :-)21:13
Nafalloevery time quick-launch-applet has been rebuilt the last half-year or so I get a failure notice for hppa ;-)21:14
bd_that package doesn't seem to exist oO21:15
Nafallosorry. misspelled it to something obvious instead :-)21:39
Nafallowhat I should really do would be to actually look at the buildlog and fix it... but time :-)21:40
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