troy_s50 MESSAGES?!?!?03:38
troy_s_MMA_: Ping03:38
DanaG<chirping crickets>06:17
coz_good day all09:34
coz_I thought I would resume my logging in to #ubuntu-artwork after some time of absence:)09:35
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_MMA_hahahahaha. The mailing list ground to a screechin' halt after the "Let's get something done!" post.19:16
thorwiltoday i considered unsubscribing19:19
_MMA_I'm this >< close.19:20
_MMA_I'm thinking about proposing a moderated ubuntu-artwork-devel ML.19:21
thorwil_MMA_: i wondered about rules that could make the list meritocratic19:21
_MMA_Thing is, I doubt it would matter to the kids.19:22
thorwilseeing how low the niveau, is, the idea of moving to a forum is damn scary. sub-zero19:22
thorwilnow that you say that, maybe have a forum as dummy-trap? ;>19:23
_MMA_It noise would be even greater.19:23
_MMA_haha. Would be mean to create something then ignore it.19:23
thorwil_MMA_: continued moderation would eat much time. maybe some invite-only scheme?19:26
_MMA_thorwil: In the end, there's a system. Kids are ignoring it. I'm at the "Get with it or get out." point.19:26
_MMA_thorwil: I don't know if the "invite-only" thing would fly on a Ubuntu ML.19:26
thorwil_MMA_: you can't kick people from the list. even asking to leave will be met with a very bad response19:27
_MMA_But a modded list can act as a "invite-only". In that your put on a white list.19:29
thorwilbtw, strike artwork, apparently it's the ubuntu theming list. no response to nand19:29
_MMA_It's a little more work but can keep the noise down.19:29
_MMA_Im sorry. I don't get what you mean?19:29
thorwil_MMA_: the request for some brainstorm artwork19:30
_MMA_You're kinda right. Some things are handled outside of Ken or the list.19:31
_MMA_But Brainstorm is a community project and the list is the right place to talk about it's art.19:31
thorwil_MMA_: yes, i even wanted the request to go there ;)19:32
_MMA_But the lack of a response could be because of someone being busy.19:32
kwwiihi all, anyone who is interested can come by #ubuntu-classroom to see me make a fool of myself19:33
kwwiitalking about the basics of the art team, and stuff like that19:33
thorwilkwwii: now i am interested ;)19:33
_MMA_This should be fun.19:33
* _MMA_ puts on his hecklers hat.19:33
thorwilkwwii: don't forget to explain top posting :>19:33
kwwiiI wish i could top post on an irc channel19:44
* _MMA_ turns hi laptop up-side-down.19:48
kwwiijust come in and ask simple questions to make it look like a lot of people are interested (but not very bright)19:51
_MMA_QUESTION: Brown Sux.19:53
_MMA_QUESTION: I've done nothing to help Ubuntu art and I don't have a creative bone in my body. Why don't people listen to me and agree that "Brown Sux"?19:55
kwwiiI will actually address that19:56
kwwiioh yeah, well, you suck too19:56
kwwiiso :PPPPPPPPPPPP19:56
kwwiiyou big dumby jerk19:57
_MMA_QUESTION: Dont talk to me like that! Have you read the C.O.C!?19:57
thorwilthat kind of talking would have been so appropriate elsewhere :)19:58
_MMA_thorwil: Well I did call one guy out on it yesterday. People pull it out like is a friggin' police badge or something. Please.19:59
thorwil_MMA_: i think the COC is fucking great, so great it could have a K at the end. so good for throwing it into the ugly faces of stupid jerks ;)20:01
thorwiluhm, are children around?20:01
_MMA_Oh don't get me wrong, I think it's useful, but damn kids try to use it when they get their feelings hurt or someone shows a strong opposing view.20:02
thorwilheh, there we have it20:04
_MMA_Artwork chat has started in #ubuntu-classroom.20:04
bersacehi everyone20:11
bersacekwwii: are you the master of intrepid artwork ?20:11
thorwilbersace: he's the master of all ubuntu artwork ;)20:11
thorwiland busy in ubuntu-classroom20:12
thorwilartwork time in the ubuntu open week20:12
bersacethorwil: thx20:12
thorwilbersace: just in case you don't know the rules: do not ask there directly20:13
bersacethorwil: i have to use /msg kwwii ?20:14
thorwilgo inti ubuntu-classroom chat20:14
* bersace reads Rules20:14
thorwilthere prepend QUESTION:20:15
thorwilto your question20:15
thorwilinto, even20:15
d33dkwwii, how many are on the "artwork" team ?20:59
_MMA_d33d: It's an open team so it could be hundreds.21:02
bersaced33d: see launchpad21:02
d33dok ty21:02
kwwiid33d: well, there are quite a few people21:02
kwwiiseveral hundred21:02
savvasthe several hundred that are going to fight against the persian army and rule the world!!21:05
d33d_MMA_, Zelut told me to tell you to sodoff.21:22
_MMA_d33d: Tell he owes me a steak.21:26
d33d_MMA_, lol k21:27
_MMA_gah. *Tell him...21:27
d33dI did?21:27
_MMA_I mistyped. I just corrected myself.21:27
d33dlol just read that21:28
d33doh noes!21:30
Zelut_MMA_: I owe you a steak huh? :)21:30
_MMA_Zelut: Yep. I need my fix.21:32
Zelut_MMA_: as I recall you had a steak on me, what, a week ago today?21:32
_MMA_1) That was RedHat's dime and 2) I'm going through withdrawal. :P21:34
Zelut_MMA_: pfft. Well I don't have any plans on being out there for a while now. You'll have to make do.21:35
Zelutoff to squash some bugs21:37
_MMA_Who_ ID yourself so I can PM.22:04
Who_I have... I think22:04
Who_I'm not on my machine but this client asked me to... hold on22:04

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